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Official Profile[edit]

Age 21
Height 167 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Archery practice, cleaning the ears of others (for the sense of satisfaction)
Likes Sleeping in, doing laundry
Dislikes Waking up early, putting on makeup
Hailing from a forest village dedicated to watching over an ancient temple, Sutera fights using a bow granted only to those chosen to become temple guardians, a considerable honor. Aspiring to become a guardian from an early age but not blessed with the abilities required, it was ultimately Sutera's sister Metera who earned the honor, despite Metera's complete lack of interest. Deeply earnest and prone to worrying about others, Sutera tends to dwell on what might be, often monstrously exaggerating things she hears in conversation. Being incredibly earnest, it's easy to believe Sutera as she creates mountains out of molehills.
Source [1]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Birthday!
I'm wishing you all the best this year!


Allow me to wish you a very happy birthday, (Captain)!
It's been a profound honor to accompany you on your journey and to experience a wonderful day like today.
I can only provide so much assistance to you, (Captain).
Nonetheless, I'll do my best to ensure you get to celebrate your next birthday.
Let's make this next year just as good as the last!
I stake my life on this magic bow to always have your back, (Captain)!


(Captain), a very happy birthday to you!
The fact that we can celebrate your birthday yet again is a wonderful blessing.
I heard from the other crew members that one becomes king for a day for their birthday.
Everyone must follow their orders as if they were a royal decree.
So I'm prepared to obey your command.
King (Captain), my liege, what is your order?
No matter your wish, I will fulfill it with aplomb!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm so happy I get to celebrate this special day with you! Let's make it one to remember!
Oh, and don't think I've forgotten that on your birthday you get to be king for a day!
You really surprised me with your royal decree last year though...
I'm still a little embarrassed about what you made me do...
Wait. Speaking of that, what did you have everyone else do?
I don't remember seeing anyone else carrying out your orders...
Ah, sorry! I should be focusing on this year's decree, shouldn't I?
Go ahead and order me to do whatever you'd like! It's your day after all!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Wishing you all the best in the new year, (Captain)!
Time to get a head start on the new year! Let's train in the crisp and cool air, shall we?


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with you.
I'm going to keep up my training and do my best to be of use to you and the rest of the crew!
Best to get a head start on day one. I'm going to start archery training right now!
If it's okay with you, (Captain), want to tag along? The crisp, cool air out there is going to feel great!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
It's kinda embarrassing to admit, but I'm not a morning person... My resolution this year is to start waking up earlier!
It feels good to start your day early like this. Now that I'm up, it's off to training I go!


Why hello, (Captain)! Happy New Year!
That's right! I've just returned from a training session.
I'm not much of a morning person, but I thought I should fully experience the start of the new year, so I headed out before dawn.
It was so refreshing working out in the cool air under the clear sky of a new year!<nt /> I feel like a whole new me! I really should make a habit of getting up early, instead of saving it for special occasions.
I'll be religious about my training, so I can render another full year of faithful service to the crew!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's! Sounds like this is the day to feed chocolates to those that matter to you! Open up! Say aaah!
I said say aaah, (Captain)! Aaah! There you go!


(Captain)! Got a second to talk, (Captain)?
I'm really sorry about getting everything wrong about Valentine's last time!
So I did some research and found out that we can determine the strength of our bonds through chocolate throwing. If I can throw a chocolate into your mouth from a distance, then our bonds are truly unbreakable!
The farther away I am, the stronger the bond! Let's see just how strong the bond between us really is, (Captain)!
I'm quite good at throwing things, so just leave it to me!
Here I come! Chocolate... throw!


There you are, (Captain)! I've been looking for you.
What? Isn't it obvious?
I've been wanting to give you a... Special... Valentine's... Present!
Hehe... Do you want it? Here you go. I've made them just for you.
Now then—open your mouth. Ahh...
How's that, (Captain)!
My Valentine's Day treats are simply delectable, aren't they?
My sister taught me how to make them. She said I really had a knack for this, so I've been honing my recipe!
I hope you'll find them just as delightful—I'm gonna keep working hard on them for next year too!


I am truly sorry I've been so clueless about Valentine's Day in the past...
It seems I've completely misunderstood the tradition.
Now I know that all I actually had to do was give you chocolate.
So here you are, (Captain). I made it just for you.
Fear not! It's full to the brim of hot sauce!
Huh? Oh, yes!
Metera told me I had to make my chocolates as hot as the fire of my gratitude toward the recipient!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hi! Did you need me for something, (Captain)? Wait. This is for me?
Wow... I see!
This must be like how expert warriors always bow before their opponent before beginning a duel.
Very well! I gracefully accept your challenge, (Captain)!
Huh? I've got it all wrong?
Hrm... White Day, you say? So this is an expression of your appreciation... and love...
A-are you confessing? For real?
Ah! Aaaah! Wait up, (Captain)! Come baaack!


What's that, (Captain)? Do you have something for me?
A present! Thank you... I'm so happy.
But why? I mean, um, I'm delighted, but what's the occasion?
White Day?
This is for White Day? Th-then that must mean th-this is... This i-is...
A... A confession of love!
N-no? I knew it... It must be a proposition of battle!
Not that either? Hmm...
I see. I'll take this as a trial lesson from you this year, (Captain).
Give me some time to get ready and prepare for the real deal on White Day next year.
I'll be ready to take you on then with a proper response!


(Captain)... That's a White Day present you're carrying, isn't it?
Grr... I won't be fooled twice!
I was told that White Day was for declarations of love, but it looks like that was a lie!
Now I know the true meaning behind this White Day present—a battle request!
Feigning empathy only to strike when your opponent lets their guard down for a second...
Not this year, (Captain)! Let us battle, fair and square!


That fighting spirit...
(Captain)! I knew it was you!
So White Day has come again... And that little parcel you're holding is the victor's trophy!
White signifies innocence.
In other words, this is a day to fight fair and square, without recourse to any dirty tricks!
I was confused over the import of this holiday in the past, but I finally understand!
You're telling me to fight if I desire that shiny package in your hands!
So be it!
Let us engage in the customary duel!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat!
Hmm, those sound like fighting words! All right, the loser must hand over all of their delicious sweets!
Wait... that's not how it works?


Ngh... Metera, where are you?
Umm... Is that you, (Captain)? My eyes are feeling bleary after Metera's little prank.
Ah, it really is you, (Captain)! Sorry, I had to get real close to see your face.
You'll hold my hand? Thank you, (Captain).
Metera's prank really got the best of me.
Maybe I should get back at her...


(Captain), please listen!
I've finally done it!
I've played a Halloween prank on Metera!
Usually I am taking the brunt of the abuse, but this year I took the initiative!
Huh? That was my sister's arrow! Did she already catch on to my ploy?
(Captain), if we stick around here, it'll only be a matter of time until she finds us! Quickly, come this way!


Oh hello, (Captain)...
You'd better keep your distance... As you can see, I'm sopping wet.
I tried to play a Halloween trick on Metera, but she was too quick for me...
It seems she was onto me from the start... She really is a pro.
I got neither candy nor the satisfaction of a successful prank... What a shameful performance.
What? You'll help me get my revenge?
Thank you, (Captain)!
Yes! Let's do our best to catch Metera off her guard!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I heard a suspicious man in red was going to show up, so I patrolled the skies all night long. Yawn...


Let's see... One, two, three... Oh, is there anything wrong, (Captain)?
Huh? You're wondering what I'm doing? I'm counting the candles we're going to use for tonight's holiday banquet!
I hear that it's customary to carry a candle with you, and blow it out while you make a wish!
Huh? That's not right?
I see... So that's more of a birthday thing.
Well, I went through all the trouble of getting these candles together, so I might as well use them to decorate. I'll go talk with the crew about it!


Oh, (Captain)! My sister invited me to a holiday get-together she's having, so I will be heading out for the night!
That's right. She said she wants to teach me how to be more feminine...
My mind is ready—I'm ready to do whatever it takes!
Apparently there are plenty of opportunities to increase one's womanly charm during the holidays.
I'll spare no effort if it means getting closer to my sister... I just hope that everything goes well!
Anyway, I'll be off now! Have a wonderful evening, (Captain).


Huff... puff... huff... puff...
Oh! If it isn't (Captain)! Happy holidays!
I was just doing my daily training routine. Although I thought I'd hit it a little harder than usual...
I mean... We're throwing our party this evening...
Metera said if I burn a few extra calories beforehand, I can indulge myself at the buffet table...
So that's why I've been working out like a fiend...
Agh, this is so embarrassing...
Uh... Please promise me you'll keep this between us!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

How Sutera Got Her Groove[edit]

Metera takes Sutera to see an aesthetician, a beautician, and finally Korwa in an effort to groom her for an upcoming mixer. After getting a new dress and hairdo, Sutera is ready for a unique experience.

Sutera returns to the Grandcypher after finishing an early morning training session. Her older sister is there to greet her.
Sutera: Good morning, Metera! I'm back!
Metera: Yeah, morning. You're finally done, huh. Ew, look at that sweaty face of yours.
Sutera: That's right! I had a very productive training session today!
Metera: That's not the point...
Though she is caked in mud and drenched with sweat, Sutera feels invigorated.
Metera: Seriously, with all the potential you have as my little sister, how'd it come to this...
Metera grows steadily irritated with Sutera as she remembers how disinterested her little sister is with being fashionable.
Sutera: Oh no... Was it something I did?
Metera: Sigh... No. You didn't do anything, and that's what annoys me.
Sutera: Huh?
Metera: Bah, change of plans. I was waffling over taking a nap, but this is a big no-no.
Sutera: What are you talking about?
Metera: It's been your goal to be like me, right? Well, today's your lucky day. You're getting a taste of my special training.
Sutera: Are you really going to train me?
Metera: Mm-hm. We're gonna get your groove on.
Sutera: My groove? What's a groove?
Metera: Uh-uh, don't worry 'bout the small stuff! Just follow me.
Sutera: O-okay!
Sutera has no idea what her sister has in store for her, but even so she follows obediently behind Metera.
Sutera: What is this place? It looks so posh and upscale... Are we actually going to be training here?
Metera: Hm? You're in for a world of hurt if you let looks deceive you. Improving your groove is serious business.
Sutera: I'm sorry. I'm being thoughtless even though you're going out of your way to help me!
Sutera: Whatever happens, I'll give 110% and challenge it with a can-do attitude!
Metera: Uh... You don't really have to. Oh well, that's just you being you, I guess.
Metera: Hey there. This is my little sister, so feel free to go all out on her.
Aesthetician: As you wish. The room is ready for you, miss. This way please.
Sutera: Oh, okay. Here I go. See you in a bit, Metera.
Metera: Yeah, yeah. I'll be waiting right over there. Gooood luck.
Aesthetician: Let's get started. Could you please lie on the table facedown?
Sutera: So on my stomach? Okay.
The aesthetician dribbles a warm, viscous solution onto Sutera's legs and begins massaging it into her skin.
Sutera: Mmm... This feels so amazing... But what part of this counts as training?
That thought slips from her mind as Sutera gives in to the pleasant massage. However, her moment of bliss soon comes to an end.
Aesthetician: I'm going to warn you right now that the next part might hurt a little. I need you to relax and not tense up.
Sutera: Huh? S-sure...
As soon as the words comes out of Sutera's mouth, the aesthetician begins kneading her leg without mercy.
Sutera: Yeeek! This is too—
Aesthetician: Oh dear, please don't squirm. Try to relax, okay?
Sutera: Yaaagh!
Aesthetician: Poor blood circulation causes all kinds of illnesses. We need to get your blood flowing again!
Sutera: Ngh!
This must be what Metera meant by training!
Sutera: Ungh!
A part of me is being belittled... It's pitiful to think of myself in that way...
Sutera: I never imagined that I would be suffering penance in a lavish room like this.
Sutera: Aha! This is what Metera was aiming for! Overcoming unimaginable pain is the path to strengthening my will!
Sutera: She understands I'm too softhearted! I knew I was no match for her!
Sutera: Don't panic. Don't scream. Stay calm and clear your mind. Let it all out...
Sutera: Ack!
Aesthetician: Um, miss? Please relax. Try not to be so tense.
Sutera: I-I'm fine! I won't give in! I won't give in!
Sutera goes from comfort to mind-boggling pain in the blink of an eye.
But thanks to her optimism and fortitude for training, she continues to endure the harsh pain.
Sutera: I did it, Metera! I conquered my weakness!
Metera: Mm, your face looks much brighter than it did this morning. It's perfect!
Sutera: Really? Does this mean I've caught up to you a little?
Metera: Hm? What? Anyway, we've still got many places to go and so little time to do it in. Get going, girl!
Sutera: We're still training? Um, I'm feeling a bit fatigued at this point...
Metera: No way! You can do better than this!
Sutera: Metera!
???: Hi there! I've been waiting for you!
Metera: Heh heh. Sorry to keep you. I've brought my little sister with me. Go on, Sutera—introduce yourself.
Sutera: Good day. My name is Sutera. You certainly have a large stock of clothing.
A diverse collection of masterfully tailored outfits are on display in Korwa's dressmaking studio. It's a sight to behold.
Korwa: Oh, so you're Sutera! I'm Korwa, a fashion designer. Hehe, aren't they all wonderful?
Sutera: It's a pleasure to meet you, Korwa. Yes, I must say I'm overwhelmed by your shop, especially considering it's my first time here.
Sutera: So I have to wonder... What kind of training could we possibly—
Korwa: Come over here! We're about to witness the start of a fantastic, new story. Oh, I just can't wait!
Sutera: Uh... Huh?
Korwa: First I need to take your measurements! Could you stand over here please? Feet shoulder width apart... Now raise your arms a little.
Sutera: Like this?
Korwa: La-la-la... Okay! Hum-dee-dum... And this length... Good. Next is...
Sutera: Um, what exactly should I be doing, Metera?
Metera: Hm? Just stand there and don't move. She's gotta get the sizes right otherwise you'll look frumpy.
Sutera: Oh...
Korwa: That does it for the measurements. You've got a nice figure, you know that?
Korwa: Any design would look great on you, but which is the best...
Korwa: Gasp! I just had a moment of inspiration! Hang on, I need some paper... Paper, paper...
Korwa: Ah, here we are. First I'll make the cut here... Then the hems... Ooh, and this here. I want to show off the shoulder line...
A short while later Korwa, with a twinkle in her eye, finishes the design.
Korwa: Hehe! What do you think about this? Doesn't it totally match Sutera's sensibilities?
Metera: It's so cute! I love it! It's totally Sutera, and it even makes her look more womanly!
Korwa: Haha. Everyone is unique in who they are, so every designer has the chance to bring out the best in their client.
Korwa: It's settled then! Let's go with this!
Korwa: Okay, Sutera, I need you to stand right over there for me.
Sutera: Okay.
Korwa proceeds to unroll many bolts of fabric. She holds up swatch after swatch against Sutera.
Korwa: Mm... No, not this one. This one's just off... Ngh... This one's iffy...
Korwa: I want to avoid making it look too rugged. It needs to be sharp and sophisticated...
Korwa is completely absorbed in the swatches as she looks for the perfect complements to Sutera's aesthetics.
All the while Sutera continues to stand stock-still in silence, wishing not to disturb Korwa.
Sutera: Say, Metera. What kind of training is this? This seems like a normal tailoring session to me...
Metera: Training? Who said anything about training? No matter how you look at it, we're just getting new clothes made for you.
Sutera: Th-that's it? But why?
Korwa: You don't know? I thought this was a custom order for that special occasion. You're going to need proper attire for an important battle!
Sutera: Oh, I... see? Um, what do you mean by an important battle?
Korwa: Ahem. Moving on, could you try this on for me?
Sutera: S-sure.
Korwa: This is close to how it'll look when finished, so if it doesn't fit now... Oh, lookin' good!
Sutera's questions go largely unanswered, lost in Korwa's rapid-fire self-musings.
Korwa: Wonderful. It'll be ready for you soon! Take care until then!
The final destination for the two sisters is yet another fashionable establishment.
Metera: Now that you've got new clothes, it's time for the finishing touches.
Beautician: Welcome. We've been waiting for you. Right this way please.
Sutera: What's about to happen now, Metera?
Metera: Your hair is an extension of yourself. Proper care is a must, or else it'll spoil everything we've done today.
Metera: Anyway, take a seat, and it'll all become clear to you.
Sutera: This is also a part of training I guess. Hm...
As Sutera undergoes her hair treatment, she takes the chance to reexamine the meaning behind the word groove.
Metera: Ooh, it's really brought out the shine in your hair.
Sutera: It does feel softer too, now that you mention it.
Sutera: But I've been thinking. You keep bringing up something about a groove, Metera. What exactly is that?
Sutera: After considering it for awhile, I still haven't the faintest idea as to what it could be.
Sutera: And as for training, nothing about the activities we've done today feels remotely like training...
Metera: It's such a pain in the butt to try to explain what a groove is.
Metera: To put it simply, it's something you don't have enough of.
Sutera: My insufficiencies...
Metera: Sigh... Look, if you wanna be like me, you'll need the power and the will to knock down your rivals.
Metera: I mean, come on. You've spent this entire time oblivious to the training but think about it. Haven't you progressed since this morning?
Sutera: You really think so?
Sutera: I'm still not entirely sure myself, but if you say it's true, then who am I to argue?
Sutera: I'm still missing something as I am now. I must become stronger if I want to achieve victory!
Sutera: I get it now!
Sutera: Therefore today's trials were all for the sake of mastering my groove!
Metera: Uh... Yeah, yeah, that's the spirit...
Korwa: Hello. I thought I'd find you here! Your outfit came out perfectly!
Metera: Wow! You're the queen of cloth!
Korwa: You bet I am! Sutera's going to look even cuter than she already is in this! Now let's get to the final touches!
Sutera: Hm? Final touches?
Korwa: You're going to try it on, girl!
Korwa: Excuse me, do you have an empty room we could borrow for a little while?
Beautician: Sure, right over there. We'd thought about using it as a dressing room anyway.
Korwa: Wonderful! Come on, Sutera!
Sutera: Um... You don't have to pull me by the arm like that, Korwa...
Metera: Pfft... See ya back in a few.
Korwa: Okay, okay, let's get those old duds off of you!
Sutera: Huh? W-wait a minute...
Sutera: Eeek! What are you doing, Korwa! I can undress myself!
Korwa: Ah-ah-ah! I can't wait any longer! It'll go faster if I help out!
Sutera: K-Korwa!
Korwa: See? This cut really forces you to stand tall and show off with pride!
Korwa: Here, put this on! And this! And then this!
The clothes and accessories come at Sutera in unrelenting waves, and she has no choice but to go with the flow.
Korwa: Heheh! She's ready! Presenting tonight's star, Sutera! A brand new chapter starts today!
Korwa: Come on, step out! Don't be shy!
Korwa can barely contain her excitement as she drags out a timid Sutera.
Sutera: Um...
Metera: Is that really you, Sutera? You look totally different!
Sutera: I'm not used to wearing clothing like this, so I'm a bit nervous... But I'm actually really happy with it.
Metera: Cuuute! You're like a super woman now! Which doesn't surprise me at all since you're my little sister!
Korwa: The navy hue does an amazing job.
Korwa: It gives off a sense of maturity without being too stiff. The balance is exquisite!
Sutera: What's the purpose for wearing something like this? It's a bit much just for training...
Metera: Oh, yeah. I started to say this earlier but didn't get to finish.
Metera: You're going to wear that to a mixer.
What's a mixer?
Metera: Hmm... I guess you could say it's a place for practicing...
Sutera: Practice? Then I'll have to buckle down and focus!
Sutera: But won't these clothes end up getting ruined?
Korwa: Wrong! These clothes draw out your natural allure, giving you more flexibility in battle!
Metera: If you want to get on my level, you're gonna have to be able to handle trivial mixers with ease.
Sutera: Oh, I... think I get it?
Metera: You'll see once you get there. The new Sutera can handle it.
Korwa: I'll join you too after I finish taking care of some business. Feel free to start without me!
Sutera: I understand! In order to be one step closer to you, I'll prevail over this mixer!
Metera: Sigh... Relax, girl... Ah, well, that's just how you are. Carry that spirit with you.
And so at Metera's cajoling, Sutera's participation in a mixer has been decided.
How the mixer will turn out is anyone's guess.

Mixer Aftermath[edit]

Sutera relays her experience at the mixer, starting with how she practiced flirting with Tomoi, but Metera loses interest upon hearing about his odd quirks. The two are then accosted by some sleazeballs.

Metera: So, so, so? How'd the mixer go? You gotta tell me every juicy detail.
Metera and Sutera are out for another day on the town.
While the two window shop, Metera, who can't stand not knowing any longer, prods Sutera about what happened at the mixer from a few days ago.
Metera: Hehe... Any good guys?
Sutera: I don't know if I would call them good guys, but everyone was very delightful.
Metera: Oh? Like how?
Sutera: Like... Okay, here's what I did. I tried to emulate your style at the mixer.
Metera: Haha, say what? What do you mean by that?
Sutera: We practiced how to start a conversation. Tomoi was my partner.
Sutera: I don't have much experience when it comes to relationships, so I thought about how you would handle it.
Metera: Interesting... That actually sounds kinda fun. Wait, isn't Tomoi kinda sketch?
Metera: Haha, oh wow. This is just too good. So then what?
Sutera: Gasp! Could it be that you've got your eyes on Tomoi? I don't think that's such a good idea...
Metera: What? Why? Wait, don't tell me you and Tomoi... Aaah, tell me, tell me!
Sutera: If there's ever a one in a million chance of you two ever meeting...
Metera: Yeah, yeah?
Sutera: He'd definitely lose his life!
Metera: Wha?
Sutera: That's why I believe you should stay as far away from him as possible. On second thought you mustn't ever meet him at all!
Metera: Hang on, what's this all about? You're not making any sense at all.
Sutera: Something happened during the practice I mentioned earlier. Tomoi lost consciousness halfway through.
Sutera: Like I said, I don't have much experience with relationships, so I just did what you do.
Sutera: It's kinda dull doing this alone though. Ah, if only I had a man for myself...
Sutera: Hm?
Her eyes focus on a street corner.
Tomoi: ...
Sutera: Hi there. Whatcha doin'? You free by any chance?
Tomoi: Huh? Um... Ahem... Well, this is kinda sudden... You look like you're on your way back home after a day of shopping.
Sutera: That's right. I was getting kind of lonely by myself though, so you know...
Sutera: I thought you could come by and... watch me try on some outfits.
Tomoi: Brgwaaah!
Lowain: Oh snap, did he just kick the bucket?
Elsam: Sutera, man, I think you just gave Tommy a heart attack!
Sutera: I-I'm so sorry... I'm still new to all this...
Sutera: And that's what happened. Just imagine what would happen if he met the real you...
Metera: Ahahaha! Oh wow, what kinda messed up story is that! Hahaha!
Metera: Oh geez... Was that supposed to be me? Aha, my sides hurt...
Sutera: Yeah, I guess it was pretty funny. It took everyone else by surprise too.
Metera: I'm shocked though. Never would've expected you to suddenly go outta character.
Metera: You don't need to do that since there's definitely someone out there for you.
Sutera: I see what you're saying, but someone that fits my character? How do I meet someone like that?
Metera: You're so lovable, and that's a trait any guy could fall head over heels for.
Sutera: You think so?
Metera: There's the look I'm talking about! Your puppy-dog eyes and innocent expression will drive 'em crazy!
Sutera: Oh, that's what you mean.
Metera: All right, if I run into a nice guy, I'll show you how it's done.
Sutera: Thanks! I definitely feel better with my big sister around.
Metera: Haha, duh! If you want a guy to fall for you, just ask!
Metera: Anyway, we're getting off track. So that's the kinda guy Tomoi is.
Sutera: Yes. I only pretended to be you and look at what happened to Tomoi...
Sutera: Had I actually come at him with your level of charm, he would've died!
Metera: That's funny. I could've sworn a sketchy guy like him would be used to girls flirting with him. Maybe I'm wrong.
Metera: Heheh... You know, an innocent playboy isn't so bad. It'd be fun to toy with him.
Sutera: But he seems tormented by his daydreams. He can't tell reality from fantasy.
Metera: Ick. What's wrong with him?
Sutera: He confuses the woman in his dreams for the actual woman in real life. He's so lost in love that he's coming up with a plan to run away with her.
Metera: Uh... Is his brain okay? Those innocent fantasies or whatever you wanna call them will blow up in his face if it goes too far.
Sutera: I agree. I think we need to get him to a competent doctor as soon as possible.
Metera: Mm-hm. That boy sounds like trouble. Think I'll pass on him.
Metera: Sigh, too bad. I thought I'd be able to have some worry-free fun. How disappointing.
Metera acts uncharacteristically dejected at losing what she deems as suitable prey.
Sleazeball 1: Yo! You two lookin' good today! Where ya headin'?
Sleazeball 2: Hey there, ladies. Wanna come hang out with us?
Metera: Sorry, fellows, but we're in the middle of sister time. Ciao!
Metera brushes the men off and keeps walking. A hand suddenly clamps down on Sutera's shoulder, stopping her in her tracks.
Sleazeball 2: Why you gotta be so cold like that? I said let's hang out.
Sutera: Let go of me! It's rude to touch someone without asking!
Metera: You'd better take your hand off her before I take it off for you. Permanently.
Sleazeball 1: Hey! That ain't very lady-like! Why don't you behave like you're supposed to?
Metera: You suck. I can't believe you used such crappy pickup lines. Hah, guys like you still exist?
Sutera: Metera!
Metera: You're a bunch of self-absorbed idiots who only see a pretty face and don't know when to quit.
Metera: So as thanks for putting up with your garbage, we'll have to pay you back in full, won't we?
Sutera: I'll back you up, Metera!

Mixer Aftermath: Scene 2[edit]

Sutera talks about Elsam's infatuation with Yggdrasil and how he transformed into an iron giant to be with her, but Metera has no idea what she means without proper context. Another suitor who attempts to hit on the sisters is rebuffed.

Metera: Ugh! Those slimeballs really wasted our time!
Sutera: Thank you for getting me out of that situation, Metera.
Metera: What kind of big sister would I be if I abandoned my little sister who's in trouble, even if she is a bit of a weirdo?
Sutera: A bad one! That's why I'm happy you're not. I always knew you were strong, Metera.
Metera: Yeah, yeah. Ugh, everything's all messed up now. Whatever, let's get back to your story.
Metera: Tell me about Elsam! What's he like?
Sutera: Elsam? Hmm...
Metera: He's kinda cute, isn't he? Bit of an airhead though. I hate idiots...
Sutera: Um... Yes, you could say that about him...
Elsam: Call me Elsam. It's totally a pleasure to rub elbows and wine and dine with everyone.
Elsam: My type of girl... is a fashionable one! Here's to a rad evening!
Elsam: I felt a tug on my heartstrings when this really snazzy chick showed up on the G. Cyph one day.
Sutera: Aha, so you're into fashion.
Sutera: I got the impression that he's a bit of a fashionista.
Metera: Mm... Snazzy dresser, huh? Did he say anything else?
Sutera: Let's see... Oh, yes!
Sutera: He's spending time with Yggdrasil right now!
Metera: Huh? He got with a primal beast? How's that work?
Sutera: I was surprised too, but it's true apparently.
Metera: Okay, I don't get it. Like at all.
Sutera: Yggdrasil's bigger than he is, right? In order to try to match her size, he transformed into an iron giant.
Metera: Am I... missing a punchline here? What do you mean by transform?
Sutera: It involves ancient technology that I myself had never heard of until then.
Metera: Oh, forget it! This is pointless without context. Guess that sorta answers whether he's an idiot or not. Another reject.
Sutera: Hm, so in your opinion, Elsam, too, is a no go.
Their conversation continues without Sutera understanding the true meaning behind Metera's words, but Sutera takes her at face value anyway.
Frivolous Man: Hellooo there! What a key-yoot pair of ladies! How 'bout me? Am I a pass?
Metera: What?
Frivolous Man: Now then, sistah! Lady-o! Let's form the us in lust! Can't you feel destiny tonight?
Sutera: E-excuse me? I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean...
Metera: Nope. I'm not feeling it. Come on, Sutera, let's get outta here.
Sutera: Are you sure? Maybe he's in trouble...
Metera: Yeah, it's fine, it's fine. No big deal.
Listen up: I. Am. Out. Of. Your. League.
Frivolous Man: Wait a minute, wait a minute, now wait just a minute! Please give me five minutes over a coffee!
Sutera: Five minutes over coffee? What does that mean?
Frivolous Man: Five minutes is all I need to make you swoon, baby.
Metera: Go hit on someone else. We're enjoying ourselves, and we don't need you. Byeee!
Metera lays down the law and walks away with Sutera.
Frivolous Man: Wha? Come back, sistah!
Not willing to let his prize escape, the man continues to pursue Metera.
Frivolous Man: Heh, nowhere to go, baby. You're like a bird in my cage, and we're gonna have us some fun tonight, 'kay?
Metera: Ugh, you're annoying. I'm gonna shut you up.
Frivolous Man: Huh?
Sutera: Uh-oh... She's reached her boiling point!
Metera: Sigh... This is so irritating. Let's just beat some sense into him, Sutera.
Sutera: Okay!

Mixer Aftermath: Scene 3[edit]

After listening to the random stories that emerged at the mixer, including Lowain's tale about being a macho hunter, Metera is unable to wrap her head around the true meaning behind that night's events. She wonders just what kind of strange situation she had thrown her younger sister into.

Sutera: Phew. I hope he didn't hurt you, Metera.
Metera: Of course not. Who do you think I am?
Metera: What a lousy, unlucky day. All we met were good-for-nothing louts. Laaame.
Sutera: I'm a bit vexed as well, but at least you're okay.
Metera: Sigh... Yeah, I'm done with this. Let's go.
Faced with a parade of inept pickup artists, Metera can't take anymore and decides to head back.
Sutera: You know, so many of them speak in such strange tongues when talking to us.
Sutera: Even Lowain and the others had interesting ways of speaking at the mixer.
Sutera: Hm... It seems to be a fad of some kind? I guess that's how young men talk these days.
Metera: Hellooo? What are you doing? Get over here.
Sutera: Oops! Coming!
Sutera comes up with a rationale of her own to explain the men's actions, but in the end another seed of misinterpretation takes root in her head.
Metera: So what else went down? I wanna hear more of your story. What about Lowain?
Metera: After hearing about his two pals, I'm guessing he's the same as the rest of them.
Sutera: Lowain is infatuated with Katalina.
Sutera: Once he joined the crew, he vowed to be with Katalina until he drew his last breath.
Metera: Oh yeah? And here I thought he was just another player, but that's surprisingly sweet.
Sutera: Even at the mixer he spoke highly of Katalina. I think he's a very earnest person.
Metera: Heheh... Charming him away from her seems like a challenge...
Sutera: So you don't reject him?
Metera: I'll keep an open mind. What does he do?
Sutera: Well... He says he's a descendent of a long line of macho hunters.
Metera: What's a macho hunter?
Sutera: They are destined to hunt machos.
Metera: Yeah, but what is that?
Sutera: As someone who watches over the balance between forests and skydwellers, I was extremely interested in what he had to say.
Metera: ...?
Sutera: Lowain doesn't hunt machos on a whim. He releases young ones back into the forest to be with their eld—
Metera: Wait!
Metera: Stop. Just stop.
Sutera: Wh-what is it?
Metera: Are you listening to yourself? Everything I've heard up till now is way too weird! How is that a mixer?
Sutera: Huh?
Metera: Did it all seem like a dream to you? You didn't have too much to drink, did you?
Sutera: N-no, I went there like you told me to. The food was really delicious...
Metera: Yeah, but... Rrrngh!
Sutera: What's the matter, Metera?
Sutera's never seen such an expression on her sister's face before. Metera lets out a huge sigh.
Metera: And here I thought you'd finally gotten your groove on.
Metera: I'm sorry, Sutera, for throwing you into your first mixer with so many weirdos.
Sutera: There's no need for that, Metera! I found it extremely productive!
Sutera: Though I still don't quite understand what a groove is.
Sutera: But thanks to all the different people I've met, my knowledge has expanded considerably!
Seeing the look of satisfaction on Sutera's face, Metera can't help but grimace.
Metera: Sigh... I finally got you looking so cute too...
Metera: Ugh. That dummy trio and those pickup artists from today are all nothing but losers!
Metera: Aaah! I have got to find you some better guys next time.
Sutera's retelling of her inexplicable experience at the mixer brings out a rarely-before-seen side of her big sister.
Metera, sensing that her younger sister feels compelled to apologize, changes her attitude. She takes Sutera's hand and they begin to walk.
Sutera: ...?
Metera: We've still got time today. The real fun starts here! Follow me, Sutera!
Sutera: Okay!
Today the sisters enjoy themselves to the fullest.
A day may come when Sutera blossoms and finds the companion of her dreams.
But when that day will come is anyone's guess.

Mixer Aftermath: Scene 4[edit]

Sutera: Hey, (Captain), when I was at the mixer the other day, I kept hearing the boys say to the max.
Sutera: Everyone else seemed completely at home with it, but I can't say I'm too familiar with that expression.
Sutera: I was wondering if you could shed some light on what it means.
  1. It means to the limit.
  2. You're cute to the max.
  3. Marvelous.

Choose: It means to the limit.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: To the limit?
(Captain) gives the correct answer, but Sutera's brows furrow in consternation.

Choose: You're cute to the max.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: Cute... to the max?
(Captain) blurts out the first thing that comes to mind. Sutera reflects on the answer, her brows furrowed in consternation.

Choose: Marvelous.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: Oh, I see! So it's used to describe something as marvelous! Thank you!
(Captain) had only meant to get a laugh out of her but seeing Sutera's readiness to accept any answer makes (Captain) feel guilty.
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Mixer Aftermath: Scene 5[edit]

Sutera: Excuse me, (Captain), but another word kept coming up at the mixer. I think it sounded like... emo?
Sutera: It seemed like I was the only one who didn't understand what it meant.
Sutera: Could you tell me what emo means?
  1. It means it's Elsam-Tomoi time.
  2. Let's not go there...
  3. It's an emo-tional kind of word.

Choose: It means it's Elsam-Tomoi time.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: As in a designated period of time reserved for Elsam and Tomoi? I've never encountered a situation like that before...
Sutera: Well, I suppose that's the kind of thing you would hear at mixers.
(Captain) is overcome with shame at how quickly Sutera falls for the joke.

Choose: Let's not go there...
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: Oh? Why not?
(Captain) advises Sutera not to delve too deeply into its meaning, which only causes her to become more puzzled.

Choose: It's an emo-tional kind of word.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: Y-you think so too? I wasn't sure what I was supposed to feel when using that word, but I used it throughout the conversation anyway!
(Captain) gazes at the overjoyed Sutera and mutters the word again in disbelief.
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Mixer Aftermath: Scene 6[edit]

Sutera: (Captain), I heard the phrase hot and fresh at the mixer.
Sutera: It seemed to be describing Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi in some way.
Sutera: Looking back on what happened that night, the meaning behind that phrase still eludes me.
Sutera: What do you think hot and fresh means, (Captain)?
  1. Coffee, black, no sugar.
  2. It means manliness.
  3. Think of it as being refined.

Choose: Coffee, black, no sugar.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: Oh, I see... Hmm...
But given the context, there must be some hidden meaning behind it, right?
(Captain) gives the right answer, but even so Sutera knits her brow in confusion.

Choose: It means manliness.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: Manliness? Um... Okay...
The nuances are numerous and complex, so much so that Sutera remains confused.

Choose: Think of it as being refined.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: Oh, so it's like getting over your shortcomings! It has a surprisingly deep meaning!
(Captain) smiles coolly at her reaction.
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Mixer Aftermath: Scene 7[edit]

Sutera: Hi, (Captain). You know, the topic of partner types came up at some point in the night.
Sutera: The conversation became animated, and I really want to know what other types of partners there might be.
Sutera: I'm interested in hearing your answer, (Captain). What kinds of partners are there in the world?
  1. Someone who makes your heart pound.
  2. Someone you'd want to tease.
  3. A delicious person.

Choose: Someone who makes your heart pound.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: Makes my heart pound? Like when I'm nervous?
Sutera: My father, who served as the previous guardian of my island and passed on the magic bow to me, would be such a person.
Sutera: Hm, I guess that type exists too...
It would appear some wires got crossed in the interpretation, but (Captain) is content with the end result.

Choose: Someone you'd want to tease.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: Someone I'd want to tease? But I don't know anyone like that.
Sutera seems troubled by (Captain)'s answer.

Choose: A delicious person.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: D-delicious? Um, you mean someone who cooks and makes desserts?
(Captain) had only meant it as a joke and feels guilty for confusing the trusting Sutera.
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Mixer Aftermath: Scene 8[edit]

Sutera: What manner of impression do you get when you look at me?
Sutera: Metera says I lack the will to overcome my rivals.
Sutera: Since I've been traveling with you all this time, I'd be interested in hearing your assessment.
Sutera: That is, if you don't mind me asking!
  1. I'd say you're cute.
  2. You're super... serious, I guess.
  3. You're easy.

Choose: I'd say you're cute.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: Cute? What are you basing that evaluation off of?
Sutera: There have been times when Metera's called me cute as well, but in what context do you feel this is true?
(Captain) answers candidly which only opens the door to more unexpected, tougher questions.

Choose: You're super... serious, I guess.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: So you recognize my prudence!
Sutera: Your affirmation means the world to me! I'm going to increase my diligence from here on out!
(Captain) is taken by surprise at Sutera's emphatic, delighted response.

Choose: You're easy.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: I'm sorry? I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you mean by that...
Sutera's bewildered face says it all. (Captain) immediately feels regret at giving such an answer.
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Mixer Aftermath: Scene 9[edit]

Sutera: Say, (Captain), role-playing situations regarding love and relationships is one thing, but where does that feeling of love actually originate from?
Sutera: Lowain and Lamretta said that in their case it was love at first sight.
Sutera: Metera tends to pursue handsome men or hunks as she's prone to calling them.
Sutera: What's the first thing you notice about someone that might lead to love?
  1. Their appearance.
  2. How they talk.
  3. Our compatibility.

Choose: Their appearance.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: Oh, is that so, (Captain)? Hm...
Sutera considers (Captain)'s blunt response with a slight frown.

Choose: How they talk.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: Oh, that's a good point!
Sutera: Communication is an essential factor in knowing your partner!
(Captain) is pleased to see a smile on Sutera's face.

Choose: Our compatibility.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: Compatibility? How does one go about making such judgments?
(Captain)'s straightforward opinion gives Sutera pause, her mind deep in thought.
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Mixer Aftermath: Scene 10[edit]

Sutera: I'd like to hear your opinion on raising one's groove, (Captain).
Sutera: Where do you think Lamretta's groove stands at this point?
  1. She's got a carefree groove going.
  2. She's got a spontaneous groove going.
  3. She's got a lovestruck groove going.

Choose: She's got a carefree groove going.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: Hm, carefree...
Sutera: It's true that Lamretta enjoys a few drinks, leading to her happy-go-lucky persona.
Sutera: I see. Then it behooves me to develop a preference for drinks, I suppose...
(Captain)'s casual remark doesn't appear to sit well with Sutera.

Choose: She's got a spontaneous groove going.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: Hm, spontaneous...
Sutera: Yes, she's certainly a free spirit in her actions.
Sutera: Being spontaneous works in any situation! Now I understand! I have much to learn!
(Captain) gives a small fist pump at seeing Sutera's enthusiastic response.

Choose: She's got a lovestruck groove going.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: Lovestruck?
Sutera: Well, Lamretta did say that she fell head over heels for that gentleman who helped her up on the roadside.
Sutera: Ah, but I myself don't have much experience when it comes to falling in love. Mm... This is a tough one...
(Captain)'s straightforward opinion gives Sutera pause, her mind deep in thought.
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Mixer Aftermath: Scene 11[edit]

Sutera: I'd like to hear your opinion on raising one's groove, (Captain).
Sutera: Where do you think Korwa's groove stands at this point?
  1. She's full of conviction.
  2. She has a grown-up attitude.
  3. She has a need to weave happy endings.

Choose: She's full of conviction.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: Conviction...
Sutera: I noticed the tremendous passion she poured into creating the outfit I'm wearing now, as if she were betting everything on this single piece.
Sutera: Yes, I believe that's a fitting evaluation!
(Captain)'s casual remark draws an unexpectedly warm reception from Sutera.

Choose: She has a grown-up attitude.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: A grown-up attitude?
Sutera: Are you saying that anyone can raise their groove once they grow older?
Sutera shakes her head in doubt. (Captain) realizes that such a simplistic answer isn't enough to touch upon deeper nuances.

Choose: She has a need to weave happy endings.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: Oh?
Sutera: Yes, ending a story on a happy note is such a wonderful feeling!
Sutera: Korwa is always attentive to the happiness of others. As a guardian, I should also follow her shining example!
Speaking of ending on a happy note, (Captain) smiles at Sutera's joyful expression.
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Mixer Aftermath: Scene 12[edit]

Sutera: I'd like to hear your opinion on raising one's groove, (Captain).
Sutera: Is there anything I can do to improve my groove?
  1. Get a boyfriend.
  2. Master the art of flirting.
  3. How about a date?

Choose: Get a boyfriend.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: Boy... friend? Y-you mean as in... a relationship?
Sutera: Th-that's not what I meant! Please try to take this more seriously!
(Captain)'s definitive answer sends Sutera into a tizzy.

Choose: Master the art of flirting.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: Huh?
Sutera: I understand that flirting is essentially the active pursuit of a partner...
Sutera: But I still haven't forgotten about my previous failed attempt when I practiced with Tomoi!
Sutera: But what exactly does that have to do with raising my groove?
(Captain)'s attempt at ribbing Sutera backfires spectacularly.

Choose: How about a date?
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: A date with (Captain)? I would be absolutely delighted to!
Sutera: I've never been on a date before.
Sutera: Nothing would make me happier than to enjoy a day together with you!
(Captain) can't help but wonder if Sutera understands what it means to go on a date.
In any case (Captain) shrugs it off and waits for the fateful day with anticipation.
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Mixer Aftermath: Scene 13[edit]

Sutera: Ever since I took part in that role-playing simulation at the mixer, there's one thing that I've been a little confused about.
Sutera: When I pretended to hit on Tomoi, I got the sense that everyone was taken aback.
Sutera: I thought about it for a long time afterward, but nothing struck me as particularly odd about my actions.
Sutera: So I'd like run that simulation again with you as my partner, (Captain). Please point out the flaws in my approach!
Sutera: Can you do that for me?
Great! Thank you!
Sutera: Okay, then let us begin!
Sutera: I was getting kind of lonely by myself though, so you know...
Sutera: I thought you could come by and... watch me try on some outfits.
  1. That's not the Sutera I know.
  2. What are you... suggesting?
  3. Okay.

Choose: That's not the Sutera I know.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 100!
Sutera: Really? What should I be doing instead? Please show me how I can improve!
And so (Captain) takes the time to coach Sutera on being herself.

Choose: What are you... suggesting?
Sutera's loyalty increased by 75!
Sutera: Well, you'll just have to catch me if you want to find out.
This over-the-top version of Sutera is almost too much for (Captain) to handle, who starts to feel weak in the knees.

Choose: Okay.
Sutera's loyalty increased by 50!
Sutera: Oooh, think you can catch me? This is where the fun really starts...
Sutera's impression of Metera quickens (Captain)'s heartbeat, who doesn't seem to mind.
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Other Appearances[edit]


Sutera of the Sacred Bow[edit]

SV Sutera of the Sacred Bow.png SV Sutera of the Sacred Bow E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Draw a card.

My sister's a prodigy, the kind that only appears once a century. I'm nothing compared to her, so surely she is more worthy of the sacred bow.

Whenever this follower attacks, deal 1 damage to all enemy followers.

My father, my sister, Captain... They're all counting on me. So, please, sacred bow! Heed my call, and come to my aid!
Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Sutera of the Sacred Bow
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Sylvan Justice[edit]

SV Sylvan Justice alt.png
Click to reveal card data

Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower.
Put a Fairy into your hand.

I won't pardon anyone who aims to bring harm to our village! Prepare yourself!
Class Forestcraft
Card Pack Promo
SV Portal Sylvan Justice
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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