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Official Profile

Npc f 3040115000 01.jpg Sturm (Grand)
Age Unknown
Height 130 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Training, meditation
Likes Eating a meaty dinner
Dislikes Loud people, friendly people
A no-nonsense swordsman charged with Drang's protection, Sturm lives her life by the sword. She rarely shows interest in other more trifling matters unless she feels her personal code has been violated. If that ever happens, you better watch out. Willing to take on any job for money, no matter how dirty, Sturm meets her clients expectations exactly, making her something of a famous mercenary in less scrupulous circles. Accompanied by Drang, Sturm currently works for the empire.
Source [1] [2] [3]

Npc f 3040115000 01.jpg Sturm (Grand)
Age 不明
Height 130cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 鍛練、瞑想
Likes 肉料理
Dislikes 騒がしい奴、気さくな奴
Source [1] [2] [3]

Npc f 3040268000 01.jpg Sturm
Age Unknown
Height 130 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Training, meditation
Likes Eating a meaty dinner
Dislikes Loud people, friendly people
Source [4]

Npc f 3040268000 01.jpg Sturm
Age 不明
Height 130cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 鍛練、瞑想
Likes 肉料理
Dislikes 騒がしい奴、気さくな奴
Source [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Pssh, I would never have thought a naive fool like you would have even lived to see your next birthday...
It's important to live your life and not just let life happen around you when your path is as dangerous as ours.
So, I'll humor you and celebrate today... I always remember to appreciate the fact that I've made it through another year safely...
Congratulations... Take care that you make it to your next birthday.


I can't believe it's already been an entire year.
Looking back to where you were before, how does it make you feel?
What's wrong with being a little introspective once in a while? This day only comes once a year y'know.


Looks like your birthday's here again.
We've known each other a long time now.
You've always been a naive kid, but that's worked for you up till now. No need to fix what ain't broke I guess.
Hope you make it to your next birthday safely.


It's your birthday today, right, (Captain)?
Never thought I'd end up being here for so many of them.
If you'd told me a few years ago that we'd be sharing birthday cake today, I'd've thought you were crazy.
Since I got into this line of work, most of my relationships have been about the length of the mission at hand.
Lately though, the number of people who stick around afterward just keeps growing.
Drang, the Black Knight... and you.
I didn't ask for this, but I guess it's an occupational hazard.
I'll be around as long as you're useful.
I may as well help you celebrate, since I'm here anyway.
Happy birthday.


Happy birthday.
It's thanks to you that I can keep updating my record of our journey together.
You have so many people around you now that it's getting hard to grasp the Black Knight's interests.
What started as just three people and one creature has grown to be something so big... Witnessing that has been most amusing.
I've never seen any other crew grow so much in such a short time.
Are you planning to double that by next year or something? Eventually you'll be able to build your own country.
Hmph... I meant that in a good way. I'm eager to see just how far you'll go.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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White Day Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Fate Episodes

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Mercenaries' Night Out

Sturm runs into Tanya at a restaurant after work and joins her at her table. Conversation is awkward at first, but Sturm manages to set Tanya at ease. Just as Sturm is about to ask for Tanya's advice on something, Feena crashes the party.

One night after work, Sturm stops by a local restaurant.
Sturm: ...
The establishment is doing a roaring trade, and Sturm has to prowl around the tables for quite a while before she finds an empty seat.
Tanya: Ah...
Sturm: (Ah... I've seen her on the Grandcypher...)
No version of Tanya in crew

Tanya joined (Captain)'s crew in order to discover the truth behind the death of her father—a mercenary.
Tanya: ...
Sturm: ...
Sturm: (I've barely spoken with her. She probably wouldn't feel comfortable sharing a table with me.)
Thinking it the kinder course, Sturm turns on her heel and heads for the exit.
Tanya: W-would you like to join me for dinner?
Sturm: What?
Tanya: Oh, um... sorry. That was rude of me. I'm Tanya. You're Sturm, right?
Tanya: You might not remember me, but we worked together on a job once... Ah... My hair has grown a little since then, so...
Sturm: I remember your face. But don't feel like you have to share your table just because we've met before.
Tanya: N-not at all. It's not every day you're lucky enough to run into an acquaintance, after all...
Sturm: Weren't you enjoying your meal in peace before I interrupted you?
Tanya: Actually, I'd... really like to... sit down and talk with you, Sturm.
Sturm: Talk, eh?
Tanya: Even if you don't feel like talking... The seat across from me is empty...
Tanya: And I ordered more food than I needed, so... we could just eat it together, quietly?
Sturm: ...
Sturm slips away from Tanya...
And plops down in the seat opposite her.
Tanya: Oh, I'm so glad!
Sturm: This seat just happened to be free, that's all.
Tanya and Sturm face each other across the table.
Sturm: ...
Tanya: ...
They alone seem to inhabit a silent island amid a sea of laughter and conversation.
Tanya: This is one of my favorite restaurants... Their meat dishes are especially good. Like, um, the roast beef, for example.
Sturm: Oh yeah?
Tanya: What, um, what kind of food do you like, Sturm?
Sturm: Meat.
Tanya: Mm, yes. I do too. And the meat dishes are so good here. It's one of my favorite restaurants.
Sturm: So you said. About a second ago.
Tanya: O-oh, yes. That's right. Ha ha...
Tanya: I... I'm sorry...
Sturm: For what?
Tanya: My... conversation skills are... not very good. I'm the one who invited you to join me, but I'm just...
Sturm: Mind if I order?
Sturm flags down a waiter and orders a drink, an appetizer, and some roast beef.
Sturm: No need to push yourself.
Tanya: You're right. I'm sorry.
Sturm: ...
Sturm: Just take it at your own pace.
Sturm: That's what I do.
The waiter returns and sets down Sturm's appetizer and drink.
Sturm: I see you have a drink too. Cheers.
Tanya: Ch... Cheers.
Sturm knocks back a draft of ale, the golden liquid winking in the light. She leans back in her chair and regards Tanya across the rim of her tankard.
Sturm: You're quite the knife handler from what I remember.
Tanya: R-really? You think so? We only met once in the midst of battle though, didn't we?
Sturm: Why would I bother lying about something like that?
Tanya: I-I'm just touched... Because you and your partner really impressed me with your cooperation on the battlefield. You were so in sync.
Tanya: Oh, speaking of your partner... Is Drang not with you?
Sturm: I prefer it this way. It's quieter.
Sturm's roast beef arrives, so rare it's almost bleeding, garnished with fragrant herbs.
Sturm: ...!
Tanya: You really do like meat, don't you? Your pupils dilated.
Sturm: I won't just eat any old meat.
To hide her embarrassment, Sturm stabs a piece of beef and stuffs it into her mouth.
Sturm: Munch, munch...
Tanya: ...
Sturm: This is good. I see why you recommended it.
Tanya: Phew... I'm glad you like it.
Sturm: What difference does it make to you?
Tanya: Haha... Good question.
Sturm: You're an odd one...
The two enjoy their meal in relative—but companionable—silence.
Sturm: Huh... So you joined (Captain)'s crew to investigate your father's death...
Conversation progresses little by little, in between recommendations for beer or side dishes.
Sturm: Is that who taught you your knife skills? Your mercenary father?
Tanya: Huh? How did you know?
Sturm: I didn't know, but I remember hearing a similar story.
Tanya: The knife I use is his. It's a treasured keepsake.
Tanya: I polish it till it shines every day.
Sturm: Did he teach you that too?
Tanya: Yes. He said never to miss a day.
Sturm: Huh...
Sturm: You should be proud.
Tanya: I, uh... Thank you?
Sturm: ...
Tanya: Your face looks a little red... Are you sensitive to alcohol?
Sturm: Are you kidding me? I could drink ten times this much! Ugh, you sound just like him!
Tanya: Hehe... Sorry.
Sturm: ...
Sturm: I'd like to ask your advice on something.
Sturm: You said yourself it was "lucky" we ran into each other, so whether you like it or not—
Feena: Feena, cutest owner of the buttonest nose in the skies, smells something fun going on over here!
Sturm & Tanya: ...!
Feena: Now here's a matchup you don't see every day! Ahh, friendship is such a beautiful thing! Good for you, young'uns!
Feena: Not enough chairs here. You guys mind if I add one at the head of the table?
Feena: Excuse me! Waaaiteeer! Can we get another chair over here?
A hurricane in human form blows in the front door and seats itself at their table.
Feena: Am I lucky or what? I just wandered into this restaurant at random—I had no idea it was girls' night!
Feena: So? What're we talkin' about? Ooh, is this a mercenary girls' chat sesh?
Tanya: Ah... I'm not exactly... a mercenary...
Sturm: I'm leaving.
As the flustered Tanya fumbles for a response to the newly arrived mercenary, Sturm shoves her chair back and stands.
Feena: Nooo, wait! I'm sorry for crashing your party!
Feena: You wanted advice on something, didn't you? Lay it on me, sister! I'm your girl!
Sturm: You were eavesdropping!
Feena: Maybe a liiittle. With hearing as sharp as mine, you just can't help it, y'know?
Feena: It's not every day the great Sturm needs help! I'm here for you! You are too, right, Tanya?
Tanya: Y-yes... If there's some way I can be of assistance, I'd like to!
Swept up in Feena's enthusiasm, Tanya nods eagerly.
Never has Sturm had such immediate cause to regret her actions.

A Rough Assignment

Sturm ends up getting advice from Tanya and Feena about how to repay (Captain)'s frequent support and kindness. Armed with their counsel, Sturm meets (Captain) in town under the pretext of needing help with some mercenary work.

Sturm: (Captain)'s late...
Sturm stands at the entrance to town, surveying the tranquil environs as sunlight streams down through a clear sky.
Sturm: (No... I was just early.)
Eventually, she tires of the unchanging view.
As she waits, Sturm reviews the events which took place at the restaurant.
Feena: It's not every day the great Sturm needs help! I'm here for you! You are too, right, Tanya?
Tanya: Y-yes... If there's some way I can be of assistance, I'd like to!
Sturm: Sigh... A pair of mercenaries should know better than to accept a job without hearing the details first.
Sturm: Well... fine.
As Sturm was about to ask for Tanya's advice over dinner, Feena crashed their impromptu get-together.
On the verge of leaving them both in her dust, Sturm relented and sat heavily back down.
Sturm: It's about (Captain).
Sturm: I owe (Captain) a lot. For what happened in the Silverwind Stretch... and other things too.
Sturm: You know the mercenary business runs on quid pro quos.
Sturm: I can't just let a debt stand. It has to be repaid, one way or the other.
Feena: Ahh... So basically, you wanna do something to thank (Captain)?
Sturm: This is just the repayment of a debt—don't read too far into it.
Sturm: As a first step, I've set up a meeting with (Captain).
Feena: What! That sounds to me like a date! Oooh, Sturm, you're so aggressive!
Sturm: This discussion is over!
Tanya: Aaah, Sturm, wait! And Feena, please, um... Can you hold back on those comments a little?
Feena: Aww, sorry. They get such a rise outta Sturm, it's hard to resist...
Feena: To make it up to you, how would you like this map of the local market I picked up earlier, with info on all the sales—
Sturm: What would I need with that!
Sturm: At any rate, we have an outing planned. But I have no idea what (Captain) would enjoy doing.
Tanya: So that's why you wanted advice. I... I'll have to give this some serious thought.
Feena: Oh, you lucked out big time! Feena, woman of the world, at your service!
Sturm: (I have a bad feeling about this...)
Although she was the one to ask for advice, Sturm couldn't suppress a healthy dose of skepticism.
Sturm: (Well, it's zero hour...)
Sturm: (It's not as if there's that much to do. If everything goes according to plan, there should be no issues.)
Sturm realizes she is no longer alone.
  1. Sorry I'm late!
  2. Have you been waiting long? Sorry!

Choose: Sorry I'm late!
Sturm: There you are.

Choose: Have you been waiting long? Sorry!
Sturm: No, I just got here.
Continue 1
Sturm's expression is solemn.
Sturm: Let's go over this one more time.
Sturm: I need to do reconnaissance in town for a job. But the enemy may already have me under surveillance.
Sturm: I need your help to blend in—to seem like just another civilian. You'll have to stick with me the entire day.
Sturm: That's the mission brief. Now, about the addenda I mentioned—
A Certain Someone: A mission?
A disembodied voice cuts across Sturm's explanation.
When Sturm and (Captain) look, two figures scramble back into the shadows.
  1. ...
  2. What was that?

Choose: ...
Choose: What was that?
Sturm: Sounds like a cat yowling for its breakfast. No need to check on it. Seriously. I'll stab you.
Sturm: As I was saying. I need to make a thorough search of the town and...
Sturm: What? If you have something to say, spit it out.
Sturm: (There's no way (Captain) could see through my ruse. It's perfect, if I do say so myself.)
To Sturm's relief, all (Captain) does is shrug.
Sturm: Good. Let's get moving.
Indulgently pretending not to notice the eyes watching from the shadows, (Captain) falls in beside Sturm, and the pair heads into town.

A Rough Assignment: Scene 2

Tanya, Feena, and Drang spy from the shadows as Sturm enacts Phase 1 of their plan: taking (Captain) to a play. Seeing (Captain)'s eager anticipation of the performance reminds Sturm pleasantly of going to the theater with her younger siblings when they were children.

Feena: That was close...
Sturm and (Captain) have disappeared into the town.
In the shadows outside the entrance, Feena and Tanya breathe a sigh of relief.
Feena: Sorry about that. I just couldn't believe she asked (Captain) to help her with a job!
Tanya: Um, Feena? I'm having second thoughts about tailing them...
Feena: Listen up, Tanya. It's on us to make sure this operation goes off without a hitch!
Feena: Besides, like Sturm said, this business is all about quid pro quo!
Feena: Since we helped her out, we should be allowed to watch!
Tanya: Are... you sure about that?
???: I'm sure. Let's all get an eyeful of Sturm at her heroic best.
Feena: Yeah! You said a mouthful, Drang. Now—
Feena: Wait, Drang? No way! Did we blow our cover already?
Tanya: Aaaahhh, I'm s-so sorry! Can you ever forgive us for spying on your partner?
Drang: Well, I was doing the same thing. I happened to have the day off, so what the hey.
Drang explains that he had noticed Sturm acting funny, and guessed something interesting was afoot.
Drang: So what's our little Sturm up to then? Sounds like you two have the scoop!
Feena and Tanya tell Drang about Sturm's request.
Drang: I see. I see. Sturm is by the book to the bitter end.
Drang: I wonder if that's why she was asking about the Globe Theatre the other day.
Tanya: Th-that's part of the plan...
Feena: Hey, you can't beat the classics! Everyone loves a play! I'm sure (Captain) will too!
Feena: We'll call it Operation Sturm's Dramatic Monologue!
Sturm: What kind of idiotic name is that?
Feena: A good one! You gotta get into the spirit of these things!
Sturm: (I feel a headache coming on...)
Tanya: Oh, that reminds me. Lyria was telling me about a play that's been very popular lately.
Tanya: The latest work by a playwright called Bill the Bard, I think she said...
Sturm: What's the title?
Feena: Ohhh, Sturm's into it! Operation Sturm's Dramatic Monologue is on!
Sturm: Don't call it that!
Sturm: (Sigh... Just remembering that meal is sapping my strength...)
Sturm and (Captain) visit the Globe Theatre, an entertainment ship doing business in town.
Sturm produces two tickets she bought in advance, and they head inside to take their seats in one of the boxes.
  1. Are you sure this is work?

Choose: Are you sure this is work?
Sturm: Of course it is. Just concentrate on the stage.
Sturm: After all, you're here to serve as my camouflage.
Sturm: (Am I being too obvious?)
Sturm: (Well, it's not a big deal if (Captain) figures it out.)
Sturm: (I did say this was all for a job, but I'll have to let the cat out of the bag eventually.)
The lights in the theater dim, and a bell sounds to announce the beginning of the play.
Sturm: ...
Sturm stealthily observes her companion.
Sturm: (Heh, look at (Captain), eyes big as dinner plates. Just a kid at heart, huh?)
Third Son: Whoa! Everything went black! What's goin' on?
Young Sturm: Take it easy. The show's about to start.
Second Daughter: Hehe... I can't wait!
Young Sturm: (Just like the brats...)
Sturm's eyes return to the stage, a faint smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

A Rough Assignment: Scene 3

After a pleasant conversation about the play, Sturm tries to take (Captain) shopping but realizes she has no experience shopping as a leisure activity with no real objective. Tanya, Feena, and Drang provide some guidance from their hiding place, and the shopping trip turns out a success.

Sturm: It's so simple. If the protagonist had come out and said what he was thinking, the whole plot could have been wrapped up in one act.
Sturm: All this "hidden feelings" crap just caused misunderstandings between the two of them... That kind of communication failure would get them killed on the battlefield.
Sturm: They sorted it out in the end, but only after getting all their friends mixed up in their stupidity...
  1. Yeah, it was good, wasn't it!
  2. You really got into it, huh?

Choose: Yeah, it was good, wasn't it!
Sturm: ...!
Sturm: Well... I wasn't bored.
Sturm: What did you think?

Choose: You really got into it, huh?
Sturm: What!
Sturm: Forget about me. What did you think?
Continue 1
After the play, Sturm and (Captain) stop at a nearby cafe.
Three fellow patrons at a table in the corner observe them from behind their menus.
Drang: Yes... (Captain) seems to be having fun. I think this date is going swimmingly.
Feena: Aaaagh... Id wuz... zo goood!
Tanya: Feena... People are staring!
Feena: Sniff!
Can't help it! In the end, when that wishy-washy hero sucked it up and put it all out there...
Feena: How come the two of you aren't crying? Are you made of stone?
Tanya: I... I understand how you feel, Feena, but if you don't stop bawling, they're going to notice us!
Drang: Well, I think we can call the play a grand success. What's phase two?
Tanya: Um... Phase two was my idea...
Feena: After a play, you need to eat at a cafe. That's just how it's done.
Feena: Can't have one without the other! Just like Sturm and Drang, or me and Goblin Mage!
Sturm: Neither Goblin Mage nor Drang is anywhere to be seen.
Feena: Goblin Mage is sawing logs back at the inn, but she's always with me in spirit!
Feena: You and Drang are the same way, aren't you?
Sturm: I have no idea what he's doing right now, and I never know what's going through that fluffy head of his anyhow.
Tanya: I think... we're getting off track.
Feena: Oh, right. We need to figure out what happens after the cafe.
Feena: What would you do next, Tanya?
Tanya: Me? Ummm...
Sturm: Just tell me what you'd like to do in that situation.
Tanya: ...
Tanya: W-well, in my case...
Sturm: Next up—shopping.
Sturm and (Captain) leave the cafe and head to the market.
Sturm comes to a halt amid the milling crowds, however, a dubious expression on her face.
Sturm: (Feena was on board with the shopping idea too. But do people actually enjoy that?)
Sturm: (Shopping isn't an activity—it's a means to an end. I guess I can just think of it as laying in supplies. All I have to do is acquire the necessary items and—)
Sturm's eyes open wide.
Sturm: (Damn it! I forgot to ask what we were supposed to buy!)
Tanya: Hm? It looks like something's wrong.
Drang: It probably is. I've never seen Sturm take a leisurely stroll around town without an objective in mind.
Drang: I know you told her to "go shopping," but I bet she's thinking of it as a supply run.
Tanya: Oh no... That's no good!
Sturm: (What... should I do?)
Sturm flounders, unsure of her next move.
  1. Where do you want to shop?

Choose: Where do you want to shop?
Sturm: Er... Good question...
Sturm: (I can't think of anything... If only I had any idea what they sold around here...)
Feena: To make it up to you, how would you like this map of the local market I picked up earlier, with info on all the sales—
Sturm: (That's it... a map...)
Sturm: What would I need with that!
Sturm: (Hurngh! Why didn't I take that stupid thing when I had the chance!)
Just then, a piece of paper blown on the breeze brushes up against Sturm's shin.
Sturm absently reaches down to retrieve it.
Sturm: (This...)
Sturm: (Captain), some of the stores around here are running sales. Follow me.
The piece of paper Sturm picked up was none other than the map Feena offered her at dinner.
Feena: That was close...
Feena: I'm glad you saved that map when Sturm tossed it, Tanya.
Tanya: Y-yeah. But without Drang's wind magic, we never could have delivered it to her.
Drang: Aw, shucks. That was just a parlor trick. What fun would it be if their little date ended so soon?
Sturm: It doesn't make a difference to the mission which sale we shop.
Sturm: What are you interested in, (Captain)? We'll go wherever you want.
  1. I want to look at clothes.
  2. How about a snack from a food stall?

Choose: I want to look at clothes.
Sturm: Clothes? Are you running low?
Sturm: You won't know until you see what's on sale? What does that mean?
Sturm: Well, whatever. This way.

Choose: How about a snack from a food stall?
Sturm: If you're hungry, why didn't you say so at the cafe?
Sturm: What? You saw a kebab stand earlier?
Sturm: I could go for a kebab...
Continue 2
(Captain) and Sturm spend the rest of the day exploring the market.

A Rough Assignment: Scene 4

Sturm gives (Captain) a present, claiming it is the captain's reward for helping with her job. She seems unable to frankly express her gratitude, but when the bungling trio of onlookers fall out of their hiding place, annoyance loosens Sturm's tongue. Sturm's appreciation gets Tanya and Feena off the hook, but rubbernecker Drang is sentenced to foot the bill for all of their dinners that night.

Feena: Munch, munch...
Oh yeah. What about the present? Isn't that the most important part of this operation?
Feena mumbles through a mouthful of roast beef.
Sturm: Tanya did give me an idea...
Tanya: I did?
Sturm explains her stroke of inspiration.
Feena: Ohhh. Okay, I see where you're comin' from!
Sturm: Something wrong with it?
Feena: Nope. I think it's a winner! I'd be happy with a gift like that myself.
Tanya: Yes... I think so too. I'm sure (Captain) will agree.
Sturm: Oh. Well. All right then.
Sturm and (Captain) return to the spot where they met this morning just as lamps are being lit in town.
Sturm: That concludes my mission. Thanks to you, I had no trouble conducting reconnaissance.
Sturm: So here's your... reward. Shut up and take it.
Sturm pulls out a brightly wrapped box.
Sturm: Look, I didn't wrap it, okay? It was the shopkeeper who made it look all flashy.
  1. Can I open it?

Choose: Can I open it?
Sturm: Who's stopping you?
(Captain) pulls off the ribbon and unwraps the paper.
Inside is a black lacquered box containing a whetstone, oil, a soft cloth, and a variety of magical tools.
Sturm: It's an equipment maintenance kit.
Sturm: That stuff runs out, so you can never have too much right?
  1. Thank you!

Choose: Thank you!
Sturm: It's your cut of today's job, that's all. No need to thank me.
Sturm: (No... That's not right.)
Sturm: Huff...
That sounds like a solid plan. Now all I need to do is prepare for exe—
Tanya: Oh, wait!
Tanya: What you say will be the most important part, Sturm.
Sturm: What are you talking about?
Tanya: S-sorry, I'm not explaining myself well. Um... I feel like... a present... is more than just the item itself.
Tanya: Some things... can only be communicated with words. I learned that while traveling with (Captain).
Feena: Ooh, this girl knows what she's talking about!
Feena: Your strong, silent persona is super cute an' all, Sturm, but sometimes you gotta hit 'em with a killer line, y'know?
Feena: I want you to promise me, okay? Cross your heart and hope to—
Feena: Yow! Did you just... Why did you stab me!
Sturm: Sorry... You were being so annoying, my hand just moved on its own.
Sturm: ...!
Sturm: (I should tell (Captain) the real reason for this whole "job.")
Sturm: (Why is this so hard? I can't make myself say it...)
Sturm: It's so simple. If the protagonist had come out and said what he was thinking, the whole plot could have been wrapped up in one act.
Sturm: (Damn it... If I can't do this, I'm no better than that halfwit from the play!)
Just as Sturm is tying herself into a knot of Gordian proportions...
The Three: Yikes!


Whoa there!
At a healthy—but not healthy enough—remove from Sturm and (Captain), three people spill out of their hiding place behind a building.
Feena: This is why I said don't push, Drang!
Drang: Sooorryyy. I wanted to cheer Sturm on so badly, I guess I leaned in too far.
Tanya: B-both of you, come on, before they spot us!
The three cram themselves back into their hiding place and peek around the corner of the building.
They stare at the struggling Sturm with bated breath.
Sturm: Siiiigh...
Sturm: (What are those idiots doing?)
  1. Um... Did you see that?

Choose: Um... Did you see that?
Sturm: The stray cats around here are huge and kinda stupid. Don't worry about it.
Sturm: ...
Sturm: The reason I asked you here today wasn't actually for a job. I wanted to do something to thank you.
Sturm: Drang and I both owe you...
Sturm: Ugh, don't make me spell it out. Just...
Sturm: Thanks.
Somehow, Sturm manages to pack all the gratitude she feels into that one word.
  1. I had a great time today.
  2. No, thank you!

Choose: I had a great time today.
Choose: No, thank you!
Sturm: ...!
Sturm raises her voice, as if shouting might scare the flush right off her cheeks.
Sturm: Hey! You three over there!
Feena: Ahaha... Busted, huh?
Tanya: I'm sorry... You're angry, aren't you?
Sturm: Of course I am. How dare you treat me like some sort of sideshow?
Sturm: But if I forgive you, then we're even. Got a problem with that?
Drang: You forgive us? Aw, Sturm, you're really just a big sof—
Drang: Ooowww!
Sturm: Not you, Drang. You're just a run-of-the-mill rubbernecker.
Drang: W-wait a minute! I helped too! Without my wind magic, you—
Drang: Yeowch!
Sturm: I never told you my plans for the day. How did you wind up here?
Sturm: Don't tell me... You've been following me the whole time?
Drang: Ow, ow, ow! I was just worried about you, Sturm! It never even crossed my mind you might be doing something funowww!
Drang: I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I'll treat you to whatever you want at any restaurant, okay? Just stop stabbing me!
Sturm: That place with the excellent meat dishes? It's pricey.
Drang: In return for your forgiveness? No price could be too high!
Sturm: And you pay for everyone here. Then we'll be even.
Drang: Whaaat? Come on, Sturm, even for you, that's—
Sturm: Come on, everybody. Drang says he's going to treat us to a delicious, all-meat dinner.
Tanya: A-are you sure that's all right?
Feena: Ooh, my mouth's watering already! Can I bring Goblin Mage too?
Drang: Oh now, come on! That's—
Sturm: Yes?
Drang: Haha... That's exactly... what I was going to suggest...
(Captain) and the others follow Sturm as she sets off toward the restaurant.
Drang shuffles dejectedly in their wake.
Sturm: (Dinner for everyone, huh?)
The thought brings a smile to Sturm's lips.
With her in the lead, no one can see how bright her expression is—not even Sturm herself.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
無駄話はしない Zip it and focus.
傭兵稼業はギブアンドテイクだ Quid pro quo is the mercenary's way of life.
ターニャとは……なんとなく波長が合う That Tanya's all right...
何? フィーナもサンタの格好を……? You got stuck playing Santa too, Feena?
あたしは、酔っぱらうまで飲んだりはしない Only amateurs drink enough to get sloppy.
いつもより騒がしい夕飯だった I'm not used to dinner being such a noisy affair.
ビィもうるさいが、ドランクよりはマシだ Vyrn's pretty mouthy, but nowhere near as bad as Drang.
ルリアはなかなかいい食べっぷりだな Lyria's got a pretty good appetite on her.
(主人公)……お前はお前の道を進め You'll find your own way, (Captain).
(主人公)、今度、稽古に付き合え Let's do some training the next time you have a chance, (Captain).