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Official Profile[edit]

Age 15
Height 158 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Fortune-telling
Likes Visiting ruins
Dislikes Creepy-crawlies
An elusive treasure hunter who shows up when she's least expected, Mary is a curious tomboy who bounces across the world's ancient ruins in search of treasure. Mary is one of the best at what she does, and she always gets what she's after, even if it means betraying those around her. Despite repeatedly running into you on your travels, it's not clear what she's after. Whatever the case, she's a skilled fighter capable of striking down monsters single-handedly.
Source [1]




  • Mary has character banter with her younger brother Syr when paired in battle.
  • In the event The Inner Light, there is a slight difference if you haven't recruited her while playing the event. She'll not appear in the story until Chapter 1 Episode 2. She will also become a total stranger to the crew.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
I was hoping to find some treasure that I could give you as a birthday present, but I couldn't find anything.
So instead, my present to you is... me! Isn't that the greatest present you could ever receive?


Happy birthday. I looked all over for a gift to give you, but I couldn't find anything good enough.
You've done so much for me, so I wanted to give you something that'd really make you smile.
But I'm not too good at gift-giving. Sorry...
Hm? You think my smiling face is the best gift I can give, huh? Hah! That's pretty corny!
But I guess you're right. I'll give you my best smile now, so be sure to take it all in! Ha-ha!


Happy birthday! How has this year been? Lots of fun because you were with me, right?
Just kidding... I was the one having fun because I could be with you.
You're the one who showed me how wonderful a journey can really be.
So now it's my turn. And I want to make sure to do my best so you have fun this year.
Ha-ha! Maybe our chat's getting a little heavy. But that's not so bad once in a while, right?


Happy birthday! I'm so glad we get to celebrate your birthday again this year.
There's so much to see and do in every adventure with you, (Captain). It never gets old.
To be honest you're so good to everyone that I feel a bit left out sometimes.
I guess I'll just have to stick even closer to you!
I'll do everything I can to fill your adventures with excitement in the coming year, (Captain).
So be sure to invite me for your next birthday party too!
That's a promise!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year! Say, wanna go check our new year's fortunes?
The word fortune just has a great ring to it, you know!


Oh. Are you awake? Good morning... Oops! Happy New Year!
Today's just another day. I mean, there's no big diff between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day...
But for some reason, it feels special. I even woke up at dawn... Ha-ha! You too?
But in truth, today is special because every day is special. It's easy to forget though...
Or whatever! Oh, let me know when you're up and ready. Wanna go get our new year's fortunes?


Happy New Year! Let's make this year another good one, (Captain).
Heh... Another good one... It's a little unusual for me to stick around this long with someone...
Ah, you see... until I met you and the crew, I'd only team up with people for short spurts.
But journeying with all of you has taught me all sorts of things... Like what it means to pull together and look out for each other.
Taking without giving is not my thing though. So, for all that you've given me, I'll pay you back tenfold. Promise!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Here's to another fun-filled year.
What do you say we visit the shrine today?
I can't wait to check our New Year's fortunes!
I love checking that stuff. Can't say I exactly believe in it though.
But seeing a positive forecast for my fortunes is such a great feeling.
And a negative forecast tells me I need to watch out. So it works out either way.
Besides, testing lady luck is how I prefer to live my life!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day! Heheh... This is for you!
I'm very particular about who I give gifts to, okay? So don't forget your thank-you gift in return!


Now wait just a sec! Don't go! I've got something to give you.
Here you go!
Yep, it's a Valentine's Day gift. Bet you didn't expect one from me!
It's all right though! I know how I can be. But I thought a gift would get my feelings across to you this time...
You like it? I'm glad...
But I'll be waiting for a gift in return from you!


Okay, here ya go. It's Valentine's Day, right? Go ahead and have some chocolate.
I picked out some delicious ones. I even picked out wrapping I thought you'd like!
So... So, you know...
Ohhh! Never mind! Just take the chocolate already! And be sure to eat it up!
Ahhh... Who's idea was it to give chocolate on Valentine's Day anyway? This heartfelt holiday is giving me a heart attack...


Here you go. Valentine's chocolate.
I figured you'd probably get tired of the same ol' chocolates every year, so I bought these from a different store.
It's a pretty well-known place. Tried one of the chocolates myself and loved it.
So, um...
You said last year that you'd accept my chocolate! So here, take it!
Urgh, really now!
Why do I end up having to do this every year...
Anyhow, the chocolate really is good, so I hope you enjoy it.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake
4th year:
Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy White Day!
Huh? This is for me? Thanks!
I can get what I want by myself, but... getting gifts isn't so bad either!


It's White Day! La la la!
Now gimme a gift!
Whoa! You're really gonna give me one?
Sorry! Sorry! It's not like I took you for the type to be stingy about presents.
But you know... it's not often that someone shows me how they truly feel with a gift...
So thanks! I'm really grateful!


Were you looking for me, (Captain)? What's up?
What's this? Is it for me? For White Day?
Ah... You remembered the chocolates I gave you on Valentine's.
Thanks! I'm happy to get a thank-you gift from you. It's just like you to be so considerate!
So next year... be sure to accept my chocolates again, okay? Because I'll be looking forward to another gift from you!


Huh? A White Day present for me?
Oh, and sorry about the way I acted on Valentine's...
It's just... I get all restless when...
Well, this is probably the wrong time and place to be saying this, but...
I'll probably be a nervous wreck next year too when I present you the Valentine's chocolates.
I hope you won't mind?
Thanks! For both accepting and giving me chocolate. You don't know how happy it makes me.
Oh, I'm feeling my knees go weak again.
But it'll go better next time for sure.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat! Or treasure!
I'll take treasure over candy any day!


Trick or treat! Ahaha! Did I scare you? Okay then, gimme your candy!
Ah! Munch munch... Mmm... It's good!
We never used to do stuff like this back home!
That's why I'm gonna go around scaring the crew all day!
If you're ready, you can come with me! Come on, let's go!


How about it? Did I surprise you? Is my special edition smoke bomb!
Ha-ha! Sorry, sorry... You were wide open, so I couldn't help it.
Come on, I'll give you some candy. So be a good sport about it. Okay?
Now, take a big bite and let's go cause some mayhem! And don't forget—we're getting every last piece of candy today!


Halloween doesn't come often enough, so I'm going all out for this year's trick.
You too, (Captain)! Help me brainstorm!
This is probably all child's play for the other crew members by now, so I need some fresh new ideas to keep them on their toes.
I just need to decide on what direction to take this...
For instance, I could go after those who probably don't have any candy on hand!
Heheh, this is gonna be so much fun!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays! Santa must be nuts to be delivering all those presents for free! He could make a fortune!
But maybe he's just a good person. A bit like you!


Hey, (Captain), did you see? There's gonna be a real feast tonight!
The best cooks in the crew are trying to outdo each other, I heard.
The table's overflowing already. I wonder if we can finish it all... Then again, there are plenty of crew members, so maybe we can?
Hm? I seem excited? I guess so... Maybe.
To gather with friends and have a great meal without worry...
It may seem everyday to you, but for me it's a special occasion! Ha-ha!


Ah, (Captain)! Happy holidays...
Ahhh... It's nothing really. I'm just a little worn out from all the hustle and bustle.
I sent a greeting card to Altos and that old codger. Syr said that I should.
Hm... I wonder if the card was good enough... Feels like it needed something more...
I probably should've talked to you before I sent it out actually. Next time though you'll lend me an ear, won't you?


So I just put it through here and...
Ah, (Captain), how are holiday preparations coming along?
Me? I'm making decorations for the tree.
This himmeli here is furnished from straw and string. I'll admit it looks kind of plain though.
The old man made himmeli every year to pray for a bountiful harvest.
But in my case...
Treasure, treasure galore—by my bedside!
Ahaha! I wish!

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Beautiful Treasure Hunter[edit]

In a dense fog, the party meets a rather tomboyish young lady called Mary. She practically forced herself into the Order, saying she'd be able to separate (Captain)'s trash from the treasure. And so our heroes found themselves adding Mary's treasure hunt to their ever-expanding to-do list.

The party traveled down a bad road, hoping they might find a village where they could rest. The fog was blinding.
Vyrn: Keep your eyes open. There's a demon's lair around here somewhere...
Vyrn: Urk?!
???: Ow!
???: Ooooow... why don't you watch where you're going!
Vyrn: What the hell?! Look who's talking! Jumping out of nowhere like that...
Lyria: Are you alright? Settle down, you two...
Strange Girl: Whew, this is a pickle. I'm stumped here.
Vyrn: Hehe... hey lady, you lost? Why don't you come with us to the vill?
Strange Girl: Lost? Heck no. I'm trying to find me a monster's lair. Should be somewhere around these parts.
Vyrn: Wait... what?! A monster's lair?! And you want to go there... guess there's no accounting for taste.
Strange Girl: You know where it is, huh?
Strange Girl: And you know you bumped into me, right? What'd you do if you messed up this flawless skin of mine?
Vyrn: Oh yeah? What the hell were you doing jumping out of nowhere in the first place...
Vyrn: Urk?! Hey! Hands off the tail!
Strange Girl: You can make up for it by showing me where to go. Let's get moving!
Vyrn: Ugh! Hey! L-Lyria! (Captain)! C'mon!
Lyria: Th-this is bad! She just ran off with Vyrn! We should keep an eye on them, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Stop! Owieowieow! You're gonna rip it off! My tail! My poor widdle tail!
Strange Girl: Kinda loud for a lizard, aren't you? You want those demons to hear?
Vyrn: Why you little! Lemme go, damnit! I'll tell 'em you did it...
Monster: Grrooaaa!
Vyrn: Whaaaaa!
Lyria: Vyrn!
Monster: Grr... gROAAAAR!
Strange Girl: Well, thanks anyway. Alrighty, then! Time for that sweet, sweet treasure!
Vyrn: Wait... what?! What in the hell did you...?!
Vyrn: Woah! Did you just do that?!
Strange Girl: Maaaaybe I did? What, you thought I was all looks?
Vyrn: Nah... more like self-centered and tastele?hrrk?!
Lyria: Erm... excuse me, miss. Who are you, exactly?
Mary: Oh, great question! I like the cut of your jib! The name's Mary! Treasure hunter extraordinaire!
Mary: Got a hot tip these monsters had squirreled away a tasty little piece called Petronel. I came to look for it, but...
Mary: Nothing... Zap, zilch, nada! A whole lot of diddly-squat!
Mary: I mean, help me out here! Maybe I'm losing my edge?
Vyrn: (Hrm... petronel. Pretty sure (Captain) has got it...)
Mary: Gasp! What's up with that gun! Wait... are you guys treasure hunters, too?
Vyrn: Haha! We're skyfarers! We found this one out there on the road...
Mary: Snkt... haha... hahaha...
Lyria: Mary?
Mary: I get it now... i'm still sharp as a knife!
Mary: (Captain)! I must have bumped into you guys 'cause you're the ones who had Petronel!
Mary: If that's not fate, what is?! Okay! I'm coming with you guys.
Mary: I have to follow my gut on this one. And it's telling me there's riches in store if I stick with you!
Mary: So what I'm saying is... glad to be in the Order. Here's to the future!
Vyrn: Hang on! (Captain)! Say something!
  1. To the future!
  2. She's got personality!

Choose: To the future!
Mary: Hahaha! Great stuff! You're good people, y'know that?

Choose: She's got personality!
Mary: Yup! All part of the charm! You're good people, y'know that?
Mary: Oh, yeah. Lyria, was it? Glad to see I'm not the only looker 'round here. We're gonna make a killer combo!
Continue 1
Lyria: Huh? O-oh... i-it's a pleasure to meet you.
Vyrn: Hold up! I got something I wanna?
Mary: Lead on, (Captain). Let's see this ship of yours. And we're off!
Vyrn: Hey! I said wait!
And so the self-proclaimed treasure hunter extraordinaire joined the party.
The ship set off to parts unknown in search of riches. Anyone who listened closely enough would hear the shouting of a creature who was most definitely NOT a lizard.

A Treasure for Her Alone[edit]

(Captain) and company moves along the precipitous cliff. Mary was complaining about having to hunt monsters, but upon sensing the presence of treasure, she suddenly becomes motivated for the trip...

A steep cliff on a craggy path with many sheer rocks. The party was out to hunt monsters.
Mary: Sigh... What a pain! Why did you accept a quest to hunt monsters anyway?
Rackam: Come on, now... You’ve been slacking off. Put some effort into fighting.
Mary: I don’t sense we’ll get to any treasure here. So I couldn't care less.
Mary: The footing is so bad here. What if I get hurt fighting here? Are you going to take responsibility?
Rackam: Whew...
Rackam: Whoa... Whoops...
Katalina: It’s true that this is not a good place to be fighting. It may be a good place to retreat...
Mary: ...! W-Wait!
Vyrn: What was that?
Mary: It’s here! It’s totally here! I can sense treasure! Let’s keep going!
Rackam: What?! That’s not what you were saying earlier!
Mary: Shut up! Hey, it’s monsters! Let’s beat them up in a jiffy and keep going!

A Treasure for Her Alone: Scene 2[edit]

The party continues through the narrow path. Rackam tries to stop Mary from going off on her own, but his efforts are futile. With the rest of the party worrying for her safety, they quickly catch up to Mary. Suddenly, she's attacked by a monster.

Katalina: Are you okay? The path ahead is narrow and dangerous. Continuing is a little too...
Mary: I’m going on my own.
Rackam: Hold it! Stop going off on your own!
Rackam: Geez... We’re friends, you know? We have to cooperate with each other.
Mary: Friends? Hah! Don’t make me laugh.
Mary: You can go back if you want. I’ll keep going alone. This is where we part ways. Bye-bye!
Vyrn: H- Hey! What’s with her all of a sudden?!
Rackam: Oh, geez... This is messed up. What’s her problem?
Lyria: I’m... worried.
Rackam: Well... I’m worried about her, but if she insists on going alone...
Lyria: It’s not that... I’ve never seen Mary like that.
Lyria: Say (Captain), we should follow Mary.
Katalina: Yes... We can’t just abandon her.
Rackam: Hey! Little girl! Hold up!
Mary: What? Why are you following me?
Lyria: Hmm... Because we’re friends and we’re worried about you. Isn’t that enough...?
Mary: Huh? What are you talking about? You’re just saying you’re worried?
Katalina: ...! Mary, behind you!
Mary: ...?!
Rackam: Geez! They're sure full of energy! Let’s beat them down, (Captain)!

A Treasure for Her Alone: Scene 3[edit]

The footing crumbles due to the battle with a monster. Mary almost had the gemstone in reach, but she grabbed onto Lyria instead as she was about to fall. She pretends to be tough, saying that the treasure wasn't worth it, but little did she know that she had already obtained a valuable treasure.

Monster: Grrooaaa...!
Vyrn: Yes! Awesome job, (Captain)!
Rackam: Hurry! The footing is crumbling! We’ll celebrate afterwards! Run!
Mary: ...! But the treasure...! I’ll use this rope and...
Lyria: Ahh!
Katalina: Lyria! (Captain)!
Mary: ...!
Mary: I... got you!
Rackam: Good job, Mary! (Captain), don’t let go of the rope! I’ll pull you up!
Vyrn: Phew... That was way too close.
Lyria: I’m sorry... The gemstone fell...
Rackam: Cheer up! You couldn’t help it. What good is treasure if you’re dead, right?
Rackam: Hey, Mary! I hope you learned your lesson and... Hey, are you listening?!
Mary: Why did I... Instead of the treasure...
Lyria: Mary?
  1. Thank you for saving me.
  2. I’m sorry about the treasure.

Choose: Thank you for saving me.
Mary: ...! It’s nothing! I was only paying back a favor!
Mary: I can find gemstones like that easily! I don’t need you to thank me at all!

Choose: I’m sorry about the treasure.
Mary: Hmph... It’s nothing... I can find gemstones like that easily!
Mary: I just don’t want to owe you anything. I don’t need you to thank me at all!
Continue 1
Mary: But I’ll say this... Thank you, (Captain).
Rackam: Oh, geez. She’s never honest with herself.
Mary: What did you say, beardy?Lyria, did you say something?
Rackam: Nothing at all.
Mary: ...! You’re so annoying!
Katalina: Sigh... There there. Stop arguing. We don’t even know when the next attack will come. We should return to the ship while we can.
Lyria: Hehe... I’m glad Mary feels better!
Mary: Oh, geez... Looks like I was worrying over nothing! Let’s leave beardy behind and just go!
Rackam: H-Hey, wait! Why, you...! Who’s ship do you think this is?!
Mary: Ours... Right?
Rackam: . . ! Hehe, yeah...
Mary: Okay, now let’s go! Time to go on the next treasure hunt!
Lyria: Wow!
Mary's passion of treasure knows no bounds. She will continue with her search for new treasures scattered around the world.
She will soon learn that she had already obtained a valuable treasure. But that is a story for another time...

The Thrill of Exploration[edit]

Having heard rumors of a very special treasure, Mary invites (Captain) and company to join her on the hunt. Though Vyrn was skeptical, Yuel had overheard their conversation. The search was on. Curiosity kept Yuel on a loose leash, but our heroes managed to find the cave they’d been search for. All they found within was an empty, cobwebby chest. Mary’s shoulders couldn’t have drooped any further, but Yuel restored her good mood by reminding her that half the fun is in the journey itself.

Vyrn: Jeez... they got you hook, line, and sinker...
Mary: My instincts are telling me this isn’t just any old rumor! I can practically taste the treasure already!
Vyrn: I gotta say... I’ve kinda given up on these “instincts” of yours...
Another peaceful day. Mary came back from town buzzing with excitement.
The story went that a very special piece of treasure waited in the caves of a nearby forest... it was a sure bet...
Mary: Please! Just hold on a sec, for goodness sakes! I know the rumors are true!
Lyria: Hm... I could’ve sworn it was about time for us to leave...
Mary: Is that a no? It’ll be worth your while, I promise!
  1. Fine...
  2. Not interested

Choose: Fine...
Mary: Yay! Knew I could count on you, (Captain)!

Choose: Not interested
Mary: Aw, c’mon! The race goes to the swift, not the stick in the mud!
Continue 1
Vyrn: Oh, c’mon... don’t tell me you’re really going? Buncha damned windmill chasers...
Yuel: Hey, now! Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me you all were having one tasty conversation...
Lyria: Well... Mary was in town and she heard something about a treasure...
Yuel: Ooh! A treasure hunt?! Oh, that sounds a real treat!
Mary: I know, right? My treasure alarm is ringing like crazy!
Mary: Hehe... this is the big one! And it’s waiting for someone to come and snatch it up!
Yuel: There you go! What’re we standing around for? We need to get a move on!
Yuel: Let’s go! We got ourselves some treasure to find!
Mary: What?! Wait a minute! You don’t even know where the forest is...
Mary: Welp... there she goes. And we need to get moving, too. She’s gonna go and get herself lost.
Lyria: Hehe... Yuel’s always so ready to go.
Vyrn: Gah... guess we don’t have a choice. Let’s go, (Captain).
And so (Captain)’s made their way into the forest, where no doubt great riches awaited them...
Mary: Hah... hah... what’s with that girl...
Yuel: Would you look at that! I mean, take a good gander! Never seen flowers so pretty...
Mary: Hey! Don’t just run off! We gotta find that cave!
Yuel: Oh, don’t you worry! I read you loud and clear! Oh! Hey! Over there! Wonder what that thing is?!
Vyrn: Seriously? Do she know what “loud and clear” means? Sure doesn’t look like it...
Mary: Hah... she’s dumb as a box of rocks. If I’d know she’d be this much trouble, I would’ve?
Lyria: There, there... I think it’s fine! She looks like she’s having so much fun!
Mary: Hmm... maybe she’s exactly what we need to lead us to the treasure...
Yuel: Hey, now! There’s a creepy old cave down thataway...
Mary: What?! What’d you say?! Show me where! Now!
Yuel: Thisaway! Smelled seven types of suspicious, y’know!
Mary: This has to be it. The cave...
Yuel: Didn’t I tell you? You think I’m playing when I’m putting in some serious work!
Mary: Grr... there’re better ways to find things, if you ask me...
Vyrn: Alright! All we need to do now is get in the cave and find that treasure!
Lyria: H-hey! There’s a chest at the entrance... but it’s empty...
Mary: Huh?
Mary: Of all the... here I was, totally on the right track...
Though (Captain) and company scoured the cave, the only thing they found was the empty treasure chest.
Mary: I got no luck at all... first Yuel runs us halfway around the damn forest and now someone’s gotten to the treasure before I even get to see it...
Yuel: Oh, what’re you so slumpy about?! You telling me you didn’t have three boatloads of fun today?
Mary: Grr... well, you’re not wrong...
Vyrn: Oh, c’mon! Yuel! You’re one to talk! You’re the one who was doing all the running around!
Yuel: Kyahahaha! By golly, I was! I beg your pardon!
Mary: It’s whatever. You did get us to the cave, Yuel... even though we took the super scenic route.
Lyria: Yeah! We might not have even made it if it wasn’t for her!
Yuel: Aw, shucks. You’re gonna make me blu... hm?
Emdina: !!!
Yuel: Oh, wow! Did’ja see that?!
Mary: You’re kidding me... that long-eared son of a gun was carrying the treasure!
Lyria: What?! W-wait... so it went into the cave and...
Mary: Luck don’t fail me now! The treasure’s real! It’s really, really real!
Mary: Move! We can’t let them get away!
Vyrn: Ehhh?! Hey! Wait!
Yuel: Kyahahaha! Sounds to me like the game is on! Shuck those buns, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Gah... it’s like they both fell out of the same damn tree...
Lyria: I suppose... but hey! They’re going to leave us behind if we don’t get moving!
Mary and Yuel were off again. Not just for the treasure itself, but for the thrill of the chase.
But all of their effort was in vain. No matter how hard they tried, they could never seem to catch up to the mysterious figure.
Emdina: !!!

Other Appearances[edit]

Tales of Asteria[edit]


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