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Official Profile

Age Appears as a male in his early 20s (in mortal form)
Height 178 cm (in mortal form)
Race Erune
Hobbies Observation
Likes Carrying out his duties
Dislikes Experiencing things as a mortal
1人目は、イベント「OLD BOND」で大活躍だった六竜の『白』ル・オーが、光属性のリミテッドシリーズとして登場します!


フェイトエピソードでは、ル・オーがとある島で出会った老婆の看病をする物語が描かれます。 人の看病など初めての経験であるため、彼は対処法をビィとルリアに求めることにしました。 二人より聞いた対処法を実践し看病を続けていくと、老婆は目を覚まし……

Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 20代前半の男性を想定 (ヒト型時)
Height 178 cm (ヒト型時)
Race エルーン
Hobbies 観察
Likes 役割の遂行
Dislikes 人間態の感覚
1人目は、イベント「OLD BOND」で大活躍だった六竜の『白』ル・オーが、光属性のリミテッドシリーズとして登場します!


フェイトエピソードでは、ル・オーがとある島で出会った老婆の看病をする物語が描かれます。 人の看病など初めての経験であるため、彼は対処法をビィとルリアに求めることにしました。 二人より聞いた対処法を実践し看病を続けていくと、老婆は目を覚まし……

Source [1]





Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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What's that? Your birthday?
So what? Are you saying you wish for me to celebrate this day with you?
Choose: Yep!
Fine. The children of man are weak, you see—surviving yet another year must not be an easy feat.
Even if in the rarest chance that you are blessed with good fortune, with the strong ties to the boundaries you possess as a result of accumulated causality...
Perhaps living another year as a mere mortal is an admirable achievement after all.
I suppose it is no surprise you would like commendation for your survival. Very well—I will only say this once, so listen closely.
Happy birthday. I pray that you can recognize your accomplishments and live another fulfilling year.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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The first sunrise of the year... The children of man tend to find meaning for providence in many things.
But even if mortals eventually come to an end, their wishes for meaning are not in vain.
The thoughts of mortals will be restored to the skies and play an influence on us—the Six Dragons—who bring that providence.
As Galleon said once, our personalities are born from a collection of the thoughts of mortals.
In other words, if the children of man celebrate the first sunrise and choose to rely on and glorify the light...
Then I shall return the favor to them.
In a sense, one could even say the Six Dragons depend on those living in these skies—the very mortals who are so full of selfish desire.
You must remember that the children of man are capable of bringing down even the world itself with their thoughts and actions, Singularity.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Before you say anything, I shall refuse. Though my vessel may resemble that of a mortal, I do not require sustenance for survival.
Consequently, the sweets you are presenting me with will not fulfill their purpose. In other words, it would be a waste of provisions.
Even more so if the purpose of such a practice is meant for one who has piqued your interest for reproduction. I repeat—I am one of the Six Dragons.
However... I am aware that you prepared this for me all the while knowing it would defy logic.
Forcefully applying logic on your goodwill would be an act equivalent to that of a defiant child.
In that case, I shall comply and accept your gift. And in doing so, I suppose there is something I must say...
Thank you.

White Day Cutscenes
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These are for you, Singularity.
You needn't fret over the composition. Wilnas took no part in creating these, thus I guarantee they will taste sweet.
As the singularity, you have survived many ordeals to prevent the world's destruction. You will need to overcome many more to ensure the world isn't lost.
I continue to wonder if putting such a burden in your hands is a good idea...
But at the very least, you ought to be lauded for your tireless efforts.
We Six Dragons have no reason to adhere to decorum devised by the children of man.
Nevertheless, there is value in imitating your customs while I consort with your kind.
So rejoice, Singularity, in the gift I bestow to you on this, the day of white.


Singularity. Take this.
I am aware of the fact that White Day is an occasion to present one with a gift in return for a favor received on Valentine's Day.
Though it is questionable as to why the Six Dragons must adhere to the practices of the children of man...
It would not be right for us to ignore the affairs of mortals who live so fervently in these skies that continue to be plagued by the distortions of the world.
As such, I have prepared a gift of sweets. Rest assured I asked Orologia for assistance, not Wilnas.
If you treat me with courtesy, then I shall repay that courtesy in kind.
By all means, humor me and use my favor as a means of surviving in this distorted world, Singularity.
After all, as one who must carry burdens you should not have to carry... it is only proper that you use every benefit to your full advantage.

Chocolate Biscuits
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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You mean to say that the souls of the dead return to the world of the living to enjoy confectionaries and mischief...
It is true that the wedge which oversaw life and death was pulled out and abandoned by the Creator.
For mortals to take this distortion in the world and incorporate it into their lives as a form of amusement...
The strong will to live in these skies displayed by the children of man never fails to surprise me.
As a result, the Six Dragons—including myself—recognize this honorable behavior and wish to maintain the world as it is now.
Singularity. Go forth and enjoy this world in its misery to the fullest.
Your emotions will surely be restored to this world and become a power that flows into us, becoming the Six Dragons' strength.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(Captain) hurries back to the Grandcypher after buying ingredients for the night's winter feast.
Quite the large amount of things you're carrying. The items are about to fall from your two measly arms.
What? These are for... the winter celebration? Mortals certainly tend to celebrate at any occasion.
You're carrying everything rather carelessly. Do you not care at all if you drop and damage the items?
Ah, you do. Then perhaps you should consider employing the help of other mortals to avoid such a situation.
Use this. I have connected it to the deck of the Grandcypher.
I hear it is tradition to give gifts to young children for the winter celebration. You may see this as my gift to you, Singularity.

Fate Episodes

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How Feeble is Fate

One day, Lu Woh helps an elderly lady pick up an apple as instructed by Orologia. Lu Woh tells Orologia after that he would be willing to kill even the god of the sky in order to protect those who dwell in the Sky Realm. After parting with Orologia, Lu Woh checks on the woman out of curiosity and discovers her collapsed at her house. Unable to abandon the lady, Lu Woh visits (Captain) and company for advice.

One quiet afternoon on a peaceful island.
In the corner of a shopping street, a freshly bought apple falls from an elderly lady's hand and begins to roll away.
Grandma: Oh dear...
Lu Woh: ...
Grandma: Now which way did it go... Over here, maybe...
Lu Woh: Are you looking for this apple? Here.
Grandma: Oh my! What a kind young man. Thank you.
Lu Woh: No need to thank me. I hope you are aware of your body's deterioration—it seems your eyesight is rather weak.
Grandma: Aging is quite difficult to keep up with, I must say... But even with my bad eyesight, I can tell you are quite the charmer.
Grandma: Maybe I was lucky to have dropped that apple after all. Thank you, young man.
Taking the apple from Lu Woh, the lady bows her head in thanks before slowly making her way home.
After seeing the woman off on her merry way, he slips into an alley and calls out to the dark.
Lu Woh: Was that what you wanted me to do?
???: Fantastico resourcefico! It'd be dangerous for her to go back to the store, and the route'll only work if it's apples.
???: Luo, you are some manifesty eye-candy! Even that granny knows it. You sure know how to make good use of your radiant face and hair!
Lu Woh: Manifesty eye-candy?
???: Your! Beautiful! Manifestation!
Lu Woh: Orologia, can you not do something about your odd manner of speaking?
Orologia: Maybe tell that to ole B-Mut for making me wipe the B-Butt so much it fell off.
Orologia: Sometimes I kinda flicker in and out. Can't cute widdle Logia get some love for maintaining a perfect attendance record in hell?
Lu Woh: Perhaps you could use some purifying, then.
Orologia: Nyooo! Nyo can do! Using violence to solve things would bring us straight into an MTA sitch!
Lu Woh: MTA?
As I was saying, if you're insisting on using such unique language, at least add a little more so others can understand.
Orologia: Moments to Apocalypse!
Lu Woh: I... see? Personally, that sounds more like a challenge from the sky god.
Lu Woh is one of the Six Dragons upholding the current form of the world, and serves as the pillar who brings light to the skies.
The fact that the Sky Realm has deviated so far from its original design has always troubled Lu Woh.
Orologia: I'm exhausted! I need a chair... A chair... Ah, here we go. Thank you, chair. How kind of you to seat little ol' me...
Lu Woh and Orologia have left the shopping street and the island behind for a different island—one the Six Dragons use as their meeting place.
Lu Woh: Orologia. Is that exhaustion something else brought on by one of god's defects?
Orologia: Hmm... It's not a defect, per se...
Orologia: Firstly, the power of "the Omnipotent" isn't as almighty as it sounds.
Orologia: We can complain about the bad job done making the world, but there's rules about where you can stick your fingers.
Orologia: If there weren't, yours truly wouldn't have to pull my hair out over Akasha, or sweat over that furball's collar!
Lu Woh: The Astrals... No, before the Omnipotent, even they are but our siblings of shared blood.
Lu Woh: What distorts this world then must be the Otherworld...
Orologia: Well, more like the process started with a penalty of a trillion creation points for putting the world over a place that'd already existed before?
Orologia: So Kamuzumi got nixed, among other things, and now we get to run the Big Mess Grand Prix event. It's underway now—permanently!
Lu Woh: Speaking of, is it truly fine to leave Kamuzumi the way he is now? He hardly seems to be in working condition.
Orologia: Believe in the power of love! It will save the world! Please check out the next work by Kamuzumi soon!
Lu Woh: Orologia.
Orologia: Eep, what a scary look! You could probably whip the world into shape with just your face! Kidding...
Orologia: Anyway, believe it or not, his current state is going to come in handy. I'm doing my best here, you know.
Lu Woh: If that's what you say, I believe you. I just hope it doesn't get out of control.
Orologia: Whoa, knock on wood, knock on wood! It'll be fine, I think... probably maybe most likely.
Orologia: Don't say stuff like that... You're making it sound like we're sliding off-route. You're gonna make me cry... I'm already crying. Boohoo...
Lu Woh: Even if the true dragons were born in order to keep the distortions under control, the entire foundation of this world is destruction.
Lu Woh: Within the cycle of destruction and rebirth, fault and error are bound to occur somewhere along the way.
Orologia: Yeah, but the same can be said for the stars that've chosen eternity. As time passes, they will slowly crumble...
Orologia: In the end, distortions are present in any world, and that's why we need wedges to hold ours in place—isn't that what we believe?
Orologia: Because if we don't...
Lu Woh: Orologia.
Orologia: ...
Orologia: My tummy hurts...
Lu Woh: I understand your vessel is the way it is in order to minimize its influence on the Sky Realm, but is there truly nothing to be done about its fragility?
Orologia: This is all because you suggested the whole slaying thing!
Orologia: Why do you all have to say to slay the god? I mean, I know the Creator has it coming, but still!
Lu Woh: So you're saying that now is not the time.
Orologia: Definitely not.
Orologia: Besides, just in case you've forgotten! This is the Sky Realm! What good is killing the sky god gonna do!
Orologia: All radicals are the same, I swear... All about the destroying, you know? Myself, I'm a pacifist... Can't we just have some peace?
Lu Woh: Regardless of the distortions, the Sky Realm is teeming with life.
Lu Woh: If your aim is to ensure the survival of this world, then surely your mission is the same as us Six Dragons': to protect the lives within the skies.
Lu Woh: In that sense, you must consider the god of the Sky Realm to be no more than one part of what makes up this world. And I am simply fulfilling my own part.
Orologia: Rrgh... You're so darn serious, Luo! So radical in your seriousness!
Lu Woh: ...
Orologia: Eep...
Lu Woh: If the true dragons are not enough, then we have no choice but to use a different power.
Lu Woh: Taking into account their affinity with the wedges, you wouldn't be against using the fallen angels for our purposes, would you?
Orologia: A hole-in-one! I say go for it!
Orologia: The archangels are doing just fine, but I am a little concerned about the fallen angels.
Orologia: I honestly feel sorry for them, since they're creatures born to fulfill their original roles... They gotta have it hard.
Lu Woh: They may be born of the stars, but it is the Sky Realm in which they now reside. We shall use them as we wish.
Orologia: Sounds good to me! Hmm, let's see... Who would be good...
Orologia: I'm thinking the power of dusk could complement parts of your power! What do you think?
Lu Woh: I shall take the specified angel into consideration. Is that not the fallen angel who remains close to the singularity?
Lu Woh: I assumed you had your own plans by placing the angel in that position.
Orologia: Yep! I say there's no shame to using everything available to you—even the Creator!
Orologia: We can't afford to lose that child, after all... It wouldn't just be changing routes at that point.
Lu Woh: Is that your idea of atonement for placing such pressure on a single mortal?
Lu Woh: Given how simple that particular one is, I imagine a straightforward apology would suffice...
Orologia: That's the problem.
Orologia: If that giant bundle of kindness were to meet me, the kid wouldn't be able to hate me—even after what I've done.
Orologia: That's why I don't think it's a good idea for me to apologize directly. It's way easier if I'm hated.
Lu Woh: I see. If that is your decision, then I will not object to it.
Orologia: Eheheh. Thankies, Luo!
Orologia: Whoops, looks like it's about time to wrap up the chitchat and leave the playing for next time.
Orologia: Guess I should go do my job enforcing causality and whatnot. See you later, Luo!
Lu Woh: If you're planning to hide behind your eccentricity, a better front wouldn't hurt...
Lu Woh: Causality, was it?
Everything is connected—chained to the wheel of fate.
Lu Woh: ...
Grandma: Mrgh...
Lu Woh: ...!
Lu Woh: Now that I've noticed, I suppose I cannot simply ignore it...
Thinking back to the elderly lady who had dropped her apple earlier, Lu Woh connects his gate to her house.
Lu Woh: Not again! Is there no one else here? It's time you understood the decline of your own body!
Lu Woh: When a mortal has fallen ill, they would do well to lie down and rest on a bed. This is what the singularity did.
The elderly lady had collapsed onto the ground with her hand on her chest. Lu Woh gently picks her up before carrying her over to the bed.
Lu Woh: If a mortal's vitality is withering away, then it is not my place to drastically go against the natural flow, even if I have the power to.
Lu Woh: I should treat her as I would any other sickly mortal, which would be to...
Lu Woh: ...
Ah, damn it!
Lu Woh: Singularity.
Vyrn: Whoa! You scared us there!
Lyria: Oh, it's Lu Woh! Is something the matter?
Lu Woh: I have a question I'd like you to answer.
Surprised by the sudden appearance, (Captain)'s brows knit together as the crew listens to Lu Woh's somewhat arrogant yet curious question.
Upon hearing Lu Woh's inquiry, (Captain) and company pause to give it some thought.

The Destiny Called Hope

After receiving advice from the crew on how to look after a mortal who is unwell, Lu Woh goes back to nurse the elderly lady. When the woman wakes, the dragon learns that she has no one close by who can look after her. Lu Woh decides to call for a doctor.

After learning of the elderly woman's condition, Lu Woh seeks (Captain) and the crew in hopes that they can help with nursing her.
Unsure of the circumstances and surprised by the dragon's sudden appearance, (Captain) looks at Lu Woh curiously.
Lyria: What is it that you'd like to ask us, Lu Woh?
Lu Woh: It is in regards to what one should do when someone is physically unwell in the Sky Realm.
Vyrn: Huh? Are you talkin' about when someone else isn't feelin' so good, or yourself?
Lu Woh: The former.
Vyrn: Right... And is it an injury or some kind of sickness?
Lu Woh: Assume it to be... sickness. There isn't too much of a difference.
Vyrn: Okay...
Lyria: Are you thinking of when someone's caught a cold or something like that? In that case, you should have them lie down in bed.
Vyrn: Oh, so we're startin' from there? Come to think of it, I guess it makes sense that the Six Dragons wouldn't know about basic stuff like that.
Lu Woh: Understand that we are different from you in essence.
Lu Woh: Now, let us say I have already carried this mortal to their bed. What next?
Vyrn: You should take their temperature next. It's important to check how different their body temperature is than usual.
Lyria: That's a good idea. Doctors often ask if you have a fever when looking at a patient!
Lu Woh: A doctor... You mean to say that I should employ the help of a professional.
Vyrn: Yeah, treating an injury or sickness by yourself can be risky business—best to just have a doctor check it out!
Lyria: If the person is very unwell, usually the town doctor can go to their house to take a look at them.
Lu Woh nods sagely as Lyria and Vyrn continue their thorough explanations.
Vyrn: We told ya a buncha stuff... You sure you don't need to jot some notes down?
Lu Woh: This amount of information should not be a problem for me. Your guidance is appreciated.
Lyria: Feel free to let us know if there's anything else we can help with!
Lu Woh: Rather presumptuous of a skydweller to offer assistance to a pillar of the world such as myself—though I suspect it is simply manners.
Lu Woh: I apologize for taking up the precious time that you have so little of, mortals. If you'll excuse me.
Before (Captain) can say anything, Lu Woh disappears.
Lyria: I wonder if there's someone who's feeling unwell right now...
Vyrn: If that's what's goin' on, then we shoulda gone with him.
Vyrn: Well, I guess if he needs help he'll come find us again. We'll be ready to help him next time!
Lu Woh returns to the house to check up on the elderly woman, who is still fast asleep.
Grandma: ...
Lu Woh: She's comatose—er, asleep. I suppose I should take her temperature first to see if she has a fever.
Lu Woh: Although it is rather difficult for me to judge, seeing how the temperatures of our bodies are different.
Lu Woh: The temperature doesn't appear to be abnormal in terms of how a body constructed of organic matter should be.
Lu Woh looks around the room, searching for the items he learned about earlier that could be used to nurse the lady.
Lu Woh: I need to wet a towel and place it on her forehead. They told me to wring the water out first, but how much should I wring?
Lu Woh: This is more troublesome than I'd expected!
Grandma: Huh...
Lu Woh: Ah. You're awake.
The elderly lady wakes after Lu Woh nurses her—albeit unskillfully—for some time. She looks at him, surprised.
Grandma: Oh my... What's the matter with me... I'm feeling quite lightheaded...
Lu Woh: You were feeling unwell and collapsed. Is there no one nearby who can look after you while you recover?
Grandma: Well, let's see... My son lives in another town, and my daughter is on a different island...
Lu Woh: In other words, there is no one.
Lu Woh: We have no other choice—I shall call a doctor for you. Would that be acceptable?
Grandma: Oh dear... I'm sorry for all the trouble. I'm sure a young man like you is quite busy.
Lu Woh: No need to fret over something so trivial. Do take care of your own health.
Grandma: Who could he be? I feel as if I know him... Yes, he must be an acquaintance...
Grandma: Even so, what a kind person he is. I must thank him later...
Grandma: ...

The Destiny Called Hope: Scene 2

The doctor tells Lu Woh that as the woman is already well in her years, she does not have much longer to live. The dragon begins to visit the elderly lady regularly, and she tells him about her late husband and her children who live far away. Their conversations make Lu Woh think about the cycle of life and death—and of creation and destruction—within the skies.

Several days later, the elderly lady sits at her kitchen table preparing food.
Grandma: Mmm... A lovely color and shine. I should be able to make something delicious with these apples.
Lu Woh: Do you not experience any discomfort while sitting up in such a manner?
Grandma: Oh my, to think I'd see you again today. I do apologize for worrying you.
Lu Woh: It is a small matter—no need to think much of it.
Lu Woh: Small as it may be, however, once I have involved myself with something, it would be irresponsible of me to abandon it.
Grandma: Hehe. You certainly go to interesting lengths to be kind, young man.
Grandma: You remind me of someone I knew, back in my youth...
Unfazed by Lu Woh's sudden appearance, the elderly lady continues to peel the apples one by one. After cutting them up, she tosses the slices into a pot.
Lu Woh: I suppose being compared to a mortal is a sign of blending in well.
Grandma: Hehe. Ah, but you are much more handsome than the person I'm thinking of.
Grandma: He always had a stern expression on his face... The children would get so scared of him. He even made a baby cry once.
She walks over to the stove and adds sugar to the pot. As the apples simmer, the lady gazes at Lu Woh thoughtfully.
Grandma: The person I know loved sweet things, you see. Why, he loved apple pie so much that he'd fight over it with the children.
Grandma: Hmm, maybe a little more sugar...
Lu Woh: ...
Lu Woh: How is her condition?
Doctor: Hm... Her collapse was most likely due to anemia. She must be eating too little.
Doctor: At any rate, since she's well in her years, it must be hard for her body to digest the food even if she eats more.
Lu Woh: So her life is coming to an end.
Doctor: There are things even medicine cannot fix. It's hard to say what will happen next time she collapses—I would advise you to be ready for whatever comes.
Lu Woh: For whatever comes... It doesn't seem like there is anyone nearby to watch over her.
Doctor: I hear her children invited her to live with them, but she didn't want to leave the place she's lived at for so long and decided to live on her own.
Doctor: For now, I'll prescribe some medicine that can help warm up her body—have her drink it every morning and night. Though it's mostly for peace of mind, it's better than nothing.
Lu Woh: ...
Lu Woh: It's raining.
Grandma: Oh dear, that's too bad. Quite cloudy today, isn't it?
Lu Woh: It is only natural for the sky to be clouded over—that is how it's raining, after all. Though I suppose rain can occur on clear days as well.
Grandma: Hehe. Rain on a clear day is so beautiful. It almost looks like it's sparkling.
Grandma: It was raining while the sun was out on the day I had my youngest child as well. I felt as if the sky was congratulating me.
Grandma: Oh, yes. And the day he asked me to marry him... That was also a clear day with rain.
Lu Woh: Mortals look for meaning in natural phenomena based on their personal experiences.
Lu Woh: And in time, that meaning returns to the world, and then to the Six Dragons who uphold it. Albeit small, it is an effect that not even we can ignore.
Lu Woh: The light is glorified as a symbol of life because mortals have made it so.
Lu Woh: If rain on a clear day is a form of celebration for you, then one day, it may become so in the world.
Grandma: You think of rather difficult things, don't you, young man? Are you a scholar, perhaps?
Grandma: But there's really no need to think so hard about it. Rain on a clear day is special, and seeing it naturally makes me happy. Maybe that's all there is to it.
Grandma: Something out of the ordinary can be worrisome at times... but it also makes things exciting.
Lu Woh: Naturally, hm?
Lu Woh: I wonder... What is "natural" in this world that exists in a cycle of destruction and creation?
Grandma: Oh my. Careful not to knit your eyebrows like that too much, young man. It might end up becoming a habit.
Lu Woh: ...
Lu Woh: (The life and death of all things... Perhaps only this cycle constitutes as "natural.")

The Destiny Called Hope: Scene 3

The elderly lady collapses again one day and her condition becomes critical. Though Lu Woh tries to discuss with Orologia on a way to allow the woman to see her children once more before she dies, he is forced to give up on the idea, as any change made for the purpose of one person could lead to the world's downfall. Lu Woh uses his magic power, giving the woman a final dream in which the dragon tells her to go forth on her journey and rest in peace.

Lu Woh: Remember to take your medicine this morning. It seems you failed to take it the other day...
Lu Woh: ...!
Seeing the elderly lady sitting limply in her chair, Lu Woh immediately carries her over to the bed and calls for the doctor.
Grandma: ...
Lu Woh: Critical condition...
Doctor: As I mentioned before, she is quite old.
Doctor: I'll come take a look again once I've finished looking after the other patients at the hospital... but there's not much else I can do, I'm afraid.
Lu Woh: Understood.
Lu Woh: ...
Lu Woh: The wishes... of mortals...
Lu Woh: Singularity.
Lu Woh appears on the deck of the Grandcypher without notice and begins to speak to (Captain), who looks at the dragon speechlessly.
Lu Woh: What is it... that mortals wish for when faced with death?
Sensing the gravity of the question, (Captain)'s expression turns serious before reciprocating solemnly in return.
  1. To see their family and friends.

Choose: To see their family and friends.
Lu Woh: I see.
Lu Woh: Thank you for your time and response.
Lyria: Huh? Were you talking to someone just now, (Captain)?
Lyria: Lu Woh was here? And he's gone already?
Lyria: I wonder what's wrong...
Lu Woh leaves (Captain) to meet with Orologia.
Orologia: Weeell...
Orologia: Sorry, Luo. That's gonna bend the route a bit too much, so I really can't...
Lu Woh: I see.
Orologia: To reach the town on the other side of the mountain, you need to ride a cart with some other people heading in the same direction. But looks like the seats are all full...
Orologia: Even if I make it so there's a seat this time, next we'll be too late for the ship sailing to another island...
Orologia: And then from there we're gonna keep fluttering by in a butterfly effect...
Lu Woh: Very well then. It is only fate that the ideal circumstances cannot fall into place before her death.
Orologia: I'm sorry... If only the situation was a little more favorable, I might've been able to do something...
Orologia: Like if it was like this... Then I could do that...
Lu Woh: Don't meddle with small matters. That bad habit of yours will be your downfall someday, Orologia.
Orologia: Give a cat my tongue!
Lu Woh: We must not alter the way of the world simply for a single life.
Lu Woh: I don't think I need to tell you that.
Orologia: Then why bring it up?
Orologia: Not being able to grant all lives the end they wish for is a failure on my part...
Lu Woh: After all, this world is built on the basis of destruction. A happy ending is but an ephemeral dream and nearly impossible...
Lu Woh: But so long as we serve as the pillars of the world, we have naught but to do our utmost for it.
Orologia: That's right. The least we can do is wish for their happiness... in hopes that our wish can be restored to the world.
Lu Woh: If that is the fate you have chosen, then I will believe that is what's best.
Orologia: Oof! So nice of you, but so much pressure!
Lu Woh: It is up to you how you choose to interpret my words.
Lu Woh: Either way, this is the end for her. That remains a fact.
Lu Woh: In that case, I...
Lu Woh: ...
Grandma: ...
Lu Woh: ...
Lu Woh gently places his hand on the elderly lady's closed eyes and releases a small amount of magic power.
Grandma: Ah...
Grandma: Such beautiful weather today...
Lu Woh: Go forth, down the path in front of you.
Grandma: Yes... It's time for me to go.
Lu Woh: You have lived well. You have the right to depart and find your peace.
Lu Woh: I promise you I will do my best so that your next life in this world can be spent under beautiful, blue skies.
Grandma: You're...
Grandma: Hehe. Somehow, I feel like I can finally see your face clearly.
Grandma: You are a special young man—perhaps "man" isn't a correct description. But it doesn't matter...
Grandma: Thank you for your kindness. I'll go now.
Lu Woh: Farewell.
Grandma: It'd be wonderful... if we could have the opportunity to meet again...
Grandma: ...
With a peaceful expression on her face, she takes her last breath as her soul leaves her body.
Lu Woh: She's gone...
Lu Woh: Hm?
Noticing a package left on the table, Lu Woh walks over to it.
Lu Woh: Is this...
Card's Message: Thank you for always coming to keep me company. As thanks, I've baked an apple pie for you. I do hope you'll enjoy it.
Lu Woh: I wasn't exactly here to keep you company...
Lu Woh: ...

The Destiny Called Hope: Scene 4

The following day, Lu Woh takes the apple pie the elderly lady had baked as thanks for having taken care of her and brings it to (Captain) and company. Lu Woh tells the crew that they should take the gift, as they were the ones who taught him how to nurse the woman. (Captain) and the others invite Lu Woh to join them for tea time, and they enjoy the apple pie together. As Lu Woh continues to reflect on his recent encounter, he is determined once again to continue protecting the Sky Realm as a pillar of the world.

A day has passed since (Captain) was presented with Lu Woh's puzzling yet strangely earnest question.
Lu Woh: Take this. A gift from nursing the sick.
Vyrn: Whoa! You're back... Y-you scared us again...
Lyria: A gift?
Lu Woh: I've been told this is an apple pie. Is there a problem with that?
Vyrn: Did you say apple? Awesome, my favorite!
Vyrn: But wait. You're the one who looked after them, so isn't this a gift for you, Lu Woh?
Lu Woh: You were the ones who instructed me on what I needed to do. As such, you all should be the ones to receive this gift.
Lu Woh: I hardly spared any effort worthy of receiving thanks.
Lyria: Huh? But you were the one who actually took care of them, right?
Vyrn: And I'm pretty sure whoever made it for ya wanted you to eat it.
Lu Woh: ...
Lyria: Hmm... Well, we were just talking about taking a break, so let's do that!
Lyria: Why don't we have Lu Woh join us for tea today, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Good idea! I'll go cut the pie up!
Lyria: Oh, wait, Vyrn! I'll go with you and prepare the tea!
Without waiting for a reply from Lu Woh, the two head off to the galley. (Captain) turns to the dragon.
Lu Woh: What is it?
  1. I want to apologize for that day.

Choose: I want to apologize for that day.
There was a time when (Captain) had grabbed Lu Woh's collar, frustrated that Vyrn had been taken away by Galleon.
Puzzled, Lu Woh reflects on the captain's apology before the memory finally returns to him.
Lu Woh: You remember such trivial matters... Though I suppose it may not seem trivial to a mortal.
Lu Woh: At any rate, it matters little to me. I will accept your apology—but you should think no more of the incident.
Not quite satisfied with the exchange, (Captain) invites Lu Woh to the dining hall.
Lu Woh: No, I...
Lu Woh: All right. I suppose I can accept a cup of tea along with your apology.
Lu Woh's eyes narrow as he watches (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn happily prepare for their tea time.
Lu Woh: (Mortals seek comfort in the smallest of things.)
Lu Woh: (Perhaps that is their method of surviving in this distorted world so filled with turmoil...)
Vyrn: Here's your slice, Lu Woh! There's more tea, so just say the word when ya want some!
Lu Woh: If you say so.
Vyrn: Okay then, dig in!
Lu Woh: (The reason mortals find peace at the end of their time is because of the troubles they must go through in this destructive world.)
Lu Woh: (When the world comes to an end, will that same peace fall upon the life in these skies?)
Vyrn: This is so good! The smell of apples and the sweetness go perfectly with the tea!
Lyria: Yes, it's delicious! Thank you, Lu Woh!
Lu Woh: I did not make the pie—it was meant to be a gift in return for your time and advice. No need to thank me.
Lu Woh: (There is no need for thanks... After all, I—we—exist as the pillars of this world.)
Lu Woh: (The short-lived yet courageous mortals who dwell in these skies... When the world ends, what awaits them will not be peace, but the despair of losing everything.)
Lu Woh: (In order for them to find peace at the end... we the Six Dragons must fulfill our duties as the pillars of the skies.)
Lu Woh: (If that is the case, then there is no need for us to find an end or peace. We exist to bestow those onto others.)
Lu Woh: (Everything is for the sake of the Sky Realm... and all who live within these skies!)
The White of the Six Dragons stands resolute, refuting even the god of destruction in order to protect the lives of those in the Sky Realm.
Having come face-to-face with the last moments of a mortal life, Lu Woh's conviction to carry out his duty grows stronger than ever before.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
時の流れもまた光に準じよう The flow of time, too, must follow the light.
私の感情を勝手に定義しないで貰おう Do not define my emotions with your own standards.
ガレヲンを大らかと言うのは雑ではないかね Can Galleon truly be described as benevolent?
ウィルナス…ヒトの子の技に耽溺し過ぎだ Wilnas indulges too much in the ways of mortals.
何を意図している、オロロジャイア…? What is it that you're planning, Orologia?
フェディエル、息抜きも程々にし給えよ! Fediel, even rest must be taken in moderation!
水が今少しあれば、ワムデュスは… If only there was a little more water, then Wamdus could...
イーウィヤ…いい加減、戯れは止め給え Ewiyar, it's time you ceased your mischief.
特異点に全ての重荷を背負わせるのは過ちだ It is a mistake to have the singularity carry all the heavy burdens.
破壊の神め…何をしているのだね…! Just what is the god of destruction doing!