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Official Profile[edit]

Age 25
Height 174 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Gazing at the twilight sky
Likes His Knights of Levin companions
Dislikes Receiving praise
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Albert is the captain of the Knights of Levin, an order of warriors who (typically) harness the power of Levin's storms to defend their kingdom. He is the wielder of the Skyblade, one of Levin's national treasures and possesses incomparable skill with a sword. He is an intensely strong warrior, but he lacks social awareness, and can be surprisingly immature at times. He also designed the uniforms worn by female recruits, as seen on the Levin Sisters, suggesting that he is a closet pervert.

Albert was a close friend of a man named Yurius, another Levin noble and fellow Knight, who is in fact the illegitimate son of the king. However, Yurius was a scholar at heart, while Albert was the real knight between the two of them, having been given promotion after promotion for his valor and heroics.

Yurius, meanwhile requested that the king entrust two of Levin's national treasures to him; the Skyblade, and the Astral Void Lacrima, the latter of which he believed to be a piece of the Sky Map, so that he could study them. The king, disgusted and taking deep personal offense that his filthy illegitimate son would dare ask for table scraps, much less a pair of valuable treasures that Yurius was far more suited to using than he was, spat in his face, and told Yurius that the Knights were Levin's foundation, insinuating how worthless he considered both Yurius and his work to be. Advancing Levin's society was far less important to the king than being regaled by Albert's stories of his knight's brave exploits. And this was a typical occurrence unfortunately, so when Albert walked in on them arguing after returning from an expedition, Albert had no way to know that things were escalating between the two parties.

Eventually, the king went so far as to rename the Knights of Levin, further damaging Albert's relationship with his best friend, by calling them the Sky Knights, for no other reason than to spite Yurius. Albert saw through the ploy and protested, but he was a soldier loyal to his king first and foremost, and was forced to comply when the king turned and had Yurius himself prepare a celebration for Albert. He was starting to grow suspicious that his king lived for no other reason than to spite his best friend. But it was too late at that point.

Albert was favored by the king for many years, and this led to his best friend growing increasingly resentful of him. Albert was never made aware of this until he was returning to the barracks after a training exercise to hear Yurius cry out in panic from within. He barged into Yurius' room-turned-workshop, only to find his friend looking no worse for wear. Yurius left to see the king, and Albert had peace of mind again... briefly.

This lasted for a matter of hours, upon which he finally couldn't help but feel something was off and hurried to the throne room, only to find Yurius there, carrying the Astral Void Lacrima. Before he could say anything of course, the king made it perfectly clear that Yurius was an evil man who had lied to them all in order to formulate a diabolical plot to kill him. He demanded that Albert execute Yurius immediately, which left Albert dumbfounded, because the Yurius he knew would never even contemplate such a thing. The Yurius the king knew, of course, didn't actually exist and was a product of his self-centered delusions, meaning that the king wasn't actually aware that what he was saying was completely ludicrous and would have been hysterical if it weren't for the fact that Yurius seemed to be corroborating the story.

He threatened the king, told Albert of his heritage, and how for a long time, ever since he started studying the Lacrima, in fact, he had been hearing voices in his head telling him to kill his best friend and the king so that he could finally be given the respect that was his birthright. He also explained that he knew that these thoughts were his own. A part of him had always deeply resented Albert, which if he had been paying attention, would likely have been obvious to him. Though he had finally given in at this point, a part of Yurius's true conscience evidently remained, and without even breaking from his rant, he gave Albert the Skyblade and pleaded he use it to kill him. But first, he had to destroy the Lacrima, because the voices in his head did have another source: They were his own thoughts, but they were being manipulated by a primal beast speaking to him from within the Astral Void Lacrima. Only the Skyblade could destroy the Lacrima, or vice-versa, as their powers cancelled each other out.

Albert however didn't believe him until Yurius began speaking with two voices, now urging him not to do what he had just said, and now telling him that the Lacrima was a prison. Destroying it wouldn't stop the primal beast from controlling him, but would in fact unleash the full extent of its power. The king watched this altercation in a fit of rage, commanding, or rather demanding, that Albert kill him for his treason. Forced to make a choice, Albert smashed the Lacrima to pieces.

Unfortunately, he had once again failed to see the truth even when it shoved itself in his face, as it had several hours prior. Of course, it didn't help that the king was putting extra pressure on him to do the obviously wrong thing, so he cannot be held entirely accountable.

Yurius not only told him that he had made the wrong choice, but that in doing so, he had proven that he believed more in the Yurius who was a deranged killer, the monster he had just met, rather than his closest friend who warned him what smashing the Lacrima would do. He promptly butchered the king, ripping him into pieces, the mad primal beast cackling through his mouth as the Celestial Eye erupted into existence high above the kingdom and unleashed a colossal bolt of lighting directly at Saint Lethan Castle, blasting a massive hole through the building before going inactive.

It is worth noting here that whatever Yurius or Albert thought of the royal swine, he got a lot better than he deserved.

Albert escaped the Castle and ran away, leaving Levin altogether, joining a certain crew on a certain airship, under the premise of finding a way to stop Yurius. It was of course just an excuse to run away from his problems now that he had been forced to learn that he couldn't solve them all by swinging a sword at them, as he had done all his life. It was however, the only thing he knew how to do, being a natural leader and an incomparable fighter, but a near-complete failure at seeing the motivations of others.

Eventually, Albert was forced to return to Levin, when the Celestial Eye that had hung over Levin since antiquity awoke and began firing lightning at the island.

He was made aware of this by Mina, who went off in search of him, and the crew was more than willing to help. Albert finally explained what happened in Levin (though he glossed over the altercation with Yurius itself) and why he ran away to the crew, apologizing for keeping secrets from them. He was about to continue until Mina interrupted, demanding answers from Albert as to why he did nothing to stop Yurius from assassinating the king, only for the Celestial Eye to turn toward the Grandcypher, and loose a lightning storm at it, as well as bringing the ship under attack by sending swarms of monsters from the palace to assault the crew. Under the Eye's relentless assault, the Grandcypher was struck out of the skies and plunged into the wreckage of Saint Lethan Castle.

Escaping from the damaged airship, Albert and Mina found themselves in one part of the castle, while the rest of the crew ended up in another. They began searching for their two missing companions in the eerie, empty castle. After a few minutes they heard footsteps...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the ruined castle, Mina had not changed her focus even as the ship crashed, though she had changed her tone, begging Albert for forgiveness for what amounted to raising her voice to him, much to his embarrassment. Albert answered her by telling her that she had nothing to apologize form and proceeded to explain in detail what happened in the throne room when the king was assassinated. He managed to finish his explanation with only a few interruptions. He finished, conveniently, around the same time that the crew of the Grandcypher found him. However, they weren't alone.

With them, was none other than Yurius, looking just as he did the day before the Astral Void Lacrima successfully used him as its host. Yurius explained that he wasn't actually the man Albert knew, but was in fact merely a part of him, cast off by the vast magical powers of the Celestial Eye, and the primal beast dwelling in his body. The Eye required a user without a conflicted mind, and because the part of Yurius that would never harm a friend was incompatible with the Eye's wielder, it expelled him from his body in a ghostly form. He explained what the Lacrima was: That it was a prison for a vicious primal beast that feeds on peoples' minds.



Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday.
I'm thrilled to celebrate this auspicious day with you.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Wow, another year has gone by. It's strange to think that you were once so young.
Perhaps it's because you've done an excellent job leading this crew.
Your journey to meet your father on Estalucia isn't over yet.
I don't know if I can stay with you until the very end of that.
But I'm your friend. You can always turn to me if you need help. Never forget that.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
It isn't much, but I wanted you to have this gift in remembrance of this momentous occasion.
It's odd. We each have our own goals on the journeys we've set out upon.
But I feel as if no matter where you end up going, I'll be there with you too until the very end.
Yeah, I know. There is an end to the journey. Or that is to say the journey must come to an end.
But for now, can we simply enjoy your birthday together?
Thank you.


(Captain), happy birthday.
We were all preparing for today's party.
Just picturing how much fun you'd have put a grin on our faces. We had a blast putting this all together.
Everyone places their trust in you, (Captain). I see that clearly now.
Though I wouldn't be surprised if the resulting sense of responsibility can be a bit much sometimes.
Your position as captain comes with its own share of worries... I know that all too well.
No need to keep it all in though... Any time you need someone to talk to, I'm here for you.
That goes both ways?
Heh, glad to hear it.
You can bet I'll be relying on you too, (Captain).
You watch my back, and I'll watch yours.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Are you having a nice New Year's, (Captain)?
It'll surely be electrifying.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I hope I can rely on you this year as I did last year.
Oof, my knees... Ah, the view from here is amazing...
Hm? Something on your mind?
What? No, I didn't say anything about my knees. You need to get your ears checked, (Captain).
Geez... We just started the new year. Can you give me break with that old man stuff? I'm hurt...


Hello, (Captain). I'm gazing at the setting sun.
The first sunrise of the year is a thing to behold, but the same could be said of the first sunset, correct?
What's wrong, (Captain)? Come closer.
Come join me in watching as the sky turns a deep, dark blue.


Ah, (Captain)... Happy New Year...
No, nothing major happened. It's just that for my first dream of the year...
Everyone was calling me Old Man Sparky...
From the kids in town to Mina, Mona, Mena, Vyrn, and you...
I know the new year's only just started, but I'm not that old yet, am I?
Huh, you'll let me cry on your shoulder? Er, thanks, but no thanks. You're too kind, (Captain)...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's Day.
Are these chocolates for me? Hehe, you've just made my day. Thank you.


Now what have we here?
Heh. Chocolates from (Captain)...
I'm so happy I could cry. All jokes aside, these are great. Thank you.


Huff...Huff... What the! Oh, it's just you, (Captain). Don't surprise me like that.
If you must know, all the women in town have been chasing after me. Something about wanting to give me valentines.
I love getting a heartfelt gift... but not when I'm getting swarmed by fangirls. I had to get out of there before it was too late.
Hmm... What's that you're holding behind your back, (Captain)?
It's meaningless to lie to me. You of all people should be well aware of that.
Now show it to me.
This box is for me? Ah, now I get it. Forgive me for my suspicions.
You don't want to burden me with even more chocolates? What are you saying? It's no trouble at all! These are great.
Heh. Any gift from you is special. Thank you, (Captain).


A package for me, (Captain)?
Handmade chocolate... Thanks. You just made my day.
Wait, you've got bags under your eyes... Don't tell me you stayed up all night to make these...
Hoo boy, I must have really hit the jackpot for you to go this far for me.
I'll savor every piece—promise. And thanks again.
You must be exhausted. Why don't you get some rest?
And don't worry about running the crew for now.
I can help out with that until you recover.

White Day Cutscenes
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What's so surprising about this? Did you forget it was White Day?
Haha... This is in return for last time. I hope it makes you happy.


Will you accept this from me, (Captain)?
It's my way of thanking you for Valentine's Day.
It's not easy to come up with the perfect gift, you know.
But when I see your smiling face in my head, it fills me with a sense of peace.
Hm, that was a weird thing to say, wasn't it?


I'd like to give you a present in return for last month, (Captain)
I thought of your smiling face the entire time I was picking it out at the store.
But being in this position again is still a little nerve-wracking.
Haha... Acting so happy while opening it in front of me. Are you for real?
I guess I was worried for nothing. My heart can rest easy now.
You have my utmost thanks, (Captain). I hope I can continue to count on you.


(Captain), here's a thank-you for last month. Specially made for you.
Heh... It was fun keeping you in my thoughts while baking these sweets.
I hope they suit your tastes...
And... I also have a letter.
At first I wrote down my thoughts on the taste of those Valentine's chocolates you gave me, but...
Before I knew it, I was jotting down every little thing I'm grateful to you for.
If you don't mind... I'd like you to have this too.

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat.
Even when I was with the knights, we all used to get a kick out of dressing up for Halloween.


(Captain)! Don't tell me that you of all people were planning to play a trick on me!
Ah, I see. In that case let me give you the candy you wanted.
No, this can't be! The last of my treats were handed out just moments ago!
I have failed you and must accept your tricks as punishment.
Anything you do to me now is fair game, (Captain).


Put it there, (Captain). I just want to shake your hand. Come on.
Heh, feel your arm tingling a little? That's payback for what you did to me last year... Oh, please. This was just a silly prank.
What did you just say? I could've sworn I heard "Old Man Sparky" under your breath.
I won't allow anyone to call me that. Not even you, [;nickname]!
Hey! You think you can run from me? They don't call me Thunderswift Lord for nothing!


(Captain), I was thinking of an appropriate costume for Halloween.
I don't mean to boast, but the Levin Sisters really love the uniform I designed for them.
Which is why I'm confident about this design too. Here, take a look at the sample.
Well, what do you think? I went with a jack-o-lantern motif while trying to make it appropriately creepy.
The holes in the costume make it look cold?
They're to help with ventilation and mobility.
To allow one to trick others with the swiftness of lightning.
You don't get it?
How about you try the sample costume on and get a feel for it? I think you'll see its merits right away.
Okay, (Captain), keep your arms stretched out!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Tonight's a special night, isn't it? Who will you celebrate it with?
If it's not too much to ask, do you mind if I join you?


Holiday party tonight? Well, guess I should lend a hand. Do you want me to carry this?
I know that feeling of putting yourself on the line for your friends. Danger is an occupational hazard for us skyfarers.
But in the face of those dangers, we can still laugh, even if for the briefest of moments. I wonder if we have you to thank for that, (Captain).
I'm a little jealous of your capabilities and compassion, you know...
Heh. No, I'm just mumbling to myself. Come on, let's get excited for tonight.


It's a blessing to be able to celebrate this holiday night without incident.
Heh. But something's missing.
Take a good look at the tree, (Captain).
What do you think of the lights? We all did our best to hide this from you.
My electricity provides power and changes their colors.
It turned out pretty well considering how anyone could decorate the tree any way they wanted.
The holiday's just getting started. Let's enjoy ourselves at the banquet.


Brr... It's chilly outside. Are you okay with the cold, (Captain)?
Though I sure wasn't expecting to have to go shopping for ingredients during the middle of a party...
But maybe I should just be glad for the chance to tour the town with you.
The people walking these streets, our fellow crew members back at the party, and you...
Everyone's so jolly. What a wonderful night it makes for.
We'll be back to our usual busy routine tomorrow, so we should make the most of days off like this.
All right, let's pick up some fruit and cake along with the ingredients we were asked to bring back!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Skyblade's Secret[edit]

Albert parts with the crew for a while to investigate his thunder sword. Meanwhile the crew goes off to a glassware shop. The owner tries to extort money from the crew, but then Albert appears and scares him away.

The crew takes a job removing monsters on a treacherous mountain path.
They meet Albert along the way, and he assists them in hunting down the monsters.
Albert explains that his friend is possessed by the power of a strange primal beast, and he's scouring the skies in search of answers.
After hearing his story, Lyria reveals that she can sense primal beasts. Both she and the crew offer to aid Albert on his quest.
Albert not in crew

Albert is grateful and joins the crew to continue his search. A long time has passed since then.
Albert is a crew member

Albert continues his journey with the crew.
One day Albert finds his thunder sword quivering with a strange power.
He thinks the sword might be reacting to something and asks that they stop by a nearby town to search for clues.
Albert: Sorry, everyone. Would you mind if I go off on my own for a while?
Lyria: Sure! We have to do some shopping anyway, so that's fine with us!
Vyrn: Well... You do what you gotta do, but just be back by dinner, okay?
Albert: Hah. All right. Take care out there.
Lyria: Hehe. He sure left in a hurry.
Vyrn: We should head out too! Come on, (Captain)!
And so the crew heads out into the town and leaves Albert to his own devices.
Lyria: Wow... This place sure is bustling! There are so many people here!
Vyrn: Yeah! I heard this town is the biggest one around!
Lyria: Oh, really? I believe it!
Lyria: Hey, (Captain), do you want to go look at that glassware shop?
Vyrn: Ugh... You're gonna drag (Captain) over there? All right, we'll check it out for just a second!
When they arrive at the shop, they see all kinds of colorful teapots, urns, and other majestic wares.
Lyria: Wow! They're so beautiful!
Vyrn: All right, all right. Let's just have a look at the prices...
Lyria: Aaah! Who could afford that?
Vyrn: We'll have to come back after we save up some serious moolah!
Lyria: Agreed! Well, that was fun. We can go now, (Captain)!
But just as (Captain) and company step out the door, a shady-looking character eyes them and slyly walks closer.
He bumps into Lyria, and with an exaggerated fall, he drops his fine urn onto the sidewalk.
Shady Guy: Hey! Look what you did!
Lyria: Oh dear! I-I'm sorry!
Shady Guy: Tch... Your words ain't gonna bring back my wares, kid! You're gonna hafta do better than that!
Lyria: Um... So what do I do?
Shady Guy: Hah! You know what you gotta do! Pay up! Fork over the cash for this thing!
Vyrn: Okay, okay... You don't have to get so mad about it! We'll pay you for it already.
With a sinister smirk, the man scribbles a few figures down and presents the crew with an unreasonable sum.
Vyrn: What! You've gotta be kiddin' me! It couldn't have been this much!
Shady Guy: Hah hah hah... It was one-of-a-kind, you know. And it wasn't even the most expensive thing here.
Lyria: How are we going to pay for this? I couldn't save up this much money if I worked my whole life...
Shady Guy: Like I care! Now fork it over!
Vyrn: Any ideas, (Captain)? We're in big trouble here!
Just as things seem at their worst, a handsome young man appears on the scene.
Albert: Excuse me. You wouldn't happen to be causing trouble for these fine people here, would you?
Shady Guy: Huh? Who the hell are you? Get out!
Albert: These are my friends. Perhaps you all could explain what's going on here.
Lyria: Um... Well... I broke this urn, and...
Albert listens quietly as the crew retells the story.
Albert: Ah. Now I get it.
Shady Guy: Hehehe. I don't care who foots the bill as long as I get paid.
Albert: All right. Then I'll pay it.
Vyrn: Wait... You're not really gonna give him all that, are you?
Shady Guy: Heh. I like this guy. He actually gets it!
Albert: However... First I'm going to have to ask you a question.
Shady Guy: Huh? A question? Fine, whatever.
Albert raises his sword to the sky.
As he does, dark clouds suddenly begin to form where the sun had been shining brightly moments ago.
Shady Guy: Aaah! What's happening?
Albert: I forgot to mention this, but I can see right through any lie.
Albert: Go ahead, make up any story you want. The second you do, my lightning will strike and char you to a crisp.
Shady Guy: No way! Who... are you?
Albert: I am Albert. Some know me as the Thunderswift Lord.
Albert: Now, for my question... Is the price you told them the real price of that urn?
As Albert interrogates the man, the dark clouds above them churn menacingly, surging with lightning.
Albert charges his sword and points it directly at the man.
Shady Guy: Curse you... I'm not gonna forget this!
The man's face goes ghastly pale as he runs out of sight.
Albert: What a crook. We even said we'd pay for it if he told us the actual price.
Lyria: Oh dear... Thank you, Albert.
Vyrn: That was amazing! Lightning really does strike twice!
Albert: My powers are nothing worthy of praise.
The otherwise calm and collected Albert stands there with a pained expression on his face.
Albert: The Skyblade is a sacred sword known only to those in Levin.
Albert: But it wasn't exactly developed as a lie detector.
Vyrn: What? So then how did you get that kinda power?
Albert: When I received this sword, I made a choice.
Albert: But when I did, I didn't know the truth. I soon found that the choice I made was the wrong one. It's all part of the troubling past I have to live with.
Albert: And that's why... that's why I have to use this power to make it right.
Albert: I won't make the same mistake again.
Seeing the pained expression on his face, the crew can only listen in silence.
Albert: Heh. Sorry to bring up such a gloomy topic.
Vyrn: What? Why? We're friends! You've got nothin' to worry about!
Lyria: I, um... I was actually glad to hear more about you, Albert.
(Captain) tells Albert that he doesn't need to suffer his burden alone. The crew is here for him.
Albert: Haha... Thanks, everyone.
Albert smiles at their words, his heart warmed by their kindness.
This experience moves Albert and the crew to grow ever closer. From this day forward, their friendship is stronger than ever.

Reviving Levin[edit]

Albert, Mina, Mona, Mena, and the crew try to come up with ways to help the recovering Kingdom of Levin. They decide to start by eliminating the monsters around Saint Lethan Castle.

The troubles of the Kingdom of Levin have been resolved. But the kingdom is still far from its former glory.
With that in mind, Albert, Mina, Mona, Mena, and the crew hold a meeting to come up with a solution.
Albert: All right then... We all know the reason we're here today.
Albert: We still have a lot of problems to deal with in Levin. But I know we can tackle each one if we work together.
Albert: And that's why... I'd like to get your thoughts on what we can do to revive our kingdom.
Hearing Albert's question, everyone begins to deliberate.
Mina: How about we do something to remind our citizens of the bravery of the Sky Knights?
Albert: Hmm... Indeed, the people have been pretty concerned ever since our last battle.
Albert: That's a good idea. We should give it a shot. But first we need to flesh out the details...
Mona: Why don't we go after the monsters around Lethan Castle?
Mona: We could patrol the castle town and keep the peace.
Mena: There are still some stragglers around there, so that sounds perfect!
Albert: And by eliminating a threat to the people, we can help alleviate their worries. Makes sense to me.
Albert: All right then. Time to get this plan into action.
Albert: Sorry to be a bother, but would you and the crew mind lending us a hand, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Hehe, sure! No sweat!
Lyria: Yeah! We'll help any way we can!
Albert: Then it's settled! Let's get rid of those monsters around Saint Lethan Castle!
(Captain) and company raise their weapons in response to Albert's call.
They soon depart for Saint Lethan Castle, where they will eliminate the monsters roaming the grounds.

Reviving Levin: Scene 2[edit]

After clearing out the monsters around Saint Lethan Castle, (Captain) and company patrol the nearby castle town. To further revive Levin, they prepare to leverage its proud local specialties: spa treatment, grape liqueur, and lightning.

After clearing out the monsters around Saint Lethan Castle, (Captain) and company patrol the nearby castle town.
With their initial objectives complete, they go back to the meeting room to discuss their next course of action.
Albert: Mina, Mona, Mena. Good work on those monsters.
Mina: You humble us, sir!
Mona: I'm so happy for you, Mina. All your hard work in the Sky Knights is finally paying off.
Mena: Yay, Mina! Thrashing all those monsters was worth it after all!
Mina: Quiet down, you two!
Albert: Heh... You three haven't changed a bit.
Albert: I'm also grateful for all the help you and the crew provided, (Captain).
Vyrn: Haha! Go on! Tell us more!
Lyria: Hehe. We're just glad to be of service! Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Albert: Thank you.
Albert: But it looks like this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Albert: We still have a lot of work left to revive our country.
Albert: I want to do something to bring back the energy that used to fill these streets. Does anyone have any ideas?
The crew throws out a handful of ideas to invigorate the kingdom.
After going over all the ideas, they narrow them down to the top three.
Albert: Levin has always prided itself on its local specialties. And they are...
Mina: A unique type of grape liqueur.
Mona: Spa treatment in the hot-spring district.
Mena: And don't forget the lightning! We've got lightning year-round, and other places can barely hold a candle to that!
Albert: I see. We should leverage these three things to help put the kingdom back on its feet.
Albert: First, Mina and the crew, you'll help me take care of those monsters in the hot-spring district.
Mina: Yes, sir!
Vyrn: We've got this! (Captain)'s ready and rarin' to go!
Lyria: And I sure want to go to one of those hot springs...
Albert: Mona, you go to the distillery and ask them to pitch in.
Mona: I'm on it! I know someone who works there too!
Albert: Mena, can you think of something special to do with lightning?
Mena: Yeah, you betcha! Coming up with good ideas is my specialty!
Albert: Good, then it's settled. I'm counting on each and every one of you!
And with that, each person splits off to go fulfill their part of the plan.
Albert, Mina, and (Captain) head out to the hot-spring district to start clearing out monsters.

Reviving Levin: Scene 3[edit]

The crew gets rid of the monsters in the hot-spring district of Levin, and it soon brims with activity again. (Captain) and company later return as guests to find Mina and her sisters selling grape liqueur and Albert offering Levin's new Thunderswift Jacuzzi.

(Captain) and company go to work and get rid of all remaining monsters in the hot-spring district.
Some time later the crew returns to the area to find it brimming with activity.
Albert invites them to come to the hot springs, this time as guests.
Lyria: Umm... I think this is the right one...
Vyrn: Wait, isn't it that one?
Vyrn points to the distance, where the three sisters Mina, Mona, and Mena are standing and selling the local drink.
Mina: Step on up and get one of Levin's finest beverages! Grape liqueur, anyone?
Mona: Mina, bring us more of that stuff!
Mena: Hmm? Hey, it's (Captain) and the gang!
Vyrn: Wow! Look at you guys!
Lyria: You've got all kinds of customers flocking to you!
Mena: Hehe! Betcha didn't see that comin', did ya?
Lyria: Wait, but where's Albert?
Mina: Albert is over there on important business!
Mona: Feel free to stop by and see him!
The two girls point the crew toward Albert, who is solemnly gripping his lightning sword.
Albert: Haaa!
With a fierce look, Albert thrusts the sword into the water before him.
A smile quickly spreads across the face of a customer sitting in the water.
Vyrn: What the? What is he doing?
Mina: Albert... put forth his greatest efforts to—
Mona: He made Levin's new Thunderswift Jacuzzi!
Mena: Hehe! And I came up with the idea! Whaddya think? Pretty great, huh?
Lyria: Oh... Um, yes...
Albert sees the crew approach and flashes a smile, inviting them over to take a look.
Albert: (Captain), Vyrn, Lyria! Thanks for stopping by!
Albert: Come on over and try our new Thunderswift Jacuzzi!
Albert: Hmm? Why do you all look so puzzled? Get over here already!
Vyrn: Uh... What do we do here, guys?
Lyria: Well... He did invite us with a smile. We can't exactly turn him down, can we?
Reluctant but willing, the crew starts to scoot toward Albert.
Albert: Hah hah hah. I wanted to let you know I appreciate everything you've done for us.
Albert: So today... You all get the Albert Special! On the house!
Though Albert had caught them off guard with his initially solemn expression, they shrug it off and go to enjoy the new experience.

Other Appearances[edit]

Rage Of Bahamut[edit]


  • Appears as both a card and as an alternate leader for the Swordcraft class.
SV Albert, Levin Saber.png SV Albert, Levin Saber E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (9) - Can attack 2 times per turn. Reduce damage received to 0 this turn.

From this day forth, our order will be known as the Sky Knights! May justice and honor forever be our comrades in arms!


We brandish our swords to uphold order and to thwart the forces of cruelty and chaos. Let us ride like lightning, my brothers and sisters!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Albert, Levin Saber
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other
SV Albert, Levin Saber 2.png SV Albert, Levin Saber 2 E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (9) - Can attack 2 times per turn. Reduce damage to 0 until the end of the turn.

From this day forth, our order will be known as the Sky Knights! May justice and honor forever be our comrades in arms!


We brandish our swords to uphold order and to thwart the forces of cruelty and chaos. Let us ride like lightning, my brothers and sisters!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Prebuild Decks Set 2
SV Portal Albert, Levin Saber
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other
SV Albert, Levin Saber 3.png SV Albert, Levin Saber 3 E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (9) - Can attack 2 times per turn. Reduce damage to 0 until the end of the turn.

From this day forth, our order will be known as the Sky Knights! May justice and honor forever be our comrades in arms!


We brandish our swords to uphold order and to thwart the forces of cruelty and chaos. Let us ride like lightning, my brothers and sisters!
Class Swordcraft
Trait Commander
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Albert, Levin Saber
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Dragalia Lost[edit]


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