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Official Profile

Age Early 20s
(as Npc s 3040156000 01.jpg Nicholas)
(as of Npc s 3040315000 01.jpg Nicholas (Light))
Height 178 cm Race Human
Hobbies Tinkering with machines
Likes Tinkering with machines
(as Npc s 3040156000 01.jpg Nicholas)
Spending time with his family, tinkering with machines
(as of Npc s 3040315000 01.jpg Nicholas (Light))
Dislikes Managing money

Character Release

続いては現在開催中のイベント「ロボミ 史上最大の戦い ゴッドギガンテス 対 空の調停者ゾーイ」にて活躍中のシロウが、以前の黒いギガントスーツとは対照的な白いギガントスーツを身にまとい、光属性SSレアキャラクターとして登場です!

Source [1] [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 20代前半
(as Npc s 3040156000 01.jpg Nicholas)
(as of Npc s 3040315000 01.jpg Nicholas (Light))
Height 178cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies メカいじり
Likes メカいじり
(as Npc s 3040156000 01.jpg Nicholas)
(as of Npc s 3040315000 01.jpg Nicholas (Light))
Dislikes お金の管理

Character Release

続いては現在開催中のイベント「ロボミ 史上最大の戦い ゴッドギガンテス 対 空の調停者ゾーイ」にて活躍中のシロウが、以前の黒いギガントスーツとは対照的な白いギガントスーツを身にまとい、光属性SSレアキャラクターとして登場です!

Source [1] [2]


Journal Entry

Npc zoom 3990284000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Tomokazu Seki
NameJP シロウ
Voice ActorJP 関智一
ID 3990284000
Release Date

Nicholas is a geologist that makes robots using the research of Dr. Rashomon. As soon as Nicholas thinks of an idea for a robot, he creates it, even if it has nothing to do with his research. Together with Dr. Rashomon, he makes all kinds of crazy robots that use up all of their research money. This makes Dr. Rashomon's daughter Marie furious. Nicholas often clowns around, but when he confronts abominations on his journey with Robomi, he grows to become a brave and righteous young man.




  • His Japanese name is Shirou.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, (Captain)! You free at all today?
You really helped me out during the fight against the abominations, and I want to thank you. Mind if I treat you to something?
Oh, no need to worry about robots popping out or anything. Marie picked the restaurant.
I mean, the only places I know about are machine part stores, so uh...
Anyway, let's go, (Captain)!


(Captain)! Happy birthday! I'm happy we get to celebrate your special day together!
Sometimes... when things get real busy, you forget the passing of time and then you suddenly remember it's your birthday!
That was me last year... I wonder if that ever happened to Kenji...
What am I talking about! It's time we got to celebrating! I'm ready!
Marie and Dr. Daimon are waiting on the research vessel!
Time for all of us to chow down together! What'dya say?


Hey! It's that special day again, (Captain)! Heh heh. I've got a surprise for you. Been planning it for a while now. Kenji and Daimon helped me out. We made so many cool robots... Whoops! Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise! All you need to know is we're gonna make this the best birthday ever. C'mon! To the lab! Happy birthday, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
It's nice that we've made this a regular thing, huh?
Whenever the big day gets close, I start to think about all the cool stuff we could do to celebrate.
I hope you're ready for this year's festivities. We'll do it big—and then we'll start getting ready for next year's party too!
Aah, even if the majority of the crew is a lot older than you, we'll still celebrate next year super hard.
Haha. I guess I'm getting ahead of myself. Come on, (Captain), we've still got this year's party!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! After some twists and turns, I'm here by myself today to celebrate with you!
Haha... Dr. Rashomon and Marie knew I'd get distracted with the lab and all, so they're looking after things there for me.
They told me to focus on celebrating your special day with you. You did save me a bunch of times, after all.
Do you have anything you wanna do in town, (Captain)? Shopping, eating... You name it!
What's the matter? Are you worried about me being away from the lab?
Darn, I shouldn't have said all that... Now I got you thinking about it for me.
But no worries! I figured this would happen, so I prepared accordingly.
Time to suit up!
That should do it! With this on, we'll be able to fly anywhere you want in a second!
All right, hold on tight! Let's go get your present, then we can head back to the lab together to celebrate!
Here we go!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

It's a new year already? Wow, I've been a crew member for a long time.
Thanks for having me, (Captain). Being here has allowed me to accomplish everything I could've hoped for.
And thanks to the amazing test facilities, I've been able to improve my suit's capabilities, too!
Right, then! Let's usher in the dawn of another great year!


Hey there, (Captain)! The new year has begun!
What's my goal this year? Hmm... Let me think... Oh! I want to be more involved in helping you get things done!
I want to be in charge of supervising. Like watching you all work and making sure everyone comes home safely.
It must be the mechanical engineer in me. I watch things get made, and I watch the machines in action. I never want to see anyone get injured...
I guess I have the same feelings about the factory as I do for the battlefield.
So... Take me on more missions! Here's to more adventures, kid!


Happy New Year.
This year's resolution, huh... Don't upset Marie, I guess.
Hahaha... Nothing funny about it though.
This one time Dr. Rashomon, Hallessena, and I made a miniature Gigantes, and...
Well, we used a lotta red steel... The three of us got a real earful from Marie.
Hooo... That gave me goosebumps.
So this year, I'll change my ways and be more careful she doesn't find out...
Ah! Wait, you didn't hear that!
(Captain)! Please! Promise me you won't tell her!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Looks like we made it one more spin around the sky!
I have to say, this time of year is always a struggle. For some reason I get more repair calls than I know what to do with.
I guess everyone is pushing their machines too hard, maybe even ignoring the little warning signs along the way.
It might be a little busy, but I get to see all sorts of breakdown. Always a great chance to learn.
Machines are like living creatures. Lots of weak points that are hard to see just from a quick look.
It's all about looking at the design and seeing where you can make improvements. Nothing beats the feeling of stumbling upon the perfect solution.
Like right now I'm designing a robot that won't require maintenance for ten years! My resolution is to finish it! Haha!


Hmm... Let's see, what else...
Hm? Oh, (Captain)! Happy New Year!
Haha, sorry I didn't notice you right away. I was just writing down all the things I have to do this year in my notebook.
When it comes to machinery, the problems are endless. This gear's broken, that one needs to be oiled...
But those make the foundation for new inventions, so that's why it's important to list them up like this.
When it's less busy, I can look back at the list, and sometimes new ideas come to mind.
Haha... But strangely enough, my notebooks go missing a lot. I lost the previous one while doing some cleaning at the end of the year.
I've given up looking for it, so now I'm trying to remember what issues I came across before and writing them down all over again.
Huh? You'll keep me company?
Haha, okay. Then we can both look back at the previous year and share our memories with each other!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Wow, I'm not sure what to say, haha...
Oh, (Captain)! Look, I got chocolates from Marie!
Wait, you're giving me some, too? Geez, what's going on with me this year?
Hahaha! Anyway, thanks, (Captain)! I'll think of you when I eat them!


Hey there, (Captain). Oh, you've got chocolate for me this year too? Dahaha. Thank you.
There is something I want to ask about though...
Last year I told Marie that you gave me chocolate and she became upset.
Did I do something wrong?
(Captain), why are you sighing like that?
Why does this conversation make people uncomfortable? What did I do?


Happy Valentine's.
Oh. Thanks, (Captain). You really don't have to every year.
I don't seem too happy? No, no, I appreciate it.
I'm serious.
It's just that I'm thinking of not telling Marie that I got any chocolates from you this year.
But that makes me feel guilty for some reason!
Wh-what do I do, (Captain)?


Huh? Wow, I get chocolate again? Thank you, (Captain)!
Haha. Man, I'm living the good life. Since I met Marie, I've had nothing to complain about.
Sigh... Wait. I have to be careful where I eat these.
Gotta think about the black Gigante Suit, right?
If I set them down in my room, it'll grab 'em with a tentacley arm thing and eat 'em right up.
I've gotta keep them secret.
Huh? You'll give me some for it too? Haha, you're too kind, (Captain).
I bet it'll be happy too. Not sure it has that kind of emotional capacity though.


Yo, (Captain)! Oh? That's right... Today's Valentine's Day, huh?
Haha... I got so lost in my work, I guess I lost track of time...
Thanks for the chocolate, (Captain).
You know, until I met you, I mostly only dealt with mechas.
There were so many precious moments I almost missed out on. With Marie... The professor...
It was thanks to you that I realized this. I'm forever in your debt.
And I know I didn't make a big deal out of it, but this chocolate really made my day.
Thanks for everything, (Captain).

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, there you are, (Captain)! Here, this is in return for Valentine's!
What do you think? It's a super-small Robomi replica doll! And check this out... It walks too!
You don't seem too happy. Not a fan of robots and stuff, huh?
That's okay. I figured this would happen, so I made sure to buy a bunch of sweets for you too!


Hey, (Captain)! I wanted to give this to you!
Hm? Yeah, it's just normal candy. Were you expecting something else?
I know I usually go for mechanical stuff, but this time I wanted a change of pace and went to a candy shop.
In the shop they had this cool candy making machine! When you turned the lever a stick of candy would come out of a hole...
Then the blades would spin and the candy would get diced into evenly cut pieces...
Whoops... There I go again talking about machines... Sorry about that.
I never really know what else to talk about. Anyways, here's your gift. Enjoy!


(Captain)! Here! As thanks for Valentine's!
Heh heh. These might look like your ordinary confections...
But! They're actually high-tech spy-bots!
They've got tiny internal cameras all around, and can even absorb nearby metal to create legs and move around if needed!
Hahaha! Kidding, I'm kidding! They're just some assorted sweets.
But it sure would be cool to make robots like those one day...
... As long as Marie doesn't find out...


Oh! (Captain)! Perfect timing!
Here, this is for giving me a present last month. Just a little something to wet your whistle. Ah, but I should mention I didn't make it.
Lately I've been doing more housework, so I was daydreaming of a bot that could take away some of the ol' fatherhood burden.
So, I made this little guy. He cleans, he does laundry, and he can even cook a whole cow before you know it!
I've finished with all of the trial runs now, so you wanna try some of his cooking? It'll be the first time in the whole sky that anyone's seen this kind of technology!
And that's not all! Here's some sweets I bought from the store. Sometimes the robot's cooking comes out a little funky, you see.
Haha. An engineer always has a backup plan.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Halloween has arrived at last...
Haha! If it's crazy tricks and surprises you want, just leave it to me, the mechanical engineer!
For starters, let's put together a legion of monstrous mechanical militia! Here I go, (Captain)!


Happy Halloween! (Captain), just look at this! I'm in the Gigante Suit costume!
I've been trying to fix the heat that's produced whenever I move, but...
I thought of a way to make use of it with an attachment. It's not a big part either. Amazing, right?
Hahaha! And look at this! If you put sugar into the arm piece, it makes cotton candy!
There won't be any problems handing out candy this year!
All right! I'm geared and ready for action!


Happy Halloween!
Actually, I've run into a bit of a... hiccup, you could call it.
I brought my suit to use as a costume, but when I put it on, it ate all my candy!
Never dreamed it would be able to eat things! This suit never ceases to amaze me!
Hm? Trick or treat?
N-no fair, (Captain)! You know I don't have any candy with me!
Haha. Oh well, rules are rules. Do what you have to.
Just... go easy on me, all right?


(Captain), you might be wondering why I'm in this getup. But I've been in costume since I woke up this morning.
You're not gonna believe it, but while I was sleeping I changed clothes.
Creeps me out moving involuntarily like that, but I bet my suit remembered today's candy day, so it—
Eh-heh... I have to keep giving it candy or it pokes me in the stomach hard.
Sorry, but if you've got any on you, (Captain), I would really—


Oh, (Captain)—
S-sorry, I woke up like this again...
Geez, I guess this changing into a suit that's out for candy thing is happening every Halloween...
Give me a break... It's nice and quiet when we're in front of Marie and the kids, but once we're outside, it's a whole different story.
I don't know if it's awake or asleep, but it's definitely got a mind of its own... Urk!
Sorry, (Captain). Looks like I gotta give it some candy to calm it down—
Erk... Haha, stop it! That tickles! (Captain), can you... Haha! Help me...
Hurry and stop this thing! Hahahaha!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays! I've been laying the groundwork for tonight for ages!
Groundwork for what? Why, the decorations, of course! When the crew sees the mechanical wonders I've put up to celebrate, it's gonna blow their minds!
Let's celebrate like we mean it, (Captain)!


It's that time of the year again...
What am I so excited about? The decorations of course!
The number of crew members has increased and... we've got so many more young crew members, right?
I got appraisals from everyone who heard about what we did last year, so this year I'm going all out with the decorations!
Will you help me, (Captain)? Haha, thank you! All right, let's get a move on it!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Heh heh. Actually, we're all done with the decorations.
What are we doing this year?
Isn't it obvious? We're going to give out presents!
Your crew has a lot of younger ones, so we made little robot toys for each and every one of them!
I'm sure they'll love it!
C'mon, (Captain). Let's give 'em out together!


Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Haha. I bet I look like a mess. I was just repainting Gigantes.
It's because I was thinking about Santa. He's got that red coat and that white beard.
By adding some white to Gigantes, I thought I could give it a seasonal flair. Maybe call it the Santa Bot.
Its power is just what you'd expect—carrying loads and loads of presents like it's nothin'.
And its control system would continuously evolve, learning to give the perfect present to each and every kid based on age!
Haha. Pretty good idea, right? The bots I make aren't just for battle!


Hey, (Captain)! Happy holidays! I'm here with everyone from the lab to hand out presents again!
I look forward to this every year, you know. Everyone in the crew always tells me about so many interesting things.
Tzaka and Suframare give me all kinds of advice too.
Stuff like, "Let me know when looking after someone gets tough for you," or "Don't nip things in the bud in case you can learn something from them."
Haha. Now that I think about it, all I ever talk about with other people is work or my hobbies, so it's nice to have these conversations once in a while.
Not to mention, it's fun talking about the future with everyone here too... Haha, look at me rambling on!
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I always have a great time celebrating the winter season with all of you!
Thanks for inviting me this year too, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Between Monster and Man

(Captain) and Nicholas discover they can sense other hybrids and begin to free them from Tyrias's control.

Not long ago, Nicholas and (Captain) had undergone their most harrowing trial yet: they were transformed into hybrids.
Controlled by Tyrias, they were forced to attack cities and clash with the City Defense Force.
Robomi was later able to destroy the command receptors and restore their free will, but the Defense Force was not so ready to believe the enemy could change.
No longer human or abomination, they choose to leave the Rashomon Research Vessel to keep their friends from harm.
Now several days have passed, and Nicholas and his band of outcasts have cobbled together a camp in some abandoned ruins.
Nicholas: Whew... We should be safe here. For now, at least.
Hybrid 1: It's a pretty good location. No monsters around either.
Finally able to rest and gather his thoughts, Nicholas turns to face the others.
Nicholas: I'm sorry for dragging all of you into this...
Hybrid 2: No, you did what you did for everyone in the Rashomon Vessel. There was no other way.
Hybrid 1: I'd take being branded a traitor over putting them in danger any day.
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Nicholas: Thanks, you guys.
Nicholas smiles, but only for a moment.
Nicholas: We need to start thinking of what to do from here on out. We're enemies of the Defense Force now.
Nicholas: I don't want to bring any more trouble to the Research Vessel.
The group looks to the ground, crestfallen. Never again will they have a place to call home.
Nicholas: (Uh-oh... Better lighten the mood here. C'mon, think, think...)
Nicholas: Say! You know what we need? Some grub!
Hybrid 2: Really? I... don't feel like eating right now, actually...
Nicholas: ...
Now that you mention it, I haven't felt hungry since the changes happened.
Nicholas: I tried drinking dirty water—I even tried eating some pebbles and weeds! But I never got a stomachache.
Hybrid 1: Guess that stuff changed more than just how we look...
Nicholas: We must be more like the abominations than I thought. Not that I know much about them.
Nicholas: I also noticed my muscles don't get tired from strain anymore. How about you guys?
Hybrid 1: Now that you mention it... Yeah, same here.
Hybrid 2: What in the skies is happening to us?
(Captain) looks over their own transformed body and wonders.
Hybrid 1: We're stuck like this, aren't we... Forever...
Hybrid 2: Bet one day we'll forget we were ever human...
(Captain)'s shoulders slump. A sigh echoes the room.
Nicholas: No, no, no! Don't say that! We'll find a way to get back to normal! I'm sure of it!
Hybrid 1: Nicholas...
Nicholas: I got it! Let's do this: Close your eyes and picture the faces of your loved ones.
Nicholas: We'll do this every day so we never forget who we were—no, who we are! Human!
Hybrid 2: ...!
Hybrid 1: My loved ones...
  1. All right!

Choose: All right!
Nicholas: Okay, guys. Ready? Go!
The group close their eyes. For a moment, only the crackling of firewood can be heard. When they reopen their eyes, Nicholas nods.
Nicholas: All right... Now let's talk about what to do from here on out.
They attempt to come up with a plan.
But the conversation ends as soon as it starts. No one has any ideas of what to do.
Just then, their acute senses detect an abnormality.
Nicholas: Hm? That's strange, do you guys feel that?
Hybrid 1: Someone's outside... and they're fighting!
Nicholas: Let's go take a look!
Hybrids: Coming!
They hurry out of their hiding place.
Peeking out from the cover of rubble, Nicholas and company spy on the battle underway.
City Defender: Ngh! Abomination scum!
Abomination: Mograaa!
Nicholas: That defender's being attacked!
Hybrid 1: Wait... Look at the abomination.
Hybrid 2: It's moving pretty slow for its kind.
City Defender: This is for my husband! You monster!
Abomination: Mrgrg... Mgraaah!
City Defender: He's never coming home because of you! Give him back to me! Give him back!
Abomination: Yarghh! (No! Stop it! Can't you see it's me?)
Nicholas: ...!
I think I just heard it speak!
Hybrid 1: I heard it too! It told her to stop!
Hybrid 2: That thing must have been human once.
Nicholas: Can't say for sure just yet, but I think you might be right.
  1. We need to help!
  2. Are you just gonna stand by and watch?

Choose: We need to help!
Nicholas: You don't have to tell me!

Choose: Are you just gonna stand by and watch?
Nicholas: Heh. Are you? Yeah, thought so.
Nicholas: C'mon, (Captain)! We're going in!
Continue 1
They jump into the fray.
City Defender: Damn! More abominations! If only I'd killed this one sooner!
Abomination: Ngehh! (Wh-who're you?)
Nicholas: I'll distract her!
Nicholas: You three know what to do!
Hybrids: Got it!
Nicholas succeeds in getting the defender's attention, while (Captain) and the others form a protective barrier around the abomination.
City Defender: I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!
Nicholas: Now! Run for it!
The group plucks the abomination up and manages to outrun the defender. They've now returned to the safety of their hideout.
Abomination: Trrgeehh! (Help me!)
Nicholas: I'm trying to! Stop squirming and let me!
Hybrid 1: Nicholas! Don't tell me you're trying to destroy the abomination cells!
Nicholas: Any better ideas? We can't help the guy if we don't break Tyrias's hold on him!
Nicholas: The longer we wait, the more the infestation spreads.
Hybrid 2: B-but how're you going to do that? We have nothing!
Nicholas: Trust me, I'm an engineer!
Nicholas: Just gotta do a little of this and—
Abomination: Unngrogaaa!
Nicholas: Tsk... The cells are spreading faster and faster.
Nicholas: There's no more time! (Captain)! Hold him down!
(Captain) and the others pin the abomination to the ground.
Nicholas: (C'mon, c'mon... Robomi could do it—there has to be a way!)
Nicholas: (Okay, don't panic. Just calm down! You can do this!)
Nicholas: I may be half a monster, and I may know nothing about surgery...
Nicholas: But there's one thing I do know, and it's...
Nicholas: Don't mess with a desperate engineer!
After much effort, Nicholas succeeds in removing the command receptors from the abomination.
Abomination: Uurrghh...
Nicholas: How are you holding up?
Abomination: Wh-where am I? Where's my wife? Last I remember, she was... trying to kill me.
Nicholas: So you're the husband she's mourning... I suspected as much.
In a cruel twist of fate, the man-turned-abomination had been set to attack his own wife. He tried to resist what his body was doing, but only succeeded in slowing his own movements.
Abomination: If not for you, I could have had my wife's blood on my hands...
Nicholas: You were being controlled by special receptors within the abomination cells.
Nicholas: But you don't have to worry anymore. You're free now.
Abomination: Oh, skies above... I can't thank you enough. How can I hope to repay you?
Abomination: Please, let me join you. Wherever you go, I'll be there to help.
Nicholas: Join us? Well, we don't really...
Nicholas is taken aback by the sudden request.
(Captain) and the others gather around him in a circle.
Nicholas: You guys...
The group exchanges looks with Nicholas. His expression hardens to one of steel determination. He's decided.
Nicholas: Yeah... Now that we're hybrids, we can hear the voices of our brethren.
Nicholas: It's not like us to simply hide and wait for our enemies to come for us.
Nicholas: We've still got a job to do!
Nicholas: (Captain), everyone. Will you lend me your strength?
  1. Already yours, friend.

Choose: Already yours, friend.
Nicholas: Thank you, (Captain), everyone. Thank you.
They resteel themselves for the future. Together they shall find a way to tomorrow, come what may.
Nicholas: Hm? Another fight's going on outside!
Nicholas: C'mon, guys! No time to lose!
Hybrids: Let's go!
Sensing another of their own in danger, they take to action.

Never Forget

Tyrias's suit is all that remains of him, but without its owner, the suit refuses to move. A nearby village comes under attack, and Nicholas goes to the rescue.

Vyrn: Hey Marie, where would you like these?
Marie: Oh, that room over there, please.
Lyria: Got it!
(Captain) and company nod and continue helping with the reconstruction.
It's been several days since their battle with Tyrias. (Captain) and crew are now helping to reconstruct the Rashomon Research Vessel.
Marie: Thank you so much for helping. I'm sorry to trouble you with all this.
  1. Well, it's my fault this happened, so...
  2. It's the least I could do.

Choose: It's the least I could do.
Marie: What? Don't tell me you feel responsible for all this?
(Captain) nods.
Choose: Well, it's my fault this happened, so...
Marie: No, no, no. Don't feel that way! You were being controlled. Tyrias is the one to blame.
(Captain) and Nicholas were turned into hybrids and abominations by Tyrias.
While under the tyrant's hold, (Captain) and Nicholas were forced to attack the Rashomon Research Vessel.
Vyrn: By the way, where'd Nicholas disappear to?
Marie: He's working on the room down the corridor.
Marie: You're right though, he's been there all morning. He needs to take a break, at least.
Marie: I'll get some tea ready. Could I trouble you to get Nicholas?
Lyria: Oh! Okay!
Vyrn and the gang head over to find Nicholas.
Nicholas, however, is simply sitting in the room staring at the black suit.
Nicholas: ...
Vyrn: Mecha-Nick!
Nicholas: Hm? Oh, Vyrn, guys. What's up?
Lyria: Um, Marie says we're going to have a break.
Nicholas: A break?
Nicholas: Whoa! It's this late already?
Nicholas: Aww man... I haven't gotten anything cleaned up.
Vyrn: Wuh? Then what've you been doing all day?
Nicholas: Um, well... I was just kinda... thinking. Guess I lost track of the time.
Lyria: Thinking? About what?
Nicholas: Well... Tyrias.
Nicholas returns his gaze to the suit.
Nicholas: Why did he do that in the end...
(Captain) and company think back to the final moments of the battle.
Tyrias: I evolved in order to conquer the abominations' enemies... and destroy them!
Tyrias: I refuse to die without completing either of my objectives.
Tyrias: I refuse!
Robomi: Take cover, Nicholas. I am detecting a high level of energy within the Emperor of Destruction's body. He is planning to self-destruct.
Tyrias: Hahahahaha! I'll blow you all up along with this island!
Nicholas: What? Robomi! Is there any way to stop him?
Robomi: ...!
Nicholas: There has to be something!
Tyrias: It's too late! There's no point in trying to escape!
Dr. Rashomon: Hallessena! Deploy Super Robo Gigantes's repulsion field at maximum output!
Tyrias: Hahahahahahaha! Your efforts are futile! Hahahahaha!
Tyrias: Ah.
Tyrias: Graaaaah!
Nicholas: Huh? What happened?
Robomi: It appears he deployed the repulsion fields with the last of his power.
Kenji: Yes. Positioned so that every single one ran him through.
Kenji: He used them to slice through his own body 12,000 times.
Nicholas: Why would he do that?
Robomi: I can only assume he was trying to prevent the explosion.
Nicholas: No... That can't be possible.
Nicholas shakes his head from side to side. But the thoughts don't go away.
Vyrn: Hm? What's impossible?
Nicholas: It's nothing. Forget about it.
Vyrn: ...?
Vyrn: Meh! Who knows what goes on in that head of yours.
Nicholas: ...
Vyrn: So what're you gonna do with the suit? Wear it again?
Nicholas: I won't wear it anymore... Can't wear it anymore, I should say.
Vyrn: Hm? Why not? You wore it when you fought Tyrias, didn't you?
Nicholas: This suit was created using Tyrias's abomination cells.
Nicholas: And it moved with commands from Tyrias's psionic waves.
Nicholas: With Tyrias now gone, the suit can't function anymore.
Lyria: U-um. Oh...
Nicholas: Haha. To put it simply, this suit was part of Tyrias. Sort of.
Nicholas: And now that he's gone, this extension of him won't move anymore.
Nicholas: But this suit holds power that exceeds even the Gigante Suit.
Nicholas: That's why the Doctor and I are studying it.
Nicholas: Maybe we'll discover a way to make the Gigante Suit even more powerful.
Nicholas: And then maybe—just maybe—I'll be able to wear it again.
Nicholas: But there's still so much we don't know. I can't say anything for sure.
Nicholas: But we can still dream.
Nicholas: ...!
An alarm sounds throughout the ship.
Nicholas: What's happened?
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas! Abominations are attacking a nearby town!
Dr. Rashomon: What's worse, they've yet to evacuate their civilians.
Vyrn: ...!
What happened to the Defense Force?
Dr. Rashomon: It seems many of them were injured during the battle against Tyrias.
Dr. Rashomon: What little forces they have left are spread too thin!
Lyria: A-and the Robomi replicas?
Dr. Rashomon: Most are too damaged. And there's no time to fix any of them.
Nicholas: Doctor! Where's Robomi?
Dr. Rashomon: She's in maintenance right now. We can't stop the process until it's complete.
Vyrn: Oh crud! This is bad!
Nicholas: ...!
Understood! I'll take the Gigante Suit!
Dr. Rashomon: Go, Nicholas! Go!
Nicholas: Suit up!
There is a flash of blazing white light, and Nicholas is clad in his trusty suit.
Nicholas: All systems are go, Doc!
Dr. Rashomon: Good! I'll send Robomi to your location as soon as the maintenance is complete!
Dr. Rashomon: And remember, Nicholas: be careful.
Dr. Rashomon: You have a family to live for now.
Nicholas: I know!
  1. I'll help evacuate the townspeople!

Choose: I'll help evacuate the townspeople!
Nicholas: Thanks, (Captain)! I'm counting on you!
In a burst of wind, Nicholas speeds to the launch bay.
Lyria: We better get going too!
Vyrn: Way ahead of ya!
The air is thick with screams. Crumbled buildings litter the land.
Townspeople can be seen trying to run from their abominable hunters.
Nicholas: Blast. There's more of them than I thought.
Nicholas: (Captain), I'll hold the abominations back.
Nicholas: You get the people to safety!
Lyria: Will do!
(Captain) and company waste no time in getting to work.
Nicholas: Let's go, abominations! If you want this town, you'll have to go through me!

Never Forget: Scene 2

Nicholas's suit breaks down. The reason: it can't keep up with his speed and reflexes. The team concludes that only Tyrias's suit can keep up with Nicholas. If only someone knew how to activate it.

Nicholas: It's over!
Nicholas leaps into the air and prepares to deal the finishing blow.
Nicholas: Get ready for something hard!
Nicholas: Hyper Repulsion Crush—ngh!
But the Gigante Suit emits a strange sound.
Nicholas: Wha!
As Nicholas struggles to make sense of what just happened, the abomination seizes the chance to strike.
Nicholas: Aaargh!
Nicholas: Wh-what? My suit... What's going on? Well, no time to figure that out—
???: Nicholas. Remain still and stand by.
With a flurry of missiles, the abomination is no more.
Robomi: Are you unharmed, Nicholas?
Nicholas: Owww...
Nicholas: Yeah. Still in one piece, thanks to you.
Nicholas: Cutting it pretty close though, don't you think? I think one of those shots almost grazed me.
Robomi: As long as you remained still, no complications should have occurred.
Nicholas: ...
Robomi: This is not an imperative conversation. Returning you to the Research Vessel is priority.
Nicholas: No, I can still—
Robomi: Permission to resume combat is denied.
Robomi: You cannot engage in battle in your current condition.
Nicholas: ...
Robomi: (Captain) and the crew will arrive to assist shortly. Stand by at this location, Nicholas.
Robomi then flies off to deal with the rest of the abominations.
While Nicholas can do nothing but stare.
Having defeated the abominations, Nicholas and (Captain)'s crew return to the Rashomon Research Vessel.
Nicholas and Dr. Rashomon immediately begin investigating the cause of the suit's malfunction.
Dr. Rashomon: Hm! What's this? I see, so this is why...
Nicholas: Found the source of the problem, Doc?
Dr. Rashomon: Yes. In short: the source is you.
Nicholas: M-me?
Dr. Rashomon: The suit's neural interface simply couldn't keep up with the speed of your reflexes.
Dr. Rashomon: You overloaded the system, my boy.
Nicholas: B-but this has never been a problem before, it can't—
Dr. Rashomon: No doubt the numerous battles you've experienced have greatly increased your speed.
Nicholas: Then can't we just upgrade the suit to respond faster?
Dr. Rashomon: That should be possible... in theory.
Dr. Rashomon: However, at the current level of our technology, it's an impossible task.
Nicholas: Are you telling me... I can't fight with the suit anymore?
Dr. Rashomon: I'm afraid so.
Nicholas: ...
Dr. Rashomon: As far as I know, there's but one suit that can withstand your full power.
Nicholas: Tyrias's... right?
Dr. Rashomon: Precisely.
Dr. Rashomon: That suit indeed possess incredible speed and power, but its true worth lies in the precise control it affords.
Dr. Rashomon: Not only is it more powerful than the Gigante Suit, but it's also far less physically demanding on the wearer.
Dr. Rashomon: It would be decades—perhaps centuries—before we could hope to replicate such technology.
Nicholas: If only we could find a way to activate the suit...
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas. Research on the suit has yet to show any progress. You know that better than anyone.
Nicholas: I know, but...
Dr. Rashomon: That suit is essentially an abomination. There's only so much we can investigate with our tools and knowledge.
Dr. Rashomon: If only we knew more about the abominations...
Nicholas: ...
Nicholas furrows his brows and takes a contemplative pose.
Robomi: Nicholas. Leave it to me.
Nicholas: Robomi... But I—
Robomi: Nicholas, realize that you will be a father soon.
Nicholas: Wh-what's that got to do with any of this?
Robomi: You cannot continue to worry the mother of your child.
Nicholas: Ngh... Th-that's...
Marie: She's right. Do you have any idea what it's like watching you go out there? What if you step out one day and don't come back?
Nicholas: M-Marie...
Robomi: Nicholas. Think of Marie. Think of your child.
Nicholas: ...
Robomi: I do not wish to see another family end up like mine.
Nicholas: I...
Nicholas: I understand...
Nicholas nods, albeit reluctantly.
But within his eyes, the flames still burn strong.

Never Forget: Scene 3

Daimon comes to the research vessel to help modify—and hopefully reactivate—Tyrias's suit, but is interrupted when a nearby town comes under attack. While the rest of the team is away on the rescue mission, Nicholas finds he can communicate with the suit and convinces it to allow him to wear it.

It's been several days since the Gigante Suit's malfunction. (Captain) and company continue to rebuild the research vessel.
When suddenly, the unexpected happens.
Marie: Dad!
Dr. Rashomon: Marie! You're in no condition to be running around like that! What if you tripped and fell!
Marie: I-I'm sorry. But...
Dr. Rashomon: Hm? What is it? You seem flustered—
???: Rashomon. It's been a while.
Dr. Rashomon: B-Brother?
Vyrn: Wuh? What's Daimon doin' here!
This is Daimon, Rashomon's brother. Also known as the Lord of Destruction.
He once led the abominations and fought against Nicholas and company, unsuccessful though it was.
But in the fight against Tyrias, he put their disagreements aside to join forces against the tyrant.
Dr. Rashomon: Wh-why're you here? I thought you were in confinement!
Daimon: They've given me a special pardon for aiding the fight against the Abomination Empire.
Daimon: I'm free to go where I wish, so I came here.
Daimon: I wanted to see what this research vessel of yours was like.
Daimon: Nicholas also asked me to visit.
Dr. Rashomon: He did?
Daimon: Yes.
Nicholas: Marie, where should I put these—
Nicholas: Oh! Daimon! You came!
Daimon: That I did, Nicholas.
Dr. Rashomon: What's the meaning of this, Nicholas? Why did you call my brother here?
Nicholas: To have a look at Tyrias's suit!
Nicholas: He's an expert in both abominations and mechanics. If anyone can make some headway in the suit's research, it's him.
Dr. Rashomon: I see... So you still haven't given up, have you?
Marie: Nicholas...
Nicholas: Doc. Marie. I'm sorry, but no, I haven't.
Nicholas: I just can't stand idly by while the abominations are still out there.
Robomi: Nicholas... Why do you insist on fighting?
Robomi: You know how much pain it causes those close to you when you fight.
Nicholas: It's not that I want to fight. And I certainly don't want to hurt you or Marie or anyone else.
Nicholas: It's the opposite, in fact. I want to fight so that there's less pain in the world. So that we can rest easy knowing we're safe.
Robomi: Nicholas... That's...
Nicholas: I know it sounds selfish.
Nicholas: But...
Marie: Sigh... Same old Nicholas.
Robomi: Marie, are you going to allow this? What if something happens to him and—
Marie: I know. But he needs to be free, to be himself.
Marie: After all, that's why I fell in love with him. Because when he puts his mind to something, he never gives up.
Nicholas: Marie...
Marie: But promise me, Nicholas. Promise that whatever happens, you'll come back to me and your child.
Marie puts a hand to her belly and looks at Nicholas with an iron gaze.
Nicholas: I promise!
Nicholas replies with an earnest nod.
Daimon: Now that you've finished your talk, would you mind telling me why you've brought me here?
Nicholas: Ah, right. Of course. This way, please.
Nicholas brings Daimon to the room housing Tyrias's suit.
He tells him about how he wishes to wear it again.
Daimon: Hm... I see. I must say I wasn't expecting this when I walked through the door, but..
Daimon: Very well. I'll admit I'm interested to have a look at the suit myself.
Nicholas: Thank you. I owe you for this.
Daimon nods and begins examining the suit.
Daimon: Hmm, I see. Fascinating construction.
Daimon: You were right to call on me.
Daimon: I'm likely the only one in the skies who has the unique expertise to understand this.
Dr. Rashomon: How do you plan to activate it?
Daimon: It's essentially an abomination in the shape of a suit.
Daimon: And if my theory holds, an abomination manipulator should be able to control it.
Nicholas: Ah! Why didn't I think of that!
Daimon: We'll begin immediately. I'll need help from the both of you.
In no time at all, Rashomon, Nicholas, and Daimon install the necessary modifications to the suit.
Daimon: That should do it. Give it a test.
Nicholas: All right!
Nicholas: Suit up!
However, the suit does not respond.
Vyrn: Uhhh. I think I saw it wiggle?
Daimon: Peculiar. It appears to have received the command and prepared to execute, but exerted an opposing force that canceled out the action.
Nicholas: It's almost like it's... resisting.
Daimon: Hm. Well, perhaps with some adjustments—
Vyrn: ...!
The alarm!
City Defender: Doctor Rashomon! A nearby town is requesting assistance! Abominations are attacking!
City Defender: And the civilians have yet to evacuate!
Dr. Rashomon: Understood. Robomi!
Robomi: Affirmative. Preparing for dispatch.
  1. I'll help with the evacuation!

Choose: I'll help with the evacuation!
Robomi: Affirmative.
Dr. Rashomon: Brother, can we count on your help? This might be a bit much for Robomi to handle on her own.
Daimon: Humph. Very well.
(Captain) and company rush out of the room, leaving Nicholas all by himself.
Nicholas: ...
Alone in the silent room, Nicholas turns to face the suit.
Nicholas: Please! Lend me your power!
Nicholas: I want to protect the ones I love! With my own two hands!
Nicholas: But to do that, I need you.
Nicholas: To protect the joy of my loved ones, and make way for a better future! Please, Tyrias!
Suddenly, the suit shines like never before—a dark diamond sparkling in the sun.
Nicholas: ...!
What the?
Tyrias: Protect... others...
Tyrias: I don't understand... Why do people... protect other people?
Tyrias: Why did I... save Airi?
Tyrias: Tell me... What is this... strange emotion?
Nicholas: It was just a hunch, but I can't believe it. There's a piece of Tyrias's mind buried in the suit.
His eyes stay fixed on the suit, its onyx sheen almost mesmerizing.
Nicholas: I knew you were an extension of Tyrias...
Nicholas: But to carry part of his consciousness... Wow.
Nicholas: Airi, you say... You saved her from something?
Nicholas closes his eyes and recalls the last moments of the battle with Tyrias.
Tyrias: Ah.
Tyrias: Graaaaah!
Nicholas: I get it now. What you did then, that was all for Airi.
Nicholas: Tyrias! I'll give you your answer!
Nicholas: So lend me your strength!
Nicholas: Suit up!
The suit shines ever brighter as it equips itself to Nicholas.
Nicholas: Let's go, Tyrias! For the ones we love!
Abominations: Mrgrgh!
Lyria: Th-there are so many of them!
Vyrn: Oh, man. We're gonna need a whole lot more than just Robomi...
(Captain) and company struggle to hold back the horde of abominations.
Abomination: Zbzaaah!
Woman: Aaaah!
A single monster manages to evade Robomi's attacks and charges toward a civilian.
Robomi: ...!
Vyrn: Crud! She's not gonna—
???: Taste my blade!
???: Infinistrike!
???: ...
Lyria: Wha...
Vyrn: Mecha-Nick!
Vyrn: Th-the suit! How'd you—
Nicholas: We'll talk later! Got a town to save first!
Nicholas: Robomi and I will take care of things here. You guys get the people to safety!
  1. Gotcha!

Choose: Gotcha!
(Captain) and company waste no time in getting to work.
Nicholas: Let's go, Robomi! If they want this town, they'll have to go through us!
Robomi: Understood.

Never Forget: Scene 4

The town is saved, and the crew returns to the research vessel. Nicholas tells of how he was able to activate the suit, saying that he and Tyrias might have had more in common than previously thought.

Having defeated the abomination threat, (Captain) and company return to the Rashomon Research Vessel.
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas. You've activated the suit!
Nicholas: Yep!
Daimon: Hm. How did you do it? I thought it refused to move, even with the manipulator.
Nicholas: The suit and I... Tyrias and I came to an agreement.
Robomi: Tyrias? Nicholas, did you sustain cranial damage?
Nicholas: No, I didn't hit my head, Robomi. I just... I think he and I might be more alike than we thought.
Vyrn: Am I the only one who's lost here?
Daimon: Hm. I'd prefer a more scientific explanation.
Marie: Sigh... You never change, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Ahaha.
Nicholas: (Tyrias, I'll keep my promise.)
Nicholas: (The answer to your question... I'll do you one better than telling you—I'll show you.)
Nicholas: (To care. To cherish. To love. I'll show you what it means.)
Tyrias's suit and Nicholas, bound by the desire to defend their loved ones.
As well as by the knowledge of Tyrias's last will.
Together they walk a path of new possibilities. That of the unlikely alliance between man and monster.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
摘掃、完了ッ!! Elimination complete!
最近子供がより可愛く見えてきたんだ I wonder whose eyes the baby will have...
食らえッ!必殺剣ッ! Eat biosteel!
後でスーツの調子を見てみよう Better give the suit a checkup later.
壊獣に壊人か…一筋縄じゃ行かないな I always thought abominations and hybrids were just simple monsters. Not anymore.
っと、いいアイデアが…う、ウズウズするなぁ…! Oh! I got an idea! Can't wait to try this!
生きたスーツか…ふふ、面白いな A living suit... Fascinating.
(主人公)、何かメカを作ろうか? (Captain), wanna build a robot?
おっとっと、潤滑油切らしていたんだった Whoops. Outta lubricant.
(主人公)、いつでも頼ってくれ (Captain). Whenever and wherever, you can count on me.

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SV Nicholas, Stalwart Inventor.png SV Nicholas, Stalwart Inventor E.png
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Fanfare: Summon a Go, Go, Robomi!
Fanfare: Enhance (8) - Subtract 3 from the Countdown of all allied Go, Go, Robomi! amulets.

So your name's Robomi, huh? It's amazing that an eons-old machina soldier can move and talk. I'm Nicholas, and I'll be taking care of your maintenance from now on, Robomi!


The same technology used to create Robomi... I'll use it to protect the ones I love! Gigante Suit ready! Nicholas, lifting off!

Class Portalcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Nicholas, Stalwart Inventor
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other