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Official Profile

Age 21
Height 164 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Preparing food for her friends
Likes Taking care of her friends, singing
Dislikes Being bothered while doing things at her pace
Character Release
レヴィオン王国騎士団の元副団長であり、現在は団長代理。アルベールの在団時は、彼女が水を纏わせた剣を振るい、アルベールの雷撃で一掃する最強の連携技で知られていた。アルベールの戻りを待ちながら気丈に振る舞い、団を切り盛りしている。 元々感情豊かで素直な性格だが、責任感が強く真面目すぎるために自他に厳しくあらねばならないと思い込み、規律の鬼と化した。
Source [1] [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 21歳
Height 164cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 仲間に料理を振る舞うこと
Likes 仲間の面倒をみること、歌を唄うこと
Dislikes 自分のペースを乱されること
Character Release
レヴィオン王国騎士団の元副団長であり、現在は団長代理。アルベールの在団時は、彼女が水を纏わせた剣を振るい、アルベールの雷撃で一掃する最強の連携技で知られていた。アルベールの戻りを待ちながら気丈に振る舞い、団を切り盛りしている。 元々感情豊かで素直な性格だが、責任感が強く真面目すぎるために自他に厳しくあらねばならないと思い込み、規律の鬼と化した。
Source [1] [2] [3]

Age 18
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Giving electric shock massage therapy
Likes Mina's smiling face, Mena's troubled face
Dislikes When her massages are refused
Source [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 18歳
Height 162cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 電撃マッサージで元気を注入すること
Likes マイムの笑顔、メイムの困った顔
Dislikes マッサージを断られること
Source [4]

Age 16
Height 158 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Sparring, developing new fighting techniques
Likes Her older sisters, family harmony
Dislikes Mina's lectures, Mona's electric shock punishments
Source [5]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 16歳
Height 158cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 武闘の練習、新技の開発
Likes お姉達、家族団欒
Dislikes マイムの説教、ミイムのビリビリお仕置き
Source [5]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Mina: Happy birthday.
Today the crew has planned a special party for you.
Of course the culinarily inclined among our crew have begun prepping a fabulous dinner.
While the more humorously inclined will put on a show.
Mena: We're working really hard to make it a great party!
Mona: Come see me after the party for an energy injection. Hehe.
Mina: It is our greatest pleasure to celebrate the day in your honor, (Captain). Enjoy it as much as you can.


All Three: Happy birthday!
Mena: Since you're always so busy, (Captain), we're going to give you the present of R & R.
Mona: Lay down there! We're gonna give you a big energy injection!
Mina: Leave me in charge of the deep-tissue stretches. Just relax your body!
Mona: Huh, what's that? It's feeling so comfy that you're about to fall asleep? Just keep lying down.
(Captain), Mena will take care of your chores today. Just relax!
Mena: Huh? What? Nobody told me about that!
Mina: But it's true that you can't relax if you're on chore duty...
Let's handle (Captain)'s chores.
Sorry, Mena, but would you mind putting together all of the cleaning supplies first?
Mena: Well, I guess I don't have much choice in that case...
Mena: Be grateful, (Captain)! We're going above and beyond the call of duty for your birthday!


Mona: Happy birthday! Do you want me to give you a special massage for your special day?
Mena: Or how about some training with me, the martial arts master of the family?
Mina: If you want something to eat, I can recommend a nice place we often visit.
Mona: Now choose, (Captain)! Who will it be between the three of us?
Mina: Mona, now you're just making it sound weird!
Ahem... What is it that you want to do, (Captain)?
Mona: Huh? Everything? You sure are a greedy one!
Mina: Well, in fact, I anticipated this possibility and have already put together a schedule. If we carry out our plans according to this, then it shouldn't be a problem.
Mena: Wow, leave it to Mina! Perfect!
Mina: Well then, it's decided. Mona, Mena, let's go!
Mona & Mena: Yeah! Yeah!


Mona: (Captain), happy birthday!
Mena: To celebrate all the growing up you've done, we're gonna spoil you rotten today!
Mina: The island we're stopped at just happens to have a well-known weapons shop. We should browse and see if there's anything good for you.
Mena: And I'll be your training partner later. Whatever you need, I'll do it!
Mona: Once you're tired out from moving around, I'll give you the massage of a lifetime.
Mona: Oh, you don't need to worry about buying supplies or other errands for the day.
Mina: The ship's already been cleaned, and we purchased all the necessities the other crew members said we needed.
Mena: Which is why you're now free to hang with us! You're ready to go, right?
Mona: Hehe, with the four of us together, this outing is going to be a treat, I just know it.


Mina: Happy birthday! All three of us baked you a cake.
Mena: And we also wrote you letters! We'll read them to you now!
(Captain), there's no better captain out there than you! Thanks for always doing your best! Keep at it!
Mona: I'll go next.
Thanks for always spending time with us sisters, (Captain).
Mina: I'm glad that we're able to celebrate your birthday this year as well. I still remember when we first met, back when Levin was in peril...
Mena: Hold it right there, Mina! How many sheets of paper do you have there? Five? Six?
Mina: Why are you so surprised? There's at least this much I have to thank (Captain) for.
Mona: I suppose that's true, but if you end up reading them all, the cream on the cake is going to melt...
Mina: W-well that won't do. I'll read the rest after we've eaten.
Mina: Mona, Mena, cut the cake. You sit down and relax, (Captain).
Mona: All right! It's time to celebrate and have some fun. There'll be plenty of time to reminisce while we eat.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Mina: Happy New Year, (Captain).
Mena: Huh? (Captain), did you just wake up or something? You've got bedhead!
Mona: You do! Haha, so cute. Come over here. I'll fix it for ya.
Mina: Mona, Mena. Do that later. First we need to finish the New Year's greetings.
Mena: Huh? Didn't we already do them? What else should we do?
Mina: Was that back talk, Mena? Go have a timeout!
Mena: What! Why? What did I do? Come on, be nicer! It's the new year!
Mina: That attitude of yours is why!
Listen. The new year is the time we reflect on our aspirations and goals, so—
Mona: Yeesh. Mina, starting her lectures already...
Sorry, (Captain). I know it's hard being friends with our rambunctious little sisterhood, but we're looking forward to this year with you.


Three Sisters: Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Mena: Hey, hey! Let's go visit a temple for the holiday.
Mona: We were just about to head out. Since you're here too, you should come along.
Mina: We don't want to impose on you...
But if you don't mind...
Mena: Great! Let's all get our fortunes told and see who has the best one.
Mona: Looks like there are lots of food tents set up. I'm going to peek into a bunch of them.
Mina: You two... This isn't meant to be fun and games.
The custom of going to a temple early in the year is meant to ensure peace and safety, so...
Mena: Sure, sure, sure! Anyway, no more lectures this early in the year, Mina!
Mona: That's right! You're going to scare away any good luck we've got in store. New Year's is for having fun!
Mina: Mm... I guess you're right... Well, today I'll let things slide.
But don't get carried away and start going wild. Got it?
Two Sisters: Okay!


Mina: Happy New Year. I can't thank you enough for all you've done. I hope to...
Mena: (Mina, my legs are falling asleep!)
Mona: Hey, Mena? Can you feel the tingle?
Mena: Ow, oww! Why do you have to be so mean, Mona?
Mona: Aw, I just gave you a little poke. Ready? Tingle, tingle!
Mena: Oww! Stop bullying me! The pins and needles really hurt!
Mina: Mona! Mena! New Year's Day is meant to be a solemn event. Control yourselves.
I apologize for my sisters' discourteous behavior. On behalf of all of us, I wish you great success in the new year.


Mena: Color me surprised. Never expected you'd want to visit Levin for New Year's, (Captain).
Mina: You're curious about how our country is doing with its restorations, right? I'm humbled by your concern.
Mona: Hehe, sounds to me like you need a full tour if you want to see how the restoration's going everywhere.
Mina: It would be nice check on the winery's grape juice production, then make our way to the jacuzzi.
Mona: Once we're done at the good ol' Thunderswift Jacuzzi, I can juice you up with a nice and refreshing shock or ten!
Mena: There's tons of tasty foods to eat too, so we'll make sure to get some of that!
Mina: Hm?
You need not worry about us. We're ready to have a fun, relaxing time.
Mona: Anything that makes you happy will make us happy, (Captain)! So feel free to do whatever you want!


Mena: (Captain), good timing! Wanna try some of the mochi we made?
Mona: Hehe, surprised? It's actually our first time making it.
Mena: His Highness said that our country should try learning other cultures and traditions to help with our own restoration.
So we borrowed some equipment from the crew and pounded our own mochi! Once we get good enough at it, we'll give him a sample!
Mina: ...
Mona: Mina? You look distracted. Is something wrong?
Mina: Ah, I'm sorry. I don't mean to put a damper on the mood, but...
I was considering whether or not our country's soil is suitable for growing rice.
Mena: Ah... I guess mochi isn't gonna work out for us.
Mona: Then let's try something else, like kite flying or badminton! There's plenty of options still out there.
Mina: That's a great idea. (Captain), if you happen to come up with any ideas as well, please do let us know.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Mena: Happy Valentine's Day! Take this chocolate, (Captain)!
Mona: It's sooo sweet because that's how you make us three feel!
Mina: What are you thinking, handing it over like that!
You're not communicating any sense of gratitude! Watch me to see the proper way.
Uh... (Captain)... This box is, uh... um....
(Oh no! Why did I put myself in this situation?)
Mena: You can do it, Mina!
Mina: ...!
Mina wordlessly puts the box she was holding into (Captain)'s hand.
Mina: Th-there! I handed it over!
Mona: Oh dear... Please forgive her, (Captain). If nothing else, she's cute.


Two Sisters: (Captain)! Happy Valentine's Day!
Mena: C'mon, c'mon! Hurry up, Mina!
Mina: Ah, sure. Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain).
Our Valentine's Day gift for you this year is going to be a tea party.
As a matter of fact, my two sisters said that you're probably bored with just having chocolate handed to you every year.
That's why we all decided to throw you this tea party with lots of chocolate instead.
Mona: Can you believe that Mina was saying that she's still embarrassed to hand chocolates to you alone?
Mena: So we didn't have any choice but to come together and do something fancy with all three of us.
It wouldn't be so embarrassing if you didn't get so embarrassed, you know.
Mina: That's enough! Enough about being embarrassed! All I said was that I get nervous!
Ahem... At any rate, please enjoy this party to your heart's content.
Mena: We've got all kinds of special treats! Think chocolate-flavored tea and sandwiches!
Mona: Teehee. Try to figure out who put together what for you, (Captain).
I hear that if you can get all the answers right, Mina's going to give you something great! You can do this!
Mina: Hey, I hear you, Mona! You're just making stuff up!
Don't take them too seriously! I don't have anything for you!


Mona: Oh, (Captain)! Do you know what today is? Here's your Valentine's gift!
Mena: Ta-daa! The three of us made you some chocolates.
Mina: ...
Mona: Um, Mina? The next line's yours.
Mina: I-I know. But it's just too...
Mena: Come on! (Captain)'s waiting. Hurry up and say it!
Mina: We're... We're going to... teach you... the taste of... love...
Mena: Mina? What's wrong?
Mona: My, my... Well, hope you enjoy those chocolates!


Mena: (Captain), happy Valentine's Day! You know what's coming, so hold your hands out!
Mona: One love-filled heart-shaped chocolate cake for you!
Mina: About that... (Captain), I originally baked a circular cake, but...
I let these two do the frosting, and the next thing I knew, the whole thing was in the shape of a heart. I swear I had nothing to do with it!
Mena: You know, a heart-shaped cake is pretty normal for the occasion, sis.
You're the only one being weird about it...
Mina: Excuse me? Are you implying I harbor feelings for (Captain)?
Mena: Uh, I never said that?
Mona: Is there something you're not telling us?
Mina: Enough! Shush, you two!
Love isn't something you can just declare willy-nilly! If you're going to give a cake symbolizing it, you better do it seriously!
Mena: Ahahaha... Mina...
Mona: I didn't realize you felt so strongly about the matter.
Mina: ...!
Mena: Wha? Sis, where are you going!


Mona & Mena: Happy Valentine's Day!
Mona: We've got a lot of cakes for you this year! Impressive, right?
Mena: Mina wanted to make the perfect cake in terms of both flavor and shape, so she tried out a lot of different techniques. Before we knew it, we were swimming in cakes.
Mina: I may have gone a little overboard, but... I only wished to give you the best that I could offer, (Captain).
Mona: Wow, did you hear that, (Captain)?
Mena: Sounds like Mina cares a lot about you! Isn't that great, (Captain)?
Mina: H-hey! I only meant to convey my thanks and appreciation for all the captain's done! That's it!
Good grief... Don't you think you tease me a little too much every year?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Mina: What is it, (Captain)? There's something you want to give us?
Mena: Ah, wait... Is this a White Day present?
Mona: Inside the box is... a set of adorable bracelets for all of us!
Mina: Thanks, (Captain). We'll take good care of them.
Mena: After getting something this nice, we'll have to work even harder on your next Valentine's gift!
Mona: How about we have Mina wear that then?
Mena: Great idea! (Captain)'s going to be so surprised to see it.
Mina: Regardless of what those two are saying, it's a real pleasure to get a gift as nice as this. I wasn't expecting you to go all-out.
We'll have something great for you next Valentine's Day, (Captain).


Mena: It's really White Day, isn't it?
Mona: It's White Day all right.
Mina: ...?
What's all this about White Day?
Mena: You know how they say that for the holiday, you should give back any Valentine's gifts you received times three?
Mona: We were wondering what kind of present (Captain) would have for us.
Mina: Oh, is that what this is all about?
Mona: You don't sound very interested, Mina.
Mina: It's not that exactly... It's just that when I give gifts, I don't expect anything big in return.
As long as that person puts their heart into it, I'm happy with whatever.
Mena: Ah, so that's your style, Mina. Did you hear that, (Captain)?
Mina: (Captain)! How long have you been standing there?
Mona: The captain was actually just asking us what would make a good present for you. Sorry!
Mena: You heard what she said, didn't you, (Captain)? You can be confident in that gift of yours now.
Mina: H-hold on! I have to prepare myself!
It's... a bouquet of flowers.
The scent is so relaxing... Thank you, (Captain). I'll display them somewhere nice.


Mena: Is this for us? Wow! Thanks!
Mona: It's wonderful, (Captain).
Mina? Aren't you going to say thank you?
Mina: Yes, of course. The wrapping paper's lovely.
And thank you for coming all this way and delivering the gift by hand. It makes me feel like I'm special...
Mena: Ooh lala.
Mona: How forward of you, Mina.
Mina: Th-that's not what I meant! I was talking about in general! In general, hand-delivered gifts make one feel special! That's all!
At any rate, I am most grateful for this gift. Mena, Mona, come along. Let's make some tea and partake immediately.
Mona: Roger!


Mina: Thank you for the White Day gift.
Mona: Gosh, is that a heart-shaped cake? And you baked it yourself, (Captain)?
Mena: Isn't that nice, Mina? A heart for the heart you gave for Valentine's!
Mina: Hey!
Mona: You're blushing lots, Mina. Are you that happy about it?
Mina: Listen, you know full well you're the ones who made that cake into a heart, not me!
Though I must admit... (Captain)'s cake looks like it received a lot of attention. Anybody would be overjoyed to receive it.
Mena: Oh ho ho! Did ya hear that, (Captain)? Mina loves it!
Mina: I-I was talking about in general! Don't put words in my mouth!
Mona: Hehe, teasing aside, all three of us will be sure to enjoy every bite.


Mona: Whoa, that's a lot of sweets! I know you said you made too much while trying out new recipes, but I didn't expect this much!
Mena: I'm touched that you did all this for us. Don't you feel the same, Mina?
Mina: It's certainly impressive. Conveying this degree of affection for another is... very moving.
Mona: Isn't it? Talk about affection confections!
Mena: Maybe you're even moved enough to reciprocate that affection!
Mina: O-okay, enough teasing! You're going to make (Captain) blush!
Mona: I think the only one blushing here is you, Mina.
Mena: Why not show (Captain) your own gesture of affection too?
Mina: Okay, listen! So maybe my heart skipped a beat earlier! That doesn't mean anything...
A-anyway, we'll gladly accept these heartfelt sweets from you, (Captain).
Mena: We sure will!
Mona: Thank you so, so much, (Captain)!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Mina: Oh, (Captain), so this where you were.
I'm currently patrolling the perimeter, ensuring that no one is acting up too much given the occasion.
It is imperative that both children and adults enjoy themselves—but in moderation.
Mona: Whaaat! No candy yet? Guess I'm left with no choice. I'll zap you full of energy!
Mena: Sounds like a great time to show you my strongest technique!
Mona: But don't worry, this'll make you feel all better!
Mena: Yep! So put up those dukes!
Mina: Gah! Mona, Mena... How shameful that my sisters are the ones causing trouble!
Forgive me, (Captain). I'll go reprimand them immediately. Do enjoy your holiday though.
Mona! Mena! What in the skies are you doing?


Mena: (Captain), sorry! Hide me!
Mona: Mena's Halloween pranks got found out, and now she's on the run from Mina. I'm gonna borrow your quarters!
Mina: (Captain), you haven't seen Mena and Mona, have you?
I see... Where could those two little scamps be?
Mena: Phew... Looks like she moved on. Thanks, (Captain).
Mina: Ah, I knew you'd be here!
Mena: Aaagh! She found me!
Mina: Did you think that a little ruse like that would be enough to pull the wool over my eyes?
You're dismissed, you two! (Captain), you're as guilty as they are for hiding them!
Mona: Oops... Sorry for getting you involved, (Captain).


Mina: Mena! Mona! (Captain)! Conspiring among yourselves and making me wear this weird costume is simply out of the question!
Mena: Mina, we just wanted you to enjoy Halloween too.
Mona: That's right. Like back when we were little and dressed up as witches together...
Mena: Huh? What are you talking about? I have no memory of this!
Mona: I guess you were really little back then, so maybe you don't remember...
Mina: I only did it because I thought if we had more people, then we could bring back more candy and you guys would be happy.
Mona: You say that, but I remember you were having a lot of fun yourself.
Mena: Aww, no fair! I wanna see everyone dressed up as witches again! Come on, Mina! Please!
Mina: Mona! You still haven't learned your lesson yet, have you? Looks like another timeout is in order!
Mena: Whaaat, again!
Mona: Hm... Looks like it's still gonna be a while before we get to see Mina in costume...


Mena: Happy Halloween! (Captain), these sweets are for you!
Mona: This year we decided to join Mina on her patrol through town.
Mina: Mena came up with the clever idea of handing out sweets while we patrol. Thanks to that, I'm able to participate in the Halloween festivities.
Mena: Hm?
Hey, kiddos! You want the usual? Guess I can't say no!
Rawr, raaawr! Run away before Mena Dragon eats you all!
Mona: Does someone want a good zapping instead of some candy? If you insist...
Zap, zap!
Mina: ...!
Enough goofing around! We're here to patrol, not indulge in tomfoolery!
Mena: What! But they asked us to!
I figured she'd react like that... Well, it is true we should be focused on patrolling. Guess we should reign it in a bit.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Mena: Hey, (Captain)! You know where Mina went?
Mona: We've been looking for her for a while now, but we can't find her anywhere.
Since it's a special night and all, we thought we'd get dressed up for the occasion.
Just check this out. Isn't this red just gorgeous?
Mena: All three of us were going to match outfits for tonight's party, but it looks like Mina got embarrassed and ran off.
???: There's no way that outfit would suit me! I'm not wearing it!
Mena: M-Mina! Where are you?
Mina: Eep! Gotta get away!
Mona: Ugh... Mina, stop being so stubborn.
Sigh. (Captain), could you wait here with me until Mina comes out?


Mina: Happy holidays.
Me? As you can see, I'm baking a pie for tonight's celebration.
I make one every year to share with my sisters, but this year I wanted to share with the whole crew to show my appreciation.
We won't be able to finish this many pies? No, but think of how many crew members there are. Wouldn't we need at least this many?
Mena's Voice: Miiinaaa! Aren't you done baking yet?
Mona's Voice: We're already changed for the party. You need to get ready too, Mina!
Mina: I really can't get away. I haven't made nearly enough pies.
No, (Captain)! You've got it all wrong! I'm not using pastry-making to put off changing into a dress!
Hey, let go of my hand! Where do you think you're taking me? I refuse to wear some froofy, frilly outfit! I refuuuse!


Mona: Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Mena: (Captain), come play in the snow with us! Mona and I were just making snow statues. Look! It's the Levin sisters!
Isn't Mina perfect? You know how her eyebrows suddenly drop when she's angry? I think I've got it down pat!
Mina: Oh? Tell me again—what happens to my eyebrows when I get angry?
Mena: Guh! Mina, you were here the entire time?
Mina: The pie's ready, so I came out to get you two, but...
Mena! Do you think it's funny to model snow statues after my angry face? How about you go and reflect on your actions? No dinner until you can tell me what you did wrong.
Mena: What! Just me?
Mona: Oh my...
(But that angry snow statue Mena made looks just like the real thing...)


Mina: Just a little longer, and all the pies for the party should be done baking. We did a good job if I do say so myself.
Mona: It's nice that your crew grows larger every year, (Captain).
We're going to need every mouth we can get to finish off this gigantic table of pies.
Mena: (Captain), can you tell which ones I made? Come on, guess!
At first glance, all of the baked treats look the same. But (Captain), trusting intuition, quickly points at one.
Wow! How'd you know?
Mina: Yours are slightly bigger than the rest, while Mona's lattice tops are cleaner.
Mona: And Mina's are done perfectly by the book! We can tell since we made them...
But it's amazing that you figured it out right away, (Captain)! You know us sisters pretty well, huh?
Mina: Shapes aside, the dough and fillings are the same, so they should all taste equally as good.
Mena: Still, which one will you eat, (Captain)? Lemme know what you think if you decide on mine!


Mina: Happy holidays, (Captain).
As you can see, I'm on a patrol through town. I won't let the festive mood distract me from guarding the people.
Ah... Achoo!
M-my apologies! Today's quite a bit colder than I thought it'd be...
Mona: Mina, you shouldn't push yourself so hard.
Mena: We brought some piping hot soup from that shop over there! You should take a breather and have some with us, Mina!
Mina: But I have a duty to protect...
Mona: And we have a duty to look out for you!
Mena: That's right! You always work so hard, someone has to make sure you're in tip-top shape to keep going!
Mina: Everyone...
Understood. I'll take a break.
(Captain), would you like to join us?
Mena: Guess we'll need another helping of soup! I'll go get some!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Three-Sister Rule

(Captain), Albert, Mina, and the crew make their way through Saint Lethan Castle to face Yurius, the cause of the disaster menacing the Kingdom of Levin. They run into Mina's sisters, Mona and Mena, who quote their three-sister rule—"when trouble calls, three sisters answer"—and insist on joining Mina for the showdown.

Albert (Event) is a crew member

When the Celestial Eye appeared in the skies above Levin, its unprovoked attacks plunged the kingdom into crisis.
(Captain) and the crew troop through Saint Lethan Castle along with Albert and Mina, leader and acting leader of the Sky Knights.
They are on their way to confront Yurius, the one who killed the king of Levin and caused the Celestial Eye to manifest.

Albert (Event) not in crew

When the Celestial Eye appeared in the skies above Levin, its unprovoked attacks plunged the kingdom into crisis.
(Captain) and the crew troop through Saint Lethan Castle along with Albert and Mina, leader and acting leader of the Sky Knights.
They are on their way to confront Yurius, the one who killed the king of Levin and caused the Celestial Eye to manifest.
The Kingdom of Levin, located near the Grim Basin, lost its king.
At the same time, a weapon called the Celestial Eye appeared in the sky overhead and began to lay waste to the kingdom.
This calamity was brought about by a young man named Yurius, who killed the king under the influence of a primal beast.
His close friend Albert set out in pursuit of Yurius and in his travels made (Captain)'s acquaintance.
Albert has now been traveling with the crew for some time.
Mina: You have to come back at once! Levin... Levin is on the brink of destruction!
Informed of Levin's peril by Mina—acting leader of the Sky Knights in his absence—Albert headed home with the crew at his side.
Continue 1
Mina: Sigh...
(Captain) and the others fight their way through the castle hallways—deserted but for the monsters impeding their progress.
Vyrn: Geez, why is the castle infested with monsters?
Lyria: They might have been drawn here by the primal beast's power. It's running through the whole castle.
Albert: And that primal's power... is coming from Yurius?
Lyria: Yes...
The moment they set foot inside the royal castle, Lyria could sense the presence of the primal-possessed Yurius coming from below.
The crew heads to the throne room to face him.
Albert: By the way, where are all the knights who should be stationed in the castle?
Mina: I ordered them all to take cover except for a small number tasked with patrols and evacuating the townsfolk.
Albert: And where are they now? Near the castle?
Mina: Yes. As you might expect under the circumstances, I haven't been able to contact them yet...
Mina: ...
Mina falls silent, a troubled look on her face.
Lyria: Is something worrying you, Mina?
Mina: Oh, I... was just wondering if all the soldiers on patrol are safe...
Mina: My younger sisters insisted on staying behind as well. Mona's probably all right, but I worry about Mena...
Lyria: So your sister's names are Mona and Mena? What are they like?
Mina: The older of the two, Mona, is particularly good at lightning magic. She strikes some people as a pushover, but she's extremely tough.
Mina: Mena is the youngest, the only martial artist of the three of us. She has a tendency to rush into things alone, but she's very diligent.
Mina: When you get the three of us together, it's pretty noisy. Sometimes you can't hear yourself think in our house.
Lyria: Hehe, sounds like you all get along really well!
Albert: Oh, the three of them are famous for it among the Sky Knights.
Albert: I seem to remember you mentioning during a mission that you had come up with a family motto together?
Mina: Yes.
Mina: "When trouble calls, three sisters answer." It's our three-sister rule.
Mina: Mona came up with it because she felt like I was always taking on too much by myself.
Vyrn: What? The motto was a younger sibling's idea?
Mina: Ugh... You don't have to rub it in...
Mina: Well... That's not my only shortcoming as the eldest.
Mina: My younger sisters are always having to worry about me. I really need to get it together.
Vyrn: Don't you think the way you torture yourself over stuff is what they worry about?
Mina: Urrrgh...
Vyrn seems to have struck the nail on the head, rendering Mina speechless.
Lyria: I'm sure you're a great big sister, Mina!
Lyria: The fact that you worry and want to be a better big sister to them just shows how important they are to you!
Albert: This is just one man's opinion, but your sisters wanting to help you is not a negative reflection on your capabilities.
Albert: I think they merely look up to you and want to support you however they can.
Albert: They wouldn't have gone so far as to follow in your footsteps if that weren't the case.
Mina: You... really think so?
Albert: You should take more pride in your accomplishments. You're the only one I would trust to stand in for me, and I'm sure your sisters are proud of you.
Mina: Aaah! I'm not worthy of such praise from you, sir!
Mina: Your words mean the whole world to me!
Vyrn: Whoa! Who are you and what'd you do with Mina!
(Captain) and the others press on toward the throne room, leaving a trail of thrashed monsters in their wake.
In a room hung with portraits of generations of Levin monarchs, they are greeted by some unexpected visitors.
???: Hey, Mona? That was Mina's voice just now, wasn't it?
Mona: You're right, Mena. Who would've thought she'd be aboard that airship that landed at the castle!
The two women who appear before the crew are Mina's younger sisters.
Mina: I'm so glad you're both all right. Where are the rest of the knights?
Mona: Everyone's fine. The Celestial Eye's stopped attacking too, so we've been dealing with all these monsters running around the castle.
Mena: It's been awful! Mona keeps zapping me along with the monsters, and—
Mona: Meeenaaa...
Mena: Ow, ow, ow! Stop that, Mona!
Mona sends a blast of lightning magic up her sister's spine, electrifying Mena's entire body.
Lyria: Goodness! Are you okay?
Mona: I told you there were too many monsters for me to sweat piddly details like aim.
Mona: Besides, that's what you get for charging into a horde of monsters by yourself. Have another.
Mena: Ow! Owww!
Mena: I'm sh-sh-shorry!
Vyrn: H-hey... Should you... be doing that?
Mona: Oh, she's fine. She's used to it.
Mona: It's a great pick-me-up when you're tired. You wanna try it out later, (Captain)?
  1. Just what the doctor ordered!
  2. Nah, I'm all set.

Choose: Just what the doctor ordered!
Mona: You got yourself an appointment!

Choose: Nah, I'm all set.
Mona: Why? You scared?
Mona: Don't worry. It ooonly hurts a little, but you'll be amazed how light you feel the next day!
Mona: So promise me you'll give it a shot, okay, (Captain)?
(Captain) buckles under the pressure of Mona's hard sell and gives a reluctant nod.
Continue 2
Vyrn: You sure are a unique trio...
Mina: Excuse me! The kingdom is on the brink of disaster and you're goofing around! Can you take this seriously, please?
Albert: No harm in easing up a little. Admit it, Mina, you feel better with your sisters around, don't you?
Mina: What? That's...
That's true...
Mona: Mina can't say no to Sir Albert, can she?
Mena: She really can't!
Her sisters' voices seem to lighten the gloom hanging heavy over the castle, and Mina's expression softens.
At last the group reaches a broken down staircase.
Albert: It should be passable, so long as we're careful. I'll go first.
Mona: The throne room and Yurius should be just ahead, right?
Mena: Time for the final showdown...
Mina: ...
Mina: Mona, Mena. You two stay here.
Mena: Whaaat? Why!
Mina: We don't know what'll happen in there. It's too dangerous.
Mona: Mina... Have you forgotten our motto?
Mena: "When trouble calls, three sisters answer."
We've gotta watch you to make sure you don't charge in by yourself!
Mina: This isn't a game, you two! It's a matter of life and death!
  1. I don't think they're playing.

Choose: I don't think they're playing.
Mina: (Captain)? What do you—
Albert: Heh... (Captain) has a talent for recognizing people's true worth.
Mina: You're on their side, Sir Albert?
Albert: Mina, look into your sisters' eyes. They are both prepared to risk their lives for you.
Mena: We decided to follow wherever you might lead, Mina! No matter what happens!
Mona: That's right! Three sisters, one destiny!
Mina: You guys...
Mina can see her sisters' resolve in their eyes.
Mina: (I guess as the eldest sister, I have a duty to uphold our family motto.)
Mina: All right. But only if you promise me your own safety will be your top priority.
Mina: When trouble calls, three sisters answer. We work together to bring everyone back alive!
Mona & Mina: Understood!
Lyria: Hehe. Sisterly love is a beautiful thing!
Mina, Mona, and Mena clasp hands, steeling themselves for the battle to come.
Mina: (I'm impressed with that kid, (Captain), though. Reading Mona and Mena like that on their first meeting is quite the skill.)
Mina: ((Captain) seems to have earned Albert's respect too. I can tell there's limitless potential inside that young captain...)
Intrigued, Mina stealthily observes as (Captain) speaks with Lyria and the others.

United We Stand

With Yurius defeated, Mina, Mona, and Mena put the crew up for the night at their home. Mena's room is full of magical staves and swords despite her commitment to martial arts. She explains to Lyria how she tried to emulate her sisters' fighting styles before she found her own.

(Captain) and the others emerge victorious from their showdown with Yurius. Afterward they pay a visit to Mina, Mona, and Mena's house.
The Grandcypher is under repairs after the damage it suffered from the Celestial Eye, leaving the crew without a roof over their heads.
The sisters kindly offer to put the crew up for the night.
Mena: Oww... I'm all scratched up from those gross tentacles... It really smarts.
Mona: How 'bout a quick round of shock therapy?
Mina: Stop teasing her. Those wounds need treatment.
Mona: Yeees, Mina.
Vyrn: Haha! You'd never guess they were fighting for their lives just a little while ago!
Lyria: Yeah! I guess everyone can unwind a little now that things are settling down.
Lyria, Mena, and the others get ready for bed, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.
Lyria: Um... Where should we sleep?
Gran is the Main Character

Mena: You can sleep in my room, Lyria!
Mena: Sorry, but (Captain) and Vyrn, do you mind taking that couch over there?
Vyrn: Oh, as long as we've got a warm blanket, the two of us can bunk anywhere. Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Sorry for the bother, Mena, but thank you!
Mena: My room's this way. C'mon, follow me!
Mena grabs Lyria's hand and pulls her along to her room.
(Captain) trails along after them, carrying Lyria's bags.

Djeeta is the Main Character

Mena: (Captain) and Lyria, you can sleep in my room!
Mena: Vyrn, you're basically just a big plushy, so you can come too!
Vyrn: Excuse you! I ain't no plushy! I'm a genuine dragon!
Lyria: Sorry for the bother, Mena, but thank you!
Mena: My room's this way. C'mon, follow me!
Mena grabs Lyria and (Captain) each by the hand and pulls them along to her room.
Continue 1
Lyria: Wooow! Your room is full of swords and staves!
Lyria marvels over all the weapons decorating Mena's walls.
Lyria: Oh, but, Mena, I thought you specialized in martial arts?
Mena: Yep, now the only weapons I use are my own two trusty fists.
Mena: But before I chose that path, I was always practicing magic and swordplay, trying to copy my sisters.
Lyria: Oh, I see!
Lyria: So then what made you change directions?
Mena: Oh, well...
Mena: I didn't have the kind of polished sword technique that Mina does or Mona's talent for magic.
Mena: Mina suggested that my natural agility might be well-suited to martial arts, and that's how I wound up with the style I use now.
Lyria: Oh... So there's a perfect style for each person.
Mena: Mina told me a long time ago that even if I admire my sisters, I shouldn't try to be exactly like them.
Mena: We may be sisters, but it makes sense that we'd each have different strengths and preferences.
Mena: So I decided to become the strongest brawler in the family!
Mena: Not that there's much competition... since I'm the only one in the family.
Mona: Knock, knock! Blanket delivery for our guests!
Lyria: Thank you, Mona!
Mona: Sooo... what are we talking about? Thought I heard something about becoming the family's best brawler.
Mena: Lyria wanted to know why I decided to become a martial artist.
Mona: Oh, reminiscing about the past, are we?
Mona: She's calmed down a little lately, but she was pretty rowdy when she was younger. A regular handful.
Mona: Especially around the time she first joined the Sky Knights.
Mena: Mona! They don't need to hear about that!
Mena shoves her way between Mona and Lyria, red-faced.
Mona: Whyyy? It's a touching story chock-full of character development!
Mona: You guys wanna hear it, right?
Lyria: Yes! I'm really curious!
Mona: Then pop a squat, kids! It's story time!
Mena: Monaaa! Nooo!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn plunk down in front of Mona, ears pricked attentively.

United We Stand: Scene 2

Mona overhears Mena talking about the past. Mona tells Lyria and (Captain) the story of Mena's first Sky Knights assignment: to find a lost cat. Suffering from an inferiority complex due to her inability to use powerful magic like Mona, Mena wanders away from her partner and charges into a monster fight when she should retreat.

One day, long before rising up the ranks, Mena is tasked with one of her very first assignments with the Sky Knights.
She stands in the town outside the castle, her nervousness apparent to any onlooker.
Mena: (I feel like everyone's staring at me. It's this uniform, isn't it?)
Knight-in-Training: Looks like we're partners today, Mena. Good to be working with you!
Mena: Huh? What's up with that armor? I thought we were looking for a lost cat!
Knight-in-Training: What? They said today's mission would be kinda risky, so trainees should be sure to wear their armor. Didn't you hear?
Mena: What is this thing? A tiger?
Knight-in-Training: No, it's not the cat that's dangerous...
Monster: Groooar!
Mena: Whoa! What's that monster doing here?
Knight-in-Training: We're supposed to wear armor because monsters have been hanging around closer to the city lately!
Knight-in-Training: Damn... Over here, ugly! You'll never lay a claw on our citizens!
Monster: Graargh...
Mona: Phew...
Mona: That was close. Are the two of you all right?
Mena: Mona! What're you doing here?
Mona: I'm working, of course. Clearing out the monsters and trying to figure out what's been bringing them closer to town.
Knight-in-Training: I didn't know you were Mena's older sister! That lightning spell was very impressive!
Knight-in-Training: Mena, can you do spells like that too?
Mena: Huh? Uh... I...
Mena: A-hem!
Mena: I'm not much good with lightning magic, but I've got a lightning-quick right jab!
Mena raises her fists and begins to bob and weave, showing off her footwork as she shadowboxes.
Mena: Ha! Daah! Yah! Hah! Hyah!
Mena: Hiii-ya-ya-ya-yaaah!
Mena: Haha! Whaddya think of that!
Mona: ...
Knight-in-Training: ...
Mena: C'mon now... Don't leave a girl hangin'...
Mona: Mena, don't overextend yourself.
Knight-in-Training: That's right! Even if you can't use powerful magic, you can still look for a lost cat!
Mena: That's not as encouraging as you seem to think it is...
Mona: All right, I gotta get back to work. Those monsters aren't gonna hunt themselves.
Her favorite staff in hand, Mona heads out.
Mena: (Ugh... I'm so embarrassed...)
Mena: (I'm Mona's little sister... I oughta be just as good as she is!)
Mena can't help her frustration.
Though she resolved to follow her own path and focus on martial arts, her feelings of inferiority to her sisters have not been so quick to fade.
Mena searches all around town, questioning townsfolk for clues to the missing cat's whereabouts, but to no avail.
Mena: Sigh...
(I can't use magic worth a darn, and now I can't even find one little cat. Real hot stuff, Mena...)
Mena: Hm?
Mena: Wait... Where's my partner!
Mena: (Oh crud... I was so preoccupied I didn't even notice we got separated!)
Mena charges around at random, trying to find her lost partner.
Cat's Voice: Mrrrow...
Mena: Huh? Was that...
Cat: Mrrrow.
Mena: White fur with black paws... And its collar...
Mena: That's the one! I gotta grab it!
Cat: Rrreow!
Mena: Whoa! Easy!
Just as Mena is about to swoop up the cat, the feline springs out of range and makes its escape.
Mena: Hey! Come back!
Mena: Gasp!
Oh, crap!
Monster: Grrraaahhh!
Cat: Mrroow...
After leading Mena on a merry chase all the way into the woods outside town, the cat comes face-to-face with a monster and seems to rethink its life choices.
Mena: Haaah!
Mena: Phew... Gotcha at last...
With the cat safely in custody, Mena breathes a sigh of relief. Just then, a large shadow falls over them both.
Alpha Monster: Grrglgraaahhh!
Mena: Waaahhh! Don't tell me... that's an alpha monster!
Mena: (What do I do? I can handle the small fry, but I don't think I can take down a monster this size...)
Knight-in-Training: I didn't know you were Mena's older sister! That lightning spell was very impressive!
Knight-in-Training: Mena, can you do spells like that too?
Mena: That's right... I'm Mina and Mona's little sister!
Mena: You don't scare me, you big, ugly lug! I'll show you I'm just as strong as my sisters!
Mena: Haaahhh!
With sibling rivalry burning in her heart, Mena charges the monster.

United We Stand: Scene 3

Word of the missing Mena gets back to Mona, who reaches out to Mina for help finding her. They spot their youngest sister up a tree, surrounded by monsters. After a stern lecture about Mena's recklessness, the three sisters join forces to defeat the alpha monster who has been causing increased monster activity around the town.

Around that same time, Mina and Albert were secretly training in an out-of-the-way location.
Mina: Huff... Puff...
How was that, Sir Albert?
Albert: Huff...
It's slow going, but we're starting to move in sync.
Mina is a crew member

The two were trying to perfect a powerful combined attack using Mina's water magic and Albert's lightning.
Later it would come to be known as the Albert and Mona Special.

Mina not in crew

Perhaps because of the kingdom's frequent lightning storms, many of the Sky Knights of Levin are proficient in lightning magic.
Fearing the hazards inherent when lightning meets water, many of Mina's fellow knights preferred to give her and her water magic a wide berth.
She trained in swordplay on her own, not wanting to cause her comrades any trouble.
Albert, however, saw the potential for a devastating technique and asked her to join him in devising one.
Mina's adulation for Albert, the man who strove to cultivate her potential, would come a little later.
Continue 1
Mona: Huff... puff...
Mina! I thought I'd find you here...
Mina: What's wrong, Mona? You're all winded.
Mona: Mena's missing. She was out on an assignment, but she got separated from her partner.
Mina: What!
Knight-in-Training: It's all my fault. I was so caught up in questioning witnesses...
Mona: Well... She's not a kid. I'm sure she'll find her way back by sundown...
Mona: But monsters have been venturing into town today. I couldn't stand it if anything happened to her...
Mona: I tipped off the other squads on monster patrol, but I'm still worried...
Mona: Mina, please, will you help me look for her?
Mina: ...
Albert: You're not going to go, Mina?
Mina: It sounds like there's already a search party on the case...
Like Mona, Mina can't help but worry about their younger sister. Of course she wants to join the search.
But she hesitates to throw away training time with Albert for personal reasons.
Albert: Mena is an important member of the Sky Knights. The order cannot afford to lose knights.
Albert: This is no time to hesitate. Let's go!
Mina: Thank you, sir!
Knight-in-Training: I'll show you where I last saw her. This way!
Monster Mob: Grrr!
Mena: Oh no... More of them just keep showing up... What am I gonna do?
Mena has taken refuge up a tree. The lost cat cradled in her arms, she looks down, trembling, at the ever-growing throng of monsters.
Mena: Eek! They're starting to climb the tree!
Mena: No! Stay down there! Get away, get away, get awaaay!
Mina: Mena! Is that you?
Mena: !
Mina: Haaahhh!
Mina: Any rabble who touch my sister will meet the business end of my blade!
Mina carves a path through the monsters, her expression every bit as fearsome as her sword.
Mona and the others are forced to follow at a considerable remove or risk being caught in the crossfire.
Mona: It's been a while since I saw Mina get serious... She's really amazing...
Albert: (I'm not even needed here...)
Monster: ...
The monsters are no match for Mina's fury, and at last even the ones gathered under Mena's tree are sent running.
Mina: Are you all right?
Mena: Y-yeah... Thank you, Mina...
Mena hands the cat down to Mina and slowly climbs down herself.
One might expect a joyful family reunion now that the youngest sister has been rescued from peril.
Mina: Mena! Atten-shun!
Mena: Yeek!
Mona: Ohhh, Meeena... You know what you've got coming, don't yooou?
Mena: Eeeyooow! Tha' hurss!
Albert: (Here we go again.)
Mina: Shame on you. Why didn't you call for backup?
Mina: You're so quick on your feet. You should have been able to retreat before so many of them converged on your position!
Mena: Because... You two are so strong...
Mena: I thought... Mona wouldn't have any trouble taking out these monsters... so I shouldn't either...
Mena: Oww! Ooowww! What'd I dooo?
Mona: "When trouble calls, three sisters answer." How many times do I have to tell you?
Mona: And even I retreat if I can tell I'm outclassed. You have to properly assess the threat at hand!
Mina: There's nothing wrong with looking up to us or striving to emulate us.
Mina: But not if that means putting your health and safety at risk.
Mina: If you keep working hard, you'll get stronger. You just have to be patient and not rush things.
Mena: I understand... I'm really sorry for worrying you.
Seeing Mena contritely bow her head, Albert smiles.
Albert: Heh... The apples from this particular tree didn't fall very far apart.
Mina: Sir Albert?
Albert: Mina also has a bad habit of trying to solve all her problems herself.
Mina: Wha!
Mena: Hm? What's wrong, Mina?
Mona: Yeah, what's wrong, Mina? Your face is bright red.
Mina: N-no it isn't! Shut up!
Albert: Pfft...
Albert: Well, we've recovered our missing knight. Time to head back.
Alpha Monster: Grrrgraaargghh!
As Albert and the others are about to head back, a gigantic monster appears.
Mona: What the heck is that! That thing is huge!
Mena: It's the alpha! Attacking it before is what brought all the other monsters out of the woodwork!
Mina: You attacked an alpha monster? Mena, how could you do something so reckless!
Albert: I'm afraid the sisterly lectures will have to wait.
Albert: If we take down the alpha, the monsters should stop congregating around the town.
Albert: Mena, you've found the source of the recent disturbance. Albeit by accident... but still. Well done.
Mena: Huh? All right! Sir Albert told me I did good!
Albert: I trust you understand, however, that I am not praising your rash actions?
Mena: Y-yes sir. I'm sorry.
Albert: I'll join you. Everyone, prepare to attack the alpha!
Mina: Understood!
Mina: Everyone ready?
Mona: Let's rip him a new one!
Mena: No one can stand against the three of us united! Prepare yourself, monster!

United We Stand: Scene 4

Lyria is touched by Mona's story of sisterly cooperation. Mona and Mena share how much they respect and rely on Mina. They are interrupted by Vyrn, who is desperately trying to escape Mina's recitation of "The 100 Virtues of Sir Albert."

Mona: Anywho, that's how the town's monster problem got sorted out, and the cat got saved.
Mona wraps up her little trip down memory lane.
Lyria: Wow! I'm so glad you all came out of it okay!
Mena: I did have a tendency to charge in without thinking in those days. Remembering it makes me cringe...
Mona: Yup. I think you've gotten a little more careful since.
Lyria: Mina mentioned your motto back at the castle when we were looking for Yurius.
Lyria: "When trouble calls, three sisters answer." What a great motto! What you can't do by yourselves, you can if you work together!
Mena: Riiight?
Mena: But you know, it was Mona and I who came up with that, to stop Mina from working herself to death trying to do everything on her own.
Mona: That's not quite right, Mena.
Mona: I came up with it to keep Mina from a workaholic's early grave, and you from leaping before you looked.
Mena: What! You did?
Mona: Mina needs your strength to hold her back, and you need hers to hold you back.
Mona: That's why we needed a three-sister rule.
Mena: It's so weird that we were both thinking along the same lines... But I guess you're right. I do need someone to haul back on the reins sometimes.
Mena: When I think back, you were always the one who kept the peace between the three of us, Mona.
Mona: You bet I did. It's not easy being the middle child, you know.
Lyria: Wow... You really had it tough, didn't you?
Mena: In fact... Don't you act more like the oldest than Mina does?
Mona: Hm... I've never really seen it that way.
Mona: When push comes to shove, Mina's always been there for us, don't you think?
Mena: Yeah... I could never compete with her when she gets serious.
Lyria: Hehehe... I guess she's not the oldest sister for nothing!
Mona: True.
Mena: I worry about her sometimes, but she's the most dependable older sister a girl could ask for!
Mona and Mena trade a smile, warmed by their mutual respect for their older sister.
Vyrn: Lyria, (Captain), heeelp!
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Vyrn, what's the matter!
Mina: I see, I see! So you want to share the enlightenment with (Captain) and Lyria too!
The door bursts open to admit a flustered Vyrn with a fired-up Mina on his tail.
Lyria: Um... What enlightenment?
Mona: Oh, uh, Lyria? You don't wanna ask that.
Mena: Yeah... If she gets her paws on you right now, you're in for it.
Mina: Oh, Lyria, are you interested too? Well then sit right down next to Vyrn!
Mina: I'm about to recite The Virtues of Sir Albert: Number Twenty-One! How the leader of the Sky Knights treats his order like family!
Mina: Every day Sir Albert makes his rounds, greeting every single knight and checking how everyone's doing! He always has a kind word for anyone who isn't feeling well!
Mina: He'll always lend an ear to our problems, no matter how small, and devote himself wholeheartedly to helping us solve them!
Mina: He's so good and just. A perfect leader for an order of knights! Doesn't your heart just skip a beat at the thought of him!
Vyrn: I said I'd heard enough! Why won't you listen!
Mina: Don't be such a spoilsport. I haven't even gotten to the best of Sir Albert's virtues!
Lyria: I'm a little curious about those virtues...
Mena: Don't do it, Lyria. Last I heard, they went all the way up to a hundred.
Mina: How about this, then? The Virtues of Sir Albert: Number Eighty-One!
Mina: Our leader is a sensitive soul who loves to gaze out at the sunset!
Vyrn: I don't care!
Vyrn: I'm beggin' ya, put a cork in it!
Mena: Mm... It's no good. She's gone.
Mona: Hey, Mina? Let's calm down, okay?
Mina is incredibly serious about her responsibilities both as acting leader of the Sky Knights and as the eldest of her siblings.
While her single-minded devotion is something her sisters can always depend on, perhaps the purity of heart behind it is also why she often makes them worry...

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ミイム、メイム、注意して進もう Mona, Mena, keep your wits about you!
マイム姉のアルベール団長の話、ホント長い…… Mina can talk all night when it comes to Sir Albert...
ミイムはああ見えて頼りがいがあるぞ Mona is more dependable than she looks.
ミイム姉にビリビリされないように頑張る! Gotta shape up or get shocked by Mona!
メイムは姉想いのいい子だ Mena's a considerate little sister.
(主人公)の太刀筋はなかなか洗練されているな Your swordplay is quite impressive, (Captain).
マイムお姉ちゃん、疲れてない? Mina, are you tired?
(主人公)さん、今度マッサージしてあげるね! I'll treat you to a massage next time, (Captain)!
メイムの「いひゃい」って癖になるんだよね! I love the sounds Mena makes when I zap her!"
(主人公)には負けないんだから! I can't let (Captain) outdo me!

Other Appearances

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Levin Sisters

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Choose: Put a Mina, Levin Vice Leader, Mona, Levin Mage, or Mena, Levin Duelist into your hand.
Enhance (7): Put one of each into your hand instead, and recover 6 play points.

"The important thing's that you just start punching, right?"

"Girls who forget the strategy will get punished later!"
"Enough chatter, you two! We're on an operation!"

—Three Levin Sisters

Class Swordcraft
Trait Levin
Card Pack Rebirth of Glory
SV Portal Meet the Levin Sisters!
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


Mina, Levin Vice Leader
SV Mina, Levin Vice Leader.png SV Mina, Levin Vice Leader E.png
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Fanfare: Put a random Levin follower from your deck into your hand.

I'm Mina, vice leader of the Sky Knights! One of my duties is to give guidance to the other members. Don't be shy—Ask for a hand any time you need it!


She's a cornerstone of the Sky Knights, as reliable as they come. Though once in a while, she can be a little rigid. —Albert, Levin Champion

Class Swordcraft
Trait Levin
Card Pack
SV Portal Mina, Levin Vice Leader
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


Mona, Levin Mage
SV Mona, Levin Mage.png SV Mona, Levin Mage E.png
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Fanfare: Recover 2 play points. If another allied Levin card is in play, recover 3 instead.

I'm Mona, mage of the Sky Knights! My job's to make you feel all happy and energetic! What do you say to getting cheerful?


She has a rare ability to soothe the other Sky Knights' hearts. Though once in a while, she seems to intimidate them. —Albert, Levin Champion

Class Swordcraft
Trait Levin
Card Pack
SV Portal Mona, Levin Mage
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


Mena, Levin Duelist
SV Mena, Levin Duelist.png SV Mena, Levin Duelist E.png
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Fanfare: If another allied Levin card is in play, gain +1/+1.

I'm Mena, fighter of the Sky Knights! My role's to punch and punch up a storm! Let me handle this—I'll knock down any enemy!



Even by the Sky Knights' standards, she's an exceptional combatant. Though every once in a while, she seems to forget the strategy. —Albert, Levin Champion

Class Swordcraft
Trait Levin
Card Pack
SV Portal Mena, Levin Duelist
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other