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Official Profile

Age 19 Height 128 cm Race Draph
Hobbies Tuning and remodeling her chainsaw
Likes Mechanical things, totally crazy people!
Dislikes Scary people, sticky things

Character Release

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 19歳 Height 128cm Race ドラフ
Hobbies 壊天刃(キルデスソー)のチューニング及び改造
Likes メカメカしい奴、サイコーにクレ~ジ~な奴!
Dislikes 怖い人、ねばねばするもの

Character Release

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Oh... Hi there.
I, uh... tried to cut you some cake with my chainsaw.
But it went all over the place. I am so sorry. Are you... mad?
You're not? Oh great! That's fantastic!
Yesss! Time to go bake you another crazy cake! Wait right there! Mwa ha ha ha.


Haaappy birthday, (Captain)! I'm super excited for you. That's why I've got my happy face on.
Your birthday present is... me! I'll be there whenever you need me. You can count on it!
Really, though. Thanks for being my friend, (Captain).


Very, very crazy happy birthday, (Captain)!
You know I feel safest around you, right, (Captain)?
I bet you feel just as secure having me around too!
Well, we'll help each other out forever and ever and ever!
So if anything happens, you just come see me, okay?
I'll help you no matter what! Hehehe.
I love people with birthdays! And I love 'em more when they're (Captain)!


Today's the loveliest, craziest day of the year, 'cause it's your birthday!
And I've got a present for you!
Ta-daaa! It's a super mini Divine Death Saw of Death!
It doesn't got much bite, but if you pull the cord here...
Heeheehee! It roars exactly like the actual thing!
It you're ever in trouble, just pull this cord and I'll come runnin'!
No matter where you are, I'll always make sure you're safe!


Heeheehee. Happy birthday, (Captain)! Woohoo!
Huh? What's the matter? You look like you saw a ghost...
You know, the other day, someone in the crew taught me a magic spell just for times like these. Lemme give it a try.
Huuug! Okay, one more time. Huuug!
You're safe with me, so everything's gonna be just fine.
Oh... Well, that's a lovely smile. Guess the spell worked.
Heheh, now you know who to find when you're feelin' down. I'm always here to cast some magic!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Haaappy... New Yeeear!
(Captain)! (Captain)!
We should check out the sunrise!
That'd be crazy to the max! Come on, let's go!
And thanks for last year, Captain. It was super lovely!
Aah! I mean, never mind! We gotta hurry! Come on, come on!


(Captain)! Whatcha gonna do for this year's New Year's?
We went to visit the shrines last year... Are you gonna do that again?
Either way, I'll have fun as long as I'm with you. Let's go celebrate by doing whatever you want to do!


Hey, (Captain)! We have to go to the Rashomon Research Vessel, now! C'mon!
See! Look at this cute fluffy-wuffy puppy coin purse!
It's still a little early, but I thought I'd give a New Year's present to Nicholas and Marie's adorable baby!
I've been saving up forever-ever-ever-ever to buy it—for a whole year, even!
I wonder if the baby will like it. Anyway, I can't wait to meet him. Hehehe.
Oh, one more thing, (Captain)!
While I was saving for the baby's present, I put a little away on the side so we would still be able to hang out a bunch this year!
We'll use my money and have the craziest year ever!


(Captain)! Is that New Year's money for me?
Heehee! Nothing makes me crazier than some awesome loot from you!
Hehehe, this is wild! You really know how to make someone crazy happy! Now the real question is, what do I use it for?
Should we go somewhere together? Or how about buyin' materials for your very own chain saw?
Huh? I should spend the money on myself?
Hehe, guess you don't get it! Where's the fun in celebratin' New Year's by myself?
Besides, I really wanna use it to have some fun with you... Ehehe.
That means that we're stuck together until we spend it all! Let's go, (Captain)!


Take a look at this, (Captain)! It's a New Year's feast that's crazy to the max!
Prawns, kelp, mashed potatoes... Aren't all these colorful dishes just seriously so lovely?
Back when I was by myself, I'd never even seen this kinda food... Not to mention, I never had the chance to eat with other people.
So many nice things've happened since I met everyone here. It's pretty touching...
But, the year's just gettin' started! Hehehe!
Come on, (Captain). Let's chow down so we have enough stamina and good luck for this upcomin' year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Choc-o-late! That's what I made! Heeheee!
Lyria told me to make some yesterday, so I made 'em.
They're crazy beautiful! Look, look! I call 'em Love Suicide Sweets.
They're cool to the max! And don't forget crazy! Now open wide!
Whaddya think? Aren't they delicious? Crazy delicious to the max! Heeheehee!


I made these sweet chocolates for my super, super, super lovely (Captain)!
I couldn't help but start drooling halfway through, so I made a batch for myself too.
Why don't we feed each other? Hehehe...


Choco-choco-chocolate! Crazy happy candy time! A delicious party in your mouth!
I got you chocolate again this year, (Captain)! Here you goooo!
Don't worry—I got enough for everybody aboard both the Grandcypher and the Rashomon Research Vessel too! Hehe!
Everyone makes me feel so safe and secure, so I had to make sure everybody got a present!
But, um... Ehehehe... Your chocolate is crazy to the max, (Captain).
It's because you make me happy to the max! And I love people that do that! Love 'em to bits!
You want to feed each other the chocolates like we did last year? Hehe...


Special delivery for (Captain)! I got you some lovely chocolate this year too!
Feast your eyes on this massive monster! Only a very, very big chocolate is good enough to show how I feel about you!
Plus I've got a little special something I added to the mix...
I bet you don't know what'll happen if I carve this thing in two with my Divine Death Saw of Death!
Whoosh! The insides are gonna spill out into a very, very sweet waterfall of hot chocolate!
So? Doesn't that sound wildly awesome?
Hehehe! Get ready! Carvin' time's about to start!


(Captain)! Were you lookin' forward to some Valentine's chocolate from me?
Yep, I've got something ready this year too! Hope ya like it! Yee-haw!
Since I like you sooo much, (Captain), here's a super amazing and special deluxe chocolate cake just for you! Totally crazy, right?
If you can't finish it, I'll take care of the rest, so just eat however much you want!
You're always lookin' out for me and keeping me safe, so thanks very, very much for that! Yee-haw!

Raspberry Chocolate Cake square.jpg Raspberry Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

That's for me? No way...
Aaah! I'm so happy! Crazy happy to the max!
(Captain)! I love, love, love it! Lovely love it! Thank you!
Heeheehee... Hehe. I really am happy. Hehe...


You got me something again this year, (Captain)?
Woo-hoo! Can't let it just end there! You and I are gonna go into the city!
We're gonna have such an insanely good time. It's gonna be crazy to the max!


Hurraaaay! Best day ever! A present from (Captain)!
I love people that give me presents! And I love 'em even more when they're from you! Hurray, hurray!
This makes me feel crazy to the max—no, mega crazy to the max! Hehehe!
Huh? Why am I this happy?
Isn't it obvious? No matter how many times I get a gift from you, it always drives me insane!
And it always makes me remember how important you are to me, (Captain).
Hehe... So thank you. For this year and every year too.


It sure is an insanely happy, super crazy White Day!
Getting a gift from (Captain) this year too is just the best!
But you gotta be nuts to bake this many cookies! I could stuff myself and still wouldn't finish 'em all! Hehe, not that it doesn't sound like a wickedly fun time!
Hey, (Captain)! Why don't you have some fun with me? Let's share!
Ehehe... Thanks.
We'll have a crazy good time munchin' on these cookies together.


Is this a treat for me in return for Valentine's?
Yee-haw! Fantastic! I knew you'd prepare something, (Captain). That's so you!
So here's something in return for your return gift! I have some snacks and tea ready for ya since you're so awesome.
So just sit and relax for a bit! You've got time for a break, right?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happyyy! Halloweeen!
Aww yeeaah! Halloween's here!
Whoo-hoo! Look at my Divine Death Saw of Death go! Just lovely, isn't it?
Sooo... You'd better give me some candy before something totally crazy happens!
Mwahaha! Only kidding! Let's wolf down on some of this candy!


Ngh... Everyone's too intense for Halloween this year, (Captain)...
I went into town to do some trick-or-treating, but I got surrounded by kids and had to give away all my hard-earned yummies...
You'll give me some of yours? Really? Oh, (Captain)...
You... You really are like a security blanket. Hehehe...


Yaaaaa! Crazy to the max!
Oh, (Captain)! You busy right now?
I'm making a sign right now! Lots of pow-pow with a hammer! Hehe!
Should help guide that crazy, pumpkin-headed Lost Jack!
I heard he's cursed to wander forever alone, right?
That kind of loneliness, the feeling you don't belong anywhere... It must hurt really bad.
That's why I'm making him this sign! It'll lead him to me!
Then, when he finds me, we'll have a crazy good time, and I'll make him feel safe and secure!
So, anyway, you want to come hang out with us, (Captain)? It'll be awesome! Hehe!


(Captain)! Hey, (Captain)! Do you have any candy left over?
I was walkin' around town with my Divine Death Saw of Death revving up for some fun, and a bunch of kids crowded around me...
I didn't have enough candy to give to all of 'em!
But it's driving me nuts just thinkin' about how there's a kid out there who didn't get any treats...
Huh? You're really gonna give me all this candy? For real?
Heehee! You're the best, (Captain)!
We've got enough treats in this basket for a crazy night of hype!
I'm gonna go hand 'em out! Thanks a million, (Captain)!


Haaappy Halloween! Yee-haw!
I prepared a ton of candy this year. With this much, we won't hafta worry 'bout a thing even if there are a billion kids, hahaha!
I'm gonna make sure that tonight'll be a super happy, crazy night for kids and adults and ghosts alike!
Come on, (Captain)! Take this Dazzling, Dripping, Divine Death Saw of Death and let's make this Halloween one to remember!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Yeeaaah! Happy holidays!
Let's make this holiday crazy happy! Crazy, crazy happy!
Hey, hey! Did ya ask Santa for anything? I haven't!
I guess I've just been so happy since I met you, I don't even want anything else.
Aaah! That's pretty weak, right? Let's think of something to ask Santa for! Come on, (Captain)!


Winter Death Saw of Death! Yee-haw!
Check my baby out! I strung a bunch of lights onto it for a crazy-to-the-max effect!
I made one for you too, (Captain)! Let's go swing these around and give Santa a huge welcome!
Don't worry. I lowered the power and took the teeth off. It's totally safe!


(Captain)! I, I heard that Santa kidnaps bad boys and girls...
The people in town said that when Santa realizes you're a bad kid, instead of giving you a present he stuffs you into his bag.
I think I might be a bad kid. I'm always swinging around my Divine Death Saw of Death and screaming and stuff...
Do... Do you think he'll come kidnap me, (Captain)?
I don't wanna go... I don't wanna be apart from you... Sniffle...

  • Choose: You're a good girl.
    You really think so? So he won't put me in his bag? He won't steal me away for ever and ever?
  • Choose: I'll protect you.
    Oh, (Captain)!
    If you're here to watch over me, then there's no way he'll be able to stuff me into his dumb sack!

But I'm still a little scared. Will you stay with me for tonight?
And maybe, just to be extra sure, you should hold me tight?
It's okay? Hehe. Goodie-woodie, lovey-dovey yay!
Yup, (Captain), I never feel more safe than when I'm with you.


(Captain)! Look at this lovely, outta this world mini tree!
My Divine Death Saw of Death revved up when we saw this beauty of a fir, and before I knew it, we were hack, hack, hackin'!
And those wild, awesome ornaments hanging off it? I made 'em aaalll!
See this Santa right here? Ain't it crazy pretty? Insanely lovely?
Heehee! With a tree like this, our holy night's gonna be merry to the max!
Hehehe! Don't go anywhere yet! Santa Hallessena is gifting this to everyone on the airship!
Ehehe... I hope you guys will like it.


Haaappy holidays! Yee-haw!
Santa Hallessena is comin' to town! I've prepared some lovely presents for y'all this year!
Hehehe. All you crazy people who want presents, follow the beautiful sound of my Divine Death Saw of Death!
With these grand presents, you're sure to have a grand time this winter! Come one, come all!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Walking Wraith

While exploring a ghost town, (Captain) and company run into a girl waving around a chain saw. When they put down their weapons as an offer of peace, the girl, Hallessena, decides to join them.

On a day off, (Captain)'s crew visits a nearby ghost town as a test of courage.
Lyria seems anxious about walking through the spooky town, and Vyrn comes up beside her, not one to miss a chance for mischief.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria. Have you heard the tale of the Walking Wraith?
Lyria: Th-the Walking Wraith? I don't think so... What is it?
Vyrn: Heh-heh... They say she haunts spooky places like this. So right when you least expect it—Vrmvrmvrm!—and a woman appears...
Vyrn: Waving around a chain saw! She goes for anyone she sees, especially the person with the most unusual hair color!
Lyria: Eeek! Unusual hair? Stop! I don't wanna hear any more! (Captain)! Vyrn's being a meanie!
Lyria quivers in fear as she grabs (Captain)'s hand. The captain scowls disapprovingly at Vyrn.
Vyrn: Geez, sorry. My bad. It's only a rumor... I think. And I kinda made the hair part up. I thought I'd just have some fun.
As if on cue, a whirring mechanical noise suddenly starts up from behind them.
Lyria: V-Vyrn? That buzzing sound you were talking about before... Did it sound anything like this?
Vyrn: M-maybe...
The party turns around nervously to face the source of the sound.
???: Ha-ha-ha... Hee-hee-hee! Heellooo!
A girl in vibrantly-colored clothes stands there, wearing a maniacal grin and wielding an even more maniacal-looking chain saw.
???: Aha! Look at the scary people I found! Ha-ha!
???: Ha-ha! Hee-hee! I'm terrified! Just check out how I'm shaking here! Time to say sayonara-bye-bye!
Vyrn: Aahh! Run!
???: Ha-ha! How crazy are you guys! There's no escape!
???: You're here to do something crazy awful to me too, right? Hee-hee! Then gimme your best shot!
Lyria: S-something awful? We would never—
???: Bzzzt, wrong! Liar, liar, pants on fire! You're gonna go sayonara-bye-bye now!
She waves the weapon around wildly, slicing up several rocks and buildings in her vicinity.
The cloud of dust she kicks up swallows the crew.
Vyrn: Cough... Holy moly, that thing is sharp! Ack, I mean this is no time to sweat the details!
Lyria: N-now's our chance. We have to hide somewhere! Oh, how about there?
The crew runs to the small cabin Lyria has pointed out and hides inside.
???: Come out, come out, wherever you are! Come on out and play with me, scary people! Ha-ha!
Vyrn: Who in their right mind would go out there? And she calls us the scary ones? Geez!
Lyria: Is she the wraith you were talking about before?
Vyrn: Yeah, that's gotta be her! She's even crazier than the rumors say!
Suddenly the chain saw blade comes shrieking through the wall, just missing (Captain)'s face.
Vyrn: Yikes!
???: Heeere's Hallie!
What a lovely scream ringing in my ears! Sounds like I found the cream filling! Ha-ha!
(Captain)'s crew dashes out of the cabin in a panic.
The girl cackles madly as she demolishes the cabin, leaving only sawdust in her wake.
???: Well? Whaddya think of my little friend here? Isn't it crazy to the max?
???: Hee-hee-hee! I'm gonna cut everything to pieces... and then I'm gonna cut the pieces into pieces! Like, no joke.
???: Itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy pieces! And then down comes the rain to wash away all the scary people who try to hurt me! Ha-ha-ha-ha!
The crew tries to escape, but the labyrinth of abandoned buildings soon has them cornered.
???: Gotcha now! Time to kiss your butts sayonara-bye-bye!
Lyria: W-wait! We won't do anything bad to you! I promise!
???: Then what are you doin' here? No one should be here! This is my world! My secret refuge! Mine!
Vyrn: W-we had no idea! We just came here to prove we had the guts, and... Aww, forget about guts! Please don't chop us up!
???: Liars! I know what you're up to... First you'll trick me, and then you'll get me!
Vyrn: Argh! It's no use! She's not listening to us!
???: Hee-hee! Ha-ha! So much scary in the sky! Slice 'em up and watch 'em... Well, you'll see!
The girl creeps toward (Captain), grinning into the captain's eyes as she brandishes the chain saw over her head.
But (Captain) senses something else behind the apparently evil grimace. The captain's weapon clatters to the floor as a show of peace.
Lyria follows suit, raising her hands along with (Captain).
???: Ha-ha... Hee-hee! Nice try, but nope! Sayonara-bye-bye!
Shrieking like a raging banshee, the girl swings her roaring weapon at (Captain)'s exposed neck...
???: ...
But the saw stops inches from its target.
???: Ha-ha! Consider me schooled on bein' crazy! No defense? From an incoming chain saw? Insanity!
???: Sigh... And that's such a lovely lizard. It sure would be nice to the max if you're not here to hurt me...
???: But what's your angle? Pullin' a stunt like that.
Lyria: Um... We just wanted to show you we don't intend to do anything bad to you.
Vyrn: Hey, you were talking about your refuge... Are you in some kinda trouble?
???: ...!
???: You serious? So you guys really aren't out to get me?
(Captain) nods and explains their situation. The girl, who finally seems to trust the crew, lowers her weapon.
???: I see. So I guess you guys are safe after all.
???: Ha! How insane is that! Ha-ha! And I love that lizard! He's bold, brash, and even red! He's just to die for!
Vyrn: Huh? Me? What?
???: Hee-hee. I'm insanely sorry! My bad! To show my apologies, I'll join you guys, 'kay?
Vyrn: What? How do you figure that?
???: You guys are skyfarers, right? So if I join you, I won't have to run around lookin' for hiding places.
???: And you guys are safe, right? Hee-hee! So if I go with you, I'll be happy-dance fine!
Vyrn: Hmm... Whaddya think, (Captain)?
  1. That's an insanely good idea.
  2. We'd be crazy to refuse.

Choose: That's an insanely good idea.
???: Yesss! You've made me happy to the max! And I love people who do that! Love 'em to bits! Little, tiny bits!

Choose: We'd be crazy to refuse.
???: Ha-ha! Me and my chain saw are with you on that! I'm so comin' with you! I'm tenacious with a capital everything!
Vyrn: Geez... Looks like nothing will peel her off of us.
???: Ha-ha! That's right! Give it up!
Continue 1
Hallessena: I'm Hallessena! Lookin' forward to slicin' with you!
Vyrn: Sigh... I can't believe the rumors were true. She's as bad as she was made out to—
Hallessena: Lizzy-lizard!
Hallessena: You drop-dead gorgeous lizzy-lizard! Coochy-coochy-coo!
Vyrn: Yikes! I ain't no—
S-stop that!
Lyria: Ha-ha... I think she likes you, Vyrn.
Hallessena: Ha-ha... Hee-hee... Safety... Heh-heh...
Rubbing cheeks with Vyrn, Hallessena feels secure at last, instantly dropping her restraints and breaking into a smile.
Lyria: Hallessena, you seem so happy.
Lyria: Um, Vyrn? I'm really sorry, but I think you're going to have to put up with this for a little while.
Vyrn: Ugh... Okay, I get it. But couldn't she be a little more—you know—gentle about it?
Thus Hallessena joins the crew, along with both sides of her personality.
And Vyrn tactfully waits until she is sleeping soundly to slowly disentangle himself from her grasp.

Insanely Awesome

The crew goes to check out some new Erste Empire armored suits at Hallessena's request. She brags about the name of her homemade chain saw, but Vyrn's unenthusiastic reaction angers her and gets them spotted by imperial soldiers.

Hallessena makes a request to the crew while they're shopping for goods, and they're now hiding out near a port in a certain town.
Hallessena: Nearly there... Just a bit more... Boom! There they are!
Hallessena stares hungrily at an Erste Empire battleship manned by guards equipped with the latest armored suits.
Hallessena: Have you ever seen anything so utterly, jaw-droppingly delicious? How insane is that!
Vyrn: So that's what you wanted to see? Well, now that I take a good look at it, the design is incredibly cool!
Hallessena: So you get it now, lizzy-lizard? All the metal and ducts and wiring! I could just eat it up!
Vyrn: Yep, it's awesome all right! But you know I'm not a lizard, right?
Hallessena: Say, lizzy-lizard! I bet you can see how cool this little beauty is, right? I made it myself!
Vyrn: How many times I gotta tell you I ain't no lizard? Hold it... You mean you made that chain saw yourself?
Hallessena: You bet your life I did! Hee-hee! How insanely awesome is it? Drop-dead gorgeous, right?
Vyrn: It's definitely insane. I don't know how you did it, but it's sweet. This jumbled part is cool.
Hallessena: Hee-hee! Isn't it just to die for? I call it my Divine Death Saw of Death!
Vyrn: Your Divine-what? Well, the name kills me. And by that I mean it sucks.
Hallessena: Excuse me?
Hallessena: How dare you! It's an insanely awesome name! Cool enough to drive anyone crazy!
Lyria: Um... You two! Keep your voices down!
Imperial Soldier: What's with all the noise from over here? Is someone around?
Imperial Soldier: Oh! It's you lot! The ones from the wanted posters!
Vyrn: Yikes! Our cover's blown! Let's get outta here!
Imperial Soldier: Oh no you don't! After them!
Hallessena: I'll show you how insanely cool the name is! I'll show everyone!
Hallessena turns her chain saw on the pursuing imperial soldiers, its blade shrieking as furiously as she is.
Imperial Soldier: Gah! What the hell is that!
Hallessena: Take no prisoners! Sayonara-bye-bye!
Vyrn: Looks like we're into it now! (Captain), let's do this!

Insanely Awesome: Scene 2

Hallessena runs away from the crew after her argument with Vyrn and falls in with a shady group of people. As the crew watches from afar, the girl and her new friends are surrounded by monsters.

The crew somehow fend off the imperial soldiers and get back to the airship, but their peace only lasts until the next day.
Lyria: Oh, how terrible! It seems like Hallessena has run away!
Vyrn: Say what? How can you be sure?
Lyria: Well... Look, just come with me!
Lyria takes them to the ship's mess hall, where they find sayonara-bye-bye carved into one of the tables.
Lyria: This reads like a farewell message, doesn't it?
Vyrn: Um... This is probably my fault. I told her the name of her chain saw sucks.
Vyrn: (Captain), we should go look for her! I need to say sorry!
(Captain) agrees, and the crew starts looking for her.
Meanwhile, Hallessena is trudging across a plain.
Hallessena: (I finally meet people I feel safe around, and they're actually nice, and I even like them...)
Hallessena: (But they just don't get my insanely awesome style! Waaah!)
Hallessena: I'm mad to the max! Where's somethin' to slice when I need it?
Hard-Faced Man 1: Whoa! Oh, you made me jump!
Hallessena: ...!
(Scary people? Chain saw time!)
Hallessena: Ha-ha! Feel the insanity! Sayonara-bye-bye!
Sly Woman: That machine... those words... Oh! You're the Walking Wraith!
Hard-Faced Man 2: Seriously? Like in those stories? But look at her! More like Walking Cutie, am I right?
Hallessena: Huh?
Sly Woman: Hee-hee... Looks like we have something in common. Let's talk.
Hallessena: Huh?
Hard-Faced Man 1: Ha-ha! You made that chain saw yourself? That's so cool, Hallie!
Hallessena: Hee-hee! Too right! Ain't it just insanely awesome?
Sly Woman: Insanely awesome, yeah! So how do you like my little homemade gun?
Hallessena: Yee-haw! How cool is this! Drop-dead gorgeous! Check that plating, that wiring, those fixtures!
Hard-Faced Man 2: Heh-heh. Say, Hallie, what've you been callin' this sweet little sucker?
Hallessena: Yeah, well.... Um... I call it my Divine Death Saw of Death, but—
Sly Woman: Whoa! That name is mad! It's off the wall! Well, I call this pistol of mine the Devilish Death Ray of Death!
Hallessena: That's incredible! Totally awesome! Crazy wicked!
Hard-Faced Man 1: Well, it's almost time for us to head back. Oh, Hallie, are you gonna come to our hideout too?
Hallessena: Um... Well...
(We seem to be on the same wavelength, and they seem safe enough.)
Hallessena: You bet I'm coming!
While Hallessena falls in with this ragtag band, the crew observes from afar.
Lyria: Um... It looks like she's made some new friends, right?
Vyrn: Hmm... I feel like I've seen those guys somewhere before...
Vyrn: Let's try following them. I've got a bad feeling about this.
Lyria: Huh? Hallessena and her friends have been surrounded by monsters!
Hallessena: Sayonara-bye-bye!
Monster: Grargh!
Lyria: Phew, it looks like they're all right. Hallessena's so strong.
Vyrn: Yeah, but we should go help out anyway! There are still plenty of monsters surrounding them!
(Captain) and the crew turn their weapons on the monsters beginning to swarm around Hallessena.

Insanely Awesome: Scene 3

Hallessena happily talks with her shady new friends, at least until she realizes they're criminals. She reveals that her weapon is only for protection, and the crew shows up just in time to save her from the criminals.

Hallessena follows the shady people to their hideout and happily talks with them.
Hallessena: (Hee-hee. Everyone's stories are drop-dead interesting.)
Hard-Faced Man 1: Ha-ha! I think you're gonna love what's up next, Hallie!
Hallessena: Huh? What is it? Hurry up and show me! I'm dyin' here!
Hard-Faced Man 1: Just a second! All right... and... Ta-da!
Gritty-Voiced Man: ...
Hallessena: Whoaaa, an armored suit! Crazy! Hey, are you an imperial soldier?
Gritty-Voiced Man: No way. I'm that guy's buddy.
Hallessena: Huh? Then what are you doing in the suit?
Gritty-Voiced Man: Well, we scored real big! So how 'bout it? Looks good on me, right?
Hard-Faced Man 2: Yeah, super cool! Now gimme a turn in there, wouldja?
Sly Woman: So what happened to the imperial soldier who was wearing it?
Gritty-Voiced Man: Oh, we smacked him up and took care of him. He put up a fight, but that just made it more fun!
Hallessena: (Huh? Scored big? Took care of him?)
Sly Woman: Hold on a sec. When you say you took care of him, you don't mean permanently, right?
Hard-Faced Man 1: Ha-ha! And what if he does? You know our line of work!
Hallessena: (Their line of work? Wait... Just what kind of crazy are these guys?)
Hard-Faced Man 2: By the way, Hallie, how many people have you taken out?
Hallessena: Wha? T-taken out?
Hard-Faced Man 1: C'mon, you got a Divine Death Saw of Death, right? So how many people you done with it?
Hallessena: Um... That's... I...
Hard-Faced Man 1: Wait a minute... You sayin' all that crazy talk was just a front? What a letdown.
Sly Woman: What's the worry? We can help you get your feet wet! And your hands too! All right, let's head into town!
Hallessena: Huh? B-but why?
Gritty-Voiced Man: Time to give you and your baby there a test run! We're gonna go wild 'n' destroy stuff! It'll be a laugh! You'll see, Hallie!
Hallessena: It's okay... I'm fine, guys... Don't worry about me.
Hard-Faced Man 2: What? What's your problem? Your weapon's made for usin' on people, right?
Hallessena: No, no, that's crazy. I was born in a slum, and... and everyone did terrible things to me...
Hallessena: They punched me and stuff, so... so I made the Divine Death Saw of Death to scare 'em off...
Hallessena: Even when I ran away from the slum—no matter where I went or what refuge I found—people would still come do terrible things to me...
Hallessena: I just wanted to frighten 'em away, is all.
Hard-Faced Man 2: Ha-ha! So that's it! Well, it's no wonder people beat you up.
Hard-Faced Man 2: I mean, look how frail 'n' cute you are! It's like you're beggin' to be picked on! Heh-heh!
Hallessena: Eek! N-no! Stay away!
Just as the man draws close to her, the door bursts open, and a small, red missile hurtles through.
Vyrn: Hi-ya!
Hard-Faced Man 2: Argh!
Lyria: Are you okay? Sorry we're so late!
Vyrn: The stupid lock took ages to break!
Hallessena: Vyrn! Lyria! (Captain)! Sob...
Vyrn: It's fine now! No need to cry!
Vyrn: Careful, (Captain).
Vyrn: I just remembered that these guys are wanted criminals!
Gritty-Voiced Man: Fine, let's bust 'em up. What have they got? Just a bunch o' kids and that crybaby Hallie...
Hallessena: Blade! Face! You!
Gritty-Voiced Man: Argh!
Hallessena: Ha-ha! Fooled you, idiots! Who'd cry for you losers? Sayonara-bye-bye, cupcakes!
Vyrn: Um... No, you were definitely crying just then. You seemed pretty terrified...
Hallessena: Shut up! Less talkie, more slicey! Let's get 'em, (Captain)!

Insanely Awesome: Scene 4

Hallessena tries to hide her fear as she watches the criminals get taken away, but the crew heard her talking about how much she was hurt in the past and reassures her. She finally realizes that she is safe with the crew.

The criminals defeated by (Captain) and the crew are delivered into the hands of the Crew of Enforcers.
Hallessena: That's what you get for bein' crazy stupid!
Hallessena shrieks defiantly at the ship carrying the criminals, but her hands are trembling.
Lyria gently takes her hand.
Lyria: It's all right now, Hallessena.
Hallessena: Hey! Don't touch me!
Hallessena shakes off Lyria's hand in surprise.
Hallessena: I'm fine anyway. No problems here. Totally cool. Seriously.
  1. Silently take Hallessena's hand.
  2. Tell her it's going to be okay.

Choose: Silently take Hallessena's hand.
Hallessena: I told you to stop that...
Hallessena: I'm fine, okay? Sniff... I'm not scared or anything.

Choose: Tell her it's going to be okay.
Hallessena: What's going to be okay? I told you I'm fine!
Vyrn: Your hands are shaking. You don't have to put on a brave face.
Hallessena: I'm not putting on any kinda face! I'm fine...
Continue 1
Lyria: I'm sorry. We found out what happened to you.
Vyrn: Yeah, we heard you talking while we were opening the door to the hideout.
Lyria: You've sacrificed so much to avoid getting hurt.
Hallessena: ...!
Lyria: But we'll never do anything to hurt you!
Vyrn: That's right! You're safe with us! So you can relax, okay?
Hallessena: You guys... Sniff...
Hallessena: You're all totally crazy! Insanely great!
Vyrn: Um... I'm sorry, you know. For saying your weapon name sucks.
Hallessena: You mean... my Divine Death Saw of Death is totally insane?
Vyrn: Yeah, as insane as it gets. The name's really grown on me.
Hallessena: Hee-hee... Heh-heh... Ha-ha! Absolute world-warping insanity! Ha-ha!
Lyria: Hee-hee... It's crazy to the max!
Hallessena: You too, Lyria? Jumpin' on the crazy bandwagon? Welcome aboard!
Hallessena: Ha-ha! How 'bout I make chain saws for all of you? Let's go find some parts!
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Yeah, let's go!
As the crew searches for the parts, Hallessena finally realizes that she has found a home.
She allows herself to relax, and her crazed grin loosens itself into a true smile.

Die, Sticky-Ickies!

The crew hunts slimes as part of a request, and they discover that Hallessena's chain saw has trouble cutting through enemies that are sticky. She picks another fight with slimes to prove that she's not lying.

It hasn't been long since Hallessena became a member of the crew.
She and the others are currently on a slime-busting mission.
Slime 1: ...!
Hallessena: Nooo! Ew, ew, ew! Stay away from me!
Slime 2: ...!
Hallessena: S-save me, (Captain)!
Slimes: ...!
(Captain) cleaves the slimes chasing after Hallessena.
Hallessena: Ngh... Sorry... Thanks for that, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Geez, it's not like those weaklings could hurt you. What's the problem exactly?
Hallessena: I hate those... those sticky-ickies...
Lyria: Sticky-ickies? You don't like jelly things that wiggle around, Hallessena?
Hallessena: No! I super hate 'em! My death saw is useless against stickiness...
Vyrn: You're kiddin' me... I thought your saw could cut through anything.
Hallessena: Ngh... Come here, (Captain), I'll show you what I mean.
(Captain) nods hesitantly, and follows Hallessena toward the slimes.

Die, Sticky-Ickies!: Scene 2

(Captain) and company bring Hallessena to the Rashomon Research Vessel to seek help from Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas. The two experts are eager to power up Hallessena's chain saw, but due to low funds they're not allowed perform the upgrade.

Slimes: ...
Hallessena engages more slimes in battle. She cuts and slices and gashes to no avail. No matter what she does, the slimes come out unscathed.
Vyrn: Um, how come nothing happened to them?
Hallessena: I don't know, but it's only sticky-ickies that I can't chop up into teeny-tiny pieces.
Hallessena: So when I got chased by this huge horde of slimes a long time ago...
Lyria: You developed a hatred for sticky, gooey things.
Hallessena: Sorry, (Captain), but I'm useless to you now, I guess...
Vyrn: Don't say that! You've done more than enough for us, you know.
Vyrn: If it's not cutting the way you want it to, why don't you just soup that baby up?
Hallessena: I tried to! I made tons of mods back then to fight the slimes, but nothing ever worked.
  1. Well, there is one other option.
  2. You've got us now.

Choose: Well, there is one other option.
Vyrn: Heh-heh-heh. What a coincidence. I was just thinking the same thing.

Choose: You've got us now.
Lyria: That's right, Hallessena! We're here for you!
Vyrn: Hehe, we'll help figure out something!
Continue 1
Vyrn: It just so happens that we might have the right tools you need to fix this problem!
Hallessena: Tools?
(Captain) takes the confused Hallessena by the hand and leads her away.
Hallessena: Whoaaa! This place is crazy! It's so... mecha!
Dr. Rashomon: Hahaha! There's no better feeling than having your work admired.
Robomi (Event) is a crew member, Nicholas (Event) is a crew member

With Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas at the helm, the Divine Death Saw of Death will surely get the upgrade it needs.
Robomi (Event) is a crew member, Nicholas (Event) is a crew member

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Robomi (Event) not in crew, Nicholas (Event) not in crew

The crew is paying a visit to Dr. Rashomon's research vessel. He is a geologist.
(Captain) and company had met Dr. Rashomon and his mechanic, Nicholas, on a previous adventure.
They had helped the two experts defeat swarms of creatures known as abominations.
This time it's the doctor and Nicholas's turn to lend a hand.
Continue 2
Hallessena: Huh? This blueprint is....
Hallessena: Ahaha! Drop-dead gorgeous! It's mecha-mecha crazy!
Dr. Rashomon: My, you've got an eye for machines. That's an original machina soldier creation of ours. We call it Gigantes.
Hallessena: Gigantes? Ahaha! Now that's cool! Hey, hey! Does it... transform?
Nicholas: Haha! One step ahead, aren't you? I was just talking to Doc about that actually, and—
Nicholas: Whoops, sorry. Got a little carried away there. What brings you guys here today?
(Captain) explains to Nicholas that they want him to make modifications to Hallessena's chain saw.
Nicholas: Interesting... All right, let's see that weapon of yours.
Hallessena: I call it the... uh... Divine Death Saw of Death...
Nicholas: Hahaha! That's a pretty awesome name.
Nicholas: Ooh, what have we here?
Nicholas: Whoa! Doc! Are you seeing this?
Dr. Rashomon: Indeed. The construction is rather irregular, but on second glance it's a sensible, refreshing design. How peculiar...
Dr. Rashomon: Where exactly did you find this, Hallessena?
Hallessena: Hm? Um, actually I made it myself...
Nicholas: Are you serious? You gotta tell me how!
Hallessena: How? Hmm... You got any pretty metals lyin' around?
Dr. Rashomon: You can use whatever you want from that pile over there. We were going to recycle them anyway.
Hallessena grabs some tools and begins assembling various pieces of scrap together.
Hallessena: This goes klink...
Hallessena: And that goes whirrl...
Nicholas: ...
Hallessena: Then with a bang-bang-bang...
Hallessena: And one bzzzap later... All done!
Dr. Rashomon: ...
Lyria: Um... What's wrong?
Nicholas: The way Hallessena built that chain saw makes it seem like anyone could do it.
Nicholas: But I can tell with just one look that no ordinary craftsman could ever hope to match what she just did.
Vyrn: Wow. She's that amazing, huh?
Dr. Rashomon: Yes. What unfathomable talent to be able to quickly convert scrap into such a fine blade.
Nicholas: Hoo boy, my pride as a mechanic isn't going to take this lying down. I'm all fired up!
Vyrn: What are you going to do then? I thought you said no craftsman could figure out how to make that chain saw.
Nicholas: That's only half right, pal. I believe I said no ordinary craftsman!
Nicholas: I'll enhance this weapon into something even more amazing, or else I'll have no right to call myself a master mechanic!
Hallessena: Really? Yes! Yesss! Yahooo!
Nicholas: I'm itching to get started. How should we tackle this?
Dr. Rashomon: It seems to me that the speed of the chain's revolutions drops precipitously once it encounters the viscous surface of slimy creatures.
Nicholas: What if we coated the entire chain with some kind of sealant? That way the rotational energy might repel the stickiness from coagulating.
Dr. Rashomon: And increase the speed of the revolutions? Okay, then we'd better get the gigas steel coated beforehand.
Nicholas: Yeah, the strength of gigas steel will do nicely. I'll just help myself to the—
Marie: ...
Nicholas: Augh! Marie?
Robomi (Event) is a crew member, Nicholas (Event) is a crew member

Marie: I overheard everything, you know. I'm sorry, but this isn't within our budget at the moment.
Robomi (Event) is a crew member, Nicholas (Event) is a crew member

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Robomi (Event) not in crew, Nicholas (Event) not in crew

Marie is Dr. Rashomon's daughter. She's an exceptional administrator of the research vessel's daily operations.
Marie: I overheard everything, you know. I'm sorry, but this isn't within our budget at the moment.
Continue 3
Hallessena: Awww! Really?
Nicholas: Gulp... I know we're kind of strapped right now, but I was just gonna use a little, okay?
Marie: Don't you okay me, buster! Do you really have the willpower to stop from going overboard?
Nicholas: Er... The thing about that is... Uh... Haha...
Marie: Uggh! No means no!
Marie: I'm very sorry. I really want to help you, but we're not doing so well financially this month.
Hallessena: Waaah... No way! I'm shocked, shocked, shocked!
Nicholas sees how depressed Hallessena has become. He leans over and whispers to her and (Captain).
Nicholas: I'm sorry, you guys. I'll try to get Marie to change her mind somehow.
Nicholas: I wouldn't bet on it though. You'd be better off looking for help elsewhere to be on the safe side.
Vyrn: Ah, it's probably for the best.
Vyrn: Luckily I've got another person in mind! I'm sure it'll work out!
(Captain) nods at Vyrn, and the crew says good-bye to Nicholas and the others. They depart for their next target.

Die, Sticky-Ickies!: Scene 3

Almeida takes a crack at improving the chain saw to no avail; other craftsmen also fail. They seem to be out of options, when Nicholas brings news that Marie has approved funding to work on the chain saw. The upgrade is finally successful, and Hallessena rushes out to test it on Zogora.

Almeida not in crew

This time the crew decides to pay a visit to Io's mutual friend, Almeida, who lives in the Valtz Duchy.
Surely this woman who supervises mines and excels at weaponry could help improve the Divine Death Saw of Death.

Almeida is a crew member

(Captain) and company decide to pay a visit to Almeida, who is currently taking a vacation from the crew to visit her old employer.
Surely this woman who excels at weaponry could help improve the Divine Death Saw of Death.
Continue 1
Almeida: Oh! Hi, (Captain)! Did you come to hang out with me?
Vyrn: Not this time. We got a favor to ask ya.
Hallessena: Oooh! I could totally put this weapon to good use! It's so sturdy and lovely!
Almeida: Whoo, you know what's up! I call that the Vaserav Hammer!
Hallessena: Vaserav? Hardcore! What a sick name!
Vyrn: Yep, aptly named after her lover boy.
Almeida: Ack!
Almeida: Th-that's ridiculous! Ridiculous I tells ya! Why can't you get that through your thick skull?
Almeida: Cough.
Anyway, you came to me about a favor, right? Does it have something to do with her?
(Captain) nods and explains everything that has happened up until now.
Almeida: Heh, sounds fun. All right, I'll help you guys out!
Hallessena: Aww yeah, crazy to the max! You rock, Almeida!
Almeida: Let the modifications begin! Come on, Hallie!
Hallessena: Yeah, baby! We'll be back later, (Captain)!
Sounds of machinery come from the bowels of the factory. The improvements to the chain saw are progressing steadily and are nearing completion.
Almeida: Now for the finishing touches. This technique is still in the experimental stage, but if it works, your weapon's performance is gonna grow by leaps and bounds!
Almeida: Careful... Careful...
Hallessena: Hey, I've been meanin' to ask you about that super-gorgeous stuffed toy you have. You make it?
Almeida: This? Oh, yeah. Crocheting's a hobby of mine. I make 'em every now and then—
Almeida: Wait, did you say stuffed toy?
Almeida stops working and turns to stare at Hallessena.
Almeida's face flushes bright red when she looks down and sees the stuffed figure of an armored Draph hanging from her clothes.
Almeida: Yaagh!
Almeida screams and slams down her tools with full force onto the chain saw in front of her.
Almeida: How did my stuffed Va-Vaserav get there?
Hallessena: Vaserav? Isn't that the guy you like?
Almeida: No! D-don't be a weirdo, you silly-billy Hallie!
Almeida: Uh, wha? The chain saw is finished?
Hallessena: Whoa! When did that happen?
Almeida: Beats me... Eh, whatever!
Almeida picks up the chain saw that seems to have "magically" completed itself, and the pair returns to the crew.
Hallessena: (Captain), (Captain)! Check out this bad boy! It's insanely awesome!
Vyrn: Uh, don't you think it's a little on the huge side? And what's that long thing draggin' around behind it?
Almeida: Hehehe. Oh, you of little faith. That's where we're hiding the secret. Hit it, Hallie!
Hallessena: Yee-haw! Flippin' the switch!
Hallessena releases the chain saw, and tripod-like supports extend out, allowing it to stand on its own.
The entire weapon then lithely whirls around the young Draph.
Hallessena: Yahaha! This is insaaane!
Lyria: Amazing... It can move on its own...
Almeida: It's not ready for showtime just yet, but it tries to mimic Vaserav's weapon techniques as much as possible.
Almeida: I'm guessing it'll do just fine though. It should be the sharpest it's ever been too!
Vyrn: You don't say... But it is just me, or is it acting kinda weird?
Vyrn's observation is correct; the chain saw has been gradually gaining speed until it finally goes flying off.
Hallessena: Waaah! Come back, Divine Death Saw of Death! Come baaack!
Almeida: Huh? It lost control? But I made sure to double-check the variables to prevent that from happening...
Hallessena: You were smacking it pretty good back there...
Almeida: Urk...
Almeida: Well, that's because you were talking about all that weird stuff!
Hallessena: Sniff... Sorry...
Almeida: Please don't cry, Hallie! We'll just work on it again! Okay?
Almeida and Hallessena go back to the drawing board, but no matter how many times they work on the chain saw, they're unable to replicate their previous success.
Almeida: Hmm... This is so weird... It's like the first time only happened through a miracle. Nah, next time it'll definitely—
Worker: Hey, Boss. Sorry to interrupt you, but could you maybe come back to the office now?
Worker: It'd be great if you could show the rookies how it's done around here...
Almeida: Oh, I forgot all about that. Sit tight. I'll be there soon!
Almeida: Sorry, Hallie! It doesn't look like I'll be able to stick around till the end...
Hallessena: It's cool! You've done a lot already! Seriously. I'm smiling, see?
Hallessena waves her hand weakly, and Almeida smiles back.
Almeida: Hallie! We're gonna fix it again! And then it'll be better than ever!
Hallessena: Hahaha! You bet we are! That's a promise!
Almeida leaves, and the crew must once again find another master craftsman.
But each time they bring the chain saw to someone new, their efforts to modify the weapon inevitably end in failure.
Hallessena: Sigh... I knew it was no good...
(Captain) tries to cheer up Hallessena who has sunk into a stupor.
Nicholas: Hallessena? (Captain)? Are you guys there?
Hallessena: Wha? Nicholas? What's up?
Nicholas: Sorry I'm late! I finally managed to convince Marie to let me work on the Death Saw of Death!
Hallessena: Seriously? Super seriously?
Nicholas: I'm not lying to you! I'm ready to get started straightaway!
Hallessena: Aw yeah!
Hallessena: Let's go, (Captain)! Let's gooo!
With her spirits restored, Hallessena and the others quickly make their way back to the Rashomon Research Vessel.
Work begins and the excited crew waits for many agonizing hours.
Hallessena: It's aliiive! And boy is it pure insanity!
Vyrn: Nice! That looks slick!
Hallessena: Right, right, right?
Hallessena: Check this out! Here's the trigger! Trigger, trigger!
Vyrn: Uh, isn't that something you find on guns? You're telling me it shoots bullets now?
Dr. Rashomon: Not quite. When this trigger is pulled, the chain saw will get a temporary, explosive boost in speed and power.
Dr. Rashomon: Regular steel and wiring would disintegrate immediately upon triggering. No, what makes this all possible is—
Hallessena: Gigas steel!
Nicholas: Haha, bingo! It's also thanks to the death saw's redundancy systems. We never would've thought up a concept like this.
Nicholas: Anyway, I won't get into the nitty-gritty of it all, but it should have no problems handling slimes or—
Dr. Rashomon: What? That's impossible! Have the abominations returned? Not only that, but this alarm can only be—
Nicholas: Supreme Demolition Beast Zogora!
Dr. Rashomon: Zogora should've been destroyed by Robomi... No, I can't spare precious moments thinking about that! What about the Robomi replicas?
Nicholas: No good. The parts we got were defective, so we had to stop production...
Hallessena: Huh? What's a Zogora?
Dr. Rashomon: It's an abomination, an ancient terror of humanity. I suppose I should call Zogora their king. Whatever name you wish to use, it's an extremely dangerous brute.
Hallessena: Ahaha, it's all the same to me! I'll just slice 'n' dice it with my trusty death saw here!
Dr. Rashomon: Wait, Hallessena! You can't go up against abominations or Zogora with normal attacks!
Lyria: She's already gone! What should we do?
Dr. Rashomon: We have no choice! Nicholas! The improvements are still incomplete, but send out Gigantes!
Nicholas: Got it! I'll get it powered up!
Vyrn: We're going too! We can't let anything happen to her!
(Captain) nods, and they tear off after Hallessena.
Zogora: Graaagh!
Hallessena: Oh. My. Mechaaa! Aaah, it's so cute! What a gorgeous biggy-lizzy-lizard!
Hallessena: Hehe... Keeheehee! I'm on fire! All right, baby, it's time to dance!

Die, Sticky-Ickies!: Scene 4

Hallessena has taken down Zogora all by herself. Nicholas and Dr. Rashomon realize that she has unlocked the full potential of the anti-repulsion field tech installed in her chain saw. Despite the good vibes of the victory, a feeling of unease washes over the two.

Zogora: Graaagh!
Hallessena: Sayonaraaa...
Hallessena: Bye-bye!
Gigantes: ...!
Dr. Rashomon: Hallessena! Hang on, we'll save—
Hallessena: Wowie-wow! Is that the Gigantes? That shade of red is to die for!
Nicholas: What the! D-Doc... Zogora's down for the count!
Dr. Rashomon: My word! She toppled it by herself? Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Nicholas?
Nicholas: Yeah, it's gotta be the feature we built into the death saw that's real similar to the anti-repulsion field.
Nicholas: Our feature was designed to make especially tough armor and materials a lot easier to cut through, which isn't quite what the anti-repulsion field does.
Nicholas: I never thought the anti-repulsion field could work like that...
Nicholas: Honestly it should be impossible given the size of the death saw.
Dr. Rashomon: It would appear that this new functionality has been achieved thanks to Hallessena's skill.
Nicholas: Hehe. Maybe we can ask for her help someday!
Dr. Rashomon: When that time comes she will surely make a formidable ally.
Dr. Rashomon: What I don't understand is how Zogora came back.
Dr. Rashomon: Nicholas, let's scan the area where Zogora first appeared. I just hope my fears turn out to be unfounded.
Hallessena: What's with the boring talk?
Hallessena: Whatever! You all saw what I did, didn't you?
Hallessena: I gave that biggy-lizzy a good sayonara-bye-bye!
Lyria: That was impressive, but you can't just run off on your own like that!
Vyrn: Yeah, geez! We were super worried 'bout you!
Hallessena: Ulp... Sorry... I thought I was being helpful to everyone...
Vyrn: Sigh... Ah, well. It's all good as long as you're safe. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods and musses up Hallessena's hair.
Hallessena: Hehehe... Next time we'll carve up baddies together!
Hallessena: Doesn't matter what enemy we face. I'll give it a beat down to remember! Sayonara-bye-bye!
(Captain) assesses Hallessena, from her wide-toothed grin to the Divine Death Saw of Death hoisted above her head. This crewmate is one of a kind.
While the crew chats with her, Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas feel a twinge of apprehension.
Meanwhile a stranger glares at them from the shadows.
???: That girl took out Zogora by herself? I must report this at once!
The lone man takes note of the situation before disappearing into the darkness.

Now It's My Turn

It turns out Furias is responsible for resurrecting Zogora, and he desires the chain saw after hearing what it's capable of. Imperial soldiers ambush Hallessena as she shops alone in town, but the crew arrives to fight them off.

A major general, short in stature, sits aboard an Erste Empire battleship. He is listening to a soldier's report. The air is tense.
When the soldier finishes his report, the general's brows converge into a glare.
Furias: Huh? You want to run that by me again?
Imperial Soldier 1: Sir! Zogora was successfully revived using dark essence, but... Um... It was destroyed by a Draph girl...
Furias: You... You told me from previous investigations that Zogora couldn't be stopped except by some thing called Robomi.
Furias: Was that a lie? Did you lie to me? That's what you're telling me, isn't it?
Imperial Soldier 1: N-no! That information has been confirmed! Abominations have special shield-like protection—
Furias: Then how in the world does some bratty, little Draph get through that? Are you lying to me again?
Furias: I've heard enough. I don't need failures. Leave.
Imperial Soldier 1: Please, if I may! That girl! She had a weapon with her! It must have a secret to it!
Furias: A weapon?
Furias: One that's strong enough to take out abominations? Heh. I like the sound of that.
Imperial Soldier 1: Y-yeah! It's worth a look! If you give me permission, I'll definitely find her and—
Furias: What? Why are you still here? Should I share your blame with the rest and have everyone punished?
Imperial Soldier 2: Eep! I'll dispose of him at once!
Imperial Soldier 1: No! Stop! Help—
Furias: Hm, what do I want to do...
Meanwhile Hallessena and company have taken on yet another mission to exterminate slimes.
Hallessena: Bwahaha! Keeheehee! Death to sticky-ickies!
Slime: ...!
Vyrn: Sweet! You can finally cut up slimes!
Hallessena: Yahoo! This is crazy to the max!
Hallessena: Nothin's gonna scare me now! Hehehehe!
Slime: ...
Hallessena: Eeek!
Lyria: It looks like you haven't completely gotten over your fear of sticky-ickies just yet.
The slimes continue to torment Hallessena, which makes the crew's slime-busting more difficult, but eventually they prevail.
As they head back to the airship after collecting their reward, Hallessena gives (Captain)'s sleeve a quick tug.
Hallessena: Hey, can I head into town for a bit? I wanna go buy something there...
Lyria: Of course. What are you looking for?
Hallessena: It's a secret!
Hallessena: So you guys can go back first!
Hallessena: I'll be right back! Yee-haw!
Vyrn: Hmm? What's she up to...
(Captain) looks on curiously as Hallessena happily skips away.
Hallessena: La-la-laah! Crazy, crazy, give me your answer, do!
Hallessena: (My crewmates are the best for fixing up my chain saw to slice up sticky-ickies.)
Hallessena: (And with the loot we got from finishing that mission, I can buy some good stuff to say thanks.)
Hallessena: (Almeida, Nicholas, all the craftsmen... I can't wait to spring an insane thank-you on everybody!)
Hallessena: Dee-dee-doo! Lovely, lovely, all so lovely!
Imperial Soldier 3: Hey, look.
Imperial Soldier 2: Red hat... Chain saw... No doubt about it. That's our target.
Hallessena: Was the smithy buried this far in the town?
Hallessena: Oof. Ah, sorry...
Imperial Soldier 3: ...
Hallessena: Huh?
Imperial Soldier 3: Get her!
Soldiers jump out and instantly surround Hallessena.
Hallessena: Wha? Huh? Stop this... I don't like it!
Imperial Soldier 2: Come quietly!
Hallessena: Eeek!
A soldier takes a stab at Hallessena, and she recoils instinctively.
The other soldiers seize the opening and move in to restrain her.
  1. Get away from her!

Choose: Get away from her!
Imperial Soldier 2: Gwah!
Hallessena: (Captain)! Why are you here?
Lyria: We were worried about you, so we followed you.
Lyria: And it's a good thing we did!
Vyrn: What are you losers trying to pull?
Imperial Soldier 3: That's not for you to know! Hand over the girl now!

Now It's My Turn: Scene 2

Returning back to the Grandcypher, the crew finds Marie who tells them that Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas have been kidnapped by the empire. Hallessena swallows her fears, declaring that it's her turn to do the rescuing. They set off after the imperial battleship.

The crew is locked in a fierce battle with imperial soldiers who are trying to kidnap Hallessena.
Imperial Soldier 3: Ugh... I knew it wouldn't be easy on this end!
Imperial Soldier 2: We have word from the messenger! Looks like things are set on the other end!
Imperial Soldier 3: Affirmative! We're in good shape then! Withdraw! Withdraw!
The imperials follow the order and soon vacate the area.
Vyrn: Come back here! Darn it! They got away!
Lyria: What was that all about? They mentioned something about this end and that end...
Vyrn: Don't ask me. But first of all, are you okay?
Hallessena: Nggh... Yeah, it was scary... Just a little though...
Hallessena: But I'm fine now that you're here.
Hallessena calms down, and they all take the road home while keeping an eye on their backs.
When the crew finally arrives back at the Grandcypher, a haggard Marie is waiting for them.
Hallessena: Marie? What's wrong?
Marie: Hallie! (Captain)! Please! You have to save Dad and Nicholas!
Vyrn: Whoa, back up there! Tell us exactly what happened!
Marie takes a deep breath and explains what occurred on the research vessel.
Dr. Rashomon: We're in a bind, Nicholas.
Nicholas: Did you find out something about Zogora?
Dr. Rashomon: I searched the area where it first appeared. I found bits of something called dark essence in Zogora's cells that were left behind.
Dr. Rashomon: It's highly likely that this dark essence was responsible for Zogora's resurrection.
Dr. Rashomon: There have been eyewitness reports of Erste soldiers in the vicinity.
Nicholas: You're saying the empire is responsible for bringing Zogora back? What do they want with—
Dr. Rashomon: ...!
Intruder alarms begin to blare, but it's too late. Imperials storm the research vessel.
Imperial Soldier 4: Dr. Rashomon, I presume. And you would be Nicholas. You will kindly follow us.
Nicholas: Speak of the devil... We don't have to listen to anything you say—
Imperial Soldier 4: Deny us all you want. But how's this instead?
Marie: Let me go!
Dr. Rashomon: Marie!
Nicholas: You cowards!
Imperial Soldier 4: I don't care what you call me. Our lives are in danger too!
Imperial Soldier 4: I promise to release her if you come without a fuss. So what's it going to be?
Nicholas: Grr... Fine. We'll go. Just tell me what you're planning to do.
Imperial Soldier 4: Humph. You'll see for yourselves once you come with us.
Marie: That's how they were taken away on an imperial battleship.
Lyria: I can't believe that happened. They even tried to kidnap Hallessena too. Just how far are they willing to go?
Marie: Hallessena too? Oh dear...
Hallessena: Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas should be okay, right?
Marie: I don't know. Maybe some awful things are being done to them...
Hallessena: S-something awful?
Vyrn: Look, thinking about it isn't gonna solve anything! We need to move, people!
Lyria: Yes! Let's hurry!
Hallessena: ...
Vyrn: What's up, Hallessena?
Hallessena: (If they had kidnapped me back there... They would've done awful things to me...)
Hallessena: Sob...
Marie: Of course... Hallessena went through a terrible ordeal herself.
Lyria: It's okay, Hallessena. You don't have to push yourself if you don't want to.
Vyrn: We'll do the rest, so you can take it easy.
Vyrn: You wouldn't wanna go and make more bad memories.
Hallessena: But... But... Oooh...
  1. Squeeze her hand.
  2. What do you want to do?

Choose: Squeeze her hand.
(Captain) takes her trembling hand and looks her gently in the eye.
Hallessena: Oh...
Hallessena: ((Captain)'s hand is warm and safe. I can feel my own heartbeats.)
Hallessena: (Talking with Nicholas and Dr. Rashomon was like this too.)
Hallessena: My mind's made up, (Captain).

Choose: What do you want to do?
Hallessena: ...!
Hallessena: I... I've made my choice!
Hallessena: I wanna go save 'em!
Continue 1
Hallessena: They're my friends, just like (Captain). They made me feel safe and welcome!
Hallessena: So this time... This time I'll be the one to make them feel safe and sound!
Hallessena: I ain't got time to be afraid!
Hallessena: Yeee-haaaw!
Hallessena's eyes are still wet as she revs the chain saw's engine, perhaps in a bid to bolster her own words.
Vyrn: Hehehe, nice speech! All right! Let's go save our friends!
(Captain) nods, and the airship speeds off after the imperial battleship.
Vyrn: Hiiiyaaah! Wachaaa! Move, move, move!
Imperial Soldier 2: Waagh!
Hallessena: If you don't get outta the way, you're gonna kiss my death saw! Then it's sayonara-bye-bye for you!
Imperial Soldier 5: Yikes! Who the hell are these people? We can't stop them!
Imperial Soldier 4: Ugh, it's still in the testing stage, but I don't see any other way out this! Start it up!
A hatch opens, and an Adversa-like machine rises up onto the deck of the battleship.
Vyrn: Sigh, not this again! (Captain)'s got your
But (Captain)'s attack is repelled before it can come close to harming the machine.
Lyria: Gasp! That looked just like Zogora's barrier!
Imperial Soldier 4: Hahaha! So you noticed!
Imperial Soldier 4: This is the latest in Erste Empire research! A new class of Adversas equipped with the shields of the abominations!
Imperial Soldier 5: You can't even damage it with normal weapons, let alone—
Hallessena: Sayonara!
Hallessena: Bye-byeee!
Imperial Soldier 4: Wha? Im-impossible! I refuse to believe it!
Vyrn: That's it! I forgot you had a shield-busting system installed in your death saw!
Imperial Soldier 4: Urgh! There's plenty more where that came from!
Adversa Mechanica: ...
Hallessena: Heeheehee! Looks like I'm the only one who can finish the job! Get down, (Captain)!
Hallessena: You're in my safe hands now! Let's rock 'n' roll!

Now It's My Turn: Scene 3

Furias holds Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas captive in order to mass produce more chain saws, but since Hallessena's the only one that can make them, Furias gives her an ultimatum. She appears to comply at first before attacking Furias in defiance.

Hallessena cuts through the Adversas like butter and forces the defeated imperials to cough up the location of the captives.
The crew find the cell and open the door.
Hallessena: Nicholas! Dr. Rashomon!
Dr. Rashomon: Nggh... Hallessena?
Nicholas: Guh...
Hallessena: Those wounds are terrible...
Furias: Oho, so you're Hallessena. Cripes, you're slow. I was getting sick and tired of waiting.
Vyrn: Why, you! What are you talking about?
Nicholas: This guy... is dangerous... He's trying to weaponize the abominations...
Dr. Rashomon: He was planning to use Zogora for his own designs.
Vyrn: That's messed up! You got some real brain problems, buster!
Furias: Well, that's the gist of it, even though I had to change my plans along the way. Too many defects. Too much garbage.
Furias: So I think I'll just mass produce that brat's weapon that's even capable of taking out Zogora instead.
Lyria: You tried to kidnap Hallessena, and then you kidnapped Nicolas and the doctor just to make more Divine Death Saws of Death?
Furias: Death Saw?
Furias: What kinda crap name is that? Eh, whatever.
Furias: I nabbed these two at first, but then I find out they couldn't make it themselves.
Dr. Rashomon: Only Hallessena has that knowledge. It's impossible with just the two of us.
Furias: I believe that's what the old fart said. What else was I supposed to do but wait for the little punk to show up?
Furias: So long have I waited. So, sooo long. And now look at my toys. They're all worn out from playtime.
Nicholas: Gaaah!
Hallessena: Nicholas!
Vyrn: Why aren't they fighting back? I know how strong you are, Nicholas!
Furias: Oh, please. It's pretty obvious when you use that tiny brain of yours. Violence against me would be a very, very bad idea.
Furias: Everything these two hold dear would end up being disposed of. Everything. You get me?
Furias: See? They're still standing, aren't they? Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work?
Vyrn: You creep... As if you were giving them a choice to listen to the junk spewing from your mouth!
Lyria: They're not playthings!
Furias: So? You think I care what they are? Playthings, trash—whichever's fine with me.
Hallessena: They're not trash either! They're friends I can trust!
Hallessena: I'll never help someone like you! You can't have my death saw!
Furias: Damn, you're annoying. Quiet down, girlie. You're pissing... me off... Every last one of you...
Furias: Damn it, damn it, damn it! I can't stand the sight of garbage!
Hallessena: Eek!
Furias transforms in a rage and knocks Hallessena off her feet.
Lyria: Aaah! Hallessena!
Furias: Hey. Get in there.
Imperial Soldier 4: Sir!
Vyrn: Darn it! Get out of our way!
The crew immediately moves toward Hallessena, but imperial soldiers cut them off.
Hallessena: Ow... Nngh...
Furias: Oh, good. You're hardier than I thought. Yes, excellent. This is your last chance.
Furias: Make the weapon. Otherwise I'll have everyone disposed of.
Furias: That means all the precious people you ever knew... I'll erase them! Poof!
Hallessena: Erase? Almeida too? And Marie?
Furias: Hey, if it comes to that, I'll make it nice and quick for you so you won't have to worry about it! So decide already.
Nicholas: Don't do it... Hallessena...
Hallessena: Ooh... Sob...
Hallessena wobbles onto her feet. Her face is twisted with fear as she approaches Furias.
Furias: Sigh. Why didn't you just obey me from the beginning like I asked you to—
Hallessena: Hiiiyaaah!
Furias: Aaagggh! Damn you!
Hallessena: If you so much as raise a finger at anyone, I'll be there to protect them! No matter when, and no matter what!
Hallessena: I'll mince you up till there's nothing left to mince! I won't let anything happen to my friends!
Furias: Damn it, damn it, damn it! What is this? Amateur hour?
Furias: Exterminate them! Exterminate them all!
Hallessena: Give it your best shot, you lump of crap!

Now It's My Turn: Scene 4

Thanks to Hallessena's heroism, Furias is defeated, and Dr. Rashomon and Nicholas are rescued. The crew visits the research vessel again some days later. This time it's Hallessena who bears handmade gifts for everyone.

Furias: Aaah! Aaah! Damn it!
Imperial Soldier 4: M-Major General! Retreat!
Witnessing Furias's defeat, the imperials grab the little man who has returned to his normal form and abandon their battleship.
Hallessena: Huff... Huff...
(Captain) catches Hallessena as she crumples to the ground.
Hallessena: Hehe... Thanks... But forget about me for sec... What about Nicholas and Dr. Rashomon?
Nicholas: We're both safe thanks to you, Hallessena.
Hallessena: That's... good...
Lyria: Hallessena! Are you—
Hallessena: Snore... Snore...
Vyrn: Um, I think she's gonna be okay. Phew, it's time for all of us to head back too. This was one rough outing.
With the exhausted Hallessena sleeping soundly on (Captain)'s back, the entire party leaves the battleship far in the distance.
A few days pass by.
The crew is invited back to the Rashomon Research Vessel to receive another round of thanks.
Nicholas: Hallessena! We really want to thank you again for helping us out back then!
Dr. Rashomon: Yes, from the bottom of our hearts. We wouldn't be standing here if not for you.
Vyrn: You were totally the boss! I thought you would've gotten scared or something, but nope!
Lyria: We couldn't do anything, but you took care of things for us!
Hallessena: It's obviously because I'm everyone's safety blanket! Heeheehee!
Hallessena: By the way, Nicholas, Dr. Rashomon.
Dr. Rashomon: Hm? What is it?
Hallessena: This is something I whipped up for you guys!
Nicholas: Whoa, it's a mini-Gigantes! I'd say it's about 1:100 in scale!
Dr. Rashomon: It's been recreated perfectly down to the smallest detail! This is an unbelievable talent you have, Hallessena!
Hallessena: And I made stuff for the crew too! Like this one! It's just a replica though...
Lyria: Wow, a mini-Divine Death Saw of Death! Heehee, it's crazy to the max!
Vyrn: Ah, so that's what you went into town to shop for. Spare parts.
Hallessena: Yep! And for Almeida... I made an army of Vaserav crochet dolls!
Hallessena: I wanted to show my appreciation to everyone who has helped me out.
Hallessena sets down the bag she had been carrying and opens it up.
She reveals a veritable trove of handmade gifts.
Lyria: Hehehe... You're a thoughtful girl, Hallessena.
Hallessena: You know it! Now help me hand these out to everyone! C'mon, (Captain)!
Vyrn: You got it!
Nicholas: I can't get over how impressive this piece of engineering is. Look at this, Doc. She used 100% pure gigas steel...
Dr. Rashomon: Indeed... Witnessing this flawless model reignites the fires of my creative juices.
Nicholas: I know what you mean! Let's hop to ordering more gigas steel so we can make a legion of Gigantes!
Hallessena: Ooh, ooh! Can I help too?
Nicholas: Yeah, of cour—
Marie: ...
Nicholas: Marie? Uh... Ahaha, we were just...
Marie: Nicholas, Dad, Hallessena... Do you know how much money we have left after we souped up the death saw? Zero.
Hallessena: Eep...
Vyrn: Haha, looks like there are still scary things in this world.
Lyria: That's our Hallessena! To the max!
(Captain) nods and continues to watch Marie berate the trio with a smirk.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
サヨナラバイバイッ! Sayonara-bye-bye!
サイコーにクレ~ジ~ッ! Crazy to the max!
ヒャアアッ!!ミンチにしてやらァ! Raah! I'll turn you into minced meat!
ぼくの壊天刃サイコーにクレ~ジ~だろ? My Divine Deathsaw of Death is beyond crazy!
トカゲェ!!!超ラブリィ~! You drop-dead gorgeous lizzy-lizard!
ガロンゾの燃料はサイコーだぜぇ! The gasoline at Golonzo is quality to the max!
さみぃとこだと…壊天刃の動きが… My Divine Deathsaw of Death can't take the cold...
…もう一人じゃねぇんだなぁ…ケケッ I'm not alone anymore... Hehe.
(主人公)…ありがと… Thank you, (Captain)...
(主人公)の傍はあんぜんあんしんだな (Captain)'s side is the safest place to be!