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Official Profile

Age 19 Height 87 cm Race Harvin
Hobbies Picking, hunting, cooking
Likes Mushrooms
Dislikes Oceans, lakes, ponds (pools of water too deep to stand in)
Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 19歳 Height 87cm Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 採取、狩猟、料理
Likes キノコ
Dislikes 海、湖、池(足のつかない水たまり)
Source [1] [2]




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hahaha! Happy birthday, (Captain)! Haha!
Hahaha! I got you a present and a cake to celebrate! Haha!
I hope you like them! Hahaha!
Hehehe! You don't have to worry. Haha! I didn't use any mushrooms this time! Haha!
I couldn't possibly—haha—poison someone who's been so good to me, could I? Especially on their birthday! Hahaha!
Relax and try a piece! Hahaha!


Hehehe... Happy birthday, (Captain)! Ahahaha!
I'm really happy to be able to celebrate this day wi- Hehe!
Ahaha! Ha... Huff... Huff... Bwahahaha!
S-sorry! I just can't stop laughing... Ahaha!
Hehehe... Huff... Huff...
Oh no... I... Ahahahahaha!
T-this is bad... I really can't st-Haha!


Hehehe... I couldn't stop laughing last year and ended up not being able to give you your present!
So this year... Ahahaha!
W-why... It's happening again! I can't stop laughing... Ahahahaha!
Heh, (Captain)... Hehe... Before I fall over again from laughing, take... this present!
Hehe... Ha, haha... A-and... happy birthday!
I-I can't take it anymore... Bwahahaha! Ahahaha!


Gehehe-ahaha! Huff... Huff... Ah, here comes another wonderful day!
Truth is, hahaha! Before I collapse from laughter, I thought I'd give a present—pff-ahaha!
I left it in your room. Ahaha... Hahahaha!
Don't forget to pick it up later! But there is something I wanted to say in person. Teehee.
(Captain)! Happy birth—pfft, hahahaha!
Aw, I'm so bad! I can't stop—haha—laughing even on your birthday!


Pfft... Hehe...
Hah... Sorry, (Captain). I just can't help it, you know? Today being your birthday and all... Bahahaha!
But this year especially... Pfft... Hee... Ahahaha!
Happy birthday! Ahahaha!
Phew... Phew... So here. I got you something. Hehe.
T-take it now!
Choose: Thank you.
Bwahaha! I finally did it... I finally gave you something properly on your birthday!
Hehe... S-sorry, (Captain)... I don't think I can hold it in much longer.
Sorry, I just can't help it...

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ahahaha! Happy New Year! I bet you'll get to eat some delicious fungus this year! Haha!
Huh? Oh, that? Hahaha! It's just some food I made to celebrate! Hahaha!
Haha! Of course there's loads of mushrooms in it! Who do you think made it? Hahaha!
Hehehe. Take a bite and let me know how delicious it is. Bwahahaha!


Ahaha! (Captain), happy New Year!
Hehehe! This year I made some more fungus osechi!
Ahaha! But this year, I've added new varieties to the-hehe-mix!
Hahaha! Don't worry! There aren't any poisonous mushrooms in this! Hehe!
How do I know? Ahaha! That's easy!
Hehehe! I taste-tested this food myself!
So eat up with no worries! Ahaha!


Bwahahaha! Happy New Year!
I made some New Year's feast and mochi soup this year! Ahaha!
Why don't you—hehe—eat some too? Hehehe... Ahahaha!
I used some special dried mushrooms for the stock—hahaha—and it tastes pretty good! Ahahahaha!
Bwahahaha! Ha... Haa... Haha! D-don't worry about me.
I just haven't stopped laughing since I tasted the soup! Hehe, hahahaha!


Hehe, hehehe! Oh, (Captain)! Happy New Year! Wahaha!
What am I doing up so early? Heh, I wanted to get fresh mushrooms to cook with, heehee!
Aha, hahaha! So I went up into the mountains, hehe, and, haha, grabbed some!
Found a really weird bunch, heehee, hehehe! So my New Year's is off to a really great start, ahaha!
It's a real tasty mushroom, hehe, perfect for osechi!
Pffft, haha! I'll make sure to share some of it with you, ahaha!
It'll be cooked real well, promise. Hehe, ahaha!
Sorry, haha, I'm just so happy about it, I can't control myself, bwahaha!


Pfft... Hehe...
Hah... Sorry, (Captain). I just can't help it, you know? Today being your birthday and all... Bahahaha!
But this year especially... Pfft... Hee... Ahahaha!
Happy birthday! Ahahaha!
Phew... Phew... So here. I got you something. Hehe.
T-take it now!
Choose: Thank you. Bwahaha! I finally did it... I finally gave you something properly on your birthday!
Hehe... S-sorry, (Captain)... I don't think I can hold it in much longer.
Sorry, I just can't help it...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hahaha, (Captain)! I got something for you! Hehehe.
Hehe. It's Valentine's Day, so I got you some chocolate! Hahaha!
Hahaha! You've been so kind to me!
I just needed to show my thanks—hehehe.
I'm looking forward to the rest of our adventures, (Captain)! Hahaha!


Hehehe! (Captain), I made you chocolates this year too. Here you go. Ahaha! You don't have to look so worried! Hehehe! Hehehe! This is a mushroom made out of... Hehehe... Chocolate and cookies! So-hehe-you don't need to be afraid! Ahaha! Hehe... I know when and what to give. Gyuh! Plus everyone knows that chocolate doesn't go well with an actual mushroom. Hahaha! So take a bite already, okay? Ahahaha!


Ha! Ha! Ha! (Captain), I made you chocolate this year too.
Hehe, I hope you like it.
Hehehe, this year I tried doing a little something extra and made a wood truffle chocolate.
Hehe... Huh? There aren't any wood truffles in your wood truffle chocolate?
Ahaha! I know!
I told you last year, right? Mushrooms don't go well with chocolate.
Hehehe, that's just a normal wood truffle chocolate.
So don't worry about a thing and dig in! Ahahaha!


Bwahaha, (Captain)! My chocolates are a true masterpiece this year! Hehehe!
Ahaha! I put lots of effort into the appearance as well as the flavor. See for yourself! Haha, hahaha!
Pfft, ahaha! They have a magnificent mushroom shape, don't you think?
Hehehe. I thought adding stems to the wood truffle chocolates would make them even more mushroom-like!
And that's not all! Hehehe, haha! The stems are made of a different type of chocolate to keep things fresh. Hahaha!
You can enjoy two delicious flavors with each and every bite! Make sure to savor every last one, hahaha! Heh, ahaha!


Heh, I've got chocolates for you, (Captain)!
Hahahahaha! You've never had any like these before, promise!
Why? Because they've got real truffles in 'em! Ahahaha!
Hiccup... Wheeze... See, when I went into town the other day, I found a shop that had truffle chocolate.
Had a little taste, and it blew my taste buds away, hahaha!
So I asked them to teach me how to make it! Ahahaha!
Cough, cough... Breathe... Anyway, it's guaranteed to be tasty.
Don't be afraid to dig in... Ahaha!
Gahahaha! I had a try earlier and felt myself ascending to heaven!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake
4th year: Chocolate Mushroom square.jpg Chocolate Mushroom
5th year: Chocolate Mushroom square.jpg Chocolate Mushroom

White Day Cutscenes
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Ahaha--gasp--haha! What is it, (Captain)? Looking for me? Hehe.
Pant. Wheeze. S-sorry.
Hah. Hah. Too much. Laughing--hah. Can't. Breathe. Hah.
Haha. Th-this is for me? Oh yeah, today is White Day.
This is amazing! It looks like my laughing's calmed down.
Hah! Thank you! I'd gladly accept this! Haha!
Hah. Haha! Hahaha--gasp--haha! The laughing! It's back! Hahaha!


Hehehe... Hm? (Captain)? What's this?
Ahaha! I see. Then—
Hehehe! S-so (Captain), can I open this?
Ahaha! What the! T-this is...
(Captain), this is... This is a mushroom I've never seen before!
Huh! It's a new variety? And you got it for me?
T-thank you, (Captain)!
Bwa... Bwahahaha!
Huff... Huff...
I'm in so much shock that I can't stop laughing... Ahahahaha?
Now... How exactly am I supposed to eat this kind of mushroom... Hehehe!
Hehehe! My mouth is watering... Ahaha!


Ahahaha! (Captain), thanks for the gift!
Let's open this right away. Hehe, that's fine, right?
Hehehe... Huh? Is this a log?
What? If I take care of it, it'll grow mushrooms forever and ever?
Bwahahaha! So that's what it is! I didn't think something like this existed! Ahaha!
Leave it to (Captain) to get me the perfect gift! And I never saw it coming! Haha!
Thanks! Now I'll have a never-ending supply of mushrooms! Ahahahaha!


Hahaha! Another gift for me? Thanks for thinking of me every year! Ahaha!
This year's package is quite—teehee—actually, it's really huge!
I'm gonna—hehe—open it right now! Haha, ahaha!
Oh, would you look at that! Pfft, it's some brand-new walking gear! And a tool for picking mushrooms!
Thank you, hahaha! You never know what's gonna happen when you're out in the wild, so you gotta make sure you've got quality equipment!
Hehe, ehehe! With this gear—hehe—I just know I'll be able to find mushrooms galore!


Hehe, hahaha! Thanks for the gift, (Captain)! You never fail to deliver!
Heh! Ahahaha! Gaha!
Wheeze... Oh yeah, remember the log you gave me the year before last? I've finally got mushrooms growing off it.
I was thinking of roasting them today, but you should join me! Heh!
Hahaha... I also used last year's gift to scrounge up plenty of other mushrooms.
Hahahaha... We can throw ourselves one big mushroom party!
I know exactly what I'm doing, so you can leave the cooking to me... Bwahahaha!
Gahahaha! All this shroomy goodness, and it's completely thanks to you!
You're the best! Hehe, bwahahahaha!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Gasp. Pant. Hahahaha! Captain! Haha!
Haha! Hah! Do I look weird today? Hahaha!
For some reason—haha—whenever anyone sees me, they pull out candy and then run away. Haha!
Oh yeah, today's Halloween, huh? Hahaha! They must think I'm a ghost! Hahaha!
Hahaha! Then I'll just have to have a little fun and live up to their expectations! Hahaha!
Captain! Haha! Trick or treat! Haha!
So which will it be, Captain? You want some candy, or can I play a prank on you? Haha!


Ahaha! Hm? What am I doing?
Ahaha! I'm trying to pick out a monster costume. You know, because today is Halloween!
Hehehehe... (Captain), which do you think would look best on me?
I think-hehe-a witch's costume would be good...
Ahahaha! They do have that evil laugh they always do, right?
Ahaha! For someone who can't stop laughing like me, it's perfect!
So-hehehe-what do you think, (Captain)?
Ahahaha! I wanna here [sic] your opinion, okay? Hehe...


Ahahaha! (Captain), trick or treat!
Hehehe, what is it? You don't have any treats with you?
Ahahahaha! Well, guess it's time for a trick then!
Ahaha... What? You'll give me a mushroom instead of a treat?
Bwahahaha! Can't be helped then! I'll let you get away with just a mushroom this time!
Just this time though, okay? Ahahahahaha!


Bwahahaha! This is the year of trick or mushroom!
The mushrooms you gave me last year are going to be in the spotlight, (Captain)! Hoohoo-hahaha!
It's a shame there aren't many more people carrying mushrooms around. Bwahaha! They can come in so handy!
I'll be handing out funky-looking yet tasty mushrooms as my trick! Oh, everyone's going to freak out... Mwahahaha!
But they'll change their—gwehehe—tune after having a taste! Hehehe!
Halloween's the perfect occasion to show people how great—teehee—mushrooms can be! Ahahahaha!
Well then, pff-hahahaha, (Captain)! Trick or mushroom! Hehe-gahahaha!


Pfft... Trick or treat, you say?
Heh... Hahaha! Here's a treat just for you then.
Hehehe... It's a pumpkin cake shaped just like a mushroom! Ahahaha!
Phew... Heh... Last year I went around town saying trick or mushroom...
Pfft... I might've made some kids cry and had the local authorities called on me a few times. Looks like it wasn't a hit after all! Ahahaha!
But this year's cake is sure to be a hit! Who doesn't like cakes? Bahahah!
I'm sure it'll go over without a hitch! Ahahaha!
Welp, I'm off to town! See ya later, (Captain)

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hehehe! (Captain)! Wh-why are you awake right now?
I was just... Hahaha...
Haha! Don't look at me—hehe—with such suspicious eyes! Haha!
Heh. I thought I would pull a Santa—haha—to thank you for everything! Haha!
After all it's the season to be giving. And we all know Santa brings good little crew members presents! Haha!
Hehehe! But you've already caught me! Haha!
Hehehe! Oh! What if you joined me tonight? Haha!
We could bring presents to the rest of the crew! Hahaha!
We'll be just like the real Santa! Haha! How about it?


Hehe... (Captain)!
Ahaha! What? Where am I going with my gun?
Hehehe... You know where! Bwahaha! It's the holy night.
Which can only mean... Haha! I'm going turkey hunting! Gyuh!
You know we can't do without a turkey! Bwahaha!
Hehehe... Leave it to me. I may not look it, but I'm a good hunter!
Hehe! (Captain), here I go!
Hahaha! I'ma catch a big one! You just wait! Bwahaha!


Hehehe, you came at a good time, (Captain)! Haha!
Heh, why don't you take a bite of this? Hahaha!
I made a special mushroom stew for this special, holy night.
Hehe, I did a pretty good job, but nobody wanted to give it a try! Ahaha!
Relax... Heh, i-it's mostly made of mushrooms I bought at the store! Bwahaha!
Hehehehe... Huh? Yeah, I said, "mostly." The rest I found, hehe.
Ahaha! It's fine. I tried them all, so they're not poisonous!
Hehehe, don't you trust me?


Heeheehee! (Captain), heh, mind hearing me out for a sec?
Mwahaha, truth is, I asked Santa Claus to bring me a new species of mushroom this year. Hehehe, hahaha!
Pfft, haha, Santa's a special guy, right? He might get something out of this world! Tee-hee!
I can't wait to see what he totes over... Gaha, ahahaha!
Wahaha! Ahhh, bwahaha! I can't... stop laughing! Haha!
Hyaha, hehe, haha! I can't! Bwaha! Ahahaha!
Hee, hahaha, hoo! Hahaha! Hyahhh... Cough!
Phew... Need to get my laughter under control before Santa gets here... Hehe... Hee...


Pfft... Ahahaha! Just the person I wanted to see, (Captain).
I baked a—heehee—I baked a cake.
Wanna try a bite? Ahahaha!
Teehee, thank you. I think you're gonna—
Bahahaha! What? You're worried it's a mushroom, and not a cake?
Aahahaha! Huff... huff... Wahaha!
It's a replica! It only looks and tastes like a mushroom... Pffaha!
Snort... I poured my heart into making it, so eat up!
You've got nothing to worry about! I only sprinkled in a tiny bit of shrooms... Ahahaha!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Fungal Laughing Fit

The crew heads out to investigate creepy laughter emanating from a nearby mountain. There they find Ludmila, a small gun-toting girl with a love for laugh-inducing mushrooms.

Lyria: Eek! Something slimy just touched my leg!
Vyrn: What? You probably just ran into some wet leaves.
Lyria: I'm scared, (Captain). Can I stand closer to you?
(Captain) and the crew find themselves tied up in a new assignment after visiting a town to refill their supplies.
Beseeched by the townspeople, the crew heads out to a nearby mountain to conduct an investigation of an unsettling, ceaseless laughter.
Vyrn: How are you supposed to investigate creepy laughing any—
???: Aaahahahaha! Hehehe. Hahaha!
Lyria: Th-that laughing. It must be a ghost!
Vyrn: Wh-what if it's a—
Lyria: No, I don't hear it! I don't hear the laughing!
Vyrn: It didn't sound like it came from too far off. Must be close.
(Captain) nods in agreement.
  1. Let's check it out.

Choose: Let's check it out.
Vyrn: Yeah, let's hop to it! The villagers are going to worry until we do something about it.
Lyria: Waaait! Vyrn, (Captain)! Don't leave me behind!
Vyrn: Hmm... I know I heard it coming from around here.
???: Ha! Hehe! Hahaha!
Vyrn: There it is again.
Vyrn: Look! Over there! Someone's on the ground!
Lyria: You're right! Hurry! Let's help them, (Captain)!
Lyria and the others rush over to assist a fallen girl.
???: Hahahah! Thank you for helping me. Haha!
Lyria: Umm...
???: Hehehe. I guess I haven't said my name yet. Hahaha.
Ludmila: I'm—haha—I'm Ludmila. Hahaha!
Lyria: Uhh... Why are you laughing so much?
Ludmila: About tha—hah. Hahaha. Hahahahaha!
Ludmila: Haha. It's no good! I can't stop laughing! Ahaha!
Lyria: Did I do something to make her laugh at me?
Vyrn: I don't think so. She's the one acting funny.
Vyrn: She keeps laughing, but she doesn't look like she's enjoying it much.
Ludmila: Ahaha! I'm so sorry! I don't mean to make fun of you! Hehe.
Ludmila: It's just that I ate this mushroom, and now I can't stop laughing! Hahahaha!
Vyrn: What the...
Lyria: So that's what happened. That sounds awful.
Vyrn: You kiddin'? This is way beyond awful!
Ludmila: Ahah. So I'm not mocking you. Honest. Hehe.
Vyrn: If a weird mushroom did this to you, then there should be medicine or something in town.
Ludmila: Hahahah! I doubt it. It was a new breed of mushroom. Hahahah!
Ludmila: So I don't think—hahaha—there's a cure for this yet. Haha.
Ludmila: I thought I would go to a different town for treatment. Hehehe.
Ludmila: But everyone's so creeped out by this laugh, no one will talk with me—hahaha!
Vyrn: Whoa... Rough...
Ludmila: Can't blame them! Haha! I hate this laugh too! I've got to get my hands on some medicine! Hehe...
Lyria: Well, if that's the case...
Lyria: (Captain), can't we help Ludmila search for some medicine?
Ludmila: Hahaha! What a helpful bunch you guys are!
Ludmila: But after all you've done, I couldn't ask you to stick your necks out for me like that. Hahaha!
Ludmila: Bwahaha! If I go with you guys, this laughing will—hahaha!
Ludmila: People will be creeped out by you too! Hahaha!
Ludmila: I'd be so sorry to cause more trouble for you, so—hahahaha!
  1. It's really okay.
  2. I think you'll fit right in.

Choose: It's really okay.
Ludmila: Hahaha! Didn't you listen to me? You won't—hahaha!
Vyrn: Don't worry about it. Captain (Captain) said it's okay, so it's okay!
Lyria: Yeah! Won't you come with us?
Ludmila: Hahaha! Okay, I'll tag along. I guess you guys got the last laugh—hahaha!

Choose: I think you'll fit right in.
Ludmila: Ahaha! What do you mean? Hehehe.
Vyrn: Hmm, if you think about it, I guess she's not such a bad fit for our crew.
Lyria: Haha. It's true.
Vyrn: Hey! What're you lookin' at me for, Lyria?
Lyria: What? You were looking at me first, weren't you?
Vyrn: Well, you're the one who eats the most in the crew.
Vyrn: Just the other day everyone was staring at you as you stuffed your face at that restaurant! They couldn't believe their eyes!
Lyria: Hey! That was... I was just...
Lyria: But, but you—everyone calls you a flying lizard!
Vyrn: I ain't no lizard!
Ludmila: Haha—bwahaha! You weren't joking!
Ludmila: No one's going to think I'm weird if I'm around you guys! Hahaha!
Continue 1
Lyria: What? Then you'll...
Ludmila: Hahaha—gasp—hahaha... I'll accept your offer!
Ludmila: This laughing will probably get old, but I'm counting on you guys! Hahaha!
Lyria: Glad to have you with us! Welcome to our crew!
Vyrn: Oh yeah, why did you eat that weird mushroom anyway?
Ludmila: Hahaha! What can I say? I just love mushrooms! Hahaha!
Ludmila: So whenever I spot a tasty little morsel I've never had before, I've just gotta—
Ludmila: Gurk!
Vyrn: Hey, hey! What's the matter, Ludmila?
Ludmila: Hahaha... Wheeze—hahaha... Gasp—hahaha...
Struggling to draw in air through fits of frantic laughter, Ludmila falls to the ground convulsing.
Lyria: Aah! Ludmila! Are you okay?
Vyrn: Get ahold of yourself, Ludmila!
Lyria: Aah! Her face is going purple!
And thus (Captain) and the crew welcome another lively member into their group.
Her addition would bring laughter to the Grandcypher.
But the crew would soon learn that adventuring with her would be no joke.

Portobello Problemo

The crew gathers to discuss Ludmila and her propensity for causing trouble. Rackam recalls the time her laughing revealed the crew's location to a bandit group, a situation that ultimately culminated in a nasty shoot-out.

Katalina: We have to hurry and find a cure for Ludmila. I can't take much more of this.
Vyrn: Yeah, I ain't having any more of Ms. Not-So-Fungi and her laughing.
Lyria: Hahaha...
A few days have passed since Ludmila joined (Captain) and the Grandcypher crew.
Everyone gathers at a village inn, visibly exhausted looks plastered on their faces.
Rackam : I'm all for it. I can't stand another episode like the other day.
Vyrn: Huh? What happened the other day?
Rackam : You know—we took on that assignment to go get that vase from a clan of mountain bandits.
Vyrn: Ah, gotcha! That really got out of hand, huh?
Rackam : Crud—just look at how many of them there are.
Rackam : Tch. Looks like a change of plan's in order: we get in, get the vase, and get back to Lyria and the others.
Ludmila: Hahaha—got it. We're outnumbered otherwise.
Vyrn: Yeah. Running away means you can fight another day.
Ludmila: Heh. Heh-heh. Hahaha...
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, you all right?
Ludmila: Sorry, I just—haha—can't hold it—hahahaha!
Ludmila: Ahahaha! Bwahahaha-gwahahahaaa!
Vyrn: Hey, hey, hey! Shut your trap! They'll spot us!
Ludmila: Hahaha—I'm try-trying—hahaha!
Bandit: Hmm? You over there! Show yerself!
Vyrn: Ah! This is bad! They found us!
Ludmila: Ahahahaha! Bwahaha! Hahahahaha!
Rackam : Tch! Only one thing left to do now!
Ludmila: Hehehe! I'm sorry!
Ludmila and the others ready their weapons.
Bandit: Over there! Take 'em out!
Rackam : (Captain), Ludmila, let's give them something to laugh about!
Rackam : Hey! That was close! What the hell are you doing?
Ludmila: Haha, sorry! The laughing makes my aim a litt—ahaha!
Rackam : Aah! Th-that one grazed me!
Rackam : These guys don't let up!
Vyrn: Huh! Watch out!
Vyrn: Eee! A bullet just scratched my wing!
Bandit: These guys, what the hell are they doing?
Bandit: Are they firing on each other?
Rackam : Wheeze. Whose side are you on? H-hey! Just stop shooting!
Ludmila: I'm so sorry! Hahaha!
Rackam : What the hell! I said stop shooting!
Vyrn: Eek! Too close!
Ludmila: It's no use hahaha! My body—haha—just isn't listening to me!
Vyrn: Aiiee!
Rackam : Ah! Hey! That was my hair!
Ludmila: Ahahahaha! My finger! Haha! I can't take it off the trigger! Haha!
Lyria: Vyrn, (Captain), Rackam! Are you okay?
Vyrn: Lyria! Why are you here? You're supposed to be waiting outside!
Lyria: Everyone was screaming, and there was gunfire—I was worried!
Ludmila: Hahaha—bwahahahaha! Mwahahahah!
Lyria: Umm... So... what's going on here?
Rackam : No time to explain! First we gotta deal with these bandits!
Vyrn: Eek! Lyria, watch out! She's trigger-happy!
Ludmila: Hahaha—bwahahahaha! Mwahahahah!

Portobello Problemo: Scene 2

Katalina continues the discussion with a story of her own: while on a mission to clear out a monster nest, Ludmila becomes enthralled with a type of mushroom she's never eaten before, and in the process, causes calamity for the crew.

Rackam : Wheeze... Pant... We got through that somehow.
Vyrn: Who knows how?
(Captain) and the crew stand victorious after defeating the bandit clan.
However, their victory is tinged with the many wounds that Ludmila inflicted upon them.
Vyrn: Isn't Ludmila awfully quiet? She was laughing so hard before.
Rackam : Now that you mention it...
Ludmila: Haha... Hahaha...
Lyria: Ah! Ludmila's face is totally purple! And she's foaming at the mouth!
Rackam : What? H-hey, snap out of it! Lyria, water! Get some water!
Lyria: O-okay!
Rackam : Sigh... What a nightmare... One wrong move and someone could have ended up knocking on death's door.
Vyrn: Gulp. Just thinking of it makes my heart leap into my throat.
Katalina: You have to admit, though, that today's monster nest extermination was far more irritating than your brush with the bandits.
Lyria: Yeah, to think that Ludmila likes mushrooms that much.
Katalina: The monster nest should be in this area. Stay on your guard, everyone.
Vyrn: We know, we know! H-hey! Ludmila, where are you going?
Lyria: Huh? Ludmila, it's dangerous to go off by yourself!
Ignoring Lyria's question, Ludmila ambles forth to some unknown destination.
Katalina: Tch. Come on! Follow her! We can't let her go off on her own!
Ludmila: Hehe. Found you, tasty little morsel. Hehehe.
Ludmila is crouched over, suspiciously giggling as she fidgets with something in front of her.
Vyrn: Hey! What's the big idea going off on your own, Ludmila! We oughta—huh? What are you doing?
Ludmila: Hehe. I've found mushrooms that I've never seen before. I'm just harvesting them. Hahaha!
Lyria: Pant, pant. Don't just leave me like that, guys. W-wow, Ludmila, you really like mushrooms, huh?
Ludmila: No, I love them! Haha! Mushrooms just taste so great! Haha!
Ludmila: But—hehe—you wouldn't believe how many are poisonous! Haha!
Ludmila: Haha! If you're not careful—hehe—you'll end up like me! Bwahaha!
Lyria: L-Ludmila! What's wrong?
Ludmila's face rapidly changes from red to purple as if all the blood were suddenly drawn from her face.
Vyrn: H-hey, are you all right? Your face looks like a blueberry! And you're shaking!
Ludmila: Seems like that last tasty little morsel was a little poisonous—hahaha! It's making my body convulse all over! Haha!
Vyrn: You actually ate that mushroom? Didn't you say you'd never seen it before?
Katalina: Eating a mushroom without knowing whether it's poisonous or not—how reckless can you get.
Ludmila: Ahahaha! Bwahaha!
Lyria: Aah! Ludmila, get a hold of yourself!
Katalina: Lyria, stay calm! If you raise your voice...
Monsters: Grooar!
Lyria: M-monsters!
Katalina: Tch! We're surrounded!
Vyrn: This happens to us way too often!
Ludmila: Hahaha! Hehehe! Bwahahaha!
Lyria: Aah! Katalina, Ludmila's getting up like a zombie!
Katalina: Save the talking for later! Let's take out these monsters first!

Portobello Problemo: Scene 3

Ludmila finishes preparing dinner for the crew just as discussion about her dies down. She happily describes her past as the exiled daughter of a bandit leader but also reveals she is apt to repeat the same mushroom-made mistakes that got her exiled in the first place.

Katalina: Huff... Huff... Seems like that was the last one.
(Captain) and the crew finish cleaning up the last of the monsters that attacked them.
Exhausted from fighting the multitude of monsters shorthanded, the crew takes a moment to rest after the last one falls.
Lyria: (Captain), Katalina, are you all right?
Katalina: Pant. We're okay, but she, on the other hand...
Lyria: Ah! Th-that's right! Ludmila! Are you feeling okay?
Ludmila: Ahaha! Bwahaha—gasp—hahaha!
Ludmila: Hehe—haha—gwahahaha! I'm losing it! Hahaha!
Lyria: Aah! Katalina! Ludmila's shaking! And she's turned purple!
Katalina: Stay calm, Lyria. First we'll need to get her to throw up what she ate.
Lyria: R-right!
Ludmila: Ahaha! Sorry for being such a bother! Haha!
Ludmila turns to face (Captain) and deeply lowers her head in apology.
Vyrn: Sigh. It's fine. Next time just try to be careful, would ya?
Ludmila: Hahaha! I'll definitely give it a shot! Hahaha!
Vyrn: Hmm... That didn't sound very encouraging. But why would you eat a mushroom without knowing if it's poisonous or not?
Ludmila: Hehe. Ahaha! It's just—haha—whenever I see a mushroom I've never seen...
Ludmila: The temptation's just too strong! Haha!
Vyrn: What? That's ridicuous!
Lyria: Hahaha... Y-you sure do love mushrooms.
Vyrn: So I've been thinking...
Vyrn: Our problems would be solved if we could get her to lose interest in mushrooms, right?
Katalina: Hmm... It's possible. But I can't say I want to think about what we would have to go through.
Ludmila: Hahaha! So there you guys are! Hehehe! Dinner's almost ready!
Vyrn: Okay, we'll be there soon.
Lyria: Wow. Ludmila, you're such a good cook! This is so delicious!
Ludmila: Hahah! Thanks! I put my heart and soul into it to make up for all the trouble I've caused!
Ludmila: I'm so sorry for today too! Hahaha!
Vyrn: Don't worry about it. Just be careful from now on and we'll be fine.
Ludmila: Thank you! Haha! I'm so hopeless!
Ludmila: My father got upset with me in the past, because I just can't help myself! Haha!
Ludmila: I guess I've just never learned my lesson! Haha!
Ludmila: Hehehe! And eventually they even kicked me out of the clan! Hahaha!
Vyrn: Huh? Kicked out of a what?
Ludmila: Haha! I'm the daughter of a bandit clan's chief. But I did something unforgivable! Haha!
Ludmila: It was so bad that I got the boot! Haha!
Vyrn: What? Unforgivable? What did you do?
Ludmila: Haha! Well, I made dinner with some mushrooms I discovered that morning. Everyone, after one bite—they all went down! Haha!
Vyrn: You're kidding, right? Using mushrooms that you've never seen before!
Lyria: Umm... You were harvesting mushrooms this afternoon, weren't you? Oh no, not in this food too...
Vyrn: H-hey! No! Don't tell me!
Ludmila: Bwahaha!
With Ludmila's laughing ringing in the air, (Captain) and the crew's faces begin to turn a peculiar blueberry shade of purple.
Ludmila, foolhardy connoisseur of fine fungi.
Her condition would only improve upon dealing with her habit. Probably.
Ludmila: Bwahaha!

Live and Let Laugh

Ulamnuran learns of Ludmila's inability to stop laughing and takes it upon himself to cure her. Although he ultimately fails for the time being, his efforts have opened up new avenues for his street performances.

Ulamnuran: Good, good. This new technique'll do just fine! I'm a genius if I do say so myself.
Ulamnuran is practicing his craft on the deck of the airship.
Ludmila: Hahaha, new mushrooms! Huh? Mmpftt... What's with that hat... Snort.
And who else should pass by but Ludmila.
Ulamnuran: (Oh? A spectator?)
Ulamnuran: (Well, I can't let her leave disappointed! Time to put on a show!)
Ludmila: His hat... All it reminds me of is that mushroom. Hahaha.
Sensing Ludmila's gaze on him, Ulamnuran beautifully performs difficult tumble after difficult tumble.
Ulamnuran: Ta-da! What do you think?
Ludmila: Heh heh. It was great! You're a street performer? Haha...
Ulamnuran: Hiyah! I can do things like this too!
Ludmila: Well, isn't that something? Hahah... Ahaha...
Ulamnuran: Dun-dun! This spectacle featuring the great Ulam is just getting started!
Ludmila: Ahaha! P-please continue! Hehe.
Ulamnuran: (Um... I think she's enjoying it, but...)
Ulamnuran: (Something doesn't seem quite right about this girl.)
Ulamnuran: ...
Ludmila: Hahaha-huh? Is it over already? Pfft...
Ludmila's abnormal way of laughing throws the tumbler off his game, and he stops his practice session.
He approaches the overenthusiastic girl to have a word.
Ulamnuran: Um, thanks for watching my performance!
Ulamnuran: The name's Ulamnuran, greatest street performer in all the wild blue yonder!
Ulamnuran: Wowzers. You're a regular laugh machine, but can I ask you something? Are you actually enjoying yourself?
Ludmila: Y-yeah, I am. Hehehe... I'm sorry—Ahaha!
Ludmila apologizes through bouts of laughter, which only throws Ulamnuran into further confusion.
Ulamnuran: Huh? I don't get it. What are you apologizing for?
Ludmila: Basically I ate a weird mushroom, and now
I—yuk, yuk—can't stop laughing!
Ulamnuran: Ah, so that's the story. Guess it wasn't because my tricks were actually interesting to watch.
Ludmila: Hahaha. No, no! It definitely was! Snort.
Ulamnuran: Hehe... Well, good then. Thank you! Er...
Ludmila: I'm Ludmila. Ahaha. Nice to meet ya-ha-ha.
Ulamnuran: Same to you, Ludmila!
Ludmila: The pleasure's all—Pffft!
Ludmila: Sorry. Haha. Didn't mean to laugh.
Ulamnuran: (I can see she doesn't mean to laugh, but it comes out anyway. That's no fun at all.)
Ulamnuran: Aha!
Ludmila: Mmpff... What is it? Hehe...
Ulamnuran: I said I was the greatest street performer in the skies, didn't I?
Ulamnuran: I'll cure you of your laughing fits.
Ulamnuran: That way you can smile for reals when you get a load of my act!
Ludmila: Hoohoohoo. That would be fantastic!
Ludmila: Please—hehehe—give it your best shot.
Ulamnuran: You betcha. I got this!
Ulamnuran: Hm... Wonder if scaring the laughter out of her like you'd do with hiccups would work.
Ulamnuran: Behold! I have in my hand a deck of plain ol' cards. Would the lady kindly choose one?
Ludmila: Bwahaha! Okay, this one—
The instant Ludmila pulls a card from the deck, a bird comes flying out at her from Ulamnuran's hands.
He looks at the startled Ludmila with a victorious smile.
Ulamnuran: Bam! Spooked the laughter right out of you, didn't I? What works for hiccups surely works for the giggles too.
Ulamnuran: See? I don't hear any—
Ludmila: Bwahaha! Ahahaha!
Ulamnuran: Darn. Spoke too soon. Well, how about an awe-inspiring magic trick?
Ulamnuran: Just an ordinary wand, right? A one! A two! And a three!
Ludmila: Mmph... Hnngh... Ahahaha!
Ludmila's laughter shows no signs of stopping but neither does the great Ulam.
Ulamnuran: Nope, that won't do it either. I'm not done yet though!
Ulamnuran: I have here three colored balls. Watch as I toss them high into the air. Hah!
Ludmila: Amazing! Hahahaha!
Ulamnuran: Holy moly! Laughing so hard you're literally shaking! Shoot, this isn't a comedy act.
The street performer grumbles in melancholy.
For all of his talents, the sound of laughter will not abate.
Ulamnuran: Hrrm... All that's left is to intentionally bomb the set with a dad joke.
Ulamnuran takes a deep breath to steel himself. Flames of determination ignite in his eyes.
He casts off his pride and screams out to the world.
Ulamnuran: Ever had toadstool? It stinks!
Ludmila: Huh? Uh, bwuh?
Ulamnuran: Yes! Did it work?
Ludmila: ...
Ludmila: Mmmpph... Hnnk... Huff...
Ulamnuran: Are you kidding me? Ludmila! She laughed all the air out of her lungs!
Ulamnuran: (Captain)! Someone! Help!
Thanks to Ulamnuran's quick response, Ludmila is fine.
He has time to reflect when all is said and done.
Finally the Harvin comes to a decision.
Ulamnuran: I'll do it. I'll come up with a fantastic act to end Ludmila's laughing fits once and for all!
With renewed zeal, Ulamnuran tackles many challenges to expand his repertoire.
Meanwhile, Ludmila searches for a mushroom shaped like Ulamnuran's hat.
Ludmila: Hehehe. I found it! Hahaha!
She intends to turn it into a dish for Ulamnuran as thanks for his help.
But that is a tale for another time.

Laughter Echoing Down

Ludmila stops by a village where her unstoppable laughter incites resentment. Zaja then tries to come up with a way to help her stop laughing. In return, Ludmila tells Zaja that perhaps his missing friends are the ones looking for him, so he should laugh as loudly as possible to let them know he's okay.

In a remote village terrible things are happening one after the other.
Child: Waaaah! The present my grandma bought me just broke!
The precious toy the boy often played with lies before him in pieces as he cries.
Young Woman: But... why... Why did he leave me... and run off with that other woman...
Sadness consumes the woman as she reads a letter from her lover that has arrived to inform her that their relationship has reached its end.
Boat Engineer: Blast it all... That boat construction deal was all but mine...
Sadly the job that the engineer should have received was stolen by a rival.
Then they hear a devilish sound...
???: Ahahaha!
Boat Engineer: Hm?
A woman with a gun appears, laughing uncontrollably. She stops in front of the unfortunate three.
Ludmila: Ahaha! Is there a weapon shop around here? I need bullets... Hehe...
Poisoned by a mushroom she ingested long ago, Ludmila is cursed with laughter that will never end.
Boat Engineer: Are you a traveler?
Ludmila: Hehehe... Yeah. Ahaha! I've come with my crew to get some shopping done. Hehe.
Boat Engineer: Why are you laughing at us? I'm not in the mood to be ridiculed by anyone.
Ludmila: Ahahaha! Right... I don't mean to do that... Tehe... Sorry... I don't mean any disrespect... Hehehe! Gahaha!
Boat Engineer: Why you! You think what happened to me is funny? Is what happened really a laughing matter?
Ludmila: Ahahaha! S-sorry... I can't control the laughing... Hehe! But I'll try!
Ludmila: ...!
Ludmila forces her stomach to contract, causing the air in her body to stop flowing and ceasing the laughter.
Ludmila: I can't... I'm really sorry! Bahaha!
Young Woman: Are you laughing at me as well? Do you think less of me for being thrown aside by my love!
Ludmila: Hehehehe! I really don't! I just can't help it! Gahaha!
Child: Then you're laughing at me! Because my very special toy broke, aren't you!
Ludmila: Hehehe! I'm not! Ahahaha!
Boat Engineer: How dare you! Get outta here! We won't stand for garbage like you laughing at us in our misery! Don't show your face here again!
Ludmila: Ahahaha! I'm sorry!
Ludmila's condition creates a terrible impression of her.
On a cliff some distance from the village, a large figure stands.
Zaja: My friends...
Zaja gazes past the clouds below in hopes of one day finding his missing friends.
He hears strange laughter and turns his head to see a small person cradling themselves.
Ludmila: Oh man... Hehe... Sigh... Why does this happen to me... Ahaha...
Zaja: What's wrong, Ludmila?
Ludmila: Gasp!
Oh, it's just you. Why aren't you with (Captain)?
Although the two are part of the same crew, they seldom exchange words.
Zaja: The others said they would be heading into a cramped cave, and as you can see I am quite large, so I would only get in the way.
Ludmila: Pahaha!
Zaja: Did I say something strange?
Ludmila: Hehe! Giggle! No... I couldn't go with them for a similar reason.
Ludmila: Haha! There are monsters they need to get rid of that are sensitive to sound... And since I laugh so much...
Ludmila: Ahaha! I decided it's best to stay behind! I'd do much worse than just get in the way! Hehe! The monster would have a field day with me!
Zaja: Then... why not stop laughing?
Ludmila: Tehe! I would if I could... It's a long story...
Ludmila goes into detail about eating a new species of mushroom, and how it's plagued her with unstoppable laughter ever since.
Zaja: I see. I always thought your ability to find everything so funny was a bit strange, but I never would have guessed a mushroom was behind it...
Zaja: But that you laugh so much always makes you seem like you're enjoying yourself.
Ludmila: Heehee! It does cause me trouble though... A second ago I was laughing when it really wasn't appropriate, and I made some people really angry... Ahaha!
Zaja: That does sound difficult...
Ludmila: Wheeze... Wheeze... At least you get it...
Zaja: What's happened now? You seem in pain...
Ludmila: Wheeze... Hahaha! I... can't breathe... from all... the laughter... Hehe!
Ludmila: Sigh... Hehe... I wish I could be as relaxed as you are, Zaja. What can I do... Hehe!
Zaja: Hmm... I wish I could help.
Zaja: But all I ever do is search for my friends at the bottom of the sky. What use could I be to you...
Ludmila: Hehe! Huh? Bottom of the sky? What are you talking about?
Zaja tells Ludmila about his quest for his friends and about his delusions.
Zaja: My friends are alive... At the bottom of the sky... I just want to see their happy faces at least once...
Typically anyone who listens to Zaja's tragic tale of his departed comrades is lost for words.
Ludmila: Hehe! I'm sorry! Haha! I don't mean to laugh...
Zaja: I understand. My past is what it is. But I want to help you with your present.
Zaja: If I understand correctly, you can't control the laughter. When I was a leader...
Zaja: I learned that a person in charge must always remain calm. That is why I do not often seem moved.
Ludmila: Wheeze! Hehe! You might not believe this, but at the moment, I'm pretty relaxed.
Zaja: Hmm... What if you try to recall painful memories? It may make you sad, but perhaps the pain will help.
Ludmila: Ahaha! Just a second ago... Haha! Was a pretty painful experience... but no tamale!
Zaja: Right... What if I pinch your arm?
Ludmila: Gaha! I've tried everything. I can't even stop laughing when I'm fighting! Ahaha!
Ludmila: Cough! Hehe! Thanks for thinking of so many ideas just for me.
Zaja: But of course. We're a part of the same crew. Helping each other is the obvious course of action.
Ludmila: Wheeze... Wheeze... You're a good guy, Zaja...
Zaja: I just want to help my comrades. Wouldn't you do the same?
Ludmila: Ahahaha! I would. But I'm just so annoying. I'd think people would stay away from me... Haha!
Zaja: I don't think that's the case. None of our comrades would say such a thing.
Ludmila: Hehe! Yeah... You're probably right... Hehehe!
Zaja: Hm... Still can't get that laughter under control...
Ludmila: Ahaha!
Zaja: Right...
Ludmila: Bahaha!
Zaja: Hmm...
Ludmila: Gahaha!
Zaja: Heh heh!
Ludmila: Hehe... Huh? What's wrong?
Zaja: I'm sorry... Hearing your laughter for so long... It's infectious...
Zaja: Heh heh heh!
Ludmila: Ahaha! What's with that laugh! Bahaha! Hahahahaha!
Zaja: Heh heh heh! Your laughter continues to escalate...
Ludmila: Hehehe! But this is a real laugh! The sounds you make are just too funny!
Zaja: Heh heh heh... Who would have thought I could make you laugh even more... Heh... Or that you would think my laughter is strange...
Ludmila: Hehehe! You make a good point! Hehe! Hahaha! I'm so sorry!
Ludmila: Hehe... Zaja... I thought of something after hearing your story...
Zaja: Hm?
Ludmila: Giggle... If you think your friends are happily living at the bottom of the sky, then maybe they're the ones searching for you...
Zaja: What do you mean?
Ludmila: Hehe! If you try this hard to help me, your friends must love you.
Ludmila: Haha! So who would want to leave you behind? I bet they're trying to find you too.
Zaja: ...
Zaja recalls, for a just a moment, the time he spent with his friends.
Ludmila: Hehe! Zaja... Laugh a little now and then... To let them know you're okay, got it?
Zaja: What?
Ludmila: Ahaha! I bet your laughter could reach all the way to the bottom of the sky. Just let them know where you are! Hehe!
Ludmila: Hehe! I want to help you...
Ludmila: Haha! But my laughter isn't really that useful... so... Haha!
Zaja: Heh heh...
Ludmila: Hehe... Laughable, ain't it?
Zaja: Heh heh heh...
Ludmila: Hehe!
Zaja: Hahaha!
Ludmila: Gahaha!
Zaja: Bahaha!
Ludmila: Gahahaha!
Ludmila and Zaja pass their time laughing into the great blue.
Little do they know that they are being watched.
Vyrn: What the heck? A long day's work, and then we find these two laughing their heads off...
Lyria: I wonder what happened...
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Haha! Who knows. But looking at 'em makes me laugh too!
Lyria: Hehehe! It does! I feel like all my funny bones are being tickled.
Zaja & Ludmila: Bahahaha!
Anyone who hears those two laughing is drawn in to laugh themselves.
Even (Captain) and the others are not immune. Together, their laughter echoes even to the bottom of the skies.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
あははは、くふふっ! Hahaha! Hehe!
くふっ、このキノコは毒……だろうか? This mushroom? Poisonous? Naaah!
くふふふふっ!じゅ、銃の照準が…… Haha! I can't aim with this laughing! Haha!
くふふっ、た、弾が、こめられない…… The bullets won't go in! Hahaha!
ふふふっ、ははっ!新種のキノコだ! Bwahaha! A new tasty morsel!
あっはっは、身体がしびれて……ぶふっ。 Hah. Haha. My body's gone numb! Haha!
くふっ、このキノコ、食べてみたいな…… Mwahaha! I gotta try this mushroom!
(主人公)は、ぶっ、頼りになるなっ! You can—haha—count on me, (Captain)!
あははは!ダメだ……笑い死ぬっ、くふっ! It's no use! I'm laughing to death! Hahaha!
(主人公)と一緒の旅は楽しいな…… Think we'll have any fun-gus today?


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