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Official Profile

Age 29 Height 91 cm Race Harvin
Hobbies Chatting with people
Likes Justice, fairness, candy
Dislikes Relying on other people

Character Release


Character Release

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Age 29歳 Height 91cm Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 人とお喋りをすること
Likes 正義、公正、おかし
Dislikes 他人を頼ること

Character Release


Character Release

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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, Captain. I'm glad to have this chance to travel with you.
The road ahead is obscured by mist, even for those who can gaze into the future.
But you won't let that stop you from striding ahead and seizing the day.
I'll be there to seize the day with you every day until your next birthday and beyond.


In life we walk a path shrouded in fog so thick you can barely see your hands in front of you.
There will be times when you find yourself walking that path alone.
You will call for aid and receive no response. You will find yourself in the throes of despair.
But never forget. Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there.
A place of warmth and light must surely await you.
So happy birthday. I hope my being here can provide some comfort to you during your journey.


To live is to choose.
And to choose means to give up something as well.
Where there's light, a shadow is born. And the brighter the light, the darker the shadow grows.
So if you ever find yourself troubled by the thing you didn't choose... or the shadow growing behind you...
I want you to stop and take a look around you. I'll surely be by your side, and I won't be the only one. Don't be afraid to ask for a shoulder to lean on.
With each passing year, it may get harder to rely on others for help...
But a grown-up who gives in to their heart is still a grown-up...
I wish you blessings on turning another year older!


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm happy we were able to spend yet another year together.
Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm happy we were able to spend yet another year together.
But the promise of tomorrow isn't always guaranteed for everyone.
The skies are filled with an astounding number of risks that could strip tomorrow away from us at any moment.
How was this last year, you ask? There are times where I have to face harsh truths with my readings.
But even so, you should be proud to have come so far despite the future that awaits.
My heart rejoices that you've made it this far as your own.
As long as you keep moving forward with each and every day, I'll do what I can to protect your path toward a brighter future.


You've made so many memories this year... Good and bad, happy and sad...
I'm sure you've had moments where the pain threatened to get the best of you.
Even so, you've bravely put one foot in front of the other, all the way to today. I'm very proud of you, (Captain).
There will be tears ahead, and days when you can't find the motivation to do anything. And that's all right.
On those days, I want you to go easy on yourself, rest, and rebuild the courage you need to try again the next day.
Look back on everything you've accomplished and realize you've earned that leniency.
Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm so happy I'm here to say it.
I want to celebrate this day with you for years and years to come, so make sure you treat my favorite captain with care.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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It's the start of another year, (Captain). What are your resolutions this time around?
Hm? You want me to see if you'll complete them? Hehe, that's cheating, my dear.
Why, not knowing is half the fun. If you see the winner before the race starts, what would motivate you to run?
It's better to live in the present than worry about the future. Enjoy this year for all that it has in store for you. Believe me. You're going to like it.


Happy New Year, (Captain). That face you're making tells me you've made a resolution. And it looks like a good one.
Let me offer you some advice for the new year.
Whether you fulfill your resolution depends on your resolve. What's that? You wanted a fortune?
The future isn't so easily swayed. Which makes hard effort on your part indispensible.
That's what makes everything we do so important.
Remember these words well. They are far more important than any fortune.


This year may have its ups and downs... Ah, but it I bet it will be a lively time, (Captain).
Oh, that wasn't a remark about your fortune. Just my own little prediction, you could say.
Many people will cross your path, and their intentions may be good or evil. It's all right if you end up influencing each other, but be careful not to be swept up by them.
And don't lose sight of what you wish to do... as well as what it is you must do.
Oh, listen to me going on and on! Lecturing you at the start of the year... Do forgive me!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! Let's have another good year together.
This year you'll travel even further to new horizons, making even more connections along the way.
A lot may happen, including times of strife and trouble... Let all of it become your wisdom. The important thing is to enjoy the journey,
Hehe, a vision? Not quite. More of a gut feeling.
The steps you'll take today will surely lead to a brighter tomorrow.


Hehe, since I have the pleasure of accompanying you on your first shrine visit of the year, I suppose I'll draw a fortune as well.
Wouldn't it be faster to make a prediction myself, you ask? Haha, not at all.
While it's true that I can glimpse the future, I can't see all the possibilities at once.
When a major incident occurs, for example, it can't be traced back to one single cause.
So it isn't wise to rely on premonitions alone.
Besides, the kind of fortunes we draw at the shrine are less about specific events and more about the state of mind we may require to face them.
Even with experience, there are times when it's difficult for me to accept the reality of my predictions. Sometimes I'd like to rely on these fortunes instead.
At times like those, I should rely on you?
Haha, thank you, (Captain). I promise, you'll be the first to know.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's, (Captain). These chocolates are for you. They're not handmade or anything, but I hope you like them.
I've heard that chocolates are a love drug. Supposedly one bite is all it takes to fall in love.
Hm? What about my chocolates?
Heheh... I wonder. Would it be inconvenient for you if they were? Or perhaps...


Is something bothering you, (Captain)? Don't tell me. You want me to predict the direction of your love life on this special day?
Asking that of me at a time like this is quite tactless, but... I wonder.
Wonder about what? Ah, yes.
Eat these chocolates while you think it over.
Do they taste sweet... or sour? It all depends on you.


Heh-heh, you're especially popular today, (Captain).
Hm? You came here because you thought you might find me? Really? You're like a fortune-teller, (Captain).
Sounds like to you... I'm quite predictable.
But being understood by someone doesn't feel so bad! Of course, that's because you're a special exception.
Now, as for the rest of your prediction... Here you go. Chocolate from me. You'll accept it, won't you?


Hmm? What is it, (captain)? Ah, yes. Valentine's.
I'm sorry to say, I don't have any chocolate for you.
Yet, that is.
Hehe, aren't you adorable? No need to sulk—I was just about to start making some.
You know... If you'd like, I can have you be my taste-tester. What do you say?
After all, I'll be giving it to you. I want to make sure the flavor is to your liking.


Sigh... Oh, (Captain). I'm sorry, did you hear me sighing?
I had rather a bad dream. Yes, it was premonition. About Valentine's Day.
The table in your room was positively overflowing with Valentine's gifts. It was easy to see that every one had been made with love and care.
You are well-loved by so many people, and, I assure you, nothing could make me happier.
But perhaps because it's Valentine's Day, I have to admit to a certain melancholy...
Well, since I had the premonition anyway, I decided to wrap my gift differently from all the ones I saw in my dream.
I'm going to choose to interpret the fact that I didn't see this gift on that pile as a good thing.
Of course, how you dispose of your presents is up to you. But please, forgive a woman her fantasies.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? This is for me? Are you sure? On a day like this...
It's precisely because of what day it is? Thank you. I'm honored. I shall treasure it always.
Heheh... Quite a happy turn of events.


Hello there, (Captain). Did something happen? Hee hee... Not that it matters. I'm more than happy to speak to you, regardless.
Hm? Are these... for me?
Oh, no. No. Of course I'm happy.
I mean... It's an honor to get something from you on a day like today. Truly.
It's just... I suppose I need some time to prepare myself emotionally.
Thank you. You've made me a very, very happy fortune teller.


This is a White Day present, right? I'm glad to get one from you, (Captain).
I don't feel as if saying I'm glad is enough to express how happy I feel...
But I don't know the words to convey it to you otherwise.
And that's just how happy I am... and a little embarrassed!


Thank you. I'm really glad you brought me something today.
... Sorry... I mean, I made some cracks at you on Valentine's Day, didn't I?
Despite that, to receive something from you in return... I can't help but feel a little guilty.
I knew it would end up this way, but I wanted to tease you anyway... I'm not exactly a role model, am I?
Use me as an example of what kind of grown-up not to become, hehe.


Hm? Close my eyes and open my mouth? All right. Ahhh...
Munch, munch. Yes, it's delicious. Thank you, (Captain).
Just one question... Why did you ask me to sit on your lap? Not that I'm complaining—I just wondered.
You decided to spoil me because my thoughts run wild when you don't pay enough attention to me?
Oh... You're talking about my dream on Valentine's Day. I apologize. I really shouldn't have mentioned it to you. I wasn't trying to make you feel guilty.
No, I don't object to you spoiling me. In fact, monopolizing you like this makes me so happy I ought to feel guilty.
But rather than feel guilty over your consideration...
I think I'm better off repaying it by enjoying every moment.
And so, (Captain), feed me another bite, please. Ahhh...

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Heehee. Happy Halloween, (Captain). Trick or treat, which do you prefer?
Choose whichever you like. I really don't mind either one.
Hehe, or perhaps a trick is what you truly want?


Heehee. The ship's become full of surprises, (Captain). You should be careful—
See, I told you. Now who could've put that bucket of water up there to fall on some unsuspecting victim?
Aww, you poor, soaked thing. Let me get you a towel—
This is how you repay me for trying to be nice to you?
Heehee. Well, I guess I did start by pranking you first. I hope you're ready for the next one.


Now, now... You were trying to play a trick on me just now, weren't you?
You really got me last year. But I didn't want to get fooled again this year, so I was on the lookout.
Heh-heh! You look so disappointed! Were you really looking forward to getting me this year?
Maybe... because you really liked pranking me last year?
Goodness... You sure know how to keep things around here exciting. With or without pranks...


Happy Halloween, (Captain). Do you mind waiting a little for your treat? I'm actually preparing it right now.
I went to buy some wrapping, but there were so many adorable ribbons and materials... I ended up losting track of time.
I finally decided on one and brought it back just now.
Just like this... Right here, and... There. That's one wrapped.
This year's first treat goes to you. Enjoy Halloween to your heart's content, (Captain).


What? I could use my powers to avoid whatever tricks people try to play on me? Yes, that's true...
But then I'd be missing out on all the Halloween fun.
If I looked into the future to see the smiles on the faces of the trick-or-treaters...
Or what kinds of pranks they might play, it would be such a waste.
If some great calamity is approaching, I'll end up having a premonitory dream even without intending to.
But I haven't had anything like that this year, so I'm happy to be able to participate in the festivities alongside all of you.
Speaking of which, I believe you'll be my very first customer this year, (Captain).
Go on, then. Say the magic words. Trick or treat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, (Captain). Any plans for the night?
Would you mind if I spent the night by your side?
On a silent and holy night like this, there's nothing better than spending it with a good friend and good conversation.


Tonight we celebrate the holiday season with all our precious friends on the ship.
You may have a frigid, wintry fate ahead of you, but we'll overcome it with camaraderie.
Put another way... people can't do much on their own.
I can see the future, and you have a steady, unyielding resolve. But alone... we're nothing.
Heheh... I can tell you want a little more elaboration.
Let me put it this way. There's no better way to spend days like this than with those precious to you.
Heheh... I thought I would be included in that category for you, but perhaps I was mistaken?
Having memories of these quiet times with you is all I need to overcome any challenge the future poses.


Happy holidays, (Captain)! No matter how old I get, the holiday season always makes me giddy with excitement.
The best chefs in our crew have crowded into the kitchen to show off their skills. I just got back from helping out a bit.
And since holiday feasts differ on each island, we'll be sure to see a smorgasbord of dishes and desserts at the party.
A table full of good eats with everyone chatting happily... Heh-heh! I can't wait for tonight!
But I'm afraid I'll have trouble getting a seat right next to you. I have to admit that's a little disappointing...


Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom... I'll need some ginger, too...
Hmm? Oh, (Captain). I was just thinking about making some mulled wine. It' spiced wine that's served warm.
The warmth from the heat and spices spreads through your body when drinking it-just perfect for winter, don't you think?
With everyone so busy for the holidays, I thought I'd make some. After all, you wouldn't want to catch a cold during this time of year.
Oh, that's right-you can't have any yet, (Captain). It may sound good, but you'll have to wait until you're an adult.
Hehe, don't look so glum.
See, I'll make some chai for you using the same spices.
Sharing a warm drink with your friends for a joyous night and occasion-what could be better?


Oh my, (Captain). What are you doing up so late? You'll run into Santa Claus if you're not careful.
What about me, you ask? Our holiday dinner was so much fun, I can't quite seem to settle down. I thought I'd take the night air to calm down a bit.
I'm so glad we all got to spend such a peaceful night together this year as well.
My only regret is that the seats beside you were so popular, I never had a chance to squeeze in.
But I can't complain. After all, I have you all to myself, now.
If you're in the mood for a little stargazing...
Why don't we shield each other from the night's chill? The night wind won't bite with me by your side.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
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The Ultimate Referee

The Jewel Resort Casino liner invites the crew to participate in a special winter tournament and asks Arulumaya to oversee the tournament to prevent any potential cheating.

Arulumaya, a skilled fortune-teller, can see into the future.
Arulumaya not in crew

But as powerful as she might be, much of (Captain)'s future remains a mystery to her.
Arulumaya: All I could see in (Captain)'s future was a turning point that would definitely shake the world.
Arulumaya: I would like to use my power to lead the world in the right direction.
Arulumaya: I hope that by staying with (Captain), I can help make the world a better place when that turning point comes.
Arulumaya: I'd also like to be there to see it with my own eyes.
(Captain) accepts Arulumaya's request and lets her join the crew.
Some time has passed since she joined the crew. The season to be jolly is just around the corner.
No version of Ladiva in crew

Ladiva, a duelist from the Jewel Resort Casino liner, visits the crew to pass on an assignment.
Any version of Ladiva is a crew member

Ladiva has gathered the crew to relate an assignment from the casino liner.
Ladiva: The Jewel Resort is holding a special duel.
Ladiva: I'm sure the audience would love it if you joined.
Ladiva: Christy says she's absolutely dying to see you participate.
Vyrn: Heh! Well, I'm glad you thought of us!
Lyria: (Captain)! Let's go help the resort out. It sounds like it might be fun!
Persuaded by Lyria, (Captain) accepts Ladiva's offer.
Ladiva: Oh, thank you! I have a feeling it's going to be a very exciting night!
Arulumaya: Are you done with your talk?
Ladiva: Just finished! Oh my, Arulumaya, you look simply divine! Do you need me to do any adjustments?
Arulumaya: It fits perfectly actually. Thank you for making this for me, Ladiva.
Lyria: Arulumaya, you look amazing! What're you all dressed up for?
Arulumaya: The Jewel Resort has asked me for some help.
Vyrn: Help? Like what they asked us to do?
Arulumaya: Not quite. I've been asked to do something a little different. You already know that the duel participants will be separated into four colors, and bets will be placed on which color will win.
Arulumaya: Even with normal duels, cheating tends to get easier as the number of participants goes up.
Ladiva: So we're getting Arulumaya here to oversee the event and make sure no one's breaking the rules.
Lyria: Oh! Because if anyone tries to cheat, she can see it before it happens!
Arulumaya: That's right. We wouldn't want any spoilsports to ruin the night, would we?
Ladiva: There isn't a fortune-teller in the sky more famous than Arulumaya. With her around, cheaters will think twice about trying anything funny.
Ladiva: Sorry for shoving this on you, honey. I know it won't be easy.
Arulumaya: Pay it no mind. I'm honored to be of service. And if it guarantees your guests have a great night, all the better.
Having accepted the request, the crew heads toward the casino liner to start preparations.
Arulumaya: So this is the famed casino liner. Impressive.
Arulumaya: Hm? Are you that surprised it's my first time here?
Arulumaya: Well, in a place like this, being able to see the future is a bit too much of an advantage.
Arulumaya: It just wouldn't be fair to the other guests.
Arulumaya: That's why the thought of stepping foot in a place like the casino liner had never crossed my mind.
Arulumaya: Discovering a place with fresh eyes is always a pleasure for me. So many new possibilities. It makes for good conversation too.
Arulumaya: Life always seems to be full of surprises with you around.
Arulumaya gives (Captain) a wide, gentle smile.
Arulumaya: I'm really looking forward to what we'll see once the special duels start.
Arulumaya: Oh, there's nothing to worry about. I don't need to see the future to know you'll be playing an important role on the big night.
Arulumaya: I'm expecting great things from you, (Captain).
Arulumaya gives (Captain) a pat on the back as a sign of encouragement.
They both set out with determination in their hearts to do their very best at their new assignments.

Feline Mischief

(Captain) and company take part in the Jewel Resort's winter duel tournament, but on the way back to the Grandcypher they find a cat at the mercy of a monster.

(Captain) and company take part in the Jewel Resort's winter duel tournament.
An epic battle ensues on an island chosen as the battleground.
Snowman: ...!
Lyria: You're doing great, (Captain)! Not hurt, are you? Good!
Arulumaya: The real battle here is the cold. The snowmen don't mind it one bit, but our movements will start slowing down if we let the chill get to us.
Arulumaya: Try not to push yourself too hard, (Captain).
Vyrn: Yeah, let's head back to the ship and take a little break!
On their way back to the ship, Arulumaya stops abruptly.
Lyria: What's wrong, Arulu?
Arulumaya: I think I heard something. It sounded like... a cat.
Arulumaya: There it is again. It came from over there.
A snowman pops up right at the spot where she is pointing to.
Lyria: Oh no! That kitty is right at that snowman's feet!
Arulumaya: It's dangerous down there—we have to help it. Come on, (Captain).
(Captain) and company rush to defend the cat from the raging snowman.

Feline Mischief: Scene 2

The crew saves the cat from the monster and brings it back to the Grandcypher. Arulumaya senses that bringing the cat back to the ship will bring about trouble, but unable to simply abandon the cat out in the cold, she elects to ignore the vision.

Arulumaya: Whew. Hey there, little one, you made us go through quite a bit of trouble back there.
White Kitty: Meow.
Lyria: Hehe, it's brushing up against me! It sure is friendly!
Arulumaya: Maybe it understands that we saved it.
Vyrn: It's got a collar. Looks like it already has an owner.
Lyria: Well, we can't just leave it here. It's freezing cold, and it could run into another snowman.
Persuaded by Lyria, (Captain) suggests that they bring the cat back with them to the airship.
Lyria: Great idea! That should make it easier to bring it back home to its owner.
Lyria: Hey, kitty, hope you don't mind if we keep you company for a while!
White Kitty: Meow!
Arulumaya: ...
Arulumaya: (The future's hazy, but things might get messy if we bring this cat back with us.)
Arulumaya: (But I don't think any of us have the heart to abandon the poor thing in a place like this. Guess we don't have a choice.)
Vyrn: All right, time to get back to the—whoaaa!
Snowman: ...!
Vyrn: Oh, come on! Can't you guys give it a rest for a second? Time for one last round before the break, (Captain)!

Feline Mischief: Scene 3

(Captain) and company finish resting and prepare to head back out onto the battlefield. Arulumaya stays behind to attend to her duties and volunteers to take care of the cat. Mayhem ensues when the cat stirs up trouble both within the ship and on the casino liner.

(Captain) and company arrive back at the Grandcypher with the rescued cat. After a short rest, they prepare to enter the battlegrounds once again.
Arulumaya: Sorry, (Captain), but I've got some business to attend to as overseer of the event. I hope you don't mind if I stay back here at the ship.
Lyria: Ah! That's right! That's sort of your job here, isn't it... We understand, Arulu.
Arulumaya: Thanks. I'll be sure to take good care of the cat while I'm here.
Vyrn: Great idea! We'll do what we can and look for the owner!
Arulumaya: Good luck, we'll be counting on you. Come here, little one.
White Kitty: Meow!
With the cat purring affectionately in her arms, Arulumaya waves (Captain) and company goodbye.
Arulumaya: All right. I'll be keeping a close eye on you, so make sure you behave. Okay?
The cat simply looks at Arulumaya innocently and jumps out of her arms.
Arulumaya: Well then, better get all this paperwork sorted out. I don't need to see the future to know what Christina might do to me if I don't.
Arulumaya lays the papers out on the table, but the cat jumps onto the table and flops around on the documents playfully.
Arulumaya: H-hey! Cut that out! You're ruining the papers!
White Kitty: Meow!
Ignoring Arulumaya, the cat jumps from the table and runs toward the door.
Arulumaya: Stop! Where do you think you're going?
Arulumaya: Just where did that cat go?
???: Oh my goodness!
Arulumaya: That sounded like...
Ladiva: Look at this mess. You're covered in potato peels!
Arulumaya: Ladiva! Did you see a cat pass by here?
Ladiva: Yes, I did! It knocked over the garbage, and—
Ladiva: Oh? I could have sworn it was here a second ago...
Arulumaya: I'm sorry. I was supposed to be looking after it, but—
Arulumaya: Oh no! What now?
White Kitty: Meow!
Arulumaya: Oh no! Clarisse's books are all over the floor!
Arulumaya: Bad kitty! You knocked all these books over, didn't you?
White Kitty: Meow!
Arulumaya: Hey! Where are you off to again? Come back here! This mess isn't going to clean itself up!
As Arulumaya returns the books to the table, the cat quickly disappears out the room.
Arulumaya: No, no, no! You have to stay on the ship! Where in the skies are you going?
Arulumaya chases after the cat as it weaves effortlessly through the streets and escapes into the casino liner.
Arulumaya: Gasp... Pant... Where are you...
Rowdy Guest: Hey! What's the big idea!
Arulumaya: ...!
Arulumaya scans the room and finds the cat on one of the casino tables.
Rowdy Guest: Grr! I was just about to win! You made me lose a fortune!
The enraged guest raises a hand to strike the cat.
Arulumaya: Stop right there! I'd prefer if you not resort to violence.
Rowdy Guest: Hng? You this cat's owner? You're gonna pay for this!
Arulumaya: Aah, enough already!
The guest attacks Arulumaya, and she is forced into action.

Feline Mischief: Scene 4

Arulumaya finally apprehends the troublemaking feline. Back at the Grandcypher, the crew reunites the cat with its owner, and an utterly exhausted Arulumaya breathes a sigh of relief.

Arulumaya: I'm truly sorry about what the cat did, but you need to calm down.
Rowdy Guest: Tch! What a day this is turning out to be!
Arulumaya: Once again I sincerely apologize. I know it's not much, but the best I can do is pay back your bet.
White Kitty: ...!
Arulumaya: Not again! Stop running around, or I'll—
Arulumaya: What am I doing trying to talk to a cat?
Arulumaya: Argh!
Arulumaya continues her frantic attempts at capturing the mischievous cat as it struts around the casino.
When Arulumaya finally captures the nimble feline, she is utterly exhausted from the ordeal.
Arulumaya: Sigh. You sure are a troublemaker.
White Kitty: Meow!
Lyria: Arulu! We're home!
Arulumaya: Lyria! (Captain)! I'm so glad you're back.
Vyrn: Whoa. Arulu, you look like you just got back from the Grim Basin. Those documents must be a doozy.
Arulumaya: Well, it wasn't exactly the documents...
Cat's Owner: Um, could it be because of my cat?
White Kitty: Meow!
Arulumaya: Thank the gods! You found the owner!
Lyria: Yep! We happened to meet her while she was out looking for the cat!
Cat's Owner: Thank you so much for looking after her!
Cat's Owner: She really is such a troublemaker. You must have had your hands full.
Arulumaya: Ha... hahaha. No, no, I'm just glad she can go home to her family now.
(Captain) and company wave goodbye to the owner and her cat from the deck of the Grandcypher.
Arulumaya: Whew, finally. That little kitty was cute, but it was a magnet for disaster.
Arulumaya: The next time I have to play with a cat, it'll be too soon.
A fatigued Arulumaya leans onto (Captain).
(Captain) sympathizes with the exhausted fortune-teller but wonders in bewilderment as to what exactly had happened.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
人々のため力を使えるなら本望さ I'm more than happy to use my talents to help others.
雪の白さは好きなんだ I find the pure whiteness of snow so beautiful.
ツリーの飾りつけ、高い所は頼むよ When the time comes, help me put the star up.
悲しき結末を避けられるのならば… If it will avert a tragic outcome...
私は常に公正でいたいんだ I always try to be impartial.
正義とは…いったいなんなのだろうね Justice... What does it truly mean?
冬の寒さも親しき友がいれば乗り越えられる A good friend is all you need to make it through a cold winter night.
未来は未だ見通せぬ霧の彼方さ The future still lies beyond the mist of the unknown.
(主人公)、キミの運命に殉じよう I will give myself to your destiny, (Captain).
(主人公)にどんな贈り物を渡そうか… I wonder what sort of present I should get for (Captain)...

Other Appearances


SV Arulumaya, Mystic Seer.png SV Arulumaya, Mystic Seer E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Give your leader the following effect - At the end of your turn, if there are at least 6 cards in your hand, spellboost the cards in your hand; if there are 5 cards or less in your hand, draw cards until there are 6 cards in your hand. (This effect is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)

I'm sorry, but I use my powers for the people. I don't divine for individuals. But suppose I told you that calamity awaits you on your journey... Would you give everything up?


Evolve: If there are at least 6 cards in your hand, spellboost the cards in your hand; if there are 5 cards or less in your hand, draw cards until there are 6 cards in your hand.

There is a future I cannot see, one in which the world will tremble as it hurtles toward the crossroads of fate. You, the bearer of this destiny... Which path will you choose? I ask that you let me watch over you as you continue your journey.

Class Runecraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Arulumaya, Mystic Seer
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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