News:WhatsNew 2021-03-10

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  • [Wiki] We are still in the process of verifying and updating pages related to today's update.

New Class

New Weapons

New Character Skins

Updated Characters
AnilaBeatrix (Summer)Clarisse (Light)EahtaEstarriolaKorwa (Summer)Lady GreyPercival (Light)Yngwie

New Character EMP Support Skills

ColossusHallessena (Halloween)Helel ben ShalemJeanne d'Arc (Grand)KouLucius (SSR)Magisa (Holiday)Meteon (Holiday)Monika (Grand)Narmaya (Holiday)Noa (Grand)Sara (Light)Seruel (Holiday)ShitoriSiegfried (Fire)Societte (Wind)Stan and AlizaTabinaYuisis (Fire)Zeta and Vaseraga (Halloween)
Krugne (SR)La Coiffe (SR)Zaja (Halloween)