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Official Profile

Age Unknown Height 74 cm Race Harvin
Hobbies Enjoying fictional stories
Likes Infants
Dislikes To exercise her power (while she's not fond of using her overwhelming power to resolve matters, she thinks that it's inevitable to do so in the present day, and she won't show it that it pains her)
Character Release
Source [1]
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Age 不明 Height 74cm Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 架空の物語を楽しむこと
Likes 赤ん坊の相手
Dislikes 自分の力を行使すること(圧倒的な力で物事を解決することは好ましくないと考えている一方、 今はそれも仕方のない状況であると考えており、表面上はともかく内心では苦渋の決断をしている)
Character Release
Source [1]


Journal Entry

Npc zoom 3040265000 01.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Harvin.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Ai Kayano
NameJP レイ
Voice ActorJP 茅野愛衣
ID 3991670000
Release Date 2020-02-26
Seeds of Redemption

Boss of the Suo family. Her entire body is a wellspring of pure magical energy, which she unleashes through her eyes. She utilized her powers during the time of the War to save orphaned children and take them in as her own. Through untold hours of practice, Rei has mastered the ability to influence others and employs it to guide the world toward a more positive direction. Despite her strong aversion to violence, she recognizes that violence continues to rule the skies and has exercised it herself time and again to quell conflicts before they can erupt into all-out war. It is her undying wish that widespread education and peace one day become the norm, and she would gladly give her life to make that dream a reality.



Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain).
Oh my, it looks like you've gotten slightly bigger. Not just in terms of your height, but also your heart.
To watch a child's growth is a mother's pride and joy. Our situation is no different.
Although I am technically not your mother, I certainly do keep watch over you. Know that I'm always here for you.
What do you say to setting aside your duties as captain and simply frolicking about like a child, just for today? I'll make it worth your while.


Happy birthday, (Captain). I have something I want you to know, now that you are one step closer to adulthood.
It is very admirable of you to always act like an adult and to want to grow up as soon as you can.
After all, it's important to work toward an ideal that you envision for yourself. That is how one can grow as a person.
But it's just as important to recognize that you are still a child. There is a part of you that remains inexperienced.
By realizing that you are insufficient in your current state, you can discern what it is that you need and learn accordingly.
An ideal is not something that can be achieved immediately. But that's why it's all right to depend on someone who does have the experience.
By being protected, supported, and raised in this way, someday, you too can protect, support, and raise someone else. That is the proper cycle.
So (Captain), in times of need, remember to look around you and find a person whom you can depend on.
There must be someone close by who wishes for you to depend on them. Relying on others is also important in life—don't forget that.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain). Let's make this year an equally splendid one.
At the Suo family, we usually hold a party for the occasion and invite children from all over.
They use the opportunity to show me whatever new knowledge and neat tricks they've picked up throughout the year.
I always love seeing how much everyone has grown.
Why don't you attend next time, (Captain)? You might not be a member of the Suo family, but I certainly consider you one of my own.
I welcome you from the bottom of my heart if you'd ever consider it. I'd love to introduce you to everyone.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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White Day Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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(Captain). Did you see Asha anywhere? I'm looking to hand her some treats.
This is for her to eat now, and this is for her stockpile.
It won't be long before she runs out of candy to give to other children. What a disaster it'd be if I don't replenish her stock soon.
I don't know if you realize how popular Asha is on Halloween. But it's actually quite a big deal.
I wouldn't be surprised if she's being flooded as we speak. Won't you help me find her, (Captain)?
How's this: if you can find her before me, I'll give you a nice big bag of candy.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(Captain). I've kept watch of you for a year now with these eyes of mine.
So much has happened. You navigated through pain, grief, and joy, and came out a better person.
I respect that very much.
You deserve a proper reward. Please, tell me what you'd like for the holidays.
You don't consider me your mother? Fair enough, but perhaps you can see me as an aunt.
Why not spend the day with your aunt—preferably as a child free of any worries.

Fate Episodes

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Family Gathering

When Rei shows up in Stardust Town, Feower doesn't hesitate to express his disgust of mafia. Rei explains to him that not all mafia are bad, that the Suo family has served to maintain order in the underbelly of the skies ever since the time of the War. Feower, however, remains unconvinced.

Upon resolution of the conflict with the Magasin crime family, the crew helps to restore the damage to Stardust Town caused by Mugen's rampage.
Rei leads a group into town while Tien, Feower, and Fif are hard at work.
Rei: Greetings. You look well.
Fif: Ah, it's Rei and Asha! I'm guessing those people behind you are also members of the Suo family?
Rei: That's right. I called upon some of the children who'd be able to lend a hand.
Asha: Some of them can draw structural blueprints, while others will provide construction materials. If you could please show them around.
Tien: Mm... Thank you. This'll be a big help.
Feower: Humph... Looking to rebuild the town in the Suo fashion already, huh?
Tien: Feower.
Feower: We might be under your protection now, but don't you even thinking of using our territory for profit.
Fif: Gah, there you go picking a fight again, Feower... Can't you be nice to people who are just trying to help!
Feower: Help, my ass. Who knows what they're really here for.
Feower: Go ahead and try stirring something up in our town. I'll slaughter every last one of you—that's a promise.
Tien: Feower!
Fif: Blegh! Why does he always have to be such a poopy-head!
Rei: Chalk it up to puberty. He must be in the very midst of it, given how rebellious he's acting.
Asha: Mama...
Rei: Oh, come now, Asha. Surely you remember how it was with yourself.
Asha: I don't remember mine lasting too long... Feower's might be more severe because of his upbringing.
Asha: Hm?
Stardust Children: Hrm...
Rei: What is it?
Tien: Feower, wait. You have to apologize.
Feower: Me? To who? And why? I haven't done anything wrong.
Tien: Feower...
Feower: For starters, how is it you're okay with this? They're mafia.
Tien: Definitely not your run-of-the-mill mafia. I mean, here they are helping us out.
Feower: No! Don't tell me you've already forgotten what that wretch made me do to you!
Tien: ...
Feower: Well? Would you be willing to lend us your strength?
Rei: Hmm...
Lyria: ...!
This power...
Vyrn: Wha... It's hard to... breathe...
Feower: Ngh!
Rei's eyes now fully open, she gives her full attention to Feower, as if peering into his soul.
Rei: Ready for any hardships, your sister says... How do I know it's not just empty talk?
Rei: But even if you manage to deceive others with your false words, you'll soon reach your limit. Then it'll all be pointless...
Rei: So at the very least, allow me to test your resolve...
Feower: Urgh!
Tien: Feower!
Feower: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa! Calm down, Stabby!
Feower: Rei... Damn you!
Tien: She was only testing us.
Feower: Like I give a damn! Those mafia turds can't be trusted! Just you watch—they'll show their true colors soon enough!
Tien: Feower...
Stardust Children: Waaah!
Tien: Huh?
Feower: Flippin' hell! How long did that take, huh?
Feower: ...
Tien: Haha...
Suo Member 1: Up, up, and away!
Stardust Child 1: Yeeeep! Ahaha! This is great! Can we do that again?
Suo Member 1: Haha... My arm's kind of numbed out...
Stardust Child 2: Over here, over here! Follow the sound of my clap!
Suo Member 2: Hey, wait up! Huff... Huff... You're too fast for me...
Fif: Slowpokes don't stand a chance, miss! Why don't you let me be it?
Asha: How pitiful to lose to a child. Maybe it's a sign you need more exercise in your daily routine.
Suo Member 2: Whoa now, can we not compare me to you—Rei's personal bodyguard? I'm just a plain ol' merchant.
Stardust Child 3: Hey, can we play house next? You're super cool, miss, so you can be my husband!
Asha: Wha! But I'm not anybody's husband...
Suo Member 2: Ahaha, this is where your acting skills come into play.
Rei: You should be up to the task if you've kept up your training, Asha.
Asha: Mama...
Feower: What did I just walk into...
Stardust Child 1: Oh, you're back! Feower, Tien, you should play with us!
Stardust Child 2: Our new friends are so much fun! It's such a blast hanging out with them!
Lyria: Teehee, why don't you two join them?
Feower: Psh, yeah right...
Feower: Why the hell would I wanna muck around with a bunch of mafia pipsqueaks...
Asha: Feower. Do you even know what "mafia" truly means?
Feower: Damn right I do. Every last one of you flaming dirtbags is a living turd bathed in sewage waste and then left out to dry.
Asha: Hrm, mafia can be broadly categorized into two types.
Feower: Like I said—
Asha: Are you going to use your less-than-fortunate upbringing to shun the opportunity to learn new things?
Feower: Rgh...
Asha: The mafia first came about during the turmoil of the post-War era. Now, about there being two types...
Asha: There's the criminal organization type, like the Magasin family, that abuses power and authority to have things their way.
Asha: And then there's the vigilante type, which is sworn to protect people and their property from harm.
Vyrn: I'm guessing the Suo family's...
Asha: The latter, of course. It all started out with the orphans Mama saved during the War.
Asha: They studied and trained under her, going on to become masters of various trades and forming the cornerstone of the Suo family.
Asha: We now protect the skies from behind the scenes, thwarting attempts to harm innocent people any chance they get.
Fif: Bwuh? That sounds a lot like the Crew of Enforcers...
Lyria: Yeah, it's like they're the Enforcers of the mafia world!
Vyrn: Hrm... So basically, you're the good guys...
Rei: Good guys, huh? I wish I could say "yes" with a straight face.
Asha: If nothing else, we would never prey on the weak the way the Magasin family does.
Vyrn: Wait a sec... Something doesn't add up...
Vyrn: You said Rei saved those orphans during the "War," as in the big one that happened 2,000 years ago, right?
  1. Nah, she meant Rei's ancestor—obviously.
  2. So how old is Rei exactly?

Choose: Nah, she meant Rei's ancestor—obviously.
Asha: Nuh-uh. There is and always has been only one true Mama for the Suo family.
Fif: You mean...
Fif: Rei's been alive since the time of the War?

Choose: So how old is Rei exactly?
Rei: How crude to ask a lady for her age.
Lyria: Ah, sorry... We were just so surprised...
Rei: Haha, I only jest. But it is something you may want to keep in mind for future reference.
Rei: And yes, it's true that I've been around since the time of the War.
Continue 1
Vyrn: You've gotta be kidding! I don't know any Harvin who can live that long!
Lyria: Is it the power of a primal beast? Hm, but I don't sense that from you...
Rei: Hehe, every woman has a secret or two they'd like to keep. Anyone ever tell you it's not nice to pry?
Vyrn: Gosh darn it, I really wanted to know...
Feower: So what, who cares?
She's this ancient granny? She was protecting the skies all this time?
Feower: No one asked for it, you damn patronizing shrew.
Rei: ...
Feower: You can control people just by looking at them, a power greater than that of any Eternal's.
Feower: Who knows what kinda crap you pulled behind closed doors.
Asha: I suspect you're in need of some discipline.
Rei: Asha.
Asha: But, Mama... He dares to accuse you of misusing your powers...
Rei: Asha.
Asha: Yes...
Asha: My apologies...
Rei: It's okay. Let's just leave it at that.
Tien: ...?
Rei: That's enough for the fun and games. I should get back to checking on the town's reconstruction.
Rei: Asha, Tien, Feower. Will you join me?
Tien: Mm, naturally. I'll gladly explain anything about the town if you'll let me know what sort of information you need.
Lyria: We should help too, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Right on! Let's go, Feower!
Feower: Humph... I'm not feeling it, but I suppose I can tag along.
Feower: To keep a watch on them, that is.
Fif: Blah, there you go again! Don't say I didn't warn you if no one wants to talk to you ever again!
Rei: Hehe, quite lively, isn't it? I'm looking forward to this.
Asha: ...
Noticing the displeasure on Asha's face, Rei whispers in her ear.
Rei: It was very sweet of you to try to protect me back there.
Rei: But these children don't need to know... For the time being, at least.
Asha: ...
Rei: Haha, it's to be expected from a boy undergoing his rebellious phase.
Rei: Really, there's nothing to worry about. Besides, isn't it a mother's duty to ensure that her children can eventually stand on their own two feet?
Rei gives Feower, who is facing the other way, a fond look.
Perhaps her loving gaze will one day lead Feower toward a more noble path in life.

Eternal Mother

During Anre and Eahta's visit to the Suo family's estate, Eahta and Rei have a chat about the true purpose of power. Rei explains that she uses hers to bring about a better future for the children of the skies.

Some time after the disturbances kicked up by Nehan and Mugen come to a close, the Suo family receives a visitor.
It is Anre of the Eternals. He starts off by bowing his head in apology.
Anre: I'm really sorry for all the trouble we caused, Rei.
Rei: ...
Anre: I knew full well how much you despise the Astrals and the Seven Luminary Knights, and yet...
Rei: I don't mind, Anre. I was more than satisfied with the explanation you gave me.
Rei: Besides, I had been concerned about Stardust Town for quite some time now.
Rei: I took a back-seat approach so as to not exacerbate matters any further.
Rei: It was ultimately your decision to involve me that saved so many innocent children. For that, I thank you, Anre.
Anre: Haha, you're much too kind. Honestly, I should be the one thanking you.
Anre: Somehow I feel as if my words aren't enough... If only there were some other way to express my gratitude...
Rei: Ahaha. Really, I'm telling you it's okay.
Rei: But if you insist, I wouldn't mind taking that mustache off of you.
Rei: The mustached look just doesn't suit you... You're so much more handsome without it.
Anre: Ohoho... You flatter me.
Rei: You're going to have to let me trim it sometime. But more importantly now...
Eahta: ...
Rei: Zanba... No, I believe you go by Eahta now? What brings you here?
Anre: Ah, yes. He—
Eahta: You interest me.
Rei: Oh, is that so? I didn't take you to be the type to express interest in others.
Rei: But perhaps the experience of raising a child has changed you.
Eahta: O everlasting one for whom time holds no meaning.
Rei: That's quite the long title.
Eahta: What is your path in life?
Rei: My path?
Eahta simply nods, waiting for her to continue.
Rei gives it some thought, then looks straight into Eahta's eyes.
Rei: ...
Rei: Hm, now I see the intent behind your question.
Rei: You have the might to possibly conquer the heavens themselves, yet you use it purely for yourself—constantly striving to reach the lofty pinnacle of true strength.
Rei: And you're wondering how I, possessing similarly great power, choose to use my gift.
Eahta: Indeed.
Rei: You could have said that more plainly, you know.
Eahta: Words are but autumn leaves murmuring in the wind. Utter them too heedlessly, and they will wither away into the silence of the night.
Rei: Haha, are you some kind of poet? What an interesting child you are. Fine, I'll tell you.
Rei: In all my years, I've only ever used my power for the purpose of a singular goal.
Rei: To rid the world of the sheer chaos that plagues it and lead it toward a more righteous path. It is what I live for.
Eahta: What is it that you consider righteous?
Rei: The skies have been tainted ever since the time of the War. We have never truly recovered.
Rei: The first step in realizing my goal is to ensure that people of all walks of life across every island learn to respect each other.
Rei: But for that to happen, education is paramount. And education cannot happen unless more basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter are being met.
Rei: Until I realize this ideal, however long it takes...
Rei: I may very well use my powers in violent ways. Provided that doing so will bring us closer to the utopia I envision, I won't show any mercy.
Rei: If the need should arise, I wouldn't be averse to using the relics of the Astrals either.
Anre: ...
Eahta: So you wish to protect our glorious world itself, I see.
Rei: The sky is essentially a glass of water, with some of the glass shards having chipped and fallen inside.
Rei: Attempting to remove those shards would likely cause the water to overflow.
Rei: But even with those shards, it remains a beautiful container nonetheless. I never tire of looking at it. I exercise due caution not to fracture the glass, of course.
Rei: So that we can have a world where children no longer have to suffer and cry.
Anre: You haven't changed in the slightest. No matter how years and months pass, you continue to stay your course.
Eahta: I see that the passage of time has not dampened your strength of heart and soul.
Eahta: Most magnificent indeed.
Rei: I hope that answers your question.
Eahta: A meaningful exchange it was. Thank you.
Anre: I'll be going too. I'm glad we got to meet today. Till next time.
Rei: Don't forget what I said about your mustache, okay?
Anre: Ahaha, I'll sleep on it...
Rei: Heh, I'm looking forward to seeing you clean-shaven. Stay safe, Anre.
Rei: Hm...
Rei: Of course there's no reason for me to stop...
Rei: I'm shouldering the burden of my entire clan after all.
Rei: I will lead my children to a better future, as a mother should.
In the now empty room, Rei reminds herself why it is she does what she does, renewing her conviction.

Eternal Mother: Scene 2

One day, Rei and Asha visit a grandma in her home. This grandma is the descendant of a child that Rei saved long ago, and who once tended to Rei the way Asha now does. ReiIn-game mistranslation; should instead be Asha. watches with curiosity at their heartfelt exchange.

Rei and Asha call on an elderly citizen in her home one day.
A mere glimpse of Rei at the doorway sparks immense joy in this grandma, who readily welcomes in her visitors.
Grandma Gemma: It's been so long, Mama. When was the last time I saw you...
Grandma Gemma: I can hardly remember...
Rei: It was one year ago, on this very day.
Rei: I'm sorry I couldn't drop by more often... You must have felt so lonely.
Grandma Gemma: No, no, not at all! I consider myself blessed to even be able to see you once a year, Mama.
Grandma Gemma: If only I could get around the way I did in my prime, I'd visit you every day... I hate to admit it, but there's no beating old age.
Rei: ...
Rei: I came with a gift for you today. Asha, if you would take it out.
Asha: Yes, Mama.
This is for you, ma'am.
As per Rei's orders, Asha hands the elderly lady a bouquet of blue flowers.
Grandma Gemma: How kind of you, miss. I guess you're one of my little sisters in the family.
Asha: That's right. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Grandma Gemma: My, aren't these golden dewdrops?
Grandma Gemma: After all this time, you remembered my favorite flowers...
Rei: No loving mother would ever forget her child's favorite things.
Grandma Gemma: "Child"? What child speaks with such a gravelly voice and has this many wrinkles?
Rei: No matter how much your physical appearance changes, no matter how many years pass by, there's one thing that'll remain constant.
Rei: The fact that you'll always be my precious little child.
Grandma Gemma: Mama...
Grandma Gemma: I wouldn't even be here today if you didn't save my ancestor during the time of the War...
Rei: Both your ancestor and you have done so much to help me. I'm the one who should be grateful.
Grandma Gemma: Thank you, Mama... So much time has passed since I retired...
Grandma Gemma: I'm afraid I'm not of much use anymore, but I hope you'll take up the mantle and be a good girl for Mama.
Asha: Of course, Sister. I certainly will...
Grandma Gemma: Haha. Quite the serious one, aren't you? It's okay to let loose sometimes.
Asha: You are many years my senior, Sister. I wouldn't want to be rude.
Rei: Being far too earnest is your one fault, Asha.
Grandma Gemma: My, how rare of you to tease a child, Mama. I can already tell she's your favorite. You're lucky to have a good one by your side.
Grandma Gemma: I'm almost jealous. I wish you would've teased me a bit more back in the day.
Rei: What a thing to say! I'll tease you all you want right this second if you'd like.
Grandma Gemma: Oh, really? Then...
Grandma Gemma: Maybe we can put it off till next time.
Rei: ...
Rei: Sounds good to me.
Asha: ...?
Grandma Gemma: Hey, Mama? Is it okay if I hold your hands?
Rei: I've quite spoiled you, haven't I. Here you go.
Grandma Gemma: Haha. Your hands are as warm, beautiful, and gentle as ever, Mama...
Grandma Gemma: I can't count the number of times you've saved me with these hands...
Rei: ...
Grandma Gemma: I hope you'll continue to give light to children as you did for me.
Rei: Rest assured, that was always the plan.
Grandma Gemma: Glad to hear it, Mama.
Grandma Gemma: As much as I'd love to chat with you all day, it wouldn't be fair to others to have you all for myself.
Grandma Gemma: Thanks again for the visit, Mama. I love you.
Rei: I love you too... my dear child.
As Rei and Asha leave the house...
The grandma waves goodbye with a genuine smile.
Grandma Gemma: I'll be going soon.
Rei: Have a safe trip.
Asha: ...?

Eternal Mother: Scene 3

Rei dreams of a memory from her time during the War. Her entire clan sacrificed themselves so that Rei, with their combined power and life spans, would be able to survive and carry on the torch of the clan. For centuries now, she's been saving children all over the skies and serving as their mother.

Some time after the meeting with the grandma...
Rei dreams of a fond yet loathsome memory from long ago.
Rei: (A dream of the War again... As much as I hate it, this memory's also very nostalgic...)
Rei: (The Astrals subjugated those with great power in the skies in an attempt to strengthen their reign...)
Rei: (They came after us too, seeking to utilize the magical power in our eyes...)
As the War escalated, Rei's clan began to fear the possibility of being enslaved by the Astrals and becoming a threat to the skies they'd always called home.
They placed their bets on Rei, transferring all their power to her to avoid the worst possible outcome.
Rei: ...
Rei Clansperson 1: Our power is far too valuable to be lost to the skies forever...
Rei Clansperson 1: Yet at the same time, our naturally delicate bodies are not the most fit for fighting.
Rei Clansperson 1: Before the Astrals can capture us to further rain destruction upon all, we're going to transfer our collective power and life spans unto you.
Rei Clansperson 2: Please use those kind, gentle hands of yours for the sake of the skies... to save, protect, and guide its children to a brighter future...
Rei: I will... I promise it!
And thus Rei inherits the power and life spans of her fellow clanspeople. She goes on to defeat innumerable Astrals and save countless war orphans, assisting many wounded along the way.
The children who find grace under Rei's care, wanting to make their foster mother's dream a reality, eventually form the Suo family.
These children would entrust their ardent wish to their children before passing on and leaving Rei behind, a tradition that has continued to present day.
No matter how many generations passed, Rei would love every child equally, hoping that they could pursue a nobler world together.
This would continue on for decades, centuries, and even millennia...
So that Rei can fulfill her clan's dying wish, and so that the lost children of the skies have a place to call home.
Rei: (...)
Rei: (Raising children is but a mother's duty. It shouldn't sadden me.)
Rei: (Nor should seeing them pass...)
Rei: (For now and evermore, even should my extended life span come to its natural end one day...)
Rei: (I'll continue to fulfill my duty as a mother...)
Rei: (...)

Eternal Mother: Scene 4

Rei and Asha attend the funeral of the grandma they visited days earlier. Asha notices the sadness in Rei's eyes and apologizes for having to upset her in the very same manner some day. The two share a touching moment.

A few days have passed.
The entire Suo family is attending the funeral of the elderly grandma Rei visited only days prior.
Others begin taking off at the ceremony's end, but Rei and Asha remain standing still.
Rei: ...
Asha: ...
Asha: This was really sudden.
Rei: It was.
Asha: Mama... Did you already know she didn't have long?
Rei: ...
Asha: I see... So that's what you two meant when—
???: Excuse me...
Asha: You're...
Rei: Oh, you're her son. My, how you've grown.
Grandma's Child: Mama... Long time no see.
Rei: Haha, you're technically not my child. It's okay if you'd rather not call me that.
Grandma's Child: No, you've helped me time and again, Mama. Please, I insist.
Grandma's Child: Thank you for coming to the funeral. I'm sure my mother's happy you're here, wherever she might be right now.
Grandma's Child: There's just one thing I wanted to give you... It was my mother's final wish to make sure you got this actually...
Rei: Hm, what could that be?
The grandma's child hands Rei a small box.
Grandma's Child: I have a family gathering to get to, so I'll take my leave now... Till next time, Mama.
Rei: See you later. And please give your family my regards.
Rei opens the box handed to her.
Inside is a golden dewdrop, the grandma's favorite flower.
For just a split second, Rei seems to hear the voice of the departed grandma.
Grandma Gemma: Wherever I end up, my heart's always with you, Mama.
Rei: ...
Rei: No matter how old you get, you just can't leave your mama, can you... I really have spoiled you.
Rei: Like I said, there's nothing to worry about.
Rei: It's a mother's job to make sure her children eventually stand on their own two feet...
Asha: Mama...
Asha: I hate to say it, but one day I'm going to bring you just as much sadness—
Rei: Bad Asha.
Asha: Ouch...
Rei: It's nothing to concern yourself over. I'm fine, really.
Asha: But...
Rei: Haha, ever the serious Asha. Just like a certain someone I used to know.
Rei: I still have a long way to go with you and the others...
Rei brings Asha in closer and gently brushes her hair.
Taking in the warmth rushing through her hand, Rei vows in her heart to lead Asha through a fulfilling life.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
見破ったわ Your weakness is showing.
アシャ、あとでお出かけしましょう Let us head out soon, Asha.
この力は空の……子供達のために…… My powers are meant to make the world a better place for children.
常に視野を広く持っておかないとね It pays to keep an open mind.
ふわぁ……眠くなってきたわ Yawn... I'm getting sleepy.
星の民やその力はちょっぴり苦手なの I've never been fond of Astrals and the ways in which they use their powers.
いつでも頼っていいのよ母の務めですもの Know that I am always here for you children, as a mother should be.
子供達を導くのが私の使命よ It is my duty to guide children to meaningful lives.
(主人公)、相談事かしら? Did you have something to discuss, (Captain)?
(主人公)は見込みのある子ね I see great potential in you, (Captain).