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Official Profile

Age It's a secret Height 173 cm Race Erune
Hobbies Studying ancient texts, studies on beauty
Likes All things beautiful, reading
Dislikes Dampness, being interrupted during a research
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Age 秘密 Height 173cm Race エル―ン
Hobbies 古代文字の研究、美に関する研究
Likes 美しいもの全般、読書
Dislikes 湿気、研究を邪魔されること
Source [1]





Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Oh, happy birthday to you!
Age is but a number.
A person isn't measured by that number, but by the importance of one's accumulated experience.
Take me for example. Have I not transcended the need for trivialities such as age?
The secret to beauty is in one's disposition. And I'm always beautiful.


Your birthday? Isn't that sweet.
This is the day you were given life, and up till this day you have managed to survive.
Don't you think it's good fortune that you've managed to live this long?
Let me offer my advice, little one. There is no need to lead an honorable life.
If you're going to live, do so gleefully and beautifully. Living as you please will enrich your life.
I will not have you lose sight of who you are, do you understand me?
Love yourself and love others who love you. Live each day with beauty and glee. That's all I'm going to say.


Today is your birthday, right? Everyone on the ship is absolutely taken with the celebration. How sweet.
On a day like this, I command you to frolic and enjoy yourself.
To celebrate your own birthday from the bottom of your heart is to love yourself in the most beautiful manner.
No matter what others may try to tell you, always love yourself and realize how beautiful you are.
Accept that you are the fairest of them all. And never forget that.


Happy birthday. You grow more beautiful with each year that passes.
I'm not referring to your appearance only, of course. I can see the beautiful passion that burns within your soul.
And, oh, how it shines—its fires forged from your countless endeavors on the battlefield.
Protecting inner beauty is no easy feat, however. Take care that your passion is never snuffed out.
I shall continue to lend you my aid to ensure your beauty never fades.


Happy birthday, (Captain). Haha... You seem quite happy surrounded by cakes and treats.
Good, good. Happy experiences are an indispensable part of life. You ought to enjoy them to the fullest.
Turn the events from today into a driving force, allowing you to press onward toward an even more fulfilling life tomorrow.
Actually... Since this is such a joyous occasion, enlighten me—what do you hope to accomplish before your next birthday?
Tell me, and I vow to assist you in achieving your goal, remaining at your side to encourage you all the way.
Haha, there's no need to be grateful. This is to enrich my own life as well.
Seeing you truly shine gives a deeper sense of purpose to my days, after all.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Wouldn't it be a great way to start the new year by admiring my beauty?
Hehehe, I know that feeling all too well.
It's the feeling of rebirth, of wanting to see something of incredible beauty. That's just the natural order of things.
Thus you may gaze at me to your heart's content.
Have you already had your fill? How humble of you.


Happy New Year... is what I should be saying, but more importantly, what are you wearing?
Your clothes are stained and your hair is absolutely outrageous.
Listen up. Beauty is an art you must work each day to perfect.
That you cannot even arrange yourself properly is a sign that you lack discipline in this art!
What? This year you want to be properly educated in all things beauty?
Well, I never... I must praise you on your efforts to better yourself.
All right... This year I expect you to show me how knowledgeable you become in the art of beauty.
I hope that you will at least learn to find attire that is becoming of the beautiful.


The first day of the new year is the key to what follows. Or so they say.
Gather the other crew members.
In a civilized manner, I need to inspect everyone to see how committed they are to beauty.
If anyone should have less than perfect skin from staying up too late at night, or eating too much, or show any other signs of decay...
Hehe... They will not escape my wrath so easily.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I hope you continue to put effort into understanding beauty this year.
Speaking of which, you look supremely tired. Did you pull an all nighter over the new year?
Hehe. You don't have to be so reckless. But I won't criticize you further than that.
Here, this is a new medicine I synthesized.
My goal was to create a poultice capable of blasting the patient's sleepiness into the stratosphere.
Of course, I still need to test its effects on a willing and sleep deprived guinea pig... Looks like my look has turned around in the new year.
Don't be shy. Drink this whole flask. Down the hatch now.


(Captain), I've toasted some rice cakes. There is more than enough to go around, so have as many as you'd like.
Perhaps you'd like to take it easy this New Year's. I hear the kotatsu on this ship are quite pleasant.
In that case, I have a few tangerines here—and other dainties that can be left out all day. You may enjoy them in your own time.
What's the matter? You look rather puzzled.
Hehe. Oh, I know why. You find it odd that I am encouraging you to lie in sloth.
Oh, my motivations are simple. I find that a good number of people fail to take care of themselves around the turn of the year.
And they sicken for many different reasons—they may be worn out by the cold or late nights or over-feasting. An ideal chance to test my many remedies, I would say.
I am certain I can rustle up a cure that will have you back to normal in a twinkling.
Oh, and if you happen to find any crew members that are out of sorts, be sure to report them. I mustn't let any patients slip by me, after all.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Would you like some fruit? No?
Then how about candy? There's more than enough to go around. Go on.
Oh, don't act so surprised. It's Valentine's Day.
It's not out of place to offer candy on a day when you're supposed to eat candy, now is it?
That's enough modesty. Eat up now.


Here. Receive your Valentine's Day gift.
This is made from a special medicinal her—
Oh never mind... The devil is in the detail as they say. Haha.
Hmm? Why do you look that way? Do you suspect I am up to no good?
What? What do you mean, "No, thank you"?
Hmph... You are a clever one.
Allow me to explain. This chocolate is infused with an herb that will enhance beauty. At least in theory.
So I expect you to eat this, and I will observe what happens to you. For research purposes.
You'll become more beautiful, and I'll further my research. Two birds, one stone, right?


Here. I've prepared yet another gift for you. Take it already.
What? You would like me to stop mixing in medicinal herbs with your chocolate?
You do know that overconsumption of chocolate will ruin your skin, yes?
And you are the brightest star on this ship. Therefore it follows that you will receive a great deal of chocolate.
I was simply trying to provide you a means to prevent your complexion from taking a turn for the worse. But recognizing kindness does not seem to be your forte.
What? I'm just doing it for research? Child, whatever are you talking about?


This is a Valentine's Day gift for you. Try it.
So? You're making a strange face. What do you think of the flavor?
I swear to you, it's a regular milk chocolate. I put no medication inside it.
You can't believe that's all? Hehe. You do know me well.
Indeed, it's not my only gift. Here, this is a medicinal tea of my own creation.
Its effects are potent, but I fear its flavor is still quite bitter.
But when paired with sweet chocolate, that should solve the problem, yes?
Now, come on. Please take both parts of my gift together.


I've prepared some Valentine's chocolate for you this year as well. I dare say they're quite delectable—give them a try.
Hehe. Delicious? I'm glad to hear. Then it seems my experiment was a success.
The chocolate contains medicinal properties for maintaining healthy skin, and has also been adjusted to suit your tastes.
It's unclear how effective the medicine will be, but time will tell. It'll most likely be a success.
That's because I had taken the time to adjust the chocolate to suit your body and its needs. I highly doubt my efforts will be in vain.
I'm truly grateful to you.
It is thanks to your willingness to partake in my creations every year that my research and experimentations are becoming more and more accurate.
In other words, one could even say that this chocolate is a product of both my efforts as well as yours.
Hehe. Of course, there is still much I'd like to try with you. I do hope you'll look forward to it.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Oh my, a gift for little old me? You're such a darling.
Goodness me, it's a book!
And I was just thinking to myself about starting a new one too.
You've certainly saved me some trouble, hahaha! Thank you, (Captain).


Hmm? You wish to repay me with a gift of your own?
I see. Well just because you became more beautiful does not warrant a gift for me.
But... If you absolutely must repay me... I require your body.
I have made an even more powerful recipe for beauty, and I need to know what effects it has on the body...
This will require a considerable amount of time. You or Zehek have a very fast metabolism which is exactly what this experiment calls for.
In the end you'll become more beautiful, so I trust there will be no complaints from you. Hahaha.


Hm? You've found a White Day present that has effects on my skin? Well I never...
I'm sorry to tell you, but there is no way I would use such common—
Wait... Since you did go through the trouble of choosing this for me, I suppose I cannot completely refuse the thought.
I know... I'll use this as a base for creating an even more powerful medicine which I can actually use.
Of course I'll need a guin—I mean... you will help me as part of your present.


What do I want for White Day?
I should tell you to think of my gift yourself, however... Would you mind joining me on a little walk through the woods?
I need to harvest some herbs for my research. And to do that, I need an assistant to help me carry them.
The weather's nice at the moment, so it might make for a pleasant stroll.
Are you sure? I'm not putting too much pressure on you, am I?
Thank you. And, well, if it's not too much trouble...
While we're out in the field, would you mind testing some of the herbs for their effects?


A White Day gift for me? Are these... medicinal herbs?
Oh my. You mean to tell me that you grew these yourself?
That's certainly thoughtful of you. Hmm, these herbs don't seem to be of a rare species, but...
Hm? Could they be...
Yes, these are the herbs I once spoke to you about, aren't they? Herbs so bitter they make finding willing test subjects rather difficult...
Ahaha, now I understand! What you mean is that you're willing to take the medicine made from these herbs. Isn't that right?
You prepared these because you thought they are what would make me the most happy in the end... What a wonderfully kind person you are.
Still, your consideration is what makes me the happiest. I promise I shall make a highly effective medicine that is worthy of your efforts.
And with that said, let us begin making the medicine. Come, (Captain)!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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I thought it was awfully lively today. It must be Halloween.
Are you dressing up this year? I can help you choose a costume if you haven't decided yet.
Why don't I wrap you in bandages? Mysterious, ancient mummies used to be wrapped in them too.
Hehe. They even had runes woven into the fabric of the bandages.
It's best to conceal your magical prowess. The bandages don't have any significance. I just wanted to indulge in some fun.


Trick or treat? Hahah! You're such a child. How becoming.
Here's what I've prepared. Take whichever you like.
How is it? You love it, right?
What? Bitter? Oh! That was the cookie I had prepared for Zehek. It has some medicinal ingredients mixed in.
That's too bad. I thought making something bitter in the form of something sweet might have helped... Hmm...
Salt and plum vinegar is a difficult flavoring to use. Oh well.
Here, this one I've prepared especially for you. Stuff it in your mouth at once.


What? Trick or treat?
Oh? Have you come to beg me for treats?
Well then... I have prepared just the thing for you.
Of course, they will come at a price.
I need you to tell me how you feel after you've eaten them, gone to bed, and awoken the next day.
What? It's Halloween, so I decided to make candies with all kinds of side-effects.
But silly me, I forgot which candy does what.
Worry not, peasant. None of them have poison. They are all splendid effects I need to test.
Now open that mouth and swallow. Show me what becomes of you.


Haha. Every year, you come before me to earnestly beg for candy. You must truly love your sweets, (Captain).
Fear not, I have saved a selection of sweets which are yours for the taking.
Namely these medicinal cookies. Please try one immediately.
How is it? Much more palatable than last year, I presume?
Since you are the picture of youth, I worked hard to make the flavor suitable for your age.
Now, now, there's no reason to feel indebted to me. It was quite beneficial research.
By suppressing the bitter taste of medicine, my subjects will be unaware of what they're consuming.
Oh, can you imagine all of the new research participants I'll be able to recruit?


Haha. Here to beg for treats again this year, I see. Very well. Children are meant to be honest with their feelings, after all.
Here, I've prepared you a treat. Please try it at once.
Upon taking a bite of the cookie, (Captain)'s taste buds are immediately overwhelmed by an intense, bitter flavor.
Goodness, is it that bitter? And here I thought I'd avoided going too far overboard.
It was just a little trick, you see. Simply handing over treats gives children the wrong message, if you ask me.
But don't worry, I've prepared proper sweet treats as well. Here, eat one to cleanse your palate.
Ah, you really ate it. The truth is, if you eat this cookie along with the earlier one, it's intended to produce an unknown side effect.
Haha... So what did you think? My treats managed to combine both sweetness and surprise. Quite delightful, don't you agree?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Visit to Beauty Springs

After their incident with the primal beast Magus, the crew worry over Zehek's ailing condition. Mishra decides to organize a trip to a newly opened facility called Beauty Springs so the crew can refresh themselves. While (Captain) and company are enjoying the various amenities, Mishra appears lost in thought as she looks around.

The Grandcypher rests peacefully at the port of an island.
Any version of Zehek is a crew member

Zehek: Whew... The breeze sure is relaxing...
Zehek stands on the deck of the ship, looking slightly pale.
No version of Zehek in crew

???: Whew... The breeze sure is relaxing...
A young man wrapped in bandages stands on the deck of the ship, looking slightly pale.
Since he was small, Zehek has been fighting against an incurable disease lurking within his body that causes magical energies to flow out uncontrollably.
The crew first met him when he was in the middle of battling monsters drawn to his magical power.
Zehek: Your strength is true... Please let me ask you this!
Convinced that theirs was no ordinary encounter, Zehek had asked to join (Captain) and the others on their journey.
Since then, Zehek has traveled with the crew in hopes of someday conquering his blight.
Lyria: It doesn't seem like Zehek is feeling very well...
(Captain) and the others are standing slightly off to the side as they look worriedly at their companion.
Vyrn: I mean, the primal beast Magus made his magic go completely outta control... That's gotta be a major hit to his health.
The crew had recently flown to a certain island in the east to investigate the "Magus" that haunted Zehek's sleepless nights.
An incident on that island caused Zehek's magical energies to go out of control, almost turning Zehek himself into a monster.
The incident was eventually resolved after some twists and turns. However, the crew remains concerned for their sickly friend.
Vyrn: I know Zehek told us not to worry, but I can't help it...
Lyria: Yeah... I just wish there was something we could do to help him...
As the others ponder among themselves, Zehek notices them out of the corner of his eye.
Zehek: (Looks like I made them worry again...)
Zehek: (I doubt they'd listen if I told them to just leave me somewhere... What should I do?)
Mishra is a crew member

Mishra: (Hm... It appears my assistance is required.)
Mishra stands up abruptly from where she had been sitting.
Mishra not in crew

???: (Hm... It appears my assistance is required.)
A tall, elegant woman stands up abruptly from where she had been sitting.
Her name is Mishra—a researcher of ancient runes and all things beautiful, and someone under whom Zehek serves as apprentice.
Through an unexpected encounter, Mishra had come to join (Captain) and company on their travels.
Mishra: Zehek, what are you standing out here in the cold for?
Mishra: Don't you know that cold air does terrible things to the skin?
Zehek: Cough... M-Master?
Mishra: Rejoice. I have with me the most wonderful method to dispel this gloom.
With a look of amusement on her face, Mishra turns to where (Captain) is standing and beckons to the captain.
Mishra: (Captain). How would you like to visit the hot springs together with Zehek and me?
The Three: Hot... springs?
Mishra: Yes. It's come to my attention that a new hot springs facility has been quite popular with young people like yourselves.
Mishra: I came out to extend an invitation to all of you. How would you like to visit the hot springs together?
An affectionate smile plays on her lips.
Mishra: Shivering outside in the cold will hardly bring about any good ideas. The only things you'll find yourselves with are cold hands and feet.
Mishra: What do you say we warm ourselves at the hot springs and relax a little? A much more productive plan, wouldn't you agree?
Zehek: M-Master...
Zehek: (I can't believe Master is going out of her way like this for me...)
Vyrn: Soakin' in a hot spring doesn't sound too bad at all! Whaddya think, (Captain)?
  1. I can't let Zehek soak alone!
  2. But who'll look after the ship?

Choose: I can't let Zehek soak alone!
Zehek: (Captain)... Yeah, I might be able to unwind a bit more with all of you there.
Mishra: Haha, if you could only see the smile on your face. Honesty is one of the greatest virtues, after all.
Mishra: Then it's decided. We shall head for the hot springs straight away!

Choose: But who'll look after the ship?
Mishra: Fear not. I have already spoken to Katalina and Rackam.
Mishra: They've graciously agreed to take care of the ship, and they added that it's important for all of you to rest once in a while.
Zehek: Could it be that... everyone in the crew's been concerned about us?
Vyrn: That settles it! Let's take them up on their offer and relax for a while, (Captain)!
Lyria: Yeah! We can go refresh ourselves so Katalina and the others won't have to be so worried!
Mishra: Then it's decided. We shall head for the hot springs straight away!
Continue 1
Lyria: Yes, ma'am! First, we'll have to ask for a course change!
And with that, (Captain) and company happily head to the ship's bridge.
On their way there, Vyrn turns to Mishra.
Vyrn: Come to think of it, I've never heard of hot springs being popular with young people. Is there somethin' special about this one?
Mishra: Hehe... Has it piqued your interest? I suppose I can tell you.
Mishra: The place we will be going to is called Beauty Springs!
Lyria: Beauty Springs? Um... Does that mean that everyone who soaks in it will become beautiful?
Mishra: Indeed. In addition to the regular hot springs, other options are also available, such as massages and sand baths. A facility for the sole purpose of polishing one's beauty, through and through.
Mishra: It appears there's also a rare medicinal herb growing on the island that is capable of greatly improving the skin's texture and moisture retention!
Mishra: Ahh, one cannot help but be intrigued... I must scour every inch of the island...
As Mishra continues her animated monologue, the others look at one another with skepticism.
Vyrn: Are you guys thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? That Mishra's not actually worried about us...
Zehek: Her concern... was probably just an excuse to go visit Beauty Springs.
Mishra: Hm? What are you mumbling to each other about?
Mishra: Well then, (Captain)! Time to steer the ship toward our new destination—Beauty Springs!
A few days later, the crew arrives at Beauty Springs to find the facility crowded with mostly young ladies.
Mishra: Ah, yes! Just as one would expect from a reputable beauty facility... It appears quite a fair number of other visitors are here.
Mishra: Oh my... Would you look at that! The plants at the entrance—they're none other than the medicinal herbs I mentioned earlier!
Mishra: I've examined various illustrations of them in books before, but this is my first time seeing them for myself...
Lyria: Is that smell coming from those medicinal plants?
Mishra: Yes, most likely. I hear the plants are used in a variety of ways, such as for medicinal baths and massage oils.
Mishra: Splendid... Just splendid! By utilizing it in multiple ways, one can effectively discover what benefits the rare herb has.
Mishra: Now! Let's not waste time and take a closer look at the facilities!
(Captain) and company follow the brisk-walking Mishra and proceed to explore the place.
Mishra: Hm, so this is the perfumed oil used for massages... The quality seems quite refined.
Mishra: Admirable attention is being paid to even the smallest details. Poor quality oil would hinder the potential medicinal effects of the herb.
Mishra: Very well. Next!
Lyria: Wow... It's so warm and comfortable in this cave...
Mishra: Hm, I see... By sitting on these heated rocks, people can warm themselves up in a controlled manner...
Mishra: That way, their bodies can be rejuvenated without unnecessary stress from extreme temperatures. A novel idea indeed!
Mishra: Hmm, so they've mixed the herbs into the salts? Yes, that should help the medicine permeate the skin when the salt is slathered on!
With an excited Mishra at the forefront, the crew finish exploring the entirety of the facility.
They decide to take a break and visit an area lined with food stalls.
Vyrn: Hey, Zehek! Here, try some of this!
Zehek: Huh? Porridge... seasoned with medicinal herbs?
Lyria: Yep! It seemed nice and healthy, so we bought some for you to try.
Vyrn: (Captain)'s taste-tested it already. It's not bitter at all, so it should go down easy!
Zehek: Thanks... I'll give it a try.
Zehek takes the bowl from (Captain) and slowly brings a spoonful of porridge to his mouth.
Savoring the bite, Zehek relaxes.
Zehek: This is... really good! It's easy to swallow too... Thanks for finding this for me.
Mishra: Haha. That expression brings back memories from once upon a time.
Mishra: When you were young, there were times where I struggled to correct your fussiness over meals.
Lyria: Was Zehek picky over food as a child?
Mishra: Dear me, he certainly was. I can't even begin to describe the efforts the boy put me through!
Mishra: I desperately wanted to see a smile on the face of my dear little apprentice. As such, I tried making a wide variety of dishes...
Zehek: M-Master! I wish you wouldn't fabricate memories like that!
Zehek: I was picky because you kept putting suspicious herbs into the food...
Mishra: Ahaha, was that how it was? It's been so long that I'm afraid I've forgotten the details.
Vyrn: Haha! Bet the two of ya haven't changed much since then!
The crew continue enjoying their meal as the conversation goes on.
  1. This is so relaxing.
  2. I'm having a lot of fun.

Choose: This is so relaxing.
Mishra: That's wonderful. Remember, the condition of your mind is directly linked to the condition of your skin.
Mishra: You too, Zehek. Try taking deep breaths and relaxing your body. It should help your magical energies fluctuate less.
Zehek: Yes... Now that my body has warmed up, I'm finding it easier to breathe.
Zehek: Thank you, Master... for bringing me here.

Choose: I'm having a lot of fun.
Mishra: Hehe. The baths may have their benefits, but there's more meaning to this trip than just that.
Lyria: There are so many new things here. I'm really enjoying it!
Vyrn: Yeah, I'm glad we came. Thanks, Mishra!
Continue 2
Mishra: Ahaha, I see you understand! I appreciate your kind words. Enjoy your time here.
Mishra: (That being said... I have my own suspicions about Beauty Springs. There should be more to this place than meets the eye.)
A smile still on her face, Mishra sweeps her gaze across the vicinity.
Mishra: (The herbs planted in the area are certainly of a rare species... but they are, at most, merely herbs with medicinal properties.)
Mishra: (What else could be causing this incomprehensible flow of magical power that I'm sensing? I'd very much like to find out...)
She glances at her apprentice and his friends with gentle eyes.
But behind her soft smile lies apprehension as she ponders over the secret behind the hot springs.

Beauty is Passion

(Captain) and company notice that Mishra has been gone for some time. While they wait for her return, the manager of Beauty Springs, Elga, approaches them and invites them to an exclusive bath. The crew decide to try out the secret spring first so they can report back to Mishra about its effects after.

Mishra and company are enjoying their time at Beauty Springs—a new facility with young visitors coming from all over the skies.
The crew discuss among themselves which area of the hot springs they want to try out first.
Lyria: I'd like to go back to that warm cave we saw earlier!
Vyrn: Hmm, I kinda wanna check out the apple juice stand!
Vyrn: What about you guys?
Zehek: I don't mind where we go as long as we're together. Is it just me, or has Master been gone for a while now?
The others realize Mishra's absence and look around.
Vyrn: Now that I think about it, I haven't seen her since we finished eating... Where do you think she went?
Lyria: C-could it be that she got lost along the way?
Zehek: No, I doubt Master would lose her way here... She's most likely scouring the place for resources that might prove useful.
Zehek: I wish she'd at least let someone know before disappearing... I always tell her that, but she never listens.
Vyrn: Geez, she sure goes at her own pace!
Lyria: Hmm, what should we do... Should we go look for Mishra?
  1. We'll let her do her thing.
  2. Let's go find her.

Choose: We'll let her do her thing.
Zehek: Yeah. It'd probably be in our best interest as well not to bother her.
Zehek: Why don't we go get some apple juice like Vyrn suggested and wait at the lounge?

Choose: Let's go find her.
Vyrn: I don't know... It's pretty crowded here. Are you sure we'd be able to find her?
Zehek: Yeah... It might be better if we just wait at a place where she can find us later.
Continue 1
(Captain) nods, and the crew turn to make their way toward the lounge.
???: Excuse me. May I have a moment?
A well-dressed woman calls out to them as she approaches the crew.
Vyrn: Hm? Was there somethin' you wanted from us?
Elga: I apologize for the intrusion. My name is Elga, and I serve as manager of Beauty Springs.
Elga: I must admit that you caught my attention from the moment you arrived, and I couldn't help but strike up a conversation.
Zehek: Caught your attention? Was there something unacceptable in our behavior?
The lady named Elga shakes her head.
Elga: Oh, no, absolutely not. I was simply charmed by the unique energy all of you give off compared to our other visitors.
Elga: I especially wanted to speak with the beautiful Erune who was here just a while ago... May I ask where she is now?
(Captain) and company look at one another.
Lyria: Do you mean Mishra? I'm sorry, we're actually looking for her as well...
Elga: Oh, is that right? I must have caught you at a bad moment then.
Vyrn: Once we find her, we can let Mishra know that you wanted to talk to her.
Elga: Ohoho... Please, don't mind me. I'm sure there will be other opportunities to come across her.
Elga: On the other hand, I have something that may be of interest to all of you.
Elga lowers her voice and leans in closer.
Elga: Actually, here at Beauty Springs, there is a hidden hot spring available only to select visitors.
Elga: It would be my pleasure to invite all of you to this exclusive bath.
Zehek: A hidden hot spring? We took a walk around the place earlier... You mean there's more than what we saw?
Elga: Indeed. It's a secret place hidden a slight ways from the main facility.
Elga: The hidden spring uses only the finest of herbs. You can even call it an all-powerful medicinal bath—it does wonders beyond imagination.
Lyria: Wow, that sounds amazing! Hmm, but...
Vyrn: Mishra would probably wanna try it out more than any of us.
Vyrn: Can you take us there later when Mishra's back?
Elga: I'm afraid that's not possible... To preserve the quality of the water, the times visitors are permitted to enter are limited, you see.
Elga: If you'd like to visit the hidden spring, it will have to be now.
Vyrn: Okay, um... Whaddya think we should do, (Captain)?
The crew thinks for a moment, unsure of whether to wait for Mishra.
Finally, Zehek breaks the silence.
Zehek: Well, it's a pretty rare opportunity. Why don't we give it a try?
Lyria: Are you sure? Mishra won't be able to enjoy it with us...
Zehek: Think about it. I'm sure my master would be happier if we tried out the bath rather than pass on this chance.
Zehek: She'd probably get mad if we told her we gave up without a second thought.
Vyrn: Yeah, you might be right about that. All right then, can we still take the offer, Manager Lady?
Elga: Of course! I'll have the staff inform your friend where you are.
Elga: Hehe... I'm certain you'll enjoy our finest-quality medicinal herbs... very much indeed.
Elga's lips curve upward into a smile.
For a split second, (Captain) swears to have seen a strange glint in Elga's eyes.

Beauty is Passion: Scene 2

Elga leads the crew away from the main facility, where they find themselves surrounded by enchanted herbs. Elga reveals that she has been stealing energy from the spring's visitors, and that she wants Mishra's power for herself so she can be forever young and beautiful. As the crew are being attacked, Mishra comes to their rescue. (Captain) and Zehek use the opportunity to subdue the enchanted herbs.

(Captain) and company follow the manager Elga as she leads them to the hidden hot spring.
The path is rough, and not a single person is in sight.
Vyrn: The lady really meant it when she said hidden, huh... It must be really far out.
Lyria: I'm excited to see it, but also a little nervous!
Lyria and Vyrn look around the quiet area, their sense of adventure growing.
Meanwhile, Zehek walks with a cautious look on his face. He leans in to whisper in (Captain)'s ear.
Zehek: Be careful, (Captain). I can feel my magical energy reacting strangely to something.
Zehek: I doubt anything big would happen here at a beauty facility, but...
Elga: My dear guests, we have arrived.
Suddenly, Elga stops and turns to the crew.
Lyria: Is this the hidden spring? But... I don't see any hot springs around...
Elga: Oh, no, there aren't any hot springs. I apologize for deceiving you.
Elga: But the finest herbs are certainly here. Behold...
An ominous smile spreads across Elga's face as she snaps her fingers.
Enchanted Herbs: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa! What the heck are those?
Zehek: Tch, so my magic was reacting to these things!
Zehek: Give me a hand, (Captain)! We'll take them out and retreat—
Elga: Oh my, you shouldn't get too close. It's for your own good. Our high-quality medicinal herbs just love the magical energy from people, you see.
Elga: One word from me and they'll absorb all of your magic in a flash.
At the wave of Elga's hand, the enchanted herbs reach out their tendrils toward the crew.
Zehek: Hmph, so that's how it is... This is the true nature of Beauty Springs.
Zehek: You make this place look attractive and lure in unsuspecting visitors, then secretly suck their magical energy.
Elga: Indeed, my ailing boy. By gathering other people's energy, I can stay young... and become more beautiful.
Vyrn: Uh, so you mean... you've been stealin' magic from all the people coming here and killing 'em?
Elga: Dear me, what a terrible thing to say. I would never take so much energy that it'd kill someone.
Elga: Besides, taking a little from each person makes it less noticeable, and is a much more productive method.
Elga: Yes, that's how I've been doing it up until now...
Elga: But I've decided to try and do things a little differently today, ever since I laid eyes on your lady companion!
Elga's voice grows louder as she becomes increasingly agitated.
Lyria: Huh? Do you mean Mishra?
Zehek: Did Master... do something to you?
Elga: Do something to me? Hm, yes, I suppose she did...
Elga: She's committed quite the serious crime. Her crime... is in her beauty itself!
Zehek: What?
  1. What do you mean?
  2. Are you jealous of her beauty?

Choose: What do you mean?
Elga: Don't play dumb with me. You've been around that woman long enough to know what I mean.
Elga sneers, her eyes filled with contempt.
Elga: The aura emitting from the beauty of that woman, and the vast amount of magic unsuited to her ephemeral looks...
Elga: I knew from the moment I saw her that she is what I must overcome!
Elga: If I can obtain her power... then her beauty will become my own!

Choose: Are you jealous of her beauty?
Elga: Hmph! How dare you use such cheap words to describe my passion!
Elga: She is what I must overcome—I knew from the moment I saw her!
Elga: And to do that, I must obtain her power... All of it!
Continue 1
At Elga's orders, the enchanted herbs surround the crew, gradually closing in on them.
Elga: Failing to invite her here was an unfortunate miscalculation on my part... but this isn't bad either.
Elga: If I hold all of you hostage, she will have no choice but to give up all of her powers!
Enchanted Herbs: ...!
Zehek: Hah! I won't let you have your way so easily!
Lyria: You can't, Zehek! Your magical energies are already barely under control...
  1. Don't push yourself too hard!
  2. I won't let you hurt Zehek!

Choose: Don't push yourself too hard!
Choose: I won't let you hurt Zehek!
(Captain) jumps in front of Zehek at the last moment and deflects the enchanted herbs' attacks.
But just as Elga had warned, the closer the plants are, the more (Captain) and Zehek feel their energy getting sucked out.
Zehek: (Captain)! You need to be careful too!
Zehek: (Ugh... But it's true that my magic's far from stable...)
Zehek: (At this rate, I'll only put (Captain) and the others in danger...)
Zehek: Damn it, I need to think of a plan!
Elga: Ohohoho! Oh, that unsightly look on your face is simply priceless.
Elga: Now, surrender if you don't want anyone else getting hurt!
The enchanted herbs advance on (Captain). Still, the captain refuses to move and continues to stand between the enemy and Zehek.
Just as the plants are about to strike again, a powerful attack sends them back.
Mishra: Goodness. I just can't keep my eyes off all of you for long, can I?
Mishra: Still, you saved me a lot of time by finding what I was looking for. I suppose you deserve some praise for that.
Enchanted Herbs: ...
Zehek: Wha... M-Master?
The smoke clears to reveal Mishra walking composedly toward them.
Elga: Ah, you arrived faster than I'd anticipated. I was planning to invite you after things settled down a little here...
Once again, Elga snaps her fingers at the enchanted herbs.
Elga: But no matter! Now, hand over your magical powers so they may contribute to my beauty!
Enchanted Herbs: ...!
Zehek: Master, stay as far from them as you can! They'll rob you of your energy if you get too close!
Mishra: Ahaha. Always the caring one, aren't you, Zehek?
Mishra: But there is no need to worry. My magic can survive a few weeds.
And true to her words, Mishra shows no signs of weakening despite the enchanted herbs closing in on her.
Mishra: Haha, is this it? The effects of the herbs are intriguing, but they could be improved...
Mishra coolly brushes the enchanted plants aside and strides toward Elga, who is frozen in shock.
Elga: H-how... You should be robbed of your magical energy and left without power...
Elga: How are you still standing as if nothing happened? How are you still so beautiful!
Mishra: You are a fool. You chase after beauty, yet you do not know the answer to such a simple question.
Mishra looks down on the trembling woman with cold eyes.
Mishra: True beauty is not something you can take from another. It is something that can only be cultivated through your own diligence.
Mishra: My diligence is simply stronger than your mere display of fabricated beauty. That's all there is to it.
The beautiful Erune stops in front of Elga.
Mishra: If I remember correctly, you dared to insult my apprentice and his friends with the word "unsightly."
Mishra: But at this very moment, it is you who are the most unsightly of all!
Elga: Wha!
Stunned, Elga is lost for words.
Mishra turns her gaze toward Zehek and (Captain).
Mishra: Now! While her magic is weak, finish off the enchanted herbs!
Mishra: And be sure to kill them down to the roots so nothing like this will happen again!
Zehek: Yes, Master! (Captain), let's do this!
(Captain) gives a firm nod and prepares for battle once more.
Gripping their weapons tightly, together, the two charge at the cluster of foes in front of them.

Beauty is Passion: Scene 3

Mishra reprimands Elga and takes the manager out for some special training. Several days later, the reformed Elga expresses her regret and promises to reopen Beauty Springs after she has made up for her mistakes. Rejuvenated, the crew returns to the ship. Mishra uses the herbs she obtained on the island to make a new beautification tonic and attempts to test it on (Captain) and Zehek, much to their dismay.

While Elga is distracted by Mishra, (Captain) and Zehek take out the remainder of the enchanted herbs.
They clean out the weeds thoroughly until nothing is left standing.
Mishra: Hmph, all that energy didn't amount to much after all.
Mishra: It seems she really did only take a little at a time.
Mishra: Albeit a foolish attempt, if she truly wanted to conduct research, she should have taken it to a bolder degree...
Zehek: Um, Master... That's probably not the type of constructive criticism you should be giving...
Vyrn: Besides, the lady who needs an earful isn't even listening.
(Captain) and company turn to look at Elga, who has crumpled onto the floor in a daze.
Elga: Ah... My enchanted herbs... My eternal youth...
Zehek: Looks like she's completely exhausted...
Lyria: What should we do? It doesn't seem like she's going to do any more bad things...
Vyrn: And I doubt the Crew of Enforcers would come out here just for this...
Mishra: Goodness me. I suppose I have no other choice but to lecture her myself.
Elga: ...
Mishra: Wake up!
Elga: Eeek!
Elga: Wh-what do you want! Come to rub my face in your beauty as I wither away with no hope of ever becoming beautiful?
Mishra: Oho... So you think you can never become beautiful?
Elga: Th-that's right! Now that I have no way of collecting energy from other people... I'll never be able to...
Mishra: Mm-hmm, I see... So that's your excuse.
Mishra: But let me warn you to never spout that sort of nonsense in front of me again.
Mishra: I went out of my way to come lecture you because I thought you had the potential to be beautiful.
Elga: What?
Elga's jaw drops in surprise at Mishra's unexpected words.
Mishra: It is true that your methods for obtaining beauty are flawed. And of course, you will need to be properly punished for what you have done.
Mishra: But I can see that your passion in your pursuit of beauty is true.
Mishra: And I cannot stand to see someone with such an honest desire for beauty to give up halfway!
The Erune reaches out and grasps Elga by the collar of her dress.
Mishra: Come! I shall give you my special training and revive the determination within you!
Elga: Huh! Wait, just what—
Mishra: (Captain)! Zehek! I will be absent for the next few days, so take this time to relax and enjoy the hot springs!
Mishra's Voice: Be sure to note down how long you use each facility so that I can confirm their effects and benefits after!
Elga's Voice: Somebooody! Heeelp!
Lyria: Ooh... I wonder where Mishra and Elga are going...
Zehek: They'll be busy with Master's special beauty training... All I can do is pray for the lady's safety.
As the two women's voices fade into the distance, the crew breathes a sigh of relief after the day's events.
Several days later, Mishra and Elga are in the lobby of Beauty Springs exchanging a warm handshake.
Mishra: You did well in following my special training. You have my acknowledgement as a fellow pursuer of beauty.
Elga: Master... It is thanks to you that I've found a new way of life!
Elga: It is most unfortunate that we must part ways...
Vyrn: Wow, I can't believe it... I can practically see stars of admiration in her eyes...
  1. Mishra's an excellent teacher.
  2. Can't believe she made it back alive...

Choose: Mishra's an excellent teacher.
Lyria: She really is! I guess Mishra managed to help Elga change herself for good!

Choose: Can't believe she made it back alive...
Zehek: Yeah... She's definitely no ordinary person to have survived Master's special training.
Zehek: Her method for obtaining beauty was inappropriate, but I guess her passion for it was real.
Continue 1
Mishra: Now then, what do you plan to do from here on out?
Elga: After seeing all of you off, I will be closing this facility down and turning myself in to the Crew of Enforcers.
Elga: Once I've properly atoned for my crimes, I'd like to reopen Beauty Springs in a different form.
Elga: When that time comes, Master, please visit us again!
Mishra: Gladly. I'm already looking forward to it.
Mishra nods, pleased to see Elga's sincere conviction.
Mishra: Beauty Springs proved to be a truly intriguing place worth examining. And I believe there is still much to learn.
Mishra: It would be my pleasure to visit you again with (Captain) and the others.
Elga: Thank you! I will have the most magnificent medicated bath ready for your return!
And with that, Elga waves goodbye to the crew as they set out once more into the skies.
Lyria: Hehe. My skin feels softer than usual! Could this be the result of soaking in the hot springs?
Vyrn: Yeah, even (Captain)'s skin is glowing. It's as shiny as an apple fresh from the orchard!
Vyrn: Not to mention, you're lookin' better than before, Zehek.
Zehek: Yeah, it feels easier to breathe. Maybe it's thanks to the medicinal herbs.
Zehek: And... it's probably because I had a good time relaxing with all of you too.
Lyria: Hehe. We're glad to see that you were able to rest a little! Aren't we, (Captain)?
  1. Let's visit the hot springs again.
  2. Let's go on another vacation together.

Choose: Let's visit the hot springs again.
Vyrn: Sounds good! And next time, Mishra can tell us more about the hot springs while we soak in 'em!

Choose: Let's go on another vacation together.
Lyria: Yes, let's! I can't wait to visit more places with Zehek and Mishra!
Continue 2
Zehek: Traveling with Master can be a handful sometimes...
Zehek: But this was a nice getaway. I wouldn't mind doing it again.
Not resistant to the idea, Zehek cracks a smile.
The crew are in high spirits as they bathe in the afterglow of their short but satisfying vacation.
Mishra: Ah, there you are!
Zehek: Master? You look like you're enjoying yourself...
Zehek: Wait... That bottle in your hand! Don't tell me you're planning to...
Mishra: Hehe. I happened to receive some of the medicinal herbs on the island as a present before we left.
Mishra: And after a closer examination, it seems the herbs have other properties of interest other than absorbing magical energy!
Mishra: If all goes well with my experiment, I may just find myself with yet a new discovery in my endless pursuit of beauty...
As a smile slowly creeps across Mishra's face, Zehek and (Captain) look at each other.
Zehek: Run for it, (Captain)!
Mishra: Wait, Zehek! (Captain)! This is simply a tonic!
Mishra: A few rather extreme side effects may occur, of course, but there's no need for concern!
Zehek: Argh! See, this is what happens!
Zehek: Traveling with Master is nothing but trouble!
(Captain) chuckles and nods in agreement.
Moments later, two sets of groans and the sound of Mishra's delighted laughter can be heard coming from the bowels of the ship.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
珍しい薬草を探しに行くとするか Time to go look for some rare medicinal herbs.
わらわの魔術が必要か? Are you in need of my magical assistance?
(主人公)、是非研究の手伝いを…… It would be wonderful if you could help me with my research, (Captain)...
よほど説教してほしいと見える You're just asking for a lecture, aren't you?
(主人公)の瞳は美しいな You have beautiful eyes, (Captain).
団の皆にも美の指導をしようか Allow me to give a few words of advice on beauty to everyone in the crew.
これゼヘク!逃げるでない! Zehek! Stop running away from me!
ふむ……この記述、興味深いな Hm... A very interesting read indeed...
美に向き合い続ける心こそ美しさの秘訣よ The key to beauty is to possess the determination to continue pursuing it.
新しい知識を常に求めなくてはな One must always keep an eye out for new discoveries.


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