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Official Profile

Age ??? years old
Height 149 cm
Race Vampire
Hobbies Seeing many different sights, fun things
Likes To cook
Dislikes People who don't pay attention to her, boring stuff
Final Uncap
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age ???歳
Height 149cm
Race ヴァンパイア
Hobbies 色んな景色を見ること、楽しいこと
Likes お料理すること
Dislikes かまってくれない人、つまらないこと
Final Uncap
Source [1]



Veight is her younger brother.




  • Vania's Japanese name is Vampy. The name change for the English version carried over from Rage of Bahamut's English localization.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, Bloodkin!
Heeheehee. Since it's your birthday, I'll grant you one wish!
Oh, but don't make it too hard! I'll have trouble with it!
I haven't felt this excited in a while. I wonder why that is?
Maybe it's because I'm doing my best for you!
I'll throw you the best party you've ever seen! Hope you're ready!


Happy birthday! Heeheehee... I get to celebrate with you again, (Captain). Yay!
You deserve a birthday present! That's why we're going to throw a party for you!
I planned it just for you, so you'd better have lots of fun! Heeheehee!


Happy birthday, Bloodkin! I'm so happy I get to spend it with you!
Because you're the specialist special person to me!
So... you'll let me bite you, right? That way we can be together forever and ever!
Please, oh, please? Say you want to be with me forever!


Happy birthday, Bloodkin!
I've a surprise present for you!
This year, it's going to be...
Hooray, Bloodkin!
Go on! Shower me with compliments and pat my head to your heart's content!
I'll even let you hold me in your arms if you want! Ehehe!


Bloodkin! Happy birthday!
I worked eeextra hard on your present this year!
Ta-da! A special cake! I baked it all by myself!
And, and! Guess what! Today, I'm going to pat your head lots!
Okay? Here goes... Sit down and...
Come on, Bloodkin! Put your head on my lap.
What are you waiting for?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Wah! This is my first time watching a New Year's sunrise!
I've never seen it so red and round before. And it feels really warm...
My face feels a little hot too. No, it's okay, it doesn't hurt!
It's a nice, gentle feeling. Hmm, now your face is turning really red.
Okeydokey, a new year is waiting for us, Bloodkin!


Looks like it's you and me again this year. Heeheehee...
I said I'd bite you, and this year I mean it!
Then you'll really be my bloodkin! I hope you're ready!


Snooze... Have to go out for the first dawn... but so sleepy...
Bloodkin... Carry me to the deck... And it's cold so wrap me in a blanket...
Mm... New Year's sun so round and orange... like an egg sunny-side up...


Happy New Year, Bloodkin!
Bloodkin, can you give me a piggyback ride?
The first sunrise of the year's coming up, and I want the best view I can get!
Please, please, pretty please?
No? Ehehe, I'm coming up on your shoulders anyway!
Whew, much better!
Wow... Your hair's so swishy and smells so nice, Bloodkin...
And you're so warm to the touch...
Yawn... I'm getting sleepy...
Hey, Bloodkin... You'll be with me this year too, right? Yawn... Zzz...


Weeh... It's cold! When's the sun gonna rise?
Mrrr... Bloodkin, come cuddle me!
Hehe, so warm! I'm getting sorta sleepy... Yawn...
No! No sleeping! 'Cause I'm gonna watch the first sunrise of the year with you, Bloodkin!
Mm... Hurry...
Just as Vania's eyelids flutter shut, a dazzling light unfurls across the sky.
The first sunrise! Were you watching, Bloodkin?
Ehehe. We got to see it together again. I'm so happy!
Happy New Year! Bloodkin!
Let's keep watching these sunrises together, okay? Next year and the next year and all the years after that!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Heeheehee! Do you know what this is? Open it and see!
Huh? What do you mean why? Don't you know what day it is?
Oh, fine! I guess I'll just spell it out for you!
Today's the day to give chocolate! But not just to anybody—to special people we care about!
I made it just for you, so you'd better eat it all, okay?
I like making chocolate, but you know what? I like to eat it too!
So give me some chocolate, Bloodkin! Chocolate!
Aww... Now I'm hungry! I wanna chomp on you!


Look what I made, Bloodkin! Chocolate!
Come closer! Stand right next to me! Closer, closer!
It's not like I'm planning to lure you in and bite you—
Oops! It slipped out...
Aww! You tricked me, Bloodkin! I'm going to snack on your neck as punishment!


Bloodkin! You want chocolate? Yeah, I know you want chocolate!
Ta-da! Vania's Special Handmade Chocolate: Bloodkin Edition!
You want, you want? Okay, I'll give it to you, but first make a promise with me.
Promise me that you'll always be my bloodkin, even if I don't get to bite you.
You don't need the chocolate to make that promise?


Happy Valentine's, Bloodkin!
You get a reward today for always being so good to me!
Hey, come here! I'll give you so many head pats and hand-feed you so many chocolates that you'll sleep so soundly tonight!
But when the time comes...
It'll be your turn to feed me oodles of goodies, Bloodkin!


Bloodkin! Guess what today is!
Hehehe. Bingo! Happy Valentines, Bloodkin!
And the chocolates I got this year are... Ta-daah!
It's called... Fawn-doo? You're supposed to dip all your favorite foods into the chocolate and eat it!
Come on, come on! Say "ahh!" Ready? "Ahh."
Do you like it? It's good, right! That's 'cause I made it with lots of love!
And next, you've gotta feed me!
Okay! Ahh! Chomp.
Ehehe. Tastes even better when you feed me.
There's still so much! I don't wanna see any leftovers, "kay?
If there's leftovers, I'm gonna dip you in the chocolate and eat you up!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, hey! What's that, Bloodkin? Can I really have it?
Yay! Bloodkin thinks the world of me!
Hm? What are you looking at? Why do you keep looking away from me?
If you keep showing me your neck, I'll just help myself to it! Chomp, chomp, chomp!
Heeheehee! Just kidding, not today!


Heeheehee! I've been waiting for this since last year! Thank you, Bloodkin!
Bloodkin is the best! You really ran yourself ragged for me!
I think this calls for a reward! Let Vania pat you on the head!
Put your head down! Don't be shy! Heeheehee!


Eee! You're the best for giving me sweets this year too!
Mm-mm-mm! Looks good! I want to eat them right now!
Um, what are you waiting for, Bloodkin?
I said, "Aaah". That means feed it to me!


Ooh, good on you for remembering to get me goodies this year too, Bloodkin!
I'm going to chomp, chomp, chomp on you as thanks!
A kiss? Oh, don't worry—I won't go there!
Don't you remember your promise with me?
You vowed to be my bloodkin even without any chomping action!
So we can just forgo the kiss!
But if you're ever in the mood, just say the word!
I'm ready to give you a smooch any time you need it!


Wow! All of this is for me?
Yay! Thanks for the White Day present, Bloodkin!
Oh! This cake... It's from that bakery I love!
And I've wanted this candy for a long time!
Bloodkin, you remembered all my favorites?
Squee! My Bloodkin's the best! You did a great job!
Thank you, Bloodkin. I'm so, so happy! It's like my heart's gonna burst!
You get a reward, okay? Today, I'm gonna pat your head and chomp your neck lots! Ehehe.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Boo! I'm gonna bite you and suck your blood! Hehehe! Did I scare you?
Everyone's having a great time getting dressed up. Bloodkin! Do you wanna try on an outfit? I think it'd look cute on you!


I'm gonna chomp on you and suck your blood! Rrr...
Huh? This year I'm not just playing around.
I. Am. Serious.
Ah! You're running? Don't run away! Wait, slow down!


Halloween time! Boo-biddy-boo!
Heeheehee, did I scare you? Scaredy-cat Bloodkin!
Halloween's such a great holiday. I don't even need to wear a costume, and people are scared of me!
Now let's go fill this bag with candy. Come on, I'm going to leave you behind! Move, move!


Happy Halloween, Bloodkin!
Hey, did you see Veight by any chance?
We're supposed to spruce ourselves up today, but Veight flat out refused to follow the tradition.
I prepared one of my best dresses for him, but...
Veight just straight up ran away!
Can you believe it? It's like I'm being nice to him for nothing!
So, Bloodkin! You'll let me know if you see Veight, won't you?
And then we can dress him up together!


Ah! Found you! Happy Halloween!
Look, look! I got so much candy!
Veight and I went trick-or-treating all around town!
Bloodkin, you should come trick-or-treating with us too!
And after we're done, we can have a tea party and eat all the candy we got! It'll be so much fun!
Okay? Come on, Bloodkin! We still need to get lots of candy, and Halloween won't last forever, you know!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, hey! Have you been into town yet? There are lights everywhere! It looks amazing!
Everyone's laughing their heads off and having a blast!
Are you having fun spending time with me, (Captain)?
Since you're my bloodkin, I order you to have a good time!


Brrr... It's so cold... Bloodkin...
Don't just stand there! Make it warm already! I want to be warm!
You have to do my bidding, remember?
If you don't, I'm going to chomp, chomp, chomp on you! Hurry, hurry!


Oh, Bloodkin! Come here for a second!
You're so slow! Okay, now hold me up!
I can't reach the top of the tree on my own.
Stop wasting time and pick me up already! The holiday's not complete without the star!


Happy holidays, Bloodkin!
You think we can hold a party at Medvecia this year?
I want all the vampires there to know how much fun we have with these events out here!
And of course, I want them to get to know my favorite bloodkin of all—you!
C'mon! Let's get going, (Captain)!


Bloodkin! Happy holidays!
Ehehe. I've got a present for you!
Hey, hey! Guess what's inside! And the answer is...
Ta-daa! Clothes! I picked them out for you!
Go change, go change! We're gonna head out in a bit, okay!
And I'm gonna show everyone how wonderful you look!

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Princess Dress Up

(Captain) and company intend to go to the Engu festival, but since formal wear is required, Vania returns to Medvecia first in order to retrieve a dress. While in Medvecia, Feldrac claims that the festival involves dancing with spirits. Fact or fiction, the crew rounds up Veight and Malinda before leaving for the festival.

Malinda (Event) not in crew

Somewhere in the skies is an island of vampires, a secluded home in which they choose to slowly live out their own extinction while proudly holding on to old laws.
The vampire princess Vania is the lone exception to her fellow kin's way of thinking. She fosters a dragon named Malinda despite the others' cries of heresy.
When Malinda became ill, Vania set forth into the outside world to find a cure, and that is where she met (Captain) and the crew.
After this meeting of mortals and vampire, a primal beast threatened her home island, but Vania and the crew were able to stop the turmoil.
Vania's heartfelt pleas for change are heard by her brethren. With their old customs abolished, the vampires slowly head into a new future.
Vania not in crew

Vampires abide by laws and old customs that differ from those of other skydwellers.
The vampire princess Vania becomes friends with these mortals, namely (Captain) and the crew.
Vania: Hey, hey, Bloodkin! Where are we going to next?
Vania steals a peek at the map unfurled before (Captain).
(Captain) points to a speck of an island.
Vania: Mmm... Kind of small, don't you think? I don't wanna go somewhere that's ugly or boring.
Lyria: Hehe, not so fast. Siero told us there's a festival going on right now on that island!
Vania: A festival? That sounds like it could be fun.
Vyrn: You know it! It's called Engu, and the whole island gets in on the action.
Vania: Engu? That's a weird name.
Vyrn: Yeah, well, I'm not the one that named it. Everyone dresses up and dances the night away.
Vania: Ooh, is that what they do?
Vania: I can dance too, you know!
Lyria: Really? I'd love to see that, Vania.
Vania: You want to see me dance too, Bloodkin? Heeheehee, you'll have your fill at that Engu thing!
Vyrn: Whoops, almost forgot. Before you get too excited, you'll need something formal to wear. It's kinda like a black-tie affair.
Vania: Something formal...
Vania: Hm, how about a dress? I've definitely got one of those!
Vania: Aww...
Vania: Never mind. I left it at home.
Lyria: Would that be the castle on Medvecia?
Vania: Yep! I keep all of my special stuff in my room!
Vania: Actually, I have an idea. Can we go back and get my dress, Bloodkin? Say yes, okay?
Unable to turn her down, (Captain) cheerfully steers the airship for Medvecia.
Male Vampire: What's all this now? The mortals show their faces on our island again.
Vyrn: Geez, some things never change.
Female Vampire: That's what we should be saying about you people. You come and go from here as you please.
Male Vampire: Sigh... Just do what you've come here to do and leave. An overstayed welcome would be bothersome.
Lyria: Hah hah...
Vania: Stop it! Treating my bloodkin like that is a big no-no!
Vania: Now you've made me mad!
Feldrac: Don't be so hasty, Vania.
Lyria: Feldrac! It's been a long time.
Feldrac: Yes, it has been some time, mortals. I am glad to see you all in good health.
Lyria: Thank you! It looks like we can say the same about you too.
Vania: Booo, why do I have to stop? I'm mad!
Feldrac: Listen to me, Vania. Even sensible individuals may need time to change their hearts.
Feldrac: Not everyone is so quick to make friends with people on the outside as you have.
Feldrac: Haven't you noticed a difference? Your brethren have called out to the mortals of their own volition.
Feldrac: It may seem trivial, but I believe this is a big step for us.
Vania: Um... Huh? I guess so...
Feldrac: With that said, you two could stand to learn how to soften your tone.
Male Vampire: My apologies. I didn't mean to come off that way, but...
Vania: No, no, no! You need a biiig smile! Big!
Female Vampire: Huh?
Vania: Watch me, okay?
Vania starts to show the other vampires what to do, but she stops abruptly.
Vania: Wait a minute!
Vania: The reason why I came back was to pick up my dress!
Feldrac: Your dress? The one from long ago?
Vania: Yeah! It's just the cutest! I'm going to go change right away!
Feldrac watches in bemusement as Vania scampers off.
Feldrac: She has always been fond of that dress, yet she has never thought to wear it even once until now.
Vyrn: It's because we're goin' to this festival called Engu, and she needs something formal to wear.
Feldrac: Hm... I have heard that name before.
Feldrac: Is it that one festival in which the spirits come out to play with revelers?
Lyria: That's strange. Siero didn't mention anything about spirits to us.
Feldrac: Well, it was merely something I heard ages ago. Perhaps my memory is not what it used to be.
Feldrac and the crew continue to chat away with delight. Eventually Vania returns.
Vania: Ta-da! What do you think, Bloodkin?
  1. Looks good on you.
  2. About what?

Choose: Looks good on you.
Vania: Heeheehee! Thanks!
Vania: Frilly on the bottom, cutie hat on top—yeah, yeah, it's the best!
Lyria: Teehee. It's totally you!
Vania: Heehee, that's right!

Choose: About what?
Vania: Grrr! Pay attention!
Vania: How can you not notice what cute clothes I'm wearing! That's not nice!
Vania: Let's see if you notice me chomping on you! Chomp, chomp, chomp!
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa. Don't get all batty. I think (Captain) here gets it.
(Captain) nods and apologizes, placating the angry girl with a compliment and a reassuring pat on the head.
Vania: Heehee, that's right!
Continue 1
Vania: Feldrac bought these clothes for me.
Vania: They're so cute that I had to save them for just the right occasion.
Vyrn: Oh, so that's why.
Feldrac: I purchased them from a traveling merchant.
Feldrac: I guess it was a worthy exchange given how smitten you are with it.
Vania: Heeheehee! Thanks, Feldrac!
Malinda (Event) not in crew

Vania: Um, and I want to take Malinda with me to the festival.
Feldrac: A fine idea. I'm sure Malinda would be pleased as well.
Veight not in crew

Vania: Oh, wait! Just one last thing! Veight should come too!
Feldrac: Hmm... Yes, this is a good opportunity for him to interact with the outside world. Feel free to call for him.
Vania: Yay! Festivals are way more fun when everyone's together!
Lyria: We should ask the locals about the spirits Feldrac mentioned when we get to the island.
Vania: Spirits? What spirits?
Lyria: We might get to play with spirits during the festival. Apparently that's what Engu's all about!
Vania: Okay... I wonder what these spirits are exactly...
Vania: I can't wait!
Feldrac: It was a tale I had heard from traveling adventurers when I was younger. I cannot say whether it still holds true.
Feldrac: As you said, your best option would be to ask the inhabitants of that island.
Feldrac: It is a festival after all, so please make the most of it.
Vania: Yeah! I won't stop having fun even if my legs fall off!
Vania: I'll tell you and everyone else all about Engu when I get back!
Vania: So see you then!
(Captain) and company bid Feldrac farewell and set a course for the island on which Engu is being held.
What lies in store for the crew at the festival?
The vampire princess leans over the side of the Grandcypher, looking out into the sky toward the fun times ahead.

Vania in Wonderwood

Arriving at the island where Engu will take place, Vania is saddened to learn that no one has ever heard about dancing with spirits. Vania then runs off with some eavesdropping children into a forest, revealing themselves to be shape-shifting animals. They tell her that clothes-wearing animals used to attend Engu, and that's how the tale of dancing spirits was born.

Vania is decked out in a new outfit so that she can join the Engu festival.
She hops off the airship with irrepressible excitement as soon as they land.
Vania: Yaaay! It's festival time! Let's go, Malinda!
Malinda: Gyooo!
Veight: Good grief. You put on something nice, but spoil it by acting like the same old Vania. Can't you be a little more dignified?
Vania: Why are you being such a poopyface?
Veight: What!
Vania: It's a festival! Wet blankets aren't allowed!
Vania: Right, Bloodkin?
  1. Yep, no wet blankets.
  2. Vania? Dignified?

Choose: Yep, no wet blankets.
Veight: Ugh... Not you too, (Captain)...
Vania: Try to be jolly, okay? At least just for today.
Veight: Sigh... If (Captain) joins in, then I guess I can follow suit to a certain degree.

Choose: Vania? Dignified?
Vania: Hey! I get the feeling you don't think I'm dignified either, Bloodkin!
Vania: I am so dignified! A princess is always dignified no matter what!
Veight: Uh-huh. I think you're just proving my point...
Lyria: But I like you the way you are, Vania. You keep our spirits up when we travel together.
Vania: Oh yeah? So I don't have to change, Bloodkin?
(Captain) nods and Vania beams.
Vania: Yaaay! See, Veight? (Captain)'s on my side!
Veight: Pfft...
Continue 1
Vyrn: Haha! Yeah, it's not like you get to go to a festival every day. Who cares about the small stuff.
Vania: Mm-hm.
Vania: Come on, Veight!
Veight: Good grief... Fine, whatever.
The crew is dragged off into town with a little persuasion.
Lyria: Wow! Look at all the food stands!
Lyria: We'd better stick close or else we might lose someone in this crowd.
Vania: Hm? I thought this was a dance festival, but I don't see anyone dancing.
Vania: Hello? Where's the dancing? Where's your outfit?
The confused vampire bombards those passing by with questions.
Townswoman: Well, aren't you precious! It's only the eve of the festival. You must be really excited to be dressed up already.
Vania: The ebe of the festival? So it's not today?
Townswoman: That's right. The dancing takes place tomorrow night. Why don't you take a look around the stalls in the meantime?
Vania: Hm... Then there are no spirits here either because it's not the ebe yet?
Townswoman: Er... spirits? Sorry, I don't follow you.
Lyria: Um, we heard that Engu is a festival where people and spirits dance together.
Townswoman: I think you might be mixing this festival up with another one. Ours has nothing to do with spirits.
Vania: I see...
Malinda: Gyoo...
Veight: ...
Well, a festival is still a festival. Isn't that right, Vania?
Vania: Yeah, yeah! Bloodkin, Malinda! Festival fun time is a gooo!
Vyrn: Whoa, stop! Are you trying to get yourself lost?
Townswoman: Hahaha. Please enjoy your stay here.
Lyria: We will, thank you!
Vania's shoulders slump momentarily when she hears the bad news about the spirits, but she perks up again and heads for the food stands.
Veight: So it's not just food that is being sold at these carts. There are all kinds of novelties to be found.
Malinda: Gyoo, gyoo!
Vyrn: I spy apples! Hey, (Captain), I'm gonna get me some of that!
Vania: Hm-hm-hm... Where to, where to...
???: Yo!
Vania: Huh? Is someone calling me?
Small Boy: Yep, right here! Heard you talkin' 'bout them Engu spirits.
Small Girl: We know about them actually. Want us to tell you more?
Vania: Would you? I'm listening! Tell me, tell me!
Small Boy: Heh! You asked for it. Follow us!
Vania: Wait!
Malinda: Gyoo... pu? G-gyooo!
Lyria: Hm? What is it, Malinda?
Malinda: Gyooo!
Vyrn: What! Vania's missing!
Veight: Huh? When did she... We have to look for her!
The crew split off in all directions, frantically searching for their lost vampire princess.
Small Girl: La-la-la! This way, big miss!
Vania enters a forest at the children's beckoning.
Vania: Isn't it time you told me—Huh?
Vania stops midsentence when she notices the throng of animals circled around her.
Vania: Wooow! Animals everywhere! Are they your friends or something?
Small Boy: Yeah. We all wanna go to the festival, but we can't.
Vania: Why not?
Small Girl: Well, in the beginning Engu was a festival for all the animals and all the island people to become friends.
Vania: Aha! I see! Oh, but... Isn't there something about dancing with spirits?
Small Boy: Those "spirits" were probably what the islanders called the animals who showed up to the festival in their nicest clothes.
Small Girl: But that's all been lost in the past. It's just a regular old dance festival now.
Small Boy: Basically we're uninvited. That's why we can't go...
Vania: Uninvited? Like, they won't ask you to come play?
Vania: But if they did ask, would you be able to go?
The small boy and the other animals nod in unison.
Vania: Then I'll just spread the word for you! It should be easy enough.
Small Girl: Hehe, thanks! We were right to come to you!
Small Boy: Awesome! You deserve something for your troubles. This is from us. Here ya go!
Vania: Oooh! What a cute flower barrette! Thanks!
Vania: Um, how do you know so much about the animals and everything anyway?
Small Girl: Teehee... Well, you see...
Light shines from the smiling girl, and she instantly transforms into a little squirrel.
Vania: Wah! Cool!
With another bright flash, the small girl appears once more.
Small Girl: Heh heh heh. As you can see, we're spirits too.
Vania: You're kidding me! I didn't know spirits could do that. Can you change into all kinds of stuff?
Small Boy: Oh, sure. Shapes, faces, you name it...

Vania in Wonderwood: Scene 2

Vania awakens in the forest surrounded by relieved crew members, but she wastes no time in rushing back to town to tell the townspeople the truth about Engu. The townspeople remain skeptical about inviting animals to the festival, but agree to do so if the crew keeps watch for monsters.

Meanwhile, the crew's search for Vania eventually extends out to the nearby forest.
Lyria: There she is!
Vania is a crew member

Vyrn: Sigh... Talk about deja vu...
Veight: Nap time's over, Vania.
Vania: Nngh... Mm? Why's everybody...
Veight: Sigh... Why is right. Come on, get up. You've got dirt all over your dress.
Vania stares blankly at Veight as he brushes the dirt off her. Suddenly her eyes snap back into focus.
Vania: I remember now!
Vania: I learned all about the spirits!
Lyria: Huh?
Vania: So the animals, they, like, went poof! And then the spirits were right in front of me!
Veight: Uh, what are you talking about? Sounds like you were dreaming it. There aren't any animals around here at all.
Vania: What? But? Was it just a dream?
Vania rubs her still groggy eyes.
Vania: The flower barrette!
Vania: I have to hurry back to town and let everyone know the real festival! Get bigger for me, Malinda!
Malinda: Gyoo? Gyoo, gyoo!
Vyrn: What's the deal? Hey, don't leave us hanging here.
Vania: Hurry, hurry! Everybody on Malinda!
Lyria: Eep! O-okay! You don't need to push like that!
No one is sure what's going on, but they can see that Vania means business. They all climb onto Malinda's back.
Vania: Aaand we're off!
Once they arrive back in town, Vania flits from person to person, telling them about the true purpose behind Engu.
Vania: So that's why everyone has to call out to the animals!
Vania: Say it out loud so that the animals can come out to play!
Townsman: Hm... That's quite a story. Are you sure it wasn't just a dream, little lady?
Vania: It wasn't a dream! It's the honest truth!
Vania: See, see? This is the barrette they gave me!
Townsman: Oh, how nice. It's very cute.
Vania: Grrr!
Vania: That's not what... Why won't anyone believe me?
Tears well up in Vania's eyes. The confused townspeople are at a loss as to what to do.
Vania: Bloodkin... You believe me, don't you?
  1. You bet I do.
  2. It'd be fun to party with animals.

Choose: You bet I do.
Vania: Thank you! I knew I could count on you!

Choose: It'd be fun to party with animals.
Vania: Right? Riiight? That's why everyone needs to get their act together!
Continue 1
Spurred by Vania's white-hot enthusiasm, (Captain) and company suggest a proposal to the townspeople.
Townsman: I don't see the harm in humoring her.
Townswoman: Yes, all we have to do is ask some animals to come out. That's no big deal. Whether it actually happens though is another matter entirely.
Townsman: Yeah. All right, let's go with the proposal then.
The townspeople agree to invite the animals to the festival if the crew keeps watch for any monsters.
Vania: Really? We'll definitely take care of it!
Vania: Right, Bloodkin?
Veight: Humph. Why do I feel like we're the ones getting the short end of the deal here?
Vania: Let's go, let's go!
An ecstatic Vania takes charge in leading guard duty for the townspeople.

Vania in Wonderwood: Scene 3

The night of Engu arrives, and true to their word, the townspeople yell out invitations to the animals. Much to their surprise, animals in outfits stride into town, and the Engu festival is restored to its long-forgotten glory.

After a night of monster guard duty, the promised day of Engu arrives.
Townsman: Good work out there. We're a bit shorthanded on account of having to setup the festival.
Vania: Heheh! That was a piece of cake.
Vania: Anyway! Now it's your turn! Hurry up and let the animals know they're invited!
Townswoman: All right, all right, hahaha. Here goes nothing. Oh, animals! Come out to plaaay!
Vania: ...
Vania: Huh? They didn't come? That's weird...
Townsman: Bwahaha! All's not lost, little lady. There's still a whole festival for you to enjoy!
The pounding of taiko drums reaches Vania's ears, signaling the start of the festival.
The true festival.
Townswoman: Gasp! I-is that a... rabbit with a top hat?
Townsman: Egads! It's a... bear... wearing a tie!
Animals in all forms of attire march into town as if being ushered in by the
thump-thump-thumping of the drums.
Vania: Hahaha! What did I tell you?
Malinda: Gyoo!
Veight: This is shocking to say the least. I guess Vania didn't dream it after all...
A smidgen of doubt still lingers in Veight's voice. At that moment a squirrel adorned with the same flower barrette as Vania scurries in front of the crew.
The squirrel performs what some would consider a curtsy, and the vampire princess returns the courtesy.
Veight: Huh? What just... What just happened?
Vania: Oh, don't just stand there with your mouths hanging open. Let's get out there and dance!
Vania: Tonight is Engu!
With a grand smile, Vania rounds up her crewmates and the townspeople to join the animals in mirth.
Astonishment gradually gives way to merriment, and that year's Engu is the biggest success yet.
And that's how a vampire princess came to restore an island's olden festival to its former splendor.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ヴァンピィちゃんにまかせといてー! Let Vania take care of this!
ねぇねぇ! この服とっても素敵でしょ! Aren't these clothes adorable?
ヴァイト、弟なのになまいきー! Veight's my little brother, but he's so stuffy!
ヴァンピィちゃん、お料理好きー I like cooking!
(主人公)~!かぷっとしたいな~? (Captain)! Did you want to get bitten?
島の外ってとっても楽しい! It's so fun being off the island!
けんぞくぅ!お祭りつれてって! Take me to a festival, Bloodkin!
ヴァンピィちゃん、ダンス得意なんだよー! I'm really good at dancing, you know!
ベスちゃんと遊びたいなー I want to play with Malinda.
(主人公)、本当のけんぞくぅになって! (Captain), be my real bloodkin!

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


  • Appears as both a card and as an alternate leader for the Bloodcraft class.

Vania, Vampire Princess

SV Vania, Vampire Princess.png SV Vania, Vampire Princess E.png
Click to reveal card data

Whenever an allied Forest Bat comes into play, deal 1 damage to the enemy leader.

Hey! It's not nice to mess with my bloodkin!


Evolve: Summon a Forest Bat.
Whenever an allied Forest Bat comes into play, deal 1 damage to the enemy leader.

I'm here now, so everything will be okay! 'Cause I'm the best there is!

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Darkness Evolved
SV Portal Vania, Vampire Princess
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Vania, Nightshade Vampire

SV Vania, Nightshade Vampire.png SV Vania, Nightshade Vampire E.png
Click to reveal card data

If you have at least 6 play points, and Vengeance is active for you, Choose: Play this card as either a Kind Queen Vania or a Blood Queen Vania.

Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to both leaders. Then summon a Forest Bat.

Someday I'm gonna be a queen. Hey, bloodkin, what should I do then?


Hey, bloodkin! You're still gonna be my bloodkin even after I'm queen. Stay with me forever and ever, and be nice to me forever and ever!

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Dawnbreak, Nightedge
SV Portal Vania, Nightshade Vampire
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Kind Queen Vania

SV Kind Queen Vania.png SV Kind Queen Vania E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Summon a Forest Bat.
Whenever an allied Forest Bat comes into play, give it Ward.

Is this what it's like to be a queen? All nice and warm? Then that's what I'll be! C'mon, bloodkin, gimme a big hug!


Whenever an allied Forest Bat comes into play, give it Ward.

You're happy when I'm nice, aren't you, bloodkin? Then I'll be nice to you forever and ever! That's what bloodkin are for!

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Kind Queen Vania
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Blood Queen Vania

SV Blood Queen Vania.png SV Blood Queen Vania E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Summon a Forest Bat.
Whenever an allied Forest Bat comes into play, give it Bane.

Is this what it's like to be a queen? When the bad guys come, I'll fight for you guys, bloodkin! I'll beat up all your enemies!


Whenever an allied Forest Bat comes into play, give it Bane.

If I fight with you, you'll be happy, right, bloodkin? Then we can be together forever and ever. I'll fight for you, bloodkin!

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Token
SV Portal Blood Queen Vania
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Gift for Bloodkin

SV Gift for Bloodkin.png
Click to reveal card data

Deal 1 damage to both leaders.
Summon a Forest Bat for both leaders.

Hey, can I make you my bloodkin too? —Vania, Vampire Princess

Class Bloodcraft
Card Pack Dawnbreak, Nightedge
SV Portal Gift for Bloodkin
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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