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Official Profile

Age 27
Height 127 cm
Race Draph
Hobbies Booze
Likes Singing at parties, people who can hold their liquor
Dislikes Fine detail work, people who sweat the small stuff

Character Release

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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 27歳
Height 127cm
Race ドラフ
Likes 宴会で歌うこと、お酒に強い人
Dislikes 細かい作業、細かい人

Character Release

Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




  • Concept art for Lamretta (Water) featured her picnicking together with her (unnamed) nun colleagues.[4]

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday! Another year wiser, right? Soon you'll be a full-fledged adult!
Hee hee. Then I'll get to take you to my my favorite tavern in the whole wide world!


Nyahahaha! The big day's rolled around once again!
So blow out them candles! Whooo! It's your birthday! Clap your hands!
Lemme give you a word of advice, (Captain). Once you get to be around my age, all your worries'll just kinda clear themselves up!
Huh? You wanna know the secret to living a long life? Hm... Don't compare yourself to others! And have low expectations!
For now just keep on livin' life! If things get rough, feel free to run. I'll be there to help with the tab!
Right. Sorry for rambling. Once you get old enough to drink, lemme know and I'll come running! Running and drinking! Both!
Thanks for inviting me this year! This ultra deep bond we share... Just thinking about it has me all choked up!
Anyways! To (Captain)'s thing we talked about! Cheeers!


Today's your birthday, (Captain)! Hooray-ray-ray! Congrats!
You gotta celebrate occasions like this with a drink! But don't worry, (Captain), I brought you grape juice. No, actual grape juice.
(Captain), you're a charmer, a go-getter, and a real leader.
But working too hard is like poison for your body, so you gotta just relax and let it all hang out from time to time, you know?So when you wanna take a break, you just let ol' Lammy know, and she'll be there to show you a good time. Or tuck you in for a nap.
No matter what, you always remember that I'm your biggest ally, all right, (Captain)?
Glug, glug, glug—aaah!
Huh? (Captain), did you just zone out?
Well, whatever. If something's bothering ya, you know who to talk to!


(Captain), happy birthday!
Gulp, gulp, gulp...
(Captain), I have a lot of regret, but no real dream to speak of...
But ya know... Because I never chased any big dream, here I am able to help you.
Never mind that you're the one always helping me...
So if you're ever tired of chasing your dream, come down and relax with me!
I don't want anything more than for you to be full of life, (Captain).
Just chillaxing around the ship is sometimes what you need to give yourself another boost of energy.
And if even that doesn't help, then we can always turn to the bottle and think.
But I'll have a bottle of real grape juice for you though!
Now then. Let's celebrate your birthday! Cheers!


Happy birthday, (Captain)! Cheeeers!
Gulp... Aaah! You're always working so hard, (Captain)...
I may look like all I care about is my grape juice, but I still notice things.
I know you're putting in a lotta effort even when people aren't looking.
But don't go overboard, 'kay? You gotta take care of yourself!
Well, I guess I'm not exactly a good example...
But everyone really cares about you!
So whenever you're feeling tired, come and talk to me anytime.
I'm really good at procrastinating, so you can count on me to give you some tips on how to do just that!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year! I'm gonna spend the day purifying my body... in drink!
Okay, time to break out the snacks and hot sake!


Whoo Hoo! It's a new year, which means it's time for me to purify my soul the only way I know how! With as much grape juice as I can handle!
Glug glug glug glug glug... Whew!
May the juice this year be even juicier than the last! Hahaha!
Um, (Captain)? Why are you looking at me like that?
Anyway... Let's party just as hard this year too!
Just don't kick me off the ship, okay? Heheh!
With that out of the way... Let's make this another awesome year!


Sigh... What a nice dream...
I was on this nice island with a nice beverage... It tasted like heaven...
Maaan, wish I could drink it again... (Captain), any idea how I could get my hands on it?
If I visit lots of islands, I might find it?
Oh! Guess I found my New Year's resolution!
(Captain), I'm going to go to that island over there and buy all the liquor they have!
H-hey... It was just a joke!
Geez, sorry...
I apologized for just blurting that out, so you don't have to be so grumpy... Okay?


Oh, (Captain)! Happy New Year!
Gulp, gulp, gulp...
Aaaaah!This is my first drink of the year! (Captain), why you got that big thing with you?
Huh? For the next mission?
B-but the new year just started... And you're already back to work?
Ow! That hurts! Stop giving me that painful look!
O-okay... Okay... I'll help!
There ain't a hangover in the world that that stare wouldn't kick right out of me!
Just don't fire me... Let's have a happy New Year, 'kay!


(Captain), happy New Year! What's your resolution?
Mine is to drink lots of delicious juice this year!
And I'm going to start right now! Chug, chug, glug...
Pheeew! I'm gonna be pretty busy with this!
Ah! D-don't give me that scary cold glare...
Okay, I-I'll change my resolution! I'll make it, "try not to get kicked out this year!"
So please! Stop glaring at me!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's! I made you some chocolates, (Captain)!
I know what you're thinkin', but trust me. Back in the abbey kitchen, I was a pro.
Hm? They're non-alcoholic chocolates, so you can rest easy!


Hey, (Captain)... G-got a sec?
I madeja some special chocolates as a kind of change of heart type deal...
This is... how I... really feel... So take 'em... okay?
Huh? I'm not acting like my usual self?
Nuh-uh! I t-totally am!
Sorry. I'm trying to be someone I'm not.
Got it. I'm gonna wait a little bit, call a do-over on the whole thing, okay?


Happy Valen—
Thanks for breaking my fall, (Captain)... Those were nice reflexes.
I got you some chocolate! As a token of my gratitude!
Huh? Sounds like my nose is stuffy?
And I smell like wine? Sorry...
Making chocolate makes me nervous... And so I had a drink to calm my nerves.
I'll properly give you your chocolate after the sauce wears off, so come back in a bit, okay?
I'm such a bad friend... But hey, you'll get some chocolate!


(Captain), this chocolate is for you! It's my way of saying thanks for always including me in everything!
And here's this too!
It's chocolate flavored "grape juice!"
Oh... Right... You're not allowed to drink this stuff yet...
Too bad. I guess I'll have to take full responsibility for this and drink it all myself!
Don't get mad at me! I just saw it and had to have it...
But... One day... I do want to drink with you. I swear.


(Captain)... I'm so s-sorry...
I thought this might happen, but... the chocolate I was supposed to give you...
I don't know where I put it! I've looked everywhere, but I can't find it!
Huh? Where did you get that chocolate in your hand?
It looks exactly like the chocolate I was going to give you.
Wha? I gave it to you a moment ago?
Ah! I remember now! I was super nervous giving it to you, so after I handed it over I went to have one drink...
And then I couldn't stop drinking... Um, uh, pretend you didn't hear that part!
I'm s-sorry! But anyway, hurry up and eat it! I wanna know what you think!

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day! Hm? You got me something as thanks?
Aww! You've made me a very happy girl!
C'mon, let's eat it together!


Huh? You need me for somethin', (Captain)?
(Wonder what this is about... It's not every day (Captain) calls me over to chat...)
(Whoa... Am I finally gonna get let go?)
Whew... Can't overlook what I've done, I s'pose.
Hahaha... No surprise you'd want me to quit, so...
Hm? What're these? You're returning the favor from Valentine's?
Wha-huh? I totally forgot today was White Day!
T-thanks so much, (Captain)!
You're the best! I love you so much!


Eh-heh... (Captain), I know the reason you want to meet. So I should apologize now.
I drank a little too much last night. After the way I acted, not sure an apology would be enough...
But please... don't fire me! I'll repent. I'll change my ways.
Huh? That packaging... Did you bring candy?
Gasp! N-no, a farewell gift! Is this it?
Mm... Sniff... It finally happened...
It's what? A thank you present for Valentine's Day? R-really?
Whew! (Captain), your generosity is the stuff of legend, I tell ya!
I'll never break that many plates again! I promise! I've seen the error of my ways!
I may be a good-for-nothing crewmate, but I want to stick by your side forever!


(Captain)! Today's a good day for drinking from the bottle! Hehehe...
Um... Did you have something you wanted to give me?
Huh? You're just passing through?
I... see...
(I... I'm so sad... But I did go on another binge fest yesterday... I probably upset (Captain)...)
(That's right... I'm just lucky I haven't been fired... I gotta count my blessings where I can find 'em.)
Gasp! Is this a joke? What is this wrapped thing? A White Day present?
Are you for real! (Captain), I thought you were mad at me!
Sob! Thank you!


(Captain) giving me some snacks to go with a drink...
This present is just the best!
Ah, my cup's empty. Could you pour me some more?
Whoa, whoa, whoa! It's gonna spill over!
Phew! Somehow it tastes better when you've poured it, (Captain)!
I couldn't be more happy with a present like this for White Day! Thanks a bunch!
I know I'm not super reliable, but I'll do my best to do what I can for you!
So for now, could you pour me just one more cup?

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Halloween! Trick or treat?
Hmm... I always preferred drink or treat, myself.


Hehehe... I just thoughta something nice!
If I get some candies made with grape juice in 'em, that's two birds with one deliciously grape-flavored stone!
The problem is who to ask. Got any recommendations, (Captain)?
Huh? Make 'em myself? Nah, better to leave it to the experts, I bet.
How about Katalina or somebody like that?
Hm? What're you making that weird face for?
Fine. Whatever. If Katalina's the only friend I can count on in my time of need, then I guess I'll ask her myself!


(Captain)—cough, cough...
We got a serious problem on our hands! My favorite, um, grape juice is gone!
This is definitely somebody's prank. I won't rest until I get it back from the culprit!
Oooh, now that you mention it, I do remember giving it to you so I'd stop drinking for a week.
Hey, I didn't forget! I promised I'd take it easy until I got ever this stupid cold.
Maybe I should get some out of my secret stash then.
Nooooo! Someone's gotten into my secret stash too—cough, cough.
Sigh... Okay, you got me. I'll get some rest and take my medicine—just like the doctor ordered.
I've got some candy in my room. Go get it and either eat it or hand it out. But whatever you do, make sure you enjoy this Halloween enough for the both of us.


Gulp, gulp, gulp! Aaaaah...
Hahahaha! Trick or Juice! Gimme my special happy juice or you're gonna get pranked!
So (Captain), you got any?
You don't... I guess you're still a bit too young for that, huh?
How about this then... Instead of a trick, you come out with me tonight.
Hahahaha! We're going to enjoy Halloween, and I'm going to be getting that hair of the dog!
What? I'm just kidding... I know no one hands out my grape juice on Halloween...
Sorry, (Captain)... Don't look at me like that... You're scarier than a ghoul...


Huuuh? Oh, it's (Captain). Welcome back!
Well, I was just outside thinking I could have some fun on Halloween, but I got sleepy after drinking all that juice...
Anyway, looks like you've got a lotta candy there...
So I guess it's drink or treat! If you don't give me some candy, I'm gonna drink up all this juice!
And with all the sugary liquid in my body, I'm gonna end up getting reeeally wild! You sure you want that?
If you don't wanna see my wild side, then hand over some of that candy! Nyahahahaha!
Drink or treeeat! Don't you like the sound of that? I sure do! Nyahahaha!
O-oh, I was just kidding, you know... You don't have to get so worked up. I'll sit and drink my juice quietly...
Huh? You're really giving me this candy? Wow, thank you!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays! Let's make this the most happenin' holiday party there ever was!
With that out of the way, it's time for a holiday toast!
Wait. You're a little young to drink, aren't ya? No worries! I made sure to get some fruit juice just in case!


Heh heh heh... A special festive night like tonight calls for some heavy duty partying!
Hrm... With a little bit of grape juice, if you know what I mean.
Hm? You wanna celebrate with me too, (Captain)?
What a great kiddo you are! Here. Drink some of this, (Captain)!
It's fine, it's fine! Just grape juice!
Now then... Three cheers to the holiday season, (Captain)!


Happy holidays! Let's get this festive party started! Drink until you get into the spirit!
Gulp, gulp, gulp...
Huh? Is that Santa? Good work, old man! How about a drink?
Waaait a minute... You're not Santa; you're (Captain)!
Sorry... You're in that costume, so I couldn't tell.
Wha? Even if you were Santa, I shouldn't give him the sauce?
Uh... You gotta point, (Captain). If Santa went around smelling like liquor, it might hit a little too close to home for some people.
Okay, okay. I've seen the error of my ways. Here, I'll give you some of this funky cheese as an apology.
After you hand out all the presents, come back with some juice so we can say cheers together!


Hm? Where'd er'body go?
Hey, (Captain)... What's the dillio?
What! The party's over?
I-I remember what happened! Everybody was having a good time!
We were all together... And toasted...
And then...
And then...
W-whatever! (Captain), let's get our drink on again!
It'll be part two of whatever happened last night!


(Captain)! Happy drinking days! Cheers!
Chug, chug, chug...
Ahh, that hits the spot! Something about juice on the holidays just makes it extra tasty!
But... Where is everyone else? And why is this room all messy?
Huh? This is the second party?
Wh-what? Nobody invited little ol' me to the first party? I thought we were comrades...
Huh? I downed a whole bottle by myself during the first party?
(I don't... remember this at all...)
Well, whatever! Come on, (Captain), I'll give you some juice too, so let's drink some more!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Another Wine Day to Be Alive

Lamretta sets up a picnic for (Captain) and the others, but Lam tempts her to drink all the wine while she waits for them, and she can't resist the urge. Luckily (Captain) expected this and shows up with more wine, so she rewards the captain with a decidedly Lamretta-style hug.

Lamretta: Oh, all the flowers are in full bloom! And the weather's perfect for a picnic.
Lamretta grins at the trees around her, which are adorned with pink cherry blossoms, and has herself a drink.
Lamretta found the place to be ideal for a picnic when she came across it days ago, so she approached (Captain) and the others about it.
The crew agreed to come but unfortunately got called away by an urgent request, so Lamretta has come here first to prepare for the picnic.
Lamretta: Ha-ha.
Lamretta: I bet just a glimpse at my secret stash of wines and juices will have (Captain) and the others smiling!
Lamretta: This is the finest stuff I know. Just lookin' at it gets me going. I hope everyone gets here soon...
Lamretta: Gulp... Maybe I could get away with just one drink before they arrive...
Lamretta: No! That'd be wrong! This stuff is for everyone, so I'll just have to be a good girl and wait!
Lamretta: But wait... Surely no one would object if I had just one tiny little sip? No, maybe I better not...
???: What're ye waitin' for?
Lamretta: Huh? Who was that?
???: I'm yer desires, silly. Yer heart at its most honest.
Lamretta: No way...
???: Ye can't lie to yerself. Ye know ye want a wee drink. Just give in to that desire already.
Lamretta: But—
Lam: Heh-heh. Just look at it. Look at the clear amber hue of that fine wine!
Lam: That was distilled in the Auguste Isles. All ye gotta do is pour one drink of it, and it'll be like ye can feel the cool sea breeze blowin' over the beach.
Lamretta: The beach? Gulp...
Lam: And when ye taste it... Oh, the peppery spiciness of it'll hit ye like a gentle rain, and elegant music will start to play.
Lam: But the best part is when ye swallow it. The sweet aftertaste will draw ye right into paradise, as soothing as the sea at dawn.
Lamretta: Ugh... I don't really know what you're talking about, but now I'm just dying of thirst!
Rammy: No, Lamretta, no! Don't forget that you brought that wine here for everyone!
Lammy: Yeah, don't listen to Lam! Nothing good will come of it!
Red: Ugh... Blurp...
Lamretta: So you guys are me? Which one of you is Lam?
Rammy: The huge, strong-looking one right in front of you! I just knew you'd forget about her.
Lammy: Can you really blame her? We did everything we could to keep Lam from coming out after all.
Lammy: Lam's actually the reason you went a little overboard and ended up fleeing your abbey.
Lamretta: Are you serious?
Lam: Hold it right there. All I did was help ye free the desires that were already there.
Lamretta: No, you hold it right there! You basically ruined my life!
Lamretta: But no more! I'm done listenin' to the likes of you!
Lam: Heh-heh... Whatever ye say.
But what about ye, Rammy? Ye've got a sweet tooth, right?
Lam: Feast yer eyes upon that wine over there. That's a legendary honey-flavored drink blessed by the primal beast Queen Bee's love.
Rammy: Whoa! Where'd you have a treasure like that hidden, Lamretta?
Lam: Just imagine it. Imagine that golden nectar embracin' yer tongue and caressin' it again and again.
Rammy: Oh... Ah...
Lammy: Get ahold of yourself, Rammy! Lam's words are poison!
Lam: Now, now... There's no need to be so cold, Lammy. Say, ye like yer wine with a bit more kick, right?
Lam: Then how about this azure wine, affectionately known as Beast Killer. They say it's potent enough to send any primal beast to la-la land.
Lam: Heh-heh... Sounds to me like there's plenty o' dreams in every bottle, no matter who ye are. Not even I can imagine what it tastes like.
Lammy: Argh! I gotta get me some of that! Hand it over! Gimme those liquid dreams!
Lamretta: Y-you guys...
Lam: Heh-heh. Now who's next?
Red: Ugh... Not... Not right now... I'm b-barely keepin' it together here.
Lam: ...
Lam: Heh-heh... Then that just leaves ye, dear Lamretta. Resistance is futile.
Lamretta: Ugh... Nooo!
Lamretta: I refuse! I'll never give in!
Lam: Oho? Why be so stubborn?
Lamretta: It's as you said... The wines here are only the best! And that means they're like bottled happiness for wine lovers like me.
Lamretta: But that's all the more reason to share them with my friends! Wine tastes even better in the company of people you care about!
Rammy: You're absolutely right, Lamretta! It'd be such a waste to drink the sweetest wine in the sky alone!
Lammy: Phew... That sure was a close one. We almost ended up hoggin' all the happiness. Wine is made to be shared.
Red: Yep, that's... Bleh...
Lamretta: Our resolve is unshakeable! So give it up already!
Lam: Heh-heh... I see.
Lam: You've grown, Lamretta.
Lamretta: Is she gone?
Lammy: Hee-hee. Looks like the good guys won. I don't think she'll be back any time soon! Feels good to keep our urges under control, eh?
Lamretta: Hee-hee...
Lamretta: Ha-ha! No desire is too much for us! This is a great victory for us, guys!
Lamretta: Now how about a toast? We gotta celebrate!
Lamretta: Celebrate... Victory... Oooh... Zzz...
Lamretta: Huh? Hmm... When did I fall asleep?
Lamretta: The wine's gone! Uh-oh... Did I really drink all of it?
Rackam: Yo, Lamretta. Sorry we're late!
Lamretta: Eek!
Katalina: Huh? What's the matter? You look a little pale.
Lamretta: ...
I'm so sooorry! Aahh!
Lamretta: I drank it all! Every last drop! All the wine I brought for you guys is gooone!
  1. We sorta figured that'd happen.
  2. Bad girl!

Choose: We sorta figured that'd happen.
Lamretta: Really? I'm an embarrassment to decent adults everywhere...

Choose: Bad girl!
Lamretta: I'm sorry... I'm so, so sorry... Sniff...
Continue 1
Lamretta: But wait... You don't seem very mad, Captain.
Lyria: Hee-hee. Why would (Captain) be mad?
Take a look at what we have!
Lamretta: Whoa! Wine! And plenty of it!
Rackam: Heh-heh. (Captain) bought it with the reward from our last request just for you.
Lamretta: Oh, (Captain)...
Lamretta: Oh...
Lamretta: (Captain)!
Lamretta launches herself at (Captain), knocking the captain down with the force of her surprise hug.
Vyrn: Hey, the party hasn't even started yet! Let's at least eat first.
Lamretta: Uh-oh...
Lamretta: Bleh... Throwin' myself onto you... probably wasn't shmart... Ugh...
Lamretta: I think I'm gonna...
Lyria: Eek! Watch out, (Captain)!
The crew carefully pulls Lamretta off of (Captain) and sees to her.
Though she's sick and upset with herself for going overboard with the wine, she's also grateful to her kind friends.

The Water of Life

(Captain) and company start the picnic once Lamretta recovers, and she gets out a bottle of Avite. Rackam explains that the dead have been said to rise in pursuit of this wine, and when Lamretta starts to pour it, zombies really do claw their way out of the ground.

Some time after Lamretta recovers from her private party, (Captain) and company start the picnic.
As everyone enjoys themselves, Rackam, who's gazing at the cherry blossoms, speaks up.
Rackam: Say, stop me if you've heard this one. They say the dead are buried under the cherry trees that blossom the most beautifully.
Lyria: U-under? You mean like where we're sitting?
Rackam: Heh-heh... Sorry about that. It was just a little joke, but it almost seems like there's something to it, huh?
Lamretta: I think I get it. The cherry blossoms are so pretty they're almost creepy.
Lamretta: This actually reminds me of a story about this wine...
Rackam: Whoa! I-isn't that Water of Life?
Lyria: Um... That's supposed to be water?
Lamretta: No, it's actually honest-to-goodness wine. Most people call it Water of Life, but its real name is Avite.
Lamretta: Some people claim that a whiff of it can heal wounds and that drinking it can cure any illness.
Rackam: Yeah, and I've even heard that the dead have been known to claw their way out of their graves in pursuit of Avite.
Vyrn: You don't say... So if there's anyone buried under us, they might come out and play!
Rackam: Ha-ha! Yeah, at least if the stories are true!
Rackam: But it's a little weird. Didn't you say you drank all the wine before we got here?
Lamretta: Gulp...
Katalina: Oh? I'm surprised you left such a famous wine alone given how thirsty you were.
Lamretta: Ha-ha! Let's not fret over the small stuff. Time to give this Avite a try!
But just as Lamretta gets ready to pour the wine, something reaches out and grabs the bottle.
Lamretta: Oh, Rackam, there's no need to rush.
Rackam: Huh? That isn't my hand.
Vyrn: Guys... The arm attached to that hand seems to be buried.
Flowerful Zombie: Oooh...
Lamretta: Wha!
Katalina: I can't believe it... There's just no way.
Vyrn: Yikes! There's a whole bunch of the stinkers comin'! Get ready!

The Water of Life: Scene 2

Lamretta inadvertently drops the bottle of Avite and a child runs off with it. When the child says he wanted to use the Avite to see his deceased parents again, Lamretta explains that Avite is actually intended to be offered to the dead. She then invites the child to join their picnic so his parents can see him looking happy and healthy.

While battling with the horde of uninvited guests, Lamretta accidentally drops the bottle of Avite on the ground.
As if on cue, someone darts out of nowhere, nabs the bottle, and runs off.
Lyria: Ah!
Lamretta: Lyria! Watch out!
Lamretta delivers a grand-slam bottle swing to the zombie shambling after Lyria.
Flowerful Zombie: Ooof...
Lamretta: I think that was the last of 'em. Anyone hurt?
Lyria: We're okay. But the Avite...
Lamretta: Huh? Where'd it go? I don't see it anywhere!
Lyria: Um... I saw someone grab it and run off while we were fighting.
Rackam: No way! So those zombies were nothing but a diversion?
Katalina: Sheesh... And here I was thinking the zombies were here for a drink.
Lamretta: Grrr! That thief won't get away with this! That Avite was for all of us!
Lamretta: Lyria! You know which way the villain went?
Lyria: Yep! They went that way!
Lamretta: Hurry, (Captain)! We need to get our wine back now!
Vyrn: Hey! Slow down, Lamretta!
Lyria: There they are!
Lamretta: You! You'll pay dearly for your crime! When I'm done with you, you'll wish you were never—Huh?
Child: No...
Lamretta: Wha? You're just a kid!
When Lamretta and the others track down the wine thief, they discover that he's only a child.
As the puzzled crew members try to figure out what to do, they notice that there's a grave near the child, and the Avite has been set there.
Rackam: I think I get it. Did you perhaps take the wine to offer it to someone?
Child: I'm so sorry. I knew it was wrong, but I heard what you guys said about the wine...
Child: I wanted... I wanted to see Mom and Dad just one more time.
Katalina: I see. So you heard the story about Water of Life causing the dead to rise, huh?
Lamretta: Sigh... Well, I can't very well be mad at you for wantin' to see your family.
Lamretta: Besides, this is what Avite's supposed to be for.
Lyria: What do you mean?
Lamretta: To tell you the truth, Avite is a special wine made at my old abbey.
Lamretta: It's intended to be used as an offering for the dead, and only a few bottles are distilled every decade, which makes it both sacred and precious.
Vyrn: So it's some pretty important stuff, huh? Then what were you doing with it?
Lamretta: Well... I wasn't exactly thinking straight when I fled the abbey, and I accidentally brought it with me.
Lamretta: And I've remembered my abbey every single time I looked at the Avite since.
Lamretta: I guess it was a combination of guilt and awkwardness that kept me from drinkin' it. I've had it for a long time.
Lamretta: But it seemed like such a waste not to enjoy it... So I decided to share it with you guys at the picnic today.
Katalina: Indeed... I suppose that explains why only the Avite survived your private party.
Rackam: Sigh... Yeah, and it also explains why you seemed upset when I asked you about it.
Child: Um... I really am sorry. I should never have stolen anything so important.
Lamretta: Ha-ha. It's all good! Just forget about that and join us for our picnic!
Child: Huh?
Lamretta: After some of this wine is offered to the dead, the rest has to be enjoyed by the living. We can't be breakin' rules like that!
Lamretta: You see, you gotta really enjoy life to comfort the dead. There's no better way!
Lamretta smiles gently and pats the boy's head.
Lamretta: I know how hard it is to lose people we love, but your mom and dad will only worry about you if you don't put your sadness behind you.
Lamretta: So let's have fun today! Let's party and laugh and send your parents off in style!
Child: Yeah!
Vyrn: Whoa... I guess you really are a nun.
Lamretta: Gah, how rude! Is that supposed to be an insult?
Katalina: Now, now... Let's just focus on having a nice picnic. Hey, you come over here too.
Thus the crew resumes the picnic with the boy as a new guest.
With smiles all around, Rackam remembers something and turns to address the boy.
Rackam: I gotta hand it to you... You're really something considering you're just a kid. I mean, being able to control zombies and all.
Child: What?
Katalina: Yeah, that was a bit of a shock. I bet you could do a lot of good for people if you put those abilities to a more productive use.
Child: Um... Huh?
(Captain) suspects that something is up and questions the boy about the zombies in more detail.
Child: Hmm... I sure don't know how to control zombies. I just took advantage of the fight to grab the Water of Life.
Lyria: Huh? So what were the zombies doing there? Wait...
The color drains from the faces of (Captain) and Lyria at the same time, and they get up without bothering to tell Lamretta and the others what's up.
Rackam: Sigh... So this is Avite? It's too good for words.
Katalina: Hee-hee... I can see why the dead would crave something like this. Could I trouble you for a refill, Lamretta?
Lamretta: Ha-ha! No problem! I'll top you off!
I think I'll have another glass myself!
The sight of the adults having so much fun is enough to convince (Captain) to forget about the dead for now and sit back down.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
宴会にゃ~! Picnic time!
みんないい人にゃ~ Everyone's so great.
綺麗なお花にゃ~♪ What lovely blossoms!
お酒は天の美禄にゃ~ Wine is a heavenly boon.
みんなで飲むお酒は美味しいにゃ~ Wine is better with friends.
修道院……んにゃなんでもないにゃ~ At the abbey... Oh, never mind.
秘蔵の地酒にゃ~ This bottle's from my secret stash.
(主人公)きゅんジュース飲むにゃ~ Have some juice, (Captain).
ふふへぇ~楽しくなってきたにゃ~ Hee-hee... I'm startin' to feel it now.
(主人公)きゅんもはっちゃけるにゃ~ Just focus on partyin', (Captain).


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