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Official Profile

Npc f 3040024000 01.jpg Sophia
Age 19 years old
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Historical studies
Likes Being useful to others
Dislikes Refusing others' requests
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040024000 01.jpg Sophia
Age 19歳
Height 162cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 史学研究
Likes 人の役に立つこと
Dislikes 人の頼みを断ること
Source [1]

Npc f 3030225000 01.jpg Sophia (SR)
Age 19 years old
Height 162 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Historical studies
Likes Being useful to others
Dislikes Refusing others' requests
Source [2]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030225000 01.jpg Sophia (SR)
Age 19歳
Height 162cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 史学研究
Likes 人の役に立つこと
Dislikes 人の頼みを断ること
Source [2]





  • Lebensstrahl is German for "ray of life".
  • Medicament is an English word that is synonymous with "medicine".
  • Metanoia is an English word referring to a transformation of the heart, particularly by spiritual conversion.[3]

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday! I'm so happy to be able to celebrate with you on this special day!
I hope it's a good one!


I'm wishing you a happy birthday. I'm so glad to spend such a wonderful day with you.
I know your wish, (Captain), is to get to your father on Estalucia, the Island of the Astrals.
So I'll do everything in my power as a Zeyen priestess to make sure your wish comes true.
In order to guide the future... In order to grasp it... I'll make sure your determination sees you through to the end, (Captain).
I'm sorry for asking to stay with you on your journey... But I'll always pray that the grace of the Astrals be with you.


(Captain), I wish you the warmest birthday greetings today.
I know lots of people are sending you the same greetings.
And you might think nothing of it, (Captain), but in fact it's something quite special.
While meeting so many different people on my pilgrimage, I realized something. You have twice the compassion of a regular person.
I admire that about you. And as a Zeyen priestess, I could learn a thing or two.
I pray from the bottom of my heart that your future is full of blessings, (Captain).


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm sure your journey will be filled with trials and challenges.
But, as they say, even the heaviest downpour ends in time. Something good is sure to follow the hardships.
What matters most is that you always believe you'll succeed and refuse to give up. A path is sure to present itself to you if you stay strong.
But I suppose this is nothing I need to say to someone as put together as you, (Captain).
Please don't forget that your upright attitude is an inspiration to many others, (Captain).
I'll be praying that joy is your companion wherever you go!


Happy birthday! You've had quite the exciting year, haven't you?
You've met so many different people and experienced so many wonderful new things.
I'm certain that each and every one of those experiences will build you up and lead to further growth.
It's like how tiny droplets of water, when dripping ceaselessly, can bore a hole through the toughest stone.
Even if the parts are small, as long as you keep stacking and stacking them up, they have the power to form a massive whole.
That's why we have to believe every day we live through is an irreplaceable piece of our lives.
I pray that you have ever greater adventures in the future. And though I'm afraid I haven't much to offer, I will help in whatever way I can!
May the protection of Zeyen be with you!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
Want to know my New Year's resolution? This year I'm going to make it through my pilgrimage!


My New Year's resolutions are to make many more friends and to deepen my understanding of the Zeyen ways.
I may be on a bit of a roundabout path, but I believe it's a necessary experience in order to grow.
After all, it's the little detour I took that led me to meeting you, (Captain)!
I'm still in training, but I'll work my hardest as both a Zeyen priestess and a member of your crew.
I'm looking forward to journeying by your side this year!


Happy New Year! Thanks to you, I was able to learn so much more about the Zeyen faith last year.
But for every new thing I learned, new questions began to form in my mind...
I didn't think that mastering the teachings would be easy, but I'm reminded about how much time it will take.
There's no rush, you say? Heh-heh, you're right... If I rush myself and lose sight of what's important, then it defeats the purpose entirely.
(Captain), please be sure to show me lots more this year on our journey!


Happy New Year! I appreciate everything you did last year.
It was so satisfying to travel from island to island and meet all those new people together, (Captain).
I still have much to learn as a priest, but I intend to keep progressing step by step.
(Captain), please accept my heartfelt prayers that the light of hope may shine on your path.


Happy New Year. I hope this year proves to be as wonderful as the last.
Have you already visited the shrine, (Captain)?
I went in the early hours of the morning, while the air was still fresh and cold.
The sun hadn't yet risen, but already the line of visitors stretched on and on.
Each and every person there harbored great hope for the new year. They went to the shrine, brimming with all sorts of wishes, and prayed for good fortune.
I found it most refreshing, walking amongst people aspiring to new heights.
I, too, cannot stand still. As a priestess, I must pursue my calling with ever greater devotion.
May Zeyen light your path as well, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day. Do you... like sweets?
I made some chocolates, but I'm not sure if you'd like them...


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
Well... Let's see... I made some chocolate to give you, but do you like chocolate?
You do? I'm glad... So please take this gift!
I was worried at first, since some people don't really care for sweet treats. But I'm relieved that you're happy to take it!
I hope you enjoy it!


(Captain), I made some chocolate. I hope you'll like it...
I tried a difficult recipe, so I'm a little worried whether it came out all right. But it looks like you're enjoying it!
I made it with all my feelings of hope that your journey would fall under the protection of Zeyen.
So I'm sure good things will come your way!


(Captain), as a matter of fact, there's something I'd like to give you.
I made you some chocolates again this year. Would you accept them?
Who would have thought they'd make you so happy? Heh-heh, that joy of yours is contagious.
I made them as a way to show how grateful I am for what everything you do every day.
May you receive the protection of Zeyen, my kind, dear (Captain).


Happy Valentines, (Captain).
Erm... I've prepared Valentines chocolates yet again. Will you take some?
Hehe. I'm happy to see you so delighted!
This is now the fifth present I've given you for Valentines.
I look forward to this exchange every year, you know. Because you're always so warm and grateful.
But I got a bit ahead of myself this year. I bought far too many ingredients, and I still have chocolate left over.
If you would like another helping, please do let me know. As long as I've still chocolate left, I'll be happy to oblige.

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Today's White Day, isn't it?
Is this in return for Valentine's Day? Oh my... Thank you! I'm happy to accept it!


Huh? What's this?
I don't deserve a gift from you, (Captain)...
But thank you... for thinking of me!
I'm very happy to receive it, but I'm so surprised at the same time!
I'm happy to know how you feel nonetheless!


Huh? You're giving me a thank-you gift?
And it's homemade... Are you sure you want to give it to me?

(Captain)explains that the chocolates were made with feelings of hope that Sophia would safely complete her pilgrimage.

Oh really? Since I made a special wish for you, you decided to do the same for me as thanks, right?
Heh-heh, wishing blessings for each other... Thinking about that warms my heart.
If that's the case, then I gratefully accept this gift. I know that eating this will make my pilgrimage a success!


Oh, you're thanking me for the gift I gave you last month. Thank you very much for remembering!
I see you wanted to express your gratitude. I don't believe I've done all that much, but, well...
Well, it's an honor if you believe that I have. Thank you very much!
Your words are truly moving, (Captain).
I'll be sure to let your thoughts into my heart as I'm eating these, (Captain).


Oh, could this be a thank-you gift for Valentine's?
Thank you very much. I'll cherish it!
Hm? Why have you started grinning so? Did I do something silly...
You're only reflecting my own joy? Then I must've had quite the smile on my face.
Hehe. I never even dreamed that you would one day compliment me on my smile, (Captain).
I've always derived happiness from observing the smiles of others...
Knowing that my own smile carries the same power to delight... Why, there is no greater joy than this.
I've learned something valuable today, thanks to you. May endless smiles continue to light our journey ahead.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! If you don't give me any candy, I'll have to play a prank on you, OK?
Promise you won't get mad?


Huh? Strange. I thought (Captain) was here, but...
Let's turn back.
Eep! C-Captain! Where did you come from?
Hahaha... You really surprised me. I can't believe I screamed that loud.
I got all these treats together, but it never occurred to me you'd choose tricks instead... Sniff...


A neatly folded slip of paper lies on the floor.
(Captain) picks it up, and inside it are clearly written instructions for a prank.
Huh? Oh no! I've lost the note!
Ah, is that you, (Captain)?
Uh, well... I sort of lost something... But it's all right! Really, it's fine!
Oh, I see you're holding a piece of paper, (Captain)... Yes, it's mine.
You didn't, um... take a peek at it, did you?
Yes, you've got me... But now it's a failed plan to try and trick you. Ah well...
Huh? You think we should give it a try together anyway?
I see! You and I can play a trick on someone else!
Oh, with you on my side, (Captain), I think I can pull this off! Let's do our best to play lots of tricks!


Whew... This really has me on edge...
Oh, (Captain)... I'm sorry. I should have just called out to you normally.
I... I thought that some children were playing a prank on me. It was really alarming...
Ahaha, you're right that I should be safe from pranks here in my room...
But I do feel bad about turning my back on the tricks that everyone worked so hard to make. That's why I'm going to muster up my courage...
Whaaat! (Captain), do you want to prank me too?
A-all right! Please take it easy on me!


My... This is troubling...
Sophia hides in a corner of town, which is bustling with Halloween festivities.
Oh, you found me, (Captain)...
It's only natural you'd be worried about me... Actually, this is rather embarrassing to admit but...
There was a monster chasing children about earlier, and it scared me so much my legs gave out.
Ahaha... You must find me pitiable. It wasn't even coming after me, and yet...
What's that? You'll stay by my side until I can stand again?
That's truly reassuring. I'm so glad that you're the one who found me!
Let me share some sweets with you as thanks. There's plenty to go around, so take as many as you'd like!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I want to put smiles on all the kids faces! Just like Santa does!


Do you think Santa Claus will make his way here?
After all, there are kids on the airship waiting for their presents!
What? You want to know what I want?
I'm but a pilgrim on a journey. I have no desire for worldly things. However...
I still want to see everyone's happy faces more than anything else.
Ha-ha! Why, thank you for asking, (Captain)!


Happy holidays! I heard that lots of gifts were delivered to the children on the airship!
My heart fills with joy whenever I see their beaming faces! Their smiles are truly a treasure.
Santa Claus is really something! Crossing all the skies in one night and making kids smile...
I hope I can bring happiness to many others too by becoming a great priestess and spreading the teachings of Zeyen.
Now then, I must get ready for the party! I'll get to cooking and make everyone smile in my own way for today!


Happy holidays!
The holiday festivities are about to begin!
Me? It may not be my place, but I'm decking the halls.
This precious evening is one we all spend together. I simply wanted to make the children smile, if only just a bit.
My efforts may not be much, but I'd be delighted if they bring others some happiness.
I'll keep pushing on! (Captain), you can wait outside until I'm finished.
Hm? Would you like to work together?
Thank you very much! Let's make it beautiful!


Earlier, some of the crew's children came by, asking me to mend their ripped stockings. So here I am...
It's been a while since I've last darned stockings like these—the kind meant for presents and not feet, I mean. How nostalgic.
Now, I dedicate myself wholly to my faith. But once, I too was a young girl awaiting presents from Santa.
He often brought me little dolls. I never asked for anything in particular.
But that made unwrapping the gifts all the more exciting. The memory of those distant mornings is a great treasure.
It is my sincere wish that the children from earlier can taste that same joy. And that happiness begins with a well-mended stocking.
Say, (Captain), do you have any similar memories? If you can spare a moment, please tell me all about them!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Astral Pilgrim

Along the way, our heroes met the Zeyen pilgrim Sophia. The party learned that the Zeyen holy grounds had a connection to the Astrals. The party proposed to the naive and scatterbrained Sophia that she join them on their journey.

During their journey, the party visited a most exceptional country that was said to be prospering thanks to the supernatural protection provided by the primal beast Sylph.
The party carry on with their quest together with Sophia, a priestess they had met while heading for the Royal Capital Feendrache.
Vyrn: A moment ago you said you were on a pilgrimage to the holy grounds, but why are you actually doing that, Sophia?
Sophia: In truth, my journey on a pilgrimage to the holy grounds was an ordeal imposed upon me by grandfather, a high priest.
Lyria: Um... What is this “Zeyen” faith, anyway? Hehehe.
Sophia: Huh? (Captain)’s party doesn’t know about the Zeyen faith?
Sophia: Then I will explain!
Sophia: The Zeyen faith is a major creed that ties the Sky World with the World of the Astrals.
Sophia: A sign left in this world. That is, by intensely studying the power of the Astrals, we endeavor to understand their intentions...
Sophia: We believe that the souls of those who believe in the divine protection of the Astrals can eventually obtain eternal life...
Vyrn: Got it! The Zeyen thing is right on the money! Thanks for explaining!
Sophia: At any rate, I must overcome the ordeal of the pilgrimage to the holy grounds that has been borne by all Zeyen high priests for generation.
Lyria: Whoa! I don’t understand that too well, but it sounds terribly difficult...
Lyria: And... What of this holy grounds that you mentioned a moment ago, Sophia? What might that be?
Sophia: That’s a good question! The holy grounds, as defined in our Zeyen doctrine, is a war-torn place during the War.
Sophia: That is, it was the site of many intense bloody battles repeatedly fought between the Astrals and the people of the sky.
Vyrn: Hmph... You say it was the site of bloody warfare, but wasn’t that centuries ago? What do you do there?
Sophia: That involves the mysterious power bestowed upon those who take up the role of Zeyen high priest.
Lyria: A mysterious power?
Sophia: Yes. I can use that mysterious power to view the lingering power of the Astrals that still sleep in the holy grounds.
Vyrn: A power left behind by the Astrals... Does she mean primal beasts?
Sophia: Exactly. I can see the power of the primal beasts.
Lyria: Wha... wow! You can talk to primal beasts too, Sophia?!
Sophia: Wha?! So you can talk to primal beasts as well, Lyria?
Lyria: Yes! I can separate powers from primal beasts and then take them on myself!
Sophia: Amazing... I wonder what my grandfather would say if he could hear of that?
Sophia: I do not possess Lyria’s innate ability to actually negotiate with primal beasts. All I can do is bear witness to their power...
Vyrn: Hey hey... Why’d you get a little sad then? Even though you’re amazing!
Sophia: Y-Yes. Thank you.
Lyria: I thought this was important for you. Is it really okay for you to make a detour to Feendrache?
Sophia: Hahaha... That’s right. You touched a nerve with that.
Sophia: Perhaps due to the teachings of my grandfather, I find myself unable to abandon those in trouble once I find them.
Vyrn: Therefore I am setting aside my pilgrimage to the holy grounds for now so I can head for the capital and make a direct appeal for the sake of the villagers.
Lyria: So, once you take care of the immediate problem, you will return to your trip to the holy grounds?
Sophia: Yes. I’ve decided to next go to a nearby island... Uh, what?
Vyrn: Sophia... What's got your pants in a twist?
Sophia: I... I can’t find it! I lost my map that shows the way to the holy grounds! That map was very important!
Lyria: Wha?! Are you all right? Miss Sophia!
Vyrn: Ack... Just when I thought you had it together, you start acting like a total birdbrain.
Sophia: No... no... What will I do without my map?
Lyria: Keep calm, Sophia! Check your satchel and your pockets again!
Sophia: No no no... It’s nowhere to be found...
Vyrn: Tsk... Well then I guess you’re outta luck!
Vyrn: So why don’t you come with us?
Sophia: What?
Vyrn: We are also traveling to an island rumored to be the home of primal beasts in order to gather Sky Map fragments.
Vyrn: Maybe that will help you with your pilgrimage to the holy grounds? Eh, (Captain)!
Sophia: May I go with you? Please?
Lyria: Of course! I’ve got a lot of different things I would also like to discuss with you, Miss Sophia!
Sophia: Wait... Is this it? The map!
Vyrn: Ah! That’s a relief! This is irreplaceable!
Sophia: Oh wait... It’s actually a flier I had received from a street performer before.
Vyrn: Oi! What? Just as I expected!
Sophia: No... no...
Vyrn: All right then. So why don’t you just come with us? Okay?
Sophia: Ahhh... Thank you.
Sophia: Once we take care of this country’s problems, please let me join your Order, (Captain)...
Vyrn: All right! It's on!
Thus the party had a fated encounter with the priestess Sophia.
(Captain) and Sophia’s journey had only begun.

Past and Present

(Captain)'s party head for one of the Zeyen holy grounds, the ruins of the War. There, the party comes across a slumbering primal beast. The party learns of the primal beast's promise with Sophia's ability, then heads to a nearby village to get more information.

Vyrn: Hey! Are we almost at the ruins of the War we heard about at the Knickknack Shack?
Sophia: Yes, according to the map we got at the Knickknack Shack... huh? Where did the map... huh?
Lyria: Sophia! Over here! You dropped the map!
Sophia: What?! I-I'm sorry! I almost got lost...
Vyrn: Boy... Sophia usually seems reliable, but she can be forgetful sometimes...
(Captain)'s party heads for the ruins of the War with Sophia the Zeyen priestess.
According to the Zeyen teachings, the ruins of the War are considered holy grounds and the successor of the high priest has a duty to make a pilgrimage there.
Lyria: But... what kind of place can the ruins of the War be...?
Lyria: They say it's a forlorn place, as if it forever bears the marks of the War...
Vyrn: Come on... the War with the Astrals happened hundreds of years ago.
Vyrn: Don't you think any remains will be long gone by now?
Sophia: Yes, in some places... but there are always traces of something left behind.
Sophia: We, the Zeyen priestesses, can read these traces and learn of the past.
Vyrn: I don't really get it, but sounds impressive! Don't you think so, (Captain)?
Sophia: Haha... i-if you don't get it, I don't know whether or not I should be happy about that...
Sophia: Huh? What's wrong, Lyria? Why did you stop...?
Lyria: In the ground... I feel... the presence of a primal beast nearby.
Vyrn: What!? There's a primal beast buried in the ground!?
Lyria: Yes... but it seems to be resting... in the form of a primal crystal...
Vyrn: I see... well, it is the ruins of the War. I guess it's possible.
Sophia: But... according to the map, the ruins of the War are past that forest.
Vyrn: Hmm? Then why's that primal beast sleeping all the way over here?
Lyria: Hmm... I can tell it's nearby by feeling its presence, but I don't know any more than that...
Sophia: Hehe... looks like it's my time to shine.
Vyrn: Huh? What are you gonna do?
Sophia: I'm going to read the trace of energy that's left on the land. Then, I'll know everything that happened here.
Sophia: Oh vestiges of astral power resting in the land... through my staff, embody the fragment of time and reveal it before me!
Sophia: !?
Lyria: H-hey! You alright?! Sophia!
Sophia: Thank you, Lyria... but don't worry, this happens all the time.
Sophia: More importantly... this primal beast seems to have made a promise.
Lyria: A... promise?
Sophia: Yes... this primal beast was not suited for combat...
Sophia: So before the battle, it was told to wait here by the Astral that was its master.
Sophia: And so here it lies, waiting for its master's return...
Lyria: My goodness... that's too sad...
Sophia: Yes... and now that we know, I can't just leave it here...
  1. Let's do something about it.
  2. Let's get more information.

Choose: Let's do something about it.
Sophia: Yes... I'm sure there's something we can do to help...
Sophia: Then let's go to the village to get some information first.

Choose: Let's get more information.
Sophia: That would be best. If only we can find out more about the Astral that was this primal beast's owner...
Sophia: Let's head for a nearby village first. Someone might know something.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Alright! Then it's settled, let's get through this forest first!
Vyrn: I sense a lot of monsters nearby... keep your guard up! (Captain)!

Past and Present: Scene 2

The party arrive at a village and ask the village elder about the sleeping primal beast, but aren't able to get the information they want. Imperial soldiers arrive in search of information on the same primal beast. The party fights the imperial soldiers to help the primal beast fulfill its promise.

The party arrives at a nearby village. They visit the elder who is said to be the most knowledgeable in the village... however...
Elder: A primal beast sleeping outside the village, you say...
Sophia: Yes, do you know anything?
Elder: I'm sorry, but I've never heard of it...
Sophia: I see...
Vyrn: Well, the war is hundreds of years old after all...
Vyrn: Even if that Astral survived the War, it's been hundreds of years... I'm sure he's already...
Sophia: N-No... not yet! There must be something!
Sophia: Besides, I can't just leave him there!
Sophia: There must be something... maybe the owner left something behind!
Lyria: Sophia...?
Sophia: Elder! Anything would help! Any little thing...
Sophia: Is there anything we can tell him after waiting there for so long?
Elder: I-I would help if I could, but...
Imperial Soldier: Hm...? What's all the commotion about?
Vyrn: Ack!? What are they doing here...?
Imperial Soldier: Hm? ...Hey, geezer! Do you know about the rumors of a sleeping primal beast that's around here?
Elder: Huh... a sleeping primal beast you say...
Imperial Soldier: That's right. We, the Erste Empire, are looking for primal beasts that we can use for our experiments...
Lyria: T-Those people are after that primal beast...!
Imperial Soldier: Hm? You know where the primal beast is?
Sophia: Yes, we do...
Sophia: Actually... it seems like we're the only ones in this village that know about the primal beast.
Imperial Soldier: Ah...I see. In that case, lead us to it.
Sophia: No... I can't do that.
Imperial Soldier: What did you say...?
Sophia: He's been waiting for his master just like he promised... I can't hand him over to you!
Sophia: I will protect him! (Captain)! Please help me!

Past and Present: Scene 3

(Captain)'s party defeats the imperial soldiers. The elder recalls a place where the legends of Astrals live on. The party heads there but still can't find any information. Sophia laments her own powerlessness. Lyria comforts Sophia, telling her that there must be something more valuable than the past. Then, the imperial soldiers appear once again.

After restraining the imperial soldiers, Sophia faces them directly.
Imperial Soldier: Ugh... damn you all... you won't get away with this...!
Sophia: Please tell me... why did you all come here...?
Sophia: Do you know anything about Astrals around this village?
Imperial Soldier: Hmph... what are you going to do with that information?
Sophia: I want to know... because I believe this is my duty...
Imperial Soldier: I don't know what you're expecting but... ever since the War, there has been nothing left here.
Vyrn: Stop acting so pompous! What are you trying to say?
Imperial Soldier: Hmph... just that... nothing was left.
Imperial Soldier: The Astrals on this land were all exterminated in the battle near the end of the War.
Sophia: What...?
Imperial Soldier: This place is one of the few battlefields where we, the citizens of the sky were completely victorious over the Astrals.
Imperial Soldier: We were looking for spoils of war besides the primal beast, but nothing has come up so far...
Sophia: B-But! That can't be... there must be something...
Elder: N-Now I remember...
Elder: I've heard of a land of legends in the outskirts of the village where Astrals were once buried...
Elder: B-But this is merely a rumor, and besides...
Sophia: W-Where is it? Please tell me!
Elder: Beyond the forest that way... but that place is...
Sophia: !?
Vyrn: Oh! Hey! Where are you going?
Lyria: L-Let's go after her! (Captain)!
Imperial Soldier: Hmph...
The party run after Sophia and arrive at the place where Astrals are said to be buried, however...
Sophia: That can't be... there's nothing... nothing left...?
Lyria: Sophia...
Sophia: Again...? I couldn't do anything... again...
Vyrn: C-Couldn't do anything...?
Vyrn: O-Oh! You can read what happened in the past, Sophia!
Sophia: What would be the point of that...?
Sophia: Even if I do, it's all a tragedy that's long been over... I can't make anyone happy...
Sophia: I'm always too late... the memories I always see seem so close, but they're too far away...
Sophia: I can only watch... That's all I can do... It's all so meaningless...
Lyria: I-I don't think so!
Sophia: Lyria...
Lyria: Yes, the past is important, and it's something we can't change... but that's not all we are!
Lyria: I don't know my own past. I want to learn more about it but...
Lyria: I don't see myself as unfortunate for not knowing my past.
Lyria: Because, I have all of you... Even without a past, I have a future I can face with my friends...
Lyria: Is that something that can't replace a past that can't be changed?
Sophia: ...
Imperial Soldier: Hmph... well? Did you find what you were looking for?
Vyrn: Wha!? How did you!?
Imperial Soldier: Unfortunately for you, we weren't the only troop of soldiers. Sensing that we were in danger, they came by to help.
Imperial Soldier: This time we have reinforcements. Now, you're going to tell us where that primal beast is!
Sophia: I still can't tell you that.
Imperial Soldier: I see... then it looks like we'll have to make you talk!
Sophia: I won't let you do that either! Because I found something that I can still do...
Sophia: So I can't lose here!

Past and Present: Scene 4

The imperial soldiers are forced to retreat by (Captain)'s party. Finding meaning in her ability to see the pasts of primal beasts and realizing what she must do, Sophia leaves the land behind with a cheerful heart.

(Captain)'s party successfully drive away the imperial soldiers.
Then, as if a cloud had lifted, she made an unexpected request.
Lyria: That sleeping primal beast...?
Sophia: Yes, I want you to absorb it.
Vyrn: Why all of a sudden? I thought you would be against that for sure.
Sophia: I think... I've been forgetting something important.
Sophia: My ability to see the past isn't to save it, but to guide the future.
Sophia: No matter how tragic, the past can't be changed...
Sophia: But if we keep moving forward...
Sophia: We can guide those we couldn't save in the past.
Sophia: I think the reason we Zeyen priestesses can see the past isn't to mourn what's behind us, but to build a better future.
Lyria: That's it! You're right! I agree!
Sophia: That primal beast, too, shouldn't stay here waiting forever...
Sophia: I think it would be best if we can take him back to his home, the world of Astrals.
Vyrn: Heh heh! Now that's a good idea! Don't you think so, (Captain)? (Captain)!
And so Lyria absorbed the sleeping primal beast, and the party continued on their journey toward the Island of Astrals.
As Sophia left this place behind, her face was cheerful and full of confidence.


Redluck finds himself kneeling before Sophia, the grandchild of a Zeyen archbishop. He says he owes the Zeyens everything, for it was a Zeyen monk who saved his life. From his story, Sophia learns of the other purpose of her pilgrimage. Though once troubled from always getting lost, she realizes that it can lead to saving more lives, and regains her confidence.

There are many followers of Zeyen who go on a pilgrimage of the skies.
They consider the remains of the war to be sacred grounds and meet many a traveler and skyfarer on their travels.
In that way, the coincidental meeting of two Zeyen acolytes, Sophia and Redluck, along with the crew, arises.
Redluck: Could it be... You must be Sophia!
Sophia panics when she sees Redluck addressing her, with a bended knee on the deck.
Sophia: Ah... Please stand up! I'm not one to kneel for!
Redluck: That will not do. You are a high priestess of Zeyen, are you not? I am duty-bound to honor you.
Sophia: Huh, so you know about me?
Redluck: How could I not! You are the granddaughter of the Zeyen archbishop! It is truly an honor to meet you.
Redluck: Gwahahaha! Bless the stars for guiding me here! You guys are my saviors!
Sophia: But unlike my grandfather, the archbishop, I have never done anything worthy of such praise...
Redluck: It is thanks to the teachings of Zeyen that I was able to cleanse myself of my criminal past.
Still down on his knees, Redluck begins to tell his life story.
He was severely injured during a fight, when a Zeyen acolyte saved him. He's been a changed man ever since.
Sophia: ...
Sophia listens to him intently. When he finishes speaking...
Redluck: That makes you all my saviors. You have shown me the path!
Sophia: No... The one that saved you was the mother and child, and you yourself.
Sophia: All I've done out here is get lost... I haven't even made it to any of the sacred grounds yet.
Redluck: That's exactly what I'm so grateful about.
Sophia: Huh...?
Redluck: It's because you guys are always helping those of us in need that the number of Zeyen acolytes keeps growing.
Redluck: One of those you showed the light to in turn saved me, and here I am now.
Redluck: Haha, by the way... Did you know that the archbishop you look up to so much had an awful sense of direction way back?
Sophia: No way! My grandfather...?
Redluck: Come now, you really didn't know? Word is he took ten times longer than everyone else to get anywhere!
Sophia: My grandfather always looked toward the future and spoke little of the past...
Redluck: What a shame that is. They say his getting lost all the time actually helped spread the teachings of Zeyen.
Redluck: So do you get it now? It's precisely because of how you and the archbishop get lost that someone like me gets saved!
Redluck: Hehe, that's why I see you all as my saviors...
Sophia: ...
Redluck: Whoa, it's almost time for the eating contest! I gotta run!
And with that, Redluck runs off the deck toward town.
Sophia: So grandpa used to be just like me... getting lost and saving people...
Sophia: I was uneasy about setting off for the pilgrimage on my own, but now I feel a bit braver.
Sophia: I'll do my best! It might take years, even tens of years, but I'll see this pilgrimage to the end!
The most unexpected encounter with the Zeyen monk and the lesson about her grandfather comes to pass.
She has a long way to go before reaching her grandfather's heights, but it's reassuring to know that they started out the same way.
Determined to become the archbishop of Zeyen one day, Sophia continues the pilgrimage with newfound vigor.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
えっ? ゼエン教の教えを知りたいですか? Oh? Do the teachings of Zeyen interest you?
祖父のことはとても尊敬しています I have great respect for my grandfather.
こっちであってます? …よね? This is the right way... Wait, is it really?
道を間違えても… 怒らないで下さいね? Please don't get mad if I go the wrong way.
皆さんと一緒なら、聖地に辿り着けます! With everyone's help, I'll reach the sacred grounds!
私も…誰かの力になりたいです! I want to be useful too!
きゃっ… 驚かさないで下さい! Ahh! Don't scare me like that!
見てください… 私だって戦えます! Look, I can fight too!
(主人公)さんお怪我は無いですか? Are you okay, (Captain)?
(主人公)さん!ここは私が援護します! Go, go, (Captain)!

Other Appearances


Sophia, Pious Pilgrim

SV Sophia, Pious Pilgrim.png SV Sophia, Pious Pilgrim E.png
Click to reveal card data

Um, excuse me. Where is this place? I wandered off of the main road because I saw some people in need, but then I dropped my map of sacred places. Ahh... What am I going to do?


Evolve: Randomly summon a copy of an allied follower that has been destroyed during this turn.

You'll show me the way? That's so nice of you! To thank you for your kindness, would you like to hear about our ward and provider, Zeyen?

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Sophia, Pious Pilgrim
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Hallowed Dogma

SV Hallowed Dogma alt.png
Click to reveal card data

Subtract 2 from the Countdown of an allied amulet.
Draw a card.

Oh, you want to hear about the Zeyen faith? Weeell... It teaches that the worldly realms—both Sky and Astral—are linked. The souls of those who believe in the protection of the Astrals will enjoy unending happiness.

Class Havencraft
Card Pack Promo
SV Portal Hallowed Dogma
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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