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Official Profile[edit | edit source]

Age 29
Height 91 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Talking to people
Likes Justice, fairness, candy
Dislikes Relying on other people
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Source [1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Special Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, Captain. I'm glad to have this chance to travel with you.
The road ahead is obscured by mist, even for those who can gaze into the future.
But you won't let that stop you from striding ahead and seizing the day.
I'll be there to seize the day with you every day until your next birthday and beyond.


In life we walk a path shrouded in fog so thick you can barely see your hands in front of you.
There will be times when you find yourself walking that path alone.
You will call for aid and receive no response. You will find yourself in the throes of despair.
But never forget. Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there.
A place of warmth and light must surely await you.
So happy birthday. I hope my being here can provide some comfort to you during your journey.


To live is to choose.
And to choose means to give up something as well.
Where there's light, a shadow is born. And the brighter the light, the darker the shadow grows.
So if you ever find yourself troubled by the thing you didn't choose... or the shadow growing behind you...
I want you to stop and take a look around you. I'll surely be by your side, and I won't be the only one. Don't be afraid to ask for a shoulder to lean on.
With each passing year, it may get harder to rely on others for help...
But a grown-up who gives in to their heart is still a grown-up...
I wish you blessings on turning another year older!


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm happy we were able to spend yet another year together.
Yesterday brought us today. And today will bring tomorrow. This goes without saying, of course.
But the promise of tomorrow isn't always guaranteed for everyone.
The skies are filled with an astounding number of risks that could strip tomorrow away from us at any moment.
How was this last year, you ask? There are times where I have to face harsh truths with my readings.
But even so, you should be proud to have come so far despite the future that awaits.
My heart rejoices that you've made it this far as your own.
As long as you keep moving forward with each and every day, I'll do what I can to protect your path toward a brighter future.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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It's the start of another year, (Captain). What are your resolutions this time around?
Hm? You want me to see if you'll complete them? Hehe, that's cheating, my dear.
Why, not knowing is half the fun. If you see the winner before the race starts, what would motivate you to run?
It's better to live in the present than worry about the future. Enjoy this year for all that it has in store for you. Believe me. You're going to like it.


Happy New Year, (Captain). That face you're making tells me you've made a resolution. And it looks like a good one.
Let me offer you some advice for the new year.
Whether you fulfill your resolution depends on your resolve. What's that? You wanted a fortune?
The future isn't so easily swayed. Which makes hard effort on your part indispensible.
That's what makes everything we do so important.
Remember these words well. They are far more important than any fortune.


This year may have its ups and downs... Ah, but it I bet it will be a lively time, (Captain).
Oh, that wasn't a remark about your fortune. Just my own little prediction, you could say.
Many people will cross your path, and their intentions may be good or evil. It's all right if you end up influencing each other, but be careful not to be swept up by them.
And don't lose sight of what you wish to do... as well as what it is you must do.
Oh, listen to me going on and on! Lecturing you at the start of the year... Do forgive me!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Let's have another good year together.
This year you'll travel even further to new horizons, making even more connections along the way.
A lot may happen, including times of strife and trouble... Let all of it become your wisdom. The important thing is to enjoy the journey,
Hehe, a vision? Not quite. More of a gut feeling.
The steps you'll take today will surely lead to a brighter tomorrow.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's, (Captain). These chocolates are for you. They're not handmade or anything, but I hope you like them.
I've heard that chocolates are a love drug. Supposedly one bite is all it takes to fall in love.
Hm? What about my chocolates?
Heheh... I wonder. Would it be inconvenient for you if they were? Or perhaps...


Is something bothering you, (Captain)? Don't tell me. You want me to predict the direction of your love life on this special day?
Asking that of me at a time like this is quite tactless, but... I wonder.
Wonder about what? Ah, yes.
Eat these chocolates while you think it over.
Do they taste sweet... or sour? It all depends on you.


Heh-heh, you're especially popular today, (Captain).
Hm? You came here because you thought you might find me? Really? You're like a fortune-teller, (Captain).
Sounds like to you... I'm quite predictable.
But being understood by someone doesn't feel so bad! Of course, that's because you're a special exception.
Now, as for the rest of your prediction... Here you go. Chocolate from me. You'll accept it, won't you?


Hmm? What is it, (captain)? Ah, yes. Valentine's.
I'm sorry to say, I don't have any chocolate for you.
Yet, that is.
Hehe, aren't you adorable? No need to sulk—I was just about to start making some.
You know... If you'd like, I can have you be my taste-tester. What do you say?
After all, I'll be giving it to you. I want to make sure the flavor is to your liking.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? This is for me? Are you sure? On a day like this...
It's precisely because it's today? Thank you. I'm honored. I shall treasure it always.
Heheh... Quite a happy turn of events, this.


Hello there, (Captain). Did something happen? Hee hee... Not that it matters. I'm more than happy to speak to you, regardless.
Hm? Are these... for me?
Oh, no. No. Of course I'm happy.
I mean... It's an honor to get something from you on a day like today. Truly.
It's just... I suppose I need some time to prepare myself emotionally.
Thank you. You've made me a very, very happy fortune teller.


This is a White Day present, right? I'm glad to get one from you, (Captain).
I don't feel as if saying I'm glad is enough to express how happy I feel...
But I don't know the words to convey it to you otherwise.
And that's just how happy I am... and a little embarrassed!


Thank you. I'm really glad you brought me something today.
... Sorry... I mean, I made some cracks at you on Valentine's Day, didn't I?
Despite that, to receive something from you in return... I can't help but feel a little guilty.
I knew it would end up this way, but I wanted to tease you anyway... I'm not exactly a role model, am I?
Use me as an example of what kind of grown-up not to become, hehe.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween, (Captain). Trick or treat, which do you prefer?
Choose whichever you like. I really don't mind either one.
Hehe, or perhaps a trick is what you truly want?


Heehee. The ship's become full of surprises, (Captain). You should be careful—
See, I told you. Now who could've put that bucket of water up there to fall on some unsuspecting victim?
Aww, you poor, soaked thing. Let me get you a towel—
This is how you repay me for trying to be nice to you?
Heehee. Well, I guess I did start by pranking you first. I hope you're ready for the next one.


Now, now... You were trying to play a trick on me just now, weren't you?
You really got me last year. But I didn't want to get fooled again this year, so I was on the lookout.
Heh-heh! You look so disappointed! Were you really looking forward to getting me this year?
Maybe... because you really liked pranking me last year?
Goodness... You sure know how to keep things around here exciting. With or without pranks...


Happy Halloween, (Captain). Do you mind waiting a little for your treat? I'm actually preparing it right now.
I went to buy some wrapping, but there were so many adorable ribbons and materials... I ended up losing track of time.
I finally decided on one and brought it back just now.
Just like this... Right here, and... There. That's one wrapped.
This year's first treat goes to you. Enjoy Halloween to your heart's content, (Captain).


What? I could use my powers to avoid whatever tricks people try to play on me? Yes, that's true...
But then I'd be missing out on all the Halloween fun.
If I looked into the future to see the smiles on the faces of the trick-or-treaters...
Or what kinds of pranks they might play, it would be such a waste.
If some great calamity is approaching, I'll end up having a premonitory dream even without intending to.
But I haven't had anything like that this year, so I'm happy to be able to participate in the festivities alongside all of you.
Speaking of which, I believe you'll be my very first customer this year, (Captain).
Go on, then. Say the magic words. Trick or treat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, (Captain). Any plans for the night?
Would you mind if I spent the night by your side?
On a silent and holy night like this, there's nothing better than spending it with a good friend and good conversation.


Tonight we celebrate the holiday season with all our precious friends on the ship.
You may have a frigid, wintry fate ahead of you, but we'll overcome it with camaraderie.
Put another way... people can't do much on their own.
I can see the future, and you have a steady, unyielding resolve. But alone... we're nothing.
Heheh... I can tell you want a little more elaboration.
Let me put it this way. There's no better way to spend days like this than with those precious to you.
Heheh... I thought I would be included in that category for you, but perhaps I was mistaken?
Having memories of these quiet times with you is all I need to overcome any challenge the future poses.


Happy holidays, (Captain)! No matter how old I get, the holiday season always makes me giddy with excitement.
The best chefs in our crew have crowded into the kitchen to show off their skills. I just got back from helping out a bit.
And since holiday feasts differ on each island, we'll be sure to see a smorgasbord of dishes and desserts at the party.
A table full of good eats with everyone chatting happily... Heh-heh! I can't wait for tonight!
But I'm afraid I'll have trouble getting a seat right next to you. I have to admit that's a little disappointing...


Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom... I'll need some ginger, too...
Hmm? Oh, (Captain). I was just thinking about making some mulled wine. It' spiced wine that's served warm.
The warmth from the heat and spices spreads through your body when drinking it-just perfect for winter, don't you think?
With everyone so busy for the holidays, I thought I'd make some. After all, you wouldn't want to catch a cold during this time of year.
Oh, that's right-you can't have any yet, (Captain). It may sound good, but you'll have to wait until you're an adult.
Hehe, don't look so glum.
See, I'll make some chai for you using the same spices.
Sharing a warm drink with your friends for a joyous night and occasion-what could be better?

Fate Episodes[edit | edit source]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Fairy Oracle[edit source]

The fortuneteller Arulumaya was acting as an oracle for the crowd at the street corner. Lyria attempted to get Arulumaya to divine the fate of her Order, but she was refused at first. Later, Arulumaya showed up on the airship. She spoke of a turning point in which the world of (Captain)’s future would be shaken, and she joined the party on their journey so that she could witness that future with her own eyes.

Our heroes visited a town. There they ran into a throng of people crowded onto a street corner.
Lyria: Whoa, that’s a pretty big crowd! What do you suppose they are doing? Let’s go take a look!
Vyrn: Hey! Don’t go on ahead without us, Lyria! Let’s go after them and catch them, (Captain)!
Our heroes joined the crowd. A lone Harvin woman was surrounded by the crowd.
???: According to my premonition, this town will be devastated by a raging inferno soon.
Man: Say what?! How do you intend to preventive that?!
???: The fire itself cannot be prevented. However, there is no need for worry.
???: Damage can be minimized if you combine your powers. Combine your powers as you face your difficulties.
Man: Combine our powers... Is that right? If we all watch out, this might just end with a small blaze!
The people discussed how they would handle what they had been told. A Harvin girl gazed at this with apparent satisfaction.
Vyrn: She has the gift of precognition, doesn’t she. I wonder if her predictions will come true?
Man: What are you saying? It would be impossible for her premonitions to be off the mark!
Man: She was right on the money about the landslide the other day, and about the crop failure. Nobody doubts her on any of the islands ‘round these parts!
Lyria: She’s an amazing fortune teller! Let’s see if she can tell us whether we will successfully make it to Estalucia!
Vyrn: Lyria?! Again you are running ahead of us alone... Wait up!
Lyria: Hey, Ms. Fortune Teller! Can you divine for our order, too?
Arulumaya: Y-you’re...
Arulumaya: I use my powers for the people. I don’t divine for individuals.
Lyria: I see...
Arulumaya: Spending their days only following prophecies robs the people of their ability to think.
Arulumaya: Suppose I told you that there are calamities ahead in your journey. Would you give up on your journey?
Lyria: No way! No matter how difficult they may be, we absolutely will continue with our journey!
Arulumaya: Hahaha... If that is so, then there’s really no point in hearing my divination. I wish you the best of luck, Lyria.
Lyria: Yes! Hmm? You know my name....
Arulumaya: Ah... Not only do I see the future, but also the here and now.
Lyria: You're amazing! Now this fortune teller is the real deal!
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! I ain’t gonna gripe about it. I’m going back to the airship!
Lyria: Wha?! What the...! Hey! Ms. Fortune Teller!
Arulumaya: Haha, yes! I love to chat...
Arulumaya: ...! Y-you're!
Arulumaya gasped the instant she caught sight of (Captain).
Lyria: What's wrong?
Arulumaya: Ah, sorry, that was rude. Don’t mind me.
Arulumaya: I have nothing that I must convey to you right this moment.
Vyrn: You’ve wasted our time, Miss Fortune Teller! Let’s head back, (Captain)!
Our heroes returned to the Grandcypher. That night...
???: Excuse me, may I bother you for a moment?
Lyria: Okay! And who might you be?
Arulumaya: Ah... I met you around noon, didn’t I. I am Arulumaya, the fortune teller. I have something I would like to discuss with you.
Vyrn: What do you want, Miss Fortune Teller? If you saw a horrible future for us...
Arulumaya: Actually, I am not sure about that. This is the first time I saw such a thing...
Arulumaya: All that I saw was that in (Captain)’s future there would be a turning point that would definitely shake the world...
Lyria: Shake the world...
  1. Surely that’s a good thing!
  2. Or maybe something bad?

Choose: Surely that’s a good thing!
Arulumaya: Haha... You really believe in yourself, don’t you?
Arulumaya: That strength, that vigor... Those are very desirable traits.

Choose: Or maybe something bad?
Arulumaya: You are wise. And your depth of thought will be necessary if you wish to reach a land of illusions at the end of the sky.
Arulumaya: Knowing true bravery without falling into recklessness... Your character is deserving of praise.
Continue 1
Arulumaya: I could not see whether the turning point that awaits you is good or bad.
Arulumaya: I would like to use my own power to lead the world in the right direction.
Arulumaya: Therefore, I would like to help lead the world to a better direction at the turning point that awaits (Captain).
Arulumaya: Also, I would like to confirm that turning point with my own eyes.
Lyria: Um... I am having a little trouble understanding what you are saying, but does it mean that you would like to join our Order?
Arulumaya: Simply put, yes. If I would like to reach this turning point with you, then it would be best to go with you on your journey.
  1. Sure, come along with us if you would like
  2. That is a little over-the-top for us

Choose: Sure, come along with us if you would like
Arulumaya: Such magnanimity... You are one with a great capacity for acceptance.
Arulumaya: But the vessel is still so very thin and fragile... I will lead you until you become strong.

Choose: That is a little over-the-top for us
Arulumaya: Hahaha... This is funny. What if you are already doing something over-the-top?
Arulumaya: A little dragon who has a way with words... A girl who controls primal beasts... A journey to Estalucia...
Arulumaya: You are all prodigies, without a doubt.
Continue 2
Vyrn: All right, if it’s okay with (Captain), that I do not care if Miss fortune teller comes with us!
Arulumaya: Hahaha, thank you. Allow me to introduce myself again. I am Arulumaya. But you can call me Arulu.
Lyria: Yeah! Welcome aboard, Arulu.
Vyrn: Hmm? Hey, your tone of voice is totally different than it was just a moment ago.
Arulumaya: One’s manner of speaking can change the impact of a prophecy on those who hear it.
Arulumaya: I was very careful about the way I used words when acting as an oracle for the people.
Vyrn: You were putting on an act for them?!
Arulumaya: When talking to one’s superiors, one should speak respectfully and adopt an appropriate tone of voice for that situation, yes?
Arulumaya: All that I did was read the situation appropriately. Because I have become your friend, there is no need for me to create walls between us.
Arulumaya: I’m counting on you, (Captain). Whatever path you take... Let me watch over you from close by.
And with that, Arulumaya joined the Order, bringing with her frightful sorcery and powers of premonition.
Along the way during those travels, Arulumaya would be met with things that not even she could have predicted.

Wishes Left Unspoken[edit source]

The party received a request by a mayor to find his missing daughter. As the party prepared to leave, the owner of the restaurant asks them not to pursue the mayor's daughter. However, Arulumaya predicts that the town will be in turmoil unless the girl returns, and the party sets out to find her.

As (Captain) and company take a break at a restaurant, the mayor of the town approaches them in a fluster.
Mayor: C-Could you be... the renowned fortune-teller, Arulumaya...?!
Arulumaya: Indeed. You seem quite flustered... I see your daughter has run away.
Mayor: Oh...! So it is true... you knew about my problem before I even told you!
Mayor: It's exactly as you say. I just don't know what to do...
Mayor: I apologize for the sudden request, but... Please find my daughter, skyfarers!
Arulumaya: It seems there will be great turmoil in this town, unless the girl returns.
Arulumaya: We must find her quickly. Let's accept his request, (Captain).
Mayor: Oh...! Thank you so much! She shouldn't be able to get far on foot. She could even be lost in the mountains...
Arulumaya: I see... There are some monsters in the mountains nearby. (Captain), we should hurry.
Restaurant Owner: Excuse me, skyfarers...
Vyrn: Hmm? Oh, you're the owner of that restaurant, right? I thought we paid for our food already.
Restaurant Owner: Yes, but this isn't about that... I just wanted to ask you not to go after the mayor's daughter.
Lyria: Um... What do you mean?
Restaurant Owner: The mayor arranged for her to marry some influential man from a neighboring town...
Restaurant Owner: She must have been shocked because it was so sudden. I just feel bad for her...
Lyria: I see... What should we do, (Captain)?
Arulumaya: No, (Captain). If the mayor's daughter doesn't return... this town will suffer greatly.
Arulumaya: This may not be what she wants, but she doesn't have the right to inconvenience everyone else with her problems.
Arulumaya: Now, let's go. The longer we take, the chances of her getting attacked by monsters becomes higher.

Wishes Left Unspoken: Scene 2[edit source]

The party searched for the mayor's missing daughter. Arulymaya explains that the girl's marriage will lead to the two neighboring towns to improved relations and joint prosperity. As she tells them that the mayor's daughter should return for the happiness of the majority, they hear someone's scream. The party quickly runs to the source of the cry.

Vyrn: Hey, Arulumaya. Why is there gonna be trouble at the town if the mayor's daughter doesn't come back?
Arulumaya: Like that restaurant owner told us, the mayor's daughter is supposed to marry an influential man from another town.
Arulumaya: This will improve the relations between the two towns, and contribute to their mutual prosperity.
Arulumaya: However, if she doesn't return... the relationship between the towns will take a turn for the worse.
Lyria: I see...
Arulumaya: If there is a way to make many people happy, one should always take that path. I believe that's the true path of justice.
???: Aaaaahh!!
Lyria: D-Did you hear that?! (Captain)! Let’s go help!

Wishes Left Unspoken: Scene 3[edit source]

The party successfully saves the mayor's daughter. On their way back to the town, she listens to stories of the party's adventures and wishes that she had more freedom. Arulumaya begins to have doubts about whther or not she is truly making the right decision, then suddenly monsters appear before the party.

Mayor’s Daughter: Thank you...! You saved me... I don't know how I can repay you...
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! We're skyfarers and we are here on a request from your father.
Arulumaya: I understand you're opposed to the marriage, but you shouldn't have come to these dangerous mountains alone.
Mayor’s Daughter: You're right... I'm sorry. I just couldn't sit around as the marriage drew nearer...
Arulumaya: Your father is very worried. Come, let's go back to the town.
Mayor’s Daughter: Okay... I'm sorry for causing you all so much trouble...
Lyria: Are you tired? It's just a little longer until we get to the town.
Mayor’s Daughter: I'm okay, thank you. Um, if you don't mind, could you tell me about your journeys as a skyfarer?
Lyria: Sure! Hmm, let's see...
Arulumaya: ...
The mayor's daughter happily listens as Lyria recounts stories of her journey.
Lyria: Oh! I got a bit carried away with the stories... What did you think?
Mayor’s Daughter: Sure! I loved them! It was so exciting. I felt like I was part of your adventures!
Mayor’s Daughter: Maybe I can't be like you guys... but I just wish I had more freedom in my life...
Arulumaya: Hey, (Captain)...
Arulumaya: I thought I was making the right decision for everyone... Including the mayor's daughter...
Arulumaya: But when I see her sad like this... I'm not so sure anymore.
Arulumaya: Is it truly okay to sacrifice the happiness of one for the good of many...?
Mayor’s Daughter: Excuse me, Lady Arulumaya...? You don't look so well... is something the matter?
Arulumaya: Oh, no... I'm fine.
Arulumaya: Um... The man you will marry might be a good husband... Don't feel too bad...
Mayor’s Daughter: Yeah... I was just surprised because it was so sudden. I'll be fine... I'm sure...
Arulumaya: Excuse me...
Monster: Grrrrrrrrroooooaaaarr!!
Mayor’s Daughter: Eeek?!
Arulumaya: Ugh! Foul monsters... I, Arulumaya, won't let you harm the mayor's daughter!

Wishes Left Unspoken: Scene 4[edit source]

The party brings the mayor's daughter back to her father. Arulumaya sympathized for the young daughter with a large responsibility on her shoulders. She suggests that mayor delay his daughter's marriage, and he misinterprets it as a prophecy. That night, Arulumaya leans on (Captain) and opens up about the doubts that have been troubling her.

Mayor: Oh...! I'm so glad you're back safely... I was so worried! That was very selfish of you...!
Mayor’s Daughter: Father... I'm so sorry...
Mayor: You may be young, but you're my daughter. You have a responsibility to the people of the town! How could you disregard all of that and run away...?
Arulumaya: Mayor, wait. Your daughter simply hasn't had a chance to prepare herself.
Arulumaya: As you say, she is still young.
Arulumaya: So... perhaps it would be better to delay her marriage for a little while...?
Mayor: ...!!! If Lady Arulumaya says so, I would be a fool to refuse.
Mayor: Not only have you rescued my daughter, but you've provided a prophecy for me as well... I'm honored.
Arulumaya: Oh, I...
Mayor’s Daughter: Lady Arulumaya, skyfarers. Thank you so much for saving me from the monsters.
Mayor: I'd like to thank you again... I'll have the reward sent to you shortly. Come.
Mayor’s Daughter: Yes, father.
Arulumaya: Farewell...
Arulumaya: ...
Arulumaya: Ah, it's you. I'm just feeling ashamed of myself...
Arulumaya: That mayor... accepted my suggestion because he thought it was a prophecy.
Arulumaya: But it wasn't... I only said it because I felt bad for his daughter.
Arulumaya: I wasn't able to tell him that it wasn't a prophecy... It was dishonest of me...
Arulumaya: Because I can see the future, I've always tried to be fair and just...
  1. You're a good person, Arulu.
  2. I think you did fine.

Choose: You're a good person, Arulu.
Arulumaya: I wonder if that's true... I always talk about fairness and justice as if I know all about it...
Arulumaya: But I'm having doubts... and I may not always make the correct decisions...
Arulumaya: If I truly want to be a good person, I need to become stronger... Not physically, but mentally...

Choose: I think you did fine.
Arulumaya: You really do accept everyone, don't you? You're a man of great caliber.
Arulumaya: I suppose that having all these doubts is part of my true nature.
Arulumaya: All I can do is accept it and find the best path from there...
Continue 1
Arulumaya: I didn't mean to rant like this. I'm sorry. (Captain)?
Arulumaya sits next to (Captain) and leans on him.
Arulumaya: I hope you don't mind if I stay like this for a little while.
Arulumaya: Hehe... You're the only person I could trust like this, you know.
Arulumaya laughs playfully, but it seems that her worries run deep.
She hopes to find answers to the questions and doubts that occur due to her ability to see into the future.
Although she may not see it now, the correct path is sure to present itself during her adventures with (Captain).

She Who Bears the Future[edit source]

Arulumaya sees a crowd of discontent people in a dream vision, but she's unable to understand the meaning behind the omen. Morphe and Phoebe appear and warn her that if she spends any longer in the dream, she could be consumed by it. Arulumaya chooses not to heed their warning.

It's a peaceful night aboard the Grandcypher. The soft coos and boisterous snores of a sleeping crew can be heard throughout the airship's halls.
Arulumaya's snoozing snuffles are among the slumbering symphony.
Arulumaya: ...
Arulumaya: Where am I?
She awakes mid-dream and takes in her surroundings: a bustling street corner.
As Arulumaya slips through the crowds, she comes to realize that maybe she's still asleep.
Arulumaya: I can feel it... This dream is a vision.
Arulumaya: (My visions always warn me of future calamity.)
Arulumaya: (It's impossible to prevent these disasters, but I can at least spread the word and reduce any casualties.)
Arulumaya: (What will happen next... I must find out!)
With a sense of responsibility weighing heavily in her heart, Arulumaya begins to search the dream for any ill portent of the future.
Arulumaya: (These people... I've never seen such sorrowful expressions... I wonder what's going on.)
Arulumaya: (Anxiety, sadness, hopelessness. Everyone is wearing his or her emotions like a grim mask.)
Arulumaya: ...
She is about to delve deeper into the dream, letting out a deep breath.
???: No.
Arulumaya: ...!
Aren't you...
Phoebe: ...
Morphe and Phoebe (Event) is a crew member

Arulumaya: Phoebe? Why are you here?
Arulumaya: Well, never mind. Of course you would be. You're the primal beast of dreams after all.

Arulumaya: You're, if I remember correctly, that dream reader Phoebe. Right?
Continue 1
Phoebe: Right.
Morphe: Sorry to surprise you, Arulumaya.
Morphe: When you were sleeping, we sensed your presence getting weaker and weaker.
Morphe: So we jumped into this dream to check on you.
Arulumaya: My presence?
Phoebe: Yes. I bet it's because this dream you're having isn't any ordinary dream.
Phoebe: Dreams—well, dream visions—aren't something that people are usually able to handle.
Morphe: Arulumaya, if you continue exploring this dream, you could be trapped here.
Morphe: That means you won't wake up ever again...
Phoebe: So, c'mon. Let's hop out of this dream together.
Phoebe: If anything bad happens to you, (Captain)'ll never forgive you, you know—and I won't either.
To drive home her argument, Phoebe grabs hold of Arulumaya's cloak and gives it a convincing tug.
Arulumaya: Phoebe, Morphe...
Arulumaya: I'm sorry I worried you.
The fortune-teller gives an apologetic smile and guides Phoebe's hand off of her cloak.
Phoebe: Arulumaya?
Arulumaya: Thank you for coming to save me. But I have to know what this dream is trying to tell me about the future.
Phoebe: No! Please, believe me. I'm not lying to you; this place is dangerous!
Arulumaya: It's okay, Phoebe. I do trust you.
Arulumaya: There is no greater dream specialist than you. I would be a fool to do anything but believe every word you say.
Phoebe: Then listen!
Arulumaya: I can't...
Arulumaya: If there's even the slightest hope that what I see here will help people... Then I have to continue on.
Phoebe: ...!
Morphe: Um, Arulumaya... Can't you tell the future even when you're awake?
Morphe: So you don't need this vision. Why don't you just wake up and do your normal fortune-telling?
Arulumaya: Visions conferred by dreams provide more information about the distant future than conscious, intentional precognitions.
Arulumaya: I believe this dream is warning me of a calamity the likes of which has never been seen before.
Arulumaya: The greater the disaster, the more we must prepare to save the greatest number of people. And no matter how much time we have, it still won't be enough to save everyone.
Arulumaya: Even knowing the future beforehand won't be enough to surmount what's coming.
Phoebe: But, but—
Arulumaya: Phoebe... If I can find out what's going to happen, then it will benefit (Captain) too.
Phoebe: ...!
Arulumaya: I've known for a long time that dream visions are a dangerous thing to play with.
Arulumaya: Especially those that unveil the far-off future or immense tragedy.
Arulumaya: But I... I must do something for all of those people... And everyone around me too.
Arulumaya: That goes double for (Captain)...
Arulumaya: And the rest of the crew, including you both, Morphe and Phoebe.
Arulumaya tries to smile at the twins.
Arulumaya: So I'm going to view what this vision needs me to. For everyone's future...
Morphe: Arulumaya...
Arulumaya: If I'm not able to return, I want you two to forewarn (Captain) of the impending crisis.
Arulumaya: Even if I'm not able to discover the exact details, simply cautioning our captain might be enough to change the outcome for the better.
Arulumaya: Good luck. To both of you.
After wishing the twin dream keepers goodbye, Arulumaya walks decisively back into the dejected crowds.
Morphe and Phoebe, reluctant to watch the fortune-teller go, stare at her back until she's completely swallowed among the masses.

She Who Bears the Future: Scene 2[edit source]

Morphe and Phoebe wake up (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria, warning them of Arulumaya's predicament. They all rush back to the sleeping Harvin's bedside and use Morphe and Phoebe's powers to enter her dream to save her.

Just before dawn, the panicked pair of Morphe and Phoebe hurry to (Captain)'s room to wake the sleeping captain.
Phoebe: Wake up! Wake up, (Captain)! Bad news!
Vyrn: Wha... What's goin' on... It's so early...
(Captain) and Vyrn, still drunk with morning drowsiness, follow Morphe and Phoebe to first pick up Lyria and then to stop at Arulumaya's room.
Arulumaya: ...
Phoebe: This is my fault... If I could've just stopped her!
Lyria: Um... Is there something going on with Arulu?
Vyrn: I mean, yeah, she's sleepin' like a log, but that's not a problem...
Morphe: You are right about her sleeping...
Morphe: But right now Arulumaya is being consumed by a dream.
Morphe: If this continues much longer, she won't be able to wake up, and her body will waste away...
Lyria: Wh-what!
Morphe: And that's not all. If Arulumaya's soul were to die during this dream—
Vyrn: Just hold it for a second! How did this even happen?
Phoebe: Whimper... A dream vision did it.
Lyria: A dream vision?
Phoebe: Yeah. However Arulumaya can view the future in her dreams, even I'm not sure of the particulars.
Morphe: That's just how special Arulumaya's dreams are. Not even Phoebe knows about them.
Phoebe: You know about the flow of time? Normally it flows toward the future, right?
Phoebe: Well, that's not the case in one of these dreams. It goes way beyond just the future—it's gotta be a lot for Arulumaya to bear.
Phoebe: Up until now, nobody noticed her having these dreams...
Phoebe: But every time she's had a vision in her sleep, she's gotten a little closer to being consumed... And now...
Lyria: That's terrible! Arulu... I'm not sure what to say...
Morphe: Arulumaya said that so long as she can help others, she wants to have these visions despite the risks.
Morphe: We had to stop her... But we failed...
The twins fall into a mournful silence, prompting (Captain) to speak up.
  1. We have to save Arulumaya!

Choose: We have to save Arulumaya!
Lyria: You're right! If Arulu is going to save other people...
Lyria: Then the least we can do is save her!
(Captain) asks Phoebe to guide them into Arulumaya's dream.
Phoebe: I have to warn you: if we're in her dream the moment she's completely consumed by the vision, well...
Phoebe: We'll be consumed along with her, and then nobody's waking up ever again.
Phoebe: Do you still wanna go through with it?
  1. I do!

Choose: I do!
Phoebe: Good. I knew you'd say that, (Captain).
Phoebe: Let's move it. Arulumaya's not going to save herself!
Phoebe focuses her power and guides (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria into Arulumaya's sleeping consciousness through the Gallery of Dreams.

She Who Bears the Future: Scene 3[edit source]

Inside Arulumaya's dream, (Captain) and the others discover that her dream form is already fading. They rush to wake her before she disappears completely. Once successfully awoken, Arulumaya warns of a series of calamities that will soon befall the sky realm.

Spurred on by Arulumaya's precarious situation, (Captain) and the others have entered the fortune-teller's sleeping consciousness via the Gallery of Dreams.
Arulumaya: ...
The fortune-teller herself, light-headed and delirious, floats listlessly through the dreamscape.
???: Aru... lu... maya...
Arulumaya: M... Mother?
Amidst the ethereal panorama stretching around her, something familiar comes into view.
Arulumaya: (Oh... How I've missed this place. My hometown.)
Arulumaya: (Once, when I was a little girl, I had a dream where I saw the village livestock get eaten by monsters. It was truly scary.)
Arulumaya's Mom: Arulu, Arulu. It's okay; it was just a dream. It can't hurt you. Okay?
Arulumaya: (I was frightened and crying when I awoke. Mother was there trying to comfort me.)
Arulumaya: (But a few days later, the village animals really were ravaged by monsters.)
Arulumaya: (That was the beginning...)
Arulumaya: (The next one I saw was of an old man in our neighborhood. In the dream he fell seriously ill.)
Arulumaya: (The one after that showed me a lumberjack succumbing to a grave injury.)
Arulumaya: (All of these dreams, they would eventually come true.)
Arulumaya's Mom: What are you saying! Come back home! Just come back home!
Arulumaya's Mom: Oh, Arulumaya... You can't let it tear you apart. None of this is your fault.
Arulumaya: (The villagers began to believe that I was causing the accidents I saw in my dreams. And soon enough they shunned me...)
Arulumaya: (I, too, was scared of my dreams, scared of how they involved other people. I was afraid to go to sleep.)
Arulumaya's Mom: Why... What did my precious daughter do to deserve this?
Arulumaya: (But when I saw my weeping mother, I made a decision.)
Arulumaya: (I decided to prove that I wasn't causing my dreams to become reality—to prove that I was seeing events before they transpired.)
Arulumaya: (That very night I once again had the dream of the village livestock being attacked.)
Arulumaya: (Under cover of night, I snuck into the barn and waited for the monsters to arrive.)
Arulumaya: (One night passed. Two nights passed. And then, on the third night...)
Monster: Groooar!
Arulumaya: (The monsters came to the barn!)
Arulumaya: (I threw open the barn doors and set loose the livestock, yelling to the villagers all the while.)
Arulumaya: (The adults came rushing over and worked together to drive back the monsters.)
Monster: Grr...
Arulumaya: (We saved our herd.)
Arulumaya: (And I was vindicated. Everyone now knew my dreams were just visions of the future.)
Arulumaya: (It was one of the best days of my life...)
Arulumaya: (By seeing the future, I could help others.)
Arulumaya: (I came to believe that I was granted this power for the sake of others.)
Arulumaya: (So... I...)
Arulumaya: (Have to see this future too...)
Arulumaya, her energy spent, attempts to open her eyelids to witness what catastrophe will take place in the coming days.
But the dreamscape continues to drain her, robbing her of her awareness.
Arulumaya: ...
Her body begins to fade into the tenuous reality of the vision.
  1. Arulumaya!

Choose: Arulumaya!
Arulumaya: ...!
Arulumaya: (Captain)?
Her eyes feebly flit open at the sound of (Captain)'s cry.
Lyria: Arulu! Don't give up!
Phoebe: Arulumaya, don't let the dream suck you in!
Arulumaya: E-everyone?
Arulumaya: Where am I? Wh-what was I doing?
Morphe: Whew. Thank goodness you're back to your senses, Arulumaya!
Morphe: You were trying to see the future in this dream vision, but it almost consumed you.
Arulumaya: Then... It turned out just as you predicted. I'm sorry I didn't heed your warning.
Lyria: Seriously, Arulu! Even if you're doing something to protect everyone else, you shouldn't push yourself so hard!
Lyria: Sob... I was so, so worried about you!
Arulumaya: Lyria... I'm sorry. And I must have made you worry too, (Captain).
Arulumaya: I'm not sure how to apologize for causing you anxiety, but I was able to glimpse the future just before I lost consciousness.
Arulumaya: You see...
Phoebe: Wait. We shouldn't dilly-dally in this dream longer than we have to.
Phoebe: First let's all wake up and then listen to what Arulumaya has to say. Sound good, (Captain)?
Pressed by Phoebe, (Captain) and the others depart Arulumaya's dream and return to reality.
Vyrn: So, fill us in already. What kinda stuff did you see in your dream?
Arulumaya: I'll project it on my crystal ball...
Arulumaya: ...!
Lyria: Oh, oh my!
Morphe: The islands... They're falling!
Arulumaya: Yes. I don't know why, but in the distant future, all of the islands floating in the sky will crumble and fall.
Arulumaya: The first to go will be the small islands, but the major ones will soon follow.
Lyria: No, that can't happen!
Arulumaya: I'm not sure how we'll put a stop to this calamity.
Arulumaya: But even so, we can at least spread news of the danger, evacuate the people, and reduce the damage.
Arulumaya: We must do what we can to cope with this awful future!
(Captain) stands mouth agape at Arulumaya's sky-shattering revelation.
The fortune-teller, meanwhile, turns back to the crystal ball and stares at the coming events.
Her eyes burn with a combination of fear and determination—with the dread that she won't be able to save everyone. And the resolve to try anyway.

Facing Tomorrow[edit source]

The crew learns from Arulumaya's visions that islands will begin falling from the sky. With no time to research a way to prevent this, the crew focuses on evacuating as many islanders as possible.

Arulumaya previously warned her fellow skyfarers of a coming calamity, where the islands of the world would come crumbling down.
(Captain) and the others have since been busy working to prepare for the inevitable catastrophe.
However, they learn that apocalyptic phenomena are not the easiest thing to circumvent.
Vyrn: Islands falling? What in the skies would cause that to happen?
Arulumaya: I would love nothing more than to do some research at the Hall of Knowledge. It's a library with a collection of tomes from all over the skydoms.
Morphe: Oh, that's right. Didn't you put in a request to see some books?
Arulumaya: I did. However, it seems it will take time for them to review my request.
Vyrn: This ain't exactly the time to be worried about all that formal stuff...
Arulumaya: In any case, the only point of departure we have are my dream visions...
Arulumaya: And even still, I'm not sure how much faith we should be putting in them.
Phoebe: Arulumaya, they're your visions though. You don't trust them?
Arulumaya: Buried deep in the Hall of Knowledge's archives, there's all sorts of wisdom that normal people shouldn't ever learn about.
Arulumaya: And because of that, I'm not sure if they would just open their stores to us so lightly.
Vyrn: Geez, c'mon already, Miss Arulu-can't-make-up-her-mind-a.
Arulumaya: Well, furthermore... My proficiency may not be enough for what we're trying to do.
Arulumaya: I've never tried completely preventing one of my visions from occurring.
Lyria: Which means there might not be a way to stop the islands from falling, huh?
As the days go by, so too does the trepidation of the crew. Arulumaya spends her time searching her visions for clues to stop the calamity.
At the same time, (Captain) tasks the other crew members with traveling to other islands to search for any omens that may spell disaster.
Lyria: Thanks to everyone's help, we've learned that earthquakes are on the rise.
Vyrn: Oof, wonder if that's just a coincidence or if it's all connected to Arulumaya's prediction...
Arulumaya: (Captain)! Look at this!
Morphe: What's this?
Arulumaya: I'll now show a fortune I saw just a few moments ago.
Lyria: A small island is shaking?
Lyria: Aaah!
The crystal ball faithfully reproduces the image of a tiny island plummeting through the sky.
Phoebe: It's awful... When will this happen?
Arulumaya: Soon. Four or five days from now at the most. We've got no time to waste!
Arulumaya: We can't stop this island from collapsing, but we can at least try to save its people.
Lyria: You're right. We have to tell them what's going to happen to their island as quickly as possible!
Arulumaya: Well, one thing is fortunate. I've been to this island before.
Arulumaya: I'll navigate us there. (Captain), I'm sorry for the sudden change in plans, but please give the order to lift off.
Wasting no time, (Captain) informs the rest of the crew, and they make haste for the small island.

Facing Tomorrow: Scene 2[edit source]

Arulumaya guides the crew to one doomed island. The mayor of its only village mentions that the fortune-teller's visions saved the island once before, so he's eager to help see his villagers evacuated.

Arulumaya successfully leads the crew to the small island.
The island is wracked by unyielding earthquakes, causing unmistakable strife among the island's only townspeople.
Phoebe: So what do we do? Tell the people to run away?
Arulumaya: No. If we inform them carelessly, that could create confusion.
Arulumaya: We'll also need to figure out how to evacuate them. First let's talk to the one in charge around here—ahem, I mean the mayor.
Arulumaya: I've met him once actually. I just hope he believes what I have to tell him.
(Captain) agrees with Arulumaya's plan and follows her as she dashes off to see the mayor.
Mayor: Well, well, if it isn't Arulumaya! You're a sight for sore eyes.
Arulumaya: You flatter me, Mayor. In any case, I came to tell you something about the frequent earthquakes happening on the island.
As the fortune-teller delivers the grave news to the mayor, his face contorts into a stiff grimace.
Arulumaya: This is all so sudden. I'm sure it must be hard to believe me, but this is important.
Mayor: ...
Mayor: Back in the old days, you warned us of a disaster much like now.
Mayor: Had we not listened to your prediction, our town would've gone up in flames.
Mayor: Arulumaya, after all that you've told us, how could I not believe you?
Lyria: Oh?
Mayor: However, we have a problem. We're a small island with few resources. How do we get enough airships to evacuate our population?
Vyrn: You just leave that to us! We'll get the Knickknack Shack to loan us a couple of ships!
Mayor: Truly? We'd be thankful to go with that plan. It's a real lifesaver.
Mayor: Well, I suppose we should notify the townspeople.
Arulumaya: Please try to let them know in a way that doesn't spread confusion or misunderstanding.
Arulumaya: The people are already distressed, so I'm sure misguided ideas have begun to sprout.
Arulumaya: We must keep that in mind as well to prevent unnecessary accidents.
Mayor: You're not wrong. I'll bear that in mind.
Their business with the mayor finished, (Captain) and the others leave his estate.
Phoebe: Glad that the mayor listened to you.
Morphe: That's because Arulumaya has always been dedicated to saving those in need!
Lyria: Yeah, he even said your prediction saved this village from a big fire.
Arulumaya: He did, didn't he? I'm glad too. Truly...
Arulumaya: (On one occasion, my words were so ominous that the townspeople chased me away with rocks...)
Arulumaya: (But now they're listening to my warning. It's because I never gave up.)
Arulumaya: (Everything I've been through... It was all worth it!)
(Captain) introduces Sierokarte to the mayor. The merchant agrees to provide the town with a means of evacuation.
Not long after, a fleet of Sierokarte's rescue airships arrive on the scene. The townspeople begin to calmly board the vessels.
Lyria: There are plenty of rescue airships! Take your time boarding; there's no need to rush!
Phoebe: (Captain), there's an old man and woman over there that look like they could use some help.
Morphe: We're going to go see what they need!
Arulumaya: Thanks to their trust in the mayor, the people are staying calm and following instruction.
Arulumaya: (Captain), you and the other crew members also deserve thanks for your assistance in the evacuation.
Lyria: We're just happy to help! Right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: We got trouble!
Arulumaya: Trouble! What's going on?
Vyrn: The people at the back of the line are gettin' attacked by some kinda monster I've never seen before!
Arulumaya: Are you sure!
Arulumaya: Grr... This is the worst timing!
Arulumaya: (Captain), I hate to ask you for more, but please lend them your aid.
Nodding in affirmation to the fortune-teller, (Captain) makes a mad dash for the monsters.

Facing Tomorrow: Scene 3[edit source]

Soon after the crew resolves the cataclysms destroying the islands, Arulumaya faints, exhausted from helming the evacuation operations. As she's recuperating in bed, (Captain) holds her hand, watching over her as she dreams peacefully.

???: ...
Arulumaya: Whew... We were able to defeat them, but they put up quite the fight...
Lyria: Yeah, what were those things? I get the feeling they were different from ordinary monsters.
Arulumaya: Perhaps they're related to whatever's causing the island to fall.
Arulumaya: Ah, but I suppose anything could seem related right now. Let's get back to evacuating the townsfolk.
Thanks to the collective efforts of (Captain) and the crew, all of the people living on the small island are successfully evacuated.
But as the days pass, the number of islands experiencing violent earthquakes increase, and panic spreads across the skies.
Island Woman: What in blazes is going on? Could the god of the mountain be upset with us?
Island Woman: What did we do to deserve this?
Shaken both literally and figuratively, the various islanders spread rumors as they try to figure out why their homes are coming undone at the seams.
Townsman: All of these new islanders taking advantage of us. Can't do anything for themselves...
Townsman: But don't they know we evacuated here too? We don't know what's going to happen either!
Arulumaya: Everyone, please try to stay calm. I understand how upset you must be from the quakes.
Arulumaya: But that's why we must all come together. It's time to stand united to overcome this trial.
With Arulumaya's premonitions guiding them, the fleet of rescue ships travels to imperiled islands, saving local populations while preaching a message of solidarity.
Vyrn: Hey, we finally got a message from the Hall of Knowledge! Says we can finally get a look-see at their collection!
Lyria: We can finally figure out why the islands are collapsing!
Phoebe: (Captain), you head to the Hall of Knowledge.
Morphe: Phoebe and I will stay behind to give Arulumaya a hand!
Vyrn: That's smart. We don't really got the kinda time to stick everybody in one place.
Lyria: All right! Good luck everyone!
The crew splits up to better suppress the unprecedented disasters.
At long last, (Captain) and the others ascertain that the disasters befalling the islands are caused by a disruption in the balance of the primarchs' power.
The mastermind behind such a cataclysm is the archangel Sandalphon. After a fierce battle, the crew stops his scheme, restoring order to the skies.
The supreme primarch, Lucifer, descends from his heavenly position to personally thank them.
Lucifer: (Captain), I thank you for stopping my fellow archangel before it was too late.
Lucifer: We shall meet again. Until then continue forth on the path you believe is true.
Arulumaya: ...
Arulumaya: (I see... So that's what it was all along...)
Arulumaya: (To be recognized by the supreme primarch Lucifer... That's how powerful (Captain) is.)
Arulumaya: (Then perhaps (Captain) is deeply intertwined to the fate of the world.)
Arulumaya: (It's no wonder that I've never been able to see into (Captain)'s own fate.)
Arulumaya: (Our captain is a truly miraculous existence... Not even my power can penetrate that future...)
Arulumaya: ((Captain), I hope that I can be useful to you some day...)
Phoebe: Arulumaya? What's the matter? You've got a funny look on your face.
Arulumaya: Huh? Oh, sorry. I was just shocked.
Arulumaya: Who would've thought that the supreme primarch himself would come down to an island just to say thanks?
Vyrn: Woo! You can say that again! I had no idea what was gonna happen...
Lyria: Same here... But we're all safe and sound! Thank goodness!
Morphe: Yeah, thank goodness! Anyway, should we head back to the Grandcypher?
(Captain) agrees, and everyone prepares to return to the airship.
But as Arulumaya reaches down to pick up her crystal ball, she begins to feel faint.
Arulumaya: Uh... I think... I should sit down...
Phoebe: Arulumaya!
The fortune-teller tumbles to the floor, while an alarmed (Captain) makes a beeline for the fallen crew member.
Lyria: Oh no! Her face is so pale! (Captain), hurry! We have to get her back to the Grandcypher!
Morphe: I'll go fetch a doctor!
Balancing Arulumaya's unconscious weight between them, they triple their pace back to the airship.
Morphe soon returns with a doctor, who diagnoses Arulumaya with excessive stress from overwork.
Phoebe: She forced herself to have dream visions... Then she read a lot of fortunes. It's no wonder she's tired.
Phoebe: She could've collapsed at any time. But the fact she was able to hold out so long... Whew, what a fighter.
Lyria: Phooey! Arulu, didn't I ask you to not push yourself so hard!
Arulumaya: Sorry, Lyria... I guess after overdoing it for so long, my body just finally snapped...
Arulumaya: Maybe it's because I'm not so young anymore?
Vyrn: Hah. Well, if you can joke around, I guess you're gonna be okay.
Morphe: I'll go brew some herb tea! It's supposed to help you relax!
Lyria: Oh! And I'll grab some snacks!
Phoebe: I'll help too. Arulumaya, you get some rest, okay?
They leave the fortune-teller alone so she can have a chance to focus on healing.
(Captain), the last one in the room, approaches Arulumaya's side and tucks her in.
Arulumaya: Mm...
Arulumaya: It seems I fulfilled my role.
Relaxed into a meditative stupor, Arulumaya begins to whisper to herself.
Arulumaya: Seeing the future, seeing people get hurt or lose their lives, it never gets easier.
Arulumaya: But still...
Arulumaya: If seeing something terrifying is what it takes to save the lives of innocent people, then I am willing to suffer whatever it takes.
Arulumaya grins at (Captain), whose own brow is furrowed in contemplation of the fortune-teller's words.
Arulumaya: The only reason I can give it everything I have is because of you and everyone else.
Arulumaya: If I had been alone, well, my mind might have broken from the trauma.
Arulumaya: I'm so glad we met, (Captain).
Arulumaya: You've done so much for me. If you're ever in danger of a terrible future, then I'll be there for you too.
Arulumaya: Let's just hope that nothing like that ever happens.
Arulumaya: Mmph...
Arulumaya: Yes... I can tell I overdid it a little...
(Captain) urges Arulumaya to go to sleep, but first she extends a petite hand toward her captain.
Arulumaya: If it's okay, would you hold my hand?
Arulumaya: Maybe it'll help me have good dreams.
(Captain) gently grasps Arulumaya's extended palm.
Arulumaya: Hehe. Thank you. Good night.
Among the mysterious powers in the sky, the ability to divine the future is among the most powerful. Lesser skyfarers would certainly use it for evil.
But Arulumaya has always used—and always will use—her gifts to protect the joy and well-being of everyone.
As she sleeps peacefully, (Captain) looks at her placid face and silently prays that the little fortune-teller is finally greeted with happy dreams.

One and Only Sweet[edit source]

Sara and Lyria decide to do a little cooking. With Arulumaya coaching the two on the finer points, they managed to make their dish without too much trouble. Except for the taste, that is. Sara and Lyria were more than a little disappointed. But their frowns turned to grins when Arulamaya promised them that the next cooking session would turn out better.

(Captain) and company decide to stop in a village and find themselves some lodging for the night.
With their companions going about their own business, Lyria and Sara head to the inn’s dining hall and crack open a book.
Sara: So I guess something like this isn’t too hard?
Lyria: Wow! That looks good! But wait... this one is great! Oh, and that one is awesome!
Arulumaya: What’s going on here? You two look like you’re having quite a bit of fun. What’s this book you’re reading?
Lyria: Hehe... it’s a dessert recipe book! All them look so good!
Sara: Um... me and Lyria promised we’d share a meal together. So we thought we would try to make something.
Arulumaya: Hrm... you’ll be cooking them yourselves?
Lyria: Hehe! Well we figured it should be special since we made a promise!
Arulumaya: Well that explains it. Sounds like a lark.
Arulumaya: I do love my sweets... but they’d probably taste sweeter if they’re homemade and you have a few friends to share ‘em with.
Sara: Huh? You like sweets, Arulumaya? ... maybe we could eat some together later?
Lyria: Yeah! Let’s do that, Lulu! Everything is better with good company!
Arulumaya: Thanks. I’d love to join you. I’ll be there to make sure everything turns out perfectly.
Lyria: Hehe! You just wait! It’ll be the best thing you ever ate!
Lyria: I know! Hey, Sara. Maybe we should invite Katalina just to make sure?
Sara: What? Oh, yeah... I don’t think we can manage everything by ourselves...
Arulumaya: Oh, no. I promise. How about you give it a try, just the two of you? I’ll keep an eye on all the fire stuff.
Arulumaya: (... I almost had a heart attack!)
Sara: Oh, would you? Thank you so much. I’m, um... I’m not the biggest fan of fire.
Lyria: Thank you so much, Lulu! ... me and you are going to make the most delicious food ever, Sarah!
Sara: For sure! Let’s get to it, Lyria!
And so, under Arulumaya’s watchful eye, Sara and Lyria decided to do some cooking.
After hearing what they were up to, the inn staff had no problem letting them use their kitchen.
The two wanted to start off on a good foot with something foolproof. Pancakes, it is.
Lyria: So, um... how should we start?
Sara: Hmm... we should probably get all the ingredients and utensils out and ready. We need to make sure we have everything we need.
Lyria: I see... let’s see here. The book says we need flour, eggs, and milk...
Arulumaya: How’s cooking treating you, Sara? You look a little more comfortable than Lyria, I must say.
Sara: Maybe not comfortable... but Volenna’s taught me a lot about how to take care of things. Cooking, laundry...
Arulumaya: Well that explains it. ... whoops! You really need to watch where you step, Sara.
Sara: What? ... eep?!
Sara stumbled over crack in the floor, the flour almost spilling from her hands. She managed to right herself at the last minute.
Lyria: H-hey! You alright?! Sara!
Sara: Wow... that was scary! But don’t worry, Lyria. The flour’s okay. Thank you warning me, Arulumaya.
Arulumaya: Hehe... cooking is tricky work. You need to be careful. I’m quite looking forward to tasting everything.
Sara: I'll do my best!Just you wait, Ms. Lulu.
Having gotten all their ingredients and cooking utensils in order, the two decide to start by adding flour to the bowl.
Sara: Hmm... wait. According to the book, we add the milk first...
Sara: Are you ready with the eggs, Lyria?
Lyria: O-OK...! So I, um... I just tap the egg against the edge of the bowl!
Arulumaya: Lyria! You don’t need to bang it... just tap it...
Lyria: Ulp! Wait?! It’s all gloopy!
Sara: Aah! The shell!
Lyria: Sigh... sorry, Sara. This is really hard!
Sara: It’s okay! All we need to do is take the shell out, Lyria. Right?
Lyria: Y-yeah... this time I’ll be more careful... one, two...
Very carefully and with more than a little clumsiness, Sara and Lyria manage to whip up some pancakes.
Lyria: Yay! We did it! We made pancakes!
Sara: Wow...! I can’t believe they turned out okay! ... although they probably should look a little nicer...
Arulumaya: Hehe. Good work, girls.
Sara: Arulumaya... thank you so much. Now let’s get to eating!
Lyria: Here I go! Munch munch...
Sara: Er... is it just me, or...
Lyria: They, um... don’t taste very good...
Sara: I... well, they’re not sweet. More like... salty?
Lyria: Oh... and crunchy. I could’ve sworn I got all of the shells out...
Arulumaya: Well they do taste... er, special.
Lyria: Snff... Sara and I were supposed to have a nice snack together. And we ruined it...
Sara: I’m sorry, Lyria... if only I was a better cook...
Sara: And Arulumaya... I’m so sorry. You gave us all that help and they’re still terrible...
Arulumaya: Oh, don’t you worry. No one gets it perfect the first time. Mistakes are all a part of the process.
Arulumaya: You’ll be fine. Things will go much smoother next time. They’ll taste great.
Arulumaya: Besides, I had a blast watching you. And you’re not bad shakes for first-timers. So turn those frowns upside down.
Sara: You’re right... it was our first time. I guess we shouldn’t have expected perfection.
Sara: Hehe... and just making them was fun enough. Right, Lyria?
Lyria: R-right... yeah! It was fun!
Arulumaya: Hrm... mind if I try the rest? Nom! Munch munch...
Sara: Ahaha! Hehe... they aren’t very good, are they?
Lyria: Hehe! Yeah, they’re pretty bad!
Sara: We’ll get it right next time won’t we, Lyria?
Lyria: Yeah! Promise!
Seeing Sara and Lyria’s promise to one another brought a smile to Arulumaya’s face.
Though their first attempt didn’t go quite as they’d planned, it made for a great memory.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit | edit source]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
君の歩む道、見守らせてもらおう I'll be watching your progress.
私が正義をなすために…… For truth and justice!
この先の障壁、君にとっては小さな物だよ You can overcome any barriers ahead.
やはり立ち向かうか君は強いな I admire your defiance against such odds.
私は誰の幸せを願うべきなのか…… Whose happiness should I strive for?
私は常に公正でなければ I must remain impartial...
人々の幸福のために私は力を使うのだ I use my powers for the happiness of others.
運命の分岐点、近づいてきている The crossroads of fate are approaching.
(主人公)、君はどんな未来を望む? (Captain), how about a prophecy or two?
(主人公)、君の心が私の支えだ (Captain), your strength is what keeps me going.

Other Appearances[edit | edit source]

Shadowverse[edit | edit source]

SV Arulumaya, Mystic Seer.png SV Arulumaya, Mystic Seer E.png
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Fanfare: Give your leader the following effect - At the end of your turn, if there are at least 6 cards in your hand, spellboost the cards in your hand; if there are 5 cards or less in your hand, draw cards until there are 6 cards in your hand. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)

I'm sorry, but I use my powers for the people. I don't divine for individuals. But suppose I told you that calamity awaits you on your journey... Would you give everything up?


Evolve: If there are at least 6 cards in your hand, spellboost the cards in your hand; if there are 5 cards or less in your hand, draw cards until there are 6 cards in your hand.

There is a future I cannot see, one in which the world will tremble as it hurtles toward the crossroads of fate. You, the bearer of this destiny... Which path will you choose? I ask that you let me watch over you as you continue your journey.

Class Runecraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Arulumaya, Mystic Seer
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

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