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Official Profile[edit]

Age 17
Height 163 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Tuning instruments, looking at sky charts
Likes Her grandfather, listening to traveler's tales, gardening
Dislikes Weak-willed people, cowards
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  • Selfira became the adoptive child of Keehar after her parents passed.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
I don't suppose you have a minute do you? I want to put on a heartfelt performance just for you.


Happy birthday! Do you have any requests? I'll be performing later at the party.
But you know, performing the same old pieces over and over again is a dull affair.
There has to be something you want or want to do.
Go on, ask me for anything. You've always been there for me, and now I'd like to return the favor.
W-what was that?
Ah! You can't just say something and run, you little sneak! Come back here!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I remember when I was still living in my village, I'd lay out a map and dream of adventure.
I loved the world my grandfather's tales took place in. I thought someday I'd travel there myself.
Then I met you and off on our travels we went.
The sky is grand and vast. I finally got to have the fun adventures I could only have in my imagination.
Say, (Captain). The twinkle you always have in your eye is so lovely.
They're just like Grandfather's eyes whenever he tells his stories.
Eyes filled with so much excitement and fun that even I couldn't help but feel the same way.
I hope I'll be able to tell adventures of you and I one day with the same sparkling eyes.
So until then, (Captain), let's make the most of our journey.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year. Are you ready for it?
I can't wait to head back out there together with you and face ever newer challenges.


Happy New Year! What do you think the new year will bring? Oh, my heart is pounding with excitement!
Am I being too lax? Yeah, I know danger comes with the job. Such is the life of a skyfarer.
But I came from a tiny village out in the boonies. I never got to explore the outside world.
Adventuring through the skies with you and the crew is the most fun I've ever had.
Thank you for bringing me onboard, (Captain). I'll do my best not to slow you down.


Come on, (Captain)! How long do you plan on staying in bed for?
The town is buzzing with excitement for the new year. Let's go out there together.
Hm? You want to sleep in all day?
No way! I'm going to pull you out from under those sheets myself if I have to!
Fine. This is the perfect chance to play for you my newest piece: Cacophony of Loud Noises.
Oh, you're up? Well, get your shoes on and let's go for that walk.


(Captain), happy New Year!
Haha, I definitely wasn't expecting you to drop in just to say hello.
You made it pretty clear last year about how you'd be staying cooped up in your room for the next New Year's.
I'm glad you're here though. I have tickets for an upcoming concert.
Exactly two of them. Would you like to go with me?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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So it's Valentine's Day. You like sweet things, right? Yeah, you do...
Um, would you mind having a snack with me? I already made some sweets, and I boiled a pot of tea. How about it?


Thank you for being there when I need you. This is a token of my appreciation for you. Yes, appreciation...
Gasp! Don't sneak up on me like that, (Captain)!
Ah, please wait!
I, um... got you this! It's Valentine's Day chocolate!
It's appreciation, I mean, a token of my appreciation for you. I'd be happy if you accepted it...
Is it too much? You've probably already gotten a lot of chocolate. I shouldn't have given you something sweet...
Thank you for taking it. I hope you like them.


Um... Today's Valentine's Day, (Captain).
H-here, I made you this!
It's just a raspberry chocolate cake...
You know, to say thanks for everything. I hope you like—
Oh, phew. Thanks.
I grew those raspberries myself actually.
I put a lot of effort into growing them, just like I did when I baked the cake.
So it's probably, uh, extra sweet.


I made these for you, (Captain)...
For Valentine's...
I made them myself this year too. I'm sorry if they don't look all that appetizing, but...
Hm? Ah, I'm so relieved you like them.
Sigh... This might be my third time, yet I still break out in a cold sweat...
Though seeing your contagious smile at the end makes it all worth it.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake
4th year:
Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day! Grandpa gave me some rare treats for Valentine's Day.
These are special rice crackers, and they're quite salty. Wanna share one with me?


Um... Could this be a White Day present?
This really touches my heart. Thank you so much.
By the way do you know the meaning behind giving someone a gift on White Day?
You don't? Um, I'm not sure how to explain it...
Humph, quit teasing me like that! If you really don't know, then go look it up yourself!
How could you do that to me? You're unbelievable!


What is it, (Captain)?
Returning the favor for Valentine's Day?
Thank you. This is great.
What do you mean you looked up the meaning behind giving White Day presents?
Oh, that's right. Last year you said you didn't know.
And to top it off, you avoided giving a present that could be misconstrued... Sigh...
I'm somewhat disappointed yet relieved...
Huh? I didn't say anything!
Thank you again for the gift. I'll open it later in my room.


Everything okay, (Captain)?
Hm? Is this... for White Day?
Thank you. I'll savor it.
Hm? The meaning of a White Day gift? Yeah, you mentioned that last year too. I remember.
Hey, stop it—you're embarrassing me! Now I'm afraid to open it...
Fine! I'll just have to open it in my room then! Don't come after me!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween!
It's fine to quietly remember those who have passed, but festivities like these aren't so bad either.
I wish I could show Mother and Father how well I'm doing.


I hear Halloween's when ghosts and dead people come out to play.
I wonder if my parents will show up too?
Hehe, sure would be nice if they did. Even if they can't talk as ghosts, just seeing them would be enough.
So let me play a jig to put a spring in the step of all the ghosts and ghouls out there.
And if you enjoy it too, (Captain), well... that would be just wonderful.


It's Halloween, (Captain)! Look at the smiles on everyone's faces!
I'll play a little tune to really stir up some—
D—don't play jokes on me without warning!
Goodness. If it's candy you want, I have it right here.
There you go.
No more teasing while I play, hear me?
Huh? Well, technically I did say no teasing while I play, not after, but...
Ugh! Just don't do it!
I mean... Well... I guess I don't mind a little bit of ribbing from you, (Captain)...


(Captain), happy Halloween...
Of course I'll be careful today. After the sudden prank last year, I've learned to be on my guard.
Wh-what's that you're holding on to? Some kind of outfit?
Rgh... I'm not going in a costume!
I mean...
That'd get in the way of my performance!
It's my job first and foremost to liven up the atmosphere of the crew with my music!
I need to be in my usual dress to do that!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! I get so excited seeing all the gorgeous decorations.
You know, my grandfather told me he once met Santa Claus. I wonder if it's true...


(Captain), a moment of your time if I may. Thank you.
About tonight's special holiday banquet everyone's been waiting for...
Would it be all right if I provided some entertainment? I've prepared a repertoire of holiday songs.
I can? Thank you! I'm going put on my best performance yet.
The banquet's finally here. Nothing would bring me more joy than to help make wonderful new memories.
Heehee. I bet the food will be delicious, but please don't count out my concert, (Captain)!


Hey, (Captain). Happy holidays!
I was just in the middle of tuning.
That's right. I'll be performing again for this year's holiday banquet.
But unlike last year, this year I went the extra mile and helped with preparing the feast.
You've always got to keep challenging yourself. It's a surefire way to get on Santa Claus's good—
Er, you didn't hear that. Okay? Nothing at all...
A-anyway, I hope you look forward to hearing my performance at the banquet!


Ah, happy holidays, (Captain).
What's wrong? You seem a bit fidgety.
The get-together dinner? Yes, I'm thinking of performing this year as well.
Let me guess... You were looking forward to it? Ah, that makes me so happy...
Haha, I'm going to express the joy I feel right now through my music later tonight.
I hope you'll like it, (Captain).

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Island Fever Musician[edit]

The musician Selfira seemed to enjoy listening to Lyria talk about the journey so far. Our heroes invited her to join the Order, and so she decided to journey with them. However, Selfira had never ridden an airship before, and she was afraid of heights. She decided to distract herself from her fears by singing a song.

During their travels, (Captain) and company decided to help exterminate the monsters that were attacking a certain village.
One of the residents of the village, a musician named Selfira, offered to help (Captain) and company, and so they decided to work together.
Vyrn: We did it!!! All the monsters here are as good as gone!
Selfira: After defeating so many, it sure feels that way... Still, I have to say, you people are quite strong. I truly appreciate all you’ve done.
Selfira: Do you skyfarers always exterminate monsters?
Lyria: No, we do more than just fight monsters. We do all kinds of work! Sometimes we deliver packages!
Selfira: I see... Well, since you visit so many different places, I imagine there must be all kinds of requests out there.
Selfira: A skyfarer’s journey must be challenging, but I bet it’s fun. Say, could you tell me about your adventures?
Lyria: Leave it to me! There’s so much to talk about, I don’t even know where to start!
Selfira: We’re back at the village already? Hehe! I guess I was too busy listening to Lyria’s stories. Time flies while you’re having fun, as they say.
Vyrn: Say, Selfira. You seem really interested in our journey. Are you a fan of traveling or something?
Selfira: Well, I do like stories about traveling. My grandpa was a skyfarer back in his day, and he used to tell me all about his adventures...
Selfira: But as for traveling itself... I’ve never actually done it before, so I don’t know if I’m a fan. I’ve never once left this island.
Selfira: I know traveling around and expanding on my experience would help polish my skills as a musician, but I just... haven’t gotten to that point yet, I guess.
Lyria: Oh, really...? Say, Selfira! What if you traveled with us?
Selfira: What...? L-Lyria! It’s not the same as going for a walk or something, you know...
Selfira: But... you’re right. Your arrival on this island might just be the perfect chance for me...
Selfira: Hey, (Captain). If you don’t mind, could you take me with you on your journey?
  1. Of course
  2. It’s not all fun and games, you know

Choose: Of course
Selfira: Thank you. You’re very kind, (Captain).
Selfira: I’m new at this whole traveling thing, so I’m not sure how much help I’ll be. But I’ll do everything I can to help.

Choose: It’s not all fun and games, you know
Selfira: Yeah... You’re right about that. There will be plenty of hard times, I’m sure.
Selfira: I’ll work hard so that I don’t cause any trouble for you. I’m the granddaughter of a skyfarer, after all. I’ll show you what I’m made of!
Continue 1
Selfira: I know we’ve been working together to exterminate the monsters, but I’ll say it again: I look forward to working with all of you.
And so, Selfira joined the order... However...
Selfira: ...
Lyria: Hey, are you all right? Selfira, you’re as white as a sheet!
Selfira: I-I’m fine, Lyria, don’t worry.
Selfira: This is just my first time on an airship, and... it’s really... high up...!
Vyrn: Pffft... You don’t gotta try and hide it! Just admit that you’re scared!
Selfira: N-Nonsense! I- I’m not scared! I’m a member of this order now, you know! We skyfarers are NOT... afraid of... flying...!
Vyrn: Gahaha! Aw, don’t get mad! Nobody’s judging you. It’s your first time, after all.
Selfira: Y-You’re not? Say... Would you mind if I sang a little song to take my mind off things? If I focus, I can forget about my fear...
Vyrn: Go for it! If it’ll make you feel better, then by all means, sing your heart out.
Selfira: Thank you. I’m sure I’ll get used to flying eventually. So just... go easy on me for now.
Selfira: ...
Lyria: Wow...! What a lovely song...!
Vyrn: Haha! You know, I wouldn’t mind hearing you sing more often! Maybe you don’t need to get used to flying!
Selfira has taken her first steps into the world, and the journey she’s always dreamed of has begun. She, her melodies, and the rest of the order will go farther than she has ever imagined.

To Whom I Love[edit]

Selfira is thinking about giving a gift to her grandfather as a token of her appreciation. Not knowing what to give, she asks Lyria for advice.

On the deck of the airship, Selfira looks out to the sky and gives out a sigh.
Selfira: Sigh... What should I do...?
Selfira: What’s the right answer? What should I do?
Lyria: W-We have trouble! Oh! (Captain)! There you are, Selfira...
Selfira: Sigh... Grandpa...
Lyria: ...!?
Selfira: Wha...?! W-Were you listening...?!
Lyria: U-Um... I didn’t see you look weary and give out a seductive sigh... Honest!
Selfira: You were totally listening in on me! Hey! Get back here!
Lyria: U-Um... I don’t really understand, but I think that’s okay! Yeah! R-Right?! (Captain)!
Selfira: Sigh... No, seriously... It’s not like that.
Lyria: Then... what was that?
Selfira: I want to thank my grandfather... purely as another member of the family.
Selfira: And so I wanted to give him a gift out of appreciation, but I have no idea what to give...
Lyria: I see... So that’s why you were sighing back there.
Selfira: That’s right... Oh, but don’t tell anyone I was worrying about it. I want to make it a surprise.
Lyria: Haha... It’ll be a secret among you, me, and (Captain).
Selfira: That wasn’t my intention, but I guess I don’t have a choice...
Lyria: Then let me help! What do you say? (Captain)!
Lyria: I’m sure we can come up with better ideas if we all came together to brainstorm!
Selfira: Yes... You do have a point.
Lyria: Yup! Now let’s come up with a few candidates...
Selfira: ...?! What’s with this shaking?! What’s going on...?
Lyria: Oh! N-Now that you mention it...
Vyrn: Hey, you! Lyria! I told you to get everyone because we got monsters here!
Lyria: I-I’m sorryyy!
Selfira: Oh, geez. You’re so careless... Let’s go, (Captain). We have to fend off the monsters!

To Whom I Love: Scene 2[edit]

Selfira is picking a secret present for her grandfather with (Captain). Suddenly, a villager tells them that a monster is attacking. They cut the present shopping short, and (Captain) and the rest of the party head out to where the monsters are.

Lyria: Wow...! Selfira! What do you think of this?
Selfira: Say, Lyria... You keep recommending food to me, but...
Selfira: Don’t tell me this is just what you want yourself...?
(Captain), Selfira, and Lyria sneak out gift shopping at a village they landed at.
Lyria: Haha... Everybody likes receiving food as a gift! Isn’t that right, (Captain)? (Captain)!
Selfira: After he got even older, my grandpa said he’s been eating less and less...
Lyria: It’s okay! I’m sure he’ll enjoy it as long it’s a gift from you, Selfira!
Selfira: Y-You think…? I sure hope so...
Villager: Please help me! Are you guys skyfarers?! There are some monsters coming here from outside the village!
Selfira: Looks like this is the end of picking out the presents.
Selfira: (Captain)! We have to join up with everyone and fight the monsters!

To Whom I Love: Scene 3[edit]

Selfira begins performing for the villager. (Captain) and company leave the village after being showered with applause. Lyria is said that they could not buy the gift, but Selfira has decided to give the gift of music to her dear grandfather.

Villager: Thank you... Good thing there were skyfarers at the village...
Selfira: Don’t worry about it. We only did what was right.
Villager: It... might seem weird to say this because you were fighting... but it was a wonderful performance!
Villager: Um...! If you’d like, would you please perform for us one more time?
Lyria: Haha... You heard them! What would you like to do? Selfira.
Selfira: I will gladly oblige. If my performance can bring peace to your hearts...
Vyrn: Hehe! What happened at the village was terrible, but Selfira’s performance to the village ended up being a great present!
Selfira: ...
Upon finishing the performance, the party regrettably leaves the village after being showered with applause.
Lyria: Ugh... We couldn’t buy a gift after all...
Selfira: Don’t worry, Lyria. Besides, I’ve decided to give something else to my grandpa.
Lyria: Wha...? What’s that?
Selfira: Haha... I think Grandpa would like this better anyway.
Selfira: That melody is something we both share and cherish...
Saying that, Selfira has a satisfied smile.
Selfira will hone her musical skills until the day comes when she will give her gift.

Echo into Eternity[edit]

A letter had arrived for Selfira. The letter turned out to be an invitation to a music festival held by a group of skyfaring bards. Her accomplishments as a musician few, Selfira was hesitant, but Vyrn insisted she join, saying it would be a great experience.

Their mission complete, (Captain) and company turned back toward the ship. But Charlotta called out.
Sierokarte: Hold on just the teensiest second. I've been holding onto a letter for you, Selfira. You lucky duck!
Keehar not in crew

Selfira: A letter... for me? Maybe it's from grandpa.
Keehar is a crew member

Selfira: A letter... for me? I wonder who it's from?
Sierokarte: Aaand here you are! Don't drop it!
Selfira: Thanks, Siero. Hmmm... "Balaban Jamboree Committee"?
Keehar not in crew

Selfira: Balaban... oh! He was a friend of my grandmother's... one of the bards!
Selfira: The legendary Skyfaring Bards... why'd they send a letter to me and not grandpa...
Keehar is a crew member

Keehar: Hmm? Balaban? It's nice to hear that name again! He was one of the legendary Skyfaring Bards.
Selfira: The legendary Skyfaring Bards... why'd they send a letter to me and not grandpa...
Selfira opened the letter in front of the crew and began to read it aloud.
Vyrn: Hrm... so this Balaban guy's kicked the bucket.
Selfira: Yeah. It says they're holding a festival in his name to honor his achievements.
Selfira: And at the festival they're gonna have a contest. And they want me to join... and that's about it.
Lyria: That's incredible! They must think pretty highly of you to invite you, Selfira!
Vyrn: Yeah! Get in there and kick yourself some serious butt!
Selfira: ...
Lyria: What's wrong? Selfira?
Selfira: I... I'm sorry. I was just thinking... I mean, I'm glad they picked me and all...
Selfira: But I haven't really done much performing. I've got nothing to show. I don't know if I can accept their invitation...
Vyrn: Hey, now... show some guts! This could be your big chance!
Vyrn: Nothing to show? Then get in there and make something!
Selfira: You... you're right. Nothing comes of being afraid.
Selfira: My grandpa always said, "You have to have experience to get it. " That's it. I'm joining that contest!
Keehar is a crew member

Keehar: Dahahaha! Truer words were never spoken! We're young, Selfira! Let us have some fun!
Lyria: Break a leg, Selfira! We'll be cheering you on! Right, (Captain)?
And so (Captain) and company turned to the island where the Balaban Jamboree was being held.

Echo into Eternity: Scene 2[edit]

The contest began. Nervous though Selfira was, her performance brought down the house. A winner was chosen, but their performance hardly qualified as memorable. Just as they were considering Selfira for the prize, monsters appeared in the hall.

Selfira: Well, I guess I'll be heading backstage.
Lyria: Yeah! We'll be rooting for you in the audience.
Selfira: Thanks, guys. I'll do my best.
Vyrn: Yeah, she did look a little edgy. You okay?
Lyria: Don't worry! This is Selfira we're talking about! Oh! It's starting!
The contest began. One by one, the performers made their way to the stage. Each one seemed better than the last.
Lyria: Wow...! They're all so good! Who was that before the last one? I liked them!
Vyrn: Yeah! No wonder they got picked. But I gotta say, Selfira's way better than this guy.
(Captain) and company had a great time talking about the songs. Finally, it was Selfira's turn.
Selfira: ...
Lyria: Wow...! I've never seen you play so well!
As Selfira finished, the hall exploded with thunderous applause.
Selfira: Whew... I'm back!
Lyria: Hehe... great job, Selfira! You were absolutely wonderful!
Selfira: Really? I'm glad to hear that. I'm pooped... you guys have no idea how nervous I was out there...
Vyrn: Get yourself some water and take a load off for a second! They said they're gonna announce the winner soon.
Selfira: Thanks, Vyrn. I'll take that water. Wonder who's gonna get the grand prize?
The award ceremony began. (Captain) and company sat with their fingers crossed.
Awards were doled out one by one, and finally it came time for the grand prize to be announced...
Vyrn: ... er, guys? Is it just me, or were they kinda... mediocre?
Lyria: Hm... I don't really remember, to be honest. What do you think, Selfira?
Selfira: It's... uh, unexpected, I guess? But it's probably just something I missed.
Selfira: What was it, I wonder? Music's a lot more complicated than I thought!
The discussion over Selfira was a heated one. As the judges deliberated, a scream shattered the tension of the hall.
Woman: Aaaaah! M-m-monsters!
Monster: Grrrroooaar!
Selfira: ?! What are they doing here?!
Selfira: People are gonna get hurt! Give me a hand, (Captain). We're gonna get these monsters outta here!

Echo into Eternity: Scene 3[edit]

The man who summoned the monsters was a former musician. According to him, the winner was chosen by connections and greased palms. Selfira had only been invited to help bring in an audience. Knowing the truth, a chill ran through Selfira, and the weight of something she couldn't quite put her finger on settled in her chest.

Selfira: You! You're with these monsters? You're the one behind this, aren't you?!
Man: Ack! You're here just in time!
Selfira: You're the one who stopped the contest, aren't you?! What if somebody got hurt?!
Man: Damn... this contest, this festival, those swaggering buffoons in the committee. I should've ground them all to dust!
Selfira: This is unforgivable. Of all people, you chose to attack those who love music the most! For you to think you could hurt them...
Man: Ahaha! You sound just like the old me. So bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!
Selfira: ?!
Man: Ah, but it's not your fault. We have some time before the guards get here. Let's talk. I was once a musician, too.
Selfira was still struggling to take in the grisly spectacle as the man began to talk, his voice thick with loathing.
This man had once been a contestant himself, a contest in which the prizes were paid for with pulled strings and the jangle of coins.
His attempt to set the committee straight was not well received. The man ended up booed off the stage.
Man: Sigh... I'm tired, you know. I learned how to control monsters so I could put an end to this little contest, but...
Selfira: ...
Man: Then you came. I heard you're related to one of the Skyfaring Bards of legend. And you were great.
Man: Not that this so-called committee could tell. They just used the name to bring people in.
Selfira: ...
Guards came to collect the man. He put up no resistance.
Lyria: Oh, Selfira... I don't know what to say...
Committee Member: My goodness! Selfira. Skyfarers. I've been searching for you. You sure did take care of that ruffian...
Selfira: Sorry, (Captain). I'm not feeling too hot... I'm just gonna go back to the ship...
Vyrn: Wait up, Selfira! She really didn't look good. We need to head back!
Selfira: Sorry for leaving without you, guys.
Lyria: No, no... we were just shocked. I think I understand how you feel, Selfira...
Selfira: I just don't know what to say... It's like, I know what he did was bad and all...
Selfira: But... hearing him talk, I just couldn't think of him as a bad person...
Selfira: And... you know, fixing a contest? That's really, just... not good...
Selfira: I just feel... down about it all...
Vyrn: It's such a bummer... you really gave it your all, too...
Selfira: I'm fine, really. And I'm so sorry, guys... I don't know if words are enough, though...
Lyria: Um... well I thought you gave a spectacular performance, Selfira!
Vyrn: Yeah! You don't need to get yourself in a funk over guys like that!
Vyrn: Hey! How about you play us another song! C'mon!
Selfira: ...
Though Selfira took up her instrument, she remained stock still. And after a long while...
Selfira: Sorry, guys. I just don't feel like playing right now.
Selfira: I wanted to be a real musician for so long. But I just couldn't make the cut.
Lyria: Oh, Selfira...
Selfira felt a spark of hope. The entire contest had been thrilling, but for this to happen to her of all people...
Perhaps she could finally sweep away the unspoken fog in her heart.

Portraying Feelings[edit]

After the contest Selfira kept to herself, her thoughts her only company. Her concern for Selfira growing, Lyria suggested they take her back home to the village of Ardin for a nice rest.

For a long while after the Jamboree, Selfira spent her time alone, brooding.
Selfira: ...
Lyria: Er... hey, Selfira! The weather sure is beautiful, isn't it?
Selfira: Wha... oh! Yeah, it's perfect!
Lyria: ...
Selfira: ...
Vyrn: Uh... what are you two doing?
Vyrn: You think she's okay? Selfira, I mean. I think she's been spending too much time in her head lately.
Lyria: Um... I didn't want to meddle so we haven't talked. But I am worried...
Selfira: ...! I... I'm sorry. I didn't know I was acting so different...
Selfira: I never thought of that... but you two are definitely right...
Lyria: Hey, Selfira. How would you like to see your home again?
Selfira: Home... you mean Ardin?
Lyria: Yeah! I mean, you're probably not used to all this adventuring. It's probably why you're feeling so blue. Why don't we take you home for a nice break?
Selfira: Lyria... I'm sorry. I can't believe you were so worried about me.
Selfira: But thanks. It would be nice to be back where I came from and, you know, get my thoughts together.
Selfira: I'm so worried, but the thing is I don't even know what I'm worried about. My brain's all fuzzled.
Vyrn: Whew... sounds pretty serious. Our schedule's clear isn't it, (Captain)? Let's go see Ardin!

Portraying Feelings: Scene 2[edit]

Having returned home, a talk with Keehar helped Selfira shed light on why she was feeling so depressed. She also learned that she had the wrong impression of the Skyfaring Bards. And that, sometimes, it was important to open up to others. In the meantime, the party heard that some of the village children might have wandered into the monster's forest. They went off in search.

(Captain) and company made their way to Ardin, Selfira's village.
Keehar not in crew

Selfira: Grandpa... I'm home.
Keehar: Selfira? Home, are you? I've missed you quite a bit.
Keehar: Hmm? You look dead on your feet. Take yourself a seat. I'll put the kettle on.
Selfira: Yeah... Thanks, grandpa.
Selfira and Keehar sat happily across from one another, their piping hot cups of tea between them.
Keehar: Selfira, my dear. I want you to tell your grandpa what's been on your mind.
Keehar: You're an adult now, and I hesitate to stick my head in your affairs, but I am worried.
Keehar is a crew member

Selfira: Whew... It's good to be home. I should probably do some cleaning.
Keehar: That would do the place some good, yes. But first you'll get off your feet and have some tea.
Selfira: Right. I'll boil some tea. Could you wipe down the table, grandpa?
Keehar: Indeed I can! Whoa, there. We'll need to fetch some water first.
Selfira and Keehar sat amicably across from one another, their piping hot cups of tea between them.
Keehar: Selfira, my dear. It seems you've been in the depths of despair for quite a while now.
Keehar: Naturally, this has worried me. Allow me to share my concern.
Keehar: Now, I'll not ask you to say anything you don't want to, but sometimes simply talking can do you a world of good.
Selfira: Grandpa...
Selfira: I know this is gonna sound weird... but honestly, I'm not even sure what it is I'm worried about.
Selfira: What I do know is that it has something to do with the contest at the festival...
Selfira: Like how they invited me to get a bigger audience. That doesn't bother me so much, actually...
Selfira: I mean, I'm just some nobody. It was pretty great to get to play in front of such a large crowd...
Selfira: And that man with the monsters... It was pretty horrible what it did, but I kind of feel sorry for him.
Selfira: I'm having trouble hating anybody involved in it. But still, there's just something about it...
Keehar: Hrm... you did like your music even when you were a tyke. And you liked things to be cut and dry.
Selfira: You're right... music has always been my passion. It's like the only part of me that's stayed the same. Pretty sure that man is the same as me.
Selfira: But... seeing music used for something like that? It so heartbreaking, I swear...
Keehar: Indeed... It was his love that made him want to hurt others.
Selfira: Maybe if we'd met earlier... we probably could've been friends, you know? But I was so useless...
Keehar: That is a shame... but the day may come when we will be thankful you put an end to his folly.
Selfira: Maybe... It sure would be nice if it did. And I'd love the chance to talk music with him if it does.
Selfira: The folks in the village always told me how much they loved my playing. But I couldn't talk with them, you know?
Selfira: I was just hoping I could make friends with other musicians at the festival.
Selfira: I felt betrayed, to be honest. And I was so angry at that stupid committee for doing that to me. That's it.
Selfira: It was like the world fell out from under me when I found out. All they cared about was money! I mean, seriously?
Selfira: I bet Balaban is spinning in his grave! Next year I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut and bring home the grand prize!
Keehar: Dahahaha! That's the spirit! Bet that's a weight off your shoulders.
Selfira: Yeah, it is. Thanks for letting me vent, grandpa.
Keehar: Dahahaha! There's nothing a doting grandfather loves more than listening to his dear, dear granddaughter.
Selfira: Yeah... uh, grandpa? There's been something I've wanted to ask you for a long time now. Do you mind?
Keehar: Not in the least. You go right ahead.
Selfira: It... It's about grandmother. And her time with the Skyfaring Bards...
Selfira: When you sealed Jormungand, it was grandmother who took the final stand. And she was gravely injured, wasn't she?
Keehar: She was. It was the reason the retired from the Bards. Such a shame...
Selfira: And because of that, her songs lost a lot of their pep...
Selfira: But why would they drop her in Ardin? It wasn't even her home?
Selfira: All I could think of when I heard the story from mother is how cold you guys were.
Selfira: I mean, when Jormungand woke up... how could you help the offspring of people like that?
Keehar: Is that what's been bothering you? I think it may be possible that your mother got the wrong idea?
Selfira: The wrong idea?
Keehar: Yes. There was a reason why your grandmother stayed in Ardin. She loved the children here.
Selfira: Wait... what?! You're talking about grandmother, right?!
Keehar: Indeed. We wanted to take her with us. Maybe find her a cure. The decision to stay was her own.
Keehar: Dahahaha! I was young and full of passion. And ashamed to see such a thing.
Selfira: Mother did say that... grandmother was heartbroken and you... you comforted her.
Keehar: Anyway, that was all a long time ago. The details must have gotten mixed up along the way.
Selfira: Right. I guess mother only heard the old lady's side of the story...
Selfira: Oh, gosh! Oh, grandpa... I've been so terrible. And all over a misunderstanding...
Keehar: Hehe. Now do you see why it's important to talk to people? Sounds like you and me have to make some apologies!
Selfira: Yeah, thanks... whew...
Ardinian Woman: Excuse me. Have you seen my child? It's almost time for dinner, yet he's nowhere in sight.
Selfira: Ah, hello. Your son hasn't be around today...
Ardinian Woman: What?! He told me he was going to watch you play...
Selfira: I mean, he's been here before... but I haven't seen him today. He might be playing somewhere else.
Ardinian Woman: Wait... he's in the forest?! There's no reason why he, or any of the other children, should be there.
Keehar: What?! You know well how protective those monsters are of their children! Who knows what will happen if they're disturbed!
Selfira: Grandpa! We need to ask (Captain) for help! We need to find those kids!

Portraying Feelings: Scene 3[edit]

The children had made Selfira a garland to help soothe her broken heart. And now they were in the forest. It was refreshing to learn just how much they cherished her playing. She vowed that she would always be there to bring the gift of music to those around her.

Selfira: There! Over there!
Ardinian Boy: Ah! Miss Selfira!
Selfira: Stop it! What about the monsters? You should know better than to come out here!
Selfira: We do NOT play in the forest. Your mothers are having a fit!
Ardinian Girl: We're sorry, Miss Selfira...
Selfira: Well, as long as you're sorry. We need to get you home and let them know you're safe. C'mon. Let's get going.
Ardinian Boy: Oh no! W-wait just a minute! H-here! It's for you!
Selfira: What's this... a garland?
Ardinian Boy: Yeah. We, um... we made it! It's for you!
Ardinian Girl: You looked all sad when you came back. We just wanted to cheer you up.
Selfira: You came all the way to the forest just to make this for me?
Ardinian Boy: Of course. We forgot we weren't s'posed to be here, is all...
Selfira: Thank you. You did a great job. It's so beautiful.
Selfira: But coming here... If something happened to you, you'd never get to hear me play again. I don't want you doing anything so dangerous again.
Ardinian Girl: Yes, ma'am! We'll stay out of trouble! And I'll tell my mama sorry, too.
Selfira: Promise? I'm so glad you're safe.
The apologetic children were met with crushing hugs as they arrived back to the village.
Though they weren't allowed to go to the forest, Selfira thought it might be nice to hold a concert for them in the plaza.
Selfira: ...
Ardinian Girl: Wow! I don't know anyone who plays music as good as you, Miss Selfira!
Ardinian Boy: Yeah! Encore! Encoooore!
Selfira: Hehe... I guess I can just this once. I'm just happy you like it!
Selfira: ...
Selfira: (Seeing people smile when they hear me play... Is there anything better than that?)
Selfira: (I have a gift I can bring to people)
Selfira: (Wherever they may be...)
Finally free, the sweet sound of Selfira's playing could be heard from miles around.
Never one to change her mind, we can be sure she brought her beautiful music to people far and wide.

Two Color Tones[edit]

Selfira had attempted to strike up a conversation with Mimlemel only to find herself talking to a cloud of dust. Selfira was quite worried she’d done something to offend the girl, but Mimlemel assured her that was not the case. Mimlemel simply wasn’t the greatest of speakers. She didn’t feel confident enough to answer questions, so she chose to run. But Selfira knew a much better way to get to know someone. She began to play. Mimlemel joined in enthusiastically. Their impromptu concert was a joy to hear.

It was a day without any particularly urgent business. The Grandcypher stayed anchored as time slipped lazily by.
Selfira had found Mimlemel. Not wanting to scare her away again, she practically tiptoed over before she spoke.
Selfira: Hi, Mim. Do you have a minute? I was wondering if we could talk...
Mimlemel: Doodle doot doot!
Selfira: Sigh...
Lyria: Wh-what's wrong?! I just saw Mim running away. She looked like someone gave her the ghost...
Selfira: Yeah... I’m not sure why, myself.
Selfira: I just though, you know, we’re both musicians. We might have something to talk about...
Mimlemel seemed to be in the habit of running away every time Selfira tried to talk to her.
Vyrn: What’s the deal? You and Mim, I mean. You two not getting along?
Selfira: I suppose not... I don’t think I’ve done anything to offend her...
Selfira: But maybe I did and I just didn’t notice...
Mimlemel: No way... you didn’t do anything wrong, I mean...
Vyrn: Wha?! H-how long’ve you been standing there...
Selfira: Oh... so why? I mean...
Mimlemel: Toot...
Mimlemel: Sorry...
Vyrn: Hey! Wait! ... what was that all about?
Selfira: ...
Lyria: H-hey! Aren’t you going to go after her? You can’t just leave her like this!
Selfira: ...
Selfira: Fine, fine... you’re right. I need to find out why she feels like she has to apologize!
Selfira decides to track down Mimlemel, with (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn tagging along.
Word was that she’d left the Grandcypher and headed into the nearby wood. The party decides to follow.
Mimlemel: Toot...
Mimlemel: ...
Lyria: There she is! Mim! Is this where you’ve been hiding?
Mimlemel: What the... how far’re you gonna follow me...
Selfira: Hey, Mim... I just want to know, okay? Why do you keep running away from me?
Selfira: I don’t know what it is I did, but I’ll fix it, I swear...
Mimlemel: I said it’s not you, Selfira...
Mimlemel: I... I’m just bad at all that talking stuff.
Mimlemel: Sorry, it’s just... people ask me questions and I got no idea how to answer.
Selfira: Oh... so that’s why...
Selfira: Hehe... you know, there’s more than one way to get to know somebody.
And so, softly at first, Selfira began to play.
Mimlemel: ...
Mimlemel: A dwee doot!
Mimlemel high harmony intertwined with Selfira’s melody, their song spreading through the forest.
Lyria: That was amazing! You two play so well together!
Vyrn: Yeah! That’s what I call music! Right, (Captain)!
Forest Critters: ...!
???: ...!
Monster: ...!!!
Vyrn: Wha?! What’s with the impromptu meeting?!
Mimlemel: Tweedledeedledee! Don’t worry. Happens all the time.
Lyria: Haha... ha... happens all the time, you say...
Selfira: Hehe... you’re chock full of mystery aren’t you, Mim.
Mimlemel: A dwee doot!
Her only reply was a sweet whistle that danced from tree to tree.
Though she made a fine accompanist, there was still quite a bit of work to do in cracking the mystery of Mimlemel.