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Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Opening

Snowflakes dance in the air, signaling the approach of an eagerly-awaited holiday. An excited crowd gathers in an attempt to escape the bitter winter frost.
They're waiting for the ever-popular duel tournament hosted by the Jewel Resort Casino liner to begin.
Ladiva and Clarisse: Ladies and gentlemen!
Clarisse: The special duel you've all been waiting for, the one that's sure to spice up your holiday season, is finally here!
Ladiva: What epic battles will we witness this year? My body is filled with anticipation!
Clarisse: All right, you warriors! Show me what you got!
???: You're not going to regret those words, are you?
A murmur swells from the spectators as a nimble figure jumps onto the stage.
Clarisse repels the challenger with a fearless grin, keeping herself out of reach.
Clarisse: Heh heh! You've got spunk!
???: It doesn't matter who my opponent is! My claws will tear them up!
Clarisse: Oooh, that's some confidence you've got there. But I won't go down so easily, you know!
Ladiva: Just who is this plucky, new challenger?
Sen: My name is Sen... meow. I'm a super tough member of (Captain)'s crew.
Sen: And with my crewmates behind me, this duel tournament is ours for the winning!
Sen's bold declaration energizes the crowd.
Meanwhile (Captain) and company take in the spectacle from the wing.
Lyria: Hehe, they're loving it!
Arulumaya: Yes. All that special training Sen and the others did beforehand has really paid off.
Vyrn: We just helped out a bit, but those guys have been busy ever since.
Arulumaya: It might seem that way, but if they were able to have fun doing it, then that is its own reward.
Clarisse: Hey! Were you guys even paying attention?
Arulumaya: Oops, did the opening ceremony end while we were talking? Great job out there, everyone.
Ladiva: Hehe. Thanks, Arulu, but the main event starts now!
Clarisse: I'm keeping my eyes peeled, (Captain)! Show me what you can do.
Sen: I've been practicing everyday, but now that the real thing is finally here, I'm going to take it to the next level!
All parties—from the participants to the organizers—psych themselves up to put on the best event they can.
The opening ceremony goes off without a hitch, and the duel tournament is underway.

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Ending

The spectacle comes to an end without any hiccups, and the crew busy themselves with cleaning up.
As the teardown comes to an end, Sen stands off to the side, musing quietly to herself.
Sen: We made it through the tournament...
Sen: I'm really glad it's over, but I feel a little empty inside too somehow.
Clarisse: If I had to guess, it's because you and I and everyone else have reached our limits.
Arulumaya: Yes, everyone really gave it their all.
Arulumaya: But we probably won't have that much time to pause for reflection.
Sen: Um, what do you mean, Arulu?
Ladiva: Good work, everyone! I want to thank you all so much for your help with this!
Ladiva: The huge success of this year's tournament couldn't have happened without you.
Ladiva rolls in a cart as she speaks and with a flourish whips off the tablecloth covering the cart.
Vyrn: Whoa! That's a fancy spread fit for a king! Wait, are those apples?
Sen: Could this be tonight's holiday feast?
Ladiva: You got it, Sen. The casino liner's very own Christy wanted to treat everyone to an exquisite meal.
Clarisse: That's Christina for you. She's always one step ahead.
Ladiva: All right, fill up those bellies, honeys!
Lyria: Don't mind if we do!
The pensive mood from before is soon forgotten as (Captain) and company enjoy their dinner.
Arulumaya: Well, did you have fun, (Captain)? Hah... As if I even need to ask.
Arulumaya: The hustle and bustle of the tournament certainly made this holiday season come alive.
Arulumaya: But spending the holidays with the people close to you is also a good way to go.
Sen: Yes, I think so too. There's nothing better than enjoying a meal with good company!
Sen: The fun never stops on a night like this!
(Captain) nods in agreement with Sen.
Their festive banquet is the perfect way to bring the duel tournament to a satisfying conclusion.

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Believe in Yourself

Arulumaya: Sen? Why are you sitting by yourself? Something on your mind?
Sen: Yeah... The battles will start soon.
Sen: I was just wondering if maybe I've grown too comfortable with relying on the other crew members.
Arulumaya: Ah, I see. There's only one thing I can say about that.
Arulumaya: Effort is never wasted. You've worked hard to reach this point, haven't you? Set aside your fears and believe in yourself.
Sen: Believe in myself? I guess that never really crossed my mind... That's great advice, Arulumaya!
Arulumaya: Hehe. Confidence is strength. I'll be cheering you on all the way.
Sen: Thanks! I'll believe in my own strength!

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Believe in Yourself: Scene 2

Sen: Happy holidays, (Captain)!
Sen: I've got a present for you!
Sen: Lyria told me this is what everyone is supposed to do today.
Sen: And so here I am. Hehehe. I hope you like it.

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - You Ain't Got No Alibi!

Clarisse: Go, go, (Captain), go!
Fight, fight, with all your might!
Clarisse shouts enthusiastically from the sidelines while (Captain) heads off to battle.
Arulumaya: Watching Clarisse, I suddenly feel the urge to yell out too.
Good luck, (Captain)!
Clarisse: Oh no, no, no. That won't do, Arulu.
Arulumaya: Huh?
Clarisse: Come on, cheer like you mean it!
Clarisse: Go get 'em, (Captain)! Yeaaa-hoo!
Arulumaya: Uh, I think cheering like that is best left to cute kids like you...
Clarisse: Oh, don't say that! You're a cutie too, Arulu! That's why you've gotta scream your lungs out!
Arulumaya: Ugh, fine.
Clarisse: That's awful! I can't hear you at all!
Arulumaya: Raaah! You can do it, (Captain)! Wahooo!
Clarisse: That's it, you got it!
Gooo, (Captain)! We're gonna rock today!

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - You Ain't Got No Alibi!: Scene 2

Clarisse: Aha! Found you, (Captain)!
Clarisse: Hey, hey, have you ever seen this picture book before? I used to read it all the time as a kid.
Clarisse: It was the perfect thing to cheer me up!
Clarisse: Hehe, and now it's my gift to you, (Captain). I want you to be full of cheer all year round!
Clarisse: You have to take it, kaaapow!

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Afternoon Cat Nap

Sen: Mmm... This warm spot seems perfect for an afternoon nap.
Clarisse: Hey, Sen, whatcha doin'? Getting ready for a nap?
Sen: Hi, Clarisse. I found a really warm spot over here.
Clarisse: Ooh, nice find, Sen. That's just what a cat would do!
Clarisse: Speaking of which can you meow for me?
Sen: Huh? You think I act like a cat too, Clarisse? Sigh. Okay, I'll do it... meow.
Sen: Good enough, meow?
Clarisse: Nice, nice.
Say, you're right. It is warm over here.
Sen: Yep, it's super comfortable. Yawn... Sorry. I've been feeling drowsy ever since I found this spot...
Clarisse: Yawn... Oh, great, now you've spread it to me.
Sen: Then why don't we all take a break? Let's call up the rest of the crew and bask in the sun.
Clarisse: Sounds good. Today'll be a loafing day. I'm just gonna sprawl out over here...

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Love Luncheon

Ladiva: Let's get some food in you before the next fight starts!
Ladiva: They say you can't fight on an empty stomach, so I whipped up some home cooking.
Lyria: Ooh! I love your cooking! It's always so delicious!
Lyria: Thank you, Ladiva!
Ladiva: Hehe, you're sweeter than candy, Lyria! Okay, dig in. Don't make me feed you, (Captain)!
Sen: Chomp.
Mmmm! This rice ball is fantastic!
Sen: The rice is fluffy, and the smoky flavor of the fish blends perfectly with the saltiness!
Ladiva: Sen, honey, you've got some rice on your cheek.
Sen: Oops, I didn't even notice...
Ladiva: I knew it was worth making these! Eat up and nourish your strength.
Lyria: Yeah!
Sen: Okay! We'll need to go all out again today, (Captain)!

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Love Luncheon: Scene 2

Lyria: Oh, I've been looking all over for you, (Captain)! Please take this!
Lyria: Heehee, it's a present just for today's special occasion!
Lyria: Even if you accidently kick off your blanket while sleeping, your feet will never get cold as long as you wear these.
Lyria: It's going to keep getting colder. Please try not to get sick, (Captain).

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Meddling for Love's Sake

Ladiva: Aren't you cold wearing that, (Captain)? Here, you can have this scarf.
Ladiva: And have some tea while it's still hot. A body needs to be properly warmed up before heading out to fight!
Arulumaya: You sure love to indulge others. Hehe.
Ladiva: Oh dear, do you think I'm being too pampering?
Arulumaya: Not at all. Wouldn't you agree, (Captain)?
Ladiva: Well, if you say so, but if I'm ever in your way, don't be afraid to speak up.
Ladiva: Love isn't a one-way street. Pushing things on others isn't how it works!
Arulumaya: I know what you mean. My predictions can sometimes get in the way of someone's best efforts.
Arulumaya: So I'll refrain from giving you hints about the outcome of your fights, (Captain).
Arulumaya: But I hope from the bottom of my heart that your power and bravery are enough to fell even the mightiest of foes.
Arulumaya: And I'll do what I can to help you achieve that.
Arulumaya: Finished your tea? Then let's be off!

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Meddling for Love's Sake: Scene 2

Ladiva: I'd appreciate it if you'd accept this gift from me.
Ladiva: They're hand-baked cookies packed with my love! Now, I bet you're wondering why they're shaped like people.
Ladiva: They act as effigies for bad luck and other awfulness that might happen after New Year's.
Ladiva: So make sure to chomp their heads off when you eat them.
Ladiva: The day we've all been waiting for is finally here! Forget all your troubles and enjoy yourself! Mwah!

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Memories Past and Present

Vyrn: Has old man Santa been to this island yet?
Clarisse: Not yet. Santa won't come until the night of the island's winter holiday.
Clarisse: Ah, that brings back memories! Every year I'd always look forward to getting presents from Santa.
Clarisse: It must've been a few years back, I think, when I got this ribbon that was simply the cutest. I'd wear it all the time.
Clarisse: I washed it whenever it got dirty of course, and eventually the color faded away. I could never throw it away though.
Sen: You can wash away the dirt but not the shared memories.
Clarisse: Yeah... Yeah! Exactly!
Vyrn: Santa ain't just some old guy who brings presents. He helps create memories too!
Clarisse: Still, that's just something fun for the kiddies to look forward to.
Clarisse: But we adults have to make the fun.
Sen: Yeah! The audience is waiting for us to make the tournament interesting!

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Memories Past and Present: Scene 2

Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! You'll take this off my hands, won't you? Because it's a present from me to you!
Vyrn: Heh heh. I mean, you're always there for me, so it's only fair I do something for you every now and then.
Vyrn: I picked out the most delicious looking apples I could find at the market!
Vyrn: The lady at the fruit stand said that apples are a perfect ten when it comes to nutrition! Take a bite and feel the power of apples!

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Medical Advisory

Clarisse: All right! We're getting close to the end now!
Sen: Everyone looks so pumped up, but I'm not going to lose here!
Arulumaya: Heh. Clarisse, Sen, and (Captain) won't fall to the other participants.
Arulumaya: But let's keep one thing in mind.
Arulumaya: When you focus solely on the battle, you tend to lose sight of your well-being. It's the little things you should watch out for.
Sen: That's a good point. We should be mindful of our physical condition at all times.
Sen: Thanks for the advice, Arulu.
Clarisse: Um, Arulu? Was that advice, or a premonition?
Arulumaya: Hehe... I'll leave that up to you. If something does come up though, I'll let you know.
Arulumaya: It's going to get rough out there from here on out. The danger is real, so take care, (Captain).

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Medical Advisory: Scene 2

Arulumaya: (Captain), do you have a minute before you get ready for your next fight?
Arulumaya: Thank you.
Here. I want you to have this present.
Arulumaya: It's not just a tool for personal grooming. Whenever you're unsure of something, look into it, and it'll calm your heart.
Arulumaya: I hope my pocket mirror will be of great use to you.

Winter Duel Tournament: Snowfall Brawl - Going Out With a Kapow!

Ladiva: The last day of the tournament is finally here!
Sen: It's weird. It felt long, but also short at the same time.
Clarisse: That's 'cause we've been going full steam ahead! Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Arulumaya: True, but the day has just begun. We can't let up until the very end, can we?
Sen: Nope, absolutely not!
Ladiva: Well, it seems like we can give up on any thoughts of early retirement!
Clarisse: I'm gonna go out there with a kapow! Now it's Clarisse's time to shine!
Ladiva: And I have to spread my love to everyone in the audience!
Sen: Yes! Let's make today our crowning achievement!
Arulumaya: Well said, Sen. It'd be wonderful if things ended on a high note.
Arulumaya: Well, this is it, (Captain). This is the final fight!