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Phantagrande Skydom - Valtz Duchy
Arsenal, Abandoned Mine
Arsenal, Abandoned Mine
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Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 6: The Veil Is Lifted - Episode 1

The unconscious girl wakes up and tells the crew that her name is Io and she's looking for her master, Archduke Tzaka. This new clue brings (Captain) and company one step closer to the archduke.

(Captain) and company are at the Knickknack Shack deciding on their next steps for finding the archduke. Siero shows up to deliver some good news.
Sierokarte: That mage you found has woken up, (Captain)! Right this way! No need to be scared!
???: N-nice to meet you. It seems like you saved me. Thanks.
Vyrn: Hey there! How're you feeling? Any aches or pains?
???: Eeek!
???: Ever hear of a little something called personal space? Stay away from me, lizard!
Vyrn: I don't know where this misconception comes from, but it's gotta stop! I'm not a lizard!
Katalina: There, there, you two. My name's Katalina. This little guy is Vyrn. And you?
Io: Io... My name is Io. What about the rest of you?
Lyria: I'm Lyria! Nice to meet you, Io!
Rackam: Name's Rackam. And this here's our leader, (Captain).
Rackam: Now then, Io. Care to explain why you've been following us around?
Io: Well, the thing is, I happened to overhear you guys talking about the archduke in town, and... I'm his apprentice.
Io: I couldn't bear to just sit around after my master went missing. I wanted to do something.
Vyrn: Lemme guess. You saw us meet with the guy from the duchy and figured you'd follow us around until you found some clues.
Io: I actually have a clue. A very specific clue. That weirdo who kidnapped me mentioned the name of a very specific island!
Vyrn: All right then! (Captain), let's set a course to the island and check things out.

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 6: The Veil Is Lifted - Episode 1: Scene 2

Guided by Io, (Captain) and company head to an old mining island that has been repurposed into a secret factory complex by the Erste Empire.

Rackam: We're right on course. The island Io heard about should be right over... there.
Io: They say the empire has a bunch of secret factories here. If the archduke was kidnapped by them, there's a good chance this is where he's being cooped up.
Vyrn: Looks like some kind of old mining island! Tunnels everywhere you look. What better place for a secret base?
Katalina: I'm still not sure what to make of that situation with Io's kidnapping... Right now we can only look for clues.
Rackam: Hm? Looks like we've got company waiting for us in front of the island.
Vyrn: Let's bust these monsters!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 6: The Veil Is Lifted - Episode 2

(Captain) and company land near the old mines. As the company battles its way through the monsters of the desert, Io talks about Archduke Tzaka.

Rackam: Landing complete... And mooring successful. That shouldn't have called too much attention to us.
Katalina: The empire knows people don't come here for the scenery. We should assume they're on to us.
Rackam: Sand, rocks, and more sand... Is that all there is in Valtz?
Io: (Captain), I know we just sort of ended up here, but you have to be strong if you're fighting the empire. You... are strong, right?
Lyria: Don't worry, Io! (Captain), Katalina, and Rackam are all super strong!
Io: If you say so... I suppose it's fine.
Lyria: Hey, Io, what kind of person is the archduke?
Io: Well... he's sloppy, slobby, and forgetful. But he has a heart of gold.
Io: He truly believes that magic exists to make people happy. And you can tell from the way he uses his abilities.
Katalina: Sounds like he's quite the jolly fellow... I hope it's not long before we meet.
Io: Yeah, but I'm warning you that he's really not one to sweat the details!
Io: The first time he showed me his magic he kept calling it a secret spell. But thinking back... it was just a simple magic trick.
Io: I was incredibly sad about something at the time, but that cheap little trick made me smile from ear to ear.
Io: That's when I decided... I was going to be like him someday.

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 6: The Veil Is Lifted - Episode 2: Scene 2

Surrounded by desert monsters, (Captain) and company attempt to protect Io in battle, but she insists on fighting as a proud magical disciple of the archduke.

Rackam: Whoops... Looks like this is no time for chitchat!
Katalina: Something feels different here... We've got monsters!
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! There are monsters coming from over here too!
Lyria: This way, Io! You can hide over here!
Io: I'll be fine. I'm a mage, you know. I can wipe the floor with a monster or two any day!
Rackam: Don't go biting off more than you can chew, kiddo!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 6: The Veil Is Lifted - Episode 3

After discovering the entrance to an abandoned mine, (Captain) and company are filled with determination to find the archduke.

Vyrn: Over here! They tried really hard to hide it, but it looks like this is the entrance to some abandoned mines!
Katalina: From here on out, we're entering enemy territory. Io, this could be dangerous. You have to be careful...
Io: O-okay! But I'm still a mage. I won't hold you back.
Katalina: Io, what are you going to do if we find your master here?
Io: First I'll wallop him!
Katalina: Huh?
Io: Knowing his talent he might just be working on something awesome to blow you all away.
Io: But that doesn't excuse him for teaming up with the empire and vanishing. How's an apprentice supposed to feel about that?
Io: I don't know what the archduke is thinking, but we're taking him back with us... even if it means dealing out a beatdown first!
Vyrn: Whoa, that sounds pretty extreme!
Io: I mean... how could he run away and not say anything to his apprentice about it? I've been worried sick about him...
Io: He's supposed to be my master... and I'm supposed to be his apprentice... Sniff...
Io: Waaah!
Rackam: C-could you spare me the waterworks? Katalina! Lyria! Do something, will ya?
Io: Maaaster! Waaahh!
Katalina: There, there, Io. You've been a real trooper. I know you've been holding it in all this time.
Lyria: (Hey, what about me?)
Rackam: Sigh... This is exactly why I can't stand kids.
Io: Excuse me? What did you just say?
Rackam: Not a word, Your Highness.
Vyrn: Just you wait, Io! Me and (Captain) have things under control. Just leave it to us!
Io: Okay... I dunno about the lizard, but I'm counting on you, (Captain). Please... find my master.

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 6: The Veil Is Lifted - Episode 3: Scene 2

(Captain) and company are chilled to discover a sprawling research facility deep in the mine. They contemplate what research the archduke might have taken part in.

Vyrn: This looks like the end of the line!
Rackam: What in the world is this place? Are they doing some kind of research here?
Io: And has my master been helping them out here?
  1. Maybe they were researching the primals?
  2. Maybe they were researching ore?

Choose: Maybe they were researching the primals?
Rackam: So wait... Was the archduke of Valtz researching the same stuff as the empire?
Rackam: I guess it's not out of the question, but the magic left behind by the Astrals is some seriously scary stuff...

Choose: Maybe they were researching ore?
Rackam: And why would the empire need to hide out here to do research?
Rackam: Whatever they've been doing here, they definitely didn't want anyone finding out.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hey, this is no time to chat! We've gotta deal with these monsters!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 6: The Veil Is Lifted - Episode 4

As (Captain) and company progress through the abandoned mine, they encounter the Black Knight, the highest authority of the Erste Empire, who tells them that the empire is also searching for the archduke.

Katalina: This dark, heavy feeling... No. It can't be!
???: Don't lose your head, woman. You once bore the name of my empire, did you not?
Katalina: I should have known... What are you doing here, Black Knight?
Katalina: What business would one of the Seven Luminary Knights and top advisor to the Erste Empire have here?
Black Knight: That is for me to decide... along with the fate of the world. Now know your place and close that insolent mouth of yours.
Io: An imperial knight? Tell me where my master is!
Black Knight: What a plucky little brat. I presume you speak of Archduke Tzaka? I know he's not here, but little more.
Io: Don't lie to me! You guys kidnapped him, didn't you?
Black Knight: You need to learn how to address your betters, little girl. As for the archduke... I'm searching for him myself.
Black Knight: The archduke proposed this collaborative research project to the empire, but suddenly withdrew his support and disappeared.
Black Knight: I'd be careful if I were you. The archduke is trying to create something terrifying, and to do so he needs this doll... and Lyria.
???: ...
Lyria: ...!
A knight in black armor awaits the crew inside the empire's underground factory.
A strange aura surrounds the knight, who continues to speak.
Katalina: The archduke is targeting Lyria, you say?
Black Knight: Yes. His Excellency seemed obsessed with something when I last held an audience with him.
Black Knight: He had this truly awful look on his face. His eyes were completely bloodshot and yet strangely full of energy.
Black Knight: Primal crystal technology... The archduke was clinging to it. Lyria will be targeted just like my doll.
Rackam: More mechanical monsters just showed up, (Captain)! They must have come in from the entrance.
Black Knight: Speak of the devil. The archduke wastes no time...
Black Knight: You share Lyria's fate... Which means we shall meet again. May you be spared a meaningless death.
Vyrn: That knight could at least try helping us out! Let's head back to the airship for now, (Captain)!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 6: The Veil Is Lifted - Episode 4: Scene 2

Upon learning that the mechanical monsters are the archduke's creations, Io grows despondent, calling out to the archduke in an attempt to reach him.

Io: If what she was saying is true, my master must have created those machines. But why? Why would he do such a thing?
Rackam: Calm your pigtails, kiddo! You're not about to believe what some suspicious knight has to say, are you?
Io: But... I can feel it! There are traces of his magic on those machines!
Rackam: Say what?
Io: I could feel it ever so slightly last time it attacked us too. I didn't want to believe it, but...
Io: Master... why would you do such a thing? Sniff...
Vyrn: Okay, there's the exit! Once we take care of those monsters, we're home free!
Io: ...!
Katalina: Io! What are you doing? Come back!
Io shakes off Rackam and recklessly chases after the mechanical monster.
Io: Master! Maaaster! You can hear me, can't you? It's me, Io!
Io: Where are you, Master?
Io: Hurry up and come home...
Lyria: Io! Stop! You're going to get hurt!
Io: Master! Let's go home! Come on!
Vyrn: Let's beat these things and get out of here, (Captain)! And fast!

Act 1: Girl in Blue - Chapter 6: The Veil Is Lifted - Episode 4: Scene 3

Despite emerging victorious, Io is crushed that her voice no longer seems capable of reaching the archduke. But Lyria notices a slight change from the mechanical monster and consoles Io.

Vyrn: Everyone okay? Those guys were pretty tough!
Rackam: Is Io all right?
Io: Sniff... Sob...
Katalina: She's unharmed.
Rackam: Whew... She doesn't look hurt at least. Kids are such a pain.
Vyrn: Well, we're back to square one. Let's head into town. Sound good to you, (Captain)?
Io: Sob... Oh, Master... You can't even hear me anymore...
Lyria: That's not true, Io. Your voice is reaching him. I'm sure of it.
Lyria: (When Io called out to her master earlier, those machine monsters reacted to her...)
Lyria: It's okay! I'll help out if another machine monster appears! So don't cry, okay?
Io: Okay... Thanks, Lyria.
The crew takes another step toward the truth behind the archduke's disappearance, but not without some painful revelations for Io.
Lyria reassures Io who begins to feel bravery welling up within her. She's going to find her master. No matter what.


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