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Official Profile

Age 15 Height 166 cm Race Human
Hobbies Training, meditation, stargazing
Likes Flowers, instant killing, fluffy animals
Dislikes Meat, killing with poison, machines that break easily

Character Release

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Age 15歳 Height 166cm Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 修行、瞑想、天体観測
Likes 花、瞬殺、もこもこした動物
Dislikes 肉、毒殺、壊れやすそうな機械

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy Birthday, (Captain). I wanted to celebrate, but I'm not sure what to do...
My clan lives in the darkness. We avoid showy things like personal celebrations, so I have no idea what people do on birthdays.
What am I good at? Poisoning, disguises, interrogation, explosives, combat... None of these seem appropriate.
But if there's something I can do, please tell me, I'd be happy to help, (Captain)!


Happy birthday. I'm glad to have the opportunity to celebrate this wondrous occasion.
I've worked hard to make this the most special day for you.
Death by explosion, poison, or the traditional stab—you name it, and I'll carry out the hit.
Do you have any targets in mind?
It does not have to be today. I am ready to carry out your orders anytime you wish, Master (Captain).


Happy birthday to you. It is an absolute honor to witness this day with you.
I am unworthy, but I am prepared to utilize my clan's techniques to brighten your special day.
First are the explosives. I have prepared roughly one hundred shots of fireworks.
Next is poison tasting. Observe how I can detect poisons in food with but a whiff.
Moving on to assassination. Name your target, and in one fell swoop I will—
Hm? Have I gone too far?
Ah, please excuse my poor habits! You are too kind to tolerate my antics... I must work on my diligence.


Happy birthday, Master. I have the honor once again of helping you celebrate this auspicious day.
Naturally, I plan to use my clan's techniques to enliven the festivities...
You said you felt last year's performance was too dangerous, so this year I reduced the amount of gunpowder used in my fireworks, and the number of different poisons I will be using in the poison-tasting demonstration.
I was unable to decide how best to scale down the assassination aspect of my tribute...
But perhaps the changes to the explosive and poisonous portions are enough to meet your specifications?
I'm sorry? Working with explosives and poisons at all is dangerous enough?
Ohh.. Oh no! I failed to understand your directions entirely, didn't I?
How many years in a row is it now that I have obliged you to spend reeducating me?
But no longer. Next year, I swear, I shall orchestrate the perfect celebration for you, (Captain).


Happy birthday, Master! No matter how many times we celebrate this glorious day together, still my heart shakes in wonder!
I hope you will allow me to honor this wonderful day with the techniques of my clan once again.
Of course, I have not forgotten your words. You informed me of the dangers in explosives and poison-tasting demonstrations.
That is why, this year, I have applied my techniques in explosives to make fireworks that form congratulatory words upon detonation.
In addition, I have prepared a dish with delicious ingredients that are, by nature, poisonous, but are now safe to eat as I have nullified the poison inside them.
However, I was unable to think of a suitable solution for my tribute via assassination, so I'm afraid I have failed to arrange anything in that aspect...
It is enough, you say? You are too kind, Master! Thank you!
Ah, how impudent of me to bathe in my own joy when today is a day for you alone. Allow me to commence this year's celebrations with a display of fireworks. Enjoy!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Greetings on this, the beginning of another year. I hope it is full of many wonders. You're a truly inspirational captain.
Huh? I'm too formal? I'm sorry, that's just how I was trained. H-Happy New Year!
Haha... I feel a bit embarassed now.


Are you ready to rock the new year, Master (Captain)?
Ah, I was simply trying out a more casual New Year's greeting...
Did it seem odd?
Too stiff, you say? Hmm...
Trying to say it naturally is actually quite difficult. But I shall continue to practice.


Happy New Year, Master. I sincerely hope ya have a boss year.
Um... That's not really how young people talk, is it? It's difficult trying to match the way they speak.
Hmm... More difficult than assassinations even. I must concentrate harder.


Master, this year I wish to offer you my felicitations in a style more befitting my age.
Prepare yourself... Here I go.
Slappy New-New, best wishes, party hearty, may old acquaintance be forgot, bang out those resolutions, my dude, to Zinkenstill with love, Jamil.
How was that? I asked advice from everyone who patronizes Raduga and decided to combine their suggestions.
From the look on your face, I suspect I missed the mark...
I will begin training for next year.


Master, this year... please allow me to offer my greetings in a manner befitting my age.
I received words of advice from various customers at Raduga, as well as from a few members of our crew...
I believe I've prepared something more suited for my age.
Here I go!
Happy New Year. I am most grateful for the kindness and advice you have given me in the past year. No words can fully express my heartfelt appreciation for you, Master.
Though there is still much for me to learn, I hope I can continue to receive your guidance over the duration of this upcoming year. My best happy New Year wishes, and may you have a totally awesome one.
I was told that it would be best to tailor my greetings into something befitting my age as well as my personality. How was it?
It was very appropriate for me? Do you truly think so, Master? Thank you very much! What a splendid start to the new year!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Chocolate? Thank you very much. I've never received a gift like this before...
Well, actually my mother used to give it to me, but it was during my assassin training, so all kinds of poisons were mixed into it.
I don't know what chocolate even tastes like without poison... Thank you, Master (Captain)!


Thank you, Master (Captain). I will savor every bite of these chocolates.
We simply say chocolates, but there are actually so many varieties of chocolates.
From the sweet, to the bitter, to the nut-filled kind...
There could even be poison-filled chocolates—and that would not be easy to detect.
Ah! That's not to say I thought you would inject any poison into these chocolates! Please believe me, Master (Captain)!


Chocolates for me? Thank you, Master!
I take one bite each day of the year, or two bites on holidays, all while thinking of you.
Just one daily bite is enough to keep me satiated. Rather than waste the last bite, I keep the last bit preserved. I still have it with me.
This year's chocolate will be no exception. I'll preserve it with the utmost care so that its existence may last into eternity!


To think that you've honored me yet again with your handmade chocolate...
I am unworthy of such kindness, Master. I promise to relish every—Hm?
Master, why are there two boxes here?
What? The second is for me to save?
Th... Thank you so much! I will take immediate measures to preserve it, and display it proudly in my room!
This way, I may partake of all the chocolates in the first box, knowing that I have a second in reserve!
These... These tremors are but the outward expression of how deeply your kindness has moved me...


Master... what exactly is this mountain of chocolate for?
...! My apologies. Please, allow me to assist with the deliveries.
Huh? These chocolates... They're all for me?
Why I... I don't know what to say! This is such an honor!
You've even gone so far as to recreate the same chocolate I reserved from before.
You've put so much thought into this, Master! I'm so happy... I can't even find the words right now.
Very well. I'll be thinking fondly of you with every bite I take out of these chocolates.
And... you've even made another reserve chocolate for me this year! Mark my words, I'll treasure this one as much as the others!

White Day Cutscenes
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Master (Captain), I have brought a gift for you. It's to say thank you for what you do for me every day.
It's a special medicine my clan uses to cure fatigue. We pickle fruit using salt and bury it in pots, normally for about a hundred years.
And don't worry—I made sure there's no poison. I just hope it's sweet enough.


Master (Captain), won't you please accept this gift?
Please rest your fears. I've learned my lesson from last year, and so this is store-bought.
And, of course, I've also tested it for poison!
Though rewrapping the gift proved to be quite the ordeal... I hope you enjoy it.


I've brought you a White Day gift, Master. Please accept it with my regards.
It's a famous confection passed down on Ravi Island within the Erste royal family.
Only clan members with distinguished service records are allowed to have this rare taste. So as my appreciation to you, I—
What? You're asking me to take a bite with you?
U-unacceptable! I'm still lacking in rank, a mere amateur who acts more or less like a rookie. Please forgive me for not meeting your standards!


I have prepared a White Day gift to thank you for your generosity last month, Master.
Ladiva was kind enough to allow me free rein in the subgalley, from selecting my ingredients to molding the chocolate.
I hope you will find the results satisfactory.
I've already tested it for poison... er, for flavor, I mean.
Therefore, there is no need for you to share any with me this year.
What do you mean, it has nothing to do with taste testing?
Ah, no! Master, please, this is most indecorous! Stop, I beg of you!


Master, if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could I ask for a moment of your time? I've prepared a White Day gift for you.
As thanks for the chocolate you've graciously given me this year, I put my heart into making this for you.
To be honest, I couldn't decide what to make you and, well, I ended up making you a small smorgasbord...
I wasn't able to be decisive even here. I'm an embarrassment to my clan.
But if you haven't eaten yet, perhaps it may be to your liking?
Th-thank you! Very well, please follow me then.
Under one condition? You want me to join you? Oh, no. I couldn't.
Well, since you insist... It would be my honor to eat by your side, (Captain).

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Hmm... I've dressed up for Halloween, but it doesn't seem to be going well.
I used my clan's disguise techniques to play the role of Vyrn, but no one reacted...
It seems I am still inexperienced. I'll try and make a better disguise next year!


Cough... I thought I'd try to play the role of Vyrn again this year, but...
Katalina walked by when I was practicing how to say, I ain't no lizard.
The extensive training she provided was most helpful, but now I'm losing my voice...
Perhaps next year will finally be my chance to shine as the ultimate Vyrn impersonator.


Unnh... Cough... I'm sorry, Master...
After much practice I thought I would finally be able to pass myself off perfectly as Vyrn this year...
But then Katalina and the other VLA members appeared to provide me with coaching, and I have nearly lost my voice as a result.
Cough... Just who are those people? I suppose my perfect-Vyrn disguise will have to wait another year...
It is regrettable. I must train my vocal chords further.


I ain't no... Cough, cough!
Ah, forgive me, Master. I'm sorry you had to see me this way. You see, the VLA invited me to their boot camp.
There, I received rigorous training on how to impersonate Vyrn.
I have been training my voice since my failure last year, but even so, I struggled to meet the VLA members' expectations.
I finally pushed my vocal chords a bit too far.
It is with deep shame that I admit myself unworthy of my Vyrn costume this year too.
However, I am inspired by the VLA's uncompromising standards.
I, too, must accept no less than excellence in all my endeavors.


I ain't... no lizard!
Huh! Have you been listening the entire time, Master? Yes, I was able to participate in this year's VLA boot camp once again.
I believe I still have a long way to go, but the VLA members have been kind enough to say otherwise.
They told me they were moved by my will to impersonate Vyrn, and have since granted me initiation into their arts.
How was my impersonation by your standards, Master? Were you satisfied with my performance?
Ah, that is wonderful news indeed! Then I shall prepare my Vyrn attire at once.
At last, I can reveal Vyrn's costume in all its glory... What a joyous day this is!
An impersonation it may be, but to think that I can stand beside you, Master, in the form of your irreplaceable friend... Halloween is truly an event to commemorate!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hmm... Ah, would you like a gift, Master (Captain)? I have obtained some toys and treasures.
Yes, I liberated them from a bandit. He was carrying a large bag full of presents as he ran away from me.
But there's one thing I don't understand. Why would he dress in such an eye-catching red outfit... What? It was Rackam in costume?
Oh no... This is the most mortifying thing that's ever happened to me...


... Ah, Master (Captain), forgive me for not responding immediately.
Because of my little mishap the previous year, I decided to give Rackam a hand this year.
But he immediately told me to run off to bed for some reason.
I wonder if he'll be okay carrying such a large bag alone...


I have erected a snowman over there, Master. Please make good use of it.
Hm? For what purpose?
My clan would routinely use it for clandestine operations. You can observe the enemy by hiding inside.
Even if a snowman wasn't there before, no one would give a second thought to a freshly made one. There is a small caveat however...
You'll freeze to death if you fall asleep inside it. Well, honestly it's not that big of a deal.


Are you heading out, Master?
In that case, rest assured that your security will be absolute. I have built snowmen all over town in which I can conceal myself in order to watch over you.
Should any miscreants dare to cast the shadow of violence over your holiday outing, I shall eliminate them before they have a chance to—
Hm? I should just come along with you? But...
Understood. Then I shall travel with you as your bodyguard.
Thank you for your consideration.


Master... Are you certain you want to lend your assistance? I'm perfectly capable of making a snowman for infiltration purposes on my own...
Could it be that... there is a flaw with my snowmen? If that's the case, please inform me of it and I will work to fix it immediately!
There aren't any flaws? I see... I'm relieved to hear that.
Still, I would hate for your plans on this holy night to be interrupted from helping me with this endeavor. Perhaps it would be better if you...
Huh... You'd like me to walk you through how to make a snowman, step by step?
Very well! If that is your wish, then I would be more than glad to oblige.
Wait! Master? By walking me through it step by step, you don't mean... actually taking me by the hand and walking together?

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Pride Veiled in Purple

When (Captain) and Lyria are caught in a commotion with imperial troops, they work with a young man named Jamil to escape the island. Armed with unique sword skills and a mutual distaste for the empire, he joins the crew.

An imperial airship. Somewhere inside sits one of the empire's leading advisors, the Black Knight.
The Black Knight is listening to a battle report involving a rebel airship.
Imperial Soldier: Most of the shots glanced off the bow, so casualties have been kept to a minimum.
Black Knight: I see. As you were.
Imperial Soldier: Yes, Commander!
Black Knight: ...
Black Knight: What is it now?
Imperial Soldier: My apologies. I have another report. Please take a look at this.
Black Knight: Very well...
Imperial Soldier: Here it is.
As the soldier moves across the room, a lightning-fast flash bears down on the Black Knight.
But the Black Knight reacts with superhuman speed, blocking the attack with a sword.
Imperial Soldier: As expected from one of the Seven Luminary Knights.
Black Knight: Pathetic. Did you come to show me your cute little knife dance while I was distracted with news about the rebel airship?
Jamil: I have come for your life, Black Knight.
Black Knight: Heh, trying to assassinate someone in mid-flight, with nowhere to escape... What a foolish plan.
Jamil: All that's stopping me is your sword.
Black Knight: I see, so you chose the reckless approach. But at the end of the day, all you have is smoke and mirrors!
Jamil: !
Black Knight: Are you done with your magic tricks yet?
Jamil: Irjas!
Black Knight: What?
Jamil: Hyaaah!
Black Knight: This swordsmanship... You're from the Urzhuwan Clan!
Jamil: Ah, so you remember... You remember the clan that you tried to erase from history!
Black Knight: Hah, so this is revenge for those the empire has wronged. You remind me of your father... How is he?
Jamil: He chose death. But I took on his despair... and his techniques!
Black Knight: Heh... Not bad for a youngling.
Jamil: Huff... Huff...
Imperial Soldier: What's going on? I heard the sound of swords clashing—
Jamil: ...
Black Knight: What are you going to do now? Continue fighting?
Jamil: I'll be back. And you will not be spared my wrath.
Black Knight: I hope you do return. Your hatred is a powerful force.
Imperial Soldier: Hnngh... A-are you all right? The intruder has escaped in a skyskimmer!
Black Knight: Leave him. He won't survive the current.
Imperial Soldier: But—
Black Knight: ...
The following day (Captain) and Lyria are on an island within the empire's territory.
The crew are trying to resupply the ship, keeping a low profile as they shop.
Lyria: Erm... That's all for everyday items we need... Should we head back to the ship?
Lyria: I feel like there are more soldiers around than normal today...
Jamil: Excuse me. Do you know where I can find an apothecary?
Lyria: Actually, yes. Just over there on that corner! Err, are you okay?
Jamil: Thank you. Farewell.
Lyria: ...?
Imperial Soldier: Hey! Young lady!
Lyria: Eek! Are you... Are you talking to me?
Imperial Soldier: Yes. We're searching for a rebel who is after the Black Knight.
Imperial Soldier: Hmm... You look familiar. Aren't you the girl from that wanted poster?
Lyria: Eek! Er... No, that's not me!
Jamil: It's my fault that the security is so tight here!
Jamil: ...
Imperial Soldier: Huh? Hey, you boy. You've dropped some—Ugh, this dagger is covered in blood!
Jamil: Now. Run!
Lyria: Huh? What? Why did that person...
  1. He told us to run.
  2. We have to help him.

Choose: He told us to run.
Lyria: Oh, he dropped the dagger on purpose to help us!

Choose: We have to help him.
Lyria: How should we—
Continue 1
Imperial Soldier: Hey, why is there blood on your dagger? Where were you last night?
Jamil: Ah... Well, you see... I was...
(Now, in five seconds I'll go for his throat... or his vitals.)
Jamil: Th-this is a misunderstanding! I found it earlier!
(I'll get them before they can react!)
Lyria: E-excuse me! I'm the girl from the wanted poster!
Imperial Soldier: Wha—
Jamil: Huh?
Lyria: Ahaha... Haha... Haa... Um... So...
Imperial Soldier: Are you trying to make a fool of me? Men, prepare for battle. Capture these miscreants!
Lyria: Eek! I'm sorry, (Captain)!
Imperial Soldier: Hehehe! This'll be easy!
Jamil: ...
Lyria: Wh-what just happened? They just...
Jamil: I'm moving so slowly... I must have broken a rib in the crash...
Jamil: But... I'll help you both on your way! We'll break through the line—together!
The crew makes its way past the guards, arriving at the port and taking off on the Grandcypher.
Having boarded the airship along with them, Jamil formally introduces himself to the crew.
Katalina: Thank you, Jamil. For looking after Lyria and the others.
Jamil: No, thank you. I needed a way off this island actually.
Lyria: So you're fighting against the empire too, Jamil?
Jamil: Yes. They are my family's sworn enemy.
Lyria: In that case... why don't you come and travel with us? We're being chased by the empire too!
Jamil: Huh? Really? That would be great, but...
Lyria: It'll be fine! I was talking about it earlier with (Captain)!
Jamil: Thank you... Thank you so much.
Katalina: Hm...
(He seems like an upstanding young man...)
Katalina: (But his blade skills... They seem like those of an assassin... Is it really okay to have him in the crew?)
Lyria: Huh? What do you mean, (Captain) and I are your masters?
Jamil: The skills of my clan were created to protect the masters.
Jamil: I would like to accompany you, as if I were your shadow. Would this be acceptable?
Lyria: Hahaha... Well...
  1. Let's be friends!
  2. Paw please.

Choose: Let's be friends!
Jamil: Friends... I understand, Master (Captain). I will follow you as a shadow... and as a friend.

Choose: Paw please.
Jamil: Woof.
Lyria: No! (Captain), don't make him do that!
Continue 2
Katalina: Hehe, maybe I was too jaded. Let's trust him for now.
Jamil: I can also act as a poison taster. I have become immune to various poisons over my lifetime.
Lyria: Wait, what? No, no, no, we don't need that!
And so Jamil joins the crew on their journey. He takes (Captain) and Lyria as his masters, gaining his first friends.
Despite his fantastic swordsmanship, there is a darkness about the young man. But a light has been kindled in his heart.

Truth Revealed in Black

Jamil has a long talk with the Black Knight—revealing his clan's connection with the Erste royal family. His grudge against the Black Knight is laid bare, but a golem outbreak occurs in town before he can act upon it.

The crew is on Ravi Island where the Erste Kingdom once flourished.
After breaking the Black Knight out of prison, the crew goes with her to rescue Orchis.
Together they head to the former capital, Mephorash.
Lyria: Orchis... Where could you be...
Katalina: It'll be fine; we'll find her. Let's take a break and have some food.
Jamil: ...
The crew takes a break in town from the search for Orchis. While there, a man appears.
Townsperson: Excuse me, are you skyfarers? I have a favor to ask of you.
Lyria: Ah, a mission? What should we do, Katalina?
Katalina: Yes, we could take on a mission. But with how busy we are at the moment, we can't accept anything too time-consuming...
Townsperson: Oh, that's fine! I've just been worried about the noises coming from my neighbor's house... Could you go and take a quick look at it?
Katalina: Huh? Why not just talk to your neighbor directly about it?
Townsperson: Well... He never listens to me.
Katalina: Hmm... This could be difficult...
Jamil: Is there a problem? Sounds like you need an assassin. I'll take care of him.
Townsperson: Thank you so much! If you could take care of him, that'd be... Wait, what?
Lyria: Whaaa—No, no, that's not right, Jamil! You can't just assassinate people!
Townsperson: Oh, I don't want him assassinated! He just got a divorce. I'd feel sorry for the guy.
Jamil: I see. Shall I assassinate the wife then?
Katalina: Jamil! This is not a problem that can be solved with assassination! Stop suggesting it!
Jamil: I-I'm sorry. I didn't consider that...
Jamil: My apologies, I will leave you in peace.
Jamil: ...
Black Knight: What's wrong with you? Do you miss your home?
Jamil: No... My clan was lost ten years ago. I hardly remember them; I was so small.
Jamil: However... When we rescue Princess Orchis, the black stain on my clan's legacy will finally be erased.
Black Knight: That's all well and good. But you don't know the truth of what happened.
Jamil: I know it just fine. We of the Urzhuwan Clan have served the Erste royal family for generations.
Jamil: But because we stood against imperialism, we were overpowered and exiled from the country.
Black Knight: Yes, I heard about that afterwards. Casting aside the loyal servants of the royal family was indeed a foolish thing to do.
Jamil: So you're saying it has nothing to do with you?
Black Knight: You have my sympathy. Those who spoke out against imperialization were cut off, but they were never hunted down.
Jamil: I don't believe a word you're saying.
Black Knight: Fine, do as you please. But as far as I'm concerned—
???: !
Black Knight: What? That sound, it's—
Lyria: Oh no! There are golems rampaging through town!
Jamil: Golems? Quick, we have to stop them!

Truth Revealed in Black: Scene 2

The Black Knight reveals that it was a traitor within Jamil's clan who influenced the Imperial Intelligence Bureau's (IIB) decision to wipe out the entire clan. Though shocked at the revelation, Jamil focuses on taking care of the golems first.

The crew has trouble dealing with the sudden rampage of the golems in town.
Jamil: What's going on? Why are there golems here?
Black Knight: Grrr... Concentrate on the fight, not on useless details!
Townsperson: Help! The golem in the house next door is going crazy!
Jamil: Understood. Get to safety!
Townsperson: Thank you! Watch out for that woman over there!
Black Knight: Hah, pointless. I could sense your intent from the moment I saw you. You're from the Imperial Intelligence Bureau, aren't you?
Spy: Unggh... How did you anticipate my attack?
Jamil: Those assassin techniques!
Jamil: How did an imperial soldier learn the ways of my clan? Does it have anything to do with the golems?
Black Knight: I'll tell you what I know, boy.
Black Knight: When the empire was founded, there was a man who taught your family's techniques to the spies and climbed the ranks of nobility.
Black Knight: Maybe if you connect the golems to that, you'll start to piece together the truth of what happened to your family.
Jamil: Someone who can control golems and knows the secret assassin techniques of my family...
Jamil: The mastermind behind this... is a member of the Urzhuwan Clan?
Spy: Grr... Die, Black Knight!
Spy: Wha? Gnnngh...
Jamil: Tell me. Who taught you those techniques.
Spy: If I betray their secrets, my family will be in danger. The Intelligence Bureau is a ruthless organization.
Spy: Unnghhh... What a waste...
Jamil: Poison...
Black Knight: Hey! Don't just stand there! Have you forgotten about the golems?
Jamil: Worry not. I will protect the city of Mephorash with my life!

Truth Revealed in Black: Scene 3

Jamil reveals his real identity and past to the crew, explaining that his true foes are the Imperial Intelligence Bureau and the traitor to his clan. He swears his allegiance to the crew, more determined than ever to take down the empire.

The crew finally brings peace back to the town. Having discovered the truth about the events surrounding his family, Jamil speaks to the crew.
Jamil: My parents were under the protection of the crown until they were exiled...
Jamil: They couldn't adjust to life after they left, with no one to serve and no one to protect them.
Jamil: There were only ten or so clan members left, and most haven't been heard from in years.
Lyria: Hmm... I see...
Katalina: Ah... Then your special blade techniques were...
Black Knight: Indeed. Forbidden techniques conducted in the shadows of our history for the royal family.
Jamil: I hated the empire... I always thought that I would deliver their comeuppance some day.
Jamil: But I was wrong. What destroyed my clan... was someone from the clan itself.
Jamil: Whether he hated the clan or wanted to advance himself remains unknown... But he made a deal with the Imperial Intelligence Bureau.
Lyria: He betrayed his own clan... How could he?
Black Knight: Those insolent rats at the bureau... Resorting to such underhanded tactics under my nose...
Jamil: I want to know the truth about my clan. And I want to get the true culprit.
Jamil: (Captain), everyone... Will you help me do this?
Katalina: Haha, what are you talking about? We're your friends, aren't we?
Lyria: Of course! As long as we're travelling together, we've got each other's backs!
Jamil: Thank you.
Jamil: Father... Mother... I have been blessed with true companions...
Jamil continues traveling with the crew and fighting against the empire, vowing to find the truth about his clan someday.
Will the truth set him free? Or will it plunge him into an even deeper darkness? Only time will tell.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
俺が屠りましょう I will fight for you.
我が一族の技、お見せしましょう Witness the techniques of my clan!
本当の神速とは、止まって見えるもの… True speed must be seen to be believed.
ルリア様は、純粋な方ですね Lyria is such an innocent young woman.
(主人公)様、俺は貴方の影です (Captain), I will be your shadow.
通らせて頂きます We can pass through this way.
一撃瞬殺こそ、俺の理想なんです One-hit finishes are my specialty.
一族の技の名は、古代語だと聞いてます The names of my clan's techniques are only known in the old tongue.
カタリナ様の剣術は、実に洗練されている… Katalina's sword techniques actually freeze the enemy... Impressive.
(主人公)様は、俺が守らせて頂きます (Captain), I will protect you from harm.