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Official Profile

Age 12 Height 140 cm Race Crystalia
Hobbies Playing with string, playing in the snow
Likes The Captain, Lyria, transparent objects
Dislikes Belligerent people

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Lily journeys around the world, searching for that which will bring her spring, the rite of passage in her home country. Until she finds it, she cannot return home. While journeying alone, she uses her abundant reserves of frozen air to turn any nearby monsters to ice. Pure of heart and slightly shy, Lily is a responsible young girl who doesn't give up easily. She's also used to being looked after, thanks to the constant doting affection of her two sisters back home.

Character Release

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Age 12歳 Height 140cm Race クリスタリア
Hobbies あやとり、雪遊び
Likes 主人公、ルリア、透き通ったもの
Dislikes 大きな声で話す人

Granblue Fantasy Theater



Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain)! Happy birthday, happy birthday! It's such a wonderful thing that I had to say it twice!
Here's your present! I'm always the one depending on you, but today you can depend on me!
Really! I mean it!
Hm, you're not sure what to do? It's easy—just do what I always do!
You can sit on my lap, let me feed you, and—
That'd be embarrassing? Aww, don't be a spoilsport!
C'mon, it'll be fun!


(Captain), happy birthday! Congratu... lations!
Haha! It's such a fantastic day. I needed to make sure I used a great, big word!
This year you're going to let me spoil you, right?
Hahaha. You don't want me to? Come on, just let me do something for you!
I know! How about a piggyback ride? Whenever I'm tired, that's what I need. Hop on!


(Captain), happy birthday!
If you want to know how happy of a birthday it is, then I'd have to say...
It's this
Whew, birthdays are such a wonderful thing, so I tried to use my whole body to show that.
Hm? You've gotten used to letting me spoil you on this special day?
Well, that's why I've upped the ante with a special Please the Captain routine!
I'm going to nap with you and sing you a lullaby!
Lie down on the bed, (Captain)!
Here I go!
Row, row, row your airship...
Through the...


Lily focuses her gaze on (Captain).
Choose: What's wrong?
Hey, (Captain)! You know how today's your birthday?
Well, I wanted to congratulate you so bad but didn't know how, so I tried to do it with my eyes!
Ahaha, you must feel so congratulated right now!
I'm going to spoil you big time this year too!
Think of me as your big sister, and tell me anything you want, okay?


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
It's that time of year again—time for me to spoil you! Here, you can put your head in my lap!
Huh? You want to know why I always pamper you on your birthday?
Well... I always like when you spoil me. It makes me really happy.
So I just want to make you as happy as I am.
And besides, you're always taking care of me and the crew...
So you need to practice being spoiled yourself once in a while, or you won't be able to when the time comes.
That's why I'm going to give you the best spoiling ever!
Patty-pat... There, there...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Deer! Um, let me try that again...
Happy Stew Year... Okay, one more time! Just one more!
Sigh... Phew...
Here I go... Happy New Year! See, I got it! I'm ready for a year of new happy! Huh?
Whew, this isn't easy. But have no fear! I'll try again next year!


Ha-ppy New Yea-r!
I did it! Last year I kept fudging the words, so this year I practiced a lot.
Okay! Now to say it once and for all! Ready... Go...
Happy New...
I fudged it again... I should have practiced adding "ready" and "go" too...
Oh well. Next year I'll get it!


Okay, I can do this!
Ehehe, it came out perfect this year!
Lyria trained me really hard, and I put in so many hours practicing for it to come out so naturally.
You're impressed? You think I did a good job?
Teehee, I got a compliment from (Captain)!
I'll do my best this year too!


Happy New Year! May we have many more good times together!
Ehehe... There, I said it.
Staying up late to welcome in the new year was really fun.
I somehow get the feeling I'll be seeing a really nice dream tonight.
Mm, I can't wait to feast on mochi pie with you and Lyria...
It doesn't matter if I'm in bed, or if I'm up and about... I feel blessed either way....


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Um, can I ask you a big favor?
So I wrote all these New Year's letters, and I need help sending them!
I wanna tell everyone on my island and in Ice Crystal Palace that this year's off to a good start.
I drew lots of pictures too. There's one of me in a kimono and another of me eating mochi pie!
You can take them to Sierokarte right now?
Yay! Thank you! Then I'm gonna run and go get them!
Oh right!
I have letters for you and Lyria too!
I'll bring them now, but read them back in your rooms, okay?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um, hey, look! I made some chocolate! This one's for you!
This is my first time making anything like this, so they might taste a bit funny...
But, (Captain), I hope this makes you and Lyria really, really happy!
You like it? Yay, yay, yay! I'll make you an even bigger box of chocolate next year!


Hey, um... This year I made chocolate again!
I wanted to make something that was even tastier than last year's batch, so I mixed things I like!
This chocolate is wrapped in lettuce!
It's sweet and fresh!
Even Lyria said I did a good job.
How is it? Tasty, right?
Really? That's awesome blossom! I'll do something even better next year!


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
I tried my hand at a different kind of chocolate this year!
I dissolved a chocolate bar into a creamy mix, then I stirred it in a pot!
It's really good if you dip fruit or vegetables into this chocolate...
I'd love to have it together with you and Lyria, (Captain)!
Let's eat up before it gets cold! C'mon!


Happy Valentine's!
I tried giving my chocolates a different taste this year too!
Since last year's chocolate was a hot, creamy mix, I made this batch frosty!
It took some experimentation, but it turned out really well! I consider this my chocolate shaved ice recipe!
I made plenty so we could all have some!
But it's going to melt soon if we don't hurry! Let's dig in!


(Captain), happy Valentine's Day!
I made a fruit and chocolate pie this year!
Heh-heh-heh... And you wanna know what kinda fruits I used?
Aaall the different fruits we gathered together on all the different islands we traveled to!
So this pie is filled with tons of memories!
Ehehe... I wanna eat it with the whole crew while talking about all the fun things we've done!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake
3rd year: Rich Hot Chocolate square.jpg Rich Hot Chocolate
4th year: Chocolate Snow Cone square.jpg Chocolate Snow Cone

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ah! A present for me? Hooray! Thanks a ton!
But, you know, more than anything else, I'm so happy just to be by your side, (Captain)!
So let's just sit back and relax today! I'll get Lyria to join in on the fun too!


Really? Is this for me? Thank you so much!
Wow... It's such a nice box. It's so pretty! This is the best gift ever, (Captain)!
Huh? The box is not the gift? It's what's inside?
Does that mean I can open it?
Wow! Double trouble!


Yay, a gift from (Captain)!
Let's see what's inside!
Wow, what a yummy-looking sandwich! Look at all the lettuce inside!
But I think it might be too big for me...
Hm? We're going to have a picnic together soon? Lyria will come by too?
Whee! I can't wait!
Just give me a bit to get ready!


You have a present for me this year too?
Yay! Thank you, (Captain)!
Huh? You'll even spend the entire day playing with me?
Whee! I want to play cat's cradle and make snowmen with you...
There's so much I want us to do together, (Captain)! I wonder if we can fit it all in a day...
Things are going to get busy! I can already see myself playing until I doze off!


Wow, is this my White Day's present? Thank you, (Captain)!
A giant snowflake and... a flower? They're so pretty...
What! This is all sugar?
Whoa... So there's special sugar you can make art out of? That's so adorable!
Mm... What do I do with this special candy...
I know! I'll bake some stuff with you and Lyria. Then I'll decorate them with the candy!
Hehe... What should we make? Cookies, for sure, and pie, and... Oh, I just wanna decorate everything!
We're gonna whip up the cutest pastries ever! Hip, hip, hooray!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Eep! Look at all the ghosts everywhere! The ship must be haunted!
Huh? Costumes? The ghosts are actually our crew members?
Hm, that sounds kind of fun! I want to try it too!


(Captain), there's something I can't get my head around.
How's a pumpkin a vegetable? I mean, it's nothing like lettuce or eggplant. I tried nibbling on it, and it was just so hard!
Huh? Cook it? If I cook it, it'll be more like a yummy vegetable?
I see. Thanks, (Captain)! The world of vegetables is a strange one!


(Captain), um...
Trick or treat!
Ehehe, did I get it right? I had to study up on this greeting!
Can I get a treat as a reward?
Yay, a pumpkin-flavored cookie!
Thank you, (Captain)!
I'm going to go get more candy for the night! And I'd like you to come with me, (Captain)!


(Captain), trick or treat! Give me something nummy!
Huh? You ran out of candy?
Um... That means I have to play a trick on you, right?
Oopsie, I forgot to think of a trick...
Oh, I know. Why don't we think of one together, (Captain)?


Here, (Captain)! This pumpkin bun is for you!
The batch turned out really yummy, so I hope you like it! Go ahead and give it a try!
Ehehe, you've got surprise written all over your face! Truth is... the bun you just ate had lettuce in it!
I was trying to find a way for somebody to enjoy a trick and a treat...
And I ended up filling pumpkin buns with different kinds of fruits and veggies to make yummy, tricky treats!
There are other kinds too! Like carrot, cabbage, apple... I cooked up a whole bunch!
I'm going to go give one to Lyria too! You should come along, (Captain)!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ahaha! You're on! You said cookies, so I'll go with gingerbread!
Ooh, ooh! You know what goes best with gingerbread? Lily does! That's right! Me!
You're wondering why? Because I love gingerbread! And I'm sure gingerbread loves me back!
It's mutual affection! Ahh, I could really go for an extra large gingerbread cookie right now!


(Captain), the townspeople praised me!
I went around and found houses that didn't have trees. Then I made them some out of ice!
After that lots of people started asking me to come to their house to make them one too!
I did so much good today! Praise me, praise me!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
I was just helping out with preparations for the celebration!
I put lots of decorations on the holiday cake and tree!
It'll be so much fun because of all my hard work!
My final task is to lead you to the venue!
So, (Captain)... Grab my hand, and I'll take you to the party!


Are you feeling stiff in the shoulders, (Captain)? How about I give you a nice massage to loosen up!
There? Feel better? I can massage your back too!
Ehehe, aren't I the best girl? I helped out so much to get the party ready too!
Do you think Santa's going to come later? I'm hoping to wake up and find the holiday stockings in my room to be filled with presents galore!
(Captain) hides the present prepared for Lily, opting instead to fiddle with the stockings that night.


(Captain), (Captain)! Do you have any extra strawberries? I need some.
Um, you see... I wanna bake this huuuge strawberry pie. So I'm on a berry hunt right now.
Oh. So I can have all the strawberries left in the kitchen?
Thank you! This pie's gonna be super yummy, so make sure you're hungry, 'kay?
Huh? Why do I wanna bake a giant pie?
Ehehe... 'Cause I wanna eat it with you all tomorrow. We gotta have cake tonight, 'cause of tradition, right? But we can have pie whenever.
And I want it to be strawberry, 'cause then it'll taste a lot like our holiday cake. So when you eat it, you'll get that special feeling in your tummy.
And then, it'll feel like the holidays aren't over yet! And everyone will be happy!
Gasp! Is it really okay if I use the Santa decoration?
Thank you, (Captain)! This is so gonna be the best pie ever!

Fate Episodes

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Captain Lily, Reporting In!

One day just before the holidays, the crew heads to the Knickknack Shack to shop for party supplies led by Lily, self-proclaimed captain of the Holly Jolly Holiday Brigade. There Lily falls in love with a holiday party dress, which (Captain) buys for her as a gift, much to her delight.

On a winter's afternoon just before the holidays, the city is abuzz with the sounds of people traveling to and fro.
Amidst the hustle and bustle of the crowd, a pair of merrily singing voices can be heard echoing down the street.
Lily: Here we go...
Lyria: A-shopping...
Lily & Lyria: Shopping with the crew!
Vyrn: Whatcha singin'? You two come up with another weird tune?
Lyria: Hehehe. Weird or not, it's fun to sing! Right, Lily?
Lily: Yeah! In fact, the weirder the better!
Lily (Event) not in crew, Lily not in crew

Lily is a member of the Crystalia—a group of unique skydwellers who emit an icy aura.
While traveling the skies alone for the sake of her home, the Ice Crystal Palace, she ended up meeting (Captain) and the crew.
Lily: Sniff, sniff... I knew it. Skyfarers always have this warm smell on them.
Lily: It's the smell of spring. I've been looking for you.
Lily: Please, skyfarer! Take me with you!
Lily: I've been searching for so long. And now I'm sure. I'm sure you're the one to bring spring to me!
On a quest to find someone to bring spring to her homeland, Lily led (Captain) and the crew to the Ice Crystal Palace.
As a result of her efforts, they succeeded in helping to avert a conflict between opposing groups.
Having fulfilled her duty, Lily embarked upon a new journey alongside the crew in hopes of understanding the nature of spring.
Along the way, she has come to adore Lyria like an older sister, bringing a cheerful warmth to their voyage through the skies.
Vyrn: Haha. Silly songs are all fine and dandy, but have you figured out what you're gonna buy at the Knickknack Shack?
Vyrn: Betcha it's gonna be pretty packed today. We'd better have all our ducks in a row.
(Captain) and the crew are in the midst of preparing for their holiday party, to be held on the Grandcypher in a few days' time.
Eager to help out, Lily and Lyria have volunteered to be in charge of shopping for supplies.
Led by the enthusiastic pair, the group heads toward the Knickknack Shack, expecting it to be crowded with holiday shoppers like themselves.
Lily: Leave everything to me! I talked to the other crew members and made a shopping list!
Lyria: Yeah, you went running around asking everyone! That kind of effort is why you're captain of the brigade!
Lily: Ehehe. I couldn't have done it without the help of my vice-captain, Lyria!
Vyrn: Huh? I know you guys are fired up, but what's with all the captain and vice-captain stuff?
Lily: Heh-heh-heh. I'm glad you asked, Vyrn! You've got a good eye.
Lily: You see, I'm the founder of the "Holly Jolly Holiday Brigade." And the captain too! Eh-hem!
Lyria: That's right! And I'm Vice-Captain Lyria, at your service!
Lily: Oh, you and (Captain) are obviously members too, Vyrn!
Vyrn: Uhh, first I've heard of it. But sure, why not. So what does this brigade do exactly?
Lily: Um, it's like, "Hip hip hooray! Let's have a happy holiday!" That's the gist of it.
Vyrn: Haha, what the heck? We've moved past weird into just plain confusin'! But I can tell you're pumped for the holidays at least.
Lily: I sure am! I'm really, reeeally excited!
Lily: I love the holiday season! There's the thrill of waiting for Santa, twinkling lights in the city, and lots of yummy food!
Lily: Seeing everybody smiling makes me happy too!
Lyria: Yeah, I know just what you mean! I want everyone to have a great time at the holiday party too!
Lily: Me too! That's my duty as captain!
Lily smiles brightly as they make their way through the bustling city toward the Knickknack Shack.
Lily: Ooh, what's this? Attention, Vice-Captain! They're selling a big piece of meat here!
Lyria: That's a turkey, Captain! It's a holiday staple that's juicy and delicious!
Lily: I see, turkey... That was on the list!
Lily: Oh! There's a huuuge tree in the town square, Lyria! It's so sparkly and pretty!
Lyria: Looks like there's a big crowd around it. Would you like to take a break there after we finish our shopping?
Lily: Yeah! Let's do that!
Thanks to the expert guidance of the ever-cheerful Captain Lily, the group arrives at the Knickknack Shack.
Upon entering, Lily shows Sierokarte her shopping list.
Sierokarte: Let's see here. So you're in the market for tree decorations, foodstuffs, sweets, drinks... A little bit of everything, it looks like!
Sierokarte: Lucky for you, we have the whole caboodle on hand! Go ahead and take a look at our wares and decide what you want.
Lily: Okay, thanks! And, um... about that thing I wrote to you about...
Sierokarte: Ah, yes! You wanted to have everything delivered by cargo ship since it'll be too much to carry, right? I've made all the arrangements.
Sierokarte: But due to the ship's schedule, your goods will have to be delivered the morning of...
Lily: That's fine! Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yeah! We should have plenty of time to prepare the food and decorations after they arrive. It was a good idea to ask!
Vyrn: Not bad, Lily! Sounds like you've got this all under control!
Lily: Ehehe. Well, I am the captain, after all!
After speaking with Sierokarte, (Captain) and company browse the store to make their purchases.
Lyria: This is the holiday corner, right? Wow, look at all the goodies!
Vyrn: Oh, they have a bunch of different kinds of cake too! Which one looks good to you, Lily?
Lily: Wooow!
Vyrn: "Wooow" what?
Lily: Just look at it! The red's all bright and festive, and it's fluffy just like snow!
Vyrn: Uh... Huh? Are you talkin' about a strawberry shortcake?
Lyria: Hehe. No, silly. It looks like Lily's fallen in love with that outfit!
Sure enough, Lily's attention has been completely captured by a gorgeous dress on display in the shop.
Sierokarte: Hehehe. That's a holiday party dress. As a matter of fact, we just got it in stock.
Lily: Staaare...
Vyrn: Yo, you still with us, Lily? How long are you gonna gawk at that thing?
Lily: Whoops! Sorry, I was totally distracted...
Lyria: I don't blame you—it really is a lovely dress. And the white fluffiness fits your snowy image perfectly.
Lily: Ehehe. Y-you think so?
Lily: I feel like it might be too pretty for me. It would probably look better on somebody more grown-up, like Erin.
Lyria: No, I'm sure it would look great on you! You'd look just like a holiday fairy!
Lyria: Um, Siero? Would it be okay for her to try it on?
Sierokarte: Be my guest! It just so happens the changing room is available.
Lily: Wait, what? R-right this second?
Lily: B-but I bet it's pricey! I'd never be able to afford it!
Lyria: Don't worry about all that! Now go on, get in there!
At Lyria's insistence, Lily timidly enters the changing room, dress in hand.
Lily: U-um, so... what do you think?
  1. You look adorable.
  2. It suits you perfectly.

Choose: You look adorable.
Lily: R-really? You mean it?
Lyria: Yeah, it looks really cute on you! And it's perfect for the holidays!

Choose: It suits you perfectly.
Lily: Yaaay! (Captain) gave me a compliment!
Vyrn: Yeah, Lyria was right on the money. It's like that dress was made just for you!
Continue 1
Lily spins in front of the mirror, delightedly admiring her appearance.
Lily: Twirly whirly whirl... It's so pretty!
Lily: I'm glad I got to try it on! But I should probably go ahead and change back—
Sierokarte: I see, so you'd like to buy the outfit Lily's wearing? Always a pleasure doing business with you!
Lily: Wait, (Captain)! Wh-what are you doing?
Lily: N-no, you can't buy this! You should save that money and buy a great, big turkey instead...
  1. It's a holiday present.
  2. A captain needs a proper outfit.

Choose: It's a holiday present.
Lily: Huh? For me?

Choose: A captain needs a proper outfit.
Lily: It's because I'm the brigade captain?
Vyrn: Well, it's basically a holiday present from (Captain), right?
Continue 2
Lyria: You do so much for the crew. And not just during the holidays either! Always!
Vyrn: You help cook even when it's not your turn, clean up around the ship—stuff like that! Even if you are a bit of a sweets hog...
Lily: Vyrn... Lyria...
Lily: Are you sure it's okay for me to accept this, (Captain)?
The captain nods emphatically, prompting Lily to burst into a vibrant smile.
Lily: Wow, thank you! I love you sooo much, (Captain)!
Lily's grin is contagious as she leaps at (Captain) with a huge hug.
Lily: I'll make it up to you, okay? I'm going to work super hard as captain and put on a party that'll have everybody smiling from ear to ear!
Lily: Okay, Holly Jolly Holiday Brigade! Let's go, go, go!
Overflowing with motivation, Lily carefully examines the goods lined up on the shelves.
Following her lead, (Captain) and company excitedly set to work on their holiday preparations.

Spreading the Warmth

On the morning of the holiday party, the cargo ship carrying the crew's supplies gets caught in a blizzard, prompting Lily and Lyria to head into the city for some last-minute shopping. After stumbling upon a cake shop with no customers, they decide to help the owner promote his tasty treats.

Lily: Yawn... I slept like a log...
On the morning of the holiday party, Lily sits up in bed with an impressive yawn.
Lyria: Good morning, Lily. You were out like a light.
Lily: Mm? Why are you in my room, Lyria?
Lyria: Ahaha, you big sleepyhead. We were working in here together last night, remember?
Lily: Oh... Right! I was able to finish in time, all thanks to you!
Seeing the fruits of her labor from the previous night, Lily immediately snaps wide awake.
Lyria: Tonight's finally the big party. Looks like the weather's on your side too.
Lily: The weather?
Lily looks out the window to see snow falling heavily outside, covering the nearby land in a shroud of white.
Lily: Wow, look at all the snow! Now it really feels like the holidays are here!
Lyria: I bet it'll pile up even more while we're getting ready for the party! Then we can all go out and play—
Vyrn: Oh good, you guys are awake. We've, uh, got a little problem...
Lyria: The cargo ship...
Lily: It can't make it?
Sierokarte: I'm terribly sorry. The ship got caught in a blizzard along the way, you see...
The cargo ship is carrying all their supplies for the party—everything from the ingredients to the tree decorations.
But according to Sierokarte, it's impossible to predict when the ship will actually arrive.
Vyrn: We've been tryin' our best to sort things out.
Vyrn: We managed to scrounge together some decorations for the party, but we don't have any for the tree.
Vyrn: Plus, it'll be tough to whip up any holiday dishes like turkey and cake, so it might not be the big, fancy feast you were hopin' for.
Lyria: That makes sense. After all, everyone was supposed to be getting to work on the food and decorations right about now...
Lily: ...
Lily: I'll be right back!
Vyrn: Huh? Where're you goin'?
Lily: Shopping! I'm in charge of errands, and I'm the captain too, remember?
Lily: It's the Holly Jolly Holiday Brigade's job to make sure everybody enjoys the party!
Lyria: Then I'll go with you! I'm in charge of errands too, and I can't shirk my vice-captain duties.
Lily: Thanks, Lyria!
Vyrn: But we're missin' loads of stuff, right? And there's a chance the ship might make it on time, so shouldn't we start with what we've got lyin' around?
Lily: Maybe... But no matter what happens, I want to make the party as fun as it can be! So I can't sit around and do nothing!
Lily: Is it okay if Lyria and I go into town, (Captain)?
  1. Sure.
  2. Be careful, okay?

Choose: Sure.
Choose: Be careful, okay?
(Captain) needs to stay behind in order to deal with the cargo ship when it arrives.
The captain pats Lily on the head, as though assuring her that she can handle everything.
Vyrn: I had a feelin' you'd say that. You never give up, no matter how hopeless things look.
Vyrn: All right, off you go, Cap'n! We'll try thinkin' up some ideas on our end in the meantime!
Lily: Okay! Be back soon!
Together, Lily and Lyria hurriedly depart for the snow-covered town.
On their way, Lily notices something on the side of the street and squats down to get a better look.
Lily: Look at these flowers! They're just like the white blossoms that used to grow near the Ice Crystal Palace!
Lyria: They're as white as snow... How beautiful!
Lily: I'll use them to decorate the tree! You're okay with that, right, my flower friends?
Lily picks a number of the white flowers and gingerly places them into her pocket for safekeeping.
Lyria: By the way, about your frosty aura... Are you okay being apart from (Captain) now?
Lily: Um, it's getting better little by little. I'm still trying to get a good grasp on spring, but it's fine when the weather's cold!
Lyria: I see! Sounds like you're really making progress. All that hard work is paying off!
Lily: Ehehe. It's all because I've spent so much time sitting in (Captain)'s lap!
At last they arrive in the shopping district, only to be surprised by what they find.
Lily: Huh? Doesn't look like anybody's around.
Lyria: Let's see... According to the map, it looks like we turned onto one of the back roads. We can get to the main street over here...
Lily: Oh, there's a cake shop over there! Let's take a peek inside!
Lily points at the worn sign of a patisserie that appears to be well past its prime.
The only person inside is the shop owner, who watches as Lily rushes over to the cake display case and presses her face against the glass.
Lily: Wow! This cake's shaped just like a log! I've never seen anything like it before!
Lyria: Looks like it's called a Buche de Noel! The light, sweet scent kind of gives it a soft, fluffy feeling, doesn't it?
Lily: Ahaha. Gives me a hungry feeling too!
Patissier: Can I interest you in a sample? Considering you're my only customers, it'll be on the house.
The man cuts two slices of cake, places them on a pair of plates, and hands them to Lily and Lyria.
Lyria: If you're sure it's okay! Thank you!
Lily: Thanks a bunch, mister!
Okay, cake. Next stop, my tummy!
Lily & Lyria: Munch, munch...
Lily & Lyria: Mmm! Yum!
Lily: Wow! It looks like part of a tree, but it's sweet and fun to eat!
Lyria: It's beyond delicious! The buttercream frosting is making my taste buds dance!
Patissier: Haha. Good, isn't it? You young ladies have a fine sense of taste, that's for sure!
Patissier: Sigh... Wish the other townspeople would follow your example.
The patissier lowers his gaze to stare grimly at a nearby mountain of Buche de Noel cakes.
Lily: Um, well... Cheer up, mister. The holidays aren't over yet!
Patissier: Thanks for the pep talk. But at this rate, I'm going to have tons of leftovers again this year.
Lyria: O-oh no! But they're so yummy...
Patissier: These days it comes down to publicity over taste. Other shops around here hire salesgirls to make a big racket and draw in customers.
Patissier: But I want to compete with flavor alone.
Patissier: That being said, my wife's always telling me I can't keep being stubborn forever...
Lily: Oh...
Seeing the man's sad smile, Lily leans forward with a look of determination.
Lily: Got it! In that case, I'll help you sell them!
Patissier: Wh-what? But I'm not looking to hire—
Lily: I don't need any payment! I just want everybody to taste your Booshday Noel.
Lily: When you find something yummy, you can't help but shout it from the rooftops! That would be okay, right?
Patissier: ...!
Lily: Please? You can count on me! I just know all the townspeople would be really happy to find out about this shop!
Patissier: Well... But still... Why in the skies would you go to all that trouble—
Lyria: Lily wants everyone to have a holly jolly holiday!
Patissier: E-everyone?
Lily: Uh-huh! Eating your cake would make for a bunch of happy customers, right? And that would make for a happy Lily!
Lily: I bet it'd put a smile on your face too, mister! Just like when you let us try your cake!
Patissier: ...!
Lyria: Um, I'd like to help too. We'll work really hard... so will you let us try, just this once?
Patissier: ...
Patissier: All right, knock yourselves out. But at least try to get the name right, won't you? It's "Buche de Noel."
With a sigh, the patissier acknowledges his defeat.
Catching each other's eye, Lily and Lyria exchange delighted smiles.

Spreading the Warmth: Scene 2

Lily and Lyria receive a cake as a reward for their successful advertising campaign, but Lily ends up giving it to a girl who drops her own cake on the ground. Lily then offers her flowers to a young man who plans to confess his feelings to his sweetheart, leaving the pair with nothing to show for their efforts.

Lyria: Isn't it great, Lily? That nice man agreed to let us promote his cakes!
Lily: Yeah! Thanks for helping me convince him!
Lily: But, um... I need to apologize to you.
Lyria: Huh? Why?
Lily: It's all because I was greedy that we're having to run around trying to find things for the party...
Lyria: Lily...
Lyria: Don't worry, there's still time! And besides, I'm part of the Holly Jolly Holiday Brigade too!
Lyria: You didn't want to see the cake shop owner look sad anymore, right?
Lyria: I felt the same way! So even if you hadn't spoken up, I would have!
Lily: ...!
Lily: You're so, sooo sweet, Lyria!
Lily clings tightly to Lyria's arm, nuzzling it with her cheek.
Lyria: So Captain Lily, do you have a plan in mind for how to advertise his cakes?
Lily: You bet I do! Leave it to your captain!
Townsman: Huh? Where'd this huge, icy platform come from?
Townswoman: Think it's a stage? But who put it here?
Much to the surprise of the crowd, a stage made of ice has appeared next to the giant holiday tree in the shopping district.
Lyria: That was amazing, Lily! You used your ice magic to make a stage in the blink of an eye!
Lily: It was as easy as pie. Or I guess I should say... cake!
Lily: Okay, it's time. Commence Operation Let Them Eat Cake!
As Lily bounds onto the frozen stage, all eyes turn to her.
Lily: Sigh... I couldn't sell a single match and ended up returning home with a heavy heart.
Lily: What I wouldn't give to eat some sweet, sweet cake. Ohh, I'm so alone...
Townswoman: Oh, looks like there's a play starting! So it was a stage after all.
Townsman: Sounds like she's putting on a performance of The Little Match Girl.
The townspeople move closer, intrigued by the sudden stage production.
Lily: Ahh, I'm so cold! I'd better throw some wood on the fireplace, or I'll turn into a popsicle!
Lily: Sigh... If only this gnarled log was a soft, fluffy cake instead...
Lyria: Lily... I've seen how hard you've been working all this time..
Lyria: In honor of your efforts... I'm going to help make your wish come true!
Lily opens the box Lyria left behind, holding up its contents to show the audience.
There in her hands is none other than the Buche de Noel they bought at the cake shop.
Lily: Oh my! How can this be? The log turned into a tasty-looking cake!
Lily: Don't mind if I do!
Lily: Mmm, it's so sweet and yummy! Suddenly I'm not the least bit tired anymore!
Townsman: Ahaha, look at her chowing down! What kind of play is this?
Townswoman: Gulp... Whatever it is, she looks like she's really enjoying that cake!
Lily: Thanks be to Lyri—I mean, the goddess!
Lily: And now, without further ado, allow me to introduce the Booshday Noel! This cake is really sweet and fun to eat—
Lyria: Oh no...
Psst, Lily! It's "Buche de Noel"!
Lily: Oh, right! Yummy in your tummy—Buche de Noel!
Townsman: Oh, so it was an ad for a cake shop! Definitely caught my attention.
Townswoman: I'd like to try some of that cake too! Where can I buy one?
Lily: Right this way, everybody! Follow me!
Lily and Lyria lead the interested townspeople to the patisserie, until soon the store is crowded with customers.
Word quickly spreads through the town, and before they know it, every last cake has found a home.
Lily: Yaaay! They're all sold out!
Lyria: Operation Let Them Eat Cake was a huge success! Seeing you eat the cake made everyone else want some too!
Lily: Yep! Everybody looked so happy when they got to buy one of their own!
Patissier: They sure did...
Patissier: Sheesh, and after all that nonsense about "competing with flavor alone." What good is it if I don't put in the effort to make my customers smile?
Patissier: Here, take this as a little thank-you. I set aside a Buche de Noel just for you.
Lily: What? But I said I didn't need payment!
Patissier: Right, this isn't compensation. Think of it as an expression of my personal thanks. I hope you two enjoy it.
Lily: Aww, mister!
Lily: Ehehe, thanks! We'll split it with the other crew members!
Patissier: Huh? Crew members?
Lyria explains that they're preparing for a party on their airship, and the patissier's expression becomes apologetic.
Patissier: I see. You went to all that trouble, even though you're up against the clock.
Patissier: If you're looking for tree decorations, I recommend the general store on the main street.
Patissier: But the stores in the shopping district will be closing soon. You might want to hurry.
After getting directions to the general store, Lily and Lyria leave the shop just as the sun is beginning to set.
Hurrying along the snowy streets carefully so as not to slip, Lily's eyes sparkle at the sight of the brightly lit town.
Lily: The light from the lanterns is making the snow shimmer. It's so pretty!
Lyria: It really is! But watch your step, okay? It's hard to see in the dark...
Girl: Waaaaah!
Lily: Whoa! Wh-what happened? Did you slip and fall?
A young girl sits wailing on the ground, seeming to have fallen on her backside.
In her hands is a paper box, and splattered on the ground beside her are the scattered remnants of what used to be a cake.
Girl: The cake, I dropped it! But Mommy and Daddy are waiting for me...
Girl: Sniffle... What do I do now? They trusted me to buy it, and I let them down...
Lily: ...
Lily: Are you out on an errand? What a big girl you are!
Lily: Ta-da! I have a present for you from Santa Lily!
Smiling, Lily hands her the box containing the cake she had just received.
Lily: It's... a holiday cake!
Girl: Huh? A-a cake?
Lily: This is called a Buche de Noel! It's a super sweet, yummy cake! So dry your tears, okay?
Girl: S-Santa! Thank you so much!
The girl thanks Lily profusely before heading on her way, cradling the box carefully in her arms.
Lily: Ahaha. I gave away our cake...
Lyria: No worries at all.
Lyria gently grabs Lily's hand, and they make their way toward the general store.
But by the time they arrive, the store has already locked up for the night.
Lyria: Oh no! We're too late...
Young Man: I'm too late! How could this happen?
Beside them, a young man breathes a deep sigh as he, too, laments that the general store is closed.
Young Man: It's over... It's all over! Just bury me in a grave of snow...
Lily: U-um, hey. Don't be so hard on yourself.
Young Man: Huh? Wh-who are you?
Lily: I'm a member of the Holly Jolly Holiday Brigade. Why don't you hold off on the whole burying thing and tell me what's wrong?
Though confused, he explains his situation in a fit of desperation.
It turns out the young man is a struggling singer who's on his way to meet with the girl of his dreams and tell her how he feels.
Singer: I wanted to give her a present when I confessed, but I didn't have the money.
Singer: Fortunately, I made just enough singing at the tavern to combine it with my savings and buy a jewel of some sort...
Singer: But I got dragged into a scuffle with a drunkard, and before I knew it all the shops were closed.
Lyria: Aww... That's awful...
Singer: Sigh... It's just as well. I'm giving up on the confession anyway.
Lily: What! You're not going to tell her you love her?
Singer: Pretty sure this was a sign to just abandon the whole thing. It was a silly idea to begin with anyway.
Lily: ...
Lily: U-um, say! Would some flowers work?
Lily takes out the flowers she had been planning to use as tree ornaments and makes them into a bouquet.
Singer: F-flowers?
Lily: Yeah! Here, you can use them for your present!
Lily: They're so pretty—just like snowflakes. I just know your sweetheart will love them!
Singer: I appreciate the thought... but I'll have to pass. I need something more expensive, or she won't even give me the time of day...
Lily: That's not true! At the end of the day, it's the thought that counts!
Lily: You worked really hard because you like this girl so much, right?
Singer: Well... Yeah, of course! I went through a lot of hardship all for this day...
Lily: Then you should tell her! Tell her you love her, as many times as it takes!
Lily: I tell (Captain) and Lyria I love them every day!
Lyria: Yeah! I love you, Lily!
Lily: Ehehe. I love you too, Lyria!
Singer: ...!
Accepting the bouquet of white flowers, the boy smacks himself lightly on the cheek.
Singer: You're right. Why am I hesitating? I just need to tell her how I really feel!
Singer: Thanks, Lily! You've given me just the boost of courage I needed!
Lily: Yay! Now go tell her you love her!
Singer: Will do! And who knows? I might even throw in an impromptu love song while I'm at it!
Lyria: Um... Sorry to interrupt, but are you okay on time?
Singer: Oh! Whoops!
Singer: Thanks, you two! I swear I'll figure out a way to repay you somehow!
Arm waving wildly, the boy hurries off, disappearing into the darkness.
Lily: I bet my flower friends are happy to be his present, don't you think?
Lyria: Yeah! I know they are!
Having given away the holiday cake and white flowers, Lily and Lyria are left with nothing to show for their efforts.
Afterward they walk around the shopping district in search of an open store, but to no avail.

Spreading the Warmth: Scene 3

Lily and Lyria are forced to return to the Grandcypher empty-handed, but their disappointment turns to joy when the people they helped show up bearing holiday dishes and decorations. After the party, (Captain) receives a scarf knitted by Lily as a thank-you gift for the holiday dress.

Though the party is fast approaching, Lily and Lyria are forced to return to the Grandcypher empty-handed.
They arrive to find their crewmates rushing about, excitedly setting up for the evening's festivities.
Lyria: Wow! The decorations all look beautiful!
Lily: Sniff, sniff... I smell something yummy in the oven too!
Lily: Did the cargo ship end up making it on time?
Vyrn: Nah, it still hasn't shown up. But a lot went down after you two left...
While Lily and Lyria were in town, the other crew members had put their heads together to think up ways to help with the party.
They ended up devising a number of creative solutions, such as decorations made of cloth and recipes using ingredients from the pantry.
Vyrn: The Knickknack Shack pulled some strings with other merchants to get ahold of things like sweets and juice.
Vyrn: We're still short a bunch of stuff, but the party'll at least feel like the real deal now.
Lily: That's a lot of good news... I'm so glad!
Vyrn: So how'd your shopping trip go?
Lily's shoulders droop, and she shakes her head back and forth sadly.
Lily: Sorry. It ended up being a big failure.
Lyria: It wasn't a failure at all! You carried out your duty as captain and made everyone smile.
Lyria: You did wonderfully, Lily!
Lily: Lyria...
Vyrn: I dunno what happened in town, but it sounds like you gave it your all, huh?
Vyrn: Okay, time to switch gears and get the hall ready to go! They're comin' up with the table arrangements right now—
All Three: Heeey! Lily!
Lyria: Hm? I could've sworn I heard voices outside just now. Was it my imagination?
Lily: No, I heard them too. They were calling my name!
Lily and Lyria rush outside in search of the source of the mysterious voices.
Girl: Look, there she is!
Patissier: I figured you'd be on this ship! It's the biggest one in the port right now, after all.
Beside the Grandcypher stand a number of people, including the patissier, the young girl, and the singer from earlier.
Lily: Wh-what? Why are you all here?
Singer: We wanted to repay you for everything you did for us! Here, check it out!
Lyria: Oh, look at all the carts! Something smells salty and sweet...
Lily: This one's piled up with... t-turkeys! And lots of cakes too!
Lily: And there are tree decorations over here! Bells, stars, wreathes... Will all of these even fit on the tree?
The group has come bearing all sorts of items needed for the party, such as holiday dishes and adornments for the tree.
Singer's Girlfriend: They're all for you! We had to do something to thank our very own Cupid!
Singer: Oh, right! Thanks to your encouragement, I was able to get my feelings across!
Shopkeep: And you gave my daughter a cake, right? I was touched to know there was a little saint like you out there!
Girl: Thanks, Santa Lily! I'll help out a whooole bunch to return the favor!
Lily: Um, let's see... Good to see two of you again, and nice to meet the other two!
Lyria: Oh my! There's so much happening at once, it's hard to keep up!
Sensing the pair's confusion, the patissier chimes in to explain the situation.
Patissier: After you left, this young singer and his sweetheart came by my shop.
Patissier: They wanted to know where they could find the salesgirl from earlier.
Realizing the girl with the flowers was the same girl from the play, the couple had paid a visit to the cake shop.
They were soon joined by the parents of the girl who Lily had given the cake to, in hopes of thanking the mysterious Santa.
As it turns out, the girl's parents happened to be the owners of the very general store Lily had tried to visit that evening.
Patissier: When I found out you'd given away the cake and couldn't buy the decorations, I wanted to do something to help.
Patissier: In fact, we all felt the same way. So we decided to bring thank you gifts for your party.
Lyria: This is incredible! It's all because you worked so hard for everyone, Lily!
Lily: Ehehe. I'm so happy! And I'm glad I got to see you all again too.
Lily: Wait, I know! Why don't you join us for the party? The more the merrier!
Singer: A-are you sure? We wouldn't want to put you guys out though...
Lyria: You wouldn't be putting us out at all! Let's all enjoy this special day together!
Girl: Yay! I wanna help decorate the tree!
Lily: Let's do it! Everybody, follow me!
With Lily leading the way, the group cheerfully sets to work preparing for the party.
With the hall ready, the festivities finally begin.
Lily: The cake and turkey you made are super yummy, mister. I can't stop eating!
Patissier: Hahaha. That's a true masterpiece for you! Make sure to savor the flavor!
Girl: The tree's a masterpiece too, right, Lily? Just look how sparkly and shiny it is!
Lily: Ehehe. That's because we worked so hard decorating it together! You can't even see the branches anymore!
Singer: Er... I-I wasn't able to contribute much, so I'll sing a holiday song for you instead!
Singer's Girlfriend: In that case, I'll sing with you!
Lily: Ooh, yay! I want to sing along too!
Singer: Huh? But then it won't be a thank-you anymore!
There's a smile on every face as the partygoers enjoy their time together.
With the arrival of the cargo ship partway through, the celebrations kick into an even higher gear, continuing well into the night.
As the party finally winds down, the hall settles into a comfortable silence.
Lily: Zzz...
Vyrn: Haha. She plopped down in that chair and fell fast asleep!
Lyria: Well, she really outdid herself today. It's our turn to handle the cleanup!
Vyrn: Sure thing! But won't she catch a cold sleepin' out in the open like that?
(Captain) nods, gently picking up the sleeping Lily to carry her to her room.
Vyrn: Huh? Somethin' fell out of her pocket.
Vyrn picks up a floral print bag containing a white wool scarf and a letter reading "To my dearest (Captain)," inside.
Lyria: Oh, I forgot all about that! She was saving it for after the party!
Vyrn: Looks like it's addressed to (Captain). Know anything about it?
Lyria: Actually, yes... It's a present for (Captain). Lily knitted the wool scarf herself.
Lyria: She worked on it in secret as a thank-you for the pretty holiday dress.
Lyria: She's been staying up late every night to work on it. And I've been helping her in the evenings.
Vyrn: Dang... And she was plannin' the party on top of all that. Makes sense she's zonked out.
Vyrn: Sheesh, guess that captain title fits her pretty well. She's sure got big dreams for such a tiny thing.
Lily: ...
(Captain) carefully sets Lily down on her bed before opening the letter and beginning to read.
Lily: To my dearest (Captain),
Happy Holidays!
Lily: The holiday dress made me so happy, I decided to knit you a scarf as a thank-you!
Lily: Knitting's pretty hard, huh? I thought it'd be like making a cat's cradle, but boy was I wrong!
Lily: But seeing you in my mind all cozy and smiling was enough to get me through!
Lily: You're my springtime, (Captain), so I hope I can help warm you up a little too!
Lily: By the way, did you enjoy the holiday party?
Lily: You have a habit of overworking yourself, so I wanted to give you a chance to relax!
Lily: You're always spoiling me, so it's only fair for me to spoil you once in a while, right?
Lily: I still have a long way to go, but I hope we'll stick together through it all!
Love, Lily
After finishing the letter, (Captain) tries on Lily's gift.
Though a little on the short side, the scarf is plenty warm, and its compact size is sure to make it easier to carry anyway.
  1. Thanks, Lily.

Choose: Thanks, Lily.
Warmed all the way through to the heart, the captain pats Lily's head gently.
Outside the window the snow continues to fall, gently swathing the city in a blanket of white.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
みんなで聖夜を楽しみ隊、たいちょーのリリィなの! I'm Captain Lily of the Holly Jolly Holiday Brigade!
どうどう?ドレス、似合ってるかなぁ? What do you think? Does this dress look good on me?
クリスマスカード、みんなに送ったよ! I sent a holiday card to each and every crew member!
リリィ、いい子だった?サンタさん来るかなぁ? I was a good girl this year, right? Think Santa will stop by?
エリンちゃんと一緒に聖夜の絵本が読みたいなぁ I want to read a holiday picture book with Erin.
あま~いケーキ、ティアさまの大好物なの! Super sweet cake is Tia's favorite!
雪合戦なら負けないの!氷の魔法で…えいっ I won't lose in a snowball fight! I've got ice magic on my side... Incoming!
ルリアおねえさまっ!ふふ、呼んでみただけなの Lyriaaa! Hehe, I just felt like calling her name.
(主人公)さまのお膝の上、あったかいの~ Your lap's so warm and cozy, (Captain).
(主人公)さま、一緒にたーきー食べよ? (Captain), let's have some turkey together!


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