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Official Profile[edit]

Age 17
Height 150 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Strolling
Likes Pretty flowers
Dislikes Boredom

おおらかで優しそうに見えるが基本的に人の話をまったく聞かず、会話が成立すること自体がまれであり、基本的に一方通行な会話が始まり周囲のペースを崩しまくる。 「わかるぅ~♪」が口癖で、何事にもとにかく同意しまくる懐の深さ故か、混沌とした会話は最終的には穏やかに着地する。

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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy Birthday!
It's my birthday too! Isn't that great? Heehee, only joking!
I didn't get a present, but... I can give you a nice hug!
Come here! I'm not letting go of you all day! You'd best be happy!
Huh? You're sick? You have a cold and I shouldn't come near you? Who cares? Get over here for a snugly hug!


Happy b-day!
Oh, I can tell you wanna talk about something. I'm right, aren't I, (Captain)?
You wanna know why I always hug you, yeah?
It's just, ever since last year, I just feel like coming up and giving you a big squeeze.
So I guess you've already figured out why I'm hugging you now.
This is, you know, my special Nemone Birthday Surprise Hug! Expect another one next year too, okay?
Hehe. Happy birthday, (Captain)!


Happy, happy B-day! Let's get the (Captain) party rolling!
Well, I don't have anything special planned.
Hey, don't look so sad! We can do piggy-back rides together.
Oh, but you have to carry me of course.
I mean, I'm not that strong. I can't hold you, (Captain).
Haha, psych! I'm just kidding, (Captain)! We're going to have a huge celebration!
Hehe! Thanks for putting up with me even though I'm like this.
Hope we can celebrate lots and lots more together! Hehehe!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
Ah, it's a new year! I've never celebrated it before!
Huh? No, really! I've never celebrated it with you and the crew before, (Captain)!
What do you wanna do? I'm gonna have an awesome all-day nap!


What's your wish for the new year, (Captain)?
I'm going to wish for a delicious lunch today!
I mean obviously, right? Lunch is important!
If you can eat lunch day after day, then you're leading a happy life, right?
Well, I mean, life is already really happy since I get to live it around you, (Captain)!
And on that note, let's go eat yummy New Year's food! Come on, (Captain)!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Drum roll please! My resolution this year is to...
Live more seriously!
What, you don't think I can do it? Pfft, easy peasy lemon squeezy!
How hard could it be? I mean, I'm always serious about having a good time, you know! Hehe.
Yeah. This year's resolution's already in the bag!
Um... What was it again... to throw caution to the wind?
Welp, no point dwelling on the past. Live for the moment and stuff, right?
Anywho, let's go and visit a shrine already, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day!
Chocolate... I want some... It's so tasty...
Oh, would you look at that! I've got some freshly made chocolate right here!
Heeheehee! Let's eat some, (Captain)!
I appreciate everything you do for us!


Mm... Wish I could meet with Ms. Valentine herself...
What? You never heard of her before? She's super famous though!
She was the first person to make chocolate and hand it over to her one true love!
They say if you share chocolate together, like Ms. Valentine did, you'll live happily ever after with somebody special.
Hah, but that's just a tall tale, right? I bet Ms. Valentine doesn't even exist. Hehe.
But anyway! Come on, let's eat this chocolate—specially made by yours truly!
I wonder if we'll live happily ever after! Hehe!


Happy Valentine's Day! Yay!
Drum roll, please!
My Valentine's Day gift...
For (Captain) is...
Nothing at all!
Hehe, just kidding!
How could I ever forget to give my precious (Captain) a Valentine's Day chocolate?
I actually wanted to try giving it to you without any jokes, you know?
But I've got a rare disease... If I ever get serious, I might just explode. You get how it is.
H-hey wait... why are you looking at me like that?
Eh... Heheh... Geez, stop it already—I can already feel my face getting redder by the second.
Um... Eheh... I-I hope we can keep continuing our travels together forever, (Captain)...

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day!
Ooh! Could it be? A present for me! Heehee, yay!
Errr... Ah...
Heehee, I can't keep a straight face!
Oh no, guess I'd better run away!


Hehe! Yay! I got some chocolate from (Captain) again!
Do you know why they call it White Day? People used to give white roses to those who gave 'em Valentine's Day gifts—symbolizing the purity of love or something.
Haha. Course, who would believe that? But, uh...
I guess if I got a white rose, I wouldn't be too mad about it. Hehe.
Aaah, I could see myself falling head over heels for somebody who confessed the purity of our love. Hehe.


Hello, hello! Heya, heya! Hoya, hoya! Powa-pow!
Hehe... That song just now was for a traditional treat from my homeland.
Whenever White Day comes around, I always start pining for that flavor...
Powa-pows are the best... Frosty little morsels that are refreshing all the way down and yummy in your tummy!
I just know you'd love them, (Captain)... Heh, just kidding. I made it all up.
But wait! Maybe Powa-pows are a real thing... Somewhere. I mean, you never know, right?
The Nemone research association might have to do further probing...</br> How about it? Let's dive into this unexplored knowledge together snacking on your treats!
But I'll probably fall asleep halfway through, so make sure to bring a blanket for me.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
Here is today's menu! Pranks, mischief, tricks or shenanigans! Which is it gonna be?
Huh? Candy? Nice curveball! But I guess that means you chose "pranks"!
Huh? Why are you running away? Wait, wait, wait! I want to prank you! Heeheehee!


Eeek! Help me out, (Captain)! I got bit by a zombie!
If we don't do something, I'll become a zombie too! I like being a Nemone; I don't wanna be a Zombone!
Oh, you don't believe me for a second, do you? Well, I don't blame you...
Sob... Help me!
Because, after all, I'm not a zombie. I'm a cute little werewolf! Hehehe!
Uh-oh! I think I'm turning! Aah-oooo!
If you don't give me candy, I'll gobble you up! Aah-oooo!


Today yours truly is a ghost... That's right—I'm dead.
Now I'm a lost soul who wanders between this world and that one for eternity... a Nemone-o'lantern...
Possession... or... treat...
Just watch when I possess you! I'll hug you till you're sick of it, and then I'll blow in your ear! Wooosh! Wooosh!
And after that I'll tickle you like you won't believe!
I know you're shaking in your boots. So give your treats to the Nemone-o'lantern...

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Merry Christmas!
I'm gonna be Santa this year!
Although I've never dressed as Santa before... Or ridden in a sleigh.
So this is like my first day at work! Heehee, what do you want as a present, (Captain)?
Ah, but you'll have to pay for your present! Heeheehee!
Ah, that's enough jokin' around! Let's have fun today and stay warm!


Hmm? What's the matter, (Captain)? You look cooold.
When I get cold I use these: the long, long silks on my axe!
You can use them for so many things. Love 'em so much!
Let's just wrap it around you like this... Aaand... Voila! Perfect scarf!
Oops... Looks like I wrapped us up together. Hehe. Now it's a double scarf.
But isn't this super warm? Hehe.


Believe it or not... Santa saved the lives of me and my sisters.
There was a time when we were poor, so poor we were struggling just to get by.
That's when this Santa Claus guy threw some gold coins into our windows.
And they just happened to land in our stockings. I couldn't believe it. Holiday presents for us.
Huh? You say I'm telling a story?
Well, you've really grown—you figured it out so quick.
But even if our story is fake, who knows—maybe Saint Claus's real.
So we're heading to the town to solve the mystery once and for all...
All right! Just one more push and we'll be in town, (Captain)! Hehe!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Girl Comes Along Like the Wind[edit]

When (Captain) suffers a light injury during a quest, a happy-go-lucky girl by the name of Nemone shows up. She plays with the crew for a bit before handing them a bundle of leaves and running off. They turn out to be potent medical herbs, curing (Captain)'s injuries instantly. Afterward, the crew runs into Nemone again in town. Nemone believes that if she travels with (Captain) she would be reunited with who she was searching for, and announces her decision to join them.

One day, having finished a quest to defeat monsters, the crew heads to a town to rest.
On the way, (Captain) sustains a light injury while battling a monster. Lyria remembers something.
Lyria: Heehee, don't worry, (Captain)! I have just the thing! A trick for getting rid of pain!
Smiling, Lyria holds her hand over (Captain)'s injury, and gently waves it.
Lyria: Pain, pain, go away!
???: Aaaah!
The crew hear a shriek and quickly turn around to see a girl with her hands trembling in pain.
Green-eyed Girl: Oww... What just happened... My fingers, they feel like they're broken!
Lyria: What? No... Could this be because of my spell? Did I just transfer the pain to her?
Lyria: Oh no... I'm so sorry! I really am!
With tears in her eyes, Lyria hangs her head in shame. The other girl brings her shaking hands forward and gently strokes Lyria's hair.
Green-eyed Girl: Heehee, don't worry, running my hands through your beautiful hair seems to have cured me completely!
Lyria: Wh-what? My... hair?
Vyrn: No way, you aren't really falling for this, are you, Lyria? You're way too gullible...
Green-eyed Girl: Wh-wh-whoa! Why is that lizard t-talking to you! Ah!
Upon seeing (Captain), the girl smiles and holds her arms wide open.
Green-eyed Girl: Hey, long time no see! Look how big you've gotten! Wait... who are you?
Vyrn: Jeez, are you always this cozy with people you've never met?
Green-eyed Girl: Oh, heehee, I get it.
Vyrn: Get it? What are you talking about?
Green-eyed Girl: Heehee, oh, by the way. You look like you've come a long way. You should take these!
The girl produces a bundle of leaves and hands them to (Captain).
Vyrn: Huh? What are these?
Green-eyed Girl: Who knows? Grass or something, probably. It seems to grow around here.
Vyrn: Whoa, really? Why are you giving these leaves to us?
Green-eyed Girl: That's just the kind of person I am! Right, gotta dash, people to see, places to go and all of that. See you around!
Vyrn: W-wait! What are we even supposed to do with these? Ah, she's gone...
Lyria: Vyrn! Those are...
Lyria: I remember seeing them in a shop! They're really valuable medicinal herbs and are supposed to cure injuries super quick!
Upon hearing this, (Captain) tries the herbs on fresh wounds, instantly closing and healing them.
Vyrn: Whoa, that's incredible! Has it really healed already?
Vyrn: Huh, I guess she was a nice person after all. Even if she was a little weird.
(Captain) smiles at Vyn's words, and turns toward the town with thoughts of thanking the girl.
The crew finally make it to the town. They head to the tavern and when they get there...
Green-eyed Girl: Haha! I get it, I get it. That's so funny. Now, what were we talking about...
Town Informer: Hahaha! You're truly one of a kind!
The girl from before is there, enjoying an animated conversation with a man in the tavern.
Town Informer: The person you're looking for? Normally I'd charge a fee for such information, but I'll make an exception for you!
Green-eyed Girl: Oh really? Why thank you, how kind of you!
The man shakes her hand and, smiling broadly, leaves the tavern.
She shakes hands with another townsperson when she notices the crew standing in the doorway.
Green-eyed Girl: Hey! You guys! How long's it been? One year? Two?
Vyrn: What? We saw you earlier today!
Lyria: Um, excuse me, I wanted to say thank you for earlier...
Lyria and (Captain) express their gratitude, explaining that their wounds were healed without complication thanks to the herbs.
Green-eyed Girl: Oh really? Glad to hear it! Guess they weren't just ordinary plants after all!
Green-eyed Girl: Well how about that, this must be some kind of historic discovery or something!
Vyrn: Uhh, Lyria? Is it me or does it sound like those leaves she gave us just happened to be valuable medicinal herbs?
Lyria: Hahaha, that can't be it really, can it?
The party share an uneasy laugh when the man from the tavern earlier returns.
Town Informer: Oh good, you're still here. I looked into the person you're searching for.
Town Informer: And it seems as though they've never been in the town. Sorry, but that's all I can do.
Green-eyed Girl: Ah, I see. Too bad.
Lyria: This might not be any of my business, but... Are you looking for someone?
Green-eyed Girl: Oh, that? I wouldn't say I was searching for someone, there's just a girl I want to meet.
Vyrn: What's the difference between that and searching for someone?
Green-eyed Girl: Hey! Barkeep! Bring us four tropical juices, please!
Vyrn: Jeez, it's impossible to keep a conversation with you, huh? Wait, why four?
Green-eyed Girl: Heehee, this must be fate. Come on, sit down! Let's have a chat! And don't worry about the bill!
Lyria: Wow! Thank you so much!
As the party sit down to enjoy her generosity, they introduce themselves to the girl.
Green-eyed Girl: Oh wow, you're skyfarers? You must have a lot of stories to tell, huh? Tell me more!
The crew tell her more about their travels. She smiles and nods along enthusiastically.
Green-eyed Girl: Oh I see, I see. So you're following in your father's footsteps. Yeah, I get that.
Vyrn: Oh you do? So are you following after someone too?
Green-eyed Girl: Oh no, not at all. I'm more free-spirited.
Vyrn: Bwahaha, you can say that again. You're definitely the happy-go-lucky type.
Green-eyed Girl: Heehee, yeah I could see that. By the way, I've got a question for you, heroes of the sky that you are.
Green-eyed Girl: Have you ever come across this really blank kid who says things like "uhh" and "ermm"?
Lyria: Err, hmm... Just going off of that I'm not so sure... Is that the person you're searching for?
Green-eyed Girl: Yeah, it's my super-cute, dear kid brother... No wait, I mean sister.
Green-eyed Girl: Well, don't worry if you don't know them. I'm sure I'll find her eventually.
Vyrn: You took that surprisingly well, isn't this your dear sister we're talking about? Are they okay?
Green-eyed Girl: Heh, don't worry, we'll meet again some day. I'm sure of it. As astonishingly huge as the sky is, it can be surprisingly small at times too.
Green-eyed Girl: Or something like that, heh!
Vyrn: Why'd you have to say that last part? I'd take you for a sage if not for that!
Green-eyed Girl: Heehee, well, that's that. Hey! Let's go to your ship!
Lyria: Huh?
The girl smiles sweetly and steps up to (Captain).
Green-eyed Girl: Hello there, you must be quite the charismatic captain to bring all these people around you.
Green-eyed Girl: We've met before, haven't we? Maybe this is fate, hm? I haven't made it very far all by my lonesome...
Green-eyed Girl: That's why I should come with you! If I traveled on your ship I'm sure I'd find my dear little sister in no time!
  1. I'm not sure I could say no...
  2. This juice is delicious...

Choose: I'm not sure I could say no...
Green-eyed Girl: Hehe, so you realized? Impressive...
Green-eyed Girl: Well then! I hope you're ready to go to the ends of the sky for me!
The girl desperately clings to (Captain).
Green-eyed Girl: So please! Don't leave me now!
Vyrn: Whoa, stop acting like a kid! I guess you really, really want to come with us.

Choose: This juice is delicious...
Green-eyed Girl: Yeah, right? It's even better when you drink it while eating fruit too.
The girl feeds (Captain) a fruit.
Green-eyed Girl: How is it? Delicious, right?
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! Did she just infect you with some kind of happy-go-lucky serum?
Green-eyed Girl: Oh, you wound me! There's only one cure, so you'll have to be nice to me every day from now on!
Continue 1
Green-eyed Girl: Well then, sounds like you've come to a decision! Can I come with you?
Vyrn: Jeez, you aren't afraid of influencing the decision are you? Sure, you can come.
Nemone: Hurray! Thanks for letting me be part of the crew! Oh, by the way, my name's Nemone!
Vyrn: Nemone? Like Anemone?
Lyria: Glad to meet you, Nemone. Feel free to ignore Vyrn!
Nemone: He can call me that if he wants, but I'm nothing like an anemone, they sting if you get too close, heehee.
Nemone smiles and runs off to the entrance.
Nemone: Come on then! Let's get going!
Vyrn: Whoa, wait what? Who put you in charge?
Lyria: Ahaha, she's already gone. I suppose we'd better settle the bill...
With a bitter smile, (Captain) reluctantly hands money over to the tavern keeper.
Shop Assistant: Ah, don't worry, the bill has already been paid. Another customer came by earlier and paid for the four juices.
Vyrn: Huh... That is odd, how did they know we'd need four...
Vyrn: Did... did she know we would come here?
Lyria: Hmm... It couldn't have been coincidence, could it?
Vyrn: When you consider they paid for exactly four of us, it couldn't possibly be concidence...
(Captain) listens to their guesses, and supposes that Nemone could have set up their second meeting.
Vyrn: Hmm, she's certainly an interesting one. I feel like she's hiding a lot...
(Captain) nods his head, then gulps.
(Captain) shudders at the thought that her happy-go-lucky nature might just be an act.

Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness[edit]

One sunny day, Nemone invites the crew to come out and play. Although the crew finds it difficult to hold a logical conversation with her, she surprisingly converses well enough with monsters to befriend them. When Nemone reveals that she actually does not speak their tongue, the dumbfounded monsters attack in anger.

One sunny day, Nemone asks (Captain) and the others to come out and play.
The crew agrees, and Nemone takes them to a quiet plain.
Nemone: Hey! Hey! Lyria! Let's play catch! Go long!
Vyrn: Jeez, she didn't wait for a chat at all, just went straight into playing catch...
Lyria: Heehee, but she always acts like this. I'd be worried if she didn't.
Vyrn: Well, I suppose you have a point there. It is classic Nemone!
Nemone: Waaah! I-it's a monster!
Vyrn: What? Really?
The party rushes over to the commotion only to find...
Nemone: Rawrarawrr!
Demonic Dog: Groargh? Grooargh!
Nemone: Rawraaawr! Rawrrr.
Demonic Dog: Groargh.
The monster and Nemone seem to strike up a friendly conversation.
Vyrn: Umm... What just happened?
Nemone: Rawrawr!
Demonic Dog: Grawraw!
Lyria: It looks like... she's talking to the monster?
Vyrn: That's incredible, Nemone! You can speak monster?
Nemone: Of course not! I'm a person, I only speak People.
Monster: Groargh?
Vyrn: What the—you're as happy-go-lucky as ever! Even the monster's taken aback!
Monster: Groaargh! Grrrr!
Vyrn: Waah, now you've made it mad!
Nemone: Oh hey look! There's a pretty butterfly!
Vyrn: Don't try and change the subject! Shouldn't we deal with this monster first?
Nemone: Nah, no use sweating over that now, it's in the past!
Vyrn: Not yet it isn't! It's coming this way!
Nemone: All right then! Don't panic, just leave it to me!

Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness: Scene 2[edit]

Nemone reconciles with the monsters after the battle, and sends them back to the forest. A little girl who was watching them from afar pleads with Nemone to teach her how to converse with monsters. Nemone concedes and the crew heads toward the girl's village, which is a shambles. The villagers explain that monsters periodically show up to wreak havoc on the town. Thankfully, the crew is present to stop their next onslaught.

Demonic Dog: Grrooargh...
Nemone: H-hey! Who did this to you, you're hurt!
Vyrn: It was you! What's with this selective memory...
Nemone: Heehee, just having a little joke. Really, I am sorry, please don't be mad, rawrawwr!
Nemone produces some herbs and heals the monster's injuries.
Demonic Dog: Grargh?
Nemone: Rawrawrr! Raawr!
Demonic Dog: Woof!
The monster seems pleased and leaves, its tail wagging.
Nemone: See ya!
Lyria: Umm, Nemone? So you could talk to the monster after all?
Nemone: Heehee!
Nemone simply flashes her usual carefree smile without answering. Suddenly, a young girl can be heard from behind them.
Girl: Umm, excuse me, miss! Please teach me!
Nemone: Huh? Teach you? What's wrong, little girl?
Girl: I want to learn to speak to monsters! Please teach me!
Vyrn: Hmm, that sounds way too dangerous, we should probably tell her no.
Nemone: Oh yeah, totally dangerous. Aren't you afraid of the dangers?
Girl: But... But...
Nemone looks into the girl's eyes and smiles gently. All of a sudden she bends down and tickles her sides.
Nemone: Coochie-coochie-coo! This is a daily part of training under the great Nemone! Can you handle it?
Girl: Hehe, hehehe! I can! I will—prffft—endure it!
Nemone: Heehee, oh yeah? Then let's start right away!
Nemone: Right after having something tasty to eat, I mean! My stomach's growling in its own language!
Nemone: Why don't you show us where you live?
Girl: Y-yes, of course! Right this way!
Vyrn: Hey, can you really take responsibility for her as her mentor?
Nemone: Yeah, it's fine, it's fine! Besides, she reminds me of my own dear little sister.
Nemone: Although they're nothing alike! She came to me so she's clearly very intelligent, plus she's pretty cute, right?
Nemone: Though... Maybe it's not as simple as that...
Lyria: What do you mean, Nemone?
Nemone: Oh, nothing much. We should hurry after her though, before we lose her!
Nemone runs off after the girl. The crew, still confused, continue after her.
After a short while, the party arrives at a village in ruins.
Vyrn: Wh-what the... This place is a mess...
Girl: Hey everyone, I'm back! And don't worry, I'm going to talk to the monsters!
Villager 1: What are you talking about, you can't do something so dangerous...
Lyria: Umm, can you tell us what happened here? We might be able to help you.
Villager 3: A large horde of monsters suddenly attacked the village.
Villager 3: Our own militia were no match for them, and they laid waste to our homes.
Nemone: Hmm, I see...
Villager 2: Oh no! The monster horde! They've returned!
Lyria: Oh no, we have to protect them, (Captain)!
With weapon unsheathed, (Captain) nods and gets ready to face the monster horde.

Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness: Scene 3[edit]

Having successfully fended off the monster attack, Nemone invites the girl out for training. She quickly learns to befriend monsters and also notices that human deforestation of the surrounding area has destroyed their home. They suggest co-existing with the monsters to the village chief, who angrily orders the guards to throw Nemone out of the village.

Village Chief: Thank you so much, travelers.
Village Chief: We could never repay you for what you've done, but please stay a while.
Nemone: Well all right then, sounds like it's time to start your training! Let's go!
Girl: Y-yes of course! Wait for me!
Village Chief: Oh, err...?
Vyrn: Yeah, you're better off not questioning it. That's just Nemone.
Village Chief: I see... Well then, let me show you to the inn...
The party arrives at about the same time as Nemone and the girl, who were having a foot race.
Nemone: Looks like I win again! Come on, give it your all next time!
Girl: N-not fair! You just have longer legs than me, Nemone!
Girl: And this isn't training! We're just playing!
Girl: Please! I want you to teach me! Properly!
Nemone: Whoa, you sure are taking this seriously! Being depended on like this sure takes me back...
Nemone: Okay then, here's the monster I befriended the other day, his name is Rex Woofington.
Rex Woofington: Woof!
Girl: Eek!
Nemone: Don't worry! I'm here, we're just going to play a little. You know nothing bad will happen while I'm here!
Girl: Nemone's here... We're just going to play...
A little while later, Rex Woofington and the girl become fast friends.
Girl: Ahaha! Look, come here, Mister Woofington!
Rex Woofington: Woof woof!
Nemone: Hey, let's play hide and seek! You're it! Me and Rex Woofington will hide!
Girl: Ah, wait up! Nemone! Rexy! Where'd you go?
Nemone and Rex Woofington seemingly disappear in an instant. The girl looks around at her surroundings.
Girl: Ah...
The girl notices that a forest nearby has been almost entirely cut down by human hands.
Girl: The forest has been destroyed too... Did we... ruin your homes first?
Vyrn: Nemone! You're late! The sun's going down, you need to stop playing now!
Nemone: Aww, but I'm not even a little bit tired. I wanna carry on playing!
Lyria: N-Nemone? Where did you come from?
Nemone: Heehee, I'm baaack!
Girl: Me too...
Village Chief: Oh, you're both here. Welcome back. Let us get the feast underway.
Nemone: Hey there, Chief! This village is so big and spacious! It must be nice to live here.
Village Chief: Haha, why thank you. The number of villagers has been increasing so we had to expand recently. We cleared an area of forest over there.
Girl: Umm... Mister Chief? Was that really OK? Didn't we ruin the monsters' homes?
Village Chief: Hmm?
Girl: Do you think that's what made the monsters so mad?
Villager 1: That's an interesting theory. But monsters just get riled up from time to time, I'm sure it's a coincidence.
Village Chief: Well, even so, what do you think we should have done? We needed the extra space for all these people.
As the chief blusteringly explains his point, the door suddenly bursts open and Rex Woofington jumps in.
Villager 2: What! A monster?
Rex Woofington: Woof!
Rex leaps upon the young girl, and starts licking her face.
Girl: Eeheehee, that tickles! Stop it, Rex Woofington!
Villager 1: Th-this is... What is going on here?
Girl: Do you see, Chief? Why can't we live together with the monsters like this?
Girl: Monsters can be good! They're not all bad! Just because some of them are bad, it doesn't mean we can't try living with them, right?
Village Chief: Wh-what? What an idiotic thing to say! This is our village!
Village Chief: L-living together with monsters! Preposterous! Such childish notions!
Girl: Eek!
The chief, in his rage, goes to strike the young girl.
Rex Woofington: Grr!
However, Rex Woofington leaps in front of her and protects her from the blow.
Villager 2: Th-the monster protected her? How can this be...
Nemone: And yet it happened, so what do you think? Are you going to take her a little more seriously now?
Village Chief: Not at all! Monsters are still far too dangerous to be kept around! In fact, I'll call the guards at once!
Village Chief: Her ideas are nothing more than childish fantasy! Anyone who agrees with her is free to leave with her! Guards!
Nemone: Jeez, people can be so thick-headed. I'm sure everyone would get along a lot better if it weren't for people like him.
Vyrn: Well, I don't think we're going to convince them of anything right now.
Vyrn: Let's give them a chance to cool off, (Captain)!
Nemone: Yeah, (Captain)! We'll cool them down by force!

Happy-Go-Lucky Kindness: Scene 4[edit]

To prove that monster coexistence is no mere pipe dream, Nemone and the girl demonstrate their playfulness with the monsters who attacked earlier. Upon seeing this for himself, the village chief can no longer deny the possibility of fruitful coexistence and agrees to give it a try. When the crew commends her for saving the village, the girl, and the monsters, an embarrassed Nemone scampers back to the airship in her usual carefree manner.

Nemone: There you go! Have you cooled off yet?
As Nemone speaks, a woman runs in looking terrified.
Villager 3: Monsters! They're attacking the village!
Nemone: It's time to show them the results of your training, little girl...
The girl nods and they head outside together.
Village Chief: W-wait!
The rest of the crew rush out to find a most peculiar sight...
Girl: There, there...
The girl and Nemone are playing around with the monsters.
Village Chief: Wh-what are you doing? Surely...
Nemone: I know, crazy, right? They're letting their guard down around us...
Nemone: Heehee! Come and play, everyone! I'm not joking around!
Villager 1: Th-that does look like fun...
Girl: It's fine! They're big softies, really! Come on!
The villagers, accepting the girl's assurances, start petting and playing with the monsters. The chief lets out a sigh.
Village Chief: I suppose I was too set in my ways...
Village Chief: I'm sorry, skyfarers. Please forgive my rudeness.
Nemone: Hmm, luckily I've already forgotten all about it!
Nemone: So I don't know what you're talking about. Nothing to apologize for!
Village Chief: Hohoho... What an interesting person.
Village Chief: Maybe we can live alongside the monsters happily after all...
Girl: Yay! So the monsters will be OK?
Village Chief: Well, it's worth a try. This village can be for us, and for the monsters too.
Nemone: Whoa... That's crazy... I never thought this would happen.
Vyrn: Hehe, I think this was your plan all along, Nemone!
Nemone: A-ack!
Lyria: You're so kind, Nemone. Maybe you were hoping for this!
Nemone: No! No no no! That would be ridiculous! I just did everything in my usual carefree way!
Vyrn: It was carefree, sure, but you thought of everything and did what was best! You're amazing, Nemone!
(Captain), agreeing with Vyrn and Lyria, praises Nemone.
Nemone: Wait wait wait, stop! Stop right there, boys and girls! Look at me!
Lyria: Wow, you're bright red! What happened?
Nemone: I'm so embarassed you realized what I was doing that I can't stop blushing...
Nemone: It's something that only my sisters have ever seen. Anyway, time to run!
Nemone: See ya!
Nemone runs off toward the town gate.
Vyrn: Hehehe! She might look carefree, but she's actually super caring, ain't she?
(Captain) smiles and nods. Then they all begin to chase after Nemone.
While Nemone acts in a carefree, happy-go-lucky manner, the crew have come to understand her true personality—one of consideration and thoughtfulness for others.


Nemone and Melleau tell (Captain) of their elder sister Felluca, an excellent diplomat who used her wits and charisma to turn a rival kingdom on the brink of war into a faithful ally. (Captain) promises to one day bring the two sisters back to their village to see Felluca again.

(Captain) and Nemone have come to a sky-famous flower garden to take in the sights.
But Nemone has decided to invite someone else.
Melleau: Ahhh, the warm sun and the sweet smell of flowers... Isn't it nice, Sachy?
Sachy: ...
Joining them is Melleau, Nemone's long-lost sister, now reunited thanks to (Captain)'s crew.
Nemone: This is one of my favorite places in the world! Hope you like it as much as I do!
Nemone: It's my first time here too though.
Melleau: Oh. Look, Sachy. A butterfly.
Nemone: That's cold, Melleau!
(Captain)! Melleau's ignoring me!
  1. Pet Nemone.
  2. Pet Melleau.

Choose: Pet Nemone.
Nemone: Hehe. Jealous, little sister?
Melleau: Grr...
Nemone: Oof! Your love! It hurts! But you finally stopped ignoring me! Yippee!

Choose: Pet Melleau.
Melleau: Mmm. A little more to the ears. Ooh, right there. Yeaaah.
Nemone: This... This can't be... Why her and not me...
Nemone: There's something going on here... You two seem so close... Too close.
Nemone: Why! Why do I feel this way! I thought all I needed was to see my sister happy, and yet...
Continue 1
(Captain) squints a suspicious eye at the sisters. There's definitely some friction between them.
Nemone: Oho! Lookie here, hazelnuts! Taaasty, tasty! Or so I've heard.
Melleau: Nnnrgh... Sachy. Sic her.
Sachy: ...!
Nemone: Guuurragh! My bones! You broke them! All of them! All 215 of them!
Melleau: That's a pretty flower, isn't it, Sachy?
Nemone: Hey, come on! Quit with the cold shoulder! Your big sis is all alone! People die from that, y'know? Oh no... The light at the end of the tunnel! I think I see it!
Melleau: Humph.
  1. Melleau, don't you like your sister?
  2. Are you avoiding her?

Choose: Melleau, don't you like your sister?
Melleau: Hmm. Maybe... Definitely... Yeah. Probably don't hate her.
Nemone: I'm hurt! I really am! All I've ever wanted was my sister's love!

Choose: Are you avoiding her?
Melleau: I'm not avoiding her. I just don't want to hear or see her.
Nemone: Same difference! You're crushing my heart into tiny little pieces, Melleau...
Continue 2
(Captain) presses for an answer.
Melleau: Well, you see... Nemone did something that no one should ever do.
Nemone: Oh! Y-you still remember that?
Melleau: How could I forget? Don't tell me you forgot about it? Cause that'll make me even more mad.
Nemone: Of course not! I remember. Yeah, I had a feeling this was about that.
Melleau: Sigh. Lulu would cry if she was here. Oh, Lulu...
  1. Um, could I have some context please?
  2. Aha. That thing. Riiight.

Choose: Um, could I have some context please?
Nemone: Oh, right, of course. Let me fill you in, (Captain).

Choose: Aha. That thing. Riiight.
Nemone: Hehe! Yep! Thaaat thing.
Nemone: Pfft... I'm sorry, you must have no idea what we're talking about. Let me fill you in.
Continue 3
Nemone: Whisper, whisper...
Nemone whispers the details into (Captain)'s ear.
She tells of a tournament held in their homeland, the winner of which is declared queen.
Melleau and Nemone were both to take part in the tournament. But Nemone chose not to participate, thus giving up her chance for the throne.
Melleau went on to win the tournament and became queen.
Melleau: But I quit pretty much right after that... I just wasn't cut out for all that queen business. Lulu ended up taking my place.
Nemone: Lulu's our big sister! Her real name's Felula Palu Rangluca.
Melleau: Don't believe a word of that, (Captain). Her name's Felluca. Lulu for short. Pretty cute name, right?
Nemone: What? Really? First I've heard! But it sure is cute!
Melleau: I wasn't talking to you. And you don't get to say that about her.
Melleau: (Captain), you won't believe what Nemene did to her. It's just awful.
Melleau: She knew I'd quit being the queen and that Lulu would take my place. But she didn't care. She just sat back and let it all happen.
Melleau: Nemone's stronger than me—stronger than anyone in the village. She should have been queen and she knows it.
Nemone: Nnn... Well, that may be true, but I had my reasons too, y'know.
Melleau: Oh? Let's hear it then.
Nemone: Well, first off, I'm not that strong at all! Look at me! A light breeze could knock me over!
Melleau: Oookay. Cool story, sis. Buh-bye.
Nemone: Wait, wait, wait! I'm sorry! I got it! No more joking around! Please no bye-bye!
Melleau: Fine. Get to it already.
Nemone: Okay, okay. Let's forget about me for a second here. Lulu's a capable, strong, confident woman. I'm sure she's doing fine!
Melleau: Oh. You mean like the time she fainted at the sight of Sachy? Or maybe when she burst into tears because she slipped and fell? Yeah, real tough.
Nemone: I see you have your doubts, little sister, but realize this: strength can come in many forms.
Melleau: Hm?
Nemone: Washa!
Nemone charges toward Melleau, wraps her arms around her younger sister—
Nemone: Gotcha! Coochie-coochie-coo!
And tickles her.
Melleau: Wha! He-hehehe... C-cut it out! Ahaha!
Nemone: (Captain), you look like you want some of this too. C'mere! Ol' Nemone's gonna make you laugh till it hurts!
Melleau: Oof... Geez, if you're back to playing around then I'm leaving.
Nemone: Okay, okay! I'll be serious! Super serious! Super duper serious! I mean it this time!
Nemone: Jokes aside... I might know how to make you smile.
Nemone: But that's about all I can do. Lulu though, she can bring joy to a hundred million times more people than I can.
Melleau: Hm? Hrrmmm?
Nemone: Hehe, you still haven't noticed? Take a closer look at this place and all the people here and see if you can figure it out.
  1. This place is connected to Lulu, isn't it?
  2. Can you give us a hint?

Choose: This place is connected to Lulu, isn't it?
Nemone: Thaaat's right!
Melleau: You're a regular super sleuth, (Captain)... I had no idea. Care to elaborate though?
Nemone: It all began many moons ago... This place was to be the battleground for a war between a large kingdom and our village.

Choose: Can you give us a hint?
Nemone: Yes, I can!
Nemone: But that doesn't mean I will!
Melleau: ...
Nemone: Stop! Wait! Put the spear down! I'll talk, I'll talk!
Nemone: And the answer is... This place has a deep, deep connection with Lulu!
Nemone: It all began many moons ago... This place was to be the battleground for a war between a large kingdom and our village.
Continue 4
Melleau: A war, huh?
Nemone: And do you know who put an end to that war? The queen's advisor at the time, none other than Lulu herself.
Nemone: Lulu may not have brawn or nerves of steel, but she's got lots of brains and a way with words.
Nemone: She brought the war to an end before it even began. There wasn't a single casualty!
Nemone: Not only that, but that kingdom went on to become a great ally to our village—and it still is to this day!
Nemone: And so this land became a symbol of that peace and has brought joy to our people ever since.
  1. Wow. That's amazing.
  2. How much of that is actually true?

Choose: Wow. That's amazing.
Nemone: That's right! Just like how important you are to me, Melleau. She's a sister anyone would be proud to have!
Nemone: It's easy to resort to brute force to solve things.

Choose: How much of that is actually true?
Melleau: Hmm, yeah... Are you really telling the truth?
Nemone: This is our dear sister we're talking about, I'd never lie about her. It's all true, all of it.
Melleau: Hmm. I see.
Nemone: It's easy to resort to brute force to solve things.
Continue 5
Nemone: A pow ka-pow here, a wham-bam there. And boom, just like that!
Nemone: But if you're always fighting... Well, smiles start to turn upside down.
Nemone: That's why I wanted Lulu to be queen. If there's anyone who knows how to bring true joy to our village, it's her.
Melleau: Oho... I think I get it now...
Melleau takes in the scenery as she considers what she's just heard.
She sees the smiles on the faces of other visitors in the garden and gives a nod of satisfaction.
Melleau: Yeah... Sachy's about the only one I can make happy.
Melleau takes some of the hazelnuts that Nemone brought with her and eats one.
Nemone: Hehe. Tasty, aren't they?
Melleau: Haha. Yep. They sure are.
Melleau smiles as she savors the aroma of hazel in the air.
Soon the sisters are frolicking about and playing together among the flowers with (Captain).
They laugh and play until the sun sets, when they promise to one day return home to see Felluca.


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