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Official Profile

Age 17 Height 167 cm Race Unknown (There's no designation for someone who's a child of a human and a dragon.)
Hobbies Playing on piano
Likes Anne, egg sandwiches from the school shop
Dislikes Crowds, big mirrors, strangers

Character Release


Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 17歳 Height 167cm Race 不明(人と竜の間に生まれた子を指す呼称が現状存在しないため)
Hobbies ピアノの演奏
Likes アン、購買のたまごサンド
Dislikes 人ごみ、大きな鏡、初対面の人

Character Release


Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]


Stamp119.png This section contains spoilers. Continue reading at your own discretion.

Grea is the daughter of a a human woman, Maudie, and a dragon, Rendravve, who formed together a forbidden relationship. Her parents lived in happiness until Grea was conceived, which took a toll on Maudie's body due to Grea's innate dragon powers. Grea's father returns to the land of dragons, Regnith, to ensure a better future for his loved ones and accepts punishment for violating the dragons' taboo in exchange. Following her mother's death, she was raised by her mother's sister, Heleford, who hide the truth about her parents until Grea was mature enough to face Heleford about it. To free Rendravve from eternal imprisonment, Grea ventures into the land of dragons with the help of Captain's crew and meets with her father who recognizes her almost instantly despite never seeing her with his own eyes before, as her aura is just like how her mother wished it to be - that of a star that dispels the darkness. Rendravve is freed and Grea gains better control and acceptance of the dragon powers inside her. The father and daughter promise to meet again.


  • Npc s 3040132000 01.jpg Anne: Grea's best friend at Mysteria Academy.

End of spoilers.



Special Cutscenes

Stamp118.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
View these tabs at your own discretion.

Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday. Anne and I were thinking about playing a song for you. Too bad there's no piano on the airship. Why don't you come to the academy's music room next time? You'll have VIP seats for the best concert in Mysteria. That's a promise, (Captain).


(Captain), happy birthday!
Hey, once you and everyone are done with your party, can you hang out for a bit?
Remember? Last year I made you a promise.
I said that I'd give you a special birthday performance, (Captain).
You know, I asked Mr. Bertrand, he said it was okay if I used the music hall.
So how about it?
Thanks! I'll meet you in the music room then.
(Captain), I'm going to put my heart and soul into this performance.
I hope you enjoy it.


(Captain), happy birthday.
I composed a new song for today. Would you mind listening to it later?
Mm-hm, it's a birthday present from me.
Thank you. Please come to the music room after the party.
Haha, it'll be a private showing just for you.
After all, I did make the song for you, (Captain)...


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I composed another song for you this year. Will you listen to it later?
Thank you. Both Anne and I play at the same time for the new song, so look forward to it.
Also, I have one other thing prepared for your birthday.
Um... You always look out for me and everything, so...
I hope you'll accept this from me.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I wrote a new song for you again this year. Would you like to hear it later?
Thank you. Hehe...
Sorry, don't mind me. I was just thinking... I've really grown, huh?
I mean, a few years ago I never would've imagined celebrating someone's birthday like this.
And now look at me. I have both you and Anne to thank for that.
I hope you understand.
Anyway, I'll be waiting for you when you're ready, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

I've never seen the first sunrise of the year to be honest.
I didn't want to go outside knowing how many other people would be out and about.
But I'm not afraid anymore after meeting you and the crew.
So... Um...
Could we all go watch the sunrise together?


(Captain)? Why are you up? It's so early in the morning...
Me? I got up early to see the first sunrise of the year.
Anne and I were supposed to see it together.
But she wouldn't get out of bed for anything...
That's why I came here by myself.
So, (Captain), wanna go see the New Year's sunrise? It'll be just like last year.
And I'd be... I'd be a little lonely without anyone else...


(Captain), happy New Year.
Would you like to have breakfast with me later?
I tried making osechi for the first time. I was hoping to hear what you think of it...
Anne? No, it doesn't matter what you put in her mouth—she finds everything delicious.
You'll join me? Great, let me go wake up Anne.
As soon as she wakes up, the three of us can have breakfast together.


Yawn... Oh, (Captain), happy New Year.
Hm? Am I feeling sick?
No, I'm not sick. I'm swaying back and forth like this because I'm... really sleepy...
I stayed up all night with Anne and the others to see the first sunrise of the year... That's why... Yawn...
I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yawn in the middle of talking... Yawn...
Ugh... Don't laugh...
A-anyway... I'm going to head back to my room now.
I wouldn't want to do anything else to embarrass myself in front of you...
Well, good night, (Captain).


Are you getting ready to have breakfast too, (Captain)?
Then why don't you come join us? That is, if you're okay with the osechi I made...
Do you remember the osechi I made two years ago? You seemed to like it.
Ever since then I've been trying to improve my recipes.
I was happy to hear Anne say my cooking was delicious too.
Anyway, thanks for saying you'll join us. Could you wait real quick while I go wake Anne?
Oh, and happy New Year, (Captain).

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Anne and I made some chocolates to put a smile on your face.
The taste might not be to your liking, but are you still happy with them?
Thanks. That makes me happy too.
You'll always have my gratitude, Captain.


Uh... (Captain), do you have a minute?
I made you chocolates again this year.
Here, do you want them?
Thanks, (Captain).
You know, this Valentine's Day I made them all by myself—no help from Anne.
I think I did a pretty good job...
Once you eat them, uh... let me know what you think.
Then I'll be able to make next year's even tastier.
Huh? Of course I'm giving you chocolates next year, (Captain).
Thanks for always being there for me.


I made chocolate for you this year too, (Captain).
It might not be as good as the ones Anne or the class president makes, but I tried my best.
I hope you like it.
Hm? This other bag? It's for Anne.
Anne seemed a bit jealous that I was making chocolate only for you, so I made sure to whip up a batch for her too.
Of course, every single piece is handmade.
Both you and Anne are so important to me...


Hm? (Captain)?
I didn't think I'd bump into you here.
What, me? I need to buy ingredients for my Valentine's chocolates.
Oh, right. Since you're already here, mind if I ask you something?
Um, what kind of chocolates do you like?

  • Choose: Dark chocolate.
    Oh. That's very adult of you.
    Dark chocolate, hm? I should ask the student council president for some recipes when I get back...
  • Choose: Anything with fruit in it.
    Hehe. Just like Anne.
    Won't be easy to make, but if it's what both Anne and (Captain) want, I should give it a shot...

Thanks, (Captain).
You'll be getting chocolates this year too.
I hope you're looking forward to them.


There you are, (Captain)... Oh, that's a lot of chocolate.
Is it all from everyone at Mysteria?
That makes sense. You're a bit of a celebrity at school, after all.
By the way... I also made you my own chocolates.
Your friendship means the world to me, and I owe you more than I can express in words...
So while you already have an abundance of sweets, I hope you don't mind adding another to the pile.
Thank you. One last thing—Anne should be looking for you too.
I'd appreciate it if you could also accept her chocolates.
We put in our best efforts to make them, just for you.

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, I wasn't expecting this.
How surprising. I can't help but smile.
This is the first time I've ever received sweets for White Day.
I look forward to many more days with you, (Captain).


(Captain), what's this?
Huh, a present for me? How come?
Oh, that's right. It's White Day, isn't it?
Thanks, (Captain).
Hee-hee... Oh, sorry.
I just... I'm happy that you remembered I gave you something for Valentine's Day, (Captain).
Hm? What are you talking about? Of course I'll like it.
No, no, don't worry!
I mean, you picked this out for me, (Captain).
That means I already love it.
Thank you so much, (Captain).


(Captain), thanks for the goodies as always. Can I go ahead and open this up?
Cookies and a teddy bear?
Oh, no, no... It's not that I'm taken aback.
I guess I just... really like teddy bears.
Thank you so much, (Captain). I'll take good care of it.


Anne... Where'd you go?
Oh, (Captain)! Have you seen Anne?
Choose: I haven't.
Oh, okay...
Hm? You want to know what happened?
Well... um, I got chocolates from Anne for Valentine's.
And to thank her, I gave her some marshmallows earlier.
But as soon as I handed them over, Anne shouted "You hate me?" and ran away...
There's no way I'd ever hate her... I don't know how the thought even crossed her mind...
What? If you give marshmallows as a thank you gift, it means "I hate you"?
W-wait, really? I'd never even heard of that...
I need tell her this is all just a big mistake! Thanks for letting me know, (Captain)!


You never miss a year, do you? Thanks, (Captain).
Is it all right if I open it now?
Macarons... They're usually given to people you consider dear friends and treasured partners.
Oh, do you remember how I gave Anne marshmallows last year?
After that didn't go well, I made sure to study the meaning of the sweets one gives, including macarons.
It's not too forward of me to assume you consider me a good friend, is it?
I'm happy to hear it. You're important to me too.
What did I give Anne this year?
Caramel candies. They're given to people you always feel safe with...
I should be spared from last year's treatment... Probably.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh, (Captain). Have some treats.
It seems like we're going to be handing out candy to kids tonight. I practiced making scary faces with Anne.
We want to make this a day of fun, right?


Hm... What should I do?
Oh, (Captain), good timing!
Anne said that I should wear a Halloween costume with her.
But I've never dressed up before.
If I wear anything too scary, I'll probably make little kids cry.
And it's not like I'd look good in a girly costume.
(Captain), what sort of costume do you think would be a good fit?

  • Choose: Something girly.
    N-no, girly stuff doesn't look good on me!
    That's... more of an Anne thing. I mean, I don't exactly have a bubbly personality...
  • Choose: Something scary.
    But I've never worn a costume before.
    And I don't exactly have a bubbly personality to begin with...

Huh? You want me to try wearing one anyway?
Oh, okay. If you insist, (Captain). I'll see what it's like.
So... let me hear what you think later on.


Ah, (Captain). Trick or treat, you say?
You say it just like Anne...
Okay, this candy's for you.
I've gotten used to Anne asking me for treats every year.
That's why I've taken up the habit of always carrying candy around on this day.
Haha. Too bad you didn't get to play a trick on me, (Captain).


(Captain), t-trick or treat.
Well, you know... You said trick or treat to me last year, didn't you?
I just thought I'd say it back to you this year...
What will you pick, (Captain)? A treat? Or a trick?
Personally, I'm hoping you have a treat for me.
I'm not really sure what to do for a trick, and I don't have one ready...
So which will it be, (Captain)?


Is that you, (Captain)? It's not often I see you around here.
Me? I'm just assisting the student council with some things.
Today is Halloween, so we're giving out candy to the local children.
"Trick or treat?"
You're not a kid, you know...
Anyway, I told you last year, remember? Anne always does the same thing, so I always make sure to carry some extra on me.
Oh no... I must've given it all to the children earlier.
Um... (Captain)?
Choose: No treat? A trick it is, then!
You're just playing, right? You wouldn't...
U-um... P-please, not the tail! A-anything but my tail...

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hey, (Captain)... There's something I want to ask you.
I've only ever gotten to celebrate the winter holiday with Anne.
So I was wondering if this time I could exchange presents with everyone.
Would that be okay?
Hee-hee, thanks. I'd better start shopping for gifts everyone would like.
Will you go with me, (Captain)?


Hey, (Captain). Do you have a sec?
All the kids at Mysteria were talking about throwing a holiday party...
Yeah, so... you should come too if you can, (Captain).
Huh? No, nobody will mind at all!
Anne, Owen, and the class president all want to see you, (Captain).
And I'd be really happy if you came too.
So what do you say?
Really? That's great to hear.
Thanks. Everyone else and I will be looking forward it.


Oh, (Captain). Good timing.
Can I ask you to accompany me for a bit?
I'm thinking of getting presents for Anne and Owen.
But I'm not sure what they'd like best...
I was hoping you could help me pick them out.
You'll come along? Great, let's have a good look around.
Teehee, it'll be so much fun shopping with you, (Captain)...


What's something I can cook that would make everyone happy...
Oh, (Captain). Perfect timing.
About the holy night... I'm going to be making the dishes for the party this year.
I've been thinking about what to make, but I can't seem to come up with any good ideas...
Anne already said she'll bake the cake, so... Do you have any suggestions, (Captain)?

  • Choose: Roast beef
    Roast beef, huh? Yeah, that could be a nice and sophisticated dish.
  • Choose: Roast chicken
    That's true. Roast chicken is perfect for gatherings...
    But it's actually pretty challenging to make.

Thanks for the idea, (Captain). That really helped.
I'll do my best to prepare something delicious for everyone.
I hope you'll have some at the party too.


Oh, good evening, (Captain). What are you doing at this hour?
Me? I suddenly felt like playing the piano, so I'm on my way to the music room.
Actually, if you're not busy, would you like to come hear me play?
It kind of gets lonely playing by myself.
Besides, I like performing for people who enjoy my music.
You will? Thank you. Then let's go to the music room.
So what song would you like to hear, (Captain)?
Tis the season for giving after all.
But instead of a book or toy, I'll play for you whatever your ears desire.

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Can I Call You My Friend?

To protect those dear to her, Grea begins training to control her dragon powers but is persuaded by the crew to take a break before she burns out. Before they leave to go into town, she asks the crew members to be her friends, to which they reply that they already have been since the beginning.

Grea (Event) not in crew

One day (Captain) and the crew visit a place called Mysteria Academy of Magic at Io's request.
Once there they meet a young girl named Grea who is half dragon and half human.
It wasn't long before the students' shadow magic caused aberrations to overrun the academy.
Luckily the incident was resolved by the crew, Grea, and her friend Anne.
And so Grea begins practicing to gain full control over her powers.
A few weeks have passed since then, and now the crew is back at the academy again.

Continue 1
Grea (Event) is a crew member

A few weeks have passed since the incident stirred up by the students of Mysteria Academy was successfully resolved.
(Captain) and company have come back again for a visit.
Continue 2
Vyrn: Whoa! This place looks almost as good as new!
Anne: That's because everyone's been pulling their weight around here! The reconstruction stuff is moving pretty quickly thanks to them.
Grea: It's still not exactly how it used to be though.
Grea: A lot of places are still falling apart. Like the classrooms...
Anne: Hehehe. I know I'm gonna sound weird by saying that's a good thing, but hear me out.
Anne: Isn't it nice to have class every day under the blue sky? Nothing like natural fresh air to keep you awake!
Io: Wow, sounds refreshing! Now that's what I call real-world education.
Anne: Jokes aside, some of the kids have been able to come up with new magic thanks to the no-ceiling classrooms.
Grea: If you're interested, why don't you come sit in on one of our lessons?
Vyrn: Now you're talking! If I can ace the class, maybe I'll finally get my claws on the secrets to casting lightning bolts...
Anne: Yep, yep. Pack that brain of yours with notes, and I'm sure you can do it.
Grea: ...
  1. What's wrong?
  2. What do you think, Grea?

Choose: What's wrong?
Grea: Uh...
Vyrn: You're not your usual self. Are you feeling sick?

Choose: What do you think, Grea?
Grea: Oh, um, yeah. You can do it.
Vyrn: Really? Well, if both of you believe in me, then I'm gonna sit in the front row...
Vyrn: Uh, you feelin' all right? You don't look so hot.
Continue 3
Grea: Huh? No, I'm fine. Springy. I was just... thinking about something...
Lyria: About what?
Grea: About, like... How should I put this... There's something I've been meaning to talk to everyone about.
Grea: I want to be able to master my dragon powers.
Grea: So that even when I'm going all out, I won't end up losing control again...
Vyrn: That crazy buff dragon power of yours...
Io: What's the hurry? Do you really need it right now?
Grea: Who knows when something like before will happen again. I just don't want to have any more regrets when that time comes...
Anne: Well, I guess there could be some pretty awful villains out there who'd use this time to crush us.
Grea: And that'd be worse than last time.
Grea: That got me thinking again about what I'd have to do to keep everyone free from harm.
Anne: Hahaha... You sure are a stickler for promises, Grea.
Grea: Huh?
Lyria: You said you'd talk things over if anything was on your mind. You're really holding up your end of the promise you made.
Grea: Y-yeah... I could never break a promise I've made with people I care about.
Anne: Ahaha, you're such a good girl, Grea. The sweetest sweetie.
Grea: Hehe...
Vyrn: I don't know what Grea's talkin' about, but we'll lend a hand if she needs it!
Anne: I'm in, 100%! Nothing's gonna keep me away from you.
Io: I probably won't be able to do much, but I definitely got your back, Grea!
Lyria: Ooh, don't forget about me! Um... Um... I'll cheer for you!
  1. Just ask for whatever.
  2. I'll be your punching bag.

Choose: Just ask for whatever.
Vyrn: Uh-huh! If you need something done, we'll get it done!
Lyria: Yep! Let's do it, Grea!
Grea: Thanks, you guys.

Choose: I'll be your punching bag.
Grea: Haha, I don't know about that...
Vyrn: Heh. You'll be sorry if you underestimate (Captain)'s ability to take beatings like a champ.
Io: Why are you falling for it, you dopey lizard...
Grea: That was a joke, right? Hahaha... You're a funny one, (Captain).
Grea: Thanks, you guys.
Continue 4
And so Grea begins practicing to gain full control over her powers.
But that's easier said than done.
Grea: Huff... Huff... Doesn't look like it's going to happen.
Grea: It always feels like I'm about to black out just before I unleash the dragon's power.
Vyrn: I guess doing it the normal way would be too easy.
Anne: Yeah... Hmm...
Anne: Okay! Pack it up! Let's go play!
Grea: Wha?
Io: Good idea! Let's all go play!
Grea: Why?
Vyrn: That's using the old noggin, Anne. It's good to take a break when you're up against a wall.
Anne: What Vyrn said. When things are at stake, take a break!
Anne: Besides, I want to go into town with you!
Lyria: Can I come too? Sounds like fun!
Grea: Um, okay then. I suppose we can go play...
Anne: That settles it then! Off we go—
Grea: Oh, um...
Io: What is it, Grea?
Grea: Um, there's something I want to ask you guys.
Grea: So... You know...
Grea: Will you guys be my friends?
Lyria, Vyrn, and Io: Um...
Grea: Ah... I guess not...
Lyria: W-wait a minute! No one said that!
Grea: Hm?
Io: It just caught us by surprise that you'd even have to ask.
Vyrn: We were friends a long time ago. It's not like we gotta be all formal about it, right?
Lyria: Uh-huh! From now on let's get to know each other even better, Grea!
Grea: Okay! Know each other even better... I can't wait!
A hint of blush spreads on Grea's cheeks as she flashes a sheepish smile.
With a nod of their heads, the party set off for the town.

Stand By Me

The party enjoy the sights of the town, when they're interrupted by reports of approaching monsters. The crew goes to investigate, allowing Anne and Grea to continue perusing shops and have a fun afternoon.

Grea and the others decide to take a break from her training to go into a town within Mysteria.
The storefronts and buildings that were once destroyed by invaders have been repaired by the townspeople.
Things are starting to feel lively again. As the crew enjoys looking this way and that, Grea anxiously hides behind Anne.
Lyria: Are you okay, Grea?
Grea: Mm... Just a little nervous... with all the people staring at me...
Vyrn: Huh, looks like we are drawing some unwanted attention...
Grea: It's all because of me. I'm probably spooking them...
(Captain)'s ears strain to catch what's being said by the people around them.
Worker 1: That one student at the academy is, uh, on another level if you know what I'm sayin'. Aw man, to be young again...
Worker 2: A sight for sore eyes if you ask me! I can feel all my fatigue just floating away...
Workers 1 and 2: Ouchy!
Worker 3: Keep that stupid talk to yourselves and quit causing trouble for her! Get back to work!
Vyrn: Hahaha! That ain't what I'd called spooked.
Anne: Hehe. You can come out now, Grea.
Io: Come out, come out! If anyone's afraid of you, I'll set 'em straight!
Grea: Th-thanks...
Grea is put at ease, and the party continues to walk around town.
They stop in front of a local boutique.
Io: Oh! That'd look cute on you, Grea!
Anne: Wanna try it on? I think it suits you too.
Grea: Really? Well, okay, if you all think so...
Grea: But I think these clothes would also look good on all of you too.
Lyria: Let's all go in and try them on then! Vyrn and (Captain) have to join us!
Vyrn: Wha? Why do we gotta do this?
Anne: Because we said so! Now in you go!
Grea: Hehehe...
After leaving the boutique, the party continue their outing, visiting the various shops and parlors in town.
Hunger pangs make their presence known, and the party finds a cafe.
Vyrn: Phew... That was rough...
Grea: You didn't like trying on clothes? I'm sorry to hear that...
Vyrn: Nah, there's nothing for you to be sorry about!
Io: Yeah, Grea. You don't have to apologize to that lizard for anything.
Vyrn: No, but you do!
Vyrn: Apologize to me right now!
Grea: Hee-hee...
Smiles abound as the cheerful party sweep though the streets, when they suddenly overhear a conversation between some townspeople.
Worker 4: Didja hear? It just doesn't stop...
Worker 5: Yeah. Swarm o' monsters are closing in on us. Of course they'd pick the perfect time when we're in the middle of all this reconstruction.
Worker 4: Misery loves company. The guards are keeping watch right now, so we should be fine, but...
Vyrn: Hmm... That doesn't sound good.
Io: Should we pop out real quick for a peek?
Grea: I'll go if you go.
Io: We can handle this on our own. We're just gonna check things out.
Lyria: You two enjoy the rest of your time in the town. We'll be back before you know it!
Anne: All right, if you insist. Come on, Grea. Let's leave it to the pros.
Grea: Okay. Be careful out there.
Vyrn: Roger that! Let's go, (Captain)!
(Captain) nods and leads the others away.
Grea and Anne are left behind by the crew to continue enjoying the rest of their afternoon in town.

Stand By Me: Scene 2

Grea confesses that she's pushing herself to gain control of her powers because she fears losing those who are close to her. Anne, for the same reason, makes Grea promise to also protect herself as she would protect others. Their earnest moment is interrupted by monsters.

After making their rounds around town, Anne and Grea find a bench in the town square.
Anne: Did you have fun?
Grea: Yeah, I had a lot of fun. It was great getting to hang out with everyone.
Grea: But I still haven't achieved my goal of keeping my power under control. Is it really okay to be doing this right now?
Anne: Breaks are important too. Doesn't all that concentrating make you exhausted?
Grea: But I have to hurry up and figure this out.
Grea: Today's memories, everyone in the crew, you... I don't know if I can protect it all...
Grea: The thought of failing frightens me...
Grea looks down in sadness, trembling ever so slightly. Anne gently brushes Grea's hair.
Anne: You really are kind, you know that? You're always thinking about others first.
Anne: Can't say I blame you, since I'm in the same boat. I'm terrified of seeing anything happen to my precious Grea.
Grea: ...!
Anne: Make another promise with me. Just this once.
Anne: When push comes to shove, I want you to take care of yourself as you would do for anyone else. Everyone in (Captain)'s crew and I would be sad if you got hurt.
Grea: Yeah...
Anne: So you don't have to rush things, okay? We know you're already working super hard!
Anne: All that hard work would be pointless if you're knocked out from exhaustion.
Grea: Thanks... Anne...
The two girls look at each other and smile.
Panicked Yell: Run, everybody! Ruuun!
Grea: Do you think it's...
Anne: The monster swarm!
Screams fill the town as monsters from seemingly everywhere spill into the streets.
Anne: Grea!
Grea: Mm-hm. Let's fight back, Anne!

Stand By Me: Scene 3

Anne and Grea defeat the monsters, but more are on the way. Anne is injured protecting a townsperson, and Grea once again draws out her dragon powers; bolstered by her will and promises, she retains enough control to fight the monsters effectively.

Just as Grea and Anne take care of the last monster, (Captain) and company come rushing into the square.
Io: Grea! Anne! Are you two okay?
Anne: We're fine. How's the town holding up?
Io: A ton of monsters rushed us after we left you two.
Vyrn: We teamed up with the guards to try to keep them out of the town.
Vyrn: But it was like fighting a river. We couldn't handle that many of them.
Lyria: It looks like they surrounded the town before attacking.
Grea: So you're saying this isn't the only place in town with monsters? They're everywhere?
Io: Looks like it... We should split up and defend as much of the town as we can.
Anne: Sounds like a plan. We'll take this spot!
Vyrn: Gotcha! Don't bite off more than you can chew!
The other crew members split off to defend other areas of town, leaving the square to Anne and Grea.
Anne: Well then...
Monster: Groaaar!
Anne: Spirits! Shine your vanquishing light on the wicked!
Monster: Gurgh...
Monster: Grooar!
Grea: I guess they're not done yet. But neither are we!
Anne: You're no match for us! We won't let you mess up our town anymore!
Person in Danger: Aaagh!
Anne: A straggler? Hey, watch out!
Monster: Grooar!
Anne: Ungh—
Anne darts in front of the person who'd gotten lost in the chaos and takes a direct hit from a monster.
Grea: Anne!
Anne: Ugh!
Monster: ...
Anne: Run! Hurry!
Person in Danger: I'm so sorry! Thank you for saving me!
Grea runs over to Anne who has fallen to the ground after shielding the townsperson.
Grea: Anne! Are you okay?
Anne: I'm f-fine... It's just a scratch.
Anne: There's no time to worry about me. The monsters are regrouping.
Grea: ...
Anne: Grea?
Grea looks at the carnage around her, the fleeing people, and her wounded friend.
Grea: I have to protect everything... I have to use my power!
Anne: You can't! Grea, don't!
Anne is in a panic, but Grea looks down at her with a reassuring smile.
Grea: Don't worry, Anne. I won't lose myself this time.
Grea: I'll protect it all. The precious memories, Anne... Everything including myself!
Grea: I won't let you take them from me! Just you wait and see!
Grea: Haaah!
Monster: Grooar?
Grea unleashes a roar and in an instant annihilates the monsters circling the two girls with her overwhelming strength.
Anne: You did it... You figured out how to control your power!
Grea: I'll make everything right again with my own two hands!
With those words of determination, Grea heads into battle.

Stand By Me: Scene 4

Grea has learned how to partially control her dragon powers with the help of Anne and the crew. They can feel a renewed sense of faith coming from the young girl.

Grea makes a clean sweep of the monsters now that she is able to control her dragon powers.
She confirms that no more monsters remain in town before returning to Anne.
Grea: Anne! Are you sure your injuries aren't serious? How are you feeling?
Anne: Hehehe... I didn't know you cared. I'm fine. I told you it's just a scratch.
Grea: Oh, good... That's a relief.
Grea heaves a sigh. Now that the town is secure, the crew hurriedly returns back to the square.
Vyrn: I saw what you did back there, missy! You took out those monsters like nobody's business!
Io: Looks like you got a handle on your powers! Congrats!
Anne: Yep, yep! You're awesome, Grea! Now you can put a checkmark next to your goal!
Grea: Mm-hm. It's still not perfect though. I think what I did just now was more of a happy coincidence.
Grea: Like, if I tried it again right now, I think I'd end up losing it...
(Captain) notes how calm Grea is as she's making her observation.
Grea: Hee-hee... But that's okay. It's just like Anne said: Hard work is pointless if you're knocked out.
Grea: I'll take my time learning with everyone by my side.
Anne: Haha, good. I'll always be there to help you when you need me.
Lyria: We'll help you too!
Grea: Thanks, you guys.
Grea: I've come to realize so much with everyone's help. Thank you all so much for that.
Grea: I'd love to play with you all again if you have the time.
Lyria: Of course! We'll definitely make time, Grea!
Grea: Hee-hee... I'm looking forward to it.
Grea's smile glows like the sun.
Her doubts are no longer clouded; (Captain) and company can feel a warm sense of trust coming from the young girl in front of them.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
やあっ!! Yaaah!
オーウェンのことは…まだちょっとわからない、かな I still don't really get Owen...
これからは何かあったらちゃんと相談するね From now on I'll be sure to speak my mind.
みんなともっともっと仲良くなりたいな… I really want to become closer with everyone...
ふふ、みんなと一緒だと楽しいね Hehe. It's fun being with everyone.
ピアノ…騎空艇には置かないの? Can we put a piano on the Grandcypher?
今度はどこに行く? Where are we going to next?
(主人公)さんはピアノ、弾けるの? Can you play the piano, (Captain)?
アンは今何してるかな… I wonder what Anne's up to...
(主人公)さん達に会えて良かった I'm lucky to have met (Captain) and the crew.

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Grea the Dragonborn

SV Grea the Dragonborn.png SV Grea the Dragonborn E.png
Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Summon an Anne, Belle of Mysteria and evolve it.

Anne, quit dragging me over to the— Oh, hello there! So you're the new student. Good to meet you!


Can attack 2 times per turn.

I like this school. Everyone's just so nice. I'm sure you'll love it too!

Class Dragoncraft
Trait Mysteria
Card Pack Rise of Bahamut
SV Portal Grea the Dragonborn
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Grea, Mysterian Dragoness

SV Grea, Mysterian Dragoness.png SV Grea, Mysterian Dragoness E.png
Click to reveal card data


I used to hate my powers. I thought they were only good for hurting others... that I'd be better off without them. But I was wrong. They give me the strength to protect everything I love!


Evolve: Choose - Put either a Grea's Ember or a Grea's Inferno into your hand.

Not even the terror of battle can compare to the prospect of losing those dear to you. I'm done hesitating. I'll do whatever it takes to protect my friends!

Class Runecraft
Trait Mysteria
Card Pack Omen of the Ten
SV Portal Grea, Mysterian Dragoness
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Grea's Ember

SV Grea's Ember.png
Click to reveal card data

Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower.

"Go any further and these flames will only get hotter."
—Grea, Mysterian Dragoness

Class Runecraft
Trait Mysteria
Card Pack
SV Portal Grea's Ember
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Grea's Inferno

SV Grea's Inferno.png
Click to reveal card data

Deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower 5 times.

"If you dare lay a finger on those that I love, then you're my enemy. And I burn my enemies to the ground!"
—Grea, Mysterian Dragoness

Class Runecraft
Trait Mysteria
Card Pack
SV Portal Grea's Inferno
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends

Grea was set to appear as a main character alongside Anne in the anime series Rage of Bahamut: Manaria Friends. It was originally scheduled to premiere in April 2016, before being postponed. The anime was later released in Winter 2019 season.