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Official Profile

Age 63 Height 162 cm Race Human
Hobbies Magic tricks
Likes His daughter's smile
Dislikes His daughter's frown
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Known as the Sage of the Sword, Aletheia is an unmatched user of both the sword and the staff, but his persistence drives him to improve his abilities even now. Witnessing him brandish a radiant holy sword is enough strike fear into the hearts of his foes, but he's also something of a sly old fox, and is prone to shirking responsibility. His worldwide renown as a sage may give him a god-like reputation, but seeing him think about his long estranged family would easily convince anyone of his humanity.
Source [1] [2]

Age 63歳 Height 162cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 手品
Likes 愛娘の笑顔
Dislikes 愛娘の悲しい顔
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Source [1] [2]




  • Aletheia has character banter with his daughter Teena when paired in battle.
  • He is Lucius's father.
    • He has the same Charge Attack as Lucius.
  • The voice actor of Aletheia, Chikao Ohtsuka, passed away from ischemic heart failure at the age of 85 on January 15, 2015.


  • "Aletheia", written ἀλήθεια in Greek, means "truth" or literally, the "state of not being hidden".

Special Cutscenes

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes

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The Veteran Sage

One by one the challengers fall before (Captain). A wizened old man watching the proceedings expresses interest in (Captain)'s future. The man turns out to be Aletheia, the Sage of the Sword.

Vyrn: Yeesh. Another challenger. How many is that now?
Vyrn: It seems like there's been an endless line of them ever since (Captain) got that sword.
Challenger: Hey there, youngster! How 'bout I fight you for that sword!
Vyrn: They just keep coming... Hey! Why do you want this sword so bad anyway?
Challenger: What? You guys seriously don't know what that sword's worth?
Vyrn: What? You mean this old thing? How much could it possibly be worth?
Challenger: That sword was carried by Aletheia, the Sage of the Sword! And you don't even know that?
Challenger: Every person worth their salt is after that sword! They wanna prove that they have what it takes to be a hero!
Challenger: Now fight!
Vyrn: Wow! Sounds like the sword's really something! You want a fight? You got it! Right, (Captain)?
And so (Captain) crosses blades with challenger after challenger, battling for the right to wield the sage's sword.
An elderly man watches (Captain) with keen interest, fascinated by the skill with which the captain swings the sage's blade.
Old Timer: Ha-ha! You put on quite the show. You clearly have more skills than your limited years would suggest.
Vyrn: Now wait just a minute. You're next? But you're so old!
Old Timer: And you're so noisy. Now pay attention, and you might learn something, lizard.
Old Timer: Lesson one: never underestimate your elders. For a great oak like me, cutting down a sapling could hardly be called a challenge.
Vyrn: You know, something tells me you're not a run-of-the-mill old dude.
Old Timer: Ha-ha! That's no way to talk to the elderly! And I have no intention of fighting.
Old Timer: But I must say that you handle that sword quite well. Enough to impress even me!
Vyrn: Glad to hear it. So you know a thing or two about this sword, do you?
Old Timer: Indeed. A great deal more than you, I'd wager.
Vyrn: For real? So can you tell us what all the guys coming after it meant about having what it takes to be a hero?
Old Timer: Well, the sword has one ringer of a name, there's no doubt about that...
Old Timer: But, you know, time really does turn the smallest of guppies into the most monstrous of whales.
The old man quietly begins his tale. He speaks of a time long past, when the sword was a certain man's constant companion.
The wisdom and strength he acquired over his long journey saved countless people from monsters of all sorts.
His deeds spanned the ages, tales of him spread like wildfire, and he soon came to be praised as the Sage of the Sword.
Vyrn: Wow! The sword of the sage... That's pretty amazing!
Old Timer: And now my old friend travels with you. That's an interesting tale in and of itself, I'd bet.
Vyrn: Hm? Wait just a second! So you're the sage himself? Seriously?
Aletheia: Ha-ha! My dear lizard. Seems you've got yourself some brains in that tiny head of yours.
Vyrn: Dude! Really? You're the sage?
Aletheia: Well, some have certainly called me that.
Aletheia: (Captain)... I'm most interested in seeing the path you take as the holder of the sword.
Vyrn: No way! What're you gonna do, (Captain)?
  1. I'm not worthy.
  2. I'll show you what a true hero looks like!

Choose: I'm not worthy.
Aletheia: Try to have a little faith in yourself. I'm sure my sword's in good hands!

Choose: I'll show you what a true hero looks like!
Aletheia: Ha-ha! That's the spirit! Now let's see if you can back up that boast!
Continue 1
Aletheia: Now that that's decided, let's not linger here.
Aletheia: I look forward to seeing just how far you can go with that blade.
Vyrn: Okay! You better show the sage what you can do while his eyes still work, eh, (Captain)?
Aletheia: Watch it, lizard. I'm still plenty young enough to run merry circles around the likes of you!
Aletheia: If you think otherwise, why not wager that sword and have a little fight?
The old man finds himself smiling at the sight of the sword in (Captain)'s hand as he remembers when he himself used to hold it.
The old man joins the crew, eager to be there to see (Captain) leave his name in the annals of history.

The Ersatz Sage

(Captain) and company arrive at a village where they hear that someone calling himself Aletheia is up to no good. (Captain) and Vyrn are angry, but Aletheia laughs it off as a common occurrence. Suddenly monsters appear and attack the villagers.

(Captain) and company find themselves in a remote village.
They soon hear some nasty rumors about someone pretending to be the sage Aletheia.
Vyrn: The sage Aletheia is here! What kind of stupid rumor is that?
Aletheia: Ha-ha! Don't be so mean, little lizard!
Aletheia: It's nothing to pay any heed to. This happens all the time.
Vyrn: There's nothing little about me! And I'm no lizard!
Vyrn: Don't the rumors bother you?
Aletheia: Rumors are interesting things... They grow as they travel, getting more and more exaggerated...
Aletheia: And one day they develop into full-fledged legends.
Vyrn: Oh, is that so? But didn't you hear the rumors going around this island?
Aletheia: Ha-ha! Sure I did, and they're amusing to say the least!
Aletheia: You know, it seems like I hear rumors about things I supposedly did everywhere I go...
Aletheia: But to be spoken so badly of is quite rare, even for me!
Vyrn: How can you laugh at a time like this? They're calling you greedy and wicked!
Aletheia: It's nothing to worry about. The impostor will expose himself soon enough. Besides, look...
Villager: Aahh! Somebody help!
Monster: Groar!
Aletheia: A villager is being attacked. This isn't the sort of crew that just stands around and lets that happen, right?
Vyrn: Of course! (Captain)! Let's go help!

The Ersatz Sage: Scene 2

The villagers fear the so-called sage as well as the monsters that started appearing when he showed up. Their distrust for him increases due to his demands for money to defeat the monsters and abandonment of those who can't pay.

Villager: Thank you! I thought that was it for me!
Aletheia: Don't worry about it. I'm just glad you're safe.
Aletheia: Still, do monsters often pop up in this village?
Villager: No, it was peaceful here until recently...
Aletheia: Indeed. This certainly doesn't look like the sort of village where monsters could just take up residence easily.
Villager: As soon as the sage started living in the temple on the outskirts of the village, we suddenly had a monster problem.
According to the villagers, monsters started appearing as soon as the man calling himself the sage showed up.
The man apparently demands money for defeating the monsters and ruthlessly forsakes those who can't pay.
Aletheia: The imposter sounds every bit as greedy and wicked as the rumors suggest.
Vyrn: How dare he call himself a sage. No sage would ever demand money to help people!
Vyrn: That dirty faker! I'm gonna tell him exactly what I think of money-grubbing sage wannabes!
Aletheia: Ha-ha! There's that mouth of yours again, lizard. You should be more like (Captain)!
Aletheia: Perhaps it'd be wise to visit the outskirts and see what the villagers are talking about.
Vyrn: What? This place seems weird. I can almost smell the monsters hiding here...
Aletheia: Ha-ha! Your senses are sharp at least, lizard!
Vyrn: This isn't a laughing matter! (Captain)! Are you ready? Let's go!

The Ersatz Sage: Scene 3

The Aletheia impostor appears before (Captain) and company after their victory. When the crew exposes him, he responds by sending another threat their way.

Vyrn: Ugh... Talk about a tough fight! You okay, (Captain)?
A strange man suddenly moves between the monster and (Captain).
Aletheia: The action just never stops! Might you be the sage we heard talk of in the village?
Fake Sage: Indeed! I am the great sage Aletheia! Rest assured that I'll deal with your little monster dilemma!
Fake Sage: But alas, I cannot do it for free. A man needs to know that he's appreciated, you see...
Aletheia: Well, it's good to know we have a hunter we can count on! Still, about that bit regarding appreciation...
Vyrn: Hey, old man! Let's cut the small talk and get to the part where we beat up this impostor!
Aletheia: Sigh... Such a hasty little lizard. It's quite hard to keep up sometimes.
Fake Sage: Impostor? Your lizard should mind its forked tongue.
Vyrn: Tough talk coming from a sage who smells just like the monsters we've been fighting.
Fake Sage: Hmm... For a lizard, you've got a good nose on you.
Fake Sage: But I can't be bothered to explain myself. Far easier just to feed you to some monsters.
Aletheia: With a temper like that, how do you ever expect to make anything of yourself?
Fake Sage: Enough of your prattle, old man! Prepare to face your end!
Vyrn: Ha! If you think this can stop us, you're clearly not much of a sage! Do it, (Captain)!

The Ersatz Sage: Scene 4

(Captain) and company demonstrate Aletheia's true strength and achieve victory. With the evil deeds of the fake sage exposed, peace returns to the village.

Vyrn: You see that? That was true power! (Captain) would never lose to an impostor like you!
Fake Sage: I-impossible... How could I lose to some kid and a geezer?
Fake Sage: Who are you people?
Aletheia: I have no intention of telling some small-time crook like you.
Vyrn: You're in the presence of the skyfarer captain (Captain) and the real sage Aletheia!
Vyrn: What are you waiting for? Kneel!
Fake Sage: What? The sage... Aletheia? T-true power? Tch...
Vyrn: We knew what you were up to from the beginning. How's defeat taste, genius?
Aletheia: There's my lizard. Just a few words too many. Anyway...
Aletheia: I think it's about time for you to give back everything you took from the villagers to hunt your own little army of monsters.
Vyrn: I hope you learned your lesson about pretending to be a sage!
Thanks to (Captain), the faker's wickedness is exposed, and peace returns to the village.
With this, the sage's name is cleared, and another page is added to his legend.

Now and Forever

(Captain) and the crew come to the rescue of a pregnant woman at the request of her son. Aletheia and Keehar agree to look after the boy until his father arrives. Keehar cheers the boy up when he worries he won't get along with his new sibling. Reminded of his own poor filial relations, Aletheia receives encouragement from Keehar and resolves to work on himself and his relationship with his son.

Their most recent mission complete, (Captain) and the crew decide to relax in town. They are soon interrupted by a small boy in a big fluster.
Boy: Huff, puff...
E-excuse me, sirs! I... um!
Keehar: What's wrong, young man? Easy now... Take a deep breath and tell us what the trouble is.
Boy: My mom... she... her stomach's hurting real bad! And there's a baby in there!
Aletheia: What! No time to waste, lad! Bring us to her!
The boy races back to his mother with (Captain) and the others hot on his heels. Together, they get his mother safely to the hospital.
Beset by labor pains, the grateful woman thanks them as she is taken into the delivery room.
Nurse: Thank you so much! She's a fair bit ahead of her due date... I'm so glad you were there to help.
Aletheia: Oh, it's all thanks to this lad's quick thinking. He came running to find help.
Nurse: What a clever boy! But... I'm not quite sure what to do with him while his mother is in labor...
Keehar: Hmm? What happened to his father?
Nurse: We managed to contact him, but it was such short notice that he won't be able to come right away.
Keehar: Is that so... Well, I have an idea! How about we take care of the boy until his father finds his way home?
Nurse: Oh, my! You don't mind? If you could just make sure he doesn't stray too far from the front of the hospital, that'd be a big help.
Keehar: Indeed we can! You just do your best to take care of his mother.
Keehar: Does old men like us good to be around children now and then, doesn't it, Aletheia?
Aletheia: Slow down there, Keehar! I'm really not good with children...
Keehar: Ha-ha! Alright, boy. You're going to sit with the old-timers for a spell!
Boy: Um... Okay.
Ms. Nurse? Take care of my mom and the baby, okay?
And so Keehar and Aletheia find themselves doing a bit of babysitting.
Boy: ...
Aletheia: Hrm... You seem rather out of sorts, young man.
Keehar: You certainly do. Must be worried about your mother and your new brother or sister, eh?
Boy: ...
Aletheia: Once that baby is born, you'll be a big brother. You'll have to be strong to shoulder that responsibility.
Boy: Yeah... I mean, I know. It's just...
Aletheia: Well, I tried... I'm just not cut out for speaking with children. They don't listen to reason.
Keehar: Listen here, son. Your family will be just fine! This old skyfarer's instincts are never wrong!
Boy: What? You guys're skyfarers? At your age? That's amazing!
Keehar: Ha-ha! These wrinkles are proof we've seen a few battles in our day, that's all! And that's how you know you can take what I say to the bank!
Boy: ...
Aletheia: (Hm? Looks like that did the trick. I truly fail to grasp the workings of the juvenile mind.)
Keehar: Hoho... Now we can't go far, but we have some time to kill. What shall we do while we wait?
Boy: Well... I'd sure like to hear about some skyfaring adventures!
Keehar: Would you now! Well I can dish those up by the bowlful! Have yourself a seat and open your ears, my boy!
Keehar's tales are like something straight out of an old legend. The boy's eyes shine with wonder.
By the time Keehar reaches a break in his narrative, the boy is ready to share what's troubling him.
Aletheia: So do you want to tell us why you looked so dour before? Worried about your mother?
Boy: Well... All my parents talk about anymore is the baby. I feel like I'm invisible...
Aletheia: Hrm... Well, you have to make some sacrifices. Looking out for your younger sibling is your job as big brother.
Boy: ...
Aletheia: A real man doesn't want to be coddled! How can you be jealous of a helpless infant?
Boy: But I—
Keehar: Slow down there, Aletheia. I understand what you're trying to say, but you can't put all that weight on him at once.
Keehar: I think your parents would be sad if you and the baby didn't get along. So would I, honestly.
Boy: ...
Keehar: So what I'm saying is, you don't have to jump into being a big brother all at once. You can grow into it a bit at a time.
Keehar: In just a little while, you're going to be seeing that baby for the first time. It's bound to be a bit awkward.
Keehar: You might have a squabble here and there at first. But you'll be friends before you know it. I think you'll be surprised how dear your little sibling becomes to you.
Boy: Sigh... You really think so? I dunno how I'm gonna make myself like the new kid...
Keehar: Ha-ha! No need to worry about that! Bonding takes time.
Keehar: I raised an adopted granddaughter myself... And I can't tell you how much she means to me!
Keehar: Hoho. The same goes for your parents. Of course they're going to love the baby. But they love you too.
Keehar: It wouldn't hurt to let them know you need a little attention now and again!
Boy: Ohh... Really?
Keehar: Really. That's your right as a child, my boy. It's practically in the job description!
Boy: Wow! Thanks, mister! I don't know why I was so worried... I get it now. It'll be fine!
Dad: Hey! Sorry I'm late, Son!
I really have to thank the two of you. My family owes you a great deal.
Keehar: Ha-ha! Think nothing of it! Don't keep your wife waiting now.
Dad: Thanks again for taking the time to watch this little guy. C'mon, Son. We can wait for the baby inside.
Dad: And I heard you ran to find someone when your mom went into labor. I couldn't be more proud of you!
Boy: Hehe... That's what big brothers do!
Dad: You said it, little man! The two of us are gonna have our work cut out for us taking care of mom and the baby, aren't we?
After thanking the skyfarers once more, father and son make their way into the hospital.
Keehar: Hah... From the looks of things, we have nothing to worry about. What a fine, upstanding young man!
Aletheia: ...
Keehar: Hmm? And what could be bothering you, my dear man? You look a mite gloomy.
Aletheia: Forgive me... I was just thinking about my boy. He was about that age when things started going sour between us...
Aletheia: Ha... Although I doubt I would be in the running for the skies' best father...
Keehar: Then you have work to do! If there's something you feel you're lacking, you owe it to yourself to fix it!
Aletheia: Hrm... Now? After all this time?
Keehar: I'll have none of that quitting talk! It's like I told that boy. You don't start out being a father. You become one gradually.
Keehar: Can't say I know the specifics of your situation, but better late than never is what I say.
Aletheia: Hrm... I think you have the right of it. Nothing good comes of giving up so easily.
Aletheia: I do have some work to do on myself. I guess an old dog can learn a new trick or two!
It seems the seasoned skyfarer's words have lit a new flame in the jaded old sage's heart.
Perhaps one day, Aletheia will resolve the regrets he carries with him on his journey.
Only time will tell. As he ages, the future only seems harder to predict. The road ahead is veiled in mystery but full of unfathomable potential.

Father and Daughter Reunited

Teena is unexpectedly reunited with her father, Aletheia, aboard the Grandcypher. He explains that he left his family behind in order to protect them from enemies pursuing him. When their village was attacked by goblins in his absence, Aletheia was too ashamed of his failure as a protector to show his face again. Teena sincerely hopes he and her brother, Lucius, will one day reconcile, and Aletheia promises to try.

Early afternoon finds Teena on the deck of the Grandcypher, eyes narrowed as she stares in disbelief at a familiar figure.
Teena: Hmm?
The man is decked out in a tall, peaked hat, with hair as white as snow, his long robe billowing in the wind.
His garb alone would seem to declare him a mage, but those robes cannot conceal a powerfully muscled warrior's physique.
Teena: You...
Aletheia: ...
Teena: Dad.
Aletheia: That voice... I know that voice!
Aletheia: Teena! Well, I never!
Teena: Dad... Daaad!
Aletheia: It's certainly been a while, Teena. I never expected to catch up with you here.
Aletheia: Heh... Seems like you got your mother's good looks. I'm glad to see you looking so well.
Teena: Sniff... Where have you been all this time! Why didn't you...
Teena: Waaaah! Sniff... Hic...
Aletheia: I'm sorry, Teena... I really am...
Teena's wails bring Vyrn and Lyria running, anxious to find out what's going on.
Vyrn: What's the deal? Did something happen, Teena?
Lyria: What's going on, Aletheia?
Aletheia: Hrm... Well...
Aletheia: Never expected it to happen here, but... It seems you've already met my daughter... Teena.
Vyrn: Wait. You're the dad who walked out on her when she was a kid?
Lyria: Wow! That's an amazing coincidence!
Teena: Waaah! Dad, where have you been? Why didn't you ever come see us?
Teena: Sniff... Tell me, Dad... Why...
Aletheia shares the story of his travels. He chose to fight, leaving his family behind in hopes that the people after him would leave them alone.
But even the Sage of the Sword hadn't foreseen the goblins' attack on their village.
He was too ashamed of his failure to protect his family ever to face them again. And so he devoted himself single-mindedly to the sword.
Teena: Lucius... really hates you, you know.
Teena: Mother kept telling him not to blame you, but she never got through to him.
Teena: Sigh... Maybe it's a guy thing, and that's why I can't really understand it.
Teena: I just... I hope you can talk to him one day.
Teena: It would be so nice if we could live together again, just the three of us.
Teena: You and Lucius are the only family I have in this world...
Aletheia: I feel the same way, Teena. Not a day goes by that I don't picture it.
Aletheia: I'll talk to him one day. Count on it. He has every right to reject my olive branch, but I'll try all the same.
Vyrn: Hrm... Sounds like it's a whole thing. But hey, talking it out is what people do!
Lyria: Exactly! Families aren't supposed to hate each other...
Lyria: Just let us know if there's anything we can do to help!
Teena: Hehe. Sure. Thanks, Vyrn and Lyria!
Aletheia: I'll be counting on you two. Especially you, lizard.
Teena hopes her father and brother will be able to make amends. Though she tells her father she has faith in him, her eyes are filled with an unfathomable sorrow.
How this fraught family relationship will resolve itself, no one can say.
Aletheia: Lucius... Guess it's about time I faced you, eh?

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
まだまだ若い者には負けんぞい! I won't lose to youngsters just yet!
ティナは元気にしとるかのう… I wonder how Teena's doing...
ふぁっはっは甘いぞい! Gwahaha! Too easy!
年寄りの冷や水?そりゃあどうかのう An old man's indiscretions? I wouldn't call it that.
若者の道を切り開く…老兵の役割じゃて Carving the path open for the younger generation...
ワシの若い頃なら……後で話すとするぞい In the old days... I'll tell you more later.
あいたたた、腰が… Ouch! My back...
たまには老人の話も聞くものじゃぞい Heed the advice of an old man.
(主人公)、お主はどんな生き方を選ぶ? What kind of life do you choose, (Captain)?
(主人公)はワシの若い頃に似とるぞい You remind me of my youth, (Captain).


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