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Official Profile

Age 26
Height 182 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Reading
Likes Snacks and green tea
Dislikes Singing (He's tone-deaf)
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Known back home as the Silver Strategist, Altair isn't just a skilled tactician, but an exceptional soldier, as well. A voracious reader who won't put a book down once he's started reading it, Altair will devour novels, whether or not they're about warfare. Without his glasses, however, he's cripplingly nearsighted, to the point where he can't discern between real people and inanimate objects.
Source [1] [2] [3]
Age 26歳
Height 182cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書
Likes 菓子と緑茶
Dislikes 歌(音痴のため)
Granblue Fantasy Theater

Source [1] [2] [3]



This section contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own discretion.

At first glance, Altair appears to be the standard glasses character: rational, stoic, and pretentious. This is far from the truth; even though he is rational, due to being a talented strategist, he is also a genuinely kind person that enjoys spending time with his fellow crewmates.

Because he used to be a tactician from the nation of Sphiria, he has hands-on experience with dealing with people and, thus, understands the importance of emotions and empathy; essentially, everything cannot be explained with logic and military power alone. In one of his first fate episodes, he states that saving someone’s life was more of a priority than getting back his stolen book.

He likes to encourage and compliment others, saying that Lyria was “a good listener” and “clever as well” after she told the crew to not let their guard down upon entering ruins in one of his first Fate episodes. Altair also shows his warmth towards the captain several times, calling them a virtuous person and offering to spend time with them during Christmas and their birthday.

Altair joined the crew to pursue his passion: books. Even though he was originally a kind person as well, it was clear that he had no interest in becoming friends with the crew; he merely joined due to believing that it would be “quite advantageous” to him in his quest for knowledge. However, through spending time with them, he realizes the importance of his companions. In one of his later Fate episodes he politely refuses to become the military tactician for the nation of Epice, even though it would grant him access to “any texts” that the merchants would acquire. He later states that he feels much more at home with the crew; although books are important to him, he’s also “particular about the place” where he reads them.

Altair’s love for books is well-known. He declares that they can teach people all sorts of things and gets easily excited about the thought of getting his hands on rare books. When he’s particularly interested in a book, he stays up multiple, consecutive nights just to pour over it and even goes without eating for several days! He also has a habit of quoting proverbs from the novels that he reads, often confusing the people around him.

The Silver Strategist can be dense, usually when it involves books. For example, he chases down a man through monster-filled ruins as he believed that he had stolen his recently obtained book. In reality, the man had just dropped a book which contained shared codes of love between him and his girlfriend. Altair then chides himself for his single-mindedness; only to immediately wonder if the letters in the book had something to do with the “historical land” around him. He was also completely unaware that the crew was worried about the possibility of him leaving them.

End of spoilers.



  • His wings are accessories.


  • "Untergang" is German and means "downfall" or even "doom". "Untergang Rune" spelled correctly would therefore look like this: "Rune des Untergangs" or "Untergangsrune".

Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Always challenging yourself with high hopes and a sincere spirit... I have nothing but admiration for you, (Captain).
But as it's your birthday today, why don't you stretch your wings a bit and take it easy?
If you'd like, I'd be happy to spend the day with you!


They say a person of virtue will naturally attract admirers...
And I think this saying fits you perfectly, (Captain).
Your birthday is surely overflowing with blessings...
Given your natural virtue of course!
Have a wonderful birthday!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Everyone is in high spirits aboard the airship today. They're all celebrating your birthday.
It's all thanks to you that such a wide range of people have come together to form this crew.
They all want to be there to help you.
And don't forget that I'm one of them.
I hope you have a wonderful year.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
It's been a pleasure to see you spend this past year in such high spirits. So much has happened.
But everything that has transpired is what makes you who you are.
Of course, I'm no exception to that. I, too, play a role in shaping you.
To think that I'm a pillar of this remarkable community you've built up aboard the Grandcypher makes me proud.
I plan on seeing to the very end wherever this journey might take you, (Captain). Safe travels to all of us.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm very pleased that we can celebrate your birthday once again.
It is my desire for this crew to come together and continue to celebrate this day for many years to come. And someday...
When you finally reach the end of the skies, I hope I can stand beside you to witness the moment.
Ah, but it is unbefitting of a strategist to say such wishes. It is my role to ensure that this vision becomes reality.
Allow me to stay with you as I have up until now, and I will do my best to establish a way for us to reach the place you so long for.
After all, I am your strategist. I will utilize all of my knowledge to support you on your journey. I hope you'll continue to rely on me from here on out.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

New Year's Day is the key to the new year, they say.
Now then, (Captain)... How would you like to spend the day?


Happiness comes to those who smile, you say?
This airship is always filled with smiles and laughter, so happiness will surely find its way to all of us here.
Hm? You think I should smile more?
But I've been complimented on how my range of expressions has grown a great deal...
I could give it a try. I'll make it one of my new year's resolutions!


Happy New Year. I look forward to another year of traveling together.
Happiness comes to those who smile. I've taken your words to heart and strived to improve over the past year.
Hm? What's that?
My face looks... scary?
I practiced smiling so I could give you a cheerful New Year's greeting...
But smiling seems to be trickier than I thought.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
For you to be up so early in the morning must mean you're eager to see the first sunrise of the year.
Yes, me too. The special occasion makes it worth viewing, I suppose.
But just as willows are green and flowers are red—as the saying goes, the rising sun is no different on any other day.
Yet we give meaning to this one particular sunrise of the year.
Strange how people think, isn't it? Perhaps not everything can be explained by logic alone.


Happy New Year, (Captain). I'm looking forward to another year of traveling with you.
I'm glad we can spend the first day of this year together as well.
Hm? What is it, (Captain)? I... smiled, you say? I wasn't aware of it myself...
Heh, I see. It's true that I feel at ease next to you.
Who would have thought that putting on a smile—something I'd struggled with before—would be so simple?
Overthinking it may have pushed me down a longer path instead. But now, I can finally set a new goal for myself.
Yes, for example... To spend the first day of next year with you like this once again. How's that?
Our journey to the end of the skies is certainly a hard and dangerous one, but I will do my best as strategist to ensure that we can celebrate another new year together.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

A Valentine's Day gift? For me?
Then I'll happily accept this token of gratitude from you, (Captain)!
You caught me just as I was about to make some tea. Won't you join me?
I'll make a delicious cup of green tea just for you!


Well, look at this! Instead of chocolates this year, I see you've brought me some tea snacks as a gift.
I suppose it's because you remembered I'd made you tea last time, right?
I'll be sure to make tea to complement these snacks, but it's certainly different from your usual Valentine's gift...
So shall we enjoy this Valentine's Day in our own special way?


Oh, if it isn't (Captain). Did you need to speak with me?
Is this... a Valentine's Day gift?
Thank you very much.
I appreciate you taking the time to think of me each year.
Perhaps I'll take a short break from my reading.
Would you care to join me for some tea, (Captain)?
I'll make you a delicious cup of tea to show my gratitude.


So you've prepared chocolate for me this year too, (Captain)? Why, thank you kindly.
Allow me to put on some tea... Hm? Come again?
You'll take care of the tea as well? Well, I suppose that's only fair since I'm on the receiving end today.
But please, I insist.
Normally, I'd be more than glad to accept your tea, (Captain). However...
Because this is such a special day, I'd like to offer you tea from my hands as a way of saying thanks.
Just as swiftness can save a soldier on the battlefield, I find that waiting an entire month to show my gratitude is much too delayed.


Ah, a gift for Valentine's? Heh, thank you very much.
Please have a seat. I will prepare us some tea.
Our tea time together on Valentine's Day has become a yearly tradition, it seems.
Choosing the tea leaves and keeping the tea set in perfect shape for this day has been a favorite pastime of mine in recent years.
I am under the assumption that you feel the same as I do.
Judging from the contents of this bag, you must look forward to this time as well, seeing how you've prepared enough snacks for two.
Thank you... Hearing those words from you makes the effort I've put in for this time worthwhile.
Heh... I'm quite glad to know that we share the same feelings.

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hm... According to the cookbook, this is just the right amount...
Now then we'll just add the egg whites and sugar... Mix in some flour and butter...
Let's see... (Captain)! Don't get too close to the oven. Yes, I've set it to the correct temperature.
But I can't have you getting burned in the middle of cooking up these treats I plan to give you.
Now let's read a book while we wait for them to finish baking!


(Captain), this is for you... As a thank you for the Valentine's gift.
I'm honored that I can be of use to you on this airship as a part of your crew.
Indeed... I'm glad there are holidays like this where I can express to you my constant gratitude.
After all, it's a little awkward to tell you straight out of the blue!


Could I see you for a moment, (Captain)?
Please accept this token of my appreciation for your gift last month.
The green tea chocolates you gave me were delicious. I was impressed by how perfect your selection was.
I hope this will suit your tastes.
Yes, I made it myself.
You put so much effort into my gift that I wanted to do the same for you.
Is it to your liking?


(Captain). Here's my White Day present.
In looking through ancient writings, I came across a recipe for treats said to garner the affection of whoever eats it.
I realize my cooking skills may not exactly be up to par, but they were sufficient for making this.
I've learned that making food which does not grow tiresome even if consumed daily is the true way to someone's heart.
Which is why I'd like to know if my present here is something you wouldn't mind eating daily, (Captain).
Hearing your thoughts will conclude my research on these ancient writings. So please, eat up.
Not to mention it's often said that the fastest way to a person's heart is through their stomach.


If you would kindly accept this from me, (Captain)—it's a gift for White Day.
I'd appreciate it if you could take a bite now and tell me how you like it.
That expression on your face is enough to inform me that you're quite enjoying it.
Actually, this year, I used a recipe I found in an ancient text and attempted to make some of my own adjustments.
The results of the original recipe were quite good as is...
But I wanted to cater to your tastes, and tried adjusting the sweetness and aroma.
After some trial and error, I decided to add honey and nuts to the dessert. I was worried whether it was a wise choice...
But it appears I knew you well enough to make something to your liking. Heh... I'm glad.

Light Cookies
5th year:
Tasty Macaroons
Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Captain (Captain)! Please give back my glasses!
Good grief... I won't give you a single treat for playing a trick like this on me. Understand?
Now then, if you don't want that to happen then hand them over.
I'm talking to you of course, Captain (Captain).
Wait... Where did you go?


I can see right through your scheme, you know...
You can try it, but I won't let you get my glasses again this year.
Humph... You can't play the same trick all the time and expect it to work.
Agh! What are you doing! It's not fair using Vyrn to help you!
Hey! Wait! Give them back!
Good grief... Next year I hope you'll at least give me the choice of trick or treat!


Being a sensible adult, I didn't want to resort to this course of action, but I hope you will overlook it just this once.
You can't expect me to simply allow my eyeglasses to be taken year after year.
(Captain)! Trick or treat!
So which will it be? How does it feel to be on the receiving end—
Ah! My glasses!
Please give them back, (Captain)!
Good grief... If you're going to return them so readily, perhaps you just shouldn't take them in the first place...
Wait, something feels strange... Is this a glasses-shaped cookie? Good grief, what an elaborate trick!
I think that's enough mischief, (Captain). Please give me back my glasses!


Trick or treat... Gah! How many times do I have to tell you to stop snatching away my glasses!
Some captain you are...
Hah, I've come to express that same outrage every year, but things have finally turned out my way for once...
Look closely at the glasses you just snatched from me.
Those aren't mine. It's a glasses-shaped cookie, just like the ones you gave me last year!
My real glasses are right here. Knowing that you'd try to take them again, I made sure to switch them in advance.
Here am I explaining myself while you bite away without a moment's hesitation. Then again, it is food...
Perhaps it is my attachment to glasses that causes my heart to ache when you make that crunchy chewing sound...


Halloween has come around once again. Before you play any tricks, there's something I'd like to give you. A treat for the occasion, and...
Take this as well. What is it, you ask? As you can see, it is a pair of glasses.
You appear to be quite fixated on my glasses, so I had a new pair crafted in exactly the same style.
You... aren't looking for glasses? Is this true?
You mean to say that your objective has never been the glasses, but to play tricks on me... I see.
It seems I misinterpreted the enemy's motives. I'm afraid I've failed as a strategist.
That was tactless of me. To prevent this from happening again, I will need to further my knowledge of Halloween and—
Not my glasses again! Return them to me at once... Hm? This isn't (Captain). It's a pillar!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

The airship's been looking a bit festive lately...
What exactly is going on here, (Captain)?
I see... You're planning a celebration! Indeed everyone has gotten into the holiday spirit.
Is this how you celebrate the holidays where you're from?
Well, being a wallflower won't do me any good...
So please allow me to join in on the festivities with you!


Come now, Vyrn! Give them back! My glasses aren't for you to play with!
Vyrn! That's quite enough joking for now!
Good grief. Vyrn is a handful...
What is he thinking? Using my glasses to decorate the tree...
And don't just stand there, (Captain). Tell him to behave already...
What are you laughing about? Hm? You're saying that all this time...
I haven't been talking to you, (Captain), but to the tree...


Is that a holiday gift list for the younger crew members?
Hoo-hoo. That brings back memories. I once made a request to Santa Claus when I was a child.
I asked for a rare, out-of-print analytical report written in a mysterious ancient language...
But when I woke up the next day, there was a brand new analytical report beside me.
I recall thinking that must have been the best Santa Claus was capable of.
What did you ask for, (Captain)?


Oh, (Captain)? Huh? I have a fine holiday outfit, you say?
That's not exactly what I had in mind... Hm? My back?
What in the... These are tree decorations that got stuck to the feathers of my clothing!
I must have been so absorbed in my reading material that I didn't notice the ornaments falling from the tree!
I'll have to set things right before dinner begins, or the efforts of those handling decorations will be for naught!
But which tree was it? If I cannot even recall that...
You happen to know, (Captain)? Ah, a true savior you are! Won't you please show me the way?
As thanks, I'll sing you a holy hymn for tonight's banquet. Hm? You'd rather not hear it? But why not?


This year's winter celebrations are yet another success. It seems the ship has been thoroughly decorated with a mixture of various cultures—magnificent indeed.
Of course, I also partook in the preparations for this celebration by delegating tasks for the decorating as well as the purchasing of food and props.
As the members of our crew have increased, now we can enjoy an even wider variety of customs and dishes. I believe I have read about some of these before....
But having someone I personally know showing them to me is certainly different from reading about them. It is a very interesting and novel experience.
Perhaps what made it especially enjoyable was seeing our friends' smiles as they introduced what they had to offer.
I consider myself fortunate to be the strategist of a crew that you put together, (Captain), where all of its members can truly enjoy their time together like this.
Now, let's get back to the celebrations, shall we? There is still much more for you to revel in tonight.
After all, your happiness is what holds this crew together, (Captain). I am sure that that is what everyone here wishes for.

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

No Road Is Long with Company

The crew runs into the Silver Strategist Altair while trying to decipher a rare book. After explaining that the Dainsleif sword is the key, Altair decides to join (Captain)'s crew, who may help in his search for rare books.

Having acquired an ancient book on primal crystals, (Captain) and company waste no time in getting back to their waiting companions.
Vyrn: We risked our tails to get this book, and we can't even read it!
Vyrn: Before we learn any more about primal crystals, we've gotta figure out how to decode this thing.
Lyria: I know! Hey, (Captain). Do you think we have any cipher decoders amongst our crew?
Vyrn: Nah... We can't hang our hopes on them for something like this.
???: In one corner of the turbulent skies, there appeared a blue beacon...
Vyrn: Oof!
Lyria: Vyrn! Are you all right?
Vyrn: That sure smarts... What was that?
???: Ow, ow, ow... Pardon me.
???: Heavens... Look at me walking and reading. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now.
Lyria: Reading? Then this must be your book! Hm... There appeared a blue beacon of hope...
???: Ah, it would seem I dropped it in our collision. I must offer my thanks, though I don't know your name.
???: I do hope you haven't suffered any injuries.
Vyrn: I'm fine, but what about you? You've been talking to a statue this whole time!
???: Oops... When my vision gets this bad, it must mean that I've dropped my glasses.
Lyria: Goodness! Now he's talking to a marble column!
Sir, are these your glasses?
???: Ah! Sorry for troubling you. I'm glad to see you unhurt though.
Vyrn: Same here! We weren't exactly paying attention either, so let's both be more careful!
Lyria: You sure do seem to like your books, mister.
???: The more you read, the clearer things become. The knowledge I've gained from not only reading but also life itself is of great importance to me.
???: And here you have a book of your own...
Vyrn: Huh? Oh, you mean this thing? We heard it's an ancient book about primal crystals.
???: Is that so? Then it seems I'm a bit too late...
Lyria: Oh? Were you looking for this book too?
Vyrn: Really? You're trying to find out more about the crystals, Specs?
Altair: My name isn't Specs. It's Altair, the Silver Strategist.
Altair: It's not the crystals themselves that interest me. I consider myself more a connoisseur of world lore.
Altair: And that tome you hold is quite to my tastes.
Vyrn: I've never met a strategist who was into reading!
Altair: Well, books are wonderful things. You can find all sorts of useful tidbits in any subject.
Vyrn: Is that right? So, uh, can you read this, Specs?
Altair: My name is Altair. Not Specs.
Altair: And if you wish to understand what's inside, you'll need the Dainsleif sword as a key.
Altair: Though I must say, that's a difficult object to obtain...
Vyrn: Dainsleif? I'm pretty sure (Captain) has a sword with a name like that.
Altair: What! You possess the sword?
Altair: You not only have the book, but you've managed to lay hands on the Dainsleif itself?
Altair: Stars alive... Just who are you folks?
Vyrn: We're a crew! And skyfaring's our game! (Captain) here is our captain!
Altair: A crew, you say?
Altair: If I joined you, getting ahold of any manner of legendary books doesn't seem so far-fetched...
Altair: No road is long with company, they say...
How about it? Would you mind if I join you on your journey?
Altair: And I do believe I'd be quite handy in deciphering that book of yours.
  1. Welcome aboard!
  2. Huh? No road is what now?

Choose: Welcome aboard!
Vyrn: A strategist, eh? Not too shabby! We'd love to have you come along, Specs!

Choose: Huh? No road is what now?
Vyrn: I don't get it either, but a strategist, eh? We'd love to have you come along, Specs!
Continue 1
Altair: Ahem... My name is Altair. Not Specs.
Altair: Avarice knows no bounds. As soon as I satisfy one desire, I'll crave something greater.
Altair: My hunger for books is, shall we say, insatiable.
Altair: Traveling with you will be quite advantageous, I think. I'm quite looking forward to it!
Vyrn: S-sure! All right, Specs... I mean, Altair! Welcome to the crew!
And so, with Altair by their side, they head back to the Grandcypher.
How far (Captain) and the crew advance with the Silver Strategist as their ally would soon come to light.

The Truth of the Stolen Tome

The crew obtains a rare book, and Altair is fascinated by its coded text. The book is stolen by a passerby, and the crew pursues the thief into some ruins.

While visiting a historical site, the crew obtains a rare book.
Although an avid reader, Altair is unable to decipher the text. It only serves to make him all the more interested in it.
Lyria: Altair looks so happy after getting that rare book! He's completely immersed in it!
Vyrn: Hey! Is that book really interesting?
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Altair: Every story begins here, it says... But this is just like...
Vyrn: Hey, Specs! Are you listening to me?
Altair: My name is Altair. Not Specs!
Vyrn: So you're listening after all! You found that book earlier, right? Is your nose stuck in it because it's so good?
Altair: Not exactly... It's the text itself that's fascinating, you see.
Altair: Aside from the text on the cover, it doesn't resemble any language that I know.
Altair: Although this is very interesting, it only brings more questions. What in the skies is this book?
Altair: Ow, ow, ow... Pardon me.
Man: ...
Vyrn: What's his problem? He bumped into you and ran away without a word!
Altair: Ah! This is why we must never let our guard down.
Lyria: Altair, you look really pale! Did you get hit that badly?
Altair: It seems that man just stole my new book.
Vyrn: Say what! That book was pretty rare, right? Let's go and get it back!
Vyrn: There he is! He ran into the ruins!
Lyria: Wait, (Captain)! I sense monsters in those ruins!
Monster: Groarrr!
Altair: Step aside. We've no time to waste here!

The Truth of the Stolen Tome: Scene 2

After focusing too much on the thief, the crew is suddenly surrounded by monsters. But the Silver Strategist Altair has a plan up his sleeve.

Vyrn: Wow, (Captain)! That monster was no match for you! Now let's hurry!
Lyria: These ruins are like a maze. To make sure we don't get lost, we must never let our guard down!
Altair: Indeed. Not only are you a good listener but you're clever as well, Lyria
Lyria: Oh wow! Thanks!
Altair: Hm? I sense a presence...
It seems that we focused so much on the thief that we're now surrounded by monsters.
Vyrn: What! How are we supposed to fight in a cramped spot like this?
Altair: There's no need to worry. (Captain), simply follow my instructions.
Vyrn: I gotcha! The Silver Strategist is gonna show off his moves!
Vyrn: If Altair and (Captain) team up, we have nothing to fear! Go get 'em!

The Truth of the Stolen Tome: Scene 3

Altair sees that the writing on the floor matches the letters in the stolen book. The thief may be the clue in deciphering the book, but first the crew must rescue him from monsters.

Vyrn: That's why they call him the Silver Strategist! You drew out (Captain)'s strengths in your strategy!
Altair: It's all thanks to (Captain)'s help. It was a piece of cake... Oh?
Vyrn: Hm? Why are you looking down at the ground, Altair?
Altair: The letters on the floor... They're the same as the ones written in the book from earlier.
Vyrn: Really? Then these ruins have something to do with that book?
Altair: Well, I can't say that they're unrelated at least. Exploring these ruins may be key to deciphering that book.
Altair: We should look around to see if there are any more of those letters around here.
Lyria: But I feel the presence of the monsters getting stronger...
Altair: Hm... That man from earlier ran into a den of monsters without hesitation.
Altair: He must know his way around the ruins. He might know something about the writing carved into the floor too.
Vyrn: That means he knew it was valuable when he stole it!
Altair: I'm concerned about the whereabouts of the book. But with this many monsters around, I'm concerned about that man too.
Altair: Saving a life is our priority. Let's hurry.
Vyrn: Always the nice guy...
Lyria: But Altair is right. I'm worried with so many monsters around!
Man: Aaah!
Somebody! Help!
Monster: Grrr!
Lyria: (Captain)! There's trouble! That man is being attacked by monsters!
Vyrn: Well, well, that's our man!
All right, here's our cue!
Altair: I see... The mysterious text and the key to deciphering it.
Altair: (Captain) and I shall defend both with all our might!
Vyrn: I'm counting on you, (Captain)!

The Truth of the Stolen Tome: Scene 4

Thanks to Altair's tactical brilliance, the crew is able to rescue the man from the monsters.

With Altair's sense of strategy, (Captain) and the crew rescue the man from the monsters.
When Altair asks about the book's mysterious writings, the man lowers his head and answers him in a quiet voice.
Everyone is dumbfounded to hear the truth.
Vyrn: So you're saying that book was just a notebook shared between you and your girlfriend?
Lyria: Oh dear! So the letters in the book and on the floor were a secret code of love between you two.
Vyrn: And this spot in the ruins is where you two would secretly meet, right?
Altair: I don't believe it... I was dragged around for this?
Altair: I couldn't see the forest for the trees!
Altair: I've become so simple that I can only view things from my own frame of reference, it seems.
Altair: I thank you for making me realize that.
Vyrn: Come on, don't feel down! You'll find another rare book in no time!
Altair: Still... Despite the coincidence, how could letters created from scratches resemble ancient writings so much?
Altair: Perhaps there's some sort of deep connection with this historical land...
The tender notebook that caused this great misunderstanding is returned to its rightful owner.
To fulfill his never-ending intellectual curiosity, Altair immerses himself in the historical texts of this land.
But (Captain) and the crew manage to tear him away from the books before taking to the skies once again.

Where He Truly Belongs

Altair receives a letter from Epice inviting him to become their military tactician. (Captain) and the crew set off for Epice so that he may answer the offer directly, but his decision remains uncertain.

(Captain) and the crew are picking up supplies they ordered from the Knickknack Shack.
Vyrn: All right! Did we get everything, (Captain)?
Vyrn: I guess it's time to head back. Are you ready, Specs?
Altair: To say the least, these can only prove...
Vyrn: Hello? Specs?
Vyrn: It's too late. He's already buried in a book.
Vyrn: Gee whiz... As soon as I heard his book order had come in, I knew it'd come to this.
Lyria: Altair! Siero forgot to give you this letter.
Altair: The results of which point clearly and concisely to...
Lyria: Hm... I guess there's no competing with that book.
Vyrn: Oh well. Let's just hold on to the letter for now. We can give it to him once we're on the airship.
Lyria: Good idea. Let's do that!
As Altair pores over his new possession, (Captain) and the others tug him back to the airship.
Vyrn: Did you read your letter yet, Specs?
Altair: Indeed I have. Thank you for getting it to me.
Lyria: Oh, it was no trouble at all. But if you want to send a reply, we'll need to visit Siero again.
Altair: A reply? No, I think I should go visit in person.
Vyrn: No time for a reply, huh? Then the Grandcypher will get you there in a jiffy!
Lyria: Of course! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Now where do you need to go?
Altair: Epice, the nation of merchants.
Lyria: Epice?
Altair: It seems I've been invited to become their military tactician.
Vyrn: Invited you? As a tactician? That's some big news!
Altair: They wish for me to visit them regardless of whether I accept or decline. Captain (Captain), could you take me there?
(Captain) nods reluctantly, and Altair returns to his room to finish reading.
Lyria: Could it be?
Do you think Altair will leave the crew?
Vyrn: Hm... When it comes to Specs, who knows?
Still uncertain of what might happen during their visit, (Captain) and the crew set off for Epice.

Where He Truly Belongs: Scene 2

Before joining the crew, Altair served the nation of Sphiria, home to the Hall of Knowledge. He visited the Hall freely but left Sphiria after the power struggle there threatened his reading time.

Vyrn: Hey, Specs. Before you joined our crew, where did you do all your tactician stuff?
Altair: Oh, that's right... We haven't talked about that before, have we?
Altair: I was in service to the nation of Sphiria in which lies the Hall of Knowledge. It's a grand library with the goal of collecting every book in the skydom.
Altair: It was quite easy to visit the Hall of Knowledge while in their service. Benefits of the workplace.
Lyria: It sounds like the perfect assignment for you!
Lyria: But wait... You decided to leave your position with Sphiria anyway?
Altair: The heir to the throne passed away, you see. A power struggle gripped the court, and I feared becoming engulfed myself.
Vyrn: I gotcha. That must've been rough.
Altair: Indeed it was. It cut a great deal into my reading time!
Vyrn: I had a feeling you'd say that! Anyway, it's too bad that happened, but think of it this way: we got to meet you because of it!
Altair: I believe I'm more suited to a position with a crew that can move freely from place to place.
Altair: The Hall of Knowledge is a splendid library. But there are many books it has yet to acquire.
Altair: Now then... I'd better finish up that book from the Knickknack Shack before any monsters can interrupt me.
Without a moment's hesitation, Altair pulls out his book and begins to read.
Vyrn: Gimme a break. As long as he's got something to read, this bookworm couldn't care less about monsters!
Lyria: You might be right. But he should worry about catching a cold out here at least.
Lyria: (Captain), you'll be on the deck keeping a lookout, right? I'll bring you two something warm to drink!
(Captain) warms up with a cup of tea before readying the defenses.

Where He Truly Belongs: Scene 3

Altair, (Captain), and the crew meet with Epice representatives who confirm the offer in their letter. To test the skill of their convoys, Altair challenges them to a mock battle.

(Captain) and the crew arrive in Epice where the letter's sender eagerly welcomes them.
Merchant Head: Well then, Silver Strategist. What do you make of our request?
Altair: I understand you would like me to manage your convoys...
Altair: As well as coordinate the guards who protect your many caravans and markets.
Merchant Head: Yes, exactly! With you on our side, we can do business in peace!
Lyria: Oh, Altair... He's leaving us...
Vyrn: Yeah... But if that's what Specs wants, there's nothing we can do... I guess...
Altair: Hm...
Merchant Head: Along with your wage, any texts available to us merchants will be handed over first to you, Silver Strategist.
Altair: ...!
Merchant Head: So how about it? Will you consider our offer?
Altair: Well...
Altair: I'd like to see how powerful your convoy is first. I may be overseeing them after all.
Merchant Head: Of course! You may have a look at anything to help you in your decision.
Altair: Thank you. Captain (Captain), if you would be so kind as to join me in a mock battle.
Altair: Now that we've changed into much more suitable attire... shall we begin?
(Captain) and the crew, led by Altair, prepare to test the strength of the area's guards.

Where He Truly Belongs: Scene 4

Seeing the strength of Epice's forces, Altair concludes that he is not needed there. He turns down the offer and tells the crew that he feels much more at home with them instead.

Merchant Head: Ah! Well done! The guards couldn't get near you! We'd gladly welcome both you and your crew members in Epice.
Altair: Pardon me, but may I offer an opinion before we continue?
Merchant Head: My apologies! Go right ahead.
Altair: Firstly, if all the Epice guards perform at this level, then I must say your standards are rather high.
Altair: This is quite a gathering of talent. Very impressive indeed.
Merchant Head: Ah, well then...
Altair: As such I don't see any benefit to joining you. It would be superfluous.
Altair: If you're looking for someone to lead your guards, a tactician such as myself wouldn't be a good fit.
Altair: Instead you should hire someone to manage their schedules for training, patrols, and recesses.
Merchant Head: Y-you don't say... I'll take it into consideration.
Altair: Therefore I must decline your offer.
Altair: My apologies for the wait, Captain (Captain). Shall we return to the airship? I was in the middle of reading.
Vyrn: What a trip... We were on pins and needles, you know! But you didn't seem bothered at all.
Altair: Pins and needles? And why is that?
Vyrn: And why is that, he says... Sigh. I'm not surprised to hear that from you, Specs.
Lyria: Um, Altair? Are you sure about all this? You could've gotten lots of rare books if you took the position.
Altair: Oh? Would you have preferred that I left the crew, Lyria?
Lyria: What! No, that's not what I meant! I'm happy you're staying here with us!
Altair: Heh. I'm only teasing you, Lyria.
Altair: It's like they say. A person's feelings, unlike tactics and strategy, cannot be explained with logic.
Altair: As much as I love books, I'm also particular about the place where I read them.
Lyria: You're particular... about the place?
Altair: Indeed I am. And what matters to me is having a place where I feel at home.
Vyrn: Huh?
Altair returns to his room to read, leaving (Captain) and the others scratching their heads.
Through their journey together, his loyalty to the crew has grown deeper than (Captain) could have imagined.
The Silver Strategist continues his quest for texts as he travels with the crew to the end of the skies.

Read It and Sleep

Altair, (Captain), and the crew accept a request from the Hall of Knowledge to retrieve a rare book inside a cave.

One day Altair approaches (Captain) about a request he'd like the crew to take.
Vyrn: Huh? Specs has a request for us?
Altair: No, the actual request is from the Hall of Knowledge. I received it from my connection there.
Lyria: The Hall of Knowledge is that big library with almost all the books ever written, right?
Altair: Indeed it is.
Vyrn: That means the request is about a book, huh?
Altair: Yes. They would like us to retrieve a book housed in a certain cave, I've heard.
Altair: The cave is strewn with snares and monsters. Only a capable crew can be trusted to handle the journey.
Altair: Hoo-hoo... With that many obstacles in the way, just imagine the kind of book that's waiting there!
Altair: A veritable treasure tome, no doubt. My chest is pounding with excitement already!
Vyrn: Oh boy. We don't have the heart to say no to him now!
(Captain) nods at Vyrn as the Grandcypher makes its way to their cavernous destination.

Read It and Sleep: Scene 2

Altair shows the crew sheets of paper that give clues to finding and deciphering the book. Lyria seems to recognize the symbols on one sheet of paper but can't recall their meaning.

Altair: ...
Lyria: Altair? Is that sheaf of papers some sort of book?
Altair: ...
Vyrn: Hello? Answer us, Specs! Is that a book or what?
Altair: Hm? Oh, my apologies. Indeed you could say that this is part of a book.
Altair: From these papers, the Hall of Knowledge became aware of the book inside the cave.
Lyria: It's not a map, right? Just words?
Altair: That's right. Do you remember the Dainsleif sword?
Vyrn: Oh, of course! That sword's the reason you joined our crew, Specs.
Altair: The words engraved in the sword's design was a clue to deciphering the book that day.
Altair: In a similar way, the book in this cave doesn't make sense as a standalone.
Altair: By cross-referencing the writing on these papers, we'll be able to read that book for the first time.
Lyria: Oh really? That must be a very special book, then!
Altair: Exactly, Lyria! It's quite fascinating indeed.
Altair: Especially the last piece of paper in this sheaf... What could the symbols next to these letters mean?
Altair: Honestly, I haven't a clue. We likely won't know until the book is found.
Altair speaks excitedly as he shows (Captain) and the others the curious sheet of paper.
Vyrn: Hm... What could it be? The lines look like a wiggly earthworm... or maybe ocean waves?
Lyria: Wait a sec. I think we've seen something like this before...
Altair: Really, Lyria? Where? You must do your best to remember!
Lyria: Eep! I'm sorry. I might be mistaken...
Altair: It might lead to a hint, so I'd be grateful for your ideas. If you remember anything, please share it!
Lyria: R-roger!
Altair tosses his calm demeanor aside in the excitement. While Lyria tries to remember more details, the airship lands.
Altair: Now then, let's make our way through the cave. Tread carefully and beware of monsters, but don't fall out of line!
Lyria: Roger! Be sure to watch your step, (Captain)!
With Altair leading the way, the crew sets foot into the cave.

Read It and Sleep: Scene 3

The crew reaches a locked door inside the cave. Lyria realizes that the symbols resemble notes and tries singing them aloud. Her song opens the door, but a golem guards the interior.

(Captain) and the crew fight monsters and sidestep snares as they move deeper into the cave.
Lyria: Uh-oh... What was that sound? Could it be a g-ghost?
Altair: Worry not, Lyria. Merely the sound of the wind passing through the cave.
Lyria: Oh r-really?
Eep! There it is again!
(Captain) gently takes Lyria's hand as they continue through the cave.
Soon they find a giant door in their path.
Vyrn: What's this?
Altair: It would seem the book is housed beyond this door.
Altair: (Captain), could you help me open it?
Altair and (Captain) try pulling and pushing the door, but it won't budge.
Altair: It appears to be locked. But I don't see a keyhole anywhere.
Altair: There must be some special way of opening this door.
Vyrn: Were there any clues in those papers?
Altair: A clue? I didn't see anything about it. But then again there's still this one leaflet...
Lyria: Oh! I remembered something!
Lyria: That page looks like sheet music a bard once wrote for us.
Altair: Sheet music you say?
Lyria: Yes. I couldn't read real sheet music...
Lyria: So the bard drew lines along the letters to show how high the notes were.
Altair: I see. So the lines here indicate the high and low notes. But if it's really music...
Altair studies the paper, deciphering the writing.
Altair: I see now. If we answer the wind in the cave with this song written here, then the door will open!
Vyrn: Really? That's one crazy door opener!
Altair: It's like using a musket to shoot a fly... Could the book possibly be valuable enough to warrant this?
Altair: Ahem... Now then. Let me try to sing this.
(Captain) and the others watch as Altair begins to sing.
Altair: ...
Lyria: Um... Don't tell me...
Vyrn: Specs is totally tone deaf?
Altair: ...
Altair: It's not opening...
Vyrn: Not after a wacky song like that, anyway.
Altair: Hm...
Altair seems puzzled, so (Captain) suggests that Lyria give it a try.
Vyrn: Oh! Oh yeah! Lyria loves to sing! Right?
Lyria: Huh? I sure do!
Altair: It's worth a try, as it may only respond to a female voice. I'll show you the notes.
Altair explains how to read the paper before Lyria takes it in her hands.
Lyria: ...
Lyria's voice rings through the cave as the wind echoes along in song. The door slowly begins to open before them.
Lyria: Whew!
Altair: Excellent job, Lyria. The book is very nearly within our grasp!
Altair is in high spirits as he rushes through the entrance, but soon stops in his tracks.
Golem: ...!
Vyrn: Whoa... Does he look mad or what?
Altair: It's either upset from being awakened after so long... or from being unsealed.
Altair: Whatever the case may be, it's all that stands between us and that book. So let's hurry and take it down!

Read It and Sleep: Scene 4

The crew defeats the golem and hurries back to the airship with the book. Before they hand it over to the Hall of Knowledge, Altair reads the entire book and collapses from exhaustion.

Altair: Haaah!
Golem: ...!
Altair: Whew... Is everyone all right?
Lyria: Yes, we're fine! (Captain) doesn't seem to be hurt either.
Altair: That's good to hear... That object on the pedestal should be the book we're looking for.
Altair smiles happily as he takes the tome in his hands.
Altair: Now let's hurry back to the airship! I want to get my fill before we return it to the Hall of Knowledge!
Vyrn: Look at you all excited over a book!
You heard him. Let's get going, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the crew tug Altair, whose nose is already in the book, back to the airship.
A few days later...
Lyria: Hm... Altair hasn't left his room for days. Do you think he's all right?
Vyrn: I'm worried too. He's drinking water, but he hasn't eaten anything at all.
(Captain) and the others talk outside Altair's room. Soon enough... the door opens.
Altair: I d-did it...
I read through it all...
Every last letter in the book...
Lyria: Yikes! Altair! Altair, wake up!
Altair: Snore...
Vyrn: Ahhh... What a scare! He's only asleep!
Lyria: Oh dear... Not only did he skip meals, he skipped resting as well.
Vyrn: And he has a smile on his face too! Oh well. Let's get him to his bed, (Captain).
Altair: Hoo-hoo...
The grin on Altair's face belies his exhaustion.
Though this strategist's thirst for rare books may sometimes prove to be a tactical liability, his quest for knowledge continues with a crew of friends by his side.

A Book by Its Cover

The party arrives at a small bookstore in town, but Alistair is skeptical about finding any book that could satisfy his curiosity. However when he reads a book Altair is carrying, old memories come flooding back, leaving a smile on his face.

The crew, weary from its exploits, stop at a sleepy town for some rest.
Although the other crew members disembark, Alistair remains on the deck of the airship with an open book in his lap.
Vyrn: Aren't you comin' with us?
Lyria: Why don't we go for a walk together? You know, for a change of pace.
Alistair quickly closes his book.
Alistair: Well, if you insist. I don't mind keeping you guys company.
Vyrn: Haha, I knew you were just waiting for someone to invite you along.
Alistair: N-no, that's not true! If you insist on lying—
Lyria: Now, now, let's be on our way, shall we?
And so Alistair joins (Captain) and the others on their outing into the town.
Lyria: Wow! What a charming little place!
Vyrn: You said it! Hey, doesn't that smell good? Let's go check out!
Alistair: ...
Vyrn: Hm? Hey, what's the matter?
Alistair: Umm... It's too quiet and boring out here. Can we go back to the Grandcypher now?
Vyrn: What are you talking about? I just said we're gonna go grab some tasty grub!
Alistair: What, is that all you ever think about? Eating?
Vyrn: Argh! (Captain), help me out here!
  1. Let's just walk a little more.
  2. It'll be boring everywhere.

Choose: Let's just walk a little more.
Vyrn: That's right! Maybe we'll see something interesting along the way!
Alistair: Well, if you insist, (Captain)...

Choose: It'll be boring everywhere.
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa! But what about the food?
Continue 1
Lyria: Oh! What if we happen to see a bookstore? I'm sure you can find an interesting book in there.
Alistair: Interesting isn't good enough. I'm hoping to find a book that sates my curiosity.
Vyrn: That's why we gotta keep goin', otherwise you might never find it!
Alistair rolls his eyes as the crew members drag him down the street.
Finally they come across a quaint, red brick bookstore.
Alistair: ...
Vyrn: (Hm... I don't think this place has any books that Alistair would read.)
Lyria: Heehee. I bet you'll find something rare hidden away in there!
Vyrn: Well... Let's just go in and see!
Alistair: Yeah, but... I don't know...
With a wry look on his face, Alistair and the others peek into the bookstore.
Altair: Hehe...
Alistair: Huh?
Lyria: Oh? It's Altair!
The crew gasps when they see Altair inside the shop happily buried in a book.
Vyrn: I get it. It might not look like much, but this shop's actually famous!
Lyria: Teehee. Look at Altair. He's got a huge grin on his face.
Alistair: Yeah, he does...
Alistair: (Hmm... If even Altair is here, then maybe...)
Vyrn: Why are we still wasting time out here? Come on!
(Captain) and company enter the bookstore.
Vyrn: Waaah!
Lyria: Vyrn! Are you okay?
Vyrn: Ouch...
Altair: Ow, ow, ow. Sorry about that. I saw an intriguing book that I had to stand on my tiptoes to reach.
Alistair: Hey. You know you're talking to a bookshelf, right?
Altair: Oops, pardon me. Well now, I recognize that voice. That must be you, Alistair.
Altair: When my vision gets this bad, it must mean that I've dropped my glasses.
Altair: Hehe. But anyway, I know you and I are the same. We can't pull ourselves away from books. They're a vital part of any journey.
Alistair: Sigh. I'm over here. You're talking to a wall.
Vyrn: Oh, geez. Hurry up and put your glasses on already.
Lyria: Ah, here they are!
Altair: Goodness! Sorry for troubling you, Lyria.
He grabs his glasses and puts them on sheepishly.
Alistair: ...
Vyrn: What's up?
But Alistair isn't listening.
The book in Altair's hands has grabbed Alistair's full attention.
Alistair: You found a hidden gem in a tiny shop like this?
Altair: Er, no. This is... Oh, how should I put this? It's a picture book my mother used to read to me when I was a kid.
Alistair: Huh? A picture book?
Altair: Yes.
Altair, somewhat embarrassed, shows them the front cover.
Alistair: (Hmm... I feel like I've seen this book before...)
Lyria: Oh my, what a cute little picture book!
Altair: Yes. I enjoyed reading it greatly.
Vyrn: Haha! So even Mr. Specs had a phase like that!
Altair: Of course I did! But the tides of time can't be stopped. Before I knew it I was all grown up.
Vyrn: Are you for real? It's not like you've always been reading challenging books.
Lyria: Heehee. I know. Could this be the first book you ever read?
Alistair: (Hmm... Have I ever read a picture book?)
Alistair searches his memories and thinks back to his childhood.
Alistair: (My father's study was only filled with advanced-level books.)
Alistair: (I wanted to become a great scholar like him so I never wasted time on picture books.)
Alistair then thinks about the time he became a scholar. The cover of a picture book flashes in his head.
Alistair: Hm?
Alistair: Say, can I see that book for a sec?
Altair: Sure.
Alistair takes the book. He turns each page slowly, struggling to contain his impatience.
Alistair: (Ahaha! I knew it. No wonder this book was bugging me.)
Alistair: (Hehe. This takes me back. My father read this to me when I was studying entomology...)
Vyrn: Hm? What are you smilin' about?
Alistair: I guess doing stuff like this isn't so bad every now and then.
A smiling Alistair closes the book, his chest swelling with emotion as he reminisces about his father.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
君子危うきに近寄らず A wise man keeps away from danger.
勝てば官軍負ければ賊軍 History is written by the victor.
時は得難くして失い易し Strike while the iron is hot.
あの本の続きが気になりますね I wonder what happens next in that book...
古代文字と言っても、文化によって様々です Even the ancient scripts can differ by culture...
前回の戦術はまずまずでしたね The strategy worked well enough last time.
やはり、実践に勝るものはありません Practice makes perfect.
なるほど…文献通りの光景ですね The scenery here is just as described in the books.
(主人公)、もうあの本は読みましたか Have you read the book yet, (Captain)?
(主人公)の考察は興味深いですね (Captain)'s take on the situation is intriguing.


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