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Official Profile[edit]

Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Human
Hobbies Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Top adviser and effective ruler of the Erste Empire. Despite being the person primarily responsible for developing Erste from a small country into a military superpower in just a matter of years, the Black Knight doesn't appear to be obsessed with power or authority. Instead, she acts according to her own motives apart from those of the Empire. The Black Knight knows Lyria's secret and frequently appears with the mysterious girl Orchis in tow, always leaving you with a trial to overcome before vanishing from sight.
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Journal Entry[edit]

Black Knight
Black Knight NPC.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Romi Park
Chapter 4 Story - The Storm Guardian

ID 3990002000
Char ID
NameJP 黒騎士
Voice ActorJP 朴璐美
Release Date

A mysterious knight secretly controlling the Erste Empire by acting as the top advisor. A young girl with an ability like Lyria's accompanies her. Her frequent appearances before your party are tests that ask more questions than they answer.



  • Eugen is her father.
  • Her real name is Apollonia Vaar which is often shortened to Apollo.
  • Black Knight has character banter with Orchid when paired in battle.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I see. So today's your birthday? Happy birthday to you. What's that face for? It sounds weird coming from me? Living life is not an easy thing to do. And you only realize the things we take for granted after they've been lost. Never forget to be grateful for the present.


Happy birthday. Be thankful that you're safe and happy enough to celebrate this day.
It may be natural to assume that tomorrow—or even your next birthday—will come as a matter of course.
But in truth, seeing the days come and go is a hard-won miracle.
I pray that the days you and your friends spend together will last as long as possible.


So today's your birthday, huh?
Despite how dangerous the life of a skyfarer is, you should be proud you made it to see another day like this.
Congratulations. Now I think expressing appreciation to your comrades is in order.
Whenever you endeavor to something great, accomplishing such a thing alone is impossible.
Value the friends who stay by your side always.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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A new year may have come upon us, but it doesn't mean anything's changed.
So always remember your purpose, reflect upon yourself, and be the change. New year's resolution or no...
Whether you've reached your dreams or the ends of the skies... don't ever give up.


Happy New Year. You were a good captain last year. You have my thanks.
Don't make that face. There are times I feel that I should thank you.
It's just that saying what you want to say is not so easy to do.
But we do not know when we will become unable to say these simple things. You should remember this as well.


By the way... How will you spend this New Year's Day?
You have many comrades and many close to your heart.
On this one special day, you should meet with those whom you do not always have time for.
May it be now then never at all.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Here. Take this. As a token of my thanks... and just that.
Did you hear me? I said that's all it is. What are you grinning about?
Good grief. If you don't wipe that grin off your face I'll take back the gift!


Take this. You've been a good captain. This is to thank you.
It's store-bought, but I thought you'd enjoy the flavor. I hope you do at least.
I remember Orchis used to make me go shopping with her for Valentine's Day.
But we would always get chocolate for ourselves. I look fondly back on those memories...


Put your hand out. You know I'm going to give you chocolate.
Even though I know that with you being the captain, many others will do as I have.
But that is different. This is my thanks to you which I'm obligated by my own pride to give.
It's nothing more than that. There you have it.
And (Captain), it is fine to strengthen your bonds with others over a helping of sweets, but don't overdo it.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hmm? What's that? Are you sure you want to give that to me?
White Day? Ah, I see. You're in on it too, eh?
I guess I am too, since I'll accept your gift.
It's quite thoughtful of you... Thank you.


A White Day present? Sometimes your integrity surpasses my own.
Hm. Or should I say that you're just looking out for the interests of your crew members?
A captain must always consider the needs of his or her crew.
I suppose that you get passing marks as a captain.
But remember you've only passed—don't get too excited.


So you're bringing a White Day present to me?
Why do you never miss anything? There is something unsettling about such attention to detail for someone your age.
Regardless, I still owe you thanks.
I am not so warped as to interpret the kindness of others as a foreshadowing of treachery.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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It's Halloween... Orchis used to love Halloween.
She'd sprint from the palace to the city, saying, "Trick or treat!" to everyone she passed.
Just seeing her bright smile made everyone around her smile too. I miss that.
I'd do anything to go back to those peaceful days... Anything.


(Captain), even you would go out to collect candy?
Here. Take this candy then. Go on.
It's the kind that both Orchis and Orchid liked, so I always have some on me.
I'm too old to play tricks on others, so you can enjoy this treat without concern.


Trick or treat? You'll never grow up, will you?
If you want candy, here you are. Take as much as you want.
Do you think I would walk around this town without having a supply of candy on my person?
Yes, I did say as much as you like. But you're not taking all of it, ri—
Why are Orchid and the others rallying behind you...
No! This was all a trap!

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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It's so silent and snowy tonight... Reminds me of when Orchis and I would wait up for Santa.
I miss those days. But the memories we created give me the strength to keep going.
I suppose children on every island are waiting tonight for him, just as we did.
But I've learned Santa's real gift wasn't the toys he would bring then, but the happy memories we have now.


The kitchen is strangely active.
Hmm? Ah, today is the winter festival? That explains it.
(Captain), you should go enjoy the feast with everyone.
That's an unexpected expression. I will go as well—I have no intention of denying myself these small pleasures.
The memories I build with loving friends are what keep me moving. I have learned this time and time again.


It looks as though it will snow tonight.
There are so many memories that come rushing back as my eyes meet the snow.
No matter how much I change, the snow that falls here never will.
Seeing a world swallowed by the white ice is enough to make even me a bit emotional.
But tonight is the holiest of nights...
I'll find my peace in the children having so much fun.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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A New Wish Awakened[edit]

With a sleeping Orchis by her side, the Black Knight reveals that the True King and the Golden Knight will come for her life. Orchid, in hopes that the Black Knight won't fight alone, suggests that she join (Captain)'s crew.

The Black Knight had dedicated her entire life to bringing back her best friend, Orchis.
However, what she had considered a mere tool to be used for the revival of her friend, had turned into something much more to her.
Thus, she decided to allow a battle with (Captain) to choose the path she would take. The clash ended with her defeat.
Black Knight: And now... now I can...
It had been decided, and the Black Knight came to peace with the fact that she would never again meet Princess Orchis. But there was one who stood against this.
Orchis: I, in the name of Arqus, call upon you, Deus Ex Machina, to activate.
Lyria: Primal beast, Deus Ex Machina, activation request acknowledged...
Black Knight: It can't be... Stop! Orchis!
Orchis: I'm sorry...
Black Knight: Wait! Stop! Orchis!
Orchis: Primal beast, Deus Ex Machina... Leave your transitional state...
Orchis: and dwell within me!
By summoning Deus Ex Machina, Orchis used her body to bring back Princess Orchis.
Princess Orchis then gave her a new body that had been prepared by General Adam, as well as the new name, "Orchid."
Orchid: I wanted you to be happy... even if it meant sacrificing myself.
Orchid: I was born from an accident, and if I could bring back just a little bit of what was lost in that accident, then...
Black Knight: Orchid...
Black Knight: I'm sorry... I...
Orchid: But Orchis told me...
Orchid: She said she loved happy endings, and she wanted everyone together... smiling...
Black Knight: ... I see. That sounds like her alright.
Black Knight: She lit up every room with her smile, and you could feel her warmth the moment she looked at you.
Orchid: Deep down I feel that too, somehow. I want to finally be able to meet her in person.
Black Knight: Heh, you're in for the ride of your life, as she's quite a handful. I've come to love that about her.
In the room where Orchis slept, the Black Knight and Orchid exchange words of gentleness and warmth like they never have before.
Orchid: Is Orchis going to wake up soon? There's so much I want to ask her...
Black Knight: Her body and mind have been separated for more than 10 years. I'm sure she'll need quite some time to rest.
The Black Knight and Orchid quietly watch over Orchis as she sleeps.
Orchid: ... If only there was a way you wouldn't have to leave Orchis ever again...
Black Knight: There's nothing that would make me happier, but while it pains me to say, now is not yet the time.
Orchid: The True King and the Golden Knight?
Black Knight: That's right. I have yet to receive word of my expulsion from the Luminary Knights, but that worries me all the more.
Black Knight: The True King is planning something. I know it.
Black Knight: And that golden pest has no doubt begun plotting against my life. Fate wouldn't have it any other way.
Orchid: ...
Black Knight: Don't worry Orchid. I'll be fine.
Black Knight: When Orchis wakes up, I'll come back to finally meet her again. That's a promise. I've lived my whole life just to do that.
Orchid: Apollo... I don't want you to be all alone.
Orchid: I've seen how strong you are, and I know you'll make it through whatever happens.
Orchid: But... I can't find the right words to say this but... Don't go alone, please.
Black Knight: Orchid... I'm sorry. I didn't want to worry you.
Orchid: It's alright Apollo. You shouldn't need to apologize.
Orchid: But what about going with (Captain)'s crew?
Orchid: Lyria, Io, (Captain), everyone... They can help you.
Black Knight: (Captain)... Humph, well it certainly won't be a boring trip with them around.
Orchid: So then—
Just as Orchid begins to speak, there is a knock on the door.
Lyria: Orchid! Black Knight! And of course Orchis! How are you?
Orchid: Lyria! And (Captain) too. You came to visit.
Black Knight: Thank you. I'm sure Orchis is very happy to see you all too. Just remember to keep it down, alright?
(Captain) and the gang have come to visit Orchis, and meet with the Black Knight and Orchid.
The Black Knight sees days filled and overflowing with hope ahead.
She sets off to face those who plot against her, so that she might be able to live in peace with Orchis when she awakes.

Beyond Hope and Prayer[edit]

The Black Knight reflects on her journey. To get back her best friend, the Black Knight joins the Seven Luminary Knights and rises through the Empire's ranks. However, Prime Minister Freesia exposes the flaw in the plan to use Lyria's powers to save Orchis.

Black Knight: I was an ordinary child just like any other. I loved reading, as it much easier than talking with others.
Black Knight: When my mother passed, I was unable to contact my skyfaring father, and instead came to Mephorash as a student.
Black Knight: Little did I know that it was there where I would meet the one who would change my life forever.
Princess Orchis: Hey there! My name's Orchis. What's yours?
Princess Orchis: Apollonia! What a pretty name! Hmm, we need a nickname for you though... How about... Apollo!
Princess Orchis: Hehe, you like it? Come on, I'll show you around!
Black Knight: Her name was Orchis. The princess of Erste. Even in winter, her smile was as warm as a summer breeze.
Black Knight: My days with her could only be described as happiness itself.
Black Knight: However...
Black Knight: That fateful day... everything changed.
Black Knight: I didn't know at the time, but the queen and king's lives had been taken by the rampaging Deus Ex Machina.
Black Knight: Orchis's mind was stripped from her body, and all that seemed to be left was an empty doll.
Black Knight: I had lost all hope, I was broken. But from that despair was born a new hope. A hope that would push me ever forward.
Black Knight: I decided to bring her back, and I wouldn't let anything stop me until I did. I used everything I could. All that this world had.
Black Knight: I trained my body, filled myself with knowledge, and used that power to become a Luminary Knight, as well as Erste's top advisor.
Black Knight: I found a way to bring back Orchis using Lyria and the doll.
Black Knight: Almost... Just a little more and I can finally meet Orchis again.
Orchis Doll: ... Apollo.
Black Knight: But what used to be nothing but a doll to me had turned into something more... Someone more.
Black Knight: I had strived for so long, but I started to doubt whether I wanted to sacrifice the soul that was born from that doll.
Black Knight: I was a fool. Why get sentimental after I had long since passed the point of no return?
Black Knight: I had given up everything for that one purpose, yet my heart began to falter. And at that most vulnerable moment...
Freesia: While it's true that Lyria has the ability to bring back one from the verge of death...
Freesia: ... it's not as the philosopher's stone you dream it to be.
Black Knight: What?
Freesia: That power uses Lyria as a vessel, and fuses the vessel with the sky itself to harness the power of the sky realm.
Freesia: In other words, it can be used once, and only once.
Freesia: To put it frankly, the Orchis you knew is never coming back.
Black Knight: No... It can't be...
Black Knight: All that I had worked for, the path that I was taking, was all for naught.
Black Knight: I had nothing left.
Black Knight: Despair and emptiness descended upon me, and numbed me to my very core.

Beyond Hope and Prayer: Scene 2[edit]

Adam explains that the primal beast Deus Ex Machina can be used to get back Princess Orchis, but only at the sacrifice of doll Orchis. The Black Knight agonizes over this bitter truth.

Black Knight: As Yggdrasil Malice rampaged through Lumacie's forest, I became separated from (Captain)'s crew.
Monster: Grrrowwwr!
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: I laughed at myself as I swung my sword. Is my life even worth protecting?
Black Knight: I saw no more reason to live, but nor could I use death as an escape... I rued the day I was born.
Black Knight: Sturm and Drang then found me, and took me back to (Captain)'s crew.
Black Knight: By then, I was a shell devoid of feeling itself. People spoke around me, but I did not hear their voices. My eyes were open, but I saw nothing.
Black Knight: I thought I would just stay like that forever, rotting away with time.
Black Knight: But then the doll... the girl. She rekindled the flame within my heart.
Orchis Doll: Will you... ever forgive me?
Yggdrasil Malice:
Yggdrasil Malice: !
Orchis Doll: ...
Black Knight: Even if all my plans have been ruined, even if my dreams have been crushed...
Black Knight: I'm not leaving you behind, Orchis!
Black Knight: To me, the doll had become something more. It wasn't the same Orchis I knew, but it had grown close to my heart all the same.
Black Knight: I gave up on the goal that I had devoted my entire life to achieving. Or so I thought I did.
Black Knight: When we infiltrated Agastia, General Adam revealed to me the truth of the situation.
Adam: Deus Ex Machina does not have the power to destroy minds.
Adam: Princess Orchis's mind must still be in Mephorash. We just needed a way to connect to it.
Adam: As long as you have Deus Ex Machina, there's still a chance to bring Her Highness back.
Black Knight: Adam's words were both a blessing and a curse to me.
Black Knight: I had finally found a way to bring my best friend Orchis back.
Black Knight: But at the same time, it would mean the sacrifice of the girl whom I used to call a doll.
Black Knight: I knew she was an important part of my life, and that made it all the more difficult to face my hesitation head-on.
Black Knight: However, I could no longer prolong my indecision...
Rosetta: Looks like we're in a bit of a pickle here, aren't we...
Rosetta: Strategically, we're in a pretty bad position, and if we try to get away, we'd be cornered before we know it.
Black Knight: I volunteered to distract the imperial soldiers while (Captain)'s crew escaped.
Black Knight: Or perhaps I simply wished to use battle to distract myself from the pain that raged in my heart.

Beyond Hope and Prayer: Scene 3[edit]

Freesia, having made a pact with Mithra, blocks (Captain) and company on their way to destroy the reactor. The Black Knight encourages them to rewrite the future using Akasha's power, while she distracts Freesia in battle.

Black Knight: Having fended off the soldiers, Furias, and Gandharva, (Captain)'s crew and I returned to the Grandcypher.
Black Knight: There, I revealed to Lyria my decision.
Lyria: Black Knight... What are you going to do with Orchis?
Black Knight: I...
Black Knight: I want to revive her.
Black Knight: Her smile... I want to see that smile on her face again. That's all.
Black Knight: ... I lied. It wasn't that simple.
Black Knight: But, I thought that I couldn't possibly have everything I wanted.
Black Knight: If I choose one, I lose the other.
Black Knight: And if so, then not just for her smile, but for all that I had sacrificed, I chose.
Black Knight: I still wavered with my decision, and could not bring myself to meet the girl's eyes.
Black Knight: We then entered Agastia once again, and infiltrated the tower.
Black Knight: We raced to stop the reactor, but the Freesia whom we'd thought we had defeated appeared before us again.
Freesia: I will... achieve my dream. No matter how many times I'm torn apart... I will!
Freesia: Now! I've taken that vow! Hear me, Mithra! So that I may obey this pledge!
Freesia: Give me... the power to triumph!
Black Knight: Looking at her in that state, I saw myself.
Black Knight: Twisted, battered, and no matter how many times she gets knocked down, she crawls back up until she gets what she wants.
Black Knight: Bound by her past, she sacrificed everything, just as I did.
Black Knight: That's why I suggested she be erased from the annals of the future.
Black Knight: Akasha controls all history. The past, present, and future.
Black Knight: If you can erase her existence from the future...
Black Knight: Her pledge and all will be erased, and we might be able to stop her.
Lyria: But... if we do that...
Black Knight: Enough! Just go! We have no other choice!
Black Knight: I confronted her, as one deluded derelict against another.
Black Knight: We had both clung to our hopes and dreams for so long, but the time was coming when we would both have to let go.

Beyond Hope and Prayer: Scene 4[edit]

The Black Knight challenges (Captain) and is defeated, but Princess Orchis is able to give doll Orchis both a new body and a new name: Orchid. Now with more than she could have asked for, the Black Knight feels both joy and a vague sense of emptiness inside.

Freesia: Ah...
Black Knight: Hmm?
Freesia: Ahh...
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: They chose not to erase Freesia from the records of the future.
Black Knight: Though I find their decision naive, it is the choice they have made, and it is who they are.
Black Knight: No one knows of the path Freesia will take from here.
Black Knight: But without a doubt, (Captain) has saved her from her past.
Black Knight: Just as they did me...
Lyria: Why... Why?
Lyria: Can't you accept Orchis for who she is right now?
Orchis: ...
Black Knight: To be honest, I can no longer bring myself to call her a "doll."
Black Knight: Even so, I must bring her back.
Black Knight: For the people of this city, for her resting parents, for the me I once was...
Black Knight: I am who I am... And I will not—can not—break the oath I vowed to myself.
Black Knight: And if not for that... I simply want to see her smile, once again.
Orchis: ...
Black Knight: I would be lying if I said I don't have any second thoughts about this.
Black Knight: You must know that this is not easy for me.
Black Knight: Honestly, I can no longer choose. Whichever road I take, I lose one or the other, when I wish to lose neither.
Black Knight: But... Without a choice, one cannot move on.
Black Knight: So show me. Show me which is stronger. That which gave birth to this black armor, or that which built this armor up...
Black Knight: Show me, and I will be at peace with whatever may come.
Black Knight: I entrusted into the hands of (Captain) and crew the future which I had once thought would be mine alone to create.
Black Knight: I accepted my defeat, and made peace with what would become of it. That I would never see by best friend, ever again.
Black Knight: But just when I had let go and come to grips with what was to be, hope appeared before me.
???: She gave me... a new name.
Orchid: It's "Orchid." I want you call me that from now on.
Black Knight: She went from "Orchis" to "Orchid." She received a new body prepared by Adam, and said she wanted to be by my side.
Black Knight: That day, I vowed to never again lose what I held dear to me...
Black Knight: ... and they lived happily ever after. It sounds just like one of the fairy tales Orchis and I would read together, with a happy ending.
Black Knight: Waiting together with Orchid for Orchis to awake, it feels like a dream. I can't believe it.
Black Knight: It's almost too good to be true.
Black Knight: And it almost makes me scared.
Black Knight: I'd been working towards this very dream. And now that it's about to come true, I wonder...
Black Knight: ... I wonder at all the potential tomorrow holds, and all the joy it would bring.
Black Knight: I pray for the day that I can see both of them, smiling together.
Black Knight: For me, for who I am now, that is all I wish.


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