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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3030155000 01.jpg Cucouroux
Age 18 years old
Height 159 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Gathering ores, drawing blueprints
Likes Her family (including big sis Silva!), Santa Claus, her mom's mushroom cooking
Dislikes Standing by as people suffer, centipedes

Source [1]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030155000 01.jpg Cucouroux
Age 18歳
Height 159cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 鉱石拾い、図面引き
Likes 家族(シルヴァ姉も!)、サンタクロースさん、お母ちゃんが作ってくれるキノコ料理
Dislikes 人が落ち込んでいるのを黙って見ていること、ゲジゲジ

Source [1]

Npc f 3040159000 01.jpg Cucouroux (SSR)
Age 18 years old
Height 159 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Gathering ores, drawing blueprints
Likes Her family (including big sis Silva!), Santa Claus, her mom's mushroom cooking
Dislikes Standing by as people suffer, centipedes
Source [2] [3]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040159000 01.jpg Cucouroux (SSR)
Age 18歳
Height 159cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 鉱石拾い、図面引き
Likes 家族(シルヴァ姉も!)、サンタクロースさん、お母ちゃんが作ってくれるキノコ料理
Dislikes 人が落ち込んでいるのを黙って見ていること、ゲジゲジ
Source [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Y'know... When you're a baby, you don't have a lot of choices over what happens in your life.
Camieux, for example, got separated from her parents right after birth.
Still, there's something pure and unfettered about a birthday.
So (Captain)... Always make sure you choose your own destiny. You. Not anyone else.
Sometimes that means doing things you don't like. Things you regret, too.
But if you're ever feeling down, ol' Cucouroux here will be there to cheer you up! Sorry, I'm not great at this kind of thing. But the point is, you've gotta have fun and live in the moment!


(Captain), happy birthday! You did well this year.
I mean it! It's hard to smile every single day.
Things get hard and sometimes even sad too. And sometimes things don't go your way.
The thing is, you don't let that get to you. I really admire that.
Just make sure not to hold anything in if things do get tough.
I'm always here to listen to anything you need to vent about.
I might only be able to offer an open ear, but...
I'll always be by your side. So make sure you live a life full of fun, okay?


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm so glad you made it another year. This might sound weird, but I'm kinda relieved.
'Cause living is hard, you know? There are so many little things to worry about.
You gotta eat, you gotta work, and you gotta take care of monsters... All the time...
But you always do all these little things. And even big things too. I really respect that about you!
(Captain), you might think that goes without saying, but all the things that go without saying are tough.
I just want you to remember that you don't have to do anything alone!
Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. So let me help you out when you need me to!
I want nothing more than to help you lighten your load. It'd really make me happy.
So let me help you make it to another year, okay! You just call my name, and I'll be there!
I pinky promise, (Captain)!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Dad and Mom told me to say hi for them.
Oh, Camieux said that was holding onto a present from Uncle Dan for you... She already gave it to you? Great!
Ahaha, Uncle Dan thinks every young person likes candy, so it's probably candy...
Hehe. I don't know how this came about, but you're practically like family now, (Captain).
Somehow, we were able to meet each other, travel together... and now we're here.
You know, there were a lot of things I struggled with and didn't understand before that I do now.
So... I hope I can help you understand the things that you're struggling with too.
Well, I probably can't do much but listen to you complain from time to time... But I really do want to help you in whatever way I can. You can count on me.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! Why are your ears beet red? Did you go out in the cold to watch the sunrise?
Wow, they're freezing! Let ol' Cucouroux here warm 'em up for you, okay?
It's bad luck to catch a cold on the first day of the new year, y'know!
Hm? You're cold all over? What to do... What to do...
How about this, then? Huuuug!


Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to another year with you, (Captain).
Huh? What's my resolution this year? Hmm...
I want to do my best as a crew member and have fun with everyone. Yeah!
I can hope and wish for fun, but first I need to make sure I'm the best that I can be.
(Captain), whenever I see you frown, I'll be there to turn it all the way upside down!


Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Are you cold? Your face is so red. Have you been on deck this whole time?
You can't go catching a cold just as the new year begins!
I'm making my mother's secret soup right now, so I'll give you some to warm up!
Why am I making soup? I was thinking of having Silva drink it when she gets back to warm up.
Silva thinks that beginning the year on the right foot is critical to having the rest of the year be just as fruitful, so she went out to practice.
It's pretty cold out which means she should come back before nightfall, but...
Knowing Silva, she might say that harsher environments produce better training results and not come back no matter how dark it gets...
She is a professional though... I want to believe she knows her limits and will come back at a reasonable hour...
It's Silva after all... For the most part she's always got everything together, but she does do silly things sometimes...
I've just gotta be here to support her no matter what she chooses to do!
And the same goes for you, captain! I'll always have your back, okay?


Happy New Year! You came at a good time! Sit down!
Hehe! These cushions are really soft, right? I specifically picked them out!
We've also got some hot tea, sweet snacks and a fluffy blanket.
I prepped the perfect kit for a bit of New Year's relaxation, so let's kick back and relax!
Why did I do all this? Well, that's because you're always busy and never take it easy.
You're going to keel over if you don't take a day off sometimes. Trust me, I've got plenty of experience with this since Silva's the same way.
That's why we're going to take the day off and relax to the max!
If there aren't enough cushions then how about using my lap? I'll clean your ears too while we're at it!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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(Captain), (Captain)! I got you some chocolates! Here you go. Eat up!
Well? How do you feel? Warm and fuzzy inside?
Whew... Thank goodness! If you told me you didn't want them, I don't know what I'd do!
Yup, I'm scared of things too, y'know. I try to look stoic for others, but it's tough.
Seeing your smile makes me feel like I can do anything, though! It's all the thanks I need!


(Captain)! Here's your Valentine's Day chocolate!
Phew... I'm so glad you accepted it.
Sometimes even I get nervous giving this to you. I'm just a beautiful flower still in bloom!
Hey! Stop laughing at me! I won't give you chocolate next year!
Just kidding! I love your smile, so there's no way I wouldn't give you chocolate.


All righty! It's that time of the year again! It's Valentine's Day!
Here ya go!
(Captain)! Here it is! The chocolate you've been waiting all your life for!
What I mean by "so" is... Um...
Are you happy?
Really! I'm so glad!
'Cause you know. Some people think this kind of gift-receiving is a pain in the booty! You've heard people complain before, right?
But... I'm happy you're not one of those people. Hahaha. I'm just so relieved!
I love you a lot, (Captain)! As long as you're happy, I'm happy too!


(Captain)! Hug attack!
Ahaha! You're not getting away, you know? Today's Valentine's after all!
I don't care how popular you are, I'm not letting go until you give me some chocolate!
Huh? Then you're definitely not giving me any?
Ahaha! Guess I'm going to keep hugging you forever!
Oh hey, your hair's looking pretty soft! Noogie time!
Hehehe, what are you being all stiff for? You can hug me back too!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? Is this... for me?
You shouldn't have! I told you your smile was enough, didn't I?
No, no, I'm happy to have them! Seriously!
Ahem. Sorry about that. I shouldn't have given you a hard time about it.
Thanks so much for the present! You've really made my day.
Honestly though, your feelings matter to me more than any present. Remember that, okay?


What? A White Day present for me!
Are you serious? But if I take it, you can't ask for it back, okay?
I'm just so happy. What should I say...
You're just so good at making me smile!
I wish I could do something to make you just as happy as you've made me. I'll do something good for you next year!


Is this for me?
Thanks, (Captain)! I'm so, so happy!
You went through all the trouble of picking chocolate just for me, right!
I just can't believe it! This is the best day ever!
I'm so happy that I'm gonna give you a big huuug!
Wait! Stop squirming! Huuug!


You really don't know why I'm running away? Isn't it obviously because you're trying to hug me!
Huh? But I squeezed the stuffing out of you on Valentine's Day? W-well, that was a different situation!
It's not nerve-racking if I'm the one initiating so that's fine!
But getting one from you, (Captain)... Well, that's a different story!
Wait! Aaah!
Wh-whoa! You're pretty warm! And my heart's definitely getting a rush!
No, don't let go! You're not allowed to! It's too late to take it back!
So hold me just a little longer, okay?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or treat! Heh heh, surprised? Trick: successful!
Hm, it's kind of unfair to scare you before you even get a chance to pick between the two, though.
Okay then!
Trick me if you can, (Captain)!
Eep! Haha, no fair! Tickles are off-limits! Eek! Ahahaha!


And done! I am done, right? (Captain), look! It's a pumpkin lantern!
Hehe! Sorry. I just remembered something funny.
When we were little, Cammy was always afraid of pumpkins with faces. She'd start crying.
But, whenever Mom made pumpkin pie, she'd eat it right up and smile.
She was just so cute... She's probably the cutest thing in the skies.
She's even cute on days that aren't Halloween!
Maybe I'll ask her to help me make a pumpkin pie later! I'll give you a piece when it's ready!


Hahahaha! Halloween is the best!
Who woulda thought that (Captain), Silva, and Cammy would work together to pull one over on me!
I completely let my guard down! They got me good, real good!
So exactly who thought of this plan by the way? Was it you, (Captain)?
It was? Hehe... I was a little surprised by how far they went.
I mean, I loved how far they went! Don't get me wrong! Thank you so much for helping them do that, (Captain)!
So how about next year you team up with me to pull a trick on them?
Just kidding!


(Captain)! Sorry, can you give me a hand with something?
Here, put this headband on for me. I want to see how it looks when it's being worn.
The horns on the headband are made to look like Draph horns.
I was thinking that if I'm going to put on a costume, I might as well make it match Camieux. That way it'd be more fun!
Okay, I'm just gonna put this over your head... There, it looks great! They look exactly like Draph horns. Thanks, (Captain)!
Now to add the accessory that Mom made... And the costume's complete!
Hm? What's that? You want to wear Draph horns on Halloween too?
You most certainly can! I made one for Silva and some extras too, so I'll give you one!
Now you, Silva, Camieux, and I all have matching horns!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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(Captain), (Captain), it's almost time! Santa Claus is on his way!
I love that big bearded guy almost as much as I love my dad!
Why? Well, I wrote a letter to Santa way back when.
What did I ask for? A kind older sister, and a cute younger one. And Santa delivered!
That's why I stopped asking the guy for presents. Gotta make the rest of my dreams come true on my own!


Hmm... Will it snow today? What do you think?
You know what'll happen if it snows, right? Santa Claus will have such a tough time delivering his presents.
I'm going to leave something by my bed. But it'll get cold...
What if I stay up all night making soup and then serve it to him when he comes?
Hm? Yeah! I always make something for him when he comes.
I have to show my appreciation! He's the reason I have a little and big sister!
I just gotta leave him something to say thanks. Hehe!


(Captain)! Sorry, I've gotta go out for a little. I'll be back before the eve though!
Camieux and I are mailing a gift to our parents.
Because Santa only gives presents to kids, right? So we thought we'd make sure they get a present too!
We really struggled to think of something to give them up until the last minute...
But now we're going to have Siero deliver this.
I hope it gets to them in time. Rats... We really waited till the last minute...
Okay! Gotta go!


I'm back from my trip, (Captain)! Phew, I can't believe I actually made it in time for the holy night feast with the crew!
Thanks for letting me, Camieux, and Silva spend our island's holy night with our family though!
Dad, Mom, Uncle Dan, and all the other gunsmiths working at the alloy foundry were super happy to see us!
I have some snacks that Mom and Dad gave us too, but I'll share those with everyone during the feast.
Oh! Before I forget! Me, Camieux, and Silva made some party crackers while we had the chance!
Let's crack them open at the start of the feast and get things started with a bang!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

A Gunsmith's Worries[edit]

Cucouroux unveils her new rapid-fire multi-barreled blunderbuss to others in the crew. She then reflects on how she got the idea, which started with asking Silva and Camieux for advice on what sort of gun to make.

Cucouroux is a crew member

Cucouroux continues to polish her skills by undergoing countless adventures together with the crew.

Cucouroux not in crew

On a remote island lived a girl by the name of Cucouroux who is to one day succeed the gunsmith workshop.
Fascinated with (Captain)'s desire to travel to the Island of the Astrals, Cucouroux joined the crew.
She continued to polish her skills by undergoing countless adventures together with her new friends.
Continue 1
One day (Captain) and company show up in the mountains behind the gunsmith workshop to catch a glimpse of Cucouroux's fancy new gun.
Cucouroux: Thanks for coming, guys!
Silva: Hehe, I could never turn down a request from my dear little sister.
Tweyen not in crew

Cucouroux: I appreciate you finding the time too, Tweyen!
Tweyen: The pleasure's all mine.
This woman who flashes a smile at Cucouroux is feared as the mightiest archer in the skies.
Although the type of weapon Tweyen wields is something different altogether, she and Silva regularly improve on their skills through friendly competition.
A somewhat crude, offhand remark from Silva had put some distance between the two for a time in the past.
But they were able to make amends when the distinguished sniper called for an engagement on the battlefield.
Shortly after, Tweyen became acquainted with Silva's two adopted little sisters.
Thus leading to this present gathering called on by Cucouroux.
Vyrn: So what sorta gun did you put together this time, Miss Gunsmith?
Tweyen: Um... Is that it? The one with the cloth over it?
Tweyen: It looks really big...
Cucouroux puts on a smirk as Tweyen and (Captain) continue to gaze at the cloth-covered object with intense curiosity.

Tweyen is a crew member

Vyrn: So what sorta gun did you put together this time, Miss Gunsmith?
Tweyen: Um... Is that it? The one with the cloth over it?
Tweyen: It looks really big...
Standing beside Silva, Tweyen expresses great interest in the object.
A small misunderstanding caused the two to part ways at one point, but a trial by fire brought them back together again.
Afterward Tweyen became acquainted with Cucouroux and Camieux through Silva.
And she too was invited to partake in the day's events for the revealing of a new gun.
Cucouroux puts on a smirk as Tweyen and (Captain) continue to gaze at the cloth-covered object with intense curiosity.
Continue 2
Cucouroux: Heheh... You're gonna love this!
She removes the cloth to reveal a large multi-barreled gun.
Tweyen: This is...
Lyria: Wow! So this is it?
Silva: A blunderbuss with multiple barrels... I suppose this can fire a large spread of bullets at once?
Camieux: That's right, Silva! You know... That's not the only amazing thing about this gun!
Camieux: Right, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Mm-hm! Cammy was a big help in making this gun design come true!
Cucouroux: A quick demo should show you exactly what I mean! Keep your eyes on the mark over there!
(Captain) and the others direct their attention at the target some distance away.
Cucouroux: Okay! Here I go, everyone!
Cucouroux: Firing away!
Cucouroux lets loose at the target from multiple angles, filling it with bullet holes.
Cucouroux: Heh! How about that!
Silva: ...
Vyrn: ...
Tweyen: Tha...
Tweyen: That's amazing, Cucouroux! I've never seen anything like this!
Silva: I'm impressed you went through so many bullets so fast... How exactly does the reloading mechanism work?
Vyrn: Whoa now... You've really come up with a killer piece, Miss Gunsmith!
Cucouroux: Hehehe... Aren't your minds blown? They're blown, right?
Lyria: Yes! Very, very blown!
Cucouroux: That's the spirit! There's your cue to shower me with praise... Juuust kidding!
Cucouroux: I couldn't have made this gun without everyone's help.
Cucouroux: And I just wanted to thank you all...
Cucouroux reflects on everything that's happened to make her special new gun a reality.
It all began with the sniper rifle she built for Silva.
A rifle custom-made for the eldest of the gunsmith sisters.
It was an absolute necessity for her duel with Tweyen of the Eternals.
A small misunderstanding caused Silva and Tweyen to part ways at one point.
Silva saw the error of her ways and wished for a duel with Tweyen as an opportunity to repair their relationship.
The gunsmith family put everything it had into crafting a magnum opus befitting of Silva.
The finished product was something that drew out Silva's every last ounce of power and brought her victory.
It also broke the emotional barrier that existed between her and Tweyen.
Cucouroux: (The sniper rifle I made for Silva is the absolute best I can do right now...)
Cucouroux: (With Dad and Cammy's help, I was able to go the extra mile and then some. We really hit the limit with that piece...)
Cucouroux: ...
Cucouroux: Hm... What sort of gun should I make next?
Cucouroux: As good as Silva's weapon is, it comes with its fair share of problems, from its weight to its overly sophisticated construction...
Cucouroux: But! It's not something I can do anything about right now! If I could, you can bet your rupies I'd already be on it!
Cucouroux racks her brain in front of a blackboard she uses for design blueprints.
Cucouroux: Ooh, what to do, what to do...
She cradles her head over a desk before standing to attention at the sound of footsteps.
Cucouroux: Ah, (Captain)... Oh no, I'm not feeling down at all... Well, maybe a little...
(Captain) approaches the flustered Cucouroux with open arms.
  1. I'm always here if you need to talk.

Choose: I'm always here if you need to talk.
Cucouroux: Thanks, (Captain).
Cucouroux: I... guess I'll take you up on that offer.
Cucouroux reveals that she's been hung up over what type of gun to make next.
After thinking it over, (Captain) comes forward with a question.
Cucouroux: Hm? You want to know what I'll use the gun for?
Cucouroux: To fight monsters, I suppose...
Cucouroux: As a member of the crew, I want to do everything I can to make sure we're all well-equipped for battle.
Cucouroux: Of course, I could always think of further refinements to Silva's rifle, but...
Cucouroux: I think at this point, any further modifications would be difficult from an engineering standpoint.
Cucouroux: So tinkering with her piece is pretty much out of the question.
Cucouroux: The fastest way to go about taking out monsters...
Cucouroux: Would probably be to strengthen my own weapon first...
Cucouroux: In which case a firearm that's a bit difficult to handle wouldn't be an issue.
Cucouroux: I'd be able to work out the kinks over time before fine-tuning it for others.
Cucouroux: The piece we made for Silva might very well be the best sniper rifle anyone's ever seen, but there's so many other types of guns...
Cucouroux: I'm sure there's some other way for me to craft another crown jewel of a gun!
Cucouroux: Yeah! I think I've made some headway—emotionally at least! Thanks, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: Phew, how did I not see something so obvious? I've got a lot to learn...
Cucouroux: Just goes to show how helpful it is to have someone listen sometimes.
Cucouroux: Just goes to show how helpful it is to have someone listen sometimes.
Cucouroux puts on an embarrassed smile as she stretches her body in the chair before getting up.
Cucouroux: All righty then!
Cucouroux: I'm gonna go have a little talk with Silva!
Cucouroux goes off to look for her sisters to see what they think of her idea.
Silva: Hm... A new gun, you say?
Cucouroux: Mm-hm! I mean, I go with the others on missions and have to bring out my guns sometimes, you know...
Cucouroux: I'm a gunsmith first, so I doubt I'd ever be a frontline fighter. But I can always help with a little supporting firepower.
Cucouroux: What do you think, Silva? What sort of support would you find helpful from me?
Silva: Hm... Let's make sure we're on the same page about how I fight first.
Camieux: You use your pinpoint accuracy to get the drop on our enemies!
Silva: Pinpoint accuracy? Haha, I wish... That aside though...
Silva: I prefer to put some distance between myself and the opposition. And I hit hard with every shot.
Cucouroux: Considering the time it takes you to ready a bullet, concentrating your firepower on small fry would be a waste.
Cucouroux: You always prioritize the commander or those that pack a wallop, I take it?
Silva: That's right. I try to go after the toughest targets first to maximize damage.
Silva: My weakness would be taking out large groups of enemies at once.
Silva: It's always been a problem for me since my style is focused on one-on-one fights.
Cucouroux: And as incredible as you are, Sis, you can't really afford to be battling while reloading anyway.
Camieux: Meaning that Silva's able to take on the big baddie if someone else fends off the little baddies!
Silva: That's right, Camieux. I couldn't ask for better support than that.
Cucouroux: So you just need those flunkies to be kept at bay... Since we have other crew members too, I wouldn't need to finish off the monsters myself...
Cucouroux: Rather than focusing on the raw power packed into each shot, I have to consider how to let loose with bullets en masse... Maybe rapid-fire...
Cucouroux: But how would that affect reloading time?
Camieux: Hey, hey! I just thought of a really neat idea, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Yeah? Bring it on!
Camieux: Will do!
Camieux: Um, do you remember all the work we put into changing Silva's bullets?
Camieux: At the time I thought of so many ways to make the bullets even better!
Cucouroux: Bullets, huh... I think you're on the right track!
Cucouroux: Minimizing the steps needed per reload would lead to an increase in the number of rounds fired per unit of time...
Cucouroux: And to do that, we'd have to fiddle with the ammunition feed and ignition!
Cucouroux: You said it, Cammy! Bullets are where it counts!
Cucouroux: That's our resident gunpowder mixer for ya! You've got a real knack for this stuff!
Camieux: Ehehe... You think I'd be able to help out with this, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Help out? Nuh-uh, more than that! You're everything to me, Cammy! I couldn't do any of this without you!
As Cucouroux draws her little sister in for a tight embrace and gives her a head pat...
Her peripheral vision catches sight of a figure.
Cucouroux: (Hm?)
Tweyen: ...
Cucouroux: (Was that Tweyen just now?)
Tweyen is a crew member

Cucouroux: (She must've been looking for Silva...)
Cucouroux: (And held back when she saw that me and Cammy were having a moment.)
Cucouroux: (Sigh... I should've realized it and called her over...)

Tweyen not in crew

Cucouroux: (Tweyen's on the Grandcypher right now! Paying a visit to (Captain) maybe?)
Cucouroux: (Or did she come to see Silva?)
Cucouroux: (Hm... She must've held back when she saw that me and Cammy were having a moment.)
Cucouroux: (Sigh... I should've realized it and called her over...)
Continue 3
Cucouroux: (She's Silva's best friend after all...)
Cucouroux: (I really ought to try to get on better terms with Tweyen.)
Silva: Cucouroux? You seem lost in thought. Have you come up with any ideas for new firearms?
Cucouroux: Huh? Ah... Ahaha... Still thinking on it.
Cucouroux: There's so many hurdles to get through, you know.
Cucouroux: But I'll tackle all of them and show you what I come up with!
Cucouroux: With you, Cammy, and (Captain) by my side, I've got nothing to fear!
Cucouroux: I'm sure everything'll work out just fine!
Cucouroux proudly thumps her chest and shines a beautiful smile.
With the help of those dear to her, she sets out on crafting a new gun and making a new friend.

I've Gotta Try This![edit]

Cucouroux accompanies (Captain) and others on an assignment with Tweyen, using the opportunity to get to know her better. Their mission is to chase off monsters that keep coming down into the fields from the mountains.

Cucouroux spoke with her sisters about the type of gun she should make next.
Although she narrows it down to something that can keep the enemy in check, the design work for such a piece proves extraordinarily trying.
Cucouroux: If I'm to stop enemies in their tracks, I'll need to rain down a curtain of fire.
Cucouroux: But how would I go about shooting so many bullets in rapid succession?
Cucouroux: Suppose I increase the number of muzzles. Reloading is still going to be an issue.
Cucouroux: Making the underlying mechanisms too sophisticated would make it break more easily.
Cucouroux: Sigh...
As Cucouroux continues to erase every design blueprint that she comes up with on the blackboard, (Captain) and company drop by.
Vyrn's Voice: Heya, Miss Gunsmith. Quick question.
Cucouroux: Yeah, sure! What's up?
(Captain) has taken up an assignment that requires more people and is making the rounds recruiting willing members.
Lyria: But weren't you doing something else, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Oh, I was just fumbling with potential designs. Can't really think of anything good though.
Vyrn: So you're gonna be busy, right? (Captain), how 'bout we go ask someone with more time to kill?
Cucouroux: No, no, I'm good to come along!
Lyria: You sure, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Absolutely! I'm at an impasse here.
Cucouroux: Doing something else might inspire me! So let me come along! Pleeaase!
Vyrn: I don't see why not if you wanna tag along that bad, Miss Gunsmith!
Cucouroux: That's more like it! Give me a sec! I'll be right with you in a jiffy!
Cucouroux gets her tools in order for the upcoming assignment.
Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen is already waiting on the deck to head out.
Tweyen: (Captain)! Have you decided on the members yet?
Vyrn: Ooh! Sounds like she's all revved up and ready to go!
Cucouroux: Hey, Tweyen's coming with? I already get the feeling this mission's gonna be smooth sailing!
Tweyen: Hehe, glad to have you along too, Cucouroux.
Cucouroux: Mm-hm!
Cucouroux: (This'll be my chance to buddy up with Tweyen!)
Cucouroux: (All righty! I'm all fired up to see this thing through!)
Having gathered the members to participate on this mission, (Captain) makes for the village where the client lives.

Tweyen not in crew

Having gathered the members to participate on this mission, (Captain) makes for the village where the client lives.
Tweyen: (Captain)! There you are.
Cucouroux: Huh? Tweyen?
Tweyen: Hello, Cucouroux. (Captain) asked me to help out on this mission.
Cucouroux: Glad to hear it! We're about a few hundred times more powerful with you around!
Tweyen: Haha. I'm looking forward to working with you.
Cucouroux: Likewise, Tweyen!
Cucouroux: (This'll be my chance to buddy up with Tweyen!)
Cucouroux: (All righty! I'm all fired up to see this thing through!)
Continue 1
Tweyen: Can we get a rundown of this assignment?
Lyria: Sure! The request came from the villagers living here.
Lyria: They're having trouble with the monsters ravaging their fields as of late.
Lyria: Those monsters once lived far off in the mountains though.
Cucouroux: I see... So the idea is to get them to return to their former home.
Tweyen: We need to hurt the monsters so bad that they'll never want to come down from the mountains again.
(Captain) nods and asks Tweyen to pinpoint the monsters' location from high above.
Tweyen: Okay. I'm on it!
Tweyen takes off into the air, making use of her impeccable eyesight to track down the rabid pack of monsters.
Tweyen: ...
Tweyen: Found them. They're heading to the village right this moment.
Vyrn: Whoa! You did that in a flash!
Cucouroux: C'mon, let's send those things packing!
Tweyen guides the crew toward the monsters.

I've Gotta Try This!: Scene 2[edit]

Seeing Tweyen's arcane bow in action sparks some ideas for Cucouroux. She returns to her room completely absorbed in designing blueprints for the new gun.

Tweyen: There!
Monster: Graaoooh!
(Captain) and the others coordinate their attacks with Tweyen to push the monsters back up the mountains.
Tweyen: Good work. Seeing how fast they scurried off, I think the village should be safe from now on.
Cucouroux: ...
Tweyen: You did great, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: ...
Tweyen: Cucouroux? Um... Is something the matter?
Cucouroux: Tweyen!
Tweyen: Y-yes?
Cucouroux: I need to know more about your arcane bow!
Cucouroux: Please! Tell me everything there is to know about it!
Tweyen is at first unsure how to respond to such a desperate Cucouroux.
Tweyen: My bow?
Cucouroux: I guess that's asking too much? It must be a well-guarded secret...
Tweyen: That's not the case at all really. What exactly would you like to know, Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Well, I noticed you can let loose so many arrows at once! But just how do you even do that?
Tweyen: Oh, that... I shape arrows with magic. By converging my energy like this.
Tweyen produces arcane arrows out of thin air.
Cucouroux: Convergence of energy... If I tried that, the little magical power I have within me would dissipate before anything could take shape.
Cucouroux: Wait... What if I had some sort of device that could temporarily store my magic to unleash all at once?
Tweyen: Cucouroux?
Cucouroux: Ah! Sorry, Tweyen! I tend to get lost in thought easily.
Tweyen: Oh, I don't mind. But I hope I was able to spark an idea or two.
Cucouroux: You most definitely did! I can't thank you enough, Tweyen!
Tweyen: Yeah? Glad to hear it. Go on. Ask me anything.
Cucouroux: Thanks! I was wondering...
Cucouroux fires off a barrage of questions to which Tweyen kindly responds.
Tweyen: That pretty much sums it up. Is there anything I should elaborate on?
Cucouroux: I think that about does it. Thank you so much, Tweyen!
Overcome with excitement, Cucouroux tightly grasps both of Tweyen's hands.
Tweyen: ...
Cucouroux: (Captain)! Do you think this should do it for the assignment? Is it okay if I go on back to the Grandcypher?
Vyrn: Yep! I think we're just about done here! You got something else to take care of?
Cucouroux: I'm just bursting with ideas right now! I wanna put 'em down in writing before I forget!
Cucouroux: So if you guys don't mind, I'll be heading on back first!
Vyrn: Aaand she's gone. With the monsters taken care of, she ought to be okay alone though.
Lyria: Hee-hee. I wonder what she has in mind.
Lyria: (Captain), why don't we head back too?
(Captain) and company trace Cucouroux's steps on their return to the Grandcypher.
Cucouroux: So this would look like this... And...
Cucouroux burns the midnight oil, concentrating on her design work throughout the night.
Silva: Camieux, (Captain). Has Cucouroux already had her lunch?
Camieux: Nuh-uh. She hasn't come to the mess hall yet.
Lyria: Camieux and I were just thinking of bringing her food.
Silva: I see... Cucouroux's razor sharp focus must be at work again...
Silva: She sometimes gets so caught up in her work that she forgets her limits. It worries me.
Tweyen: She's been cooped up in her room the whole time. I hope she managed to get some sleep.
Tweyen: If you're bringing food to her, can you make sure she's well-rested?
Camieux chimes in with a tone of hesitation.
Camieux: Um...
Silva: Yes, Camieux?
Camieux: I have a favor to ask...
Camieux: Can you please watch over Cucouroux from the sidelines for now?
Camieux: She's doing her best to come up with designs for a new gun.
Camieux: I know she needs rest... But I don't think she wants anyone to stop her right now.
Camieux: So that she's able to do everything she possibly can to find what she's looking for...
Camieux: I'm not sure how to put this, but... Sometimes you just need to push yourself to see how far you can go...
Camieux: And I think this could really be a turning point for Cucouroux.
Silva: A turning point, huh?
Camieux: I'm learning what it means to be a gunsmith every day, so I can imagine what she's going through.
Camieux: I know you're worried about her, and so am I, but...
Silva: ...
Vyrn: This is Miss Gunsmith we're talkin' about after all. I'm sure she'll come out of this just fine.
Vyrn: It's true we haven't been with her as long as Snipes.
Vyrn: But I can tell Cucouroux's the type to pull through when it counts!
Silva: Yeah, there's no mistaking that.
Silva: We should be careful that our concern doesn't impede her progress.
Silva: I see your point, Camieux. We'll watch Cucouroux from the sidelines.
Camieux: Roger that!
Camieux: Thank you, Silva!
Tweyen: I hope Cucouroux is able to come up with a good design...
Camieux: You have no idea how amazing Cucouroux can be when she gets like this!
Camieux: She'll do something so incredible it'll knock our socks off!
Silva: Hehe... I can picture that happening. I'm proud to have Cucouroux as our sister.
Camieux: Me too! She's the bestest sister in all the skies!
Silva responds with a tender smile.
The flickering of candlelight in Cucouroux's room continues on even in the middle of the night.
(Captain) drops by to pick up her dinner plate.
Cucouroux: Ah... Sorry, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: I forgot to bring my plate back to the kitchen!
Cucouroux: I was so caught up with my work...
Cucouroux: Silva was worried too? I see...
Cucouroux: That's exactly the sort of thing I'm out of touch with.
Cucouroux: Hm? You want to know why I'm working so hard?
Cucouroux: Well, for one thing, I have a blast designing these blueprints.
Cucouroux: Just knowing that my work makes life easier for others gives me motivation.
Cucouroux: Honestly I'm pretty hopeless alone.
Cucouroux: I tend to lose sight of everything around me, not to mention all my other flaws. And there's so much I'm not capable of.
Cucouroux: But the knowledge that Mom, Dad, Camieux, Silva, and you are all by my side...
Cucouroux: Instills me with such drive that I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.
Cucouroux: And all I'm really doing is putting that to good use.
  1. That's why we go cuckoo for Cucouroux!

Choose: That's why we go cuckoo for Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Thanks, (Captain). It's such a relief to know that you believe in me.
Cucouroux: You can bet I place my trust in you too, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: Your very presence fills me with such warmth and confidence.
Cucouroux: And not just in battle either. I want to repay you...
Cucouroux: Even now...
Cucouroux: All I can think about is how much I'd like you to depend on me as I depend on you, (Captain)!
Cucouroux: And that right there is why I care so much!
Cucouroux lets out a smile.
Her hand continues scribbling across the blackboard, filling in the details of a new gun design.

I've Gotta Try This!: Scene 3[edit]

Cucouroux explains the inner workings of her new firearm at the unveiling. This gun came about from the mutual love and respect she shares with the other crew members, and Cucouroux is most grateful for it.

Cucouroux: Gimme a w, an o, and another o! Whoo!
Camieux: I knew you could do it, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Thanks for looking out for me, Cammy!
Cucouroux: Anyway, can you do something for me?
Camieux: Hm? Is your tummy feeling hungry? I'll bring you some food!
Cucouroux: Well, my tummy could definitely use some grub right about now, but that's not it.
Camieux: Eh?
Cucouroux: Can you come back with me to the gun workshop to make a little something?
Camieux: Absolutely! Count me in! I'm ready whenever you are!
Cucouroux: Appreciate it, Cammy.
Cucouroux: All righty! Let's do this!
Cucouroux asks (Captain) to take them back to their home for a pit stop.
And that's why the crew is called out: for the unveiling of this new gun.
Cucouroux: I couldn't have made this gun without everyone's help.
Cucouroux: And I just wanted to thank you all...
Cucouroux: I put everyone's ideas into a firearm that would let me help you...
Cucouroux: The bullets and gunpowder are the crux of this invention! Tweyen's arcane bow provided major hints on how I should go about this.
Tweyen: My bow?
Cucouroux: Mm-hm! The idea of infusing my bullets with magic came from you!
Cucouroux: To put it simply, each bullet has a coating of my magic.
Cucouroux: The magic guides it automatically into the reloading mechanism, allowing me to load multiple shells in record time.
Cucouroux: And I haven't gotten that far yet, but with a bit of experimentation, I should be able to add magical effects to the bullets too!
Cucouroux: Just like how Tweyen can deal so many status effects with her bow!
Lyria: Wow... This is amazing!
Tweyen: You're really something to pick up so much from our little talk, Cucouroux!
Cucouroux: Ehehe. Thanks for not shooing me away when I suddenly bombarded you with all those questions, Tweyen.
Silva: You've come up with something really special here, Cucouroux. Father must be proud.
Cucouroux: Heh, I wonder about that... He says I've still got a lot to learn.
Cucouroux: This blunderbuss is loaded with problems. Magic being the focus means I have lots to study up on.
Cucouroux: This is in no way an easy piece to use. It's far different from the type that Dad might make for women and children to protect themselves.
Cucouroux: But with this, I'll always be able to lend a helping hand to Silva, Tweyen, and (Captain).
Cucouroux: And I couldn't have made it if I never joined the crew.
Cucouroux: You could also say this is the perfect firearm for me to keep trotting on as a skyfarer!
Silva: As one of the crew, huh...
Cucouroux: Uh-huh! Also we've got so many onboard who are savvy with magic.
Cucouroux: By talking to everyone and learning from them, I'm sure I can figure out how to modify my bullets to do even more cool stuff!
Cucouroux: There's still so much to improve on, but that also means the possibilities are endless!
Cucouroux: I'll no doubt continue to evolve with this gun. So you can count on me to back you up for sure!
Cucouroux: And in return, I'm counting on all of you to back me up!
Vyrn: Heheh! Looking forward to it, Miss Gunsmith!
Silva: Haha...
Silva: I'll definitely be counting on you, Sis.
Cucouroux: Yep! Leave it to 'ol Cucouroux!
To trust and to be trusted—that is what puts a warm smile on Cucouroux's face.
The crew continue their journey, placing their faith in each other every step of the way.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
こう見えて姉ちゃん、結構やるんだから! Big Sis here has got all the bases covered!
落ち着いて対処してこっ! Let's do this the right way!
ククル姉ちゃんがついてるからね! Cucouroux at your service!
銃のことなら何でもお任せ! Did someone say guns? I'm your girl!
見てて、お父ちゃん…アタシ頑張るから! Watch over me, Dad... I'm going all in!
クム坊は頼りになる火薬調合師なんだ! Cammy's our resident gunpowder mixer!
シルヴァ姉みたいに頼れる人になりたいなぁ My dream's to be like Silva—someone that people can look up to!
ソーンさん、強くて美人ですごいよね! Tweyen's got strength to match her beauty! She's just amazing!
(主人公)、無理はダメだからね! Better to play it safe, (Captain)!
(主人公)、アタシを頼ってよ? I'm always ready and willing if you need me, (Captain)!

Other Appearances[edit]


SV Cucouroux, Green Gunsmith.png SV Cucouroux, Green Gunsmith E.png
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Fanfare: Enhance (5) - Summon a Camieux, Gunpowder Gal. Whenever this follower attacks an enemy follower, deal 2 damage to the follower before it can deal any damage in return.

I'm sure we met for some reason or another. So just let ol' Cucouroux here give your firearm the overhaul it deserves!


Whenever this follower attacks an enemy follower, deal 2 damage to the follower before it can deal any damage in return.

Whenever you're sad, you can cry on ol' Cucouroux's shoulder! But, um, I think I know what you're thinking—my sisters, Silva and Camieux, would be much more comfortable to lean on. That makes me wanna cry too!

Class Portalcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Cucouroux, Green Gunsmith
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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