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Official Profile[edit]

Age 27
Height 180 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Writing to his sister, arts and crafts (despite his lack of skill)
Likes Cute things, his sister, small animals
Dislikes His sister's sour and preachy attitude
A former woodsman, Ryan is a young, hard-working mercenary who isn't exactly the best with words. He left the forest where he and his sister used to live in order to seek a life as a warrior. Always bowing to his sister, Ryan makes sure to respond to her letters whenever he has the time. An utter maniac when it comes to cute things and small forest creatures, Ryan has amassed an impressive collection of stuffed animals, which he claims are souvenirs for his sister. Living in the forest for so long has honed his natural instincts, which in turn, allows him to smell and perceive more than the average bear.
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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

(Captain)! I heard it was your birthday. Congrats.
I tried to make you a present, but... Well, sorry.
The only thing I succeeded in was making a mess. I can't give this to you.
I don't have anything for you, but I'll celebrate with all my might!
Happy birthday, (Captain). You're the greatest.


I... I made you a scarf.
I know it's not the most fashionable scarf, but I really worked hard on it.
Happy birthday, and thanks for watching out for me all the time.
I'm glad you like the gift. That makes me so happy!


Happy birthday, (Captain). Many thanks for everything you do for us.
I gave this cake decoration thing a shot.
I think I did a good job prettying it up—can't guarantee the taste though.
I spent a lot of time on the sugary rabbit-shaped decorations. I hope you like them.
Hm? You think it'd be a waste to eat them? Heh... I'm kinda glad you feel that way.


(Captain), happy birthday. I knit you a sweater to show my appreciation for all you've done for us. Took my time to make it really nice. I think it turned out pretty well... For someone of my knitting skill at least. I took extra care to ensure that it's extra fluffy to the touch. Should keep you warm in the winter. Will you accept the gift? Hehe, thanks. I'm glad you like it already.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
I came along to learn what true courage is.
Looking back, it seems like I made the right choice.
But I'm sure I'll learn a lot more from you in the coming year.


Heheh... This is the second year in a row I've been able to spend New Year's with you, (Captain).
I'm so glad to have met you.
Here's hoping for another fantastic year, (Captain).


Happy New Year.
This is the third one I've celebrated with you.
Time's gone by so fast ever since we met up.
I look forward to continuing my travels with you, (Captain).
Here's to another fantastic year.


(Captain), happy New Year. The town's always so festive for the occasion.
I was just wondering why there's so many people gathered. Turns out they're here to check out their New Year's fortunes.
Let's see...
"Super good luck," it says! Hooray for me.
"You can expect good health and lost items returned. And if you have a little sister..."
"Wish her well with her new significant other."
This is absurd! How can it possibly know I have a little sister?
Kunlun... Who could her romantic partner possibly be...
(Captain)! Steer a course for my hometown on the double!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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I-is this for me, (Captain)?
Haha, this makes me so happy I could jump for joy!
Huh? You want me to actually jump for joy? But I'm a full-grown man...
Thank you, (Captain). I'll return the favor one day.


This year too, (Captain)? You're too kind.
I'm still not used to this. I think my heart's racing.
Hm? You want to see me jumping for joy? All right...
... ... Sigh, I'm sorry. I just can't get over the embarrassment.
I appreciate the gesture though, (Captain). Thank you.


I'm always happy to get your chocolates, (Captain).
Y-yay... Thanks, (Captain)...
I was trying to hype myself up, but I guess that's just not me...
Huh? I'm hyped to the max when I'm talking about Kunlun?
Th-that's an entirely different matter!


(Captain), what's up? Hm, this is for me?
Ah, is it that time of the year again?
(Captain), thanks for always keeping me in mind. I'll be sure to savor it.
Hey, why are you looking at me like that?
You want to bubble over in excitement?
Aw, c'mon, you know that's not my style!
Hey, cheer up. I do appreciate it, you know.
To make up for it, I'll put my heart into the White Day gift next month. Hope you're looking forward to it.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

I have a present for you, (Captain).
I made these chocolates by following the steps my sister wrote down for me in a letter.
I know they don't exactly look appetizing...
But know that my feelings for you are genuine, (Captain). I'm glad we get to travel together.


Well? Better than last year, right?
I wanted to make something really good for you, so I spent some time practicing.
(Captain), I don't know what I'd ever do without you.
Thanks for always being there for me. Heheh.


Here's a present. I made them this year too.
I seem to be getting better at it every year.
Practice makes perfect, I guess.
I hope we'll continue to grow together, (Captain).
There's a lot riding on it.


(Captain), this is for you.
As usual I made sure to get some input from Kunlun on how to make them.
I thought of making them super fluffy at first, but Kunlun had a different idea...
Why don't you have one and see how you like it?
So you think it's good? Glad to hear it.
Always glad to trade goodies with you, (Captain).

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

I'm heading home (Captain)!
Today's a day for mischief? That means my sister's in danger! Danger of being tricked! I have to save her!
Graah, Hold on, sis! Your brother's coming to the rescue!


Pranks... Tricks? No. Pranks...
If I don't protect her, Conlon's going to get pranked.
Let's head back to my hometown, (Captain). What do you mean I went there last year and got beat up?
I am not deterred! Let's go!


Halloween's that day where you say "trick or treat," right?
I prepared mountains of candy just for today.
(Captain), I'll be returning to my hometown with these.
It's to ward off anyone that approaches Kunlun by giving them candy!
Yaaargh! Wait for your big bro, Kunlun, 'cause he's never been more ready to save you!


Kunluun! Kunluuun!
Huff... Huff... (Captain)... You're wondering what I'm doing?
You know how Kunlun gets angry every time I go back home to make sure she's all right?
Well, I've decided not to return this year.
Of course I'm still worried that someone might play a trick on her... Urgh, I can't stand it...
Enough is enough! I'm going back to check up on Kunlun no matter what!
Graaaagh! I can take it if she gets fed up with me! A big brother's gotta do what a big brother's gotta do!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

The holidays are the perfect time to spend with family.
Oh, Kunlun... I'm so sorry I can't be with you right now.
I can't imagine how lonely you must feel... Ah, aah, aaah!
(Captain)! Let's go back to my hometown! No, we have to go back! Please!


Hey, (Captain). Can you come shopping with me?
There's something I want to get for Kunlun.
Oh, and of course I'll get you something too.
It's kinda chilly outside, so dress warm!


(Captain), check out this tree.
I decorated this one myself, starting with chopping it off in the forest.
How do you like all the fluffy trinkets I decked it out with? Isn't it just lovely?
This is one of my better creations. As for this teddy bear modeled to look like you...
Wha? You thought it was a reindeer? No way—it's not that bad!


(Captain), what do you think of this teddy bear?
Oh, it's not for me. I thought it might make a nice holiday gift for Kunlun.
Ah, so I see you, too, find it hopelessly adorable. Good, I've decided.
Guess I'll pick one up for myself too.
Oopsie, don't mind me! All I said was happy holidays! Really!

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Backwoods Bodyguard[edit]

(Captain) and company visit a mountain village, where they're mistaken for bandits by a young man trying to protect the village. The crew tries to clear up the misunderstanding, but the man seems to only have eyes for Vyrn.

Another day, another adventure.
One night (Captain) and company visit a mountain village in hopes of securing some overnight lodging.
Vyrn: Look! I finally see the village!
Lyria: Wow... It sure took long enough to find.
Vyrn: Anyway, I bet you're beat too, (Captain). Phew... the things I'd do for a big, fluffy pillow...
Lyria: Wait... there's someone at the village entrance. Maybe they can help us find an inn...
Ryan: Please leave.
Vyrn: Hm? What's your problem?
Ryan: No sir. No one's getting in here. Orders from the chief.
Lyria: Er... did something happen here?
Ryan: Bandits. This village can hardly sleep for fear of an attack. Are you friends of theirs?
Vyrn: How dare you! Do we look like a bunch of bandits to you?
Ryan: Grrr...
Vyrn: What?
Ryan: Grrr...
Lyria: E-excuse me! Vyrn's got a bit of a mouth on him, but I can assure you that he's not a bad little guy.
Ryan: Ah, sorry... Seems I got ahead of myself.
Lyria: Huh?
Ryan: Critters don't lie... and they certainly don't keep company with bad folk.
Vyrn: Who are you calling a critter? I mean, I know how I look, but still!
Ryan: What the?
Vyrn: Hey! Where do you think you're going?
Ryan: Something is afoot... I can sense it. Over yonder...
Lyria: Wait. You dropped something. It's so cute! Is this a stuffed—Yikes!
Ryan: You didn't see, did you? That's right! You didn't! Got it?
Lyria: Uh, yeah...
Ryan: That's right! You saw nothing!
With that, Ryan dashes off to find the bandits.
Lyria: Ah! Hold on just a second! (Captain)! We should help take care of those bandits!
Vyrn: Sounds good! Let's get rid of 'em so they'll let us into the village!
After rooting out the bandits with Ryan, (Captain) and company return to the village to find a warm welcome.
The crew leaves the village after a night of well-deserved rest.
Vyrn: Wait a hot minute! Why are you following us?
Ryan: We got rid of the bandits, so the villagers said maybe I need to look elsewhere for work...
Ryan: Besides... my little sister used to tell me something. She said I needed more pluck.
Ryan: (Captain) is still so young and already the leader of a crew. That's exactly the kind of pluck I need.
Vyrn: Say what? What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. Pleased to have you.
  2. It's no walk in the park.

Choose: Pleased to have you.
Ryan: Thank you...
Ryan: I used to look after the critters back home. You won't have to worry about Vyrn while I'm around.

Choose: It's no walk in the park.
Ryan: I'm ready, and there's nothing I can't do with a cute little critter by my side.
Ryan: You know, kind of like Vyrn...
Continue 1
Vyrn: Seriously, dude? Again with the critter talk!
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria? That thing he dropped yesterday. What was it?
Lyria: Hehe. I'm not telling. But it was super cute and fluffy... Maybe he'll let me touch it one day.
With the addition of a burly, brotherly warrior, the crew continues on with fresh new energy.

Save the Stuffed Rabbit![edit]

Ryan finds a fluffy stuffed animal at the Knickknack Shack, but it's actually out of stock, and merchants are on the way to deliver another shipment. As Ryan eagerly waits, word arrives of the merchants being attacked.

Sierokarte: Oho! So you've taken a liking to that? You have fine taste!
Ryan: O-of course not! I'm not interested in stuffed animals like this...
Lyria: Wow! This stuffed bunny is so cute!
Sierokarte: Yup! It's very popular among girls! It's made in a Harvin village and is prized for its fluffiness!
Ryan: F-fluffy...
Sierokarte: But I'm so sorry... We're out of stock right now. And the one you're looking at is already reserved.
Sierokarte: Still, there's supposed to be another shipment arriving today with other merchandise...
Townsperson: Oi! There's a caravan being attacked by monsters near the town!
Townsperson: Hey! If anyone can fight, please help!
Sierokarte: What? This is a disaster! Those stuffed animals should be with that caravan...
Ryan: (Captain), let's go right now. We might still be able to save the merchants and the goods!

Save the Stuffed Rabbit!: Scene 2[edit]

Ryan is at first relieved that the stuffed animals were protected. Unfortunately another monster attacks, missing him but tearing apart his stuffed friends.

Vyrn: Fantastic! Looks like we made it on time! No one's hurt and none of the merchandise is damaged!
Vyrn: But there were so many of them. We have to stay alert...
Lyria: Wow! So many stuffed animals! Aren't you glad we moved quickly? Uh, Ryan?
Ryan: Like a mountain of fluffiness... Is this heaven?
Lyria: Good for you, Ryan! It looks like the stuffed rabbits are okay!
Ryan: Yeah... Just thinking about what could have happened to them makes me shudder...
Lyria: Hehe. Ryan, you really like cute things, don't you?
Ryan: N-no, I don't! This is, well... just a gift for my sister back in my village...
  1. No need to hide it.
  2. Let's send it to her right now!

Choose: No need to hide it.
Lyria: You said it! I like stuffed animals too, you know!

Choose: Let's send it to her right now!
Lyria: Stop it! Oh, (Captain)! Don't say mean stuff like that! Right, Ryan?
Continue 1
Ryan: A-anyway! It's not as if I like stuffed animals or anything...
Vyrn: Whoa! Hey, watch out! Behind you!
Ryan: What?
With the speed of a wild animal, Ryan dodges the monster's blow.
However, all the stuffed animals are torn apart.
Vyrn: Phew... I'm glad no one was hurt.
Lyria: Yes... But the stuffed animals...
Ryan: They will pay for this...
Lyria: Ryan...
Ryan: How dare you... How dare you... destroy my stuffed rabbits... No! My stuffed bunnies!
Lyria: What? Why'd he say it like that?
Ryan: This is too cruel! Even if the heavens forgive you, I won't!
Ryan: (Captain)! Help me! We'll annihilate every last one of these fiends!

Save the Stuffed Rabbit!: Scene 3[edit]

Ryan is distraught by the destruction of the stuffed animals. Luckily, Siero finds one still intact and gives it to Ryan by way of thanks. Ryan hugs it with childlike joy.

(Captain) and company defeat the monsters, but Ryan is depressed by the remains of the stuffed animals.
Ryan: I'm sorry... Bunnies... I couldn't protect you...
Lyria: Um... Please don't feel down...
Sierokarte: Hmm... It should be around here somewhere...
Vyrn: Hm? Knickknack! What are you doing?
Sierokarte: Huh? I found it! Here it is! What a relief!
Sierokarte: Hehehe! One of the stuffed rabbits was safe!
Sierokarte: Now then. Here you go, Ryan!
Ryan: Wait. What? What's going on?
Sierokarte: Ha ha! It's yours! It's just a little thank you for protecting my fellow merchants and merchandise!
Ryan: Are you sure? Really?
Sierokarte: But of course!
Ryan: I-I... Thank you!
Lyria: Ha ha. Ryan looks so happy. How wonderful!
Vyrn: Well, it looks really strange to see a great warrior like Ryan hugging a stuffed bunny, but whatever.
Ryan: Hehehe... Fluffy...
His wish granted, the rustic warrior looks truly happy as he embraces the stuffed animal.

Picking the Perfect Present[edit]

Ryan had been worried. It was almost his dear sister’s birthday. He wanted to get a present he could send back home to her. At the end of his wits, he approached Io for some advice. And so Ryan brought Io with him on on a shopping trip, but the beautiful hair clip they bought had shattered into pieces. With some harsh coaching from Io, Ryan managed to mend the clip with his own two hands. It looked better than ever.

One day on the Grandcypher. Ryan had near worn a track in the deck with his ceaseless pacing. The party decided to speak with him.
Vyrn: Uh... Ryan? What’s the deal? You’re all twitchy.
Ryan: C’mon, Vyrn... it’s no big deal, right?
Lyria: Are you alright? You know you can talk to us about anything, right?
Ryan: Ah, Lyria... oh, yeah! You’ve saved me!
Hearing that, Ryan decided to open up and share what was troubling him.
Ryan: Well, um... you guys know my sister back home? Her birthday’s coming up soon and I have no idea what I should get her.
Vyrn: I got’cha... you’re not sure what she’d like.
Vyrn: How about it? You got any ideas, Lyria?
Lyria: Hrm... I think I’d be fine with anything if someone put a lot of thought into it...
Lyria: I’m so sorry... I wish I could’ve helped more.
Ryan: Nah... it’s the thought that counts, really. Thanks.
Ryan: Oh... so fluffy-wuffy...
Vyrn: Hm? What’s up with you? (Captain)?
  1. Let’s get some wisdom from Katalina!
  2. Io should know!

Choose: Let’s get some wisdom from Katalina!
Lyria: Exactly! She’s such a sweetheart! She’ll definitely know what to do!
Vyrn: Er... if you say so, (Captain). Let’s give it a shot.
And so the party decided to get a bit of advice from Katalina.
Ryan: So that’s about it... you have any ideas?
Katalina: Um... sure! I just thought of something great!
Katalina: How does this sound, Vyrn... a life-sized stuffed animal that looks like you?
Vyrn: What?!
Ryan: Huh?! A Vyrn... uh, plushie?
Katalina: Hehe... just think of it! Vyrn’s so cuddly... she could squeeze him all day long!
Ryan: Cuddly, eh... great idea, Katalina! I’m gonna make her a nice, squeezable Vyrn plushie!
Ryan: Sigh... a Vyrn plushie... or a plushie Vyrn...
Katalina: Oh, you are just too sweet! I want to help, too! Pleaaaase?! I’m getting all fluttery just thinking about it!
Katalina: All right! Now all we need to do is take Vyrn’s measurements...
Vyrn: Hey! Damnit! Hold up just a second! I’m not your damn toy!
Lyria: Hehe... and I’m pretty sure they both just want a plushie for themselves...
Vyrn: Gah! I’m done with you jerks! Should’ve just talked to Io in the first place!
And so the party decided to get a second opinion from Io.

Choose: Io should know!
Vyrn: Haha... yeah, Io looks like she’d have a thing or two in mind!
Lyria: Of course! She’s always so stylish! I bet she’ll be great help!
And so the party decided to get some input from Io.
Continue 1
Ryan: So, Io... you think you could help me pick out a birthday present for my sister?
Io: Oh, sure! I’ll pick something that she’s just going to love.
Ryan: Awesome! Thanks a bunch, Io!
Io: Hehe. Don’t you worry. You’re in good hands!
Io: Alright then! Let’s get our butts to town!
The party followed Io to town in search of a suitable birthday present.
In town, Io took the party from shop to shop.
Io: Hrm... I mean, it’s a cute little broach with the bird and all. But don’t you think she might be a little too old for it?
Ryan: Wow... look at all these plushies. What about you, pretty kitty? Oh wait, you little squirrel. Aren’t you so fuzzy-wuzzy...
Io: What d’you think about this pendant? Hrm... maybe something a little flashier?
Ryan: All this fluff... row after row after row. What is this place... this paradise...
Io: Hey! What the heck’re you mumbling about? You sure you’re here to pick out a present?
Ryan: But the plushies... wait, no. Forget about that!
Io: Sigh... are you telling me your sister reaaally wants a stuffed animal?
Ryan: I... well... hrm...
Io: Yeesh... first of all, a present should be something the person wants, not something you want to give them. You got that?
Ryan: Urk... that does sound about right.
Io: Wait just a second there, guy! Don’t get all gloomy! Now I feel all bad...
Io: Hm... how about you pull yourself together and we head on to the next store!
Ryan: Wait... I’m coming!
The party was on what seemed to be its thousandth shop before Ryan finally found a present for his sister.
Ryan: Io... thanks. This hair clip is great. I never would’ve found it if it wasn’t for you.
Io: Teehee! And it’s one-of-a-kind!
Lyria: Yeah! I knew you’d be able to help him!
Io: Ohoho! What can I say? I mean, who else would you go to?
But just then. Our heroes celebration was cut short by a woman’s piercing scream.
Woman: Ahhhhh! Thief!
Thief: Oi! Outta the way!
The thief went crashing into Ryan. The party barely had a chance to react before he was running off again!
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay, Ryan?!
Io: Oh, no! The clip... it’s broken...
Ryan: Why you dirty... thieving... YOU RUINED IT!
Thief: Eek!
Ryan flew after the thief, his face contorted into a mask of demonic rage. In the space of a few seconds, it was over.
But catching the thief did little to lift Ryan’s spirits. The hair clip was broken.
Ryan: This is the worst... and Io worked to hard to find it...
Vyrn: C’mon, man... cheer up.
Lyria: Um, Ryan? Why don’t we all go out together and find something?
Ryan: Sigh... but we had to walk all around to find it. How’m I going to find something better than this...
Io: Leave it to me! It’s not over ‘til the primal beast sings, Ryan!
Io beamed confidently as she almost dragged the party back to the Grandcypher.
Back at the Grandcypher, Io ran back to her cabin and came back proudly clutching two handfuls of jewelry.
Io: Hehe. You think this might be enough?
Vyrn: Wh-whoa... hey, Io... Not to be picky, but aren’t those yours? Can’t say Ryan’s sis is gonna be happy with a regift...
Io: Wrong! We’re going to use this stuff to fix up that clip!
Lyria: ... wow, Io! You’re amazing!
Io: Teehee. You know I’ve got great instincts. It’s going to turn out fabulously!
Ryan: Io?! Are you sure? I don’t want you to have to use stuff you like.
Io: It’s cool! But just check with me before you take anything, okay?
Ryan: Thanks... seriously.
And so Ryan took up Io’s jewelry and took on the task of fixing the clip.
Or so he tried...
Ryan: Io... I, uh... would you mind lending me a hand?
Io: What?! I could’ve sworn you said you were good at arts and crafts and stuff?
Ryan: Well, uh... I like arts and craft. But I don’t think I ever said I’m good at ‘em...
Io: Sigh... fine, fine. I’ll give you a little bit of help. You need to take care of the rest yourself!
Vyrn: Whew... you could ease up a little, Io.
Io: Oh, be quiet! It won’t mean anything if it doesn’t come from the bottom of Ryan’s heart!
Lyria: Hehe... I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Right, (Captain)?
And so, under Io’s watchful and caring eye, the clip was finished.
Finally, the clip that Ryan had put his heart and soul into was sent back home to his sister.


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