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Official Profile

Age 21
Height 165 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Room-cleaning, studying
Likes All kinds of housework
Dislikes Too much leisure time (can't stay calm if she's not doing something)

Character Release


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Age 21歳
Height 165cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 部屋の掃除、勉強
Likes 家事全般
Dislikes 余暇(何かしていないと落ち着かない)

Character Release


Source [1] [2] [3] [4]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
I wish you all the luck in all your future endeavors. And of course, I'l be here to help in any way I can.
So let's celebrate! Today is your day, Captain. Enjoy it!


The years always seem too long, and then they're gone just like that.
That's especially true for the time I've spent with you, (Captain).
But it's been time spent to its fullest. I'm sure of it.
I'm going to work my hardest to make sure I can spend the next year fighting by your side, (Captain).


Here's a little something from me. Happy birthday!
I'm so glad you're able to celebrate yet another birthday.
You always push yourself so hard, (Captain). I worry about you sometimes.
I'm the same way? Hehe, maybe so.
I hope I can celebrate this day with you for every year to come.
And for that, I'll be sure to keep improving myself and become a better skyfarer!


Happy birthday! Your special day is special to the rest of us as well.
I've been on pins and needles all week.
I know it's weird to be that excited about someone else's birthday...
But I've been so caught up in choosing a present and planning your party with the rest of the crew.
There's a lot to fret over when you're celebrating someone you care so much about! But those are good problems to have!
So I hope you'll always let me celebrate this day with you!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm sorry, I actually haven't finished preparing everything yet...
With each year that passes, more and more people are here to celebrate your birthday, so the ship's getting pretty full!
Soon we'll have to rent out an entire island just for your birthday...
Hehe. It'll be a handful, but I'm sure that'll be fun in its own way.
When that time comes, you have to let me be in charge of the decorations, okay?

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year.
With a new year comes new resolutions... This year I want to continue training and get just a little bit closer to Father and Monika.


A new year... What should I aim for this year, I wonder.
I'm still continuing my training, so... maybe I should try taking things a little less seriously?
How do you think I should do things this year, (Captain)?
If there's anything you think I should work on, I'd love to hear it!


The first sunrise of the year... It's beautiful.
I should be pretty used to sunrises by now with all the morning training I do...
But there's just something special about today's. I feel refreshed.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Happy New Year, (Captain). May this be your best year yet!


A lot goes into the New Year's meal, doesn't it?
Each dish and each ingredient has its own significance, like good luck or good health for the new year...
Sharing such a meaningful meal with those close to you is the only proper way to begin the new year.
I guess what I want most from you this year is for you to look after yourself...
So I'll research which dishes are supposed to grant you good health!
I'm going to give this ship and her crew everything I've got this year too. Glad to be on board, Captain!


Hmm... I always get so busy around New Year's.
Maybe I should try making a to-do list... And figure out how to tackle everything effectively.
Whenever I'm deciding on a course for the new year, I always feel like I'm mentally disciplining myself, you know? Like killing two birds with one stone.
Hehe. I see you're starting to feel motivated, (Captain).
Well then. While you're still on board, let's get to it!
Now, how do you think we can grow as a crew? Between the two of us, we're sure to come up with some good ideas.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

So I made some chocolates, but Monika ate about half of them already.
But she said they were really good, so...
So... if you could tell me what you think of them, I'd really appreciate it!


I think I managed to make some really good chocolates on my own this year. Accept them, won't you?
T-they don't taste funny, do they?
As far as I'm concerned, Valentine's is a day to express gratitude!
If someone's really helped you out, it's important to properly let them know how much you appreciate it!
I honestly can't thank you enough for everything you've done, (Captain).


Oh no... What do I do...
Ah! (Captain)!
I'm making chocolates for you... Or at least I tried to...
I thought I'd try a bit of a challenge this time, but... It didn't turn out too well...
Should have tried making something a little closer to my skill level...
I'll be more careful next year.
Huh? (Captain)!
No, you can't eat it! I told you, it didn't turn out well!
Wha? You were watching me as I was making it? You know how hard I tried?
I see. Well, if this is what you want, I can't say anything against that.
Hehe. I can tell how hard you're trying to keep a straight face. I told you it was bad.
Thank you, (Captain). For everything.


It's Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
Take a look! This time I perfected the recipe I bungled last year.
I've learned my lesson about working alone and biting off more than I can chew, so this time around, I asked everyone's opinions.
How's it taste?
Oh, I'm so glad. I really pulled it off this year.
You're so nice, I bet you'd pretend to be happy with any old chocolate.
But I wanted my gift to be good enough to truly express my gratitude.
I really am thankful to you, (Captain). Happy Valentine's Day.


(Captain)! I have some Valentine's chocolates for you. Here.
I considered trying my hand at a new recipe... So I could learn to be a better chef, you know?
But I decided that making something you liked was more important.
So I used basically the same recipe as last year, but then I thought about what flavors and textures you prefer and made some tweaks.
These chocolates should be pretty good—I think all that effort I put in is finally paying off. So when you eat them, really take the time to taste them, all right?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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This is... in return for Valentine's? Wow, thank you so much, Captain!
I'm so happy you remembered the chocolates I gave you.


A present... for me? Ah, that's right... Today's White Day.
Thank you so much, (Captain). Heh heh... It certainly feels nice to be on the receiving end of a present.
Giving presents and receiving them in return... I hope we can keep doing this forever.


Huh? A present for me? For White Day?
What! But I made you such awful chocolate for Valentine's day!
It's the thought that counts?
All right, I understand. Thank you.
I promise next year I'll give you a real Valentine's Day gift. That way I can accept your White Day gifts guilt-free!
Ah, sorry, that sounded a lot more noble in my head.


A White Day present for me?
Your thoughtfulness really makes me happy, (Captain).
You loved my Valentine's Day chocolate so much that you went all out to return the favor?
Geez... Of course, I made those chocolates specially for you...
But I was the one who refused to give up on perfecting that recipe. I wasn't trying to make you go out of your way...
Still, I'm really glad you enjoyed my gift.
Thank you so much for my White Day present, (Captain).


Is this a White Day's present?
Oh, thank you so much!
Hm? I recognize this wrapping paper. Could it be?
Just as I thought. We had these cookies together a few weeks ago. We both really liked them, right?
Oh, I'm so happy. I'd actually been craving these.
Umm... If you have time, would you like to eat with me?
I feel like these cookies would taste better if I ate them with you...
Really? Then let's have tea in my room. But first, we should stop by the dining hall and grab some things.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Do you have any candy, Captain?
Hehehe... Even I'm up to no good on a night like tonight. I'm going to play plenty of tricks... You can count on it!


When you really think about it, it's weird that there's a holiday just for dressing up.
But it does feel like a special day when you're in a costume.
It makes you feel just a bit bolder than normal.
So, (Captain). Do you have any treats?
Heh heh! If you don't have any treats, then brace yourself for my tricks!


Trick or treat!
Oh, looks like you have candy this year.
Huh? But you won't give me any?
You're wondering what sort of trick I'll play?
Are you testing me, (Captain)?
Fine then! You're going to regret this!


Trick or treat, (Captain)!
I've been looking for you all over town! Where were you?
Don't tell me you ran away because you didn't have any candy on hand for the big day...
You do? Oh, yes, I see.
Thank you. But then why were you—
What? Why are you holding out your hand?
Trick or treat?
Oh, right. I'll give you a treat too...
What? There's none left!
That's right... I've been handing candy out all day...
Wait... Don't tell me you were waiting for just this moment!
What? You wanted to try playing tricks this year, not just getting tricked?
Very well then. Challenge accepted! Show me your ultimate trick, (Captain)!


(Captain), trick or treat!
Oh, I see you've got some treats prepared for me again this year! Thank you.
Hmm... Getting treats is nice and all, but there just isn't the same satisfaction as when you play tricks on someone.
Huh? I can play a trick on you too?
Hm... I feel kind of bad for being so greedy...
But since you said so, I guess now I have to do it!
I actually have a trick ready just for you, (Captain)! Here I come!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

There's something so romantic about a snow-filled sky.
I hope I can enjoy it with someone special someday...


Do you remember what we did on this same night, one year ago?
I told you I wanted to look out at the snowy sky with someone special.
To tell you the truth, I... I think that may be within reach...
After all, I'm here with you, (Captain).
And with so many precious friends here with me, spending tonight with someone special might not just be a fantasy after all.


Ah, (Captain), there you are.
The holiday party was fun, wasn't it? Everyone really let their hair down.
It's late, we better be heading back. The streets have gotten pretty quiet.
Hehe. I'm glad I could spend the holidays with you this year as well.
I can't tell you how happy I am right now.


Phew... This ought to be far enough from the party...
Sorry to drag you away from the festivities, (Captain).
I won't keep you too long, or else everyone'll worry.
I just wanted to borrow you to look at the stars with me for a little while. If possible, I'd like to do this together every year...
I feel like the more time I spend with you, the greedier I get.
But I find myself wondering... if that's such a bad thing. Weird, huh?


Oh, (Captain)! I wanted to compliment you on the party. Everyone seems to be enjoying—
U-um, is something the matter? You surprised me, taking hold of my arm like that. Is there somewhere you wanted to go?
Choose: Let's go stargazing.
That was unexpected... I didn't think you'd just spirit me away like this.
Still, I'm happy you remembered... That I said I wanted to go stargazing with you every year.
Oh, no wonder it was so cold. It's started to snow. Look—it's so pretty, how the flakes shine against the night sky...
Hehe. Looks like we've made yet another wonderful memory together.

Fate Episodes

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An Unexpected Promotion

Lecia gets called back to Amalthea by Monika, who tells her that she's been made Acting Captain of the Crew of Enforcers by her father.

Lecia is called away from (Captain)'s crew by Monika for a return visit to Almalthea.
The reason for her return lies in an auspicious request from the Seven Luminary Knights.
Monika: The request, you see, is that we capture (Captain)'s crew and force them to disband.
Lecia is distraught over the request, which comes from the kingdom of Istavion in the Great Oarleyegrande Skydom.
Monika: Except we do know that the request comes with a condition.
Lecia: A condition?
Monika: Yes. We must limit our pursuit to within the boundaries of the Phantagrande Skydom.
Lecia and Monika consider the motivations behind the request.
Lecia: In other words someone's trying to chase (Captain)'s crew out of Phantagrande?
Monika: Or perhaps someone is trying to lead the captain and crew out into another skydom.
Monika straightens her posture.
Monika: This... isn't the only reason I called you back here, Lecia.
Lecia: Huh?
Monika: Captain Walfrid's passed down an order to you directly.
Monika: So, er... if you could keep calm and listen, that would be much appreciated.
Lecia: ...?
Monika: Ahem... Lecia, you have been ordered to serve as acting captain of the Crew of Enforcers.
Lecia: Acting captain of the Crew of Enforcers? Me?
Monika: Correct. I realize this is all a little sudden. I was surprised myself.
Lecia: I'm not sure surprised is the word I'd use here. It's like some kind of terrible joke... Why would he foist something like this on me now?
Monika: Are you aware that the Blue Knight Walfrid, our captain, has his hands full with pirates in Nalhegrande Skydom?
Lecia: Really? I'd heard he was involved in a struggle of some kind, but not much beyond that...
Monika: To make matters worse, the conflict is only intensifying.
Monika: From the sound of things, Captain Walfrid will be busy quelling the unrest for quite some time.
Lecia: I see... Which means someone has to take Father's—I mean the Captain's—place in the meantime.
Lecia: Still...
Lecia: Why would Captain Walfrid select me to serve as his replacement?
Lecia: I still have so much to learn. I can barely handle my own duties, let alone his.
Monika: I understand your concern. This is all very sudden.
Monika: And as you recognize, it's still a little early for you to be assuming the captain's chair.
Lecia: ...
Monika: Captain Walfrid understands that fact all too well himself.
Monika: So it's been requested that you concentrate solely on maintaining the status quo and avoid pursuing any new commitments with other forces.
Lecia: So in effect, I'll be taking over just part of the captain's duties.
Monika: Precisely. Do you still lack confidence in your ability to perform?
Lecia: I... well...
Monika: Lecia. You're a potential successor to the Blue Knight. The eyes of the Crew of Enforcers are on you.
Monika: And think of your subordinates who followed you into battle to defend Amalthea. Would you shirk responsibility when they're counting on you most?
Lecia: That's... You're exactly right, Monika.
Monika: Heh. No need to be so stiff.
Monika: You're more than capable of fulfilling the duties required of the position. I sincerely believe so, at the very least.
Lecia: Monika...
Monika: You're not alone in this. I will be doing everything in my power to assist you as deputy of the Fourth Fleet.
Monika: Don't be afraid of failure. Perform your duties and you'll be fine.
Lecia: It means a lot to hear that from you, Monika.
Monika pats Lecia on the shoulder and leaves the room.
Lecia: ...
Lecia: I should get some fresh air.
Lecia: It's been a long time since I got to take a walk like this.
Lecia: (I wonder where (Captain) and the others are right now...)
Lecia: (I ended up leaving the crew without ever having the chance to tell them what Father's journal said about Lyria and Vyrn...)
Lecia: (What if that ends up impeding their journey?)
Lecia: Sigh.
Enforcer: Captain Lecia? I mean... Acting Captain Lecia! What are you doing out here?
Lecia: Oh, er... Just thinking things over. And you don't have to call me that.
Enforcer: We just heard the news from Deputy Monika! Congratulations on the promotion!
Lecia: I have to stress that the assignment is only temporary...
Enforcer: That doesn't make it any less amazing! We're just happy to see our captain get picked for the position!
Enforcer: Anyway sorry for bothering you. Just wanted to offer a few words of congratulation.
Lecia: Thanks. I'll do my best not to let you guys down.
Enforcer: And we'll be right there with you! Good luck!
After seeing off her subordinates, Lecia gazes up into the sky.
Lecia: Wow. There are people here who are happy to see me become acting captain.
Lecia: Okay then.
Lecia slaps herself lightly on the cheeks to fire herself up.
Lecia: I have to stop worrying so much and just do the best job I can.
Lecia: I can't let Father, Monika, and everyone in the Fourth Fleet down.
Lecia: And if I ever end up travelling with (Captain) and the others again...
Lecia: I want to be able to help them even more than I did before.
Lecia: That means I have a lot of growing up to do.
Lecia: Right. Time to get started.
Despite her doubts, Lecia steels herself for the responsibilities of acting captain.
She hopes this experience will push her to grow and excel as a skyfarer. After all she might just return to the Grandcypher one day...

Protecting the Peace

Swamped with work as Acting Captain of the Crew of Enforcers, Lecia wistfully remembers her time traveling with (Captain) and friends. Among the stacks of paperwork is a request to attend an Enforcer banquet, which Lecia accepts.

Lecia has been assigned to serve as acting captain of the Crew of Enforcers by her father, the Blue Knight.
She finds herself busy enough serving as captain of her subordinates, let alone the entire Crew of Enforcers, and the added work has her at wits' end.
Lecia: Okay. These papers need to be ready for tomorrow, and—
Ah! I forgot! This batch needs to be squared up by the end of the day!
Lecia: This goes here... and this goes... hm?
Monika: Heheh. Working hard, Lecia?
Lecia: Ah! Welcome back, Monika. How did negotiations fare?
Monika: Well enough. We managed to brush off any requests for changes. The other side eventually saw things our way.
Lecia: Thank goodness... And thanks for handling that for me!
Lecia: Sigh... People keep trying to take advantage of my inexperience by asking for all these negotiations...
Lecia: If I was better at saying no, you wouldn't have had to deal with them in the first place.
Monika: You're acting captain, not the Blue Knight, so it only makes sense that some would try to exploit the situation.
Monika: Which is why I'm here. Just let me do all the talking.
Lecia: I don't know what I'd do without you, Monika. I can barely keep up with all the paperwork on my own...
Monika: You're a lot better at this than when you first started though. That's what matters.
Lecia: Heheh. You're absolutely right. There was a mountain of papers on this desk not too long ago.
Lecia: I'm finally getting used to being acting captain, it seems.
Lecia: (The days I spent travelling with (Captain) feels like a lifetime ago...)
Lecia: (Thinking back to those days of adventure almost feels like reliving a dream...)
Lecia wraps up her paperwork while waxing nostalgic about her skyfarer days.
Lecia: Hm? What's this?
Monika: Something wrong, Lecia? Ah, a formal dinner invitation from General Pommern?
Monika: If you're busy, feel free to decline. I can go in your place.
Lecia: No. I'll go.
Monika: Oh? I suppose you need a change of pace every once in a while. I'll handle things in your absence.
Lecia: Thanks! I'll just write back to accept the invitation...
A few days later, Lecia travels with the rest of the Enforcers to the island where the dinner is being held.

Protecting the Peace: Scene 2

At the banquet Pommern requests Lecia's assistance in restoring order to Amalthea and offers some words of advice. When word of shadowy figures comes in, Lecia heads out to patrol the island.

The Enforcer airship under Lecia's command reaches its destination without incident.
Lecia and her subordinates head to the inn where the dinner is being held.
Lecia: Lecia, acting captain of the Crew of Enforcers, reporting in!
???: Ah! We were awaiting your arrival, I do say!
???: I appreciate you going out of your way to meet me here, Acting Captain Lecia.
Lecia: I'm just glad you're in good spirits, General Pommern.
Pommern: I do say. To be referred to with such deference tickles me so...
Lecia: Heheh... Likewise. I never imagined I'd meet you like this, to be honest.
Pommern: Indeed, indeed. But you've seen how things are in Agastia with your own two eyes, have you not?
Pommern: Hence my request to you and the Enforcers, you see.
Lecia: Ah. That's right. You requested the Crew of Enforcers' help in restoring order to Agastia.
Pommern: Indubitably. Queen Orchis has brought our forces under Erste's royal banner.
Pommern: That has allowed us to quell Agastia's brief period of unrest, but the road to recovery is long indeed...
Pommern: We humbly ask for your assistance in returning Agastia to its former glory.
Pommern finishes his utterly sincere request and bows deeply to Lecia.
Lecia: ...!
Pommern: Madam? Whatever is the matter? You look utterly shocked.
Lecia: Oh. Er. Well...
Lecia: To be perfectly honest, I've been incredibly busy with negotiations ever since my father assigned me the position.
Lecia: I've... gotten used to being looked down upon, to be honest.
Pommern: Ah. Because of your youth, perhaps? Yes... I imagine you have had to deal with a fair amount of disrespect.
Lecia: Yes. You have no idea how happy it makes me to be able to have a serious discussion with you, sir.
Lecia: Especially from a general as distinguished as yourself, who keeps the citizens of Agastia first and foremost in his thoughts.
Pommern: I do say! You needn't praise me so!
Lecia: I mean it, sir. I may have the title and position of acting captain, but it's not what it appears.
Lecia: Recently, I've come to realize that my father bequeathed the position to me so that he could better protect me.
Lecia: I wasn't given the position because of my qualifications. Not in the truest sense of the word.
Pommern: ...
Lecia: I'm just not cut out for it, sir. Not for acting in my father's stead... or working alongside (Captain).
Lecia: So seeing someone like yourself who performs his duties with pride, is... well...
Pommern: Is that envy I hear?
Lecia: A little. Awe, maybe.
Pommern: You're still young. This experience will doubtless prove intensely valuable to you, yes?
Pommern: My advice to you... is to have patience.
Pommern: You will try to be perfect... and you will fail. As is often the case in life.
Lecia: I've gotta have more patience...
Pommern: Ah. A tad too preachy, perhaps? Please forget I said anything.
Lecia: Not at all, sir! I can't thank you enough for your advice, General Pommern.
Pommern: I do say. It really does tickle me so to see you hold me in such high esteem.
Lecia: Heheh...
Pommern and Lecia spend the remainder of their time discussing the situation in Agastia, among other matters.
As the sun sets and they finish their meal, Pommern and Lecia retire separately to their chambers for the night.
Lecia: Yawn... Just about time to hit the hay.
Enforcer: We've received reports of suspicious figures from island patrols, ma'am!
Lecia: Suspicious figures? Understood. Let's go keep watch.
Lecia takes her weapon in hand and leaves the inn with her subordinates in tow.
Lecia: Hm? Hey! What are you up to?
Ruffian: Uh-oh. Enforcers!
Lecia: Hold it! Answer my questions, or things may get a little rough!

Protecting the Peace: Scene 3

The men Lecia apprehends don't want to see order restored and have kidnapped Pommern. Rushing to his aid, Lecia finds Pommern tied up by a shadowy syndicate operative.

Lecia apprehends the suspicious men and begins questioning them.
Lecia: You're trying to kidnap General Pommern?
Ruffian: If Agastia keeps recovering, business is gonna dry up!
Lecia: Now I get it... So the criminal syndicates festering in Agastia are trying to apply pressure on the Erste Kingdom!
Lecia: The security forces at Agastia were shorthanded, so General Pommern came here with a skeleton crew...
Lecia: We have to ensure his safe return at all costs! Turn these ruffians over to the island garrison, men!
Enforcer: Aye aye! What's your next course of action, ma'am?
Lecia: I'm heading to the inn where General Pommern and the others are!
Enforcer: Understood! We'll be with you as soon as we finish handing these thugs over to the authorities!
Lecia: Thanks! We've got no time to lose!
Syndicate Boss: All right, that's enough speechmaking outta you, moustache man!
Pommern: I do say. We may be outnumbered, but losing to such rabble is absolutely mortifying...
Pommern: Very well. I suppose I'll agree to your demands for now. I expect you to behave as promised, however. Do not harm my men under any circumstances!
Syndicate Boss: Ngh... Let's see how high and mighty you act once I'm done with you!
Lecia: Huff... Huff... There they are!
Lecia: Hold it right there! Harm General Pommern, and face the full might of the Crew of Enforcers!
Syndicate Boss: Tch... You're from the Crew of Enforcers? I'm gonna shut you up for good!
Lecia: You're welcome to try. But I think you're in for a very unpleasant surprise!

Protecting the Peace: Scene 4

After defeating Pommern's kidnappers, Lecia is surprised and impressed by Pommern's positive attitude. She reflects on his advice, and resolves to become stronger to protect the sky she loves so much.

Lecia and her crew help Pommern apprehend the syndicate boss.
Pommern: I do say. You have my sincere apologies for all the trouble caused by our lack of foresight...
Lecia: No apologies needed, sir. I'm just glad you and your men are safe.
Pommern: All thanks to your efforts, I do say. We would never have been able to free ourselves on our own.
Pommern: Heh heh, they'll no doubt provide information on those who would prefer a less-than-speedy recovery for Agastia.
Pommern: In that sense I appreciate their decision to target me specifically.
Lecia: Huh?
Pommern: Hm? Why the look of surprise, my dear?
Lecia: Er, it's just... How do I put this... You're so... heedless, sir.
Lecia: Wait, no. That's not right... You're very... optimistic, maybe!
Pommern: Hahaha! Please pay it no mind. All things are a matter of perspective, I do say.
Lecia: All things are a matter of... perspective...
Pommern triumphantly leads the criminals back to a ship bound for Agastia.
As she watches the ship disembark, Lecia thinks back on Pommern's words.
Lecia: Perspective...
Lecia: (Without everyone's help and protection, I wouldn't able to do my duties as acting captain.)
Lecia: (That's always made me feel embarrassed.)
Lecia: (But now I can see that relying on those people might give me the room to learn and grow.)
Lecia: (I hope I can become someone strong enough to help Father, or Monika... or (Captain) and the others.)
Lecia: Thank you for everything, General Pommern. You've taught me an important lesson today.
Lecia: I'm going to do my best! Not just to improve myself but to protect those blue skies I love so much!
The skyship bound for Agastia has already vanished from view, but Lecia continues staring out at the sky.
With a heart full of determination, Lecia will surely grow even more in the journeys to come.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
白翼の守護神の加護あれ…! May the White Wing protect me...
仲間達には指一本触れさせません! I won't let you lay a finger on my friends!
父さん…無事でいるといいけど… Oh Father... I hope you're all right.
あの方と同じ景色が見たいのです I want to see the same things they do.
この蒼い空を、私の手で守ります! I'll protect these azure skies myself!
まだまだ実力不足…ですね I'm still not strong enough.
私が秩序の騎空団団長代理だなんて… Hard to believe I'm Acting Captain now...
書類ばかり見ていると目がしぱしぱします… My eyes start to hurt after looking at paperwork all day...
(主人公)さん達といつか、また… I'll work alongside (Captain) and the others again. Someday.
(主人公)さんを見習わなくっちゃ I've gotta be more like (Captain).

Other Appearances

Rage of Bahamut


Captain Lecia

Lecia, Sky Saber

Twilight Blade

SV Twilight Blade.png
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Deal 5 damage to all enemies.

Darkness of despair, begone! Twilight Blade! —Lecia and Nano

Class Swordcraft
Card Pack
SV Portal Twilight Blade
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Support Cannon

SV Support Cannon.png
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Whenever an allied Commander follower comes into play, deal X damage to a random enemy follower. X equals the attack of the Commander. If there are no enemy followers in play, deal X damage to the enemy leader instead.

Target sighted! Ready the cannon! Fire! —Captain Lecia

Class Swordcraft
Card Pack Tempest of the Gods
SV Portal Support Cannon
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other

Tales of Asteria