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Official Profile

Age 17 Height 163 cm Race Human
Hobbies Reading adventure novels, eating and comparing cakes
Likes Duels, quiet cafes
Dislikes Going easy on people
Granblue Fantasy Theater
A fierce duelist who frequents casino battle arenas, Therese's fierceness, beauty, and noble stature have captivated countless audiences and gained her stalwart fans of all ages and backgrounds. Outside the arena, however, she's practically a different person—weak of will to the point that those used to seeing her in combat would barely recognize her. Before a match, she shakes with fear, turning beet red in front of the roaring throngs. Once she picks up a sword, though, her mind switches into combat mode and her confidence builds rapidly, transforming her into the fierce warrior her fans know and love.
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
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Age 17歳 Height 163cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書(英雄譚)、ケーキの食べくらべ
Likes デュエル、静かなカフェ
Dislikes 手加減
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Granblue Fantasy Chronicle
Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Heehee! Happy birthday, Captain!
I've got the perfect present for you: a ticket to see me compete in a dueling contest at the Jewel Resort!
It's going to be a show like no other, so be sure not to miss it!


Yay! Happy Birthday, (Captain)!
On a day like today, everyone gets excited! I'm not the only one, ya know!
Okay then! I've prepared a special seat for you at the Jewel Resort Arena!
Today I'm going to present my greatest victory ever! It'll be my gift to you!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Like last year, I'll be giving you the best show of my life! Be ready at the arena in the Jewel Resort!
Huh? The ship's headed in the opposite direction? We won't make it to the resort today?
What... Oh... Yeah... That's right...
I'm so dumb... dumb... dumb... I'm sorry, (Captain).
I'll give you something else! You just wait for the best duel you have ever seen in your life!


Were you watching my duel, (Captain)? I'm so glad I won for your birthday!
Here's your present, and here are three different types of cake just for you! I picked out the best ones!
Y-you want to know why I'm giving them to you right after a duel? W-well...
If I didn't give them to you while I was still hyped up from my duel, I'd be too embarrassed...
I-it's nothing! Here, (Captain)! This is for you!


Hey, um... Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm very glad I chose to accompany your crew across the skies.
I've had so many experiences, and I've been able to improve as a duelist.
I'll continue to do my best to be worthy of your crew! Let's make the rest of our journey, the best of our journey!
Phew... I was actually able to get it all out...
Now then, I promise you that I will achieve victory in the ring for your important day!
I even saved you a special seat for the occasion.
You'll have the best view as you see me take a win in your honor!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, happy New Year, (Captain)!
Whew... I'm glad I did it right this year!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Okay, time to go!
Where? Why, the dueling arena, of course!
Haha! I'm already gettin' excited for the first duel of the new year!


Happy New Year! Let's go to the park!
Huh? What do you mean, "why?"
You're so forgetful! We're going to the arena they made right next to it for a duel!
My heart is racing. I can't wait to crack a few bones on the first day of the new year!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I went to get my fortune before my first duel of the new year. And guess what...
Haha! Look! It says I'm going to have terrible luck! I've never gotten that before!
I bet this means I'm going to fight some crazy strong opponents this year!
I like the sound of that. Bring it on! It doesn't matter how strong they are—I'll pulverize them!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I went to the shrine to get my fortune, and believe it or not, it was excellent! Things are coming up Therese from here on out!
Ooh, I wonder if that means I'll face off against a crazy strong opponent in the ring?
Hm? I said the same thing last year when my fortune was supposed to be bad? Haha, really?
Well, you've gotta take things as they come. If you don't believe in yourself, luck won't help you win a match!
That goes double for this year! It doesn't matter who I face; I'll pulverize 'em!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Um, so... Today is Valentine's Day, isn't it?
I did buy something in town for that...
Oh, but I got so lost. That's why I was late.
If De La Fille had just made it, I'm sure it would have been ready sooner...
But please... won't you try some?


Oh, (Captain)... Can you come here for a second?
Umm, I... I have Valentine's... chocolates...
I made sure to buy them yesterday so I wouldn't be late this time.
I-I hope you like them!
Hehe. I finally said it!


It's just... I... made you chocolate... chunks of... chocolate...
Uhh... Siero's joke didn't help at all. I don't feel the least bit relaxed...
Anyways... Here's your chocolate. Enjoy.
What can I do to get over my nerves?


U-um... (Captain)! Happy Vatteline's Day!
Oops... I got all tongue-tied... Sorry... I-I'm just so nervous....
Lady Christy told me I wouldn't be nervous if I just pretended it was a duel...
But that didn't help at all... I'm so embarrassed!
U-um... Here! Th-this is for you!


Um, (Captain)... Happy Valentine's Day!
I just wanted to thank you for everything. So, please, take this!
Yay! I did it! I finally said it this year!
Hehe, it's all thanks to Ladiva. She gave me a pep talk while we were sparring. I'm glad I talked to her first.
She said, even if you can't help but stutter, you have to boldly and clearly express your love.
I better go tell her I was able to give you your present!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Whaaat? White Day chocolates? For me?
Oh my... Th-thank you so much.
Um, well... I'm not sure I deserve it, but... thank you. I'm so happy now.


Oh, wow! Captain?
Are those... for me? For White Day?
Y-you're sure you want me to have those again this year?
Oh... Thank you!


Y-you have something for me? Y-you're giving me chocolate this year too?
I'm sorry I'm always so surprised by this...
I think I'm getting used to it...
W-where are my manners! Thank you so much!
One day, I'll be able to accept this like a regular person...


Th-this is for me? For White Day? Th-thank you!
Whew. H-how was that? Did I accept it like a normal person?
I've been counting down the days to White Day so I wouldn't be caught off guard again this year.
I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't worked...
Hehe... I'm happy I got a gift from you again this year. Th-thank you!


Huh? Are we going to a—what is this place—a cake buffet?
Hmm... Aaaaah! D-d-don't tell me! Is it White Day?
You sneaky little... (Captain)! Why would you surprise me? After last year, I practiced to receive a gift from you!
Haaa... S-sorry... I'm still in shock, like I'm in a dream or something.
But I've always wanted to come here! I never thought I would get to come here with you!
Was it hard to get a reservation? Thank you so much!
Hehe. Let's eat all the cake!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Me? Wear a Halloween costume?
I don't know what I could go as. I mean, besides a bunny girl...


Yay! Enjoying Halloween everyone?
Today's a day for trickery, but no cheating at the casino!
Ha ha! If I see anyone up to no good, I'm gonna kick 'em out of here at the top of my game!


Heya! Is everyone having fun? Halloween is so festive!
That means... I'm having a duel! And do you know what the prize is? A year's supply of pumpkins!
All right, who was it! The one who said, "We don't need that many pumpkins!" I'll make you pay for that in the ring!


Yay! Is everyone enjoying the Halloween parade?
We duelers are going to be passing out candy to you guys today!
I'll be carrying lots of goodies, so I'm afraid I can't have you playing any tricks on me!
But if you really want to try and play a trick on me, you're welcome to come join me in the arena!
There will be a special Halloween duel after this too, so stay tuned!


Happy Halloween, (Captain)!
Today there's a children's swordplay tournament, organized especially for Halloween!
No, it's not dangerous at all! It's a swordplay tournament! They'll be using practice swords made of cloth, stuffed with cotton.
Try it! Haha! See? With a sword like this, there's no danger of a paper cut, much less a full-blown injury!
This is all my idea, you know. Christina wanted to hold an event that the local children would enjoy.
Ladiva, Clarisse, and even De La Fille will be helping out. Would you like to join us, (Captain)?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Today is a special day, isn't it?
A fellow dueler and I are going to deliver some gifts to the orphanage.
He's a pretty tough guy, but he's actually very kind at heart.
Oh, (Captain)! If you're not busy, do you want to come along?


Hrah! Arh! Hraah! Uraah!
What am I doing? I'm warming up for today's duel! Haha!
One of my friends suggested I donate my earnings to an orphanage. So I'm really gonna work up the crowd and rake it in for the kids!
Hey, (Captain)! Why don't we do a warm-up match right now?


Hey, (Captain)! It's finally the night for the last battle!
Huh? You don't remember? The duel! It's a special holiday tag team battle.
Haha. You just watch. I'm gonna rip my opponents a new one!


(Captain)! Are you enjoying our special holiday duel?
I didn't expect Ladiva to prepare a festive outfit just for tonight. That was a big surprise...
Anyway, the finals are coming up next. It'll be a great match, so be sure to watch!


Happy holidays, (Captain)! And welcome to a special holy night duel!
Fille will be watching from the stands. I heard she snuck out of a Gem Domain party to make it here.
She's truly a good friend to go to such great lengths to cheer me on. I know I'll do even better than normal thanks to her support!
After the duel's over, we'll hold a banquet to celebrate both the victor and the holiday!
I bought several desserts from my favorite cake shop. Why don't we all do a taste test during the party?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

My Fair Duelist

(Captain) and company head to the casino liner to help celebrate Gem Domain Foundation Day. Therese is slated to duel a monster in the role of a Gem Domain hero, but she worries about disappointing De La Fille. With her friend's support, Therese succeeds with flair.

Vyrn: Awesome! The casino liner's even busier than usual!
Therese: It's the first time we've held a Gem Domain Foundation Day celebration at the Jewel Resort. The excitement is at an all-time high.
De La Fille: Father entrusted the arrangements to me this year, so I've taken the greatest care with every detail, starting with the venue!
Therese, (Captain), and the crew have come to the casino liner at De La Fille's invitation.
No version of De La Fille in crew

De La Fille is Queen of the Gem Domain, a country where lithomancy thrives.
She and Therese are old friends and have grown extremely close over the years.
Vyrn: So, what kinda celebration is it? Doesn't look like it's shaping up to be all that formal.
De La Fille: We'll be staging a famous old Gem Domain legend.
Lyria: An old legend?
De La Fille: It is said that the Gem Domain was saved from annihilation by the actions of one brave hero.
De La Fille: He defeated a fearsome monster and restored peace to the land. In return, the queen crowned him the new king.
De La Fille: And to play the crucial role of the hero in this drama, I have selected none other than...
Therese: Me!
De La Fille: This is the Jewel Resort debut performance. Who else but the casino's star duelist could fill the role?
Vyrn: I get that. So that's why Therese is raring to go.
Therese: Yes! I don't usually face monsters, but I'll be fighting in front of my audience. How could a duelist resist?
De La Fille: I knew I could rely on you, Therese. I can't wait to see you on stage.
Therese: Leave everything to me! I'll put on a show they'll never forget!
De La Fille: Oh, I almost forgot. Your outfit, the Gemflower Battle Gear, just arrived.
Therese: Finally!
Therese: I'll go change!
De La Fille: I had a special outfit made, based on the exploits of the legendary hero.
De La Fille: Hee hee. I'm certain it will suit her. I'm looking forward to seeing Therese in her finery.
Therese: Uh... um... Do I really have to fight in something this... girly? I don't think this kind of dress suits me...
De La Fille: Whatever are you saying? It looks lovely on you. Don't you agree, (Captain)?
  1. It looks great on you.
  2. You look adorable.

Choose: It looks great on you.
Therese: Do... you really think so, (Captain)? Or are you just trying to make me feel better?
De La Fille: Come now, Therese, you think too much! You truly do look incredibly fetching.
De La Fille: So believe in yourself and step into the ring.

Choose: You look adorable.
Therese: A-a-adora-what? What are you babbling about, (Captain)?
De La Fille: The captain is quite right, Therese. You're cute as a button.
Therese: You too, Fille? D-don't tease me!
De La Fille: Why, (Captain) and I are merely being honest.
De La Fille: So stand tall and step into the ring, Therese.
Continue 1
(Captain) gives a supportive nod.
Therese: All... all right then. I'll... do my best!
De La Fille: Excellent. I'll be cheering you on from my box.
The celebration begins at last, with a huge audience in attendance.
De La Fille opens the event, then hands the arena over to Therese.
Monster: Grrrrrr...
Lyria: The monster she's supposed to fight is bigger than I expected...
Vyrn: Yeah, but Therese can handle one that size no problem, right?
The fight begins. Therese swings her sword while nimbly evading the monster's blows, seeking an opening.
Therese: Hnh!
Monster: Grrrrrr...
Patron: That's our star duelist! Even facing a monster that size, she never gives ground for a second!
Therese: (The perfect role, the clamor of the crowd... It's like I'm riding a wave of their energy...)
Therese: (But this dress is making it hard to move...)
Therese: (I can't let Fille down when she's counting on me! I can't let it show!)
Therese: Hah!
Monster: Grrrooooooar!
Therese: Did it... dodge?
Therese: No. I misjudged the distance.
Monster: Grrrooooooar!
Therese: Urgh!
Lyria: Eek! Do you think Therese is all right?
Vyrn: She doesn't seem like herself...
De La Fille: (What in the skies is the matter with Therese? Her movements are so stiff...)
De La Fille: (Is she that worried about making me look bad?)
Therese's grueling battle continues.
Monster: Grrraaaaargh!
Therese: ...!
Oh, no—
De La Fille: That was too close! It missed her, but only barely!
Therese: (Argh. I can't move the way I need to... I don't want to disappoint the audience, but what do I do?)
Therese: (At this rate, I'll ruin Fille's celebration!)
Patron: H-hey... Is she okay?
De La Fille: ...!
The audience is also beginning to get restless, when suddenly...
De La Fille: Therese!
Therese: Fi-Fille?
Therese casts her eyes up to the box where De La Fille sits.
De La Fille: This is your beloved arena, Therese!
De La Fille: Don't hold back! Just fight like you always do!
Therese: L-like always?
De La Fille: Everyone's cheering for you, Therese! Give the people what they want!
At De La Fille's words, the audience begins to chant Therese's name, their voices swelling to fill the arena.
Therese: (Fille's right. This is the arena... My home turf!)
Therese: All I have to do...
Therese: Is follow my instincts!
Lyria: She just tore her skirt in half with her bare hands!
Therese: ...
Therese: With that flapping nuisance gone, I finally feel like myself again.
Monster: Graaaaaah!
Therese: Playtime is over.
Monster: Graaaaagh!
Therese: Prepare to be destroyed!
Monster: Grrrr...
Patrons: Whooooooah!
The audience erupts in applause and cheers for Therese's splendid victory.
Therese: Thank you for cheering me on, Fille... Everyone!
Therese raises her sword aloft, as if in answer to the thunderous applause.
Lyria: Great work, Therese!
Vyrn: You had us worried for a minute there, but you really pulled it out at the end!
Lyria: It was really cool how you just tore off your skirt!
Therese: I feel bad after Fille made it special for me, but it kept tripping me up...
Therese: ...
Vyrn: What's up, Therese? You got quiet all of a sudden.
Therese: Uh... I was just thinking... It's quite short...
Therese: Did I really fight in front of everyone wearing this little...
Vyrn: Ha-ha... Yeah, I thought you might not be sweating that detail mid-duel.
Therese: Once... Once it's over, I have time to worry about it... Like with the bunny costume...
Therese thrashed the monster and performed her role as the legendary hero to a tee.
But, for her, wardrobe malfunctions were a far more formidable foe...

A Storied Blade

To cap off the celebration, De La Fille plans to reenact the coronation of the legendary Gem Domain hero. While Therese prepares for her role, the ceremonial crown is stolen and De La Fille turns out to be missing.

Therese defeated a monstrous opponent in her role as legendary hero for the Gem Domain Foundation Day celebration.
Now she chats with (Captain) and the crew as she waits for the next scene—the coronation ceremony—to begin.
Therese: Oof... Just have to get through the coronation ceremony.
Lyria: So you're going to act out the scene where the queen crowns the hero?
Vyrn: The crown is a national treasure, right? That's a pretty big responsibility!
Therese: All I have to do is let Fille set the crown on my head. She's got the difficult role.
Therese: Speaking of Fille... Where'd she get off to?
Vyrn: She said she was going to get ready for the coronation ceremony, but that was a while ago.
The crew wonders what's become of De La Fille.
That is when they hear a commotion in the hallway outside Therese's dressing room.
Therese: Something's going on out there.
Sensing something amiss, Therese bursts out of the room.
Therese: You there, what's going on?
Official: Therese! It's terrible!
Official: The crown for the ceremony! It's been stolen!
Vyrn: Whaaat?
Official: I'll explain at the scene! Please come with me!
Vyrn: Hey, c'mon, (Captain)!
Still reeling at the news, the crew follows the flustered official.

A Storied Blade: Scene 2

De La Fille stows away on the crown thieves' airship, leaving behind a gem as a clue. Unbeknownst to her, these bandits can nullify her lithomancy. Therese, (Captain), and the crew set off in pursuit.

Upon hearing that the crown had been stolen, Therese, (Captain), and the others rush to the storage room.
The sight that greets them is a room full of prone guards and one very empty pedestal.
Official: We assigned an elite unit of lithomancers to guard the crown, but... they were all taken out by the bandits...
Therese: How dare they ply their trade at the Jewel Resort, and on Fille's treasure, no less!
Therese: After them! I'll tear them apart with my own two hands if that's what it takes to get back the crown!
Therese barrels out onto the deck, but it's too late. The bandits' airship has already lifted off.
Vyrn: What do we do, (Captain)? Even if we charge after them, they've got too big a head start...
Therese: Damn! Didn't they leave any clues?
Therese: Hm? What's that?
Something gleams at one corner of the deck, catching Therese's eye.
Therese: This jewel... belongs to Fille. What's it doing here?
De La Fille's Voice: Ahem. This is De La Fille, Queen of the Gem Domain.
Therese: Was that Fille's voice coming from this jewel?
Guard: She's sealed her voice into this jewel with lithomancy.
De La Fille's Voice: To my great chagrin, the crown, our national treasure, has been stolen.
De La Fille's Voice: I was so looking forward to showing Therese off in it... And I will not allow the celebration to be ruined!
De La Fille's Voice: Therefore, I will stow away on the bandits' ship, discover their hideout, and give them a sound thrashing.
De La Fille's Voice: Whoever finds this jewel, would you be so kind as to come and pick me up? The gem should presently emit a beam of light which will guide you to my location.
De La Fille's Voice: Oh, and there's no hurry. You aren't the one responsible for the bandits' head start. All right, see you soon!
Guard: There's a beam of light extending from the jewel... That must be the direction the queen went!
Therese: It's just like Fille to pull a stunt like this!
Therese: She probably thinks she has to handle everything alone just because it's her celebration...
Vyrn: Yeah, but with lithomancy like hers, those bandits'll be toast! Why's everyone so worried?
Guard: Because they knew how to counter our lithomancy! That's why we couldn't lift a finger to stop them!
Therese: You mean to tell me that Fille's magic won't have any effect on them?
Vyrn: Why didn't you say so sooner? C'mon, (Captain), let's move!
Led by the light of Fille's jewel, the crew arrives at the entrance to a mountain cave.
Vyrn: So this is where they're holed up. Looks like security's pretty tight... We can't just charge in blind.
Therese: They've had it!
Bandit: Gyaah!
Vyrn: Huh? Therese, what did I just say?
Vyrn: Well, too late now. Let's go, (Captain)!

A Storied Blade: Scene 3

Things look bad for De La Fille, whose magic has no effect on the bandits. Therese and the crew ride to the rescue at the last minute.

Around the same time that (Captain) and company charge into the cave...
De La Fille: Their hideout is rather more spacious than I anticipated...
De La Fille: ...!
There they are! The bandits who stole my crown...
Bandit: Whoa! Wh-who are you?
De La Fille: Surrender, thieves! Give up the crown peacefully, and I may find it in my heart to be lenient!
Bandit: Well, well. If it isn't the Queen of the Gem Domain! You've got guts, following us all the way here!
De La Fille: My, my. I see my reputation precedes me. Then you should also be well aware of the scope of my lithomantic powers, should you not?
Bandit: Yeah, I hear they're pretty hot stuff... But we're not about to fork over the crown.
De La Fille: Don't say I didn't warn you!
Bandit: Well, that's a real pretty show you put on for us, Your Highness.
De La Fille: Eh? Why didn't it work?
Bandit: Now, how about we show you what we can do?
De La Fille: Hnh!
De La Fille: (How can my magic have no effect? What should I do?)
De La Fille: (If Therese were in my position, she wouldn't let this stop her.)
Bandit: Heh heh... We might find it in our hearts to be lenient too. Why don't you forget about the crown and run along home?
De La Fille: Nonsense! I'll never bow my head to thugs of your caliber!
Bandit: That a fact! Then I guess you'll have to take what's comin' to ya!
De La Fille: Hrgh...
Therese: Get away from her!
De La Fille: Th-Therese!
Vyrn: Phew... That was close! Are you okay, De La Fille?
De La Fille: Captain, everyone... I'm so glad to see you!
Bandit: Damn, here comes the cavalry...
Bandit: But this is our turf, and we outnumber you. I wouldn't take those odds.
De La Fille: Still your tongue! Two-bit crooks like you don't stand a shadow of a chance against Therese!
Therese: Not only did you ruin the celebration, but you dared to raise your hands against Fille...
Therese: You lowlifes have picked your last pocket!

A Storied Blade: Scene 4

Safely back on the Grandcypher, Therese and De La Fille reminisce about their first meeting and reaffirm their friendship. They decide to recreate the coronation ceremony privately on the Grandcypher deck.

The crew defeats the bandits and puts an end to their whole operation.
Therese: Fille! How could you go off on your own like that?
Therese: I was s-so... so worried!
De La Fille: It isn't my fault... How was I to know my magic wouldn't work on them?
Therese: That's no excuse! Fille... How could you be so reckless?
Therese: I can't trust you not to run off again, so... I'll just have to take you into custody!
De La Fille: R-really, now, Therese... I'm not going anywhere. You don't have to hold my hand.
Therese: ...
De La Fille: You needn't look so fearsome...
De La Fille: But... I really didn't think you'd worry so much...
Therese: Of... Of course I would!
De La Fille: Well, then. I shall have to take greater pains not to distress you, dear friend.
De La Fille squeezes Therese's hand tightly in return.
The crew leaves cleanup duty to the casino liner employees who came along, and returns to the Grandcypher.
Therese: ...
De La Fille: Penny for your thoughts, Therese.
Therese: All the fuss today reminded me of how we first met.
De La Fille: Haha... Great minds reminisce alike. That really takes me back...
Therese: ...
Therese closes her eyes.
De La Fille's gentle invitation draws her thoughts back to a time before she was the casino liner's star duelist.
Therese: Ahh... Another loss...
Maybe I'm just not duelist material after all.
Ruffian: I'm tellin' ya I don't know what you're blatherin' about!
Therese: ...!
A fight?
De La Fille: I saw it with my own two eyes. You and your cronies were stacking the deck.
Ruffian: Oh yeah? You got any proof?
De La Fille: I'm willing to venture that a look through your pockets would provide it.
Ruffian: You talk too much. Hey fellas, let's show our guest what happens to snitches around here!
De La Fille: If you mean to get violent, I have a few tricks of my own up my sleeve...
Therese: W-wait!
De La Fille: ...!
Therese: Y-you lot are the ones at f-fault here! I-if you d-d-don't do the right thing and confess...
Ruffian: What're you mumbling about? Never mind. Let's grab this whistle-blower and get outta here!
De La Fille: My, my. Drawing knives and surrounding a lady. Your parents must be so proud.
Ruffian: Nyahaha! That's what you get for stickin' your nose where it doesn't belong!
Therese: ...!
Therese: Listen up, bottom-feeders!
Ruffian: !
Therese: You dare to profane this casino with cheating... And then lift your filthy hands against the woman who catches you?
Therese: You lowlifes are beyond redemption. Prepare to taste my steel!
Ruffian: Yeeeeek!
De La Fille: Thank you for your help. My, my... You've quite the sword arm.
Therese: Oh, no, I... Um. That is! I'm... a duelist, but... I have such a long way to go, yet...
De La Fille: Not from where I'm sitting. I've never seen such passion or skill.
Therese: Um... I... have another duel to get to, so... Enjoy your stay, goodbye!
De La Fille: Ah—wait!
And the lady vanishes.
Therese: Huff... Huff...
Female Duelist: Haha, take that! Come on, at least give me a challenge!
Therese: Urgh...
De La Fille: Where has that woman's flair gone? She was so magnificent earlier.
De La Fille: Shameful. This is such a waste of talent!
Therese: Sigh...
Yet another loss...
De La Fille: You there!
Therese: Huh?
Therese: Y-you're that woman from the floor...
De La Fille: What do you call that sorry excuse for a duel? I'd hardly recognize you from earlier!
Therese: That was different... I just... lost my temper, and... the strength came out of nowhere...
Therese: My opponent just now is a fan-favorite, and I'm just a weakling... There's no one rooting for me...
De La Fille: ...
De La Fille: Such a waste. To think that you can harness such power with just a momentary burst of emotion...
De La Fille: I know! I have a charm for you that will make you braver.
Therese: A... A sword? With a blue blade... It's beautiful!
De La Fille: It's made from gems only produced in the Gem Domain. Would you do me the honor of accepting it? As a reward for helping me earlier?
De La Fille: You were so dashing, so lovely, when you came to my rescue. Even this gleaming blade can't compete with your beauty.
De La Fille: So please, believe in yourself. Then you'll shine even brighter than this sword.
Therese: I'll... shine?
De La Fille: You have my word. I'm quite the connoisseur of things that sparkle, you know.
De La Fille: I want you to have faith in your bright future. And I'd like to be your first fan, if you'll have me?
De La Fille: You're still using the sword I gave you back then, I see.
Therese: Of course. When I hold it in my hand, I feel like I can do anything.
De La Fille: I'm... glad.
Therese: You've looked out for me so much since then.
De La Fille: Well, someone had to! You were hardly eating or training like a duelist should!
Therese: I know... I'm ashamed to think about it...
De La Fille: But look at you now—a star duelist! Which only proves that I know my jewels in the rough!
Therese: I owe all of that to you, Fille. Thank you so much.
De La Fille: Nonsense. It's all due to your innate talent.
De La Fille: And you should know that you inspire me to be brave too.
Therese: I do?
De La Fille: The way you never give ground to any adversary, your positivity and will to win... They spur me on.
Therese: R-really?
Hee hee...
De La Fille: Have I ever lied to you, Therese? Ha ha...
The two share a smile. Suddenly, a thought occurs to the queen.
De La Fille: You know, casting you as the hero in the celebration really was inspired.
De La Fille: You were the living image of the Gem Domain hero, earnestly fighting to rescue the kidnapped queen.
Therese: Oh, come on... You're just buttering me up, Fille.
De La Fille: Hm...? The hero, the queen, and the crown...
De La Fille: That's it! We didn't get to do the coronation on stage. Let's do it here!
Therese: What? Wh-where is this coming from?
De La Fille: Why, this is the very crown bestowed upon the hero by the rescued queen.
De La Fille: There's never been a more appropriate time for the ceremony!
De La Fille: And for that, we need witnesses! I'll go get (Captain) and the others!
Therese: W-wait, Fille! I'm not readyyy!
And so, as (Captain) and company look on, De La Fille and Therese conduct the coronation ceremony on the deck of the Grandcypher.
The blue sword, set aside for the moment, gleams in the light as if granting the pair its blessing.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
こ、このドレス…私に似合ってますか? Does this dress... look weird?
大きな勝負の前は、緊張しちゃって… I get so nervous before a big fight...
この服は、フィーエが用意してくれて… I'm only wearing this for Fille!
デュエルで手加減は一切しないよ I have no mercy in the arena!
(主人公)さんも、デュエルどうですか? How about a duel, (Captain)?
この格好で戦うのは…ちょっと苦労しそうだ I don't know how well I can fight in this...
正々堂々、戦うだけ! Let's have a clean fight!
フィーエみたいに着こなせたらな… This would suit Fille better...
この剣には、思い出がたくさんあるんです This sword is a precious keepsake.
(主人公)さん、あんまり見ないでぇ… Don't look at me like that, (Captain)...


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