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Official Profile

Age 16
Height 85 cm
Race Harvin
Hobbies Tinkering with machines, illustrated books
Likes Early mornings, mathematics, indoor activities
Dislikes All-nighters, memorizing, sports
Character Release
Mahira is the girl in charge of the miraculous "Rooster Temple". She was born with the mysterious ability to make objects levitate. The small hand drums that always float around her are held up by that power. If she puts her mind to it, she can make even big rocks fly. However, she cannot make herself fly. This causes others to laugh at her while asking "Even though you're a bird?". This shortcoming turned into a big complex for her, and she dreams of being able to fly through the sky with her powers before long.
Final Uncap


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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.
Age 16歳
Height 85cm
Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 機械いじり、絵物語
Likes 早朝、数学、インドア
Dislikes 徹夜、暗記、スポーツ
Character Release
霊験あらたかな神社「鳥神宮」を司る少女。生まれつき、物体を宙に飛ばせる不思議な力を持っている。 いつもまわりに浮かせている小鼓もその力によるもので、本気になれば大きな岩なども飛ばすことが出来る。 ただ、自分自身を飛ばすことは出来ないのだが、そのことについて「鳥なのに?」と周囲に失笑されてしまうことも。
Final Uncap


Source [1] [2] [3]




Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Hmm? What is it? I'm kinda busy right now, so if you could come back later...
Hehehe. Just kidding! Of course I remembered your birthday, (Captain).
My memory might be lousy, but I'd never forget an important day for an important person. And I got you something good...
Oh no. I left it at the store...
Ahaha... Happy birthday!


I've been waiting for you, (Captain)!
I've got an awful memory, but I know what today is and I have something for you.
Okay! Here you go! You may not have any idea what this is but when you find out, you won't be able to live without it...
Um... Forgot how to use it though... The clerk told me it was a really great invention... So like...
Hahaha... H-happy birthday!


Happy birthday, (Captain)!
I came up with a plan that would help me remember to pick up a birthday present.
Actually, it's more like I came up with a device that makes sponge cake. It's 100 percent self-automated.
That cake will be my present to you this year.
It should be all ready if we go to the kitchen right now.
I forgot to flick on the power switch.
Ahaha... If you'll just give me a bit of time...


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Look, this year, I brought you a finished cake. I made it with my automated baking machine. Come on, dig in.
I have a present for you too. Andie and the others helped me choose.
And Vyrn reminded me to do things. Like turn on the cake-baker and pick up your present.
I can't remember anything on my own, so I had to ask for help...
But I've done it. I've given you a perfect birthday celebration. My efforts finally paid off.
I really hope you like everything.


Happy birthday, (Captain). I'm always glad to celebrate this day.
Here, hop up on Clucky. My present to you is a flight on my miniature airship.
Here, have some tea. Stargazing while sipping a cup of tea is so relaxing, don't you think?
Whenever I run out of ideas while brainstorming, I find that riding on Clucky makes for a nice change of pace.
You like this? Good, so do I.
If I figure out how to fly much higher one day, I wonder if the view will also be that much prettier.
I'd like to celebrate your birthday from there one day, (Captain). It's a promise.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Ugh... So sleepy... Oh, good morning, (Captain).
Last night, for the first time in my life, I stayed up all the way through New Year's.
I sure have grown a lot... Hehehe. I can't wait to brag to my family about it!


Happy New Year! Did you see the rise of the first dawn?
I stayed up all night long this year! This is the second year I've been able to do that! I'm such an adult.
Or... was that all a dream? Oh well, maybe next year I'll be able to see the sun rise.


Happy New Year. I look forward to another fun year together.
You're wondering if I was able to wake up yesterday?
Teehee. I actually made a device to help me with that. I call it the Wakey-Clucky.
I set it to sound off and peck me on the chin at a specific hour.
But we entered the new year as I was building the device.
Though I was technically awake the entire time, I felt no sense of accomplishment...
I guess I'll have to wait till the next New Year's to actually use the Wakey-Clucky.


Mm... (Captain)? Good morning...
Wait... Why are you the one waking me up?
What about the Wakey-Clucky? Hmm? Seems like it went off on time.
Oh, I see. It was too quiet, and I didn't hear it.
Thanks for waking me up instead, (Captain).
But this is no good. Before we go watch the sunrise, could you wait a second? I just need to tweak the Wakey-Clucky.


Oh, (Captain). Happy New Year.
Did you come to wake me up? Well, I managed to do it on my own.
I set Wakey-Clucky's volume to max and used the most effective tune possible.
So it was easy to get up in time to welcome in the new year... Yawn...
But... It took me a while to get the settings just right, so I didn't sleep much.
Sorry, but could you set Wakey-Clucky to ring for breakfast? I'm going back to sleep.
Maybe my next project should be... creating a function that scolds me... for not getting enough rest...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Hey, (Captain). I made some chocolate shortbread. Here, have some.
I really poured my heart into these, you know. I built a brick oven, put in the charcoal, and even set up an automated cooking device...
Hmm? That's right. I made a baking machine. I'm just the teensiest bit proud of it.
And the shortbread came out all right, I guess. Here, take some.


(Captain), this is my chocolate shortbread maker, Mark 2.
I put my soul into this and even changed the gauges. I carefully tuned it and even added decorations.
Hm? Of course I'm talking about my machine. This shortbread is the same as last year's.
Eat up. I'll get the tea.


(Captain). Happy Valentine's.
I created a wrapping device this year. It's meant specifically for chocolate sable cookies.
I fine-tuned it so that it can effectively wrap around the finest of curves that sable cookies might have.
That's why this wrapping conforms to their shape so well.
But I'll need to tweak the device some more to accommodate for ribbons and lace.
And don't worry—the cookies themselves taste just as good as they did last year.


This is for you, (Captain). They're chocolates for Valentine's.
Actually, I invented a machine that knows all your favorite foods.
It's memorized your favorite fruits and snacks...
And it can replicate their flavors then mix them together, creating the best flavor of them all.
What? Your face looks kinda funny.
Oh... So mixing a bunch of yummy flavors together won't work? Seems like there's still room to improve, huh?
But you'll always be here to lend a helping hand, won't you, (Captain)?


Here you go, (Captain). My new and improved flavor-modification device came in handy for making these treats, thanks to your feedback last year.
It gives me a numerical value based on the flavor's intensity. And I think I found the right flavor just for you.
You love it? Thank you, that's a big relief.
But just so you know... I cheated a bit when making these.
Normally, using existing records to automatically calculate the ideal flavor would have been sufficient...
But for some reason, it didn't go too well for this.
So I personally adjusted the flavor based on what I know of your preferences, and left only the molding and baking processes to the machine.
As glad as I am that you enjoy my cookies, it's clear that my invention needs work. That'll give me something to focus on for the next year.
Huh? You'll help me with whatever I need? Why, thank you.
Then I'd like you to eat some more of this chocolate and write me a detailed report of your impressions, if you don't mind...

White Chocolate Cake
White Day Cutscenes
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Huh? You have something for me? But it's not even my birthday!
Oh, it's White Day? I completely forgot. Well, thanks for getting this gift for me.
What's White Day, again?
Ah, never mind. I'll go get the tea. Let's have ourselves a little snack.


For me? Because it's White Day? Thank you so much.
To be honest, last year was a bit odd. I just didn't understand what White Day was. It just didn't make sense.
I'm sorry for being so ignorant. Don't worry though, this year I've prepared my costume.
Why does that sound off... Oh well. See ya later.


Thank you for the gift. Yes, I'm aware that today's White Day.
I looked up the origins of this special day. Reciprocation of a gift apparently has special implications depending on the type.
Candy for love, cookies for good health, and marshmallows for monetary fortune.
Hm? Did I get something wrong again?


Thank you, (Captain). I got your present.
So I've gotten curious about what White Day presents mean. And I asked some people...
But it seems that they mean different things to different people. So I'm still kind of confused...
And in the end, I still don't know why you give me gifts on White Day.
You don't think I should worry about it?
That's true... You gave me a present, and nothing will change that.
That's a weight off my chest. Thank you again, (Captain).


Thank you for the gift, (Captain). I have some tea ready, so why don't you join me?
I used to be confused about White Day, but I think I understand it fully now.
It's because of everything you taught me. Thank you, (Captain).
Huh? Giving back threefold? This is my first time hearing that one. What does it mean exactly?
Oh, I see...
I'll have to take back what I just said. It appears I still have a lot to learn about White Day.
I hope you'll continue teaching me lots, (Captain). Looking forward to it.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Vyrn and Lyria are wearing these crazy outfits today! What's going on with that?
They're supposed to be ghosts? Oh, right... It's Halloween.
If I start thinking of them as monsters, it makes me kinda terrified... I should've just left it a mystery...


Reaping, reaping, reaping...
Agh! Who's there?
Oh, it's just you, (Captain). I wasn't scared at all!
I've heard that Halloween was original a day of reaping.
How about we think long and hard about that until our heads get really bit with thoughts. Reaping, reaping, reaping...


There's meaning in dressing up like a monster for Halloween.
The idea seems to be that the more people you scare, the more candy you get.
The candy is the primary objective. In other words, the costume is nothing more than a means to an end.
So there's really no need to be so fearful... At least that's what I'd like to think.
Don't you think so, (Captain)? Please tell me I'm right.


(Captain), I heard you used to hunt monsters.
So I have a favor to ask. Today, please stay with me till we get back to the ship.
It's a surprisingly simple answer to a surprisingly simple problem. If you're afraid of something, find someone to chase off your fears.
If you're frightened of monsters, find a monster hunter.
And that's you, (Captain). If anyone scary comes near, beat them off!
Hm? If you do that, you'll also drive away people handing out sweets?
I didn't think of that... I'll have to revise my plan before we head out, I guess.


Look, (Captain). I made a device that turns away people dressed as ghosts.
Watch what happens when I press this button while this giant balloon is wrapped around my body.
The balloon expands and automatically repels anyone who gets close.
This way, I can shoo away the ghosts while still getting their treats. What do you think?
Okay then... I'm going to entrust you with the button, (Captain). Be sure to press it when you think I'm in danger.
Nuh-uh, I can't press it. Because my hands will be covering my eyes as soon as I see a ghost.
My fate is in your hands now, (Captain).

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Hmm... Oh, (Captain). You came to eat cake too?
Okay, wait just a minute. I'm currently calculating the number of cuts required to give all members of the crew equal pieces.
I came pretty close just now, but I forgot to account for a 0.5 unit margin of error.
Hmm... First I'll have to recalculate some of the variables...


Can I talk to you about something that I think about every year?
You know that a turkey lays an egg, right?
Well, how was the first turkey born to lay the first egg?
I guess the bigger question is... did the turkey come first or did the egg?


Let's see... If the weight of the third tier on the right side's... Then the symmetry of the star on top would have to be...
Ah, (Captain). Isn't this such a beautiful night?
I was measuring decorations for the holiday tree.
In order to make the tree as fancy as possible while keeping it balanced, we'd have to...
But wait, I really want to use a big, flashy star on top too...


Oh, (Captain). There you are. Could you spare a minute?
Take a look at this sheet. I'd like you to rank the dishes in order, starting from what you want to eat most.
You see, the cooks asked me to help decide on a menu for today's feast.
So I wanted to gather some statistics on the crew's food preferences, then work out which dishes everyone would enjoy most.
Of course, to produce reliable results, we need as large a sample size as possible...
And I was wondering if you could help me with the data collection, (Captain).
Really? Okay, here's half of the surveys to pass out then.
I really appreciate it.


Happy holidays, (Captain). Tonight's holy night is going to be different.
I've taken the data from last year's survey and calculated the perfect course for our banquet.
As for the tree, I determined the largest star possible and placed it on top. It's extremely unbalanced, so please don't touch it.
Hm? You think... I'm kind of like the crew's very own Santa Claus?
I'm honored to be compared to someone as impressive as him.
But I still have a lot to learn. He can make every child in the world happy, after all...
Now that I think about it, how does he manage to deliver so many presents in one night?
Perhaps there's a secret to planning routes and choosing helpers that only he knows. At the very least, he would have to be completely efficient with time...
Ah, speaking of time, we're late for dinner. This won't do.
I need to check if the meal order performs accordingly with my calculations. Let's go.

Fate Episodes

Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Flap Those Wings!

Rackam and Eugen assist Mahira with modifications to her mini-airship. An altercation breaks out over how best to go about the task, but Mahira remains calm the entire time.

Days before the end of the year, the crew stops by Golonzo, an island famed for its expertise in shipbuilding.
Their main purpose is to help Mahira prepare for the Joya confrontation.
Mahira: So this thing is a shock absorber?
Rackam: Well, you did say you wanted to get the jump on the Joya. I customized it to fit your mini-airship.
Mahira: Thank you. I'll put it on Clucky right away.
Rackam: Wait, we ought to tweak the load balance first. Should save us some time in the long run.
Mahira: I've already completed calculations for that. A bit of extra weight won't be an issue.
Rackam: Yeah? Gimme some numbers.
Mahira: Right, in just a bit...
Mahira: Actually, I forgot them.
Rackam: Hahaha, I figured! Though I'm sure your calculations are spot-on, of course.
Eugen: So how's the ship lookin'? I picked up a few parts in town that might come in handy.
Mahira: Eugen.
Mahira: Wow, that's a big haul. A lot of those parts are scarce this time of year.
Eugen: Haha, that's what connections are for. I've been around a long time after all.
Rackam: Always appreciate the help, Eugen. Can you lock in the airframe? I need to attach the shock absorber to the bow.
Eugen: I'm on it. Good thing I came with heavy-duty adhesive from the local mechanic's guild.
Mahira: Wow, you really know everyone here.
Mahira: I just hope I'm not taking up too much of your time. What with it being the end of the year and all...
Rackam: Oh, it's fine. Even the Twelve Divine Generals need a little help with skyfaring sometimes, and I'm just glad to help.
Eugen: Yep, what he said. Leave this to us grown-ups. You need to be well-rested for the showdown with the Joya anyway.
Mahira: Rackam, Eugen...
Mahira: It's true I'm still just a young chick in many ways. I may know a lot, but it's nothing without actual experience.
Mahira: That's where you two come in!
Rackam: Mm-hm! Ready to do this, Eugen?
Eugen: Ready as can be! Let's rig this baby!
Mahira and the veteran skyfarers bond over their love of all things aerial, bringing together knowledge, technology, and experience.
But a blind spot remains. Such is the nature of airships.
Mahira: Here I go with the adhesive...
Rackam: Eugen, hold up. Why are you using that old plywood when we've got a fresh lightweight batch right here?
Eugen: Can't vouch for anything I haven't tested myself. She's gonna need the ship in tip-top shape for this face-off.
Rackam: I see what you mean, but trust me when I say this plywood's been battle-tested. Sorry, but I'm gonna tear off the tattered old stuff.
Eugen: Quit it, I already had it just right! C'mon, Rackam. How many times do I gotta tell ya not to put so much faith in the latest tech?
Mahira: Hammering away, dum-de-dum...
Rackam: How about we leave the past out of it? Nowadays I always make sure to test things out for myself—
Eugen: Heh, sounds like you need a refresher, Rackam. Watch me at work and learn.
Rackam: You're kidding, right? I ain't no damn kid anymore!
Eugen: Humph. You're still just a runt if you ask me.
Vyrn: Yoo-hoo, Mahira! How are enhancements on Clucky going?
Lyria: Is there anything we can help with? Ah, looks like you're all in the middle of something...
Mahira: Ah, it's you guys. Yes, everything's going swimmingly.
Rackam: Rgh! You have any idea how out-of-date your design is?
Eugen: Why don't you try learning from the past for once, ya dunce!
Vyrn: Um... What was it that was going swimmingly again?
Lyria: Ahahaha... They always get like this when it comes to the itty-bitty details of airships.
Noa is a crew member

Noa: Hehe... You never change, Rackam.
Mahira: Noa. Thanks for your advice the other day. I patched up the wings just now.
Noa: Yeah, I noticed. They look great. You just might be ready to learn the next step.

Noa not in crew

???: Hehe... You never change, Rackam.
Mahira: Hm? Could you be...
Vyrn: Noa, good to see ya! Mahira, don't you remember how we mentioned he's the shipwright of the Grandcypher?
Lyria: Um, Rackam? Noa's—
Lyria: Ooh, he's pretty busy.
Noa: Sure is. But it's okay—I already know that you need help with ship modifications.
Continue 1
Mahira: Great. I really appreciate it.
Pilot: Huh? That you, Rackam? What's with all this fuss?
Rackam: Good timing, bud! Let's show 'em the rough-and-tumble we helmsmen have to go through!
Shipwright: Y'all young'un's ought to know we shipwrights got our own struggles to deal wit'!
Eugen: Heheh, as if! Them greenhorns are nothin' more than fish in a fish bowl!
Mechanic: That's going too far, Eugen! We young folks even hold study groups to make sure we stay up-to-date!
Former Skyfarer: Hah! Sounds like the bare minimum. You've got another thing comin' if you think that alone's gonna keep you up to snuff!
Vyrn: Whoa... Why's everyone from the docks even here? Not to mention we're getting way off topic.
Mahira: Hm, hm, how enlightening. My, you're really deft with your hands, Noa.
Noa: You should know this differs from my usual method though. I figured it'd be nice to try it their way for once.
Lyria: Ahahaha... You two are so calm about this whole thing.
Rackam: Noa! Should've given me a holler if you were around! Back me up here!
Noa: Rackam, don't you think you're taking it too far? The last day of the year draws near.
Rackam: Rgh, gimme a break...
Eugen: Hahahaha! You just got told off like the lil' brat you are!
Rackam: That does it, Eugen!
Vyrn: Ahaha, are they playin' tag now? They're like a pair of kindergarteners!
Noa: It's the same for all who are infatuated with the skies.
Lyria: You think so? How does Mahira stay so calm then?
Mahira: Aha... So I just insert one of these tiny gears in here.
Noa: Hehe... Don't you see how engrossed Mahira is? She's just like them in her own way.
Mahira: Mm-hm... I could probably make a table with the leftover planks.
Mahira: Ah. I've read before about converting a heat source and placing a futon over it...
Mahira: (Captain), I know what to do now. I need to make a kotatsu after we finish up with Clucky.
Vyrn: What? Kotatsu? Come again? Is that another airship like Clucky?
Mahira: Mm... Let's just say it'll help us brave the winter.
Vyrn: Woo-hoo! I can't wait!
Mahira's preparations for the big day with the Joya come to a close amid all the clamor.
The skies and the ships that soar across them. Their wondrous charm is enough to bring out the inner child in any upstanding adult.

The Grateful Rooster

Lyria helps Mahira test out an exercise device she dubs the Kickity-Clucky. When they proceed on to her cooking apparatus, the Cookity-Clucky, they find Katalina, an unconscious Rackam, and a monster in the shape of a mushroom.

With only hours remaining before the date changes, the bustle of New Year's preparations fills the Grandcypher.
In one room is Lyria, out of breath from running.
But strangely enough, she remains fixed in one corner of the room the entire time.
Lyria: Huff... Huff... How am I doing, Mahira?
Mahira: Mm... Only 42.195 meters left.
Mahira: You can do it!
Lyria: I'll try!
Mahira: Goal! Great job powering through the course, Lyria!
Lyria: Wheeze... I'm bushed... So how's the machine working?
Mahira: Hm, let's see... I need to measure the total running distance first...
Mahira: It's perfect. Thanks for taking the Kickity-Clucky on a test drive.
Vyrn: Heyo, whatcha two doin' in here? I thought I heard you running around.
Vyrn: Whoa! What's this thingamajig?
On entering the room, (Captain) and Vyrn are immediately drawn by the mysterious device.
Mahira calls it an indoor running apparatus for the health-conscious.
Mahira: Sorry if the noise startled you. I just wanted to repay my debt to you all.
Vyrn: Debt? You mean like how we helped gear up your mini-airship for the Joya showdown?
Mahira: Yes. With everyone's assistance, I was able to accomplish both my mission and my goal.
Mahira: So I asked around among the crew to find out what I might be able to do to help.
Lyria: And that's when you found the lack of physical activity mid-flight to be a big concern.
Vyrn: Yeah, I hear ya! This oughta help the crew stay in shape during long flights!
Mahira: I have other things in development too. Though I'm still testing a bunch of them. Care to take a look?
The crew follows Mahira to the kitchen.
Vyrn: You've got some kinda prototype here too?
Lyria: Let me guess—it's a machine to cook yummy rice real fast!
Mahira: Close, but no cuckoo. It's a machine to let anyone easily prepare food.
Mahira: Suppose you're craving toast. Just put a slice of bread in the device and press this button. You can even change the heat settings.
Mahira: I call it the Cookity-Clucky.
Vyrn: Sweet! It seems kinda simple, but I'm sure it's gonna come in super handy! With a plain ol' fire, I sometimes doze off and end up overcookin'!
Lyria: Hey, did someone just use the device earlier? It smells like something aw—
Katalina: ...
Mahira: Katalina? Are you okay? Your face is all pale.
Katalina: No, wait! Don't get the wrong idea! I just wanted to make Rackam some toast...
Lyria: Huh? For Rackam? Did you use Mahira's device?
Katalina: Lyria, no! Don't take another step!
Vyrn: Bwuh... You sure everything's cool, Katalina? Something over there?
Rackam: ...
Vyrn: Rackaaam!
(Captain) and the others find Rackam passed out on the floor, a piece of warm toast in his hand and a mysterious substance splattered in all directions.
Lyria: Oh no! Why is he unconscious here?
Katalina: I'm sorry... I used the device to make some toast for Rackam, but I couldn't foresee this happening...
Mahira: It's supposed to be usable by anyone... Did you do anything other than push the button?
Katalina: No, not really. But since we're out of jam, I was afraid it'd taste too plain, so I—
Monster: Fshaa!
Mahira: Hm? What a strange creepy crawler. Is this a mushroom?
Katalina: The mushroom I put on the toast must have been an imposter... It's poisoned Rackam!
Vyrn: Wait... Did you say you put a mushroom on toast?
Mahira: What a... unique topping.
Katalina: Careful! Hope you're ready to lend a hand, (Captain)!

The Grateful Rooster: Scene 2

(Captain) and the others go out on deck to try out Mahira's latest invention—the Grandcypher's very own outdoor pool. Io and Eugen seem to be having so much fun with it that monsters from the skies swoop down, perhaps hoping to join in.

The mushroom monster is no more. After nursing Rackam back to health, the crew heads out on deck to inspect Mahira's other prototypes.
Io: Really, Eugen? If you're not gonna swim, then get out!
Eugen: Haha, gimme a break. It's so nice and warm in here. Feels like I'm takin' a bath.
Io: Ugh, now you're treating this like a hot spring... Just don't blame me when the water splashes all over your face!
Eugen: All right already...
Ah, (Captain), you guys here for a dip too?
The party beholds a large circular container filled to the brim with water kept warm by a heat source.
Mahira: I call it the Eggity-Eggy, because it'll keep you as cozy as a chick before it hatches. Perfect for both exercise and relaxation.
Lyria: Wow, this is amazing! How are you enjoying it, Io?
Io: It's so much fun! Being able to swim in the winter is the greatest!
Vyrn: Color me impressed! Just look how chipper Eugen is.
Eugen: Yeah, this is where it's at! A classy outdoor bath with a pristine view of the skies!
Eugen: Hey, Mahira. Any chance we can tweak the water temperature on this thing?
Mahira: Mm-hm. That's what this remote is for. And this gadget here keeps the water fresh—
Fowl: Cheep, cheep!
Lyria: Ah, a bird! It's on the edge of the Eggity-Eggy!
Io: Ahaha, it's so cute! It must be cold for birds too this time of year.
Mahira: True. This just happens to be a fine place for them to rest their weary wings.
Vyrn: Yeah, I can see that... Whoa, something else is comin' this way.
Eugen: Seems Eggity-Eggy's not just a big hit with the chicks, but even the big birds.
Monster: Grooaaar!
Vyrn: Whoa! That's not just any bird—it's a monster!
Mahira: Well, this is unexpected...
Mahira: I wonder if it was drawn by the heat, the water, or just us. I'll have to ask someone knowledgeable about monsters.
Lyria: Mahira, there's time for studying later! We have to deal with the monster first!
Mahira: Ah, right.
Mahira: Here goes... Cock-a-doodle-dum. Wing-a-doodle-fly!

The Grateful Rooster: Scene 3

After dealing with the monsters and testing out all her prototypes, Mahira reveals that she must return to the Rooster Temple now that her duties are complete. However, she ends up agreeing to stay in the crew to continue repaying (Captain) and the others for all their help.

With the threat to the Eggity-Eggy defeated, the crew checks out a few more of Mahira's prototypes before retreating to her room for a rest.
Vyrn: Whew... I can't get enough of this kotatsu. Mahira's an absolute genius for coming up with it!
Lyria: Yeah! I'm ready to take a nice, comfy nap under it!
Mahira: Ahaha. I didn't make it all by myself though. I had a lot of help from the crew.
Vyrn: Hey, you mentioned "repaying debts" a little earlier. Does that mean you'll be returning to the Rooster Temple after New Year's?
Mahira: Yes... That's how it's supposed to be.
Lyria: But I wanted to travel with you some more! We could've soared the skies together to—
Mahira: Lyria...
Mahira: Thank you. Fortunately the rules are nothing more than a guideline really. The Rooster Temple is particularly lax to begin with.
Mahira: And there's so much more work to be done on these prototypes.
Mahira: So, erm...
Mahira: (Captain). If it's all right with you, can I stay on as a crew member?
  1. We always have a spot open for you.
  2. Pleased to greet you.

Choose: We always have a spot open for you.
Mahira: You're the best, (Captain).

Choose: Pleased to greet you.
Mahira: Ahaha. That's my line.
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Mahira: Well then...
Mahira: Pleased to stay onboard!
Vyrn: Woo-hoo! Let's get to work on new gizmos for the ship right away! I could use an infinite apple generator!
Lyria: Yay! I have a few ideas too! Like, um...
The lively chitchat about exciting new facilities for the Grandcypher continues well into the new year.
Mahira's vast wealth of knowledge as one of the Twelve Divine Generals will surely come in handy for the journeys to come.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
失礼します Excuse me.
もっと試作品を作って、団の役に立ちたいです I should make more prototypes for the crew.
ルナール君の趣味、もっと理解したいです… I want to understand Lunalu's hobby better.
気づき辛いですけど、ミラ君は優しい人ですね It's hard to tell at first, but Milly's really kind.
(主人公)君も、駆けこっこ使いますか? Do you want to try the Kickity-Clucky too, (Captain)?
不躾にすみません Forgive my bad manners.
シェロカルテ君は、何でも出来て多才ですね Sierokarte is a woman of many talents.
メリッサ君とは、なんか波長が合うんです Melissa and I are kind of on the same wavelength.
リャオ君とミラ君、素敵なコンビだなあ… Lao and Milly make a great pair.
(主人公)君、焼きパンいかがですか? Would you like some toast, (Captain)?