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Official Profile[edit]

Age 34 [1]
Height 191cm
Race Human
Hobbies Hunting
Likes Banquet Party
Dislikes Heights
* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.





  • Nezahualpilli is named after Nezahualpilli, the son of Nezahualcoyotl and ruler of Texcoco from 1472 to 1515. [2]
    • Kreetori, Nezahualpilli's beak-brother, is possibly a mistranslation of Cuauhtli, the Nahuatl word for eagle.

Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain)!
What an auspicious day it is! Let us celebrate together and enjoy ourselves!


Oh, is today your birthday? This calls for a celebration.
You know, meeting you has changed the way I think about my role as king of the Family of Feathers.
And I thank you for that.
Let's drop the formalities tonight! If there's anything you want, you need only ask!


You brighten up our day just as the sun brightens up the sky! Everyone on the crew shares the sentiment.
Regardless of what transpires tonight, there is something we must all do! That is... to celebrate your birthday!
Hah hah hah! Preparations should be complete by now, and everyone eagerly awaits your arrival.
Happy birthday, (Captain). Let us go to everyone else.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
Around you I'm constantly reminded of how committed you are to the role of leader.
Leadership starts from within. Without resolve, none will follow.
Meeting you has shown me that it is the heart, not the throne, that makes a king.
I hope to learn even more from you going forward, (Captain).

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
Ahh, the start of a new year is always so refreshing! Let us raise our glasses in celebration!


The new year signals a fresh start for everything.
It doesn't mean we're starting over from scratch. Rather, consider it a fresh perspective on things.
I am proud to welcome this day with you.
Here's to another fantastic year, (Captain)!


Hm... The sunlight of the new year always brings out the purity in my heart. Do you not feel the same way, (Captain)?
Ah, you must be sound asleep. It's not so often I get to take such a close look at your face... You've truly matured.
Our journey continues as usual tomorrow, (Captain). But now it's time for rest; you've certainly earned it.
Yawn... Perhaps I should get in a few winks as well.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Valentine's Day, you say? Bwah hah hah! Who'd have thought the outside world would engage in such a tradition!
Hm? Is that for me? Ah, what a kind gesture!
Hah hah hah! Sweets go oh so well with my wine!


Oh? A present for me, you say. I suppose that's what Valentine's is all about.
I gladly accept! What's that? You inquire as to my understanding of Valentine's?
Sure, I accepted your chocolate last year just the same!
Everything you've ever taught me, (Captain), I have it all stored right up here.


Always a pleasure to receive chocolates from you, (Captain). You have my thanks!
I hear today's a big day for the ladies. You see, I'm always trying to expand my horizons, picking up cultural nuances as I go.
I've gathered that there are two types of gift-giving: one done out of gratitude, and the other done out of love.
But be it romance, a gesture of thanks, or what have you, I welcome all chocolate!


Oh! is that chocolate for me, (Captain)?
Hah hah hah! I'll need more hands than two if I'm to carry all this!
You see, I've gotten chocolate from not only the crew, but from my clan as well!
But worry not! As full as my hands are, so is my heart full of joy for each and every gift!
And that includes yours! I thank you, (Captain)!

White Day Cutscenes
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White Day has come upon us, and I've prepared a gift for you in celebration!
As I do not know your tastes, I've decided to give you something that I would be pleased to receive myself!
I picked it with you in mind though—will you do me the honor of accepting it?


(Captain), I come to you with a White Day present.
Hah hah hah! Thanks to all our meals together, your tastes are gradually becoming apparent to me.
My chocolates this year should be much more to your liking! Tell me what you think later!


(Captain), will you accept my gift?
I made sure to consult the ladies in town for the most popular kind. Hah hah hah!
So? Is it to your liking? I hope it caters to your tastes...
I decided I could use one myself and bought another!
What say you to a shared feast between us! Two is always better than one!


(Captain), I was thinking... perhaps we should do something different this year.
A single gift just isn't enough to show the thanks I feel.
And what better to show that than a banquet!
We'll serve a traditional cocoa drink from my clan that's much akin to hot chocolate.
It's a little strong, but one grows to like it!
Hah hah hah! A brilliant idea, isn't it?
Look forward to it, (Captain)!

Light Cookies square.jpg Light Cookies

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Trick or Treat!
Hand over your sweets! If you have none, then brace yourself for a trick!


You want candy from me? Good thing I came prepared.
Go on. Take your pick! You want that one?
Hey, we say trick or treat for a reason, you know?
You took the candy, so you don't get to play a trick on me!
Hahaha, what a mischievous one you are.
Of course, I'm sure it's all in good fun. Hahaha!


(Captain), what a pleasant surprise it is to have you visit.
A festival as grand as today's is practically begging for tricks to unfold!
(Such murderous vibes coming from the very core of (Captain)'s being...)
Hold it! Harm may come to others if you go all out!
Hah hah hah! Very well, perhaps these sweets will simmer you down!
Impressive, (Captain)! You truly go all out in every aspect of life.


Trick or treat!
Hah hah hah! Did I scare you?
I thought I might join in the mischief this year!
Here. Take this piece of candy as a token of my apology.
Yes, I know this isn't how the tradition usually goes, but...
Well, it's all in the name of good fun, isn't it?
I see you're happy with your candy and that's what matters!
If you want any more, do let me know! I've prepared a mountain's worth!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Happy holidays!
I just crashed into an old man. He was pretty well-built for his age! Hahaha!


Hah hah hah! That was so much fun I almost forgot how cold it is!
Hm? Is it my turn to fire up the crew?
All right, I've got something just perfect for the occasion!
Don't take your eyes off me for a second, everyone! Hah hah hah!


(Captain), won't you join me for tonight's festivities?
Hah hah hah! Now that you mention it, we should probably discuss how we'll spend the time there.
I was thinking you and I could try performing the tribal folk song and dance of my people together.
And you know, two is always better than one, three is always better than two, and so on—Actually, scratch that... We'll need over a hundred people.
Hah hah hah! Worry not, my friend! We have more than half a day left to practice!
And practice we shall! I look forward to seeing the looks of astonishment on their faces tonight!
Next, to invite the ladies of the crew! Any dance worth its salt needs a few lovely maidens!

Fate Episodes[edit]

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A Most Curious King[edit]

Our heroes find themselves accosted by a hulk of a man. He's abuzz with curiosity. The winged king's frankness was a constant source of confusion. He decided to join (Captain) and company on their journey in hopes of finding a power worthy of bringing home to his people.

One fine, sunny day...
Lyria had once again absorbed a primal beast.
Lyria: That was good!
Vyrn: You know, I’ve been wondering... What's it like to, you know, absorb one of those things? Like, on a scale of blegh to yum?
Lyria: Er... there's not much taste, to be honest. It's more like a... a um, texture?
Katalina: ... hmm?! Who’s there?! State your name!
Nezahualpilli: ... ha ha ha! I've been spotted! You must be a knight among knights!
Katalina: So far you’ve been asking all the questions... now I think it’s time you told us who you are.
Nezahualpilli: Oh, don’t make such a scary face! A smile would do much to soften an already beautiful face!
Katalina: B- Beautiful...?! M- Me? No, no, I’m average at best...
Nezahualpilli: I do say... watching you has been downright fascinating. You there! Girl!
Lyria: Aaah!
Nezahualpilli: The power you use, it's quite... curious, I believe is the word.
Nezahualpilli: If my eyes can be trusted... you did eat a primal beast?
Lyria: Oh, umm... well...
Katalina: I don’t think she's obliged to answer that. We have our reasons, you see.
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! Yes, indeed! I’m sure!
Nezahualpilli: Such secrecy... the sweetest sauce on the steak of mystery!
Rackam: What?! S-sauce, he says... you with the Empire or something?
Nezahualpilli: You there, girl! I want to know more about you!
Nezahualpilli: I’d like you to join my clan! Girl! You’re coming with me!
Lyria: Wait, what?!
Katalina: D- Don’t be stupid! You think I'm going to hand her over to some guy I don't know from Adam?!
Rackam: Damn straight! Not a chance in hell!
Rackam: Open your ears, birdy! You gotta start with something like, I dunno... “I’d like to ask for your daughter’s hand...”
Nezahualpilli: Oho! So this Knight is her mother!
Katalina: I’m not that old! You could have at least said “older sister”! Sheesh!
The furor was almost out of control before the Eagle King finally offered an explanation.
Katalina: So, uh... you're looking for some unknown power you can take back home with you.
Katalina: And NOT trying to court Lyria?
Nezahualpilli: Indubitably! If I were aiming for such, I'd have looked no further than you...
Katalina: Please! Stop! Be quiet!
Katalina: Ahem... there's still quite a bit of journeying we have to do.
Katalina: It’s great that you’re trying to learn about the world to help your people back home, but I don't think Lyria has the answers you need.
Nezahualpilli: Hmm... in that case, would you be able to give me a general explanation of how the power works?
Vyrn: No can do, buddy. We're pretty much stumped ourselves.
Nezahualpilli: I see... then the matter is settled. I will accompany you on your journey.
  1. Join us? For what?
  2. That's what I like to hear

Choose: Join us? For what?
Nezahualpilli: What is this what? It's exactly as it sounds! I do such for the sheer virtue of it!

Choose: That's what I like to hear
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! Ah, (Captain)! You've the patience of a saint!
Continue 1
Nezahualpilli: I see the girl keeps fine company! You have my interest!
Nezahualpilli: Especially your dear leader.
Nezahualpilli: I would like to accompany you on your journey to see what makes you tick!
Nezahualpilli was known far and wide as the gallant leader of the Family of Feathers.
(Captain) and company’s journey continued with a powerful new ally.

Secret of the Eagle King[edit]

Nezahualpilli states his request with a solemn face. Though he is the Eagle King of the Family of Feathers, he is afraid of high places. Before they headed out to a facility to receive treatment for his acrophobia, monsters appeared at the worst possible time.

Nezahualpilli: (Captain)... There is a favor I want to ask of you...
During the night.
Nezahualpilli seemed more nervous than normal as he turned to (Captain).
Vyrn: Hmm? What’s the matter? It’s rare to see you looking so serious...
Nezahualpilli: What I am about to tell you is a taboo within my clan.
Lyria: Is it okay for us to hear something that important?
Nezahualpilli: It is because I see you all as true heroes that I am now asking for your cooperation.
Vyrn: Well, if you put it that way, we can’t refuse to help! Right?! (Captain)!
Nezahualpilli: Yes. You have my thanks...
Nezahualpilli: I hear that in a cave deep inside the forest, the empire is researching a secret spell that I have been seeking all my life...
Vyrn: The secret spell to heal acrophobia?
Lyria: Nezahualpilli, the taboo of your clan is that you were afraid of heights?
Nezahualpilli: Yes... For we are the Family of Feathers.
Nezahualpilli: As the king, a fear of heights simply cannot be tolerated...
Vyrn: But don’t you fly really high during battles?
Vyrn: You’re okay with that?
Nezahualpilli: It’s not okay! The way I fight is the tradition of my clan. In this... I do not have a choice...
Nezahualpilli: Why must I fly so high...?
Nezahualpilli: Whether I stabbed from above or below, isn’t it all the same? I had thought that time and time again...
Lyria: That’s an earnest question coming from you...
Vyrn: Hey! And here comes a monster at the worst possible time! Typical.
Vyrn: Just hold out a little longer! They're hardly ethical, but the technology of the empire is amazing!
Vyrn: Now let’s defeat these monsters and keep going!

Secret of the Eagle King: Scene 2[edit]

The party arrived at the cave with the laboratory and begins planning how to sneak inside. Ignoring everyone else, Nezahualpilli goes barging in from the front. As expected, they are discovered by the imperial soldiers and a battle ensued.

Nezahualpilli: Hm... This must be the cave with the laboratory...
Vyrn: We made it here, but the problem is what to do now!
Vyrn: It’s not like we can just stroll in and ask them to heal him...
Nezahualpilli: That is bad! That line of thinking is quite bad! The most important thing is to simply try everything first!
Lyria: But the people of the empire are our...
Nezahualpilli: Excuse me! Is anyone here?!
Vyrn: What?! He’s so loud...
Imperial Soldier: What in the...
Nezahualpilli: Yes! I’d like to ask you about the secret spell you are researching...
Imperial Soldier: The azure girl and the lizard... Are you the fugitives?!
Vyrn: I knew this would happen!
Nezahualpilli: Hmm? Why do they seem so threatening? I have no intention of fighting them...
Imperial Soldier: I don’t know how you got in here, but now you’re trapped! We’ll capture you!
Vyrn: Damnit! We have to fight back! (Captain)! Get ready!

Secret of the Eagle King: Scene 3[edit]

Chased by the imperial soldiers, the party wanders into the cave. While they looked for an exit, Nezahualpilli boasts that he never forgets a path once it has been seen. Despite being proud of that special talent, he declares that it is useless if he cannot overcome his fear of heights.

Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! I completely forgot!
Nezahualpilli: Speaking of which, you were being hunted by the empire!
Vyrn: Geez... This is no laughing matter, you know?
Nezahualpilli: Ha, sorry! I’ll be careful next time!
Vyrn: Sigh...
Lyria: I-It’s fine because we managed to escape... for now! Right?
Vyrn: We ran into the cave without thinking... But where is the exit?
Nezahualpilli: Yes! The exit should be through the third passageway and then to the right!
Lyria: Hm? You can tell?
Nezahualpilli: Simplicity itself for me! Since I was young, every path I have seen is committed to memory!
Vyrn: W-Wow... He’s really dependable! If you have this ability, then who cares if you’re afraid of heights?!
Nezahualpilli: That cannot be allowed. I am the Eagle King!
Nezahualpilli: The king is the symbol of the whole clan. My problem is not ONLY my problem.
Nezahualpilli: You can laugh at me all you want for my fear... However, I will show you no mercy should you laugh at my clan.
Nezahualpilli: Thus, I must overcome. For the honor and pride of the Family of Feathers!
Vyrn: That’s pretty commendable!
Nezahualpilli: I do not seek compliments. It only has meaning once I overcome everything!
Nezahualpilli: It is important that we first escape here safely!

Secret of the Eagle King: Scene 4[edit]

The party managed to return from the laboratory. Although Nezahualpilli could not treat his acrophobia, he was able to face his fears because he found friends he could trust. However, his gullible and innocent personality still remains, as seen from how he easily trusts Siero’s rumors about a panacea for his fears.

Sierokarte: So you finally made it back!
Vyrn: But it was thanks to Nezahualpilli! He was amazing! Right?! (Captain)
Lyria: But a sad ending... He could not treat his fear of heights...
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! No need to feel down! Children should always smile!
Nezahualpilli: It’s true that I did not find what I wanted this time...
Nezahualpilli: However, I have found an ally in (Captain)!
Nezahualpilli: An ally that can help me face my fears.
Nezahualpilli: Because of that, I am able to face my fears for the long haul!
Vyrn: Hehe! Well, if anything happens, we’ll be happy to help! Let’s just take it slow! Right?!
Lyria: By the time you return to your people, I hope that you won’t be afraid of heights anymore!
Nezahualpilli: Yes! I am at your service!
The Eagle King faces his fears with the pride befitting his name.
The party secretly wishes that his efforts will bear fruit.
Sierokarte: By the way, I heard about this legendary medicine that can help you overcome any weakness.
Nezahualpilli: Wow! You have my interest! Shopkeeper! Please tell me all about it!
Lyria: T-That sounds really fishy...
Vyrn: Sigh... He just never learns...

The Flightless Eagle[edit]

Desperate to prove himself worthy of his title, the winged king Nezahualpilli searched for a cure for his acrophobia. An introduction picked up at the KnickKnack Shack leads (Captain)'s party deep into the forest in search of a certain doctor.

Vyrn: Now, uh... I know what the shopkeep said, but are we sure we gotta slog through a forest to find this doctor's village?
Lyria: That's what I was thinking... you really don't look like you'd be afraid.
Vyrn: You sure we can trust the shopkeep on this?
Vyrn: C'mon... are we sure he really lives here? Like, reaaally?
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! Be not consumed with doubt! Is it not just so? (Captain)!
(Captain) set out to a find the doctor who might cure Nezahualpilli of his fear of heights.
Though they learned of a doctor who might be able to help, he was said to live in a village deep within the mountains.
Vyrn: Seriously, guys, why would he live here? There's, like, nothing at all!
Vyrn: How the heck're you gonna find work if you're out here in the boonies...
Nezahualpilli: That is certainly a fair point. You've a keen mind, Vyrn.
Nezahualpilli: It is said this doctor is something of a heart specialist...
Nezahualpilli: What would lead one such as that to live in an unsettled wood...
Nezahualpilli: Yar! Curiouser and curiouser!
Vyrn: He's a strange old dude, alright. But whatever floats his boat...
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! Strange old dude, indeed! And right fascinating!
Nezahualpilli: I'd be most interested in hearing why his boat floats so!
Lyria: There's something I've been meaning to ask, Nezahualpilli... why are you so scared of heights?
Nezahualpilli: Hrm? ... I do suppose I've yet to tell you why high places so vex me.
Nezahualpilli: The reason is frighteningly mundane, I'm ashamed to say.
Nezahualpilli: At what age was it, I wonder... I was naught but a fledgling, to be sure.
Nezahualpilli: I was climbing a tree, you see... and I happened to fall...
Vyrn: What?! Were you okay?!
Nezahualpilli: Well I was blessed with quite the robust body! I managed to escape any grave injury...
Nezahualpilli: But now simply being in a high place fills me with a sense of utmost dread.
Lyria: That does explain it...
Vyrn: I don't blame you, man. Who wouldn't be afraid of heights after something like that?
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! It would do me no good to say so!
Nezahualpilli: I am a king. I wouldn't deign to stain the pride of my family by presuming to be just another "who. "
Nezahualpilli: I'll not give up. I am not the only one to carry this burden.
Lyria: B-but! You've been such a lifesaver already!
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! I'll make no claims to lives saved, my lady. I speak not out of modesty, but truth.
Nezahualpilli: One cannot call themselves a winged king when filled with terror at the sight of the ground far below.
Nezahualpilli: I can make no claims to kingship in my current state.
Nezahualpilli: What king cannot protect his own family, I ask you?
Lyria: Nezahualpilli...
Nezahualpilli: Cheer up, friends. I need only find a cure and all will be well.
Nezahualpilli: Right, (Captain)? Make haste! We must find this doctor!

The Flightless Eagle: Scene 2[edit]

The party had found the doctor at long last. Yet he refused to take a look at Nezahualpilli. The party made their exit with no small amount of regret, but they hadn't made it far before a scream pierced the air. They turned back to find Erstian troops closing in. The party chose to save him.

Having left the forest deep behind, (Captain) and company find themselves approaching the village.
Hearing a furor from the villagers, the party makes its way back to the doctor's house...
Doctor: An examination? I must refuse.
Nezahualpilli: What?! B-but pray, tell us why would you...
Vyrn: Exactly! You're some hotshot doctor, aren't you? C'mon, take a look at him!
Doctor: You've been led here under false pretenses. I research disease. I am no doctor.
Doctor: Though such things are not beyond my ability...
Lyria: B-but... what about the examination...
Doctor: Did you not hear me? I want no part in it.
Doctor: Why else would I escape to a faraway village such as this?
Doctor: Go. And I'll not have you darken my doorway again.
Lyria: That didn't go well at all...
Vyrn: Who the hell does he think he is?! Crotchety old geezer!
Nezahualpilli: Hrm... I don't doubt there's a reason for him to be in such a foul mood...
Doctor: Nooooooo?!
Lyria: D-did you hear that scream?! Isn't that the...
Nezahualpilli: Yar! Right from whence we came! We must go! (Captain)!
Doctor: S-stop! Get your hands off me! I'll not go back!
Imperial Soldier: You've caused us quite a bit of trouble disappearing like that, Doctor.
Imperial Soldier: That research of yours is very, very important to the Empire, you know...
Doctor: P-please! Somebody! Help me, I beg you! I will not go back, I swear!
Nezahualpilli: You, there! While you may have business with this man, could you not proceed a bit more peaceably?
Imperial Soldier: Huh? Who in the hell are you...
Doctor: H-help me! I'll explain later, I swear! And I'll give you the examination you require!
Vyrn: Tsk! Guess we gotta save him now, huh?
Lyria: Hehe... don't pretend like you weren't going to already. Right? (Captain).
Nezahualpilli: Yar! That's the (Captain) I know!
Imperial Soldier: No idea what's going on here, but you got some nerve butting in. Hope you're ready to get your butts handed to you!

The Flightless Eagle: Scene 3[edit]

Nezahualpilli, having saved the doctor, gets his examination. He learns that his problem is more one of the mind than the body. Nezahualpilli is in low spirits after learning his issue cannot be solved by a doctor. Though they had just left the doctor's house, word reaches them that the doctor has been dragged away to the Imperial battleship. The party boards the battleship to rescue him.

Doctor: You've saved me, though I can't see why you would... you have my thanks.
Nezahualpilli: I find it hard to believe that I would overlook a thing like that.
Nezahualpilli: And who might you be? And what, pray tell, do you mean by "just"?
Doctor: What to say... I used to work for the Empire researching the heart in all its functions.
Once upon a time, the doctor had been a researcher in the employ of the Erstian Empire.
But finding that his precious research had been put to nefarious uses, brainwashing among them, the doctor fled in horror.
Doctor: I never would have imagined they'd have found me in a village this remote... you saved me.
Vyrn: Sheesh... is there anything those Imperial lackeys won't do?
Doctor: And so... You, young man. I believe you were seeking an examination?
Nezahualpilli: Yar... there's one thing in this world that frightens me above all...
Doctor: We can speak more at my house. You must have undertaken quite the journey just to reach me.
Lyria: Thank you so much! We'll be able to figure something out! Nezahualpilli!
Nezahualpilli: Yar! Long though I've relied on (Captain)'s strength, we may have found a solution at last!
And so Nezahualpilli finally receives the examination he'd been hoping for...
Nezahualpilli: Come again?! Perhaps I have misunderstood...
Doctor: The root of your fear is in your mind. You're the picture of health, otherwise.
Nezahualpilli: Do you think me a fool?!
Nezahualpilli: The quests I take are worthy of a king!
Nezahualpilli: That all I have to do is believe that high places do not fill me with fear...
Lyria: Nezahualpilli...
Doctor: No one's more sorry than I, but there's not a thing I can do for you...
Nezahualpilli: I... that's... then what am I to do?
Vyrn: What can you do? You heard the doc.
Lyria: M-maybe you just have to take some time!
Lyria: It's like when you're a kid and you don't want to eat your veggies. You just have to wait until you grow up!
Villager: H-hey, you guys! Wait up! You're not the guys who just chased off those Imperials, are you?!
Nezahualpilli: Indeed we are...
Villager: Well they came back! They snatched up the doctor and carried him off to their battleship!
Vyrn: Say what?! Buncha hardheads, aren't they?!
Nezahualpilli: On the ship itself, you say... then we mustn't waste any time.
Nezahualpilli: (Captain)! Should we not give these scoundrels chase?!
Vyrn: They're in sight! That's the ship, right?!
Nezahualpilli: Yar... the doctor himself eludes me...
Lyria: But look at all of those Imperials...
Nezahualpilli: We've no choice but to board them if we wish to save the doctor...
Vyrn: Are you okay, Nez?! We're pretty high up...
Nezahualpilli: We've no risk of falling... so long as we jump when we're as close to their ship as possible.
Vyrn: Whoa! Slow down there, buddy! What if you, like, freeze up or something?
Nezahualpilli: So long as I don't see the ground I shall stay nicely thawed!
Nezahualpilli: Onward, friends! (Captain)! To me! The future winged king!

The Flightless Eagle: Scene 4[edit]

The ship they'd boarded was nothing but a decoy. A trick to lure (Captain) to the sky while the Empire made off with the doctor. Steeled by a sense of urgency, Nezahualpilli took wing, leaping from the ship. While Nezahualpilli's bravery saved the doctor, it seemed he was not cured of his fear just yet.

Having repelled the Imperial troops, (Captain)'s party searches the battleship.
Vyrn: I mean, look at this place! It's empty!
Nezahualpilli: It seems to me that those gathered on deck had been the entirety of their company...
Vyrn: There's no one here! And it doesn't look like it's carrying anything. What the hell is going on?!
Lyria: Ah! Look! Look down there! (Captain)!
Lyria's finger pointed toward the village they'd just left.
All signs pointed to the doctor having been kidnapped from the village.
Villager: So... I went ahead and gave those guys the runaround.
Villager: Heeey, looks like you guys won. So where's my reward?
Imperial Soldier: That was some fine work... we'll get back to you on the payment. Just keep your mouth shut.
Doctor: Ack... you scum!
Imperial Soldier: Don't look so scared, doctor... you're worth a princely sum.
Imperial Soldier: Why do you think we've shelled out all that cash for an operation just to sneak you away?
Doctor: Y-you knew?! Damnit... damnit!
Imperial Soldier: Settle down, now... it's no use begging for help. That flock of fools is already in the sky.
Vyrn: Damn it all! Don't tell me they tricked us!
Nezahualpilli: It would seem so, Vyrn...
Nezahualpilli: Even if we were to touch down, we would most likely lose track of them in the forest...
Lyria: But but... What if we landed right away?!
Nezahualpilli: No... actually...
Nezahualpilli: There's something I wish to ask you, (Captain)...
Nezahualpilli: Overcoming my fear... dancing through the sky... do you believe I can do it?
  1. Fly?!
  2. You mustn't! It's much too dangerous!

Choose: Fly?!
Nezahualpilli: Yar... perhaps I should place my trust in those words.
Nezahualpilli: I am the winged king...
Nezahualpilli: But no more than I am a member of your crew, (Captain).

Choose: You mustn't! It's much too dangerous!
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! It's no more than a simple display of concern!
Nezahualpilli: If it so, then it is my duty to handle them.
Nezahualpilli: Who are the winged if not the masters of the heavens?!
Continue 1
Lyria: ...Nezahualpilli? You wait just one second!
Nezahualpilli: Yes, the heavens... if I am to be taken for a true king, then I must learn to savor their taste...
Nezahualpilli: Yar... a firm heart to turn the fearful into the beautiful...
Vyrn: Hey, dummy! Cut it out!
Nezahualpilli: Whoooooooa!
Imperial Soldier: Alrighty, then... we'd better beat feet. That means you too, doctor.
Villager: Oi! Hold on just a minute! Where the hell is my money?!
Imperial Soldier: Hm? Oh, I almost forgot...
Villager: Eh?! Guh...
Imperial Soldier: A fool and their money...
Doctor: You... you monster!
Imperial Soldier: Oh, doctor... you do realize this man sold you out? It's much, much too late anyway...
Imperial Soldier: Wha?! What’s this?! Is the sky falling?!
???: The gravest sin... such violence will not stand.
Imperial Soldier: What in the...
Nezahualpilli: I order you to release that man in the name of the winged king!
Imperial Soldier: Grrk?! Wh-where did you... did you fly down here?!
Nezahualpilli: There is no sky my wings can't conquer! The skies were made for me! The winged king!
Imperial Soldier: D-damn you... damn you to hell!
And thus, thanks to Nezahualpilli's bravery, (Captain) and company managed to rescue the doctor.
Doctor: Thank you... I can't believe you saved me again...
Nezahualpilli: It is I who should be giving thanks. I never would have mustered the courage had you not examined me.
Doctor: Is that so... well I'm glad to have been of service.
Doctor: My dear village. I must bid you farewell. May we one day meet again.
With those parting words, the doctor left the village to begin a new journey.
Lyria: Hehe... he was such a sweetheart. I hope we see him again someday.
Nezahualpilli: Ah... yes, indeed... we...
Vyrn: What's wrong?! You okay?!
Nezahualpilli: I... my anxiety seems to have gotten the better of me...
Nezahualpilli: It seems my courage has fled...
Vyrn: H-hey now... the least you could do is stand up...
Lyria: Hehe... I guess that means you're going to need a bit more time.
It would seem the days events weren't quite the cure-all Nezahualpilli had been hoping for.
But they were sure proof that he was more than worthy of becoming the winged king.

In Need of Guidance[edit]

A mission from the KnickKnack Shack has led the party to a certain town. A town that has, if the tales are true, played host to strange happenings. Though normal at first glance, its inhabitants appear listless, unable to run even in the face of monsters. (Captain) and company have come to take a stand.

Townsperson 1: ...
Nezahualpilli: Yar... this is the town the good shopkeep directed us to, is it not?
Vyrn: Whew! I gotta say, this place looks pretty normal...
Lyria: But... it kind of feels... flat, doesn't it? (Captain).
(Captain)'s party are on a mission to save a town.
The town is said to have lost its spark right after the appearance of a rather odd soothsayer.
Townsperson 2: ...
Vyrn: I mean, there ARE people here... what exactly are we supposed to be doing?
Nezahualpilli: Perhaps it would be best to seek out the soothsayer as our mission requires.
Nezahualpilli: Hey, you there! Perhaps you might be able to help me...
Townsperson 2: Wha... you mean me?
Nezahualpilli: Indeed we do. We've heard tell of a prophet who resides here.
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Vyrn: Urk?! Th-that's a monster! Get ready! (Captain)!
Townsperson 2: ...
Townsperson 3: ...
Lyria: Wh-what's wrong?! Hey! You need to get away from here!
Townsperson 1: ...
Vyrn: Oi! Are you hard of hearing or something?!
Nezahualpilli: There's no doubt something strange is afoot...
Nezahualpilli: But first we must do something about this monster! Let us be done! (Captain)!

In Need of Guidance: Scene 2[edit]

The party finds itself puzzled by the townspeople's distinct lack of pep. Perhaps the words of a visiting soothsayer have robbed them of their senses. Hearing the soothsayer speak of the end of the world, Nezahualpilli finds himself remembering his family's own prophecy. Though he wasn't quite convinced, the soothsayer's guards nevertheless rushed to the attack.

Vyrn: Hrm... I mean, they don't look hurt or anything.
Vyrn: Oi! Why didn't they just run away? Who'd stick around with a monster in your face?!
Nezahualpilli: It's as you say, Vyrn... for them to be so unresponsive in the face of monsters...
Nezahualpilli: What is your own life if you won't raise a hand in defense of it?
Townsperson 1: Life... defend it, you say...
Nezahualpilli: Hm... ?
???: Dear me... waste not your energy in vain effort.
Nezahualpilli: Hrm? And you are?
Townsperson 1: Praise the soothsayer...
Soothsayer: It would seem a few bad seeds have come here, attempting to throw a wrench in the spokes of fate.
Vyrn: You're telling me this little lady is the soothsayer?
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! A reminder never to be fooled by one's eyes, no doubt!
Nezahualpilli: Pray tell me, dear soothsayer. Whatever did you mean by "vain effort"?
Nezahualpilli: And what in blazes has happened to this town?
Soothsayer: It is futile. That is to say, everything. Surrender oneself to fate. Waste no energy in fruitless struggle.
Soothsayer: I heard the voice of a great will... a voice that said the world drifted ever closer to its end.
Nezahualpilli: Say what?
Soothsayer: The only choice is to yield. Resistance is futile. Meaningless.
Lyria: Um... so what exactly does that mean?
Nezahualpilli: This world... will end?
Lyria: Nezahualpilli?
Nezahualpilli: There... there is a similar prophecy among the Family of Feathers.
Nezahualpilli: It speaks of the future close at hand and the end of all...
Vyrn: Say what?! So the world's really gonna...
Nezahualpilli: No. I believe not a whit of it.
Nezahualpilli: Yet the elders are resolute in their own belief, passing it down, generation after generation.
Nezahualpilli: I thought I might dissuade them if I showed them what lies beyond our village...
Nezahualpilli: And thus I went in search of power unknown by our people.
Soothsayer: Hohoho... a wonderful prophecy, indeed.
Soothsayer: The world will end and all will be without meaning...
Soothsayer: Perhaps it is so... they have surrendered themselves to irresistible fate.
Townsperson 1: O, dear soothsayer...
Townsperson 2: Praise the soothsayer...
Vyrn: I see... that explains why they're all like this...
Nezahualpilli: Does hope fail in all those who hear the prophecy?
Nezahualpilli: Perhaps the same fate will befall my family...
Soothsayer: The world has no place for those who would stand against the prophecy...
Soothsayer: Dear guards... remove these meddlers from the town.
Guard: ...
Lyria: Uh. . um... H-hold on! We... er...
Vyrn: Damnit... doesn't look like they're in the mood to talk. Guess we gotta do this! (Captain)!

In Need of Guidance: Scene 3[edit]

Nezahualpilli remains unperturbed by the prophecy. Should the world end, Nezahualpilli declared, he would simply find the means to live through it. Seeing his bravery, the townspeople slowly but surely regained their vitality. The soothsayer, having stolen the townspeople's willpower in an attempt to make the town her own, revealed her true form and set her eyes on the party.

Guard: Ah...
Nezahualpilli: Hah... hah... I understand it must be difficult to exercise control in the face of something like this...
Vyrn: Hey! What is with you guys?! Wake up! Right?
Townsperson 1: ......
Townsperson 2: ......
Soothsayer: Heehee... it's all futile.
Vyrn: Er... wait! You heard Nezahualpilli!
Vyrn: There're other islands! Other nations, even! This town's not the only place in the world! So stuff it.
Soothsayer: It's useless. The world will end, not this... this, town.
Soothsayer: A power you lot cannot know... that the world cannot measure. The end looms near...
Townsperson 1: Listen here... whatever we know, whatever we do, it's useless...
Townsperson 2: Could you just leave us to face the end in peace? Please?
Lyria: How can you...!
Townsperson 1: Yeah! If all you're here to do is cause trouble, get out!
Now every person in the town set their eyes on (Captain)'s party with burning hostility.
Townsperson 1: Begone! Ye doubtful! Ye heretics!
Vyrn: What do we do? (Captain)...?
  1. Don't give up!
  2. Maybe we should just go home...

Choose: Don't give up!
Lyria: R-right! This is too, too weird!

Choose: Maybe we should just go home...
Lyria: ... B-but! We can't just leave them like this!
Continue 1
Nezahualpilli: Yar... hey, you. You over there.
Townsperson 2: ......
Nezahualpilli: Is this truly what you wish?! To simply sit here and await your ruin?!
Townsperson 2: But what are we to do?
Townsperson 2: She has such strange powers... her prophecy is inevitable.
Nezahualpilli: Is that so... well it may be true that the world will be visited by some calamity.
Townsperson 2: Yes! It's all useless...
Nezahualpilli: But that is no reason to lose hope.
Townsperson 2: Wha?
Nezahualpilli: Excuse me, soothsayer!
Soothsayer: Yes? What is it?
Nezahualpilli: It's true that the end approaches, is it not?
Soothsayer: Indeed it is. I have heard the voice of a great will saying it is so.
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! Is that so? So be it!
Vyrn: Er... Nezahualpilli?
Nezahualpilli: But why would you surrender yourself to such?
Nezahualpilli: Do you not wish to live in spite of it all? If you do, why give up?
Townsperson 1: ......
Nezahualpilli: What sort of end approaches? I cannot say, myself! But I will stand against it.
Nezahualpilli: Should sky rain fire, seek the cool of the waters. Should the earth crumble, gather up your families and take to the sky.
Nezahualpilli: You must stand firm against calamity if you wish to find a way escape it.
Nezahualpilli: Do not quietly into the night! Not until the flame of your life has been extinguished!
Nezahualpilli: Make the choice to stand and no catastrophe is insurmountable! Yield not to tragedy before it even shows its face!
Townsperson 1: You... you're right!
Townsperson 2: Nothing's even happened yet... and there's bound to be something we can do if it does!
Nezahualpilli's words reach each townsperson in turn, bringing life back to their faces.
Soothsayer: Tsk... effort in vain...
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! I bear no ill will towards you, dear soothsayer!
Nezahualpilli: I believe your prophecy. I simply showed these fine people that they have a choice.
Soothsayer: And here I thought I'd taken the town with nary a peep...
Soothsayer: How dare you butt in!
Soothsayer: Take them!
Goblin: Kiiii!
Townsperson 1: What?! Soo... soothsayer?!
Nezahualpilli: It seems she's shown us her true colors...
Vyrn: Did... did she just turn into a monster?!
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! So much the better that we should see the enemy we must defeat!
Nezahualpilli: Hey, (Captain). Let us blow these town-thieving deceivers away like so much fluff!

In Need of Guidance: Scene 4[edit]

The incident taught Nezahualpilli that it was not a mysterious power his people needed to prevent the world's end, but the guidance of a strong king. The long, arduous journey finally gave him the answer he needed. He could finally go home. But he wouldn't. Nezahualpilli would continue his journey with (Captain), training to grow even stronger.

Having cleared out the goblins, (Captain) and company watch on as life returns to the town.
Townsperson 1: Dear skyfarers... how can we ever thank you...
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! There, there! Do not fret!
Nezahualpilli: I saw much of my own home in your town... it simply wouldn't have done to leave you to your despair.
Nezahualpilli: Thanks to you my eyes have been opened.
Nezahualpilli: Power was not the answer. I know now what I should have sought.
Nezahualpilli: It was the resolve to guide my family through any trial...
Nezahualpilli: I will be the sort of king to ensure the wings of my family remain forever unbent.
Nezahualpilli: Though it took me a great deal of time, I can finally turn toward home with my head held high!
Lyria: Huh? B-but Nezahualpilli, you've barely even...
Nezahualpilli: Ahaha! Look not so worried! I've no intention to end my journey with you.
Nezahualpilli: Though I've found the answer I sought, my resolve is not yet what it should be.
Nezahualpilli: I need most of all the strength to keep faith!
Nezahualpilli: I'd be honored to continue my travels with you if you would have me.
Lyria was not the only one who found a smile coming unbidden to their lips.
Nezahualpilli would continue his journey to become a king worthy of guiding his people to the end.

Veterans Looking Back[edit]

(Captain) and company arrive at an island to take out waves of monsters as part of a job. Nezahaulpilli and Lady Grey are so proud, yet so lonely, to see the crew gradually grow into their own. An enormous monster approaches from behind, but the two powerhouses make short work of it with their magic. Saved from the encroaching danger, the crew realizes they still have a long way to go.

Arriving at the island, the crew accepts a job to take out a few monsters.
(Captain) roots the onslaught of monsters with ease.
Monster: Roaaaaarr...
Vyrn: Alright, we've taken care of the monsters here!
Lyria: All thanks to (Captain)! Lets try going there next.
Nezahualpilli: Wait! Be on your guard, there's still something here...
Vyrn: Are you sure? ...I see it, hiding behind the tree there!
Monster: Rroaaaaaarrr...
Lyria: It's coming! Let's do this, (Captain).
Nezahualpilli: Whew...
Vyrn: Hehe! These monsters don't stand a chance!
Lyria: That's for sure. But we can't be lax about it. Let's proceed with caution as always!
Nezahaulpilli stops in his tracks and watches from behind at the crew marching along so triumphantly.
Nezahualpilli: Hmm...
Lady Grey: Hehehe.... What's wrong, Hawk King?
Nezahualpilli: Hmm? Ahh, Lady Grey is...
Nezahualpilli: Actually, never mind... It's nothing.
Lady Grey: How cold... Considering how long we've been together in this crew now, I wish you'd tell what you're thinking.
Nezahualpilli: Well, if you insist... I was merely getting sentimental.
Lady Grey: Ooh, so you have a soft spot too. Let me guess what you were thinking.
Lady Grey: Seeing the young ones mature so fast makes you proud yet empty deep down. Does that sound about right?
Nezahualpilli: Yes... You see right through me. It is as you say.
Nezahualpilli: Sigh... We're deep in the monster's nest here, but here I am getting all sentimental.
Lady Grey: Tehehe... I do know how you feel though. Those kids have changed so much since we first met them.
Lady Grey: Don't you think so? I still remember when everything was so new to them, making a big deal out of every little thing.
Nezahualpilli: Indeed... It seems like so long ago when I would do battle as their shield.
Lady Grey: But now, they've truly grown into their own. It gets a bit lonely knowing they won't really need us anymore.
Nezahualpilli: Hahaha! But as their friend and ally, I am nonetheless proud of them! Well then, shall we get a move on?
Lady Grey: Let's go. I'm pretty sure they made a right turn here.
Lady Grey: ...! Hawk King, look...
Monster: Grooooaaarrrr!
Nezahualpilli: Whatever it is, it's a big one... And it looks to be headed toward (Captain) and them!
Lady Grey: Yes. If they're already in combat, they'll be attacked from both sides...
As Lady Grey observes the situation, the two silently nod to each other, and plunge toward the giant monster.
Nezahualpilli: You won't go any farther than this! Tremble at the might of my clan's power! Aarrgghhhhhh!
Monster: Grooooaaarrrr!
Nezahualpilli: Ungh... We can handle this! ...Lady Grey, now!
Lady Grey: A gift from the underworld, just for you.
Monster: Groooooaaar!
Nezahualpilli: Aaaaarrghhh!
Lady Grey: Haaaaaaaa!
Vyrn: Hey, what are you two doing here? We've already defeated the monster we came here for!
Vyrn: ...Eh? W-what's this giant monster doing here?
On their way back, (Captain) and company find an enormous fallen beast by Nezahualpilli and Lady Grey's feet.
Nezahualpilli: Hahhahaha! It was a tough one! But no match for a king!
Lyria: Wow! You defeated it with only the two of you...
Lady Grey: Hehe... A little backbreaking work is nice sometimes.
Lyria: Oh no! You broke your back! We should get you to a doctor right away!
Lady Grey: Ahaha, was that confusing? "Backbreaking" doesn't necessarily mean I broke my back, you know?
Nezahualpilli: Hahahahhaahah! There is still so much to teach them!
Lady Grey: Hehe. My job here's not done yet either.
Nezahualpilli and Lady Grey have stuck with (Captain) from the outset of his journey.
They always have and always will continue to watch over the crew.


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