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Official Profile

Age 27
Height 154 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Using magic to make flowers bloom everywhere in her room, enjoying tea surrounded by the fragrance of flowers
Likes Flowers, tea, people's smiling faces
Dislikes Quarrels
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 27歳
Height 154cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 魔法で花を部屋いっぱいに咲かせ、花の香りの中で紅茶を楽しむ事
Likes お花、紅茶、人々の笑顔
Dislikes 争い事
Source [1]





Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Goodness gracious... Today's your birthday, (Captain)?
Hee hee... Being able to celebrate with everyone on the ship is simply wonderful, isn't it?
We're all just so happy to celebrate the day you came into the world.
Can there be any greater happiness than this? Surely not.
And it goes without saying that I'm quite honored to share this special occasion with you.
Now then. It's time to decorate the ship with lots and lots of beautiful flowers.
Hee hee hee...


Oh, look at that! It's your birthday again! Happy birthday to you, (Captain).
It's already been a year, hasn't it? Feeling time pass us by as we celebrate your birthday is really something magical.
Hmm? I love passing the time with you. As time passes so too do all our bad memories wilt away...
Oh dear... I shouldn't have said something like that on this very special day...
Let's forgot about that and celebrate in style! You and I need to do something extra, super-duper big!
This kind of happiness just needs a little water...
So that it never wilts and is always in blossom. Heehee. Isn't this all so lovely?


Happy birthday, (Captain).
It's always a joy to celebrate another one of your birthdays.
I wonder what would make a good gift? A rose seedling perhaps? Hehe, you might need some green thumbs though.
I love all flowers of course, but I enjoy the symbolism behind roses in particular.
Their delicateness is held by many hands, a blossom of love and fortune. Isn't it just lovely?
I was hoping we could raise it together, (Captain).
Oops, why am I only talking about myself? That's no good, haha.
If you're not busy, why don't we go shopping? Then you can pick out the gift you want.


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm so pleased we get to celebrate another year together.
Do you still remember last year? We went to a flower shop in town.
You took an interest in flowers then, and listened to everything I had to say. It brought me so much joy.
And it made me think of how wonderful it would be if we could come to like the same things.
Nothing would make me happier than knowing a seed of emotion I've planted in you has begun to blossom forth.
So, if you don't mind, I'd like for you to tell me about what you enjoy as well.
Teehee. How lovely it would be if I could come to share the same interests. This year, let's choose a present from among your favorite things, shall we?


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Shall we go to town this year as well? Oh, the things we'll do together...
Oh? Am I too excited about it? Is it that obvious? Teehee...
The flower in me really opens up when we get to share our likes and interests with each other.
I find it wonderful to blossom a mutual appreciation for new things.
It's like we're placing our delicate flowers on each other's flowerbeds, giving each other more of a chance to bloom.
For all the happiness you've given me, (Captain), I'll be sure to return to the favor in kind.
I hope to be able to celebrate your birthday by your side for a long, long time to come, (Captain).
Teehee... Cuddle...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Oh my... If it isn't the start of a new year.
Hee hee... I suppose I should fill the ship with flowers to celebrate.
Why celebrate the new year? When you put it that way, it certainly seems strange, doesn't it? I've never really given it much thought.
But having more reasons to celebrate can't be a bad thing, can it?
You can sense the joy in others on days like today... Right?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Heehee. Are you watching the sun rise? Wow! It sure is pretty!
But we can't have you catching a cold. Because then you'd just be a debbie downer.
So that's why... I made this!
Heehee... It's a flower cover! It's made of so many flowers that it's actually warmer than it looks!


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Hehe, it certainly is cold outside. I think I'll go back inside and fix myself some tea. Would you like some too, (Captain)?
It's not that I don't like cold days. There's something calming about nestling by the fireplace and smelling the softwood smoke with a delicious cup of tea.
Because soon enough, the flowers will start to bloom again. This year will usher in another round of beautiful blossoms.
Oh, there's so much fun to be had. Let's make this bud of a year burgeon into something beautiful too, (Captain).


My! If it isn't (Captain)! Happy New Year. So you've come to have tea this year as well?
Teehee. Oh, I'm overjoyed. Now, what shall we drink?
Smiling, Lennah opens a large trunk. Inside, there are rows of jars, packed with various tea leaves and dried flowers.
Isn't this the most splendid array? Of course, I love traditional tea, but I do enjoy the occasional herbal brew.
You know, when farmers cultivate their fruit, they also pick basketfuls of flowers. And they were kind enough to share some with me, see?
Aren't these jars of dried blooms just the most precious things? And the petals give off a wonderful aroma when steeped.
Oh? You want to help me choose a blend? Lovely. Let's put our heads together, shall we? Oh, what to pick... Teehee.


And a new dawn rises...
Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm glad we were able to watch such a beautiful sunrise together.
Oh? Are you cold? That won't do. Why don't you take a seat on my lap?
Hehe... Now if I wrap my cape around the both of us... Isn't that nice and warm?
Oh dear, you don't look too happy... I promise I'm not treating you like a child. I'm doing this because I want to.
Hehe, yes, I'm telling the truth. You're always the one saving me, you know?
I would never coddle someone so strong and so precious to me.
Hehe, this is really nice. If only we could stay this way forever...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh, there you are, (Captain)!
I have a Valentine's present for you too...
Hee hee... I hope you like it.
Just getting to see your smiling face is enough to fill me with joy, (Captain).


(Captain), you came all this way to see me! I'm so happy.
Hehe. Actually, I thought you might make the effort, so I prepared lots of flowers!
Here you go. Let's have tea with some desserts as we enjoy the fragrance of all the flowers.
Hehehe... This is bliss.
I think I'll start praying. You know, to have more times like these for years to come.


My, my, my! You came to see me again this year, (Captain).
Could it be that you have a special someone on your mind?
Realizing that you've discovered feelings for someone is a special moment to be treasured.
It doesn't get better than having long conversations with the one you like while dropping subtle hints about your feelings.
Me? Heehee. Why, I'm a huge fan of you, (Captain).
That's why I have these chocolates for you. I hope you like them.


Welcome, (Captain). Oh, do enter.
Hehe. How many Valentines do you suppose we've spent together?
Oh, I do so look forward to this day. It's wonderful, isn't it, being able to tell someone of your affections?
Saying "I love you" to a loved one... Just that alone is enough to feel gloriously happy.
And all the time I spent preparing for today, what with baking sweets and arranging flowers... Every moment was bliss.
(Captain), thank you for your precious time as well. Teehee. I love you so.


Knock, knock. Are you in there, (Captain)?
Oh, did I surprise you? I figured I should be the one to give you chocolate this year.
Here you are... Hm, the box I chose might've been too big.
Teehee. I made plenty this year. See? Look at the beautiful floral decorations. Mm-hm, they're all edible chocolates.
A pinch of sugar and food coloring can really work wonders. I had so much fun making these that I lost track of time.
Just thinking of the smile you'd show me gave me all the more motivation.
What's more, this gives me the chance to express my feelings for you.
Haha, I'm so blessed. Love you, (Captain).

Assorted Chocolates
White Day Cutscenes
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Oh my goodness! You got me a present, (Captain)?
Hee hee... How wonderful. I simply must return the favor as soon as possible!
I'll just go ahead and cover you in flowers... Bam!
Hee hee... And if I just add a few more here... and give you a hug... My wreath of (Captain) flowers is complete!
Oh, I couldn't be happier... Thank you, (Captain).


You've brought a gift this year too! Thank you, (Captain).
I'm so glad to have someone who cares for me...
No one knows what the future holds, but I hope the next year is filled with more presents like these.
Hehe... Okay, let me repay you with a hug.


How nice of you to remember my request from last year, (Captain).
And the tea just finished brewing too. Care to join me?
You see, I was imagining how nice it'd be if you came to see me, and before I knew it, I was warming up the teapot.
Now this is bliss, being with you, drinking tea and eating snacks...
Psst. Lean closer, (Captain).
Thank you. I really like you. Teehee.


Ah... Welcome, (Captain). I've been waiting for you.
Anticipating a gift is both a source of great delight and constant worry. It was all I could do to calm the fluttering of my heart.
Teehee. Well, I mean, what if you were to decide that, this year, it wouldn't be worth the effort? Why, I'd be simply heartbroken.
My, my. I was only teasing. I'm sorry.
Of course I know you wouldn't be so cruel. But the less you want to think on something, the more stubbornly it lingers in your mind.
Lennah ponders something in silence, smiling softly. (Captain) asks what's on her mind.
I was thinking to tease you—just a bit more.
Could I ask for... a second helping of White Day treats? In the form of a hug.
Teehee. Thank you, (Captain). Squeeze...


Welcome, (Captain). I've been waiting.
Haha. This month always feels especially long every year.
But the wait is all part of the fun. So much so that it's almost a shame that this day finally comes.
It's been such a happy month for me. Teehee, lucky me.
Come closer so I can give you a hug.
Thank you for the wonderful gift, (Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves in costume. What are you planning to go as, (Captain)?
Me? Well... I wonder how I'd look as a flower pot?
Kidding, kidding! That was a joke, hehe...


???: (Captain), (Captain)... would you turn around?
Lennah: Look! I'm a ghost flower!
Oh dear... Was that too scary? I don't think I can play with the kids in this getup.
Thanks, (Captain). Here ya go, have some candy!
Heehee. It's a reward for being part of my experiment!


Lennah seems to have disappeared without a trace. (Captain) visits her room to investigate.
The captain opens the door.
???: ...
Lennah: Why do you have that look on your face, (Captain)?
Oh, this... I made this in part to see if Lost Jack would shepherd it away with him.
The way I see it, Jack is doing his best to lead away the pain and sorrow that remains in some of our hearts.
I mean, if he can guide the souls of the departed, then surely he can do the same for past ordeals that linger, right?
Haha... You must have been so shocked when you opened that door. I suppose I did put in more detail than I needed to...
Oh, (Captain), darling, I didn't mean to upset you. Let's turn that frown upside-down.


Lennah: Oh, (Captain). Look! I've met the most wonderful person.
Villager: ...
Lennah: Teehee. Isn't his costume ravishing? And so very elaborate!
Villager: ...
Lennah: He says he made the entire affair from paper. It's so much like a real tree, I'm starting to feel as if he isn't human...
Villager: ...
Lennah: He must have put in so much hard work... When I saw him wandering through town, I felt I simply had to introduce him to you, (Captain).
Villager: ...
Judging from the villager's mannerisms, (Captain) guesses that Lennah must've dragged him here, talking his ear off the whole way.
The captain finds it amusing that the distress of a man covered in papier-mache could be so readily palpable.


Lennah: Happy Halloween, (Captain).
I'm so happy you invited me out for this morning stroll.
Yawn... Haha, I sure am yawning a lot. I was so excited about this that I didn't get much sleep last night.
Oh my, I'm sorry to say that I'm unsteady on my feet as well. Ahaha...
Maybe I just should lean on your shoulder, (Captain). I wouldn't want to bump into anyone after all...
Lennah focuses her vision to see two large shadows jumbled together.
Monster 1: Gwoooh!
Monster 2: Gwaaar!
Lennah: Oh dear, this could be bad...
Monsters: ...!
Lennah: Now, now... Fighting is a big no-no during such a festive time.
Monsters: ...
Beset by a sudden sprouting of flowers, the two monsters are pacified.
Lennah: Shake on it, won't you?
Monsters: ...
It is unclear whether Lennah is simply unafraid of monsters or if she's half-asleep in her peacemaking efforts.
Lennah: Teehee... Very good.
Lennah then clings to (Captain)'s arm as the two continue on their way.
Teehee... What fun.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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What a wonderful holiday night... Everyone seems so happy.
Spending a night like tonight with someone you know is important too, yes?
Oh, how wonderful it would be if a day like today were to last forever.
Hee hee hee... I'm so happy to have the opportunity to travel with you and the rest of the crew, (Captain).


Hmm? Why am I in such high spirits?
Silly you. Today's that time of the year when you do something to make another happy.
I'm taking after Santa and giving all my merriful cheer!
It's just such a lovely time of the year. Maybe I'll walk around and hand out flowers again.
(Captain), would you like to join me?
Everyone will be smiling thanks to the scent of my flowers!


Happy holidays, (Captain).
The town's children were sad that no snow was falling, so I gave them a flurry of petals instead.
I launched clumps of flowers into the air and let them land atop everyone's heads. Boop!
Heehee. I thought I might have gone overboard with the bright colors, but it seems to have matched everyone's bright smiles.
This holy night is absolutely wonderful. Happiness truly comes from doing something nice to bring a smile to someone's face.


Oh my! What a marvelous tree! Did the crew put it up just for you?
But this tree is so large, I can hardly wrap my arms around it. Dragging it here must've been a chore. I suppose it was a great, strong person who did it.
And they've got the tree in such a large pot... Could they be planning to replant it after the festivities are over? What a kind soul.
They put in all this effort, just to have a wonderful holiday evening with you, (Captain). You're very blessed.
Hehe. Look at how everyone's gathered around the tree, hoping to adorn it. What a lucky plant. It's starting to remind me of you, actually.
Hmm... How shall I decorate it?
Oh, I know. There!
Hehe. I've dressed the tree in a tinsel of flowers.
How lovely it'd be if I could embrace you so, and wrap you up in love and warmth.
Let's spend many more splendid holidays together, (Captain). This year, and the next, and so on into forever...


Happy holidays, (Captain).
Hehe... Do you see this pot here? I've been raising a tree in my room.
This little one is still small, but it has a proper trunk.
Would you do me a favor and decorate it with ornaments? So it can be a small holiday tree, yes.
One day, I hope it will grow to be a full-sized one for someone.
Though I'm not sure how long it will take to become the proper size...
When the time comes, an island will become its home. But for the time being, it can journey with us.
Nothing would make me happier than for you to continue to decorate this one until then.

Fate Episodes

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New Dress for a New Lady

One day after being freed from her curse, Lennah invites Cagliostro in for some tea. Cagliostro, though slightly disgruntled, accepts. In their conversation, it is revealed that after being reborn from the mother-tree, Lennah's memories have become mixed with the Jinkazouki's, and in those ancient memories, a figure resembling Cagliostro appears. Cagliostro then begins talking about her past.

Lennah, lady of flowers, has lived a tumultuous life.
She gained extraordinary magic abilities in her youth, at the expense of receiving the spirit blossom curse.
Whenever she used her magic, parts of her body turned into branches and bark as compensation.
She needed to find a way to rid herself of the curse before she turned completely into a tree.
But those events have already come to pass.
Lennah: Hehe...
Now not a single branch nor scrap of bark remains in her body.
She is free of the curse, having found and destroyed the mother-tree of the spirit blossoms—the Jinkazouki—alongside the crew.
Lennah: Thanks to (Captain) and the others...
It was a struggle full of conflict, and her freedom came at a cost.
Lennah: Hehe... Now I won't have to wear long sleeves on hot days.
But it was a cost that Lennah herself viewed as trivial.
Lennah: Hmm... Do these clothes look good on me though?
She stands in front of a full-length mirror, scrutinizing her reflection. Her ears perk up when she hears passing footsteps outside her door.
Lennah: What do you think, Cagliostro?
Cagliostro: Wah!
Lennah: Do you like my new outfit?
Cagliostro: It's... fine? Sheesh, you scared me for this?
Lennah: Oh my, terribly sorry for the fright. Will a cup of tea make up for it?
Cagliostro: Ugh... Sure. Why not.
Lennah: What tea shall we have? Hehe, it's hard to pick with so many choices.
Cagliostro: ...
Resting her chin in her hands, Cagliostro watches as Lennah browses her selection of homemade herbal mixes.
Cagliostro: Looks like you've gotten used to it.
Lennah: Hm? You mean moving around in these clothes?
Cagliostro: I'm talking about your body. Considering the Jinkazouki remade it, your soul's doing surprisingly well.
Lennah: Is that so? I'm long past the point of worrying about it.
Cagliostro: Not even a little bit shaken...
Cagliostro: I can transfer your soul to a human body if you want. Offer's on the table.
Lennah: That's all right. It seems like a lot of unnecessary fuss. Here, I hope you like rose hip.
Cagliostro: Ah, thanks.
With steaming cups in their hands, the pair enjoy their first couple of sips.
Lennah: I'm impressed, Cagliostro. I didn't say anything, but you already knew the person who made this body.
Cagliostro: Accurately deducing an object's origins is easy for a genius like me.
Cagliostro: I'm curious why you would refer to the Jinkazouki as a person though.
Lennah: And I'm curious why you know the Jinkazouki at all.
Cagliostro: Trust me, "Jinkazouki" isn't a person's name.
Lennah: Then what was her name, back when she was a person?
Cagliostro: I wouldn't know it.
Lennah: I see...
Cagliostro: ...
They both take a few more sips of their tea.
Cagliostro: Lennah. Some of the Jinkazouki's memories have gotten mixed with yours, haven't they?
Lennah: I believe so, but I'm not sure how much of it is accurate to reality.
Cagliostro: Is that right...
Cagliostro: Well, as you already know, I'm no outsider to this matter. But I wasn't deeply involved either.
Cagliostro: Since you're so interested, I could share what I remember.
Lennah: I'd be much obliged if you did. Would you like some more tea?
Cagliostro: Sure, brew me an orange tea and drop a generous dose of sugar in it.
Draining the last few drops of her current drink, Cagliostro places the empty cup onto the table.

Roots of the Tree

Long ago, before Cagliostro invented alchemy, the genius was visited by a traveling shaman. The shaman was fascinated by the replacement organs that Cagliostro had created, and was inspired to create a new method to help countless others. She was gifted a journal containing Cagliostro's notes, as thanks for her help in relieving the sick child's pain.

Lennah: Here you are—one orange tea with extra sugar.
Cagliostro: Thanks.
While Lennah hands over the cup, Cagliostro receives it with a slight grimace.
Cagliostro: So... Back when I was a kid, she paid me a brief visit.
Young Cagliostro: Cough... That's one more completed... Label this jar as small intestine...
Cagliostro: It was around the time I'd started experimenting with methods to deal with my broken body.
Cagliostro: My first efforts were focused on creating substitute organs, since the ones I'd been born with were falling apart.
Cagliostro: I was sick of it all—being plugged full of tubes, too weak to get out of bed, and trapped in a room littered with flasks.
Cagliostro: One day, she showed up out of the blue. A shaman.
Lennah: Hey, Cagliostro. Don't I resemble that shaman?
Cagliostro: I guess... I wasn't a full-fledged genius yet, so those kinds of details are a bit hazy.
Lennah: So then...
Shaman: What are the tubes for?
Young Cagliostro: Cough... They serve as replacements for blood vessels and my esophagus...
Young Cagliostro: The jars they're connected to... function as my stomach and intestines...
Shaman: Fascinating... These jars all function as the organs they're labelled as?
Young Cagliostro: Yeah... Cough... Who are you anyway?
Shaman: I'm a traveling shaman. I heard there's a child with an incurable disease here, so I stopped by.
Young Cagliostro: You're wasting your time. I wouldn't be in such a state if any medicine or treatment worked.
Shaman: So it appears...
Young Cagliostro: All the other shamans and priests before you couldn't help at all. You won't be any different.
Shaman: ...
Shaman: Surely there must be something I can do. Say, are you in pain anywhere?
Young Cagliostro: Try everywhere.
Shaman: May I offer a prayer to ease your suffering, as much as I'm able to?
Young Cagliostro: Go ahead.
With a smile, the shaman opens a window, spreads out a quilt, and unveils multiple charms.
Shaman: Playful breeze flowing through the sky,
carry away this child's pain,
no more shall it preoccupy.
A gentle wind blows through the window, accompanying her voice.
Young Cagliostro: ...
As the shaman affixes charms to Cagliostro's body, the bedridden child feels the pain fade away.
Shaman: I'm sorry, but this is the extent of my abilities.
Young Cagliostro: Don't be sorry. The effort's appreciated.
Young Cagliostro: Everyone else just shrugged and left when they gave up.
Shaman: They probably believed you could do better than they ever could.
Young Cagliostro: All I've done is come up with theories and put them into practice.
Shaman: And what have you thought up?
Young Cagliostro: Straightforward ideas. For example, I vomit everything I eat because my stomach's too weak, so I made a replacement for the organ.
Shaman: Which is this jar, correct?
Young Cagliostro: Yeah. It dissolves food.
Shaman: Over there is your intestines... What about this jar?
Young Cagliostro: It stores energy, in place of fat and muscle.
Young Cagliostro: If I hook up to that and some respiratory organs, I should theoretically be able to take a walk outside.
Young Cagliostro: Ugh... That's a day that can't come soon enough.
Shaman: Truly remarkable... How did you learn to create all this?
Young Cagliostro: Just take a look outside. The hints are everywhere in the vegetation.
Young Cagliostro: Plants take nutrients from the earth and convert them into seeds, see?
Shaman: Vegetation and seeds...
Young Cagliostro: You're really interested in this.
Shaman: I know this might not mean much to you, but I think... I might be able to save a lot of people by using this idea of saved-up energy...
Young Cagliostro: Do you want my notes then? I've already memorized them all, so they're useless to me.
Young Cagliostro: In exchange, teach me about the technique you used to relieve my pain.
Shaman: That's a fair enough trade.
Cagliostro: And... that's as far as my connection with the Jinkazouki goes.
Lennah: What happened to the shaman afterward?
Cagliostro: Don't know. She said she'd come back if she found a way to help me, but I never saw her again.
Cagliostro: So, does my story match up?
Lennah: Yes. It looks like the memories inside me are hers after all.
Cagliostro: I knew your magic and that shaman's felt similar.
Lennah: You weren't wrong.
Cagliostro: Which means you know what happened to her after we parted ways, don't you?
Lennah: I think so. Everything up until her end...
Cagliostro: Hmm. It's your turn to share then. Why did the shaman end up creating the Jinkazouki?
Lennah: I'll tell you, but give me a moment.
Lennah: The memories are a jumbled mess, and I need some time to sort through them.
Cagliostro: Sure. It just so happens I'm free today, so take your time.

Roots of the Tree: Scene 2

Lennah searches through the Jinkazouki's memories to continue the shaman's tale. Using Cagliostro's research, the shaman created a method to gather life forces into jars and share that energy with people in need. The people who were saved by her shared their life forces later down the line, establishing a cycle of being helped and then helping others. The shaman elongated her own life using a similar method involving life forces, and she was able to aid many people before the War came.

Lennah: Your ideas were what sparked the creation of the Jinkazouki, I imagine.
Cagliostro: It does have the same basic principle as plants converting nutrients into seeds.
Cagliostro: But she wanted to help others, right? Why did she end up making something that produced the exact opposite effect?
Lennah: Because, at first, she actually was using her knowledge to aid people.
Shaman: How terrible...
Guard: With the bad harvests of late, most of the people are starving. Please, if you can do anything for our town...
Shaman: Leave it to me.
The shaman withdraws numerous jars from the large bag on her shoulder.
Shaman: Starting with the weakest people, give everybody one spoonful of the medicine in these jars.
Shaman: It should keep them alive for a few more days, until more supplies arrive.
Cagliostro: Let me guess—that medicine was extracted from her own body.
Lennah: You guess correctly. She took what she learned from you and continued with her own research.
Lennah: Whatever daily excess energy she had, she stored away in jars to give to those in need.
Cagliostro: Still, a single woman's life force shouldn't have been enough to save an entire town...
The shaman goes from person to person, feeding everyone her medicine. In the midst of her activities, a shadow falls overhead.
Guard: Huh... A griffin's flying in with a package.
Shaman: Oh? It seems that the next round of medicine has arrived.
A griffin wearing a collar around its neck lands nearby and drops off the large crate in its claws.
Griffin Rider: Miss Shaman, I came as soon as I could with the first batch!
Shaman: Hehe, your help is very much appreciated.
Griffin Rider: It's the least we can do to repay you for saving us. Everyone back home is eager to chip in, so I'll be back with more!
Cagliostro: So all the people she aided paid it forward by contributing their energy.
Lennah: A day's energy from one person is a drop in the ocean, but with all the contributions everyone made, her jars filled up in no time.
Cagliostro: Like a queen bee being worshipped by her hive workers. I'm starting to see how this didn't end well.
Lennah: Her intentions, at least, were pure.
Lennah: She traveled to as many islands as possible, helping everyone she found...
Lennah: Airships didn't exist back then, which is why she crossed skydoms on foot during those hundreds of years.
Cagliostro: Hundreds? This story just keeps getting better. She extended her life span with that medicine then.
Lennah: She couldn't bear to stop—not when she was haunted by every life she failed to save, or couldn't save.
Cagliostro: Good grief... She was too compassionate for her own good.
Lennah: Hehe, she really was, but...
Cagliostro: That means she was alive to watch the Astrals invade and war erupt.
Shaman: ...
Man: An Astral's beast has finally reached our home...
Shaman: Why... Why would they commit such horrible atrocities?
Man: Who knows... No one has any idea what they're after, or what those beasts truly are...
Man: They cut off our griffin routes, and without communications, we can only guess.
Shaman: Being driven from your homes and forced to hide in the mountains... I imagine that the same is happening on all islands.
Shaman: There's no meaning in such cruel destruction. I'm sorry I was powerless to save your village...
Man: Without you, everyone would've starved to death, and there would've been no village to destroy. You've done more than enough for us.
Shaman: ...
Man: If anything, we're just glad that you weren't harmed.
Shaman: Thank you.
Woman: H-help! My husband, he's...
Shaman: Bring me to him!
Shaman: (I can save him, but... what about the rest?)
Cagliostro: Skydwellers were nowhere near ready to fight the Astrals in the early years. Even if the shaman saved a village, all its people were likely to perish the next day.
Lennah: An unfortunate truth...
Cagliostro: Was Miss Compassionate able to stay sane through that kind of reality?
Lennah: I wonder. An insane person wouldn't recognize they've lost their sanity, right?
Lennah: I can only say for certain that she was doing her best to help others, up until the very end.
The whistle of a boiling kettle interrupts their conversation.
Lennah quickly pours the hot water into a teapot before continuing her story.

Roots of the Tree: Scene 3

In order to save helpless skydwellers, the shaman took life forces of the fallen that were absorbed into the earth and used that energy to repel primal beasts. She continued to do this until the day that she became the Jinkazouki. Feeling at fault for providing the basis behind the shaman's work, Cagliostro expresses frustration and regret, but Lennah smiles and says that she is happy for everything that happened to her, as it allowed her to meet (Captain) and crew. As if on cue, (Captain) and friends stop by, and a tea party is held in earnest.

Man: I-it's here! The primal beast is here!
Shaman: ...!
Just as the escaping villagers believe they are safe in the mountains, a primal beast descends upon them.
Everyone scatters in an effort to escape. Only the shaman stands still, listening to the screams all around.
Shaman: No... Please...
Shaman: The people... They're returning to the earth, and I... I cannot...
Her eyes lock onto the flames swallowing the mountainside.
Eventually, the primal beast directs its aim toward the unmoving shaman.
The mountain grows quiet thereafter.
Shaman: ...
Man: What... happened? Where's the beast?
The primal beast is nowhere to be seen.
Shaman: I treated this mountain—this island—as a flask.
Shaman: I drove the life forces within the soil to bear fruit, then used the energy to banish the beast.
Man: You... repelled it?
Shaman: It appears I have.
Man: Incredible... Y-you managed to deal a blow to the Astrals!
Shaman: ...
Shaman: At a great cost... I couldn't protect anyone. From now on, I doubt I'll ever be able to...
Cagliostro: And that formed the basis for the Jinkazouki.
Lennah: Yes.
Lennah: For the rest of her life, she continued to harness people's energies and defy the Astrals.
Cagliostro: In the same vein as plants using surrounding materials to bear fruit...
Cagliostro: Some hundred odd years later, her efforts ended up creating that creepy mother-tree.
Lennah: She stopped at nothing to accomplish her goals.
Cagliostro: Did she ever realize the Astrals vanished?
Lennah: By that time, her body was already well on its way to forming the bark of the Jinkazouki...
Cagliostro: Never stopped to think of the consequences of her actions, huh?
Lennah: Hehe, it's kind of you to show sympathy.
Cagliostro: Well... I'm partially at fault here. If my child self had just shut up, none of this would've happened.
Lennah: But then a lot of people would've died. She ended up saving countless people too, remember?
Cagliostro: I can't accept any result that winds up causing harm.
Lennah: I understand where you're coming from, but at least in my case—
A knock at the door cuts Lennah short.
Lennah: Come on in, (Captain). Lyria. Vyrn. I've been waiting for you.
Cagliostro: Hey, (Captain). Hope you don't mind that I've crashed the party.
Lennah: Despite everything that happened because of my curse, it is thanks to it that I met you all. You could even say it brought me happiness.
Cagliostro: Sheesh... You really are something else.
Lennah: Now, let's get everyone their tea.
Lennah: Or should we bring this outside? The weather's nice today.
  1. Your new outfit's really pretty.

Choose: Your new outfit's really pretty.
Lennah: Why, thank you. Hehe, are we in favor of moving outdoors then?
Lennah: I know I want to go out for a spell, since you've gone and complimented my clothes.
Her light clothes fluttering, Lennah prepares to leave.
For both Lennah and the crew, the time they spend together now feels all the more precious through the many trials they've overcome.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ふふ。お出かけ日和ね Hehe, it's a beautiful day for an excursion.
今日も幸せなことがありますように I hope today will be filled with joy.
どんな景色に出会えるのかしら I wonder what sights I'll get to see.
あら、綺麗なお花 What a beautiful flower.
幸せを見つけに出かけましょう? Would you like to join me?
ひなたぼっこをしたいわねぇ It'd be nice to lie down and bask in the sun.
どう? この服、似合ってるかしら How do I look?
(主人公)さん、どんなお茶が飲みたい? (Captain), what kind of tea would you like?
(主人公)さんの好きなお花はどこかな? What's your favorite flower, (Captain)?
いいお天気ねえ… The weather's nice...


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