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Official Profile

Age 11
Height 130 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Footrace, hide-and-seek, climbing high places
Likes Warm stews, elderly couple who raised her
Dislikes To have her pace disturbed

Character Release


Character Release

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Age 11歳
Height 130cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 駆けっこ、かくれんぼ、高いところに登ること
Likes 温かいシチュー、育ててくれた老夫婦
Dislikes 自分のペースを乱されること

Character Release


Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I heard from the others that today is your birthday, (Captain).
Hehehe... Happy birthday, (Captain)!
You deserve the best for always being there for me.
Just the other day I stumbled across a place that serves really good stew. Shall we go together?
No, no, please don't worry about the bill.
My purse is heavy from completing a prior job.
It's your birthday. Fill up your belly, and get a taste of how much joy food has to offer!


I am elated to celebrate your birthday yet again, (Captain)!
About your gift, I was thinking of taking you on a tummy-tumbling tour of my favorite restaurants.
Do you have time and tummy space?
Hmm... You don't have to refuse my gift out of modesty. I want to give you this present.
My late father and mother often told me that kindness should beget kindness.
And since you've shown me so much kindness, it's only right I return it with as much gratitude as I can muster!
Now, come (Captain)! Prepare your stomach to be stretched to its absolute limits—for tonight, we dine!


It's your birthday, isn't it? The sky is blue and the sun is shining... Feels like the whole world is celebrating.
Heh... We've never done this before, have we? Just gaze up at the sky together...
Whenever I'm with you, I feel at peace.
It's almost as if my parents had come back to life... It's... Ah, yes. It's that sense of safety!
When you found me, I was balanced on a tightrope between this world and the next. I never thought that I'd know what it was to feel safe again.
I owe everything to you. I don't know what strength is in me, but I vow to fight for you till the end of the skies and back!


(Captain), (Captain)! Happy birthday!
As I was thinking over how to best celebrate this wonderful occasion...
Io, La Coiffe, Chloe, and a few other crew members swung by to give me advice.
And that's when I realized. I've got friends now I can turn to in a pickle!
I could've never imagined such a happy thing back home...
Honestly, if you hadn't let me onto your ship, I might've only known misery for the rest of my days.
That's why your birthday means so much to me. Because you were born, my life took a turn for the better.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain)... What do you call this reddish-brown soup with mochi in it?
Golly... So it's called sweet red-bean soup.
This is my first time tasting such a rare and delicious treat.
There's a variety of food in this world I haven't encountered yet.
Hm... I think I have my New Year's resolution, (Captain)!
Um, why are you smiling like that?
Ack! You're absolutely correct. I should've known you'd be able to read me like a book.
Then let's be off! A boundless buffet awaits!


I humbly offer my gratitude for everything you did for me last year.
No, you should not be humble yourself! You truly did a great deal.
There was once a time when I spent days going hungry, hours collapsed on the ground from exhaustion...
But since joining your crew, I've never had a single fainting spell!
I owe you everything, (Captain). My heart is filled with gratitude!
Oh, golly... Do you smell that? It's coming from the kitchen.
Yeep! Preparations for the New Year's feast must have begun already!
Ooh... Anyway, allow me to end with a preemptive thanks for the year ahead, (Captain)! Bye!


(Captain)... About this, er, New Year's fortune...
No, no. I'm not at all upset about how this year is prognosticated to be full of bad luck.
Look at the section on "wishes." It says all my dreams are certain to come true!
Can I trust this? Will my dreams really come true?
Hm? What I wish for? Well...
I want to drown in an ocean of stew!
(Captain)! Why in the world are you laughing fit to burst?


Oh dear. Are you telling me that there's meaning not only behind the number of tiers a New Year's lunch box has, but also behind every food item?
And I've been scarfing everything up like a pig, completely blind to this wonderful tradition I'm taking part in?
That is an affront against all New Year's lunch boxes! I... I have no right to so much as nibble at a bean anymore...
But you, (Captain)... You're so wise. Every day, you open my eyes to some new truth about the world!
No! Now that I'm aware of how meaningful these lunch boxes are... they look all the more beautiful... and delicious.
Whaaat? No, I couldn't!
Are you quite sure? But I was so boorish! How could I possibly lay even a single chopstick into this glorious spread?
Thank you for your kind words. I shall savor them... alongside this delicious meal!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um... Can I have a moment of your time, (Captain)?
I've only ever given chocolate to Father, so this is kind of embarrassing...
But I want to thank you for everything you've done for me.
I hope this will suffice.
Phew, I have no idea why this is making me nervous.


(Captain), it's Valentine's Day!
Aah... Aaaah! I am ever so grateful for you!
Sorry, I didn't intend to send you flying across the room.
Io told me that when you hand over chocolate to your Valentine, you need to show your force.
What if she meant the force of your emotions and not the force of your presentation technique?
Mrrr... I don't think I'm cut out for this sharing feelings business.


For this year's Valentine's, I've apprenticed myself to Io and learned the art of baking.
She taught me about the importance of presentation, which is why I've wrapped everything up in this adorable package.
Of course, it might taste like a mud pie next to those fancy pastries you buy from stores...
But I can guarantee I didn't spare even an ounce of effort. Won't you please accept them?
Oh dear.
It seems I've gotten too flustered and blown (Captain) clear across the room again.


In accordance with our time-honored traditions... Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
Heh... Thank the skies I didn't repeat last year's debacle. Goodness, when you went flying, my stomach plunged straight to my toes.
Hm? Say, why are you laughing?
What? Chocolate? Smeared all around my mouth? How embarrassing!
I, er... whipped up a few pieces too many. So I ate a couple chocolates myself to make the box a little less chock-full.
Oh, fudge! Now I'm punning like a father at a children's birthday party!
The shame just never ends...

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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I wasn't expecting you to call me over so suddenly.
Actually, in anticipation of receiving a delicious White Day gift...
I thought it would be a good idea to not eat anything beforehand.
Oh, but please don't take that to mean that I'm making a demand!
Hm? (Captain), you got me a White Day gift?
Thank you! May I open it?
Aaah! These all look so tasty! I guess not eating beforehand was a good idea after all!
That was embarrassing, but at least my stomach seems happy.


Hehe, sorry to keep you waiting, (Captain)!
Ah! Now I've done it... I was told I shouldn't be so giddy during White Day... Shucks...
It's more ladylike to hold back your surprise!
Waaah! My stomach just grumbled! What a disgrace...
Haha... I suppose I'm not as ladylike as I had hoped.


Sniff... I smell something sweet and delicious coming my way...
My! (Captain)!
I'm afraid you've caught me yet again in an embarrassing position. I'm quite ashamed...
But no matter how you might struggle, you can never escape your instincts.
Hehe. This is in return for Valentine's, is it? Thank you so very much!
It really is true, what they say... The quickest way to the heart is through the stomach!


What do you want me to do with this marshmallow?
Roast it over a fire... Then dip it into melted chocolate?
We're treading into unknown territory... Well. First time for everything! Tally-ho!
And now, into my mouth you go!
I... I just tasted paradise! This chocolate fondue, which I've only heard about until now... It must be some sort of divine gift!
What's that you say! I can also try dipping in bananas and other fruits?
Oh, (Captain)... This wonderful new world you've opened up to me... It's the best White Day's gift ever!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Why are you stepping toward me, (Captain)?
I'm still not prepared for Halloween...
Don't tell me a fine soul like you would pull a prank on someone this defenseless!
Unbelievable... It's as if I've returned to those days of anarchy.
Well, if it's a prank war you want—
Ergh, w-wait! Fwahaha!
Tickling is cheating!


(Captain)! Trick or treat!
So, which will you choose? Will you give me a treat or will you suffer my trick?
Ack, truly you wish to suffer my trick? No one has ever selected that option before.
Hmm... I know you won't back down either. Halloween is truly a dangerous affair.
That settles it! I challenge you to a trick off, (Captain)! May the most mischievous prevail!


Ah, (Captain). Trick or treat!
Don't say it back. I've got no sweets on me at the moment, and am thus vulnerable to practical jokes.
Meep! W-what cream on my face?
Mmph... I suppose there was no fooling your eyes, (Captain).
The truth is, La Coiffe baked me a few pumpkin pastries.
I meant to taste only a few, really... But in the blink of an eye, they'd all gone down the hatch... Heh.
What! You'd really share your sweets with me? Sniff... You're kind... You're truly too kind...


What have we here? A perfect paragon of Halloween spirit! As to be expected of you, (Captain).
Might you be hungry, by any chance? I've got some lovely pumpkin stew here...
Well, I never! There's no need to be suspicious. I'm not trying to play a trick on you.
I was making jack-o'-lanterns with a few other members of the crew, and they gave me all the excess flesh.
And I turned that flesh into a culinary masterpiece!
I see you still haven't let down your guard... You must still carry scars from all your past Halloweens.
But I ask you, just this once, to trust me. After all, (Captain)... Your stomach is rumbling up a storm.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain)! Something was brought to my attention.
Is it true that the crew holds an annual banquet on the night of wintery eve?
I also heard that crew members who are cooking-inclined prepare scrumptious dishes and cakes.
Golly, you sure are a generous leader, (Captain).
Oh, this won't do. I'm drooling again at the mere thought...
Very well! I shall put myself at your disposal!
One who doesn't work shall not get to eat!


Pant, almost there... Pant, pant...
Ah, good morning, (Captain)!
Yes, this is what it looks like. A lot of food arrived earlier, so I'm carrying it to the mess hall.
Oh, you've already forgotten? You should try to shake off that sleep haze a little quicker.
Tonight is the annual winter banquet, eagerly awaited by everyone in your crew.
Hehe. And this year I've actually enlisted myself to help prepare the food.
I shall make a stew so delicious that your cheeks will plump like the most well fed rodent getting ready for winter!


(Captain), (Captain)! What is that warm twinkling over there?
Ah... So those are the "illuminations" I've heard so much about.
Looking at those lights, I'm reminded of the bright, cheery dinners I shared with my mother and father..
Wouldn't it be nice if we could have illuminations year-round?
Oh! That would be my stomach clamoring for food.
I think I'll go whip up some stew. (Captain), you wouldn't care to join me for a cheery dinner, would you?


My, my. What are you doing, stargazing on a chilly night like this?
Or is it not the stars you're scanning for, but Santa Claus?
Every year, he leaves a present by my pillow, then slips off before I'm any the wiser.
But I've always thought I'd like to properly thank him.
That's why tonight is the night! I'm going to forego sleep and tell that Santa just how grateful I am!
I'm just going to rest my eyes for a bit... But never you worry—I won't be falling asleep.
(Captain) drapes a coat over Kolulu's shoulders and brushes a strand of hair from her sleeping face.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

No Swimsuit, No Summer

The crew makes plans to visit the sunny beaches of Auguste, but Kolulu doesn't have a swimsuit. Fortunately for her, the fashionable trio of Io, Chloe, and La Coiffe take her to a nearby island to procure such a garment. Upon arriving, however, they learn that all of the island's swimsuits were stolen. The girls make quick work of the thieves and find the perfect summer outfit for Kolulu.

Kolulu not in crew

When (Captain) and the crew first encountered Kolulu, she was collapsed due to ravenous hunger.
But once she was back on her feet, they learned that she was a prizefighter whose winnings were almost all embezzled by her rotten manager.
After a stern conversation with the dastard, he saw the error of his ways, leaving Kolulu free to travel the skies aboard the Grandcypher.
The summer sun beats down on Kolulu's face.
She basks in the warm glow, barely noticing a smiling Io running hurriedly toward her.
Io: Hey, Kolulu!
Kolulu: Mm? Why are you so frantic?
Io: Hehe. Well, I just thought you'd like to know your wildest dreams are about to come true!
Kolulu: Oog! Will I truly receive the chance to dive into a sea of stew? When? How soon can we get there?
Io: The heck are you talking about? Hah, I know I said wildest dreams, but that's a new one on me.
Kolulu: Golly, I beg of your forgiveness. It seems that I've confused dreams for simple wants.
Io: You got the sea part right at least—Auguste! Didn't you say you wanted to go someday?
Kolulu: Yes, yes! I certainly did say that I wanted to venture to Auguste!
Kolulu: Where else could one partake in the delicious bounty of the ocean! The very thought fills me with emotion!
Kolulu: But we wouldn't be going there simply for fun, would we? What kind of job have we accepted?
Io: About that, it's hard to say whether this is more mission or distraction...
Io: Siero is holding an eating contest in Auguste, and we received an invitation.
Kolulu: An eating... contest?
Io: Yep! Exactly what it sounds like! (Captain) was looking for participants from the crew, so how about you volunteer?
Kolulu: Hm, gormandizing for sport would mean eating a whole sea's worth of food...
Kolulu: Who am I kidding, I wholeheartedly accept!
Io can't help but grin at Kolulu as the tiny spearwoman's mind races with thoughts of fish both fresh and shelled.
Io: Eating ourselves silly is one thing, but we'll have to get ready for the beach too.
Io: You don't have a swimsuit, do you, Kolulu? We had better go buy one.
???: Ooh la la! This totes sounds like a convo I wanna be a part of.
( ・ิ ͜ʖ ・ิ)
???: You know what they say—the right swimsuit can make or break your beach vacay!
Kolulu and Io turn to greet the pair of cheery voices.
Kolulu: Ah, it's a pleasure to see you again, Chloe and La Coiffe.
Chloe: Shucks, make a girl blush why don'tcha!
La Coiffe: I heard that there's a nearby island with a swimwear sale going on. Should we check it out?
Kolulu: Yes! Let us be on our merry way!
With the promise of bathing suit glory on the horizon, the four gals set off for the nearby island.
But when they arrive...
They find rows of deserted shops lining even emptier streets.
La Coiffe: Huh. Well this is unexpected. I swore I heard about a big swimsuit sale, but none of these stores are open.
Io: There's a shopkeeper over there. Maybe we can ask her what's going on.
Io: Excuse me, ma'am. Is the market closed today?
Shopkeeper: Well, not exactly. Today was supposed to be our annual swimwear blowout, but it's just not going to happen.
Kolulu: Oog?
Kolulu presses the shopkeeper for more details.
Shopkeeper: You see, this morning, our shipment of bathing suits went missing while I had my back turned.
Kolulu: Hm... Perhaps someone merely misplaced the goods?
Shopkeeper: I thought so as well, but the same thing has happened to all of the other stores in the market. I'm afraid we have a thief on our hands.
Io: Argh, what jerks!
Kolulu: Io?
Io: How is anyone supposed to make the most of Auguste without their summer best! This crime won't go unpunished!
Chloe: I'm with ya, girl. This is the kinda BS that does not fly.
La Coiffe: But why would anyone steal so much swimwear in the first place?
La Coiffe: It's not like there's a black market for such a thing—and even if the goal was cash, you'd think they would try to steal something more expensive in the first place.
Kolulu: Hm...
Kolulu thinks back to a past job—one where she dealt with a particularly slimy rascal.
Kolulu: Long ago, I encountered a chap who bought out all of the high demand goods from an area, simply to raise their market value even more.
Kolulu: Now that we find ourselves with a dearth of wet suits, the value of swimwear will similarly skyrocket.
Kolulu: I propose that the thieves aim to monopolize the market, so that they can set whatever exorbitant price they wish.
Kolulu: We must punish these ne'er-do-wells who would destroy the local economy to suit their own greedy aims!
Io: If the stock went missing this morning, that means they're probably still trying to move the merch!
Kolulu: In which case, there's only one place they could have gone... Quickly! To the port!
The Three: Tallyho!
Thus the four would-be swimsuit avengers speed off toward the port.
They make it just in time to see a gaggle of men loading a freighter with cargo.
Kolulu: Excuse us, kind sirs, but may we ask you a question?
???: What'sat? Sorry, but we're in a rush 'ere. Go bother somebody else.
La Coiffe: That sure is a lot of boxes ya got there. I wonder what's inside of 'em. Think you could give us a sneak peek?
???: Uh, materials. Yeah, uh, ceramic tiles. Careful with that! You move it, and everything inside'll shatter!
Chloe, unabashed, points to a colorful piece of fabric spilling out of one of the boxes.
Chloe: Hah! Dude, I didn't know they made tile that soft n' squishy.
(¬‿¬ )
???: Eep! Um, yeah, that's right! Last week's shipment was tile, but this week's is textiles. Tailor from the next island over made a big order!
The man's face turns bright red as he shoves the swimsuit back into the crate.
Kolulu: Grrr...
???: What's with the sour face? You have something against tailors?
Kolulu: Grrr...
Kolulu's steely stare soon has the man sweating bullets. He reaches into his back pocket for what he thinks is his handkerchief to dab at his forehead.
???: Phew...
???: Yo, bro! Look what you're holding... That's half of a two-piece.
Bikini Bandit: Wha? Aaaaaah!
Chloe: You just used a bikini as a towel, genius. Ell oh ell.
Io: Do you know how hard it is to have fun on the beaches of Auguste without swimsuits?
Io: Almost as hard as it's going to be for you guys to walk, after we're done with you.
Bikini Bandit: Guess someone was bound to find out sooner or later! We'll just have to shut you brats up before you go blabbing!
Kolulu: Hmph!
It only takes Kolulu a moment.
Before the swimsuit thieves can even finish their insults, they're looking up at the sky, bodies aching with mysterious pain.
Kolulu: Enemies of the beach! Accept your punishment!
Bikini Bandits: We're soooorry!
With the outlaws trounced, and the swimwear liberated, the girls head back to the market.
Shopkeeper: Thank you so much for saving our supply!
Shopkeeper: Please, I would love for you to have a swimsuit of your choice. Consider it a gesture of gratitude.
Kolulu: I certainly appreciate the gesture. But you've suffered a great setback from this event, so I must decline.
Io: Hehe, that's right. Putting those thieves in their place was reward enough for us.
Kolulu: Hehe. If you truly wish to compensate us, then all I ask is that you be more vigilant as you monger your wares!
Shopkeeper: You've got it!
With the shop back open, the girls return to their original mission: finding the proper beach attire for Kolulu.
Kolulu: Oog. They are all quite adorable. How does one choose with so many options?
La Coiffe: Let's see. How about we narrow it down to your favorite style first?
La Coiffe goes about the store selecting various garments. She then lines them up and explains their designs.
La Coiffe: This is called a triangle top bikini. It's simple and looks good on any figure.
Kolulu: Hm... An option with sex appeal.
La Coiffe: Here we have a one-piece. These are a good choice if you want to cover up, and they come in a variety of designs, so they're fairly popular.
La Coiffe: Next up is probably the easiest choice, as it can bring out the princess in anyone—the frill bikini!
Io: Whoa! That is so cute!
Chloe: What about this one? It's got Chloe Certified™ written all over it!
As the three couture titans collide, their fashion frenzy only escalates.
Kolulu, however, stands off to the side, unable to make heads or tails of their suggestions.
Kolulu: Oog...
Io: Hang on, girls! Kolulu, are you okay?
Kolulu: I didn't expect swimsuit selection to be such a trying task. Haha...
La Coiffe: No problem. Let's just change how we're approaching it. How about we focus on what kind of image you want to give off? How's that sound?
Kolulu: There's only one impression I wish to convey! That of a sophisticated lady!
La Coiffe: Ooh, a fancy gal, are you? Well, who's our most ladylike crewmember...?
The Three: Rosetta!
Kolulu: Ah, of course. There are none more graceful than her aboard the Grandcypher.
Kolulu: Now, let us find a swimsuit reminiscent of her grace!
La Coiffe, taken by rosy inspiration, quickly finds a swimsuit for Kolulu and sends the girl to a dressing room.
But tragedy strikes.
Kolulu: I believe I'm not yet ready for this kind of attire.
Io: Aww. Haha. That's okay. I'm on a journey to become a proper lady myself. We can take it nice and easy.
Kolulu: ...
La Coiffe places a hand on Kolulu's shoulder in an attempt to ease her concern.
La Coiffe: There, there. Tell you what. Let's make you a custom swimsuit.
Chloe: Yeah, love. Operation Koludorable Swimsuit is a go!
Kolulu: Thank you, everyone!
Io, Chloe, and La Coiffe work quickly, sparing no expense in procuring the finest pieces in order to create Kolulu's custom outfit.
Io: Yep, I think we've outdone ourselves!
Chloe: Heck yes. We are—and I can't emphasize this enough—the best!
La Coiffe: This will make Kolulu look absolutely ravishing! And it's even adjustable, so she has room to grow into it!
With the beachwear chosen and altered, the trio select some final accessories for the ensemble and throw Kolulu into the dressing room once more.
When she emerges, her radiance illuminates the entire store.
Kolulu: Wow...
La Coiffe: How many lovely ladies does it take to coordinate the perfect summer getup? Only three, if you have us!
Chloe: Ugh, I hate this! Cuteness goals for sure!
(≧◡≦) ♡
Io: How does it feel, Kolulu?
Kolulu: It's the happiest I've ever felt! Thank you, everyone!
Thanks to the advice of some of her dearest friends, Kolulu has finally found her perfect beach outfit.
Though she's still yet to see the beaches of Auguste, the white sand, the salty breeze, and the bountiful ocean buffets seem closer than ever before.

Memories of Auguste

The day after the eating contest, Kolulu and Io head to the beach to play in the ocean. When Io goes back to the food stalls to grab a drink, Kolulu begins to search the sand for pretty shells. Soon enough the hardheaded girl finds herself lost. But her spontaneous journey isn't for naught when she spots a bonito thrashing in the seas and decides she'll claim it as a gift for the crew.

After several grueling rounds of sun-drenched noshing, Kolulu is crowned the eating contest champion.
The next day, with spirits high, Io takes her down to the beachfront.
There they spend a few minutes watching the waves lap at the shoreline.
Kolulu: Ahaha! I'm so grateful we've come to Auguste.
Kolulu: Of course the eating contest was wonderful, but the sights, the sounds, the tastes... Everything is so fresh and different.
Kolulu: Aah, since coming to realize how truly vast the world is, I feel as though my days have been filled with splendor.
Io: Hehe, I get it. Once you've had a great vacation in Auguste, you'll want to come here every year.
Kolulu: Then I shall have to make up for lost time. It would be wonderful to live here, wouldn't it?
Io: Hehe. You got that right.
Io accidentally kicks a pretty seashell by her feet. She takes a second to appreciate it for herself before picking it up and tossing it to Kolulu.
Io: Kolulu!
Kolulu: Aah!
Kolulu: Hehe. Its iridescent sparkle is quite lovely.
Io: Check this out. Close your eyes and try holding it up to your ear.
Kolulu: What will that do?
Curious, Kolulu follows Io's directions.
Kolulu: Whoa! I can hear the waves. Is it the shell making this sound?
Io: I'm not sure why, but it's nice, right? Very calming.
Kolulu: Hehe. Indeed.
Kolulu puts the conch to her ear once more. Io gives her a friendly smile, stands up, and brushes the sand off of her behind.
Io: I'm getting kind of thirsty, so I'm going to get something to drink.
Kolulu: Okay!
As Io walks toward the food stalls, Kolulu lets the rhythmic sound of the shell calm her.
Kolulu: I wonder if all shells make noises like this.
She gets to her feet and begins combing the surrounding beach for other marine noisemakers.
Before she realizes it, she's utterly absorbed in her shell search.
The sun has shifted in the sky when Kolulu raises her head and realizes she's completely alone.
Kolulu: Hm. Wherever am I? It would seem that I am... Yes. I am lost.
Though frustrated at her lack of awareness, she stares out at the ocean and begins pondering how to return to Io.
But before she completes her train of thought, a massive fish leaps out of the roiling blue.
Kolulu: Ah! That's a bonito!
Kolulu recalls seeing the fish in her eating contest prize: a complete set of all the best Auguste delicacies.
Amongst the foods, she recalls the bonito having the most sublime flavor.
Kolulu: I'll catch this fish, and present it to (Captain) and the rest of the crew as a souvenir!
Kolulu: Step forth, you chicken of the sea! We battle!
With Gisla gripped firmly in hand, she rushes headlong into the waves.

Memories of Auguste: Scene 2

Kolulu learns that fighting the bonito in its native environment was never a battle she could win. Just before the giant fish can deliver its killing blow, she's fished out of the water by Elmott. They spend the rest of the day talking and casting lines out into the sea.

Fully submerged beneath the waves, Kolulu twists this way and that, furiously searching for the bonito.
Kolulu: (I will make a souvenir out of you! Mark my words!)
Kolulu: (But first I have to find you...)
Kolulu: ...!
A familiar shadow crosses the corner of her vision; she swims toward it with all the power she can muster.
Bonito: ...
Kolulu: (Hold it right there!)
But, as Kolulu soon learns, the unfinned are no match for the ichthyic while underwater, and her prey eludes her.
Kolulu: (Oog, my stomach yearns for your tasty flesh! I won't give up so easily!)
Bonito: ...
Kolulu: (Mm-mm...)
The exertion of swimming at top speed causes Kolulu to surface for a breath, which prompts the bonito to about-face and attack its now-vulnerable pursuer.
Bonito: ...!
Kolulu: (Oog! Nothing is more cowardly than attacking your enemy from behind!)
Bonito: ...
Kolulu: ...
She dives back into the water, using her momentum to attempt a lunging attack.
Kolulu: (Wh-what's happening!)
But her attack is neutralized by the sudden appearance of a whirlpool that swallows her small frame.
Kolulu: Cough!
Bonito: ...
Kolulu: (Oog... I must make this bonito my dinner. Or what is life worth living for?)
As Kolulu attempts to regain control of her senses, she feels a strong tug on her bathing suit.
Kolulu: (Huh?)
Kolulu: Aaaaaah!
Kolulu: Cough... Have I been... saved?
A mysterious force has lifted Kolulu from a would-be watery grave and plopped her back on land.
Elmott: How about that. Who knew you could fish up people from Auguste's sea?
Kolulu: Elmott?
She glances at his fishing rod and it suddenly dawns on her that he must have reeled her in.
Kolulu: Phew... Honestly, I thought I was headed straight to the bottom of the ocean.
Kolulu: You have saved my life, Elmott. I offer you my deepest gratitude!
Elmott: Nah, save your thanks. Not like I could get much fishing done with all that fracas anyway.
Elmott: More importantly... You're the one who had the tussle with the bonito. Did it hurt you?
Kolulu: No. I am very durable, so I was able to absorb its attack!
Elmott: Good. Just remember that, while the ocean blesses us with her bounty, she can also bare her fangs.
Elmott: Got it? I wouldn't play in the water again until I understood that.
Kolulu: Okay! I shall bear that in mind!
Elmott: Hey, not so loud—you'll scare the fish. But I do like your spunk.
Elmott gives Kolulu a warm smile before casting his line back into the water.
Kolulu: By the waaay... Are you attempting to fish for the bonito?
Elmott: Mm... Can't say I had anything that big on my radar. I'm looking for a smaller catch—something I can turn into a new dish for the Beach House.
Kolulu: What's the Beach House?
Elmott: Ah, that's right. This is your first time in Auguste, isn't it?
Elmott: Every year, without fail, Siero opens up a little beachside bistro situation, and she picks some of her favorite skyfarers to drag out here as help.
Elmott: I'm on my break right now—the perfect time to get some fishing done.
Kolulu: Hmm... Very well! Then as a symbol of my gratitude for saving my life, I shall assist you!
Elmott: What, no—this is your first vacation. You should go live it up with the other kids on the beach.
Kolulu: While I'm grateful you're thinking of my best interest, helping you fish seems like it would be great fun on its own.
Kolulu: If you'll have me, that is.
Kolulu grabs a seat next to Elmott and plucks one of his fishing rods from his basket. She then launches the lure into the sea with a skillful hand.
Elmott: Wow...
Kolulu: A long time ago, I used to go fishing with my father at the lake.
As the thoughts of her departed father fill her head, she smiles wistfully. Elmott returns a sympathetic smile of his own.
Elmott: He sounds like he was a great dad.
Kolulu: Yes...
Elmott: ...
They sit in silence, listening only to the waves, feeling only the light tug of the rods as their lures bob up and down.
Kolulu: (Hehe. It feels like I'm fishing beside Father again.)
Kolulu: (Ah, no. That's rude to Elmott. He's more like a brother!)
Elmott: Hm? What's wrong? Do I have something on my face?
Kolulu: No, it's not that.
Kolulu: I was just thinking that if I had had a brother, I would have wanted him to be someone like you, Elmott.
Elmott: ...
Elmott: Hah. Well, I bet you wouldn't make such a bad sister yourself, Kolulu.
Kolulu: Hehe.
Elmott: Hey, I think you got a bite. There now, reel it in slow...
Kolulu: Mmm...
Kolulu: Haaaaaaah!
Elmott: Gah... Seriously? You couldn't go softer? The fish found you out.
Kolulu: Hahaha... Sorry, I got excited.
Elmott playfully pokes her in the forehead, causing her to fall back in a laughing fit.
Though not truly siblings with Elmott, Kolulu decides she will cherish this moment all the same.

Memories of Auguste: Scene 3

Elmott treats Kolulu to his newest dish: hellgrilled searoast. She thanks him by offering to help out at the Beach House and immediately begins promoting the new menu item on the streets of Auguste. The bayside bistro is soon bursting with business, but relief comes when Io appears and offers to help them—after giving Kolulu a scolding for running off, of course.

Elmott and Kolulu soon arrive back at the Beach House. Elmott heads immediately to the kitchen to prepare a new dish for Kolulu.
Elmott: Ta-da, I call it hellgrilled searoast. Go ahead, try it. I bet it's scrumptious.
Kolulu: Very well... I shall give it a taste!
Kolulu: Munch, munch...
Kolulu: Mmm! The combination of soft fish, chewy lumber jelly, and savory prawn makes for a true delicacy!
Elmott: You look like you're enjoying it. Go ahead, eat your fill. I'll grill up as much as you like.
Kolulu: You truly will?
Looking down at Kolulu's puppy dog eyes, it suddenly dawns on Elmott what he's just offered.
Elmott: Oh, oh crap! That's right... You won that eating contest, didn't you?
Kolulu: Yes! I was crowned the champion!
Elmott: Nggh... Good. I'm a man who won't go back on his word.
Elmott: We'll just see which runs out first: your appetite or our icebox.
Kolulu: Ah, we mustn't do that!
Kolulu: If the Beach House loses too much profit, it would cause both you and Sierokarte trouble, wouldn't it?
Elmott: Phew... Thankfully you're wise beyond your years. I admire that.
Kolulu: Besides, this is a special dish that you've created—I want all of the Beach House's customers to be able to taste it!
Enthusiasm palpable in her voice, she volunteers to help Elmott promote this new meal.
Kolulu: Come one, come all! Try the new hellfire grilled dish at Beach House!
Kolulu: It's called the hellgrilled searoast! A wonderful trio of fish, lumber jelly, and prawns! It's scrumptious!
Shopkeeper: Ah, thanks for your help before! You really pulled my fat out of the fire!
Shopkeeper: Are you helping out at the Beach House now?
Kolulu: Yes! Would you like to try our special hellgrilled searoast?
Shopkeeper: Hehe, sure. Who could resist a delicious smell like that—let's have a go!
Kolulu: Hehe. My first customer.
Kolulu: Now, on to find more hungry beachgoers!
Kolulu: Come one, come all! Try the new hellfire grilled...
Elmott: Haaaa!
Elmott: One hellgrilled searoast for you, ma'am! It's a hot one, so be careful.
Shopkeeper: Thanks! Munch munch...
Shopkeeper: What's in this! It's delicious!
Elmott: Hahaha. Thanks.
Tourist: Excuse us! Table for three please!
One customer's order follows another, until Elmott has his hands full with an all-out lunchtime rush.
Elmott: Y'all come back now...
Elmott: I've got more coming right up, so do me a favor and hold tight, okay, folks?
Kolulu steps inside, fulfilled after successfully roping in several patrons for the Beach House. But when she takes a look at the bustling scene, her jaw drops.
Kolulu: Wh-whoa! It's packed in here!
Kolulu: I had better hurry to Elmott's side to assist him!
Elmott, furiously manning the grill, breathes a sigh of relief when he sees Kolulu burst into the kitchen.
Elmott: Great timing. I'll keep cranking out the grub, so can you look after the customers?
Kolulu: With all of my heart!
Their synergy is immediate as they attempt to keep the Beach House running. But the amount of work is far too great for two people to handle.
Kolulu is rushing between kitchen and tables when she sees a streak of technicolor hair in her peripheral vision.
Io: Hold it right there, Kolulu! Why did you run off on me just to come work at the Beach House!
Kolulu: Ah, Io! This is the perfect time for you to show up! I humbly ask that you help us!
Io: What? Me?
Elmott: Sorry, but it'd be a big help. I'll make it worth your while after the shift's done.
Io: You can keep your prize. I'm more than happy to help out a friend in need.
Io: Now, let's put our backs into it!
Kolulu: Yeah!
With Io's energetic assistance, Kolulu and Elmott manage to stabilize the lunchtime rush.
Kolulu takes the moment to watch all of the customers enjoying their respective orders of hellgrilled searoast. She can't help but smile.

Memories of Auguste: Scene 4

After a long day of slinging beach meats, Elmott treats Io and Kolulu to two helpings of searoast. As the two chow down, some tourists begin to shoot fireworks outside. They all run to the beach to look at the brilliant pyrotechnic display. Kolulu is touched by the scene and fondly reminisces about her late parents.

With the sun settling down into the ocean, Kolulu, Elmott, and Io finish cleaning the Beach House.
Elmott: You both were a big help. Don't know what I would've done without ya.
Kolulu: You remained quite diligent yourself, Elmott.
Kolulu: Working those skewers with furious energy—you were an amazing sight to behold!
Io: No kidding. When you had all ten stoves fired up at once, I had to stop and clap for you.
Elmott: Wouldn't have been possible without your help.
Elmott: I bet you're both hungry. Two orders of hellgrilled searoast, coming right up. Eat your fill.
Elmott: If you can stomach it, that is. I know smelling it all day might have affected your appetites.
Io: Yay! Thank you!
Io: There's no way we could get sick of this. That's how good it is!
Kolulu: Yes, my deepest appreciation to you!
Hearts warm with a job well done, Io and Kolulu happily tuck into their plates.
Elmott, feeling the wear and tear of the day himself, smiles at their delight.
Elmott: Oh, is that fireworks I hear?
Kolulu: Fireworks? What are fireworks?
Elmott: Yep, that's right. Guess you'd have never seen them, since this is your first time in Auguste.
Io: I'd tell you about them, but it might be more fun just to watch. Let's go before we miss any more!
No sooner have the words left Io's mouth than she grabs Kolulu's hand and pulls her out of the Beach House.
Tourist: Do the next one!
Shopkeeper: You got it! Here we go!
Kolulu: Wooooow... It's so beautiful.
Io: Right? Auguste is known for this kind of thing too.
Elmott: Kolulu, you want to try shooting one?
Kolulu: Huh? We can set them off ourselves?
Elmott: Yep. The little ones at least. I feel like we have a few left over in the Beach House.
Io: Wait, wouldn't they have gotten damp by now? Can we use them?
Unphased, Elmott marches into the Beach House with Io trailing not far behind.
Kolulu: Hehe.
Kolulu takes a step forward to follow them, but she stops in place when another brilliant blast of light unfurls in the sky.
Kolulu: Woooow...
The eating contest, the myriad flavors of the ocean, the company of good friends, the smiles of satisfied customers, and the simple beauty of fireworks.
Kolulu thinks back on all of the beautiful memories she has created in Auguste.
Kolulu: Father, Mother... I'm happy now.
Watching the glittering display in the midnight blue above, she's reminded of the warmth and light of her parents.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
いつかはレディが着るビキニに挑戦するでごんす One day I would like to wear a swimsuit worthy of a true lady.
アウギュステこそ、楽園で申そう! Auguste is paradise!
しょっぱい!これが海でごんすか…… Yuck, it's salty! Who knew the ocean would taste so foul...
イオは色んな海の遊びを知ってるのでごんすね~ Io knows how to have fun on the beach.
釣りとは奥深きものでごんすね…… Fishing is an art form.
あれが光華と申すか!とっても綺麗でごんす! Ah, those are fireworks? They're beautiful!
バカンスとは……よきもので申すな Vacation is the best.
可愛いユカタヴィラも着てみたいでごんすな I wouldn't mind trying on a gorgeous yukata.
じゅるる……美味しそうな海の幸でごんすなぁ Mmm... Seafood makes my mouth water!
(主人公)さんも一緒に遊ぶでごんす~ (Captain), come play with us!