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Official Profile

Age 17
Height 152 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Dressing up, puzzles
Likes Fun things, festival merrymaking, mikan oranges
Dislikes Being lectured

Character Release

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 17歳
Height 152cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies おしゃれ、パズル
Likes 楽しいこと、お祭り騒ぎ、みかん
Dislikes お説教

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]


Clarisse is the direct descendant of the founder of Alchemy’s younger sister, and is the daughter of Promethia and Harold. Their line specializes in alchemic decomposition, a mastery that Clarisse outshines even her family head in. Despite that, Clarisse had trouble with basic forms of alchemy on top of having incredible difficulty studying. Though Clarisse’s parents did love her dearly, their strictness and dedication to the family’s goal was a point of contention between them and their daughter.

Clarisse then embarked on the journey her parents entrusted her with; the capturing of their ancestor, Cagliostro. In reality, Clarisse used it as an excuse to leave and do as she pleased. Each letter she receives from them is full of complaints she’s not ready to face yet.




  • Clarisse's name could be a reference to a Lupin the Third movie titled "The Castle of Cagliostro." The movie features a character named Princess Clarisse of the Country of Cagliostro who wishes to escape an arranged marriage.[8]

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Let's all celebrate the captain's birthday together!
Partying with a bunch of friends is the one true path toward happiness! Did you know that?


Ah! I can't believe it's already your birthday, (Captain)!
That was quick.
Seems like only yesterday when we were celebrating your last birthday.
Well, you know what they say: time flies when you're having fun!
Anyway, let's keep the good times rolling! We're going to have fun today!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Everyone's coming to your party tonight. You must be stoked.
And now... A birthday present from me!
You won't just stuff it in a closet, will you?
Good. Thanks, (Captain).
Whoa, whoa, you can't open it right now!
Well, because... you know, it's... embarrassing...
Go back to your room and open it there, okay?
If you do that for me, I'll be a happy Clarisse!


Haaappy birthday, (Captain)!
So tell me. What're your goals for when you grow up?
I guess what I want is to be a bit better of an alchemist... But, um...
When you're all grown up...
Is it cool if I still stick around?
Really? Thanks, (Captain)! Lookin' forward to it!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Oh, and here's a birthday present from me...
It's a scarf...
I had everyone teach me how to knit... Then I tried knitting this scarf by myself.
So... What do you think?
Huh? It's really long? Well, I was thinking we could... wrap it around the both of us...
O-oh, never mind! Anyway, happy birthday!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Ring, ring! Happy New Year!
The first thing I want to do for the new year is... nothing! Woo! Let's be lazy, (Captain)!


Are you going to visit a shrine for New Year's? Now that you mention it, I haven't been outside yet.
I'll go with you, (Captain)! Woohoo! Get hyped, get hyped!
Huh? Shrines are super serious?
Bleh.... Uh, I think I'm gonna loaf around on the airship instead....


Mmm... What makes oranges so delicious when eaten under a heated blanket?
Oh, hiya, (Captain). Come to have an orange too? Here ya go.
Aw yeah... Being warm and lazy with (Captain)... Scarfin' down oranges...
It doesn't get any better than this.
Want another one? Okay. Open wide and say, "ah."
No, no, no, what are you doing, Clarisse? I can't believe I just said that!
Yeesh, I had my head in the clouds, and it just slipped out...
So, um... do you want another orange, (Captain)?


Happy New Yeaaar!
I've got it all planned out! This year's gonna start off with a zip-a-dee-doo visit to the shrine.
And of course I want you to come with me too!
Then we'll veg out under the kotatsu when we get back.
So with that, let's blow this popsicle stand! Kapow!
The shrine's awaiting, (Captain)!
Oh, wait. I need to put these oranges someplace cool first so we can eat them later.


Guhh, [nickname]... Happy New-
Ahaha... I, uh... Might've fallen asleep under the kotatsu.
And, well... Achoo. Looks like I've caught a cold.
Weeh, I'm sorry... I think I'm going to sleep in today.
You want to look after me?
D-don't worry about it! I'm not even that sick! Just need a bit of sleep, that's all!
Plus, I don't want to get you sick too.
Um, well, in that case... Could I ask for one favor?
Um... Doesn't have to be now, but could you bring me a mikan? A chilled one, please?
I'm sure that's all I need to get better.
I'm counting on you, (Captain)!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain). Um... These totally not-super-special chocolates are for you... Like, they're no big deal or anything...
Just... just don't eat them in front of the others, okay? I don't want them to find out I gave them the boring chocolate...


Hey. So you remember last year when I gave you those chocolates?
Did you like them?
You did? Phew... What a relief...
You're in luck because I made you some more!
They're even better than last year's batch! I won't mind if you shove 'em all in your face!


Hey, (Captain). I made chocolates again this year.
Do you want some?
Yeah, I made 'em with these very two hands! You know, to say thanks for always looking out for me.
Heehee. Hope you like 'em. I've got a good feeling about this batch.
They should definitely be tastier than last year's. So you'd better polish 'em off!
The ones in the paper bag? Eh, those are the duds—
No, wait!
Those are, um, chocolates for everyone! I call 'em, uh, friendship chocolates!
Look, you shouldn't worry about it.
Well, later. I've got duds to—ahem—I've got friendship chocolates to pass out!


(Captain)! Hey! Um...
Yeah! These Valentine's Day chocolates are for you...
Just so you know, I took extra care with them this year. They're one hundred percent handmade.
I guess you're pretty used to this by now.
I guess you're pretty used to this by now.
I think I'll probably feel the same way next year too.
Anyway, I hope you start saving room for the next batch of my chocolates, (Captain).


Hmm... No, no. These are all wrong. And these... have a funny shape.
Well, guess I'll just send them to Father.
Who's there? What? (Captain)? What are you doing up so late?
Who, me? I'm making chocolates! The mess made it kind of obvious, huh?
But it's harder than I thought. Things don't turn out the way you expect, you know?
But these chocolates have to be perfect.
If they aren't, then they'll just get lost in the pile of other presents...
Uh, um. I'm done waiting. I've decided that from now on, I'm going to listen to my heart!
(Captain), I hope you're ready for this.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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This is all for me? Wow! You're so thoughtful, (Captain)!
No wonder everyone likes you!


What's this for? Return gift for Valentine's Day?
Aha, I got it! Because it's White Day! Thaaank you, (Captain)!
Hmm... I thought something was up. No wonder all the girls in the crew were restless today.
Um, did you also give the same chocolates to everyone else?
Oh, no, no, I didn't mean to say it was weird or anything. Thanks again, (Captain)!


What's this for? Oh yeah, because it's White Day.
Super big thanks, (Captain)!
Can I open it right now?
Ahaha. Aw c'mon, don't make that worried face.
Doesn't matter what I get from you anyway, since I'll always...
I didn't say nothing! Zippo!
Like, really, it was nothing. Don't worry yourself about it, okay, (Captain)?
Ooh... Seriously, just forget it...
Thanks a bunch for the present, (Captain)!


Wowie! A White Day present for me?
Thank you, (Captain)!
Huh? Of course I'm all smiles.
Hahaha! Because I'm happy! And that's what you do when you're happy.
I mean, yeah, the present's great and all...
But you actually took time to think about what I'd want, and if I'd like it, and—
Whoa, would you look at the time!
Anyway, thanks so much, (Captain)!


What? Is this for me? Oh, right—it's White Day today.
Thank you, (Captain). Hey, uh, can I open it? Please?
What? Oh! It's... the hair ribbon I wanted.
You remembered... Thank you so much, (Captain)! Ehehe. Oh, I'm so happy.
Stay here! I'll put it on and...
Hmm... Actually, never mind.
I mean, it's a present from you, (Captain).
I want to save it... for something special.
S-so... Umm... Will you come shopping with me? Just the two of us.
I'll tie my hair with the ribbon then.
O-okay, you promised! Don't you dare forget.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Take your pick, Captain!
Huh? What kind of trick? Heh heh... wouldn't you like to know!


Cap'n! Trick or treat! Gimme candy, or I'll trick ya!
Wait. Huh? You've got candy this year?
Hrmrmrmrm... What's going to become of my meticulously constructed tricks...
Huh? The candy's for me? In that case... huh?
H-hold on! Time out! This trick is going to require some emotional prepwork!


Trick or treat, (Captain)!
You know the drill. Give me candy and no one gets hurt!
Heh-heh... But you're all outta candy, aren't you?
Heh-heh-heh... I totally called it.
You're in for it now. Hope you prepared a will!
I'm gonna—Aaaah! I've never seen the captain run away that fast!


Trick or treat, (Captain)! I hope you've got some candy ready, or—
Huh? Empty-handed? For real?
Oho... So your curiosity about my repertoire of tricks got the better of you, ehhh?
I kinda figured you'd run like a cheap pair of stockings this year too but...
I see you're ready to face the music! Just hang on a second, okay?
Juuust in case things go wrong, I'm gonna grab Master first!


Hmm... Maybe the pumpkin idea's better. The whole bandages thing seems kinda flashy...
Oh, (Captain). Happy Halloween!
Oh yeah! Hey, can I ask you something?
What kinda costume do you think I'd look good in?

  • Choose: Vampire
    Ooh, a vampire, huh?
    (Captain)! If you don't hand me some treats, I might just give you a nip in the neck!
  • Choose: Werewolf
    A werewolf, huh? Werewolves are nice and fluffy, but they're still kinda scary, right?
    Grrr! If you don't give me some treats, I'm gonna eat you!

Just kidding!
Thanks, (Captain). Yay, now I know what you like!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

'Tis the season to be jolly!
(Captain), do you have any plans today? Because I was wondering if... you know...
You and I...
Aaah, this is too embarrassing!


Oh, hi, Captain! Um, I wanted to ask you if you were going to be busy tonight?
Ah, of course everyone'd be pulling you around here and there. You're Captain Popular!
It's not always easy being popular, I guess.
Well, okay, I'll just head back to my room, then. Don't get too crazy tonight!
Um, but if you're not too busy later, I'd like to spend some time together... you know, if you're free...


Hey, hey. It's the big day!
We gotta get together later and party it up!
Ah, but you're probably super busy, so...
Huh? You'll be free? You're not just humoring me, are you?
Hehehe, then let's shake on it.
What? You think we should invite everyone else too?
O-of course! That was, um, my plan all along!
Better find a place that can fit all of us then.
Guess we can't use my room or your room anymore since company's coming...
All right, I'll take care of all the planning!
See ya tonight, (Captain)!


Um, hey! Hey, (Captain)!
Guess what? My parents sent me a holiday card.
They wrote that I should bring you back home with me for the holidays...
Aaagh, geez! Parents, am I right? They'll say just about anything.
I mean it's pretty obvious you're gonna be really busy around this time and all, so...
Plus I think I'd be on eggshells the whole time just knowing you're there in my house.
But, hey, I don't know... Maybe it's just me?
So... Like, if you kinda maybe sorta wanna hang out at my house with me...
What am I thinking! Of course this is all too sudden! Yeah, yeah! Next time! Subsequently! Future!


I'm sorry, (Captain). You came all the way to my house, but everything wound up a total mess.
I didn't think my parents would make such a big deal...
A-and, well... Don't worry about what Mother said, okay?
What? Don't you remember? She was like, it's about time you came for a formal greeting... Or something like that.
Umm... Seems like my parents have gotten the wrong idea about us.
B-but, uh... I didn't want to say they were wrong or anything. Or, er, I mean, if we really became like that, I would be pretty happy...
Uh. Ignore what I just said.
Basically! I want you to just forget everything and enjoy the party, okay?
Oh, right. (Captain), I almost forgot to say this to you.
Happy holidays!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Twas the Night Before

Clarisse accepts an invitation to compete in a special holiday duel held by the Jewel Resort. As she practices her lines for the grand entrance, Sierokarte brings her a special costume for the event. That evening Clarisse reveals her anxiety to (Captain), who responds with some words of encouragement.

A special holiday duel is scheduled to be held at the Jewel Resort soon.
In a cavernous old building, Clarisse confronts Lyria in an officious manner.
Clarisse: Uh... Ahem.
Clarisse: Heheheh... Well, well, what do we have here? Skyfarers enjoying themselves? Without me?
Lyria: Um... Who are you? I, the... um... Love Guru, will allow no one to interrupt our duels!
Clarisse: Heh heh. Listen up, Love Guru. You better be able to back up those words...
Clarisse: ...
Clarisse: Vyrn, (Captain). Maybe we could rework the scene a bit to make it easier to understand?
Vyrn: Heh heh! Really? That was pretty good, if you ask me!
The revered casino-liner duelist Ladiva has invited the crew to participate in a special holiday duel event.
Scheduled to crash the opening ceremony in spectacular fashion, Clarisse is practicing her lines for the grand entrance.
Clarisse: Hmm... If I shorten my lines a bit and emphasize this a little more...
Clarisse: Okay! Lyria, do you mind running through the lines with me one more time?
Lyria: Of course! It's just that...
Lyria: I'm really getting hungry. Can we take a lunch break?
Clarisse: Oh, right! I'm sorry! I guess we have been going at it for a while now. It's probably time we took a break.
Sierokarte: Hello! How is everyone? How's the rehearsal going?
Clarisse: Siero! Wow, you came to check up on us? How thoughtful!
Sierokarte: Of course! But that's not all.
Sierokarte: I'm actually here to deliver something, courtesy of Ladiva.
Sierokarte opens her basket to reveal a mountain of sandwiches.
Lyria: Wow! They look so tasty!
Clarisse: That's just like Ladiva! I could stand to learn a thing or two from her.
Vyrn: She's so thoughtful!
Sierokarte: Oh, I almost forgot. I'm supposed to give you this as well, Clarisse.
Clarisse: Me? What could it be?
Sierokarte hands Clarisse a pure white fur costume.
Clarisse: Wow! That was fast! I didn't think this would be ready for a few days yet!
Sierokarte: Hee hee! Sounds like someone underestimated the Knickknack Shack.
Sierokarte: The luxurious quality is sublime—all eyes will be on you with this, even at the Jewel Resort!
Clarisse: Really? I suppose if you say so, Siero, then it must be so! I'm gonna go try this on right now!
Lyria: Munch, munch... Siero, what was that you gave to Clarisse?
Sierokarte: Just her costume—it's a special costume for her to wear at the holiday duel.
Vyrn: So that's why she was so excited.
Clarisse shows up in her new costume as the others continue chatting.
Clarisse: Voila! The cutielicious holiday Clarisse has arrived!
Clarisse: Well, this costume is certainly something else. It's very attractive... almost aggressively so.
Clarisse: Well, (Captain)? What do you think? Am I not more cutielicious than ever?
  1. The cutielicious-est.
  2. It's not bad.

Choose: The cutielicious-est.
Clarisse: Okay! Spoken like a truly stylin' captain!

Choose: It's not bad.
Clarisse: Hey, what're you trying to say now? You don't think it looks bad on me, do you, (Captain)?
Vyrn: I-I dunno about that... (Captain) looks pretty pleased with your get-up.
Clarisse: Are you sure? Are you really, absolutely sure?
Clarisse brings her face close to (Captain)'s and stares deeply into the captain's eyes.
Clarisse: Well, I can see that at least part of you likes it, so I'll let you off the hook this time.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Say, isn't the duel supposed to be outside though?
Vyrn: Don't you think you're going to be a bit cold in an outfit like that?
Clarisse: Hmm... I guess I'll just have to focus on something else to stay warm!
Sierokarte: Hee hee... Now that's someone you can count on!
(Captain) and company spend the rest of the day practicing for the opening ceremony, continuing to take occasional breaks.
It's the middle of the night, and everyone is sleeping. While out enjoying the evening breeze, (Captain) finds Clarisse on the deck.
Clarisse: Huh? Oh, (Captain), I had no idea you were still awake. It's not good for you to be up so late, you know.
Clarisse: Not that I have room to talk.
Clarisse: ...
Clarisse: Say, (Captain)... Do you think everything will go smoothly?
Clarisse: I couldn't bring myself to say this in front of the others...
Clarisse: I thought nothing of it when I accepted, but everyone else is really giving it their all, aren't they?
Clarisse: Ladiva, Sierokarte, and the people at the Jewel Resort, I mean.
Clarisse: (Captain), can I really do all those people proud?
  1. You'll be amazing.
  2. We're all rooting for you.

Choose: You'll be amazing.
Clarisse: You think so? Well, if you say so, (Captain)... I trust you.
Clarisse, who takes (Captain)'s words to heart, stretches out.

Choose: We're all rooting for you.
Clarisse: Hey, no fair! Now I have no choice but to give it my all!
Clarisse, who takes (Captain)'s words to heart, stretches out.
Continue 2
Clarisse: Mmm... I feel like it'll all work out in the end after talking with you, (Captain).
Clarisse: Okay! I'm gonna go out there and give it my all! For everyone... and of course for you, (Captain).
Clarisse: Well, I'm gonna try and get some sleep. As I said, staying up late isn't good for you.
Clarisse: Thanks for listening, (Captain). I really do feel a lot better.
Clarisse starts walking back to her cabin.
Her steps are light, buoyed by the anticipation and excitement of the coming fight.

For Cover

(Captain) and company are eager to join in on the holiday festivities happening in town, but work comes first—the crew heads up a snowy mountain to deal with a band of thieves.

(Captain) and company walk through a town decorated for the merriest day of the year.
The town is not yet covered in snow, which is unusual at this time of year, but everyone is restless with thoughts of the coming holiday.
Clarisse: Wow! Lyria, look over there! That shop is simply gorgeous!
Clarisse: Oh! And that tree over there... I wonder how they get the decorations up so high?
Clarisse: Sigh... And something smells really delicious too.
Lyria: Hee hee... You're really loving this, aren't you, Clarisse?
Clarisse: You've got that right! I've always loved holiday festivities.
Clarisse: I just wish we didn't have to leave so soon...
Vyrn: Nothing we can do about that... We've got a job we need to take care of by the end of the day.
Clarisse: Sigh... Yeah, I get that and all, but still.
The party has received a request to stop a certain band of thieves.
The thieves' hideout is past the town, on a snowy mountain rife with monsters.
Clarisse: Oh, I can hear it now! The town is calling to me... It's telling me to come have fun!
Clarisse: It speaks of cake and pudding... An entire feast for us!
Lyria: Gulp... Cake? A feast?
Vyrn: C'mon, we can do that stuff after we take care of the thieves. Right, (Captain)?
Clarisse: Hmm, well... I guess there's just one thing to do, then!
Clarisse: We'll just have to take out those thieves lickety-split!
Clarisse: Then we'll get right back to the town and celebrate the holiday together!
Lyria: Right! That delicious feast will be waiting for us!
Clarisse: Okay, let's get going then! Leave all those monsters and thieves to me!

For Cover: Scene 2

The crew has reached the thieves' hideout in the mountains. Clarisse and Lyria get into a snowball fight when they're interrupted by the sound of monsters. When they go to investigate, they find the thieves they're searching for under attack.

(Captain) and company trudge up to the snowy mountain beyond the town in search of the thieves' hideout.
They're met with a stark, snowy landscape—a far cry from the multicolored decorations of the town.
Clarisse: Get ready, Lyria! Here I come!
Lyria: W-wait a second! I still haven't made a good snowball ye—
Lyria: Wha!
Lyria: Ngh... S-so cold...
Clarisse: Never lower your eyes before the enemy, Lyria!
Vyrn: Hey, I'm glad you guys are enjoying your snowball fight and all, but...
Vyrn: Did you forget why we actually came here?
Clarisse: Don't worry, we remember!
Clarisse: But we've already made our way to the thieves' turf, right?
Vyrn: Well, we should be, but I sure don't see anything.
Clarisse: Yeah... The people in town don't seem to know the exact location either.
Clarisse: Which means the best plan of action is to have a snowball fight until something sho—
Clarisse: ...!
Lyria: Eek! H-how did you know?
Clarisse: Hee hee... It'll take a lot more than that to surprise me!
Thief 1: Aahh!
Clarisse: ...?
That voice...
Vyrn: It's coming from over there! Let's go check it out, (Captain)!
Monster: Groooar!
Thief 1: Eek! Stay away! D-don't come any closer!
Thief 2: Huff... huff... It's no use... We're done for...
Clarisse: Huh? Are they the ones?
(Captain) takes a glance at the description received, and back up at the men cowering in fear.
Vyrn: They're the ones, right? Why are they being attacked by monsters?
Lyria: For now, let's save them! I don't think they're doing this just for show!
Clarisse: Right... I'll make those monsters go kapow!

For Cover: Scene 3

The thieves explain that they had been stranded on the mountain after a night of heavy snowfall and lacked the strength to descend. Using her own outfit as an example, Clarisse teaches them that resisting the cold is merely a state of mind. With her encouragement, they muster the strength to descend the mountain.

(Captain) and the others save the band of thieves from the attacking monsters.
The crew begins to interrogate the thieves and their activities in the mountains.
Thief 1: Ugh... We never thought that things would end up like this.
Thief 2: Yeah, when we established our hideout on this mountain, it was still lush with greenery.
Thief 1: And people were always passing through. We had no end of targets.
Clarisse: I guess that explains why we were sent after you.
Thief 2: You think we didn't know that? We were ready to fight off do-gooders like you.
Thief 2: But one day, when we woke up and looked outside the hideout...
Thief 1: The whole world had changed. It was like we were on a totally different mountain.
Vyrn: So... Basically it snowed that much in just one night?
Lyria: And I'm guessing you couldn't find your way back after that.
Thief 1: Yeah, that's right. We panicked and tried to get off the mountain, but...
Thief 1: No matter how far we pressed on, there was nothin' but white as far as the eye could see.
Thief 1: And the endless snow just sapped away all of our heat and energy...
Thief 2: All we could do was huddle together and shiver in the snow...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: ...
Clarisse: Well, sorry to make you relive such bad memories, but...
Clarisse: Shouldn't you have just worn more clothing?
Thief 1: Are you crazy? This is our uniform? We can't just change it willy-nilly!
Thief 2: And you ain't one to talk, lady—how can you be so lively dressed like that? Aren't you cold?
Clarisse: Oh... You really want to know?
The thieves nod their heads in unison.
Clarisse: It's probably because I'm more dedicated to my outfit than you guys are.
Thief 1: More dedicated?
Clarisse: That's right. Fashion is all about dedication.
Clarisse: If you're really committed to it, you can tolerate any weather in any outfit.
Clarisse: I mean, clothes are chosen either by you or someone who cares about you, right? And that means you gotta believe in your fashion!
Thief 2: Belief, huh?
Clarisse: That's right. You gotta be uncompromisingly fashionable.
Thief 1: ...!
So it wasn't clothes or muscles we were missin'.
Thief 2: We just had to believe... Heh, I guess we did kinda forget about that for a while there.
Vyrn: (Uh... Are you sure that's what the issue was here?)
Clarisse: See, now you guys are getting it!
Thief 1: Whoa... I ain't cold anymore. In fact, my body's practically on fire!
Thief 2: Yeah! Not only that, but I'm feelin' stronger than ever.
Lyria: Hee hee... It looks like the sparkle in your eyes is back!
Clarisse: All right! Then let's get off this pile of rocks!
Clarisse: You guys aren't going to wimp out if we run into more monsters, right?
Thief 1: Right!
Thief 2: Not a chance!
Clarisse: Okay! Well then, let's get back to town already—holiday festivities await us!

For Cover: Scene 4

As (Captain) and company head down the mountain, a snowy avalanche comes crashing down toward them. However, Clarisse utilizes alchemy to turn it into harmless snowfall. Back in town, the townspeople marvel at the sudden snow flurry as they enjoy the holiday festivities.

(Captain) and company descend the mountain together with the newly invigorated thieves.
Things are going soundly until an ominous sound reaches their ears.
Vyrn: W-what was that noise?
Lyria: I feel like the ground's been shaking for a while now too...
Lyria: ...!
Over there! The snow on the mountain!
The party turns around to see a massive avalanche bearing down on them, threatening to engulf them all in mere moments.
Vyrn: Whoa, this doesn't look good! What do we do now?
Thief 1: D-damn... And we were so close to finally gettin' outta here too.
Thief 2: Tch... So this cursed mountain's gonna claim us after all?
Vyrn: Don't just stand there, (Captain)! Run!
Clarisse: ...
Lyria: Clarisse! We have to get out of here now!
Paying no mind to Lyria's words, Clarisse stares at the oncoming avalanche as if lost in thought.
Clarisse: Hmm...
Clarisse: That's it! Okay, everyone, give me some space!
Vyrn: Huh? What could you possibly be trying now?
Clarisse: I'm pulling out all the stops, so consider this your warning—here goes nothing!
Clarisse: Phew... That should do it.
Thief 1: Hey... What'd you just do? Where'd all that snow go?
Clarisse: Huh? Oh, I just used a little bit of my alchemy to blow it up. Way up!
Clarisse: It's not like I made the snow disappear though. See for yourself!
Clarisse points at the sky.
As if on cue, the snow begins to fall from the sky in a gentle flurry.
The crew returns to the town and hands the reinvigorated thieves over to the authorities.
The town is soon covered in a fresh coat of snow.
Townsperson 1: I thought it wasn't supposed to snow for a while...
Townsperson 2: Well, I'm not complaining. It's here just in time for the holiday.
Vyrn: Hey, so what exactly happened earlier?
Lyria: Clarisse, this snow was your doing, wasn't it?
Clarisse: Yep! I mean, the holidays just aren't the same without snow, am I right?
Clarisse: To put it simply, I used my alchemy to make the avalanche on the mountain go kapow.
Clarisse: So all the snow disintegrated into steam, and once it cooled down in the air, voila—snow!
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Clarisse: But enough science for today... Let's go party! C'mon, (Captain)!
Clarisse: Your only mission tonight is to have fun with me!
Clarisse grabs (Captain)'s hand and heads into the town.
As the snow turns the whole town white, (Captain) and company enjoy a day of holiday merriment to their hearts' content.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ガンガンいっちゃおー☆ Hooray, let's go!
聖夜もクラリスちゃん最カワ☆ いぇいっ☆ Aren't I cutielicious as ever in this outfit?
ちゅどーん☆ Ooh, that's gotta hurt!
さっさと終わらせてケーキ食べよーよ☆ Let's finish up here and go for some cake!
聖なる夜もドカーンだ☆ Kapow! That one's for the jolliest evening of the year!
サンタさん、飛んでないかなー? I wonder if Santa's flying out here tonight.
この衣装可愛いけど、ちょっとお腹にくるね… I love this outfit, but it makes my tummy chilly...
聖夜だもんね☆派手にいっちゃうよー☆ It's the holiday season! Let's celebrate!
(主人公)はこーいう衣装、好き? Do you like my outfit, (Captain)?
(主人公)も一緒にドカーンって☆ ほら☆ C'mon, (Captain), let's go blasting off together!

Other Appearances


SV Clarisse, Unpolished Mage.png SV Clarisse, Unpolished Mage E.png
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Fanfare: Remove all effects on an enemy follower except changes to its attack or defense.

I'm the adorable alchemical prodigy, Clarisse! Yay! Just leave those icky monsters to me! I'll gather 'em all together and then kapow! Make sure you don't get caught by the blast, okay? Hehe.


Dissolution is the solution! I'm the best when it comes to blowing stuff up—even better than Master Cags! Wanna see? Great! Everyone, get ready for the biggest kapow of your lives!

Class Runecraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Clarisse, Unpolished Mage
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Tales of Asteria

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