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Official Profile

Age 18
Height 142 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Confectionery making (such as Japanese sweets)
Likes Her family (her parents, younger brother, and younger sister), sleeping in
Dislikes People who disturb the peace

Character Release

Character Release


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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 18歳
Height 142cm
Race ドラフ
Hobbies 菓子作り(和菓子のようなもの)
Likes 家族(両親と、弟と妹がいる)、二度寝
Dislikes 和を乱す人

Character Release

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday. Today is the day you were born, and so it's a day now dear to my heart!
This should be a fantastic day as you reflect on how far you've come and where you'll go from here.
Now then... What sort of future will you choose?


Happy wishes to you on your special day.
Heheheh... Looking back on this year, what say you?
No doubt that many trials await in the path ahead for both you and I...
But I believe that the two of us will help each other to overcome them.
And as long as we keep celebrating each other year after year as we grow older, I'll be content.
Oh my... Now that I've put it into words, I feel a mite embarrassed!
I've a long way to go, (Captain), but I'm counting on you to be by my side.


Happy birthday to you, (Captain)!
How has this past year treated you? I see, I see... You've seen your share of trials, it seems.
You did well to overcome it all. Just as I suspected you would. And it pleases me from the bottom of my heart.
And so... here's your birthday head-rub!
But don't let your guard down now. If you should lose your will to prevail through a challenge, then the coming trials will surely be daunting.
And if you desire to grow, then even more difficult trials await up ahead. Take hold of the resolve within you and face them.
Now then, I think I shall give you a trial right now. Open this large box.
Ta-da! Look at that! A jumbo serving of my homemade cooking! Try and eat it all yourself!
Heh-heh! It's a test to see which is greater: my appreciation for you or your stomach!
But do not fret... If you need it, I'll be there to help. After all, some trials shouldn't be faced alone!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Today's your special day!
Hm? You seem out of sorts. Is something the matter?
Hm. I see. What troubles you?
Ah, then I have just the thing. Follow me and we'll get you a blessing for good luck.
All should go well from now on. Don't worry about failing; just do your best in whatever you can.
If you keep your eyes set on your goal, everything else should fall into place.
There are times, however, when hard work alone is not enough. When such a time comes, be sure to talk to a trusted comrade for advice.
When others see how hard you've been working, they're sure to lend a helping hand.
Hm? How do I know? Hehe. Well, because I want to help you myself.
There's a dessert shop nearby that sells that sweet bean jelly I like. How about we get some and think of a solution to your problem together?


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Through your many adventures, you have become so much stronger in body and in spirit.
However, you must not grow arrogant from your achievements, or look upon others with disdain.
One wrong move can hurt not only you, but jeopardize the people dear to you as well.
But this may be unnecessary advice for someone as humble and gentle as yourself.
Now, let's leave the somber talk behind and celebrate your growth with extravagance!
I have prepared another very special cake this year! Feast your eyes on this delectable delight!
Go on, (Captain)! I put all my love into preparing this cake just for you. Enjoy it to your heart's content!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Heheh... When I think about spending the new year with all of you...
It's like I'm all filled up with warmth and happiness! This year will surely be special with you!


Now then, it seems we've made it to another new year!
You could say we were busy with all kinds of cleaning at end of the year to sweep in the new one!
Ahem... People come together with friends and family in order to welcome the new year.
In other words, creating joy and warmth with people you love invites a new spirit of good fortune for the new year.
But enough with the speeches...
Now let's celebrate, everyone! It's time to share a feast together!
Heheh... How is it? How is it? Isn't it delicious?


I made you some homemade dishes again this year, (Captain)! Just look! These are my best creations yet!
Heh-heh-heh! You look very pleased... I'd venture to say that you're captivated by this feast!
No need to rush though! Now, hand me a plate. I'll fill it up nice and neat for you, okay?
Some shrimp for your health and longevity, some golden mashed potatoes for wealth, and some herring roe—but not for lots of offspring! It's so our crew gets bigger and bigger!
Now, now, don't be shy! Eat until your heart's content!
When your tummy's nice and full, let's go see the festival at the shrine together!


Ah, I can start to see the altar from here. Looks like all this waiting in line will soon pay off!
By the way, are you familiar with the customs and practices to uphold when visiting a temple?
First, you make a light bow before entering the gate.
Then, once you've cleansed your mind and body with the temple's water, give your thanks before the altar and ring the bell.
Hehe! And that's all there is to it!
Ah, and let's not forget to go right home after the visit.
Wouldn't want to let that thankfulness go to waste—gotta bring all those thanks and blessings straight back home.
And, besides, you can taste some of my delicious New Year's cooking!
Hehe. Are you looking forward to it that much? Oh, you're adorable!
All right, it's our turn to go up! Hehe, what are you going to wish for?


Hup! Hup!
Hehe, it seems we're settling into a good rhythm for making mochi.
This reminds me... Did you know that in my hometown, we believe sacred spirits inhabit grains of rice?
When we use that rice to make mochi on a special occasion, we receive some of that sacred power.
In doing so, we can infuse a year's worth of well-wishes for friends and loved ones into the mochi.
Well, there are a few complicated details I didn't mention, but the most important takeaway here is that we should enjoy the mochi-making process!
Hehe, let's keep everyone's health and good fortune in mind as we keep pounding away! Now work those muscles!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Oh boy... I made a few too many sweets.
I'm not sure if it suits your tastes, but you'll have a bite, won't you?
Heheheh! It's a Valentine's Day surprise!
Look! They're chocolate ram treats! It's the perfect combination of sweet chocolate and cute rams!
Now hurry up and take a bite! Open wide and say ahhh...


It's that time of year again... That's right. It's Valentine's Day!
After the ram treats I made last year, I made new chocolate recipes for this year!
Come now... I've prepared a table full of chocolates just for you!
Chocolate-filled chocolate on chocolate with chocolate! Heh-heh, don't be shy. Pick what you like!
Maybe you should try this one on the right first! I'll feed it to you! Open wide!
Hm? How is it? Tell me what you think. Oh, don't turn your head away!


Today is Valentine's Day! And I got you something pretty rare.
Ta-da! Chocolate jelly balls! The different coats of sweet jelly on the outsides are colorful like fireworks, don't you think?
And there's a fancy way you're supposed to eat 'em too. You take a toothpick and poke it through the coating...
Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's about to fall off! Open your mouth quick!
Heh-heh-heh! Was it good? Then have another. Here!
Come on, come on! Hurry or it'll fall! Open up wide!
Heh-heh-heh! I could do this all day...
But I can't since it looks like they're all gone now...
I thought that might happen though, so I brought a bunch of homemade chocolates! Now, go ahead and pick whatever you like!


(Captain). Just trust me. Close your eyes and say aaah.
Trust me, I say! Don't worry! I just want you to guess what my new chocolate recipe is.
Come on now, hurry up! Close your eyes and open wide!
There! Hehe. How was it? Can you tell what it is?
(Captain) chews for a moment and then identifies a flavorful mix of chocolate and sweet beans sandwiched between two pancakes.
That's right! It's a chocolate dorayaki.
And here's your prize! One more! Enjoy!


Look! I made some chocolate and sweet bean jelly rams! They're adorable, aren't they?
These jelly rams actually hold a curious secret to them, if you'd like to see.
Pick one that catches your fancy and give it a little rub, why don't you?
(Captain) does as Anila says and gives one of the lightly wrapped rams a quick rub on the head.
Baa, baa! Your head pat has given me the power to move around! Baa!
Hehehe, you've breathed life into our little friend here! Look how happy she is!
Anila lifts the jelly ram up and presses it lightly against (Captain)'s lips.
Kiss, kiss, kiss! I love you so much, (Captain)! You're so nice to me, I just have to give you a Valentine's treat!
Hehehe! And so I present to you a range of treats! Take any and all that you like!
This little one is coming with you no matter what you say though!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hm? You got me something for White Day?
Heheheh... I hope you didn't have to go out of your way to do that!
Oh my... Is this a box of that famous brand of sweet jellies? When did you pick these up?
Oh boy... Are you sure about this? Can I really have them?


La la la! La la la! La la laaa!
La la la! La la la! La laaa laaa!
Whoa! (Captain)! When did you get here?
You just arrived? Well, that's fine, but what are you doing here? (Phew... (Captain) didn't hear me singing!)
What! Is that... what I think it is? Another box of that famous brand of sweet jellies?
Green tea, honey, caramel... I can't believe it! Just where did you get these!
Fine! I'll calm down already!
But... thank you for thinking of me, (Captain).
Heheh! I think I'll make some tea, so would you like some too?


What's going on, (Captain)?
Just kidding... I think I know why you're here.
Heh-heh! That box you're holding behind you is for me, isn't it? I've been looking forward to this since last night!
I c-can't believe it... It's the limited edition spring assortment of high class sweet jellies!
The store was flooded with so many preorders that I couldn't even get one box. How... How did you do it?
Could it be that you've become prisoner to their deliciousness after eating sweet jellies with me last year?
That's quite fine... The more fans there are, the better!
Heh-heh-heh... I'll make some strong tea to go with the jellies, so have a seat and wait there!


Gulp... You got me my favorite sweet bean jelly again this year?
You must have lined up for ages to get this!
Come here, you! Snuggly, snuggle!
I truly am blessed... To be able to eat this wonderful jelly and have such fun with you each year.
Truth be told, I was thinking you'd do this again this year and have been looking forward to it all morning.
Won't you spend every White Day with me?
Hehe! I was hoping you'd say that!
And I have an idea. Why don't we pour honey over this and eat it together?
I'll get ready what we'll need. Just wait right here.


Zzz... Zzz... (Captain)...
Oh... You're here. Yawn... Mm.
It appears that I fell asleep while waiting for you.
I was just having a dream about the two of us enjoying snacks and a carefree conversation together.
What a pleasant dream it was. Even now I still feel comfortable and relaxed.
Hehehe... I must have been looking forward to your visit that much!
That bag in your hands... You brought sweet bean jelly for me, didn't you?
Hehe, then I shall hurry and put on some tea! Let us partake in these treats together!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Hehehe, which would you prefer?


Hehehe... Once again, the eldritch season is upon us.
Well? Shall we embrace that oft-forgotten childlike side of us and gambol together on All Hallows' Eve?
Yes, (Captain). Let us frolic through town, tricking and treating to our hearts' content!
Hm? What's this? Just lazing about, are you?
Heh heh heh heh... Behold! A trick withheld, since times of old!
Prepare yourself... for tickle purgatory! Coochie coochie coochie coo!
Hey! Hold on! Trying to run away, are you? Coochie coochie coochie coo!


Hm? You want to play a trick on me? Go on then! Give it your best shot!
Ha-ha! That tickles! Hoo-hoo-hoo! Ha-ha-ha! Hee-hee-hee! A-ha-ha-ha!
All right! That's enough! Give it a rest!
Now how did you know I was ticklish? That was supposed to be a secret!
Hm? You were just trying to get me back for my trick last year?
Now that I think about it, I did give you quite a tickling...
Ha-ha-ha! Hee-hee!
Enough! I give up! You can get all the candy that I've got on me, (Captain)!
So... So—ha-ha-ha! So give me a break already!


Trick or treat! I must say that's a fetching costume you have, (Captain)!
Hm? I've got my eyes on those hands of yours. I hope you're not trying to tickle me again, are you?
Because I'm sorry to say that I've come prepared for just that!
Secret technique! Hand-binding-jutsu of the no-tickle-wickle!
Ha-ha! Try tickling me now!
Hngh? Hehe... Hehehe! Hahahaha!
Grrr... Using your long fingernails to tickle the very hands that are binding you. Well played...
Very well. If you must, then I'll allow you to tickle me. Just a little though.
Aha... Haha, hehehe... Hahahaha!
I-I said... Hehehe... Just a little! Ahahaha!


Oh! That's quite the lovable costume you have on this year!
Squeeee! You are so adorable that I cannot help but snuggle up to you!
How did you make this tail? It's so soft and fluffy!
Hm... Well, this is a problem. It seems I cannot separate myself from this fluffiness.
Okay! I guess I'll put on a fluffy layer of wool and dress up as a sheep myself!
Once we are both fluffy, we can snuggle up to each other all day! A splendid idea, wouldn't you agree?

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Season's greetings! Everyone in town gets so excited around the holidays!
Before I was called to duty, every year I would spend the holidays with my family.
I remember the holiday cookies were to die for...
Hm? No, I didn't mean that you should go and make some for me or anything! Honest!


This is our second holiday season together!
So let's get dressed up and go out into town!
Heheh... When you and I stand together like this, we almost look like...
Wait! Never mind!
Hm? What's that you say? You got a table reservation at that pastry place?
That's incredible! Don't tell me... You remembered what I told you last year, didn't you?
Aw! You had me fooled acting all nonchalant!
Heheh! You're a doll! Now let me pinch those cheeks! Pinch pinch pinch!


So this place is your favorite this time of year, right, (Captain)?
It's quite nice! Sitting here on this hill and looking down at the lights in the town below...
With the blanket of snow all around, it looks completely surreal! I'm quite enjoying it here.
Hm? You have one more place you want to go after this? A store that sells strawberry pastries, huh?
You don't really think that buying me some strawberry snacks will get you on my good side, do you?
As if! Heh-heh-heh!
But I'm very pleased! Now let me smush your cute little cheeks!
Smush! Smush! Smush!


La-lalaa. There we are. Decorations are all set.
It's a pity that there's a snowstorm out today, but sometimes it's nice to spend a cozy night indoors.
Hm? What's that box you have there?
S-strawberry cake! My favorite!
How did you know? Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Ahem. Actually, I too have a present for you.
Ta-daa! A hand-knitted wool cap! It even has a fluffy little ball on top! Isn't it cute?
Mhm! Suits you well! As expected!
It's made from the best, warmest wool one can find. Do you like it?


Welcome to my humble abode! Come join me inside.
It truly is a shame that our plans to enjoy an evening excursion were disrupted by a raging blizzard.
Though I suppose spending this holy night lounging indoors can prove to be enjoyable in its own right.
Well then, an occasion such as this one calls for a nice knitted blanket! Come a little closer...
Hehehe! A fine, fluffy bundle of warmth we make!
Hmm? Is that a box in your hands? Could that be a present for me?
How marvelous! A strawberry cake! Did you prepare this for my sake?
What a thoughtful present from a thoughtful person! You must allow me to provide a show of appreciation in return!
Hold your mouth open and say "ahh"! Come now, do it quickly!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Anila's Beach Caper

Anila, (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria enjoy a day of beach volleyball and take a ride on a banana boat. They take a break at a beach house; Anila and (Captain) chat about the day's activities while watching the sun set.

Anila: Summer...
Anila: Plus the sea...
Anila: Equals Auguste!
Anila, Queen of Sheep and Guardian of the South-Southwest, has been traveling with the crew ever since she hung up her hat as the year spirit.
The midsummer sun bathes the swimsuit-clad Divine General with warm rays as she sprints toward the sparkling, lapping waves.
Vyrn: Haha, there she goes, (Captain)! I didn't know sheep could fly!
Lyria: Oh no. She hasn't put on any sunscreen yet.
Anila: Hey, (Captain)! Over here, over here!
Anila motions for the captain to come her way, but (Captain) holds up a bottle of sunscreen.
Anila: Whoopsie! I got so excited I forgot to protect my skin.
Anila: Even the smallest mistake can lead to oodles of stinging pain later on!
Anila: Rubby-rubby-rub... Lotion on the skin... Rubby-rubby-rub...
Anila: Nngh...
Anila applies sunscreen over her whole body except for her back, which eludes her reach.
Gran is the Main Character

Anila: I hate to be a bother, but can someone get my back for me?
Lyria: Sure! I'll do it!
Anila: My savior! Make sure you don't miss a spot!
Lyria does as she's asked and coats Anila's back with a generous layer of sunscreen.
Djeeta is the Main Character

(Captain) takes a gob of lotion and sneaks up behind Anila.
Anila: Eeeep! Wait a minute, (Captain)!
Anila: I appreciate the help, but you should say something before—
Anila: Ahahaha! Eeeheehee!
Anila squirms with laughter as her captor unleashes a wave of tickles on her sides.
Anila: Th-that's enough of your mischief!
Anila: N-no more... Heehee... My... My sides!
Now that the crew is properly protected from the sun, they set their sights on jumping into the water.
Anila: Oh! I almost forgot another important thing!
Anila summons her sheep.
Sheep: Baaa!
Anila: Heehee! It's your vacation time too! Go out and do whatever you like!
Sheep: Baaa?
Anila: Hm? You want to stick around and play with me?
Anila: Teehee! What dears! Okay then, the more the merrier!
And so the eclectic band of sheep, dragon, and skyfarers hit the beach.
Anila: Here comes a bump! Hah!
(Captain) takes the pass and then sends it over the net at Vyrn.
Vyrn: I got it! Lyria, I'm passin' it to you!
Lyria: Oh no! I can't make it!
Sheep: Baaa!
Sheep: Baaa!
Anila: Nice save!
As the crew continue their game of beach volleyball, they spot a small boat zooming through the water, dragging something behind it.
Anila: What was that?
Vyrn: Not sure. Didn't get a good look 'cause it was goin' so fast...
Anila: Then it's up to us to solve this mystery! Come on, everyone!
The crew runs in the direction the boat disappeared off to. They eventually find it docked by a small beach shack.
Anila: Banana... boat?
Banana Boat Hawker: Aha! I spy with my little eye a lovely lady who's all about banana boats!
Anila: What, pray tell, is a banana boat?
Banana Boat Hawker: It's only the summer's hottest and coolest attraction! Ride in style on a banana-shaped inflatable as it's pulled by a boat at warp speed!
Lyria: Wow! That sounds like tons of fun!
Vyrn: Too bad it's not apple-shaped, but I guess a banana makes more sense as a boat!
Anila: Consider me intrigued! What's the verdict, (Captain)?
The crew members have spoken, and (Captain) forks over the rupies without hesitation.
Banana Boat Hawker: Best decision you'll ever make! Now, who's gonna ride where?
  1. You want to sit up front, Anila?
  2. They don't call me captain for nothing!

Choose: You want to sit up front, Anila?
Anila: Sure! I'll man the bow with gusto!
Banana Boat Hawker: Haha, I like your moxie! All righty, time to hit those waves!
Anila takes her place at the front of the banana boat, and the inflatable is calmly towed out to the open sea.
Banana Boat Hawker: I'm going slow so you guys can get used to riding on the water.
Anila: Heehee! What a wonderful breeze!
Lyria: Whee! Up and down we go!
Vyrn: We're like a stone skipping along the surface!
(Captain) and the riders holler with joy as their banana boat cuts through the wind.
Banana Boat Hawker: You ain't seen nothing yet, kiddos! Get ready for the real banana boat experience!
The Three: Eyaaah!
The inflatable takes a sharp turn at full speed, causing the riders to lose their grips.
Anila: Waaaah! (Captain)!
(Captain) tries to hold Anila down, but the sudden shift in balance sends everybody tumbling into the water.

Choose: They don't call me captain for nothing!
Anila: Oooh! Look who's taking charge!
Banana Boat Hawker: Hear, hear! And I wouldn't be much of a promoter if I didn't give you the banana boat experience to match!
With (Captain) at the front, the banana boat is tugged into the sea at a fantastic speed.
Banana Boat Hawker: Full throttle, baby!
Anila: Whoooa! What a sudden burst of speed!
Lyria: We're going so fast I feel like I'm flying with every bounce!
Vyrn: This is crazy!
(Captain) and the riders scream at the top of their lungs as their banana boat caroms off the waves.
Banana Boat Hawker: Still holding on back there? Nice! You kids ain't the average customers!
Banana Boat Hawker: I've always wanted to see what would happen if I crank it up a notch!
The Three: Gyaaah!
(Captain) and company latch onto the banana boat for dear life as it weaves left and right like a thrashing yellow sea serpent.
Eventually the forces are too much for the captain to overcome.
Anila: Watch out, (Captain)!
Anila tries to keep (Captain) from falling off, but her shifting weight causes the boat to tip, and everyone tumbles into the water.
Continue 1
Anila: Cough... Pfft... We finally tipped over!
Lyria: I had no idea the boat could bounce that high!
Vyrn: I honestly thought we'd get blown away, but it sure was a blast!
The soaked friends share a laugh at their big wipeout.
Banana Boat Hawker: Heh, climb back on, you guys. Summer's just getting started.
This man knows a thing or two about quality service. He ensures the riders get their money's worth.
Exhausted from the exhilaration, (Captain) and company take a break at a nearby beach house.
Anila: Phew... Nothing beats a cold glass of juice when you need to cool down.
Lyria: Yeah. I was really thirsty.
Vyrn: That Banana Man became a totally different person once we hit the water. He needs to turn it down.
The tired crew kicks back with several cold beverages.
As the sun slowly sets, it paints the beach with strokes of red, orange, and yellow.
Anila: (Captain)...
Anila: Today was really fun.
  1. Not to mention tiring.
  2. I'm not done yet. Are you?

Choose: Not to mention tiring.
Anila: You're right about that. Maybe I didn't pace myself too well.
Anila: I could relax here for a little while longer.

Choose: I'm not done yet. Are you?
Anila: Heehee! Of course not, silly!
Anila: When it comes to having fun, I'm just getting started!
Continue 2
Anila and (Captain) smile at each other as the last rays of sunlight sink below the tide.
They turn and fix their gazes on the multicolored horizon, not wanting to miss a second of dusk waving goodbye.

Endless Summer

After the sun goes down, (Captain) and company explore a summer festival. They eat dinner and dessert followed by playing several games of ring toss. Anila is especially thrilled by the festival, acting like a big kid.

Evening descends on Auguste, and a boardwalk festival is in full swing.
Anila and company make their way through the festival grounds, swiveling their heads from one crowded shop to the next.
Anila: Hmm... Every place is packed. It makes me wonder what all the hubbub is about!
Anila: Sniff, sniff... And what's that smell?
Lyria: I think it's coming from that stall over there!
The sweet aroma is coming from a combination of sauce, seafood, and noodles sauteing on an iron griddle.
Anila: Gulp... I would love to have a taste of those seafood fried noodles!
Vyrn: Right on! Pretty sure we're all starving!
Anila: Excuse me. Can I get a serving for four?
Noodle Vendor: You sure can! I'll even super-size it on the house 'cause you're cute as a button!
Anila: Thank you kindly for the extra helping!
Anila sets the plate of steaming noodles on a nearby table and everybody digs in.
Anila: Phoo... Phoo... Nom nom... Oh my!
Anila: The rich sauce goes perfectly with the seafood's saltiness. I can't get enough of this delectable concoction!
Lyria: The squid and shrimp are chewy but not soggy!
(Captain) and Vyrn couldn't agree more as they stuff their faces with food.
With happy stomachs all around, the foursome ventures back onto the boardwalk.
Vyrn: Whew... I think I ate too much. But it was too good to resist!
Anila: I didn't even notice I was on my second helping. I hope I wasn't being shameless.
Slowed slightly by full bellies, the gang spies a stand selling shaved ice.
A huge block of ice sits inside a machine. In front of it is a rainbow of syrup bottles that lines the edge of the booth.
Anila: Frozen desserts, ho! A sweet treat is the perfect way to top off a meal indeed!
Lyria: That sounds like a great idea! I was in the mood for something sweet myself!
Vyrn: Hahaha! Boy, can you two eat!
Anila: There's always room for dessert, don'tcha know. What say you, (Captain)?
(Captain) agrees with the old saying and suggests they each get their own cup.
Anila: Oh look, (Captain)! They have strawberry!
Anila: And for toppings they offer sweetened condensed milk and red bean jellies! Too chic!
Vyrn: Huh, how 'bout that? Don't see many places using red bean jellies as a topping.
Lyria: Hm... I can't decide what I want...
Anila: Well, I know what I'm getting! Strawberry shaved ice with condensed milk and red bean jellies!
Shaved Ice Vendor: Hey, I get the same thing every time too! Gonna stack on some extra toppings for a fellow foodie!
Each crew member orders their combination of shaved ice, and they eat while walking.
Anila: Mmm-mm! It's chilly and delicious!
Lyria: Wowie, this hits the spot after dinner!
(Captain) enters a state of rapture with every bite of cold, crunchy goodness.
Vyrn: Hey, buddy! Can I try some of yours?
Lyria: Oh! Me too!
Anila: (Captain)! Could I also...
  1. Sure!
  2. But it's mine...

Choose: Sure!
Anila: Heehee! Aw, you're too kind!
Anila: I'm not picky. Feed me as little or as much as you like!

Choose: But it's mine...
Anila: Owie, owie, ow! Who knew blistering rejection could hurt so much...
(Captain) desperately tries to stifle a laugh at the sight of Anila's melodrama.
Anila: Hmph! Maybe you'll reconsider if I give you a spoonful of my dessert first.
Anila: Open wide and say "ah"!
(Captain) gets a taste of frozen heaven from Anila's spoon.
Anila: So? Did my offering change your mind?
The captain, without saying a word, returns the favor.
Anila: I knew I could count on you! Now it's my turn to say "ah"!
Continue 1
(Captain) sticks a spoonful of ice and toppings into Anila's mouth.
Anila: Mm! This is delicious!
With their dessert cups now empty, the crew pass by a ring toss booth.
Ring Toss Boss: Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Fancy a game of ring toss?
Anila: Oho... So all I need to do is toss this ring onto the peg of the prize I want?
Lyria: I see candy prizes, stuffed animals... There's a lot to choose from!
Anila: Looks interesting! It could be just what I need to burn off this food!
Ring Toss Boss: Any reason's a good reason to play! I'll even move the prizes a bit closer for ya!
(Captain) and company try their hand at winning a prize, with the added bonus of letting their food digest.
Anila: Unh! Yah! Hah!
Anila: Sigh... I guess my aim isn't very good.
Lyria: Which prize are you trying to go for?
Anila: Either that set of fluffy stuffed sheep or the assortment of red bean jellies.
Vyrn: Dun-dun-dun! I think (Captain)'s gettin' fired up!
(Captain) breathes deeply, entering a state of total concentration. The captain steps in front of Anila and picks up a ring.
  1. Super Secret Tech: Sidewinder!
  2. Super Secret Tech: Ricochet!

Choose: Super Secret Tech: Sidewinder!
(Captain) gives a flick of the wrist, shooting the ring horizontally in a perfect parabolic arc that snags the prize peg.
Anila: Oh! You won the fluffy sheep plushies!
Still in the zone, (Captain) lets fly another ring, winning a box of assorted red bean jellies as well.

Choose: Super Secret Tech: Ricochet!
(Captain) hurls the ring forward at an angle. It bounces off the board and flips onto the peg.
Anila: Amazing! You won the assorted red bean jellies!
Still in the zone, (Captain) lets fly another ring, winning the set of stuffed sheep as well.
Continue 2
Anila: That was fantastic, (Captain)! You're a master at ring toss!
(Captain) collects the prizes and gifts them to Anila.
Anila: Can I really have these? Thank you!
The Divine General is so ecstatic she forgets she's in public and gives (Captain) a big hug.
Anila: Oops! I shouldn't be doing this!
Vyrn: Heheh! Guess you're just a big kid after all!
Lyria: Um, say, (Captain)... Do you think you can win that prize for me?
Vyrn: Don't forget about me! I want something too!
The captain obliges, winning prize after prize.
Anila and company make the most of enjoying the summer booths.

Endless Summer: Scene 2

(Captain) and the gang are coaxed into braving some "haunted" woods as a way to test their courage. After making it through several scripted scares, the crew arrive at their goal: a graveyard. A horde of pretend zombies chases Anila and Lyria out of the woods as a final congratulations for completing the trial.

The crew approaches a trail that leads into a wooded area running alongside the festival.
A man stands by the entrance, candle in hand. He meets Anila's gaze.
Spooky Man: I wonder...
You there. Girl with the curly horns.
Anila: Yes? You wish to speak with me?
Spooky Man: Just as I suspected. You can see me.
Anila: Wh-what are you implying? That I'm the only person who can see you?
Lyria: Anila? Why did you stop all of a sudden?
Anila: Oh, how should I put this... There's a ghost here, and...
Anila: (I've been chosen to undergo a trial since I'm the only one who can see him.)
Vyrn: Huh? Who's that dude over there?
Anila: That dude? You mean you see the man holding the candle?
Vyrn: What are you talkin' about? He's standing right next to you.
At that exact moment, a couple carrying candles comes strolling out of the woods.
Tough Guy: Well, that was a whole lotta nothing. I thought a test of courage was supposed to be—oh, I don't know—scary?
Sultry Lady: Teehee! I have nothing to fear with my darling at my side!
Anila: A test of courage?
Anila: (I was being led on! I almost made a fool out of myself!)
Spooky Man: Can you people do me a favor? There is a graveyard just past these woods. Please offer this monster-sealing talisman to a shrine among those tombs.
Spooky Man: Capture the evil energy that permeates the dead grounds into the talisman to let the spirits rest in peace.
Vyrn: So it's basically a challenge to make it through the haunted woods without gettin' scared, right? I say we give it a try!
Lyria: I'm always willing to help people, but are we really going to run into gh-ghosts... or worse?
Anila: Lyria makes a valid point. It seems irresponsible to disturb spirits for a simple dare.
  1. They need our help!
  2. Maybe we shouldn't...

Choose: They need our help!
Anila: If those are (Captain)'s wishes, then who am I to refuse?
Lyria: Sigh... Ghosts are scary, but I'll have to do my best to be brave!

Choose: Maybe we shouldn't...
Anila: Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.
Spooky Man: Are you truly unable to help me? If you don't appease the spirits, misfortune is bound to happen...
In the dim light of the flickering candle, the man's sunken eyes bore holes into each of the crew members.
Lyria: I-I understand! If that's the case then I'll do it!
Vyrn: Should be fine, right? Can't be that scary if we all go in together.
Anila: So that's two for going. As for you, (Captain)?
Seeing that the man has strong-armed the others into submission, (Captain) has no choice but to reluctantly agree.
Continue 1
Spooky Man: Thank you. Be careful in there. I'll be waiting for the good news.
The man sends them into the dense growth of trees with the monster-sealing talisman.
Anila: Since we agreed to this mission, we have to do it right.
Anila: First we need to place this talisman at the graveyard shrine.
Anila & Lyria: Eep...
Flying Shadow: Keekeekee...
Moving Shadow: Groooan...
Anila: Something's trying to scare us!
Lyria: I'm pretty sure they were ghosts...
Pretend Zombie: Blaaargh!
Anila & Lyria: Aaaah!
The girls take off running but trip and fall onto their backsides.
Anila: Oof... Why is the ground all soggy?
Lyria: It's hard for me to stand up...
Something cold and slimy flies at Anila and Lyria from the thicket.
Anila: Eeuyech! Some sort of slime hit me in the face!
Lyria: Eeek! What is this!
Vyrn: Uh, are you two okay?
Anila: Wait, isn't this edible konjac jelly?
Lyria: Even the ground is covered in it!
Anila: Grrr... I can't believe I was duped by such a juvenile trick. They won't get away with this!
Anila: I swear nothing's going to get a rise out of me from now on! Get your wits about you, Lyria!
Lyria: Ah! Wait, Anila!
Vyrn: Hey, we gotta go after them, (Captain)!
(Captain) and Vyrn race after their two companions.
Anila: Ahah!
Anila: Rawr!
Anila: Booo!
Anila takes the lead, but she retreats to the safety of the crew every time she encounters a jump scare.
The beleaguered guardian finally arrives at the graveyard and spots the shrine they've been looking for.
Anila: Huff... Huff... We're done once we offer this talisman to the shrine, right?
Lyria: Look what I found! It's a monster-shaped stamper!
Vyrn: I guess that guy wants us to stamp the talisman.
Anila takes the stamper and presses it down firmly on the talisman.
It seems their mission is complete.
Zombies: Waaargh!
Anila & Lyria: Zooombiiies!
Vyrn: Oh brother... Whaddya say we get outta these woods?
Having proven their courage, (Captain) and Vyrn chase after the girls, who are running for their lives.

Endless Summer: Scene 3

The crew joins a public dance around a large bonfire. Fireworks explode overhead, capping off what should be a perfect evening, but the sudden appearance of a deepflight oyster ruins the mood. (Captain) and Anila battle the shelled party crasher.

After overcoming the trial in the woods, the crew leaves the boardwalk shops and visits an open square that has a large bonfire set in the center.
A crowd of people dance in one big circle around the flames to the beat of the music.
Anila: Now this looks like a lively activity I can get behind!
Anila: Let's join in, (Captain)!
Anila grabs (Captain) by the hand, and the two slip into the ring of dancers.
Anila: Step to the right, step to the left... To the right, to the left... Now front step, front step, and one step back...
Anila: One, and two, and three, and spin, and pose!
Anila: Ta-da!
Lyria: Yay, she's got her smile back!
Vyrn: That test of courage thing really sapped the life outta her...
Lyria: Let's enjoy this dance and forget all about that episode.
Vyrn: Sounds good to me! C'mon, time to get our dance on!
The music continues uninterrupted; (Captain) and company boogie around the bonfire in a never-ending loop.
Anila: Heehee! This is so much fun!
Anila and (Captain) are caught up in this magical moment, smiling at each other as they hold hands.
Then the music suddenly cuts out and everyone around them looks up at the sky.
Anila: Ah...
Multicolored lights blossom amid the stars above Anila and (Captain).
  1. Beautiful.

Choose: Beautiful.
Anila: They sure are...
The couple next to them happens to be the same couple they'd seen coming out of the woods.
Sultry Lady: Darling? Did you know that if two people tango under the fireworks, they'll be together forever?
Tough Guy: Oh, really? Well, I guess that means we're together forever now.
Anila and (Captain) overhear their conversation, and the two reflexively look at each other.
Anila: I-I've never heard of such a saying...
(Captain) is about to answer when a terrifying screech fills the plaza.
Deepflight Oyster: ...!
It's the sound of a dreaded deepflight oyster crashing the dance.
Anila: Disrupting everyone's enjoyment is unacceptable behavior!
Anila: (Captain)! You and I are going to put a stop to the tumult!
Anila and the captain push through the panicking public and engage the hard-shelled foe.

Endless Summer: Scene 4

The oyster is defeated, but a sudden downpour forces the crew to return to the inn where they succumb to fatigue. A quick nap later, Anila invites (Captain) out for a nighttime swim in the sea. It's been a fun-filled vacation—one that has allowed their friendship to deepen even further.

Anila: Haaaah!
Deepflight Oyster: ...!
Anila matches (Captain)'s movements, and they successfully shuck the troublemaker.
The people who had run for cover clap and cheer for their heroes.
Lyria: You guys were so cool!
Anila: Lyria! I'm glad you're safe!
Anila: Now I can finally relax again.
Vyrn: Uh-oh. Is it rainin'?
The clouds suddenly open up and a heavy downpour sends the crowd looking for shelter.
Anila: Agh! We'd better move it too!
They splash through the rain all the way back to their inn.
Anila: Sheesh... It's a good thing I was wearing my bathing suit, but I'm still soaked to the bone.
Anila: Luckily, I've got just the thing to dry off with.
Anila passes around the fluffy towels she brought, and soon everyone is squeaky dry.
Anila: A cold body is susceptible to illness, so I'll go make us some tea.
Lyria: Ooh! I'll help you!
Anila: Great! Let's shake a leg!
It isn't long before the girls return with trays of hot tea and light snacks.
Anila: I brewed my super special tea leaves, so I hope you like it!
Lyria: And the snacks are the jellies (Captain) won from the ring toss game!
Vyrn: That's supposed to be your stuff. Thanks for sharing them with us!
Anila: It's okay! Food tastes better when shared with friends!
As the group enjoys tea time, Anila hits upon an idea. She gets up and leaves momentarily.
When she comes back, she's hiding something behind her back.
Anila: Hehehe...
Vyrn: Uh-oh... What's with that sneaky smirk?
Anila: Da-da-da-daaah!
Anila reveals a big stack of board games.
Anila: No one's sleeping tonight!
Lyria: Oh, yay! I've always wanted to play these!
Vyrn: I heard this one's pretty good!
Anila: Am I psychic or what? We're going to play until we drop!
It continues to rain outside while the crew loses track of time playing board games.
But even they can't stave off the sandman forever, succumbing to a day's worth of activity.
Their soft snores are nearly drowned out by the droning rain.
Anila: Snooze... Snooze...
(Captain)'s eyes groggily open to see Anila's sleeping face up close and personal.
Anila: Nnh... Mumble...
Anila: Heh... Heh... I ate too much...
Anila's eyes suddenly open, and her gaze meets the captain's.
Anila: Yeep! I didn't know you were awake.
Anila: You didn't see me making weird faces while I was sleeping, did you?
  1. I did...
  2. No, I swear I didn't!

Choose: I did...
Anila: Nnh... This is so embarrassing! It's unbecoming of a maiden!

Choose: No, I swear I didn't!
Anila: Thanks for protecting a maiden's dignity, (Captain)!
Continue 1
Anila: I need to be more mindful of where I fall asleep next time.
Anila: But I had so much fun hanging out with everyone that I didn't realize I'd dozed off.
Anila: Sorry for dragging you all out on a whim.
(Captain) promises her that they've all had a fun day.
Anila: I see. You always have a way with words.
Anila: There's never a dull moment whenever I spend time with you.
Anila: I know I've already asked a lot from you, but there's just one more thing, if I may?
(Captain) is quick to nod.
Anila: Thanks. Will you come outside with me?
Anila invites (Captain) out to the shore.
Anila: The sea is much different at night. It's quieter for one thing.
Anila: So about that thing I wanted to ask... I was wondering what it'd be like to swim under the stars.
Anila: But a pitch-black sea is unnerving. Will you go in with me?
(Captain) responds with an empathic yes.
With the beach all to themselves, the two slip into the water.
Anila: Aah... The water is quite warm once you're actually in it.
Anila: Come over here, (Captain). Take my hand.
Anila: I'm not afraid or anything, but it'd be dangerous if we got separated.
They float together on the calm waves, hand in hand.
Anila suddenly takes a more ceremonious tone with (Captain).
Anila: And so my list of "new experiences shared with (Captain)" grows by one.
Anila: I'm lucky to have met you, (Captain).
Anila: Thanks for bringing me along on your adventure.
  1. I'm just glad you wanted to come.

Choose: I'm just glad you wanted to come.
Anila: Heehee! I want us to experience many more things that we can someday look back on.
Their smiles are illuminated by the gentle beams of moonlight.
They'll surely come to rely on each other even more as the journey goes on, and their bonds will continue to strengthen without fail.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
屋台の景品はアンチラへの土産にするのじゃ! I'm giving this prize to Andira!
マキラはバナナボートより小型船に興味津々かのう? Methinks Mahira would be more interested in the boat that's pulling the banana boat.
昔、祭り好きのヴァジラに輪投げの妙を聞いたのじゃ Vajra loves festivals. I heard she's good at ring toss.
肝試しもクビラとなら…そ、それでも怖いかのう… Even if I tried the test of courage with Kumbhira, it'd still be scary...
ダンスイベントは、概ねビカラの得意分野かの? Dance events are usually Vikala's thing.
もぐもぐ…水羊羹も涼やかでうまいのじゃ♪ Yum, yum. Red bean jellies are refreshingly delicious.
寄せては返す波の音…なんとも心地よいのう The sound of breaking waves soothes my soul.
なんとっ!? かき氷を食べたら頭がキーンと… Agh! I got a brain freeze!
(主人公)と見た光華…生涯忘れんじゃろうな Watching fireworks with (Captain) is a moment I'll never forget.
(主人公)、これからもよろしく頼む! Let's keep the good times rolling, (Captain)!