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Official Profile[edit]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
Today's the day you were brought into this world.
You should express appreciation to those who cared for you all this time.
Sorry, I didn't mean to sound preachy... Well, happy birthday.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
So you're heading for Estalucia in search of your father.
Then I have a request.
Allow me to scout ahead and clear the way for you.


So today's your birthday, huh?
Up until now all I've ever thought about—all I've ever lived for—was to choke the life out of every fiend I could find.
Celebrating Teena's birthday felt locked in the past.
But then someone like me found companions and was able to experience their birthdays with them...
You could say the moment is fleeting, but you're the one that made it all possible, (Captain).
It's because of you that Teena and I get to live a normal life like everyone else.
Thank you for pulling us out from the abyss of despair.
I'm probably late in saying this, but let me say it again anyway.
Thank you.
I hope you have a wonderful day.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year.
Whenever a new year arrives, I reflect on everything that's happened on my journey up to that point. Where will my path take me?


Happy New Year.
Take this time to reflect on your future course.
(I myself have taken many lives... That's something I can never forget.)
Use your time wisely so as not to live with regret later on, (Captain). That's all I wanted to say.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
What? You seem surprised.
Perhaps you've noticed the change in me, my decision to start down a new path in life.
I don't intend to brood forever after all.
As long as I continue on my previous path, I'll only know struggle.
So please keep watching over me and Teena as you have been.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hmm... I remember watching my mother and Teena as they cooked in the kitchen. They made me the official taste taster.
Oh? Is this for me? Ah, thanks. I'll save it for later.


You're giving me a Valentine's gift?
No, no. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind it at all.
I just wasn't expecting to receive anything. Thank you.
I'll treat it with care. Thanks again, (Captain).


Oh, it's you, (Captain). Is that another Valentine's Day gift for me?
I see. Thank you.
Hm? What is this? There's a smell coming from whatever's inside...
Candied vegetables?
Is this actually edible? Humph. You can't fool me. A dressed up vegetable is still a vegetable.
I don't accept plants. I am a man of blood and meat!
Ugh... But...
If this came from you, then I will make an exception...

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day.
I don't know if it tastes good, but take this anyway, (Captain).
Teena taught me how to make it, so it's safe to eat at least.


I hope you don't mind if I give this to you, (Captain).
Teena wasn't around, but I tried anyway. There was a minor mishap, and it didn't exactly turn out the way I'd wanted it to.
I can't say that I got any better at it even after all my attempts.
Would you still want this after knowing all that? Thanks... I put a lot of effort into this...


Here. For last month's consideration, (Captain).
I didn't seek Teena's assistance in making this.
Now, I must confess that last year's concoction was a failure. Sorry.
I'd honestly meant to thank you, but it sort of...
Heh. I'm not one to get out of my comfort zone.
But I wonder if I've made any progress in improving myself.
In any case, it's reasonably edible. It's been checked to ensure you won't get food poisoning.
I'll just leave it here if you decide to take it. Carry on.

Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat.
Humph. I used to go trick-or-treating in a costume my mother made me. Going around the village and getting candy with my sister... Those were the days.


When Teena and I were children, we'd knock on our neighbors' doors and ask for treats.
Back then Teena was all smiles, but I had the same sullen face as now.
I never got much candy, so Teena would share plenty of hers with me.
She'd say she wanted everyone to have fun on Halloween.
You know, all I want is for that little sister of mine to be happy. Nothing more.


Humph. You dare play a trick on me? I can't say you lack for courage.
I accept your challenge! Feel free to strike whenever you please.
Hm? This? Yes, Teena had a hand in making this candy.
You want me to give it to you? Well, you're awfully quick to drop your threat after hearing about my sister's handmade treats.
Heh... Take it.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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The winter holiday... I used to spend it with Teena and my mother back home.
Never mind... Forget what I said.


It was on a night like this when Teena got angry at me.
Even though it was a holiday, all I did was spend it swinging my sword.
Heh. I guess that's why I'm always the odd one out.


Lucius: What is it, (Captain)? What do you have there in your hands? Huh? Letters from all the children aboard the Grandcypher?
Ah, of course... Letters addressed to Santa Claus.
("A teddy bear." Heh... There was a time when Teena wanted the same thing.)
("A picture of Leviathan." That's one macho kid.)
("A world where I don't have to eat veggies.")

Lucius instinctively checks to see who this letter is from.

Lucius: Heh... You and me, both. Looks like we'll get along just fine.

(Captain) looks at Lucius quizzically, but Lucius simply flashes his captain a knowing smile.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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The Aloof Swordsman[edit]

Camped out on Midnight Island, our heroes were searching for Lucius, as requested by a fellow hunter. Our heroes found Lucius, who was hunting monsters alone, and decided to patrol with him. (Captain) and company invited Lucius to join the Order, but he told them he would give them an official answer once his current task was complete.

During their travels, our heroes joined a goblin extermination task force and disembarked on Midnight Island in pursuit of information on primal beasts.
Shrouded in the growing darkness of dusk, our heroes arrived at the task force’s meeting point and began to set up camp.
Vyrn: Good grief... I thought we kept a real good lookout, but now we’ve gotta go find Lucius... Feena’s such a slave driver!
Lyria: Now, now, Vyrn... Feena and Teena are cooking for us, so we owe them this much.
Vyrn: Well... Yeah, but... They think I’m some kind of servant or something!
Monster’s Voice: Grrroaaar!
Lyria: It’s a monster! Vyrn! Please be careful!
Vyrn: Over there...! C'mon, we'd better hurry! (Captain)!
Goblin: Gehehehe...
Lucius: I thought I smelled a rat... So the fiends were lurking here, too.
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay, Lucius?!
Lucius: Oh... it’s you people.
Lyria: What a relief! Looks like you’re unhurt!
Lucius: Hmph... While you people were spacing out or whatever, I wiped out all the goblins in this area.
Lyria: Umm... Food’s almost ready, sooo... Wanna come back with us?
Lucius: I’m going to continue to patrol this area. I need to kill as many of these fiends as possible.
Lyria: Ummm... In that case, could we join you, Lucius?
Lyria: After all... It’d be mean to let you be the only one to go without food! We’ll all help you!
Lucius: Suit yourselves...
Vyrn: Oh, fine!!! But if we don’t hurry back with this guy, Feena’s gonna scold me!
Lucius: ...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Hey, so...! Is it true that... you and Teena have been traveling alone together all this time?
Lucius: Yeah...
Lyria: Wow! You guys spend so much time together! You must really get along, huh?
Lucius: Yeah...
Vyrn: Good grief... It’s been like this nonstop... Somebody get me outta here...
Lyria: Umm... Sooo... Once this job is done... Where are you two headed next?
Lucius: I’m not thinking about the future... All I can think about is exterminating every last goblin on this island.
Lucius: You people should stop worrying about other people so much and focus on how you’ll make it to next week.
Lyria: We’ll be fine. We have (Captain), after all. Right?
Vyrn: That's right! As long as we have (Captain), anything’s a piece of cake!
Lucius: I’m amazed... You people are always in a tizzy over others... Always putting yourselves second...
Lucius: I’ve met many people up until now, but I’ve never met such a nosy, meddling bunch as you.
Lyria: Hehe. But thanks to that, we’ve gotten to know you, Lucius!
Lucius: Hmph... If I traveled with you lot, I bet I’d never get any peace...
Vyrn: Hmm? What’s the matter, (Captain)? You want to talk to Lucius about something?
Lyria: Oh! I get it! You’re going to invite Lucius into the Order, right?
Lucius: Wha?! Invite me into your Order?!
  1. Yeah, wanna come with?
  2. Would that be too nosy of me?

Choose: Yeah, wanna come with?
Lucius: Judging from that look in your eye... you’re serious.
Lucius: However... I can’t answer you right away.

Choose: Would that be too nosy of me?
Lucius: Hmph... Yes, it’s quite nosy indeed.
Lucius: However... That look in your eye tells me you’re serious about this.
Continue 1
Lucius: Right now, I can only think of killing those fiends... Once I settle everything completely, I’ll give you my official answer.
Lyria: Yay! Yay! Then that means Teena’s coming, too...!
Lucius: Hey! I haven’t agreed to come with you yet! I said, I won’t give you my official answer until after everything is squared away...
Vyrn: Ooh! Something over there smells good! It’s food! Delicious food!
Lucius: Hey, lizard! Let a guy finish his sentence, would you?! I said wait! HEY!
And so, (Captain) and company dragged Lucius along with them and half-forcibly added him to their Order.

The Meddlesome Swordsman[edit]

During their journey, the party stopped by a village deep in the mountains for a little break. Seeing the unusually depressed villagers, the party asks them what the matter is. They find out that it is because of a monster that has taken up residence in the ruins nearby. At that time, Lucius hears of the monster from the outskirts of the village. He runs off, saying that he will hunt down the monster.

During their journey, the party stopped by a village deep in the mountains for a little break.
The villagers here all look depressed.
Vyrn: Hey, old man. Why does everyone look so gloomy here? Did something happen?
Villager 1: Sigh... Well, because of the monster that took up residence in the ruins nearby, we have a bunch of casualties...
Villager 2: Phew... We tried to hunt that monster, but we didn’t stand a chance. We really don't know what to do...
Lyria: I see... that must be terrible.
Lucius: A monster that threatens the peace of the people... Unforgivable! I will exterminate it this instant!
Villager 1: Whoa! Really?! You look strong, so you just might be able to do it!
Villager 2: Yeah! You got a glint in your eyes! We’re counting on you!
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Lucius: Speak of the devil... or so they say. All right. For those who want to die first, come and fight me!
Vyrn: H-Hey! Lucius! Don’t run off on your own like that!

The Meddlesome Swordsman: Scene 2[edit]

Lucius saves a man that is being attacked by a monster. The man says that he is here to avenge his late wife. Without paying any heed to the others trying to stop him, the man runs off into the ruins by himself. Right when the man is about to be killed, Lucius jumps in to save him.

Lucius: Hmph!
Monster: Grrooaaa!
Man: I can’t believe I have so much trouble against these small fry...
Lucius: Hey. You okay?
Man: What the...?! Who are you people?! Don’t get in my way!
Vyrn: Hey, calm down, man. Why are you doing this?
Man: My wife was murdered by these monsters... I have to go to the ruins to avenge her!
Lucius: Hmph... Leave that to us. We were requested by the villagers to hunt down the monsters in the ruins.
Man: What are you doing? I don’t need your help! That thing is mine! I have to kill it with my own hands!
Lyria: Please wait! It's too dangerous to go on your own! Lucius, please stop him!
Lucius: Let’s go after him...
Monster: Grrooaaa!
Man: Ugh... This is it for me... Honey... I’ll be with you soon...
Monster: Graaoorgh!
Lucius: Hey... It’s still too early to give up. Aren’t you going to avenge your wife? Then snap out of it!
Man: What?! What are you doing here...?
Lucius: Beats me... Somebody’s habit of meddling seems to have rubbed off on me. It's time for our counterattack, (Captain)! (Captain)!

The Meddlesome Swordsman: Scene 3[edit]

With the monsters at the ruins defeated, the villagers all thank the party. According to the villagers, they have been saved by a skilled swordsman in the past before. When they said that Lucius resembles that swordsman, Lucius suddenly because irritated and says he will return to the airship.

After (Captain) and party defeated the monsters, they take the man back to the village.
Boy: Yay! Dad is back! You got revenge for Mom, didn’t you?!
Man: Yeah... You have these people to thank.
Boy: Thank you, mister swordsman!
Lucius: Heh... Your father is a brave man.
Lucius: You have to cooperate with your father and learn to live together.
Boy: Yeah! Got it! Got it!
Villager 1: You saved us! Thanks to you, we can now prevent further casualties.
Villager 2: I didn’t think a swordsman would save our village again... Coincidences do happen...
Vyrn: Hm? What about a swordsman?
Villager 1: Well once, when the village was in danger in the past, an old swordsman saved us then.
Villager 2: We were talking about how that swordsman kind of resembles you.
Lucius: What was that man’s name...?
Villager 2: We actually don’t know. He left before he introduced himself... I do remember that he wielded a beautiful blade.
Lucius: I see...
Lyria: W-What’s the matter? You look pale, Lucius.
Lucius: I’m sorry... I need to return to the airship.
Villager 1: What? We’re ready to hold a banquet...
Lucius: I don’t need that! I didn’t save this village for a reward!
Vyrn: Hold on, Lucius! Lucius! What’s with you all of a sudden?!
Lyria: I’m so sorry! Let’s do this another time!
Lyria: Wait for me! Don’t leave me here!
Upon hearing the rumors of the mysterious swordsman, Lucius is maddened.
The party frantically goes after Lucius.

The Flower of Andalise[edit]

(Captain) and company arrive in a field in the mountains.Lucius sees remains of what could have been a burned down village and instinctively stops.It turns out this is the place where Lucius' hometown was.Lucius vows to take revenge with his own hands on the destructive goblins for his mother and the other villagers.He wants to reach the conclusion to this story.

(Captain)'s party found themselves scouring the island's mountain plains in search of a special something.
The plains were scattered with countless walls and posts made of what looked to be wood. Lucius stopped in his tracks.
Lucius: Stop, (Captain). Wait for moment.
Vyrn: Hmm? What's the deal? We're in the middle of a field.
Lucius: To think I'd be here again...
Lucius: Seeing the island again... the look of the plains... I can't help but remember.
Lyria: Um... I don't really see anything special. Does this place mean something to you, Lucius?
Lucius: Ah. This was where... .where I was born and raised.
Vyrn: Wait... what?! So those goblins you were talking about... they...
Lucius: Yup. Then the fiends attacked... this is where the village used to be.
Lucius: I believed I would stay away until I destroyed them once and for all...
Lucius: To think this day would come when I thought it so far away.
Vyrn: Oh, no. C'mon, man! We never would've beat them if you weren't there!
Lyria: Yes! I know it was a hard fight, but we were so glad you were there!
Lucius: I was spent after it, as if a hole had opened in my heart. But now that I'm back, I remember.
Lucius: There is one last matter I need to take care of. The ringleaders.
Lyria: Wha...
Monster: Grrrr!
Vyrn: Hey! Son of a... it's coming!
Lucius: Wherever monsters appear, nature shows its face again.
Lucius: So be it. I bear you no ill will, mind you, but you're in my way.

The Flower of Andalise: Scene 2[edit]

Lucius seemingly hates his own father.His father was a skilled swordmaster, one of the best this world has known. After beating the young Lucius, he abandoned him and his mother and left the village.Soon after the village was attacked by goblins and destroyed.Lucius cannot forgive his father, believing that if his father had stayed to fight, then his mother would still be alive.As he tells the tale of his past, his father, Aletheia, appears.

The attack on his home had cost Lucius his mother. He slayed the wretched goblins and their king.
Whatever semblance of peace Lucius gained had fled now that he was back in the village. His face once again contorted into a grim mask.
Lyria: Er... by ringleaders, you mean...
Vyrn: Wait... so there's something other than the goblins out there?
Lucius: Ah, yes. My father...
Lucius: He left us. My mother, my sister, and me.
Lucius: Everyone knew he'd been an accomplished swordsman... I think, had he just been there, he could have at least saved mother.
Lucius: I know I sound bitter. But the thought haunts me...
Vyrn: Wow... I'm sorry to hear that, Lucius...
Lyria: But, Lucius... you're so good with your sword. How?
Lucius: They did. I could not yet even read or write. Yet my father was relentless.
Lucius: I'd yearned to be like him. It became a source of pride... and his lessons were fierce.
Lucius: It's all the more reason to lament striking down the demon king...
Lucius: I felled him and I was but a boy.And him... that so-called master swordsman...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Hrm... you said he was a fierce teacher. So why'd he leave?
Lucius: I don't quite recall. I was small, you remember. I do believe he'd become enamored with a certain sword... but he had to do something to get it.
Lucius: He'd made a contract having to do with some rich fellow. Part of it involved leaving the village.
Lucius: Perhaps he joined up with an agent outfit. The dog prized possessions above his own family.
As Lucius finished speaking, a figure slid from the shadow of an orphaned post.
???: Oh, that is too rich. Mind your mouth, boy. You're not that big yet.
Lucius: ...!
Aletheia not in crew

Vyrn: Uhm! Where'd he come from?! Who's the old dude?!
???: ......
Lucius: His eyes... untamed as ever.
Lucius: This man is my father. Aletheia.
Lyria: What?! Weren't you just talking about him?
Lucius: To think I'd see you again...
Aletheia: Hah. I wasn't exactly planning on making the trip down here, either...
Aletheia: Hmph... felt like something was calling me. Thought I'd come down, but I can't say I was expecting a reunion.
Aletheia: Couldn't have worked out better. I've been thinking it's about time I stopped running away from the past.
Aletheia is a crew member

Lucius: ...!
Vyrn: Oh? Aletheia, huh... You follow us from the ship or something?
Aletheia: ...
Lucius: His eyes... untamed as ever.
Lucius: This man is my father. Aletheia.
Lyria: What?! R-really? I didn't even notice him!
Lucius: Never thought I'd see you again... you must've stowed away on the ship.
Aletheia: Hmph... you have any idea how many places there are to hide on a ship, boy? Not many. I had a real time of it.
Aletheia: I thought, hey, so long as I'm on the island I might as well catch up. So I followed you.
Lucius: Is that right... well you should start by apologizing! Apologize to mother! And to Teena!
Lucius: Apologize to the village! And apologize to me!
Lucius: This place holds little more than bones now... but they do not rest easy!
Lucius: You'll apologize if I have to dig them up, one by one!
Aletheia: Lucius...
Lucius: Much as I hate to say it, you could have saved us if you were there! Why did you abandon us?!
Aletheia: Heh... abandon you, is it? I did no abandoning. Not by any means, boy.
Aletheia: Listen. It may amount to little more than an excuse, but hear me out.
Lucius: Sigh... fine. Out with it. But it had better be good.
Aletheia: First we'll need to deal with those monsters. Get us a little peace and quiet.
Monster: Grrrr!

The Flower of Andalise: Scene 3[edit]

Aletheia abandoned his family for a sword and left the village.Aletheia's protestations that he had to go fall on Lucius' deaf ears, and incensed he draws his sword.Lucius and Aletheia prepare for a fight.

Aletheia: I... I loved your mother more than anything in this world. You and Teena as well.
Aletheia: And I loved this village. No matter what, it was still my home.
Lucius: And you threw it all away for some sword!
Aletheia: Ah... I got caught up in some things... It's possible, had I given up on the sword, I could have saved the village.
Aletheia: But it was out of my hands. I chose what I thought was best at the time.
Lucius: You thought it best to abandon your family?
Aletheia: You know nothing, Lucius.
Lucius: I know plenty! The fact that you knew you could save us makes it all the worse...
Aletheia: Hmph... seems nothing I can say will satisfy you.
Lucius: You speak of satisfaction. You're not even the dog I thought you to be!
Aletheia: Very well.Let our swords speak for us, Lucius. That ought to settle things.
Lucius: Very well! We'll finish this once and for all!
Lyria: H-hey... there's no need for you to do that!
Vyrn: Whoa, there! Don't butt in! This... this is what men do.
Lucius: Mother... give me strength!
Aletheia: Come, then! Strike at me with everything you've been holding in your heart!

The Flower of Andalise: Scene 4[edit]

At the end of the fight, Lucius decides to take Aletheia's sword from him.With the point of his former sword at his throat, Aletheia tells the story of the sword's origin and the true reason why he left the village. Fitted in the sword is a jewel passed down within Lucius' mother's family, and a jewel seemingly targeted by evil people.He left the village to lure away the evil people who had been threatening the family.Lucius still can't tell his father that he forgives him, but his hatred has lessened.

Aletheia: Ungh!
In that brief second, Lucius's blade became a blur. Aletheia's longsword was knocked from his grip, spinning uselessly through the air.
Before anyone had a chance to blink, Lucius's sword was at Aletheia's throat.
Lucius: This, father, is the sword you sold your soul for! I hope it was worth it!
Aletheia: Hah... no matter what the reason, I did abandon you. All for a sword...
Aletheia: Heh... for Andalise to take my life would be no less than I deserve...
Lucius: Andalise? Is that what you named it?
Aletheia: Heh... indeed I did. The Blade of Andalise. Named for the flower. Your mother loved them.
The name had been taken from a flower that Aletheia's wife, Lucius's mother, had loved. A name it shared with one jewel.
The stone had been set in a pendant, passed down in Lucius's mother's family for generations.
But it had caught the eyes of a certain organization. They'd burned down his mother's hometown trying to get their hands on it.
Concerned for his wife's well being, Aletheia set the jewel Andalise in the sword and left, hoping to lure them away.
Aletheia returned from his journey to find the village forever changed.
Though he'd managed to shake the organization, he wasn't prepared for the goblins. It was they who ravaged the village.
Aletheia: I suppose the only thing that matters is that I couldn't save my family.
Aletheia: Hmph. Might as well take all that rage and pain you've been brewing. Figure I had it coming.
Lucius: So... what happened to the people who were after mother?
Aletheia: Ah. A few natural disasters here, a few accidents there. They were bad guys. It was bound to happen sooner or later.
Aletheia: The fact that I didn't even raise a hand to stop it did little to assuage my guilt.
The man after Andalise was the lord of the town in which Lucius's mother had been born.
His status as a social elite protected him from any direct action on the part of Aletheia.
He came down with an illness as Aletheia waited for a chance, his passing mercifully quick.
Lucius: ...
Aletheia: Lucius. The sword should be yours. Your mother will watch over you.
Lucius: Don't think this means I've forgiven you.
Lucius: But... I do have some questions about mother.
Exhausted, Lucius fell to his knees and asked his father about his dear, departed mother.
Tormented by hatred, Lucius learned of the cruel truth from his father's own mouth.
He had been waiting for this chance all his life. But perhaps...

Accursed Scars[edit]

Lucius is plagued by nightmares.(Captain) and the others hear his anguished cries. Worried, they gather in his room.After much fighting, Lucius has reached a conclusion, but the end has brought forth new discontent.In his nightmares, Lucius sees goblins trampling on his village.He cannot save the village from destruction even in his dreams. Powerless and pained he swings his sword.

Lucius had finally been reunited with the father he so hated.
Everything Aletheia had done was for the sake of protecting his wife and the mother of his children.
Even after all he'd done, Aletheia couldn't manage to save Lucius's mother from the goblins.
In one fell swoop, the man Lucius had hated for so long turned his world upside down. His dreams turned to nightmares.
Teena is a crew member

Lucius: ...
Lucius: No... no...
Teena: Brother?
Lucius: Ah... aaaaaahh!
Teena: Lucius! What's wrong?!
Vyrn: Did I hear you right...? It's like he's having a nightmare or something...
Teena: Yes... he's been like this the whole time...
Teena not in crew

Lucius: ...
Lucius: No... no...
Lucius: Ah... aaaaaahh!
Vyrn: Did I hear you right...? It's like he's having a nightmare or something...
Villager 1: Ahhhhh! Goblins! They're on the attack!
Villager 2: Ahhhh! Take the children to the basement!
Goblin 1: Gehehehe! Run, humans!
Lucius: Goblins?! Attacking the village?!
Lucius: What do you mean, burning? They can't! I won't let them!
Goblin 2: Gahah! Here they are! Get them! Get them all!
Lucius: Haaah!
Goblin 3: Gurk? Who're you s'posed t'be?
Lucius: Why... why can't I use my sword?!
Lucius: Aaaaah!
Goblin 1: Hehehe! What's wrong with yer sword, boy?
Lucius: Why?! I've practiced so hard... why won't it work?!
Lucius: I killed the goblin king myself... why can't I do it now?!
Goblin 4: Gehehehe! He's nothing!
Goblin 5: Gaaaah! Burn the village! Burn it!
Lucius: Wait! You think I'd let you?!
Goblin 4: ...?
Lucius: Hmph! Why... why won't my sword move...
Lucius: (Captain)...! Help me... my village... they're going to...
Lucius: They're going to burn it again! We have to stop them!

Accursed Scars: Scene 2[edit]

At the end of his nightmare, Lucius dreams of his mother challenging a goblin to defend Lucius and his brothers.It seems that Lucius holds himself responsible for what happened to his mother back then.Lucius howls to try and block out this childhood pain he has carried for many years.

Lucius: Hah... hah...
Lucius: Hah! I know! If I just stay by her side...
Lucius: Mother! Where are you?!
Lucius: Hm... I remember. She was at home! We must hurry! Come on (Captain)!
Lucius: Mother!
Mother: No! Lucius?!
Lucius: Everything is okay... I'll protect you this time!
Mother: Oh, Lucius... if only your father were here...
Teena: Waaah! I'm scared!
Lucius: We're... we're okay, Teena. Mom, too! I'll protect her!
Mother: Lucius, I... I'm sorry...
Lucius: Is that... me? Me when I was a child...
Goblin: Gehehehe! Fooound you! Three little humans!
Mother: No! Lucius?! Teena! Run! Now!
Lucius: B-but...
Mother: Listen to your mother! I'll find you later!
Teena: Waaah! I'm scared!
Lucius: Gulp...
Lucius: But she didn't make it... I can't just leave her.
Lucius: I need to stand and fight! Right here, right now!

Accursed Scars: Scene 3[edit]

Lucius has been fighting since he lost everything as a child. His heart is full of thoughts of revenge.With these terrible memories, he had lost himself to the battle.

Goblin 1: Gahahaha!
Goblin 2: Gahah! Here they are! Get them! Get them all!
Goblin 3: Gaaaah! I wanna hear you scream!
Lucius: I... how can I save her?
Lucius: Father! Help us, father! Aaaaaaaahhhh!
Lucius: He could have saved mother had he just been there...
Lucius: That's what I thought. I wasn't sure if the blame was his at first, but my misgivings became stronger as each day passed.
Lucius: He said it himself. "I could have saved the village."
Lucius: But... his absence saved my mother from another danger...
Aletheia: I suppose the only thing that matters is that I couldn't save my family.
Aletheia: Hmph. Might as well take all that rage and pain you've been brewing. Figure I had it coming.
Lucius: So... what happened to the people who were after mother?
Aletheia: Ah. A few natural disasters here, a few accidents there. They were bad guys. It was bound to happen sooner or later.
Aletheia: The fact that I didn't even raise a hand to stop it did little to assuage my guilt.
Lucius: He was protecting mother. Even if he did it indirectly. He couldn't have predicted the goblins. They were like some act of god.
Lucius: Was it wrong to blame him? Should my hatred have been for the fiends alone?
Lucius: I... I've destroyed so many. Dozens more than were in the village...
Lucius: I took care of their king myself. The village was destroyed, but my father wasn't at fault.
Lucius: But I couldn't have known. And I couldn't rest. I made the king pay for what he did.
Lucius: You... you attacked first!
Lucius: And so these chains of hatred remain!
Lucius: Violence must be met with violence. There is no other way.
Lucius: I vow on this sword... I will slaughter you all!
Lucius: My mother... the people of my village... their souls cry out for vengeance!

Accursed Scars: Scene 4[edit]

Lucius awakes from his long nightmare.He bites down as he lifts his body up.His hatred has somehow been resolved.Lucius is finally able to put aside his thoughts of revenge and move forward with his life.He felt the weight of all the things he had gained, lost and taken an silently cried to himself.

Lucius: Waaah!
Lucius: Yes... It was just a dream.
Vyrn: Huh? You're drenched! You were having one heck of a nightmare.
Lucius: ...
Lucius: (I... I know it all now.)
Lucius: (The men after Andalise, the goblin king, and... father.)
Lucius: (No more anger... no more regrets...)
Lucius: (We survived... we'll just have to do the living for those who didn't.)
Lucius: Hah... hah...
Teena is a crew member

Lucius: Let's move forward, Teena... together.
Teena: Hehe... What happened, Lucius? Did you have a bad dream?
Lucius was finally at ease after learning the truth of what happened, the chains of hatred binding him finally broken.
Joy and hope, haunting loss, and regret for what might have been.
The jumble of emotions welling up in him finally made their exit, rolling slowly down his cheeks.
For the first time in a long time, he could see a ray of hope shining before him.
By Lucius' side sat the longsword, a memento from his dear mother, glimmering brightly in the sun.
Teena not in crew

Lucius was finally at ease after learning the truth of what happened, the chains of hatred binding him finally broken.
Joy and hope, haunting loss, and regret for what might have been.
The jumble of emotions welling up in him finally made their exit, rolling slowly down his cheeks.
For the first time in a long time, he could see a ray of hope shining before him.
By Lucius' side sat the longsword, a memento from his dear mother, glimmering brightly in the sun.

A Brother's Love[edit]

After rescuing a young boy and his sister from a pack of monsters, Ryan begins to think of his own sister and becomes jealous of Lucius, whose sister is always around. Ryan then prods Lucius into acting more affectionately toward his sister, causing Lucius to blush.

As part of a mission for Siero, the crew goes to fight off monsters in the forest.
But as they make their way through the trees, they hear a sound off in the distance. The sound of children screaming.
Lucius: Tch...
Ryan: We'd better hurry!
Monster: Grrr...
Brother: S-stay back!
Sister: Aah!
(Captain) and company run toward the commotion. There they find a boy protecting his sister with a stick as monsters steadily creep closer.
Lucius: Be gone, fiends!
Ryan: Hyaaa!
Ryan and Lucius charge in and take on the monsters before anyone else has a chance.
Monster: Graa...
With the flash of a sword and the swing of an axe, the duo fight them off and save the children.
Brother: Thank you!
Lucius: Geez, kid. You thought you could beat those monsters with a twig?
Brother: I'm sorry.
Lucius: Humph... You were pretty brave, though. Impressive.
Ryan: He's right. You did good, kid.
Ryan bends down and ruffles the hair of the kids.
As he does, he looks the boy in the eye and lets out a chuckle.
Ryan: You keep that sister of yours safe, you got that?
Brother: Okay!
The boy gives his sister a big hug and pats her on the head.
(Captain) and the crew watch the adorable scene and smile.
Lyria: It must be nice to have siblings. Now I wish I had some.
Vyrn: Heh heh. Well, these two each have sisters of their own! I'll bet you both know how that boy feels.
Lucius: Yeah, I guess. Anyway let's see these two off to the village.
The crew takes the siblings to the village and then leaves for the ship.
The brother and sister wave goodbye as they watch the crew leave. Ryan smiles back at them, but then he starts to get misty-eyed.
Ryan: Oh...
Lucius: What's the matter?
Ryan: I really wish I could see Kunlun now.
Ryan carefully takes out the handwritten letter from his sister, Kunlun. As he reads it, tears begin to well up in his eyes.
Ryan: Sigh. You all went with me to visit my hometown some time ago.
Ryan: But up until then I had just been sending home money and letters. I hadn't gone to see Kunlun at all, so she was pretty mad at me.
Ryan: That's why she didn't want to speak to me then.
Lucius: Humph... I guess that means you haven't seen your sister in a while, have you?
Ryan: Yeah. But she told me in this letter that she would actually see me next time.
Ryan: Heh, I want to give Kunlun a big hug too. Just like that boy did.
Lucius: What? You want to... hug her?
Lucius's eyes grow wide as he stares at Ryan.
Ryan: Come now, you're not that surprised, are you? Maybe you don't understand because your sister is always around.
Ryan: Oh... When two siblings can't be together, they miss each other so much.
Ryan: Kunlun!
Hearing Ryan yell, the crew members in front immediately turn around.
Vyrn: Why are you shouting? Don't scare us like that!
Lyria: Maybe he was just worried about his sister?
Ryan: Aww... Geez, I miss Kunlun. I wish I could see her. Lucius sure is lucky.
Ryan stares directly at Lucius with a look of envy.
Lucius: Hey, don't look at me like that.
Ryan: So, Lucius. Do you show your sister that you care about her?
Lucius: Yeah, I guess.
Ryan: What? Yeah, I guess? That won't do. That won't do at all!
Vyrn: Come on, you don't have to get so worked up about it! I mean, Lucius is—
Ryan: You stay out of this, Vyrn. This is just between us guys with sisters.
Vyrn: But—
Ryan: If you can't say it confidently, your sister can't possibly know that you care.
Ryan: You have to take the time to express your love!
The more Ryan tries to get his point across, the more fired up he gets.
Even Lucius, who wasn't really listening at first, realizes Ryan's point and starts to second-guess himself.
Lucius: (I care about Teena in my own way. Isn't that good enough?)
Lyria: Umm, Lucius. Are you okay?
Lucius: Hey Lyria. If you... had a brother, would you want him to be like Ryan?
Lyria: W-well... I'm not sure...
Ryan: Humph. Lyria has never had a brother before, so she has no idea.
Ryan: So then, let's give it a shot!
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean?
Ryan: Hahaha. We're going to practice showing our brotherly affection, of course!
Ryan: How about it? You be the sister, and Lucius will be your brother!
Lucius: What!
Ryan: Go for it, Lucius!
Ryan gives Lucius an encouraging pat on the back, but Lucius doesn't share his enthusiasm.
Lucius: Ugh. This is stupid. You don't have to do this, Lyria.
Lyria: If it helps you and Teena, then I guess it's okay.
Lucius: What? What are you trying to say?
Ryan: That's the spirit, Lyria!
Ryan: Hah hah hah hah! All right, Lucius! Lyria will be Teena. Be sure to give her lots of love!
Lyria: Okay, I'm ready! We can start whenever you want!
Lucius: Lyria, how can you be okay with this?
Lucius: Stop looking at me like that! Come on, Captain! You have to put a stop to this!
  1. Why don't you just try it?
  2. Be nice, Brother!

Choose: Why don't you just try it?
Lucius: Tch. I can't believe everyone's getting onboard with this!

Choose: Be nice, Brother!
Lucius: What! Not you too, (Captain)!
Continue 1
Lucius: (Geez. What a predicament...)
In an effort to try and escape, Lucius quietly starts scooting backward.
Ryan: Hey! Are you just going to ignore your sister? You think that'll make her happy?
Lucius: Ack! I... I...
Ryan's words fill Lucius with all kinds of emotions that swirl around inside him.
Lucius: (Ugh... What are these... feelings? What do I do?)
Seeing the worried look on Lucius's face, Vyrn gives him a pat on the shoulder.
Vyrn: Ryan is taking this thing pretty far. Looks like we don't have much of a choice here.
Vyrn: Let's just get this done and head home.
Lucius: Lizard...
Vyrn: Hehe...
Wait, I ain't no lizard!
Lucius: (Hah. I guess he's right. If we're going to put this behind us, we'd better just get it over with now.)
Lucius: (Besides I have to prove it to them. I have to prove my love for Teena.)
Ryan studies Lucius and pauses for a moment. He wants to see if Lucius has turned over a new leaf.
As he does, everyone else follows suit and the air quickly fills with silence.
Lucius: (Ugh! This is so nerve-wracking! But... it's okay. It'll all be over soon.)
Lucius: Let's do this!
Lyria: Okay!
Lucius: Humph!
Lucius swings his arm around and awkwardly places it on Lyria's head, patting her clumsily.
He then puts on a big brotherly smile for Ryan.
Lyria: Wow, Lucius. Hehe.
Lucius: Tch. Happy now?
Ryan: Great work! See? You can do it if you try!
Lyria: Hehe. That was very sweet of you, Lucius!
Vyrn: Nice job! Even I was surprised. You really looked the part!
The words of praise from the crew cause Lucius to blush. Feeling his face turn red, he starts to dart away but instead turns to face the crew.
Lucius: Humph. Are you just going to stand there all day? We don't have time for this. Let's go already!
Vyrn: Heh heh. You don't have to act so embarrassed! Hey, wait!
The crew follows Lucius back to the ship, smiling all the while as they think of the great moment they had just shared together.

Other Appearances[edit]


Lucius, Goblin Slayer[edit]

SV Lucius, Goblin Slayer.png SV Lucius, Goblin Slayer E.png

Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to all other followers that cost 2 play points or more. Deal 2 damage to all followers that cost 1 play point or less.

Never have the cursed demons crawled out of their burrows in such numbers. If they aren't dispensed with quickly, innocent villagers will pay the price.

You demon spawn who dared to assault my homeland... I will not rest until you've tasted the same suffering. My blades will dance until every last one of you succumbs to despair.
Class Neutral
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Lucius, Goblin Slayer
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Sellsword Lucius[edit]

SV Sellsword Lucius.png SV Sellsword Lucius E.png

Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (5) - Destroy an enemy follower.

After all these years honing my swordsmanship on goblins, I should be prepared for the battlefield. Despite that, swinging my blade against fellow humans still doesn't feel right.

A life lived by the sword isn't such an unpleasant prospect. There are still opponents out there with swords worth crossing.
Class Swordcraft
Trait Officer
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Sellsword Lucius
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other