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Official Profile

Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Race Human
Hobbies Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Top adviser and effective ruler of the Erste Empire. Despite being the person primarily responsible for developing Erste from a small country into a military superpower in just a matter of years, the Black Knight doesn't appear to be obsessed with power or authority. Instead, she acts according to her own motives apart from those of the Empire. The Black Knight knows Lyria's secret and frequently appears with the mysterious girl Orchis in tow, always leaving you with a trial to overcome before vanishing from sight.
Character Release
Final Uncap


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Age 不明
Height 不明
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 不明
Likes 不明
Dislikes 不明
Granblue Fantasy Theater
Character Release
Final Uncap


Source [1] [2] [3]



Main Quest


  • Eugen is her father.
  • Her real name is Apollonia Vaar which is often shortened to Apollo.
  • Black Knight has character banter with Orchid when paired in battle.

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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I see. So today's your birthday? Happy birthday to you. What's that face for? It sounds weird coming from me? Living life is not an easy thing to do. And you only realize the things we take for granted after they've been lost. Never forget to be grateful for the present.


Happy birthday. Be thankful that you're safe and happy enough to celebrate this day.
It may be natural to assume that tomorrow—or even your next birthday—will come as a matter of course.
But in truth, seeing the days come and go is a hard-won miracle.
I pray that the days you and your friends spend together will last as long as possible.


So today's your birthday, huh?
Despite how dangerous the life of a skyfarer is, you should be proud you made it to see another day like this.
Congratulations. Now I think expressing appreciation to your comrades is in order.
Whenever you endeavor to something great, accomplishing such a thing alone is impossible.
Value the friends who stay by your side always.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
You've been able to make many new friendships over the course of your long journey.
Always cherish the fond moments shared with those who are close to you.
You will come to understand what they mean to you, especially in times of extreme difficulty.
I'm telling you this as someone who was mired in solitude.
Should you ever find yourself facing a similar situation, feel free to call upon us.
That's what friends are for.
That's all I can say. Again, happy birthday.


I'm glad we can celebrate this day together again, (Captain).
It's been quite lively on the ship since the morning...
You're the center of everyone's lives as usual, I see.
Happy birthday. I hope you'll have another wonderful year surrounded by your friends.
What? That includes me, you say? Heh... Crafty with your words, aren't you?
Of course I'll be celebrating together with everyone in the crew.
If that is what you wish, then it is a simple one to fulfill. We shall celebrate to your heart's content.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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A new year may have come upon us, but it doesn't mean anything's changed.
So always remember your purpose, reflect upon yourself, and be the change. New Year's resolution or no...
Whether you've reached your dreams or the ends of the skies... don't ever give up.


Happy New Year. You were a good captain last year. You have my thanks.
Don't make that face. There are times I feel that I should thank you.
It's just that saying what you want to say is not so easy to do.
But we do not know when we will become unable to say these simple things. You should remember this as well.


By the way... How will you spend this New Year's Day?
You have many comrades and many close to your heart.
On this one special day, you should meet with those whom you do not always have time for.
May it be now then never at all.


A new year has begun. Have you decided on what you want to accomplish?
It's important to set goals. In doing so, each step you take adds significance to when you finally achieve your goal.
Sorry. I didn't mean to sound condescending, which you certainly don't need to hear from me.
Your goal is to reach the Island of the Astrals, therefore you already know that a halfhearted effort will get you nowhere.
I wouldn't say my own determination is lacking compared to yours, but I admire your steadfast resolve.


Pounding mochi? You have enough hands on board. You don't need me to...
Orchis wants to make some sandstone mochi? I see, so that's how it is.
Yes, I do have experience in making that.
It's a classic dish for the Erste royal family, and one that brings back memories...
Fine. Since it's only once a year, I can lend a hand.
Just don't have high expectations for the result. Making the mochi look like stones is harder than you think.
Well, being able to reminisce about the past so leisurely is proof of how peaceful it is now.
I suppose it wouldn't be so bad to partake in these festivities, just once a year on New Year's.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Here. Take this. As a token of my thanks... and just that.
Did you hear me? I said that's all it is. What are you grinning about?
Good grief. If you don't wipe that grin off your face I'll take back the gift!


Take this. You've been a good captain. This is to thank you.
It's store-bought, but I thought you'd enjoy the flavor. I hope you do at least.
I remember Orchis used to make me go shopping with her for Valentine's Day.
But we would always get chocolate for ourselves. I look fondly back on those memories...


Put your hand out. You know I'm going to give you chocolate.
Even though I know that with you being the captain, many others will do as I have.
But that is different. This is my thanks to you which I'm obligated by my own pride to give.
It's nothing more than that. There you have it.
And (Captain), it is fine to strengthen your bonds with others over a helping of sweets, but don't overdo it.


Look, I don't need to tell you what day it is.
Here. Take these chocolates. Nothing fancy.
What? Yes, I made them. Is it that strange for some reason?
You're overcomplicating things. I just felt like making them. It's not that difficult, to be honest.
I'd already made up my mind to give you something as thanks, but giving the same thing every year gets stale.
These chocolates were made with your health in mind. As in I reduced the sugar content.
Of course I did so without compromising taste. You'll see what I mean after taking a bite.


Hold out your hand. Here, your Valentine's chocolate.
Do you remember last year's? This year I decided to adjust the flavor based on your taste.
What? We've known each other for a long time now.
Knowing what you like isn't the strangest thing in the world, is it?
This was a present to offer you my gratitude. To create it with you in mind is a given.
Ugh... That said, I guess I'm still not used to your playful smile.
Anyway, don't eat too much. I won't be held responsible if you develop cavities.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Hmm? What's that? Are you sure you want to give that to me?
White Day? Ah, I see. You're in on it too, eh?
I guess I am too, since I'll accept your gift.
It's quite thoughtful of you... Thank you.


A White Day present? Sometimes your integrity surpasses my own.
Hm. Or should I say that you're just looking out for the interests of your crew members?
A captain must always consider the needs of his or her crew.
I suppose that you get passing marks as a captain.
But remember you've only passed—don't get too excited.


So you're bringing a White Day present to me?
Why do you never miss anything? There is something unsettling about such attention to detail for someone your age.
Regardless, I still owe you thanks.
I am not so warped as to interpret the kindness of others as a foreshadowing of treachery.


I'm surprised you haven't grown tired of giving me White Day gifts.
You probably feel even more obligated to do so considering I gave you a Valentine's gift.
Your utter generosity astounds me.
I bet you would have still given me a White Day gift even if I hadn't gotten anything for you.
You wear your emotions on your face. That smile of yours is so disarming.
Humph, your honesty could drive someone up the wall.
Well, I don't really mind it that much, I suppose.


Hm? What do you want? Ah, is it White Day?
I gladly accept. Thank you for your generosity.
Though I have to ask... You give me this gift every year, and yet you still have the happiest look on your face.
You're just showing your gratitude? Hah. I'm always impressed by your good nature.
But... I know how you feel.
For a loved one to gratefully accept your gift, that is certainly a form of happiness.
Don't worry. I won't ever reject your kindness.
I would hate for you to lose your carefree smile after all.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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It's Halloween... Orchis used to love Halloween.
She'd sprint from the palace to the city, saying, "Trick or treat!" to everyone she passed.
Just seeing her bright smile made everyone around her smile too. I miss that.
I'd do anything to go back to those peaceful days... Anything.


(Captain), even you would go out to collect candy?
Here. Take this candy then. Go on.
It's the kind that both Orchis and Orchid liked, so I always have some on me.
I'm too old to play tricks on others, so you can enjoy this treat without concern.


Trick or treat? You'll never grow up, will you?
If you want candy, here you are. Take as much as you want.
Do you think I would walk around this town without having a supply of candy on my person?
Yes, I did say as much as you like. But you're not taking all of it, ri—
! Wait!
Why are Orchid and the others rallying behind you...
No! This was all a trap!


Hm? Why are you so on edge?
Are you expecting me to cause mischief? I'm fairly certain I've said this before, but I don't plan on pulling pranks.
I've outgrown such trivialities, though even in my younger years, I wouldn't have participated.
It never interested me. I spent most of my time reading instead.
Humph. Sorry for being a bore. Take this candy to make up for it.


Remember when I told you that I've outgrown the trivialities of Halloween?
Good... Then I'll need you to help me with something. I'm having a bit of trouble.
Orchis told me she wants to participate in Mephorash's Halloween this year.
It doesn't matter what I think. Once she gets something in her head, she won't settle for anything else. It's always been like that.
In any case, I just need to practice what I've outgrown.
There's no time... I'll learn from experience.
Now, help me train. Come at me with your pranks, (Captain)—no need to hold back.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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It's so silent and snowy tonight... Reminds me of when Orchis and I would wait up for Santa.
I miss those days. But the memories we created give me the strength to keep going.
I suppose children on every island are waiting tonight for him, just as we did.
But I've learned Santa's real gift wasn't the toys he would bring then, but the happy memories we have now.


The kitchen is strangely active.
Hmm? Ah, today is the winter festival? That explains it.
(Captain), you should go enjoy the feast with everyone.
That's an unexpected expression. I will go as well—I have no intention of denying myself these small pleasures.
The memories I build with loving friends are what keep me moving. I have learned this time and time again.


It looks as though it will snow tonight.
There are so many memories that come rushing back as my eyes meet the snow.
No matter how much I change, the snow that falls here never will.
Seeing a world swallowed by the white ice is enough to make even me a bit emotional.
But tonight is the holiest of nights...
I'll find my peace in the children having so much fun.


Oh, it's you, (Captain). Does this garment I'm holding catch your eye?
Sigh... You certainly know how to catch me at an awkward moment.
Tonight is the eve of the winter holiday, and I want to give Orchid and Orchis their presents.
Though I'm sure Orchis would throw a fit, demanding not to be treated as a child.
But giving gifts during this season isn't limited to children. They can be given to anyone that's important to you.
If I'm going to pretend to be Santa Claus, I may as well look the part.
Perhaps my costume will make even the Scarlet Knight feel a hint of envy...
Never mind. That was a stupid joke. Forget I said anything.


(Captain). Do you know who made this cake?
Someone gave me this when I passed by the dining hall earlier. It's not bad at all.
Oho... Orchis and Orchid made this together with the children on the ship?
I see... Then I suppose I'll have to thank the children.
For the cake, and for making sure those two had a good time here.
Hopefully the both of them can have another night like this next year...
Heh... Look at me, getting so ahead of myself.
In any case... I pray with all my heart that the two of them can spend a peaceful holy night next year as well.

Fate Episodes

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A New Wish Awakened

With a sleeping Orchis by her side, the Black Knight reveals that the True King and the Golden Knight will come for her life. Orchid, in hopes that the Black Knight won't fight alone, suggests that she join (Captain)'s crew.

The Black Knight had dedicated her entire life to bringing back her best friend, Orchis.
However, what she had considered a mere tool to be used for the revival of her friend, had turned into something much more to her.
Thus, she decided to allow a battle with (Captain) to choose the path she would take. The clash ended with her defeat.
Black Knight: And now... now I can...
It had been decided, and the Black Knight came to peace with the fact that she would never again meet Princess Orchis. But there was one who stood against this.
Orchis: I, in the name of Arqus, call upon you, Deus Ex Machina, to activate.
Lyria: Primal beast, Deus Ex Machina, activation request acknowledged...
Black Knight: It can't be... Stop! Orchis!
Orchis: I'm sorry...
Black Knight: Wait! Stop! Orchis!
Orchis: Primal beast, Deus Ex Machina... Leave your transitional state...
Orchis: and dwell within me!
By summoning Deus Ex Machina, Orchis used her body to bring back Princess Orchis.
Princess Orchis then gave her a new body that had been prepared by General Adam, as well as the new name, "Orchid."
Orchid: I wanted you to be happy... even if it meant sacrificing myself.
Orchid: I was born from an accident, and if I could bring back just a little bit of what was lost in that accident, then...
Black Knight: Orchid...
Black Knight: I'm sorry... I...
Orchid: But Orchis told me...
Orchid: She said she loved happy endings, and she wanted everyone together... smiling...
Black Knight: ... I see. That sounds like her alright.
Black Knight: She lit up every room with her smile, and you could feel her warmth the moment she looked at you.
Orchid: Deep down I feel that too, somehow. I want to finally be able to meet her in person.
Black Knight: Heh, you're in for the ride of your life, as she's quite a handful. I've come to love that about her.
In the room where Orchis slept, the Black Knight and Orchid exchange words of gentleness and warmth like they never have before.
Orchid: Is Orchis going to wake up soon? There's so much I want to ask her...
Black Knight: Her body and mind have been separated for more than 10 years. I'm sure she'll need quite some time to rest.
The Black Knight and Orchid quietly watch over Orchis as she sleeps.
Orchid: ... If only there was a way you wouldn't have to leave Orchis ever again...
Black Knight: There's nothing that would make me happier, but while it pains me to say, now is not yet the time.
Orchid: The True King and the Golden Knight?
Black Knight: That's right. I have yet to receive word of my expulsion from the Luminary Knights, but that worries me all the more.
Black Knight: The True King is planning something. I know it.
Black Knight: And that golden pest has no doubt begun plotting against my life. Fate wouldn't have it any other way.
Orchid: ...
Black Knight: Don't worry Orchid. I'll be fine.
Black Knight: When Orchis wakes up, I'll come back to finally meet her again. That's a promise. I've lived my whole life just to do that.
Orchid: Apollo... I don't want you to be all alone.
Orchid: I've seen how strong you are, and I know you'll make it through whatever happens.
Orchid: But... I can't find the right words to say this but... Don't go alone, please.
Black Knight: Orchid... I'm sorry. I didn't want to worry you.
Orchid: It's alright Apollo. You shouldn't need to apologize.
Orchid: But what about going with (Captain)'s crew?
Orchid: Lyria, Io, (Captain), everyone... They can help you.
Black Knight: (Captain)... Humph, well it certainly won't be a boring trip with them around.
Orchid: So then—
Just as Orchid begins to speak, there is a knock on the door.
Lyria: Orchid! Black Knight! And of course Orchis! How are you?
Orchid: Lyria! And (Captain) too. You came to visit.
Black Knight: Thank you. I'm sure Orchis is very happy to see you all too. Just remember to keep it down, alright?
(Captain) and the gang have come to visit Orchis, and meet with the Black Knight and Orchid.
The Black Knight sees days filled and overflowing with hope ahead.
She sets off to face those who plot against her, so that she might be able to live in peace with Orchis when she awakes.

Beyond Hope and Prayer

The Black Knight reflects on her journey. To get back her best friend, the Black Knight joins the Seven Luminary Knights and rises through the Empire's ranks. However, Prime Minister Freesia exposes the flaw in the plan to use Lyria's powers to save Orchis.

Black Knight: I was an ordinary child just like any other. I loved reading, as it much easier than talking with others.
Black Knight: When my mother passed, I was unable to contact my skyfaring father, and instead came to Mephorash as a student.
Black Knight: Little did I know that it was there where I would meet the one who would change my life forever.
Princess Orchis: Hey there! My name's Orchis. What's yours?
Princess Orchis: Apollonia! What a pretty name! Hmm, we need a nickname for you though... How about... Apollo!
Princess Orchis: Hehe, you like it? Come on, I'll show you around!
Black Knight: Her name was Orchis. The princess of Erste. Even in winter, her smile was as warm as a summer breeze.
Black Knight: My days with her could only be described as happiness itself.
Black Knight: However...
Black Knight: That fateful day... everything changed.
Black Knight: I didn't know at the time, but the queen and king's lives had been taken by the rampaging Deus Ex Machina.
Black Knight: Orchis's mind was stripped from her body, and all that seemed to be left was an empty doll.
Black Knight: I had lost all hope, I was broken. But from that despair was born a new hope. A hope that would push me ever forward.
Black Knight: I decided to bring her back, and I wouldn't let anything stop me until I did. I used everything I could. All that this world had.
Black Knight: I trained my body, filled myself with knowledge, and used that power to become a Luminary Knight, as well as Erste's top advisor.
Black Knight: I found a way to bring back Orchis using Lyria and the doll.
Black Knight: Almost... Just a little more and I can finally meet Orchis again.
Orchis Doll: ... Apollo.
Black Knight: But what used to be nothing but a doll to me had turned into something more... Someone more.
Black Knight: I had strived for so long, but I started to doubt whether I wanted to sacrifice the soul that was born from that doll.
Black Knight: I was a fool. Why get sentimental after I had long since passed the point of no return?
Black Knight: I had given up everything for that one purpose, yet my heart began to falter. And at that most vulnerable moment...
Freesia: While it's true that Lyria has the ability to bring back one from the verge of death...
Freesia: ... it's not as the philosopher's stone you dream it to be.
Black Knight: What?
Freesia: That power uses Lyria as a vessel, and fuses the vessel with the sky itself to harness the power of the sky realm.
Freesia: In other words, it can be used once, and only once.
Freesia: To put it frankly, the Orchis you knew is never coming back.
Black Knight: No... It can't be...
Black Knight: All that I had worked for, the path that I was taking, was all for naught.
Black Knight: I had nothing left.
Black Knight: Despair and emptiness descended upon me, and numbed me to my very core.

Beyond Hope and Prayer: Scene 2

Adam explains that the primal beast Deus Ex Machina can be used to get back Princess Orchis, but only at the sacrifice of doll Orchis. The Black Knight agonizes over this bitter truth.

Black Knight: As Yggdrasil Malice rampaged through Lumacie's forest, I became separated from (Captain)'s crew.
Monster: Grrrowwwr!
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: I laughed at myself as I swung my sword. Is my life even worth protecting?
Black Knight: I saw no more reason to live, but nor could I use death as an escape... I rued the day I was born.
Black Knight: Sturm and Drang then found me, and took me back to (Captain)'s crew.
Black Knight: By then, I was a shell devoid of feeling itself. People spoke around me, but I did not hear their voices. My eyes were open, but I saw nothing.
Black Knight: I thought I would just stay like that forever, rotting away with time.
Black Knight: But then the doll... the girl. She rekindled the flame within my heart.
Orchis Doll: Will you... ever forgive me?
Yggdrasil Malice:
Yggdrasil Malice: !
Orchis Doll: ...
Black Knight: Even if all my plans have been ruined, even if my dreams have been crushed...
Black Knight: I'm not leaving you behind, Orchis!
Black Knight: To me, the doll had become something more. It wasn't the same Orchis I knew, but it had grown close to my heart all the same.
Black Knight: I gave up on the goal that I had devoted my entire life to achieving. Or so I thought I did.
Black Knight: When we infiltrated Agastia, General Adam revealed to me the truth of the situation.
Adam: Deus Ex Machina does not have the power to destroy minds.
Adam: Princess Orchis's mind must still be in Mephorash. We just needed a way to connect to it.
Adam: As long as you have Deus Ex Machina, there's still a chance to bring Her Highness back.
Black Knight: Adam's words were both a blessing and a curse to me.
Black Knight: I had finally found a way to bring my best friend Orchis back.
Black Knight: But at the same time, it would mean the sacrifice of the girl whom I used to call a doll.
Black Knight: I knew she was an important part of my life, and that made it all the more difficult to face my hesitation head-on.
Black Knight: However, I could no longer prolong my indecision...
Rosetta: Looks like we're in a bit of a pickle here, aren't we...
Rosetta: Strategically, we're in a pretty bad position, and if we try to get away, we'd be cornered before we know it.
Black Knight: I volunteered to distract the imperial soldiers while (Captain)'s crew escaped.
Black Knight: Or perhaps I simply wished to use battle to distract myself from the pain that raged in my heart.

Beyond Hope and Prayer: Scene 3

Freesia, having made a pact with Mithra, blocks (Captain) and company on their way to destroy the reactor. The Black Knight encourages them to rewrite the future using Akasha's power, while she distracts Freesia in battle.

Black Knight: Having fended off the soldiers, Furias, and Gandharva, (Captain)'s crew and I returned to the Grandcypher.
Black Knight: There, I revealed to Lyria my decision.
Lyria: Black Knight... What are you going to do with Orchis?
Black Knight: I...
Black Knight: I want to revive her.
Black Knight: Her smile... I want to see that smile on her face again. That's all.
Black Knight: ... I lied. It wasn't that simple.
Black Knight: But, I thought that I couldn't possibly have everything I wanted.
Black Knight: If I choose one, I lose the other.
Black Knight: And if so, then not just for her smile, but for all that I had sacrificed, I chose.
Black Knight: I still wavered with my decision, and could not bring myself to meet the girl's eyes.
Black Knight: We then entered Agastia once again, and infiltrated the tower.
Black Knight: We raced to stop the reactor, but the Freesia whom we'd thought we had defeated appeared before us again.
Freesia: I will... achieve my dream. No matter how many times I'm torn apart... I will!
Freesia: Now! I've taken that vow! Hear me, Mithra! So that I may obey this pledge!
Freesia: Give me... the power to triumph!
Black Knight: Looking at her in that state, I saw myself.
Black Knight: Twisted, battered, and no matter how many times she gets knocked down, she crawls back up until she gets what she wants.
Black Knight: Bound by her past, she sacrificed everything, just as I did.
Black Knight: That's why I suggested she be erased from the annals of the future.
Black Knight: Akasha controls all history. The past, present, and future.
Black Knight: If you can erase her existence from the future...
Black Knight: Her pledge and all will be erased, and we might be able to stop her.
Lyria: But... if we do that...
Black Knight: Enough! Just go! We have no other choice!
Black Knight: I confronted her, as one deluded derelict against another.
Black Knight: We had both clung to our hopes and dreams for so long, but the time was coming when we would both have to let go.

Beyond Hope and Prayer: Scene 4

The Black Knight challenges (Captain) and is defeated, but Princess Orchis is able to give doll Orchis both a new body and a new name: Orchid. Now with more than she could have asked for, the Black Knight feels both joy and a vague sense of emptiness inside.

Freesia: Ah...
Black Knight: Hmm?
Freesia: Ahh...
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: They chose not to erase Freesia from the records of the future.
Black Knight: Though I find their decision naive, it is the choice they have made, and it is who they are.
Black Knight: No one knows of the path Freesia will take from here.
Black Knight: But without a doubt, (Captain) has saved her from her past.
Black Knight: Just as they did me...
Lyria: Why... Why?
Lyria: Can't you accept Orchis for who she is right now?
Orchis: ...
Black Knight: To be honest, I can no longer bring myself to call her a "doll."
Black Knight: Even so, I must bring her back.
Black Knight: For the people of this city, for her resting parents, for the me I once was...
Black Knight: I am who I am... And I will not—can not—break the oath I vowed to myself.
Black Knight: And if not for that... I simply want to see her smile, once again.
Orchis: ...
Black Knight: I would be lying if I said I don't have any second thoughts about this.
Black Knight: You must know that this is not easy for me.
Black Knight: Honestly, I can no longer choose. Whichever road I take, I lose one or the other, when I wish to lose neither.
Black Knight: But... Without a choice, one cannot move on.
Black Knight: So show me. Show me which is stronger. That which gave birth to this black armor, or that which built this armor up...
Black Knight: Show me, and I will be at peace with whatever may come.
Black Knight: I entrusted into the hands of (Captain) and crew the future which I had once thought would be mine alone to create.
Black Knight: I accepted my defeat, and made peace with what would become of it. That I would never see by best friend, ever again.
Black Knight: But just when I had let go and come to grips with what was to be, hope appeared before me.
???: She gave me... a new name.
Orchid: It's "Orchid." I want you call me that from now on.
Black Knight: She went from "Orchis" to "Orchid." She received a new body prepared by Adam, and said she wanted to be by my side.
Black Knight: That day, I vowed to never again lose what I held dear to me...
Black Knight: ... and they lived happily ever after. It sounds just like one of the fairy tales Orchis and I would read together, with a happy ending.
Black Knight: Waiting together with Orchid for Orchis to awake, it feels like a dream. I can't believe it.
Black Knight: It's almost too good to be true.
Black Knight: And it almost makes me scared.
Black Knight: I'd been working towards this very dream. And now that it's about to come true, I wonder...
Black Knight: ... I wonder at all the potential tomorrow holds, and all the joy it would bring.
Black Knight: I pray for the day that I can see both of them, smiling together.
Black Knight: For me, for who I am now, that is all I wish.

Proof of Her Resolve

Soon after becoming the Black Knight, Apollonia encounters Freesia. She tells Freesia that she is only concerned about saving Orchis and not about status. On her way to the port, she is joined by Lieutenant Sovell, who is charged with keeping an eye on her. Meanwhile, the Golden Knight arrives in Erste to find out the motive behind the revival of the Black Knight.

Black Knight: It was back when I had only just started to call myself the Black Knight.
Black Knight: As I struggled and suffered within the depths of despair, I began to believe in, long for, and chase after that single beam of hope.
Black Knight: To revive Orchis. If I could do that, then no sacrifice would be too much for me.
Black Knight: That was my unshakable resolution—what I swore when I put on this black suit of armor.
Black Knight: ...
Inside a facility in Agastia, the sound of heavy footsteps echoes as the Black Knight makes her way down a corridor.
With such an imposing air around her, no one dares to meet her eyes until a single woman approaches from the opposite direction.
Freesia: Are you setting off already for your next destination?
Black Knight: I only dropped by briefly to report on the incident from the other day.
Black Knight: I don't have time to dawdle. You should know that by now.
Freesia: I only worry about your health. After all, we cannot afford to lose you.
Freesia: The Black Knight is a Luminary Knight that essentially exists to serve the True King and is ordained according to the will of the True King.
Freesia: Despite the position of the Black Knight remaining empty for a long time, it is only because of Akasha that the True King hasn't threatened us...
Freesia: Thanks to our possession of Akasha, the Erste Empire has been able to maintain a show of force against the True King, albeit precariously.
Freesia: I assume even the True King wants to avoid any bloodshed.
Freesia: In other words, our current harmony is sitting on thin ice. Still I made a conscious decision to restore the Black Knight's position, even if it means breaking that ice.
Freesia: Please do not forget this.
Black Knight: Did you stop me just so you could lecture me?
Freesia: I am simply saying that I have my own reputation to uphold. And you can't afford to end up impaired either, can you?
Freesia: Through your efforts, we can save Orchis...
Black Knight: Hmph... I don't need you to tell me that.
Black Knight: Anyway, wouldn't it work more to your favor to have me away on another errand?
Freesia: I'm not sure I understand what you mean...
Black Knight: Drop the act. I know you're working under the table, though I'm not sure for what exactly.
Freesia: ...
Black Knight: I have no interest in what you're doing, and I don't intend to delve any further.
Black Knight: But if I find that it poses any threat to me... I won't hesitate to cut you down.
Freesia: I will remember that...
Freesia: Well then, if you'll excuse me. I have some business to attend to.
Freesia coolly takes her leave without a trace of emotion on her face.
Black Knight: What a nuisance...
???: Heh, that's rather disrespectful, I must say. Best not let Lady Freesia hear that from you.
A man with a gentle demeanor steps out from the shadows of the corridor and smiles pleasantly at the Black Knight.
Black Knight: I didn't know you had a habit of eavesdropping... Lieutenant Sovell.
Sovell: Excuse me. Your conversation happened to drift into my ears as I passed by...
Black Knight: Not like it matters. You've been charged with keeping an eye on me, after all. I expected you to be nearby.
Black Knight: If you want to tattle on me, go right ahead.
Sovell: That's quite harsh. But please understand that I am on your side.
Sovell: As is Lady Freesia... Though her heavy-handedness stems from her high expectations of you.
Sovell: After all, you assumed the role of Black Knight and became top advisor to the empire at such a young age—that's not something just anyone could do.
Sovell: To those like me, who can only toil away at some modest job, it is an unattainable dream.
Black Knight: How slavish of you to think that. Hard work is a form of talent in itself.
Black Knight: This status I have is nothing but an ornament given to me by someone else, regardless of whether I want it or not.
Sovell: And whether you agree or not, that is what people call talent.
Sovell: Ah, I didn't mean to keep you with such a trivial conversation. I'm sure you're quite busy.
Sovell: Allow me to accompany you to the port.
Sovell bows in a gentlemanly manner and proceeds to walk in step with the Black Knight.
Meanwhile a single ship makes a stealthy landing in a deserted corner of the island, away from the eyes of Agastia.
Golden Knight: So this is the Erste Empire...
The Golden Knight looks scornfully at Agastia's townscape spreading out before her eyes.
Hearing of the restoration of the Black Knight's position in Erste, she arrives at the empire for a secret investigation under the True King's orders.
Golden Knight: The vacancy of the Black Knight's seat was allowed only by the grace of His Majesty...
Golden Knight: To restore the position without first acquiring the True King's consent... Such impudence must not be tolerated.
Golden Knight: I will find out the true intention behind this, on behalf of His Majesty!
Swelling with rage, the Golden Knight steps forward and heads for the town of Agastia, taking a small number of soldiers with her.

Proof of Her Resolve: Scene 2

While walking to the port, the Black Knight has the feeling that they are being watched. She and Sovell head to a deserted area, where Istavion soldiers suddenly step out from the shadows and close in on them.

The Black Knight and Sovell walk side by side until they reach the port.
Black Knight: ...
The Black Knight is alert as her eyes move to and fro, scanning the surroundings.
Sovell: Is something the matter? You've been looking about for a while now...
Black Knight: Follow me.
The Black Knight changes course without warning, her steps quickening.
They finally reach a deserted area, where the Black Knight calls out in a loud voice.
Black Knight: Why don't you come out now? You can't expect me to fall for something like that!
In response to her call, soldiers wearing yellow designs on their armor appear from the shadows and surround the Black Knight and Sovell.
Sovell: ...!
What is the meaning of this?
Black Knight: That design... The Istavion Kingdom, huh? Heh, so that's how it is...
Black Knight: How and on whose orders did you come to Agastia?
Istavion Soldier: ...
Black Knight: Not going to answer, are we?
Black Knight: Unfortunately for you, I don't plan to go down without a fight.
Black Knight: Fools. Let me show you... just who you've decided to pick a fight with!

Proof of Her Resolve: Scene 3

The Golden Knight appears and asks Apollonia her motive for becoming the Black Knight. Furious at the Black Knight's insolence in refusing to obey the True King, the Golden Knight decides that any further talk would be useless and proceeds to draw her sword.

Black Knight: I'll spare you your lives. It'll only be trouble if this escalates to a problem between our two states...
Black Knight: But you won't be able to move for a while. Now, let's hear who the mastermind behind this is.
Black Knight: Well, there are only a handful of people who'd be able to employ all of you to do their dirty work...
???: Hmph... I see it's not just for show that you call yourself the Black Knight.
Saying these words in an icy tone, a figure clad in a majestic suit of golden armor approaches the Black Knight.
Black Knight: That golden armor... So you were the one behind this. We finally meet.
Golden Knight: I suppose there's no need to introduce myself.
Golden Knight: I've heard stories about you. It seems you're quite the audacious one.
Black Knight: The way you talk suggests you've come to challenge me.
Black Knight: Or should I say, challenge the position of the Black Knight.
Golden Knight: I could say the same. You speak as if you'd been expecting this.
Black Knight: The position of the Black Knight was restored without the consent of the True King. Some kind of interference was bound to come.
Black Knight: I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up being perceived as a proclamation of war.
Golden Knight: I see... You mean you took on the name of the Black Knight knowing full well of its history?
Black Knight: Correct.
Golden Knight: Why, you...
At the Black Knight's bold words, fury seethes through the Golden Knight. She struggles to hold her emotions back before continuing.
Golden Knight: If you already know what I'm here for, then let's get this over with. I only have one thing to ask of you.
Golden Knight: Black Knight, come with me to Istavion. An audience with His Majesty is being requested of you.
Golden Knight: It's not too late. If you're willing to comply with the demands, then I can act as the mediator for—
Black Knight: No.
Golden Knight: What did you just say? Perhaps I misheard...
Black Knight: I said no. Don't make me say it again.
Golden Knight: Do you know what you're saying? You don't have the right to refuse!
Golden Knight: If you won't come with me, then I'll have you relinquish the position of the Black Knight immediately!
Black Knight: That's impossible.
Golden Knight: Don't get too full of yourself, you brat!
Unable to contain her anger any longer, the Golden Knight looks at the Black Knight with an almost murderous intent.
Golden Knight: The Seven Luminary Knights aren't something an impudent brat like you can just identify with on a whim!
Golden Knight: Only one with a legitimate pedigree who has shed blood, sweat, and tears can qualify to be one of the Knights!
Golden Knight: I don't know if it's money or honor that you're after...
Golden Knight: But this isn't something you can use to satisfy your insignificant self-interest!
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: I've been keeping quiet and listening to you this whole time, but you really say whatever you want, don't you?
Black Knight: I'll admit that my attachment to the position of the Black Knight is for my self-interest.
Black Knight: But that doesn't mean I'm doing it for a frivolous reason.
Black Knight: Becoming the Black Knight... is proof of my resolve!
Golden Knight: ...
Golden Knight: It seems that any further discussion would be a waste of time.
The Golden Knight takes a deep breath as if to regain her focus and strengthens her grip on her sword.
Golden Knight: Prepare yourself! I'll cut that resolve of yours into pieces!
Black Knight: A match with the Golden Knight herself, huh?
Black Knight: Perfect... I've been wanting to test my strength for a while!

Proof of Her Resolve: Scene 4

The knights fight on par with each other until they hear the footsteps of approaching Erste soldiers. Promising to settle the matter another time, the Golden Knight takes her soldiers and withdraws. As the Black Knight reflects on the fight and strengthens her resolve, Sovell watches it all unfold in quiet discomfort.

Black Knight: Haaah!
Golden Knight: You wretched...
The Black Knight and the Golden Knight exchange blows, the clash of their weapons furious and leaving no room to breathe.
Their abilities matched, time passes without either able to deliver a finishing blow.
Golden Knight: Ugh... Looks like we won't be able to get anywhere with the sword.
The Golden Knight looks away into the distance for a brief moment. She steps back, putting distance between herself and the Black Knight, and sheathes her sword.
Black Knight: What's the matter? Are you giving up?
Golden Knight: I believe I told you not to be so full of yourself. Listen.
Golden Knight: Those are footsteps of Erste soldiers. It seems they've noticed our scuffle.
Golden Knight: It'll be trouble if we run into them. You and I will settle this another time.
Black Knight: Hmph...
Golden Knight: ...
Golden Knight: You said being the Black Knight is proof of your resolve, didn't you?
Black Knight: What about it?
Golden Knight: I do not know what is compelling you to go to such measures... But I see now that your resolve is true.
Golden Knight: However, don't think you can carry the burden of the Black Knight with only resolve.
Golden Knight: That name carries a weight much heavier than you think. You'll do well to remember that.
And with those words, the Golden Knight withdraws to her ship, taking her subordinates with her.
Sovell: L-Lady Apollonia! Are you sure we should let them go just like that?
Black Knight: If we capture them here, it'll only lead to an all-out war.
Black Knight: I'm sure Freesia wants to avoid that as well.
Black Knight: Lieutenant Sovell, I'll leave the rest to you. This unexpected course of events has taken up too much of my time.
Black Knight: One last thing—don't tell anyone what you saw here. Got it?
Sovell: U-understood!
Black Knight: (Given this outcome, it looks like they're turning a blind eye to the Black Knight's position for now.)
Black Knight: (Otherwise they would have taken out everyone here, including the incoming soldiers, and taken me with them.)
Black Knight: (I can't let my guard down. Be it the Luminary Knights or the True King... I won't let anyone get in the way of what I need to do.)
Black Knight: (Just wait, Orchis...)
With the conviction in her heart stronger than ever, the Black Knight heads to the next destination on her journey to save Orchis.
Sovell: ...
Sovell: So you're even capable of driving the Golden Knight away. Well done.
Sovell: Lady Apollonia... or should I say, Black Knight.
Sovell murmurs eerily to himself as he gazes at the retreating Black Knight.

Her Vow as a Knight

Some time after the war, Apollonia is in Erste preparing a meal for Orchid in the kitchen. She is suddenly approached by Sovell, who had been missing since their incident with the Golden Knight. Sovell comments on how much Apollonia has changed and stabs her with a dagger before she can react.

With the war against the Holy Erste Empire over, the Erste Kingdom begins to rebuild itself.
The Black Knight Apollonia stays to help Orchid heal after Lloyd was taken from her by the Violet Knight.
Apollonia visits the kitchen to make something for Orchid to eat.
Black Knight: Hm... I guess that'll do for the soup.
Black Knight: Maybe it's a bit bland... But adding more salt wouldn't make for a balanced diet...
Apollonia continues cooking as she thinks of ways that can benefit Orchid's health.
Black Knight: (I wonder how long it's been since I last took my time cooking like this...)
Black Knight: (I was so busy going around to different places that I never had time to make a proper meal, so I guess this is a good opportunity.)
Black Knight: (It's all thanks to (Captain) and the others...)
As Apollonia smiles to herself, a voice calls out to her from the doorway of the kitchen.
???: Ah, are you in the middle of making something?
Black Knight: Yes. Sorry for using the kitchen without—
Black Knight: ...!
Sovell: It has been a while, Lady Apollonia.
Black Knight: Lieutenant Sovell? Is it really you?
Apollonia cannot hide her surprise at their unexpected reunion.
Sovell: I'm certainly not a ghost.
Sovell: The proof is in my hairline. As you can see, it's beginning to recede a little.
Black Knight: Yes, I do see... Well, I can't comment about your appearance, but...
Sovell: It's from all the anxiety. Well, it is useful in serving as proof that I am indeed alive.
Black Knight: Where did you disappear to for so long? After the incident with the Golden Knight, you were nowhere to be found.
Sovell: Actually, after that I looked into the advances of the Istavion Kingdom myself...
Sovell: However, I was caught during my investigation and suffered a serious injury.
Sovell: I decided to focus on recuperating for a while. It was then that I received news of Erste approaching the verge of ruin...
Sovell: Knowing I had to hurry, I gathered soldiers from various places before coming back.
Though apprehensive about this sudden turn of events, Apollonia listens to Sovell's story and decides to go along for now.
Black Knight: I see... Your efforts are much appreciated. We need as many people as we can get right now.
Black Knight: You mentioned a serious injury. How is the injury now? Is it all right for you to move around?
Sovell: Yes, I'm all better. I had so much time to recover that I was starting to feel bored.
Black Knight: Glad to hear. I'll inform our mutual acquaintances that you're safe in a moment.
Black Knight: Sorry, but can you wait a little? I'm almost done with cooking.
Sovell: Is there anything I can help with?
Black Knight: No need. This is something I want to do myself.
Sovell: I see. Then I will wait.
Sovell smiles as he watches Apollonia cooking, seemingly impressed by her hard work.
Sovell: Still... You've changed quite a bit.
Black Knight: What's this all of a sudden?
Sovell: The Lady Apollonia I knew before gave off an aura that kept everyone at bay.
Sovell: Friend or foe, you immediately cut down anyone who displayed any sign of malice... It was as if you always had your sword drawn.
Sovell: But you've mellowed out, so much that one could even mistake you for a different person.
Black Knight: Well... I can't argue with that. I suppose it's influence from the members of a certain crew.
Black Knight: The things I need to protect have also increased. This much I realize myself.
As Apollonia's thoughts wander to Orchid and Orchis, a smile unconsciously appears on her face.
Sovell: Heh, seeing that expression on you... You really have changed.
Black Knight: Stop repeating that. My good mood won't last forever, you know.
Sovell: It is rare indeed for you to show that kind of reaction. Dear me, you have changed.
Sovell: But... I liked you more the way you were before.
Black Knight: What?
Black Knight: Ergh!
Apollonia suddenly feels a sharp pain in her side and cries out.
She glances down and sees a small dagger planted deep into a narrow gap between the plates in her armor.
Black Knight: Sovell, you... Just what are you scheming!
Sovell: The Lady Apollonia from before would most certainly have sensed my thirst for blood.
Sovell: No matter how focused you were with your cooking, to not have noticed at all... You've fallen quite low, I must say.
Black Knight: What is your objective... What exactly did you come back for!
Sovell: You'll find out sooner or later. That is, if you're still alive.
Sovell: Well then, if you'll excuse me.
Black Knight: Ugh... Wait!
Ignoring the intense pain coming from her side, Apollonia reaches out to Sovell, but his figure only moves farther away.
Eventually the pain sweeps away her consciousness, her vision enveloped by darkness.

Her Vow as a Knight: Scene 2

Apollonia wakes up to Orchis nursing her and finds out that both Orchid and the treasured sword Blutgang have been taken away. She reads a letter from Sovell and decides to head out to rescue Orchid, promising Orchis that she will come back.

Black Knight: Ngh... Where am I...
Orchis: Apollo! Thank goodness you're awake!
Black Knight: Orchis... Why was I... asleep...
Black Knight: ...!
That's right—he attacked me and...
As the memory of Sovell stabbing her with his dagger comes back, Apollonia attempts to get up from her bed. Orchis rushes to hold her arm.
Orchis: You can't get up yet. You were asleep for an entire day, Apollo.
Black Knight: Was I... I'm sorry I made you worry.
Black Knight: Where is he... Where is Sovell? I need to know what exactly he plans to—
Before Apollonia can finish her sentence, she notices the expression on Orchis's face and stops.
Black Knight: What's wrong, Orchis? What happened?
Orchis: ...
Orchis: It's Orchid... She's been kidnapped...
Black Knight: ...!
Orchid's been what?
Shocked, Apollonia stares dumbfoundedly at Orchis, who now has no choice but to tell Apollonia the rest of what happened.
Orchis explains that Blutgang, the treasured sword that the kings of Erste have passed down for generations, has also been stolen.
Orchis: There's also a letter addressed to you, Apollo...
As Apollonia reads the contents of the letter, her expression changes into one of fury.
The letter instructs Apollonia to put on the Black Knight's suit of armor and to go to a certain abandoned building on the outskirts of town.
To emphasize this, the letter also states at the end that Orchid will be killed if Apollonia chooses to bring soldiers with her.
Black Knight: I'm sorry, Orchid... This is my fault.
Black Knight: Orchis... I'd like you to prepare my armor. Immediately.
Orchis: Apollo! In your condition, you won't be able to...
Black Knight: I'm going—alone. It's what Sovell instructed.
Orchis: It has to be a trap. We're asking the army for their help right now, so...
Black Knight: But I have to be the one to go!
Black Knight: Ergh...
In her agitation, the pain in her side increases. Apollonia bends down, holding her side.
Orchis: Apollo! With your condition, you won't be able to...
Black Knight: I know it's a reckless decision... Still, I have to go!
Black Knight: Orchis... I want to save her. I'm sure you feel the same.
Orchis: ...
Orchis: Orchid isn't the only one who's important to me... You're important to me too, Apollo.
Orchis: But you've always been like this, haven't you? Once you decide on something, you don't back down from it no matter what.
Orchis: There were times when we even fought over this...
Orchis: But there've been even more times when you saved me, so many it's impossible to count...
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: You saved me too.
Black Knight: If I hadn't met you, I would've continued to wander within the depths of my own solitude.
Black Knight: Right now, Orchid is waiting all by herself for someone to save her. I need to be the one to take her hand.
Orchis: Yeah...
Orchis: Although I'm not of much help... I do feel the same, Apollo.
Orchis: I'm sorry that you have to be the one to carry the burden...
Black Knight: You don't have to apologize. I'm the one who caused all of this to happen.
Black Knight: I'll settle this myself. There's no other way.
Orchis: You have to come back, okay? Together with Orchid.
Black Knight: Of course. I would never want you to be sad... and neither would Orchid.
Allowing Orchis's heartfelt emotions to fill her with determination once again, Apollonia gives a firm nod.
Orchis swiftly finishes the preparations, and Apollonia sets out for the place specified in the letter to rescue Orchid.

Her Vow as a Knight: Scene 3

Having no choice but to fall into Sovell's trap, Apollonia is unable to counter his attacks with Orchid held hostage. As Sovell is about to deliver the final blow, Orchid slips out of her ropes and takes the hit for Apollonia. Apollonia manages to take back Blutgang from Sovell, and with her will to protect stronger than ever, unlocks a hidden power within the sword.

Black Knight: This is the place...
Apollonia arrives at the building located on the outskirts of town as instructed in the letter.
There she finds Sovell and a number of Istavion soldiers waiting for her.
Sovell: Well, well... I did call you out here, but to think that you'd be able to move and actually make it here...
Black Knight: Istavion soldiers... So you had ties to the True King all along.
Sovell: You are correct. I'm not so foolish as to plot your assassination without some sort of backing, you know.
Sovell: In any case, I suppose what you want is this girl?
Orchid: ...
Black Knight: Orchid!
At the sight of Orchid tied up by the Istavion soldiers, Apollonia trembles with rage.
Sovell: Don't worry. She's only unconscious.
Sovell: After all, a broken toy wouldn't be enough to lure you here.
Black Knight: Why, you...
Sovell: Oh, do be careful not to get too close. If you want this girl alive, that is.
Black Knight: State your purpose... If you came back to assassinate me, then why didn't you make your final blow when you stabbed me?
Sovell: My purpose? Heh... Bahahaha!
Sovell: It's nothing important really. Just a... personal grudge.
Sovell smiles, finally revealing his evil intentions. He takes Blutgang from the soldiers.
Sovell: This precious sword that has been passed down for generations in Erste... No doubt it is a splendid blade.
Sovell: Now, prepare yourself. Though you know what will happen to the girl if you make even a single move... don't you?
Black Knight: ...!
You coward...
Sovell: I am perfectly fine with being a coward. That's how I rose to lieutenant, you know.
Sovell: Well... I suppose someone like you who made it to the top of the empire without shedding so much as a bead of sweat wouldn't know, would you!
As soon as he finishes speaking, Sovell jumps in to attack Apollonia, hatred burning in his eyes.
Sovell: Bahaha!
Black Knight: Ugh...
Sovell: I never thought the day would come when we would cross swords like this face-to-face.
Sovell: It's a marvelous feeling! To think that I... am overpowering the Black Knight!
Sovell: Your existence was a thorn in my side! I may be unexceptional, but I've poured my heart into serving the empire. Yet regardless...
Sovell: A brat like you—with no knowledge or experience in military and political affairs—easily rose to become the empire's top advisor. And I... I was relegated to being your watchdog!
Sovell: What could be more humiliating?
Sovell: Why I didn't finish you off back there was so I could torment you to my heart's content! You can't imagine just how much I've looked forward to this day!
Black Knight: So that's what you were after...
Black Knight: You kidnapped Orchid... for something so worthless...
Sovell: I told you, did I not? It's a personal grudge.
Sovell: But that's not all. I will offer up your head along with Blutgang to the True King... as proof of my allegiance.
Sovell: That is my true objective. So I'm afraid that you will have to die here.
Black Knight: I won't let that happen... I promised I'd return.
Sovell: Heh heh, your courageous spirit is commendable. However...
Black Knight: Ergh...
Sovell: Your movements have become quite slow. I see the wound you suffered has not healed yet.
Black Knight: Don't get too full of yourself... A sword wielded by a low-life like you will never be able to cut anything down.
Sovell: Heh, I wonder just how long you'll be able to keep up your farce.
With Apollonia unable to fight back, Sovell takes advantage of the situation and continues his incessant attacks.
But unaccustomed to wielding a sword, Sovell's fatigue gradually grows apparent.
Sovell: Huff... Huff... You are quite the stubborn one, aren't you...
Black Knight: Hmph... Not as stubborn as your fixation on me...
Black Knight: (Ugh... This is bad. My wound's opened up again... I won't be able to hold out much longer.)
Sovell: Hah... Your words are as foul as your existence.
Sovell: Unfortunately I'm afraid the entertainment is over... It's about time for you to be expunged from this world!
Black Knight: (No, not yet! I can't die here!)
Sovell swings his sword in a final blow. Forcing her legs to stand, Apollonia grips her sword in a weak attempt to block the strike as the blade comes down on her.
It is in that moment that Orchid cries out.
Orchid: Apollo!
Orchid: Ngh...
Escaping from her ropes at the right opportunity, Orchid runs to Apollonia and pushes her out of the way. Sovell's blade misses Apollonia and grazes Orchid's back.
Black Knight: Orchid!
Sovell: Just when did you... I told them to make sure she was tightly bound—
Black Knight: Haaah!
Sovell: Ugh!
While Sovell is distracted, Apollonia takes advantage of the moment and sends Blutgang flying with her sword.
She snatches up Blutgang and immediately rushes to Orchid's side.
Black Knight: Orchid!
Orchid: A... pollo... I'm glad... you're safe...
Black Knight: Orchid... It's okay, don't talk! Why did you do something so dangerous...
Orchid: I wanted to be... useful to you...
Black Knight: What?
Orchid: Apollo... You're always working so hard... for my sake.
Orchid: You even... got hurt because of me...
Orchid: I hated... not being able to do anything... and only being protected...
Orchid: But finally, I was able to protect you...
Orchid: Even without Lloyd... I could do something... myself...
Black Knight: Orchid...
As Orchid smiles weakly, Apollonia feels a painful sense of helplessness growing inside herself.
Black Knight: (Just what... am I doing?)
Black Knight: (I can't even protect what's important to me...)
Overwhelmed with shame from her own lack of power, she tightens her grip on the hilt of Blutgang.
It is then that Blutgang begins to glow, as if answering to Apollonia's will.
Black Knight: ...!
What is this...
Orchid: That must be... Blutgang's true power...
Black Knight: Its true power...
Black Knight: The very sword that Erste kings wielded in the past to protect their kingdom—to protect what was important to them...
Black Knight: You mean all the thoughts and feelings entrusted to this blade up until now... responded to my will?
Sovell: Impossible... Who knew Blutgang had such power!
Orchid: For you, who've only ever fought for your own sake... It's probably something... you'll never understand...
Sovell: Ugh...
Sovell: Ergh... Soldiers, capture them!
Sovell: Whoever offers me their heads will be most handsomely rewarded!
Black Knight: That's fine... It doesn't matter how many men come at me.
Black Knight: But don't get the wrong idea. You're not fighting against the Black Knight—a Luminary Knight, at that.
Black Knight: I'm stronger than ever before. Now that I have someone I need to protect, no one will be able to defeat me.
Black Knight: I promised myself... that I will protect. I won't lose anything more. And I'll show you just how strong my resolve is!

Her Vow as a Knight: Scene 4

Finding himself cornered, Sovell impales himself on Blutgang. He warns Apollonia that her path as the Black Knight will not be an easy one, but Apollonia replies that she is ready for it. Apollonia takes Orchid back to the palace where Orchis is waiting, and vows to always protect both Orchid and Orchis.

Black Knight: Haaaah!
As the Istavion soldiers charge at her one after another, Apollonia brings down each of them in turn.
Finally the last remaining soldier crumples to the ground, leaving only Sovell standing, unarmed and helpless.
Sovell: Impossible... How could this happen...
Black Knight: You're the only one left, Sovell. If you quietly surrender—
Sovell: Aah... Aaaaaah!
Sovell suddenly lets out a wail and rushes toward Apollonia. He runs straight into Blutgang, spearing himself.
Sovell: Gr... Gragh...
Black Knight: ...!
What are you...
Sovell: If I am to be captured, only to have this hatred inside me fester... I would rather die...
Black Knight: You... You have no intention to change, even to the bitter end, do you?
Having successfully deprived Apollonia of her triumphant moment, Sovell's lips curve into a satisfied sneer, blood pouring from his mouth.
Sovell: Before I die, allow me to offer you a word of advice... as my parting gift to you...
Sovell: You once said... that the position of the Black Knight is nothing but an ornament given to you by someone else...
Sovell: Even so, the heavy shackle that is the Black Knight... Once it's been placed on you...
Sovell: You are but a single gear within something much larger at work... You cannot oppose it. You will never be able to run from it...
Sovell: You were fortunate enough to make your way out this time... But you can be certain that you'll only be met with much more despair from here on out...
Black Knight: Hmph, here I was thinking you were going to tell me something important... I already know that.
Apollonia brushes away Sovell's words and fixes her relentless gaze on him.
Black Knight: I've already met with despair, time and time again... enough to make me curse the world and my fate.
Black Knight: That's why I vow...
Black Knight: That simply as a regular knight, I will protect Orchid and Orchis.
Black Knight: Compared to my resolve, the title of the Black Knight weighs nothing more to me than a grain of sand.
Sovell: ...
Sovell: Heh, that dauntless resolve of yours... is most characteristic of you, I must say...
Sovell: Let me correct myself... You haven't changed at all.
Sovell: The honest way you live your life, protecting those dear to you... I don't hate it... at all...
With these last words, Sovell takes his final breath, a peaceful smile hovering on his lips.
Black Knight: Come on, Orchid... Let's go home. Orchis is waiting for us.
Orchid: Okay...
Apollonia looks at Sovell one last time before heading back to the palace with Orchid.
When Apollonia and Orchid reach the palace, they find Orchis standing at the gate waiting for them.
Orchis: Apollo! Orchid! Thank goodness you're both all right...
Orchid: I'm back, Orchis.
Orchis: Oh... Look at all that dirt... Are either of you hurt? How's your wound, Apollo?
Orchid: A sword just grazed my back. I'm okay.
Black Knight: I wouldn't say that qualifies as okay.
Black Knight: My wound opened up a little... But nothing serious.
Black Knight: The important thing is that we made it back alive, just as I promised.
Orchis: Yes... Welcome back, both of you.
Orchis walks up to Apollonia and Orchid and gently embraces them.
Orchid: Apollo protected me. She put her life on the line.
Black Knight: No... Orchid was the one who protected me. That's how I was able to stand up again.
Orchis: Hehe... You can tell me all about it later.
Orchis: Before that, you need some rest. We'll have to stitch up Apollo's wound again...
Orchid: Okay.
Orchid and Orchis exchange smiles and turn to go inside the palace.
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: (I was able to safeguard their happiness.)
Black Knight: (I won't let anyone take their smiles away... Not ever.)
Black Knight: (I'm going to protect Orchid and Orchis until the very end. I won't let anyone take them away from me... even if it costs me my life.)
Through the encounter with Sovell, Apollonia is filled with a new sense of resolution.
Feeling the importance of Orchid and Orchis in her life once again, Apollonia walks on, keeping her vow close to her heart.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
邪魔者は切り捨てる! None shall oppose me!
オルキスの笑顔が見られるなら私は… If I could only see Orchis smile...
人形と呼んだ私を彼女は…許すのか… Will she ever forgive me for what I said?
腑抜けた顔を見せるな Wipe that cowardice off your face.
邪魔立てはさせん! Nothing stands in my way!
黄金の騎士め…いつ仕掛けてくる…? I wonder when the Golden Knight will strike...
格下相手だろうと油断はするなよ Never let your guard down regardless of the opposition.
まさか私が仲間を得ようとはな… Who would've thought someone like me could gain companions...
(主人公)、今はお前に従おう You have my sword, (Captain).
(主人公)…変わった奴だ… You're not like the others, (Captain).


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