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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3040066000 01.jpg Lilele
Age 13 years old
Height 82 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies I want to make the whole sky glitter with my songs and dance!
Likes "Kimi to Boku no Mirai" idols, ramen
Dislikes That I'm too confident in myself
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040066000 01.jpg Lilele
Age 13歳
Height 82 cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 歌と踊りで全空をキラキラにしたい!
Likes キミとボクのミライ」のアイドル達、ラーメン
Dislikes 自信家なところ

Npc f 3030247000 01.jpg Lilele (Summer)
Age 13 years old
Height 82 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies I want to make the whole sky glitter with my songs and dance!
Likes "Kimi to Boku no Mirai" idols, ramen
Dislikes That I'm too confident in myself
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3030247000 01.jpg Lilele (Summer)
Age 13歳
Height 82 cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 歌と踊りで全空をキラキラにしたい!
Likes キミとボクのミライ」のアイドル達、ラーメン
Dislikes 自信家なところ

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  • According to Lilele's Fate Episodes, Lyria, Mary, and Vira canonically have no recollection of the idol group they formed for the song Kimi to Boku no Mirai. However, Lilele is the only one who remembers.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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These tabs contain special event cutscene scripts.
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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday!
Captain, We're gonna celebrate your birthday! Isn't that great?
Guess what? I have a present for you!
Look, look! Isn't this just the most beautiful box you've ever seen?
Hehe, there's nothing inside though!
That's cause the present can't be put in the box!
It's a special song I made just for you.
I call it Happy, Happy Birthday!


Sparkle, sparkle! Happy birthday!
Today's the day I shine my brightest!
Today, and for today only, I'm not the star! You are!
This birthday song is for today's star. I'll sing for you today and forevermore!
I can't keep these feelings in any longer! This is how I feel!
I call it A Lilele Birthday!


Hmm? What happened, (Captain)?
Don't play dumb with me!
You're simply shining today! You stand out even more than me!
That's no fair! You're stealing all the limelight...
Oh! I've got it!
Today's the day you shine brightest: your birthday!
Today's the only day your star outshines mine...
But I won't lose to you.
Lilele on the stage! Happy birthday to you!
This song shines as bright as you do now, (Captain).
Here we go... The Moon Only Shines in the Night.


Three, two, one...
Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I'm so glad I got to give you a birthday countdown with just the two of us.
I decided to prioritize your birthday countdown over the New Year's countdown.
It's because I wanted to save my best wishes for you instead.
And what's a better way to say congratulations than with a song?
Oops, I completely forgot how late it is right now!
Shh... Okay, (Captain).
Hehehe. I'm going to bring it down a notch. Come scooch in closer so you can hear me.
Here we go. This Day's For You.


Ahh, so bright!
You're so bright today, (Captain)! It's blinding me!
Could it be that... today's your birthday?
I knew it... You've got that aura of a star. You're sparkling so much it's making even me look dim!
Teehee, I'm just kidding! It's not blinding me.
But you really are the star today!
With that said, let me give you a present! Something special from me to you! Here we go. Celebration Symphony No. 1!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
It's the start of a brand new year! How does that make you feel?
I feel fresh and ready to take on whatever this year has in store!
I'm going to keep aiming to be the sky's top idol this year too!
Hm? Why're my goals the same each year?
Well, what's wrong with that! I'm starting afresh each year!
I'll start anew and sing for you this year too.
Every Day Is a New Year's Day!


Lile-Lilele! Happy New Year!
And you know what that means! Ready?
Lilele on the stage. Only for you, it's a New Year's Lilele song.
A special New Year's performance just for you! I'll sing for you. Now and forevermore.
Even if everything else fades away, I hope this song stays with you.
I call it Snow White Calendar.


It's L-L-Lilele! Happy New Year, (Captain)!
I've been counting down the days to today.
Okay, here we go! Three, two, one...
Lilele on the stage! A special New Year's performance just for you!
Recently I've realized: maybe dreams are better left as dreams.
Even if I can't be like Djeeta and the other idols...
I can still bring my songs to as many people as I can.
(Captain), as long as you're by my side, listening to my voice...
I'm sorry, I shouldn't be saying things like that.
I lost track of the real Lilele for a moment there. Let me get back on that saddle.
This is for you... New Year, Old Me.


It's the start of a bright and sparkly new year!
I haven't forgotten my goal of becoming the number one idol in the skies!
Hm? Aside from that, what's my resolution for this year?
Hmm... Let's see...
I know! For you and I to form a duo!
In other words, let's sing together.
Here, let's start off by practicing with this etude.
It's called Welcome the Sun!


(Captain)! Happy New Year!
I'm already super busy! My schedule's packed with one New Year's performance after another.
Oh, you haven't heard? My songs are magical. Everyone knows that if you listen to them on New Year's day, you'll increase your fortunes.
Teehee. Just kidding!
But you could say that's what my songs stand for.
They're here to usher in a wonderful future with a wonderful beginning.
And... First off, I want to wish you a stupendous new year with a song, (Captain).
Ready? Here's The Year Ahead.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's Day!
Oh, I know that face!
You've been hoping for a little something from me, haven't you!
Well, you're going to get it! Take it as thanks for all the kindness you've shown me!
But before that! I have dedicated a song to you...
Operation: Love Chocolate!


Happy, happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
It's that time of the year again when love is in the air.
But in the midst of that sweet fragrance in the air, don't forget that there's always a touch of bitter in the mix.
So before we get to the chocolate, get ready for Lilele on the stage! Sweet Valentine's live!
I'll never stop singing and never stop bringing smiles to those who listen!
I call this one Chocolate Love Bomb.


Love is in the air! Happy Valentine's, (Captain)!
Hehe. Can you hear that?
That's right. That's the sound of love!
It's that wonderful time of year when all the lovebirds sing their song.
Now it's time to listen to my song! Lilele on the stage!
I call it... Your Valentine, My Song.


It's Valentine's Day, (Captain)!
I just came back from watching all the lovey-dovey couples in town!
But there are still quite a few bashful girls who haven't worked up the courage to express their feelings!
I really want to cheer those girls on!
So here's a song just for them!
It's called Love Plea Harmony.


(Captain)! Happy Valentine's! I made you some chocolates—and I put my whole heart into it!
Oh, wait! Don't eat them yet. 'Cause a big competition's about to start!
Hehehe. That's right. This year, yours truly—Lilele—is going head-to-head with her own chocolate.
And the name of the competition iiis...
Which is Sweeter? My Chocolates or My Songs?
So I'm about to debut a brand new song—and I'm gonna sing it just for you. After you listen to the song, eat the chocolates.
Then, after everything's over, you have to decide which was sweeter and more satisfying.
The good thing about this competition is I win no matter what you choose, (Captain)!
Now, listen up! Here's Chock Full of Chocolates.

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Hehe, hehehe.
Hehe, hehehe.
Wha... Wh-what is it, (Captain)?
Huh? I've been fidgety since you showed up?
Th-that's not true! I'm acting perfectly normal!
Oh, stop teasing me! You know what I'm waiting for! Hurry up and hand it over already!
You know! It's White Day! The day you return the favor for Valentine's!
But wait. Before I accept your present, I have to... Ahem...
Prepare myself to sing from the heart. I call it...
Your White Little Lie


Happy White Day, (Captain)!
This time it's your turn, isn't it, (Captain)?
I already know my answer.
Before I accept, get ready for Lilele on the stage! I'll take you in with all my heart!
I'll believe and sing. I believe in the (Captain) who believes in me.
I call this one... Just the Two of Us.


Hehe. Are you nervous?
Well, today's White Day, it's only natural.
Say, (Captain), would you like to sing back to me for a change?
I'm always the only one singing...
It can get lonely sometimes.
So sing with me today, (Captain).
Lilele on the stage! Our special duet!
Here we go... The Apron I Dreamed.


Wow! Thank you for the White Day gift, (Captain)!
Hm? You look like you have something to add...
You're saying it's not much of a gift?
Oh, come on! Don't worry about stuff like that!
What matters is what comes from the heart!
That's why you have to be happy before the gift is even opened by someone.
And for me, it's not about what's in the box. It's about your feelings, (Captain).
I want you to listen to this song, and focus on the feelings you have for the important people in your life.
It's called As Long As You're By My Side.


Is this my White Day's gift, (Captain)? It's amazing!
I have to thank you for this. So expect something big next Valentine's, okay?
Ehehe... You think it's weird to thank someone for a thank-you gift?
Well, I think it's great—this entire idea of repaying gratitude with more gratitude.
I mean, that's what White Day is all about, isn't it?
Now, are you ready for a thank-you song? Here's Oh, My Sweetheart!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

Trick or treat!
Ta-daa! I'm the trick and the treat!
Oh, come on. Where's your enthusiasm?
Huh? You're embarrassed? What for? You've got to enjoy the festival!
I'll do it with you, so here. One, two...
Trick or—
Ah! Wait! Wait just a minute!
I have the perfect song for you!
I'll sing it for you, so please listen.
The Shy Little Pumpkin


Trick or treat! Here I come, (Captain)!
Are you ready for my trick?
Get ready for it!
Lilele on the stage! Halloween special live!
Just like that song touched me on that day, I hope my song makes a difference in your life too.
Here I go... Everyday Love Song.


Trick or treat!
Hello, hello, Halloween, (Captain)!
Hehe, gets your heart pumping, doesn't it?
So? Which do you choose?
Is your heart pounding because you want a trick or a treat?
If you can guess what I have ready, I'll give you a present!
You have three seconds. One... Two... Three...
Time's up! And the answer is...
Lilele on the stage! Halloween special live!
This is what I made for you...
I call it... Catcher in the Pumpkin.


Hello, (Captain). I guess you haven't left for the Halloween party yet.
I'm waiting for this pumpkin cake to finish baking so I can bring it with me.
There aren't any booby traps in the cake, okay? You can have a slice in safety!
Ooor... am I just playing with you?
Teehee! Just kidding!
As long as the cake is still baking, how about a teeny-Halloweeny performance to pass the time?
Time to transform this kitchen into a stage!
For your listening pleasure: Night of the Pumpkin Man!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I got a present for you! Go ahead! Open it, open it!
Huh? There's nothing inside?
Huhhh? There's so much in there! Why can't you can't see any of it?
See? It's filled with my feelings! To show the gratitude I have for you every day, I'm gonna sing you a special song...
It's called Don't Forget Santa...


Happy, happy holidays!
It's that special, sacred night again!
Tonight it's just you, me, and this stage!
I'll sing for you. Now and forevermore.
Even if everything else fades away, I hope this song stays with you.
I call it Goodnight, Silent Bell.


Happy, Happy holidays, (Captain)!
It's that Lilele season again!
Lilele on the stage! Holiday special live!
Get ready! I'll sing for you and forever more!
Snowflakes fade, and our time together may end, but the memories of you will always be in my heart.
I'll never forget you... Snow White Memories.


I'm baaack!
Phew... The holiday concert went off without a hitch.
I'm glad the fans were enjoying themselves too.
But now it's all about spending tonight with you, (Captain)!
Nope, I'm not tired at all! I'm still bursting with energy. This holiday evening is just getting started!
You get the privilege of hearing an exclusive private performance, starting with...
A song I call Powder Snow Glitter Glow.


Happy holidays! (Captain), you know what today is, don't you?
Yup! So, hang on to your hats, because at the show tonight, I'll be unveiling my stupendous gift to you all.
No, it won't be cake. It won't be gemstones. Aaand it won't be toys...
My special gift to you all is a sparkling, splendid evening!
I hope you're ready, (Captain).
You've done so much for me, so today I'll be singing for you. You are My Holiday Knight.

Fate Episodes[edit]

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.


The crew meets a girl called Lilele, who is aiming to become a major pop star. She tells them that she met Lyria when she was very young, and saw Lyria perform a song called "Our Future." But Lyria has no memory of having sung the song at all. Lilele, who had idolized Lyria and the crew and had been inspired by them to become a pop star, is understandably shocked by this news. To cheer her up, (Captain) suggests that she join the crew and continue searching for whoever it was did sing that song all those years ago.

Harvins have a uniquely small stature.
One young Harvin girl has been teased about her size by her friends, and is now alone by a lake, crying.
???: Sob… sniffle… Why did they have to be so mean?
???: Why do they have to say such hurtful things? …Why… Snuffle…
A tear drop forms on her eyelashes and drops into the lake.
That drop, so full of sorrow, creates ripples on the surface of the calm lake.
The ripples expand until they cover the entire lake.
Just then…
???: What's wrong? Why do you cry?
???: Who're you?
???: Come on, don't look so down. Let's sing a song.
???: S-sing? No, I couldn't. I'd be too embarrassed.
???: Don't be, everyone's waiting for you.
???: !
???: (…What's going on? Wow, those girls look so cute…)
???: (…I wish I had clothes like that…)
???: (…I wish I was as cute as them…)
Meanwhile, something is happening in a small town in Port Breeze.
In the town square, two men are having a heated argument.
Captain: How many times do I have to tell you! This island belongs to us!
Commander: And how many times do I have to tell you? We're here to take over!
Captain: That's it, if you're not gonna listen then I'll have to teach you a lesson the only way I know how!
Townsperson: EEEEEEK!
The townsperson's scream reaches the ears of (Captain) and crew who just so happen to be walking by.
Vyrn: What's going on over there? Looks like something's heating up.
Lyria: Oh no, look! They're surrounding the townspeople!
Rackam: This isn't good. Let's go, we have to stop them!
The crew rush over to the town square. As they reach it they hear an unusual sound.
Lilele: I think you're going to enjoy this next one…
"Dreams are the Colors of Miracles"!
Lilele: "I close my eyes, and all I see is your face
Looking the same as the day we first met.
Even now, I long for your embrace…"
Lilele: "You still haven't seen my new color yet
The color you gave me, the color of dreams
Miracles still happen these days, so it seems…"
Katalina: Wh-what is that? Look over there, something's happening.
Katalina points to where the people who were up until now fighting, but now they were all standing side by side.
Cheerleaders: L! O! V! E! Lovely Lilele! Our beloved Lileleeee!
Townspeople: Yaaaaaay! Lileleeee! Lileleeee!
Rackam: What's goin' on? Weren't they at each others throats just a moment ago?
Eugen: Isn't it obvious? They're all here for the same thing. They're chasing the same dream…
Eugen: It's just that they care so much about it, the slightest thing can spark an argument. You can't blame them, they're young!
Katalina: Well that's as may be. Anyway, it seems we're not needed here, so let's get back to the ship. Euge?Eugen?
Rackam & Eugen: L! O! V! E! Lovely Lilele! Our beloved Lileleeee!
Katalina: R-Rackam, Eugen, what are you doing?
Eugen: I'm sorry, I just got swept up in the madness. Their enthusiasm is infectious!
Katalina & Lyria: Humph…
Rackam: It was the song! Seriously! The song just brought something up in me, and before I knew it I was dancing…
Eugen: I've always been a sucker for this kinda thing. I just get swept away… Swept…
Katalina: You're the type who buys all the merchandise and hangs out after the show to get autographs, I bet.
Rackam: I'm telling you it's all the song's fault! How many times do I have to say it?
Katalina: What are we going to do? I have to say I didn't expect you two to be into this sort of thing… Though we all need outlets…
???: …Lyria? You are Lyria, aren't you?
Lyria turns to see the small Harvin girl who was on stage singing earlier. She seems close to tears.
Lyria: Erm… Aren't you the one who was singing earlier?
Lilele: Yes, my name's Lilele! I can't believe it's actually you!
Lyria: Wait. How is it that you know me?
Lilele: What are you talking about? You were in the group that sang "Our Future," weren't you?
Lyria: What? "Our Future"?
The two men who had been dancing so energetically earlier start to explain the situation to the bewildered Lyria.
Rackam: Yeah, she's talking about that time. The miracle show that happened by the lake.
Eugen: Lilele met a blue-haired girl and was blown away by her. She's been her inspiration ever since.
Rackam: She's done everything she can to be like that blue-haired girl. She even took singing lessons!
Eugen: That's how she got the name of "Princess of Pop"… Wow, this is pretty in-depth.
Katalina: Where are you guys getting all this from?
Eugen: From this, where else! The official fan book has all sorts of information.
Rackam: Yeah, surely everyone knows that.
Katalina: Goodness, it's like you've both been hypnotized.
Katalina: (Captain), what did you think of her song?
  1. Apologies, but can we stop the singing?
  2. Let's take on a tour of the whole sky!

Choose: Apologies, but can we stop the singing?
Lilele: C-Captain, you didn't like my music? I have to say, I'm shocked.
Vyrn: That's not what (Captain)'s saying! We're worried that if we hear any more then we'll all be under your spell, that's all!
Lyria: (Captain), is that true?
(Captain) looks away awkwardly.
Lilele: Teehee, I see. Well that just makes me want to play for you all the more!

Choose: Let's take on a tour of the whole sky!
Lilele: Do you really mean that?
Lilele: I've dreamed of touring my show around the skies. And what's more, to be touring with my idol, Lyria… A dream come true!
Continue 1
Katalina: Oh come on… It's fine to be a fan of her music, but don't forget our main objective!
Lilele: By the way, where are the other members?
Vyrn: Other members? What do you mean?
Lilele: I mean, the other girls who sang "Our Future" with Lyria…
Lyria: Erm, once again I have to say I have no memory of "Our Future"…
Lilele: That… That's impossible. You're joking, right? I mean, you're my idol!
Vyrn: H-hey, just calm down! What's going on here?
The crew try to calm Lilele down, but she is inconsolable.
Lilele: You're not making fun of me are you? I mean, I remember Lyria singing "Our Future"…
Rackam: Hmmm, I have to say that what Lilele's been saying isn't ringing any bells.
Eugen: Y-yeah… I think I would have remembered Lyria singing on stage like that…
Katalina: Lilele, forgive me if this comes across as rude…
Katalina: Might you be mistaking us for someone else?
Lilele: Th-there's no way! It is you, Lyria! You have to remember!
Lyria: I'm sorry, but I really have no memory of what you're talking about.
Lilele: B-but… How…
Lilele appears to be in shock, and drops to her knees on the spot.
Lilele: I… I've tried so hard to become like that shining brilliant girl…
Lilele: Is it… Can it be… My dream…
Katalina: Isn't over yet, right?
Lilele: Huh?
Katalina: We might not be the people you're looking for, but that's no reason to give up. They might still be out there.
Lilele: But… What if… the girl I met and idolize so much isn't in this world?
Lyria: Then you can come with us!
Lyria: And then together we can search the skies for that girl, from here to the Isle of the Astrals!
Vyrn: Yeah, we're gonna be going to so many places, you're sure to find who you're looking for!
Lilele: B-but, the Isle of the Astrals is just a legend…
Katalina: That may be, but it's still our destination. Right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods enthusiastically to Katalina's question.
Rackam: Our captain doesn't know the meaning of "giving up." We've set a course for Estalucia, so we will get there.
Eugen: What do you say, Lilele? Let's go look for your idol together!
Lilele: OK! I… I'll keep looking!
Lilele: I can't give up on my dream, I can't go back to being just another girl.
Lilele forces out a little smile.
The men and women alike in the crew are mesmerized by that hypnotic smile.

I Send My Love[edit]

Lyria and the others say they've never heard of "Our Future." However, Lilele refuses to accept it. She sees the confusion on Lyria's face and decides that Lyria must be lying in order to hog the stage all to herself. Convinced of this, Lilele goes on a rampage and opens up all the doors on the airship without permission. She arrives at a door marked "Do Not Enter"…

The Grandcypher is moored at a certain island, and Lilele is still doggedly harassing (Captain) and company…
Lilele: Well then, here's my next song… "Sway Your Heart."
Lilele: Rippling water, sparkling stars / Just like the dream I had that night
Lilele: Deep in my heart, that future lives on / Our Future / Please tell me you remember me
Lilele: I'm not lying! It's true!
Vyrn: I'm tellin' ya, kid… I've never heard of Our Future or whatever…
Vyrn: Listen, Lilele, are you sure you're not mixing us up with someone else?
Lilele: I know what I saw! I saw Lyria and everyone else sparkling and dancing!
Lyria: Nnnn… The more I hear, the less I understand…
Seeing Lyria's confusion, Lilele gasps in realization.
Lilele: Oh, I get it now… So that's how it's gonna be, huh, Lyria?
Lyria: Um… What?
Lilele: You're all lying and trying to hide it. You just want me to lower my guard so you can hog the stage for yourselves!
Lyria: Hog the stage? I'm sorry… what? I really don't know what you're talking about…
Lilele: You're pretty good at the whole "cute, innocent pop star" thing, Lyria. You almost had me fooled.
Lyria: What? Lilele, no… I'm not trying to trick you…
Lilele: That look on your face! You're cute, but you're mean, Lyria. You're a mean girl.
Lyria: Ohhh… Lilele, please, just calm down…
Lilele: Just admit it! Where are the other members?
Lilele: Where's Mary, huh? Or Vira? Don't bother trying to hide them, because I will find them!
Lyria: Oh… Lilele, wait!
Lilele runs through the Grandcypher, flinging doors open as she goes.
However, she fails to find the clues she is hoping for.
The last door she arrives at has a foreboding sign pinned to it.
It reads "Do Not Enter"…
Lilele: Jackpot! Hehehe… There's definitely something suspicious about this!
Lilele: And I bet I know exactly what they'd try to hide behind a "Do Not Enter" sign…
Lilele: Those sparkly costumes and accessories they wore during that performance! They've gotta be in there!
The moment she puts her hand on the doorknob…
Lyria: Don't open it, Lilele!
Lilele: Hmph! I knew it! Those costumes are definitely in there!
Vyrn: No! You gotta believe us! You don't want to go in there! That room's where we put the…
Ruffian: What's this? You guys had a change of heart and now you're setting us free?
Lilele: Uhhh… Who are you?
Vyrn: Aw, man… We tried to warn you…
Lyria: We're in the middle of transporting these criminals to the next island over as requested by the island militia…
Lilele: No… That's not right…
Ruffian: The hell's going on here? You know what… After that beatin' you gave us, I think we best take this chance to make our escape!
Vyrn: Looks like we don't have a choice! Come on, (Captain)! We gotta force them back in there again!

I Send My Love: Scene 2[edit]

Having finally accepted that Lyria will never admit to singing "Our Future," Lilele sets her sights on the other members. She decides that Vira is her best bet at finding clues, and she begins to investigate her. However, she fails to find any clues. At her wit's end, Lilele takes off running.

Since she was little, Lilele has looked up to Lyria and the others, and strived to be just like them. She won't give up easily…
Lilele: Well then, here's my next song… "Little Star Searching."
Lilele: Where are you, little star? / I hope you haven't gone too far / Please come out, please don't hide / Show me what I saw that night
Lilele: Sing with me, little star / You found me, don't go too far / Where are you? Please don't hide / Sing the song I heard that night
Lilele: That's it! You might not know, but the other members might!
Vyrn: The, uh… other members… Right…
Lilele: So, where's Mary?
Any version of Mary is a crew member

Vyrn: Mary? Well… She's probably off in some ruins, doing some treasure hunting, I guess?
No version of Mary in crew

Vyrn: Mary? We don't have anyone named Mary in the crew.
Lilele: Okay, what about Vira?
Any version of Vira is a crew member

Lyria: Vira goes with Katalina to gather fruit from the forest.
Lilele: The forest, huh? Got it! I'll be right back!
Lyria: Oh! Lilele, wait!
…aaand she's gone…
Vyrn: Aw, man… I really wouldn't bother Vira right now if I were her…
Meanwhile, in a forest not too far away, Katalina and Vira were happily picking fruit.
Katalina: Take a look, Vira! Those apples over there look VERY ripe, don't you think?
Katalina: Hehehe! Vyrn is going to be so excited when we get back. I can just picture it.
Vira: Ugh. What is with you and that lizard? That's NOT why I went out of my way to bring you here…
Vira: I'm doing this for you, Sister… To protect your beauty and health… That's why I searched for this place…
Katalina: Hmm? Did you say something, Vira?
Vira: No… Nothing at all.
Vira: By the way… Something's been bugging me for a while now…
Vira: Why did you invite yourself on my outing with Katalina?
Lilele: Hi, I'm Lilele.
Lilele: Tra la la, overcome those gloomy mornings with Lileleeee! Lilele, the princess of peace! La la…
Vira: Come again?
Katalina: Well, if it isn't Lilele! Perfect timing.
Katalina: I'll give you a boost, so could you pick that apple on that branch there?
Lilele: Sure! Just leave it to me!
Vira: What? What… did you just say? A boost? Physical contact from Katalina?
Vira: Don't make me laugh! You really think I'd let a total stranger touch Katalina? Absolutely not!
Vira: Allow me to give the boost, Katalina. Please, let me handle it!
Katalina: Hmm… You really want to? Well, if you insist… Okay, Lilele, I guess Vira's going to do it.
Vira: Here we go, Katalina! Please, climb on my shoulders!
Katalina: Uh, what are you talking about, Vira?
Vira: Exactly what I said. Come on, Katalina. No need to be shy…
Katalina: Uh, no, Vira. That's not going to work.
Eventually, they manage to harvest the apples, and are on their way back to the Grandcypher when Lilele asks the question.
She asks Vira whether she remembers "Our Future," and…
Vira: Katalina told me about you… Sorry to say, but I don't know any more than Lyria does.
Lilele: No…
Crushed, Lilele lasheds out with words she doesn't really mean.
Lilele: Why? Why would you lie to me too, Vira?
Vira: Lie to you? You think I'm lying?
Vira's expression suddenly hardens.
Vira: Have you tried actually thinking it through? My body, mind and soul exist only for Katalina.
Vira: Do you really think I'd waste my time being a pop star, making other people happy?
Lilele: But… but… I saw you! You were singing, and it looked like you were having fun…
Lilele: You were practically sparkling… and the sight of you encouraged me so much!
Lilele: You were so adorable, Vira, and I wanted to be you… I practiced singing, and took dance lessons every day…
Vira: That's very sweet, but… I have absolutely no recollection of such a thing.
Lilele: …………

No version of Vira in crew

Lyria: Vira? Do you mean Vira from Albion?
Lyria: Katalina would know more about her than I do.
Lilele: Okay, then I'll ask Katalina! Do you know where she is?
Lyria: She went into the forest for sword training.
Lilele: Thanks! I'll be right back!
The sounds of Katalina's gallant shouts echoed through the forest…
Katalina: Hyah! Take that! And that!
Katalina: Gasp!
Sensing a presence, Katalina whips around, pointing her blade protectively.
Katalina: Who's there?
???: …………
Katalina: Show yourself. I know you're there. If you don't come out right now…
Lilele: W-wait, Katalina! It's me, Lilele!
Katalina: Huh?
Lilele: See? It's me, Lilele!
Katalina: Oh, hey, Lilele… Whew… Don't spook me like that…
Lilele: I'm sorry, Katalina… You were just so menacing that I was lost for words.
Katalina: So… what do you want? Do you need me for something?
Lilele: …………
Katalina: Hehehe… Okay, let me guess… Is it about Vira?
Lilele: What? How did you know?
Katalina: That thing you were talking about earlier… "Our Future," was it?
Katalina: You said Vira was one of the people who were singing it, right?
Lilele: Yeah. Vira seemed to be having so much fun… She was sparkling…
Katalina: I see… Well, I don't know what you saw, but…
Katalina: The person you saw probably just looked a lot like Vira.
Lilele: What? Why would you say such a thing?
Katalina: At the time you claim to have met her, Vira was stuck in the Albion Citadel.
Katalina: So you couldn't possibly have met her.
Lilele: You're lying…
Continue 1
Katalina: No, I'm not… and the truth is, you know that, don't you?
Lilele: …………
Katalina: But if you admit that, then you feel like you might lose something important to you, so you're scared. Am I right?
Lilele: No.
Katalina: Even if you can't find it, your feelings are real. And that goes for…
Lilele: Enough already! I'm done listening to you!
Unable to endure it any longer, Lilele takes off running at full speed.
Katalina: Wait, Lilele! We're not done talking!
Katalina: Nngh! Look out! STOP!
Suddenly, a dark shadow appears in Lilele's path.
Lilele: AAAHH!

I Send My Love: Scene 3[edit]

The sun sets, and Lilele finds herself sadly walking alone down the street. Spotting her, Eugen and Rackam call out to her. They try to cheer her up with her favorite food, ramen. However, she apologizes for "what she's about to do" and begins to sing. Knowing her singing has the power to enrapture any man who hears it, she uses her song to try and get the truth out of them.

Before she knows it, Lilele is walking through an unfamiliar town.
Walking alone down the main street, feeling like she is somehow in an alternate dimension, she trembles with loneliness.
Tears well up in her eyes and run down her cheeks, catching on her small lips and mingling with her song…
Lilele: The wonderful song I heard that day / I know it'll reach you too someday / And when it does, you'll sing with me
Lilele: Don't pretend you can't hear it / When it reaches you let's sing it / Together with everyone
Lilele: (You're right, Katalina… You're completely right about me.)
Lilele: (All of you are good people. You'd never lie about something like this.)
Lilele: (But… if I admit that… then who were the people I saw?)
Lilele: (Was it just a dream? A figment of my imagination? No… I don't want to believe that… I don't want to admit I was wrong…)
Lilele: (Out Future… It was my dream, my role model, my rival, my everything…)
Her tiny body shakes with each sob she heaves.
The passersby all pretend not to see her… Then, suddenly, she hears a familiar voice call out from behind her…
Rackam: Well, well, if it isn't Lilele!
Eugen: Oh, hey! What are you doing here? Are ye lost, maybe? Just kiddin'! Hahahaha!
Embarrassed, Lilele hastily wipes away her tears.
Lilele: Oh, it's Rackam! And Eugen! What are you two doing here?
Rackam: Huh? Oh… We, uh… We're just, you know, hanging out. Heh heh!
His gaze flickers to the satchel Eugen is carrying.
This doesn't escape Lilele's notice.
Lilele: Huh? What's that smell? Is that…
Lilele grabs the bag from Eugen and searches its contents, as if possessed.
The moment the knot comes undone and the contents are revealed, her eyes light up.
Lilele: I knew it! Raw noodles! Homemade raw noodles!
Lilele: Ooh! And roasted pork! And soy sauce eggs! And broth, and bamboo shoots!
Eugen: Way to go, Rackam… Now the surprise is ruined, and it's your fault!
Rackam: Sorry, man! I couldn't help it!
Lilele: How? How did you know that ramen is my favorite food?
Rackam: Heh heh! Well, it's written right here, you know. "Has always loved ramen from a young age, perhaps a little too much."
He proudly presents this tome of knowledge… In other words, a signed copy of her official fanbook.
Eugen: You've been pretty gloomy lately, Lilele. So the two of us, we got to talking, and we decided to do something to cheer you up.
Rackam: I guess it worked, huh? Man, nothing suits you better than a smile, Lilele!
Lilele: …………
Eugen: Hm? What's wrong? Are ye choked up with joy?
Lilele: Rackam… Eugen… I don't deserve your kindness… Not after what I'm about to do…
Rackam: Whaddya mean? What's the matter? You're not gonna do something bad, are ya?
Lilele: I know you two will tell me the truth…
Lilele: I'm sorry, Eugen… I'm sorry, Rackam…
Lilele: You see, I know…
Lilele: I know that my singing can make any boy obsessed with me…
Lilele begins to sing. Her song rings out throughout the town, and a crowd of people begins to form.
In a blink, Rackam, Eugen, and a bunch of other people nearby were chanting loudly.
Townsmen: L! O! V! E! That's our lovely Li-le-le! She's our number one! Li-le-le!
Rackam & Eugen: L! O! V! E! That's our lovely Li-le-le! She's our number one! Li-le-le!
Lilele chants back to them, goading them towards the venue.
Then she casually brings up Our Future.
However, neither Rackam nor Eugen seem to know anything.
Lilele: No… Then… it really was just a dream?
Crushed, Lilele stops singing.
A moment later, some thugs that had been cheering for her suddenly come to their senses.
Thug: Hey, small fry! Who gave you permission to be so Lilele and sparkly? Well?
Rackam: What the heck is this guy's problem? He's being ridiculous!
Eugen: Heh! There you go causin' trouble again, little lady! Well then, let's do this, Rackam!

I Send My Love: Scene 4[edit]

Lilele apologizes for trying to force her misconceptions on everyone else. But (Captain) and the others tell her not to worry about it. The party encourages her to keep believing in Our Future.

Gathered together on the deck, (Captain) and company watched as Lilele bowed her head.
Lilele: I'm sorry, everyone. I got this stupid idea in my head, and I caused a whole bunch of trouble because of it…
Vyrn: Aw, is that all you wanted to say? Don't sweat it, kid!
Lyria: No one's upset at you, Lilele.
Lilele: I was just upset… It's hard, realizing that everything you believed for a long time was actually a lie…
Lilele: It's as if everything I've done up until now was a total waste of time…
Rackam: Aw, don't say that.
Lilele: Well…
Rackam: You're an incredible singer, Lilele. I mean, within seconds you had a whole crowd of dudes at your beck and call!
Eugen: Yeah, that was incredible! Even we were totally powerless against it!
Lilele: Rackam… Eugen…
Katalina: They're right. It doesn't matter if it was a dream or whatever.
Katalina: That memory you have is what made you into our beloved idol. That's a fact.
Katalina: Just because it didn't actually happen doesn't mean it wasn't real for you.
Lilele: Katalina…
Lyria: She's right, Lilele. If that memory is important to you, then keep believing in it and you'll never lose it.
Lilele closes her eyes for a while and considers what everyone had to say. Then, slowly, she openes her eyes once more…
Lilele: I've made up my mind. Even if no one else acknowledges it, I'm still going to believe it happened.
Lilele: Our Future is real.
All around (Captain) and company, the air practically shimmers with warmth and light.
Her sweet smile has returned at last.
"I'll never doubt myself again." That is the promise Lilele makes to herself that day…

For the Love of Ramen[edit]

Lilele takes part in an effort to spread the word about ramen, but she and Ippatsu are stunned by the outrageously hideous ramen that the shopkeeper has on offer. The shopkeeper eventually accepts their criticism and vows to hone his abilities, and the two ramen enthusiasts walk away in search of better noodles.

(Captain) and the crew visit a village on assignment.
Lyria: Hmm. According to Siero's instructions, the restaurant should be right around here.
Lilele: Lyria, I think that might be it over there.
Lyria: Looks like it! Let's go!
Lyria: Um, hello? Anyone home?
Shopkeeper: Welcome, welcome! What can I get for—gasp! L-Lilele? Lilele in the flesh! In my shop? Is this really happening?
Vyrn: We heard you have a job for us. What do you need?
Shopkeeper: Ah! Yes, sorry, I just can't believe this is actually happening. Ahem. Actually, the job is for Lilele.
Shopkeeper: Please, Lilele! Won't you try a bowl of my ramen?
Lilele: Huh? Your ramen?
Shopkeeper: Yes. Ramen still isn't very well known among the masses, you see. A niche business if there ever was one.
Shopkeeper: My dream is that one day everyone in the skies will know of its delectable splendor.
Shopkeeper: I know you love ramen, so I thought—what better way to get the word out than to have the one and only Lilele try some!
Vyrn: Gotcha... What do you think, Lilele?
Lilele: I'd be honored to! Anything to make a wonderful dream like yours come true!
Lilele: Leave it to me! I'll spread the word about your ramen across the whole sky!
Shopkeeper: R-really? Thank you, Lilele, thank you!
The shopkeeper asks for some time to prepare and tells the crew to return the following day.
The crew does so, as instructed. What astonishing feats of ramen await them?
Vyrn: Whoa, this place is packed! I can barely move!
Lyria: Look! That poster! That must be why everyone's here!
Vyrn: So that's what he meant when he said he needed some time.
Lilele Fan A: Oh my gosh! It's Lilele!
Lilele Fan B: Holy skycrabs! It's really her! I'm your biggest fan, Lilele!
Lilele: I love you all! I'm so glad I can be here to brighten your day! The one and only Lilele is in the house!
Lilele Fans: We love you Lilele! Woohoo!
Vyrn: Man, that's a lotta sweaty fans...
Lyria: They're really shouting their lungs out!
Shopkeeper: Lilele! You're finally here! Come right this way. I made this seat just for you!
Lilele: Oh, wow... Thank you! I must be the luckiest girl in the whole sky!
Vyrn: Oww. That chair is so shiny it feels like my eyeballs are gonna melt.
Lyria: Ha... Haha... He really went all out, didn't he?
Shopkeeper: And now for the main event! Lilele, I present to you my signature ramen! Enjoy!
Lilele: Mmm! It smells absolutely divine! I can't wait to taste it!
Lilele: Hm?
Lilele: (Ew... What the heck is this? How could something that smelled so good taste so bad?)
Lilele: (What's with this awful fatty aftertaste? Is this supposed to distract me from how salty the broth is? I need water! Water!)
Shopkeeper: Umm, Lilele? How's the broth? Do you like it?
Lilele: Huh? Oh! Um... Well! It certainly has a very... powerful taste! You can really taste the um... richness of the... er... ingredients!
Shopkeeper: Yes! I knew you'd notice that! Nothing gets past you, Lilele!
Shopkeeper: I simmer the broth for hours to wring every last drop of flavorful goodness out of the ingredients!
Shopkeeper: And my noodles are specially made to perfectly compliment the extra-thick broth! Bon apetit!
Lilele: H-here goes nothing...
Lilele: (Oh no... I can tell this is going to be bad just looking at it. Looks can be deceiving, but...)
Lilele: Slurp, slurp, slurp...
Lilele: (I knew it. Soggy and mushy. It only makes the broth taste even worse!)
Shopkeeper: Uh, Lilele? Is everything all right? You seem awfully quiet all of a sudden.
Lilele: Oh! Ahaha, I just got lost in the... the taste! Yeah, that's it!
Shopkeeper: I see. You certainly don't seem to be eating very much though.
Lilele: Uhh, I'm... I just don't have a big appetite! A bite is good enough for me!
Shopkeeper: Ahh, I see! Well, what do you think of the noodles then?
Lilele: Um... Hrgh...
Lilele: (You can do this, Lilele! Just keep it in! This is work! You have to be professional!)
Lilele: Th-the way the soup goes into the noodles creates a really... tremendous... um... impact!
Shopkeeper: Bwahahaha! I knew you'd like it, Lilele! You don't know how much that means to me!
Shopkeeper: Heh, I always knew my ramen was the best in town! No... The best in the skies!
Lilele: ...!
Shopkeeper: Come on up and try some ramen, everyone! It's Lilele approved!
Lilele: Mumble mumble...
Shopkeeper: Hm? What was that, Lilele?
Lilele: I don't approve! This ramen fails on the most basic level imaginable!
Lilele: The broth is the most important part, and the broth in this bowl is the worst. It ruins everything!
Lilele: How can you even call this ramen? That's an insult to every other bowl out there!
A deafening silence falls over the room. The seconds drag on, seemingly forever until the room suddenly erupts in turmoil.
Shopkeeper: Wh-what? Th-that's not what you said a minute ago!
Lilele: Ah!
The shopkeeper stares at Lilele with fiery indignation. She fidgets in panic. Suddenly a lone voice pipes up.
Ippatsu: No. The miss is right!
A voice—suffused with a love for ramen as profound as it is delicate—silences the murmurs of the crowd.
The thronging masses part to reveal a man triumphantly clutching a bowl of ramen in his hand.
Ippatsu: From the moment you sip the broth, the raw stench of meat, fish, and vegetables fills your mouth. A flavor riot most foul!
Ippatsu: Your throat is then assaulted by a stinging saltiness that leaves your larynx a briny, sandblasted wasteland!
Ippatsu: From this miserable bowl, I detect not even the slightest hint of love for ramen!
Shopkeeper: Th-that can't be! I use nothing but the freshest, highest quality ingredients! The vegetables I use are all naturally grown!
Shopkeeper: Even the water is from a natural spring! The seasoning used is the best the market has to offer! How can you possibly claim I don't care about my ramen!
Ippatsu: Hogwash! All of it! The heart of ramen lies not in its ingredients, but in the ability of the culinary artisan who gives it life!
Ippatsu: Without ability to guide the way, your all natural ingredients become mere fodder for a pigsty of muddy, stygian broth.
Shopkeeper: What are you talking about! Lilele says my ramen's delicious! Isn't that right, Lilele?
Lilele: Sigh... It has deep-bodied flavor. I'll grant you that. And it did leave a serious impact. However...
Lilele: I never said it was delicious! I couldn't!
Shopkeeper: Then... everything I've done up till now... the reason my shop doesn't get any business... It's all because my ramen's... bad?
Ippatsu: Yes. In fact! This ramen is unworthy of the very title of ramen!
Ippatsu: However! Even within this disgusting, muddy mixture, my chopsticks found their way to a single shining morsel of hope.
Ippatsu: While the meat might at first seem sinewy and thick...
Ippatsu: A single bite transports you into a world of soft, melty, juicy extravagance!
Ippatsu: But it doesn't end there. The sweet, smoky juices that burst forth create a flavor explosion, transporting your tastebuds into undiscovered flavor country!
Ippatsu: I've never had such delicious meat in my life!
Lilele: I also thought the egg was hard and unappetizing at first...
Lilele: But after taking a bite it starts to melt in your mouth, filling it with eggtacular goodness!
Lilele: From the bottom of my heart, I truly think the meat and eggs were absolutely delicious!
Shopkeeper: It's okay... No need to patronize me... I get it. I'm just not cut out for ramen.
Ippatsu: You coward! Are your feelings for ramen so shallow?
Ippatsu: Humph. Is one setback all it takes to make you give up? To seal your fate as a ramen failure for the rest of your life?
Ippatsu: But if you choose to keep going and refine your process, to learn and improve... imagine what you could become.
Shopkeeper: I see... D-do you really think there's still hope for me?
Ippatsu: It all depends on your discipline and passion. But I believe that if you stay the path, your dream of being the best in the world may not be as unlikely as you think.
Lilele: The eggs and meat you prepared were wonderful. I can't wait to taste broth worthy of their deliciousness!
Lilele: So please don't give up! You can do it! I'll be rooting for you!
Shopkeeper: You're right... If I gave up now, I wouldn't be able to look at a ramen bowl for the rest of my life!
Shopkeeper: I'll start all over again, right from the basics. The next time you step foot in my shop, it'll be for the best ramen you've ever had!
Shopkeeper: Okay. Time to get started! I want to thank the two of you. I won't give up until I've created the ultimate bowl of ramen!
Lilele: Hehe, I'll be looking forward to my next visit!
Ippatsu: I'm glad we got that settled. Goodness, that was some bad ramen.
Lilele: What do you say to getting some real ramen to wash the bad taste out of our mouths?
Ippatsu: Now that's an idea! I'm simply dying to erase the residue of that infernal broth from my tastebuds!
Ippatsu: This is a hub for ramen, after all! We're bound to find that perfect bowl somewhere!
Lilele: Ahaha! What're we waiting for then? Let's go!
With a skip in their step, the ramen-loving duo heads off into the horizon in search of better noodles.
The horrific taste still fresh in their mouths, they look to a brighter future.
Vyrn: Hey! Where're you guys going! Don't leave us behind! Sigh...

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
テステス…マイクテスト~♪ Test, test, mic test!
ラーメン、ラーメンちゅるちゅるした~い Ramen, ramen, yummy, yummy!
少し乾燥してます喉には気をつけて… It's a bit dry, so we need to take good care of our throats.
リルル、すごい!大人気です! You saw me on stage, right? Now tell me I'm number one!
もっと、リルルを見てください… Please, look at me...
ほらほらほら!リルルですよ! Hey, hey, it's me, Lilele!
リルルを見失わないでね♪ Remember to keep your eyes on me, okay?
リルルの笑顔は無敵です! Isn't my smile the best?
(主人公)さん、リルルですよ? Hi, (Captain)! It's Lilele!
(主人公)さん?リルル見てますか? Did you see me, (Captain)?