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Official Profile

Age 15 Height 158 cm Race Human
Hobbies Fortune-telling
Likes Visiting ruins
Dislikes Creepy-crawlies

Granblue Fantasy Theater
An elusive treasure hunter who shows up when she's least expected, Mary is a curious tomboy who bounces across the world's ancient ruins in search of treasure. Mary is one of the best at what she does, and she always gets what she's after, even if it means betraying those around her. Despite repeatedly running into you on your travels, it's not clear what she's after. Whatever the case, she's a skilled fighter capable of striking down monsters single-handedly.
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle

Character Release


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Age 15歳 Height 158cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 占い全般
Likes 遺跡巡り
Dislikes 節足動物

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
I was hoping to find some treasure that I could give you as a birthday present, but I couldn't find anything.
So instead, my present to you is… me! Isn't that the greatest present you could ever receive?


Happy birthday. I looked all over for a gift to give you, but I couldn't find anything good enough.
You've done so much for me, so I wanted to give you something that'd really make you smile.
But I'm not too good at gift-giving. Sorry...
Hm? You think my smiling face is the best gift I can give, huh? Hah! That's pretty corny!
But I guess you're right. I'll give you my best smile now, so be sure to take it all in! Ha-ha!


Happy birthday! How has this year been? Lots of fun because you were with me, right?
Just kidding... I was the one having fun because I could be with you.
You're the one who showed me how wonderful a journey can really be.
So now it's my turn. And I want to make sure to do my best so you have fun this year.
Ha-ha! Maybe our chat's getting a little heavy. But that's not so bad once in a while, right?


Happy birthday! I'm so glad we get to celebrate your birthday again this year.
There's so much to see and do in every adventure with you, (Captain). It never gets old.
To be honest you're so good to everyone that I feel a bit left out sometimes.
I guess I'll just have to stick even closer to you!
I'll do everything I can to fill your adventures with excitement in the coming year, (Captain).
So be sure to invite me for your next birthday party too!
That's a promise!


Gah... (Captain). Happy birthday.
Hey, wait, wait! Sorry if that came out weird, but I was thinking about something else entirely!
I've brought this up before, about how I've teamed up with a few partners, but there was never anyone I could fully trust.
But here I am now, making sure to celebrate your birthday every year, and joining you for seasonal events.
And whenever the time comes, I can't help but stop and wonder to myself if it's okay to be living so happily.
Even though I've kinda grown used to it, birthdays are really something else. So it got me thinking, you know?
Ahaha, it must sound like I'm mumbling to myself... Just goes to show how special you and everyone in this crew are to me.
Maybe one day, this'll all start to feel like the norm. And hopefully that's not wishful thinking.
But until then, (Captain), I hope you'll be around to care for me... Just kidding, hehe!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year! Say, wanna go check our new year's fortunes?
The word fortune just has a great ring to it, you know!


Oh. Are you awake? Good morning... Oops! Happy New Year!
Today's just another day. I mean, there's no big diff between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day...
But for some reason, it feels special. I even woke up at dawn... Ha-ha! You too?
But in truth, today is special because every day is special. It's easy to forget though...
Or whatever!
Oh, let me know when you're up and ready. Wanna go get our new year's fortunes?


Happy New Year! Let's make this year another good one, (Captain).
Heh... Another good one... It's a little unusual for me to stick around this long with someone...
Ah, you see... until I met you and the crew, I'd only team up with people for short spurts.
But journeying with all of you has taught me all sorts of things... Like what it means to pull together and look out for each other.
Taking without giving is not my thing though. So, for all that you've given me, I'll pay you back tenfold. Promise!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Here's to another fun-filled year.
What do you say we visit the shrine today?
I can't wait to check our New Year's fortunes!
I love checking that stuff. Can't say I exactly believe in it though.
But seeing a positive forecast for my fortunes is such a great feeling.
And a negative forecast tells me I need to watch out. So it works out either way.
Besides, testing lady luck is how I prefer to live my life!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I just got back from checking things out in town.
I was surprised at how lively the shopping district is on this island.
But it became obvious why when I saw all the New Year's sale signs. Every shop is putting on a huge discount!
Everyone's so desperate to pick up what they need. It's almost like a war zone.
I guess when everything's so cheap, people just can't help themselves. But seeing those crowds for myself was really something...
The shopping frenzy obviously got to me, because I ended up buying a pack of assorted goodies... Sigh, wasting money's not the best way to start the new year...
Hm? You'll knock some sense into whoever incited me to splurge?
Ahaha! Nice one, (Captain)! There, I got my first laugh of the year! C'mon, eat some of these treats with me!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day! Heheh... This is for you!
I'm very particular about who I give gifts to, okay? So don't forget your thank-you gift in return!


Now wait just a sec! Don't go! I've got something to give you.
Here you go!
Yep, it's a Valentine's Day gift. Bet you didn't expect one from me!
It's all right though! I know how I can be. But I thought a gift would get my feelings across to you this time...
You like it? I'm glad...
But I'll be waiting for a gift in return from you!


Okay, here ya go. It's Valentine's Day, right? Go ahead and have some chocolate.
I picked out some delicious ones. I even picked out wrapping I thought you'd like!
So... So, you know...
Ohhh! Never mind! Just take the chocolate already! And be sure to eat it up!
Ahhh... Who's idea was it to give chocolate on Valentine's Day anyway? This heartfelt holiday is giving me a heart attack...


Here you go. Valentine's chocolate.
I figured you'd probably get tired of the same ol' chocolates every year, so I bought these from a different store.
It's a pretty well-known place. Tried one of the chocolates myself and loved it.
So, um...
You said last year that you'd accept my chocolate! So here, take it!
Urgh, really now!
Why do I end up having to do this every year...
Anyhow, the chocolate really is good, so I hope you enjoy it.


(Captain), this is for you. Valentine's chocolates.
I know this is a regular thing between us, so I don't need to think too hard on it, but...
Hm? The box is really fancy?
Well, it is from a famous shop after all...
I-I mean! Might as well get the best chocolates out there, right? I even made a reservation!
Since I knew I'd be giving you something anyway! The tastier, the better is what I like to say!
Hey, stop laughing! Just be glad and remember to savor every bite, okay?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake
4th year: Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy White Day!
Huh? This is for me? Thanks!
I can get what I want by myself, but... getting gifts isn't so bad either!


It's White Day! La la la!
Now gimme a gift!
Whoa! You're really gonna give me one?
Sorry! Sorry! It's not like I took you for the type to be stingy about presents.
But you know... it's not often that someone shows me how they truly feel with a gift...
So thanks! I'm really grateful!


Were you looking for me, (Captain)? What's up?
What's this? Is it for me? For White Day?
Ah... You remembered the chocolates I gave you on Valentine's.
Thanks! I'm happy to get a thank-you gift from you. It's just like you to be so considerate!
So next year... be sure to accept my chocolates again, okay? Because I'll be looking forward to another gift from you!


Huh? A White Day present for me?
Oh, and sorry about the way I acted on Valentine's...
It's just... I get all restless when...
Well, this is probably the wrong time and place to be saying this, but...
I'll probably be a nervous wreck next year too when I present you the Valentine's chocolates.
I hope you won't mind?
Thanks! For both accepting and giving me chocolate. You don't know how happy it makes me.
Oh, I'm feeling my knees go weak again.
But it'll go better next time for sure.


Phew, I'm beat...
Ah, (Captain), I'm back...
I paid a visit to ruins supposedly swimming with treasure. Turns out everything of value was already taken. The only stuff lying around to greet me was a bunch of traps...
Sigh, it was hopeless from the get-go... I sure didn't see this coming...
Wait, (Captain), what are you doing here at this hour?
Huh? White Day?
This... is for me? You waited this late into the night just to give this to me?
You don't know how happy this makes me! It makes up for all the treasure I couldn't find at the ruins! Thanks a ton, (Captain)!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat! Or treasure!
I'll take treasure over candy any day!


Trick or treat! Ahaha! Did I scare you? Okay then, gimme your candy!
Ah! Munch munch... Mmm... It's good!
We never used to do stuff like this back home!
That's why I'm gonna go around scaring the crew all day!
If you're ready, you can come with me! Come on, let's go!


How about it? Did I surprise you? Is my special edition smoke bomb!
Ha-ha! Sorry, sorry... You were wide open, so I couldn't help it.
Come on, I'll give you some candy. So be a good sport about it. Okay?
Now, take a big bite and let's go cause some mayhem! And don't forget—we're getting every last piece of candy today!


Halloween doesn't come often enough, so I'm going all out for this year's trick.
You too, (Captain)! Help me brainstorm!
This is probably all child's play for the other crew members by now, so I need some fresh new ideas to keep them on their toes.
I just need to decide on what direction to take this...
For instance, I could go after those who probably don't have any candy on hand!
Heheh, this is gonna be so much fun!


Trick or treat!
Most people end up choosing the treat.
Which is a shame because I thought of a really cool trick. It's something that'd scare your socks off!
Surely there's gotta be someone who'd choose the trick. Maybe it's just wishful thinking...
Ahem, (Captain)?
Yoo-hoo, (Captain)! I'm talking to you!
Great! Now you're trotting away from me!
But you're not getting away!
Wait up, (Captain)! Trick or treeaat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays! Santa must be nuts to be delivering all those presents for free! He could make a fortune!
But maybe he's just a good person. A bit like you!


Hey, (Captain), did you see? There's gonna be a real feast tonight!
The best cooks in the crew are trying to outdo each other, I heard.
The table's overflowing already. I wonder if we can finish it all... Then again, there are plenty of crew members, so maybe we can?
Hm? I seem excited? I guess so... Maybe.
To gather with friends and have a great meal without worry...
It may seem like everyday to you, but for me it's a special occasion! Ha-ha!


Ah, (Captain)! Happy holidays...
Ahhh... It's nothing really. I'm just a little worn out from all the hustle and bustle.
I sent a greeting card to Altos and that old codger. Syr said that I should.
Hm... I wonder if the card was good enough... Feels like it needed something more...
I probably should've talked to you before I sent it out actually. Next time though you'll lend me an ear, won't you?


So I just put it through here and...
Ah, (Captain), how are holiday preparations coming along?
Me? I'm making decorations for the tree.
This himmeli here is furnished from straw and string. I'll admit it looks kind of plain though.
The old man made himmeli every year to pray for a bountiful harvest.
But in my case...
Treasure, treasure galore—by my bedside!
Ahaha! I wish!


Huh? (Captain)? You're awake too?
Me? Ehehe, just taking a little walk before bed!
Tonight's party was so much fun. I'm trying to keep it all fresh in my head.
How about you? You're using this time to hand out presents to the little kiddies in the crew?
That's great! Ahaha, I'm sure everyone'll be so happy! I can already picture Syr making a big deal out of it when he wakes up!
Oopsie, I should keep it down. Wouldn't want them waking up before they even get the presents.
Oh, of course! The identity of this year's Santa will be our secret to keep.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Beachside Battle

Mary comes to a resort along with the crew. There, she plays a game of volleyball against two guys for the right to touch a famous rainbow pearl. She loses, but the men, intimidated by her monster exterminating skills, run off.

During their travels, (Captain) and company visit the resort island of Yudhisthira in the Auguste Isles.
Lyria: Ooh! There are so many shops by the beach here!
Vyrn: Mary? What're you doing in a tourist souvenir shop like this?
Mary: To tell you the truth, I heard there's a really rare jewel called a rainbow pearl on display in one of these shops!
Mary: I've always wanted to see one for myself. Aha! There! That's the place!
Vyrn: Hey! Wait for me!
Mary: Hey, mister! I heard that the famous Rainbow Pearl is on display here...
Employee 1: You heard right! We've got a Rainbow Pearl right back there in that case. See it?
Mary: Wow! It's the real deal! Lemme see, lemme see!
Vyrn: Hoo boy... What's the big hurry, Mary? Took us forever to find you!
Lyria: Wow! That glittery round jewel must be a rainbow pearl.
Mary: Oh! Look here! That luster, that sparkle... Sigh... It's so beautiful.
Employee 1: Heh heh! Rainbow pearls only show up once every few years around here, and this one's pretty large.
Employee 1: If I've got the story right, my grandpa happened to get his hands on this baby a long time ago. Ever since then, it's been our store's main attraction.
Mary: Say, can I hold it? I love treasures like these, and I'd really like to touch it with my own two hands just once.
Employee 1: Huh? I-I can't let you do that. This Rainbow pearl is for display only!
Mary: Aww, come on! It's not like it'll break! Pleeease! Just this once!
Employee 1: Hmmm... But...
Employee 2: Bro! Let's close up shop for today and hit the beach, man!
Employee 2: Whoa! Dude, is she your girl? Score!
Mary: Hmm? Who, me?
Employee 1: Hmm? Beach... Girls... Hey, I just had a great idea!
Vyrn: A volleyball match? What're these jugheads thinking...
Lyria: She can touch the pearl if she wins, but has to go on a date with the store attendants if she loses... I sure hope she wins!
Mary: Bring it on! Sports are my strong suit!
Employee 1: Dude! She's even cuter in her swimsuit! We can't lose this!
Employee 2: O volleyball gods, grant us your favor. Bestow unto us the date with this bodacious babe we so rightly deserve...
Mary: C'mon, (Captain)! Time to do this! We've got this in the bag!
  1. O-okay...
  2. I can't...

Choose: O-okay...
Mary: Hang on... You're awfully pale. Are you okay, (Captain)?
Vyrn: (Captain)! Wake up! Are you okay? Stay with us!
Lyria: A-are you all right? You're burning up, (Captain)...
Mary: Well, if you're sick, we can't have you out here playing... Just drink some water and rest.

Choose: I can't...
Mary: What? You can't? Why didn't you tell me sooner? What am I supposed to do now?
Mary: Oh well! Hey, lizard! Pair up with me!
Vyrn: Are you crazy? I can't!
Mary: Yeah, I guess not. How about you, Lyria?
Lyria: I've... never played this game before.
Continue 1
Mary: Hm... What to do... I'd better start looking for someone who can sub in.
Employee 2: Hey, look! Who's that bombshell?
Employee 1: Man! She's gotta be the hottest girl ever!
Mary: What's with them? They think they're so slick...
Employee 2: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Excuse me, miss!
Jessica: Huh? Y-yes? What is it?
Employee 2: Well, you see, we were gonna play some volleyball, but we're one player short!
Employee 2: Would you be interested in playing with us? Maybe? Or something?
Jessica: I see. Sounds like you guys are in a fix. Well, I haven't played any sports since I was a kid, but sure, why not!
Employee 2: Awesome! Yes! Now we can each get our own girl!
Employee 1: Did you see that? She looked me in the eye. I think she likes me.
Jessica: Huh? Huh? What are you talking about?
Employee 1: Ha ha! Let's not sweat the details! Just come play some volleyball with us!
Mary: Humph. Gimme a break. Now they're all over her.
Mary: (Captain)! Do you like girls like her too? Be honest.
  1. You're cuter, Mary.
  2. She's cute too.

Choose: You're cuter, Mary.
Gran is the Main Character

Mary: That's my (Captain)! You have good taste! No question about it! Hehe!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Mary: Thanks, (Captain)! Compliments from other girls make me happy too, you know!
Choose: She's cute too.
Gran is the Main Character

Mary: What? Hmm... I see... Humph.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Mary: Hm? What's that? I couldn't hear you over the wind. Say that again?
Employee 2: Heh heh heh... Finished your little chat? Then let's get started!
Employee 1: Now then... A midsummer's love is riding on this match... Begin!
And so begins a beach volleyball match with impossibly high stakes.
Neither side cedes an inch, and the game is tied all the way through.
Mary: Pant... Pant... We're not gonna let you win this set.
Jessica: Gasp... Wheeze... Yeah, we're gonna win this!
Employee 1: Damn! They're better than I thought!
Employee 2: We gotta win this and go on that date!
Vyrn: Gulp... The next point decides the match.
Lyria: I know you can do it, you two!
The employees unleash a serve that Mary bumps perfectly. Jessica sets it up in a split second.
The ball flies up into the ideal midair position, and Mary throws her whole body into spiking it into her opponents' court.
But the ball goes out. And so Mary and Jessica lose the match.
Employee 2: Yeah! Now then, remember your end of the bargain!
Employee 1: Heh heh heh... Tonight's gonna be a blast!
Mary: This sucks! We were supposed to win!
Jessica: Well, it's too late now... A promise is a promise, even if I didn't know about it until just now.
Tourist: Aaahhh!
Mary: Huh? What's going on?
Jessica: Whoa! Over there! Look!
Monster: Gwooaargh!
Vyrn: There's trouble! Monsters are coming out of the ocean!
Employee 1: Eeek...! R-run!
Employee 2: Eeek! You two hurry and get out of here!
Jessica: Leave this to me! I can take care of a few monsters!
Mary: At least I can vent some of my frustration on these baddies. All right then! Let's make this quick!
Employee 1: Huh? You defeated that monster... in one hit?
Mary: Whew! I feel so much better now. Now then, I never go back on my word. Let's go on that date!
Jessica: Indeed. Where shall we go?
Employee 1: Umm... About the date... I've changed my mind...
Mary: Hm? Why are you guys so nervous all of a sudden? We defeated all the monsters!
Jessica: Hehehe! Don't you worry! If any more monsters show up, we'll just send 'em flying!
Employee 2: Eeek! I'll let you see the rainbow pearl, so please just leave me alone!
Vyrn: H-hey! They both ran off...
Mary: Hm... I don't really get it, but I guess it all worked out for the best! Now, let's go see the rainbow pearl again!
Jessica: Hehehe... Things got hectic for a while there, but it was a lot of fun. Thank you so much!
Lyria: Yeah! They were really good people! Now I want to try to play too! You should join, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Looks like they have no idea why those dudes ran off... Oh well! Maybe it's for the best!
And so (Captain) and friends forget all about the agreement and have a blast playing beach volleyball.

Flower of the Night Sky

(Captain) and company find a large crowd while walking on the beach. The tourists are here for the Brilliance Festival, but this year's festival is in danger of being canceled due to monster attacks.

While the crew strolls through the resort, people begin to gather.
Girl: They're not going to hold the festival? Why?
Mother: Sigh, and we came all this way too. What a pity.
Pyrotechnician: I'm sorry, but with so many monsters around, we can't prepare for the festival in peace. No Brilliance Festival this year, I'm afraid.
Mary: Wow, look at this crowd!
Ngh, sorry! Excuse me! Coming through!
Mary: Hey, what are you all gathered here for? What's this about the Brilliance Festival?
Pyrotechnician: Hm? You tourists? The Brilliance Festival is famous in these parts. It's a traditional festival that we pyrotechnicians manage.
Mary: Pyrotechnicians? Wait, you're a pyrotechnician for the Brilliance Festival? Wow! That's amazing!
Pyrotechnician: Uh... Y-yeah. You know what pyrotechnicians are?
Mary: Of course! Pyrotechnicians use gunpowder that gives off a special light and they shoot it into the night sky to create flowers of light!
Mary: Every year, skilled pyrotechnicians from all over are selected to go on tour here for the Brilliance Festival.
Pyrotechnician: Oh? You seem to know a lot about pyrotechnicians for someone so young!
Mary: Hehe! I used to go to the Brilliance Festival with my family. That's when I learned about them.
Vyrn: A festival of flowers made of light? Seems pretty cool! I want to check it out!
Lyria: Wow! Me too!
Pyrotechnician: And we'd love to hold the festival too. Sadly, due to the increase in monsters around here, we have to cancel this year.
Mother: Ahh! I-it's a monster!
Monster: Gwooaargh!
Mary: Geez! And we were right in the middle of a conversation too! Let's get this over with, (Captain)!

Flower of the Night Sky: Scene 2

(Captain) and company are asked by the festival hosts to protect them from the monsters. The crew happily accepts, and then defeats the monsters so the festival can proceed.

Pyrotechnician: What? H-how'd you take all those monsters out so fast?
Mary: Heh heh! That was nothing for us!
Pyrotechnician: Ha ha ha! You got a lot of grit! Hm... With you around, maybe we can hold the Brilliance Festival after all.
Pyrotechnician: Say! Think you can protect us from the monsters during the Brilliance Festival?
Pyrotechnician: Don't worry! We won't ask you to do it for free! Once the show begins, you can watch it from the best seats on the house!
Mary: Really? Hooray! You got a deal!
Girl: Wow! Thank you, miss!
Mother: Yes, thank you.
Mary: Ha ha. Leave it to us!
Pyrotechnician: Good! Preparations are complete! We're going to launch the fireworks soon—
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Mary: Oh, geez! Just when the show was about to start!
Pyrotechnician: Oh no! We have to protect the launch pad! We need your help here!
Girl: Sniff, please protect our festival!
Mary: Sure! Leave it to me! Let's do this, (Captain)!

Flower of the Night Sky: Scene 3

The monsters are chased off, but the main pyrotechnician is injured. Thankfully, under the pyrotechnician's instruction, Mary is able to light the flowers in the sky.

Pyrotechnician: Ngh... Can't believe I got hurt even with you guys around to protect us.
Vyrn: Hey! You okay? Guess this means the festival's canceled after all.
Mary: It's too bad, but it's not like there's only one pyrotechnician.
Girl: I wanna see the festival! Sniff... Waaah!
Mother: Now, now. We can't trouble (Captain) and the others any more than we have. Okay, dearie?
Mary: All right! Hey, mister! I'm used to handling gunpowder.
Mary: Why don't you show me what do you? I'm sure I can do it better than some amateur!
Pyrotechnician: Wha? I see... Maybe you can do it. All right! Listen carefully to what I'm about to tell you!
Under the guidance of the pyrotechnician, Mary sets up the launch pad.
While the pyrotechnician and audience count down, Mary lights the fuses.
Lyria: Wow! It's so beautiful... I've never seen anything like it!
Girl: Hooray! Thank you, miss! It's so pretty!
Mother: Ha ha, it sure is! Mary, thank you so much for doing this for us!
Pyrotechnician: Ha ha ha! I can't believe that was your first time! You got talent! Why don't you become my apprentice?
Mary: Huh? Me? An apprentice of a pyrotechnician?
Lyria: That's amazing, Mary! If he's impressed, you must have what it takes to be a pyrotechnician!
Mary: Mister. Thank you for the offer, but I'll have to pass. I'm only interested in treasure!
Vyrn: Yeah, and it would be bad for us if Mary left the party! Right, (Captain)?
Thanks to Mary, the Brilliance Festival comes to a successful close.
Though she does not obtain material treasure, her memories of that night are every bit as real.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
もう!邪魔しないでよね! Stop getting in my way already!
ちょーっと刺激的過ぎちゃったかな! How do I look? Too cute?
むむっ!?お宝の気配が… Hmm, I sense treasure...
アタシにかかればこんなもんよっ! Piece of cake!
いえーいっ!楽勝! 楽勝! Hooray! We did it!
海ってお宝がたくさん眠ってそう! I bet there's lots of treasure in the sea!
ここはアタシがやっちゃうよーっ! I'll handle this one!
まだ見ぬお宝がこの先に…!! More treasure ahead!
(主人公)はどんな水着が好き? Which bikini do you like, (Captain)?
(主人公)も水着に着替えてみる? You should be in your swimwear too, (Captain)!

Other Appearances

Tales of Asteria


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