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Official Profile

Age 21 Height 165 cm Race Human
Hobbies Room-cleaning, studying
Likes All kinds of housework
Dislikes Too much leisure time (can't stay calm if she's not doing something)

Character Release


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Age 21歳 Height 165cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 部屋の掃除、勉強
Likes 家事全般
Dislikes 余暇(何かしていないと落ち着かない)

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
I wish you all the luck in all your future endeavors. And of course, I'l be here to help in any way I can.
So let's celebrate! Today is your day, Captain. Enjoy it!


The years always seem too long, and then they're gone just like that.
That's especially true for the time I've spent with you, (Captain).
But it's been time spent to its fullest. I'm sure of it.
I'm going to work my hardest to make sure I can spend the next year fighting by your side, (Captain).


Here's a little something from me. Happy birthday!
I'm so glad you're able to celebrate yet another birthday.
You always push yourself so hard, (Captain). I worry about you sometimes.
I'm the same way? Hehe, maybe so.
I hope I can celebrate this day with you for every year to come.
And for that, I'll be sure to keep improving myself and become a better skyfarer!


Happy birthday! Your special day is special to the rest of us as well.
I've been on pins and needles all week.
I know it's weird to be that excited about someone else's birthday...
But I've been so caught up in choosing a present and planning your party with the rest of the crew.
There's a lot to fret over when you're celebrating someone you care so much about! But those are good problems to have!
So I hope you'll always let me celebrate this day with you!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm sorry, I actually haven't finished preparing everything yet...
With each year that passes, more and more people are here to celebrate your birthday, so the ship's getting pretty full!
Soon we'll have to rent out an entire island just for your birthday...
Hehe. It'll be a handful, but I'm sure that'll be fun in its own way.
When that time comes, you have to let me be in charge of the decorations, okay?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
With a new year come new resolutions... This year I want to continue training and get just a little bit closer to Father and Monika.


A new year... What should I aim for this year, I wonder.
I'm still continuing my training, so... maybe I should try taking things a little less seriously?
How do you think I should do things this year, (Captain)?
If there's anything you think I should work on, I'd love to hear it!


The first sunrise of the year... It's beautiful.
I should be pretty used to sunrises by now with all the morning training I do...
But there's just something special about today's. I feel refreshed.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Happy New Year, (Captain). May this be your best year yet!


A lot goes into the New Year's meal, doesn't it?
Each dish and each ingredient has its own significance, like good luck or good health for the new year...
Sharing such a meaningful meal with those close to you is the only proper way to begin the new year.
I guess what I want most from you this year is for you to look after yourself...
So I'll research which dishes are supposed to grant you good health!
I'm going to give this ship and her crew everything I've got this year too. Glad to be on board, Captain!


Hmm... I always get so busy around New Year's.
Maybe I should try making a to-do list... And figure out how to tackle everything effectively.
Whenever I'm deciding on a course for the new year, I always feel like I'm mentally disciplining myself, you know? Like killing two birds with one stone.
Hehe. I see you're starting to feel motivated, (Captain).
Well then. While you're still on board, let's get to it!
Now, how do you think we can grow as a crew? Between the two of us, we're sure to come up with some good ideas.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

So I made some chocolates, but Monika ate about half of them already.
But she said they were really good, so...
If you could tell me what you think of them, I'd really appreciate it!


I think I managed to make some really good chocolates on my own this year. Accept them, won't you?
T-they don't taste funny, do they?
As far as I'm concerned, Valentine's is a day to express gratitude!
If someone's really helped you out, it's important to properly let them know how much you appreciate it!
I honestly can't thank you enough for everything you've done, (Captain).


Oh no... What do I do...
Ah! (Captain)!
I'm making chocolates for you... Or at least I tried to...
I thought I'd try a bit of a challenge this time, but... It didn't turn out too well...
Should have tried making something a little closer to my skill level...
I'll be more careful next year.
Huh? (Captain)!
No, you can't eat it! I told you, it didn't turn out well!
Wha? You were watching me as I was making it? You know how hard I tried?
I see. Well, if this is what you want, I can't say anything against that.
Hehe. I can tell how hard you're trying to keep a straight face. I told you it was bad.
Thank you, (Captain). For everything.


It's Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
Take a look! This time I perfected the recipe I bungled last year.
I've learned my lesson about working alone and biting off more than I can chew, so this time around, I asked everyone's opinions.
How's it taste?
Oh, I'm so glad. I really pulled it off this year.
You're so nice, I bet you'd pretend to be happy with any old chocolate.
But I wanted my gift to be good enough to truly express my gratitude.
I really am thankful to you, (Captain). Happy Valentine's Day.


(Captain)! I have some Valentine's chocolates for you. Here.
I considered trying my hand at a new recipe... So I could learn to be a better chef, you know?
But I decided that making something you liked was more important.
So I used basically the same recipe as last year, but then I thought about what flavors and textures you prefer and made some tweaks.
These chocolates should be pretty good—I think all that effort I put in is finally paying off. So when you eat them, really take the time to taste them, all right?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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This is... in return for Valentine's? Wow, thank you so much, Captain!
I'm so happy you remembered the chocolates I gave you.


A present... for me? Ah, that's right... Today's White Day.
Thank you so much, (Captain). Heh heh... It certainly feels nice to be on the receiving end of a present.
Giving presents and receiving them in return... I hope we can keep doing this forever.


Huh? A present for me? For White Day?
What! But I made you such awful chocolate for Valentine's day!
It's the thought that counts?
All right, I understand. Thank you.
I promise next year I'll give you a real Valentine's Day gift. That way I can accept your White Day gifts guilt-free!
Ah, sorry, that sounded a lot more noble in my head.


A White Day present for me?
Your thoughtfulness really makes me happy, (Captain).
You loved my Valentine's Day chocolate so much that you went all out to return the favor?
Geez... Of course, I made those chocolates specially for you...
But I was the one who refused to give up on perfecting that recipe. I wasn't trying to make you go out of your way...
Still, I'm really glad you enjoyed my gift.
Thank you so much for my White Day present, (Captain).


Is this a White Day's present?
Oh, thank you so much!
Hm? I recognize this wrapping paper. Could it be?
Just as I thought. We had these cookies together a few weeks ago. We both really liked them, right?
Oh, I'm so happy. I'd actually been craving these.
Umm... If you have time, would you like to eat with me?
I feel like these cookies would taste better if I ate them with you...
Really? Then let's have tea in my room. But first, we should stop by the dining hall and grab some things.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Do you have any candy for me, Captain?
Uh-oh, looks like somebody's in trouble! Watch out! I'm not going easy on you!


When you really think about it, it's weird that there's a holiday just for dressing up.
But it does feel like a special day when you're in a costume.
It makes you feel just a bit bolder than normal.
So, (Captain). Do you have any treats?
Heh heh! If you don't have any treats, then brace yourself for my tricks!


Trick or treat!
Oh, looks like you have candy this year.
Huh? But you won't give me any?
You're wondering what sort of trick I'll play?
Are you testing me, (Captain)?
Fine then! You're going to regret this!


Trick or treat, (Captain)!
I've been looking for you all over town! Where were you?
Don't tell me you ran away because you didn't have any candy on hand for the big day...
You do? Oh, yes, I see.
Thank you. But then why were you—
What? Why are you holding out your hand?
Trick or treat?
Oh, right. I'll give you a treat too...
What? There's none left!
That's right... I've been handing candy out all day...
Wait... Don't tell me you were waiting for just this moment!
What? You wanted to try playing tricks this year, not just getting tricked?
Very well then. Challenge accepted! Show me your ultimate trick, (Captain)!


(Captain), trick or treat!
Oh, I see you've got some treats prepared for me again this year! Thank you.
Hmm... Getting treats is nice and all, but there just isn't the same satisfaction as when you play tricks on someone.
Huh? I can play a trick on you too?
Hm... I feel kind of bad for being so greedy...
But since you said so, I guess now I have to do it!
I actually have a trick ready just for you, (Captain)! Here I come!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

There's something so romantic about a snow-filled sky.
I hope I can enjoy it with someone special someday...


Do you remember what we did on this same night, one year ago?
I told you I wanted to look out at the snowy sky with someone special.
To tell you the truth, I... I think that may be within reach...
After all, I'm here with you, (Captain).
And with so many precious friends here with me, spending tonight with someone special might not just be a fantasy after all.


Ah, (Captain), there you are.
The holiday party was fun, wasn't it? Everyone really let their hair down.
It's late, we better be heading back. The streets have gotten pretty quiet.
Hehe. I'm glad I could spend the holidays with you this year as well.
I can't tell you how happy I am right now.


Phew... This ought to be far enough from the party...
Sorry to drag you away from the festivities, (Captain).
I won't keep you too long, or else everyone'll worry.
I just wanted to borrow you to look at the stars with me for a little while. If possible, I'd like to do this together every year...
I feel like the more time I spend with you, the greedier I get.
But I find myself wondering... if that's such a bad thing. Weird, huh?


Oh, (Captain)! I wanted to compliment you on the party. Everyone seems to be enjoying⁠—
U-um, is something the matter? You surprised me, taking hold of my arm like that. Is there somewhere you wanted to go?
Choose: Let's go stargazing.
That was unexpected... I didn't think you'd just spirit me away like this.
Still, I'm happy you remembered... That I said I wanted to go stargazing with you every year.
Oh, no wonder it was so cold. It's started to snow. Look—it's so pretty, how the flakes shine against the night sky...
Hehe. Looks like we've made yet another wonderful memory together.

Fate Episodes

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For Lecia's Eyes Only

Lecia is hard at work at the headquarters of the Fourth Fleet of the Crew of Enforcers on Amalthea, though she is preoccupied by questions about how best to promote peace and order in the Sky Realm. Walfrid arrives with news that three enforcers have gone missing while investigating the mafia family Magasin, which traffics a dangerous drug called Serenity Heaven. Disguised as a tourist, Lecia heads to the enforcers' last known location.

Amalthea: home to the headquarters of the Crew of Enforcers' Fourth Fleet, which oversees Phantagrande.
After bidding farewell to (Captain) and the crew, who are headed for the next skydom, Lecia throws herself into her work as Captain of the Fourth Fleet.
Lecia: Well, that does it for this morning's duties.
Lecia: Next I need to contact each ship. Then let's see... what do I have on the docket for the afternoon?
Lecia: Sigh. I'm getting used to all the paperwork, but I still don't like being stuck behind a desk all day...
Lecia: Ah—
Lecia stretches, and her clasped hands collide with a towering stack of documents she's already reviewed, knocking it off her desk.
Lecia: Ugh, what am I doing?
Sighing, Lecia gathers the fallen papers.
Lecia: Oh. This is about that recent incident on Ravi Island...
The report that caught Lecia's eye concerns the Holy Erste Empire's attack on Ravi Island.
Lecia: (I wonder what (Captain) is up to now...)
As she takes a closer look at the documents, Lecia loses herself in thought.
Lecia: (Did they reach the Great Oarlyegrande Skydom safely?)
Lecia: (Come on. This is the Grandcypher crew we're talking about. Of course they did.)
Lecia: (I'm sure they'll triumph over the True King and find (Captain)'s father on the Island of the Astrals.)
Lecia: (Even if they ended up having to fight him, I'm sure they'd come out okay...)
Lecia shakes her head to clear it, finishes gathering up the papers, and sits back down at her desk.
Her expression remains troubled, however.
Lecia: (I wonder if fighting with my father is a choice I could make.)
Lecia: ((Captain) has the will to see any ambition through... I'm not sure mine is as strong.)
Lecia: Guess I've still got some work to do on myself.
Lecia: (There are responsibilities I must see through. As an enforcer, I have a duty to protect the skies.)
Lecia stands up, resolve firm.
Lecia: ((Captain) is trying to defend the Sky Realm by overturning the True King's rule.)
Lecia: (But the True King isn't motivated by self-interest either.)
Lecia: (I can't say I agree with his methods, but the True King is acting in what he thinks are the skies' best interests.)
Lecia: ((Captain), the True King, and the Crew of Enforcers...)
Lecia: (All of us are out to protect the skies, and yet we constantly seem to be at odds.)
Lecia: What does it really mean to defend the Sky Realm?
Lecia: Whoa! C-come in! It's open.
Lecia: Fath—I mean, Captain Walfrid.
Walfrid: Sorry for the sudden intrusion, Lecia. I knocked several times, but...
Lecia: I'm sorry. I was woolgathering.
Walfrid: You already collapsed once from overwork. Don't overdo it. Taking an appropriate amount of rest is part of your job.
Lecia: I will. So... Did you need to tell me something?
Walfrid: We have an urgent matter on our hands—one too delicate for just anyone to handle.
Walfrid: You're familiar with the drug known as "Serenity Heaven," aren't you?
Lecia: I've read reports. It's a highly addictive drug currently circulating on the black market, isn't it?
Walfrid: Correct. The ones distributing it are an extremely troublesome organization known as the Magasin family.
Walfrid: They are clever and ruthless. There's no atrocity too heinous for them if it will advance their aims or widen their profit margins.
Walfrid: We've had our hands tied due to a lack of evidence linking them directly to the trafficking of Serenity Heaven.
Walfrid: I dispatched some enforcers to investigate the Magasin family and their drug distribution.
Walfrid: Three members of the Fourth Fleet. They didn't make their last scheduled check-in.
Lecia: ...!
Walfrid: I sent them to one of the biggest Serenity Heaven markets. It's highly likely they've met with some unexpected trouble.
Walfrid: There are no reports of fighting on that island as of yet...
Walfrid: But I have to consider the possibility that they've been discovered and captured—or worse.
Lecia: You mean they may have been killed.
Walfrid: Of course, I'm concerned for their safety, but in addition, we can't afford to lose the information they've gathered thus far.
Walfrid: Which means overt, large-scale action is out of the question, though time is still of the essence.
Walfrid: Especially given the possibility that our people are being held prisoner.
Walfrid: We need to investigate, and determine whether they're in need of extraction. It must be done as quietly, and with as few personnel as possible.
Walfrid: This calls for the Fourth Fleet's finest.
Walfrid: I can't send Monika this time though—she's out on another mission.
Walfrid: This is a dangerous assignment, Lecia. Will you take it?
Lecia: Of course I will. I'm an enforcer too, after all.
Walfrid looks at her with pride—tinged, perhaps, with a touch of melancholy.
Walfrid: I'm sorry... All I seem to do is cause you trouble.
Lecia: N-no, you don't...
Walfrid: The Magasin family is not an adversary to be taken lightly. I've arranged outside help from someone who shares our goal.
Lecia: Outside help?
Lecia: ((Captain) isn't exactly in hailing distance, so who could he mean?)
Walfrid: If possible, you'll rendezvous with him on the island. Apparently he's en route to arrive today or tomorrow.
Walfrid: You may not have the luxury of waiting around for him. Take the urgency of the situation into consideration.
Lecia: Understood. Investigation and reconnaissance will take priority.
Walfrid: The island in question is a popular tourist destination. There will be a lot of civilians.
Walfrid: Involving them is not an option. I want you to exercise caution above all else.
Lecia: Of course. I'll head out immediately.
Lecia: (Missions like these are part of protecting the Sky Realm, right?)
Lecia: (Anyway, for now I need to focus on saving my comrades!)
Walfrid: The island is essentially Magasin home turf. You'll need to disguise yourself as a tourist in order to go around unnoticed.
Walfrid: I've included the rendezvous location and information about the missing enforcers in this brief. Read it on your way there.
As Lecia reaches for the folder, Walfrid remembers something.
Walfrid: If you do meet up with our outside help, pass on my thanks. Not only for this, but for everything still to come.
Lecia: ...?
All... all right. I will.
Lecia: Ah, the island's coming into view. So that's where our people were last heard from...
Alongside tourists eager to begin their vacations, Lecia gazes over the rail at their destination.
In her eyes gleams the determination to save her subordinates from the dark tendrils snaking through the shadows of this sunlit isle.
That resolve is about to be put to a harsher test than Lecia could ever imagine.

For Order in the Skies

Lecia finds her missing enforcers injured in a back alley after their undercover investigation went wrong. They've learned that the Magasin family has decreased the supply of Serenity Heaven to the black market, which may represent an exploitable weakness in the organization. The enforcers beg Lecia to return to HQ alone to relay the information, but she refuses to leave them behind.

Lecia has set out from Amalthea to search for three missing enforcers.
She alights from the airship at her destination and looks around in surprise at the bustling port.
Lecia: (There are so many people here, and everything looks like it's in good condition. Not quite the forbidding slum I was expecting.)
Lecia: (It's hard to believe a crime syndicate's doing big business around here...)
Lecia: (Maybe that's just proof of how deeply integrated into the town the Magasin family is... I have to keep my wits about me.)
Lecia: Okay, first off... I guess I should check out the emergency rendezvous point.
Lecia: (If they couldn't make their scheduled check-ins, the enforcers were supposed to give up on off-island communication and wait for assistance there.)
Lecia: It'd be nice if I found them there, but I'm not getting my hopes up...
Lecia slips into the crowd and heads toward the inn specified in her mission brief.
A constant stream of pedestrians flows in and out of the shops lining the main street.
With food stalls everywhere Lecia looks, the scene is even more crowded than the port.
Lecia: It reminds me of Idelva, when Monika and I went sightseeing there.
Lecia: (The missing enforcers are a Draph named Byron and two human men called Keats and Milton.)
Lecia: (I have to keep my eyes peeled so I don't miss them.)
Girl: Ooh, they have boba tea! Let's go get some! C'mon!
Lecia: Whoa!
Girl: Ouch!
A little girl comes barreling along the road and runs smack into Lecia's knees.
Lecia: Oh, sorry, hon. You're not hurt are you?
Girl: I'm okay...
Father: Our little rugrat ran right into you, didn't she! Sorry about that. Are you all right?
Mother: What do I always tell you about running?
Girl: Nnh... I'm sorry...
Lecia: Oh, no, I... was just startled is all. No harm done.
Lecia: (I can't believe I didn't notice her before she ran into me. I really wasn't paying enough attention.)
Lecia: (What if it'd been a Magasin member instead of a kid?)
Lecia: (Get a grip, Lecia. You're in the belly of the beast!)
Lecia hunkers down to the girl's eye level to gently admonish her.
Lecia: It's really crowded around here, so stick close to your mom and dad, okay?
Girl: Kay...
Lecia smiles at her, then looks at her parents.
Lecia: Oh, by the way! You wouldn't happen to know where this inn is, would you?
Lecia: This is my first time here, and with all the crowds, I haven't been able to find it...
Father: Hmm... Oh, this should be just around that corner there. It's not far—why don't we take you?
Lecia: I don't want to intrude on your family vacation! Now that I know where I'm headed, I should be fine.
Lecia: Thanks so much for your help!
Wasting no time, Lecia bids the family farewell and sets off for the rendezvous point.
Lecia looks around the room reserved as an emergency rendezvous spot. She sighs.
Lecia: No sign of anyone having been here...
Lecia: (Which really makes it seem like they're not free to move around, wherever they are.)
Lecia: (Should I go look for them? Or wait here for a while, in case they're on their way?)
Lecia: (This is also the place I'm supposed to try and meet up with that outside help.)
Lecia waits until the sun sets, but no one else so much as jiggles the doorknob.
Lecia: ...
Lecia: Yeah... That's enough waiting around. It's time to act.
Lecia: (They might be injured and moving slowly, right? It'll be faster to go looking for them myself.)
Lecia: (I've gotten a sense of the street outside too, so if I narrow the scope of my search, I shouldn't miss them if they're headed this way.)
Lecia: (My fellow enforcers are in danger. That has to take priority over the other rendezvous.)
Lecia: (I'm here to save them... and that's what I intend to do!)
Lecia hefts the bag with her enforcer uniform inside and heads back into the street.
The main street is just as noisy and crowded in the evening.
Lecia: (With all these people around, a fight or a wounded person would cause a commotion...)
Lecia turns onto a side street and spots the entrance to a dim alleyway.
Lecia: (In the brief, it said that back alleys were dangerous, and more likely to be under Magasin control, but...)
Gripping the handle of her bag, Lecia steels herself and steps off the beaten path.
The alley is silent and appears completely devoid of people.
Lecia: (It's quiet... Almost too quiet. I don't think I'm going to find any mafiosi here...)
???: Hey, stay with me! We're nearly there—just hang on!
Lecia: That voice!
Lecia hurries in the direction of that strained, urgent voice.
Injured Human Man: Ngh... Hrgh...
Lecia: Are you okay?
Before Lecia is a man bleeding copiously from a gash in his thigh.
Draph Man: What are you doing here!
Human Man: It isn't safe—you have to get out of here!
Lecia: I know some healing magic! Let me see your—
Lecia brushes aside the two men's efforts to fend her off, and examines the wound.
Lecia: (Is this... a gunshot wound? An inch higher up, and he'd be a dead man.)
Lecia: (I don't think my first aid skills are going to be up to this...
No, don't think like that. I have to try!)
Injured Human Man: Ah... Thank you. I do feel a little better.
Lecia: I'm sorry, this is the best I can do. But that should get you as far as a doctor, at least. You'd better go find one right away!
Draph Man: Wait a minute... You look familiar...
Milton: Ah! You're Captain Lecia, aren't you? Forgive me for not recognizing you—I'm not in my right mind.
Byron: Ohh... You came to help us because we didn't make our last check-in, didn't you?
Lecia: My mission is to extract you. Can you get me up to speed on yours?
Lecia fashions a makeshift bandage and wraps Keats's leg as the three enforcers make their report.
Milton: Recently it seems the Magasin family has reduced the amount of Serenity Heaven they circulate.
Milton: They've always been incredibly selective about their distribution routes, but before this, once they'd established a route, they'd never squeezed off the supply.
Lecia: That's what you were looking into?
Byron: Yes. We assumed there had to be some reason for the change. We staked out their hideout too, but...
Byron: They were too careful. We couldn't learn anything. In the end we decided going undercover and making a deal with them was our only option.
Milton: They're no fools. They'd get suspicious if it seemed like we were in contact with anyone off-island.
Milton: So we stopped checking in and tried to investigate...
Keats: I was playing the boss, the lead negotiator in our little deal...
But they attacked me out of nowhere. They must have been checking up on us too.
Byron: The two of us managed to bust in and get him out, but...
Byron's face twists in pain. It's only then that Lecia spots the red stain spreading across the fabric over his ribs.
Lecia: You're both injured too!
Milton: No, we're fine. Just a few scrapes compared to Keats.
Lecia: All right, I understand the situation. We'll save the full debriefing for when we get back to headquarters. Right now, we need to get you off the island.
Lecia: Keats's leg wound in particular needs treatment as soon as possible.
Keats: It's not going to be that easy. They know what I look like, and they have people watching the port.
Byron: They were investigating us, so there's a good chance they'll know all three of us on sight.
Milton: Captain, please head back to HQ without us. You should be able to get off the island alone.
Lecia: What! There's no way I could leave you behind.
Byron: Something is definitely going on within their organization. This could be our chance to expose them!
Milton: Now that you've heard our report, our mission can still be a success. Our sacrifice won't be in vain.
Keats: Besides, it was our fault things went sideways. We don't want to cause you any more trouble, Captain.
Lecia: But—
Byron: They're already after us. If you can't get back to HQ, Captain, it's all over!
Milton: For the sake of enforcing order in the Sky Realm, Captain Lecia, please! You have to go!
Milton: Damn, they found us already!
We'll lead them away, Captain. Please. Make your escape.
Lecia: (If I leave, the three of them are going to...)
Lecia: (If it's for the sake of order in the skies and protecting the Sky Realm, does that make it acceptable?)
Lecia: (No. No, I don't think so. The whole reason I came here—)
Byron: Please, Captain Lecia!
Lecia: My mission is to get you safely back to Amalthea.
Lecia: Come on, follow me! We're getting out of here!
Lecia pulls Keats's arm over her shoulder and jerks her chin at the others.
Seeing in her eyes that she will brook no disobedience, Byron and Milton fall in behind her.
At that same moment, a diminutive figure can be seen through the window of the emergency rendezvous point.
???: Looks like I was a bit late. I'd better pick up the pace.
The door opens and closes, leaving the room empty once more.

For Order in the Skies: Scene 2

Lecia and the other enforcers take refuge in an abandoned building, but the Magasin family tracks them down, and Lecia has a tough battle to fight while shielding her injured men. Anre, summoned by Walfrid, saves them at the last moment. They plot to leave the island on a freight airship with the injured enforcers hidden in a cargo crate, but the family uncovers the ruse. Anre fights to cover the enforcers' escape.

Byron: It's no good. They've got this route covered too.
Lecia runs through the back alleys, helping along the injured enforcers, ever cognizant of the Magasin members on their heels.
Byron: They've got the backstreets locked down. The major roads may not be safe either though...
Byron: Magasin members may well be mixed in with the crowds.
Lecia: There are tourists all around us who have nothing to do with any of this. We can't let them get caught in the crossfire.
Lecia bites her lip, gazing toward the lights of the main street.
Lecia: (It's so close, and yet it feels so far away...)
Keats: Urgh...
Lecia: (First and foremost, we have to get his leg treated. He's getting weaker by the moment.)
Lecia: Is there anywhere around here we could get your wound looked at?
Milton: Unfortunately, most of the doctors on the island are mixed up with the family.
Byron: Those frauds just see the Serenity Heaven addicts as cash cows.
Lecia: They might have spread the word about you to doctors anyhow, just in case you tried to see one...
Lecia: In which case, I think our only option is to head back to the inn via the main street.
Lecia: If we wait till the middle of the night, it'll lower the chances of us involving innocent bystanders.
Lecia: Let's find somewhere to rest in the meantime. The two of you need some first aid as well.
Byron: Understood. This way. There should be some abandoned shops that will serve our purpose.
Milton: I'll look out for pursuit.
Lecia nods and resumes walking, bearing ever more of her wounded comrade's weight.
Byron leads them to an abandoned building where they can hole up until it's safe to make their next move.
Byron: Thank you, Lecia. I'm feeling much better.
Lecia: Just stay still for a while, okay? I'm going to secure the perimeter.
Lecia leaves her three subordinates to rest and steps out of the room, intending to investigate their surroundings.
Lecia: ...!
Lecia: (Did that noise come from inside the building? Was it from that room?)
On high alert, Lecia edges toward the source of the sound.
Lecia: !
Lecia peeks into the room and spots a figure lying sprawled on the floor.
Lecia: A-are you all right? What on earth—
There is no response from the prone man.
Lecia: Don't tell me he's...
Lecia: No, wait... He's still breathing. But what happened here?
Byron: Captain Lecia!
Alerted by the sound, Byron comes running. His expression clouds over as he takes in the scene.
Byron: Here too, eh?
Lecia: What do you mean?
Byron: He's probably a Serenity Heaven addict. They tend to gather in abandoned buildings like this.
When she looks around, Lecia realizes there are a number of other people slumped in the shadows, unmoving.
Lecia: None of these people seem to be conscious...
Byron: They're in the final phase of addiction. When it gets this far, there's no hope of recovery.
Lecia: Then treatment is...
Byron: At least at the moment, there's no known treatment for the addiction.
Lecia chews on her lower lip.
Lecia: (I've read the reports, but I still wasn't prepared for this...)
Byron: Captain Lecia... Are you sure you won't leave the island alone?
Lecia: No, I won't. Rescuing you is part of my mission.
Byron: This might be our best chance to get this terrifying drug off the streets.
Byron: But we may all be killed if you let us slow you down!
Byron: It isn't worth it, Captain. You have to—
Keats's Voice: Aaagh!
Lecia: Oh no! Quick!
Byron: Captain, wait!
Milton: Hnggh!
Magasin Member 1: Tch! You enforcer dipsticks really made me work for my paycheck, didn't you? Did you think Magasin wouldn't find you?
Magasin Member 1: Well, you'll have plenty of time to regret messing with us at the bottom of the ski—
Lecia: Not so fast!
Magasin Member 1: Hnk!
Lecia swings her bag and hits the Magasin member's jaw so hard he collapses on the spot.
Milton: Captain, there are more of them!
Lecia: We're surrounded!
Byron: Hey, are you okay?
Milton: He got me pretty good, but I'll manage. At least...
Magasin Member 2: Heh. Got ourselves a little spitfire here.
Magasin Member 3: No more pranks from yo—
Magasin Member 3: Bwoof!
Lecia: You mean like that one? If you're not a fan, then you'd better take this seriously.
Magasin Member 1: Tch! She's strong!
Magasin Member 1: Hey! Aim for the guys behind her! We're only getting paid to take them out!
The Magasin members lift their guns in unison and train their sights on the enforcers behind Lecia.
Lecia: (They've got guns! If it was just me here, I could take them, but not while shielding my men...)
Lecia: (Did I come all this way just to fail?)
Magasin Member 2: Kill 'em!
Lecia: (No... No, I have to do something!)
Lecia readies herself to strike, resolved to stop one bullet at the very least.
???: Haaah!
Magasin Member 2: Gyah! Wh... What...
Lecia: (Was that... a spear thrust? It was so fast I couldn't see what happened!)
???: No time to stand around gawping—reinforcements could arrive at any moment. This way!
???: You don't want to tangle with them again, do you?
Lecia: N-no!
At the diminutive fellow's urging, the group makes its escape from the building.
The mustachioed man leads them to a small house which has been repurposed as a clinic.
???: I've known the doctor here a long time. He won't sell you out to the Magasin family. You can trust him.
Taking the heroic little warrior at his word, the three enforcers submit to treatment and then turn in to rest.
???: Oh, you're still up? You should get some rest too.
Lecia: I can't afford to do that.
???: Because you don't trust me?
Lecia: It isn't that. After seeing your mantle and that spear technique you used, I have no reason not to trust you.
Lecia: Allow me to introduce myself properly. My name is Lecia, of the Fourth Fleet of the Crew of Enforcers.
Lecia: And you must be Anre, the outside help I was supposed to meet here on the island.
Anre is the founder of the Eternals and the greatest spear wielder in all the skies.
Naturally Lecia has heard of him and his incredible fighting techniques.
Anre: That's right. Sierokarte contacted me about the job and I accepted.
Anre: Please understand though, that I'm here in a personal capacity only.
Lecia: Understood. But then why did you decide to help us?
Anre: As you may be aware, I have a deep interest in the Magasin family. I wanted information on them too.
Anre: And of course, I wanted to help the Crew of Enforcers out if I could.
Lecia: I truly appreciate your help earlier. Without you, I don't think I could have gotten us out of there.
Lecia: I might have even made things worse.
Anre: If you'd waited for me to make your move, your three men would have lost their lives. My tardiness was partly to blame for that situation.
Anre: You had to act in order to prevent loss of life. Please don't be too self-critical.
Lecia: I...
Lecia hesitates, then looks Anre in the eye.
Lecia: Do you think I made the right decision?
Anre: Which decision is that?
Lecia: My men begged me to leave them behind and get their report back to HQ.
Lecia: They said it was a matter of protecting order in the Sky Realm.
Anre: Well, I can't say they're wrong.
Lecia: There has to be something significant behind the changes in Serenity Heaven distribution.
Lecia: It might even give us the chance to get the drug off the streets in one fell swoop.
Lecia: There's no question that doing that would benefit the keeping of the peace in the Sky Realm.
Lecia: And yet I prioritized my enforcers' lives and put us in a position where we could all have been wiped out.
Lecia: We can't endanger civilians, so all I was doing was postponing the inevitable...
Lecia: I'm not sure what I should have done.
Lecia: What does it really mean to protect peace and order in the Sky Realm?
Lecia finishes speaking and her gaze slides away from Anre, but he catches it once more.
Anre: I'm sure some would think that your men had the right of it—that their method was the most in line with the Enforcers' goal of preserving order.
Anre: But if sacrificing lives were the only way to ensure peace, then sooner or later, all that would remain would be a peaceful, empty world.
Anre: What meaning would there be in defending the peace that way?
Lecia: Well...
Anre: I don't think your decision was mistaken.
Anre: There were lives in need of saving. How could it be wrong to do your utmost to that end?
Anre: Not only did you avoid involving civilians—you succeeded in your mission to save your comrades.
Anre: If all four of you return safely, you'll know you made the right decision.
Anre: But it will take a great deal of power and determination, as I'm sure you're well aware.
Lecia: The strength to protect everyone...
Anre: Of course, I'll lend you whatever aid I can.
Lecia: Thank you... Thank you so much.
Anre: Tomorrow, we can speak further about our escape plan.
Anre: For now, I'll stand watch so you can get a proper night's sleep.
Lecia nods, and Anre turns and leaves the room.
That night, Lecia's sleep is unusually deep.
The next morning, Lecia visits the port, doing her best to remain hidden from any observers.
At this early hour, it is not yet overly crowded.
Lecia: (Just like Anre warned me, there are quite a few Magasin members...)
Anre: It looks like the family has stepped up security after that dust-up yesterday.
Anre: They have the port locked down so tightly not even rats can get out on the docks.
Lecia: How are we going to get off the island then?
Anre: There is one way. A heavily laden freight ship leaves port early each morning.
Anre: I think we can get you aboard, hidden inside cargo. I realize that will be harsh on you three, given your injuries...
Byron: Thanks to Lecia's techniques and the doctor's care, we're feeling much better. We can do it!
Keats: Yes. I'm in much less pain than I was. Not quite fighting fit, but...
Anre: Those were only stopgap measures as far as your leg is concerned. You need to get that seen to at a properly outfitted facility as soon as possible.
Anre: I acquired all the necessary materials last night. We can set this plan in motion immediately. Are you ready?
The enforcers nod solemnly.
Anre: Lecia, you won't be hiding in the boxes. You'll be boarding the ship as a tourist.
Lecia: But...
Anre: No plan is devoid of risk. At least one member of your party must be able to move freely and respond to any contingency.
Byron: That's true. They don't know your face yet, Captain.
Milton: At the very least, we need you to get back safely, Captain.
Lecia: Very well...
Father: Good gravy! Just how many security checks do you need to do?
Mother: The ship is leaving late as it is...
Girl: Yaaawn...
I'm sleeepy...
Dock Worker?: Sorry 'bout that. We've had a lotta stowaways lately, y'see.
Father: Oh...
Dock Worker?: Welp! You all can board now! You too, miss! Go right ahead!
Lecia: ...!
Oh, thank you...
Lecia: (He certainly doesn't seem to recognize me...)
Lecia: (Anre must have taken care of the men I fought yesterday, so they weren't able to warn their cohorts about me.)
Lecia: (But if they were investigating the other enforcers that thoroughly, they still might suspect...)
Lecia boards and, instead of heading to her cabin, remains on deck, watching the dock workers inspect passengers and cargo.
Dock Worker?: Awright, next box...
Lecia: (That's the one they're hiding in!)
Dock Worker?: Whoa, another huge one! What've we got inside, hm? Potatoes, huh?
Dock Worker?: But this crate looks big enough to fit a big ol' Draph, I'd say!
Dock Worker?: You're right! We've had some pretty daring stowaways lately!
Dock Worker?: And naughty little stowaways need to be taught a lesson... Don't they!
One of the dock workers draws a sword and swings it high, eyes fixed on the wooden crate.
Lecia: ...!
Anre: I suppose my plan was a little too optimistic given who we're dealing with.
Anre: But we've come this far, so I intend to see it through!
Magasin Member 6: Gyah!
Magasin Member 5: Waah!
The crate splits cleanly in two. Anre and the three enforcers spring out.
Anre: I'll handle things here! You three—go!
Byron: Y-yes, sir!
The enforcers race to board the ship.
Magasin Member 5: Don't let them get away! Shoot 'em down!
Ignoring Anre, the mafiosi take aim at the enforcers' backs and open fire.
Anre: Oh no you don't!
Magasin Member 6: He... He deflected our bullets with his spear! What is he, some kind of monster?
Anre: That explanation will serve for the likes of you.
Anre: Well? Fire at me all you like. You won't find my Arm the Bastion technique so easy to overcome!
As the chaos at port grows, the airship hurries to depart in order to minimize their losses.
Lecia: Thank you, Anre...
Lecia gazes at Anre's back with awe and respect as he fights to see them off safely.

For Order in the Skies: Scene 3

The airship leaves port, but there are Magasin members aboard who take civilian hostages in order to demand the enforcers' surrender. Lecia's injured comrades want to make the trade, but she insists that they are skydwellers just as worthy of protection as any other. They mount a plan to rescue the hostages and manage to turn the tables on the mafiosi.

The battle on the docks continues even after the airship lifts off with Lecia and the other enforcers aboard.
Magasin Member 4: What the hell is with this guy? We outnumber him! How is he...
Anre: I believe I warned you that my defenses aren't so easily breached.
Magasin Member 5: Wait. A monstrously strong Harvin spear-user? Is he... an Eternal?
Magasin Member 4: An Eternal? We can't beat a freak of nature like that! I'm not getting paid enough for this!
Magasin Member 5: H-hey wait!
Magasin Member 6: Yeeeek!
The mention of the Eternals sends the Magasin members scattering in panic.
Magasin Member 5: W-well, it doesn't matter anyway. We've got the ship under control. All they've gotta do is toss a few rats overboard!
Anre: I didn't expect the mere mention of the Eternals to be that much of a deterrent to their sort.
Anre: But from the sound of it, they have people aboard that airship. These mafiosi know what they're doing, apparently.
Anre: I'm sure you can handle this, Lecia. Till we meet again...
Anre watches the ship until it vanishes among the clouds. Then he himself vanishes into the main street crowd.
Keats: I can't believe this ship stops at Amalthea. This must be Anre's doing.
Milton: The Eternals really live up to their reputations. I'm still reeling at just how strong he was.
Byron: Yeah. I never want to be on the wrong end of that spear...
Lecia: Haha... I think the three of you should be doing a little less talking and a little more resting.
Keats: Thank you, Captain Lecia. We owe you our lives.
Lecia: Just doing my duty. You know what? I'm going to take a rest too.
Lecia heads to her own cabin and slumps against the door. She heaves a sigh.
Lecia: Phew...
Lecia: Well, we got this far. Now we just—
???: Aaaahhh!
Lecia: W-what was that!
Lecia: I think it came from on deck...
Father: Please, let her go! Take me instead!
Magasin Member 7: Shut it!
Father: Hngh!
Lecia: Are you all right?
Lecia bursts out onto the deck just in time to see the man she met in town collapse in front of her.
Girl: Dad!
Magasin Member 8: Shutcher face, kid, unless you wanna taste of what he got!
Mother: Please, don't!
The ruffians tie up the girl and her mother and point guns at their heads.
Lecia: (There were Magasin members on board too?)
Magasin Member 7: Perfect timing! You there!
Lecia: Who... me?
Magasin Member 7: I already told the big guy on the floor there, but there're members of the Crew of Enforcers on this ship. Three dirty rats sniffing around where they shouldn't be!
Magasin Member 7: He's gonna hafta trade those enforcers for his wife and his brat. And lucky you! You get to help!
Magasin Member 7: Heh heh... Unless you want them to go sightseeing at the bottom of the sky!
Father: No, please! I'm begging you!
Magasin Member 8: I told you to can it! If all you're gonna do is run your mouth, I'll toss these two overboard right now!
Lecia: (This is my chance, while they don't realize I'm an enforcer too!)
Lecia: (But I have to keep the hostages safe!)
One mafioso has his eyes locked on the hostages, gun trained on them, while the other's attention is on the father and Lecia.
Lecia: (I won't stand for civilian casualties!)
Lecia: Okay, I get it. Sir, can you stand?
Father: D-don't worry! I'll save you!
Lecia leaves the agitated father to recover in his cabin while she looks around the ship, trying to come up with a plan.
Lecia: (I don't have much time. Their trigger fingers looked itchy... Any delay might cost the hostages their lives.)
Lecia: What should I do? What can I do?
Milton's Voice: What? Are you serious?
Lecia: ...?
Byron: Yeah. Let's give ourselves up.
Milton: What are you saying? We have Captain Lecia on our side!
Byron: They still don't know that she's one of us.
Byron: First, let's trade ourselves for those hostages' safety. We'll trust the Captain to handle it from there.
Milton: There's no guarantee we'll get out of this alive, you know. But the hostages might...
Byron: Right. If we can save them, that's good enough for me.
Keats: He's right. As an enforcer, that's what I signed up for.
Milton: If we have the opportunity to save a single skydweller, that should be our priority, huh?
Byron: Yeah. I'm sure Captain Lecia would—
Lecia: Hold it!
Byron: Captain!
Lecia: It's our job as enforcers to maintain order and protect skydwellers everywhere—that's true.
Lecia: But that's no excuse for you to throw your lives away!
Lecia: You're skydwellers too!
The three enforcers are stunned into silence.
Lecia: If you're so determined to throw your lives away to protect other skydwellers, then it's my job to protect you!
Lecia: So please don't give up.
Lecia: I need all of you. I'm not as strong as Anre. I can't do this without you.
Byron: Captain...
Keats: But... Is there really anything else we can do?
Lecia: If we put our heads together, we can figure something out.
Lecia: If we can just get behind them, we should be able to take control of this situation without endangering the hostages.
Milton: The question is how.
Lecia: By the way, how did you hear that there were hostages in danger? You weren't with me on deck.
Keats: Ah, I was feeling airsick, so I opened a window. Their voices carried on the wind.
Lecia: That's it!
Milton: Wait, Captain, don't tell me...
Byron: That's too dangerous!
Lecia: Not necessarily. I mean, there's naturally going to be some risk if we're trying to sneak up behind them.
Lecia: Byron, Milton, can the two of you provide a distraction?
The two enforcers nod.
Keats: What about me?
Lecia: I want you to wait here. With your leg, you're in no condition to be confronting the enemy.
Byron: Yeah, if you get killed now, this close to home, I'll never get over it.
Milton: You've done your part. It's our turn to put our hides on the line.
Keats: In that case... Let me make sure the rest of the passengers are safe.
Keats: I'll try and keep them away from the deck without arousing suspicion.
Lecia: We definitely don't want them getting involved.
Lecia: I know your leg probably still hurts, but...
Keats: Don't worry—you can count on me!
Lecia: All right. Let's put this plan into action.
Enforcers: Yes, ma'am!
Magasin Member 7: Oh? You two...
Milton: We're the enforcers you're looking for.
Byron: We won't resist, so please let the hostages go.
Magasin Member 8: Where's the other guy?
Milton: He... He died. He got shot in the neck... He didn't make it.
Byron: In the fight on the docks, your buddies opened fire on us. One of them clipped him—right here.
Milton: His body is belowdecks if you want to check it, but for now, please release the hostages.
Mother: R-right... These people kept their side of the bargain, so...
Girl: Sniffle... Hic...
Magasin Member 7: Nuh-uh. They didn't deliver what we asked for.
Byron: What?
Magasin Member 8: We asked for three enforcers. Not two.
Magasin Member 7: And naughty kids who can't do as they're told get what's comin' to 'em! Do it!
Magasin Member 8: Here're your tickets to the Crimson Horizon! Get started makin' memories down there—your friends'll be along to join you soon!
Girl: Nooo! Heeelp!
Lecia's Voice: You wanted three enforcers, right?
Magasin Member 7: Huh?
Magasin Member 8: What! Where did she—
Magasin Member 8: Gyah!
Byron: Gotcha!
Byron wrests the gun from one Magasin member's grip, then knocks him flying.
Milton: You're safe now, kiddo. You just stay behind us.
Girl: Whimper... We're... safe?
Mother: Thank... Thank you!
Lecia: Well, there are three of us now. So we'll be taking those hostages!
Magasin Member 7: You cocky little freak!
Magasin Member 8: We were gonna kill 'em anyway. Let's skip the foreplay!
Lecia: That's what I figured. Let's go!

For Order in the Skies: Scene 4

The enforcers arrive safely in Amalthea and take the Magasin members into custody. Lecia apologizes for the lack of useful evidence gleaned from her prisoners, but Walfrid tells her a man has come to the Crew of Enforcers asking them to investigate an incident in return for his information about Serenity Heaven. Walfrid suspects that a huge event is about to rock the skies and Lecia cannot suppress a dire sense of foreboding.

Some time later, the airship docks at Amalthea's port. The Magasin members are unloaded, bound hand and foot.
Lecia marches alongside them, followed by the other enforcers.
Magasin Member 7: Ngh... You won't get a word out of us.
Magasin Member 8: Serenity Heaven is just the product we sell. It's not like we have any insider info about it. Heh heh.
Lecia: We're going to put an end to Serenity Heaven, with or without your cooperation.
Lecia: In the meanwhile, enjoy being charged with threatening and assaulting civilians.
Lecia: We've got you dead to rights on that.
Father: I can't thank you enough for saving us! How can I ever repay you?
Girl: You all were so cool!
Byron: Y'think so, kid? Thanks.
But just in case, you three should come along with us to see a doctor.
Milton: Heeey! We've got a seriously injured man over here! He gets the first stretcher!
Keats: It's fine, I'll mana—ouch, ouch!
A smile creeps across Lecia's face as she watches her subordinates.
Lecia: As for the two of you "dock workers," step lively. They'll have plenty of questions for you back at HQ. Not just about Serenity Heaven either.
Lecia: After that you can have a nice long think about what you've done in solitary.
The case of the three missing enforcers has come to the best possible conclusion.
Lecia: Looks like your treatment went well.
Keats: It's all thanks to you, Captain Lecia! They told me if I hadn't gotten treatment as soon as I did, I might not have regained full mobility.
Keats: But once I'm done recovering, I can get back to active duty! I'm so grateful!
Lecia: Don't mention it. I just did what I felt I... Well, what I had to do.
Lecia: Get well soon, all right? There's plenty of work waiting for you.
Keats throws her a snappy salute, remaining at attention until Lecia walks out of sight.
Satisfied that Keats will make a full recovery, Lecia goes to make her report to Walfrid.
Lecia: That's everything, including the testimony from the Magasin members we captured.
Lecia: I'm afraid there really isn't any conclusive evidence concerning Serenity Heaven... I apologize.
Walfrid: It's not uncommon for the lower-ranking members of an organization to be operating without much information.
Walfrid: I'm very impressed with your performance. Not only did you manage to avoid civilian casualties—you brought every single enforcer home safely.
Walfrid: Well done, Lecia. Speaking as your father as well, I'm proud of you.
Lecia: ...!
Thank... Thank you... Father.
Walfrid: And the reports from the four of you have made up my mind as to what measures to take concerning Serenity Heaven.
Lecia: You're going to make a move?
Walfrid: Just after you left on your mission, a man arrived here offering information about Serenity Heaven in return for our investigating a certain incident.
Lecia: In exchange for information on Serenity Heaven? What did he want us to investigate?
Walfrid: The Karm Clan Massacre. In a single night, a single person wiped out an entire clan.
Lecia: The Karm Clan...
Walfrid: I will take action on this myself. I'm sorry to ask this of you immediately after your return, but I may need your assistance.
Walfrid: A great wave is cresting in the Sky Realm. I can feel it.
Walfrid: When it breaks, you will be needed.
Walfrid: So I'm saying this as your commanding officer—take this time to rest both your body and mind. You'll need it.
Lecia: ...
Yes, sir.
An uneasy feeling grows in Lecia's chest at Walfrid's words.
Before long, that premonition of misfortune will become a reality—a reality that will shake the entire Sky Realm.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
周囲の警戒は忘れずに何かあれば教えてください Stay alert, and tell me if you see anything.
皆の命も預かっているんだから…… People's lives are in my hands...
何か気になるところはありませんでしたか? Did you spot anything strange?
実戦での指揮にも慣れないといけませんね I have to get used to taking command on the battlefield.
皆を無事に帰すのも私の仕事ですから Getting everyone home safely is part of my job.
魔物退治も空の平和を守る一環ですから Monster hunting is part of keeping the peace in the Sky Realm.
(主人公)さんに負けないように I can't let (Captain) outdo me.
(主人公)さんの仕事とても参考になります I've learned a lot from watching (Captain).
(主人公)さんのこといつも応援していますから I'll always be rooting for you, (Captain).
星の島への旅路少しでも力になります! I'll do my best to help you get to the Island of the Astrals!