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Official Profile

Age 19 Height 160 cm Race Erune
Hobbies Looking for falling stars
Likes Dawdling
Dislikes Difficult conversations

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Manipulator of foxflame, Yuel searches for the remnants of a thousand years of history. As the inheritor of an ancient ancestral power, Yuel is determined to restore her family's royal lineage. Though it is questionable whether an heir still exists, she continues to travel the Skydom and experience much on her travels. Full of curiosity about the world, Yuel often finds herself off-track, but she views such moments as only minor setbacks.
Final Uncap

Character Release

Character Release

Character Release

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Age 19歳 Height 160cm Race エルーン
Hobbies 流れ星探し
Likes みちくさ
Dislikes 難しいおはなし

Granblue Fantasy Theater
Final Uncap

Character Release

Character Release

Character Release

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  • Yuel has character banter with her childhood friend Societte while together in battle.
  • Yuel is something of a glutton, and is especially fond of fish, to the point that she even dreams about them.


  • "Hanaarashi" translates to "flower storm".
  • "Hien: Homuragaeshi" translates to "flying swallow: return the flames".
  • "Zuigetsu" translates to "lucky moon".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Today's the happiest day of all! A huge event that only comes around once a year!
I'm always making you do stuff, after all.
So as thanks, today we have to do things your way!
So where do you want to go? I'll take you anywhere! Heheh!


Teehee, aren't I just the luckiest girl alive?
Whee! This is the second time I get to celebrate (Captain)'s birthday!
I feel so full inside. The happiness is overwhelmin'! Hey, hey, isn't there anything you'd like me to do?
Go ahead—say it! Today's yer birthday after all!


Mm, cake!
It looks so good, right? I made it just for you, (Captain)!
I'm sure you know... that this is yours. Mm-hm, all yours!
But since you and I are as one, sorta...
This cake is also kinda mine! Probably! No, definitely!
So happy birthday, (Captain)! To you and to me! Time to eat up—together!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I got a present for ya!
Hehe. A little while ago, Kou taught me a spell from the Ninth Family that binds people together.
You make a little foxfire and stretch it real thin, until it looks like a bright piece of string. Then you connect your and your partner's fingers with it.
There. Now we'll be friends forever.
Hehe. Well, who knows—it might just be a dumb fox's tale. But I know how I feel...
And I don't think we need some dumb trick to make our friendship last, right, (Captain)?


(Captain)! Happy birthday!
Societte, Kou, You, and me were thinkin' of the perfect present for ya this year!
We each wanted it to be somethin' that'd have ya buzzin' with joy.
Here's mine! A Tickle-Me-Please-Yuel ticket!
Just holler at me with this thing in yer hand, and I'll run right over to tickle ya to mush!
Maybe use it when yer bored or when times are tough, and I'll put a smile on yer face!
You can even use it now if ya want! Oh, ya will? That was fast! Welp, here goes, (Captain)!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

I hear the sunrise is a real beauty this time of the year!
How about we go watch it together? It'll be quite a climb though if we want the best view!
But hey, come wit' me and you'll be just fine!
Let's make tracks! Ahaha!


(Captain), where's my New Year's present?
You don't have one for me? Aww, but why not?
Because we'll be together this year too? Mm, fair enough...
It's okay if ya won't give me a present. I still want to be with ya—Hey, look what ya just made me say!
Enough about New Year's gifts! Let's go out fer a night of fun, (Captain)!


This marks the third year we've been able to spend New Year's Day together, (Captain).
It got me thinkin'... Maybe we oughta do something to mark the occasion?
I know! You can watch as I do funny imitations of other folks in the crew! We'll get our first laughs of the year!
Startin' wit' Lyria—
Aw, what's with the look? Tch... Now you spoiled the mood.
Hm... How 'bout we pay a visit to the shrine?
It's settled then! Best get ready right away, cuz I'm goin' ahead! Ahaha!


Hey, hey! After we're done with our New Year's prayers and such, how about some special pillow kebabs from yours truly!
Ahaha! There's nothin' better for such an auspicious occasion! Go ahead and buy thirty dozen for me!
You're gonna love the textures—crispy fried coating, a chewy mochi inside, all skewered together with crunchy vegetables!
Ooh, then it's slathered in some secret sauce from Akino and grilled until it's good n' juicy! Mm-mm-mm! Perfect!
The more you chew the more you can taste that sweet, saucy flavor!
Oh, I haven't even mentioned the health benefits yet! Eat some now, and you'll be ripe and rarin' to go for a full year!
Go ahead, buy some!
How about it, (Captain)? I'll throw in a l'il somethin' extra if you take the plunge now!
Why am I hawkin' these 'babs? Oh, this old guy from Akino's runnin' a food court for the New Year's festival, and I'm helpin' him out.
He said I could have fifty percent of whatever I sell!
That's why I'm gonna sell a big, ol' stack of 'em! I'll be rich enough to welcome the new year with style! Ahaha!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I know the year's just started, but can I ask ya somethin'?
I thought of givin' Kou and You a bit of New Year's money.
But I don't want it to seem like I'm playin' favorites, so I oughta give Societte some too.
But then who's gonna give me my share? I feel sorry for myself...
Actually, (Captain)... Maybe you can give me some New Year's money. Ahaha...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day!
Check it out! See these chocolates? I went out and bought 'em just for you.
Wazzat? Course they're store-bought. Making 'em's too much work.
Whaddya mean they're weird lookin'? All you do is complain...
Look, it was my first time making chocolate, okay? I'm not good at it!
Ack! Wait, wait, wait! I meant some rookie at the chocolate shop whipped it up!
It totally wasn't me! I bought it one hundred percent!
Here, here, open wide!
You're really enjoying it, aren't ya...


Yoo-hoo! I have chocolate for ya this year too, (Captain)!
Hrm? You want to know if they're handmade? Th-that's a secret!
Sigh, maybe it was too obvious... I'll have to cover my tracks better next year.
Yes, that's right. I made these just for you! Hope ya enjoy them, (Captain)!


Here ya go. Handmade just like last year. No point tryin' to lie about it.
I decided to give it to ya straight up this year!
Can't deny I'm a bit embarrassed though...
You look surprised... Hey, I feel bashful too sometimes, ya know?
But I guess it's not much like me, eh? Fine then—I'm gonna play fire wit' fire!
Ya made me blush, and now I'm gonna use everything in my foxy repertoire to make you blush!
Heh heh heh... Don't look too surprised when I pounce on ya!


Happy Valentine's Day, (Captain)...
Sigh... What's the matter with me? I feel real funny.
Weird though, because it's a regular ol' thing to give a person chocolate on a day like today.
But every year, I keep gettin' more and more embarrassed for some reason... What's goin' on with me!
Ah, this must be your fault! That much I can tell!
Like, when I'm by myself, I'm a way feistier varmint...
Hope you're ready to take responsibility for what you've done to me, (Captain). Hehe.


Hey, I just realized somethin' huge! If every household could have their very own Yuel...
That'd be super convenient. I can use a weak foxflame to stew and a strong foxflame to roast.
Puttin' me and chocolate together would be a winnin' combination!
See? I can make roasted chocolate in a sec! Gimme a pot, and...
Yer chocolate fondue's all ready... Top it off with fruit and cookies, and it'll taste like heaven!
So ya see how a gal like me can totally be a household item?
Anyhoo, let's munch on this chocolate and think about how we can make better use of me in the future! Ahaha!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm? What's up? You're all fidgety... Trying to pop the question or something?
You got me something? As thanks for everything I do?
Heheh, now I get it! Today's White Day, right? Heheheh, got it!
Do I understand how you feel? Ahaha, absolutely!


Chocolate for me this year too? Yay!
Teehee. So ya do care about me after all!
I'm always grateful for everything ya do for us, (Captain).
So I hope you'll give me chocolates next year too!
That won't be a problem, right? Hahaha, thanks again!


Appreciate the chocolates every year, (Captain).
It's startin' to feel old though. Maybe you can think of an excitin' new way to hand 'em to me?
I know! How 'bout you lob them into my mouth?
Go ahead and fling the yummies at me the moment I open up!
On second thought, it could be a mess if I don't catch 'em right... How about I just go "aahhh"?


Ahaha! Yay! I just knew you'd bring me a gift again this year, (Captain)!
Attention like that might give a girl a few ideas... Am I really that important to ya?

  • Choose: Of course!
    Whoa, whoa! That's awful forward!
    You shouldn't make little ol' wallflowers like me blush so hard!
    Hehehe... Even though I appreciate hearing it.
  • Choose: Maybe, maybe not.
    Ahaha, ooh, you're gonna make me blush! You're a cutie when you're playin' coy, (Captain).
    Hehe, that settles it! I'll have to tease you until I can get the truth outta yeah!
    Don't even think of trying to get away from me. Hehe.

Thanks as always, (Captain)!
Thinkin' back to these past few Valentine's and White Days puts a smile on my face.
We've been doin' the chocolate giftin' dance fer five years now.
It's been real nice, don'tcha think?
Goes without sayin' that I'm lookin' forward to this next year too. Hope we're on the same page about that,(Captain).

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Hmm? You're givin' me candy? Heh heh. Well, let me think. I guess I could take some...
All right, I made up my mind! No candy for me. I've got a better idea! It's trick or trick!
Look! I made this scary tail for you! You must be dying to put it on...
Huh? Hey, where are ya goin', Captain? Wait up! Ahahaha!


Yer not gettin' away from me, (Captain)!
Hahaha! I put so much effort into thinking up the meanest trick ya ever seen!
No runnin' away now! Hm? Candy? Who needs it!
I just wanna give ya a good prankin'! Haha! Wait, where ya goin'? I'm gonna getcha!


Hey, (Captain)! Whatcha say to swimmin' together in that sea of candy?
It'll be so much fun, and it'll feel oh-so-good! Not to mention all the treats in there!
Okay! Let's round up all the candy in town! I'll use all the cunning and foxiness I have up my sleeve!
Just kidding! No need to panic now—you know I wouldn't do somethin' so dastardly.


Hey, (Captain), wanna help me bug Kou?
We can wear disguises, and you're allowed to play pranks for the day, right?
Then it's the perfect opportunity to get him good!
He won't suspect a thing if we're two cute lil' monsters... We can tease him as much as we want!
Can you imagine anything more fun than that! Oh, we could absolutely roast him! How about it, (Captain)?
Hahaha! Great! Well, let's get goin'! I know 'round about where he should be!
You just wait, Kou! Ahaha!


It's gonna be You's turn this year. Let's go get her. Oh, and we can't forget Kou either.
The night's gonna be full of funsies with all the costumes and tricks we're gonna play. We've got mummy, werewolf, ghost, and jack-o'-lantern costumes—plenty of options for those two!
Come to think of it, they're practically the same size... Maybe we oughta have 'em change on the spot!
Nah, that'd blow up into a public decency issue... Ooh, I can already imagine how cutesy-wutesy they're gonna look.
(Captain)! You get You, and I'll get Kou! That'll be our mission fer the day!
Hahaha, it's gonna be a blast this year too! Happy Halloween to both of us!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey! Isn't today the day good kids get lots and lots of presents?
I heard there's like this old grandpa guy who wears red and he brings everyone tons of cool presents!
Oh, that is sooo cool! I can't wait! I've been good all year, too! That means I'm gonna get lots and lots!
I hope you get loads too!


Whoo! It's holiday season! Mm, what to do, what to do...
Oh! There's this thing we do where I'm from! Come here—I'll show ya.
First we put on a coat dyed in red!
Next put in presents people would love to get as a gift in this snow-white bag.
All in there? Ooh, it's packed! Now carry it over yer shoulder and put on a bushy white beard fer the final touch-up.
There, all done! Hm? Whaddaya do in this getup, you ask?
You'll want to walk around and give out gifts to those who've helped ya out over the year. Seein' their face burst into a smile is priceless!
And now... It's time for my present. C'mon, (Captain)! Hahaha!


Ta-da! A present to you for bein' a good kid all year round, (Captain)!
C'mon, open it up, open it up! Go, go, go!
Well? How about it? A pass to "cuddle wit' tails" for an entire day!
That's right—any tail is fair game, not just mine!
Ahaha! I didn't exactly get permission from anyone else though, so it's better to stick with my tail!
So? When do you think you'll use it? Just keep in mind that cuddling is as far as I'll let ya go!


Hmm... I'm stumped. What kinda present should I give (Captain) this year?
Sigh... Maybe I'd make a good present...
No, you big dummy! That's so stupid!
Seriously, get a grip, Yuel! You're just embarassin' yourself now—
Aaaaah! (Captain)! How long have you been there for?
Heh... Heh-heh... Um, well...
Look, I got you a present... It's me...


Happy holidays, (Captain)! Check out these holiday candles!
Time to light 'em up with foxflame...
Phew, is that pretty or what, (Captain)? Hehe...
Didja know that holiday candles have five different meanings?
They symbolize a prayer of peace, hope, joy, and eternal life fer whoever yer celebratin' with. Romantic, don'tcha think?
The last one? Huh? Did I say "five"? Wasn't it four...
Eep! Touchin' my ears is against the rules! That tickles... O-okay! Fine, fine, you win...
The last meaning... is love.
Ahaha... I can feel my cheeks flarin' up...
A merry night to both of us, (Captain)!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Super Sleuth Yuel

Feeling that Societte has been acting aloof lately, (Captain), Yuel, and the others follow her—first to a fancy boutique and then to a beautiful lakeside, where Societte rendezvouses with a man. Yuel rushes to intervene only to learn that the man is a guide and the Societte has bought a pair of swimsuits to wear together with Yuel. Grateful for the gift of the swimsuit and scenery, Yuel changes her clothes and begins having fun with Societte.

Yuel is the descendant of a lost kingdom's royal line. Her closest friend, Societte, is also of royal blood.
Their search for nine sacred treasures, fellow successors to the dances, and Ninetails took them on a journey across the skies.
The two eventually met up with (Captain) and joined the crew, helping in whatever ways they could while proceeding with their own mission.
Along the way, Yuel and Societte eventually encountered Kou, a royal successor to the dances just like themselves.
The historical truth that Kou spoke of betrayed much of what the pair had come to believe in all their lives.
It was the abominable Ninetails herself who had wrought destruction upon the royal families.
By her insidious plot, Ninetails was revived with Societte as her vessel, putting the crew in dire straits.
But through the combined efforts of Yuel, Kou, and everyone else, they managed to vanquish Ninetails after a decisive showdown.
This brought closure to a thousand years of karma. Their mission complete, Yuel and Societte walked away from the battle with their hearts finally at ease.
Some time has passed since the conclusion of those fateful events.
Yuel and Societte continue enjoying the freedom of the skies while helping (Captain) and the others with their adventures.
One day Yuel furrows her brows in suspicion while observing her best friend from the shadows.
Yuel: Hm...
Societte: Ehehe, I can't wait.
Yuel: She's lookin' real dodgy, and I don't like dodgy...
Vyrn: If you ask me, Yuel, you're the one that's looking super dodgy today.
Yuel: Yeeow!
Yuel: What the hay! Don't scare me like that! Societte's gonna notice us!
Lyria: Are you two playing hide-and-seek? Vyrn and I wanna play too!
Yuel: Nuh-uh, this ain't no game! We've got trouble a-brewin'!
Lyria: Wh-what do you mean?
Yuel: Truth is...
Vyrn: Gulp...
Yuel: Societte's been in a heck of a good mood lately!
Vyrn: So everything's fine and dandy! What part of that is supposed to be trouble?
Yuel: Ya ain't listenin'!
(Captain), hear me out!
Yuel: Societte's never kept a smile on for this long except when she's alone!
Yuel: And you wouldn't believe how distant she is when I try callin' out to her!
Yuel: Crazy, right?
Vyrn: Crazy is as crazy does... I'd say more so for you than her...
Lyria: Ah, that reminds me...
Lyria: Societte's been going out by herself a lot lately.
Yuel: No way! Lonesome Societte going out alone?
Lyria: It's true...
Yuel: Uh-uh, she ain't told me none of that! There's no mistakin' it now—somethin' big is happenin'!
Yuel: Can ya believe it? Societte gettin' all restless without whisperin' a word of it to me and goin' out by herself...
Yuel: Wait, ya think she might've met someone? Could she be in love?
Vyrn: Beats me. I guess anything's possible.
Societte: Ah, it's almost time... Better get going... Teehee.
Yuel: Look, she's on the move! It's gotta be a date!
Yuel: I always took Societte to be the bashful type, but she might actually be one real smooth girl! I wonder what the guy's like...
Yuel: Ooh, the curiosity's killin' me! C'mon, we're tailin' her, (Captain)!
Lyria: Eh? I'm not so sure about this...
Yuel: That your way of sayin' I should be ashamed? Can't help it—I just gotta know! I bet even (Captain)'s dyin' to know!
Yuel: Phew... I'm feelin' stoked just thinkin' about it!
Vyrn: Heh, you don't seem the least bit ashamed. In fact you're gettin' a real kick out of it.
The ecstatic Yuel drags (Captain) and company along for the ride as she stalks Societte.
Some time later, they find themselves at a fancy boutique.
The party lurks in the shadows while watching Societte speak to one of the staff.
A soft smile adorns Societte's lips as she accepts a gently wrapped package.
Yuel: Would ya look at that...
Could it really be? A present for her date?
Yuel: Sh-she's really got a lover? I can't believe my eyes...
Vyrn: Can't say for sure. But let's not forget the idea of her being in love is all in your head.
Yuel: Yer right about that, but still... I thought it was pretty cool at first, but I ain't so sure anymore...
Vyrn: She's on the move again.
Yuel: We're movin' with her, (Captain)!
The restless Yuel chases after Societte, with the party following close behind.
They arrive at a tranquil lake that glistens beautifully in the warm sunlight.
The clear luster of the water causes the fish to look as if they're floating. Societte watches on in joy, her face shining brighter than the noonday sun.
Yuel: A-a date at such a scenic spot?
Yuel: Goodness... Societte's really come into her own...
Though awestruck by the sight before her, what happens next is even more shocking.
A cheery middle-aged man approaches Societte.
Yuel: Th-that must be him! I guess it's a date after all! Wait, ain't he kinda up there in age?
Yuel: (Nuh-uh, he's way too old for Societte! She ain't that experienced!)
Yuel: (No, don't tell me... Could that guy be tryin' to cajole Societte into doin' somethin'?)
Yuel: (Seein' how purehearted Societte is, she might just fall for it... This could be one dicey affair...)
Yuel: No way... Not on my watch!
Yuel: Societte, stoooop! Don't be fooled!
Societte: Wha? Y-Yuel? What are you doing!
Yuel: Yer about to go on a date with that fella, right?
Societte: Huh? D-d-date? Nuh-uh-uh! That ain't it at all!
Yuel: Eh?
Cheery Man: Hahaha. Only in my wildest dreams would this be a date... Nah, I was just giving her some info.
Yuel: Info?
Cheery Man: I'm just a piddling tour guide. Your lady friend wanted to know a pretty place to spend a sunny day out, so I thought I'd show her.
Cheery Man: Well, I'll be off now.
Yuel: Wha? So it wasn't no date after all?
Yuel: What was the present for then? That thing you picked up at the boutique earlier.
Societte: H-how do ya know that...
Vyrn: Er, sorry. We actually—
(Captain) explains that they spent a good part of the morning tailing her.
Societte: Huh? B-but why?
Yuel: I thought ya found someone for yerself... and I just had to see it with my own eyes...
Yuel: Hope yer not angry...
Societte: Mm, bad Yuel...
Societte: But it's okay, really. I was going to call you later anyway.
Yuel: Huh?
Societte: This present's for you.
Yuel: Wha! You got this just for me?
Societte: That's not all... This beautiful view of the lake is part of the package...
Yuel: But why? Is today my birthday or somethin'?
Societte: Hehehe... That's not it. I just wanted to thank ya for bein' such a good friend.
Societte: You always take me to really nice places, treat me to tasty food, and so much more...
Societte: I wanted to do something for you too...
Yuel: S-Societte!
Yuel: I'm so sorry... I chased ya all around cuz of the most embarrassing misunderstandin' ever...
Societte: Aw, enough about that... Why don't you go ahead and open it up?
Her cheeks blushing red, Yuel unwraps the gift.
Inside is a beautiful swimsuit that resembles a delicate robe.
Yuel: Yowie... It's gorgeous! You really sure I can have this?
Societte: It's all yours!
Societte: And actually... I had a swimsuit made for me too... Maybe we could spend some time here together...
Yuel: Heck yeah, I'm always up for some quality time with my bestest friend! This is gonna be a blast!
Yuel: All righty! Better get changin' so we can start muckin' around!
Yuel: C'mon, Societte! We're slippin' 'em on together too!
Societte: Huh? W-wait, Yuel...
Yuel playfully pushes Societte into the brush.
Shortly after, the two come out with their swimsuits on.
Yuel: Ta-da! How about it? Do I look great or what?
Societte: Ehehe... I knew you'd look nice in it, Yuel.
Yuel: You ain't lookin' so bad yerself, Societte! Mm, I could totally fall for ya...
Societte: Teehee... Thanks!
  1. Whoooaaa...
  2. You're giving off all-new vibes.

Choose: Whoooaaa...
Lyria: Wow, I can't believe how pretty you two are! Those swimsuits look perfect on you!
Yuel: Ahaha! You can say that again! It's all thanks to Societte for pickin' 'em out!

Choose: You're giving off all-new vibes.
Vyrn: Definitely. You're both lookin' a lot more mature.
Lyria: Mm-hm! I love the new look already!
Societte: Th-thanks!
Continue 1
Yuel: That's it for show-and-tell! It's time to party hard, everyone!
Yuel's concerns are quickly brushed away by her dear friend's gift.
With lovely swimsuits to liven up the scenery, the crew partakes in this mini-vacation.

No Shirt? No Shoes? No Way!

At the lake that Societte discovered, Yuel and Societte tell embarrassing old stories about each other and eventually end up getting the whole party to swim. Meanwhile, shadowy figures watch them from one side of the lake.

(Captain) and company play by a beautiful lake that Societte was able to find.
The crew are resting their weary bodies after a delightful time in the water. Yuel puts on a mischievous grin.
Yuel: Splashing water on each other like this really takes me back.
Lyria: Takes you back?
Yuel: Hehe... I still remember the first time Societte and me did this kinda thing!
Societte: Ah... Yuel... You don't mean...
Vyrn: Ooh, I wanna hear all about it!
Yuel: We all know how lovable Societte is... but would ya believe she was just the cutest little thing back then?
Yuel: We were playin' in shallow water that went up to our ankles...
Yuel: "Y-Yuel, are we gonna be okay here? You sure we won't drown?"
Yuel: She was so adorable, I just wanted to cuddle her...
Societte: Nngh...
Vyrn: Ahaha! I can already picture it!
Societte: Hey, cut it out, Yuel... You're embarrassin' me...
Yuel: And you know what else makes her such a cutie pie?
Yuel: No matter what came up, Societte would always stick to me like glue. There was that one time—
Societte: Enough already! You're makin' me look bad...
Societte: If ya wanna talk about me that much, then I'm gonna talk about yer fuzzy-wuzzy cutesy episodes!
Yuel: Wha!
Societte: Listen, (Captain). Yuel was actually really shy and introverted as a child.
Lyria: Yuel of all people?
Societte: Haha. When she had trouble sleeping alone, she'd bring her futon over to my room.
Societte: "Y-you must be so lonely... But no worries—I'm here to warm you up," she said... Except the whole time, Yuel was the lonely one...
Yuel: Societte, I can't believe yer tellin' them about that!
Societte: Hehe, I have so many more stories to tell about everyone's favorite Yuel... I'll never forget this one time she wouldn't eat the vegetables on her plate, and—
Yuel: Stop right there, Societte! That one's our little secret! You say another word and—
Yuel blushes deep red and lunges at her friend.
She exerts the full force of her fingers as she begins tickling Societte on her sides.
Yuel: Let's see how ya like this! Coochie-coochie-coo!
Societte: Aha-ahaha! Ngahaha! Yuel, that tickles...
Societte: Ahahaha... It's only fair that I return the favor! Coochie-coochie!
Yuel: Gahahah! I didn't expect ya to get back at me... Hehe, just goes to show how much you've grown!
Yuel: Teehee! Let's see how ya like this!
Yuel: Alabaster Dance—psych!
Societte: The water's so cold... No fair, Yuel!
Societte: The Alabaster Dance is supposed to be more like this! Hyah!
Yuel: Phew! Ya might be able to do the real thing, but I've got a dance or two up my sleeves too!
Lyria: Haha...
Watching their mirthful exchange naturally brings a smile to Lyria's face.
However, (Captain) notices that Lyria also appears somewhat restless.
  1. Splash water on Vyrn.
  2. Splash water on Lyria.

Choose: Splash water on Vyrn.
Vyrn: Pfft! What was that for!
Lyria: Teehee... I want to join in on the fun too!
Vyrn: Wait up! This water's way cold!
Vyrn: Darn it! Don't think I'm gonna take it lyin' down! Eat this!
Lyria: Eep! Ehehe...

Choose: Splash water on Lyria.
Lyria: Eep! Aha-ahaha! (Captain)?
Lyria: If you're going to play like that, then I'll just have to one-up you!
Lyria: Coochie-coochie-coo! Ehehehe!
Continue 1
Yuel: Hey, count us in too!
With all of them in the lake again, the joyous water-splashing begins anew.
???: Hehehe...
The crew remains blithely unaware of the suspicious shadows lurking about.

No Shirt? No Shoes? No Way!: Scene 2

Returning to the lakeside, the crew members realize that Yuel and Societte's clothes are missing. While scouring the area, (Captain) notices the two acting a little strange.

Vyrn: Whew, that was fun. It's about time we got back though.
Lyria: Haha. Yeah, I'm feeling beat.
Societte: Hm? We're going back already?
Yuel: No way! Can't we stay a few minutes longer! The sun hasn't even set yet.
Vyrn: Not like we'd be missing out on much. We can always come back tomorrow.
Lyria: Ah-choo! Besides, I'm starting to feel a chill...
Societte: Mm... Okay then...
Yuel & Societte: ...
Yuel: Aw, shucks! We'll just have to go at it again tomorrow!
Societte: Mm-hm. I'm already looking forward to it.
Vyrn: Well, you two sure changed your tune real fast... Not like that's a bad thing though.
Curious as to the reason behind their sudden mood change, Vyrn watches as the others get up from the lake.
They prepare to grab the change of clothes they left on the shore.
Vyrn: Hm?
Lyria: That's strange... Yuel's and Societte's clothes were right here...
Vyrn: They're gone!
Yuel & Societte: Huh?
Societte: H-how?
Yuel: Something smells real fishy...
Lyria: Could the wind have blown them all away? Or could it be the work of a thief?
Vyrn: Crud, we let our guard down! And here I was thinking we were all alone!
Vyrn: We should start lookin' right away! The clothes might still be around!
Yuel: Yeah...
Vyrn: You hangin' in there? This probably comes as a shock to you, but...
Yuel: Erm... Ah, right! We'd better get started!
Yuel: Me and Societte will look around the lake!
Societte: O-okay...
Vyrn: And we'll check out this area! C'mon, (Captain)!
They split into two groups and begin searching for the missing clothing.
However, their behavior strikes (Captain) as a tad bit odd.

No Shirt? No Shoes? No Way!: Scene 3

(Captain) and the others are hunting for Yuel and Societte's clothes in a nearby forest when they come across shady men. Suspecting that the men stole Yuel and Societte's clothes, the party members give chase. Meanwhile Yuel and Societte awkwardly search for the clothes back at the lakeside.

In searching for Yuel's and Societte's clothes, (Captain) and company enter a nearby forest.
While looking around, Lyria scratches her head in wonder.
Lyria: Why was our clothing still there?
Vyrn: Good question. Doesn't matter if it was blown away by the wind or stolen—the fact that only those two had their clothing missing is really weird...
Vyrn: Hm? Is someone there?
???: Crap!
???: Time to skedaddle!
Lyria: Could they be the thieves?
Vyrn: We're goin' after 'em, (Captain)! C'mon!
Yuel and Societte are searching around the lake.
Yuel: ...
Societte: ...
Unable to withstand the uncomfortable silence any longer, Societte opens her mouth.
Societte: How could this happen... Why did my clothing disappear...
Societte: Ah! Of course, it's not just me! Your clothing's missing too...
Yuel: It's gotta be thieves. Just wait till I get my hands on 'em!
Societte: Y-yeah... We can't let this go...
Yuel: It's a good thing only my clothes were taken...
Societte: Huh?
Yuel: Ah! What am I sayin'! Don't mind me! Ahaha... Haha...
Yuel: ...
Societte: ...
Yuel: Mmm...
Societte: Mmmmm!
Yuel & Societte: Actually...
???: Huff... Huff... What a tenacious bunch!
Vyrn: Hold it right there! You're not gettin' away!
???: Then we'll just have to make a stand!
???: We're getting outta here one way or another! Hope you punks can take a bit of pain!
Vyrn: Right back at ya! Let's do this!

No Shirt? No Shoes? No Way!: Scene 4

(Captain) trounces the shady men, who admit that although they were peeking at the Erunes in their swimwear, they didn't steal the clothes. Back at the lake, Yuel and Societte confess that they each hid the other's clothes since they wanted to have more fun at the lake. Feeling a fresh sense of connection at their similar ways of thinking, Yuel and Societte promise to stay close from here on.

Goon 1: Gaauh!
Goon 2: W-we give up! Please don't hurt us anymore!
Vyrn: Heh, guess you guys were all talk! Now give 'em back to us!
Goon 1: Huh? Give what back?
Lyria: Stop playing innocent! Return Yuel's and Societte's clothing right this instant!
Goon 2: Whoa now! We haven't stolen anything today yet!
Vyrn: Hm?
Goon 1: It's true we're thieves by trade...
Goon 2: But we've done nothing wrong yet for the day! More like we couldn't! It's true!
Lyria: What do you mean?
Goon 1: Thing is... Hehe... We were so taken with the sight of those pretty ladies...
Goon 2: We were too busy gawking at those beauties to do anything else...
Goon 2: By the time you guys decided to call it a day, we made likes trees and... got outta there!
Vyrn: Aw, don't feed us that bunk! Show us your stuff!
The goons show their belongings, which contain no trace of the Erunes' clothes.
Questioning them reveals that they may very well be telling the truth.
Goon 1: See! We've got nothing to hide!
Lyria: I guess so... Sorry about that...
Goon 2: Hehehe! Now that we've come to an understanding, I suppose the two of us should get goi—
Vyrn: Wait just a sec. Sure, you might be innocent this time, but you said yourselves that you're thieves, right?
Goons: Urk!
Vyrn: (Captain), we can't just let them go. Whaddya say we hand 'em over to the authorities?
(Captain) puts the two in restraints and decides to hand them over to a nearby town.
On the way there, they continue to ponder over the whereabouts of Yuel's and Societte's clothing.
Some time earlier...
Yuel & Societte: Actually...
Yuel & Societte: I'm the one who hid yer clothing!
Yuel & Societte: ...
Yuel & Societte: Wha?
Yuel: Whaddya mean?
Societte: You see... I just wanted to play with you a little more...
Societte: And I wanted to see you enjoy your swimsuit a bit longer... I used foxflames to hide your clothing.
A vivid blush on her cheeks, Societte makes a gesture with her hand.
A blue foxflame with Yuel's clothes hanging out of its mouth appears in the brush.
Yuel: Same with me...
Yuel: Exactly the same...
Yuel, too, gestures with her hand, and a red foxflame with Societte's clothes hanging out of its mouth appears in the brush.
Societte: Y-you too, Yuel? No way...
Societte: I hope yer not angry with me... I should've come clean sooner, but I didn't wanna go back on what I'd already said...
Yuel: I was just about to say the same. I wouldn't have guessed in a million years that it'd turn out this way..
Yuel: Hehe...
Societte: Ehehe...
Societte: We had the same idea, and we acted on it the same way...
Societte: I guess we always did get on like a house on fire.
Yuel: Ahaha! You can say that again!
Yuel: Whew... I'm glad it's all over and done with, but now I'm beat.
Societte: Then maybe... we can relax for just a bit...
Yuel: Yeah, might as well.
The Erune pair quietly seat themselves on rocky ground.
With no one else around, the two trade tender smiles.
Yuel: Say, Societte...
Societte: Yeah, Yuel?
Yuel: I wanna be with ya forever if you'll have me.
Societte: Teehee. Definitely. Always and forever, Yuel...
Their eyes crinkling at the corners, the pair revel in the irreplaceable bond they've always shared.
When the rest of the crew arrives and sees what a happy moment Yuel and Societte are sharing, they simply watch from a distance.
Vyrn: Hm? What's happening here? Looks like they've got their clothing after all...
Lyria: Ahaha... I want to ask, but now's probably not the best time.
(Captain) and company smile in amusement as they continue to watch.
Shortly afterward, the Erune pair notice the curious gazes from behind and apologize for any trouble they might have caused.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
実はウチ泳ぎ得意なんやで~ I bet I could swim laps around ya!
ソシエ~♪一緒に泳ご~♪ Societte! Let's go for a dip!
お魚さんの気配や♪待て待て~♪ Are those fishies nearby? Hey, gimme a sec!
水着姿で舞うのも気持ちええなぁ… Dancin' in a swimsuit feels so good...
ソシエがくれた水着ホンマ最高やわぁ… This swimsuit Societte gave me's the best!
一日中、湖で遊んでたいわ~… What I'd give for a sunny day by the lake!
小さい頃よくソシエと水遊びしてたんよ~ Me and Societte used to splash water at each other for kicks as kids!
ふわぁ…(主人公)…一緒にお昼寝せぇへん? Yawn... (Captain)... Wanna lie down next to me for a nap?
みんなで一緒にいるとめちゃ楽しいな~♪ Being around y'all is too much fun!
(主人公)一緒に水遊びしよ♪ (Captain), let's you and I go play in the water!


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