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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3030191000 01.jpg Sevastien
Age 68 years old
Height 181 cm
Race Erune
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030191000 01.jpg Sevastien
Age 68歳
Height 181 cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 思索する逍遙、炊き出しの放浪
Likes 子供
Dislikes 勘のいい者

Source [1]




  • Sevastien has character banter with Charlotta when together in battle.
  • Sevastien recites the name of the Chain Burst with his fellow Holy Knights. See Character Banter for more information.
  • Sevastien is one of the only Erune characters whose clothing fully covers their back.
  • Sevastien's name is pronounced the same way "Sebastian" is in Japanese.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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(Captain), is there a dish you've been craving?
Naturally I've already prepared cake and beverages.
Oh yes, I believe I have a surplus of puff pastry. Perhaps I should concoct some sort of pie?
How does a simple meat pie sound?
What's that? Why go to the trouble?
Haha. For you, of course, (Captain).
You've been so caught up in your exploits, it seems you've overlooked this very special day.
Happy birthday, (Captain).
If you'd celebrate with me, I'd like to honor the day the skies gave us our captain.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Your special day comes but once a year.
Please feel free to request whatever you wish. I intend not only to cook for you, but to wait on you hand and foot.
Haha, don't hold back now.
Nothing would please me better than putting a smile on your face.
I suspected you might be too considerate to impose, so I prepared some food in advance. A cake too, of course.
Come now, eat up. It's the privilege of the elderly to celebrate the development of the young.


Heh heh. Today's your birthday, isn't it, (Captain)? My congratulations.
How does it feel, starting a new chapter of your life?
But you're not fully grown yet. You must be bursting with hopes and dreams for the future.
All that's waiting for an old man like me is creaking joints and back pain. In fact, my hip's starting to act up now.
No, that's not right. There is one thing I'm looking forward too.
And that's watching you grow in both body and mind.
I've great hopes for you, and for the adult that you'll become.
I'll be with you and watching over you the whole way. Once again, happy birthday.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain). This year will be one to remember, I'm sure.
Ahh, but what a fine day to welcome the new year.
So, might I interest you in a few special New Year's dishes prepared by yours truly?
Oh, they would be quite lovely with tea—shall I put some on?
Ah, I've almost forgotten. I have some candy gifted to me from a friend. I'll set it out as well.
Haha. Oh, dear me, pardon this old man for rushing you. I do get carried away at times.
Indeed, it won't do but to spend the new year at leisure.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Have you decided on a New Year's resolution, (Captain)?
Every clear goal that you accomplish through small, deliberate steps carries meaning.
One who lacks a stern will cannot lead in my humblest opinion.
Heh heh... But you don't have any need of such cautionary words, do you?
If you should ever stray or come into doubt, you know where to find me.
While I am aging, I do wish to be of any use I can to you.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
This is a bit sudden, but would you care for a meal? I put quite some effort into it, so I daresay it'll taste quite good.
Ah, but be careful with the mochi. It has a way of getting stuck in your throat.
Now, I haven't taste-tested it yet, so if you would allow me the first bite.
Chomp. Heh-heh. I must say, this isn't bad at-
Urk! Th-the mochi's... Gotten stuck!
Just a jest, (Captain). Were you surprised?
Hohoho, forgive me. These pranks are a bit of a bad habit.
Still, that was quite the expression you had on, (Captain). Looks like the new year has some good things in store for me, after all.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain).
Were you plotting to give a special someone a bit of sweet chocolate?
If it would suit you, I could teach you a secret recipe.
O-oh, it was your scheme to give chocolate to me?
Haha. You know you don't have to water wilted flowers, my captain.
And yet I find no shame in accepting your gift with open petals.
Haha. Whatever it is you've prepared, I will gladly accept your generosity.


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)
Is this chocolate? Thank you.
Receiving chocolate from you every year makes me feel like I've gained a grandchild.
Heh heh... Did you not want a grandfather like me?
I apologize. My jest was a bit much. I just wanted to say something a little funny.
Even someone as old as I can get carried away with the spirit of a holiday.
Perhaps because I am not accustomed to receiving, I lost my composure.
At the very least, let me say thank you once more, (Captain).


Why hello, (Captain). Am I to receive chocolates yet again?
Heh-heh. Thank you. Would you mind if I took a bite?
Well then. If you'll excuse me...
Oh? It's quite bitter. Have you given me dark chocolates?
Now that I think upon it, I've heard dark chocolate can improve blood circulation and ameliorate the effects of aging.
Could it be you made these chocolates with a mind to improving my health?
Hohoho. I doff my cap to that thoughtfulness of yours.
Now I feel rather compelled to live long and well. Call me a stubborn old chap, if you will.

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day, (Captain).
Thank you for the wonderful Valentine's Day gift.
I'm afraid it's but a small gesture, but would you allow me to return your generosity?
Then, allow us to begin.
But first step closer. I'll help you put an apron on.
That's right—we're going to make Lumiel Gourmand cookies.
Don't worry about anything, simply follow my lead, and prepare yourself for an absolutely exquisite treat.
Oh? But wouldn't simply giving completed cookies be a bit boring? Would you prefer it that way?
Haha—I didn't think so.
Spatulas at the ready!


(Captain), here is a gift for you.
Yes, this is in return for what you gave to me on Valentine's Day. It's only a small present, but...
Oh? Would you have preferred we make something together as we did last year?
I thought you might say that, so I prepared some things.
Heh heh... (Captain), I was testing you.
I was actually going to be quite sad if you only wanted a present from me... Weep...
Hahaha! That was an awful performance, wasn't it?
But this happiness holds no lies!


(Captain), I have here a White Day gift for you. Do take it—there's no need to be polite.
Hohoho. I believe I've made thrice as much as last year.
You know, I've been in excellent health lately. It must be thanks to those chocolates you gave me.
I suppose I got a bit enthusiastic with the sweets-making. So we've ended with this veritable heap.
Now, if the amount's a bother, I'd be happy to take some back...
Heh-heh. But that smile suggests you'll accept the lot of them.
Now, I've tailored these sweets with an eye to your health. You may have as many as you like, guilt-free.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween, (Captain).
Haha. Among all of the days in a year, this is the one where I am most loved by children.
Or rather it's the day where my candies are most loved by children.
Take a look. This is all of the candy I've prepared for this year's festivities.
There's still a bit of time until the children arrive. How about it, (Captain), care to try one?
I wonder, do you have the courage to see which candies are treats and which are tricks?
Haha. Just a joke. Please have as much as you'd like.


Happy Halloween, (Captain).
Dear me, do I look anxious?
Haha, perhaps I am. You see, I came up with a new cookie recipe the other day.
I want to debut it immediately, so I was rather hoping some kind of trick-or-treater might set their sights on me.
So, (Captain), perhaps you would be so good as to play a trick on me?
If you can truly startle me, your reward will be a delicious, never-before-tasted pastry. If not, I'm afraid you won't get to try it.
Haha, perhaps that's too cruel of me. Please forgive my childishness.
Worry not, I've saved some especially for you, (Captain).
Please take your time and savor my special pumpkin spice cookies!


Ah, (Captain). Are you having fun this Halloween?
Heh heh. Oh, I'm keeping myself busy—and having a capital time.
The ladies and gents of the crew have got it into their heads that they want a little taste of luxury. They're asking that I wait on them.
Would you happen to be interested as well? If so, do let me know.
I'll be sure to prepare some refreshment and entertainment, the likes of which you've never seen before.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, (Captain).
Haha. Can't wait, you say?
Well, don't think about sneaking a bite. I've put my very soul into this spread.
Savor the festive flavor of the Lumiel Gourmand!
Haha. I'm always watching, so remember what I said about snacking...
Is what I would normally suggest, but I can overlook one missing piece. Haha.


It's that time of the year again, isn't it, (Captain)?
What's that smile on your face? Oh dear, you've caught me at a funny time.
You know, some children have mistaken me for Santa Claus and asked for presents.
I wasn't able to give them everything they wanted, but I did get a chance to present them with my cake.
They were so happy... Heh heh... Just thinking about them brings a smile to my face as well.
(Captain), would you like a piece?
Seeing you smile is all the present I need to be content this year.


Why, (Captain). Happy holidays.
Looks like we're in for a chilly night. Take care to cover up your stomach when you turn in.
Hohoho. Am I treating you too much like a child?
Ah, but to me, you are still very young.
And worrying needlessly over young folk like you is one of the small joys left in life to an old bloke like me.
Thank you kindly for bearing with my little jest. I hope you have a capital evening.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Sanguine Hellhound[edit]

It's revealed that Sevastien and Charlotta's lives first became entwined when Charlotta's grandfather saved Sevastien's life. The two have been like butler and madam ever since.

Word of Captain Charlotta's Little Skyfarer's Lunch renunciation, and its subsequent effects on her health, eventually makes its way to the halls of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights.
But among the holy knights, one mysterious old gentleman, Sevastien, is distraught by the news.
He immediately rushes to the Grandcypher and proposes (Captain) and the crew conduct a Big Skyfarer's Lunch Showdown to help in Charlotta's recovery.
Sevastien: Madam, I've prepared some sweet tea for you.
Charlotta: I've given up sweets, Grandbutler! How many times must I tell you?
Sevastien: Oh, Madam, but if you don't eat something, you'll waste away...
Charlotta: No, I certainly won't. As you can see, I am perfectly, healthily gro—
Sevastien: Growing taller? You won't without eating.
Charlotta: M-mind your own business!
Charlotta: You used to tell me the very same thing to make me eat those bitter vegetables... Yet I haven't grown any taller for it...
Charlotta: I won't be fooled again!
Sevastien: Come now, if you won't eat plain bread, then perhaps you'd prefer a pastry? Here's my special Grandbutler brioche.
Charlotta: This is... so adorable!
H-hey, I told you! No more—munch, munch—sweets...
Charlotta: Grr—I can't bear it! Your food is simply irresistible!
Sevastien: Hahaha. Here, wash it down with some more tea.
Charlotta: Th-that's it! Grandbutler, I have to quit this!
Charlotta: What if any of the crewmembers see me? What of my dignity?
Vyrn: Hey, what've you guys been doin'?
Charlotta: Aaah! Vyrn, how long have you been there?
Vyrn: Huh? Us? We've been here the whole time. Right, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes. You two are such a friendly pair. A madam and her grandbutler—it's lovely.
Charlotta: It certainly is not! Grandbutler and I just share some history...
Lyria: Umm, well, when did this history start exactly?
Sevastien: Please allow me to explain.
Sevastien: It all began in the madam's snow-covered village, a village without nary a soldier, guard, or even vigilante group to speak of.
Sevastien: Hence, her hometown was constantly under attack, whether it be at the claws of monsters or the hands of bandits.
Sevastien: To save them from these dangers, we Lumiel Holy Knights would often go on expeditions to the village.
Lyria: Wow, that sounds so brave... Sevas, I bet you and the other knights were heroes to Charlotta.
Charlotta: Haha. I still remember them to this day. The holy knights, every one of them, ever so radiant in their valiance.
Charlotta: And notably Grandbutl—cough—Sevas was such a reliable man of valor, he became known as the Sanguine Hellhound.
Vyrn: Eek! What a creepy name.
Sevastien: Ahh, youth can be such a terrifying affair. I certainly lived my own wrapped in anger and shame.
Sevastien: And I let my inexperience lead me into disaster.
Lyria: D-disaster?
Sevastien: On one expedition, I ignored my commander's orders and rushed into a monster swarm lurking on a mountain.
Sevastien: I couldn't have been more foolish. When I realized I was trapped, it was already too late. The wounds were so deep, I couldn't even raise my sword.
Sevastien: This is the end, I thought, preparing myself for the worst. But then I heard a gunshot.
Sevastien: A figure brandishing a hunting rifle in one hand appeared on the mountain and began clearing an escape route. Who should it be but Charlotta's very own grandfather.
Charlotta: When Grandfather brought Sevas all bruised and battered back to the mansion, well, I can certainly say it was surprising.
Sevastien: His lordship cared for me, attending to my needs until my wounds were healed.
Sevastien: Unable to hold a sword, I felt myself wasting away. And that's when I had a thought—Sevas, if you can't hold a sword, you can at least hold a kitchen knife. I happily volunteered for cooking duty the next day.
Lyria: So that's how you became so good at cooking!
Vyrn: Yeah, and that's how you got to be best buds with Charlotta's grandpops!
Sevastien: Assuredly so.
Lyria: Haha. After all this time you're still madam and grandbutler. It really is lovely!
Sevastien: (In truth, seeing the madam is not my only goal in coming... No, now's not the time to mention it...)
Sevastien: Oh, where are my manners? Would anyone else like to try one of these?
  1. How about staying here with her?
  2. Did you come to take Charlotta back?

Choose: How about staying here with her?
Sevastien: Haha. What a bold captain to court my conciliation.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain) ain't no apple-polisher! It's just, you're so...

Choose: Did you come to take Charlotta back?
Sevastien: Haha. Well, let's see... I suppose if you found the madam to be too much to handle, I could take her off your hands.
Vyrn: Huh! We don't want nothin' like that! We're goin' through so much trouble making food for her...
Lyria: That's right! We're going to make the best Big Skyfarer's Lunch and help Charlotta feel better!
Continue 1
Sevastien: Hahaha. Forgive me. I spoke in jest.
Sevastien: In fact, you've brought me a great relief—our concern for the madam is one and the same.
Lyria: Ah?
Sevastien: Hahaha. And it seems she'll continue giving us plenty to be concerned about.
Look now, you've spilled cream on your awwmor.
Charlotta: Ugh! Grandbutler! You know I cannot bear this childish treatment!
Sevastien: Hahaha. That is most unfortunate, because a grandbutler must treat his madam like a madam.
As if he'd been a regular fixture all along, the mysterious old gentleman from the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights finds himself sandwiched into the crew.

The Praetorial Ledger[edit]

When Lyria finds a mysterious black book on the ground, Cordelia snatches it away, saying its contents are too dangerous for civilian eyes. The owner of the book, Sevastien, appears and retrieves it. Ever the gentleman, he offers to throw a feast as thanks for the book's return.

(Captain) and the crew are walking through town when Lyria notices something.
Lyria: There's something on the ground. See, look. What do you think it is?
She picks up a black notebook.
Lyria: I bet someone dropped this. But, you know, it looks kind of familiar...
Vyrn: Well, why don't we take a peek inside? Might give us some clues about the owner.
Lyria: It feels kind of wrong, but I guess it's okay if it's to find the owner... Here goes.
Just as Lyria moves to open the cover, an agile hand appears from nowhere and stops her.
Cordelia is a crew member

Cordelia: Halt! Both of you, cease what you're doing!
Lyria: C-Cordelia! What's the matter?
Cordelia not in crew

???: Halt! Both of you, cease what you're doing!
Lyria: Uhh... Who are you?
Cordelia: My apologies. I am Cordelia, a member of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights. You've no reason to fear me.
Cordelia snatches the book from Lyria, peers carefully at the cover, and then takes a nervous gulp.
Cordelia: No doubt about it. This is definitely the praetorial ledger.
Vyrn: What the heck's that?
Cordelia: It's a confidential record of all the information the praetors have ever collected.
Vyrn: Hmm... That wasn't a very helpful explanation...
Lyria: Umm, yeah, what kind of information exactly?
Cordelia: Only the most devastating kind: covert national technology, political policies, economic prospects, military records, even royal secrets.
Cordelia: The kind of information that could serve as a catalyst for war.
Lyria: Whoa, that's scary to think about! We were so close to reading it, too...
Vyrn: But now I gotta read it. Even just a little peep...
Cordelia: Absolutely not!
Vyrn: H-hey! What's the big idea!
Cordelia: This must be handled with care. Some things are better left unseen—especially when seeing them would make you a target for all in the kingdoms in the sky.
Vyrn: This book's no joke! Just pickin' it up puts a target on your back!
Lyria: It sounds dangerous, but it definitely makes me curious.
Cordelia: (This is too bizarre. Only the archpraetor should be in possession of this ledger. So why is it in a place like this?)
Sevastien: Oh, so that's where I dropped it. An acquaintance of mine lent me that notebook. I've been searching for it since morning.
With a bright laugh, Sevastien takes the notebook and slides it into his breast pocket.
Sevastien: You've done me a great service. Thank you very much.
Cordelia: Then that mean's you're the... No, this acquaintance would be the...
Sevastien: Oh, that's right! One would give a reward in this circumstances, I'm quite sure.
Sevastien: Every member of the Grandcypher crew has been—and continues to be—so very courteous to me. Please, allow me to treat you all to dinner.
Sevastien guides everyone to a nearby mountain.
Vyrn: Psst... Why'd he bring us to a forest?
Lyria: Umm... Maybe there's some kind of fancy restaurant out here?
Sevastien: Haha. Fine food requires fine ingredients, so I've brought you here to help me procure a few things.

The Praetorial Ledger: Scene 2[edit]

Lured by the feast's aroma, townspeople begin to gather in droves. Cordelia, however, begins to smell a deeper plot brewing beneath it all.

With the finest forest fare procured, Sevastien completes his prep and begins cooking in a public square.
He masterfully transforms the various ingredients into beautiful dishes within the blink of an eye.
Cordelia: Could this be... an example of the SOUP Operations I've heard rumor of?
Lyria: Huh? SOUP Operations?
Sevastien: Hahaha. You're well-informed, I see.
Sevastien: It's just my little hobby of traveling to every corner of the sky, and Serving Our Underserved Populations as the Lumiel Gourmand.
Vyrn: Huh? Givin' people free food? What's in it for you?
Sevastien: Well, it's given me a platform to travel to each island, sample ingredients, improve my gentlemanly cooking skills, and perfect my recipes.
Sevastien: These operations are essential for pursuing finer battlefield rations.
Cordelia: Most excellent! Selfless action certainly becomes you!
Cordelia: I must say... one rarely sees a holy knight spend their time gathering ingredients and cooking methods.
Cordelia: (Hold on—he could conduct his culinary research on his own? So why travel to faraway locales just to distribute food?)
Cordelia: (My praetor's intuition tells me there must be a reason for it...)
Within moments, an appetizing smell draws in a sizeable crowd of townsfolk.
They learn that the source of the delicious scent will be served for free, causing their anticipation to swell into outright joy.
But not all of the people are so easily impressed.
Brute: Hey! Who said you could just open up shop on my turf! Pay up, gramps!
Sevastien: Hmm, a booth charge? To my meager understanding, payment is only due for commercial endeavors. This is a completely complimentary distribution.
Brute: Free don't mean you ain't a shop! And why the hell's a man cookin' anyway?
Sevastien: Oh, is it really so bizarre for a man to cook? I'm but utilizing the wisdom I've collected through the decades.
Sevastien: Here, try some—before it gets cold.
Brute: I don't want your slop! It's coin I want! Coin!

The Praetorial Ledger: Scene 3[edit]

The guests smack their lips and loosen their tongues—the feast is a success. But when Cordelia sees Sevastien covertly recording the guests' gossip, she finally realizes who he really is.

Brute: Sacre Blumieeel!
Townspeople: Sacre Blumieeel!
Everyone who tries Sevastien's cuisine thanks him with gleeful smiles and his favorite catchphrase.
After a while, with the haze of fine wining and dining in the air, people begin to gossip with one another.
Townsman: Hey, did you hear? Our lord's a total cheapskate—he never pays his tab!
Townswoman: Oh, well, that high quality meat at the butcher's? I heard there's a different kinda beast mixed in the meat, if you know what I mean.
Brute: Oh! I got another one about that family! I heard the butcher's daughter stuffs cotton in her bra! Hahaha!
Townspeople: Hahaha!
Sevastien: Hoho. What a cheerful crowd...
Sevastien is focusing intently on the idle gossip.
Seeing him behave in this way, Cordelia begins to grow sure of something.
Cordelia: These SOUP Ops... You say they're just a hobby but they're actually a cover for something else, aren't they?
Cordelia: Now I see. This is how you hide your true objective from governments and military officials—by making them think you're here for nothing but charity.
Cordelia: Haha. I see who you are now...
Sevastien: Remember this, Cordelia. When people's stomachs are happy, their tongues grow loose.
Sevastien: Take a look around. Just by serving a few plates, everyone here is happily divulging so much.
Sevastien leans his head to the side as a new conversation starts beside them, and then, retrieving the praetorial ledger from his breast pocket, begins recording something.
Cordelia: (There's no mistaking it. You are who I think you are.)
Cordelia: (Then, why? What good does it do to lie about an acquaintance?)
Cordelia: (Humph, to even drop such a precious thing in the middle of the street—that in itself is strange.)
Cordelia: (Could it be... He knew it would lure (Captain) and the crew.)
Cordelia was about to solve the heart of the matter, but Vyrn and Lyria begin a happy outburst next to her.
Vyrn: Hehe, and speaking of, just the other day, right? (Captain) snuck outta the Grandcypher...
Lyria: Oh, I know! I think it's gotten to be a habit.
Vyrn: So one night I decided to get to the bottom of things and tail (Captain)—and guess what!
Sevastien: ...
Cordelia: No! Stop! Cease this gossiping at once!
Lyria: Huh? Did we say something?
Cordelia: No, um...
Cordelia: (What am I doing? A praetor's duty is to be silent and listen. Perhaps I've gotten too attached to this crew...)
Sevastien: Hahaha. I was close, but no graviar.
Sevastien: No matter, whispers on the wind always reach waiting ears. I'll remain close for now.
The archpraetor of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights, shrouded amongst the crew this entire time, is none other than Sevastien.
His identity is a secret even to his direct subordinates, the ace praetor Cordelia being no exception.
Mysteries encircle and ensorcel all types, but few are as puzzling as those that cling to the archpraetor and his ledger. So what sort of enigma is Sevastien? Only time will tell.

Dream Big[edit]

Sevastien invites a downhearted Bridgette to help search for ingredients to prepare supper with. When they are attacked by monsters, Bridgette musters all of her courage to save him. After they return, Sevastien prepares a scrumptious meal with the ingredients she found—proof of her efforts and bravery.

Bridgette: Mmm...
Sevastien: Ah, Bridgette, is that you?
Sevastien is patrolling the halls when he stumbles upon Bridgette deep in thought.
Sevastien: Is something on your mind, Bridgette?
Bridgette: Oh, Sevastien!
Sevastien: Oh dear, I didn't mean to startle you.
Sevastien: A thousand apologies. You don't look like your usual self today... Is something the matter?
Sevastien: If you wish to talk about it, I'd be happy to lend an ear.
Unable to say no to Sevastien's warm smile, Bridgette decides to open up about her doubts.
Bridgette: I enlisted into the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights because I so admired Captain Charlotta...
Bridgette: Each and every day, I've been giving it my all to be more like her, but...
Bridgette: But I still haven't even grasped the basics of being a knight yet... I'm pathetic.
Bridgette: I wonder if I'll ever even get close to being like Charlotta...
Sevastien: Hmm, I see... Quite the quandary indeed.
Sevastien ponders for a moment before an idea crosses his mind.
Sevastien: A change of pace may be good for you, Bridgette—what do you say?
Bridgette: A change of pace?
Sevastien: That's right. Mulling over one thing for too long isn't good for your health.
Sevastien: It seems that I'm actually short on ingredients for supper tonight.
Sevastien: In fact, I was just thinking of finding someone to help me gather ingredients.
Sevastien: What say you? Won't you be a dear and lend me a hand?
Bridgette: I... I see! If there's any way I can be of assistance, I'll do everything I can!
Sevastien: Hehehe, excellent. Well then, let's not waste any more time.
The two head into the forest to gather ingredients while enjoying each other's company.
Bridgette: Hahaha! Feast your eyes on all these vegetables I've gathered, Sevastien!
Sevastien: Splendid! I knew you were the right person for the job.
Bridgette: Hehe... It's an honor to receive your praise!
Bridgette: I can find even more! I'll go take a look over there!
Sevastien: Try not to wander away too far now, Bridgette!
Bridgette: Don't worry about me—just wait and see!
Bridgette: All right! I'm gonna find all the vegetables and show Sevastien what I'm really capable of!
Bridgette: Oooh! This one looks tasty!
Bridgette: Hehe, this is kind of fun! I've gotta make sure to thank him later.
Humming along as she picks more ingredients, she barely notices a sound emerging from a nearby brush.
Bridgette: ...!
What was that sound just now?
Monster: Groooar!
Bridgette: Gaaah!
Hearing Bridgette's scream, Sevestien arrives at the scene just moments later.
Sevastien: Bridgette! Is everything all right?
Bridgette: M-monster! There's a monster!
Bridgette: Oof... It's a real tough one! I can't seem to get a good hit in. We'd best let this one go and make a run for—
Monster: Groooar!
Sevastien: Bridgette, look out!
Bridgette: Huh?
The monster lunges toward Bridgette but is stopped just in time as Sevastien jumps in front of her to take the hit.
Sevastien: Huff... Puff... Are you unharmed, Bridgette?
Bridgette: I'm sorry... I... I let my guard down...
Sevastien: Urk!
Bridgette: Sevastien? Are you hurt?
Sevastien: My apologies... My arm seems to have been wounded...
Bridgette: Oh no! Will you be okay?
Sevastien: I'd like to think so, but... I'm afraid the wound is deeper than I thought.
Sevastien: At this rate, it seems that monsters will do the both of us in...
Sevastien: I'm sorry, Bridgette. Just leave me here and save yourself...
Bridgette: No!
Bridgette: ...
Bridgette: No way! There's no way I'll abandon you here, Sevastien!
Bridgette: We haven't lost yet—I still haven't given it my all!
Monster: Groooar!
Bridgette: Yaaah!
Bridgette: Hehe, I sure can't wait!
Sevastien: Hohoho... Patience is a virtue, dear Bridgette.
Thanks to Bridgette's bravery, the two have managed to safely bring back the ingredients.
As thanks for assisting him, Sevastien prepares a scrumptious meal for Bridgette.
Bridgette: I was really worried about what was gonna happen back there...
Sevastien: Hohoho... Indeed. It's fortunate that we were both able to make it back safely.
Sevastien: When the monster attacked, you were able to avoid its attacks and take it out yourself with practiced hands. Brilliant swordsmanship, I must say.
Sevastien: Simply put, you were marvelous... And you saved me.
Bridgette: Hehe... I'm gonna blush if you keep that up!
Sevastien: Well then, it looks like it's ready. A Lumiel specialty, with plenty of freshly picked ingredients.
Bridgette: Wow... This looks amazing!
Bridgette: Wait a second... Sevastien, what happened to your injury?
Sevastien: Hmm, whatever could it have been... I suppose it must've been a sudden bellyache.
Bridgette: Oh? I-I see. My apologies.
Sevastien: Hehe... Now then—you'd better get started on your food before it gets cold.
Bridgette: Oh, you're right! Time to dig in!
The instant the food touches her mouth, Bridgette's face melts into a smile.
Bridgette: It's deeelish! Your cuisine really is sublime, Sevastien!
Sevastien: Hohoho, you speak too highly of me.
Sevastien: The flavor you taste—that's the flavor of your efforts and bravery.
Bridgette: My efforts and bravery...
Sevastien: Indeed. The flavor of your triumph today, when you mustered the courage to stand up against the monster in a dire situation.
Sevastien: You were saying earlier that you wished to become like Captain Charlotta someday, yes?
Sevastien: Of course, I understand why you may feel doubtful or anxious at times.
Sevastien: However, behind the spectacle of Charlotta's splendor is simply her hard work and effort that often goes overlooked.
Sevastien: Charlotta may still seem like a distant goal. However, I know that you'll be able to catch up some day, Bridgette.
Sevastien: They say those with the biggest dreams never lose sight of their ambition. I'll always be cheering for you behind the scenes as well.
Bridgette: Thank you, Sevastien! I'm gonna keep doing everything I can and catch up to her one day!
Sevastien: Hohoho, now that's the spirit! Truly a radiant sight for this old dog's eyes.
Thanks to Sevastien's help and encouragement, Bridgette's resolve has been reinvigorated.
As such, another small step has brought her closer to realizing her dream of becoming like Charlotta.