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Official Profile

Age 9
Height 125 cm
Race Human
Hobbies ヨーヨー、野良猫と日向ぼっこ
Likes 仲間たち、ラードパイ(バターパイを食べたことがない)
Dislikes 諦めること、説教(怒らせたらおっかないのはガルチーザよりアルトスだと思っている)
Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 9歳
Height 125cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies ヨーヨー、野良猫と日向ぼっこ
Likes 仲間たち、ラードパイ(バターパイを食べたことがない)
Dislikes 諦めること、説教(怒らせたらおっかないのはガルチーザよりアルトスだと思っている)
Source [1]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday! Hehe, I'm glad I got to say that!
I hope I can stick around till your next birthday! And then the next, and then the one after that!


Happy birthday! Hehe, I'm glad I can say this to you in person!
There are lots of times when you want to wish a loved-one a happy birthday, but they're just too far away. You don't know how lucky we are!
I'll keep repeating these words till we reach the Island of the Astrals. And I'll keep on saying them after that too!
I hope I'll be by your side to say it every year, (Captain)!
I'll say it one more time just because I can! Happy birthday!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Hehe, glad I could wish you this year too.
It hasn't been an easy journey, has it? There's monsters, danger, all sorts of things...
So I'm glad we're lucky enough to make it through all that to wish you another happy birthday!
I'll make sure to wish you a wonderful birthday next year too!


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
Hehe, awesome! Today I get to party with you!
When you really like someone, their birthday feels as special as yours!
I love when other people wish me happy birthday... And I love wishing them happy birthday too!
Uh, but I don't know... Maybe it feels even more special when it's someone else's birthday!
I mean, it's way, way more fun than my own birthday!
Have lots of fun, (Captain)! Today you're the birthday kid!


You know, I peeled the potatoes that we used for these croquettes here!
Then they let me heat up the butter and flour for the gratin!
Hehe. It's your birthday, after all. I gave it my best shot in helping everyone out!
Delicious food is the best thing in the world! And it tastes even better when you eat it together with everyone!
I was just helping out this time, but someday, I'm gonna make something so delicious it'll be out of these skies.
One of these days, I'll make you something using Gramps's super special recipe!
Whoops, I was so busy talking we couldn't get around to the food.
Dig in, (Captain)! Here, I'll help you with that! Which do you wanna try first?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year! Here's to another great one!
Hey, I heard of this thing called a lion dance! If you can defeat a lion you'll have good health all year round! Let's go take one down!
Huh? What! That's not how it works?


(Captain)! Happy New Year!
What am I working on? Writing my New Year's resolutions!
For each one you get done, you get a wish, right?
Huh? That's not how it works?
What! Then what did I write all these for!


Hmm... Do people really wear this on their heads?
Oh! (Captain)! Happy New Year!
What am I doing? I heard that in some places they have new-year parties and wear new-year rats, but...
Every time I put this rat on my head, it tries to run away...
Huh? It's hats not rats?
Oh no! Th-then what should I do with this rat? R-release it in the forest? O-okay...


Hm... How to use this?
Ah, (Captain)! Happy New Year!
Huh, this thing? I bought it in town a little while back. It's called a top!
Yeah... Someone in the store said that people play with it on New Year's...
It looks like the string came off the wood part...
I heard that you use the string to spin the top, so I figured it was like a yo-yo...
Do you think maybe it's broken?
Huh? Give it to you? Do you know how to spin a top, (Captain)?
(Captain) wraps the string around the top and sends it spinning rapidly onto the floor.
Whoooa! It's going around really fast! So that's how you do it!
Ahaha! This is really fun, isn't it? (Captain)! Show me how to spin the top!


Oh! (Captain)! Happy New Year!
Hm? What I'm doing? Making mirror-mochi!
Have you heard about it? It's this special mochi, and you bake it by reflecting sunlight off a mirror... Like this...
What? I've got it all wrong?
Mirror-mochi's just a stack of round mochi? Some parts of the skydom use it as New Year's decoration?
What... Then why's it called mirror-mochi? Ehh... That's so confusing!
Oh! You know what, (Captain)! There's a lot of smart people in the crew, right? I've just gotta ask them.
Come with me! Let's figure out why it's called mirror-mochi. Who do you think would know?

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's! So uhh, y'know, since it's Valentine's Day and all..
You have some chocolates for me? For real? Score! Thanks!


Um, (Captain)...
Huh? Y-yeah, it's Valentine's Day, isn't it!
And I guess... Um...
Th-that's chocolate... right?
Wha! You'll give me some? Really? Yes! Thank you, (Captain)! I couldn't be happier!


S-say, (Captain)... Since today's Valentine's Day and stuff, uhh...
I was just wondering...
It sure would be nice to get some chocolates from the captain... Eh-heh-heh...
Really? You'll give me some?
Yes! Score! Thanks, (Captain)! You're the best!


Whoa! Th-these! These are Valentine's Day chocolates, right?
And you're giving them to me? Yay! Thank you!
I... I always get a little worried every year, like, what if I don't get any?
Heh-heh, But I got some this year too! I'm so happy, (Captain)!
Huh? Well, 'cause... I really like chocolate.
But I like you even more, (Captain)!
So I'm so happy that I got chocolates!
Thanks so much, (Captain)! I can't wait to eat them!


Whoah... Valentine's chocolates? For me? Thanks, (Captain)!
Nooo! I messed up! I told myself I was gonna play it cool this year!
Huh? How do you play it cool? Umm... Uhh...
Why... These are... much appreciated, (Captain)...
Pfft... Ahahahaha! That was so lame!
Anyway, who cares about being cool? It's more important that I say thank you, right?
I was super happy when you gave me these chocolates. You wanna know why?
Because I really, super like you!
Thanks, (Captain). I'm gonna savor every last one of them!

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy White Day! So, um... This is for you!
I made it myself! Altos taught me the recipe, though. Heh heh... Thanks for everything. You're the best!


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
Um, this is from me. I hope you like it.
I made it myself this time, so it might not look as nice as last year's present...
But I put my heart and soul into making it! All my thanks and all I feel about you is in here.
I... I love you, (Captain)! Thanks for everything!


(Captain)! It's White Day, so... Um... What I mean is...
This is for you! W-will you take it?
Yes! I'm super glad! I tried really hard making those for you!
I just wanted to let you know... You're the bestest ever!
You've given me so much, I wanted to give you something back! Heheh. Thanks for everything, (Captain)!


(Captain)? I, uh... Do you know what day it is today?
That's right! It's White Day! So...
Here! This is a White Day present from me!
It's to say thanks for Valentine's and everything else.
I put loooots of love into it! Here, take it!
Phew... Oh, good. I'm so glad you did.
I put my heart into that, so I'd be sad if you were too shy to take it.
Thanks, (Captain)! I love you sooo much!


(Captain)! Happy White Day!
Here! They're cookies with white chocolate chips. I baked them.
Ehehe. Um, Ladiva and Melissabelle taught me how to make them.
Cause I kinda think everything tastes good... 'Specially if it's sweet.
Oh, but I asked Ladiva and Melissabelle to try the cookies, and they said they were good, so I think we're good to go?
Eh? You think I'm a worrywart? I dunno about that...
I really like you, (Captain). So I wanna give you good things to eat!
Specially today! 'Cause isn't White Day all about telling the people you love that you care about them?
Ehehe... I hope you like them. I made them, after all!

Tasty Macaroons
5th year:
Light Cookies
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat! C'mon, say it with me! Trick or treat!
Yeah, that's it! Now let's go get some candy! And maybe play a few tricks too!


(Captain), (Captain)! Are you ready?
Because I'm all set to go! Let's see them trick me! I've got my candy bag!
Wanna practice? Trick or treat! Okay? Hey, don't be embarrassed!
Say it with me: trick or treat! Yeah, yeah! That's the spirit!
All right, let's go! I'm gonna stuff myself with candy! Bring on the pranks!


Wow! Is it really okay to have all these treats?
They all look super tasty! Oh, want one, (Captain)? Let's eat 'em together!
Yeah, let's share! Let's see, first we'll have... This ghost shaped cookie!
Mmm! Pumpkin flavored!
Ahhh... I love Halloween!


Hey, I'm back! Oh, (Captain)! Check out all the treats I got!
Hehehe! I tried saying trick or treat all over town...
And look at all the goodies people there gave me! They were all so nice!
Huh? (Captain), those candies... Did you get them trick-or-treating?
Hey... Hey! Let's have a candy party then!
Hehe, sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? I mean, look at this pile of loot we got!


(Captain)! Open wide!
Hehe, this pumpkin candy's pretty good, right?
Yep! I got all these treats from the others in the crew!
Hehe, everyone's so nice. They gave me so much candy!
Huh? What's the matter? You liked the candy that much?
Hmm... I remember someone in the crew giving it to me, but I don't remember who exactly...
What? You're gonna go around and say trick-or-treat to everyone?
Hahaha! That's a great idea. I'll go with you!
Since I already got so many treats, this time it's my turn to play some tricks on them!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays! I can't wait for Santa to come!
I'm gonna leave some cookies out for him! Or is milk better? Maybe both?


Teehehee! Oh, (Captain)! What am I doing?
I'm making holiday greeting cards for Gramps and Altos!
Heletina and the others said Grandpa and Altos might feel kinda guilty if we got them a present, so a card would be better.
Check it out! Not bad, right?
This is me and Grandpa and Altos and Mary and you and Lyria and...
Hehe, I hope Gramps and Altos like it.


(Captain)! I'll be going out for a while, okay?
I'm gonna go send a greeting card to Gramps and Altos!
Hehe, I made one for Mary too!
Yep! I'm sure they'll like it!
I'll be right back! Don't start eating without me!


Oh, (Captain)! Happy holidays!
Hehe, do I look like I'm having a lot of fun?
Well, I got a card from my grandpa and that boy from before. They wished me a happy winter!
Look! See? The card's all shiny. Isn't that nice?
It's not made from ordinary paper. It's special!
We're going to have special food now too, aren't we? This holiday's the best!


Phew... That was so good... Thanks for the holiday dinner...
Hey, is this really okay? Can I really just eat and eat yummy food like this, and not care about anything?
Gramps and Altos... Are also having a holiday feast over at the hospital? Oh...
Okay, it has to be true... Because you're the one telling me, (Captain).
Yawn... Ehehe. I ate so much, I'm getting kinda sleepy.
Mm... You're so warm... I'm getting even sleepier... Yawn...
Hehe. I dunno why... But I feel so happy.
Mm... Zzz... Zz...

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Before the First Step

(Captain) and Lyria meet Syr in the Sidheros Pits. The very idea of going to Estalucia makes his eyes sparkle. Once his family learns of his wish to join the crew, they release him from his obligations.

(Captain) and Lyria are kidnapped and find themselves sent to the Sidheros Pits.
While there, (Captain) befriends a boy named Syr, and they watch for an opportunity to escape the pits.
Syr: Are you okay, Lyria?
Lyria: Not really... but please don't mind me.
Syr: Don't mention it. You're just so pale... and your fever hasn't broken...
Syr: But there doesn't seem to be any way to cure you here.
Syr: I wonder if there's medicine or anything in the guards' room. Maybe we could steal some!
Lyria: We can't do that! If we get caught, they'll do... something... awful to us...
Syr: Whoa! Don't push yourself so hard! I won't do anything like that, so get some rest!
Lyria: Okay... You better... keep that promise, Syr.
(Captain) advises the ailing Lyria to hide out inside the captain for the time being.
Syr: No matter how many times I see that, I just can't understand it. How is Lyria able to do that?
Syr: Lyria doesn't remember much of her past, does she? That's just like me.
Syr: I can't remember anything before Gramps adopted me.
Syr: I have Gramps, Altos, and my brothers and sisters... I have a good life now.
Syr: But sometimes I wonder what my real parents were like.
Syr: (Captain), wasn't your dad also a skyfarer?
Syr: What's that? Your dad's in Estalucia?
Syr: So that's why you're heading there.
Syr: That's so cool! I want to do something great like that!
Syr: But I guess we have to get out of here first!
Syr: Let's find a way to do that, (Captain)!
(Captain) and Syr soon find an opportunity to escape from the pits.
They rejoin their friends, who have come to look for them, and head for Galthazar's safe house.
Syr: Looks like Lyria went to sleep. Hopefully her fever will diminish...
Altos: I gave her medicine, so we'll see how well it works.
Syr: It'd be nice if we could call a doctor, but there's no hospital in Sidheros.
Syr: There might be doctors at the pits, but it's not like we could bring one here.
Altos: And the doctors on this island are here for the bureaucrats anyway.
Altos: They don't care about the health of the laborers, let alone illegal occupants like us.
  1. If only we could leave this island.
  2. The time has come for revolution.

Choose: If only we could leave this island.
Syr: Yeah... I guess that would be the easiest.
Altos: But I doubt Galthazar plans to leave this island.

Choose: The time has come for revolution.
Syr: That's right!
Altos: Good luck with that.
Continue 1
Syr: What? You want me to go with you, (Captain)?
Syr: A crew, huh? That sounds awesome. We might even be able to do something great!
Syr: You're heading for Estalucia after all, right, (Captain)?
Syr: I'd like to go with you, but it's not that easy...
Altos: That's not true, Syr. If you want to go, you can leave the island.
Syr: But...
Altos: I'll look after Heletina and the others. You should just think of yourself.
Syr: But I'm not so sure that—
Galthazar: What are you grumbling about?
Syr: Gramps?
Galthazar: You're always saying that you want to do something great, right?
Galthazar: But if you keep worrying about all the tiny details, you'll never do anything truly great!
Galthazar: I thought you had more backbone than that, but it looks like you're just a scaredy-cat.
Syr: What are you saying? How mean!
Galthazar: Whatever... I know when I'm not wanted. See you later.
Syr: How could he say that? He has no idea what I'm feeling!
Syr: I'm not just going to abandon Altos, Heletina, and the others.
Syr: And I need to do something about Gramps's jewel no matter what.
Syr: (Captain)... Thanks for inviting me along.
Syr: Um... I know this is pretty selfish of me...
Syr: But would you still let me join after I take care of some stuff for Gramps, (Captain)?
Syr: I can't help but worry about my family... Yeah, there's definitely some stuff I have to get to before we go.
Syr: I'll let you know when I'm done, so give me a little time!
Altos: Right, well, enough of that. It's time to start preparing dinner.
Syr: Sure thing! I'll go get us some water! Take it easy, (Captain)!
After Altos and Syr leave, Galthazar lumbers back into the room.
Galthazar: I'm not sure what kind of half-baked crap that kid was talking about. You realize you're about to take in a little brat, don't you?
Galthazar: I'm sure that his strange sense of justice and recklessness will cause you all kinds of trouble.
Galthazar: Still... I'll be glad to be rid of him!
Despite Galthazar's callous words and gruff attitude, Syr knows that the old man secretly loves his children.
Syr's bond with his grandfather gives him strength, a strength that will propel him into the sky sooner than he thinks.

Monster Pet

The crew is asked to take care of a wealthy family's pet, but the pet turns out to be a quick-tempered monster named Floppy. Floppy won't listen to anyone, and the crew ends up fighting her when she freaks out.

(Captain)'s crew has taken on a request from a wealthy family via the Knickknack Shack.
Syr: Hmm... Taking care of a pet? Is that something they really need skyfarers for?
Syr: I seriously don't understand what rich people are thinking. You have any idea, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Heh-heh... But who knows? Maybe the pet is a handful or something?
Syr: Maybe... But what could be that bad? A gigantic cat or something?
Lyria: Hee-hee... I wonder too. And I'm looking forward to finding out!
Syr: I know we talked about it, but...
Floppy: Chirrup!
Syr: Who would have thought anyone would keep a monster as a pet? And is this entire place seriously their backyard?
Syr: I will never understand what rich people are thinking...
Lyria: Um... But her big eyes are cute at least!
Floppy: Chomp! Chomp, chomp!
Lyria: Aahh! Ouch! Hey! Stop biting me!
Syr: Hey! You leave Lyria alone!
Vyrn: Uh-oh... This request might be more trouble than we thought.
Syr: Are you okay, Lyria?
Lyria: Ouch... Yeah... I guess so.
Syr: Didn't Sierokarte give us a list of all the things we have to do for this monster?
Lyria: Yeah. Um... First we have to take her for a walk.
Floppy: Chirrup!
Syr: Whoa! This thing really hates us!
Lyria: We still need to give her a bath and brush her fur... And feed her and then make her take a nap...
Syr: This thing obviously lives in the lap of luxury! Rich people...
Syr: I guess we might as well start by getting the walk over with. Come here!
Floppy: ...
Syr: Come on! Come here! Come!
Syr walks over to Floppy and gives the monster a push to try to get it moving, but the creature doesn't react quite as expected...
Floppy: Chirrup!
Syr: Aahh! Hey! Stop! Calm down!
Syr: Okay, that's it! You've earned yourself a time-out, carrot brains!

Monster Pet: Scene 2

After a good fight, Syr and Floppy seem to have become friends, but the boy who owns the pet doesn't like that one bit. When Floppy fails to listen to him, he buys Camella, but his new pet monster turns out to be just as mean and attacks him. Floppy jumps in to protect the boy, and (Captain) and company join the fray.

Syr: Phew... She finally calmed down!
Floppy: Chirrup...
Syr: Ha-ha! Why are you showing me your belly? You give up?
Syr: There, there... Now no more fighting! Let's go for a walk.
Syr: This is a huge backyard... I'm not even sure where we're supposed to go.
Floppy: Chirrup!
Floppy nudges Syr and (Captain) with her head and begins jumping across the yard.
Syr: You're going to lead the way? Heh-heh... Thanks!
Vyrn: Ha-ha! Looks like Floppy has decided that Syr and (Captain) are her friends.
Syr: All right! Let's go, (Captain)!
Syr and (Captain) give Floppy a bath and feed the monster without much problem.
Syr: Did that taste good?
Floppy: Chirrup!
Syr: Good! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Vyrn: Huh? You understand what this monster is saying?
Syr: Not really! But I can sort of tell what she's feeling...
Floppy: Chirrup...
Lyria: Hee-hee! Even I can understand that one! You're sleepy, aren't you?
Syr: I'm feeling a little sleepy myself... Floppy, let's take a nap!
Floppy: Chirrup!
Lyria: All this yawning is making me sleepy too... and the sun just feels so good...
Syr, Lyria, and Floppy start napping in the corner of the yard.
Vyrn: Heh. Looks like we'll be able to manage this request after all, (Captain).
???: Wha?
Syr: Huh? What? What's wrong now?
Floppy: Chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: You have a lot of nerve getting all friendly with my little Floppy!
Syr: Oh, you're Floppy's owner? We took her on a walk, bathed her, and fed her too.
Wealthy Man's Son: Curse you, Floppy! Why do you like him so much?
Floppy: Chirrup...
Wealthy Man's Son: Why you little! The only thing I liked about you was that you only cared for me! Now I don't even want you!
Floppy: Chirrup?
Syr: Hey! Watch what you say to Floppy!
Wealthy Man's Son: Ha-ha! I'm getting my new pet today, so I don't care about that one anymore!
Syr: What's up with that spoiled brat? That was just cruel! Right, Floppy? Hey... Are you okay?
Floppy: ...
Vyrn: Aw... Poor thing. It looks so sad...
Syr: Cheer up, Floppy. Please?
Floppy: ...
Lyria: Hmm... It looks like the poor dear has been traumatized.
(Captain) and company try to console the upset Floppy, but they suddenly hear a loud scream.
Maid: Aahh! Young master!
Syr: Huh? What's going on?
Floppy: ...!
Syr: Hey! Wait, Floppy! We better go see what happened, (Captain)!
Camella: Grrr...
Wealthy Man's Son: Eek! They didn't tell me my Camella would have such a short temper! Aahh!
Camella, the new pet, tries to attack the boy, but Floppy jumps in between them.
Floppy: Chirrup, chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: Huh? Floppy? Did you just protect me?
Camella: Grrr!
Syr: Uh-oh... This thing seems pretty upset.
Syr: But Floppy apparently wants to protect her owner, so let's help calm Camella down. Come on, (Captain)!

Monster Pet: Scene 3

(Captain) and company somehow manage to deal with the situation and complete their task. Syr decides he wants a pet one day, which is yet another dream for the starry-eyed boy to pursue. He seems to enjoy his life outside Sidheros.

Floppy: Chirrup, chirrup!
Camella: Grrr...
Syr: Phew... I'm glad the new pet finally calmed down. Camella seems to understand that Floppy is the boss.
Syr: Ha-ha. Floppy, you're so strong! You did great for your owner!
Floppy: Chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: Huh? Camella? Floppy, did you do this?
Floppy: Chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: I'm sorry, Floppy. Thanks for helping me even though I said such mean things to you...
Floppy: Chirrup, chirrup!
Wealthy Man's Son: Oh? You'll forgive me, Floppy? You're the best!
Syr: Heh. Looks like everything's okay now! It even looks like Floppy's made a new buddy.
Syr: And based on how much Floppy likes her owner, he can't treat her that bad, right? I hope the new monster will get along with them too.
Syr: Of course, if anything happens, we can come and help them out again!
Lyria: Yep! Hee-hee... But I don't think there's much to worry about anymore.
Wealthy Man's Son: Good little monster! Ha-ha! That tickles, Floppy! Camella, you too?
With the request completed, the crew returns to the airship.
Syr: ...
Vyrn: What's wrong? It's not like you to sigh.
Syr: It's nothing really... I was just thinking of how cute Floppy was...
Syr: I wanted that bunny as a pet too. Ha-ha... Just kidding.
  1. You'll have to make do with Vyrn.
  2. But pet food can get expensive...

Choose: You'll have to make do with Vyrn.
Vyrn: Hey! What do you mean by that, (Captain)?
Syr: There, there... Good boy.
Vyrn: Yeah... That's the spot! Hey! Now you wait just one second!
Syr: Ha-ha! Sorry about that!

Choose: But pet food can get expensive...
Syr: Oh? So I can have a pet monster as long as the cost of food isn't a problem?
Lyria: What? Really, (Captain)?
Syr: All right... Then I'm going to take on as many requests as I can and save up some money!
Syr: Ha-ha! As if! Did you really believe me?
Continue 1
Ever since Syr left Sidheros on his journey into the sky, he has been spending fun-filled days with (Captain) and company.
Every day is loaded with new experiences, and the letters he sends to his family are getting longer and longer.

A Scene of Family

Altos and Syr visit Galthazar in the hospital. Mary shows up late, though she had initially refused to come. Galthazar runs into her in the hospital garden, on his way to tend to his vegetable patch. The three children prepare a meal together using vegetables Galthazar grew. For the first time in a long time, the four sit down and have a family meal together.

Syr visits the hospital to see Galthazar. He finds Altos in the kitchen and decides to help out.
Syr: So the hospital staff are treating you and Gramps well?
Altos: Yeah, I think he'll be well looked after. No need to worry.
Altos: Hey, what's Mary up to these days? I hope she's not causing (Captain) any bother.
Syr: Mary's doing great! She's not being a bother... I don't think.
Syr: I asked her to come along today, but she said no.
Altos: I see. Too bad, but I get it. She probably has a lot she has to think through.
Syr: Hehehe!
Altos: What is it, Syr?
Syr: I'm just happy that you're not mad at her, that's all.
Altos: Sorry, Syr. Didn't mean to worry you.
Syr: It's fine! Anyway, let's get cooking. I wanna make something so good it'll make Mary regret not coming!
At the same moment, unbeknownst to Syr and Altos, Mary is loitering nervously in the hospital's garden.
Mary: Sigh... Well, here I am. Now what?
Mary: Hmm, I'll just go and see if Gramps is all right, then head back to the Grandcypher. Yep. Sounds good.
Mary: Let's do this!
Mary steels herself, then heads toward the hospital door. Before she can reach it, however...
Galthazar: Oh, look who it is! Mary, I'm so glad you could come!
Mary: Huh? What're you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in your room?
Galthazar: Mary, come with me. I have to check on the vegetable patch.
Mary: G-Galthazar, hold up!
Mary: Ugh! Where are Altos and Syr, anyway?
Mary: Wow, so there's a vegetable patch in the hospital gardens. Now that I think about it, Altos did mention it in his letter.
Galthazar: Oh, stop mumbling and come help an old man.
Mary: Humph, fine! As much of a grump as ever, I see.
Galthazar: Hohoho. Just look at these bright red beauties. These'll be sweet, I'm sure.
Galthazar plucks a tomato from the plant and hands it to Mary.
Mary: Um... Ah... Thank you.
Galthazar: Hoho. I forgot, you never liked raw tomatoes, did you? You used to fight with Altos about it, as I recall.
Mary: Y-you remember that?
Galthazar: Oh yes, I remember. You two fought over everything.
Galthazar: But if you cried, Altos would feel horribly guilty, and then you'd end up comforting him.
Mary: ...
Galthazar: You should knock off all that fighting. He is your brother after all.
Mary: Yeah... sure.
Galthazar: Anyway, let's take these to the kitchen.
Mary: Altos! Syr! We got the vegetables. Where do you want them?
Syr: Mary! You came!
Altos: Hm... Looks like we should add another side to the menu. You can put them down over there.
Galthazar: Oh, barley and rice! My favorite.
Altos: Mary, I'll make the soup if you can sort out the rice balls.
Mary: I think I can handle that. Syr, can you pass the salt?
Syr: Here you are!
Mary: Gramps, do you remember when you took me in? The first meal you gave me was rice balls.
Galthazar: Rice balls, you say? Is that right? I couldn't really say...
Mary: Oh...
Syr: Ngh... How do you get the rice into that perfect triangle shape? Mine're all lumpy...
Mary: Let's see... Ah, you're holding it wrong. Here, if you hold it like this...
Altos: Heheh, I remember you used to make the weirdest looking rice balls when we were young.
Mary: Altos! Do you really need to bring that up now?
Mary: Fine, then you won't mind me telling everyone about the time you screamed beacause you thought a white blanket hanging on a coatrack was a ghost?
Altos: And... That's about ready. Not too bad, if I do say so myself.
Mary: I have to agree. I mean, I would've preferred meatballs, but still...
Syr: Hehehe!
Mary: What's so funny, Syr?
Syr: I was just thinking how long it's been since we had a family dinner together like this.
Syr: I've missed this, that's all.
Altos: Syr...
Syr: Heehee. Next time we should get Heletina and the others to join us.
Syr: Anyway, thanks for coming, Mary!
Mary: Wh-what? There's no need to thank me.
Mary: Let's just eat, before it gets cold!
Galthazar: Well said. Let's eat.
Galthazar: Hohoho. Being surrounded by such model children warms this old man's heart.
For the first time in a long time, Galthazar, Altos, Mary, and Syr enjoy a meal together.
Bit by bit, they are repairing the familial bonds that once seemed broken beyond repair.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
どう?オレも役に立つでしょ! See? I can be helpful too!
いつかでっかいことをやりとげてみせるよ! I'll do something big one of these days!
オレに任せといて! Let me handle it!
猫とひなたぼっこって気持ちいいよね~ Sunbathing with a cat is so much fun!
マリー姉にイタズラを色々教わったんだよ! Mary taught me a few tricks!
アル兄って怒らせるとものすごく怖いよ… Altair is really scary when he gets mad...
爺ちゃん、元気だといいけど…… I hope Grandpa's okay...
諦める?そんなのあり得ない! Giving up? That's no fair!
(主人公)みたいにでっかいことしたいな I want to do something big like (Captain)!
(主人公)、後でヨーヨーで遊ぼうよ! Let's play with yoyos later, (Captain)!


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