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Official Profile[edit]

Age 19 years
Height 158cm
Race Human
Hobbies Embroidery, taking walks
Likes Sweet butter cookies
Dislikes Feminine things (cosmetics, talking about romance, etc.)
During the time of the War the heroes who fought the Astrals in anticipated return in a later age and built a town: Orleans. The people of Orleans spent their days training. Jeanne d'Arc is one of those people. She is serious and, above all, trained with much zeal. She was approved by the others and put in change of a troop at the age of 19. That day she received a revelation from a great dragon that told her: "Save the world." When she felt the same dragon's aura from Vyrn, she decided to travel with him and join the main cast on their journey. Jeanne receives a revelation once again, and attempts to save a small village. But the village fought the hostile lord's forces in a bloody battle, and a mountain of bodies piled up.The incident's sense of regret and doubts towards the revelation to Jeanne's sick and tired heart, the desire of "Save the World" remain unchanged but thoughts of destroying Lyria's special power has entered her mind.
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  • Dark Jeanne first appeared in Rage of Bahamut as the card Dark Jeanne.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

I'm sure there are others better suited to telling you this, but Happy Birthday!
I'm glad I had the chance to say this.
I pray that you can spend your days in love and peace.


Would it be appropriate for me to shower you with words of celebration? I was afraid it might not be within my rights to do so. But I'll say it anyway... Happy birthday. It gladdens my heart to know that you've survived another year. I pray you'll be in good health for the next year as well.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
For me to be able to wish you happiness is fortuitous luck.
Let me continue to follow you, (Captain).
Let us walk down the same path for as long as it will take us...


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I wasn't sure whether I should congratulate you or not...
But I decided that should my final hour come to pass, it would be a tragedy to not have said anything.
Speaking with you, being with you—these are just my selfish desires.
But I truly wish to stay beside you, so that one day I may see my dream fulfilled.
(In truth... I have no hope left...)
(However, that's why I want your life to be a blessed one.)

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Welcome to another exciting new year.
It's so cold outside, won't you stay inside and spend the evening with me?
Hey, come closer... No need to be shy.


Hm, what's the matter? Where do you plan to go amid these freezing temperatures?
Haha, I knew it. You don't want to go outside and turn numb.
Come closer. It won't feel so cold if we huddle together.
Haha... You make me feel so warm, Captain.


You always watch the first sunrise of the year without fail.
It doesn't mean anything. The sun rises everyday, bright as usual.
Just because light is shed upon the year doesn't mean that the world will undergo change.
But the moments spent with you are an unchanging delight.
I don't think it would be selfish of me to want to be with you for all of eternity...
And I won't let this precious moment slip away either.
Why don't you direct your attention away from the sun and toward me instead?


A new year... It's not as if today is any different than yesterday, however.
But then again, sometimes the unchanging nature of the world is form of salvation.
Take for example, (Captain)... The constant warmth of your hand or the invariable affection of your voice...
These things have certainly saved me.
(Captain)... May I stay with you a while longer?
As long as you are with me, I feel that I can carry on living - even if I'm never cleansed of my sins.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

I made this candy especially for you. Haha... Is it that surprising?
Ahaha, you're blushing. You can be so cute sometimes, you know...


(Captain), I have something for you. Haha, I might drop it if you keep rushing me.
Here you go. Here are some snacks I made for you... Sorry if it seems trite.
Is it so trite that you find it boring?
Haha, I suppose I should have tried feeding them to you myself.
Right, maybe for next year's Valentine's. I'll have to remember that.


Today is Valentine's Day.
I don't know what you were expecting to happen, but I did make sweets for you again.
Please take these.
There are a lot of people that want to give you valentines.
But I think my sweets are filled with a deeper sentiment than all the others.
By the way, last year I said I'd feed you if that's what you wanted...
Of course that offer still stands.
Well? What should I do?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

For me? Thank you, you have no idea how happy this makes me.
(I may one day snatch away someone important to you...)
(And I will accept with open arms all your anger and sadness.)
(Even if this present should become a memento of distant memories past...)


For me, (Captain)?
Thank you. That's very kind of you.
Even though I had the audacity to point my sword at you...
Your forgiveness means so much to me. Thanking you once isn't enough.
I promise I'll stop at nothing to make you and the others as happy as I feel right now.


What's this? Ah, a White Day present.
Thank you.
These are butter cookies! You still remember my favorite treat...
Really, thank you so much. I'll be sure to enjoy these.
Hm? You want me to eat them as soon as possible?
Yes, you're right. Here's what we'll do. I'll open my mouth, and you'll place a cookie gently inside.
That's not going too far, is it?


This is for me?
Thank you. It brings me joy to know that you thought of me.
(I have nothing to give back to you, (Captain)...)
(Perhaps one day I'll be able to thank you like you deserve...)
(No... That would be wishing for too much...) whiteday_gift=

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Mm? Trick or treat... Haha, what kind of a trick are you going to play on me? I'll gladly take anything you're willing to give me as a trick. C'mon now, don't be a tease... I'm right here...


Haha! Happy Halloween. What's wrong, Captain? Aren't you going to play a trick on me?
Don't tell me you're scared.
Hahaha. In that case, I'll be the one to play a trick on you.
Oh? You'd prefer I be on the receiving end?
Fine. I'm ready for you, Captain...


Trick or treat... Oh, so you did come prepared with candy.
I guess you'd rather not be acquainted with my tricks. Whatever.
I'm interested in seeing what you can spring on me instead.
So keep your candy.
Do whatever you like. I can take anything you throw at me.
Don't be shy now. I'll be waiting...

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Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays, (Captain). A holy night like this... does not suit me the way I am now...
Haha, how kind of you. But please don't make such a sad face.
Your smile is the greatest gift for me now. Something more would be...
It's really cold, can you give me a hug? Haha... Please?


The holiday season no longer suits me...
And yet I still love the snow and how it covers everything in pure white.
Perhaps if the snow covered and froze my heart, I'd be free of this torment.
But no... Running from my sins will not do.
Even if it means letting the torment drag me down into madness!


Tell me, (Captain). Is this holy night supposed to be so freezing cold?
Though the streets are filled with joyous voices, all I hear in my heart is silence.
It's cold and dreadful...
Will you take my hand, (Captain)?
Squeeze my hand as if to fill that void... More, more!
Mm, warmth. Your hand alone is always warm.


I hear the voices of children at play...
Is it the winter festival? I remember when I too felt like those children during this time of year.
Such innocence, when you look past the surface, is simple ignorance.
Once you've realized this truth, you can never return to purer days.
I suspect that I won't ever...
Ah, excuse me, (Captain). You've come to invite me to the festivities?
I'm afraid I must refuse—I had planned to pray in my room.
Don't make that face. It's more that enough that you came to invite me.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Fallen Maiden[edit]

Jeanne d'Arc heads to Orleans to meet up with her companions there who have already set out to save a small village under attack. But (Captain) and company arrive only to find an injured Jeanne in the middle of the ash the village has been reduced to. In utter shock and despair from her failure to save the village, Jeanne hears a voice bestowing upon her the True Revelation. Starting to lose her sense of justice, Jeanne conceals the brooding darkness in her heart as she goes after Lyria and Vyrn.

Jeanne d'Arc is a crew member

Jeanne d'Arc has sensed a presence in Vyrn similar to that which showed her the revelation, telling her to "save the world."
In search of a way to accomplish this, she has departed from her hometown, Orleans, resolving to travel along with the crew.
Later, Jeanne learns that companions from her hometown have set off to save a small village, prompting her to return to Orleans.
(Captain)'s party had agreed to reunite with her in this village on a promised day, but when they head there to meet her...
...they find an injured Jeanne in the middle of the ash the village has been reduced to.
Lyria: She still hasn't opened her eyes... I wonder if she'll be all right...
Vyrn: She was hurt real bad, after all. We've done the best we can...
Jeanne d'Arc: Uh... uhhh...
Lyria: She's been moving about restlessly the whole time. It's like she's having a nightmare...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...Wh-what happened to me?
...That's right, I had gone with my companions from Orleans to support the folk of the tyrannized village...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...But the lord refused our help... ordered his forces to... to...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...set fire to the village... done under cover of darkness... surprise assault... everything burned... I couldn't...
Jeanne d'Arc: Everything... all of it... I couldn't... couldn't save even one... one single person...
A few days later, her recovery is continuing, and (Captain)'s crew are out on deck, doing laundry.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Vyrn: Oh! Jeanne! You're awake? How are you doing, does it still hurt anywhere?
Jeanne d'Arc: My apologies for causing you distress.
...(Captain), you have my sincere gratitude for saving me.

Jeanne d'Arc not in crew

In the middle of their journey, (Captain)'s party have spotted a blaze of some sort from below their flying airship.
The crew heads toward the source of the fire, only to find the village there has already been reduced to ash.
After taking the injured woman they find there back to the ship, (Captain)'s crew nurses her.
Lyria: She still hasn't opened her eyes... I wonder if she'll be all right...
Vyrn: She was hurt real bad, after all. We've done the best we can...
???: Uh... uhhh...
Lyria: She's been moving about restlessly the whole time. It's like she's having a nightmare...
???: ...Wh-what happened to me?
...That's right, I had gone with my companions from Orleans to support the folk of the tyrannized village...
???: ...But the lord refused our help... ordered his forces to... to...
???: ...set fire to the village... done under cover of darkness... surprise assault... everything burned... I couldn't...
???: Everything... all of it... I couldn't... couldn't save even one... one single person...
A few days later, her recovery is continuing, and (Captain)'s crew are out on deck, doing laundry.
???: Excuse me, but where might this be?
Lyria: Oh! You've woken up! Thank the Astrals!
???: You have my gratitude. It would seem you're the leader of quite a distinguished skyfaring crew. I suppose it was you who saved me?
Jeanne d'Arc: My name is Jeanne... Jeanne d'Arc. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Continue 1
Jeanne d'Arc: Ugh...
Just after giving her thanks, she staggers, which prompts (Captain) to support her.
Jeanne d'Arc: Oh... I'm sorry. It seems I'm still not my right self...
Jeanne d'Arc: Hee hee... your shoulder feels strong and supportive, (Captain)... and so warm...
Jeanne d'Arc nestles against (Captain).
  1. Thank the skies you're alive.
  2. Shall I take you to bed?

Choose: Thank the skies you're alive.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...You're thankful... I'm still alive? (Captain), you...
Jeanne d'Arc:'re so kind... look, my hands are still trembling...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...Will you not hold me, at least until it stops? I'm so scared, I cannot bear it...

Choose: Shall I take you to bed?
Lyria: Th-that's right! Jeanne, if you aren't feeling well, then you should get some rest...
Jeanne d'Arc: No, I... I'd rather stay for a while, and... and be around the warm energy of living people...
Jeanne d'Arc: ...For that village, it... it was full of death... and despair...
Lyria: !
Jeanne d'Arc: ...Hee hee. What's the matter, (Captain)? Your face has gone red...
Jeanne d'Arc: Look... you can feel my life energy, can you not? You can confirm whether or not I have returned from that hellish battlefield...
Continue 2
The ethereal atmosphere exuded by Jeanne d'Arc perplexes (Captain), who nonetheless resolves to take her words on board.
That night, Jeanne d'Arc looks down upon the sleeping face of (Captain) in the cabin.
Jeanne d'Arc is a crew member

Jeanne d'Arc: ...You people betrayed my trust... I believed if I was with you, I would find a way to save the world, but...
Resentment burning in her eyes, Jeanne d'Arc recalls the nightmare she had while she slept.

Jeanne d'Arc not in crew

Resentment burning in her eyes, Jeanne d'Arc recalls the nightmare she had while she slept.
Continue 3
Villager: We believed you would save us... Why is it that we have to perish?
Orleans Soldier: Jeanne... Jeanne... we thought you would protect us...
Jeanne d'Arc: Agh... arrrghhh!
Orleans Soldier: Aaagh, I don't want to die yet! Please, no!
Jeanne d'Arc: Why... why has it come to this? Was I not given a revelation that I could save that village?
Jeanne d'Arc: You told me, said that I would be able to accomplish this!
Jeanne d'Arc: So why has this happened? Answer me! Please...
Jeanne d'Arc: You told me I could do it, did you not? Told me so clearly... even clearer than when you tasked me with saving the world!
As the grieving Jeanne sinks to her knees in supplication, a soft voice sounds in her ear.
Ethereal Presence: You must surely understand, now... the one who granted you the revelation is the poison that would destroy this world.
Jeanne d'Arc: ?
Ethereal Presence: If that were not the case, then why was that village engulfed in the flames of war, why did it have to undergo such suffering?
Jeanne d'Arc: That can't be! Are you saying that great person was...
Ethereal Presence: You poor, frightened child... It is unavoidable that you should be deceived, deluded by such a great power...
Ethereal Presence: But now, I shall bestow unto you a true revelation...
Jeanne d'Arc: A true... revelation?
Ethereal Presence: Yes... That you may stray from the path no further, that you may truly save the world...
Jeanne d'Arc: Save the... world...
Villager: You misunderstood the words you chose to abide by, and because of that, we perished... We were scared... We suffered...
Orleans Soldier: You stole our future from us... led us down the wrong path... into despair...
Jeanne d'Arc: Ahhhh!
I'm sorry! I'm so... sorry...
Jeanne d'Arc: I... I'm sorry... it's my fault... I am to blame... forgive me...
Jeanne d'Arc: (Sob)... Ugh... uhhh...
Ethereal Presence: Come... take my hand, and regain your way...
Ethereal Presence: Beware of the power of the blue-haired girl and the small dragon, for they shall lead the world to destruction.
Ethereal Presence: Lead these two demons to me, and I shall seal them away for eternity!
Jeanne d'Arc: !
Snapping open her eyes again, Jeanne d'Arc now moves her hand toward (Captain)...
Vyrn: Mmmnnn... ngh?
Hm... is that you, Jeanne? What's up?
Jeanne d'Arc: Oh, nothing... (Captain)'s blanket had slipped off, so I thought I'd adjust it...
Vyrn: Oh... (yawn)... gotcha. You better get to sleep, too...
Jeanne d'Arc: Heh heh... Yes, I will, soon.
Vyrn: G'night...
Jeanne d'Arc watches over Vyrn as he falls back asleep, a doubtful smile twitching at her lips.
Sleeping peacefully, (Captain)'s crew are as yet unaware of the darkness that has come to swell in her heart...

Invitation from Darkness[edit]

Jeanne d'Arc finds herself conflicted between following the True Revelation to save the world and having to deal the very kind (Captain) and company who saved her life. "But as kind as they are, they cannot be allowed to live on if their continued existence is a threat to the world," Jeanne d'Arc tells herself as she casts away her doubts.

After failing to save a small village, Jeanne d'Arc is lost in despair.
After yielding to the urgings of a mysterious voice, she has come to target Vyrn and Lyria.
Jeanne d'Arc: In order to bring peace to the world, I must doom the malicious power of those two to the bottom of the skies...
???: But, is this... is this truly the right thing to do?
???: I know those two have kind hearts...
???: I owe them my life. Will they truly bring about the suffering of others during my travels with them?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Jeanne d'Arc: What point is there in wavering now? Even if their hearts are good... the power they possess is a poison to this world.
Jeanne d'Arc: For the sake of the weak I must protect, must save this world... and to that end, there is no other way but to seal those two.
Jeanne d'Arc: And for that purpose, I must first seal away my own doubts...
...Begone, oh foolish hesitance!

Invitation from Darkness: Scene 2[edit]

The morning after Jeanne d'Arc dispels her doubts, she leads the crew into a dark cave, setting up the perfect opportunity to finish them off. But when monsters show up, she suddenly finds herself fighting to save Vyrn. With her actions belying her intentions, Jeanne d'Arc is at a loss on what to do next.

The morning after Jeanne d'Arc dispels her doubts, she shows up while (Captain) and the others are having their breakfast.
Jeanne d'Arc: (Captain), noble Vyrn, Lyria. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to ask you to accompany me today.
Vyrn: Oh? Is there somewhere you wanna go?
Jeanne d'Arc: I know of a place with an excellent view. I was wondering if we might picnic there together.
Jeanne d'Arc: It will also serve as my thanks for you having looked after me these past few days. How about it, noble Vyrn?
Vyrn: Aw, we all gotta help each other out sometimes, I don't need any thanks! But I do have a thing for picnics...
Lyria: Right, it'll be fun if we all go together! Right, (Captain)?
Accepting Jeanne d'Arc's proposal, (Captain) and the others set out for their picnic.
Lyria: Ooooooh-noooooo... it's pitch-black in heeere... I bet there are ghosts...
Jeanne d'Arc: The place we're heading to is on the other side of this cave. Please bear with me a little longer.
Jeanne d'Arc: Hee hee, (Captain). If you're scared of the dark too, you can lean on me, here.
Guided by the light Jeanne d'Arc holds, (Captain) and the others are led to the depths of the cave...
Progressing slowly so as not to stumble, (Captain) comes under a sudden attack.
Monster: GRRRRRR...
Lyria: Eek! Monsters? (Captain)! Are you all right?
Monster: ...
Vyrn: This is bad! In this darkness, we couldn't see a monster even if it danced in front of us wearing a sombrero!
(Captain) tries to engage the monster while protecting Lyria, but adept at concealing itself, it soon forces a defensive battle.
Vyrn: Ahhhhhh!
Jeanne d'Arc: Look out!
Jeanne d'Arc: !
Vyrn: Whoa! You sure saved my skin there, Jeanne! Thanks!
Jeanne d'Arc stands dumbfounded after being thanked by Vyrn.
Jeanne d'Arc: (I... I saved him? Why did I...)
Jeanne d'Arc: (My body just acted on instinct... I can't keep doing this... From now on, I must...)
Lyria: Oh! Jeanne, watch out behind you! There are more monsters!

Invitation from Darkness: Scene 3[edit]

Plagued by guilt from betraying the crew and her own inability to carry out justice, Jeanne d'Arc continues to lead them further into the cave. Awaiting them at the inner sanctum is the Ethereal Presence who bestowed upon her the True Revelation. It turns out the Ethereal Presence's true objective is to take over Lyria and Vyrn's powers for itself. Jeanne d'Arc turns against it upon discovering this.

(Captain) and the others chase off the monsters with no further incidents. However, Jeanne is again torn within herself.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Vyrn: Heh heh, but wow, you sure are reliable to have around, Jeanne!
Lyria: Yeah! But still, I'm so glad neither of you were badly hurt, (Captain), Jeanne!
Vyrn: That was a pinch, 'n' no doubt about it! But now we've come through that, I'm even more determined to get to this picnic place!
As Lyria and Vyrn exchange innocent banter, Jeanne d'Arc stares at (Captain).
Jeanne d'Arc: (I'm... I'm betraying them... their earnest faces... I...)
Jeanne d'Arc: (...No! Do not waver, Jeanne d'Arc! This is all for a greater cause... for the sake of the world!)
Jeanne d'Arc: (They represent... a poison to this world... they are the enemies of peace!)
Jeanne d'Arc: ...We're losing time. Let's proceed.
Led by Jeanne d'Arc, (Captain) and the others press still further into the cave.
Lyria: ...I feel a strange kind of presence. How should I explain... it's kind of cold and unsettling...
Hearing Lyria's words, (Captain) stops, suddenly vigilant. Seconds later, the darkness that had enveloped them suddenly clears...
Vyrn: Yikes? It got suddenly bright?
Lyria: Huh? Th-this place is...
I thought we were walking in a cave!
Vyrn: Jeanne! What's going on?
(Captain) and the others turn in confusion to question Jeanne d'Arc, who has led them here...
However, what responds to them is not Jeanne d'Arc...
Ethereal Presence: ...So you have come, blue-haired girl and small dragon. You with the power to change the world.
Vyrn: Wh-what? What in the skies are you, anyway?
Ethereal Presence: Jeanne d'Arc, oh holy saint... you have done well to lead them to me.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Ethereal Presence: I shall take this power from them, that the eternal desire for peace may be granted!
Vyrn: W-wait! What does it mean, Jeanne?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...Noble Vyrn, and Lyria, also. Your powers are a menace that will drag this world into disorder and chaos.
Jeanne d'Arc: Consequently, you must be sealed away at the bottom of the skies. For eternity...
Vyrn: Sealed for eternity? You mean that's why you brought us down here?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...That's correct. It is all for the greater good! You shall, at least, rest in peace, without having to suffer...
Lyria: Please wait a second! We would never do a thing like that... "drag the world into disorder"!
Vyrn: Yeah, you can bet your bottom apple on that! This thing's been deceiving you, Jeanne!
  1. "Take their power," you say?
  2. I won't let you have them!

Choose: "Take their power," you say?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
...Hold on... You're right, it did say that...
Jeanne d'Arc: I thought you planned to seal away their power?

Choose: I won't let you have them!
Ethereal Presence: If you wish it, you may return to the sky with their soulless husks.
Ethereal Presence: I desire but their power... and that only.
Jeanne d'Arc: ...Wait. You "desire" their power? What is the meaning of that?
Continue 1
Jeanne d'Arc: Do you mean to say that you covet their power to change the world?
Jeanne d'Arc: If that is the case, then this malign power would merely change hands, and nothing more. That's not "saving the world"! Answer me!
Ethereal Presence: ...
...Heh heh heh...
Jeanne d'Arc: Do you, too, purpose to betray me, as did the other voice from before? That is unforgivable! I'll not allow it!
Fueled with anger, Jeanne d'Arc points her sword at the ominous presence.
Vyrn: (Captain)! Whatever's going on, that thing is definitely our enemy!
Vyrn: Let's take it on with Jeanne and then we can get outta here!

Invitation from Darkness: Scene 4[edit]

Jeanne d'Arc launches a blow with the full force of her body, but before the sword can reach, the surrounding area distorts and they are transported back to the darkness of the cave. With the great cause she believed so much in being nothing more than a ruse, Jeanne d'Arc's heart remains confined in the darkness.

Ethereal Presence: !
Jeanne d'Arc: BE GONE!
Jeanne d'Arc launches a blow with the full force of her body, attempting to pierce the bizarre creature...
...But before her sword can reach, the surrounding area suddenly distorts, and her opponent vanishes...
Jeanne d'Arc: (Huff...) (Pant...) Th-this is...
To reveal their surroundings clearly, (Captain) reignites the light.
Lyria: Have we... returned?
Vyrn: It looks like it. Right, Jeanne?
Jeanne d'Arc: ...
Seemingly unable to hear Vyrn's words, Jeanne d'Arc collapses to her knees.
Jeanne d'Arc: I... I...
Jeanne d'Arc: I don't know! What should I believe in? What...
Jeanne d'Arc mumbles to herself in a daze, heedless of the words (Captain) and the others say to her.
With the great cause Jeanne d'Arc has believed in tattered, will she be able to recover and walk her path once again?
Like the cave in which they stand, her heart now seems confined in the darkness...

Other Appearances[edit]


Jeanne d'Arc[edit]

SV Jeanne d'Arc.png SV Jeanne d'Arc E.png

Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to all enemy followers. Then give +0/+2 to all other allied followers.

Come, all soldiers! I hereby make a vow upon this spear! God is on our side! Our victory is assured!

I hereby make a vow in the name of God! We shall win this battle, even if I must give my life in order to ensure victory! Now come, follow me into the fray!
Class Havencraft
Card Pack Classic
SV Portal Jeanne d'Arc
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation[edit]

SV Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation.png SV Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation E.png

Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Enhance (7) - Deal 3 damage to all enemy followers. Restore 3 defense to all other allied followers.

For the wretched, confined in despair and desolation—I have heard the gods' decree! I shall guide you to glory, and together we shall obliterate the dark!

Swear on the gods' banner, and let despair consume you no longer! A new promised land awaits us—embrace the light of tomorrow!
Class Havencraft
Card Pack Chronogenesis
SV Portal Jeanne, Beacon of Salvation
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Dark Jeanne[edit]

SV Dark Jeanne.png SV Dark Jeanne E.png

Click to reveal card data

Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to all other followers. Then give +2/+0 to all other followers.

There was once a girl who trusted in God. She listened to him, followed his words, and spread his gospel. But one day she found that there was no god on the battlefield.

The girl who cursed God soon returned to the land, her once pure heart corrupted by darkness. Now she rises from the depths of despair, her blackened heart trembling.
Class Havencraft
Card Pack Tempest of the Gods
SV Portal Dark Jeanne
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Dragalia Lost[edit]

  • Jeanne's design in Dragalia Lost is based on her original design from Knights of Glory, a now defunct mobile game by Cygames.
  • Jeanne from Granblue Fantasy and Dragalia Lost share the same voice actress, Megumi Han.