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Official Profile

Age 14
Height 130 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Playing with Bobo
Likes Things she can cut in half easily
Dislikes Anything difficult
Granblue Fantasy Theater
A woodcutter by trade, Abby travels with her stalwart companion, Bobo, who requires no words to communicate. She's lived her life up to this point dealing with most issues by splitting them in two with her axe, and things have worked out pretty well for her so far. Ever optimistic and full of energy, Abby is rarely, if ever, discouraged.
Character Release


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Age 14歳
Height 130cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies ムンちゃんと遊ぶこと
Likes スッパリ斬れるもの
Dislikes 難しいこと
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Abby: So today's your birthday, (Captain)? That's awesome!
Bobo: Bobo! (Happy birthday!)
Abby: I've been waitin' for a chance like this! To celebrate, I'm going to prepare a bear-sized feast for you!
Bobo: Bobo? (B-Bear-sized?)
Abby: Ha-ha. I didn't mean it like that, Bobo! We'd never eat you!
I just mean something big! Let's call it a monster meal! I'll go split something appetizin' in two and be right back!
Bobo: Bobo! (That's a relief... But wait a minute. A monster meal?)


Abby: Happy birthday, (Captain)! I'll try to catch up to your age one day!
Bobo: Bo... (Uh. I don't think it works that way.)
Abby: And I have a surprise for you...
Ta-daa! Bobo and I made you a cake!
Bobo: Bo? (Hey! Where's the other half of the cake?)
Bobo! (It was a whole cake when we made it!)
Abby: I had a little taste test before this. It was good! Now go ahead and dig in, (Captain)!
Bobo: Bo... (I wouldn't call eating half the cake a taste test...)


Abby: Hey, (Captain)! I found a forest that has lots of tasty fruits. Let's go there!
Bobo: Bobo? (Where's the fruit that you and I collected this morning?)
Abby: It was really good! So much honey in every bite!
Bobo: Bobo? (She ate the present we prepared all by herself?)
Abby: Man... I want more!
Bobo: Bobo! (She just wants (Captain) to help her get more fruit that she'll eat alone!)


Abby: (Captain), happy birthday! Let's have some tasty fruit this year too!
Bobo's brought 'em over in spades!
Bobo: Bobo! (Last time I left her to it, she ended up dragging you into the forest to help forage.)
Bobo! Bobo! (So I made sure to bring plenty this year! Happy birthday, (Captain)!)
Abby: Though it sure was fun foraging for fruit together last year.
Let's do something different this year! How 'bout we make cake with this?
Bobo: Bobo! (It's almost like getting (Captain) to help is the whole point!)
Abby: Ooh! Glad to know you're up for it, (Captain)! Let's make it so good that it gets everyone's mouths watering!
Bobo: Bobo! (But I guess it's all good as long as (Captain)'s having fun!)


Abby: Here, (Captain)! Take hold of my axe!
And I want you to swing it! Straight through this cake!
Bobo: Bobo? (Now what mischief is she up to? I didn't hear anything about this...)
(Captain) accepts the axe and sweeps it downwards.
When it bites into the cake, a red liquid sprays into the air.
Bobo: Bobo! (Ahh! Murder!)
Abby: Ahaha. Did that scare you? But don't worry. Wasn't nothing more than some strawberry jam!
Bobo: Bobo... (Oh... Thank the skies...)
Abby: Bobo's cake is the real deal! Teehee. You just got the fake, (Captain).
Bobo: Bobo? (The... real deal?)
Abby: This is going to be one heck of a birthday party!
Bobo: Bobo? (Abby? What'd you mean by "real deal"? What... are you gonna make me eat?)

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year, (Captain)!
And I vote to bring in the new year by splittin' some stuff in two!
Let's start with this rice cake or whatever... This is supposed to be split in two, right? Or is this supposed to be busted up?
But whatever! Result's the same either way, right? Here we go!


Abby: That's the first sunrise of the year! Ooh, look how pretty it is!
Bobo: Bobo (It fills me with determination to carry on.)
Abby: And it's so round! Ahh, don't it just make you wanna split it in two!
Bobo: Bo! (Why do you have such a violent imagination!)
Abby: Heh heh! I knew you'd agree, Bobo! You think so too, don't ya, (Captain)?
Bobo: Bo... (Haha... This is going to be another long year...)


Abby: Happy New Year to you, (Captain)! And to you too, Bobo!
So, Bobo, cough up the New Year's rupies for me and (Captain)!
Bobo: Bobo? Bo... (This little... Trying to take money from a bear...)
Bobo... (I guess I am an adult after all... And technically older than them...)
Abby: Don't tell me... You don't have any rupies for us?
Fine... I guess that's just the way you are...
How about I give you something instead!
Bobo: Bobo! Bo... (What! Abby... I knew you were a sweetheart...)
Abby: Here you go! It's a colorful bug I caught in the Lumacie woods! With lots of legs too!
I know you love these! Enjoy the meal!
Bobo: Bobo... (I knew it was too good to be true...)


Abby: Hey, (Captain)! Bobo has something for you!
Bobo: Bobo! (As a grown man... I mean, as a grown bear, I felt it only right to give you a New Year's gift, (Captain)!)
Abby: Lucky you, (Captain)! Mm, that fruit looks so good!
Bobo: Bo! (I got tired of getting bugs from Abby for New Year's and needed a chance of pace...)
Abby: Ehehe! Thanks, Bobo! Look how happy (Captain) is!
Aw, what a friendly bear. You deserve something special, Bobo...
Bobo: Bo... Bobo! (Please, no! I've done my part! Now to make a break for it!)
Abby: There's no need to be shy! I made sure to get you bugs aplenty!


Abby: Sigh... There's twelve Divine Generals, but not one of them looks like a bear. Guess you won't ever be a star now, Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo... (No use pining after what'll never be. And I don't want to be a star anyway.)
Abby: It's probably because you're a big ol' lazypaws. I mean, just look at you, Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo... (Feel free to start making sense.)
Abby: Oh! Know what! If we put in some hard training, we might grab ourselves a divine title someday!
Bobo: Bobo! (Are you listening to yourself? You can't just win a seat at the divine table!)
Abby: All right! I hope you're all warmed up, Bobo! 'Cause here comes the axe!
Bobo: Bobo! (Watch where you're swinging that thing! Oh, you're gonna turn me into a star, Abby, but not the kind you're thinking of!)

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Okay, here you go! I put some freshly-picked forest fruit into these chocolates just for you!
Hehehe! I'm sure they're gonna be great! I made some for Bobo too, and—
Wait a sec. Looks like Bobo's bug chocolates got mixed in here...
Eh, it's fine! They're not for me anyway! And you can always share them with Bobo!


Abby: Hehe! (Captain)! (Captain)! I made my chocolates extra special this year!
I put in tons of fresh cacao beans!
Try 'em! Try 'em! So? What do you think?
Ahaha! Guess they're pretty bitter, huh? It's okay! That means it's good for you!
Oh! Don't think I forgot about you, Bobo! I'll give you some raw cacao beans later.
Bobo: Bobo (What am I supposed to do with that?)


Abby: Hey! Check it out, (Captain)! I made some chocolate in the shape of an axe!
It's super robust, too. You could probably even chop down a tree with it if you tried!
Aaand... There! A clean split!
Bobo: Bobo! (She really cut down a tree with it... This isn't just a chocolate anymore!)
Abby: Here you go, (Captain)! It's all yours now!
Bobo: Bobo... (Looks like you could break your teeth trying to bite into that...)


Abby: Happy Valentine's! Sorry for having you come all the way to the forest!
Bobo: Bobo? (You made chocolates shaped like axes last year. Don't tell me you did it again...)
Abby: You remember how awesome my axe chocolates were last year?
Well, I tried to really refine the shape of the axe this time!
See how they're shaped just like mine? And you can bet they're just as sharp!
Bobo: Bobo... (Geez, how do you even make chocolates that dangerous...)
Abby: Wait... This one might be my actual axe and not chocolate... Or was it this one?
Bobo: Bo! (If they all look identical, we have a big problem here!)
Abby: I know! Just take a bite, and it'll be obvious! Pick one, (Captain)!
Bobo: Bo... Bobo! (D-don't do it, (Captain)! Let me do the honors!)


Abby: Hehe. (Captain), I made some chocolate for you!
Bobo: Bobo! (She really poured her heart into that batch. Bet it tastes like heaven, you lucky dog!)
Abby: You know... it being Valentine's and all... I wanted to, um, feed you...
But I can't! Not yet! It's just too embarrassing! So I'm counting on you, Bobo!
Bobo: Bo! (Say what!)
Abby: Give (Captain) the ol' choo-choo train! Come on, Bobo! Do it for me!
Bobo: Bobo... (If it'll make you happy, Abby... All right. (Captain). Say "ahh.")
Bobo... (Guess you aren't such a lucky dog after all...)

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? For me? What's this all about?
Oh, I'm so happy! Thank you! I wonder what's inside...
Wow! Candy! And it looks amazing!
I wonder what I'll get from Bobo. What do you think, (Captain)? Maybe a bear claw?
Ahahaha! But I don't think Bobo would taste very good...


Hehe! Thanks for the gift, (Captain)! I'll treasure it forever!
Aww, I feel like I wanna give you something back for this.
Hm? This is in return for Valentine's Day so I don't need to?
It doesn't matter! I wanna give you something!
I picked some really nice fruits just now; have some! Eating with friends is twice the fun!


Abby: Nom, nom...
(Captain)'s cookies are the best! You can have some later too, Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo... (They look pretty tasty. Come on, I wanna try one already...)
Abby: Mm-hmm! Nom, nom...
Munch... Gulp. Whew! Those cookies were G-O-O-D good!
Oof, my belly's full of cookie goodness now though...
This calls for a little workout! Come on, Bobo! Let's go!
Bobo: Bo... Bobo? (Wait, what about my cookies?)


Abby: This is thanks for White Day! Here you go, (Captain)!
Bobo gave me some fruit earlier too.
Bobo: Bo... (It's only fair, since I took a bite out of some of those axe chocolates myself...)
Abby: The fruit's even better if you have it with these cookies!
(Captain), Bobo, why don't we turn this into a picnic? It'd taste even better that way!
Bobo: Bo! (Wow, a suggestion that makes sense for once!)
Abby: I don't know if Bobo would be okay with it though.
Bobo: Bo! Bobo! (Absolutely! I'm more than A-OK with it!)


Abby: Wow! All this for me?
With that stash of goodies Bobo gave me, I think we have enough for a party. Thank you, (Captain)!
Bobo: Bobo! (Almost enough. We're still missing some of those leafy greens.)
Abby: Huh? Oh, right! Thanks for reminding me, Bobo! We'll go swipe some now!
Bobo: Bo? (Did... she really understand me?)
Abby: Just wouldn't be a feast for you, would it, Bobo? If you didn't have your bugs!
Bobo: Bobo! (I was a fool for hoping! But please, not the crawlers!)
Abby: Why don't you come along, (Captain)? We'll have ourselves a bug-hunting party!
Bobo: Bobo... (What did I do to deserve this...)

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Abby: Gimme a treat, or I'll split you into kindling!
Bobo: Bobo, bobo! (Whoa, Abby! Is something wrong?)
Abby: Hm... Maybe I should split you in two instead.
Yeah, I'll split you in two. Trick or two!
Bobo: Bobo! (That's the scariest Halloween catchphrase I've ever heard.)
Abby: Give Bobo some yummy bugs. He likes them way more than candy.
Bobo: Bobo, bobo! (I've told you I can't stand insects!)


Abby: He's almost here, (Captain)! Quick! Hide!
We jump out on three! One... Two... Three!
Trick or Split-in-Two!
Bobo: Bobo! (Waargh! Y-you scared me!)
B-bo? (W-wait... Did you sharpen your axe? It looks extra sharp right now! D-don't tell me...)
Bobo! (No! She's really gonna do it! Run away!)
Abby: He's running away! Guess that means he chose Split-in-Two!
C'mon, (Captain)! After him!


Abby: Take that! Split in two!
Bobo: B-bo... (Why you swinging that thing outta nowhere!)
Abby: Bobo!
Which will it be this year: Trick or Split-in-Two?
Last year you ran, so this time I'll give you better choices...
Split-in-Two or Split-in-Two?
Bobo: Bobo! (That's the same choice!)
Bobo! ((Captain), you gotta help a bear out! Stop her!)


Bobo: Bobo... (I blend right in with everyone on Halloween.)
Bobo... (There's no way I'm gonna stick around for her Split-in-Two or Split-in-Two ultimatum.)
Abby: Hm? Where's Bobo run off to? On Halloween of all days... I can't find (Captain) either.
Bobo: Bobo! (Here she comes... If I can just make it past this!)
Abby: Can't be helped if he's not around. "Trick or treat!" or not, hehe!
Bobo: Bobo? (What happened to the Split-in-Two she mentioned last year?)
Abby: Oh, Bobo! There you are! You'd better be ready for it...
Bobo: Bobo! (If it's just trick or treat, I can handle it!)
Abby: Split-in-Two or Split-in-Two!
Bobo: Bobo! (I should've known! (Captain), help!)"


Abby: (Captain), (Captain)... Guess what?
Under that fur coat, Bobo's got a human inside of him.
Bobo: Bobo! (No! Don't believe her!)
Abby: Why don't you split him open... have a little look-see? I'll lend you my axe.
Bobo: Bo! Bo! (No... Don't take it! (Captain)! Stay back!)
Abby: Gotcha! Like my little joke? All Bobo's got in him is muscle and sinew!
Ahaha! Looks like the two of you fell for it, head over heels! Now, where's my candy?
Bobo: Bobo... (It's 'cause you look people dead in the eye when talking, Abby... whether you're lying or you're serious.)

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Abby: It's everyone's favorite day of the year again! And the tree's decorated nice and pretty, right?
Bobo: Bobo! (That's right. Let's party!)
Abby: Back when I lived in the woods, people used to ask me to chop down fir trees all the time, so I split 'em right in two!
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo... (If I remember right, there was hardly anything left of the forest after you were done.)
Abby: Anyway... I was always super busy at this time of year! And I couldn't have done it without you, Bobo!
Bobo: Bobo! (Maybe... but working under you was a nightmare!)
Abby: If you do your job right this year, I'll reward you with some of your favorite bugs! You'd like that, wouldn't you?
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo... (How many times do I have to tell you I hate bugs!)


Abby: Hmm, I heard we're eating turkey for the holiday dinner.
Bobo: Bobo! (Finally! Some real food!)
Abby: Oh, but I guess you can't eat it 'cause you're vegetarian. (Captain), you can eat his slice for him!
Bobo: Bobo! (I can make an exception!)
Abby: Don't worry, I'll get you lots and lots of medicine herbs instead! I hear they're good for you!
Bobo: Bobo! (It's better than bugs, but at least give me something that has more taste!)


Abby: (Captain)! Will Santa really give me a present tonight?
Bobo: Bobo. (I hear kids get nice things as a reward for being good.)
Abby: Okay! Then I want a grindstone to sharpen my axe!
And, and! I want to split all kinds of things in two!
Hehe! I'm so excited for Santa! I just can't wait!
Hey! What if I split the sun in two? Would it become night?
Bobo: Bobo... Bo... (The stuff this girl says gets more absurd each year...)


Abby: The holy night's upon us again! That shiny grindstone I got last year to polish my axe made me super happy!
Bobo: Bobo! (Well, you weren't exactly a naughty girl last year!)
Abby: I wonder if I'll get something this year too...
Bobo: Bo... Bobo? (I'd say yes... Though I wonder what's on your wish list this time.)
Abby: What's that, (Captain)? You want to know what sort of present I'd like? Great question!
I want an axe so gigantic that it can split the sun in two!
If it's perpetually nighttime, Santa's job becomes that much easier, and I get my present! It'd be like killing two birds with one stone!
Besides, I'm sure the sun would return to normal once the holy night's over! Whew, how much fun it'd be!
Bobo: Bo... Bobo... (Your ambitions grow grander every year, but can Santa keep up?)
Bobo? (And how do you plan on getting the sun back to normal afterward anyway?)


Abby: Achoo... Sniff... Brr...
Bobo: Bobo. (Hang on. Gonna grab you a sweater before you turn into a snow sculpture.)
Abby: What! Bobo! I can't believe my ears!
Bobo: Bo? (I got a bad feeling about this...)
Abby: You're giving me... your fur coat? But that'll be...
Bobo: Bobo! (The death of me! Yeah, I know! So hands off!)
Abby: Okay... I hear you, Bobo... You're real serious about this, aren't you?
Then, there's only one thing left to do!
Bobo: Bo! Booo! ((Captain)! Don't just stand there! Save meee!)
Abby: Squish!
Bobo: Bo? (What's she doing, clinging on to me like this?)
Abby: I wasn't about to skin you, silly! But you were such a sweetie, Bobo, I thought I'd snuggle up in your fur and get warm.
Hey, (Captain)! Saved a spot for you over here. Bobo's got the warmest flanks in the skies, you know!
Bobo: Bobo... (Know what, Abby? I wouldn't be surprised if my heart burst one day because of you.)

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Bye-Bye, Bobo

After a series of misunderstandings, Bobo leaves the ship in a huff and escapes to the woods. A few days later, Abby and the crew go in search of him. Meanwhile, Bobo decides to forgive Abby, but before he can reunite with his friends, he is shot by an arrow.

Abby (Promo) not in crew

One curious day, (Captain) and company meet a small girl with a large axe and an even larger bear.
Bobo: Bobo! Bo! Bo! (Come on! Cut it out! Give me a break for a change!)
Abby: Nummy nummy num! You know you love how much this bug's squirming! Just eat it already!
Bobo: Bobo! (I told you! I'm a vegetarian!)
The crew makes peace between the girl and the bear. Then they introduce themselves and ask what all the rumpus was about.
Abby: Not that I owe you any answers, but the name's Abby. And this here's my help, Bobo.
Abby: We were about to have some nice lunch, but Bobo here's one picky son of a gun...
Abby: I gathered up a bunch of Bobo's favorite bugs, the liveliest ones I could find, but the stinker doesn't wanna eat 'em.
Abby: You feeling sick or something, Bobo? I'm worried about you...
Bobo: Bobo... (When are you gonna get a clue? There's just no way I can eat bugs.)
Quickly, the crew realizes that Abby and Bobo are not quite on the same page.
But when they say so to the girl, she is amazed.
Abby: Wow! You can speak Bobo, too?
Abby finds herself wishing to learn more about this curious band of people. So she asks them a favor.
Abby: So... You guys are travelers? How'd you like me and this big bug eater to come with you?
The crew is astonished by the sudden request. Gently, they warn the girl that they will be sailing into great danger.
But Abby only smiles.
Abby: But it sure sounds like fun!
Abby: And besides, no one can stand up to my axe or Bobo's punch. Fuzzy or not, we pack a wallop!
Bobo: Bobo! (We got this! We'll give 'em the old one-two!)
Hearing this, (Captain) sees that the odd pair is curious as cats, but brave as lions. So the captain lets them onto the ship.
They set sail and pass the days by...
Abby and Bobo are now crew aboard the same ship. Yet when they speak, it is plain that they are still far from being on the same page.
As on the day they are sent out to hunt monsters...
Monsters: Groooar!
Bobo: Bobo! (Gr... They've got the old numerical advantage. Abby! We best beat a retreat!)
Abby: What! You'd... really do that for us, Bobo?
Abby: All right, friend. I hear you, loud and clear!
Abby: Everybody, listen up! Bobo here says he's gonna play decoy—give us time to regroup and recharge. Quick, into the bushes!
Bobo: Bo? Bo! Bo! (Was the wind whispering to you? 'Cause I didn't say anything about being monster bait!)
Abby: You all, I know it's hard—but we've gotta respect his choice! Come on now!
Bobo: Boo! Booo! (Wait! Don't leave me!)
And the day they go out to relax on a sunny afternoon...
Bobo: Bobo... (Sigh... Got mud all over my favorite suit. Guess it's time for some weekend washing.)
Abby: What! No! Bobo! Say you're pulling my leg!
Abby: All right... I got you! I'm not about to leave a friend high and dry!
Abby: It's hot as all get out, and that coat of yours must be warmer than seven pairs of wool socks! Fine, I'll do it! I'll take this axe and shear it all off!
Bobo: Bo? Bo! Bo! (You've got an evil spirit whispering in your ear! Please! Just not my suit!)
Abby: I really don't wanna see you all... bare to the skies, Bobo... But I know! It's for your own good!
Bobo: Boo! Booo! (Nooo! Please, have mercy!)
It seems that no matter what they do⁠—and no matter where they stand⁠—Abby and Bobo cannot see eye to eye.
Then, one day, it comes. The final straw that breaks the bear's back.
Vyrn: Phew... Today's mission took a lot outta me.
Bobo: Bobo. (Same here. I sure could use a bear nap right now.)
Abby: What's that? You feeling sluggish, Bobo?
Abby: Well, I know just the thing to get you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!
Abby: Ta-dah! A full course of the finest bugs a net can catch. They're deliciously nutritious! Snared 'em just for you, Bobo!
Bobo: ...
Vyrn: Bleh. These are the creepiest and crawliest bugs I've ever seen. Are you sure they're part of a healthy diet?
Abby: Aw, they're just squirming with energy! Anyhow, I met a few bug-eating folks at the tavern the other day, and they swore by their stomachs these were the best crawlers around!
Lyria: Aha... ha... I never noticed you talking to any bug-eaters...
Abby: All righty, Bobo! Kinda awkward doing this with all these people watching but... here comes the choo-choo train!
Bobo: Bo... (Just leave...)
Abby: Hm? Something wrong?
Bobo: Bobo! (Leave me alooone!)
Abby: Ow! Huh? What...
Lyria: Abby! Are you all right?
Abby: Y-yeah... What's come over you, Bobo?
Bobo: Bo! Boo! (Oh, this was a long time coming! You just had to keep poking the bear, didn't you? Day in and day out!)
Bobo: Bo! (Well, I'm through with this, and I'm through with you! So long, Abby!)
Abby: Bobo?
Vyrn: Sheesh. Why'd he up and leave like that?
Abby: Um, well...
Abby: I think he went for a walk. To empty out the old tank before we fill it up again, you know?
Abby: Yep! That's what it was! You know Bobo! Always marching off to the beat of his own drum!
Lyria: Are you sure? He looked really upset to me...
Abby: Nah, he was just getting a little antsy is all. Must've been raring to go on that walk!
Abby: Been a hot minute since he's been able to roam the woods. We should head back first and leave him to it!
Vyrn: Sounds good to me! But man, that bear sure knows how to make an exit.
Lyria: ...
  1. I'm worried.
  2. Everything will be all right.

Choose: I'm worried.
Lyria: So am I... But Abby's insisting that everything's fine. And we should believe her... right?

Choose: Everything will be all right.
Lyria: Yeah. Things will turn out okay... They just have to...
Continue 1
Abby: What do you two think you're doing? I'm starving! If you keep me any longer, my belly's gonna eat my backbone!
Lyria: C-coming! Let's go, (Captain)!
And so the crew leave the woods and return to their ship. But the entire time, Lyria and (Captain) feel a gnawing pit in their stomach that isn't hunger.
And as time passes and Bobo doesn't return, it only keeps growing and growing...
It grows through the night. Then it grows through the day. Then another night and another day. And, in the end, the pit of worry grows so big that it eats up every last member of the crew.
Abby: ...
Vyrn: Still no sign of that bear... Where's he trying to walk to—the moon?
Vyrn: Something had to have happened to him. It's been days!
Lyria: Oh... Maybe we really should have stopped Bobo from leaving...
Abby: Sniff... Sniffle... Waaah...
Lyria: Abby?
Vyrn: Is this the same girl that chops up monsters with a big grin on her face?
Abby: Sniff... Oh, Bobo... Where are you?
Lyria: Don't worry, Abby. Let's go look for Bobo together, okay?
Abby: Sniff... Do you think we'll find him?
  1. I'm sure we will.

Choose: I'm sure we will.
Abby: (Captain)... Sniff... Thank you.
Abby: We're coming for you, Bobo...
Meanwhile, in the forest, Bobo has gathered a great many vegetables.
He sits beneath a tree and begins to munch, sadly and thoughtfully.
Bobo: Bobo. (Maybe... I shouldn't have said I was through with her.)
Bobo: Bobo. (She means no harm—I know that... I've been with her since she was yea high.)
Bobo: Bobo. (She always gets hold of the wrong end of the stick, but her heart's in the right place. She tries her best for me.)
Bobo: Bobo. (Oh, Abby... I wonder what she's doing right now.)
A small, distant memory crawls up to Bobo and taps him on the shoulder.
Little Abby: Waaah....
Bobo: Bobo. (You know... Her patch may be missing a few vegetables...)
Bobo: Bobo. (But deep down, under all that mess, she's just a little girl who's afraid of being alone.)
Bobo: Bobo... (I'd bet my last cabbage she's scared and crying right now... Sigh...)
Bobo: Bo! (Home I go! Can't leave a friend high and dry, right?)
So Bobo stands and turns to go back to the Grandcypher, where a special friend is waiting for him.
But then...
Bobo: Bo? (What?)
Bobo: Bo... Bo? (An arrow? Was I... shot?)
Bobo: Bo... Bo... (It hurts... And it's so... dark...)
The pain grows greater, and Bobo's world grows darker.
His mind sinks into a pool of black. For just an instant, he sees reflected in it an image of Abby's crying face. Then, there is nothing.
Bobo: Bobo... (Abby...)
Bobo: ...

Bobo the Deity

Weary from fighting countless monsters on her search for Bobo, Abby almost collapses. As the crew rests, Abby talks about how Bobo rescued her when she was a small child.

Back in the forest where Bobo ran away, (Captain) and company are searching high and low. They peer behind every tree and peek into every cave.
They look and look, and hours rush by, but still there is no bear. Only monsters.
Monsters: Grrr!
Abby: Wanna stay in one piece? Then out of my way!
Monsters: Grk!
Vyrn: More monsters? Man, these woods are swarming with them. And they aren't making the bear-hunt any easier, that's for sure.
Abby: Pant, pant... They can come all they like. I'll just keep cutting 'em down... Now, come on. We gotta find Bobo...
Lyria: Um... I think we should rest for a little.
Abby: We don't have time for that.
Vyrn: But we searched and monster-pummeled from sunup to sundown. We can't keep this up forever.
Vyrn: And you've been breathing hard for a while now. I vote that we listen to Lyria and take a—
Abby: I said we don't have time!
Vyrn: ...
Abby: This whole day, all these long hours... Bobo's been out there alone!
Abby: What if he's starving or hurt, and he can't move?
Abby: Or what if... what if something even worse has happened to him! And all you want to do is rest!
Abby: Come on... We have to... find him...
The girl sways and begins to swoon towards the ground. But (Captain) springs forward, and Abby lands in the captain's arms.
  1. Abby!

Choose: Abby!
Abby: (Captain)... Thank you.
Lyria: Are you all right?
Abby: Just got hit with a dizzy spell... Nothing to worry about...
Lyria: There's plenty to worry about! You need to rest, Abby! It doesn't have to be for long.
Lyria: But you can't keep pushing yourself like this! If you collapse, how are you going to find Bobo!
Abby: Lyria...
Abby: You're right. Guess I'll... sit down for a bit...
Abby: Hey, Vyrn? Sorry I snapped at you back there...
Vyrn: Heh. Don't let it bother you. You were just worried about Bobo, right? I ain't the smartest dragon around, but I get that much.
Vyrn: Anyway, all you should be thinking about right now is food! 'Cause the best cure for burnout is something yummy in your tummy!
Abby: Okay...
The crew lays Abby to rest gently against a tree. Then they set up camp, all the while speaking kindly to the girl.
Lyria: Sit tight, okay? I'm going to make you some nutritious vegetable soup!
Abby: Vegetable soup?
Abby: You know, something like this happened before... Once upon a time.
Vyrn: Once upon a time? What? What happened?
Abby: Um, well...
Abby begins to tell her tale, her voice soft and small like an echo out of the past.
Abby: This is the story of how I met Bobo, a long time ago now.
Abby: When I was little, I got lost in the woods. I couldn't find my mom or dad.
Abby: My first thought was, "My very first solo adventure? Oh boy!" I was just jumping with excitement. But as the hours passed by, my steps got heavier and heavier...
Little Abby: Waaah....
Little Abby: Mommy... Daddy... Where are you? Sniff...
Abby: I was so lonely, all I could do was hug myself and cry. But then a big, fuzzy shape came rustling out of the woods.
Bobo: Bobo. (Now, what's all this ruckus about?)
Abby: It was Bobo, of course. Carrying what musta been a whole garden of vegetables in his arms.
Little Abby: Sniff... Mr. Bear?
Bobo: Bo? Bo! (A kid? What are you doing, all alone in the woods? Oh. Now, don't be scared. I'm a vegetarian!)
Little Abby: ...?
Little Abby: Eep...
Bobo: Bobo. (Sounds like your stomach's starting to complain. Sigh... Well, I can't let a kid starve.)
Bobo: Bobo! (How'd you like some fresh-picked vegetables? Oh, wait. Tiny humans can't eat food straight from the earth...)
Bobo: Bobo. (Now, wait there. I'll boil these in hot water for you.)
Abby: As Bobo stood over the fire and stirred, a delicious smell started drifting through the trees.
Abby: The soup was hot, and it tasted of kindness... It warmed my belly and my heart.
Little Abby: Whew! I'm stuffed!
Bobo: Bobo! (Well, look who's full of life again! I'm glad that soup did you some good.)
Little Abby: Hey, Mr Fluffypaws? What's your real name?
Bobo: Bo? Bobo. (My name? Well, I don't know. I never gave it any thought.)
Little Abby: Oh, so you're Bobo! My name's Abby, by the way.
Bobo: Bobo! (Hey, wait a minute! That's not my name. It's just how I speak!)
Little Abby: Hehe. Bobo! Thank you!
Bobo: Bo. (Oh well... You're very welcome, Abby.)
Abby: Then he came and sat next to me. And together, we waited for Mom and Dad.
Abby: After that, Bobo and I became fast friends. And I was never alone ever again.
Lyria: What a beautiful story...
Abby: You know... It's only 'cause Bobo cheered me up when I was alone and crying in the woods...
Abby: That I was able to grow into the person I am today.
Vyrn: Big guy with a soft heart, huh?
Lyria: So he's not only your best friend... He saved you, in more ways than one.
Abby: Yep.
Abby: And now it's my turn.
Abby: Rain or shine, near or far... I'm gonna find you, Bobo.
Abby thrusts out her chin and stiffens her upper lip. Looking at her resolute face, the crew promise in their hearts that they will see girl and bear reunited.

Bobo the Deity: Scene 2

Bobo wakes in an unfamiliar village, whose inhabitants treat him like royalty. But when Bobo tries at last to return to Abby, the villagers shoot him with an all too familiar arrow.

That very same day, Bobo opens his eyes and finds himself in an unfamilar place...
Surrounded by unfamiliar people.
Villager 1: Oh, thank goodness. It seems that accursed wound has healed up nicely.
Villager 1: But perhaps you're feeling a bit warm? Please, allow me to fan you.
Bobo: Bobo... (Well, uh... Thank you...)
Villager 2: And I shall give you a massage. Come now. Relax your muscles.
Bobo: Bobo... Bobo. (Huh? This... feels amazing! I'm in heaven.)
Villager 2: We've also prepared fresh vegetables for you. They should be here shortly.
Bobo: Bo! (Vegetables? Never has anything sounded so sweet to my ears. I was just starting to get hungry!)
The strangers welcome Bobo and pamper him.
Bobo: Bobo. (Hm... I still haven't got my bearings, but...)
Bobo: Bobo. (I guess these folks saved me.)
Bobo: Bobo. (They tended to my wounds, and they treat me like royalty.)
Bobo: Bobo! (This is the kindest village in all the skies!)
Villager 3: Dinner is served. Please enjoy!
Bobo: Bobo! (Thank you! Hah. It sure looks delicious!)
Bobo: Bo... (Well, time to...)
Villagers: Gulp...
As Bobo lifts one of the leafy greens to eat, he notices that the villagers are watching him with big round eyes. So he listens and hears that their stomachs are growling.
Then he looks and sees that their arms and legs are very thin and that their cheeks are hollow.
Bobo: Bobo. (Wait... Was this your supper?)
Bobo: Bobo. (Then... I can't accept this. Listen, your kindness has given me strength enough.)
Bobo: Bobo... (Split it amongst yourselves. Come on. You're hungry, right?)
Villager 1: What? Do you mean... to break bread with us?
Villager 2: Oh, generous, giving soul! If this is the heart of a beast, then all the peoples of the sky have much to learn.
Villager 3: But we'll be fine, I promise. Please, eat and don't trouble yourself.
Villagers: Please, we beg you!
Bobo: Bobo. (Well... If you insist...)
The sun sets and rises and sets again. And still, every day, the villagers treat Bobo like a king.
Indeed, for almost a week now, Bobo has not had to eat a bug, or fight a monster, or do anything that he didn't want to.
Bobo: Bobo... (Sweet paradise...)
Bobo: Bobo. (I'd like to live here in peace—for the rest of my days...)
Little Abby: Waaah....
Bobo: Bo! (No... How could I think that!)
Bobo: Bobo! (H-how many days has it been! I have to go home!)
Villager 1: My word. Whatever is the matter?
Villager 2: Surely you don't mean to leave us?
Bobo: Bo! (I do! I can't stay here forever!)
Bobo: Bobo... (There's someone waiting for me. She can't understand a word I say, and she's always stroking my fur the wrong way... But she's special to me!)
Bobo: Bobo! (I won't forget you though! You nursed me back to health. And I promise I'll come back and return the favor!)
Villager 3: This won't do at all.
The villager shakes his head and casts a rope, snaring poor Bobo's feet.
Bobo: Bo! (Agh!)
Bobo: Bobo. (What do you think you're doing?)
Villager 2: You are destined to be our savior... We mustn't let such a valued and honored guest escape.
Bobo: Bobo! (What's going on... There's something off about the look in your eyes!)
Bobo: Bobo! (Untie me! Don't make me give you the ol' haymaker!)
Villager 1: Get him!
Villager 2: Grit your teeth!
Bobo: Bo! (What!)
Bobo: Bo... Bo... (Urgh... This... arrow...)
Bobo: Bo? (What?)
Bobo: Bo... Bo? (An arrow? Was I... shot?)
Bobo: Bobo. (You... were the ones who shot me.)
Villagers: ...
Bobo: Bo... (Why...? What do you want? Guh...)
But the arrow does its work quickly and soon, for Bobo, all is dark again.

Bobo the Deity: Scene 3

Abby and the crew arrive to find the villagers about to cook Bobo. Bobo cries out for help, and Abby, understanding his words, notices his wounds. Furious, she raises her axe above the villagers, but Bobo leaps in to shield them.

Bobo: Bo... (Urgh...)
Bobo: Bo... Bo? (What... What happened?)
Villager 1: Ah, you've awakened. Lovely. We've only just finished preparations, you know.
Bobo: Bobo! (You! That's right... There's a score to settle—wait. What do you mean, preparations?)
Bobo perks his ears and hears a great gurgling and burbling. Then he lifts his eyes and sees a big cauldron, with steam rising off the top.
Bobo: Bobo... (You planning on feeding me vegetable soup? Thanks, but I've had enough of your hospitality to last a lifetime...)
Bobo: Bo. (Huh? There's nothing solid in the pot.)
Villager 3: Finally, the hour has come... for our salvation.
Villager 1: Oh, thank you... Thank you!
Bobo: Bo... (Wait. What are you...)
The villagers hoist the bear onto their shoulders, and he sits atop them in his cocoon of ropes.
They begin a slow march. As they draw nearer and nearer to the cauldron, a realization creeps into Bobo's mind like a shadow.
Bobo: Bobooo! (I'm going into the pot? You want to eat me?)
Villager 2: Oh, thank you... Thank you!
Bobo: Boo! Booo! (Hold your horses! No! Stop!)
Villager 3: Oh, thank you... Thank you!
Bobo: Bo... Bo... (The steam... It's stifling... I can't hold on... much longer...)
Bobo: Boo... Booo... (I can't talk to them... And I can't move... Guess... this is the end...)
Abby: What's that? You feeling sluggish, Bobo?
Abby: Well, I know just the thing to get you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!
Abby: Ta-dah! A full course of the finest bugs a net can catch. They're deliciously nutritious! Snared 'em just for you, Bobo!
Abby: All righty, Bobo! Kinda awkward doing this with all these people watching but... here comes the choo-choo train!
Bobo: Bo... (Wish I'd... just eaten them... Sorry... Abby...)
Hope leaves him. Slowly, Bobo stops struggling.
The villagers lift their burden high over the cauldron...
???: Stooop!
Villager 1: Gasp! What's that?
A giant axe comes flying and hits the giant pot. With a ringing crash, it overturns and the water splashes everywhere.
Villager 2: Ahh! Watch out! It's hot!
Bobo: Bo... Bo... (This voice... And that axe...)
Abby: Don't eat Bobooo! Or you'll eat my aaaxe!
Bobo: Bobo! (Abby!)
Abby: Bobo!
Bobo: Boobooo! (Please! Save me!)
Abby: I gotcha!
Bobo: Bo! (She... She understood me!)
Abby: Hey, you slobbering sickos! Get away from Bobo!
Villagers: Ahhh!
Abby rushes to Bobo's side. She takes hold of his ropes in her small hands and, in a single movement, tears them apart with the strength of a gorilla.
Bobo: Bo... Bo... (You came for me...)
Bobo: Bobo? (But... how'd you know I was here?)
Abby: Away in the woods, I found some old bloodstains and tracks, like something heavy had been dragged along the ground.
Abby: It was all I had to go on, so I took a chance. Thank the skies I did... Sniff... Bobo...
Bobo: Bo... (Ah, right... Must've left them behind the first time they shot me.)
Abby: What? Bobo! No... You're hurt so bad!
Abby: How could they... How could you! Answer me!
Abby picks up her axe and walks towards the villagers, one slow step after another.
Abby: You hurt Bobo, and then you tried to cook him! Well, now I'll split you like logs and feed you to the fire!
Villager 1: Nooo! Please, have mercy!
Abby raises her axe above her head. It glints coldly beneath the sun. Slowly, it begins its downward arc and starts to gather speed...
But then... it stops.
Abby: Out of my way, Bobo! I'll make 'em pay!
Bobo: Bo! Bo! (No. I won't let you, Abby!)
Bobo stands between the villagers and the blade, shielding the very beasts that meant to kill him.

Bobo the Deity: Scene 4

Bobo convinces Abby to hear the villagers out, and she learns that they meant to sacrifice Bobo as part of a ritual to end famine. Realizing that all the game has been chased away, the crew banish the monsters from the woods and save the day. The two friends make up, but then somehow Abby loses her ability to speak Bobo.

Bobo: Bobo... (Come on... For once, we were seeing eye to eye. Don't tell me that was a coincidence.)
Bobo: Bobo. (You understand me, right? Please, listen to me!)
Abby: ...
Bobo: Bo! Bo! (Just think.. If all these folks wanted was bear stew, they would've boiled me a long time ago!)
Bobo: Bobo... (But they didn't. They took care of me!)
Bobo: Bobo! (They fed me! Even though—well, look at them! Just walking racks of skin and bone!)
Bobo: Bobo! (And, at the very end, they spoke about salvation... There has to be more to this story!)
Bobo: Bo! Bo! (Don't turn your back on them yet... Not when so much has been left unsaid...)
Bobo: Bobo! (Reach out to them, Abby! Like you reached out to me!)
Vyrn: Did you catch any of that?
Lyria: N-no... But it seems like he's desperately trying to protect the villagers.
Abby: ...
Bobo: Bo... (Please, Abby... You have to understand...)
Abby: Move, Bobo.
Bobo: Bobo! (Abby!)
Abby: Sigh...
Abby drives her axe down—straight into an empty plot of land.
Abby: Daaah!
Vyrn: Waaah! She's gonna split the island in half!
Abby: Pant... Pant...
Abby: Look... I put my axe down... So you can move, okay?
Bobo: Bobo. (Okay.)
Abby: ...
Villager 1: Eep...
Abby: Well? Explain yourselves. Why'd you try to eat Bobo?
Abby: Look, if what you say makes even half a lick of sense... Then you stay in one piece.
Villager 3: Er... You see...
Villager 3: Lately, all the game has gone from the woods...
Abby: So that's why you hurt Bobo?
Villager 1: N-no! Well, yes, but...
Villager 2: He wasn't our prey. He was an offering... to be eaten as part of a sacred ritual.
Abby: A ritual? What are you talking about?
Villager 2: There's a legend that's long been passed down in this village.
Villager 2: "In times of need, a bear shall appear in the forest. Trap him, but do not kill him—for this bear has been sent by the gods and is your savior."
Villager 2: "Instead, bring him back to your village and honor him. After several days, you shall eat him and free his spirit, which will return to the gods."
Villager 3: Then, it's said that spirit would speak to the gods of how we revere and celebrate beasts. Hearing this, the gods would be pleased and fill our woods again with living creatures.
Bobo: Bobo... (So that's why you cared for me, even though you had nothing to spare.)
Abby: Now that you mention it... I didn't see a single critter in those woods.
Vyrn: There were plenty of monsters though.
Lyria: Wait, monsters?
  1. Could that be it?

Choose: Could that be it?
Vyrn: Uh... Are you saying all these new monsters... scared the animals away?
Abby: Makes sense to me.
Abby: There was a forest Bobo and I used to play in when I was younger. One day, a whole bunch of monsters started popping up like toadstools.
Abby: Before we knew it, every other moving, breathing thing had run away.
Bobo: Bobo. (You're right... I remember that.)
Abby: Well, if that's the root of the problem, I can solve it with two swings of my axe! Cut down the monsters, and make room for the critters!
Abby: All righty! Let's get a move on, Bobo! Show 'em what those paws are made of!
Bobo: Bo! Bo! (Show 'em? Nah, they're gonna feel 'em!)
Vyrn: Heh! I still don't really get it, but let's go bash some monsters!
(Captain) and the crew leap into the woods and soon, monsters of all sorts are fleeing before them.
At last, when there are no more sinister eyes to be seen lurking behind rocks or among the trees, they march back to the village.
Abby: There! You'll all be hunting again by the end of the week!
Villager 1: I can't believe my ears! Oh, thank you! How can we ever repay you?
Villager 2: It seems the legends were true. Bobo, Abby... All of you. You really were our saviors.
Villager 3: Thank you... Thank you!
Bobo: Bobo! (Don't worry about it. I owe you for taking care of me anyway!)
Bobo: Bo... (Wait... But I also owe you for shooting me with that arrow...)
Abby: Aw, come on, Bobo! Don't overthink it! I see that mind of yours going a million miles a minute. We saved everyone, and that's what matters!
Abby: Plus, we found each other again! Hehe!
Bobo: Bobo. (You're right... We're together now. All's well that ends well, I guess!)
Lyria: Hehe.
And so a village is saved and a friendship mended—two giant birds gotten with one stone.
A few more days come and go...
A letter arrives at the Grandcypher.
It is from the villagers, describing woods overflowing with all kinds of animals and thanking the crew many, many times.
Abby: Hehe. Would you look at this, Bobo? They keep calling me their savior!
Bobo: Bobo! (They sure do. Says the same thing about me too! Hah-hah-hah!)
Lyria: Hehe. It looks like that letter really made your day!
Bobo: Bobo! (Well, it's not just the letter. Being able to talk with Abby is the greatest gift of all.)
Abby: Yep! You got that right, Bobo!
Bobo: Bo! (Finally... the nightmare's over. Never again will I feel like I'm talking to a crazy, axe-toting wall!)
Abby: All this commotion sure works up an appetite! You've been missing my home-cooked meals, haven't you?
Bobo: Bo? (Uh... What?)
Abby: Well! I've whipped you up a feast! It's chock full of your favorites, Bobo! Wriggly, squiggly... bugs!
Bobo: Bobo! (Are you hearing things again? Wait... No! Does this mean I can't talk to you?)
Abby: Come on! There's a choo-choo train coming for a very good bear! Get over here, Bobo!
Bobo: Bobo! (Stop! Shoot! It's no good! She doesn't understand me!)
Bobo: Boo! Booo! (Agh! Sour pickles! That's it! This time, I'm really through with you!)
Abby: Haha! I can't feed you if you're running, sillypaws!
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Just look at him jumping for joy. He musta really missed Abby's cooking. Good for you, big guy.
Lyria: Aha... ha...
All of the crew clap and laugh to see such fun.
Well, all except Bobo. In his heart, Bobo is crying and wondering when the nightmare will truly end...

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ぶった斬るっ! Eat my axe!
斬り応えある魔物どっかにいないかなー Where are all the monsters with backbone?
あ!虫!ムンちゃんのご飯! Look! Bugs! Hope you're hungry, Bobo!
んー……熊肉って美味しいのかなー Mmph... Bears don't look too tasty...
ムーンちゃん♪ Ohh, Bobo!
よーしあったまってきた!なんでも真っ二つだよ☆ Now that I'm all limbered up... It's time to split the skies in two!
ムンちゃん、ムンちゃんまだまだいける? Hey, Bobo! You aren't tired yet, are you?
(主人公)、頼りにしてるよ♪ (Captain), you got my back?
アタシの腕にはね魔法がかかってるんだ! My arms are enchanted!
(主人公)もムンちゃん好き? (Captain)? You love Bobo too, right?