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Official Profile

Age 20 Height 84 cm Race Harvin
Hobbies People-watching
Likes People who have beautiful melody from emotions and words
Dislikes Meeting new people
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* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Age 20歳 Height 84cm Race ハーヴィン
Hobbies 人間観察
Likes 感情・言葉から感じる旋律が綺麗な人
Dislikes 初対面の人
Source [1] [2]





  • Niyon's name in Japanese is "Nio", which is Swedish for "nine".
  • "Defendu" (défendu) is French for "forbidden".
  • "Nebulosa Frojd" (fröjd) is Swedish for "nebula joy" or "nebula delight".
  • "Vintergatan Svala" has a few possible meanings in Swedish:
    • "Vintergatan" translates to "milky way" and "svala" translates to "bird" or "swallow" ("milky way bird" or "milky way swallow").
    • Alternatively, "svala" could be "svara" which means "respond" ("milky way respond).
    • "Svala" is also definite form of "sval", meaning "cool" or "chilly".

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Happy birthday, (Captain). I made you a harp pick, carved from a dragon's scale. It'll definitely make playing easier!
So, like your present? Let's play a tune together!


Happy birthday. Here's your present.
I made you a new harp pick. I crafted it out of a piece pried from a massive tortoise's shell.
It seems to harbor long-lived powers within, and playing with it creates a sound most mystic...
Look. I made one for myself as well. Tortoiseshell this old is precious work material after all.
Heheh... They're a perfect match.


(Captain), happy birthday.
(Captain), do you want to go to town with me?
I want to know what makes your heart flutter. This year I'll decide what to get you based on the melody of your soul.
Hmm? You're worried about me?
Because... the town is so packed full of people?
Hehe. It is a little noisy, but as long as we're together, it'll be okay.
So let's go!


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm so happy to share in the joy of your birthday again.
Such a soothing melody... I can tell it's going to continue playing for a long time to come.
Thank you, (Captain). I hope we can celebrate your birthday forever and ever.


Happy birthday, (Captain).
I'm glad I can celebrate this day with you again this year.
There are so many pleasant sounds coming from the ship on your birthday.
I'm sure everyone feels happy to have met you.
I feel the same too. Thanks for coming into this world, and for being in my life.
I'll do my best so not a hint of sadness will ever taint your sound.
I hope I can continue being by your side and listening to your sound next year, and in the years to come.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Happy New Year!
I'm dedicating this next song to the Twelve Divine Generals. Care to join me on accompaniment?


The sound of the harp resounds even more clearly in the crisp, cool air.
They say that dedicating a melody to the skies brings good fortune in the year to come.
My melody has only grown richer since joining this crew. It will surely make the new year even better.
May I spend it always by your side.


Happy New Year, (Captain).
Last year was a bumpy ride. We had our ups and we had our downs.
When it was up, you were there to share my happiness. When it was down, you were there to help me back onto my feet.
That's why it was a wonderful year. I know this year will be no different.
Hehe... Ready to ride along with me again, (Captain)?


Happy New Year, (Captain).
I slipped into something more fitting for a jaunt through town.
Because I want to walk beside you not as an Eternal, but as myself.
... How do I look?


You came, (Captain). Thank you.
I wanted to see what kinds of melodies I can hear in the pure, morning light of the new year.
The sounds you hear at the start and at the end... And the melodies that you make, (Captain)—I want to take them all in.
Look, it's dawn.
Why don't we play something together? A melody that only you and I can make at the start of a new year...
I wonder what kind of a beautiful sound it'll be... Hehe.

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's.
I bought some chocolates for today. Here you go! I trust you heard my wistful, wanting melody earlier?
Oh, don't blush...


These are for you, (Captain).
They're chocolates. The first ones I've ever made.
How does this make you feel? Happy?
You don't need to say anything. I know. I can hear the melody that flows between us.
But I'd like to hear you express it in words.
Are you... blushing?


(Captain), I made chocolate again.
This year will you listen to me play as you eat? You're all red. I'll craft those emotions into a melody.
Hehe... Just kidding. I just wanted to press your buttons a little.
Would you like some tea with your sweets? I'll go fetch some.


Hey, (Captain). I have something to ask.
Can we make Valentine's chocolates together this year? It'll be like how we always perform together.
Why, you ask? I'm not sure either. I was just wondering how the chocolate might taste when our melodies blend together.
I'm sure it'd turn out great. So what do you say?


Um, about this year's Valentine's chocolate... Actually, I... couldn't make any...
It's not that I forgot about it. It's just...
You know how we made chocolate together last year?
Last year's chocolate was so delicious... I just couldn't make anything that tasted better than that...
So, (Captain)... Do you think we can make something together again?
Not just this year. I want to make something together next year, and in the years after that too... Would that be okay?

White Chocolate Cake square.jpg White Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
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This is in return for Valentine's? What a surprise!
You've made me very happy. And I would have been perfectly happy with you listening to my melody, too.


Need something, (Captain)?
This is... for White Day? For me?
Thank you. So that's what the melody I heard flowing towards me was about...
I'm exhausted from anticipation, to be honest. I've been thinking about what you might do today for a long time.
No, of course I don't mind. Don't tease me.
I'm blushing...


How could you?
You took yourself out of my range so that I couldn't hear the melody of your heart. How mean.
Huh? Is that for me?
Of course I'm happy.
Take me somewhere quiet and I'll consider forgiving you for teasing me.


(Captain). Thank you for the present.
So you decided not to put any distance between us this year.
Haha, but I'm okay. I can hear all of your melody right now.
So, (Captaion)...
Let me put my ear to your chest.


Today? Um... What about it?
Hehe, I'm just kidding. I know.
I could hear the beautiful sounds coming from you—that's how I knew.
But I pretended not to know, because I wanted to hear it from you.
Thank you for the lovely present, (Captain).
Both the present and the wonderful melody you're playing for me make me so happy.

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Happy Halloween...
I don't want to go out today. There are people wearing scary costumes...


Halloween is strange. Even those with timid hearts can become as bold as the monsters they dress up as.
If I were to dress up as a monster, perhaps my broken heart would soon be mended.
If I were a monster, I could go trick-or-treating...
Say, (Captain), where's my candy?


Halloween's just so noisy, but being this far away and hearing all the sounds is actually nice.
I can't pick up any irritating melodies. But the chanting of the children is a little creepy.
I mean, what if they were to surround me? I wouldn't know what to do...
But you'd protect me, right?


So you were pretending not to hear me, (Captain)...
How mean.


(Captain). I'm waiting.
For what, you ask? That thing you say on Halloween, of course.
Trick or treat...
Hearing this, (Captain) takes out a balloon from behind and releases it into the sky.
Niyon hears a small pop and looks up to see something glittering falling down from above.
...! That surprised me...
She notices a small packet among the silver strips of paper on the ground and picks it up.
Oh... Could this be candy?
(Captain) smiles and nods.
You're so mean for surprising me like that.
But... it was pretty.
Let's eat this together, (Captain). It'll taste even better if we share it.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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You can tell it's the holiday season. The town is overflowing with happy melodies.
But there's an unsettling discord hanging in the air as well. I have to put a stop to it.


The holiday melodies flowing through town are so fascinatingly complex...
The sound of people reveling and others griping fills the air... But the end result is far from cacophonous.
What do I think of this season? I dislike noisy places—banquets and the like—so I was never much a fan.
But to spend my time within the noise quietly by your side? That... I like.


La la la...
Hehe... This is fun.
All I can hear is the falling of the snow and the melody in your heart.
Just for now, it all belongs to me. Hehe...


It's cold...
The snow's beautiful, but the cold numbs my hands.
(Captain)... Can you hold my hand?
Teehee. You're so warm.


... Hey, (Captain).
On the holy night, the town is so full of warmth, and you can hear beautiful melodies playing everywhere.
There are all kinds of melodies playing on the streets... All I heard were awful sounds before, so I was surprised...
Hehe. It's thanks to you, (Captain). When I'm with you, the same melody flows through me too.
Hey, can you spend a little more time with me today, (Captain)?
Once we get back to the ship, you'll be busy looking after everyone...
So... I want to keep your melody all to myself for a little while longer.

Fate Episodes

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These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Encountering the Eternals I

(Captain)'s party unlocks some of the hidden power in the Nine-Realm Harp and visits Sierokarte for further advice. The Harvin woman from before overhears the party talking about it and becomes much more interested in the events to come.

(Captain) and company successfully release more of the hidden power within the Nine-Realm Harp.
With Sierokarte's help, the awakening of the Nine-Realm Harp draws steadily closer.
Sierokarte: Hehehe... Looks like you're going to have to be patient and carry on a while longer yet.
Sierokarte: To awaken the weapon, you'll need to increase its strength and the depth of its hidden power.
Vyrn: Gotcha. Sounds annoying, but we'll keep at it! Been a real grind so far though.
Sierokarte: Hey, it can't be awakened in a day!
On the way back to the ship, (Captain) and the crew pass by another customer entering the Knickknack Shack.
???: ...
Sierokarte: Well, well! Long time no see!
???: Who was that?
Sierokarte: Oh, right! (Captain) is one of my regulars.
???: They had the Nine-Realm Harp. What do they plan on doing with it?
Sierokarte: Heheheh! So you noticed!
???: They're going to awaken it?
Sierokarte: Seems like it. I can't wait!
???: Me neither... I wonder what it will sound like.
Sierokarte: I'm looking forward to hearing it too!
???: Hehe...
Sierokarte: Hmm? Something wrong?
???: Their leader's thoughts have such a beautiful sound. A melody both brave and serene.
Sierokarte: Hmm... It's not every day you say that about someone you meet.
???: On the other hand, that lizard was quite unpleasant to listen to.
Sierokarte: Hehehe. Vyrn'll get angry if you call him that.
???: Is he... dangerous?
Sierokarte: Heheheh. As long as you're friendly with him, he's okay!
???: I see.

Encountering the Eternals II

The crew continues preparing to awaken the Nine-Realm Harp when the Harvin woman suddenly appears again. She asks (Captain) to let her listen to it once it awakens, and Sierokarte explains that her name is Niyon, member of the legendary crew known as the Eternals.

With Sierokarte's help, the party gradually draws closer to awakening the Nine-Realm Harp.
One day at the Knickknack Shack they run into the mysterious customer they passed by earlier.
Sierokarte: Hehe. All right then, let's get those new strings of yours ordered up!
???: Yes. With more mythril than usual.
???: And a plectrum. Dragon claws or scales if possible. I'll grind them down myself.
Sierokarte: Righto! I'll order them right away!
???: Please.
Vyrn: Hey, Knickknack! How's everything?
Sierokarte: Can't complain. And how's your Nine-Realm Harp doing?
???: ...
Vyrn: Mmm? Hey, what's up? Can we help you?
???: Ah, I remember... You're the skyfarers with the noisy screeching lizard. (Captain), right?
Vyrn: Hey now! That's just rude!
Vyrn: Bwaugh! What's the big idea?
???: I'm protecting myself. I get upset so easily, you see...
???: ...
Vyrn: W-what's wrong? Why the sudden silence?
???: You scare me.
Vyrn: Aw, c'mon...
???: Are you angry?
Vyrn: Well, you did call me a lizard.
???: Sorry.
Vyrn: Nah, no worries. I'm sorry too.
Sierokarte: See? Vyrn's not so scary.
???: So it seems.
???: Is that the Nine-Realm Harp? It's starting to awaken.
Vyrn: Huh? How'd you know?
???: I'd like to hear how it sounds once it's awakened.
???: I'd like to hear the sound of an awakened revenant weapon.
Lyria: A revenant weapon? Are you talking about the Nine-Realm Harp?
???: Yes. The Nine-Realm Harp, Seven-Star Sword, and others... They're known as the revenant weapons.
???: Anyway. Good luck. You... you all have such a beautiful melody.
The woman disappears.
Vyrn: Hmm... Something about her seemed a little off.
Lyria: Who was she? And what did she mean when she talked about our melody?
Sierokarte: That was Niyon. She has the power to hear people's emotions as melodies!
Vyrn: Not sure I get it, but it sounds like that harp lady is really something!
Sierokarte: Niyon appears to have a very special kind of sensitivity compared to most people.
Sierokarte: She used that sensitivity to become a harpist and eventually joined the Eternals.
Vyrn: The Eternals? What're those?
Sierokarte: A legendary airship crew comprised of ten of the strongest warriors in the sky!
Sierokarte: Each one is rumored to be as powerful as one of the Luminary Knights!
Sierokarte: They're so powerful that even the bravest of warriors fear them!
Sierokarte: Wait. Did you say you've never heard of them?
Vyrn: Nope! So she's part of quite an amazing group, huh?
Sierokarte: I hadn't seen her much as of late, but she's been quite active in the skydom recently.
Vyrn: She seemed awfully nervous for someone so powerful...
Sierokarte: She's quite shy around others, but her musical ability is second-to-none!
Sierokarte: When she gets serious, Niyon is capable of downing the warships of the Erste Empire like paper planes.
Vyrn: Wow, really? Remind me to never get her mad...
Sierokarte: Heheh. She's a very reserved person.
Sierokarte: It would take a lot to stir her to fight.
Niyon, one of the legendary members of the Eternals.
What does this encounter with her portend for (Captain)?

Encountering the Eternals III

Niyon appears and asks (Captain) to perform with her after the Nine-Realm Harp is awakened. (Captain) agrees, but remains surprised that such a reserved and quiet person could have such intensity within her.

The crew rests at a local canteen.
(Captain) strums the Nine-Realm Harp, an instrument that Niyon called a revenant weapon.
Vyrn: Ooh! Plucking that bad boy's strings again?
Lyria: Hee hee... (Captain) just loves the sound of the Nine-Realm Harp!
Niyon: Indeed. It looks like the Nine-Realm Harp has taken a liking to (Captain) as well. It may just awaken soon.
Vyrn: Whoa! Don't scare me like that!
Niyon: Sorry.
Vyrn: N-no worries...
Lyria: Ahaha... You can surprise Vyrn as much as you want, but he won't say anything mean.
Niyon: Mmm. I know.
Vyrn: What brings you to a place like this, Harp Girl?
Niyon: Sierokarte told me you were here.
Vyrn: Yeah? Do you need somethin' from us?
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: ...
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: ...
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: C-could you at least say something?
Niyon: The memory that flows between you and your friends is unforgettable.
Niyon: It seems I've taken a liking to you. The melody I heard that fateful day still lingers.
Niyon: This might be a bit forward, but... I'd like to hear more of it. Somewhere quieter.
Lyria: Ehehe... Are you saying you want to be friends with us?
Niyon: Maybe. But not yet. Later...
Niyon: I think my tune will match yours better after you awaken your revenant weapon.
Lyria: Our revenant weapon? Oh, you mean the Nine-Realm Harp?
Niyon: Yes. It's part of a group of ten legendary weapons created in eons past, possibly even before the War.
Niyon: That moldering instrument seeks to return to its former glory. To sing with you, (Captain).
Niyon: And as much as that weapon loves you, it may just be possible.
Niyon: Hey, (Captain). After you awaken the Nine-Realm Harp, shall we play together?
Niyon stares squarely at (Captain) as she says this.
(Captain) reflexively agrees to the request, the strangely charged atmosphere cutting like a knife in a way that seems surprisingly at odds with Niyon's nonplussed behavior.
Lyria: Hee hee... What a wonderful promise!
Niyon: The melody that flows between you is incredibly beautiful.
Niyon: See you next time.
Niyon leaves.
Lyria: Heheh... Siero said Niyon was shy, but she really says what she means!
Vyrn: She sure does. Seems like she might've warmed up to us a bit too.
Lyria: That's right! She said she's taken a liking to you, (Captain)!
The supposedly reserved Niyon shocks (Captain) with her flash of intensity, an experience that will linger with the captain for quite some time.

Mystical Concerto

Niyon appears before the crew some time after the awakening of the Nine-Realm Harp. She tells the crew that she wants to hear their melody, and raises her shield in preparation for a fight.

It has been some time since the Nine-Realm Harp was awakened.
(Captain) and crew once again run into Niyon, one of the Eternals.
Niyon: ...
Lyria: Oh, hello, Niyon!
Vyrn: How's everything been?
Niyon: I'm good. You've awakened the Nine-Realm Harp, haven't you?
Lyria: Haha. Yes, that’s right. Now you can perform with (Captain) like you wanted!
Niyon: ...
Lyria: D-did I say something wrong?
Niyon: No. Not quite.
Vyrn: What's goin' on then?
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: I'm not a mind reader, y'know...
Niyon: I'm going to fight you.
Lyria: Huh?
Niyon: I adore the melody that flows between all of you. But all I can hear are gentle tones.
Niyon: I want to hear every tone you have... The tones of those who awakened a revenant weapon.
Niyon: Won't you let me listen?

Mystical Concerto: Scene 2

Niyon stops her attack and asks if (Captain) remembers the promise they made. She agrees to travel with the crew if they agree to help tune the Nine-Realm Harp, and begins an impromptu performance with (Captain).

Niyon: Strange.
Niyon: Even in the heat of combat, your melody was mysteriously beautiful.
Niyon: Is there anything capable of sending you off-key?
Lyria: Niyon, please... That's enough.
Lyria: I don't want to see you fight with (Captain) anymore.
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: Whew... I never expected you to swoop in and attack us!
Vyrn: Why'd you have to fight with (Captain) anyway?
Niyon: ...
Lyria: Niyon?
Niyon: That was frightening.
Lyria: Frightening?
Niyon: I hear what others think in the form of a melody.
Niyon: What frightens me most is a pleasant tune that suddenly shifts.
Lyria: I think I know exactly what you're talking about, Niyon.
Niyon: Hey, (Captain). Do you recall the promise we made?
  1. I remember.
  2. I don't.

Choose: I remember.
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: What's wrong, Harp Girl?
Niyon: I'm happy.
Niyon: Thank you for remembering our promise to perform together.
Lyria: There's no way (Captain) would forget!
Niyon: I wanted to perform with (Captain). But there was something I wanted to confirm before that...

Choose: I don't.
Niyon: ...
Lyria: (Captain), there was no reason to say that!
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: You okay, Harp Girl?
Niyon: I want to cry.
Lyria: Um, I remembered! You wanted to perform with (Captain) after the Nine-Realm Harp was awakened!
Vyrn: Listen, (Captain) gets like this sometimes. Don't let it get to you!
Lyria: I'm sure (Captain) didn't mean anything by it. I mean... just like you, uh...
Lyria: Hey! (Captain)! That was important to her! Apologize to Niyon right now!
Niyon: ...
Niyon: I meant it when I said I wanted to perform with you, (Captain). But there was something I wanted to confirm before that.
Continue 1
Niyon: I wanted to make sure that your melody wouldn't suddenly change in battle.
Niyon: Sorry. I used you for some silly experiment.
Niyon: I love the melody that flows between you all. It flows gently... steadily... unchangingly. And I want to hear more of it.
Niyon: If we perform together and happen to be in tune...
Niyon: Would it be okay if I joined you on your journey?
  1. Sure thing.
  2. No way.

Choose: Sure thing.
Lyria: Hooray!
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: It sounds like the Eternals are some seriously tough customers! Having one of them on our side will be a big help!
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: Why'd you clam up again, Harp Girl?
Niyon: I'm embarrassed.
(Captain) and Niyon fulfill their promise to perform together shortly afterward.
Niyon smiles with satisfaction after the performance, and joins (Captain) and the crew on the Grandcypher.

Choose: No way.
Niyon: ...
Lyria: Sheesh, (Captain)! There's no reason to be like this!
Lyria: Huh? You want to fulfill your promise to perform first?
Lyria: You're not sure you can meet her expectations?
Vyrn: Hmm... Now that you mention it, you've just got performance anxiety, don't cha?
Vyrn: You don't want her to run off when she finds out more about you later, right? Haha, you two are a lot alike, you know that?
Niyon: Is that what you think?
Niyon: Why don't we try playing together? I'm sure it'll be fine.
(Captain) and Niyon fulfill their promise to perform together shortly afterward.
After the impromptu performance, Niyon nods her head with a smile. (Captain) wasn't perfect, but Niyon doesn't seem to mind.
Continue 2
With that promise taken care of, Niyon, one of the Eternals, joins the crew.

Magical Tuning

Sierokarte tells the crew that she's received a mysterious request for help from a nearby town and suspects Niyon's ability to hear the emotions of others will be of help.

On a day like any other, Sierokarte suddenly tasks (Captain) with a strange request.
Vyrn: A request from an anonymous client? What's that about?
Sierokarte: Well you see, I found a letter with some of the goods I was stocking yesterday.
Sierokarte: It simply had the word help scribbled on it.
Lyria: Ooh... That's kind of scary...
Sierokarte: So I thought it might be a request from someone!
Sierokarte: I don't know who the letter's from, so I was hoping you could investigate.
Vyrn: But without any clues, where would we even start?
Sierokarte: The product in question comes from a specific village!
Sierokarte: So maybe you can find something there!
Vyrn: Hm... This sure doesn't sound like it's gonna be easy.
Sierokarte: Hehehe... Niyon's special sensing ability should come in handy here!
Niyon: ...
Lyria: Her power to hear the emotions of others as a melody?
Sierokarte: Yup! It should be perfect for this investigation!
Niyon: I... can't talk to strangers.
Sierokarte: Hehehe... You won't have to worry about that if you're with (Captain) and the others.
Vyrn: Y-yeah... Just stay behind us and we'll handle it.
Niyon: Okay.
Sierokarte: I'm well aware of how difficult a request this might be.
Sierokarte: Even if you don't complete it, you'll get your payment for trying!
Sierokarte: Okay then! Best of luck everyone!

Magical Tuning: Scene 2

(Captain) and company question the townspeople but can't seem to find any new information. Sensing something odd going on, Niyon plays a melancholy tune to match the peoples' emotions; the citizens sadly explain that they're suffering under the oppressive rule of the local knight order.

Vyrn: Well we're here, but...
Lyria: Hmm... Where do we even start looking?
Vyrn: Had a feelin' investigating without clues was gonna be a non-starter.
Niyon: ...
Lyria: Hm? Niyon, what's wrong?
Niyon: I don't like this town.
Lyria: Really? It's awfully pretty and doesn't seem to have anything wrong with it.
Niyon: There's a harsh dissonance here. The town itself is out of tune.
Vyrn: You've noticed something off?
Niyon: That beauty Lyria mentioned is just a facade. A sad melody is all I hear from the citizenry.
Vyrn: Hm... Not exactly something we can understand for ourselves.
Lyria: Maybe the sadness you're hearing has something to do with that letter Siero got?
Vyrn: Well we won't get anywhere just thinking about it. Let's try asking around!
Townsfolk 1: Discontent? Sadness? In a beautiful town like this? Haha, of course not!
Townsfolk 2: I've been living here a long time, and I've never felt a single twinge of regret. It's a beautiful town, after all!
Townsfolk 3: Hehehe... Isn't this just an adorable little hamlet? I love it here. You should move here too!
Townsfolk 3: What? You got a rescue letter from this town? Hahaha! Must've been a kid's prank!
The crew questions the citizenry, but the investigation goes nowhere.
Lyria: Maybe it really was a prank...
Vyrn: I didn't find anything suspicious either.
Vyrn: The only thing is... everyone kept mentioning how clean and beautiful the town is.
Niyon: ...
Lyria: Is something wrong, Niyon?
Niyon: Let me try playing something.
With a hesitant air, Niyon touches her fingers to the strings and begins playing a somber tune.
As the people around Niyon hear the melody, they suddenly stop. It's almost as if their feet are rooted to the ground.
Vyrn: What did you do, Harp Girl? The town looks... different.
Niyon: I'm playing a melody that matches the emotions of the townspeople.
Niyon: When they hear a tune that synchronizes with their mood, it amplifies those feelings. So if they're sad... the sorrow will become unbearable.
Niyon: So long as they hear this song, they won't be able to hide their true feelings.
Niyon: Try questioning them again.
Townsfolk 1: Those knights tax us like crazy... They say it's to maintain order in town, but if we dare to refuse...
Townsfolk 2: I've lived here for a long time, but the knights only recently started oppressing us...
Townsfolk 3: Someone sent a letter asking for help... Oh, if only someone would save us...
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: H-hey, are you okay, Niyon? You're lookin' real pale all of a sudden.
Niyon: I'm sad.
Niyon: I can feel the despair of the townspeople coursing through me.
Niyon: I want to go home. Let's defeat the knights and bring this sad melody to an end, shall we?
Vyrn: You want to take on all of 'em? The whole knight order?
Niyon: I'm an Eternal. And (Captain)'s with me too. Let's go.
And so the crew heads to a tavern where the knight order is rumored to gather.

Magical Tuning: Scene 3

Niyon begins performing in front of the knights at the tavern, who grow strangely uncomfortable and ask her to stop. She tells the knights they are ruining the town's melody, and puts up her shield.

Knight Captain: What's going on? There seems to be a commotion outside.
Knight: Heheh... Probably just some drunks fighting.
Knight Captain: Some people just don't know how to control their tempers.
Knight: But thanks to them, we get to live it up! Bwahaha!
Knight Captain: Can't have order without the citizens living in fear of us after all! Gyahahaha!
Niyon: ...
Knight: Huh? Who are you?
Niyon: ...
Knight: This tavern's reserved. Now scram.
Knight Captain: Hold on. What's wrong with entertaining a few guests? Heheh.
Knight Captain: I see you have an instrument... A traveling musician, I suppose. Been begging for money on street corners?
Niyon: ...
Knight Captain: Go on. Play something.
Niyon: ...
The melody that echoes through the tavern fills the knights with an immense feeling of unease.
Although it is an old and well-known song that praises a valorous knight, something feels oddly out of place.
Knight: Hey. That song's getting on my nerves. Play something else.
Niyon: Indeed. It should put you ill at ease.
Knight: What do you mean?
Niyon: You must have a sinking feeling that you're being criticized. And worse... that you deserve it. Isn't that right?
Niyon: It's a song of praise for a valiant knight. The complete opposite of the melody playing in rotten hearts like yours.
Knight: Who're you callin' rotten? How dare you!
Knight Captain: Now hold on. What are you trying to say, traveler?
Niyon: There's a terrible dissonance in this town's melody. And you're the ones creating it.
Knight Captain: Hrmph, what nonsense... Cut her down.
Knight: Sir!
Niyon: Why do you have such an unpleasant sound?
Niyon: No matter. I'll put you back in tune.

Magical Tuning: Scene 4

Niyon drives the knights away, then quickly leaves the tavern as she can't bear to stay there any longer. She tells the crew that she wants to hear something pleasant, and invites (Captain) to play music with her.

The knights lunge at Niyon, but they can't even touch her as she continues to play her harp.
The knights fall to the ground from Niyon's agonizing melody. They attempt to get back up but are unable to fight through the pain.
Niyon: ...
Knight Captain: W-what did you do?
Niyon: I fixed your tuning. Your melody matches the town now.
Knight: W-what is this sense of unease... What should I do...
Niyon: Hearing that song about the valiant knight made you feel uneasy, right? You realized how far the knight's actions were from your own.
Niyon: That unease turned into doubt within you.
Niyon: It made you compare your corrupted self with the valiant knight in the song.
Niyon: If you continue living like this, you're going to suffer. A lot. Anyway...
Niyon: Bye.
Niyon quickly leaves the tavern as if at her wits' end, and (Captain) follows her outside.
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: H-hey, are you all right, Harp Girl? You're lookin' pretty pale again.
Niyon: I'm tired... I was in that awful noise for too long. I just want to go home.
Lyria: Y-you may have overdone it, Niyon! Let's go back and rest.
News of the knight order's near-collapse quickly spreads throughout the town...
The man who sent the letter to the Knickknack Shack eventually appears and thanks the crew for saving the town. The crew leaves after saying farewell.
And so the case of the mysterious letter comes to a close.
Vyrn: Today sure was tiring... Guess I'll go to sleep too.
Lyria: Hmm... Niyon seemed exhausted. I hope she's okay.
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: What's up? Feeling better, Niyon?
Niyon: Not yet.
Niyon: The discord from town is still ringing in my ears. I want to drown it out with a pleasant melody.
Niyon: (Captain), will you play with me?
(Captain) nods and produces the Nine-Realm Harp.
After tuning their instruments, the two begin playing a song they've practiced in the past. Niyon's expression gradually softens.
Niyon: Despite having different tones, you all play such a beautiful melody together.
Niyon: Playing with you is so soothing...
Lyria: Hehe... I love when you and (Captain) perform together too.
Niyon: ...
Lyria: D-did I say something?
Niyon: I'm just a little embarrassed.
Niyon, a member of the Eternals, tends to alienate herself from others due to her brilliant but sensitive nature.
Now that she has friends she can truly trust, however, she is stronger than ever.

Melodies Unheard

The crew fights through an undead-infested town, and Niyon is knocked out after helping defeat the monstrous undead leader. When she awakes, she finds her powers to hear the melodies of others in disarray and joins (Captain) for an impromptu performance in a quiet field.

Undead Horde: Groooar...
Niyon: ...!
Vyrn: What's up with this town? It's in way worse shape than Siero said!
Niyon: A dreadful melody flows through this town... and it's only growing louder.
(Captain) and the crew are on a request to clear out an undead-infested village.
The undead hordes continue to grow. Their numbers seem to be unending.
Niyon: I want to go back.
Vyrn: I know, right? If we don't end this soon, we're dead meat... Is the source of that melody you mentioned close by?
Niyon: Yes. Just a little farther.
Niyon: This melody is truly horrific though. I might not be able to do anything about it.
Vyrn: I had no idea what this melody stuff you were talking about was at first, but I think I have an idea now...
  1. We can count on you, Niyon.
  2. Rest on the ship, Niyon.

Choose: We can count on you, Niyon.
Niyon: Right. Thanks, (Captain).
Vyrn: Yeah, and we sure can't tell where those Halloween rejects are gonna pop out from next.
Lyria: But you don't seem to be feeling very well, Niyon...
Niyon: I'm fine. (Captain)'s voice gives me strength.

Choose: Rest on the ship, Niyon.
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: Yeah. You don't look like you're doing so good. Feel free to head back.
Niyon: No. I really don't want to hear this melody anymore...
Niyon: But if you can't depend on me, (Captain)... Well, that would be even worse.
Continue 1
Niyon continues to struggle forward even as she suffers pain from a melody (Captain) and the others can't even hear.
Niyon: Ah...
Niyon suddenly loses concentration and slumps to her knees. The crew rushes over to help her back up.
Undead Horde: Groooar...
Vyrn: W-we're gonna be surrounded at this rate! Run for it, (Captain)!
(Captain) picks up Niyon and her harp before quickly dashing away.
Niyon: Sorry.
Niyon weakly mutters while cradled in (Captain)'s arms. The captain gently covers her ears.
Niyon: ...
(Captain) continues to carry Niyon while following her directions to a nearby street corner.
Writhing Shadow: Graaagh!
Niyon: ...!
Vyrn: I-is it me... or is that thing a little different from the others? It's really gross lookin'!
Niyon: Let me down, (Captain). That's the source.
Niyon: If we combine our harmonies, I'm sure we can quell the darkness within its heart.
Vyrn: All right! Let's do this, (Captain)!
The crew confronts the massive shadow in front of them, which they believe to be the undead leader.
In spite of the overwhelming hordes, (Captain), Niyon, and the others manage to attack the shadow.
Writhing Shadow: Rgh...
Vyrn: Did we get it?
Writhing Shadow: Grraaahhh!
Niyon: ...!
Lyria: Niyon!
Niyon: Agh... Hngh...
Vyrn: What's wrong, Niyon?
Niyon: Rgh...
Lyria: Niyon, is everything okay?
Niyon: That creature's final notes were truly horrific... A mixture of anger, malice, and hatred...
Niyon: Just hearing them was enough to plunge me into the same despair that the monster felt.
Vyrn: Seeing you suddenly lose consciousness freaked me out. I'm just glad nothing serious happened to you!
Niyon: ...
(Captain) draws closer to the sickly Niyon. She quietly begins to speak.
Niyon: Hey, (Captain). Could you come with me for a bit?
Niyon: I'm a little worried about how well I'll be able to perform...
Niyon returns to her feet and looks at (Captain).
(Captain) readily agrees, happy to do anything to ease her anxiety.
After (Captain) tunes the Nine-Realm Harp, the two of them wend their way to a grassy field.
Niyon: I'll match your melody, (Captain). Whenever you're ready.
(Captain) concentrates for a moment, decides on the first note, and begins to play.

Melodies Unheard: Scene 2

Niyon realizes she's lost her ability to hear the melodies of others and visits Anre, co-founder of the Eternals, to discuss the situation. Realizing she may be expelled from the Eternals, Niyon decides to regain her powers through the Nine-Realm Harp.

Niyon: ...
Niyon's melody is as beautiful as always.
However, her superhuman ability to match the feelings of those listening seems to have been lost.
Niyon: As I thought... I can no longer hear your melody.
Lyria: Is something wrong, Niyon?
Niyon: I haven't been able to hear anything since we fought the leader of those undead.
Lyria: What?
Niyon: My ears can hear just fine, but that monster's final notes remain, almost like a ringing.
Niyon: It's too loud. I can't hear anyone's melody.
Lyria: Oh my gosh! That's terrible!
Niyon: Yes. If there's a silver lining, it's that I can no longer hear some... other unpleasant sounds as a result.
Vyrn: But you'll recover after a while, right?
Niyon: I don't know. This is the first time I've ever experienced such a thing.
Niyon: If I don't recover, then...
Vyrn: T-then?
Niyon: Then I will surely be ejected from the Eternals.
Vyrn: Say what?

Anre is a crew member

Niyon contacts Anre through the Knickknack Shack.
Anre: So you've lost your ability to hear the melodies of others, Niyon?

Continue 1
Anre not in crew

Afterwards, Niyon hands a letter to Sierokarte. It's addressed to one of the founders of the Eternals.
Anre: Hello, Niyon. It's been a while! I read your letter.
Anre: And I take it you people are the crew Niyon's currently working with?
Anre: My name is Anre. Co-founder of the Eternals, and wielder of the spear.
Anre: So you've lost your ability to hear the melodies of others, Niyon?
Continue 2
Niyon: Yes.
Anre: That's quite the conundrum. I thought about what to do on the way here.
Anre: If you're unable to recover your power, I see no other option but to have you remove yourself from the Eternals.
Niyon: ...
Vyrn: I'm not entirely sure what the situation is here, but... why the serious expression?
Niyon: I was chosen to become an Eternal because of my power to match the melodies of others when performing.
Anre: This allows her to manipulate the emotions of all who listen. She could render even an army of millions powerless if she chose to.
Anre: That's why it's been said that she could bring even a country to its knees.
Anre: For her to lose such a power would leave me with no other choice. The Eternals have to be the mightiest player on the sky's stage, you see.
Niyon: ...
Anre: It seems rumors are already spreading. We must make a decision quickly. Will you stay in the Eternals, or is it time for us to bid farewell?
Anre: I don't want to lose you, Niyon. Do you understand what you must do?
Niyon: Yes.
Anre: Good. I hope you'll be able to avert our worst-case scenario.
Anre's words hang heavily in the air as he departs.
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: E-even if you leave the Eternals, you'll still be part of our crew, Niyon!
Vyrn: That's right! So turn that frown upside down!
Niyon: I can't stay here. It's only going to cause trouble for everyone.
Vyrn: Trouble? Whaddaya mean?
Niyon: There are many who would want revenge against me for things I've done. And many more who will see the weakened Eternals as a target.
Niyon: As long as I'm with you, (Captain), your crew is in danger.
Niyon: You may even be forced to fight more than one foe. A significantly greater challenge than your fight against the Erste Empire.
The crew doesn't know what to say. Vyrn and Lyria chime in in an attempt to convince Niyon to reconsider.
Vyrn: You're not really thinkin' about leaving us, are ya, Niyon?
Lyria: We can't let you go it alone out there!
Niyon: Heheh... Thanks for the concern. But I don't plan on going it alone.
Niyon: There's still one path left to me. One way for me to get my powers back.
Niyon: I will use the Nine-Realm Harp myself. It's going to take some time for it to accept me, but I'm sure it can be done.
Lyria: You need the Nine-Realm Harp... to accept you?
Niyon: Right. As the revenant weapon guiding sound itself, it should be able to return my powers to me.
Niyon: I'll be staying with you until then. Is that all right, (Captain)?
  1. Sure.
  2. Nope.

Choose: Sure.
Niyon: Heheh... I'm glad to hear it.
Vyrn: Like there's any other option here! Whatever happens to you, everything's gonna be all right as long as we're around!
Lyria: Yes! I'm sure everything's going to be just fine!

Choose: Nope.
Niyon: Meanie.
Vyrn: What's gotten into you? You're not seriously planning on abandoning one of your crewmembers!
Lyria: Why would you say such a horrible thing?
Niyon: You're not serious. Are you?
Niyon reads the captain like a book. (Captain) stares at the floor in embarrassment.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Just another one of (Captain)'s bad jokes? But wait a sec... You can't hear the melodies of others right now, can you, Niyon?
Niyon: I've been listening to (Captain)'s melody for a long time now. I don't need to hear that melody to know what the captain's thinking.
Niyon smiles and (Captain)'s face turns beet red. There's nothing else that needs to be said.
Continue 3
Shortly thereafter, the crew returns to their rooms aboard the Grandcypher.
Someone knocks at (Captain)'s door.
Niyon: Can I talk to you for a moment, (Captain)? Um...
Niyon stays silent for a few moments, so (Captain) encourages her to continue.
Niyon: Pick me up.
Niyon: You know. Like when we ran through that town...
(Captain) is slightly distraught by the request, but Niyon uses magic to levitate. She places an ear on (Captain)'s chest.
Niyon: I can hear everything. Your heart, your muscles, your bones... The melody that flows within you.
Niyon: Can I stay like this for a little bit? It's the only way I'm going to get the Nine-Realm Harp to recognize me.
Niyon: The rhythm of your life as it pulses through your body... It's an etude I must master if I'm going to play the Nine-Realm Harp.
Niyon: It's a gentle melody. One I've always loved.
Niyon: Hm? What is it?
Niyon: Oh... Well, of course I'm embarrassed.
Niyon looks down and smiles gently.
It doesn't take a heart reader to see that she's at peace... even if only for a moment.

Duel of the Mystic Musician

The crew succeeds in reforging the Nine-Realm Harp, which asks Niyon what she desires its power for. Niyon vows to use its power to protect those she cares about, and the Nine-Realm Harp invites her to share her melody.

The crew has amassed the necessary materials to reforge the Nine-Realm Harp.
While its outward appearance is unchanged, the souls gathered by the crew call forth an ancient consciousness.
Niyon: It's weeping.
Lyria: The harp is?
Niyon: Yes. It may respond to my voice now.
Niyon: Hear me, Nine-Realm Harp, whose song shakes the heavens. Show me your will.
Nine-Realm Harp: ...
Vyrn: Whoa! It just made some kinda weird noise!
Nine-Realm Harp: Who wakes me?
Niyon: Niyon, the mystic musician. I awaken you so that I may become your true bearer.
Nine-Realm Harp: Answer me. Why do you desire my power?
Niyon: ...
Nine-Realm Harp: You already possess incredible magical prowess. For what purpose do you seek yet more? For whom do you intend to pluck my strings?
Niyon: I want to protect myself.
Niyon: I want to protect those who need my music.
Niyon: I want to protect the person I love.
Niyon: For those reasons and more, I desire your power.
Nine-Realm Harp: Hrm... Your melody betrays no falsehood. To face your fears and expose yourself requires great courage.
Niyon: ...
Nine-Realm Harp: Niyon, the mystic musician. Allow me to determine whether you are fit to play me.
Nine-Realm Harp: Go on. Pluck the strings on that instrument of yours. Let me hear your melody.
Niyon: ...!

Duel of the Mystic Musician: Scene 2

The Nine-Realm Harp concludes that Niyon's uncertainty over the loss of her powers has hampered her ability to perform, but it recognizes her skills nonetheless. With the Nine-Realm Harp in hand, Niyon is once again able to hear the melodies of others, assuaging the crew's concerns.

Niyon: Huff... huff...
Nine-Realm Harp: Hrm... Now I see. There seems to be a hole within you that you're struggling to fill.
Nine-Realm Harp: Your fingers betray a hesitation. What you seem to lack is not technique... but rather mental fortitude.
Niyon: ...
Nine-Realm Harp: Allow me to share an anecdote from history. There was once a great musician who lost the use of his ears. He fell into despair, and yet—
Niyon: You talk too much.
Nine-Realm Harp: T-this is the most important part!
Vyrn: Is Niyon gonna be able to play you from now on or what?
Lyria: I'm wondering about that too!
Nine-Realm Harp: Your skills are considerable. No worse than those of the other musicians who have played me in the past.
Vyrn: Which means!
Nine-Realm Harp: You are fit to play me, and your goal is a worthy one. I will lend you my power.
The Nine-Realm Harp vibrates its own strings, filling the air with a gentle melody.
Niyon: ...!
Nine-Realm Harp: I shall tune your heart a little for now. Once our melodies harmonize more, I shall provide further aid.
Niyon: Thank you, Nine-Realm Harp.
(Captain) is surprised to see Niyon visibly relieved.
(Captain) asks Niyon what has transpired within her.
Niyon: The discordant ringing within my heart has softened.
Vyrn: Oh yeah? Does that mean you can hear others again?
Niyon: Heheh... A little. I can hear your melodies, however faint...
Niyon: (Captain)'s is gentle. Lyria's is pure.
Niyon: And your lizard melody grates just as much as I remember.
Vyrn: Hey! My melody is epic dragon metal! Don't make me breathe fire!
Lyria: Hee hee... It's okay, Vyrn. Niyon's just joking.
Niyon: Sorry, Vyrn.
Vyrn: If it makes Niyon happy then I guess I'm okay with it, but still...
(Captain) and Niyon smile at one another.
Niyon feels a sense of relief wash over her. The day her powers return is close at hand.

Trial of the Eternals

Anre appears before Niyon after hearing that she's lost her ability to hear the melodies of others and warns her that rumors of her plight are already spreading across the skies. He then challenges her to a duel in order to ascertain whether she still possesses enough power to remain an Eternal.

Anre: I heard what happened, Niyon. Your ability to hear the melodies of others has returned?
Niyon: Yes. Just a little bit, thanks to the Nine-Realm Harp.
Anre: That's reassuring. Then I trust you know what I came here for?
Niyon: I do. You're here to test my musical abilities.
Anre: Many have already heard about your weakness, and they could attack at any time.
Anre: I want you to show me that you have what it takes to protect those important to you.
Niyon: Of course. I intend to.
Anre: Your worthiness as an Eternal is on the line. Sorry to say... but I won't be able to hold back.
Niyon: Right. I'll play with everything I have.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 2

Niyon's strength impresses Anre, who can't believe she's lost her powers. In the name of (Captain) and the crew, she steels herself for a challenge from the other Eternals.

Anre: Well, that's surprising... It's like you never lost your powers at all.
Niyon: Huff... huff... My fingers are exhausted.
Anre: That was a wonderful performance. It conveyed just how much you want to fight to protect those precious to you.
Anre: The other Eternals will likely want to challenge you as well. But I'm not worried.
Niyon: My hands are shaking a little...
Anre: I'm confident that you'll be fine, Niyon. You're fighting for (Captain) and the others, aren't you?
Niyon: Yes. I'll do my best.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 3

Tweyen arrives to test Niyon's abilities and is surprised to see that the diminutive harpist isn't her usual scared self.

Tweyen: Hello, Niyon.
Niyon: Hello, Tweyen.
Tweyen: You've probably heard from Anre already, but I'm here to test your abilities.
Niyon: Yes. Whenever you're ready.

Tweyen is a crew member

Tweyen: You're usually so scared before a fight, but you seem to be holding it together.
Niyon: I'm not scared anymore. I've decided to do my best to protect those who matter most to me.
Tweyen: Same here. I'm doing everything in my power to make sure everyone stays happy.

Continue 1
Tweyen not in crew

Tweyen: You're usually so scared before a fight—especially against a monster like me—but you seem to be holding it together.
Niyon: I'm not scared anymore. I've decided to do my best to protect those who matter most to me.
Tweyen: I see. So you've found allies who matter that much to you, eh?
Tweyen: I think I might be just a little bit jealous.
Tweyen: You know, I've never really considered you to be some kind of super special friend or anything...
Tweyen: But as a fellow member of the Eternals, I'm obligated to go all out. For your sake.
Continue 2
Niyon: Right.
Tweyen: Here I come, Niyon.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 4

Niyon manages to emerge victorious against Tweyen, who invites her out for a bite to eat. Niyon responds that she'll tag along if the mood strikes her and reaffirms her distaste for noisy locales—a decidedly Niyon response.

Niyon: Are you okay?
Tweyen: I'm fine. You managed to beat me... Very impressive.
Niyon: I thought I was probably going to lose.
Tweyen: Feeling more confident?
Niyon: Yes.
Tweyen: Hey, Niyon. Wanna get something to eat after this whole thing's over?
Niyon: I'll come by if the mood strikes me. And I hate loud places.
Tweyen: Heheh... A very Niyon response. I'll make sure to pick someplace quiet.
Tweyen: I wish you all the best until then.
Niyon: Thanks, Tweyen.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 5

Next up on the list of Niyon's challengers is Threo, who is under the mistaken impression that she's supposed to put Niyon out of her misery. Niyon considers correcting her but decides her actions will speak for themselves.

Threo: Sniff, sniff...
Niyon: ...?
Threo: What's goin' on here? You don't smell like you've gotten weaker.
Niyon: So you've come too, Threo?
Threo: Yup! Anre said you were wounded and asked me to put you out of your misery!
Niyon: That doesn't sound right.
Threo: Oh yeah? But it's true you're not the strongest string player in the sky anymore, right?
Threo: I've seen the law of the jungle carried out more than once! Whoever's strongest thrives! Whoever's not strongest... doesn't thrive!
Threo: So lemme make it quick! Rest easy! It won't hurt a bit!
Niyon: ...

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 6

A defeated Threo demands Niyon follow the law of the jungle and finish her off, but Niyon chooses to play a lullaby on the Nine-Realm Harp and put Threo to sleep instead. She even has the good sense to watch over Threo until Anre shows up, practicing her harp skills in the meantime.

Threo: What was that about? I couldn't swing my axe how I wanted to at all! There's somethin' wrong with me!
Niyon: I'm sure there is. I added just a bit of dissonance to that primeval melody of yours.
Threo: Huh? Is that supposed to make sense?
Niyon: Sorry.
Threo: It's cool. Do what you want to me.
Niyon: ...
Threo: You won! I lost! So hurry up and get it over with!
Niyon: ...
Niyon: Okay. You asked for it...
Now listen to my song.
nulll: Before Threo can respond, Niyon gingerly begins to play the Nine-Realm Harp.
Threo: Hm? What the...
Threo: I'm feelin' super sleepy all of a sudden...
Niyon: ...
Threo: Zzz...
Niyon: Sweet dreams... Guess I'll keep practicing until Anre comes to pick you up.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 7

Feower tests Niyon's skills next and grows increasingly upset when Niyon explains that (Captain) and the Nine-Realm Harp are to thank for her gradually regaining her lost powers.

Feower: Hey, Niyon. Heard from Anre that you've run into a bit of trouble.
Niyon: Yeah.
Feower: I couldn't believe it... Depending on how things play out, you might actually get kicked out of the Eternals?
Niyon: Yeah. I'll be fine though. Thanks to (Captain) and the Nine-Realm Harp, I'm slowly getting my powers back.
Feower: Well happy day. Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in, or have you strummed all the brain cells clean out of your head?
Niyon: ...!
Feower: What do you think the Eternals are for? We can't afford to have weaklings in our ranks!
Feower: Whatever. I'll just kill you where you stand if I have to.
Feower: One less bad musician to worry about!

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 8

After confirming Niyon's powers firsthand, Feower attempts to leave. Niyon comments on the hidden kindness within Feower and reaffirms her commitment to the children of Stardust Town.

Feower: Gwargh!
Niyon: Are you all right?
Feower: Hrmph. Guess you weren't lying about your powers coming back.
Feower: Fine then. Later.
Niyon: You're a kind soul.
Feower: ...?
Niyon: Your threats of violence were genuine. But I could hear it ever so faintly... You were forcing yourself.
Feower: Don't be ridiculous.
Niyon: You did it so that I'd fight at my best.
Feower: ...!
I'm leaving.
Niyon: Thank you, Feower. I'm doing my best for the children of Stardust Town too.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 9

Fif stops by to test Niyon's powers, promising to do everything she can to return Niyon to her usual self.

Fif: Niyon!
Niyon: Hello there.
Fif: Are you feeling okay, Niyon? Do you have a tummy ache? Does your head hurt?
Niyon: I'm fine. Just a little dissonance ringing in my ears.
Fif: Lemme see, lemme see!
Fif: Hm... I see... This is a real problem, huh?
Niyon: That's why I'm dueling everyone. Wanna duel, Fif?
Fif: Hmm... I'd prefer to make you all better...
Fif: But if fighting you would help, then I'll give it everything I've got!
Niyon: Okay. Thanks.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 10

After getting an earful of Niyon's masterful musical powers, Fif gains a sudden interest in the Nine-Realm Harp. She chooses to express this interest by violently mistreating the instrument.

Fif: Wow, you don't seem weak at all, Niyon!
Niyon: Heheh... Thanks to the Nine-Realm Harp.
Fif: So the sound from that harp has healed you? Hmm... Now I'm curious.
Niyon: Do you want to look at it?
Nine-Realm Harp: What?
Fif: I do, I do! Wowzers... So this is the Nine-Realm Harp?
Nine-Realm Harp: W-wait, child! I have not permitted you to handle my—
The revenant harp's pleas fall on deaf ears, and Fif quickly begins a legendary jam session.
Fif: Bwang! Bwa-bwaaang! Hahahaha! This instrument stuff is fun!
Nine-Realm Harp: Gwaah! Stop this at once! Don't pluck me all willy-nilly! I'll go out of tune!
Oh, my aching strings...

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 11

Niyon's next challenger is Seox. She expresses surprise that he even bothered to help out, and Seox clarifies that he simply understands what it's like to be on one's own.

Seox: ...
Niyon: ...
Seox: This pressure... Though you once lost your power, your strength has not diminished. Just as Anre said.
Niyon: I never thought you of all people would agree to help me.
Seox: I know how much deeper the darkness can feel after every flame has flickered and died.
Seox: If the light glinting from my claws can help you find your way, then let us begin.
Seox: Kieeeiii!

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 12

Seox has given the nature of strength some thought and urges Niyon to treasure those who accept her.

Seox: Ngh!
Niyon: ...
Seox: I have a few thoughts on the nature of strength.
Seox: Is strength the ability to survive when swallowed by the darkness of isolation?
Seox: Or is it the ability to follow a long and winding path based on someone else's words?
Seox: Whatever the case... Treasure those who accept you.
Niyon: I will. Thank you.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 13

Seofon is here to test Niyon's strength, but she really doesn't want to deal with the lackadaisical leader of the Eternals and attempts to shrug him off. Seofon apologizes for putting her through his jokes and prepares to duel.

Seofon: Hey, Niyon. How you feelin'?
Niyon: Normal.
Seofon: Hahaha! Glad to hear it! I heard you weren't feeling particularly down in the dumps, but seeing it for myself is just the reassurance I needed.
Niyon: I bet.
Seofon: Aw, c'mon. Gonna give me the cold shoulder as usual? Looks like we need to improve our work relationship. Maybe go out to eat or something, y'know?
Niyon: Sigh...
Seofon: There it is! The legendary Sigh of Niyon! Just hearing it puts my mind at ease... Sorry, sorry. You never were a fan of this kind of rapport.
Seofon: But even I need to do a little emotional preparation before fighting another Eternal.
Seofon: I know you need this, though, so I'll do what I can.
Seofon: You now face Siete, Star Sword Sovereign and leader of the Eternals!

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 14

Seofon is reassured to see Niyon back to her usual self, asks her out to dinner, and leaves.

Seofon: Yeeoowch... Niyon, are you sure you actually have something to worry about? Aren't you awfully strong already?
Niyon: Yes. Thanks to (Captain) and the Nine-Realm Harp, I'm playing even better than I was before.
Seofon: Oh, is that so? Would've helped if you'd mentioned that earlier!
Seofon: Guess that just about does it for me then. I was serious about grabbing food though! Tweyen's been feeling pretty lonely too!
Niyon: Okay.
Seofon: Awesome. Tweyen's gonna be real happy to hear that! Lemme know when you're all finished up and we'll go eat!
Seofon: And try not to forget that you have friends! Bye now!
Niyon: Yes. Later.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 15

Eahta arrives to test Niyon's musical prowess, likening her to a wounded tiger. Niyon is afraid of making eye contact with the samurai, however, and begins the fight wordlessly.

Eahta: ...
Niyon: ...
Eahta: You appear to have lost your ability to sense the emotions of others.
Niyon: ...
Eahta: A cornered tiger sometimes discovers great and unthinkable power within itself to survive.
Niyon: ...
Eahta: What power will you tap into to overcome your weakness? Show me.
Niyon: Okay.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 16

Eahta praises Niyon's skills. Niyon apologizes for being scared of him and thanks him for helping.

Eahta: You are like a tiger that has lost an eye, Niyon. You found ways to compensate for a weakness that would have crippled a lesser warrior.
Niyon: ...
Eahta: And like the battle-scarred tiger, you have no need for flattery.
Niyon: Sorry. I'm just... frightened of you.
Eahta: Hrm. Indeed. It is not uncommon for others to find my presence unsettling. A natural result of my pursuit of mastery over all else.
Niyon: But... I still want to thank you, Eahta.
Eahta: Thanks will not be necessary. That which I learned from our battle will serve me well on my path.
Eahta: Even I will one day face the sort of weakness you have overcome.
Eahta: May you remain hale and hearty.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 17

Last on the list of Niyon's challengers is Tien, who considers the duel a thank-you to Niyon for performing for the children of Stardust Town.

Niyon: So you're up last, Tien.
Tien: Mm... You really fought hard to make it this far, Niyon.
Tien: When Anre told me what you were going through, I wondered whether you would make it this far.
Niyon: Yeah. I'm here thanks to (Captain) and the Nine-Realm Harp... and everyone else.
Tien: I'm going to do everything I can too. It's only fair after you played that concert for the kids in Stardust Town.
Tien: You made a lot of kids happy that day. They really want you to come back.
Niyon: Yeah.
Tien: I'm sure Feower feels the same. We're going to do everything we can for you.
Tien: So here I come. All out. You've made it this far... so I'm sure you can handle it.

Trial of the Eternals: Scene 18

Tien is relieved to hear that Niyon's hearing ability has returned. The topic of conversation shifts to Tien's twin brother Feower, who Tien admits may be overcompensating for shyness deep down inside.

Tien: Mm... No need to worry, I see.
Niyon: It seems like my sense of hearing has returned.
Tien: Oh yeah? Glad to hear it.
Niyon: Your brother's melody was very complex, by the way.
Tien: Mm... He's a kindhearted soul deep down.
Niyon: It's almost as if he chose frightening timbres on purpose. Is he shy?
Tien: He must be. He'd probably blow up at you if you told him that though.
Niyon: Yes. Let's not mention this to Feower.

Harmony Restored

Niyon has come out of the gauntlet unscathed and with her position as an Eternal intact. A few days later, she asks (Captain) to play another performance—a duet between the greatest musician in the skies and the captain who once outplayed her.

Niyon has finished her trial and proven her abilities.
(Captain) and company are relieved to see that her position as a member of the Eternals is secure.
A few days later, Niyon visits (Captain) with a curious question.
Niyon: Hey, (Captain).
The captain gently encourages her to continue.
Niyon: After fighting the other Eternals, the Nine-Realm Harp and I have grown quite familiar with each other. The cacophony in my ears has died down quite a bit too.
Niyon: But some of it still remains. Can you help me get rid of it?
There's a tranquility to Niyon's eyes, but it drifts over depths that blaze quiet and hot.
Niyon: Just a little more, and the Nine-Realm Harp will fully recognize me. And to do that...
Niyon: You were the first to be accepted by the Nine-Realm Harp. And I want to immerse myself in your melody. All of it.
Niyon: If I do so, then the cacophony that remains within me will vanish completely. I'll become as sensitive as I was before... No. Even more so.
Niyon: I want to become stronger. For your sake. For the person who protected me.
Niyon: I want to continue being your greatest duet partner.
Niyon: So... Ready to perform, (Captain)?
Niyon's passion permeates the air, and—like the melody in her heart—pierces deep within (Captain)'s breast.
What awaits them next is a far more passionate, far more incredible performance than any they have yet experienced.
The duet between the mystical musician and the person who bested her begins once more.

Harmony Restored: Scene 2

Niyon and (Captain) play on, blissfully unaware of the passage of time. Anre tells her to come to him if something ever happens again, and Niyon returns to (Captain), the one person she can truly feel comfortable with.

Niyon: (I can hear it... All of it... The melody you make... From your heart to your fingertips...)
Niyon: (Our sounds resonate as one... and then there are chords... all enveloped in those short little rests... and then more resonance...)
Niyon: (I'm completely in harmony with you... Like our hearts are connected as one... Ah, such profound comfort...)
(Captain) is overcome with a strange sensation as well. It's almost as if Niyon is listening to everything in the captain's head.
(Captain) can hear Niyon's thoughts as well, including what she desires next. (Captain) responds by beginning to pluck the strings.
The two continue their duet, free of thought, free of worry, unaware of the passing of time.
Niyon: Heheh... That was fun.
Niyon smiles after playing her last note, a drop of sweat falling across her brow. (Captain) smiles right back at her.
Niyon: You can tell, can't you? I'm okay now.
Niyon: Heheh... Thank you, (Captain). All of this is thanks to you.
Satisfied with their performance, the two wend their way back to the ship.
Anre: Hello there.
Niyon: Anre?
Anre: I could hear your performance all the way from here. It was spectacular.
Anre: It appears I have no need for concern. The other Eternals should feel better as well.
Niyon: Yes. I'm fine now.
Anre: Now then. I suppose it's time for me to put on the finishing touches...
Niyon: Finishing... touches?
Anre: Spreading rumors about you through my business connections, you see.
Anre: Niyon of the Eternals... Even now her power is enough to swat primal beasts like flies.
Anre: Anyone who so much as thinks about bringing arms to bear on the Eternals will be annihilated by her in moments...
Niyon: That's not me.
Anre: You have to exaggerate a little when advertising. Anyway. I'll be on my way.
Anre: You've found yourself a good partner, Niyon. To be honest... as a cofounder of the Eternals, seeing you forge such a powerful bond makes me a little jealous.
Anre: The next time some grave calamity befalls you, I'd like you to talk to me about it. Now then...
Anre takes his leave.
Niyon: ...
(Captain) asks Niyon, who's staring sullenly at the ground, what's wrong.
Niyon: I know I can rely on the other Eternals to help... But I'm a little scared of counting on anyone other than you and the crew for special treatment, (Captain).
Niyon: I guess only certain melodies invite my trust.
After she says this, Niyon floats over and rests her ear on (Captain)'s chest.
Niyon: But you're the only one with a melody I'd want to listen to like this.
Niyon closes her eyes and lets (Captain)'s calming melody wash over her.
(Captain) watches her peaceful expression, and, for just a moment, can almost hear her soothing melody.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
貴方達の旋律、私は好きよ What a lovely melody...
…なんだか嫌な旋律が聴こえる Where's this awful melody coming from?
優しい旋律だけが流れ続ければいいのに I wish gentle melodies would play on forever...
貴方、怖いのね You scare me.
大丈夫だよ私がついてる It's okay, I'm right beside you.
チューニング、合わせてあげる I'll put you back in tune.
…静かにして Quiet, please...
ねえ(主人公)、一緒に弾こう? (Captain), let's play a song together.
(主人公)にも私の旋律、聴こえる? Can you hear my melody, (Captain)?
(主人公)は私とどんな曲を弾きたい? Which tune should we play, (Captain)?


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