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Ludmila Icon Gamewith.png 5.0This character's rating from GameWith out of 10 Icon Kamigame.png 5.0This character's rating from Kamigame out of 10. This rating is intended for advanced players. 🔰 1This character's beginner rating from Kamigame out of 5. This rating is intended for beginners and is a separate evaluation from the advanced player rating. Label Type Attack.png Label Race Harvin.png Label Weapon Gun.png
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  • Role: Attacker/Debuffer
  • Her Status DefenseDown.png10% DEF DownDEF is lowered
    Strength: 10%
    stacks with Miserable Mist.
  • Can reach high damage output for normal attacks thanks to her support skill and Status CriticalUp.png Critical Hit Rate UpDMG is slightly boosted for critical hits
  • ...if she won't miss.
  • Can increase normal attacks' hit accuracy with her skill but not without downtime.
  • Random effect of Charge Attack can debuff her or even hurt other allies.
  • Difficult to manage and hard to fit into any party.


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