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Official Profile

Npc f 3020070000 01.jpg Randall
Age 18 years old
Height 173 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Weight training, squats, fishing
Likes Fishes, fights, strong people
Dislikes Feather, leg cramps
Character Release

80px Final Uncap
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3020070000 01.jpg Randall
Age 18歳
Height 173cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 筋トレ、スクワット、釣り
Likes 魚、喧嘩、強者
Dislikes フェザー、こむらがえり
Character Release

80px Final Uncap
Source [1]

Npc f 3030234000 01.jpg Randall (SR)
Age 18 years old
Height 173 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Weight training, squats, fishing
Likes Fishes, fights, strong people
Dislikes Feather, leg cramps
Character Release
80px Final Uncap
Source [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030234000 01.jpg Randall (SR)
Age 18歳
Height 173cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 筋トレ、スクワット、釣り
Likes 魚、喧嘩、強者
Dislikes フェザー、こむらがえり
Character Release
80px Final Uncap
Source [2] [3]




  • Randall has character banter with FeatherAny version when paired in battle.
  • Randall's name is similar to the German word 'Randale', meaning 'riot' or 'rampage'.

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Ah. Is it your birthday, (Captain)?
We can celebrate if you want. Randall style. Stand over there!
Now I see. The source of your lethargy and chronic unhealthiness... was skeletal deformation!
Humph. Your skeleton is your life. If you could see how messed up your bones were, you'd see that clear as day.
So quit trying to imitate me. You're wrecking your body!


Hey, (Captain). Seems like it's your birthday.
Here. Take this.
Just fished it up this morning. Better eat it while it's fresh.
If you don't want it, I'll sell it. This thing flies off the shelves--it's not any regular fish.
And it tastes best right after it's caught. So, come on, down the hatch.
Yup. Of course it's delicious--I'm the one that fished it up after all!
You got it because today's your birthday. Don't expect this kind of treatment all the time.


Yo, (Captain). So today's your birthday, huh.
What do you think of birthdays anyway?
Whenever my birthday rolls around, I always wonder if it's been my fate since birth to get stronger.
I can't help that my blood boils every time I come face-to-face with someone strong. It was the same when I first met you.
How about you, (Captain)? What do you think you were brought into this world for?
Actually, never mind. Dumb question. I can tell reaching the Island of the Astrals means everything to you.
Besides, if you were just a deadweight, I wouldn't even give you the time of day.
I don't usually say this kinda thing, (Captain), but I'm glad to be a part of the crew.


Yo, (Captain). Know what today is?
Hey, what's got your guard up? You've got me all wrong. Just wanted to say happy birthday.
I know I'm always lookin' for a fight. But I really am thankful to have you as a friend.
I mean, got myself another rival whose butt I can kick to skydom come.
You've done your fair share of traveling, so you get it, right? The way your blood sings when you meet a real tough guy.
But it's going to be me who knocks you out, you hear? Don't even think about throwin' in the towel before then.
By the way, I made you a little fish dish; it'll give you some more backbone. Eat up, and bulk up.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Hm? You want me to reach in there and pull out my fortune for this year?
Humph. I'm not one to argue with what the heavens ordain.
You shall not meet the one you seek.
Who needs fortunes? These things never come true anyway.


Hey, (Captain). I'm not doing no stupid New Year's prayers this year. That stuff don't work.'
I'd rather rely on the strength of my kicks to find my way in the world.'
This year I'm gonna find my ultimate rival—and send him flying with one blow.'
So listen up, (Captain)! You're gonna be right beside me as I aim for these new heights!'
The strong beckon the strong. And your strength is real. With you here, I'll definitely find him.


(Captain), check out these fish I caught.
Where I come from, it's a New Year's tradition to chow down on fish for good luck.
This one's an amberjack. They say it's good for prosperity.
One of these and I'll be on top of the world! That's just my way of saying I'll be stronger than ever!
You and I are having a bout right after this! You better not run!


Here comes another year.
(Captain), got a question for you. You think I got any tougher last year?
I mean, 'course I did. But I don't feel it. And you know why? It's 'cause of you!
You powered up so fast. It's like I hardly changed, in comaparison.
Well, guess it ain't all bad. Feels good, knowing I got a strong rival to kick into the dust!
Got my resolution figured out too. I'm gonna one-up you!
You get tougher too, you hear? The crazier the goal, the more pumped I get!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Sigh. I know why you went to the trouble of calling me all the way out here.
Using confectionery as a ruse to convey your true feelings... I know what Valentine's Day is about.
What? What are you waiting for? Come at me from wherever you want! I'm ready!
Huh? You're finally ready to settle this, aren't you?
We don't need trivial junk food like chocolates to be honest with each other... Right?


Hey. Why'd you just sigh? Pipe up.
Ah! This must be about last year's Valentine's!
Calling me and then leaving the scene before we could settle our score... That kind of hurt my feelings...
Wait... Are you holding a Valentine in your hand?
Ah-hah... So you postponed our match until this year! Good, bring it—
H-hey! Where are you going, (Captain)? Come back! Wait!


Yo, (Captain). That thing in your hands for Valentine's?
I figured. 'Preciate it.
Huh? You're wondering how I accept something like this with a straight face?
Heh... I only found out about this recently, but it turns out chocolate can boost concentration.
Meaning a few of these and I get greater access to my power!
Bet you thought I didn't see this coming, eh?
Just gimme a sec! I'm gonna lay it on you good after I put a few of these into my mouth!
Hey, wait up! I'm still digestin' em...
Mm! These are pretty good!


(Captain), you have chocolates for me? I can tell by the smell.
Kinda hard to believe you aren't sick of all this candy crap. You've been keepin' it up for so long that, heck, even I'm kinda interested.
I don't get why you've gotta run away after you hand off the goods, without even throwing a punch. Feels like there's some kinda unfinished business.
Huh? Hey, you're lookin' kinda red.
Heh. I gotchu. You're itching for a fight, and the blood's coursing through you. It's obvious to me.
Right, then. Bring it!
What? What're sighing for? Just spell it out for me, will you!

White Day Cutscenes
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Hey. Meet me out back later. Hm?
Heh. Don't worry. It's not for a fight.
Why are you so surprised? You know what today is, don't you?
I always repay my debts. In full. Three times over!


Looks like it's time for me to pay you back for the Valentine you gave me, (Captain).
Huh? What do you mean, "Is this it?"
Oh, you mean if I want to fight you... Hey! Don't treat me like that idiot!
The one who always wants to fight is him—not me. I've actually got sense.
Just take it already. There's some delicious cookies inside. Worth three times what you gave me.


Heya, (Captain).
These rice crackers are thanks for Valentine's.
They're famous for being the toughest crackers in all the skies.
I just knew I had to try these when I learned about 'em. Turns out they're still hard to bite into even for me.
Huh? You think you've got what it takes?
Urgh! You cracked them with your fists!
Now they're easier to bite into, huh... I guess there was never any rule about not using your fists...
Damn it! You punchaholics are all the same!


(Captain), you ever heard of wet sembei?
In short, they're rice crackers that've been marinated in sauce. Kinda moist, like cookies.
First thing I thought was, "Soft crackers are for wusses."
But they're pretty damn good. Actually caught me off guard.
Hah. Looks like you won't need to crack these open with your fists.
Just letting you know, but I'm not holding any grudges 'bout last year. Don't get me wrong here!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies
2nd year:
Chocolate Biscuits square.jpg Chocolate Biscuits

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hm? Oh. It's you, (Captain).
Around this time of year, I think back to all those times I hid away in the pumpkin fields when I was a kid.
I challenged taht jerk to see who could split the most pumpkins.
Just thinking about it makes me angry. Now give me that stupid mask you're wearing.


Hey. Same costume again? You can't wait to get out there, huh?
What? Don't I have candy?
Fraid not. You've got some nerve expecting candy from me.
So you'll trick me instead?
Hah! Cool. Bring it on.
I've been itching to beat up a brat, so this is perfect!


Halloween, eh? It's costume-crazy madness everywhere you look.
What's that? You want me to dress up as a girl? Hey, stop screwing around!
Hands off my hair, buster! Now!
Hm? Trick complete, you say?
Heh... Pretty snazzy trick you pulled just now.
Since it's Halloween, I might as well have a shot at it too.
'Cept I'm doing this my way!
You'd better be ready for it! We're duking it out in style!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Ah, so you've heard as well, (Captain).
There's an old man with a huge red bag who gives out presents to children...
And it seems he flies using his fists. Like, he punches the ground and sends himself to the air with the repercussion.
That accursed old hack! I'm going to stay up all night to get him. Stay with me and help, (Captain).


(Captain), last year I stayed up all night, but that old hack in red didn't show up.
But for some reason there were presents laid next to both my bed and your bed...
What could this mean?
Sigh... This is baffling. If he knew just how strong we were, he would've never come.
Ah! He must've snuck in when we weren't looking! And that's why he laid the presents down!
I can't believe he was able to do that! Grr! How much longer will you taunt me, you old fart!
We can't back down, (Captain).
We've gotta try even harder this year to challenge old red!


Get a load of this, (Captain)!
Check out all this stuff the old guy in red left us!
Ooh, a greeting card! "I look forward to meeting you again next year," it says!
You know what that means, Captain? The old-timer'll finally be ready to duke it out with me!
Whoo! Can't wait till next year!


Hey (Captain)! Come check out this box! It was sitting by my pillow when I woke up.
And it's bursting with food! There's even a message. "Take care of yourself."
You get it, right, (Captain)! They're tellin' me to eat up and build some muscle!
Darn that old red dude... What's he doing, sending provisions into the enemy camp? Tryin' to say I'm weak, huh!
Just you wait... (Captain)! We're training! I'm gonna get ripped and blow that red dude outta the water!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Shared Credos

Randall reluctantly agrees to train with Soriz after witnessing the power of the veteran's fists. When Soriz later deflects a bullet with his bare hands, Randall is shown how one's own body can become the ultimate weapon.

(Captain) and company have docked at a town to take a breather.
While everyone goes off on their own, Randall secludes himself on a nearby mountain to hone his martial arts.
Randall: Raaah!
Randall: Humph. Am I good enough?
Randall is a crew member

Randall: No. I'm definitely not there yet if it's that guy we're talking about!
Randall: That punk... Talk with our fists, he said... What a freaking joke!
Randall: Yeah, you polish up those dukes you're so proud of. We'll settle things the next time we meet!
Randall not in crew

Randall: No. I'm definitely not there yet if it's that guy we're talking about!
???: And when we meet again, you'll have to fight me!
???: Well, off I go! Catch ya in the future!
Randall: Yeah, you polish up those dukes you're so proud of. We'll settle things the next time we meet!
Randall continues to focus on his task, when what sounds like an explosion shakes the ground.
Randall: It came from over there!
Randall follows the sound to find an elderly man of muscular physique surrounded by broken shards of rock.
Any version of Soriz is a crew member

Soriz: Ho there! Did I startle you?
Randall: Tch. Well, look who it is.
No version of Soriz in crew

???: Huh? Who are you?
Randall: Name's Randall. Wait, that's not the point!
Randall: Did you do this? Pulverized a boulder into little pieces?
Soriz: Sure did! With these awesome fists of mine!
Randall: You punched it?
Soriz: What's so mind-blowing about that? Boulders like these can be crushed all day long with the right training.
Randall: I don't believe it! You really think anyone can pick it up, just like that?
Soriz: Hah hah hah! I can see why you'd think that. If you're interested, I wouldn't mind showin' you how it's done.
Any version of Soriz is a crew member

Soriz laughs heartily and launches into a tale of his personal life.
No version of Soriz in crew

The man named Soriz laughs heartily and launches into a tale of his personal life.
Soriz: I used to be a weapons merchant way back when. I've handled so many weapons that I became good at judging their quality.
Soriz: But there came a day when I realized something.
Soriz: My own flesh and bone are adaptable—a body capable of evolving into the ultimate weapon.
Soriz: Ever since then I trained every waking hour to surpass the limits of what mere muscles can do.
Soriz: That is my spark. My ultimate weapon isn't going to lose to some puny rocks.
Randall: Ugh, you pugilists are all brawls, brawn, and no brains! You remind me of that irritating idiot!
Soriz: Hmm... Is this idiot your rival or something?
Randall: My rival? Hah! That's a stupid question. I always come out on top.
Randall: A leg is always longer than an arm.
Randall: In other words fists will never beat legs!
Soriz: I see. So he's your spark. That's a fixation I have no problems with.
Soriz: Tell me something. You're like a stick for all the drills you do. Do you even lift?
Randall: Huh?
Soriz: All right, I've got an idea. How about giving my training program a whirl?
Randall: Nah, I'm fine training on my own—
Soriz: Oh, come on. You're in good hands with me! I'm going to pump you up! I'll squeeze out the dormant power that's inside you!
Randall isn't exactly convinced by Soriz's hard sell, but he reluctantly goes along with the muscle man anyway.
Randall: Tch, fine! I'll do it!
Randall: But I'd better come out of this stronger than before!
Soriz: Yes! That's what I want to hear!
With lingering doubts, Randall begins Soriz's training program.
The two men walk to an open area where they have more room to maneuver.
Randall: So what should I do?
Soriz: Let's see now... First let's get one rule straight.
Randall: Huh? What rule?
Soriz: It's super simple! No legs allowed! That is all!
Randall: What!
Randall: No, hold on. Did you not hear a single word I said?
Soriz: You had my fullest attention.
Randall: Then why are you making a rule like that? Did you trick me?
Soriz: If that's what you think, then let's have a little test.
Soriz launches his foot at Randall's face without warning.
Randall dodges reflexively and immediately counters.
Randall: The hell was that for? Too bad I don't lose when it comes to these legs!
Kick-started by Soriz's sudden attack, Randall unleashes an impenetrable wall of kicks.
Soriz doesn't back down from the leg-locking challenge, but he's unable to block every hit.
Soriz: Oho... So these are the legs you're so proud of!
Soriz: Then I'm gonna punch it up a level and bring my bad boys to the party!
The old man shifts his stance and lets loose a barrage of jabs and hooks.
Soriz doesn't land a punch, however, and it becomes evident that Randall has a reach advantage.
Randall: See what I mean? Fists can't compete with legs!
Randall: Leg training is all I—
Soriz: Heh! You think I'm tapped out?
Randall: Wha—
Soriz flashes a cocky smile, slipping through an opening between Randall's kicks to close the gap and throw a punch.
Randall: Guh!
The kick specialist isn't ready for the counter, and he takes a fierce body blow.
Soriz follows up with a kick that would've been fatal if he hadn't stopped it just short of Randall's face.
Soriz: Haha! Good thing this wasn't a real fight. Otherwise you'd be dead right now.
Randall: Tch!
Soriz: As you can see, my footwork isn't that great. Still, you couldn't stop that last kick.
Soriz: Don't you get it? The point is hand and foot work together. You're so hung up on your legs that you're holding back your own potential.
Soriz: Come on, son... If you had just pulled your pride from your butt, you could've blocked my fists.
Randall: I hate to say it, but there's no getting around that I couldn't stop your fists.
Randall: I'll play by your rule this time, but you'd better be ready for what comes next!
Soriz: Hah hah hah! Bring it on!
Randall's fighting spirit is laid bare, and he's eager to start the training program.
Soriz: Good! Now show me your best punches.
Randall: Humph, I'm not breaking a sweat.
Soriz: You sure about that? Let's see how you feel about it after we're done.
The hours fly by.
Randall: Huff... Huff...
Randall: Hey! How long am I supposed to be doing this for?
Soriz: Hm? You outta gas already?
Randall: Says who! I got plenty of gas to spare!
Soriz: Good! Moving on. We don't have time for breaks.
Randall: Damn right!
Soriz: We're going to do some wood chopping. I'm going to send logs down the waterfall, and I want you to split them using only your fists.
Randall: Practical application of what I just practiced, huh? Yeah, I'll show you. Just stay up there and watch!

      Randall is psyched as he punches log after log.
      But the powerful flow of the waterfall erases any bite to his strikes, and it prevents him from hitting each log squarely.
      Randall: Son of a... This damn water flow...
      Soriz: Hah hah hah! I knew you'd have trouble with this one! Don't give up now!
      Soriz looks down from the top of the waterfall, his gaze flickering from Randall's bitter face to the trees around him.
      Soriz: ...
      The training continues for several days.
      Soriz: All right. I got a little something to take care of, so you've got the day to yourself. You're not going to slack off, are you?
      Randall: You got some nerve.
      Randall: What do you take me for? I don't need you reminding me not to slack!
      After Soriz leaves, Randall drills hard, cursing his trainer every step of the way.
      At some point during his training, he feels a pair of eyes on him.
      Randall: Whoever's out there, you can stop hiding! Show yourself!
      Ruffian: Tch. When'd you figure me out?
      Randall: Even a dimwit can tell when they're being targeted with such hostility. What do you want with me?
      Ruffian: Just shut up! You're gonna come quietly and be my hostage!
      The unknown man suddenly attacks Randall.
      Randall prepares to fight back, but remembering Soriz's rule against using his legs, he hesitates.
      Ruffian: Yahaha! Did your bravado run away?
      Randall: Damn it...
      Cornered into a handicapped fight, Randall accepts the challenge to use only his fists.
      But then he hears Soriz's voice calling out not too far away.
      Soriz: Hey! Legs are okay!
      Randall: When did you—
      Soriz: Sorry, I was just spectating. Now forget about me and focus on finishing this!
      With Soriz's permission, Randall releases the imaginary shackles on his legs.
      Ruffian: Urgh!
      Randall: Humph. You bit off more than you could chew!
      After Randall boots the assailant, he calms down and realizes something about himself.
      Randall: My legs feel... lighter...
      Soriz: Hah hah hah! That's what you get when you follow the program!
      Soriz: You neglected your upper body in favor of your lower body.
      Soriz: But by forging the top, it improves the balance of your entire being. And as a result, your leg technique's gotten an upgrade!
      Randall: That's all there was to it? What a roundabout way of going about it.
      Soriz: You weren't being honest with yourself. Would you have listened to me if I hadn't banned you from using your legs?
      Randall: I'll listen to your lectures later! First I want to know who this guy that attacked me is!
      Soriz: Are you the new hire from the land-grabber I just paid a visit to? You out for revenge against me?
      Soriz: But beating me fair and square would be impossible, so that's why you attacked my pal here.
      Randall: You needed a hostage...
      Randall: Hah! Everyone's dunking on me today!
      Ruffian: If this is how it's gonna be...
      Cornered and out of options, the man whips out a gun and unloads.
      None of the bullets strike a vital point, but one does graze Randall's arm, drawing blood.
      Randall: Son of a!
      Ruffian: Gwahaha! Don't matter how fast your legs are, you can't touch me! Now whatcha gonna do?
      Soriz sees that Randall is cautiously waiting for an opening and decides to step in.
      Soriz: Tag out. I'll handle this.
      Randall: Hold up! You saying I can't beat this guy?
      Soriz: Nah, I know how tough you are, but this guy's stubbornness pisses me off!
      Soriz: I noticed you days ago. I was gonna let you go if you'd just left quietly on your own.
      Soriz: But it looks like I'm gonna have to teach you another lesson before you learn!
      Ruffian: Uh, hello? Who's the one with the gun here? You think your fists can reach me? The instant you move, I'm pullin' the trigger!
      Soriz: Heh, thanks for the warning. Makes things more interesting!
      Soriz takes a step toward the armed man with no sense of fear.
      Ruffian: You're full of yourself!
      The man's shout is almost drowned out by the firing of the gun. The bullet flies at Soriz, square and true, but he deflects it with his fist.
      Soriz: Hey now... Is that it?
      Ruffian: Urk!
      Soriz: That's right. Weapons don't work like they normally would against me. Why don't you try using your own fists against me this time?
      Ruffian: Damn it... You'll pay for this!
      Soriz: Pfft, what a sorry loser. Randall, say something, would you? Wait, that guy's already gone!
      The brawny man gives a hearty laugh, but Randall is completely serious, as if he's trying to find the right words.
      Randall: How can I do what you just did?
      Soriz: Do what? Smack the bullet away? It's pretty simple.
      Soriz: I believe in myself—believe in my training! My body is the ultimate weapon! I can fight as long as my heart keeps beating!
      Soriz: Haha! Didn't I already tell you that?
      Randall: You're saying the body reflects one's convictions.
      Randall: Ugh, you pugilists are nothing but a buncha knuckleheads.
      Randall laments his amateurishness while respecting Soriz's credo.
      In his heart, he secretly vows to mold his body into the ultimate form, capable of withstanding any weapon.

      No Surrender

      (Captain) and company come across a sign advertising a fighting event, and Randall joins it in order to face the champion, who hasn't lost in years. Other participants ridicule Randall for fighting weaponless, but he does have a weapon—his body.

      (Captain) and company are docked at an island, where they come across a sign.
      Signboard: "Challengers Wanted!"
      Lyria: For what, I wonder?
      Townsman: Are you interested in participating, little lady? Might be a tad dangerous for someone like you though.
      Lyria: What would I be participating in?
      Townsman: There's a sort of festival going on right now.
      The townsman explains that whoever beats the champion in a fight will become the new champion in addition to winning prize money.
      It started a long time ago when young fighters embarked on an arduous series of brawls to see who would be the last one standing.
      But as time passed, it eventually became more like a festival for the town.
      Vyrn: Cool! That sounds pretty interesting!
      Townsman: Well, I think you're better off being in the audience if you don't take it seriously.
      Townsman: Hahaha! The current champion's protecting a winning streak held for years!
      Vyrn: Wowzers! Must be pretty good then!
      Randall: Heh... this sounds right up my alley!
      Lyria: Oh! Are you thinking about participating in it, Randall?
      Randall: I can't ignore a champion that's gone undefeated for so many years. This is the perfect chance to go all out!
      Randall: I'll go to the extremes and make my debut!
      Randall: Nothing's stopping me from joining this.
      Vyrn: Sigh... No surprises there.
      Randall: I can't wait to face this champion!
      Randall heads to the venue to register.
      More than a hundred people are already lined up outside.
      Lyria: Wow! There are so many people here!
      Emcee: Would you look at this amazing turnout! This is more than we were expecting!
      Emcee: This calls for an emergency format change. The original tournament is off. Let the knockout matches begin!
      Randall: Hell yeah! I'm all fired up!
      Any manner of weapons and styles can be used, but killing is an immediate disqualification.
      On the emcee's signal, a wave of adrenaline washes over the area.
      A group of fighters in high spirits saunter up to Randall.
      Hooligan 1: Yo, bro! How you gonna fight without a weapon?
      Hooligan 2: Yeah, man. Gawkers should just go home while they still can.
      Randall: Looks like you two don't have a clue.
      Hooligan 1: Huh? Whazzat's supposed to mean?
      Randall: My flesh is the ultimate weapon! I don't need anything else!
      Randall: If you've got time to worry about others, why don't you spend it worrying about yourselves?
      Hooligan 2: What!
      Hooligan 1: Yo! We rough this one up first!
      Randall: Go ahead.
      Randall: I could use a warm up! Come at me!

      No Surrender: Scene 2

      Randall is injured in the bouts leading up to the final showdown, and the champion advises him to pick up a weapon before they fight. Randall refuses to back down from his creed, eventually finding an opening against the champion.

      Randall rolls through the competition, earning him a match with the champion.
      But during the course of his battles, an underhanded attack leaves him with only one good leg.
      Randall: Tch. This is pitiful.
      Vyrn: So, uh, shouldn't you pull out?
      Randall: This isn't worth being worried over. It's nothing.
      Lyria: But...
      Randall: Scuse me. It's about to start. I'm doing this!
      Randall shakes off the crew's concern and climbs the stage to challenge the champion.
      The champion enters soon after, announced to raucous cheers as he comes into view.
      Champion: Bahaha! Another young'un comes to challenge me!
      Randall: So you're the champion. Yeah... You've got a different air about you.
      Randall takes his stance, but the champion doesn't reciprocate, choosing to question Randall instead.
      Champion: How's about picking up a weapon first?
      Randall: What?
      Champion: Your bouts have been brilliant. To witness a fighter using only his natural-given body is admirable.
      Champion: But it's not fair for you to fight with that injury.
      Champion: Look, I'm going to use weapons and armor. The least we can do to level the field is for you to pick up a weapon.
      The champion is sincere in his proposal, but Randall stubbornly shakes his head.
      Randall: Sorry, but my body is all I need. It's the ultimate weapon!
      Randall: And I'm gonna tell you right now, no injury or whatever's gonna stop me. I don't need your concern!
      Champion: Hm, so be it. Just don't whine about it later, all right?
      The champion proceeds to swing his mighty cudgel relentlessly at his opponent.
      Without the proper use of his legs, Randall is immediately forced into a one-sided defensive slog, which everyone expected right from the start.
      Randall: Tch!
      Champion: Hey, are you done standing around? I'm getting bored. Grab a weapon already!
      Randall: I told you before! No weapon is better than my body!
      Randall: Prattle all you want, but I won't bend my conviction!
      Champion: Very well. I'll respect your stalwart will.
      Champion: In that case, I shouldn't drag this out and make your injury worse. This one decides it all.
      It seems like the end has come. The champion draws closer to Randall with each step, his cudgel poised to fall.
      But once the champion is in range, Randall lets loose with his fists.
      Champion: What!
      The unexpected counterattack catches the champion off guard, staggering him.
      Randall: You let yourself get distracted by my leg!
      Randall: Gotcha!
      Randall: Raaah!
      Champion: Urgh!
      Randall: You're...
      Randall: Finished!

      No Surrender: Scene 3

      When Randall defeats the champion and assumes the title, he is treated to a story about the true undefeated champion, who vanished without a trace many years before. That champion is revealed to be Soriz—Randall relinquishes his title until he can best the undefeated old-timer.

      Randall grits his teeth through the pain of his injury and goes in full bore.
      In the end, Randall's tenacity overcomes the champion's might to achieve victory.
      Champion: Who would've thought you'd set me up to hit me with your fists. You got me perfectly.
      Randall: I beat you because someone once told me I should employ my fists too.
      Randall: If I'd remained stubborn and kept to my legs, I don't know how it would've turned out.
      Randall: Never thought I'd see a time where my fists saved the day. Wonder if I can start to understand that aggravating idiot's point of view too...
      Champion: Hm?
      Randall: Nothing. Forget it.
      Winner and loser share a warm handshake, a budding friendship fostered by a hard-fought battle.
      Champion: Anyway, congratulations. You're the new champion.
      Champion: But I gotta say the sting in your punches reminds me of him.
      Randall: Him? Who are talking about?
      Champion: The previous champion. He was undefeated too, but then one day he just up and left.
      Champion: I challenged him more times than I can remember, but I never bested him once. An old man who only used his fists.
      Randall: No... You couldn't be talking about—
      Soriz appears behind Randall midsentence.
      Soriz: Now wasn't that an ugly bout! You can't call yourself the strongest fighting like that!
      Randall: Tch, I don't need you to tell me that! I'm not exactly happy about it either!
      Champion: No way! Kid, you realize who you're talking to?
      Randall: I'm guessing from your reaction that he was the previous champion?
      Champion: You seriously didn't know?
      Randall: Why didn't you tell me, you old fart?
      Soriz: Settle down there! I just found out you were joining this thing.
      Soriz: Besides, why should I have to say anything about it?
      Soriz: Listen. Glory is in how you live your life. Can you agree with that?
      Randall: Ugh! I don't want to hear any more damn lectures from any of you!
      Randall: Damn it! I need to aim even higher!
      Randall: Hey, champ! Tough beans, but I'm not gonna take your seat just yet!
      Randall: I can't call myself a champion until I beat this old sack of bones!
      Champion: Hahaha! Well said! But I think you've got what it takes to do it someday.
      Randall hands back the title to the champion and rejoins the crew to continue the journey.
      He vows to gain the strength to one day overcome Soriz.

      Side-scrolling Quotes

      JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
      強者はどこだ? Who's up to challenge me?
      今、ヤツの気配がしなかったか? Was that his presence I just felt?
      どんどん行くぜ! I stop for nothing!
      よそ見してると危ねぇぜ、(主人公)? It's not safe to look away, (Captain).
      こんなもんじゃねぇだろ? Come on, is that all?
      隠れても無駄だ! It's pointless to hide from me!
      どっからでもかかってこい! Come at me from any side!
      束になっても、雑魚は雑魚だ! A group of small fry is still small fry!
      張り合いがねぇヤツらだ! These fools are no competition!
      邪魔くせぇ! Piss off!


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