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Official Profile

Age 20
(as Npc s 3040096000 01.jpg Juliet)
(as of Npc s 3040293000 01.jpg Juliet (Water))
Height 159 cm Race Human
Hobbies Appreciating stage plays, sewing
Likes Black tea
(as Npc s 3040096000 01.jpg Juliet)
Black tea, Romeo
(as of Npc s 3040293000 01.jpg Juliet (Water))
Dislikes Dark and damp places, bitter medicine
(as Npc s 3040096000 01.jpg Juliet)
Dark and damp places, bitter medicine, household chores
(as of Npc s 3040293000 01.jpg Juliet (Water))

Character Release
Only daughter of the virtuous Capulet king, and heir to the throne.
From early childhood, she was constantly aware that she would soon bear the weight of the entire Capulet nation, and so was wise beyond her true age.
Having had many opportunities to encounter all sorts of adults in the course of official business, she is fundamentally polite to everyone, and takes care to speak courteously.
Her character is sober and stubborn. She bears her sense of obligation with strength, by herself.
Unbowed by her hardships, she possesses both a strong heart and feminine tenderness.

Character Release


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Age 20歳
(as Npc s 3040096000 01.jpg Juliet)
(as of Npc s 3040293000 01.jpg Juliet (Water))
Height 159cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 演劇鑑賞、お裁縫
Likes 紅茶
(as Npc s 3040096000 01.jpg Juliet)
(as of Npc s 3040293000 01.jpg Juliet (Water))
Dislikes 暗くて湿気の多い場所、苦いお薬
(as Npc s 3040096000 01.jpg Juliet)
(as of Npc s 3040293000 01.jpg Juliet (Water))

Character Release

Character Release


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  • Like her original version, Juliet's charge attack and skill names are in Italian.
    • Her charge attack, "Luce dell'Amore", means "light of love".
      • In Japanese, it is "Amore Luce" (アモール・ルーチェ).
    • "Fulmine Azzurro" means "light-blue thunder".
    • "Lancia Sacra" means "sacred spear".
    • A bomboniere is a type of Italian gift given from the host to guests during special events such as weddings. They consist of five sugared almonds to symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life, and are typically adorned with flowers.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Captain)! Happy birthday!
This year, I wrote a letter to express my appreciation for you.
I wasn't confident I could fully convey my feelings to you in person, so I put down my thoughts in writing.
I hope you'll take your time to read it later.
Meeting you has been one of the best things in my life. It's truly a miracle, just like my encounter with Romeo.
Many blessings upon you, (Captain)...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain), happy New Year! Teehee.
Oh? I look like I'm bubbling with joy? Well, I suppose I would be after pulling that New Year's fortune slip.
It's something I've avoided doing for far too long.
I didn't want to be reminded of love and have my chest tighten so painfully at the thought of Romeo.
But things have changed. And the slip mentioned I have luck on my side.
Which is no surprise, given that I'm now happily married to the man of my dreams!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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White Day Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Haha! Surprised, (Captain)?
I must seem strangely giddy to you.
I just thought I'd join in on the Halloween festivities. That's why I'm in my wedding dress.
It's a bit embarrassing...
I'm walking around with this basket of goodies, hoping the treats I hand out can serve as a tiny blessing in everyone's lives.
Here's one for you, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Is that a hymn coming from the church?
Haha, it reminds me of the day I got married to Romeo.
Count Paris, Rosalind, and you came by to wish us a happily ever after...
Just knowing that there were people wanting me and Romeo to be happy filled me with such warmth.
It's as if you brought spring to our long, bleak winter...
As chilly as it is tonight, the thought that spring is only weeks away makes this wintry weather feel that much more precious.

Fate Episodes

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The First Morning

On the first morning after their wedding, Juliet decides to make breakfast for Romeo, only to run into trouble from her lack of experience in housework. At Romeo's suggestion, the two split up the chores and enjoy new discoveries as a married couple.

Juliet: Finally... this day has come.
Romeo: Yes. It's been a long way here.
Romeo: In these desolate skies in which we live, you came into my world and brought light into my life. To me, there is no miracle greater than that.
Romeo: Even if there is no one to give us their blessings, I will never let go of your hand ever again.
Romeo: I swear it.
Juliet: Romeo...
Juliet: Me too... No matter how many lonely nights passed, despite the pain, I couldn't bring myself to forget you...
Juliet: My feelings for you will never change, even from here on. My heart will always be yours.
Juliet: I swear it.
Juliet: Mng...
On the morning after her wedding, Juliet wakes up to rays of sunshine peeking in from the window.
Romeo lies beside her, gazing lovingly into her eyes with a smile imprinted on his face.
Romeo: You slept so soundly through the night, Juliet.
Juliet: You mean... you were watching me all the while? How embarrassing...
Romeo: There's nothing to be bashful about, my dearest. There is no lovelier sight than you in all the world.
Juliet: Romeo...
Romeo: Good morning, Juliet.
Juliet: Mm... Good morning, Romeo.
They exchange their first morning greetings as newlyweds, cheeks flushed red and their smiles tender.
Juliet: I never expected this day to come... Is this a dream? A dream of what I've wanted for so long?
Romeo: No, this beautiful moment we share couldn't be more real. The nightmare that once tore us apart is gone.
Romeo: Focus on the sounds of nature outside. The birds bless us with their song. The morning sun shines its light upon us.
As if recalling something, Romeo gets up and walks to the windowsill before turning back to Juliet.
Romeo: I have to go. The skylark sings.
Juliet: Ah...
Juliet recalls a night she and Romeo once spent together.
Juliet: Romeo... If only you could answer me.
???: You rang, dear Juliet?
Juliet: Romeo! How did you get in here?
Romeo: I used my wings of love to fly over the wall.
Romeo: From here on out, I want you to tell me more and more about yourself.
Juliet: Okay. And I want to know more about you.
Their shadows draw ever closer when the harsh rays of dawn begin peeking out.
Romeo: I have to go. The skylark sings.
Romeo: Heh...
Juliet: You can be such a tease, Romeo.
Despite her somewhat disapproving tone, she looks to her husband with a playful smile.
Juliet: That's not a skylark. That's a nightingale.
Romeo: It must be a skylark. They call to announce the coming of a new day.
Juliet: That's not the light of the sun. It's the guiding light through the darkness.
Juliet: It shines on the way back for you.
Juliet: So please, just stay with me for a little while longer.
Romeo: ...
Romeo: Nothing will get in the way of our love anymore, my dearest Juliet.
Romeo: I swear to be by your side for the rest of my days.
Juliet: Romeo...
Romeo: Juliet...
Lost in each other's eyes, the two slowly draw closer to each other.
Just as their lips are about to lock, an unexpected sound ruins the atmosphere.
Romeo: Ah...
Romeo: What poor timing for my stomach to growl...
Juliet: Haha, you can say that again.
Romeo: My, oh, my...
Juliet: I'm going to have to teach your tummy a lesson for ruining our tender moment. I'll fix us breakfast.
Romeo: Mm. I can't wait to try your cooking, Juliet.
Juliet: Rest assured I'll pour all my love into making it.
Romeo: Why, thank you. In the meantime, I'll work on writing my next play.
After watching Juliet hum away as she walks off to the kitchen, Romeo resumes his manuscript from where he last left off.
Romeo: To further emphasize their interwoven fates in this scene...
Romeo: No, it's best if I leave that reveal for the climax.
Juliet's Voice: Eep!
Romeo: Juliet!
Alarmed by the explosion and accompanying scream, Romeo rushes to the kitchen to check on Juliet.
Romeo: Juliet! Tell me you're okay!
Juliet: Ah, Romeo! Sorry if I startled you.
Romeo: What happened?
Romeo: Did someone plant explosives in the house?
Juliet: No, it was just the soup that exploded.
Romeo: Huh?
Juliet: I was warming the soup, and then the lid flew right off...
Juliet: I followed the cooking directions as explained to me once by Deborah... I've also leafed through a cooking book before... How did this happen...
Juliet: It always goes well with the yearly Valentine's chocolates...
Romeo: ...
Juliet: Now there's less than half the soup remaining.
Juliet: But it's okay. This is nothing compared to what we've been through so far...
Juliet: Eek! The frying pan's burst into flames!
Romeo: Juliet! Back away!
Romeo grabs the lid from the floor and slams it on the frying pan.
Romeo: Give it a few seconds, and the fire should die down.
Juliet: Th-thank you, Romeo...
Juliet: Gyah!
Romeo: What is it now?
Juliet: The seaweed I soaked in water is all puffed up now!
Romeo: Well...
Seeing the seaweed extend out of the bowl and wriggle about like a sea monster, Romeo breathes a sigh.
Juliet: I thought I'd make us salad... I used two full bags since there's two of us...
Romeo: Yes. I understand how you feel all too well, Juliet.
Romeo: But dried seaweed grows ten times in size when taking in water.
Juliet: Oh, I didn't know! You're so knowledgeable, Romeo!
Romeo: Haha... I... guess you could say that...
Juliet: Food can change in size, huh... There's so much to learn about cooking!
Romeo: ...
Romeo: Um, Juliet? It makes me happy to know that you want to cook for me.
Romeo: But if something like this happens again, we could end up burning the house down.
Juliet: Y-you're right... We just moved into this wonderful new home too...
Romeo: Just to be on the safe side, how about I handle cooking duties from now on?
Juliet: Are you sure?
Romeo: Having lived alone for some time, I've developed a bit of a knack for it.
Romeo: Maybe you can focus on cleaning and laundry instead.
Romeo: We can support each other by splitting up household duties. Surely that would be better for us as loving husband and wife.
Juliet: Support each other... You're right, Romeo.
Juliet: I was too concerned with what I could do to support you and pushed myself too hard.
Juliet: Thank you for looking out for me, Romeo. I'm so glad we're together.
Romeo: Me too, Juliet.
Romeo: I might not always be the most reliable husband, but I promise to always be true to you.
Juliet: As will I, my love.
Although the first morning for this newlywed couple gets off to a frantic start...
Their love and mutual respect for each other will go a long way in helping them live happily ever after.
By the by, Juliet is set to run into more trouble with housecleaning and laundry in the days ahead, but that is a tale for another time.

Side-scrolling Quotes

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